Battle Star Wars (2020) Script

All personnel, prepare to disembark.

Grab what you need and get to the front of the ship.

Attention, vessel!

You are in violation of Coalition regulations.

What the..?

Further transgression will be considered a declaration of war!

Deactivate your light-speed engines and prepare to be boarded!

Ajax, tell me you're in position.

We're coming in hot!

And we got company.

Look, buddy. I need you to hear me out. I'm not your enemy.


Screw it.

Ajax, where are you? We're ready for pickup!

You didn't tell me there was gonna be a Paladin.

Too much risk!

Ajax, you leave us out here, we're dead!

We need your ship!

You've got a ship, use it!

That wasn't part of the plan, Ajax!


Disengage the engines and step away from the console.

I can't, or everyone on this ship will die!

Commander Corbryn...

I don't understand.

The Coalition reported this ship stolen.

Why are you so far off course?

Commander Corbryn, by Order of the Coalition, stop this ship now!

We no longer answer to the Coalition of Planets.

Treason, Commander!

This is an act of war!

The Coalition aren't the good guys anymore.

You're a Paladin! Can't you see that?

War against the Coalition is a fight you cannot win.

Well, we don't want a fight. We want out!

We want a planet of our own and we're not turning back, not when we're this close.

This close to what? There's nothing...

Nothing out there.

I'm trusting you to do the right thing.

Coalition doesn't know it's here and they don't have to.

It's impossible.

The Coalition has no records of a planet in this sector.

The planet's naturally undetectable by sensors, completely cloaked.

I'm the only one that knows how to find it.

But this ship will lead them right to us if you don't help!

In a moment, we'll be in range for the escape pods to reach the surface.

After that, destroy the ship!

Tell them all you found was a wreck or they'll never stop looking for us!

They find us, they'll kill us.

What are you doing?

Long-range connection established.

Oh, shut if off!

Paladin, this is Coalition Command.

We've got a lock on this ship's position.

Go ahead and jump out. We'll take it from here.

Commander, I'm on board the stolen vessel.

Permission to negotiate terms for surrender.

Negative. Command advises immediate evacuation.

We will destroy that ship, Paladin.

No! Make sure you're not on it.


Oh! No!

What..? What's happening?

They're blowing the engines.

Didn't even give us time to evacuate.

I told you! No. They won't!

They wouldn't! It's impossible! Command, come in!

There are innocent people onboard the vessel!

Not even you can get a signal out this close to the planet.

There's no time to get everyone off.

How many does your ship hold?

Not enough.

Squire, prepare to initiate the boarding pod's self-destruct...

What are you doing?

Buying you and your people time to escape.

Get them to the front and I'll separate the engines!

Separate...? Do it now!

All personnel, evacuate now!

Drop what you're doing and go... now!

What about you?

Don't worry about me.

Squire, prepare to initiate the self-destruct on my command!


Security override.

Better a few years late than never.


You made it.


No thanks to you.

Found that way out on a frontier planet.

Word's spreading.

You're already getting sloppy.

What's the point of a haven if people can't get here?

What about the Coalition?

Even if they're smart enough to decode it, the coin only gets you here.

To get to Haven, you need me.

What's it made of?

That's Haven's little secret.

So what?

You're their leader.

Haven doesn't really have a leader.

I'm just the guy that knows how to get there.

Hey, buddy.

2,756 Novaks perished by these hands for this Novak to stand before you today!

No need to sic your Novak on me, Ajax.

You know, if anything happens to me, you'll never find Haven.

You got anything to drink on this wreck?

Don't you want to know how we survived after you ditched us?

Looks like you survived just fine.

Okay. Helper, you're... about to be free.

Feel any different?

Excited at the prospect of leaving the ship for the first time.

Also the looming potential for imminent death.


Helper, I, uh, have to do this. You don't.

I understand if you want to stay on the ship.

Astera, I go wherever you go.

Do you mean that or is that just how you're programmed?


She would be proud of you now.

How do I look?

Like your father's daughter.


I didn't realize sarcasm was a part of your programming now.


We have searched every deep space quadrant of known Coalition territory but this one.

Corbryn is out there somewhere.

I know it.

There's a reason we haven't searched here.

The sector is barren. There's nothing here.

And we've been led astray before.

I haven't come this far and this long to merge everything on the word of that rogue criminal!

We have other assurances.

We're close.

Tryn, privacy.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm good.

Ran out of ice a few systems back.

Most come to Haven with a lot less.

Sometimes they drift in on nothing but life support... some don't make it at all.

Would have been nice having an industrial class freighter all these years.

You did all right without it.

There'd be a lot more haven on Haven by now.

I get it.


You left thousands to die.

Because you didn't tell me there was gonna be a Paladin.

It was part of the plan.

You didn't tell me the plan.

Would you have come if I did?

Look, I just gotta know.

Why are you here now, after all these years?

How can I trust you?

You convinced me to steal this ship.

You said we'd never get caught! We didn't.

And ever since then, I can't even get an icemaker, let alone a decent crew or the much-needed repairs for this tub of rust!

I'm on the run in a ship I can't dock on a single Coalition planet.

And nowadays, that's every planet!

Not Haven.

We welcome everyone, even pirates.

Don't you call me that! You do not get to call me that!

You know I started out legit!

And you know Paladins kill pirates!

How was I supposed to know he was on our side if you didn't tell me?

You ask me how can you trust me.

How can I trust you?

Because... sounds like we need each other.

We call this Mana.

There's a lot more where that came from.

We convert it to everything from food to star fuel.

But we're limited in the ways of transporting it, being as we only have what came down with us in the escape pods.

But with you here, with this ship, we can start expanding.

We set up a supply run, we get what we need to finish what we started, bring more people to Haven, everything!

We can get back on track!

We can make this planet what it was supposed to be!

What do you say?

To pirates?

To pirates.

All right.

Lucky for us, Mana in its natural form emits a sort of radiation.

It's harmless to us, but it's hell on ship sensors.

One of the first things we did was to figure out a way to counteract the disruption with a frequency code that only a few of us knows...

Welcome to Haven.

I'll show you around when my guys fix up your ship.

Don't worry about the Coalition.

The only way they'd find you now is with some sort of two-way signal beacon strong enough to get through the radiation field.

Even then, you know, you come outta light-speed wrong, liable to blow us all to hell.

Did you catch all that?

Is he Haven's leader? No.

Just the guy that knows how to get there.

We copy.

The Coalition thanks you, Captain.

Do you realize what you've just done?


There. Sir, we've located the pirate.

Shall I..

I think battle stations, please.

And see if you can find Astera.

I would like her to be here for this.

Your father wants to see you on the Control Deck.

I'll be right there. No. I'll take you there now.

Lead the way.

How far can you project that thing?

We'll find out.

You know, it's an important day for my father.

Mm-hmm, and for you, I'm sure.

After all, your entire life has been a journey leading to this place.

I imagine this planet holds some significance for you... as it did your mother.


No juvenile pranks this time?

No petty, ineffectual protest in her honor?

I half expected you'd reroute the food synthesizers again or increase the artificial gravity.

I have to say, I'm disappointed.

Then you're gon... really... love th...

Where's Astera?

Sir, I've located your daughter.

She's onboard an escape pod headed towards the planet.

Get up here!

He knows.

That's good.

He won't attack if I'm down there, right?

I'm ready to address them.

Make sure they can hear me.

Attention, enemies of the Coalition.

This is Lord Malastor. You have been lied to.

This planet is no haven.

It's land and resources are property of the Coalition of Planets.

There is no corner of the galaxy that the arms of the Coalition cannot reach, and today I am its hand.

It'll be up to the leaders among you to determine whether this hand remains open in friendship or crushes you in its grasp!

You have 24 hours to surrender the planet or suffer the consequences.

Choose wisely.

Establish a blockade.

Not a single ship gets out!

And, Zelus...

Find my daughter.

What's taking so long?

You get that Mana cleaned out yet?

The reward is mighty, but this Novak is mightier.

There's one crate left.

Then get it and let's go!

System log shows Commander Corbryn should still be onboard.

Lead the way, and hurry.

This way!

Ah, you're turning me in and you're robbing me?

You let a pirate onto your spaceport.

What did you think was gonna happen?

I didn't think you'd clean out my entire supply!

Haven needs that Mana! The galaxy needs it!

I didn't want this contract.

I got caught!

It was me or you, and I'm always gonna pick me.

And I'm always gonna profit.

Is that what you tell yourself, Captain?

You think they're gonna honor some pirate's contract, you got a nasty surprising coming to you.

Captain Ajax!

My father sends his regards, but he's preoccupied with the assault.

It's his wish that you release the prisoner into my custody for the completion of your contract.

And who's your father?

Lord Malastor, of course.

And on behalf of the Coalition of Planets, he'd like to thank you for a job well done.


He'd also like to pardon you for any past transgressions.

So, Malastor sent his only daughter into enemy territory for him.

You be glad he did.

He might not be so understanding over your plundering Coalition property.

I'm willing to forgive it for a job well done.

I'll just call and confirm.

I wouldn't. I'm gonna.

Allow me.

Father, forgive me for interrupting...

I thought I sent you to retrieve the prisoner.

Was I not clear enough or can you not handle it?

I'm aboard the Bounty with Captain Ajax.

She wishes to confirm your orders.

I will not be questioned by a lawless pirate!

Tell this self-serving captain that she can turn over Commander Corbryn or she can die with the rest of the criminals.


Get him off my ship then.

He's not worth the trouble.

Wait! Hey!

It's for your own good.

Come on.

Uh, hi. I'm Corbryn.

Astera Malastor.

Yeah. I know who you are. Where we going?

We have to get off this ship.

Launch your fleet! Activate your defenses!

Fight back?

Haven doesn't really have a fleet.

I mean, the people who come here are refugees, you know, farmers, smugglers.

Some are ex-Coalition, but not enough.

Even if we got 'em all to fight, we'd just be sending them to their deaths.

Then what do you have?

We have a Paladin.

All the Paladins are dead.

He's not. At least, I don't think he is.

He helped save us when the Coalition tried to blow up the ship that brought us here.

He's been in hyper-sleep ever since.

Then why didn't you wake him up before now?

We never had to.

And historically, the Order of the Paladins are loyal to the Coalition.

Or you could be handing my father the planet if this guy decides to turn you in!

He won't. Trust me.

There wouldn't be a Haven if it wasn't for this guy.

Only reason we didn't wake him up before now is because I thought it would somehow bring the Coalition here, which obviously isn't an issue anymore.

He's our last hope, you know, sort of a

"Break glass in case of" scenario.

Okay. So what's the next step?

Well, we got to get up to him.

Where's your ship? Where's your ship?

My ship? It's on this ship.

The pirates have it.

The pirates I just saved you from?

Yeah. Don't worry. I got a plan.

We're not leaving?

Your father will have established an orbital blockade by now.

I got a plan that works for that too, Pixels.

Blockade doesn't apply to me, my ship, or my crew.

My contract's complete.

Let us through and we'll be on our way.

Can't do that, Captain.

Lord Malastor has issued strict orders.

No ships in or out.

Like hell, I'm getting stuck on this rock!

Put him on!

You're trying my patience, pirate!

You're surrounded. You can't escape.

Then tell these idiots to open up and let me through, and I'll be out of your hair.

You'll be allowed through the blockade once you deliver the rebel leader per our contract.

I just turned him over. Check with your daughter.

With my... what did you say?

When was this? Where?

Whoa! What are you doing?

Gonna blast the doors open.

No, you're not.

I've got it. Helper?


What are you doing? Well, there's no way we'll make it past that blockade with normal thrusters.

Gonna have to jump us into light-speed.

Have you done that before?

Never from inside a cargo freighter.

Strap in. To what?

Answer me, Ajax! What's going on?

What happened? Come in!

The cowards fled!

Take some ships and find them!

And send some to Haven.

What happened?

We've lost contact with the blockade.

And we're no longer receiving signal from the Bounty.

Delay the assault until my daughter's been found!

Hey, Helper.

You okay?

You need more seatbelts.

Where are we?

The Past.

Think you can get over there?

Helper? Did you get there?

I'm inside.

Okay, great. I'll dock us.

Is that him?

Yeah, that's him.

Have you been here before?

Only once to make sure he wasn't dead.

Planet's distortion field must have scrambled his ship.

If I use a certain frequency...

It seems we're receiving a new code, an old Coalition code.

Someone's talking to us.


What's it say?

Peace before order.

What's wrong with him?

Don't touch anything.

We found him.

Take him out.

This could actually work.

Yeah. Let's just hope he's on our side.

Go see what you can find out.

Hi. I'm Astera Mala...

Astera Malastor, daughter of Lord Malastor.


I am Denz Atreus, Paladin of star-sector Epsilon 27.

And you are Commander... Commander Corbryn.

You made it.

Yeah. Step back.

The Commander is a good man, if a little misguided.

Although admittedly, I've only known him briefly.

I will ensure that he is treated fairly.

I've synced with Coalition Command.

Rest assured, you will be with your father in a moment and we can finally settle this matter once and for all.

No. You don't understand.

There's gonna be a war.

Whoa! Hey!

Hey, stop! What are you doing?

The path to order lies only through peace.

Once I've delivered Corbryn, negotiations for surrender may begin.

There's not gonna be peace. My father doesn't negotiate.

Denz, if you turn me in, I'm dead.

If you don't get us to the surface right now, people are going to die.

No harm will befall either of you while you're under my protection!

The same goes for the planet!

I give you my word.

You have nothing to fear from the Coalition of the Planets.

Helper! Now!

Helper! Ready an escape pod.

That was ill-advised.

Sir, we're being hailed in an old Coalition frequency, vessel designation "Honor".

It's a Paladin.

So it's true.

He's still alive after all this time.

I thought you dealt with the last of them.

So did I.

Let's hope his loyalties are in order.

See? I told you.

Peace was never an option.

What Haven needs right now is a protector.


Paladin, the Coalition of Planets thanks you for your intervention.

And I'm personally in your debt for the safe recovery of my daughter.

I trust she hasn't given you too much trouble?

Where is the rebel leader? Somewhere you can't get him!

Astera, nothing would please me more than to resolve this conflict without bloodshed, Disable their light-speed engines.

I don't want them running now that Astera's this close.

It seems that surrender is off the table for now.

Begin the assault!

Let's see if they change their minds.

It will be my honor to lead the attack, sir.

No, it won't.

I need someone that I trust to retrieve Astera for me.

What about the Paladin?

Do what you normally do when you find one.

Just bring her back!

Continue the attack!

No! Do something!

They've disabled the controls!

Then go back! Didn't I just see you fly?

In zero-g, yes!

This is low orbit where I have gravity to contend with!

It's okay, Helper. You can come out now.

Think you can get over to that warship?

I can try.

That I have not seen yet.

Is that thing real?

She is to me.

Attention, Honor. You are ordered to surrender.

Lord Malastor...

I've reached the Paladin ship.

They're not responding.

Then wait.

Think out who you help.


It worked. We have to leave.

Wait! Stop! Where are you going?

We have to help! Look, it's all blown up!

If we don't retreat now, battle is over before it even begins!

Hang on, I'm going to jump up to lightspeed.

Zelus, what was that? What happened?

Do you have Astera? Zelus?

He shot me!

Squire, I need a map of the region and a waypoint for the nearest rebel outpost.

First imperative is to secure Corbryn and aid in the planet's defense!

Are you all right?


I mean, no, but, yeah.

I can't believe he just shot me.

He shot my ship!

Will it be all right? How bad is it?

Oh, she'll fly, but the repairs will take time, time we don't have if we want to reach Corbryn before the Coalition does!

Lucky for you, we have help.

The ship is sophisticated, though the technology is quite antiquated.

I'm certain I can manage the repairs.

Can this thing be trusted?

This thing's name is Helper.

Short for "Hard Light Projected Retainer", though I've come to find that label somewhat derivative.

She's the only person I trust.

All right. Then I'll leave Honor in your hands.

Excuse my ignorance, Helper.

Happy to be of service.

Helper, I'm gonna have to leave you alone on the ship for a while.

You'll be back.

Listen up down there: find him.

And bring him to me.

There's something here.

Go check it out.

Come on, Ajax. You can do better than that.

You won't be needing this anymore.

Where is your ship?

You find him yet?

Nice try, Ajax, but I think you'll find you're down a couple pirates.

I told you, sir!

Somehow the Paladin made the jump to light-speed!

I tried to disable the engines before they made the jump.

You'd better hope that's all you did.

With all due respect, Lord Malastor, your daughter has clearly chosen her side.

I will not hear another word!

None of that! Not again. Not from you.

Get out of my sight and don't you dare step foot on this deck again until you've found her.

We shouldn't be too far off now.

It's funny.

Before today, I've only been off the warship a handful of times.

We're Haven's only hope, and neither of us stepped foot on the planet until now.

That's the very nature of my order.

Then why answer to the Coalition?

My order predates the Coalition by a great many cycles.

There was a time when their values were in line with our own.

We helped them grow, we worked together.

It pains me now to see them act with such hostility.

My dad thinks what he's doing is right.

There is hope for your father yet.

How? After what he just did?

Well, it's like you said.

Your father believes he is right.

It may be up to us to provide him with the necessary perspective.

Denz! It's Zelus!

He's going for the outpost!

We need to find cover.

Denz, if he gets to the outpost and blows it up before we find Corbryn, we're never gonna make it before the deadline.

He won't.


Astera, get to cover now! Get to the base!

Everybody out! Leave... now!

I said go! It's your only chance!

I'm not...

This is Astera Malastor.

Tell my father to lock down on my position.

I found the rebels!

Okay, Corbryn, where am I going?

Where am I going?


Hey! Hey!

Hey, wait! Wait for me!

Hey! Hey!

Wait for me!

You gotta be kidding me.

Hey, buddy, you think we'd forget you?

That is Paladin technology.

Tell me, friend, how did you acquire it?

From a Paladin, friend.

Paladins serve for life.

This one did.

The order you serve is no longer.

I made sure of that myself.

My brothers...why?

There is only the Coalition and its enemies.

Lord Malastor offers you one last chance to prove your loyalty.

My order stands as long as I do.

I decline!

I was hoping you'd say that.

Hand over the girl and surrender the outpost!

I'm here, Zelus. I'm right here.

Astera? Good to see you.

I offer you the same terms.

Come with me or suffer the consequences of treason!

I'm sure you remember what those are.

He's not gonna kill me.

He does whatever my father tells him to.

Isn't that right, Zelus?


I've traveled to every scum-ridden corner of this galaxy with your father.

He's a good man, a true leader... but he's grown soft and weak.

Do you know why?

It's because of you and your traitor of a mother!

You can't kill me.

I'm sure your father will understand.

After all, I had no choice, overcome with grief after witnessing the murder of his only daughter.

I had to strike down the Paladin responsible.

Say hello to your brothers!

Helper! Now!

Get us out of here!

Where to?

I found coordinates for the rebel base, inputting now!


Setting course.

Coordinates accepted.

Denz, I'm so sorry.

All of them... dead.

I know.

I didn't know how to tell you.

I will avenge you, my brothers.

I swear this.

Nice shooting back there.

I had ample time to learn Honor's subsystems.

She's a wonderful ship.

I'm kind of worried about him.

Look who we found.

Should I shoot them too?

I wouldn't, if I were you!

Ajax! You let me out of here!


Come on in. Let's have a chat.

She's not gonna kill him. My father wants him alive.

This is must be one of her tricks.

She must want something.

I would caution you not to trust these brigands!

They have no honor.

I don't know.

I mean, you're right, they're pirates.

But maybe we can convince them to help.


Maintain a safe following distance.

I will retrieve Corbryn.

Denz, wait!

You're gonna have to think outside the box on this one.

They've got the only thing close to a functioning fleet on this planet.

Maybe we don't blow it up.

Maybe we need 'em.

We have to at least try.

We have to get to them.

Where are you taking Corbryn?

Oh, he'll stay someplace near, but far enough.

In case you try anything, he goes boom...

Along with your fancy ship.

That man is under my protection.

Well, you've done a fine job so far, haven't you?

You gonna call your dad?

What's it gonna take for you to let him go?

Let him go?

He's my ticket out of this mess just like you are!

You, I don't really care about.

You will!

Denz... so we both know you're not gonna press that then.

Oh, I'm plenty tempted, but right now he's my insurance policy for you.

And you're my insurance policy for them.

If it came down to it, I'm sure your dad would appreciate my judgment here.

Listen, I know I lied to you before.

But you have to believe me now when I tell you that if you give my dad what he wants, your next stop is Coalition Brig.

That's if he lets you off Haven at all!

I have the rebel leader, thus fulfilling my contract twice!

I have Lord Malastor's daughter and her gallant protector!

Hey, you forget already?


I will not be held hostage by cowards!

This Novak does not fear death!

You may hide behind that button of yours.

You may even press it, but if you survive the blast, you will have me to contend with until the end of your days.

I'm shaking.

Denz, please!

I know we don't have anything to negotiate with.

But I'm telling you, my father's not just gonna let you go free.

The only way out of this is to fight.

This is ill-advised.

Why play the pirate's game and wait while our enemies draw near when I can easily dismantle this scrap heap of a ship?

Yeah. Let's call that Plan B, okay?

Like it or not, she has the upper hand right now.

We can't lose Corbryn and we can't lose Honor.

So I guess we just have to wait until she comes around.

Until then...

See if you can get to Corbryn and take care of that bomb.

Then you can bust us out of here.

Hello? Is someone there?

Oh, Helper! Is it just you?


Explosion device. I think I can...

Don't touch it! But maybe if I just...

No, no, no, Helper!

Let me tell you something about pirates.

You can't trust 'em and they're wiring's slap-dash at best!

Just don't touch it.

Okay, com's open.

This is Captain Ajax of the frigate Bounty hailing Lord Malastor.

I didn't expect to hear from you again, Captain.

You'd better have something to report to me.

I've captured the rebel leader.

Ah, it's about time you made good on our contract.

And I have your daughter.

Not bad for a pirate.

I don't say this often, but I'm impressed.

Bring them both to me and you could be on your way.

What about the Paladin?

What about him? He's here, too.

Good. Kill him.

Oh, I don't suspect that he would align his considerable might with the interest of the Coalition again.

Better to remove him from the board.

Let him join his brothers!

What's in it for me?

Excuse me?

Our contract was for Corbryn and the location of Haven.

I delivered both.

Everything after that, including rescuing your daughter, is bonus.

And this? Not my business.

I'm not your hired killer.

Oh, no, no, no, no.

You're a pirate that is lucky she's proven herself useful thus far.

For your own good, I suggest you continue to do so!

Wait for me there!

All right, let's talk... alone.

Now I warned you... Yeah, yeah, I'm warned.

You coming?

I think I've known your dad for long enough now to get why you're willing to go rebel.

What I don't get is how you think you can win.

Because we have to or people will die.

Yeah, but what's your stake in it?

Coalition's been taking exactly everything it wants since cycles before either of us were born.

I'm here because I didn't have an option.

Why are you willing to go to war with your own family over a planet you've never been to?

Because I didn't have a choice either.

I've known about Haven my entire life.

Now that I'm here, I can't just stand by and watch my father destroy it.

Neither should you.

And I'm supposed to do what?

Ajax, you have a crew, you have a ship.

You can make a difference if you decide to work with us.

Truth is, I don't care.

I was just trying to get you away from the Paladin.

We're leaving.

No! We can't leave!

Thousands will die if we don't do something!

I am doing something! Hurry up!



What's going on? Helper, is that you?

I can hear you.

You're in my seat!

They're going to find you, you know.

Quiet, princess.

Plan B! Plan B!

Thank you, Helper.

This way!

Two of you with me!

The rest of you, kill the Paladin.

Where are they taking them?

She's running away.

You go. I'll find her.

Do not fire that weapon!

Do you yield?

2,756 Novaks perished by these hands for this Novak to stand before you today!

This Novak does not yield!

Very well, then.

Ready when you are.

Pardon my reach.

What do I do with this?

Don't touch it!

I'm sure I can find Haven without you.

Good luck!

We have to go back!

Back? To what?

A blast like that's gonna bring the Coalition in no time.

We have to be gone before then.

He could still be alive! Then he can find us!

It's too risky and not when your dad needs us both to win the war.

Denz could still be alive.

It's too risky! I'm sorry.

I cleared the Bounty. This is what's left.

The pirate wasn't lying. They were definitely here.

I see.

Where are they now?

We're still searching the wreckage, but the hold was filled with crates full of this.

They're planning on making a run with it.

What is it?

It's a battery.

The power source is something non-cataloged.

Can't get a reading on it, but whatever it is, the radiation matches the blast scoring we found on the Bounty.

A weapon! Well, then...

Each one of you is guilty of high crimes against the Coalition of the Planets, rendering your lives forfeit unless one of you should choose to do the right thing and aid us in the war effort.

If not for your Coalition, this Novak would not exist!

His guilt is your own.

He will die silently before he forfeits his knowledge to such feeble men as you!

I demand trial by combat!

Name this one your champion so I may bring an end to his days.

A Novak, a clone bred for battle, discontinued line.

He's no threat.

How many Novaks have you killed?

None... yet.

Then release me and try!

I don't see your captain, so I'll assume she's dead or fled.

And that you are in charge now.

Novaks don't command. They only follow.

If she's alive, then he's still under her command.

What are the orders, then?

Where is your captain and the rebel leader?

Where is my daughter?

They were seen with a man named Denz.

Perhaps you've seen him, a Paladin, like one Novak, but as strong as 100 Novaks!

He would make more than a worthy opponent.

No such Novak exists!

Was he the one that destroyed your ship?

Did he have my daughter with him?

That is one you are owed!

You're in no position to make demands, clone!

What you owe me has fled this ship, which puts the fate in your remaining crew in your hands, Captain!

I suggest you consider how best to be an asset to the Coalition in the upcoming battle.

Have them taken to the Brig and search the wreckage.

Commandeer every last remaining ship.

I want to make certain, absolutely certain, that Astera has not swayed Ajax's loyalties.

No more tricks.

Just find them.

Move it!

Clean him up.

What do we do about the Captain?

Leave her.

She's not Captain of anything now.

How does all this still have power?

I have to show you something.

We think the planet formed around it.

But it's impossible to get an accurate date.

What we do know is that this is the source of everything that makes Haven a haven.

The Mana, the distortion effect, the cloaking field, everything.

We can't let the Coalition find it.

It's limitless resource and power.

No one would ever be able to stand up to them again.

If they don't take it, they'll destroy it, Haven along with it.

Okay, we're stuck here, so let's talk strategy.

Helper, how many ships do we have, working ones, functioning ones?

Oh, there's got to be...



That's more than I thought, actually.

It's not enough. No.

I mean, all we have to do is take out the warship.

Oh, is that it?

We don't have enough ships for a direct assault.

But maybe they can buy us some time.

Time for what?

We don't have Denz, but we have a ship and we have the Mana bomb.

You guys saw what it did to the Bounty.

Maybe if we get onboard the warship...

I don't know... Maybe we can...


The people who came to Haven, they're not fighters.

They're not leaders.

Look what they did.

They turned a warship into a warehouse.

If we send them into a battle they can't win...

We can win. We just need a plan.


Maybe Haven does need a leader.

Corbryn, you're Haven's leader.

I mean, you've gotten them this far.

Just keep doing what you're doing. Don't even...

What's that?


Oh, just one of the many uses of Mana.

These are traveler's tokens.

They hold the records of the ones who came, how they got here, where they came from.

Do they work?


Where did you get that?

From my mom.

She died trying to get here.

Must have been one of the distress beacons that Denz missed.

Just another reason to hate the Coalition.

Are you sure...

You want to?

I have to.

There's no time! They're coming!

What is this?

I need you to help her! Stay with her!

The program's been wiped from my memory.

Keep her safe, okay? Promise me!

Make sure she knows.

Make sure she knows I love her.

You... You can record.

Astera, it may take a long time for you to understand this.

That's my mom.

I want a better life for you and I tried for that, but I failed.

I need you.

If your father were to ever find Haven, he will destroy!

I hate to burden you with this. You're still so young.

But one day, you will have to remember that no life is worth a planet, not mine, not his, not even yours.

Promise me.

I love you.

What's happening?


Astera, look away.

Who would...


Citizens of Haven! The deadline has expired!

We're out of time.

Send forth your representative and prepare for surrender or face the full power of the Coalition!

What's that? That's my ship!

My ship!

I told you, fiend!

I made a promise to protect this planet and its people, and another, to avenge my brothers...

And I intend to keep both.

Paladin, you can barely stand.

And yet I stand with them.

Open fire!

Corbryn, it's now or never.

Attention all ships!

Anyone on this band, anyone who can hear me, attack!

Get your asses in the air and fight to save your planet!

Is it bad?

Oh, yeah, it's bad, isn't it?

Check the box.

What box?

The green metal one.

They'll come for it.

We gotta get out of here. I'm ready.

Corbryn, snap out of it! We have to get out of here!

No, they'll come for the Mana core!

Corbryn, the battle's out there now!

We have to leave!

Okay, let's go!

Helper? Go!

I'll hold them off!

What's happening down there?

They attacked!

Peace was offered and declined!

I had no choice but to respond!

Zelus, I told you to hold until I gave...

They have the Paladin with them!

If I hold, I die!

Continue the attack!

Bring us in now.


Your father wants to see you.



I see the champion still stands.

Show them what happens when you defy the Coalition.

Make him surrender.

Fire the tractor beam.


What? Are you gonna kill me like you killed her, too?

Let her go!

You killed her.

She tried to run, like you tried to kill me.

But you can't.

I didn't kill your traitor of a mother, though I gladly would have for what she did!

Then who?

I suggest you ask your father.

Dad, stop!

Astera, I'm so glad to see that you're safe.

It pleases me how integral you were to the Coalition's victory here today.

Dad, let him go. Please.

He chose the wrong side.

You, on the other hand, have managed to elude capture and deliver not only the rebel leader, but the location of their hidden base, and the very source of their power.

Quite a resource kept hidden so long.

It would have brought great advancements to the Coalition effort if you had not kept it for your own selfish needs.

Guess I thought the Coalition had enough power.

You thought wrong.

I understand you're in possession of a frequency we use to calibrate our instruments to extract the source.

It's not gonna happen.

Oh? I see.


The Paladin is neutralized, your fleet decimated, base is in ruins!

And the battle already lost.

You can choose to be the leader Haven needs right now!

You can stop the war!

You can save what's left of the refugees, or...

You can watch as I obliterate this planet.

Give me the rebel frequency and surrender!

End this. Full-scale assault, planet wide.

We'll just have to extract the core from the rubble.

No! Wait!


Wait! Stop!

Cease fire.

It's the people or the planet.

It worked.

Begin extraction.

No! No, wait!

I surrendered!

There's people down there! You said refugees...

They stopped being refugees when the deadline expired.

You had your chance.

You liar! Do it.


The Paladin makes an appearance.


Put the rebel leader with the rest of the criminals in the Brig.

And the Paladin?

He won't make any further difference here.

He did the worst of his damage a long time ago.

Kill him?

No! Dad, please!

Put him back in his ship.

Make sure that he's in hyper sleep.

Oh, and make sure he has a view.

Perhaps in a thousand cycles, he will have atoned for his betrayal.

Let's go.

You, too.


Don't try anything stupid.

I have to say, Paladin, I had hoped things would end differently.

See you in a thousand cycles.

No! No! Hypersleep sequence initiated.

Squire! Cancel! Open the door!

Dad... We will speak later.

Until then, I expect you to remain in your quarters.

Are you really sending me to my room?

There are far worse alternatives.

I hope you know how much I strive to keep you from being suspected of more than childish rebelliousness!

I hope you know that everything I've done has been to protect you!

From who, Dad?

Your Coalition?

What does that tell you?

Like it or not, we are the force of order in the galaxy.

I'd hoped you'd learn that sooner than your mother did.

Please don't repeat her mistakes.


Hey, guys, wanna blow this joint?

Do you have access to Honor? They're jamming my signal.

I can't get inside.

Can you reach it from here?

I can try. Do it.

Let Denz keep them busy. I'll get Corbryn.

Open the door!

Captain Ajax, can you hear me?

Captain Ajax, are you there?

Yeah, I hear you. Hold on.

That was using your head.

No hard feelings?

No more tricks?

No more tricks.

This should work... I think.

Get off your asses! It's time to fight!

2,756 Novaks...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, a lot of Novaks... it's all right.

I got it. Here, let's get out of here.

He's coming. I'll show you the way!

Astera, what about you?

I'll disable the tractor beam.

What if... Shut up!

I know this ship better than anyone.

I can get around faster.

Yeah, but what about... Don't worry about me!

You're their leader now, so get out there and lead and let's win this thing.

I need to get into that warship.

No way they're gonna let us dock now.

They wouldn't have to if it wasn't for the damage to this blasted armor.

My battery's almost depleted.

You kidding me? We got all the power you need.

Let's hope this works.

Like mother, like daughter!



Hello, Paladin!

That's enough!

Out of all the Paladins I've killed, your death is going to be the one I enjoy the most.

This one's for Haven!


Are you all right?


There's just one more thing I have to do.

I'll meet you at your ship.

Dad! Come out here! Astera?

Is this what you wanted?

Destroying an entire planet, killing thousands of innocent people?

They stole the ship that brought them here.

They stole the resources to fuel it.

From the moment of its founding, this planet has been nothing but a malignant tumor feeding off the lifeblood of the Coalition.

And now that tumor has been removed.


I don't think it was the tumor.

I think you just can't stand to see people free.

Astera, come on...

No, don't.

You don't get to do that anymore.

I have a ship ready and waiting.

I just need to, um...

I just need to know one thing about Mom.

You said she died trying to get to Haven.

That's right.

But she got there.

She just never made it back, right?

Astera, don't ask... Was it you?

I loved your mother very much.

Did you kill her?

She betrayed me!

You! She betrayed us all!

Did you?

She had an option.

She chose her path!

I didn't want to do it, but she forced my hand!

Your mother made her own choice.

Yeah, and I've made mine.


Then you'll die with the rest of them.

Sir, the rebel fleet is out.

Release the fighters.

Calling all ships!

That's your planet's heart down there!

Let's pull it together and end this thing.

Everyone on me!

We're with you!

Watch your backs. Here they come!

Get them!

You got one behind you!

He's locked on to me. I'm going to try to lose him.

A little help would be nice.

Hang in there. Twell's on him.

If you have it, take the shot.


Whoa! Nice shot!

Okay, I'm going for the beam. Cover me.

We're on you.

Whoa! Yeah!

That tractor beam's down, but the warship's still kicking!

We gotta get that Mana core back down to the surface.

Any ideas?

I might have one.

Great. We could use a pirate trick right now.

I got just the thing, but I got to get a signal out.

You'll have to give me the frequency.

That I can do. Sending it now.

Oh, I got it.

I hope this works. So do I.

Come on, baby. One last jump.

Prepare for impact. In three... two... one.

Yeah! Ramming speed, baby!

Oh, sorry.

Wait. The Mana core isn't moving.

It's already escaped the planet's gravitational pull.

You're going to have to use that ship and push it back down.

The ship's only got one pod left.

Take it, get to safety. When I'm done here, hopefully, there will still be planet left for me to land on.

That's all I needed to hear.

You coming?

What are you doing? Are you not coming?

Someone needs to stay if this doesn't work.

It'll work.

Then I'll see you on the surface.

I'm not gonna leave you here alone.


He won't be. I'll stay.

Not like I have a choice in the matter anymore.

Honor holds the last copy of my programming.

Helper, I'm so sorry.

I completely forgot that you'll...

You'll die. Yes.

Lucky for you, self-preservation is not a core dictate of my programming.

Thank you, Helper, for everything.

It's been a considerable pleasure.

I am, after all, here to help.

Commander Corbryn, pull back and get your people to safety!

All right, I thought you'd never ask.

Give her everything you got!

It's not enough!

It's not working.

Helper, I'm sorry.

Squire, ready the self-destruct and activate on reentry.

The blast should be powerful enough to send the Mana core back to the ground.

But I will need to pilot us within range.

Denz, allow me.

You've already sacrificed yourself once for Haven.

You don't need to do it again.

I can handle the ship.

Helper, this... this war, it's all my fault.

And the fate of this planet is my burden to bear.

Self-destruct sequence initiated.

Not anymore it's not.

Thank you, Helper.

Self-destruct in five, four, three, two...

They did it!

Denz! You made it!

I had some help.

Are we all gonna die?

Not today.

I guess you won't be going into hyper sleep again.

I hope not.

That's good.

Haven could use some wisdom from the ages, healthy perspectives.

I guess you're right.

The Coalition's not gonna leave Haven alone, not after this.

She's right.

They'll want to know what happened.

They'll come looking.

And when they do, we'll be ready.