Battalion (2015) Script

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Батальонъ Battalion Russia. Spring 1917.

The First World War has waged for three years. The Emperor has obdicated. The empire is crumbling.

Political dissent has wrecked the country. The army has been demoralized.

A Provisional Government headed by Alexander Kerenskiy has taken charge.

Times are tough, chaotic and desperate...

Thanks! Good luck, Lieutenant.

To the city. Palace Street. Three rubles...

That fare is apalling. It used to be one ruble.

It looks like you haven't been in St. Petersburg a while, Sir.

One ruble is worthless since February.


Did you come from the front? Yes, yes, from the front.

Kerenskiy is in charge, and it is a chaos here.

Many prisoners were released...

Political prisoners, thugs, murderers...

And they roam the streets.

There is no law.

And there is a new police.

They are called Militia. And they bring no bnefit!

How is the front? Just like at the front.

Nadya, you sound a bit apathetic.

You pause for too long.

Mom, I sing the way maestro Piccoli taught me.

I'm your mother and I know not less.


Miss, Miss...

A letter from the front.


What happened?

Nadya... Nadenjka, what happened? Petya was killed in combat.

They were engaged.


I'll make them pay for this.

I've come to say goodbye. I'm off to war.

I'm going to the Bochkareva women's battalion.

I will have revenge.

Me too.

Nadya, what are you talking about?

I'll join Vera, Mom.

Frosya... Frosenjka, bring her back!

Frosenjka, bring her back!

Madam, but what can I do? Where?...

Wait, wait...

Dear, take anything. Just bring her back, please! Hear me? I'll do it! Will force her back!

Bring her back! I'll do it Madam. Thank you, thank you very much...

I will, ma'am. Thank you very much...

Here and thank you. You're welcome.

Lieutenant... Commander meeting has started Where were you?

Hell knows. The train only went to New Peterhof.

Then I had to improvise.

So, gentlemen.

Our main attack will be on the Southwestern front.

The Eleventh and Seventh Army will go to Lviv.

The Eighth Army...

Please excuse me, gentlemen...

Please excuse me, gentlemen... But we need to discuss thisgng more important than the attack plan.

We need to develop a plan of attack.

I am skeptical about the combat readiness of our army.

What are you trying to say?

I'll say it as it is.

The soldiers have been seduced by idiotic slogans, a false freedom.

They don't want to fight.

What are you talking about?

"False freedom"?

Our department prepared a report on... the state of combat readiness at the moment.

May I show you the report. Go ahead, Colonel. Proceed.

Don't beat around the bush. Sure.

Please, open the curtains!

If you don't mind.

Wow! A movie! Turn off the lights, please!


This is part of the 256th St. Elisabeth Guardian Regiment.

The soldiers refuse to fight.

They organize meetings and hang out with the Germans.

The Germans encourage them to revolt.

They offer them alcohol... Their pamphlets are written in correct Russian.

And this is the 525th Regiment, of First Siberian Corps.

The idea of freedom, together with a German Schnaps, leaves them completely unfit for combat.

They duty to defend the Homeland is gone, Soldier Commetees corrupt the Army.


That's enough! Turn on the lights!

Colonel, I don't like this.

To me, this looks like a skillfully shuffled material and nothing more.

Mr. Kerenskiy, please remember...

I'm an officer, and not a cheating thief.

Open the curtains, please!

If you want to save the Army and the State, reinstate the death penalty to field courts. for desertion, mingling with the enemy... and insubordination - death penalty.

Bravo, Colonel. Be quiet!

Only a miracle can save us.

No, not a miracle... but concrete actions of the Provisional Government.

On my command, the Bochkareva women's battalion is being formed.

This will raise the morale in the Army.

These women will die in first battle!

Is that what you want?

Of course not.

That is why, Mr. Polovtsev, I order you to oversee.. preparations and deployment of this battalion.


Excuse me, please...

Name? Age? Do you have children?

I left him with my brother's family. Go away! ... Next!



How nice...

Please, request a medical examination.


Application form.

Kolokolchikova Evdovkiya Efimovna.

What are you doing here? (his wife)

18 y.o., no children.

You are too short for the service.

The medics will decide if I'm fit. Please type: Evdovkiya Efimovna...

Are you crazy? We can't have women.

I'll stay here without you. I go whereve you go. Type!

Nadezhda Petrovna!

Froska! I'm here for you!

My dear!

I went with Vera.

Hello, Vera Dmitrievna!


Name, Age!

Baikina Nadezhda Sergeyevna. 36...

I'm from the pesant folk...

Full Name, Age!

Medical Examination.

I serve Countess Tatishcheva. You will serve the Fatherland.

Ma'am, step aside. You were rejected.

I don't understand...

Svistunova Galina Mikhailovna.

Why am I rejected?

It's obvious, you're too fat.

Me? I'm fat?

26. Do you have children?

I'm fat... Where are you going?

So I'm fat? Well, I'm not just fat...

I'm strong!

Look at that.

Why did you come here?

To destroy our property?

No. I hurt all men in my vilage who tried to touch me.

I can do the same with the Germans, right?

What's your name?

Dusya Grinyova.

Evdovkiya Grynyova, I appoint you as my Deputy.

Nikolai Alexandrovich! Yes!

Issue he an aiguillette! Aye!

Mariya Leontiyevna! The general arrived. He wants to see you.

Come on! Let's fill out the paperwork.

Mr General.

Recruitment for the Women's Battalion is underway.

Commander - Non-commisioned Officer Bochkareva.

At ease.

God give not give me a son. This is all I can offer.

My only daughter.

I will receive your report.

Ms. Senior Lieutenant, The recruit Natalya Tatishcheva awaits her orders.

Can you shoot weapons? I can.

I got my training in summer camps.

I traveled with my Father since I was 5.

My maid Serafima Pluzhnikova also can shoot.

She should be already here.

Welcome to the Battalion. Thank you!

This way, please.


I hope you know what you're doing.

Mariya Leontiyevna.

May God preserve you.

Miss... No more Miss. Cut it!

Sit down.

Line up!

At ease!

Everyone but the left wingman must turn their head left.. and should see the chest of the fourth man down the line.

Line up!

What are you looking at?

I can't see anything! Her tits are small and her tits are huge!

Line us up by our tit size, Commander!


Ok. You should see the shoes of the fourth man down the line.

Live long, recruits! Live long!

From now on you must call me "Madam Chief"!

This is my Deputy, Lieutenant Seleznev.

These are the Instructors:

Alexei Kolokolchikov and Yefim Zadorozhnyy.

They will train you in soldier science.. and prepare you for the final test.

Because you are not yet a battalion, but just ordinary women.

Therefore, I order you, set aside all that makes you a woman.

Fool around or disobey orders -- be expelled.

I need soldiers. Is that clear? Yes, clear!

Nyura! Come here!

Hey, Jew! get out of here!

Beat it, I said!

This is your bed.

Girls, look!

Look at you!

What are you doing?


Chill out! We didn't come here to quarrel.

Listen, you, nobel one.

Just walk to those beds, okay? We're all simple here.

You don't fit here with us?

Evdovkiya... You're in charge here.

Restore the order!

Dusya, look!

This bed is just for you.

There's no draft here and it's away from the door.

And you, noble one, you move there!

Am I right, Dusya?

Well yeah.

Will you divide us into nobles and others when we're in the trenches?

Listen, your clever one...

I'm in charge.

So pack your your rags and get out of here.

Okay, I'll go. But you're lying.

You just want this bed because it seems convenient.

Are you contradicting me?

You will stand on a chair for two hours! I will not do it!

What did you say? Punch her, Dusya!

Be so kind and punch me, too.

I heard everything.

This is solved easily.

You want her bed?

You are welcome.

You... go to her bed.

And you... go to her bed.

But lets be consistent.

You are demoted to a private.

And you are my Deputy.

Surrender the aiguillette.

Surrender the aiguillette!

At ease!

Get up!


Get dressed! Fast!

Why did you stop?


Those who are afraid, can go home.

First row, go!

Go! Come on!

Continue! Jump!

Give me your hand!

Dusya, what is it with you? The Germans won't wait.

It's nothing. I can take it my way.

Grinyova! You, pest! What are you doing?

You said the Germans won't wait.


What happened? I'm dizzy.

Did you get hurt? No, I didn't.

It's nothing.

Come on, Yevdokiya, faster!


Come on, jump!



I'll buy a cow...

Easy, easy...

Get up!

If you smell almonds, apples or rotten hay, the enemy just commenced a gas attack.

This is a gas grenade launcher, It can shoot gas grenades.

Aim! Fire!

These are my shots, Lieutenant. No...

These are yours.

Poor shooting. I will improve, Lieutenant.

Bad attempt. I aimed at the head.



Get up!


Here it is...

You are... a beautiful... sh-sho--shooter I'm glad striving.

Keep moving!

They'll kill you if you get tangled.

Stay down, I'll cut the wire.

Keep lower or they will blast you bottom off. I don't want a woman with no bottom.

Go, go, go...

Recruits, attention!


And you... Come here!

Face each-other!

Puch her!

Where? In her face.

Now you.

I can't.

Hit her!

I can't. Then you'll hit.

With the fist!

Hit her!

I can't. Do it!

Enough! Do it!

I can't.. Hit her in the stomach!

Hit her!

I can't. Hit her!

I can't. Hit her!

Come on, everyone! Fight!

Come on, fight!

Hit! I hit you!

You have to learn to fight. Like this...


What happened? Come with me!

Help me!

That's not allowed.

He's my husband, we are crowned (married in Church).

Don't close the window. Okay.

Easy, easy...

First row forward!

Second row forward!

Smells like feeb soup.

How do you know? I can smell it.

I've always had a good sense of smell.

It's good to have a goo sense of smell.

Comrade Commander woman, I need to talk to you. (speaks familiarly)

What do you want? I ask to step aside.

Well. Let's go.

I miss my boyfriend.

Let me out for one night, Leontiyevna...

Because... we'll soon go in combat.


Why not? Don't you understand?

You're a woman. Are you not?


So that's the pecking order here?

Why can she leave?

Every night she escapes out of the window to join her boyfriend.

And what about the boyfriend. What king of officer is he?

So you're telling on others...

Are you okay?

Get lost!

Who is it? It's her!


Who did you visit?

I asked who did you visit?

No one.

Listen here, officer woman!

With some soldier comrades we will create a Soldier Committee.

Yes... we want freedom and equality. No beatings.

Get up!

If I see you again, you'll shoot you.

Take your demands back home!

Get out! Out, I said!

There's your freedom!

You haven't seen the last of me! Yes, and of me!

Anyone else is partisan?

Eat your lunch before it's cold.

You know, Mariya Leontiyevna.

We have waited for years... We need to travel

She will perform abroad.

My Nadyenka is a singer.

She's not a soldier.

She must preserve her voice.

That's why I paid Froska... to take care of my Nadyenka, to bring her home safely.

I see.


Mr Lieutenant!

Pvts Yurasova and Lantsova must report to the Chief.

Pvts Yurasova and Lantsova reporting.

You ran out of money.

You will no longer be paid to take care of Miss.

I discharge her.

Frosenjka, you can keep what I gave to you.

The circumstances changed. Nadya has to travel.

Excuse me, miss.

Mom, did you really pay her?

Nadyenka, I just wanted you to be okay.

We have waited a long time for this.


This is La Scala!

Permission to return to combat training.

Permission granted.

You raised a good daughter. Thank you.


Here... These are yours. I did not keep anything.

All this is yours. I'm sorry, Madam!

Frosenjka, what... Thank you.

Permission to fall back.

Is it your own decision to stay?

Yes... it is.

Then go!

Thank you!

Farewell, Madam!


And your wench is alright.

Second lieutenant Bochkareva? Yes, correct, how I can help you?

By the order of the District Commander General Polovtsov, you are under arrest.

Surrender your weapon.

Gentlemen officers.

You're ordered to return to headquarters, where you will be reassigned.

Follow me.

Do you understand why you were arrested? No.

I don't understand.

How can you allow a stupid woman... Please...

Be quiet.

You, a senior officer of the battalion, arrested for beating a subordinate.

The comrades have agreed to resolve this peacefully.

There is just one condition.

Tell her.

St. Petersburg SOVDEP demands that the Bochkareva women's battalion to establish a Soldier Committee, chaired by comrade...

... I mean...

... Svistunova.

Please excuse me.

Here's to destroying the Army! Here! Bitch!

Here! Attention!

The battalion will be discharged tomorrow.

You are demoted for insubordination.

You will lose your rank.

And you are fired from the Russian Army.

Until then, you remain under arrest.

Forgive me, Peter Alexandrovich. Take he away!

Battalion, halt!

To the left!

Halt, you can't go there!

Sorry, Peter Alexandrovich, she forced her way in.

At ease!

I'm listening.

Mr General, Peter Alexandrovich...

The Mariya Bochkareva Battalion arrived in full force to recieve explanations about the Commander's arrest.

Deputy Commander, Natalya Tatischeva.


Ilya Vladimirovich's daughter?


But it's irrelevant.


I am informing you.

Second lieutenant Bochkareva was arrested for disobeying the order.. to establish a Soldier Committee in your Batalion Mr General, they did not inform you.

A Soldier Committee was created.

The Committee demands Mariya Bochkareva released and acquitted.

Don't be silly.

Where is your Committee? Outside, Mr General.

The Committee consists of the entire battalion peronnel.

You're dismissed.

Give my bow to your Father.

I will not be able to.

Such women we have!

Battalion, line up! Attention!

Mr General. The Soldier Committee of the Bochkareva female battalion rank is formed.

We dema--... Forgive me. We ask a release of Commander and her return back to active Army service.

Get back to ranks.

Non-commissioned officer, retake the command.

Battalion examination is tomorrow.

Aye, Sir!


But keep in mind...

If only one of you fails the exam, noone will go to the front.

The battalion will be discharged.

What will happen tomorrow?

Quiet, Serafima! You'll wake up everyone.

But what should I do?

My dear... Lord, save and have mercy.


What is it, Natasha?


If you tell them, I won't forgive you.

What's wrong?

Why don't you sleep?

What happened?

Tell her!

What I have to say is... that her father is dying, her husband killed.

She has nobody left...

Why should a child die?

What? What child?

I'm pregnant.

For standing up for us... Thank you very much.

But tomorrow the entire battalion could be in jeopardy.

I felt that. You had a child aroma... the aroma of the future.

Form the rank.

Are you all packed?

Fall in!

Private Tatischeva, Surrender the aiguillette.


Take it!

You will be my Deputy.

Instead of Natalya.

At your orders.

Fall in back.

Go home!

Give birth to child.

We're going out there to die for their sake.

Go away.

Dismissed. Get some sleep.


Today we'll see what kind of soldiers you are!

If one of you fails, the entire battalion will be declared unfit.

Forward! Faster! Faster!

The first and third row left, and the other to the right!



What happened?

Don't pick up the wounded!

Run! Run! Forward!

Come on! I think I sprained my ankle.


Come on, Nadya!

Madam Chief, Lavancova, Gerasova and Neklyudova have passed the obstacle course.

Permission to join the ranks No, I will not allow it.

You have failed and stained the honor of the entire battalion.

It's unfair!, Madam Chief.

We were ordered to pass the obstacle course and we did.

You arrived too late.

We stood here waiting for you!

So what? We weren't told there was a time limit.

Or was it there, Mr. General?

A Commander has a duty to follow orders.

Or else she would no longer be a Commander, right?

She is right, this pest.

She's right!

You have not left your wounded comrade, and I commend you for that. Get back in line.

Does your leg hurt much? Only a little.

Come on, get in line.

After testing the combat readiness of the battalion.

I declare that you have passed the examination!

I allow the batallion to take an oath and join the regular Army.

Thank you, Peter Alexandrovich. ... Hurray! ...

In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit... Amen!

Battalion... forward, march!

Attention! Left!

Stop! Stop!


Tonka, I will not let you go.

My daughter, how will I live without you?

You'll get killed in this war.

Mom, don't embarrass me.

Forgive me...


Be careful with the wounded...

Prepare the next one!

Duty Guard! Yes!

Look, more carts. I'll take care of it.


Heard the second signal? We'll leave soon.

I can't believe it. It's a miracle!

Not a miracle. We're juts going to the front.

Wait, wait...


Petya, Petya... It is I -- Nadya.

Load here. Nikolai Alexandrovich, help her.

Well girls, let's go.

All aboard! The train is leaving!

Miss. Miss... we have to take him away.


Who is he to you?

He is my fiancé.

Open your eyes...

Please, open your eyes.

I love you so much.

Here is your medallion.

Nadya, we're leaving!


No, let her stay.

Misses-soldiers, look at me.

Well done...

Convoy, stop!


Battalion, to arms!

On hand!

Come on, beauty. Give me a kiss.

Or stab the heart, it wont hurt. You broke it already.

Just one kiss, honey.


Am I a bitch!?

Was I a bitch after 1914, when I carried the wounded on my back?

What do you think I was?

Why do you think we're here?

Do you think we came here to tumble and squeez with you ?

We came to fight.

To help you fight the Germans for our land.

You are our brothers.

A bitch with propaganda... Really bitch.

Your brain is swallen with foolishness.

All of you!

How can you allow this to happen?

Women are ready to fight instead of you!

While you are partying!

Brothers! She is our Bochkareva!

She once rescued me and Pankrat.

Pankrat, Pankrat! Where the...?

I'm here, I'm here...

Comrades.. This woman is one of us.

A warrior, not a woman... but a comrade and a friend.

I remember you.

How can one forget a 103 kilo man?

Enough brothers... it's decided then.

We'll treat the women with respect...

Besides they vote for it with bayonets.

But remember you women. The Soldier Committee has decided, that it's pointless to continue the war.

We want to live return to our homes alive.

But feel free to visit.

The air is fresh here.

Hey fungus! Do you think?

Did we walk here from St. Petersburg, just for fun? To dump our country like you have?

If you squeal against the Committee, you'll get a led seal in your face.

It's over brothers! Let's go!

Battalion, at ease!


Battalion, halt!

Lieutenant, where is Colonel Borozdin?

Inside. Take me there!

Welcome, Madam Second Lieutenant.

Complete disintegration.

They refuse to fight. I ask... to send the battalion to the defense line.

It's urgent, do it now.

That's fine with me.

No need to walk around my wild soldiers. wild soldiers?

You call them wild soldiers?

Soldiers? Where did you see any real soldiers?

These are no longer my soldiers. Swallen of Schnaps criminal mash.

You'd better stay away from them as far as possible.

How many are on the defense line?

On the defense line, Madame Second Leutenant, I have nobody.

Only the German couriers who bring German Schnaps.

May I be dismissed? Dismissed.


My dugout is on the left and yours is on the right.

Understood. Mariya Leontiyevna, We should check the machine guns.

Go ahead.



The Germans wanted to talk. They could not believe that...

I picked flowers in front of their noses.

You should have taken the broom to clean up a bit.

And what's the problem? They're our flowers - Russian.

The Germans are coming!

Hands up! Hello! We come to bring gifts.

Gifts. Podarok.

Salami, meat, brandy...

For you. Freeze!

You should be ashamed.

We are regular soldiers like you.

We are brothers. We do not want to fight.

We are your brothers.

I'm not your brother or sister.

As long as you're on our land, you're our enemies.

Hands up!

Get the Commander.

How many machine guns do we have? Eighteen.

Write: Eighteen machine guns.

Madam Commander, excuse me.. We have prisoners.

Brothers... with knives under belts.

What's this?

"Kan" und "Panz." Are they abbreviations for guns and armored vehicles?

No. Nyet.

What? Came to visit?

Madam Second lieutenant, we caught two Germans.

With brandy and with this.

This is what it says in German:

Meaning cannons, armored vehicles, soldiers, officers...

They are spies.

Tie him down!

Calm down, girl. Come on, calm down...

You're my girls. Everything will be fine.

Yes, you killed him. It was the only thing you could do.

You did what was needed. Everything will be fine.

He's not breathing.

Take him to the headquarters. I'll take him.

I'll join her.

I permit.

Come on, darling. Calm down. You did right. Good for you...


Come on!

Are you alive? I can't continue.

I sprained my ankle. We must return.

I'll bring him by myself.

My name is Josef Zepp.

What's your name? Go!

Listen, I did nothing wrong. And neither did you or the other Russian soldiers.

What are you mumbling? I don't understand anything anyway.

I have two daughters in Bavaria.

They are like you. Gudrun and Helga. Do you understand?

You're just a a little girl. A child.

Children should stay home.

At home. Do you understand?

Where do you live?

In St. Petersburg. In Martyshkino district.

Ah... 'martishka'..

Like a tiny monkey. Yeah! a tiny monkey.

Help me.


Why didn't you go home?

Thanks, Glasha. To your health!


See you don't choke. (sarcasm)

She's still a child.

Why did you bring these girlschild?

To die? To perish?


Don't touch her!

Take here.

Forgive me. Kill me.

It's my fault.

It's my fault. Forgive me.

Forgive me. It was my fault.

What a beautiful thing is machine gun, works smart a cartridge belt.. firing rate... of six hundred bullets... per minute.

Six hundred Germans could die in a minute.

And in two minutes?


How many Germans can you kill in two minutes?

If you shoot, -- the entire regiment.

I've always been lucky.

I could spend my life like a simple woman, not knowing such a thing as a machine gun...

Your Nobelty desided to put me here with it, so if there is a German, I will sting him with a bullet.

We've been here for a month.

And no war.

Nadenjka, who are you writing?

I wrote to Petya in the hospital. Now I'm writing my mother.

Wish him all the best.

What a strange smell.

It smells like apples.

Gas attack!

Girls, here! Put on your gas masks.



Battalion, attack!

Are you okay? Did you go to the hospital?

No... it's just a little scratch.

Here you go, here's your...

Here you go, here's your...

Here you go, here's your... Here you go, here's your...

What happened? Come on!

Here it is, here it is...

Here you go, here's your...

Here you go, here's your... Here you go, here's your...

Here it is, here it is...


I'm proud of your bravery. I'm going to nominate for decoration.

You and ramarkable soldiers as well. Give the list to the Lieutenant

We didn't come here for medals.

The Germans are afraid of us. My unit is ready for an offensive.

Your men will help us.



I don't have authority to order offensives.

Thank your battalion for everything.

You're dismissed.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, save and have mercy on us...

What do you want?

You know what happened. The people have spoken.

There's been a revolution. The Tsar was overthrown.

So what?

Soon the Russian land will be divided to the people.

Why should we expose our heads to bullets?

We, you, the Germans. They have children, too.

Dear women, return home to your husbands' sides.

Beauty, have got a husband?

Look at you. So caring...

Stuck my husband here, and pitied German children.

But don't you care if the Germans are standing on Russian soil?

Didn't I convince you? No. You didn't convince me.

Afanasij. Afanasij.

Hello, my wife.

Loose woman!

Hello. Why am I a loose woman?

And why am I a bandit?

You ran off to a jew bandit.

You beat me and tortured me... Do you remember?

Ok, ok. You've wandered around a bit. I will teach you a lesson. We'll go back home.

I'm not going.

I did not beat you enough...

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

You. Bitch!

You called me! You called me!

Are you happy now?

Go to...!

We have 4 hours of footage like this. It's evident.

The analysis leads us to the conclusion.. that there are no units capable of offensive.

There are no units at the frontline? Only one remains.


Lieutenant! You'e dumb!

Yes Sir! Forgive me!

If you look at the facts, I think the attack will be impossible.

Colonel, I know best what the Army can or cannot do.


Turn on the light, please.

Forgive me. In other words I am discharged?

I do not hold you.

Mr Colonel, Alexei Leonidovich...

I have recovered. Please, let me go to the frontline.

Or I'll go anyway.

We'll go together.


We'll attack.

The Army Commanders have three days.. to come up with the plan of operation.

With God's help.

Vera, you're in charge. I am setting fire to block our retreat.

As soon as ablaze, you attack.

This battle will be worse than the first.

Girls, follow me!


What's that noise? The battle, Mr Colonel.

How long? For a long time.

Give me your hand!

Nadya, take the flag!

Cadet Yevdokiya Grinyova!

Come here!

I thank you for your service!

I serve Fatherland!

Are you the one who can smell poison gas? Yes, mom.

Don't say "Yes, Mom," Say "Aye!"


Take the smeller to a secret post.

Sniff. Soon the Germans will gas us out againa.


Vera, report to headquarters! Yes!

And you, singer go with her, and sing about our victory.


Tell them that we won't hold out here for much longer.

Let them send the men.

Clean up! Higher-up will see you.

The rest of you, clean your weapons and rest.

I have no-one to send.

An entire regiment and there is no one to send?

This is not a regiment.

This is a bunch of despicables, animals and traitors.

It's impossible. You are lying! What? Forgive me, but all cannot be despicable. It's impossible.

Gather the men.

Follow me.


The women of the Bochkareva battalion have followed the order to attack.

They have hit the Germans out of their positions.

They need reinforcements.

They need our help.

What is this circus, Comrade Colonel?

As for the offensive, I think we made the right decision.

Or maybe you don't remember? Batwomanlion is batwomanlion...

They have stirred the pot, now they can eat it.

Shut up, Zubov!

You're an animal.

Our women are out there.

You lie the moment you open your mouth.

Our women are at home.

Awaiting our return.

You're dismissed, comrades!

No volunteers?

This is impossible!

Forgive me.

Men are like children. They love tenderness, to eat... someone to listen to them...

What? Have you had it with someone?

What are you talking about? How could you think such a thing?

That's something...

Stop! We have arrived.

I'm here. This way.

Live long! Where are you going?

Colonel Ceplyayev from the General Staff. No, no, no...

I can't let you pass.

I have to report to the Soldier Committee first.

Wait here until I'm back. Get out of my way!

That... That's all!

Who does he think he is? Damn dog...

Colonel Tseplyayev from the General Staff.

Excuse me. They din't tell me about the inspection.

We did not come for an inspection. We came to fight.

How come there's no one in Russia, except officers from the General Staff.. to fight at the frontline?

Prepare the horses. I want to go to the frontline.


That's not possible.

This is no time for jokes.

Shut up!

Would you like horses?

That's him! He's the one that hit me.

Karpenko, Glachko, Sasurin!

Get horses for the officers. I will ask one question.

What for?

What for?

Do not argue! Horses! There are no horses.

Get out of my way!

Just a remider, officers don't take part in combat.

If they do, they're to be executed.

Second lieutenant, follow me!

Put the gun down! There's no need.

Not bad... Let's see...

Move a little!

Only officers are forbidden? That's right. Finally.

We're no longer officers.

You know... One was looking at me in such a way...


Vera, quickly! Yes, I get it!

Kolya! Kolya, Kolya...

Kolya, please! Kolya, breathe, breathe, Kolya...

Breathe, breathe, Kolya...

Fall back!

Girls! This way!


Fall back!

Don't shoot. Don't shoot!


Where are you going? Let me take a look.


And...? They're approaching.

From two sides.

My girls... Forgive me.

Say farewell to each other

Lord God Almighty. All who trust in Thy mercy.

Do not abandon them. Protect them.

Be merciful to me and protect me by Thy protection from my enemy's seduction Let me not fall before my enemies let not mine enemy rejoice over me.

Lift me up, my Savior and empower me for Thy Name's sake Give us the spirit and strength to stand for Thee.

And the courage to offer our blood and soul for the love of Thy Name.

For Thou loved us and laid down Thy Soul on the Cross for us. Amen!

This was the last battle of the women's battalion.

Inspired by the example of the Bochkareva battalion, women have established new battalions.

But Russia was on the brink of a new civil war.

Maria Bochkareva Was executed in 1920 by the Bolsheviks for aiding the White Movement

The Batallion prayed a Soldier's Prayer handed down to us by Greatmartyr Theodore Stratelates “the General”