Battle Royale (2000) Script

At the time of release this film was certified 15 by the Board of Classification due to "scenes of severe violence, "making it unsuitable for those

"ofjunior high school age and under", so under 15s were not allowed to see it.

For home viewing, we advise discretion of parents or a guardian as to those in your household who can view this film.


At the dawn of the millennium, the nation collapsed.

At 15% unemployment, 10 million were out ofwork.

800,000 students boycotted school and juvenile crime rates soared.

Adults had lost all confidence, and now fearing the youth they eventually passed the Millennium Educational Reform Act.

AKA: the BR Act.

This year Zentsuji Middle School's Class E was chosen from among 43,000 9th grade classes.

This year's game was even more blistering than the last.

Look, there she is!

The winner is a girl!

Surviving a battle that raged for 2 days, 7 hours and 43 minutes, the winner is a girl!

Look, she's smiling! Smiling!

That's clearly a smile!

Certificate 15: Under 15s will not be admitted


My mum left when I was in 4th grade, and on my first day of 7th grade, Dad hung himself.

"Go Shuya! You can do it, Shuya!"

Everything went totally crazy.

I didn't have a clue what to do and no one else helped me.

Good morning. What?

Sorry, l'm late... What's going on?


Soon after, this particular teacher left the school.

But no matter how crazy the world became, we all managed to have fun.

Before we knew it, our compulsory education was coming to an end.

Teacher! Sorry!

Let's go. No...

Come on, let's go.

Sorry, let us through.

Nanahara, l've made some cookies. l thought l could share them out.

Would you like some, Nobu? Really? Thanks!

Look over here. OK.

Say "cheese"!

Noriko's been waiting ages to give them to you.

Megumi! Shuya, you have some too. l'm fine. You eat them, Nobu.

Nakagawa, you know what...? l'm glad l came.

Thanks. Don't mention it, Nobu.

The picture is ready! l'm hardly in it!

Hey, Nakagawa!

Nobu. Huh? What...?

After you.

Kitano! Kitano?

Can't be...!

OK, sit down. Sit down!

lt's been a while. lt's me, Kitano, your teacher from back in 7th Grade. l'm taking Class B over again. Let's all be friends.

Two transfer students are joining us from today. That's Kawada over there.

And Kiriyama over there.

Be nice to them.

THE BR ACT Hey, don't mess about. What is this place?

Where the hell are we?

Who are these people?

Do you know about this law?

No good. Not good at all.

This country is now good for nothing. Want to know why? l said no whispering!

That hurt!

When someone's talking, shut up and listen.

Can l go to the bathroom?

Chigusa, can you wait a little? l missed you guys.


You really hurt my ass. l told you not to bother with school, didn't l? That you were a lost cause.

But then you really did just stop going to school!

That's no good.

And now you come back just for the class trip!

Listen up!

Because of folks like Kuninobu here, this country is now a total wreck.

So the bigwigs got together and passed this law:

Battle Royale.

So today's lesson is you kill each other off...

...till there's only one of you left. Nothing is against the rules.

What's so funny?


What are you talking about? This can't possibly...

Your teacher, Mr Hayashida, was very opposed to the selection of Class B.

Calm down.

We have here a failure as an adult.

Be careful that you don't become an adult like him.

Time to watch the video. Don't fall asleep now.

The Correct Way to Fight in Battle Royale By the BR Law Promotion Committee Hello to everyone in Shiroiwa Junior High School, 9th Grade Class B.

Everyone, say hello!

You are the lucky class chosen for this year's Battle Royale!

Congratulations! Thank you!

Now l'm going to explain the rules.

Listen carefully, then fight correctly and with energy.

You have all been brought to this uninhabited island. lt's about 10km in diameter, but we evacuated everyone, so it's deserted.

Fujiyoshi, l said no whispering!

All right, move, move.

Sorry, it's against the rules for me to kill, isn't it?

Girl #18 Fujiyoshi - dead 41 to go


Asshole! Nobu!



Right! Back to the video!

This island has been divided into all these little areas.

Your teacher will make announcements at 12:00 and 6:00 am and pm.

Four times a day!

These will tell you which areas are going to be dangerous and from what time. lf you are in one of the areas, move!

You want to know why?

That's where these necklaces we have you wearing come into it!

They are completely water and shock proof...

And there's no way to get them off.

This sensor monitors your pulse, telling us exactly where you are and what you're doing. lf you're still in a danger area when the time runs out or are doing something naughty, we will send our own signal to you!

The necklace will sound an alarm and then... boom! lt will explode!

Trying to force it offwill also make it explode. Don't even try it, OK?

You assholes!

Shut up! We can't hear the video.

Cut it out, Nobu!

Cut it out! Quiet!

There's no helping you, is there...?

Better run, guys. What is this?!

Help me!

Shuya! Nobu!


Hey, Shuya, do you have a crush on anyone right now?

Boy #7 Kuninobu - dead 40 to go

What a shame. l liked the kid, in my own way.

What's that look for, Nanahara?

Ah, something else l need to tell you.

This game has a time limit. Three days. lf a single survivor isn't determined in that time all the necklaces will automatically explode!

No one will win!

So you may as well fight as hard as you can and make sure that doesn't happen, OK?

OK, any questions so far?


Yes, Motobuchi. lf l survive can l go home?

Sure, but only if everyone else is dead.

Yes. Yeah, Mimura.

How were we chosen?

By random selection.

One more? Sure.

Why are you doing this? lt's your own damned fault.

You don't respect adults, do you?

That's fine, if you like. But don't forget.

Life is a game.

So fight for survival... and find out if you're worth it.

Now you're going to leave the classroom one by one.

But before that you'll be given a bag. lnside is food and water.

A map, compass, flashlight and weapon. Check it for yourself later.

This one is for the girls - you can take your personal stuffwith you, too!

Each bag contains a different weapon. Not everyone will get a gun or knife! lt's random, with some good and some not so good at all!

This will give everyone a fighting chance.

Wow! Someone got lucky with this one!

We've notified your parents. Just go for it!

OK, you'll be leaving by class number.

When l call your name, l want to hear a nice big "here"!

Boy #1 Akamatsu.


The Game Begins Day One - 1 :40am Girl #1 lnada. Here.

We'll always be friends. l know.

Boy #2 lijima.

Girl #2 Utsumi.

Boy #3 Oki.

Girl #3 Eto. l'm going, Noriko. Megumi...

Boy #4 Oda.

Girl #4 Ogawa.

Boy #5 Kawada.


Girl #5 Kanai.

Boy #6 Kiriyama.

On the double!

That's my bag.

What the...?

You probably guessed, but our new transfers are a little dangerous.

Girl #14 Tendo.

Boy #15 Nanahara.


l'll wait for you...


What happened...?

What am l going to do...? What is this...?


Don't, Nakagawa!

Shit, what am l doing?

What are you doing...?

ls this yours?

No way...!

Boy #1 Akamatsu, Girl #14 Tendo - dead

38 to go

ls your arm OK? l just had to get out of there.

Show it to me.

lt's just a scratch. l'll wash off the blood.

What's this? l can't fight with a pot lid!

This is mine...

Those bastards... Goddamn it!

Maybe Mimura and Sugimura and us could all escape. l don't think so. Why not?

You won't like me for saying this but l don't trust any of them either.

Noriko, Noriko! Shorty, ugly, die!

"Noriko, shorty, ugly, die!"

What about me? What?

Are you scared of me too?

You're the only one l trust, Shuya. Oh, l'm sorry.

Why? l called you Shuya, just like Nobu...


Hey, Shuya?

Do you have a crush on anyone at the moment?

Why? Do you?

Maybe l kind of like someone...


Noriko Nakagawa.

From our class? Yeah.

Yeah, she's nice.

You agree?

She's really sweet.

She wrote to me saying, "Come back to school.

"Let's all go on the school trip together."

Even if she didn't really mean it... lt's nice to have someone waiting for you.

We were roommates in the foster home after Dad died.

When l was depressed after l quit baseball he taught me the guitar.

l had to invite him...

No, he was happy he came back.

Really happy...

But l couldn't help Nobu either.

He needed my help but l couldn't do a thing.

l can't give this up. l'll take revenge for him. l'll protect you right to the end, just like he would have done.

Thank you... Nanahara.

You never got to taste those cookies, did you?

Numai's gang took Kiriyama.

They're not wasting any time.

What's this?

You got a good one!

Some transfer student! Are you in this together with Kitano?

Going to make us kill each other. None of us is killing anyone.

You might as well come clean now.

Are you listening?


Why? Stop...

Boys #9 Kuronaga, #10 Sasagawa, #14 Tsukioka, #1 7 Numai, Girl #5 Kanai - dead 33 to go

l'm sorry, Sakura. l'm not much help, am l?

No, l'm grateful you came with me.

What will happen to us? l know one thing. What? l'll never play this game.

Maybe someone will save us!


Let's go.

Here goes...

Boy #21 Yamamoto, Girl #4 Ogawa - dead

31 to go


Who's there?

Oh, it's you, Megumi.

Who is it?


Were you going to kill me with that stun gun?

What...? Oh, l'm sorry. l was never friendly with your group, but you're OK.

So l can come in? Sure, come in.

Pictures of Mimura.

Oh, no...! ls this your weapon?

Not much use, huh?

Not necessarily.

One zap at someone with a bad heart and they'll pretty much be a goner.

Have you used one before?

Of course not, sorry!


Mitsuko! Don't!

This is my weapon. l thought it was so-so.

But actually it's not so bad. l found Yoshimi and Kuramoto dead next door.

Strung up all cosy together.

Not my scene! l'll never die like that!

Girls #3 Megumi, #21 Yoshimi, Boy #8 Kuramoto - dead

28 to go

First Report 6:00am lt's now 6:00am. Time for sleepyheads to wake up!

Here's the list of your dead friends in the order they died.

Girl #14 Tendo.

Boys #1 Akamatsu, #9 Kuronaga, #10 Sasagawa, #14 Tsukioka, #17 Numai.

Girl #5 Kanai.

Boy #21 Yamamoto. Girl #4 Ogawa.

Boy #8 Kuramoto.

Girls #21 Yoshimi, #3 Megumi.


No... why?

Now, the danger zones.

I'll read off zones and times, so check your maps.

Listen up! Starting at 7:00, B-5. That's B-5.

Next, at 9:00, E-8.

Then at 1 1 :00, F-2. Got that?

lt's tough when friends die on you, but hang in there! We'll talk again soon!

Nakagawa. Megumi...

This is going to be a danger zone.

We've got to head south, quick.

Oki? l'll get you! l'll get you!


Are you OK? l'm sorry. l'm fine, l'm fine...


Did l kill him? Tell me the truth. You were watching.

Did l? lt was an accident.

X = -b over 2a... No, b squared minus 4ac.

Everybody's serious, huh? Fine. l'll survive and get into a good school.

Stop it!

Don't try and stop me!

What weapons have you got?

A pot lid. And binoculars.

Everybody! Stop fighting!

Please hear us out!

This is Kusaka, with Yukiko, on the cliffs of the north mountain.

Everybody come here. We'll figure this out together.

We don't want to fight. Right, Yukiko?

This is Yukiko! Please join us.

Let's think this through together.

That's the right tactic.

Where are you going? To go and get them.

You don't even have a weapon!

Not everyone wants to play nice out there!

lf they're in danger then all the more reason to go!


Stop shooting! ldiots! Run!

That's... Nanahara? That was his voice, right?

Nanahara! Over here, come here!

Yukiko's always had a crush on...

You idiot...


Kusaka! Yukiko!

Tell me it's not true! Answer me! Kusaka!

He'll come here next. Let's move.

Go wherever you like... You're a murderer yourself!

Nanahara... They were my friends!

This is crazy! How can you all kill each other so easily?

There's a way out of this game.

Commit suicide, both of you. Here, now. lf you can't do that then stop trusting anyone and just run.

Boys #3 Oki, #20 Motobuchi, Girl #6 Yukiko, #7 Kusaka - dead

24 to go

Second Report - 12:00pm

lt's noon. Are you all getting hungry?

Take a little lunch break from killing.

Now for the list of those who went down this morning.

Boy #3 Oki.

Boy #20 Motobuchi.

Girls #6 Yukiko, #7 Kusaka.

Four in total.

Calling for peace was a good idea. But you can't have them all.

Now for the danger zones and hours.

An hourfrom now at 13:00, l-4.

Then from 1 5:00, E-9.

From 17:00, F-1 ...



Oh, great. l finally found you.

ls this your weapon, Mitsuko?

Yeah. Kind of lame, huh?

Yoshimi's dead, isn't she?

With Kuramoto. So you saw.

Well, l saw Megumi's throat slit.

With a sickle or something.

Mitsuko! Have you got Megumi's weapon?

Of course not.

But it looked like someone was there all night. l found a tampon in the toilet. l checked Megumi. She wasn't having hers.

But you started yesterday, right?

That doesn't prove anything! Cut the crap, murderer!

Fucking all the boys but you still had to steal mine!

You made Yoshimi date all those old pervs for cash, too, didn't you!

You probably hung them yourself! That's horrible...!

You've always pissed me off! l'll kill you!

Come on, what is this?

Stop joking, forgive me...

Stop faking it! l've had it! Why does everybody gang up on me?

What did l do?

Think about what you did! Think you can get away with it?

Cry, damn you! Beg for forgiveness from Megumi and Yoshimi!

This was Megumi's.

But this is what l was after.

You bitch! Murderer!

Why not kill? Everyone has their issues.

Girl #10 Hirono - dead 23 to go

Nakagawa, are you OK? l'm OK, just a little tired.

You're dripping with sweat. You've got a terrible fever.

Yukiko had a crush on you, right?

This is hardly the time...

Sorry, l'm just a bit jealous. That's all.

There's a clinic outside the village. Can you get up?

Hey, Nakagawa! Come on, now...


Pot Lid and Binoculars, what do you two want?

Nice. The drugs have expired but they're still working.

Can l ask?

What? Why are you helping us?

My dad's a doctor, believe it or not.

Ready, lift!

What are you doing, Mimura? Sugimura!

Great, it still works. How did you find us?

This is my weapon. A tracking device?

Great weapon.

Have you seen Chigusa or Kotohiki?

No, l haven't.

Right... then l'm off. Already?

Sugimura, there may be a way out.

Won't you help us?

Sorry, but l've got to find them. lf you find Nanahara, tell him where we are.

OK. l'm off.

Always was a loner.

He said Chigusa and Kotohiki, right? Why both them? l thought he was into Chigusa.

Shit, so that's their trick!

What is it?

They're listening.

A mic' in the necklace.

Now to business.

Find the following:

1 . Fertilizer

2. Pesticide

3. Charcoal

4. Sulphur

5. Kerosene Hey, what is this? Just go!

Chigusa, how far are you planning to run?

Ahead of you, forever. l'll watch your back forever.



Hey, Chigusa.

What are you doing?

Training, at a time like this?

Hey, wait.

They all gossiped about us. You made it all up.

But you liked it.

Come on, Chigusa, wait. Stay with me.

Don't touch me! You're disgusting!

Run and l'll shoot.

What was that? Pathetic! l'm in love with you, for real, from before...

Wow, great! Wash your face and try again, if you survive.

Wait! You're a virgin, right?

No way.

Did l just hear this idiot right?

Sugimura isn't man enough to actually sleep with a woman, after all!

Keep Hiroki out of this.

We're going to die anyway.

Don't you want to do it once, before you die? l think you should be worried about your life instead of that flaccid thing in your pants. l'm taking this game very seriously. l'm playing it for real.

So am l.

Put that down right now and let me go.

Or l'll assume you want to kill me and l'll fight back with all l've got.

You've been warned.

Cut the crap! l've already killed. l could just force myself on you!

Try it then!

Are you OK?

You've injured my face. lt's your fault. You made me mad.

Always blaming someone else! That's why l hate your guts!

Come at me.

Every inch of me will resist you!

Boy #16 Niida - dead 22 to go


Chigusa... don't die. Hang on.

God, if this is a bad joke, please stop messing with me. lt's really me, Chigusa.


Who got you?

Mitsuko. Watch out for her. l'm sorry. For what?

Last night, l waited for you outside the school.

But you ran out of there at top speed, didn't you? l called, but couldn't catch up. l didn't know... Help me sit up.

Hiroki... Are you in love with anyone?


Not me, right?


Then stay with me like this. lt won't be long.

God, can l say one more thing?

You look really cool, Hiroki...

You, too. You're the coolest girl in the world.

Thank you...


Girl #13 Chigusa - dead 21 to go

lt's 6 o'clock. Here's the list of goners.

Girl #10 Hirono.

Boy #16 Niida.

Girl #13 Chigusa. Three in total.

You're slacking. l'm disappointed in you. l'm adding more danger zones.

There'll be a new one every hour from now on, so pay close attention!

From 19:00, D-1 , from 20:00, C-4. l-3 from 21 :00.

This is good. Sure is. My dad's a chef.


Thank you for everything.

Have a drink?


l wasn't going to say anything...

But l guess l want you to know.

She's pretty...

Are you the same age? Same class.

9th Grade Class C, Kobe Junior High.

We were in this game three years ago.

So you're...? A survivor...

...of this fucking game. l was desperate to protect Keiko. l turned a gun on my best friend so the two of us could survive.

But as the time limit approached something changed.

Keiko! Keiko!

Really trusting someone... is a hard thing to do.

But l've never understood...

...the meaning in the smile she left behind.

Thank you...

l'll have that drink.

But why play all over again?

They kept me back in school and then dragged me here... shake things up during the game.

But when l woke up here, l vowed that l wasn't going to die on this island. lnstead, l'm going to figure out what Keiko's last smile meant.

l don't...

What? l don't know exactly how Keiko felt.

But she must have...

Er... My name? Kawada. l think she really loved you, Kawada.

Or she couldn't have smiled as she did in that photo.

You think...? l'm sure if l were Keiko, l'd want to trust and thank you for giving me a reason to smile like that. l think l'd have said thank you, too...

l do know a way off this island. What? But how? l can only tell you when the time comes.

Until then, take this as my word.

Use it to protect yourself and...

Noriko Nakagawa.

Shuya Nanahara.

The candles!

Get down! lt's that same noise. Who is that?

Probably the one guy who signed up willingly for this shit.

We had one of those, too.

Give me your map. lfwe get separated, let's meet at the Takano Shrine.

Don't forget! Stay down!

Why? What did l ever do to you?

Yes, l made it! What a sweet bulletproof vest!

Boy #4 Oda - dead 20 to go


You OK? Fine. She's all right, too.

Take care of her!

Don't be crazy!


Run, Nanahara!

There's your order.

Fertilizer... pesticide... and kerosene.

Sulphur and charcoal... l even found a truck to carry it all in.

What are you going to do with all this crap?

"The Ticking Clock?" What is this?

My uncle's postcards.

My uncle is an old-time fighter.

He taught me stuff they never teach you in school.

He's still off fighting in some corner of the world.

"l hope you smile like this, too."

You're kidding, this is why...


This is the trigger from a bomb.

He was going to use it to blow up Parliament. lt's time we started our own struggle, but there's not much time.

Are you in?

Or would you rather we just kill each other?

Can we really all go home together?

Yeah. We'll destroy this stupid system.

Then we'll all escape together.

Day Two 12:30pm

Are you awake? Where am l?

The lighthouse. Utsumi, why are you...?

You really gave me a surprise.

This morning, when l was on lookout, Sugimura carried you in, soaked.

Where's Sugimura? He said he had to see someone. l see... What time is it?

Noon. He just finished the noon report.

And Kawada and Nakagawa?

They weren't on the lists.

Who died? l've missed three reports.

Five altogether. Oda was on last night's list.

On this morning's update, Kaori and Mizuho.

We'll always be friends. l know.

Girls #1 Mizuho, #12 Kaori - dead

And on the noon update, Takiguchi and Hatagami.

Boys #13 Takiguchi, #18 Hatagami - dead

16 to go And a message from Sugimura.

Mimura and the guys are in the west.

They're waiting to see you.

Mimura...? Yeah.

Here's your map. l marked it for you.

You're safe here. Everyone here is my friend.

There's Haruka, Satomi, Yuka, Chisato and Yuko.


About that thing with Oki... Yuko saw it happen.

Yeah, we fell down a hill together.

An accident? Of course it was! l'm sorry... Let's all go and join Kawada.

He knows a way out. Can we trust him?

He's survived one of these games before.

But you can't even walk yet. l'm fine... Right now, just rest.

Haruka and Chisato are fixing lunch.

You did this for me?

Yeah. lt was my first time touching a man's body.

Do you like Noriko?

Why...? l know all about you...

Do you know what that means?


Forget it... l have to lock you in, OK?

Some of them didn't want to let a guy inside.

Lunch in a minute!

Hey, guys! Nanahara's awake.

Really? Can he talk?

Yeah. He seems hungry, too.

Don't worry, Yuko. l locked his door.

No, l'm sorry. l'm not worried any more.

What happened with Oki was an accident.

Of course. Shuya would never kill anyone.

The spaghetti is almost done.

Haruka, bring Yuka in from watch.

We need to discuss something.

Roger that.

We're all...

...going to die tomorrow, aren't we?

Don't start with that.

We can't just give up. l think... we'd better feed Nanahara first, don't you?

Right. l'll serve him.

Thanks, Yuko.


There are still some painkillers. l'll get some for Nanahara. ln the cupboard. l'll get them.

Yukie! l hear Nanahara's awake! That's so great! You lucky thing!

Don't pretend, l know you're happy. Smells great... Great job, Chisato.

Let me have a taste.

Super! Marry me, Chisato!

Cut it out, Yuka! Let's have some quiet.

What did you want to discuss, Yukie?

Nanahara says Kawada knows a way off the island.

The transfer kid? Can we trust him? l hope so. Once Nanahara can walk, let's join Kawada and Noriko...

What's wrong?

What's wrong!


She's dead... Why...?

Could it be food poisoning?

That kills instantly? l tasted it, l'm fine. lt must be... poison!


Who did it?

Satomi, don't! This is all just a mistake!

We're the only ones here! Chisato, you cooked it, right?

No! Haruka cooked too! Me? No way!

Nobody did it. Just cut it out! Put that gun down!

You're acting the most suspicious! Haruka!

You didn't sleep last night, or the night before, did you?

You don't trust us, do you? l forgot my sleeping pills!

That's even more suspicious! Come on! Satomi, put the gun down!

Shut up, damn it!

Yukie, quit playing leader! Chisato...

You're covering your own tracks! How can you say that?

You've been scheming with Nanahara to escape together! lt was you!


Ouch! That hurts! You assholes! l'm bleeding, damn it!

Different story now, isn't it?

Murderer! Shut the fuck up!

She tried to steal the gun! That makes her guilty!

Take that!

Not you, right...? You're not one of the killers...?

At least... l thought l'd live until tomorrow.

ldiots... We might have all survived...

We're all so stupid...


lt's not my fault... lt's not my fault... lt's not my fault!

What happened! Utsumi?

What happened? Hey, Utsumi!

l'm sorry, Nanahara. l forgot how much l liked all of them!




Do you know what that means?

How should l know?

l don't know what any of it means!

Girls #2 Yukie, #9 Yuko, #12 Haruka, #1 7 Satomi, #19 Chisato - dead

10 to go

There's a call for you.

Hello. Hello, mister.

Oh, Shiori?

Where are you? Mum's feeling bad again. l'm on a business trip. l can't get home till tomorrow.

Don't hurry back on my account.

I'm hanging up.

And can you not breathe on the phone?

I can smell your stinking breath.

Are you OK? l had a dream...

What dream? l was alone with Kitano on an empty riverbank.

Must have been scary.

But Kitano...

...just seemed lonely.

Before this, l always just thought of myself as normal.

l'd get married, grow old, just like my own mum...

But taking part in this game, l've come to see... l just didn't have a clue.

There are some things you're better off not knowing.

lt's going to rain. l hope Nanahara can find us here.

I told you to wait!

Another day wasted. The phone never rings.

Even my mobile is useless. See, it's out of range.

May l take your order? Just a minute.

As you wish.

All those CVs written for nothing. l'm just wiped out. l'm sick of them hanging up on me, too.

Miss, some water please. Of course. One minute.

Anyway, order whatever you want. You start 7th grade tomorrow. l'd say, "Go for it", but l never taught you anything.

Your order? l said just a minute!

Shall we try somewhere else?

"Go Shuya! You can do it, Shuya!"


Look after Nakagawa, OK? Promise you'll protect her.

Where are you going? To meet Nanahara.

Hey! We're near a danger zone!

Where are you? Nakagawa!


What's up? l'm looking for Nanahara. You got separated?

Nakagawa, where are you?

Who's that? Kawada.

Two princes protecting you. A real princess!

Mitsuko! Die, ugly.


You don't look so bad.

Oh, you've got Nanahara with you.



Don't catch cold.

You came to meet me?

l brought weapons.

Weapons... why?

l'm weak and useless but l'll stay by your side...

l'll protect you.

That's why l brought weapons...


Kotohiki, is that you?

Kotohiki. Answer me!

Quick, run away! What?

Someone will come, because of the gunshots... run!


Sugimura, why?

You're so cute.

What are you talking about? What is this? l wanted to see you.

To save you, actually...

Don't tell me. l've been in love with you, Kotohiki...

...for a long, long... time...

But you never even talked to me.

How could l have known? You never said a thing!

What am l supposed to do now?


Boy #1 1 Sugimura, Girl #8 Kotohiki - dead

8 to go

Bye, Mitsuko!

See you tomorrow! Bye-bye! l'm home!

Who are you? Who am l? Well, l'm...

What happened to Mummy?

Mummy's tummy hurts.

How about we play together, instead.


Be strong, Mitsuko. lf you're not strong, you'll end up just like me.

Hello there, Mitsuko.

This little girl's name is Mitsuko, too. lsn't she cute?

She's cute and really fun.


All her clothes are off.

Now it's our other Mitsuko's turn.

Let's take them all off.


No one is going to save you.

That's just life.


l just didn't want to be a loser any more.

Girl #1 1 Mitsuko - dead 7 to go

Girls #16 Yuka, #19 Chisato, #12 Haruka, #1 7 Satomi, #2 Yukie, #9 Yuko, #8 Kotohiki, #11 Mitsuko, and only one of the boys, #11 Sugimura, making nine in total.

Let's head west. We can still avoid the new danger zones. l've got to see Mimura.

All right...

Got it! l got it!

We're done too! Excellent!

Two bombs, 100 Molotovs. And three propane tanks. lt took time to rewrite, but my Third Man hacker programme is ready to go!

Hackers! From where?

Can't tell! Can't you trace it?

There are too many connections! They're into the root index!

Files are being replaced! GPS monitoring is frozen!

Virus invasion! lt's rewriting everything! lt's too fast! Satellite system frozen!

Collar control monitor, lost! All connections down!

Danger zones have been cleared! Do something!

Goddamn it! Sir!

What are you...?

Sir! Restart it.

OK, here goes!

We've got to ram this into the school in the 15 minutes before they recover. l just saw someone over there.

What? Nanahara?

Nanahara? l bet Sugimura told him about us.

Hey, Nanahara, come on out! Hurry!

Shit, who is that?

The transfer student!

l can't hit him. Stay calm!

You missed again! Shut up!

No good, back inside!

lijima! lijima!

When we escape, it'll all be together...

Shit! Goddamn it!

Boys #2 lijima, #12 Yutaka, #19 Mimura - dead

4 to go

lt's him.

Stay here.

Boy #6 Kiriyama - dead 3 to go

Are you hurt? lt's no big deal.

All that matters now is that we're the only ones left.


What will you do after this? l don't know. l've never really trusted adults.

My dad and my mum...

...ran off or died, just because they felt like it.

But l'll keep fighting, even though l don't know how...

Until l become a real adult.

You won't make it.

Why not? l told you, didn't l? Don't trust anyone.

Yeah. Well, you both trusted me too much.

You lose. Cut the sickjoke.

This was my way off the island.

Sorry, but l used you guys to save myself. l don't believe it. What about Keiko?

There's no Keiko. She was just a story to suck you in.

But why us?

You were perfect. Just gullible enough.

Hey, Nanahara. Can you really kill me with that gun?

Game over. For real, this time.

Move out and confirm their bodies. Roger!

Operation complete.

But sir... Operation complete.

Game Over Day Three 4:30am The Winner: Boy #5 Kawada

BR Radio Exercises

Raise your arms in front of you and stand on your toes.

1 , 2, 3, 4...

Move your arms and legs.

Rotate your arms.

Stand with legs apart and push out your chest.

Nice job. Glad you and Kiriyama were in the mix.

Not going home? There's no rush. l want to check one thing first.

You know how to stop the necklaces. l don't know what you mean.

Someone hacked in and stole that data. lt was you, not Mimura, wasn't it?

Why? To avenge Keiko?

That's fine. That's why you played the game, right?

But cheating is no good.

Hey! How was it? Fun?

Two lovebirds, surviving together. l've had it.

The kids make fun of me at school and my own kid hates me.

There's nowhere l want to go back to.

So we're all going down together.

The only one worth dying with, would be you, Nakagawa.

lf l had to choose one of you, it would have to be you, Nakagawa.

What? Go ahead, shoot.

Nakagawa, you can do it.

"Go Shuya! You can do it, Shuya!"

What's up? Shoot me or l'll shoot you.


That hurt, damn it!

l made a promise to protect Noriko... l know... l know.



Listen, l'm not coming home. lf you hate someone then you have to live with the consequences. lrresponsible? Who the hell asked you?!

The last one...

Damn good cookies.

lt's beautiful... even though it's where everyone died.

You can even steer a ship?

Sure, my dad's a fisherman.

Just keep going straight and you have to hit land.

Give it a try?

We part soon. l doubt we'll see each other again.

Why not? lt's for the best. lt was only three days, but a lot of memories l'd rather forget.

Kawada... Yeah?

Thank you so much.

Nanahara! Yeah? lt's going to be tough going.

Yeah... l know.

l feel sleepy, all of a sudden. Time for a nap.

Meeting you guys, l finally solved the riddle of Keiko's smile.

What's the answer?

Her parting words.

"Thank you... at the end..."

At the end...?


At the end, I'm glad I found a true friend.

At the end, l'm glad l found a true friend.

Wanted on suspicion of murder and aiding and abetting a murderer.

Noriko slipped home last night to bid her sleeping parents farewell.

She took the knife that Nobu used to stab Kitano from her desk.

Each of us has a weapon now.

Even if the time comes to use them again, it'll never be an easy choice.

But we have no choice but to keep moving forward.

Let's run, Noriko.


No matter how far, run for all you're worth.


Requiem l 9th Grade Class B - Friends

Requiem ll Shuya's Dream



Look after Nakagawa, OK? Promise you'll protect her.

Requiem lll Noriko's and Kitano's Dream

Are you OK with this? What? lf anyone sees us together you'll get locked in the toilet again.

No, l've had my turn for now.

Are my classes boring? Yes.

How dare you!

Coming into the classroom...

All the kids look the same. Like lumpy, ugly potatoes.

Slapping them around helped me tell them apart, to grow to like them.

But not any more.

Lay your hands on a student now and you're fired.

Now, you can't even get angry when a student stabs you!

Can l tell you something? What?

The knife that stabbed you...

To tell you the truth, l keep it in my desk at home.

When l picked it up l wasn't sure what do with it.

But now, for some reason, l really treasure it.

That's our secret. Just between us.

Tell me, Nakagawa. Yes? ln this moment, what should an adult say to a kid?