Battle for Skyark (2016) Script

The earth was sick ...

 and SkyArk was built.

The city in the clouds.

The monster came out of nowhere.

People fled to SkyArk.

But SkyArk was too small for all.

So they banished the poor and the orphans.

It was an uprising.

But SkyArk was more powerful.

The children of the rebels were captured ...

 and they were given a Brand for every sin of their parents.

They were exiled to Earth.

They built the camp of Fallen and fought the monster.

I'm Rusty.

As their leader must I give you hope.

The son of the leader of the rebels, should be given the ultimate punishment:

A 13-fold time.

So I invented a legend:

A boy with 13 times would come and save us ...


If you stay here, you die!

Come on! Immediately!

Let's go. Run! Hurry Up!

Stay close to it! Los!

Run! Run! Where to?

The monsters are coming!

The camp of the Fallen.

Monsters are on the hunt! On your item. Los.

Come on!

From the fort.

All in! Quick! Now!

I was here first! Does not matter!

You're just a two, a four-I.

Hey coward, how many do you have?

Rusty, look! 13!

So it's you. Who am I?

So he's the 13?

The 13 has come!

Starting today, the monsters are afraid of us!


It's your turn ...

I do not know ... - Do not worry!

I'm with you!

I do not know how you are ...

 I do not feel particularly safe.

Where is it?

He should be our Savior?

Monster Snack?

I show him how to do it.

Well done.

Beginner's luck!

I bring that to an end.

Ash! No!

Get out of here!

What was that?

On SkyArk you warned us. Are you naughty ...

 send them down like the monsters.


Horror stories for young children!

You wish!

The monsters live here below.

In Hive.

We hunt there during a new moon, if they are weak.


The Blue drops!

He heals every wound.

The monsters hide him from us.

Once we have the Blue drops ...

 all our suffering is over now!

You can stop this.

Have you ever seen him? - No.

Now that you are there, this will change!

Why me? - Because ...

 I am only one. 8

Take a break!

Ash ...

 Thou shalt not go over the limit!

Okay ... You're always what you want.


What's going on here?

Tell me the names ...

 or we will send your son into exile!

My son is into exile.



Dad ... Dad!

Energy waste ... pretty!

Um ... hello?

Good morning, 13!

My name is Rags.

Here! Breakfast. Ribs ... I think.

Hey, Rags! Will you help me?

Yes, please!

Wow! Stop!

Do you go out with my sister?

She asked me!

You're back before it gets dark!

That's enough! Hau starting!

Come here, birdie!

Do you like my skirt? - Yes!

Have I made from a parachute.

I sew for all.

Follow me ...

Come on up!

Where I help again?

Will see you already.

Caution Otherwise you hurt yourself!


Is easier than a bow ... easy swing.

Like a sword?

That's just junk.

Maybe just for you.

You never smile?

Earlier times ...

You're really tough.

How I see it ...

 we are always eaten tomorrow.


Do we still fun!

En Garde!

So you want to play?

Just back to you.

Everything okay?

So do you care yet!

Hold your chin up, Rags.

Let's go home!

Come on! She has a date with the 13 ...

 in him we are sure! I do not want to go.

It would be dangerous, not to overhear!

Do you miss it?

Your home?

What is that?

So saw the earth from SkyArk seen from ...

 and the Blue ... that is the ocean.

My father had promised, to go there with me.

A beautiful promise.

He can no longer comply.

It's not far from here ...

 maybe we go times along the ocean. - Yes ...


I go ahead and you kill all the monsters.


It's a deal!

What was that?

Stop it!

This is not funny anymore!

Come on!

13l Cool sword ... - Yes!

The handle must be serious, for the balance.

Thus, it will be easier.


I still remember my first day.

I can not stay. - What?

I go to the ocean.

Look ...

 so we hunt monsters.

And no boys.

How So? But are a cute couple ...

Sometimes, when it's quiet ... I can hear it.

I can hear the waves on the coast. He is so close?

Just because something is close, it is still not easy.

Do Not Worry. You come out already.

Lily ... it's broken again.

I believe the 13 does not like me.

He's just shy.

Shall I tell you a secret?

He told me, that you're really brave.


You are soon ready for the hunt for the drop.

He's a gutsy guy!



 Did you Birdie and seen my sister?


Camp of the Fallen ... on the walls!

Do not be crazy! Let me go! That's Ember.

Ember! Hurry Up!

That's fine ... Is she all right?

Where's Birdie?

I thought that 13 could save us ...

No more stories! And no lies.

She dies.

We have to save them.

What can I do?

There are healing! - Where?

In Hive, Rags.

The Blue drops?


It has always brought me luck.

Take care of yourself!

Lily ...

 for Ash ... I'll bring them back.

How do you know, that does that stuff?

I do not know.

Maybe just a myth.

Invented so that the Can people hope.

A terrible hope.

I also think, however, we all need to believe in something.

You and Ash, you were ever ...


We are still together.

We were the first here.

I promised to protect them.

And you know what?

I think she protected me.

Apparently my father was a traitor.

That's right!

One of the best! He saved my dad.

Has risked his life for the uprising.

They would have brought almost SkyArk basis.

Yes, almost! - We come be fine with a building.

And ... only a few monsters? - Exactly!

Only a few monsters.




She looked like a human being.

I thought she sees me in the dark.

Perhaps needs glasses!

All right? There is nothing.

This heals the Blue drops.

Let's go.

Who built this?


Okay ... but no people.

Go to the stairs! I draw him from and you attack from behind.

To kill a monster, you have to be a monster.

Be a Monster!

Come on!

Now! Do it!


Farewell, Ember ...

 here is Mister Monster.

He will save us, right?

So be it, right?

You're just a stupid doll!

I'm sorry.

I did not mean.

That's my camp! I'm sorry.

Go away! - I but can not go anywhere!

My name is ... No names!

Why not? Because I say so!

It's cold down here.

Come on! Get out!

Hurry Up.

What was that? - You are his lunch.


The there really?

Did you just ...?

I call you skunk!

I have a mission.

Nice for you!

Will you help me? It's a secret mission.

What are you? A secret agent?


Agent Skunk ... Wow!

Shall I my Betrayed mission? - No!

Seeking the boy with the 13 times.

How So?

The rebels are waiting that he comes back.

They gave me that.

What? - Look more closely.

What is that? - A Camera.

Pretty turned what?

How should these boys look like then?

Guess he's tall.

Bigger than me? Definitely.

And more ... no offense.

How many times do you have?


And they still bleed.

Thank you! - Do you take constantly?

Yes! While peeing I close my eyes.

The Ocean ...


 to the fall?

Rags? What are you doing?

Rags ?!

You can add me yet not leave here ...



Let me back here.

Lily ...

Rags! - My Goodness ...

Was there a monster? Do you have fought it? - Yes ...

Bring it to me!

I am not a good fighter ...

Everyone has a monster in itself.

That you have to let out!

And if it is eating me?

It's Your Monster! Ready to control it.

Imagine that I am a monster ...

 was not a coward!

Try it from behind.

You have a try.

Do go!

I knew you it does not have it.


Nice to see you! - Pfft!


People! Wait for me.

The monsters have come Rags.

They killed the children?

I am so sorry.

I'm not who you think.

I'm not a hero.

You believe in the 13 ...

 But what should I believe?

I do not have anything!

Wait! - You are a traitor.

Where are you going? - I will bring to an end, what he could not.

Ehm, cool? May I see your times?

Go away!


How mean.

She is right! They have in common.

Thank you!

Why us brought this creepy place?

The boy with the 13 times ...

He was here?

 he is dead.

You know what I think?

No ... what?

Can you read minds?

Can you lift a plane?

No Chance!

She looked pretty weak ...

Ah! I know: you can not cook!

No! -Yeah!

She makes lunch! What are you talking about?

She said: Stop, what you could not ...

What I could not?

Finally there is what to eat! - Oh no ...

 the Blue drops!

Where are we going?

For Hive! - Cool! Essen.

We get no food, right?

Go back to camp.

I need to find Lily.

It is not worth it.

She is so mean! Let's get off.

Hide behind the light ... everything will be fine.

I know this from a book.

Stop it!

What you are doing?

It's not working.


What are you doing here? And what are you doing here?

What a Iahmes Monster ... is afraid of himself.

Thanks for the rescue! - Without me, the monster had eaten you.

That would have ruined my home.

What's wrong with you? What's wrong with me?

What's wrong with you?

You live here?


Did you see Lily?

You are too late.

Come, Skunk ...

How So? I like it here!

What is your name?

That's Skunk. Agent Skunk!

Oh really?

Yes! Take a look at my eye on.

Not so fast, sweetheart.

Where did you get that? - Bring it on! That belongs to me.

That's Rusty Armor.

What do you care?

You let him die.

Come on ... we are looking for Lily.

We build the camp again. There is no longer camp.

You are cut down, I ran away. There is nothing more.

Monsters are on the hunt.

Come on! We hunt monsters.

You too!

I bring you past the dog ... but that was it!

Attention! The Chain! Come on nothing!

Here you can kill almost everything.

Why did not the air?

To the light around looks If only the darkness.

Yes ...

We need a decoy.

I vote to you! If you sign up voluntarily?

You girls!

Argh, a staircase! - What?


No! No!

A toy stone?

How childish ... Do not be sad.

It's just a monster.

Ash? Everything OK?

Yes! From now on you Your placed on you.


How many times do you have?

How many do you mean? - Many!

This is what counts, Agent Skunk!


Do not let go ...

You can not hide forever.

Come with us! I'm sorry.

I do not kill more monsters.

Why kill Ash no monsters?

No Idea.

I do not think she's scared.

At least not from the monsters.

Ash? Do You Think, Ash would go out with me?



Kit and Cat?

They were twins.

How sad.

Where have they gone?

Ouch! Oh God.

No noise more!

"SkyArk has the Monster create - staying away "!

What does that mean?

This is a warning.

SkyArk ...

 they sent the monsters.

SkyArk created the monster.

What for?

Look at the poster!

This enabled them to people imprison on SkyArk.

How dark.

You feed the monster with the kids.

My father is no traitor!

That is why they have been fighting.

I am ...


Do you take on that?

You have eaten the children.

All shredded.

But no blood.

No bone.

They even ate the bones.

Find a mirror!

Okay ...

Please! Help me! Get me off!

I do not want to be eaten.

Too small! I know!

He is afraid of ugly monsters.

I want to go back.

I want to go back!

I want to go home.

Skunk! Remember your mission.

How many times did the boy?


1 ... 2 ... - 13! Or?

Yes ... You are the hero?

We are the heroes! I knew it.

Agent Skunk, are you food?

No Sir! I'm no food!

I'm a monster.

Where are you going?

And off you go!

Birdies doll ...

I understand ...

I'm a monster!

I can not believe it.

I'm a monster!

And I found you.

I'm a hero.

A great day!

Halt not!

I got to be a hero.

I'm going back with you, Agent Skunk.

You'll be a hero! I promise.

But first I have to find Lily.

We would have been on SkyArk friends?

Of course, Agent Skunk.

Yes Yes!

As brothers! - Yes!

The mask is you! Hurray!

Take it from never!

Sorry, Rags ...

 They even ate the bones.


This means that she was here!

We find the Blue drops, we also find Lily.

I'll help you to find them.

Oh no!


Do not move!

Will everything be all right?

Tu but something!

Okay ...

 very slowly ...

I'm sorry! I'm sorry.

Everything will be fine.

I have failed.

Do not let go!

I have not finished the mission. I have never brought anything to the end.

Everything will be fine. Do you know why?

We are the heroes!

Together we are heroes!

As brothers ... - like brothers!


Help! - Hold on!


His mask.

I go ahead and you kill all the monsters.


It's a deal!

That's for Skunk!

The Blue drops!

That's him? - The Blue drops!

We found him!

You found him.

I have found only you.


You're ...

SkyArk created the monster!

So you can the people caught hold on SkyArk.

As a prison.

Kit and Cat ... they were twins.

No blood ... no bones.

She looked so human.

It seemed as could they do not see me.

To kill a monster, you have to be a monster.

I'm a monster.

All of these monsters ...

 were children.

What have I done?


In order to survive in a world full of monsters ...

 You have to be a monster.

You can stop this.

The pain, the suffering.


When I connect to you ...

 I'm as good as dead.

I do not want to hurt you.

Rusty ... Stop it!

He is no longer Rusty!

Run! - Come on!

You can not hurt me!

Why are you running away from me?

How So?

Because of you I have remained.

Lily ...

To kill a monster, must be a monster you!

Please, Rusty ...

 You are not a monster! You can control it.

Please! You are my brother.

Ash! Bring Lily out of here.

Hurry Up!


Go! Before the Control lose! - No ...

 I will not leave you! - Go!

Do not do that. NO!



Hey ...

Watch out! - Rags!

Skunk ?! - Lily!

You live!

That you have forgotten.

The real monsters are up there.

We go upstairs to SkyArk.

We finish what my father started.

Skunk ...

 You can take the mask off now.

Is my mission completed?

Yes, Agent Skunk!

You found me.

Found 13 ... rescue in progress ...

Translated by DKe -