Battle Drone (2018) Script

Salem Alcazar, the heir apparent to the free republic of Alcazar.

Heir apparent?

So much for the election process.

Who said anything about an election?

This guy's buying up ordnance to suppress the latest rebellion against his father.

Dead or alive?


The guy he's working for however...

Victor Gobefren.

You know him?

He tried to hire me.

Well fortunately for us, you've got integrity Grigori.

Pay was terrible.

Well it shouldn't have been.

This guy's probably the biggest arms dealer in the world today.

Besides Uncle Sam.

I'll tell you what Val, while you're contemplating running for office, we're gonna kill Victor, grab Salem, and take home a healthy paycheck, - all right guys?

We're just...

Were just gonna kill him?

Not even talk to him?

Ask him a few questions?

Get his side of the story?

Hey Dax.


Who's flying the plane?



He's a liability.

We're all a liability.

He's a bloody time bomb.

You wanna do what he does?


I don't want anyone to do what he does.

Yeah that's right.

That's not the kind of world we live in Blackwood.


All this used to belong to the KGB.

Not bad for a poor boy from Ukraine, huh?

A man in your position must have many enemies.

I suppose I've made a few.

You don't worry about living in such open space?

We are in the heart of Moscow.

What could I possibly have to worry about?

♪ There's a way you gotta walk ♪

♪ A way you gotta talk ♪

♪ A way you gotta do it ♪

♪ There's a way to get through it ♪

♪ Can't you do for a bar day ♪

♪ You ain't proud of it ♪

♪ And you're still just standing ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Now there ain't no good ♪

♪ Without evil ♪

♪ Gotta let it deep inside us all ♪

♪ There ain't no good without evil ♪

♪ There's a way you've gotta walk ♪

♪ A way you gotta talk ♪

♪ When you live with the devil ♪

♪ Don't let him down ♪

♪ You just gotta do it ♪

♪ Put the dog down ♪

♪ When you look in the mirror ♪

♪ Is it who you see ♪

♪ Things look a little clearer yeah ♪

♪ You're the big dog now yeah ♪

♪ There ain't no good without evil ♪

♪ Big dog now ♪

♪ Yeah you're the big now ♪ ♪ There ain't no good ♪

Do you know who I am?

No, I'm just pointing this gun at you by accident.

Any problems?



Dax killed the bloody Kaydrum.

The Kaydrum?

He was a spy.

Who was he spying for?

The Russians.

The Russians.

You have any idea where we are?


Yeah, we're surrounded.


Do me a favor.

Keep an eye on him.

Tie him up, kill him.


No, no, you already killed the Kaydrum.


You know the deal Dax.


He could be my next employer.



To assure...

You should have offered me more money last time.

Wasn't expecting it this soon.

We need a new exit strategy.


I'll give you anything.

Catering truck?


♪ There ain't no good without evil ♪

♪ There ain't no good without evil ♪

♪ There ain't no good ♪

How you feeling?

Oh thanks...

You happy?

What about Victor?

Oh, he's dead.

Pay the man.

That was festive.

Well I must say, it's a pleasure doing business with the both of you two.

You have an interesting definition of pleasure, Mister Rekker.

As do you, Mister Smith.

I don't think she likes you very much.

You can't be serious.

Please, let me go. Please, I beg you.


Is there something on your mind Agent Hayes?

I don't see why we're paying that traitor to do our dirty work.

That's because you spend too much time in the field and not enough in the capitol.

Plausible deniability.

Kidnapping the son of a supposed ally in the heart of Moscow is not something we can afford to have our fingerprints on.

What if he was captured?

Well if the Russians had captured Rekker, they would think they were doing us a favor, right?

I would agree with that.

So would half the pentagon, that's the point.

So now that we got what we wanted what keeps them from selling us out?

More money.

And what happens when someone comes along with a better offer?

Then we make sure that someone works for us.

Somehow that doesn't make me feel any better.

It should.

Vincent Rekker.

Do I know you?

Carl Kess.

The arms dealer?

I prefer diplomat.

I'm sure a lot of people would disagree.

Yeah, a lot of people are naive.

What do you want?

To make a lot of money.

I'm hoping you'll help me finish what you started.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Rare Earth elements.

Pardon me?

There's only two countries with concentrated deposits.

One's China, you wanna guess who the other one is?

The Republic of Alcazar.

Never heard of them.


The United States can't be seen in support of a dictator that routinely uses genocide as a means of holding onto power but it can't afford to alienate the only non-Chinese source of material its economy is so dependent on.

So this guy loses his son in Moscow, blames the Russians, and then his army doesn't get the weapons it needs to suppress the local rebellion. That's nice Miser Kess.

Well played out. Yeah, unless the rebellion fails, then what?

That'd be a shame, but it's none of my business.

The moment when you put a bullet in Victor Gobefren's head it became your business.

Like I said, I don't know what you're talking about.

There's an abandoned power plant filled with ordnance, that was destined for Alcazar regime, but our mutual acquaintances would like it to go to the other side.

I'm not a gun runner.

Well, but I am, and all I need are the guns to run.

No, what you need is for someone to go get them for you.

Look, if I don't sell those guns to the rebels, Gobefren's cronies are gonna grow a pair and hold firm on the original deal.

Either way, a lot of innocent people are gonna die.

True, but one way is a fight, the other way is a slaughter.

Look, I've done some digging.

Despite your less than sterling reputation you care about more than just money.

Even if that were true, you don't.

How do I know I can trust you?

Yeah, selling someone else's guns to a group that's backed by an off the books credit line from the United States, that might be the sweetest deal I've ever made.

Ever sweeter if you're dealing to both sides.

But said creditors, they're sending along an observation group just to make sure that everything goes where it's supposed to go.

Okay, I'll make a few calls, I'll verify some things.

Fair enough.

Maybe we'll talk terms tomorrow, okay?

I was hoping you'd be leaving tomorrow.


Where to?




That's crazier than I am.


What's Chernobyl?

That's right, history wasn't your strong point, was it darling?

Or reading. Or maths.

Or thinking.

Nuclear meltdown.

It was a long time ago, so don't worry.

It's the one place you can fill with enough illegal ordnance to supply an entire third world country and pretty much be guaranteed no one's gonna bother you.

Yeah, that is until you grow an extra arm and a second asshole, then every circus in town comes knocking at your door.

How long?

Long enough to where getting in and out's not gonna be any worse than Dax working on his sun tan.

So what's the catch?

Who says there's a catch, Shiro?

There's always a catch.

CIA's bringing in an observation team to keep an eye on us, just in case anything goes missing.

They don't trust Kess and they don't trust us, and I sure as hell don't trust them.

Well, that's bloody fantastic.

So now we're babysitting?

I like babies.

Oh don't go there.

Seriously. Guys!

Bloody hell.

As your captain, I advise you all to fasten your seat belts.

This is gonna be one bumpy ride.

You're not a captain.

Oh yes I am.

Why are we here?

They have their own strip team.

It's our plane.

You know what I mean.

Probably to kill us once we secure the ordnance.



To send a message to Kess.

Patch things up with the Russians.

Tie up loose ends in Alcazar.

Plenty of reasons.

You don't seem very concerned about this.

It is what it is.

We should tell Rekker.

I'm sure he's already figured it out.

The captain would like to have a word with you ma'am.


He used to be a captain.

Used to be?

The guy who's flying the plane would like to have a word with you ma'am.

Take a load off, we've got some time.

Then why am I up here?

Because I wanna discuss logistics.

There nothing to discuss.

She's got pretty eyes.

You run your mission however you see fit.

That's why you were hired.

You've got pretty eyes too.

Let me get this straight.

You're gonna be standing right behind us, fully armed, while we're engaged in multiple fire fights, yeah?

Every one of my men is an experienced combat veteran.

You don't have to worry about friendly fire.

Who said anything about it being friendly?

What are you implying?

I've done enough dirty work over the years to become a serious liability, I admit that.

Plenty of my colleagues wanna see me dead and I got the strangest feeling that you wouldn't mind being first in line to pull the trigger.

What possible reason do I have to think that there's not a target strapped to the back of my head?

Securing a politically stable Alcazar outweighs anything you or I mean to them.

They only want my men and me alive because we're taking those guns straight into the war zone and fighting with the rebels.

And after you get them?

You think we'll try to take you out?

I think there's a high probability I eat a bullet when the dust settles, so yeah.

I'd like nothing more than to feed it to you myself, but if you're half as good as they say you are it simply won't be worth the price.

Right, I'm glad we're clear on one thing.

We're clear.


Let me ask you a question.

Why is it you hate me so much?

Because you betrayed your country.

They betrayed me first.

What's in there?




Burn reactor shit?



You're probably gonna grow an eye there now.

That'll be good.

I need another one to keep one on you.

It's a little too quiet.


See if you can get eyes on anything.


Head on in.

Don't engage.

Just give me numbers and positions.

You're sending him in alone?

It works better that way. What if he's spotted?

If they spot Shiro we're dead before we get started.

Isn't it about time we got this show on the road?

I didn't realize you were in such a hurry general.

Let's just say I've been waiting for this for a very long time.

So it's not strictly business?

Bloodshed is never strictly business.

I beg to differ.

Of course you do.

That's what's the matter with men like you.


It's okay.

You know, everyone who comes knocking at my door has a speech about God and country.

It makes them feel better about why they're there, and a big bag of money all the same.

You know, you're no better than him?

Never said I was.

Send in the pilots kid.

Let's get this show on the road.


At least for the first couple of buildings.

You mean that Kess was wrong?

This is an ambush.

If it is, we'll be right here in the middle with you.

It looks you will be because we're changing marching orders.

You're coming with me and every one of your men is going with one of mine.

We're going in together.

That's not the deal.

None of this is the deal.

You want your guns, you gotta earn them.

We go in together or you can go in alone and find a new ride home.

He's right.

It doesn't matter.

It does if we wanna do what we came here to do.

Let's go.


Pick a partner and watch your back.

You and me.

Who wants to be my bitch?

Looks like it's you and me big boy.

Oh shit.


Got it.

Whatever the hell that was.

You sure?

I don't miss.


Hey buddy, you'll get hit by him!




God almighty.

Give me your hand.

Let's put him down.

Here I've got you.


Okay. Okay.

Nice and easy. Okay I've got it.

Got you.

Get back.

Okay, get this off him.

Okay Val, get me an in and out of the perimeter ASAP.

You shouldn't stare at things like that.

You'll never get it out of your head.

Keeping my observation team alive is part of this exercise.

He paired his men with yours, clever.

It's hostile territory.

He was expecting an ambush.

No he was expecting your men to betray him.

He's cautious.

Or he was tipped off. They don't know enough to tip him off.

Most of them, anyway.

If you think he can change the rules to get a better deal, forget it.

If your people can't tell the difference between combatants and non combatants, then we should stick to what we've got.

It's cheaper to drop bombs anyway.

Let me tell you something.

My people are capable of surgical precision, literally.

Good, because I'd rather not lose any more of mine.

Okay you're wearing your vest.

Good man.

What the hell hit me?

Is it tank?

Yeah, a tank.

Rest up for a sec.

Val, what the hell was it?

That's the question.

He's one of the guards that the kids told us about.


I nailed it twice.

He nailed with that thing.

I don't care what they're wearing for armor.

Nothing survives that.

No kidding.

Obviously there was more than one.

No, not obviously.

Only one line of gunfire.

It swept left to right, changed positions, then swept right to left.

If there were two more of those things up there we'd already be dead, all of us.

How is that possible?

How in the hell should I know?

Let's not stick around here to find out.

Big man, I'm gonna need you.

Up, up.

Good, okay.

Listen up, I need more cover.

I need more intel and I need to get a beat on whatever the hell that thing is that's trying to take us out.

Wait, where's Shiro?

Never can tell.

This way.

Blackwood. Okay.

We breach, Grigori, you're gonna clear.

Stay back. Dax?


Three, two, one.

What is this place?

Fuel depot?

Oh, radioactive gasoline, great.

What the hell is this?


He's tough.

Why aren't you shooting at it?

Shoot it?

That thing's unstoppable!

Especially when you're not shooting at it.


Okay, you want some more?



Well played.

I thought you said your drones were damn near unstoppable.

I'm sorry general.

Was one of them stopped?

Definitely slowed down a little.

A little bit, but they're up against the best of the best, aren't they?

They can handle themselves in a firefight.

I'll give them that.

They also have numbers on their side, don't have to worry about friendlies, and they're still on the run.

He does have a point general.

Besides, we're just getting started here.

Come on.

Move, come on, run!





Down the hall.


What the hell are you doing?

You tell me, because I'm pretty sure we're not recovering a rouge weapons shipment.

Tell me.

I don't know.

That's a wrong answer.

Rekker, please, I just saved your life.

Which is the only reason you're still breathing.

I know how this looks, but we're in this together.

Tell me, why is it that thing goes after both of our men?

Not mine, and mine alone.

I've already lost men today.

Who happened to be in the line of fire, a mistake those things did not make a second time.

You're right.

You were set up.

But I was set up too.

They told me the same thing.

Alcazar, weapons retrieval, strictly observation, all of it.

Strictly observation?

So if you're not lying to me that means your hand must be lying to you.

How do you know?

Mission parameters.

Yeah, you were sent to observe, to observe us getting fed to those...

What are they?

I don't know.

Some kind of robot.

Robots don't bleed.

That's so the liquid doesn't look like blood.

Too fluid, too organic.

People can't survive a bullet to the head.

I didn't say they were people.

Looks like you've seen them up close and personal Shiro.

Close enough.

Where are the others?

On the run.

As far as I can tell there's only two of them.

One of them's already heavily damaged.

Well we should go after the other one.


Take it apart.

See what they're made of.

And find out what we're really up against.

You coming?

I'm gonna die.

Why'd you stop?

This is the perfect place for an ambush.

Exactly, so we're gonna keep moving.

No, no, we're gonna draw its attention first.


Give me your gun.


Your gun, mine's empty.

Do you wanna get out of this alive or not?


That's great, keep yelling.


Hey, that really hurts.

Get off me you idiot, I'm an observer.

There, he's in the shed!

The shed, he's in the shed, there!

Take this.

Let's see how you like depleted uranium you son of a bitch.


That wasn't so bad.

That was possibly the most ruthless thing I've ever seen.

It was ruthless, reckless, pretty impressive.


Considering how often I've used them to tie up my loose ends, I shouldn't be.

They always find a way though.

But you're willing to sacrifice them now?

So who's the ruthless one?

Well if you tie up too many loose ends then you become one yourself, especially if you know where all the bodies are buried.

I'll remember that next time we do business.

If there is a next time.

This isn't much of a sacrifice if they don't all go down.

That drone was barely functioning.

The next one will finish them as soon as it's done with Rekker.

That's assuming Rekker's dumb enough to let himself be found.


He's dumb enough.

Yeah, didn't think that was gonna work.

You were saying?

That clever bastard.

He figured it out.

Figured what out?

The setup, us.

She used herself as a shield because she knew it wouldn't shoot her.

And, considering how much you wanna charge for those things, I pretty much expect them to work miracles.

You know, miracles are overthrowing a hostile government With no American casualties, not sparing every civilian that throws himself in the line of fire.

Fine, take her off the friendly list, but keep Barns.

I need at least one on ground assessment before this thing is over.

That's assuming he doesn't bleed out first.


He shot him in the foot?

It's not like he was any help, until he started screaming.

Then at least he got its attention.


Dax's defense, he seemed to be trying to identify himself and it pretty much ignored him after that.

I was unarmed and injured while you people were shooting at it.

Of course it ignored me.

That was before we started shooting.

You wanna tell me what the hell is going on here Barns?

You're way out of line agent.

I'm out of line We walked into the middle of a god damn blood bath and every single one of my men died because of it.

That's on you, not me.

You let him pair your people with his.

I did what I had to do to accomplish the mission.

Unfortunately, I didn't know what the real mission was.

The question is, did you? Oh if you think I did, I could tell you?

Or do clearance levels not even matter anymore, Agent Hayes?

Between you, me, and this gun, very little matters anymore.

Put the gun down.

Come on. We're not gonna get any answers from a dead man.

Come on, put it down.

There you go.


But we can get answers from the remains of those things out there.

Val, do me a favor and guard the door.

On it.


Yeah, no.



We're out of time and we're out of options Blackwood.

Dax, I need you to look after Agent Barns.


You can't leave me in here with this psychopath.

I can do whatever I want.

I'm taking the guns for now.

I need him alive, you got that?

Yeah, yeah.

Alive, I got it.


Good, let's go.

I swear to god.

Oh, are you a religious man, Agent Barns?

Does it even matter?

I think it does.

Lots of friendly people.

You get to drink wine when you're underage, even if the priest sometimes...

Do bad things.

But that's enough about me.

Let's talk about you for a little while.

For keeping me from killing him.

Doesn't mean he's not gonna die.

Hey, you okay?

Just give me a minute.

Is he always like this?

More or less, but he is trying to save our lives.

I thought he was pretty much the devil incarnate.

Until you walk a mile in his shoes.

Afghanistan, don't you know the story?

He lost a bunch of men in a botched raid and then killed his commanding officer to cover it up.

I meant the real story, not the official one.

There's an unofficial one?

His unit was sold out for political capitol.

Some paper pushers up the line wanted more troops and they needed some spectacular failure with a bunch of casualties to justify it.

When Rekker found out he went AWOL and he killed as many of them as he could find.

How do you know?

Because I helped him do it.

I was in the unit assigned to run his backup for him.

We should go.

You don't wanna go in there, and neither do I.

We need answers.

We're gonna bring a few more online.

Bring as many as you need.

I just wanna see results. Get out of the way kid.

I'm bringing them all out.

All right.

All of them.

It stinks.

You stink.

I smell like a real man should smell.

Pull back the skin real man.

This is so sick.

You're worse than Dax.

It feels like muscle.

Because it is, sort of.

Synthetic muscle.

It was big news a few years ago.

Some company created biologically compatible tissue that responded to nerve and pulses.

It was supposed to be the holy grail for wounded vets.

Wow, Russia never had anything like this.

Unfortunately, neither did America.

The company that created this kind of disappeared and the news dried up.

I just figured it was something that didn't work out, until now.

Somebody seems to have found a more lucrative use for it.

I'm not sure killing us is all that lucrative.

Yeah, but watching us die might be.

They say you were an arms dealer like Carl Kess.

How would you demo your newest, most expensive product?

Line of fire.


And tie up loose ends with the people you're trying to impress while you're at it.

Huh, he set us up.

No, not him.

Everyone Shiro.

Everyone set us up. What about the girl?

Is she in on it?

I don't think so, for what it's worth.

All right guys, any idea?

What are these things?

I'll tell you what Grigori, I'm about to find out.

I told you to keep him alive Dax.

You tell me a lot of things.

Yeah I do, but you never listen.

I listen.

I don't always do, but I listen.

Did you learn anything?

Plenty, I can tell you all about the girl he molested behind a tree in the 3rd grade.

Anything about our current situation Dax?

Oh, you mean the drones?

Jesus Christ.

Forget about the drones.

What about the things that are trying to kill us?

Yeah, the drones.

That's what they're called.


Well, what are they?

Biosynthetic shock troops, genetically engineered tissue grown in a cybernetic skeleton.

Kind of a combination of man and machine, but just the scary parts.

Well that's horrifying.

It is.

It really is, and this a lot coming from me.

The fact that they're called drones implies that there's a pilot.

Sitting in a room somewhere, hopped up on caffeine, playing us like a video game.

Well that's terrific.

How many are there Dax?

Agent Barnes didn't know, and believe me...

I asked.

I believe him. So do I.

He seemed to think there was a hell of a lot more than two though.

That means this little demonstration isn't over.

If I had to take a guess I'd say not only is it not over, but all bets are off.

The original plan was to see how well they - function under pressure Against experienced opponents.

Now, we're a serious liability, Agent Hayes included.

They needed us dead, and since there aren't any more friendlies in the mix they will not be pulling any more punches.

Why don't we just make a run for the plane?

Yeah, that's not a good idea.

Why not?

Because you put a bomb on it.

Yeah, all that equipment you were carrying, or Barnes or whoever, it doesn't matter.

The point is, if we try to disarm it, they'll know and they'll detonate it.

Forget about the plane, just run for the nearest hooch.

They thought of that too.

Humans get tired.

They need food, water, rest.

Drones just swap pilots and keep on going.

Plus they can see in the dark and have areal support.

The only reason we're still alive is they can't see through walls, yet.

They're working on this new form of sonar...

Not important.


So what's the play?

The only play we have Shiro, to fight.

How do we fight those things?

One at a time.

You see, they don't know where we're at and they have a lot of ground to cover, which means they're gonna have to split up and search one by one.

How the hell do you know?

If you were piloting one of these things what's the worse that could happen?

It gets destroyed.

Right, then you just grab another bag of chips and you try again.

No fear makes people stupid.

Listen up, we hit them fast, we hit them hard, and we can take these things out.

We'll need to stay on the move once the fighting starts.

Every one of those things is gonna know exactly where we're at.

Lock and load, clocks ticking.

Nice work.

You think he saw us?



Bloody hell!

Nice shot.

I know.

Let's move.

Now they know what they're up against.

Doesn't matter.

They'll still be overwhelmed.

It's just a matter of time.

You see them?


Good, do what you do.



Remind me to start carrying more of these.

When we get through this Val, don't you worry, I will.

Three teams.

You sure we should split up?

They're onto us.

We need to change tactics to keep them off balance.

You two with Grigori.

You two, you're with me.

Let's move!

Watch your backs, let's go.

I just love killing strong droids like you.

Listen up.

First pilot to make a kill gets an extra $100,000.

Find another one?

You jump next time.


We don't have enough fire power to take out one of those things.

Yes we do, just not on us.

Fuel depot?


How much time do you need?

How much can you give me?

Not much.

You okay?

Been better.

You think it's down?



Hell I don't know.

Let's just get out of here, what do you say?


Actually I've changed my assessment.

The drones are fine.

It's your pilots that need work.

They're not up to dealing with experienced field operatives.

I couldn't agree with you more general, but field experience, that's another reason for this little demonstration.

So your men get better on our nickel?

They could be your men.

Their services are for hire like everything else.


Why the hell would I bother?

They're quick learners.

You better hope so, for all of our sakes.

Don't worry, they'll run out of bullets before I run out of drones.

We need to find a loner.

I'm down to my last round.

Hey, up there.


What now?

Whenever he's settled, I'm ready.


Get her out of here!

Forget about me.

Stay with Shiro.

It's too late.

They're gonna die in there.

Probably, but there's nothing we can do about it.

I can die with them.

You do that, they win.

Who's they?

Kess, Smith.

Everyone who sold us out.

Don't let them get away with it.

They already have, because I don't know how to beat them.

What is this place?

Some kind of pressure chamber.

You think they'll make it through that door?

Not before we run out of air.

You should've stayed with Shiro.

Nah, I'd have just been in the way.

Besides, if anybody's gonna make it out of here alive it'll be him.

And if anyone doesn't, it will be me.

If anyone shouldn't, it would be me.


No, it's true.

I'm worse than those things out there and the sad part about it is, I know it too.

Maybe, but I'm glad you're here with me.

Didn't I tell you?

Just a matter of time now.

It's not over yet.

It might as well be.

Actually, how many drones has Rekker and his team cost you though?

I prefer to think of it as how many drone pilots just had the best training money can buy?

We've gotta do something.

We can't fight them if we can't hurt them, and even if we could, there are too many now.

They're too strong, too fast.

Too fast?

We can't even outrun them.

Even for a satellite, really there's no lag.


Areal drones.

They can afford a second or two of lag time in between commands.

Their targets don't change that quickly, but when engaged in hand to hand combat...

Their pilot has to be nearby.

Yeah. We need to get to the closest rooftop.


Because it's time to put an end to this thing.

Hey, how fast can you run?


They're catching up.

I have no idea.

Buy me some time.

This door isn't gonna hold!

I know!

I know.

You can't make that shot!

No one can make that shot.

Rekker! Rekker!


What's going on?


What happened?

Interrupted their signal.

Lights are on but no one's home.

So it's over?

Oh hell no.

I'm gonna have a little word with Kess, and whoever else is with him.

No way.

What in the hell just happened?

He cut the feed.

Well get it back on.

I can't, not without putting another dish up there.

I think it would be more prudent at this point to cut our losses.

Are you suggesting we run?

Are you suggesting we stay and wait for him to find us?

I got a chopper waiting.

You might wanna continue this debate on it.

He'll come after us.

Not if this entire complex is wired with enough C4 to blow it back on the map.

It won't detonate until we're safely out of range.

But what about them?

We train more.

You're a cold blooded bastard.

Hey, feel free to give up your seat if it will make you feel better about yourself general.

What the hell?

Hurry up! Why's it so quiet?

I don't know.

You think it's a trick?



Maybe we should fall for it.

It would be faster that way.


I'd rather die on my feet.


You guys okay?

Not really.


Oh yeah, bloody fantastic.

What happened?

Rekker, I think.

I'll see what I can find for bandages.


Find Rekker and make sure this nightmare is really over.

I'll stay with her.

Suit yourself.

Probably lots of people to kill.

I'll go with him.


General Callahan.

I should've known your grubby little fingerprints were all over this.

Where is Agent Hayes?

Making sure no one fixes the data link to those little monstrosities you tried to feed us to.

For the record, they don't actually eat.

Just for the record, I don't actually give a damn.

You know Rekker, that's what made you so good.


That and the steady hand.


I was surrendering.

It's not hard to know which way the wind's blowing here.

Or smell the subtle hint of bullshit that it's carrying.

I didn't choose your team.

But you didn't mind sending us to the slaughter, Mister Kess.

Business is business, you know that as well as I do.

Business is business.

Ain't that right, general?

This is the second time you've sent me and my men to die.

And it won't be the last, not if I can help it.

You can't!

Well as much as I'd like to mourn the loss of a good general, it appears that he's taken your last bullet with him.


But not my men.

Not all of them.


I know, fell?

Looking to vent a little pent up aggression.

Excellent. So am I.

Rekker, I think you and I can come to a more equitable agreement here.

You see, it's the negotiation process that I'm looking forward to Mister Kess.

Suit yourself.

That's the problem with you mercs, you're always so full of yourselves.

♪ There's a way you gotta walk ♪

♪ A way you gotta talk ♪

♪ A way you gotta do it ♪

♪ There's a way to get through it ♪

♪ Can't you do for bar day ♪

♪ You ain't proud of it ♪

♪ But you're still left standing, yeah ♪

♪ There ain't no good without evil ♪

♪ Gotta let it deep inside us all ♪

♪ There ain't no good without evil ♪

♪ There's a way you gotta walk ♪

♪ A way you gotta talk ♪

You son of a bitch!


You still trying to surrender?

It's an expensive gun.

I don't wanna leave it just laying around.

You know what I mean?

You know what's more expensive?


If you kill me, you'll never stop Langley.

You'll never stop Langley.

You'll never stop...


Oh wait, that's you.

Was you.

How much?

10 million.

10 million?

No way.

Okay, you make it 20.

20 million dollars?


You gonna let him live?

If the price is right.

Even after he set us up?

He never really promised to be on our side though, which is why I'm willing to give him a chance to buy his way out of it for 20 million dollars.

Rekker, I don't have that kind of money.

You couldn't have built a drone for a single penny less.

It was a lot more than one.

Yeah but, other people paid for that.

Other people that are now laying around here dead.

Think you can skim a little off the top Kess?

Being that true patriot that you are.

15 million.



Okay, back to 20.

But I'm buying my life, before and after you get paid.

Only if you don't come back.

Listen, I think I just wanna be a gun runner.

Good idea.

Hell of a world we live in.

Top speed Rich, I'm keeping this.

Hey but, my first wife gave me that.

Come on, Rekker?

You alive?

You indestructible son of a bitch.

You're alive?

What did you save this time?

The planet.

I need a drink.

Me too big guy.

Me too.

♪ The morning came ♪

♪ You fooled me once again ♪

♪ Guess it was only a matter of time ♪

♪ There's no peace of mind ♪

♪ You left me without a warning sign ♪

♪ Is it really that hard for you to say goodbye ♪

♪ You just can't conquer it handedly ♪

♪ The town hall can defend it ♪

♪ It gets harder every time ♪

Decided you like it up here after all, hmm?

I figured I'd give everybody some space.

Yeah, I hear you.


What's next?

I don't know.

Aside from trying to avoid prison?

My life is over.

You know, I used to think that once.

Not anymore.

What got you through it?


The people.

Not having to work for a chain in command anymore and just, waking up every morning, deciding for myself what's right and what's wrong.

Just make me feel better about everything.

I never even thought about that.

Give it a shot.

Is that an offer?

Well I'd have to give that some thought captain.

I was never really a captain.

Yes you were.

♪ Just can't comprehend it ♪

♪ The town hall can't defend it ♪

♪ It gets harder every time ♪

♪ Baby, are you for sure this time ♪

♪ Are you still having fun ♪

♪ Playing games with my heart ♪

♪ I've seen you play these games before ♪

♪ You're love's just a battle of constant tug of war ♪

♪ Just can't comprehend it ♪

♪ The town hall can't defend it ♪

♪ It gets harder every time ♪

♪ Baby are you for sure this time ♪

♪ Are you still having fun playing games with my heart ♪

♪ I've seen you play these games before ♪

♪ Love's just a battle of constant tug of war ♪