Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem (2015) Script

Come on.

Hold up, Grundy, I'm coming.

Zombie wrestler. Nice one.

Grundy love Halloween.

Keep it moving, freak show.

Oh, freak show, is it?

I said, get out of the street.

Heroes. Ha, ha. Figures.

Well, I hate your costumes.

And so does my friend.

Lady, I don't care about you or your...

Faster. Go faster. Coming up.


I got this. Take the wheel.

Why you stop?

I have to breathe at some point.

Pull over. Pull over and give yourself up.


Keep them on the wheel, Grundy.

I'm glad you're here. People usually are.

Green Arrow? Nice to see you again too, kid.

What are you doing here?

Police subnet said there was an escape at Arkham.

I was in the neighborhood anyway.

Really? Not even close.

But I didn't wanna miss the fun.

Wait for it.


Okay. Now we got a ballgame.

I think I got them that time.

Bigger problem.

Object in mirror may be closer than they appear.


Positive ID. It's Solomon Grundy and Silver Banshee.

Let's see if they want a trick or a treat.

Almost there.

Step on it, won't you?

Trick or treat, snowflake.

Now what?

No. Get away from me. Get away.


What were you doing?

Don't be mad, Scarecrow.

Oh, it was just a joyride.

Was the plan was too complicated for your pea-brains?

No, Dr. Crane.

Brains not peas.

You recall I told you to head directly to the meeting place after your escape... no antics, no tomfoolery, no shenanigans?

We remember.

This, my associates, is the very definition of "shenanigans."

Slide over. I'll drive.

Arrow, can you hear me?

Ugh. Oh, it's you.

Hey, Bats.

Thought you might need some help.

You all right?

Yeah, just stiff.

It's like waking up from a nightmare.

Endoscopic traces of tetracycline and aerosol still in the air.

That's residue from the Scarecrow's fear gas.

Scarecrow, Silver Banshee and Grundy all working together the same night?

Happy Halloween.

Gotham City welcomes the cybernetic superhero Cyborg.

Cyborg is the guest of honor... for Gotham Museum's unveiling of their new Inca exhibit.

This is car Four-Oh-Niner with our second sweep of Sector 12.

Cyborg's systems were instrumental... in the location and excavation of this historic find.

Any sign of the escaped inmates?

Negative, Dispatch. Nothing yet.

Roger that, 409. Keep your eyes peeled.

No, no, no. We need to smooth the throwing animation.

Note recorded, sir.

Okay, Gogo, I'm going home.

No worries, Ana. I'm gonna debug for a little bit. See you tomorrow.

And I'm still getting that response flutter. Note recorded, sir.

And stop calling me "sir."

Note recorded, sir.

What did you forget?

Ana? Are you okay?

Ana, what are you doing?


That should hold her.

Nothing since they disappeared last night? Not a thing.

No mention of them on the subnets, the dark web or social media, sir.

Keep at it. They didn't just disappear. Let me know the minute you find something.

Of course. And shall I press your tuxedo for the museum gala tomorrow?

I have to go. I'm getting another call.

Don't wait up.

What is it you want?

You, Gogo Shoto.

You are coming with me.

No. Please.

Let him go.


What was that?

Thank you, Batman. Thank you.

Quick selfie?

Whew. They tightened those sensors something fierce.

Feels good, though.

How are those upgrades interfacing, son?

Not bad, Pop. I'm incorporating them now. Let's see what we've got.

Three-hundred-and-sixty-degree tracking and axis management... allowing for unilateral targeting.

Plus, they'll interface nicely with the propulsion upgrades.

Propulsion? I can fly?

No way.

This is amazing. Yeah.

Let's try it with the targets.

Oh, yeah, baby.

Dr. Stone? I'm Police Commissioner Gordon.

I just need a moment.

Of course, commissioner.

This is about the break-in last night, correct? I'll help however I can.

Sorry, Dr. Stone, it's not your help we need.

Gyros aren't used to compensating for my weight in flight... but we can recalibrate them later tonight. Right, Pop?

Vic, this is Police Commissioner Gordon.

He needs your help.

What can I do for you, commissioner?

I'm uploading some security footage to your subnet now.

I've got it. Let's see.

It's completely ruined.

We don't even know what they stole.

According to the inventory, everything is still there.

Okay. Looks like something overwhelmed the feed and blew it out.

Let me grab the earlier footage so I can extrapolate some of the spatial telemetry.

Infrared tripwires, laser cage, sonic alarms.

Someone wanted this place secured.

Do you know which lab got hit?

It's an artificial intelligence research lab...

...belonging to a Dr. Ivo. Ivo?

I heard he recently made huge strides in the self-contained sequencing code.

In English, if you don't mind, doc.

He created a fully functioning, self-governing artificial intelligence.

And that would be valuable?

An ultra-intelligent computer that could think and act for itself?

I'd say so.

I've managed to clean up a couple of microseconds.

Let's take a look at our culprits.

Scarecrow and Silver Banshee.

That fits. Scarecrow sprung her and Grundy out of Arkham last night.

Why would a couple of fright freaks spend Halloween stealing an AI?

Scarecrow and Banshee?

I'm uploading the footage to your subnet now.

I see it.

Why Ivo's AI?

Pop and I were asking the same question. Identity theft maybe?

Digital robbery? Government hacking?

Not their MO. It must be for someone else.

Keep your eyes peeled, Cyborg. Roger that, Batman. Cyborg out.

I'm starving already. We should order dinner.

You want Chinese? No, we had Chinese last night.

Mexican? We had that the night before last.

Hey, you know what I'm in the mood for?

Pizza time.

Did you already order? No, did you?

Piping hot pizza.

Wait a second, aren't you...?

Heh. Grundy good actor.

Pizza man. Who want pizza?

Get him in your sights. Load them up.

What wrong?

I'm just pizza man.


You no like pizza?

Batman, I have a robbery in progress at the atomic power plant.

And guess who.

I'm on my way.

What took you so long?

I was starting to get antsy.

They see through Grundy disguise.

Aw. Have an ice cream. You'll feel better.

Pretty re-volt-ing, eh, Grundy?

Hey, I'll do the jokes around here, Birdboy.

Now go perch somewhere else.

Joker? Uh-oh.

Take care of him, Grundy.

Me call you Night-wishbone.

Pull you apart.

Me win.

A robot wolf?

Oh, Bats, sometimes I think you're as crazy as I am.

All right, let's get down.

Had enough? You funny.

Stop this now, Joker.

I can't hear you.

I'm going over the falls.

You can't outrun me.

Outrun you?

Where's the sport in that?

I'm waiting for him. Heh.

Oh, Grundy, I could kiss you, you big galoot.

In fact, I will.

Ha, ha.

Let's motor. Lots to do.

Huh? Wakey-wakey, Gogo Shoto.

What's the angle? This fella's supposed to be that smart?

Apparently he's quite the hotshot in his field.

Looks like a heaping helping of hot nothing to me.

Now me hungry.

Again? You just had pizza.

Grundy got fast metabolism.

Oh, no. Let me go, please.

I'm just a video-game designer.

Hello, Gogo Shoto.

I like your name, by the way.

It's cuckoo c-c-crazy. Ha!

You're the Joker.

Always nice to meet a fan.

Please don't hurt me.

Hurt you?

Don't talk twaddle, genius. I need you.

Need me?

You see, I'm going to play this amazing practical joke on Gotham... and I need your help to do it.

Take that, you zombie brain-munchers.

This Gogo Shoto really knows how to make a video game.

You should get back to your training.

What? Training. Your training.

I know. It's great training.

Watch me clear this level.

Yes! Completion bonus.

Solomon Grundy. Clayface. Scarecrow. Silver Banshee.

That's a frightful four if I've ever seen one.

Each of them a powerful enemy in their own right.

Why join forces?

And why follow the Joker?

It's all tied to Gogo Shoto.

Why kidnap the head of a video-game company?

Gogo's more than just a designer, he's an artist.

His open-world games let you push the boundaries of human experience.

You can do anything.

There's a rumor that in his next game, you'll be able to be, well...

Be who?


Multiple Batmans.

What a terrifying thought.

Hand-washing all of those capes.

The tea is Darjeeling. The sandwiches are turkey.

The pills are for your headache. Thanks, Alfred.

I don't know what I'd do without you.

For starters, you'd wash your own cape.

I've laid out the tuxedo and shined your shoes for the gala opening... for the new Inca installation at the museum tonight.

That's tonight already? Yes, sir.

And since the dig was underwritten by the Wayne Foundation... it would be impolite for Bruce Wayne not to make an appearance.

All right. Tell Dick and Oliver I want them there too.

I've got a bad feeling about this party.

Master Tim as well?

Oh, no. I hate the museum. Why would I wanna look at a bunch... of boring old-fashioned ways to do things when I have this cool tech to do it for me?

Gala is in an hour.

Try not to be late, as usual.

Oh, you're that robotic fellow.

Don't tell me.

It's Robotman, isn't it? Mm.


No, that's not it.

Why don't you just call me Victor, ma'am?

Well, if you insist.

Ooh. Feel that metal muscle.

Now, Gladys, are you bothering our guest of honor?

Cyborg, Bruce Wayne. I haven't had the pleasure in person yet.

It's a real honor, Mr. Wayne.

I suppose we have you to thank for these amazing Inca findings.

Oh, no. I just signed the check.

It's Cyborg that's the big hero. His radar told us where to dig.

Am I to understand that you discovered some kind of magical Inca energy gem?

It's Rhodochrosite, also called the Inca Rose Stone.

It's not magic so much as it's supposed to be an excellent conductor of energy.


If you'll excuse me.

Well, I'm enthralled.

Do go on.

Gentlemen, finally I found you.

How's things, Oliver?

You know me, Bruce. Living the life.

Yeah, yeah. Living the dream.

Dick and I were talking about what we did last night for Halloween.

Speaking of which, anything from our boo crew?

Not a thing. How's security here?

Gordon's had it locked up tight since this afternoon.

You expecting Mr. Funny-Business tonight?

After stealing a hacker, an AI and a battery, an energy conductor fits the pattern.

Keep moving. Stay alert.

The clown is up to something.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Houston Raines...

Channel Six weatherman and tonight's master of ceremonies.

Thank you. Thanks so much.

You know, there's a lot of people who made this amazing Inca discovery happen.

Bruce Wayne for one.

Big hand for Mr. Wayne.

Also Cyborg, who actually found the Inca energy gem... which is amazing and historic.

Heh. I love this guy.

Why? He hasn't gotten a weather report right in years.

I know. It's amazing.

But I also wanted to extend a big thank you to...

Me. Aah!

Howdy, Gotham City.

Miss me?

All units, hold your fire.

Gentlemen, you cut me to the quick.

I don't want any trouble.

Now, my friend, he loves trouble.

Open fire.

You're getting extinct, lizard-breath.

What the...?

Ooh. What a belt buckle you'd make.

It's a shame I have other plans for you. Ha-ha-ha! Huh?

Where'd he go? Anyone got eyes on Clayface?

Find him.

I don't think we got room, boss.

Never mind. I brought my own.

Let's ride.

I've got him headed north on Lake.

Cyborg, Red Robin, cover me from above. En route now.

Nightwing, Arrow, cut them off.

You got it, Bats.

This is King Clown, good buddy.

Anyone got their ears on?

Dr. Crane here.

Doc, I've developed a tail I want to get rid of.

Ha. Two can play that game.

Hoo-hoo! Close, but no cigar, Tin Man.

I got him.

Yes, Mr. Joker?

Do it.

What happened?

No clue. Everything just started shaking.

I knew I should have driven.

It's like all the machines went haywire.

Red Robin.

I got him.

You good, kid?

Whew. Yeah. Gonna need to walk that one off.

Hold on. Is your motorcycle laughing?

It must be a computer virus.

Where's Cyborg?

Beep, beep!

Citizens of Gotham, Joker here.

As you can see, my digital laughing virus... That's DLV to you kids out there...


...has infected every piece of technology in the entire city.

Power plants, traffic lights... everything on the digital grid now belongs to me.

Bottom line, Gotham... nothing around here works unless I say it works.

Which makes me king of Gotham City.

And believe me, there are gonna be some changes around here.

For starters, Solomon Grundy, he's now the sheriff of Gotham.

Which means, kids, he runs the police force.

I happily accept this poison.

Position. You accept the position. Right. Poison.

Let me introduce the rest of my cabinet.

Presenting the new baron of candy and ice cream... mostly because he looks like melted chocolate...


I cannot tell a lie, I am proud to serve...

No, no, I hated that one. Hey, can I get another take?

And then there's...

Hey! No.

Finally, our guy who handles everything else... the Scarecrow.

Gothomites, since all banks, ATMs and accounts are offline... there is no money anymore.

So I will be redesigning the economic system.

Information will be our new currency.

Spot a hero? Tell us, and I'll let you use your car for an hour.

Neighbors planning a revolution?

Tell us, and I'll let you watch TV for three nights.

Just a few of the new ground rules.

Don't worry, many more to come.

King Joker, over and out.

When I say "over and out," you cut it.

So, now?

Yes, now!

Think it's enough?

Maybe he can't see it. Or maybe he's just not coming.

He's coming.

Batman, thank goodness.

All of our tech is down.

Cars, comms... even our weapons have microchips coded to our fingerprints.

We're back to the Dark Ages here.

I know. It's a computer virus. We're trying to hack it now.

That's not the worst of it.

With Grundy sheriff...

He busted you back down to beat cop.

Yeah. His idea of a joke, I'm sure.

I'm lucky the old uniform fits.

Do what you can from the inside. Keep the peace at all costs.

All right. Anything else?

I'll be in touch.

I'm certain you don't need me to mention this... but these gas generators are only a temporary solution at best.

We've got limited battery power as well.

Would have been nice to have some solar power, if Gotham ever got any sun.

Doesn't matter. Nothing digital works.

Plus, the clown's put a bounty on our heads.

You know, if you snap a pic of one of us now, you get an hour of video games.

An hour, huh? Don't even joke.

Joker's got Cyborg.

He controls technology. Now he's turning Gotham against us.

How do we fight that? We find him.

Great. Why didn't I think of that, Bats? How?

We get smart, and do it the old-fashioned way.

Ah, where do we start?

In his original form, Clayface attracts debris.

Like dust in clay.


Maybe one will inform geography. Get a sample.

Well, there's plenty on Red Robin.

Nightwing, I've been recording audio of Joker's dispatches. See if there's clue... where he's broadcasting from. I'm on it.

Red Robin, I wanna know why he needed the Inca Rose Gem.

Aye, aye, captain.

Hello again, my subjects.

Your old pal King Joker the First here, with a very special offer.

I know how much you all love me, so I'm going to let you throw me a parade.

And the theme is me.

Tomorrow night, I want to see Joker balloons, Joker costumes, Joker floats.

We're going to show the entire world how great Jokertown is.

I want results in two hours.

Arrow? Let me say that Clayface... sucks up more particulates than a vacuum cleaner.

Other than average dirt and grime, here's the headline:

Higher-than-average concentration of mineral salts, mollusk shells and coralline algae.

Mineral salts are sea spray.

Shells and algae are biological components that make up sand.

That puts them somewhere on the coastline.

Good. Red Robin?

The Inca Rose Gem is an energy conductor. He's probably using it... to boost the transmission signal, but the source would have to be centralized.

Better. Nightwing?

What is that thing? It's called a cell phone.

People used to use it to listen to music and talk to friends and family.

Oh, old-school. And?

And on every Joker dispatch, there's a slight reoccurring noise. I've isolated it.

What is that? A church bell?

It's a navigational buoy.

They surround the docks.

Okay. This is the Joker's cycle.

I knew the gorilla looked familiar, I just couldn't place it.

It's made of parts from a ride condemned a long time ago that used to be here.

The abandoned fairgrounds on the old Gotham pier.

Dummies. Dopes. Amateurs.

I am shooting a viral video here.

This is supposed to be reality.

Cinema verité.

And you four are stinking up the joint.

It's not my fault.

He doesn't understand English.

Grundy not used to pressures of fame.

Well, the industry isn't for everyone.

Me? Please.

You're chewing scenery so fast, I'm amazed we have any left standing, Fatface.

Hey, unfair. The camera adds 10 pounds.

Yes? How many cameras are on you? Ten?

Ho-ho-ho. That is it. Bring it, Claybrains.

You gotta be kidding me.

Hey, enough!

Save it for the video.

Keep practicing. I'll be back.

There. The Ferris wheel.

Whoa. That's some temper.

Those other heroes are skulking around here somewhere, I can tell.

Search every inch of this place. Find them.


Anyone in here?

Come out, old chum. It's only me. Batman.

Ah, you're over here, my fellow heroes.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

I'll be back with help.

I can hear you, old friend.

Ah, forget it.

Behind you.

You ain't taking him anywhere.

We'll see about that.

Anybody ever tell you that you have a big mouth?

Don't do anything stupid.

Good night, old friend.

Go ahead and leg it, coward.

I'll find you.

Welcome, Nightwing.

You know, if my research has taught me anything... it's that there are so many possibilities.

And yet, in the end, it all comes down to us confronting ourselves.

I'm not afraid of you.

Are you talking to me?

Or the man in the mirror?


Looks like seven years of bad luck.

Ah. That's some bad luck there.

Quick, you have to get me out of here. No, he's lying.

It's me you have to get out of here.

Stop it. You're not me. You stop it. I'm the real Gogo.

Well... Can't you do something?

Look, one of you is Gogo and one of you is Clayface.

He's Clayface. He's Clayface.

How do you kill the flamethrower zombie boss in "Armageddon Days 4"?

With the sniper rifle. Sniper rifle. I knew that.

I'll pound you into mush.

I don't feel so good.

So how do you get across the minefield in level nine, then?

Are you serious? You trade your explosive munitions for the map in the canteen.

Of course you do.

This won't stop me.

Grundy coming for you, Batman.

Lights out, Grundy.

Come on out, archer.

I won't hurt you.


Think, Oliver, think.

You can't throw arrows at her.

You can't hide from me.

Good thing I'm not.

Ha-ha-ha. This is almost too easy.

Yeah. Almost.

You can't hit what you can't see.

Ha! You missed.

Strike three.

You're out.

Let's go deeper, Nightwing.

When did it start? This need to stay in control?

This discipline? As a child?

Adult responsibilities taken on at an early age, most likely.

Enough. Make it stop.

Identity crisis, I'd wager.


Because your nightmare... is that you are becoming the thing you promised yourself you never would.


Scarecrow will put an end to your pain.


I conquered my fears at a very young age, Dr. Crane.

What the matter, doctor, is the Scarecrow running scared?

Heh. Scarecrow. That's a good one.

Tell the truth. This is your nightmare, isn't it?

Back in the game, baby.

Got one more for you.

Nice work.

That'll be Mr. Giggles.

Be ready for anything.

Lookie here.

Seems that a cowpoke can't even rustle up some supplies... without the cavalry showing up.

We've taken down your team.

You can't beat us all by yourself, Joker.

See, with my virus, I control the computers in your vehicles.

So this showdown is not with me.

It's with them.

Make them roadkill.

Nightwing. Right.

Let's get moving. Those toys won't keep them occupied forever.

We still have a world to conquer.

Take this and get gone.

Freeze, Gogo Shoto.

What about the cybernetic automaton yelling my name?

I'll take care of him. Meet me at the time and place I gave you.

Get going.

I don't wanna do this, man.

You're shooting at me, Vic? Here I thought we were friends.

I can't control it. The Joker virus is making me do it.

You're not shaking me that easy.

I never did enjoy surfing.

Good doggie. Nice robot doggie.

You can beat this. I know you can.

Get out of here. I'm not responsible for my action.

Maybe we can help.

You guys sure took your time showing up.

Water won't stop me.

How about this?

Is he going to be okay?

Get him to the cave. This isn't over yet. Joker's still out there.

Sure, Batman took my hacker, and now Gogo is gone-gone... but you don't see me complaining.

Nope, I've got my happy pants on... because it's time to send this baby worldwide.

Why settle for Gotham when we could rule the entire world?

Mr. Joker, I'll be uploaded into the transmitter in only 10 hours.

Tonight at the parade, we create Jokerworld!

I'm not supposed to be here. I know.

Grundy runs the police force like kindergarten.

We play games all day long to entertain him.

The only reason I'm here at all is I'm in the middle of a round of hide-and-seek.

We're taking Joker down at the parade tonight.

Be ready. We're going to need your help.

You've got it.

Found you.

Yeah, I guess you did.

Almost there.

Sorry about the blindfold, but we can't take any chances.

Whoa! This place is awesome.

Do you mind? Go ahead.

Tell him what you told me.

Joker's got an AI to deliver the digital laughter virus he had me build.

Can you hack the AI? No, it's a closed system.

But I can build you an interface to physically hack the AI... if you can find the hard drive containing it.

But we don't know where that is.

This is Joker with your news flash.

Gotham City prepares for tonight's parade in honor of their beloved King Joker.

I can get this off. Hold on. That's the Channel Six News set.

He's a good-looking guy, isn't he, Joker?

He sure is, Joker.

And after tonight, the entire world will know it.

What's the forecast for the evening, Joker?

Ha-ha-ha. Looks good, Joker.

As long as we can keep the evening free of horrible flying rodents... everything will be fantastico.

I expect... Freeze it here.

The AI is in the control-room mainframe.

Joker is going to try to send this virus worldwide.

Computer, magnify image and search.

With the interface, you're gonna need something else to get into the AI world.

Be on lookout for Batman and friends.

If you see him, tell me and I'll use this.

Come on, come on.

It's like Christmas morning, except I'm waiting for world domination.

Ha, ha. I was wondering when you'd show up.

It's not going to be that easy.

You're in my world now.

And I like things a little, ha-ha-ha, crazy.

I can make you Fat-man.

Run, Fat-man, run. Ha-ha-ha.

It's Batman. What? Where?

My mistake. I thought I saw something.

There he is.

No, no, over here.

Up there.

Grundy reload. I don't think so.

No. I boss.


You stink!

What? Quiet down.

Boo! Huh?

Heh. Your explosives can't hurt me.

Explosives? No. That was fast-hardening powdered cement.

Wait. What?

I'll crush you.

So close.

How are you doing, fellas? Are you good?

Looks like your amazing B-rex has made more of me instead of less.

You can't win.

You can't beat me in my own game, Batman.

Game over.

Upload complete.

Who is that? She sounds lovely.

Looks like your virus caught a virus.

Come on, that's cheating.

Cyborg. You're all right. How did you get out?

I don't know. All of a sudden, my hydraulics unlocked and I rebooted.

That's great. It's not.

I'm trying to fight it, but my programming won't let me.

He's still being controlled. Look out. Run!

Cyborg, stop.

You have to fight it. You're more than a machine.

I can't. Get clear before I... Unh!

Sorry to do this, buddy, but I can't let the Joker win.

He already has.

Too late, Batman.

Wha...? No. Quit it.

Betrayed by my own legs.

What a way to go.

At least I went down doing what I loved.

Mocking you, Batdork.

Bye-bye, boring world.

Hello, new fun Jokerworld.

You've ruined everything.

What's going on? I think we won.

Everything's rebooting.

Welcome back, big guy. How you feel?

Like I'll be cleaning my hard drive for a week.

Hi, sports fans.

You didn't really think I would transmit my digital laughing virus... from only one location, did you? Suckers.

He's got another transmitter.

We've got to find it. Fast.

But to keep you ocupado in the meantime...

Look out.

This day keeps getting better.

We're gonna need tech to take that thing down.

What do you suggest? Everything's busted.

Cyborg, keep him busy. The rest of you, follow me.

I know where we can get some reliable equipment.

Is that all you've got, Batman?

One tin man?

This will be easier than I dreamed.

What? Is this an antique show?

I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness for the history museum.

Come on, you hunk of junk.



Gotta fly, spoilsports.

See you in... three minutes, when I rule the world.

Like the suit? It's new. Ha-ha-ha!

Gogo, are there any other transmitters powerful enough... to upload this virus worldwide? Not that I can find, Batman.

He would need a quantum computer. Not even. A boosted quantum computer.

Got your back.

Less than a minute, Batman.

Cyborg's the transmitter.

I'm the what now?

That's why your systems unlocked before I beat the AI.

Joker must have the gem attached to you somehow.

You're right, it's here. Do I just yank it out, or what?

No, no, no. You could trigger the virus.

You have to connect the gem to the Joker's suit.

The feedback should shut everything down.

Where do I attach this thing? You need to find the central core.

But attach it to the wrong place, and it's Jokerworld forever.

Great. No pressure.

Joker's suit is stolen military tech built by Wayne Industries.

The AI must have found it when it hacked Gotham.

Cyborg, I'm uploading the specs to your subnet.

Foul. That's holding.

Five-yard penalty.

Get off me, you metallic bully.

Here goes everything.


Thanks for nothing, Gordon.

When we played hide-and-seek, I let you win.

I fear it's back to Arkham for us, my dear.

Don't you ever stop talking?

Good night, Gotham City.

Quick selfie?

Hey, sorry about grabbing you earlier.

No worries.

Hazard of the job.

You got an iron grip, though.

We combed the bay, no sign of the Joker.

He'll be back. We'll be here when he is.

I can always count on Gotham City for a thrill.

Ugh, stupid plan.

Should've worked.

I should be king of the world right now.


Oh, well, better luck next time.

Maybe I'll open a toy store.

Ooh, or a pizza joint.

I could open a restaurant chain. I could call it Giggles.

I like the sound of that.