Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2 (2013) Script

Today marks three months since Batman's defeat of the Mutant leader...

... at the West River drainage site.

The Mutants have adopted Batman's methods as their own...

... leading to a series of brutal attacks on criminals.

So psychopaths go after bad guys?

Who cares? Why blame Batman, for chrissakes?

And in these strange times, people ask:

"Has Gotham traded one evil for another?"

This is the face of the future. Let Gotham's criminals beware.

Gotham City belongs to the Batman.

That statement came from the self-named Sons of Batman...

... shortly after the body of a known drug dealer was found murdered...

... in an East Side tenement. One of several splinter groups that formed...

... from the Mutant gang after their leader was defeated by the Batman.

They're using his name.

He could at least release a clear statement against what they're doing.

The Batman doesn't exactly come out with statements to the press.

No, he can't, because he's an outlaw.

How are the Sons of Batman his responsibility?

He didn't create them. He absolutely did.

They exist because Batman broke up the larger gang.

And we're better off for it.

Would you prefer the Mutant leader still be running things?

This Sons of Batman thing is exactly...

... why we didn't want these costumed heroes around 10 years ago...

... and why Batman shouldn't have come back.

Because of their effect on our youth...

... on the public, on the media, you get copycats.

I see my favorite patient is up and about. Just super to see how well you're doing.

For years it seemed like you didn't have... A reason to go on.


I saw you on the TV last night. Oh, that.

I get invited on the talk-show circuit now and then.

Must be wonderful to get to tell your side of things.

I know the world has every reason to hate me.

Don't say that. I always say, "Hate never heals."

But it's so disheartening.

I wish Batman could go public, but the police...

I bet I could arrange an appearance for you on one of the shows.

The home would have to approve a day pass.

They'll insist I be right beside you at all times, even on-stage.

Oh, please. No one wants to hear from me.

I think they'll fight for the chance to book you.

I'll make some calls right now.

What I think we should do is trust Batman...

... at least for the time being. He's saved us before.

Public uproar over The Dave Endochrine Show's announcement...

... that Joker will be appearing as a guest this week...

... while media analysts predict...

... it'll be Endochrine's highest-rated episode in years.

Meanwhile, the White House continues to decline comment on...

... the Batman's renewed activities...

... and the suggestion that his defiance is an embarrassment...

... to the current administration.

A White House spokesman only volunteered...

... that the president would deal with the situation...

... if and when appropriate and in his own way.

Son, you know I like to keep you out of domestic affairs...

... what with all the ruckus you stir up. Yes, sir.

But, well, it's a ruckus...

... I'd like you to straighten out.

Involving a friend of yours in Gotham City.

It's all well and good to have a wild bronco on the ranch now and then.

Does the hands good to break him in.

But if the bronco up and kicks over the fence...

... and gets all the other horses crazy...

... well, that's bad for business. I understand, sir.

Now, I'm not asking you to put him down. Not yet, anyway. But settle him.

Ride him around the yard a few times if you have to.

You know what I'm asking. Sir, I can talk to him but...

I'd just hate for things to get out of hand.

You know, how to get in touch with him, don't you, son?

He's not hard to find, sir. Good boy.

What are you? We Bruno's.

We nasty.

Bruno? Who's he?

Bruno is a she. Ha. Big she.

Kind of my nasty.

Aces, Don.

Bruno Joker's squeeze. He billy berserkest ever.

Yeah. Joker king of the billy.

Eh. Maybe he make us Jokers.

You Mutant kids go from one boss to the next.

Too young to make your own decisions? We not kids. We make decisions.

You even old enough to drink? Course we drink.

We slicer-dicers. We prove it.

Guess you're Bruno.

Those two morons don't have a brain between them.

So I'm gonna give them yours.

All over their suits.

Thief! You're a thief!

Store on Seventh Street sells this for 2.50.

Lady spud mine, Rob.

I need the points.

Hey, Bats! Bruno's taking off.

Pull that trigger and I'll be back for you.

Pull that trigger and I'll be back for you.

Bruno's heading your way.

Lead her into the alley. Don't let her see you.

Violate that order and you're fired.

Oh, yes.

If you're lucky, Bruno, you'll end up in jail tonight.

But first you're gonna tell me what Joker has planned for his TV appearance.

Somebody do something.

There's a train coming! Do something!

There's one more. It's coming!

Tell me what Joker's planning.

No. Not him. Not now.

What is this? Unh.

We have to talk. I'm busy.

My place, in the morning. Until then, stay out of my way.

Was that him?

Soviet representatives stormed out of talks over the conflict in Corto Maltese today...

... calling American military presence in the region pure fascist aggression...

... and pledging total military commitment to ousting the U. S...

... from the Latin American island nation.

Well, all that sounds like to me is the bluster of bullies.

And we don't back down from bullies. No, sir, we don't.

Mr. President!

How about that smartly dressed youngster in the front row?

Mr. President, what's your position on the Batman controversy?

It was our understanding the government reached an arrangement with him...

... and his colleagues years ago to cease their activities.

Doesn't his return defy that arrangement?

Well, can't say I know what arrangement you're talking about.

But as for what's going on in Gotham, it's not my row to hoe, now is it?

That's a matter for the state level, and they've got a solid...

... clearheaded governor there, yes, they do.

Sorry, guys, I've got a whole state to run...

... and I trust the judgment of Mayor Stevenson on that.

My job is to administrate, not render moral judgments.

We've just appointed a new police commissioner...

... and I'm not about to interfere.

The job will officially change hands from outgoing Commissioner James Gordon...

... to incoming Ellen Yindel at a formal dinner this evening.

Neither has commented yet on Ms. Yindel's plans.

To try to quote Ellen Yindel's outstanding record in the time I have...

... would do her a disservice.

Instead I offer the new commissioner my sympathy...

... knowing the impossible job she is about to face.

The life-and-death decisions. The city of thieves and murderers...

... and honest people too afraid to hope.

Recently, a man returned to the public eye...

... who refuses to do nothing while chaos runs rampant.

A man who shows us we can seize our city back from fear.

Many have asked how I can condone this man.

My answer is that we all have something, or someone, worth fighting for.

I have my wife, Sarah.

Any time I wonder if I'm doing the right thing...

... I think of Sarah, and the rest is easy.

Now it's Commissioner Yindel's turn to face this man.

She may make him her enemy, or maybe she'll learn from him.

Either way, I wish her well.

Thank you.

James Gordon dedicated his life to keeping this city safe...

... and I'm honored to share a stage with him.

But this office will no longer tolerate the actions of a criminal.

As my first official act as commissioner, on the charges of breaking and entering...

... assault and battery, and creating a public menace...

... I hereby issue a warrant for the Batman's arrest.

You cost me hours of work last night.

Then I'll get right to it. You have to go back into retirement.

You're upsetting too many people.


Why do you always have to be like this? You played right into their hands last time.

When the parents groups came after us, you're the one they pointed to.

You act like a criminal.

Heh, we are criminals, Clark. We always have been.

You're still one too. Only difference is you have a boss.

And you answer to no one.

You know, we almost had this talk 10 years ago...

... when you wouldn't go along with the deal we made.

Everyone else agreed. Diana went back to her people...

... Hal left the planet.

And Oliver? Did he agree?

That's not how I wanted that to go.

He was all torn up about it too.

He made it necessary. Like... Like I'm about to?

Do you even remember why you retired? I remember.

Look. Either shut it down or one of these days someone with authority...

... is gonna tell me to come stop you.

And when that happens... When that happens...

... may the best man win.

I have to go. We'll finish this later.

No hurry.

Brave American forces are now engaged in direct combat...

... with Soviet troops in Corto Maltese.

Now, those Soviets would like to see us turn our tails and run.

But we've got to protect our interest... I mean, stand up for freedom...

... and the good people of Corto Maltese.

So don't you fret. We've got God on our side.

Or the next best thing, anyway.

We got a sweet show tonight, folks. Dr. Ruth Heizraumer...

... the wet hamburger bun contest...

... and a man who's brought a lot of smiles to the world.

See you then.

It was great to hear from you, boss. Most of the other guys...

... well, they gave up on you. But I knew you'd come back.

Oh, you look great. Anyway, I whipped up the lipstick you asked for.

And Bobby and Mary, they can't wait to help.

Oh, I also made you these, special filters.

Wear them tonight and only breathe through your nose.

And all these years I just held my breath.


I could kiss you.

Robin's last class is about to end. Go pick her up at school.

And if Miss Kelley should have something better to do with her evening?

There's nothing better.

Where you been all this time? You're, like, gone.

Been busy.

You gonna make it to the fairgrounds tomorrow?

Opening day? Our tradition?

Ugh. It's this night job.

Details. As in more.

Just helping some spud. It'd bore you.

Gotta fly.

Hey, Alfred.

First two teams are with me on the roof, the rest of you are down here.

I'm not waiting for the Joker.

And you can bet Batman isn't either. Neither of them is leaving here a free man.

Is that understood? Yes, ma'am.

More on the eyes, please.

You want lipstick, handsome?

I brought my own, thanks.

Wonderful to see you showing such interest.

Okay, Bobby, Mary, Uncle Joker's counting on you.

Go make him proud.

This is strictly an observation mission for you.

Stay in the copter and do not touch any of the controls.

If there's any trouble, just say "boosters."

The computer's all voice-controlled. You don't need to understand a thing.

Figure I wouldn't anyway.

Joker's thought this through. The publicity's brought the cops...

... and they'll keep me from him.

That a cloak?


Commissioner, something's incoming.

We can't get a lock on it. I don't see anything.

Everything's on auto. Touch any of it and you're fired.

Cool, boss.

Keep at it! Do a channel sweep.


He can fly. Not for long. Hit the flood!

Batman, you are under arrest.

Fox, Stokes, rush him!

Rush him? He's twice your age, son.

Find the nerve.

What can we say about our next guest that hasn't been said before? Frank?

He's a kook, Dave. A maniac. No, I mean it, he's a nut.

Nothing like it, eh?

I always take this moment to say a little affirmation to myself.

So many faces. So few smiles.

Hey, now, no need to be nervous. Just follow my lead and be yourself.

And our special guest, the Clown Prince of Crime...

... Joker.

Get a copter in close to blow this stuff away!

Freeze, Batman!

Fire weapons.

Do something!

Joker, you've asked for a chance to share your side of things.

I'm told you've killed about 600 people.

How exactly does your side of that go? Stop right there.

This is a sensitive man, and I won't have him being harassed.

That's all right. I want people to get me.

All right, then.

That's why I'm gonna kill everyone in this room.


I think that's a little more insight than we had in mind.

It's okay, he doesn't really mean that.

He's just trying to ease the tension.

Funny way to go about it.

You have to remember, this man isn't responsible for those killings.

He's merely a victim of the Batman's psychotic obsession.

I thought I was Batman's psychotic obsession.

So you think the Batman's the real sicko here.

Without a doubt. He's an obsessive-compulsive, narcissistic...

... hero-complexed sociopath.

I would love a shot at him as a patient. Do guests get to keep these?

Heh. Sure, you do whatever you want with it. We got a closet full of them.

So long as you won't miss it.

Breathe, David. Breathe.

Billy close.

Ace the cloak.

Batman, land your vehicle now!

Been following on the radio.

It's over. Joker's gone.

How many? Don't know. Lots.

You have five seconds to comply.


Boosters! Peel.

Head back to the cave.

I'm not fired? You're not fired.

The military has imposed a communications blackout...

... for the 500-mile area surrounding Corto Maltese...

... amid reports of severe weather affecting the ongoing battle.

While more locally...

... tragedy struck at today's taping of The Dave Endochrine Show...

... where Joker used his deadly smile gas to kill the entire audience.

Joker is now reported to be on the loose...

... as is the Batman, who tangled with police at the scene.

You never should have come back, Bruce.

You don't know how much the world has changed.


I need your help. It's very important.

My help.

I made myself pretty for you. You should say thank you.

Thank you.

That's better.

Ee. The years have not been kind, have they?

Anyhoo, I have a little errand for one of your girls.

I think her name's Elsie.

She has a date with a congressman tonight?

The death toll in the wake of Joker's attack stands at 206...

... including host Dave Endochrine and Joker's own doctor...

... Bartholomew Wolper.

How do you fight someone like that? Simpler than I've made it.

There's nothing wrong with Joker that I can't fix.

With my hands.

Both Joker and the Batman...

... who himself left dozens of police hospitalized...

... are now fugitives from the law.

Oh, Elsie.

There's something I need you to do, congressman.

Will you do it? Yes, Elsie.

He'll want me to pick up his trail. This is his game.

He'll want it to go on. I'm sorry.

We're going now to Ben Derrick, live in Midtown...

... where a shocking story is unfolding.

Lola, I'm standing outside the Gotham Vista Hotel...

... where Congressman Hector Alejandro Noches...

... has climbed out onto a 40th-story ledge...

... and is demanding a full nuclear strike against Corto Maltese.

You don't think they'll launch their nukes over this?

We have to strike first!

We're the most powerful country in the world.

Sir, please.

Lola, it's just confusion and one messy body down here right now.

Commissioner Yindel has arrived on the scene. I'll see if I can get a statement.

Commissioner, any word on why the congressman...?

Get those cameras behind the line!

Commissioner. O'Halloran, 6th precinct.

Lieutenant. Any way I can help?

This wasn't a suicide. The girl upstairs has been drugged.

Says she's from Kyle Escorts. That's Selina Kyle. My old beat.

Shut it down and bring her in. Yes, ma'am.


Lieutenant O'Halloran, ma'am. Heard there was...

Is something wrong? Stop that man!

All units to Kyle Escorts.



... he's worse than ever. He's using lipstick...

... mind control.

The police are going to be here soon. Can you walk?

I think so.

Boss, found something.

Cotton candy.

The fairgrounds.

Thousands will be there.

Half my friends will be there.

Fan out. Bring the Wing in close.

Don't take the girl.

He'll... Don't worry.

On the ground. Now.

Good soldier. Good soldier.

Boss, something's coming.

It's big. It's... Him.

He's there. Hold tight.

Children, do you know why all these people are so upset?

That bad man up there.

Bobby, you know what to do.

Incoming. Wait, let it get closer.

Don't worry, Mary dear.

You two distract the little one, and I'll handle the bad man.

Are you out of your mind?

I'm through playing, Joker.

Be still, my heart.

Don't leave in such a rush.

Unh. Aah!

You're the Joker, right? Batman's gonna kick your ass.

He's gonna have to go through you first.

Let the boy go, Joker.

Oh, that's bad.

You should get that looked at when you have a chance.

He's got a gun.

Freeze, Joker.

Excuse me, sorry. Beg your pardon.

Coming through. Excuse me. Sorry about that.

Ooh, my bad. Excuse me.

No more.

All the people I've murdered by letting you live.

I never kept count.

I did. I know.

And I love you for it.

It's finally here, isn't it? The moment we've both dreamed about.

Oh, don't tell me you're gonna fall asleep before we finish.

You have gotten old, haven't you?

Not quite how I imagined it...

... but we can still end on a high note.

You're in trouble now.

Go ahead.

Say this has never happened to you before.

Shut up.

Make me.

Come on, finish me.

Doesn't matter. I win.

I made you lose control.

And they'll kill you for it.

See you in hell.

Keep going, down here.

There's another body.

Watch yourselves. Witnesses saw both of them this way.

Down this way. Go right.

Robin, call the copter.

Locate my signal.

Don't touch him.

Freeze, you son of a bitch. Unh.

Cute gun.

Move forward. Keep your heads straight.

How are we supposed to find him?

If it isn't a cop, shoot it.

Over there. Clumsy.

Stop laughing.

Auto-pilot. Property damage.

He gonna make it? Suture.

He'll live. He's far too stubborn to die.

Through this horrific murder and his attacks on the police...

... the Batman has revealed himself to be an unqualified menace.

I have asked the governor to place the state police at Gotham City's disposal...

... to hunt down this dangerous fugitive.

No comment. Jim, you can't protect him anymore.

He's a murderer now.

If you've talked to him, you have to let me know.

He and I don't talk anymore.

I know everything I need to know.

Joker's death and Batman's fugitive status...

... have become more than local or statewide issues these days.

... and this morning, White House spokesperson Melanie Endara...

... said the FBI was providing regular updates to the Oval Office...

... on the progress police are making in the hunt for Batman.

The groceries? Now? Wanna eat tonight?

I'm going.

Be careful. And no cigars.

Another splinter group has emerged from the remains of the Mutant army.

Calling themselves the Nixons...

... the group is committing a spree of violent armed holdups...

We interrupt this program to bring you a special report.

We now go live to a statement from the president of the United States.

Well, folks, I've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news is that our brave American troops...

... were victorious in Corto Maltese...

... and the Soviets have completely withdrawn.

Bad news is, well...

... looks like those Russians are some mighty sore losers.

The warhead appears to be on a course for Corto Maltese...

... where 50,000 U.S. troops are stationed...

... along with the 2 million citizens of the small island.

But the larger questions on everyone's minds...

... are whether this is the first strike in a full-scale nuclear attack...

... and whether the U.S. has begun retaliation.

We are getting reports that the missile has changed course...

... and will now detonate over an...

What happened?

What happened? Is he dead? No, he's quite alive.

Appears the whole city is having an outage.

Odd that the emergency generator hasn't kicked in.

Aces. My cheapo watch stopped too. Figure I didn't just buy it.

Boss. Show me.


... you let them do it.

You idiot.

What? What's happening? Sir, you have to rest.

A blackout, our generator's dead, and Robin's watch stopped.

It's an electromagnetic pulse.

In all likelihood, from a nuclear explosion.

You don't know that.

Oh, dear.

We're still here.

For the moment.

May mean the Soviets detonated a cold bringer.

Not meant to kill us, just cripple us.

Ever ride a horse before? Don't think I've ever seen a horse before.

You're about to learn fast.

Not as fun as I thought it would be.

This is our moment.

Gotham is helpless.

We will take charge.

We will kill anyone who stands in our way.


Tonight I am going to maintain order in Gotham City.

You are going to help me.

But not with these.

These are loud and clumsy.

These are the weapons of cowards.

Our weapons are precise and quiet.

In time I will teach them to you.

But for tonight, you will rely on your brains and your fists.

Tonight, we are the law.

Tonight, I am the law.

Looters are gonna strip us dry. We need more cops.

We don't even have phone lines. One at a time.

Commissioner, we got a problem.

Slice and dice.

Hey, we need to put out the fires. Are you crazy? Let go of me.

Get out of my store, huh. Get out of here.

Listen up.

This is our neighborhood.

Our homes.

We're better than this.

The fires are spreading, and the fire department isn't coming.

So if any of you want roofs over your heads tomorrow...

... and the day after that, start helping.

I have buckets. Let's get those hydrants open.

All right. Yeah, right.

Let's do it.

Here, let me help you. The drugstore has bandages.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls...

... I'm here to appeal to your community spirit.

I know you've had your differences in the past.

Some of you will even argue that you can't work together.

That's fine.

Those people will stay tied up.

And it will not be a function of which group you're in.

What is this, the gestapo? He lumps us together with criminals. Unh.

Shut up, man.

The rest of you can lend a hand to keep our city from falling apart.

You can lead by example.

Your choice.

I'm sure you're all eager to help.

I'm suing. Good luck with that.

What are we gonna do? Nothing.

He's too big.

All right. All right, keep it going, guys.

Come on. Keep working.

Come on, guys. Have that. More water.

The fire is spreading to the East Side!



One week now that the U.S. has been blanketed in a cloud of ash.

Electricity is finally coming back online in parts of the country...

... but the impact on weather patterns is expected to last much longer.

It's high noon in Gotham City, and yet there's no sun...

... and it's the coldest day of the year.

I don't know what to wear.

Every major city in the country but one...

... has descended into riots, looting and other crimes.

The president has imposed limited martial law...

... but this has been seen to have little effect.

Only Gotham has maintained order...

... thanks to the vigilante gang being led by the Batman...

... adding to the massive credibility nightmare...

... being experienced by the president's administration.

How are you feeling, son? Better, Mr. President. Thank you.

Sorry I haven't been able to help more.

Oh. This'll all blow over. Don't you give it another thought.

So long as you're up to handling our other little problem now?

Of course, sir.

Though he'll never let me bring him in alive.

Well, you do what you need to do.

You always did do it wrong, Bruce.

Been five years since I busted out of jail...

... and you know I've been busy.

But I made it hard on them.

They had to cover up my escape...

... and now they have to cover up my work.

And it's a lot harder to frost me if they can't admit I exist.

You draw too much attention to yourself. Always have.

I mean, sure, you play it mysterious...

... but it's a noisy kind of mysterious.

You, they have to kill.

What is it you want, Oliver?

A piece of him. The schoolboy.

I always knew it would come down to the two of you someday.

The world's not big enough for the both of you.

Doesn't have to be a big piece.

Just count me in, for old times' sake.

Still hurts when it's cold.

Lately, it's been cold a lot.

Good. Now take him into a canter.


Crime Alley.

You're not even close to fully recovered. Neither is he.

He doesn't need a walking hospital bed to keep his insides together.

I know you're not looking forward to your part in this.

I can't say it will be pleasant.

But it does fall within my duties.

One hour.

Army troops have evacuated the downtown slum known as Crime Alley.

No explanation has been given, and news coverage has been flatly...

Vehicle approaching from the west. Something huge.

Let it through. Then close the hole.

He'll still be weak, between the nuke and so little sunlight.

Just how weak we'll see when he finds my first surprise.

Yeah, but how long you expect to last against him?

Long enough. Boss.

I'm trying to get the plan here.

I mean, you gonna die tonight or what?

Figure I will.

I've got a visual. It's him.

Do not engage. Just monitor his position.

Wait, I lost him.

Don't worry. He can't hide from what's coming.

Isn't this a school night, young lady?


This is between you and me.

We don't have to do this. Sure we do.

Bruce, be reasonable.

You know what my orders are.

Your orders?

You say you answer to some sort of authority.

They only want me dead because I'm an embarrassment.

Because I do what they can't.

What kind of authority is that?

It doesn't matter. It's their world, and they won't stand for you anymore.

If it isn't me, it'll just be someone else.

Really? Who do they send after you?

We got the vehicle. Appears disabled.

Unknown if anyone's inside. Roger that.

Approach with caution.

Bruce, this is idiotic.

That was three ribs, Bruce.

Don't make me do this.

Robin. This is a recording.

Clark should be too busy to listen now. Here's the plan.

Anything good on?

What was that? Who's up there? I want people on that roof.

Get ready.

What are you doing? Do you want me to kill you?

Oh, you're not going to kill me.


It wasn't easy to make, Clark.

It took years and cost a fortune.

Luckily, I had both.

He's down here!

Eyes downside, spud.

Hi-ho freaking silver.

You're feeling it now, aren't you?

What the rest of us live with every day.

Your own mortality.

Don't worry, you'll survive.

The kryptonite will work its way out of your lungs soon enough.

Bruce. Your heart.

We got them. They got nowhere to go.

But I didn't have to go easy on you.

A different binding agent, a stronger mix.

I want you to remember that.

I wanted to remind you to stay out of my way.

In all the years to come, in your most private moments...

... I want you to remember the one man who beat you.


Don't touch him.

Funeral proceedings are underway today for Bruce Wayne...

... as Gotham City still reels from last week's spectacular revelation...

... that the world famous billionaire was the Batman.

All of Wayne's secrets, his methods and tools in his decades as the Batman...

... died with him as Wayne Manor burned to the ground.

The fire was apparently set by his butler...

... who himself died of a stroke at the scene.

Every penny of Wayne's wealth...

... all of his accounts and financial holdings, have also disappeared.


You've got some nerve showing up here.

I know who killed him, damn you... Selina.

Don't. It's no use. Let's go.

Were you a friend?

I think so. I honestly couldn't say.

Sounds about right.

See that ledge? Get another lamp up there. Right, boss.

And, you, one there too. Cool, boss.

There's a fresh spring under here.

I want our water supply set up in one hour.

We ain't got forever, people. Sure we do.

Starting now, I'm going to teach you everything.

All of my ways. All of my secrets.

You're going to be my army, operating in the shadows...

... keeping Gotham safe.

And we're going to take as long as we need.

Now, do what Oliver says and get to work.

Right, boss. You got it, boss.

Give me a hand here. Go. Come on, come on, come on.

Heard the schoolboy found you out.

It's all right. I think the message got through.

As long as we stay quiet, he'll leave us alone.

You gonna be all right with this? This quieter mysterious?

I spent 10 years looking for a good death.


This'll be a good life.

Good enough.