Battle of the Warriors (2006) Script

Xiao Xiao, stay in here no matter what, don't come out, okay?

I'll be right behind the wall.

In 370bc, the warring states China Zhao nation dispatched 100,000 warriors led by Xiang Yanzhong, to attack Yan nation.

Liang stands right on his path to Yan.

There's no way she can resist Zhao's mighty troops and will be definitely taken as buffer.

Their only chance for survival is to ask for the help of Mozi warriors who are experts in defending but...

As Liang teeters on the edge of peril.

Mozi warriors...

Still didn't arrive.

Father, we must fight.

Zhao's commander Xiang Yanzhong is a brilliant strategist.

His advance troop has already arrived.

We have to take action now before the arrival of their main force we must surrender otherwise, we're all done for.

Fighting with bare hands...

Ends up the same...

My lord.

My lord.

What if the Mozi army.

Were to make it here?

Assemble at the gate, quick.

Get the horses ready.

Move on, quick.

Hurry up.

Come on, hurry up.

Cavalry chief.

Who told you to ride out?

Your majesty's decree.

All cavaliers await at the south gate for general Niu's order.

General, the surrender notes and cavaliers are ready.

Open the gate.

Someone's approaching from the west.

Who are you?

Mozi, Ge Li.

Mozi has finally arrived.

Open the gate.

Take this Zhao soldiers... they're here.

Zhao's hostile force.

They're furious, shall we inform the king?

Who are you?

How dare you trespasses on our camp site.

This is general Niu of Liang I'm here to deliver the surrender note.

Send cavaliers to pass them our surrender decision.



You think surrendering and not fighting can please the Zhao?

And stop the war?

Zhao's army is huge you want us all to get killed?

When they take over Liang, you'll still have to suffer.

Ministers will be killed

soldiers will be captured your families will be ruined

women will be dishonored.


Are you contented with this?

Why don't you give a try?


We may die in the battle but at least you'd tried and if we can make it we'll make it worth.

We can't give up our homeland.

What shall we do then?

Sir, please lead us to defend.

Yes, lead us.

Take action now, Mozi Zhao army is already here.

Can you give me your bow?

Their distance is too far.

Give me.

To fight or surrender?

No one is allowed to intrude into my city.

Protect the general.

General Gao...

General Wei commanded us to retreat?


Thank you.

Good job, they'd retreated.

They are only the vanguard troop.

It's just the beginning.


Your majesty.


A Mozi arrived and drove away the Zhao's vanguard.

Congratulations, my lord Liang is saved.


My lord, please take care.

My lord...

My lord...

Your honor, the king was drunk.

Back off, the prince is coming.

Come on, good boy.

The king is not feeling well your request had to be put back later.

Enemies are right outside, we don't have much time.

By the way which cities have you protected before?

This is my first time.

You are the only one they sent?

How about the Jade pendant?

Did you bring it?

It's still in the Mozi hall.

It was our token for Mozi's help.

How can you forget?

Let me have a look.

General Wei why...

Just a little modification...

And double the shooting range.

Why do you stop my attack?

What for?

We don't need to attack Liang had already sent someone here to surrender.

Then, why are they shooting me?

Give out my order block off all the paths to Liang poison all its water source.

No one is to go near Liang without my order.


That just... gives them time to defend.

Don't worry we'll discuss when the commander arrives.

Sir, prince Liang shi offered...

You to rest here for the night.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Cavalry chief.

Who did the arrangement? He's here to protect us.

It's the prince's order...

The prince? How can he...

My prince was convinced by an outsider and stimulated the Zhao's vanguard.

They will definitely retaliate.

I'm sure your majesty understands.

What is your suggestion?

Your servant believes that...

Don't hesitate? Say it.

Ge Li persuaded the people and offended the Zhao against your decree.

We must arrest Ge Li and hand him over to the Zhao.

That will placate them and show my lord's sincerity.

If Xiang Yanzhong and his troops arrive Liang will be in great danger.

Royal tutor wants me to...

Turn against the Mozi?

My lord this is the only way to save Liang.

What about the Mozi?

They would be furious.

Ge Li didn't bring the pendant you sent his identity is unclear.

My lord.


The prince came to see your majesty with Mozi Ge Li.

Bring Ge Li to the main hall alone.


Long live my lord.

Ge Li.

Yes I've heard that you've never lead troops or protect a city before.

Facing Xiang Yanzhong's force how will you save Liang?

Zhao's target is Yan nation they won't risk their mission on Liang.

The battle with Liang must be fast and clear.

Survival or not depends on how long Liang can hold.

How long will it take to repel the Zhao?

If Liang can hold up to one month, Zhao will retreat.

Ge Li.

You think... how long can Liang hold?

That's up to your trust on me I trust you unquestionably.

Then, I urged you to hand over all command to Ge Li.

The utmost care must be taken orders must be clear & strict efficiency is most important.



It seems that...

Liang is going for a long siege.


But what if... I mean if you were killed?

What else can we do?

How about... not fighting?

Not to fight?


That's all on your will.

My will is strong for that.

Then tie up Ge Li now let prince Liang shi...

Bring him to the Zhao.

That will stop the war.

You can bring along your families go to Zhao nation and plead for forgiveness.

You then hand over Liang to the Zhao.

All men will become slaves.


The people of Liang will suffer no war.

If your majesty prefers this.

Fine, Ge Li will do all he can.


The king sees his people as everything.

My decision is... at all costs Liang shi.


You must obey Ge Li's command.

Apart from the royal guards.

Mozi Ge Li will command all troops to resist Zhao's invasion.

Anyone who disobeys his orders will be...


Our enemy will poison our water source from now on we must not use any water flowing into Liang.

We'll have to dig more Wells in the city.

Collect farmer's harvest select several locations in the city as food storage's.

All food and water will be under distribution.

Direct all water drainage to the farmland and let it swamp.

Swamp the farmland?

We'll starve ourselves of food.

With appropriate allocation our coffers will last us for a year.

Then what?

We'll have kept the city but there'll be nothing left.

If we lose our lives, what good will come of that?

Even if we block off the east enemies will attack us from other directions.

The west and north give us natural barriers.

Enemies will not attack from those directions.

How about the south?

Why don't we spend more effort on it?

Every city must have one weakness this is where our enemies will attack so as to control their attack.

Gather all the strong men we've to build a bulwark at the south in seven days.

Can that be done?

Mrs. Ge Li how can we build a bulwark in such a short time?

It would take at least a year to bring the stones from the mountain.

Knocking down the palace wall?

How can you protect the palace?

Are you revolting?

These stones are for building a bulwark.

The bulwark is our first line of defense.

If we lose the city the palace will be lost too.

Protecting the city means protecting the palace.

Ge Li can a bulwark built in such a short Tim defend Xiang Yanzhong's troop?

To defend Liang in such a way...

This is not only defending it's also a psychological tactic.

The bulwark has to be built precisely matching with the main wall.

The efficiency of the Liang people will definitely threaten our enemies.

Your highness please allow cavalry to help with moving the stones to speed up the process.

Cavalry troops represent the superiority of Liang how can they be used to move stones?

I believe that...

This may prove my lord's love and care for his people.


With their help, seven days will be enough.

Unload and move on quickly.

The sun rises in this direction.

Sunlight will be the strongest after 3 hours.

Move back.

There's drinking water outside the gate.

Go by the side.

Move on quickly.

Record the landscape.


Let's go the stream.


What a disgrace, never-ending warfare.

There's war everywhere I don't want to run anymore.

You want to die here?

That Mozi looks quite capable maybe Liang can hold.

Why don't we just give them the city?

Who cares who we pay tax to?


Quick, unload these alcohols.


Cai Qiu...

Don't go.

Come back.

Just let the baby cry...

Be quiet.

What is it?

Zhao troops arrived.

Don't let the baby cry.

Keep quiet.

Don't let her cry.

Let me hug her. Give her to me.

Don't hurt the child.

Stop the crying.

Let me hug her.

Don't let the baby cry.

Give her to me.

Give her the child.

Stop her crying and keep quiet sister...

My child.

Shut up.

We are all going to die.

Stop crying.

You flee because you don't want to fight we're also tired of killing.

We're heading to Yan nation and just bypassing Liang for supplies.

How come Liang confused our purpose?

Is there someone persuading you?

A Mozi came...

His name is Geli... only one?

4,000 people persuaded by one person to fight against 100,000 soldiers?

We dare not.

Leaders must earn their respect.

Zi Tuan, you'll lead the archers.

Will you take the command?

Why don't you take Ge Li's order?

How dare you.

Your skill and experience is not up to mine how can you be the leader?

You're not qualified and hiding the truth.


Take him.



Not up to the prince's skill will had to be imprisoned I should be taken too.

Leaders must earn their respect.

Zi Tuan is not qualified.

Zi Tuan's archery had amazed me on the day I arrive Liang.

Warfare is a matter of strategies and cooperation no single man can ever hold off an army.


For military tactics we can only judge when the enemy is at our doorstep.

But for archery, let's settle it right now

the top of that pole is the target you each have five shots.

You start first.

Quit now and I can spare your life.

Please start.

Even if you made it, you'll never beat me.

You lose.

Guards, take him.


You're the best Archer best rider, and best fighter all because you're the prince of Liang.

You should widen your scope the world is bigger than you think.

What's going on?

They're beating up those who tried to escape.

I dare not run again.

Please stop, please.

Do you remember the location of Zhao camp?

We don't know.

When we saw the Zhao's sentry we just turn and run.

Sir, Zhao's commander Xiang Yanzhong wants to meet with you at the south gate.

War on a board game?

So we know where we stand.




Just to check you out you certainly are a fine catch.

Small defeat means nothing, it's just a board game.

It isn't worth wasting commander's time on Liang right?

It won't cost much

I'm not done yet.

Neither am I.

See you in the battlefield.


Thank you, my lord

I'd changed my words in surrendering and I'd hand over all commands to Ge Li.

General, I hope you won't take offense...

My lord, I really don't mind.


Your servant is loyal to your majesty I'm always at your command.

I appreciate your generalship and your understanding.

General Niu, you're always my great general.

This battle is critical for Liang.

If we can defend Zhao's first attack Liang will have hope.

Any questions?


We'll get everything ready.

So, dismiss and prepare for the battle.



Mrs. Ge Li...

What is it?

Cavalry troop is not yet assigned with any work.

Cavalry troops belong to the royal guards I've no rights to command.

Don't argue anymore.


People flee from war do you really know what war is?

This is my homeland.

When my father was still alive he was always on the front line I don't want to be despised just because I'm a girl...

There's one very important job...

You're responsible for the square.

Collect them to the city east for distribution.

We don't have much time, the rest come with me.


Wake up, everybody.

By the command of Mrs. Ge Li give us all your excrement now give us all your excrement I can't take this anymore I'm really cracked up.

The Zhaos... when will they attack?

Are they... waiting for us?

That's impossible.

Ge Li is no dummy...

We've to think it through.

We can't wait anymore.

They'll really kill them all.

Don't you know our wives and kids will all be dead?


We're here all because of your wife...

Forget it... it's over already...

It's over.

I killed my own child, he is still in...

It's over already.

Everybody get up and follow me out.

What's going on here?

What is it? Get up! Quick.

Keep quiet.


What's going on here?

You... shut up.

For no matter what reasons your here from now on no one will care.

You'll be sent to the front line of the battle to fight against your enemies.

Defeat your enemies and you'll be freed.

We're innocent why do we have to give our lives?

Who are not victims in a war? Answer me.

Your anger and rages your freedom...

Is in your hands now.

Fight for yourselves and the innocents.

Freedom is more valued only if you defeat your enemies, understand?





Hurry up, pass around the arrows.


The excrement really works it puts out the fire.

Spread more on the other roof tops.

Front attack.

Invade south gate.

Everybody get up and fight.

Pour the sulfur.


Give me the stone.

Pass it along to the wall.


Hurry up.


Come with me

I'm not, not me.

My prince, there are Zhao spies in the town.



You shouldn't be here...

You shouldn't...

Get back inside the gate.


Bulwark had been taken, two units are moving in.

South gate was opened, we are moving in.

You stay behind.


Raise the drawbridge.

Hurry up.

Pull it.

The drawbridge got stuck we can't get out and rescue Ge Li.


Three units are approaching.

Focus the attack in the bulwark.

Cover Ge Li. Go.

Shoot! Just shoot.

Draw back.

Ge Li.

Shoot him - pull.

Close the gate.

Remove the bodies, quick.

Close the gate.

Hurry up.

Close the gate.

Tear down Liang.

Protect commander.

Close the gate.

Stop crying.

Close the gate.


Move back.

What sound is that? Quiet.

Come with me.


Zhao's retreating drum sound.

Zhao is retreating - really?

They're retreating, we've made it.

The Zhao's retreating.

Stay in bed tend to your wounds I'm fine.

Where am I?

Dong's room I'm sorry.

He can finally relieve...

Only that he cannot die in peace...

Brand new.

It's okay, I'm fine with what I have.

It isn't worth much please keep it.

Mozi shouldn't accept gifts or else people will think we are helping others for their return.

Not accepting gifts doesn't mean no one suspect you.


You'd better stay in here there're lots of people outside.

Mrs. Ge Li has recovered.

Commander, we can't postpone attacking Yan.

My suggestion is...

Let's leave 4,000 soldiers guarding Liang they'll surrender when they run out of food and water then...

We can then take revenge for general Gao.

Commander, what do you think?

This battle is no longer a personal affair Liang seems meaningless to us, but...

We under-estimated our enemies, and were defeated.

You think...

We can defeat Yan with our dispirited troops?

Do we have this courage?

I would like to have opinions from other generals.

This dagger has poison someone dropped it into my house.

They're already here...

Even if we don't do it...

They'll do it.

You don't want to kill Ge Li, right?

You must have forgotten your wife and son...


He came here to protect us.

How can we do that?

Protect us?

He is giving up our lives by putting us in the front line?

We're just lucky to be still alive.

Even if we'd killed Ge Li...

Can we save our families?

If we kill Ge Li...

Who's going to save Liang?

I know where he is...

Take it.


Everybody listen no matter what, armor or swords collect all the useful stuffs.

What are you doing?

Why do you want to kill me?

Drop the knife.

Stay away.


Drop the weapon.

Mrs. Ge Li, he's dead

I've one important announcement today.

But before I announce let's give a...

Silent meditation to Pu Le, who died yesterday.

As usual close your eyes until the 10th stroke.


Little girl... don't be afraid

why do you have to come to Liang?

It must be the Zhao assigned her to kill Mrs. Ge Li.

Right, why do you want to kill Mrs. Ge Li.


Bastard, how dare you.

Don't let her go! Kill her.


Back off.

Back off.

Mrs. Ge Li.

Where are you going?

I'd like to make myself clear.

Mozi will not accept any gifts.

Thanks for your gesture.


Why do you follow me?

You nearly got killed! Go back.

Aren't you going to spy on Zhao camp?

I always came here riding with the horses I'm familiar with this area.

Follow me.

Your not going.

This way is the shortcut.

What are they carrying?


They're digging a tunnel...

To Liang?

Why are they dumping it into the stream?

The stream will wash away the soil then, no one will know how far they had dug.

Let's go.

Someone is up there.

There they are.

Get them.

Can you swim?

Go, don't worry about me.

Go, quick.

Stop running.

Surrender or you'll die here.

You'll have to save me.



Your... very brave.

If I didn't jump...

Would you jump?

I would.

But I'll kill you first.

Is that what you Mozi would have done sanely?

You think killing you is rational?

How are you going to kill me?

Push you down the waterfall.

Do you feel better now?

Can you walk by yourself?


There's nothing in the west city and the barn where are they going to attack?

They'll dig a few tunnels, there'll be more than one exit we can't be sure whether we had blocked them all I'm not blocking them off I'm letting them in.


They must be collaborating with the force outside.

I know we're going to defeat our enemies in a dragnet.

After ten days we can dig three tunnels in here, here and here.

Commander, what do you think?

Can you speed up the process?

If our soldiers can enter the city Liang will not be able to defend.

Three days later will be the advent of winter.

Longer night time is an advantage for our attack.


Someone was spying on us a few days ago...

The longer we take our enemies may find out the tunnel exits.

Gather all the slaves

three days later we'll attack from here.

Warriors, get ready.


The exit was blocked, move back.



Drop your weapons and your lives will be spared.

They're here

I'm just a slave I don't want to come.

Stop him let me go.

Kill him.

What are you doing? Please let her down.

Stay back.

Please... please, let her go...

Please... please, let her go...

Please... don't...

He'll really kill my sister.

The Zhao force me I don't want to come.

Please, please...

Please give her back to me.

Please let her down.

Stay back.

No please.

Let her go... Let the child go.

She's innocent I just know how to dig tunnels they force me to come.

Get ready.



Defeating enemies in a dragnet.

Quiet Xiao Xiao, it's okay.

Let go of the child.

I promise no one will hurt you.

Give her to me.

Please... Give me

Xiao Xiao...


Let him go.





Move back.

Move back.

Everybody back.

Everybody move back.

Sir, are you alright?

I'm fine.

All of you assemble at the square.

Hurry up! Go.

Are you okay? Did you get hurt?

Let's go back.

Don't come back.

Go along the stream, you'll not be found.

Why don't you kill me?

Why do you ask such a foolish question?

Why... Should people kill each other?

I must take revenge for you.

It's all my fault I shouldn't make you suffer.

They're inhuman.

Congratulations on your astounding victory.

The king would like to reward you.

Please come with me to the palace.


General Niu...

Can't you see all these dead bodies?

They were our enemies.

Aren't they humans?

When enemies is trying to kill me I'll have to defend or even kill him but killing someone because of hatred...

It's absolutely wrong.

What a pity.

Every man has his weak point.

Mozi philosophy is not for ruling a country.

This Mozi clan will fall...

I'd like to be excused.

You seem very appreciative of Ge Li.

I acknowledge his defending skills.

That's where it should end.

Mozi philosophy is only applicable in times of war.

They're not suitable in times of peace.

You must be clear on this.

Yes, my lord is right.


Watch him closely.

Yes don't let him getting off the track.


General Niu.

Yes you must pay close attention all those revolting thoughts shall never spread in Liang.


Are you okay?

I'm fine.

The weather is getting cold...

I know you don't have any warm clothing...

So I took out my father's coat and see if it fits or not I can adjust it...

Just fit, thanks

I'll return it when I leave.


I'll leave when this battle is over.

The battle should be over soon...

Very soon.

Did you go to the square last night?


You assigned me to keep guard in the north I'd heard the Zhao army was defeated.

Many of them died...

Lots of them.

They're still...

Moving their bodies out for burial.

Defeating enemies in a dragnet... is that right?

I remembered my father told me this when I was a little girl...

When you start questioning what is right or wrong you are uncertain with your faith and beliefs.

Is it only war can make you stay?

I thought...

You are always looking for peace.


What for?

You're always like that...

You're so protective with everything you do.

You always ask whether you're right or not.

Is it really that important?

Even if you know it's right but for some people...

They prefers to be wrong.

I would want to tell you no matter it's right or wrong.

I just want to be with you.

You talk about universal love all the time.

You should know how to love you know.

Ge Li arrives... Liang will survive.

Ge Li stays... Liang will be safe.

Ge Li goes... Liang cannot hold.

How about if Ge Li leaves?

Just those small pieces?

Anyway, melt it quickly.


It is time to retreat.

News from our spy who returned from Zhao nation.


News from Zhao nation.

The king of Qi has ordered an army of 200,000 setting off five days ago to attack Zhao nation Zhao nation is preparing for the war.

Thanks for your majesty's blessing.

If that is the case.

Xiang Yanzhong will be called back Liang will be saved.

However, the news of Zhao's retreat must not spread I plead my lord to withdraw all power from Ge Li immediately otherwise, people will think it is Ge Li who defeated the Zhao troops.

We have to demolish any chance for Ge Li's supporters to rebel.

You think Ge Li will rebel, general?

I don't think so.

Why are you so sure?

Because... Because there is no such need.

Ge Li's popularity is now higher than the king he doesn't need to do a thing.


Someone defending Liang under false pretenses and initiates rebellion by imposing personal adoration.

Doesn't it sound the same as rebel?

General, what do you think?

I agree with royal tutor but lack of evidence.

General Niu.

Yes if you restores your military power would you be able to put down the riot?

And arrest all the rebels?

They're back.

How's it?


Liang must think that we had retreated.

We're just left with 1,000 soldiers.

Commander shall we call back part of our army for the attack?

Victory will come when there's no way to retreat.

This battle has to be fast and clear.

We'll end this up with Ge Li.

New boots?

No problem, Mr. Ge Li it will be ready when you come back.

I disagreed on the massacre last night, but...

You can't stop them...

I always think that killing enemies is a kind of glory...

Where will you go after the battle ends?

Wherever needs me, I'll be there.

What if Zhao is being invaded and ask for your help will you go?

Of course I would.

You've wiped out their army then turn around and save their lives?

Those you'd defeated before...

Will they accept your help?

Frankly speaking I'm never sure whether those people I had helped really appreciate what I've done for them...

Then, Mozi's universal love is just blind talking?

Nothing is perfect.

I just want no regrets in my life.

Blacksmith is the pot ready?


Mr. Ge Li is a true hero.

He's humble and skilled.

Just the opposite to our royals.

If our king got a bit of his talent Liang will be unbeatable.

Mr. Ge Li.

Mr. Ge Li we are all set.

Let's go.

Is this really going to work?

That's psychological tactic.

Can you really cook Zhao food?

I can guarantee that the Zhaos will be miss home- here is the firewood.

Put it here.

Thank you.

Pass me the seasoning.

Mr. Ge Li...

How is it?

There's no one is the Zhao camp.

They retreated?

Yes. It's abandoned. Nothing's there.

You guys first go back. I'll go and check it out.

Come on.

Let's have some meat.

Is that Zhao's food? What a great smell.

Open the gate.

Ge Li is back.

By order of the royal court.

Ge Li is defending Liang under false pretenses and initiates rebellion by imposing personal adoration.

Be arrested, otherwise you will be killed.


Ge Li!

I'd always suspected your motives.

How dare you seize my land I'm going to kill you today.

Take me hostage.

My prince... Thank you.

Draw back.

Move back.

Open the gate.

Ge Li, let go my prince the king will pardon you.

Prepare Ge Li's arrows.

Yes sir.

Thank you.

Mr. Ge Li.


May I follow by your side?

You should go back.

Staying in Liang is much more important.

Don't you wish to see more people passing on Mozi's thought of peace?

Remember those who know how to defend a city cannot bring peace to the world.

Peace lies on the kings of all nations.


Ge Li, release the prince.

Ge Li had released me I'm coming back.



Thank you.

Let's go.

We're not going back.

Where're you guys going?

Let's go home.

We've got no home.

The prince is coming back.

Get ready.


Aren't they... Retreated already? Why...

What sound is that?

Shoot as far as you can.





Mr. Ge Li.

Don't come back, go.


Search for the bodies.

Come with me.

My lordship Liang shi has fallen.

Your servant has killed the prince by accident I'll never be forgiven.

However, Liang is still under the threat of riot I plead with you my lord to let me accomplish my mission in a hundred days I swear I can eliminate all Ge Li's league.

I will take my punishment after that.

Please, my lord Liang shi... Is my only son

he was the future of Liang.

You ruined the future of Liang.

Pardoning you?

That's ridiculous.

But taking into account of your loyalty and all you've done in defending Liang


Protection of Liang cannot lie on outsiders

I'm in a hard position

I'll accept your plea. Hundred days later your accusation will be denounced.

Thank you, my lord.

Why are you taking me? What have I done?

General, what's happening here?

The king's decree capture all the rebels.

Rinse again with water.

What have you asked me for, sir?

The king ordered you to kill Ge Li.

Why didn't you shoot him last night?

Ge Li has done nothing wrong.

He saved all the Liang people.

You disobeyed the king's command.

You will be punished.

What do you guys want?

Let go of me.



Sometimes, I really don't know...

What is cause and effect.

There's no cause and effect.

You saved them, and they turn against you.

Mozi... Doesn't ask for returns.

Are all Mozi's like that?

How come you came here alone?

Mozi... Didn't send anyone to Liang.

You came here on your own will?

How many cities can you protect?

There are never ending wars and battles peace will only come when the seven nations are united I believe universal love is the only path towards peace

Mozi's "universal love" is loving everyone that means you don't know whom you should love.

Where are you going?

To Liang and let someone I love know that I am safe.

It's all underground stream here and you're injured.

It's too dangerous, I'll go for you.

Your majesty these people were in league with Ge Li.

They are traitors.

My lord... I have nothing to do with Ge Li.

I know nothing about his rebellion...

Immoral, selfish.

When everyone praise Ge Li respect him and listen to him.

Will you say such things?

I'm just a farmer, I just want to live my life I don't care who's a hero I just miss my family, my child my home... my lord...

Your city is in great danger and you are just self-seeking.

Don't you know how many unfortunate lives we had lost to save our city?

Without Ge Li we never would have been saved.



Slap her.


You are the descendants of my loyal servant and you grew up with my beloved son I'll have mercy on you, I'm granting you death you'll have a royal funeral you'll be honored as Calvary Princess and buried with my beloved son...

It's all rubbish.

You just want me to be a burial item in your son's tomb.

You want all of us to die under you verdict

so as to prove and show your power.

But if it wasn't Ge Li and those who died in the war.

Would you still be able to abuse your people?

Shut up.

This girl no longer belongs to the royal families.

She was in league with Ge Li.

She will be executed in the public...

Ripped to shreds by five horses.


Execute them all.



My lord! My lord.

Report to the king, Yi Yue was muted.


Warriors behind this slope, there is a city in that city, there're 4,000 people but under the ground outside this city there're 5,000 warriors friends and brothers who came with us we can't just leave them there they were killed even after throwing down their weapons their bodies were even tossed from the wall...

We'll fight for our fallen brothers to our last soldier.


What's that?

Anything you want to say?

What did you see?

There's nothing.

Look! Over there

Zhao is attacking again.

Shoot them.

The Zhao's here...

Protect the king.

Hurry up, protect the king.

My lord, this way.

Get more soldiers up here.

Wait! How about us?

All soldiers report to you captain.

Bring her back to the prison.

Come with me.

No! Stop.


Stop shooting.

Go, quick.


General... General, let's go.


This is betrayal.

If you won't leave, neither will we.

General whatever we do... We're all rebels.

All your men have been... Dispersed already or you would like...

To see us all get our wrists broken?

Fight for our homeland.

Bring more arrows here.

Kill all those who tried to run and all those evade.

What's going on, sister?

Come, quick

Xiao Xiao, stay in here no matter what, don't come out, okay?

Alright I'll be right behind the wall.


Get the horses out, quick.

Hurry up.

Kill all those who run.



The archers had taken down the north gate around 800 of them had escaped.

Abandon the north gate get all soldiers to the bulwark await for my command.


General it's over we should... Surrender.

We can't surrender... General, Ge Li said if we surrender, we will end up even worst.

General, Ge Li said that...

Stop talking about Ge Li, there're only us now.


Any arrows left?


We can't rely on others.

We have to hang on even if we have only one soldier left.

General... The enemies are here. Leave now.

Everybody, run now.

Let's go.

General... Run...

This person is the great general Niu.

Commander defending the city is Ge Li's intention.

Commander we're suppose to hand him over to you...

But he had escaped.

Ge Li...

Ge Li...

By tomorrow's noon time if you don't come back...

We'll burn down the city and its entire people.

Please lead us to fight back I am willing to give up my life.

So do we.

If we go back, more people will die.

Why can't we end this war...

In a rational way?

You really want to go back?

Is it worth it?

If this can really stop the war

and save more lives why not?

Is it worth it?

Bring all the men out, leave the women here.

Go, quick.

Keep moving, hurry up.

Commander, I think Ge Li will not come.

We'd taken Liang already, why don't we go back?

We can reach our main force and return home and protect our homeland.

Isn't that just another battle field?

There's only victory & defeat we have taken Liang but it's not a victory.

Ge Li had lost.

His theory is impractical, idealism leads to jealousy.

He can't even gain the trust of those he helped.

He was totally beaten.

There is no winner in this battle I know Ge Li had lost but...

I had to defeat him myself.

Someone is coming.

Mr. Ge Li...?

Close the gate.

Commander on the battlefield we had a fair fight and no regrets.

You've taken Liang already why do you have to kill all its people?


You think war is a game?

They fought for you you failed and with no responsibility you left.

It's you...

You bring them to the battlefield.


It's totally between you and me.

Will commander end all this with me alone on the gate tower?

No matter who wins

please spare these people's life.

It is all between me and Ge Li.

Only one of us can walk out from the gate tower.

No matter who he is everything will end.

What are you waiting for?

Let's start.

Forget it.

As you had said no matter who get out of here this whole thing will be over.

Go now, Ge Li is willing to stay here.

Good strategy.

I promised to retreat just because I want to defeat you but now, you give up I am leading 100,000 soldiers but before attacking Yan, I'd already lost 5,000 men and after all, I didn't get Liang but at least... Now... I can kill you and take revenge for my men.

Don't use the dead ones as an excuse to cover up your savageness.


Will only cause more death.

Both the dead and the living ones have to suffer...


In battlefields survivors are the winners.

Survivors are winners?

Though you survive

can your 5,000 soldiers come back?


end this war now or else...

The rest of your men will also lose their lives.

My auxiliary troop has arrived.

General Wei, we're besieged.



Everybody fight and drive the Zhaos out.

That way.

Ask yourself.

Is it for the soldiers or for your own savageness?

Please leave don't let any more people lose their lives...

Go now.

I was defeated I'm staying here.

Please go.


Survivors are the winners.

Commander is victory more important than your life?

My life must be meaningful.

Please go and tell my people to leave I can't help you.

You bring them here you should save them.

There is someone I have to save.

Yi Yue...

Yi Yue...


Don't run.


Yi Yue...

Can you hear me? Are you there?

Yi Yue! Where are you?

Yi Yue...

Commander, we must leave now.

You all leave now. General Wei will lead you home.

Commander... This is my command I want you all to leave.

Back to you homeland.



Aim at their feet.



General Wei, the commander ordered you to lead our retreat.


Leave now I'll stay with the commander.

The commander ordered you to lead our retreat.

We came together, we'll leave together.

Right! We came together and leave together.

Yes, we'll leave together I'm not leaving.

Go now.

Take the general.

Let me down I'm not leaving.

Let me down, that's my order...

Let me down.

I order you to let me down...




Get ready.


Long live my lord.

Long live my lord.

Where's general?

Xiao Xiao, stay in here no matter what, don't come out, okay?

I'll be right behind the wall