Battle of the Bulge (1965) Script

December, 1944.

British and American armies were on the threshold of victory.

Stretched across half of Europe, the Allies gathered themselves...

...for the final assault on Germany.

To the north stood Montgomery's Eighth Army... the south, Patton's Third.

In the center, along an 88-mile front...

...a few battle-weary American divisions rested in a quiet sector.

To them, the war seemed already won.

This is their story.

We've been flying over these woods all week.

There's nothing but trees. Let's turn back.

Getting hungry, Joe? The war is over.

I hear GHQ is cutting orders to ship us home for Christmas.

The German army still has 6 million men carrying arms.

I haven't heard they're going home for Christmas.

Hey, there it is...

...the German army.

Let's go down and have a look.

Buzz him again. I wanna get a picture. Okay.

This time, gun your engine. Make him look up.

It worked.

Swing around. I wanna get another one.


I am ashamed of you.

Get up.

They could have killed us, sir.

If you'd taken the pains to have looked carefully... would have observed it was an unarmed reconnaissance plane.

You would stay in the car if it were a fighter plane shooting at us.

I did not lose a war to die in the back seat of a car.

Does the colonel think any of us has a choice where we will die?

I know where you'll die, Conrad, at home, in your own bed.

Is the colonel trying to get rid of me?

I think that the world is going to get rid of both of us.

Pick up your cap! Put it on.

Try to look like a soldier!

What good is a soldier anyhow?

He wins, he loses.

What's he good for anyhow?

Conrad, I've told you before...

...never leave the motor running. Petrol is blood.

I'm sorry, sir.

It won't happen again.

Looks like something on the ground at 10 o'clock. Let's take a look.


Let's go home.

Herr Oberst Hessler is here.

Colonel Hessler, sir. Yes.

Well, Hessler.

It has been a long time.

How good it is to see you again.

You look the same.


Little leaner perhaps.

The Russian front does not put meat on a man's bones, general.

Ah, yes. War is hard on all of us.

Central heating. Yeah.

Crystal chandeliers.

You have a nice cellar.

Field Marshal Goring gave me that painting.

Lovely, isn't it?

I imagine he found a bargain in Paris last year.

My corporal's waiting. He's had a hard drive.

Do you suppose there's somewhere in these ruins he can find a bed?

Sit down, Hessler.

You have too little faith in the genius of the German people.

A few stones have been knocked down...

...but our country's strong, united, determined...

...and more productive than ever.

The Allies think that their constant air raids have undermined our morale.

This they'll never do. Why have you sent for me, general?

You are our finest panzer commander, Hessler.

You will lead us to victory.

Our Germany is now like an iceberg.

Only a fraction of it can be seen on the surface.

Let me show you some of the results...

...of what Germany has produced underground.

You will discover a new Germany...

...and will take a new pride in being a German.

Our latest airplane.

A jet.

It flies at more than 900 kilometers per hour.

Within six months, we will have enough jet fighters... shoot down every Allied plane in the air.

Our V-1 rocket destroyed 20 percent of London.

The V-2 will utterly smash the city.

The new 70-ton King Tiger tank.

It has two-and-a-half times the firepower...

...and double the armor of the American tanks.

Our Germany is far from finished, Hessler.

It's a very beautiful model, general.

It proves that the Germans are still the world's best toy makers.

The toys we are making these days are not for children.

Let me show them to you.

Hands up! Get on over.

Hold it! Put them up! Stand against the wall. Put them up, general.

Well, boys...

...looks like we've caught ourselves a couple of big fish.

One nice, fat Kraut trout. That's enough, now.

Sorry, general. We are just rehearsing a commando raid.

Very good.

Not bad, Hessler, huh?

Had you fooled, didn't they?


Unfortunately, I am beyond playing games.

Oh, this is no game.

These are German soldiers, all of them.

Trained German soldiers.

Diepel commands the panzer grenadiers attached to the 1st Tank Brigade.

These men will work with him.

Major Diepel, kindly explain Operation Transit to the colonel.

The soldiers will be parachuted behind the American lines.

Their mission: To disrupt enemy communications.

We have organized many such teams.

Each will be led by a man who has actually lived in America.

Schumacher here lived in Texas for 12 years...

...before returning to the fatherland.

Tell me, lieutenant, who is your favorite baseball player?

Lou Gehrig. Because he's hit the most home runs?

No, sir. Babe Ruth hit the most home runs, 60 in 1927.

And what's your opinion of Adolf Hitler?

As an American, my opinion would be offensive to these gentlemen.

Come, lieutenant. As an American officer, you care nothing for German opinion.

Adolf Hitler is a crazy, Austrian housepainter.

He's a madman who thinks he knows more than the whole general's staff.

And he's leading Germany to complete, total destruction.

Perhaps you are going too far.

To carry off this great deception, even their reflexes must be American.

Your reflexes are to be congratulated, lieutenant.

Insolent man.

Let him have his fun now.

If he is captured, he will be shot as a spy.

And if he survives, he can be shot as a traitor.

You must admit, we are very thorough.

Even a pass won't get you through here.

We will attack through the Losheim Gap.

It's defended only by a single battalion.

The American division on the Schnee Eifel will be cut off.

Then the Our River Bridge will be in our hands.

From there, on to Ambleve, with its road network.

In four days, we will be across the River Meuse.

The strategic objective?


By taking Antwerp, we split the enemy forces in two.

It will take them 18 months to recover.

By then, we will have air superiority with our jet engines.

And we will have even more significant weapons.

Weapons which can destroy an entire city with a single blast.

You have forgotten one important detail, general.

With their present control of the air, the Allies will smash our tanks...

...machine-gun our troops, bomb the bridges...

...and cut our communications.

Suppose I tell you there will be no Allied planes.

Another secret weapon?

From Spitzbergen, Norway...

...the northernmost weather station in the world.

We have been waiting two months for this report.

"A low-pressure area over northern Europe, starting December 16th.

Low clouds and fog which will ground all aircraft."

How long? Long enough...

...if we keep strictly to our timetable.

Unusual clock, isn't it?

It has only one cycle.

Fifty hours.

We have the resources for 50 hours, full-scale attack.

Maps, clocks, toys.

But with what will I fight?

Colonel Hessler...

...I'm putting you in command of our armored spearhead.

It can be done.

This came in from SHAEF.

I got a Christmas cake from home today.

Think I'll still be here to eat it? Send this right through.

Develop this. Bring me the prints as soon as they come out.

Yes, sir. Hello, Kiley.

Find any Germans under your bed this morning?

Marching around under there all night. Couldn't sleep a wink.

That's an order.

I want every item on that menu delivered to every soldier in the division...

...especially those in the forward positions.

And I want them delivered in time for Christmas dinner.

Counterintelligence picked this up from an enemy agent.

Dated November 29th.

"From Field Marshal Keitel. Most secret.

Officers and men who speak English are wanted for special mission.

Volunteers will report to General Kohler's headquarters."

What do you make of it? You know my opinion.

This is one more confirmation. They're going to attack.

Oh, come on, Kiley, not that again.

They're probably preparing a fifth column to drop behind our lines.

Were you in the State Department too, Kiley?

I thought your experience was limited to police work.

Having been an inspector of police doesn't disqualify me from thinking.

All cops aren't flatfoots.

Your limited military experience...

...doesn't inspire confidence in your conclusions. If you think...

Why do you keep saying they're mounting an offensive?

I spent 20 years before the war asking questions.

Ever since D-day, you've had me doing the same thing...

...interrogating prisoners.

I can only report what I've learned.

The German soldier facing us is still an undefeated enemy.

He can still fight. His leaders know that.

As long as he can fight, they'll attack.

I have 10 other officers in my section.

We see the same information, get the same facts as you, Kiley.

All of us come up with one answer, you come up with the complete opposite.

When 10 men tell you you're drunk, you'd better lie down.

Colonel Pritchard, you may be my superior officer...

He is.

Excuse me. Here are the prints you wanted.

Thank you.

Look what showed up on this one.

I took it over the Ardennes.

Is this a Tiger tank, or isn't it?

So it appears.

One tiger doesn't make a jungle, sir.

I expect tigers in jungles. When I discover one in a peaceful neighborhood...

...I recommend all of us take a good look under our beds.

Excuse me, sir.

Step outside.

With your permission, sir.

This is from headquarters, Kiley. Top-secret.

The Third Army has been ordered to attack the Germans in the Saar.

General Patton is launching the offensive in two days.

Does it seem possible...

...headquarters would commit an entire army to an offensive in the south...

...if there were any possibility of the Germans attacking in the Ardennes?

With all due respect to headquarters, they could be wrong.

Send this to headquarters anyway.

There seem to be new features on that tank.

Yes, sir. Anything else?

Yes, sir. I'd like a rundown on this German officer.

All right, send this along. Yes, sir.

Get up to the line and tell them to grab some new prisoners.

I'm interested in any fresh information. Yes, sir.

One thing more. What are you doing in a reconnaissance plane?

We're not paying you to be a combat soldier.

Trying to shorten the war by yourself? No, sir.

Just wanna make sure I can enjoy that nice Christmas dinner you ordered.

I see the colonel's in fine appetite again.

I am.

Join me in a glass of wine.

Thank you, sir.

Sit down. Thanks.



What does the colonel wish me to say?

Speak your mind, the truth.

Don't be afraid, Conrad. I must have someone to tell me the truth.

I've always been fortunate to serve under brilliant men...

...who know everything.

From them, I've learned one thing:

When all was lost, these brilliant men never lost hope.

I admire that.

What else do you admire about these men?

The illusion.

Maybe I'm not using the right word, colonel.

I'm not an educated man.

The hope that there is always one more chance.

That is the illusion.

Go on, Conrad. Yes, that's very good.

It's not my place to speak of such things.

Go on.

I order you to.


...this new command is an illusion.

Give it up.

I am Martin Hessler.

Four years ago, my panzers overran Poland in one week.

That was no illusion.

In 39 days, my tanks smashed all the way to Paris. That was no illusion.

I conquered the Crimea. That was no illusion.


...I was given a brigade of Tiger tanks.

When I have a brigade of tanks...

...that is reality.

And who will drive your tanks?

The men you led were soldiers. Veteran soldiers.

Are there any left?

What will they give you now?

I was by your side in Poland, France, Crimea.

Look at me, colonel, I'm not the same man.

I jumped in a ditch today at the sight of an unarmed reconnaissance plane.

My two boys remember me as a good soldier.

They wouldn't believe it.

But, colonel, I am not the only one.

How sure can you be of the men who will drive your tanks?

Major Diepel?

Diepel. Yep.

I want to see my tank commanders. Have them assembled at once.

Conrad, my boots.

Your commanders, sir.

Boys. Too many boys.

The first battle will turn them into men.

In the old days, I lived six months with my men...

...before going into action. I knew them, they knew me. These are strangers.

Too many boys.

They have never tasted defeat.

Do they know what is expected of them?

They are ready to die for you.

Can you ask more?



Hold it. Hold it.

Pull up. We got brass on our tail. Take it...

Pull it forward, you idiot!

Drop dead. Pull it forward, you idiot!

Just a little bit. Hold it.

Hold it! Hold it!

You're dropping my merchandise!

Barrel and Eddie, come on out of there.

Come on, Cortland.


Solid. Some driver, huh? Lucky thing for you nothing's busted.

Complain to my union. Yeah, go ahead, tie it up.

We near enemy territory yet? Too near.

Give me a cigarette. I don't smoke.

Sarge, when will we see some Germans?

Barrel? Smoke your own.

Got a cigarette, Eddie?

You kidding? You cheapskates.

Reach into my bag, get me a carton of cigarettes.

What's with you and the Germans?

Nothing. I just ain't never seen one.

You know, I've never even seen a German plane.

Sarge, when are we gonna get in the action?

What are you, some kind of a nut?

What kind of replacements they sending us, huh?

"I wanna see action."

What's this? Put that back. That's merchandise.

Don't tell me there's women where we're going.

Who are you gonna give these to? Guffy don't give nothing.

He's peddling them. You keep tying it up.

Peddling them? To who? The boys in the front.

They're gonna need that in Germany. There's lots of broads there.

French perfume. Champagne.

That's gonna bring me 30 bills a bottle where we're going.

Because there's nothing, nothing too good for our boys.

Yeah. What's in here? That's the mail.

Are you gonna charge them something for that too?

No, they wouldn't sit still for that. Just kidding, sarge. Just kidding.

No. When you get these thoughts, tell me anyway...

...because one thing I'm not going back home again is poor.

Keep thinking, kid. Very nice.


This is the up-front front.

Wide awake bunch of boys.

Don't you people ever post a sentry? I'm sorry, sir. I came in for a second.

What's the matter? Close the pneumonia hole.

What were you born in, a barn? Oh, sorry, sir.

We didn't know it was you.

Major Wolenski? He's over there, sir.

Hello, colonel. I wasn't expecting a visit or I'd have had my men smarten up.

How are you? Hot coffee for the colonel.

Come over and get warm.

You run a pretty loose outfit here.

That radio's been yakking between Christmas carols we're all going home.

Here, sit down.

It's tough keeping discipline when the only action... sitting on your butt to keep warm.

What are the Germans doing?

Same damn thing, except they don't have any heat.

They gotta exercise to keep from freezing.

Well, I got a little exercise for your boys.

I wanna patrol tonight, try to pick up some prisoners.

Well, there they are.

Hey, sarge, put those blankets back. Come on, shut the window.

What do you wanna do that for, sarge?

They're out of range. They'll shoot back with something heavier.

It's you or them, dogface. I need practice.

That's enough, sergeant.

If you wanna play with that popgun, you can go outside.

What do you say I take the men out for a field drill, lieutenant?

In this weather? What for?

Because they're drilling, that's why.

I'll let you know when I want a drill, sergeant.

Yes, sir, lieutenant.

I'll take that sergeant.

All right. That's all right. But I'll pick the rest of your volunteers.

Here you are, colonel.

We got about three hours before dark. How about some half-and-half?

Just sweeten it.

You are Colonel Hessler?

Who are you?

How did you get in here?

General Kohler's signature is magic.

You will excuse us, major.

Before you give orders, may I ask your rank?

Courtesan, first class.

Compliments of General Kohler.

I think we have covered everything, colonel.

General Kohler did not tell me you were so handsome.

What did General Kohler tell you about me?


Whatever I want to know...

...I'll find out for myself.

I'm very good at that.

Aren't you going to offer me a drink?

Or have you been at the front so long you have forgotten your manners?

What shall we talk about?

Your wife perhaps.

Won't you join me?

I am told I'm an attractive woman.

You are not paying much attention to me.

Very little has escaped my attention.

General Kohler did tell me one thing.

What he admires most about you is your reputation with the ladies.

I regret that is the opinion of my commanding officer.

I have worked very hard to achieve a reputation as a soldier.

Do not the two go together?

Give the general my compliments. Tell him, "Thank you.

I appreciate his gesture." And good night.

You can make your own way out.

Zero minus two hours.

All units ready to attack.

Repeat. Zero minus two hours. All units ready to attack.

Come on. Put them down, dummkopf.

Hello, Kiley.

I was curious to see how you interrogate your prisoners.

My other officers may be asking the wrong questions.

I'm afraid you won't hear any new answers.

Sometimes it's more important what you see than what they say.

Could we get a little more light in here?

How's that, sir?

So this is the face of the undefeated enemy.

It looks like you've captured a Sunday school class.

This all they have left to put in the front lines? Where are the weapons?

Here, sir.

What's this?

Still has grease in the barrel. It's never been fired.

Did they put up any fight? No, sir.

Just gave up.

Well, I'm not surprised. They're only children.

Take a good look at them, Kiley.

They're not even tough enough to be classified as delinquents.

Go ahead and question them. Ask if Germany's gonna win the war.

Go ahead, Kiley.

They could be plants put in the front lines to mislead us.

I want to talk to you alone, Kiley.

Escort these prisoners to the rear for proper interrogation.

Yes, sir. Move them out.

Let's go, move it out. Go!

These prisoners were carrying these rubber hoses.

Send them along, and anything else you found.

Yes, sir.

Do you actually still think the Germans are preparing a major offensive?

Yes, sir, colonel, I do.

You mean those kids are replacements for more seasoned troops...

...sent to the rear to re-form for the big attack?

Yes, sir, colonel, I do.

Kiley, you're crazy. Facts mean nothing to you. Evidence means nothing.

The only thing you can see are your own cockeyed hunches.

Well, that doesn't work in the Army.

I'm recommending you for transfer to a desk in Washington.

You can tell the president how to run the war.


You make coffee as bad as my wife.

She always told me I'd never get along in the Army.

I never had it so easy in the police force.

I've just been counting up how many times I've been wrong.

But never this wrong.

All the signs point to only one thing.

Is it possible they mean something else?

Maybe this war is beyond me and maybe Colonel Pritchard's right.

Runner brought this from headquarters. It's for you.

Open it.

Well, it's a picture of a Kraut colonel and his service record.

I wanted that.

Well, there it is again. Panzer officer. Fine fighting record.

Last reported in the Russian front commanding a tank regiment.

What's he doing here?

I'd say that proves my point.

Colonel Pritchard would probably say he got fired for losing the war in Russia.

I don't know. What do you think?

Well, sir. I'm regular Army. I don't get into beefs between colonels.

But I'll tell you what some of my stir-crazy men think.

They think we got a great opportunity here.

We got a chance to wipe out Germany.

Just wipe it clean off the map. Knock everything down...

...every city...

...every castle, all the bridges, all the roads. Everything.

Don't leave two stones standing together. Just wipe the slate clean.

Turn Germany into a prairie, then ship over a few buffalo...

...and let them start from scratch.

Now, what do you think of that, colonel?

I think your men ought to wash their socks and take a shave. It stinks in here.

Speak English. Only English. Okay, lieutenant.

Let's get this stuff out of here.

Operation Transit parachuted behind enemy lines.

Repeat. Operation Transit parachuted behind enemy lines.

What the...?

What's that noise?

On your feet! Everybody out!

Sounds like a thousand of them. Hey, Charlie, get battalion.

Get battalion. On the double! On the double!

Sergeant, haul everybody out.

Everybody out. Come on. Bazooka men, report to me.

The line's dead, sir.

Go! Go! Go!

What's that?

"What's that?" And you wanted to see Germans, right?

Come on! On the double!

On the double!

Turn them over! Turn them over! Let's go! Let's go!

Come on, let's get this baby moving.

Colonel Hessler reports panzer Tiger moving to the attack.

No enemy activity.

Northern front reporting panzer Eisen entering Losheim Gap.

No enemy opposition encountered.

Southern front reporting.

All elements of panzer Eisen linking up at road junction 0-2.

Stay on my tail.


Did they give you basic training?

Here, you do it this way.

They're green, never seen action before. What do you expect?

Sergeant, you're the anchorman here. Nobody moves without orders.

Yes, sir.

Stay here. One more man won't make a difference.

I need to look inside one of those Tigers. All right, come on.

Relay to Standard O-bay. I've made contact with enemy.

Meeting weak resistance.

Take cover! Make a stand. Take cover! Make a stand.

Make a stand.


I said, load!

Tiger to Tank 104. Tank 104, you're blocking the road.

Get off the road at once!

There's your Tiger.

Wait a minute.

You're gonna need this.

Take the greaser.

Tiger to Tank 104, what is your condition?

Tank 104, reply at once.

This is Colonel Hessler.

Button up!

Tigers at 11 o'clock.

Hit them hard, Eddie.

They got Blondie.

Forget it. It's like hitting them with tennis balls.

Come on, let's get out of here!

Get down and stay down.

Crawl, you dummy! Crawl.

Lieutenant, keep those grenades coming.

Fall back!

Get down.

Get going. Stay low.

Hessler to headquarters.

Resistance very weak.

Southern front reporting.

Commander Nimke encountering light resistance.

Enemy retreating across river K-10.

Let's get out of here. Hey, somebody man this gun!

Here they come! There they are!

Give me a belt!

Hey, wait for me!

Grab the tailgate!

Wait for me!

Where's your motor pool? At regiment, four kilometers.

Let's get there. I gotta get back to headquarters.

Wait for me! Hold it a minute!

Wait for me!

We haven't got a chance.

Relax. Stay loose.

You think we'll have to surrender?

Well, I hear they treat American prisoners real well.

In a big battle, they treat nobody real well.

Come on. There's a back road that leads to the motor pool.

Maybe we can get us a jeep. How do you know?

Because I studied the maps when we arrived here.

Just like you should've done.

What if we run into their lines? We're still ahead of them.

They might have advanced patrols. It's enough trouble keeping alive... this mess without you bellyaching.

If you wanna surrender, go ahead. I'll make it easier alone.

You're out of line, sergeant.

Sorry, lieutenant.

Look, I don't need help from you. You wanna go on by yourself, go ahead.

Are you coming, or am I gonna have to carry you?

Hello, Cheyenne.

What's that? You're under attack?

In what strength?

Well, what's your guess?

I can't give you air reconnaissance, I'm blind.

Get Apache. Call Apache.

Eddie, what's going on in your sector?

It's only patrol action. How heavy?

Well, what does your reconnaissance say? Nothing heavy.

We're trying to get a picture. Stay on task.

The first phase of our offensive was a success.

The element of surprise was complete.

American communications are in a turmoil.

We must cross the Our River before the enemy realizes...

...we have launched an all-out offensive.

I do not believe I gave you permission to smoke.

Sorry, sir.

Unfortunately, we did not have time to get better acquainted...

...but all of you know my reputation.

My command always suffers the highest casualties.

The price of victory is never cheap.

In this battle, we will be as hard as our tanks.

I will reach the objectives assigned to me... matter what the cost.

Signal from headquarters, colonel.

Hessler, I congratulate you.

You're on schedule. I will reach the Our River as planned.

But the enemy must not be permitted to destroy the bridge.

Has Schumacher seized it yet? Not yet.

Schumacher's primary assignment is to disrupt enemy communications.

I must have that bridge secured for my tanks.

I have no time to build bridges.

Hessler, your bridge will be secured.

We are expecting you to cross it according to the schedule.

You know your line of march. Coordinate with the map.

Conrad, I have a headache.

Fire! Fire!

Land mines! Why were they not cleared?

Where are the men with mine detectors?

We are moving too fast.

The men are following in trucks.

They are all dead.

The mine exploded directly under them.

Notify their seconds-in-command to take over.

Tell them I have absolute confidence in them.

We have lost a tank unnecessarily.

We've lost precious minutes unnecessarily.

Your troops were here to protect the panzers.

From now on, until we clear this minefield...

...your men will go ahead of my tanks.

And have my vehicle repaired at once!

Come on, keep moving. Step on it.

Now, listen to me, all of you.

I need precise information:

How many men, how many guns... many tanks the enemy are throwing into this.

How much fuel are they carrying? And get a move on.

We've got 24 hours before we scream rape.

All right, Kiley, it's your turn.

They're pouring through, general.

Crack troops. Brand-new equipment.

I looked inside one of their tanks. They can chew up anything we've got.

Question is, where are they going? Do you have that information?

No, but he does. Colonel Hessler...

...the commanding officer of the panzer spearhead.

When we know where he's going...

...we'll know the objective of the attack.

The enemy is probing at five points along an 85-mile front.

With only that information at our disposal... can you assume Hessler's column is the spearhead?

The law of probability, Kiley? No, sir.

The law of probability is against me.

But in the absence of other information, I've one chance in five of being right.

I'd like to explore that chance. How?

Well, sir... I'll tell you how.

Watch the Our River.

There's only one bridge, right here, that can support heavy tanks.

I'd say that's where Hessler will be, and that's where I'll be.

Don't get too close to that bridge. I've ordered it blown up.

That's a good thing to know. Thanks for the tip.

Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving. Go on, keep moving.

Come on, let's go. You there, keep moving.

Come on, let's go. Come on.

Come on. Come on, let's go.

Let's go. What are you waiting for?

Move it. Come on, keep moving. Step on it. Get going.

Come on, let's get going. Step on it.

Hey, what are you stopping for?

That sign. When we came through before...

...I recall Ambleve was that way. You're blocking the road. Get going.

Hurry up. Come on, let's go.

Wait a minute. I tell you, those signs point in the wrong direction.

What's holding up the parade here?

Somebody's been monkeying around with those road signs.

That ain't the road to Ambleve.

Two hours ago, I came here from Ambleve...

...over this exact same road.

Now, maybe they've moved Ambleve in the meantime...

...but two hours ago this was the road to it.

Take off, Duquesne. Lieutenant, I'm telling you...

Lieutenant, tell your sergeant to get this jeep out of here.

Move. That's an order. Move.

Yeah, I hope they enjoy themselves in Malmedy.

Come on. We're getting off here. Wait.

Come on!


Hey, wait a minute. Where we going?

We're supposed to be in Ambleve.

We'll get there. I gotta make a pickup first.

Pickup? I got some merchandise in a farmhouse.

Germans are coming. They'll steal it. You gotta give me a hand.

Hey, you two!

Come on, keep moving. Step on it.

Are you the last one? Anybody behind you?

Yeah, the whole German army. Go ahead.

You there, keep them moving. Come on, step on it.

Notify the panzers. The bridge is intact.

Any sign of the Germans? No, not yet.

What are you men doing here? We got orders to blow the bridge.

Pile out. Wait a minute.

That job's being done.

How you boys making out?

Just about finished. Hurry up, will you?

Get out of here before those Krauts get here.

You need any help? I got a good idea.

We'll give them all a hot-water bottle. That water comes straight off the ice.

Well, I'm sure loaded with C-4. Can you use any?

I imagine they could sell you some.

Climb in.

Hey, why do you got your wires hooked on to that detonator?

I guess he's in a hurry. To get killed? That's not the way.

Sarge, bring a couple of men.

We're gonna take a look under that bridge.

This ain't the road to Ambleve.

That's what the sign says.

The sign says thataway, the map says Ambleve was this way.

Will somebody straighten this out?

Ambleve. Ambleve.

Hey, Wolenski. Oh, colonel.

Hey, we're all fouled up here.

We've been ordered to Ambleve, but the maps don't jibe with the signs.

How'd you get off the road? This will take you to Malmedy.

Ambleve's that way. That way?

We've been following these road signs the whole way.

And the MPs we ran into, they've been directing us this way.

They've been changed. They switched them around.

Those MPs you ran into seem okay?

What do you mean? Anything odd about them?

Just regular GIs.

We intercepted an enemy dispatch.

They were recruiting English-speaking Germans.

What time did you cross the Our River?

8:40. We were last ones across. They were set to blow it.

You see the bridge blown? No.

But I saw the engineers setting the charges.

Hey, wait a minute. What the hell? They weren't engineers, they were MPs.

Murphy, get me headquarters.

And, major, have someone switch that sign back.

Red River Six. Come in, Red River Six.

Come in, Red River Two. Red River Six, this is Red River Two.

Germans uniformed as American MPs holding Our River Bridge.

Bridge has not been blown.

Repeat. Germans uniformed as American MPs...

...holding Our River Bridge. Bridge has not been blown.

Over and out. Let's go.

Better hold it, Jack.

What happened? They ran into a firefight.

German patrol.

I don't see any Germans.

They're in the river. They didn't make it across.

Get out of here. We're blowing the bridge.

What? Are you sure?

Watch out, the MPs are Krauts!

Oh, my God! Get down!

Why are we waiting? Get that tank out of the way.

We are preparing to tow it off now, sir.

Tiger to tanks Leopard and Panther. Blast that tank off the bridge.

It's headquarters, colonel.

General Kohler says we are behind schedule.

He wants to know what's holding us up.

Tell the general the Americans are learning how to retreat.

Tiger to Panther. Get onto the bridge, push that junk right out of the way.

Stay down.

Murphy, call headquarters. Tell them the Our River Bridge hasn't been blown.

The enemy's crossing in great strength. Yes, sir.

Let me have your rifle. What you need is a cannon, sir.

The last time I saw that German, all I had was a camera.

Can't you hurry it up, sergeant? We lost the column.

Do you happen to have a new carburetor in your pocket, lieutenant?

You mean we're stuck here?

Nope. We can still walk.

Let's go.

Hey, maybe we can get a lift, huh? Hold it.

We better find out just who they are first.


Yeah, Krauts. Back.

If you'd just stayed loose, I could've gotten them all.

Americans in headlong retreat. Our forces are advancing on all fronts.

Great numbers of prisoners are being taken.

I got a bad feeling about this.

If you wanted to make a run for it, why didn't you?

I'm in your outfit, lieutenant.

My job is to look out for you, go where you go.

I sure got you into the wrong place this time.

But I'm glad you're with me.

When we get to the POW camp, they'll separate us... being an officer.


I'm gonna miss you, sergeant.


Keep going!

Get going. Come on, step on it.

Is she here? No.

Well, tell her I'm back, huh?

I want you all to fan out. Round up every man that belongs to this outfit.

We will assemble here in 10 minutes. On the double.

Let's go.

What's all this?

What's it look like? My place of business.

What are the chickens for? They lay eggs.

Any idea what fresh eggs brings in these days?

Oh, beautiful, beautiful.

All right, open the door, that's my partner.

Look, run down to the tank park and check us both in.

But... And then report back to me. Go ahead.

The chickens look scrawny. Have you been feeding them regular?

I was worried about you.

Is it true the Germans are coming? Right through here.

We gotta sell everything, fast. Then you'll leave?

Face it, kid, we're out of business. One case of champagne, $360.

Two dozen nylons, $80. Twenty bottles of perfume, $200.

Six hundred and forty dollars. Here's your half.

Three hundred and twenty dollars. All right, what did you make?

One thousand, two hundred and thirty dollars. Here.

What have you been selling? I don't see much stock gone.

Take it. I won't until I know how you made it.

What do you think I am? What do you think I am?

It's money I've saved for us. For us? What are you talking about?

When a woman goes in business with a man, it means forever.

What's forever? The shop is closed. The Germans are coming.

They've been here before.

I've lived through it.

I will live through it again.

I will wait for you.

How can you feel this way about me? I never laid a hand on you.

That's why.

You're in love with me.

Just a second. Hold the phone.

Hold the phone, here.

Shut up.

You know what?

You're right.


You hold all the money. I gotta go back in action.

You don't know what it's like in combat.

You get shot, somebody takes your money.

Before the plasma comes, a guy's got his hand in your pocket.

Guffy. Guffy.

I don't want you to get killed. Who's talking about getting killed?

You take care of the money.

Sarge, the tanks aren't there. They've been pulled back. We gotta catch up.

So long, partner.

Take care of yourself.


Don't you want to kiss me?

Don't forget to feed the chickens, huh?

Keep moving. Let's go, keep moving.

Come on, sarge, we gotta catch up with the tanks. Let's go!

Goodbye, Louise!

Put that in there.

Come on, get to it. Get to it.

Lion Battalion, take up bombardment position.

Panther Battalion, stand by.

Get started. Yes, sir.

Hold it. Where you running? The Germans are coming.

Where's your rifle? Where's your outfit? Captured.

Dead. Gone. They're all gone. Sergeant, stop that man!

He's not doing anything we aren't.

We're staying.

Countermand that order to fall back.

All units are to make a stand where they are and fight.

And that means everybody. Except tanks.

Clerks, cooks, bakers, staff officers.

Anybody who can carry a rifle is to use it.

Kiley. Come on, bring it all in.

It's very difficult for me to say this. I was wrong.

Sergeant, haul them out again. Everybody out.

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Well, it looks like we're staying.

I never have a rifle when I need one. Take mine.

It's on the house. I'll return it later.

Let's go! Let's go. Come on.

We're on the line, sir.

General Grey speaking. Fred.

I'm holding at Ambleve, but I can't last without heavy stuff.

What can you let me have?

155s will do the trick. Where are they? On flatcars.

Are we still holding the rail line?

Good. Now, when can you get them here?

Well, not later, Fred. We're counting on you.

Bring that ammo up!

Stack it up. Position, on the wall.

Get some beef behind it.

Hey, lay those logs in there.

Let's go! Let's move it out.

First Platoon, follow me. Second Platoon, over there.



Go! Go!

Everybody out!

Wait a minute. Where you men going? To the shelter.

No, you're not. Grab your rifles. But we're cooks.

Lunch is over. Get your rifles and follow me.

Stay away from the buildings! Soldier, up front.

I'm in the Air Corps.

You're in the infantry now. Follow me.

We're driving them back. They're running.

This is only the first round.

Why have you stopped?

They have dug in.

It's a very strong defense. Bypass it.

I have considered that. There's nothing to consider.

We must measure what we might gain by what we might lose.

Come on.

You were to have been 10 kilometers west of Ambleve by this hour.

Why are you still here?

My first attack failed. I must take Ambleve.

We are wasting time. Time, Hessler, you don't have much.

Ambleve is an isolated resistance. Go around it.

We have surrounded and bypassed Bastogne. Do the same.

General, it will be dark in one hour.

I want your permission for a night assault with all my armor.

Colonel Hessler... will break off this engagement, proceed with your mission.

That's an order. Yes, sir.

General, before you go, may I show you something?

What is it?

A chocolate cake.


It was taken from a captured American private. It's still fresh.

If you will look at the wrapping, general, you will see it comes from Boston.


General, do you realize what this means?

It means that the Americans have fuel and planes... fly cake across the Atlantic Ocean.

They have no conception of defeat.

We have the opportunity here to break their morale... destroy their will to fight.

That is why you must permit me to reduce Ambleve to ashes.

You have until 0400.

That is all.

We have silenced their guns. Now we will attack.

Your infantry will go in with my tanks.

Yes, sir.

Second Platoon, over there.

Let's go. Move it out.

We'd better get going, sir, before the town is completely surrounded.

Shall I send a runner to Major Wolenski telling him to cover our withdrawal?

No, that's the kind of order I give to a man myself.

Aim at the trench!

Some more. Let's get closer.

Bring up some more plastique!

Major Wolenski!

The general.

Hurry up! Move that ammo up!

Wolenski, we've been ordered out.

I'll need time to save what I can. Your outfit will have to cover the withdrawal.

They're coming down the chimney, sir. Do what you can.

Yes, sir. Come on.

I only loaned you this rifle.

See you later, major. Yes, sir.

Spread out.

Bring up ammo!


Colonel, excuse me.

We are looking for someone who can help.

Be brief.

There are many wounded townspeople in the church cellar.

We need medicine, bandages. Can you spare any?

We have nothing to spare.

If there are captured medical supplies, give them to the nuns.

Yes, sir. Follow me.

He fired with this.

Jean, Jean, Jean!

Don't do anything to him, please.

This is the boy's father.

I beg you. He's just a little boy.

He's my only child.

Don't do anything to him, please.

Release the boy.


Shoot the father.

Papa! Papa! No!


The senior American officer taken prisoner...

...requests permission to speak with you.

What does he want? He'll only discuss it with you.

Rank? Major.

He has two minutes. Yes, sir.


What is this food? It's the best this town has to offer.

I told you, tanks run on petrol and soldiers run on rations.

I must eat as my men do so I know how far they can go. Take it away.

Conrad. Yeah?

My Christmas present, it's for your sons.

Your promotion to first sergeant.

My sons thank you.

Go in.

What is it?

Colonel, stragglers you've captured tell me...

...that helpless American prisoners have been massacred.

Where? Malmedy.

And as senior officer, I can't control my men unless I have your assurance...

...they'll not be murdered. I want your signed order stating that my men...

...will be accorded the protection...

...guaranteed prisoners of war by the Geneva Convention.

Unless I return with that order, colonel, the prisoners will riot.

Undoubtedly, you'll kill us, but so help me...

...we'll take a hell of a lot of you with us.

There will be no signed order. There will be no riot.

You will not be allowed to return to your men to instigate that riot.

You listen to me, colonel.

There are survivors in all massacres.

I warn you, if any of my men are harmed... will be held responsible. There will be no place on earth that you can hide.

And when you're found, I hope I'm the man that ties the rope around your neck.


...I have never liked threats.

I do not kill prisoners.

But I will have no compunction at shooting you myself for your last remark.

Then do it.

You are deliberately trying to provoke me.

Yes, colonel, that's right.

If I walk out of here alive, I know my men will be properly treated.


Return this officer to the prisoners' compound, alive.


Major, I'm relying on you to reassure your men...

...I have no time for troublesome prisoners.

Tiger to Standard O-bay, General Kohler.

Your usual ration, sir.

General Kohler. Hessler.

General, is it true that American prisoners were executed at Malmedy?

There are SS units in the Malmedy sector.

I can't assume responsibility for every soldier on this front.

Do you realize the consequences of this act?

I have lost 17 tanks and a battalion of men leveling Ambleve...

...for the sole purpose of reducing the enemy's will to fight.

This massacre will stiffen resistance to us everywhere.

It will turn a demoralized mob into avenging soldiers.

You are being insolent, colonel.

Concern yourself with your mission.

You are to reach Saint-Michel by 1600 tomorrow.

Be there. Yes, sir.

They've taken a beating, and they look it.

They're not a rabble.

They're retreating like soldiers.

There's still fight in them.

Where are we gonna stop and put up the fight?

At our last line of defense, the River Meuse.

We'll cross it and dig in on the west bank.

At least we'll get the Germans wet.

Still sore I pulled you out of Ambleve?

I was contributing to the war effort there, sir.

Try to keep your feet from freezing while we figure a way to stop them.

They've made mistakes before.

Where have they made one this time?

Well, they got me mad at them.

Shut up. We'll get there.

Come on. Come on.

Keep moving! Keep moving!

What's holding you up? I'm out of gas.

I reported low about an hour ago. Where's the fuel truck?

Get off the road and wait for it. Keep moving.

Pull it over. Move it!

Come on!

Keep moving.

Keep moving. Move it.

Where are you going? Will you wait a minute?

I need gas.

Oh, get down.

Why, you ugly jerk!

Here, use your big mouth on that.

Hey, come on, let's get with it.

What are you laughing at? Come and move this thing.

You're all wet, sarge. Now get it up.

What are you gonna do with this? "What are you gonna do with this?"

Siphon with it, idiot. Put it in.

What are you thinking? Same thing you are.

Those prisoners you brought had rubber hoses on them.

They've been carrying those to siphon gas?

At the Our River, I saw a German fuel truck...

...drop oil drums in the water, they floated.

What the hell are you talking about? Gasoline, sir.

Empty fuel drums and men carrying siphon hoses add up to one thing.

The Germans are low on gas. They have to forage for it.

That's their weakness.

Get this off to headquarters. Sir.

A, what is the fuel consumption of a Tiger tank?

B, the exact distance from the Siegfried Line to the Meuse River.

C, what is the estimate of fuel reserves in the German army?

That's it. Yes, sir, right away.

What are you laughing at, you idiot?

What is the situation in Bastogne?

Our forces have completely encircled the Americans.

Their situation is hopeless. They have no recourse but to surrender.

Hey, look what's coming. Lieutenant!


The German commander wishes to communicate...

...with the American commander of the encircled town of Bastogne.

He's a little busy right now. What's on your mind?

"From the German commanding general to the commander of American troops...

...fighting in Bastogne.

With the changing fortunes of war...

...the U.S.A. Forces in and around Bastogne...

...have become completely surrounded by superior German armored units.

The only possibility to spare the American troops...

...from total annihilation is their honorable surrender...

...which will also prevent the slaughter of helpless civilians."

You have one hour of truce to reply.

Blindfold him.

Take him up to the command post.

Repeat, please.

Is that all?

Sir, I have a message from Bastogne.

What is it?

I don't understand it.

"From the American commander of Bastogne to the German commander.



Hey, over there.

Hey, it's an officer.

Boy, are we glad to see you.

I haven't eaten in 12 hours. We got lost.

Hold it. Wait a minute.

Do you think we should surrender, lieutenant?



Just stay loose, all of you. Stay loose.

Now, give me that light.

All right, spread out. Get some rest.

We'll get started when it's light.

General Grey.

Sir, this just came in.

Move along. Any of you guys been to Ambleve?

Wait a minute. Will you wait a minute?

Any of you guys been to Ambleve? Come on, Guffy, we'll get in trouble.

I gotta know.

I've been to Ambleve.

You know Ambleve inn? Yeah.

Well, it's okay, isn't it?

There's nothing left of it.

Guffy, come on.

When are they gonna let us fight?

Let's go.

It's here, sir, the information you requested from headquarters.

That's it.

They're running out of gas.

Where's the spearhead of the German advance right now?

We place it four miles past Ambleve, moving west.

Where will they be at daybreak?

If they travel all night, they should be nine miles due east of the fuel depot.

We'll be there to meet them.

I'm committing my tanks.

We'll use plan F.

Get me Blue Code 301. 301.

All right, mount up. Crank them up. Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. Crank them up, crank them up.

Look at that fog.

If it stays, we won't find them and we won't fight.

If it lifts, they'll find us.

And that will be the end of our men and our tanks.

And I'm praying that it lifts.

What does that make me, Dan?

A general.

Is that so, general?

It's very interesting.

Thank you, general.

Our column has made the farthest advance.

We have outrun the other panzers. The eyes of Germany are on us.

The Fuhrer himself will decorate me.

We have done it, Conrad. We have done it.

Then I was wrong. We have won the war.


You mean we have lost?


I don't understand. If we have not won and we have not lost...

...then what's happening?

The best thing possible is happening. The war will go on.

For how long? Indefinitely.

On and on and on.

But it must come to an end. You're a fool, Conrad.

Those of us who understood knew, in 1941, we could never win.

You mean, colonel, for three years, we have been fighting...

...without any hope of victory? There are many kinds of victory.

For the German army to survive, for us to remain in uniform...

...that is our victory.

Conrad, the world is not going to get rid of us after all.

But when do we go home?

This is our home.

And my sons? When do I see them? What will become of them?

They will become German soldiers, and you will be proud of them.


You still have any of those delicacies left you offered me at Ambleve?

Yes, sir.

Prepare them for me, will you? I'm in very good appetite.

See anything? Nothing.

It's like they disappeared.

They been spotted yet? No, sir.

They must have changed course during the night.

Call our scouts again.

See anything? Nothing.

Red River Six. Red River Six.

Scouted designated territory.

No sign of German tanks.

Can't see 20 yards. They're nowhere around, or I'd hear something.

Let's be reasonable, colonel.

You expect me to take you up? Nothing's flying in this fog.

That makes it safe. We won't bump into another plane.

How can we see the panzer column when we have zero visibility?

You'll catch pneumonia if you don't stop arguing. Get behind that stick.

Wait a minute.

Where are the flying orders?

I wanna see them.

I wanna know what lunatic issued them.

There are no orders, Joe. I'm the lunatic.

Well, there's no insanity in my family.

If we don't find that panzer column, there will be no tank battle.

We'll have to stop them with infantry.

A lot of guys are gonna die to keep you safe and cozy.

You sure know how to hit below the belt. That's dirty.

We're not in a pillow fight, Joe. Sorry it hurts.

Get in.

All reports negative, sir.

Well, they must be someplace.

The earth couldn't have just swallowed them up.

Send out additional patrols. Yes, sir.

What am I doing up here? It's like flying inside a light bulb.

Just stay on the course I gave you. We'll find them.

How do you know? Hessler's looking for gas.

He's gambling on capturing our supply. Get lower.

We're down to 500 feet. We just have to pick up a landmark.

Hills are all around. We'll pick up a landmark right in the kisser.

Try it a little lower.

I can't see a damn thing. All right, cut your engine.

Glide and listen. We can hear them.

Are you telling me to glide at 200 feet? Cut the talk and the engine.

I'm calling this off. Sure. Now, let's try it again.

Okay, cut your engine.

If we were 100 feet higher, I'd jump and leave you here.


There's the depot.

There's the river.

The column has to be due south.

That's your course.

Get her down, Joe, where we can see.

What's our altitude? Four hundred feet.

All right, cut the engine.

Do you hear that?

Yeah. We're going down for a look.

Hit your engine, let's get out of here.

Red River Six, this is Red River Two. The enemy column sighted.

Present position, map coordinates: 8-7-3, 1-4-4.

Enemy column sighted, sir.

Found them.

Present position, map coordinates: 8-7-3, 1-4-4.

Repeat. Enemy column sighted.

Come in, Red River Two. Come in, Red River Two.

Come in, Red River Two.

Contact broken. Where's that coordinate?

Right here. What's the terrain?

Low rolling hills.

Order our tanks to intercept them at that point.

Yes, sir. Red River Two.

That's Kiley. I know.

There's a plane up there.

He's in trouble.

Medic! Medic!


From Spitzbergen, the weather forecast.

Warm front moving in.

Notify all columns, weather clearing.

Enemy forces are reported crossing the River Meuse.

Send scouts forward. I want their numbers and composition.

Yes, sir.

Conrad. My binoculars.


I was saying I wanted...

What is it, Conrad?

Nothing, sir.

I was saying I wanted my binoculars.

What's wrong?

I would like to be transferred to other duties, sir.

What is the matter with you? Don't ask me, sir. Just transfer me.

For combat duty? Yes, sir.

You want to fight? Very admirable, but why?

Personal reasons, sir.

Personal reasons.

Personal reasons? What the devil are you trying to say?

It's the right of every German soldier to ask permission...

...for a transfer to other duties.

It is the right of every commanding officer to know the reason...

...for the transfer, and I want the truth. The truth... that I'm a fool. I believed in you.

But all you believe in is the war.

You have the war. You like the war.

And all I have are my sons, and I don't want to lose them.

I'm not responsible for your children. You are. You'd make them soldiers.

Yes. They will fight. They will die.

If necessary. Necessary for who? For you?

You are not only a fool, you are a traitor.

And you are a murderer.

You would murder my sons. You would murder my country.

You would murder the whole world to stay in that uniform.

It is only the memory of you as a friend...

...that prevents me from having you court-martialed. Get out.

Our scouts have sighted a brigade of medium tanks.

Light armor at this point? Any artillery? None.

And no infantry. They're committing their reserves.

We destroy them, they have nothing between us and the fuel depot.

Send all infantry to the rear. Yes, sir.

Diepel, assign this man to fuel trucks.

Yes, sir.

Sir, enemy advancing on our position.

Good. They've taken the bait.


...we're going to test that information we got from headquarters.

If it's accurate...

...we'll run them out of gas.

Tiger to all units, close hatches. Forward.

Butcher, swing up and take positions on the ridges.

And watch that damn gully. This is no time to lose a track.

Here they come.

Hold your fire till they're right on us.

Load with hypershot. Make every one count.

Hold your fire. How long?

Until I tell you!

Attack in staggered formation.

First, Lion on the assault. Second, Panther.

Remember, hold your fire till they're within effective range.

How long are we gonna wait? Until we can hit a soft spot.


Hold it. Hold it.

Let them come on in. Let them come in. That's the way.

Now! Let them have it!

Fire one more round, then let's get the hell off this ridge.

There's one coming up over the rise. You see him?

Steady, boy. Ready on.


Tiger to Panther, spread out to left. Lion, spread out to right.

We will try to encircle.

Sherman damaged. We'll finish it off.

Fire! It's a hit.

The next, 11 o'clock, 900.

Get in among them.

Mix with them so they can't fire without hitting each other.

Butcher One, this is Butcher Three. There's a Kraut at 1 o'clock...

...with a pennant on his antenna.

This one belongs to me. He's mine.

There he is.

All right, kick her left, kid. Left. Now, hard right! Hard right!

Stay with them! Range, 9-0-0. Up two.


Good shot! We got him!

Load again. Nothing has happened.

Hey, watch it. They see us. Hey, let's get out of here.

Aim just ahead as he runs.


Butcher One, this is Butcher Three.

Come in, Butcher Three. Report damage. Over.

I've got one dead and two wounded, but we can still fight.

You lost your gun. Pull out. Try to make it back to the assembly area.

We don't need a gun! We can ram them.

Guffy, you're all busted up.

Get out of there and make it back to the assembly area. That's an order. Out.

Get her over the hill.

Driver, halt.

Let's try to pick them off.

Ten o'clock. Sherman, 800. Fire!

Baker Battalion reporting in.

Two tanks destroyed, one damaged, out of action.

Phantom Battalion reports six tanks destroyed, nine out of action.

Butcher Battalion reports 11 tanks destroyed, eight on fire.

Keep burning up their gas.

Commander to base, I am returning to refuel.

We are cutting them to pieces.

And they are emptying our tanks.

They are deliberately sacrificing their armor to bleed us dry.

What is the distance to the fuel depot? Twelve kilometers.

You will continue the battle here.

Let them believe their strategy is succeeding.

I want 15 tanks and all the empty trucks.

I'm going on to the depot. Yes, sir, 15 tanks and fuel trucks.


Hey, come on, soldier. You can make it.

Pull it off the road!

Wait! Come on! Come on!

Pull it off the road! Pull it off!

Get off the tank.

Stay off the tank! You've got plenty of room.

You can carry these guys. This tank ain't going no place.

Get off the tank!

Wherever you're going, you better walk.

What are you waiting here for? For the Germans.

They gotta come by here.

And I still got a machine gun.

There's not much you can do with that.

How much ammo do you have left? Two belts.

That will take care of some of them.

You got a wounded man. You think you ought to get him to the medics?

Oh, he's not too bad. He can still fight.

Get on, fellas.

Pull this tank back. Head it west towards the River Meuse.

I'm warning you, lieutenant, stay off my tank.

Either put up that gun or fire it, sergeant.

It's okay, sarge. It's okay.

General, another panzer column has been spotted four miles...

...from the River Meuse. Where did they come from?

Get me the officer in charge of the fuel depot.

Get Silver Cloud 201. Quickly.

It's not a new column.

It's Hessler.

He slipped away from the battle. The fuel depot, sir.

General Grey speaking. I'm giving you this order personally.

Destroy the fuel depot at once. I repeat.

Destroy the fuel depot at once.

Yes, sir. I'll destroy the depot immediately, sir. Set it on fire.

No, sir, not a drop. I'll make sure of that, sir. They won't get a drop.

All right, let's get these bodies out of here. Let's go. Move!

Elke and Eisner report fuel exhausted, sir.

What's Hessler's present position?

He reports being three kilometers from the American fuel depot.

We must get there.

He will do it. Hessler will do it.

No shooting. I'll do the talking.

Get back to your post.

Hold it up there, sergeant. Stop it.

What can I do for you boys? We just made it. Could you fill her up?

Sure. Give you a hand, soldier. Sure.

Corporal, bring some of those cans over here.

A couple of you boys help out.

Sergeant, we'll have you gassed up and on your way in no time.

Get on your machine gun.

Hey, lieutenant. Yeah?

Weren't you directing traffic at the Our River Bridge?

Does the road to Ambleve still lead to Malmedy?


This fuel dump must be taken intact.

No shooting.

Look. Let's get out of here. Hold it. They'll capture the gas.

We can't just leave it.

What are you waiting for? Let's go. Hold it! They're after the gas.

We ought to blow it up. We can't set a match to all that.

We got no orders, lieutenant. Yeah? Well, I'm giving the orders.

Hey, lieutenant, one of them is still alive.

Hold it! Hold it! He's one of ours.

I got you, colonel. Burn it.

Take it easy. I know what to do. Burn it.

Give him a hand, if you can. Burn it.

Come on, I'm waiting for you! Come on!

Get those barrels off the end of that ramp. Hold your fire, Guffy.

Move your tank behind that pile until I tell you to shove.

You, get me some hand grenades off the tank. Come on.

Come on.

You, get to that gas truck and open all the valves.

Then get the hell away from it.

All right, roll them down.

Get off the road.

Give me a hand grenade.

He's getting away.

Okay, shove.

Don't stop! Keep going! Don't stop!

Get this message to headquarters:

They've abandoned their tanks, and they're walking back to Germany.

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