Battlestar Galactica (1978) Script

23.976[ Man's Voice ] There are those who believe... that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans... who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians... or the Toltecs... or the Mayans-- that they may have been the great architects of the great pyramids... or the lost civilizations of Lemuria... or Atlantis.

Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man... who even now fight to survive, far, far away amongst the stars.

Noble delegates, I realize you are all anxious to get back to your ships... before our rendezvous with the Cylons, but I think it appropriate to toast... the most significant event in the history of mankind.

I would like to raise my chalice... to you-- not merely as the quorum of 12, representing the 12 colonies of man, but as my friends-- the greatest leaders ever assembled.

As we approach the seventh millennium of time, the human race at last will find peace, thanks to you.

[ All ] Peace.

Starbuck, he's comin'. What are you gonna say?

Zac, now just calm down. Why are you so nervous?

He still thinks of me as his little brother. Well, you're acting like one.

It's just a routine patrol. Why is it so important to you? 'Cause it is.

Look, I'm a warrior. I earned that. I wanna prove that to him.

I know, Zac, but this may not be the best time.

Well, it's a peace envoy. What possible trouble could there be?

Well, that's not the point. Starbuck, you promised.

I know. Starbuck, what are you doin'? We're goin' on patrol.

Uh, uh, w-- He can't make it.

Starbuck's not feeling well. Oh?

Yeah, uh-- Well, it's, um-- I don't--

Well, that's, uh, kinda short notice.

I mean, with everybody not wanting to go on this patrol-- everybody wants to celebrate the armistice, uh--

I wonder who I'm gonna be able to find.

Uh-- Yes, uh, Zac. You have a suggestion?

I've studied the coordinates from here to the Cylon capital.

My ship's ready to go.

Well, that's lucky. Isn't it, Starbuck?

Yeah, that's a real stroke of luck.

Well, I guess you're just gonna have to pull Starbuck's patrol with me.


[ Laughing ]

Were we ever like that? I don't know. I can't remember that far back.

Listen, uh, maybe I ought to go along.

No, he's gonna be just fine. I mean, it's not as if we're at war, right?

See ya later. Okay.

Take care of the stomach. Yeah. I will.

Section 12, launch bay alpha. Stand by to launch fighter probe.

Acknowledge input. Recorded and functioning.

[ Woman ] Vector coordinates coded and transferred.

Acknowledge. Acknowledge. Ready to launch.

Core systems transferring control to probe craft. Launch when ready.

You forget how different it is out here. [ Apollo ] This is nothing.

When the war is officially over, we may be able to get back to deep star exploration.

That's the challenge, Zac. Let's roll over and take a look at the Lianus vector.

Baltar, my friend, this armistice conference would not have been possible... without your tireless work.

You have secured for yourself a place in the history books.

That the Cylons chose me as their liaison to the quorum of the 12... was an act of providence, not skill.

[ Chuckling ]

I see the party is not a huge success with all my children.

What awaits us out there is what troubles me.

Oh, surely you don't cling to your suspicions about the Cylons.

They asked for this armistice.

They want peace. Forgive me, Mr. President, but they hate us with every fiber of their existence.

We love freedom. We love... independence-- to feel, to question, to resist oppression.

To them, it's an alien way of existing they will never accept.

But they have... through Baltar.

They have sued for peace.

Yes. Of course you're right.

Apollo, two targets on my scanner just above the old moon Cimtar.

Could be a storm. The fleet will be coming right through it.

You hold positions and cover me while I take a look.

I'm kicking in my turbos.

[ Apollo ] Well, look at that. [ Zac ] What is it?

Tell ya in a flash.

Warbook says a Cylon tanker. Scanner reads it's empty.

I have a funny feeling about this.

Well, we came to look.

There's the other ship, tucked in nice and neat.

I wonder what she's doin'.

[ Beeping ]

I can't read anything inside. She's jamming us.

-[ Zac ] Warbook says she's a freighter. -My foot.

If she's jamming us, she's hiding something. I'm going 'round her.

Nothing but a harmless mist.

Not heavy at all.

I don't see why they'd send up all that electronic jamming.

Let's get out of here. Why?

[ Apollo ] I'll explain later.

Colonial Viper in quadrant. Intercepting.

I see what you mean.

It's an ambush, and they've got enough firepower to destroy the entire fleet.

They're jamming transmission. We're not gonna make it giving them our backs.

How many of 'em can you make out? Four.

When I hit three, you hit reverse thrusters and maximum breaking flaps.

We'll give 'em a little surprise. One, two, three!

Turbos firm forward thrust now.

Right here, you creeps!

Not bad, little brother.

Okay. You go after the guys on the right.

Yahoo! Apollo, I'll get this one.

Zac, look out behind you!

I can't lose him! He's right on my tail! Hang on. I'm coming.

Steady. Hurry, Apollo!


Nice shooting, but they hit my high engine.

That's okay, little brother. We got all of 'em.

No way those guys can outfight us without a ten-to-one margin.

Apollo... better look at your scanner.

No, but a thousand to one-- that's not fair.

What's it mean? It means there isn't going to be any peace.

There may not be much of anything if we don't warn the fleet.

Do it. I'm short an engine. You know I won't be able to keep up with ya.

Zac, I'm not gonna leave you. You have to.

I'm puttin' my foot in that turbo. I'll make it back ahead of 'em.

Now go on. You gotta warn the fleet. I'll be all right.

You can fly with me anytime, little brother.

Good luck.

Galactica control, this is Commander Adama returning from Atlantia.

Request permission to land. [ Woman ] Permission granted.

Something's wrong.

What is it? I don't know. They just put the ship on alert.

[ Woman ] Atlantia, this is Galactica core control. Request assistance--

Colonel, what's been happening?

Our patrol ran into trouble. We picked up some signals, but they're being jammed.

Could be smugglers or pirates or--

[ Woman ] Standing by. Get me the president, please.

[ Adama ] Mr. President, our patrol is under attack.

We don't know by whom.

As a precautionary measure, I would like to launch intercept fighters.

I should think that's highly inadvisable, in view of the delicacy of our situation.

You're quite right, Baltar.

Commander, as a precautionary measure, I insist upon restraint.

If this turns out to be an encounter with some outlaw traffic, we could jeopardize the whole cause of peace... by displaying fighters when we are so close to our rendezvous.

Mr. President, two of my starfighters are under armed attack.

By forces unknown.

You are not to launch until the situation is more clear.

Sir, may I at least urge you to bring the fleet to a state of alert?

I will consider that. Thank you, Commander.

He'll consider it. He'll consider it?

It's all right. I'm sorry, Commander. It's just that--

Well what? The patrol is under the command of Captain Apollo.

Well, if I can't have confidence in my firstborn son, whom can I depend upon?

Commander, Zac is with him.

It's his first patrol.

Thank you.

[ Engine Sputtering ]

[ Engine Continues Sputtering ] Come on, baby. Give me all you got.

Still no word from our fighters, sir.

Their transmission is being deliberately jammed. If we don't launch--

We cannot launch. It's been expressly forbidden.

However, this might be a very good time for battle stations drill.

Sound the alert, Colonel. Yes, sir.

You may never see another one, fellas.

A perfect pyramid. [ Whistling, Chattering ]

Unless there's a better hand, the pot's mine.

[ Chattering, Laughing ]

[ Alarm Sounds ] Unfortunately, we'll have to finish later!

[ Man ] Another time. No! Wait! Wait!

Wait! Wait! Hey, wait a minute! Wait! Wait! Wait!

[ Starbuck ] Hey, come back! Duty calls.

[ Alarm, Chattering Continue ]

[ Man ] Oh, come on! Come on! Come on!

Sir, our long-range scanner... shows a large number of ships headed this way at high speed.

A single patrol craft is approaching, Commander.

Get that pilot here as soon as he lands. Get me the president.

What's goin' on? Nothing to worry about.

Probably some kind of aerial salute for the president while he signs the armistice.

It sure ruined a good card game.

Commander? Mr. President.

A wall of unidentified craft is closing in on the fleet.

Possibly a Cylon welcoming committee.

Sir, may I suggest we launch a welcoming committee of our own?

Mr. President, there remain many hostile feelings amongst our warriors.

The likelihood of an unfortunate incident... with all those pilots in the sky at once?


Sir, did Count Baltar suggest that our forces sit here totally defenseless?

My friend, we are on a peace mission-- the first peace man has known in a thousand years.

[ Engine Sputtering ]

Stand by to attack.

Come on, baby. Not much farther.

Blue Flag 2 in trouble. Request emergency approach.

Mr. President-- Commander, one of our patrol ships is under attack from main force approaching the fleet.

Mr. President, your welcoming committee is firing at our patrol.



[ Sighs ] We made it.

[ Zac ] Patrol to fleet! Patrol to fleet! I need help!

What was that?

That was my son, Mr. President.

[ Crying ] No. Oh, my God.

Positive shield now. Launch fighters.

All batteries commence fire. [ Man ] All fire control stations... manned and operational.

[ Woman ] Launch all remaining Vipers.

Sir, they're off. Fighters launched, sir.

Were the other ships able to launch their fighters? Negative, sir.

[ Laser Fire ] Lord help us.

[ Man ] Engineering reports laser hits on starboard 8-8-7.

Cylons. It was an ambush. I had to leave Zac.

He's disabled. I'd like to go back and lead him in. That won't be possible.

I didn't know what else to do. If I don't go back, he doesn't stand a chance!

Atlantia to all battlestars, we are under attack. Repeat, under attack.

Zac? His ship was destroyed just short of the fleet.

Transferring target scanners to deck seven.

Battlestar Atlantia losing speed.

[ Man ] Must renew speed three points to maintain position with Atlantia.

Hey, heads up, Boomer. There's a pair on your tail.

Pull up, Boomer. I'll try to get him off!

Nice shootin'!

Captain, we have to know how many base ships we're dealing with.

No base ships. You must be mistaken, Captain.

Fighters couldn't function this far from Cylon without base ships.

They don't carry enough fuel. Just fighters-- maybe a thousand.

How do you account for that, Apollo?

I don't know. We picked up an empty tanker on our scanner.

It's my guess the Cylons used it to refuel for the attack... after flying to that point from wherever their base ships are.

Why operate this far from Cylon without base ships when it isn't necessary?

They would have been well out of our range at the old moon.

Unless it was necessary... for them to be somewhere else.

Get me the president!

Hey, Starbuck, it's dangerous around here.

Mr. President, I request permission to leave the fleet.

I have reason to suspect our home planets may face imminent attack.

[ Woman ] Atlantia to all battlestars. Maintain contact.

Fire's out of control. Request Vipers.

[ Sobbing ] How could I have been so completely wrong?

I have led the entire human race to ruin.

Mr. President.

[ Screaming ]

Group three, vectors 1-7 and 2-8.

Arm and attack Atlantia.

[ Screaming ]

I got him on the left. I got him on the right.

Atlantia death squadron, attack!

[ Man Chattering ]

Negative field now. [ Woman ] Emergency power to guns eight through twelve.

[ Woman ] My God, the ship-- [ Man ] Get back to your post now.

Oh, my God.

Commander, our long-range scanners have picked up Cylon base ships-- at grid 0-3-5, 1-2-6 and 2-5-8.

That puts them well within striking range... of the planets Virgon, Sagittara and--

Yes, and Caprica.

By your command.

Speak, Centurian.

All base ships are now in range... to attack the colonies.

The final annihilation of the life-form known as man.

Let the attack begin.

Helm, bring us around.

We're withdrawing.

Flank speed for home. [ Woman ] Request shuttles too.

[ Laser Fire ]

Commander, the long-range scanner... picks up wave after wave of small ships headed towards all inner planets.

[ Chattering ]

[ Man ] Let's get out of here!

Get out! Come on! [ Chattering Continues ]


[ Screaming ]

Look out! Boxey!

[ Screams ]

[ Screaming, Chattering Continue ]

Please, miss. The building's gonna topple! Everybody, run for cover!

Run! Run! Hurry! Find cover! Get out of here!

Stay down here!

Down! Down!

[ Barking ]

My daggit! My daggit! Where is he? He's fine!

[ Yelps ]

It's gonna be all right.

[ TV Reporter ] Reaching on a broad front from the lakes to the peninsula.

Thirty-one cities are known to be under heavy attack.

[ Continues, Indistinct ] [ Man ] I'm dying here!

People running on fire!

I can't tell you what it's like. I'm all alone here.

I can't reach anyone. ...reports devastation throughout the mainland.

Call X-B-31-91.

[ Man ] This is the most terrible thing I've ever witnessed.

[ Man ] Red one-three-niner, we're on fire!

Emergency! Fire in red 1-3.

[ Woman ] There are hundreds of fires. A sea of fire.

The water supply is cut off. There is no water!

I'm told the death toll is in the hundreds--

[ Man ] No, sir, I cannot! My orders are to cover the relay.

[ Woman ] The central area is under attack.

A second wave is coming in! We have no defenses!

Is anyone on this channel?

Is this channel operative? Do any of these channels work?

[ Crying ] [ TV Reporters Continue, Indistinct ]

Oh, Zac! And all the others!

They trusted us to protect them, and we-- Oh!

There really wasn't any choice.

Commander, Cylon base ships on long-range scanner... launching to all outer planets.

No hope, Commander.

What about Sagittara?

Planet's in flames, Commander.

Have my shuttle craft prepared, please.

Shuttle craft?

I'm going down on the surface of Caprica.

That is out of the question. If the Cylon scanners should pick you up--

You will continue to rendezvous with the survivors of the fleet.

I'll take you in my fighter. You're the last surviving member of the council.

If we should run into a Cylon attack ship, at least you'll have a chance.

I insist on that, Commander.

Very well.

Core systems transferring control to probe craft. Launch when ready.

Ships are coming in on both decks, sir.

[ Tigh ] What's the count?

67 fighters in all, sir. 25 of our own.

How many battlestars?

None. What?

We're the only surviving battlestar.

My God.

Red Leader One in trouble. Repeat, in trouble.

We read you, Red Leader. How can we assist you?

I'm battle-damaged. Power control circuits shot away in my landing gear.

I'm on the line, Starbuck. What's your condition?

This is no time for trainees, Athena.

I'm in trouble. I mean, I'm in real trouble.

You will be if you keep talking like that.

[ Athena ] How's your fuel? Dry.

All right. Run the check with me.

Alpha circuit. Close and alternate to left servo circuit.

Alpha circuit closed. Alternating to left servo circuit.

No response. My throttles are still full open.

[ Keyboard Clicking ]

Omega C circuit. Close and alternate to servo support circuit.

Alternating to servo support circuit.

Does not respond.

Bring him in full throttle with shutdown at the outer marker. There's no choice.

I heard him.

Get everyone out of the way. I'm comin' in hot!

[ Man ] You're cleared to land.

Roger. I hope you guys aren't countin' off for neatness.

He'll be coming in like a missile.

Stay back! He could lose it!

I told you to stay back!

[ Athena ] Starbuck! [ Man ] Get out fast! The ship might blow any minute!

Are you all right? Fine. Fine. No thanks to your father.

Here. Give it a good wash, fellas.

Get under that wing. Blow that out! Get that fire there!

What are you saying about my father?

Do you realize what we've just been through? Oh, yeah?

You should have seen how we spent our day.

I managed to single-handedly keep the Cylons off your neck while you took a little cruise!

Don't you realize what's happened? Oh, yeah. Sure.

You should see this baby from the air when it takes off across the sky.

It's a beautiful sight, unless it happens to be your base ship.

Starbuck, listen to me!

The colonies are gone.

All of them. What are you talking about, gone?

I'm sorry, lla.

I was never there when it mattered.


[ Chattering ] [ Man ] Wait a minute.

[ Chattering Continues ] [ Man ] This way.

[ Man ] There must be food somewhere. [ Man ] I'm hungry.

[ Apollo ] Father?

There are crowds coming. They probably saw our ship land.

I was just g-gathering a few things here.

This likeness of you and Zac-- Father, we can't stay.

Maybe Mother wasn't here.


No, she was here.

She was here.

[ Chattering Continues ]

Where were they?

[ All ] Yeah!

Where were they? Where were the rest of you fancy flyers?

Where were you when they killed the rest of us? What were you doin', boy?

Wait! Wait! Let him talk.

I want to know where you were as well. All of you.

We waited.

We watched and prayed, and you never came.

Most of us are dead.

The fleet is all but destroyed. But you're here.

From the battlestar Galactica. It survives?


What of the president and the Council of 12... and all the other colonies?

[ Adama ] All destroyed.

Commander Adama. Yes, Serina.

It's true then. We are defeated, doomed.

Can I ride in your ship, sir?

Fighter planes are no place for little boys.

They're going to have to be if our people are going to survive.

We must fight back.

Yes, we are going to fight back.

But not here. Not now. Not in the colonies.

Not even in this star system.

Let the word go forth to every man, woman and child who survived this holocaust.

Tell them to set sail at once in every assorted vehicle that will carry them.

[ Adama ] And the word went forth to every outpost of human existence.

And they came-- the Aires, the Gemins, the Virgos, the Scorpios, the Piceans and the Sagittarians.

In all, 220 ships, representing every colony, color and creed in the star system.

[ Adama ] The human race might have one more chance, but first it would have to survive the alliance, the elements... and the unknown dark and sinister threats that would lie ahead.

Their destruction is complete.

[ Centurian ] Our forces have taken prisoners near the spacedrome.

They tell of survivors who escaped in ships.

What ships?

Hmph! How far can they go?

If a handful of survivors did indeed escape, they would have neither fuel nor food for a prolonged voyage.

The information is not complete.

It is offered in exchange for life.

And what is the standing order for humans from your imperious leader?


Then carry out your orders, and if they exist, they're doomed.

[ Adama ] We gather here as representatives of each ship in our fleet... to answer that single question:

Where will we go?

Our recorded history tells us that we descended... from a mother civilization, a race that went out into space to establish colonies.

Those of us here assembled now... represent the only known surviving colonies, save one.

A sister world, far out in the universe, remembered to us only through ancient writings.

It is my intention to seek out that remaining colony, that last outpost of humanity in the whole universe.

[ Serina ] Commander Adama.

This 13th colony, this other world--

Where is it, and what is it called?

I wish I could tell you that I know precisely where it is, but I can't.

However, I do know that it lies beyond our star system... in a galaxy very much like our own, on a planet called...


Earth! [ All Murmuring ]

Flight Leader 17 by your command.

Report, Centurian, on the final assault.

On each of the 12 planets a similar story is told... of a handful of ships who escaped destruction... to rendezvous with a warship.

What kind of warship? A battlestar called Galactica.

Then go and seek out Baltar. Tell him I am displeased.

Tell him I offer a choice.

Deliver the battlestar Galactica, or deliver his head.

[ Starbuck ] This is Alpha shuttle approaching freighter Gemini... for fleet damage and supply survey.

Please prepare to receive.

It isn't the worst duty in the fleet, asking a lot of questions.

I hear they're sending some poor guys from Beta section... crawling around on the outside of an old skybus looking for a solium leak.

Wonder how they missed us for that detail.

[ Starbuck ] Excuse me, but-- Shh!

Would you mind telling us what you're looking for?

Solium leaks!

Bye! Halt!


Captain, that stuff is dangerous.

These old ships shouldn't even be flying.

There really wasn't much choice, was there?

How many people did we leave behind for lack of ships?

Now, unless you're willing to volunteer permanent assignment on this tub, you'll help survey each and every ship in this fleet for damage, or I just might be tempted to loan you guys out to Beta company.

Just keep it up, old buddy. You're gonna get us into real trouble.

Ten thousand light-years from nowhere, our planet's shot to pieces, people starving, and I'm gonna get us in trouble?

Look, all I'm saying-- What is the matter with you?

I tell ya, may as well live for today. We might not have many left.

[ People Groaning, Murmuring ]

[ Coughing ] [ Murmuring, Groaning Continue ]

[ Woman ] What's going on?

[ Man ] We want some food.

[ Coughing Continues ] [ Woman Sobbing ]


Yeah. I see it.

Where's the food? Everything's gonna be taken care of.

Just be patient. But we haven't had water in two days.

We will have food and water to you as soon as possible. But what's happening?

Just give us a little water! Can't you bring us some water?

We just need a little bit of water!

[ Man ] Where's the food?

Why haven't we seen or heard from anybody in two days?

Please tell us what's going on.

Have-- Have we been left behind? No, you haven't.

Just be patient. Your needs will be attended to.

Just be glad you're alive.

[ Speaking Gemonese ]

[ Starbuck ] What's she saying?

It's Gemonese. Boomer can translate.

Boomer's tied up. Anyone here can help?

Does anyone here understand Gemonese?

-The woman said her husband is feverish. -What's wrong with your arm?

There are others with greater need than I.

Get her out of here.

She should be jettisoned with the dead.

No place for refuse here.

Feed her to the daggits.

Dirty Socialator.

It's a sin to starve us... while the bureauticians luxuriate in their private sanctuaries.

No one is in luxury, I can promise you that. No, you're lying.

I saw it with my own eyes aboard the Rising Star, before I was cast out and put here among the bories of humanity.

Come here.

Core Control is aware of the problem.

Then I can tell them food and water is on the way?

They are aware of the problem. What are you saying?

There's something you're not telling us.

Relief is on the way. You have my word as a warrior.

[ Woman Shouts ] Your word as a warrior?

[ Laughing ]

[ Apollo ] I can't fault them for resenting us.

They lost everything. They have to blame someone.

Core Command, this is Alpha shuttle... requesting clarification and food dispersal.

Core Command, no information available at this time.

What are you talking about? I just left a ship filled with starving people.

What's going on?

I'm sorry, Shuttle Alpha.

Core Command has no information available at this time.

[ Beeping ]

Commander, this is Colonel Tigh.

It's starting.

[ Man Groaning, Shouting ] Something's wrong.

What'd they tell you when you called in the food shortage?

Same thing they told you: vague acknowledgement of the problem.

[ Sighs ]

[ Groaning, Shouting Continue ]

Boomer, I'm getting an awful uneasy feeling.

Why don't you just give me your name, okay?

[ Groaning Continues ] It's all right.

My name is Cassiopea.


[ Beeping ] It's beautiful.

It means "fairy queen," doesn't it?

I think so.

And designation?

I'm designated a Socialator.

It's an honorable profession, practiced with the blessings of the elders for over 4,000 years.

I didn't say anything.

I was just curious about what all that excitement was about back on the barge.

That woman--

That woman is a member of the Otori sect amongst the Gemonese.

They don't believe in physical contact between genders... except when sanctified by the priests... during high worship of the sun storm, which comes once only every seven years.

No wonder those little buggers are such good card players.

Core Command, this is Alpha Shuttle.

Changing course to rendezvous starliner Rising Star.

Shuttle will proceed on to Galactica with patients for life station.

Hey, what are you up to? I-If you don't mind my asking, sir.

I want to see what's at the bottom of this conspiracy of silence.

Passenger liner Rising Star, this is Sigma Shuttle on fleet damage and supply survey.

Prepare to receive.


Weren't the provisions checked before they were boarded?

[ Jolly ] For radiation, yes.

There wasn't time to check for pluton poisoning.

Pluton breaks down the structure of food.

All of this is worthless? We don't know that yet.

Jolly, go through every container.

Chances are some of it was shielded enough from the bombs to be saved.

We went through three ships since last night. It isn't looking good.

Salvage anything you can. Even small scraps will help.

And what do we do with the rest of it?

Jettison it.

Keep a lid on the problem.

People find out we haven't any food, we're gonna have a mutiny on our hands.

We're going up to the second level.

[ Beeps ] Captain!

Yes? I heard that you'd come aboard.

I wonder if I might borrow you for a moment.

We're on an important survey for the commander right now. It won't take very long.

Boomer, go up to elite class, see if there's anything goin' on we should be concerned about.

You won't like what you find.

I'll be along presently.

It's my son.

He hasn't moved in two days.

He lost a little daggit which meant everything to him.

I thought you might be able to help.

If he won't eat for you, I don't know what I can do.

He seemed to spark a little when you picked him up on Caprica.

I got the feeling you were good with children.

I grew up with a kid brother. Where is he?

There. Oh.

[ People Murmuring, Groaning ]

Excuse me.

I'm in charge of finding young men to try out as future fighter pilots.

Your name is? Boxey.

Boxey. Okay.

[ Beeping ]

Just what I thought. You're right at the top of my list.

I've been looking for you. You should have made contact with the commander.

We're very short on fighter pilots. I'm too little to be a pilot.

Oh, sure, right now, but how long do you think it takes to become a full colonial warrior?

I don't know.

You have to start when you're very small, or you won't get these until you have gray hair.

You like them? I want Muffit.

Well, there's not much room for a daggit in a fighter plane.

He's gone. He ran away.


Well, um, well, maybe we can find one of Muffit's friends.

I asked. There are no daggits.

Well, I'll tell you what.

As a colonial warrior, first level, you are entitled to the first daggit that comes along.

But only on the condition that you get your rest, close your eyes,

eat all your primaries--

Shh. and stop chasing girls.

Thank you.

I was right. You are good with kids.

You and your brother must be very close.

We were.

Oh, I'm sorry, I--

If you'd rather not be involved, I-- Hey, don't be silly.

What's a warrior to do after he's lost the big one? Win a few of the little ones.

That's not a little one in there, Captain.


Genestress is a private accommodation... ...just once to step aside-- secured by Sire Uri and his party.

I'm being paid by Transtellar--


Hey, what's goin' on, Boomer?

Oh, oh, nothing.

Just that the fella here didn't seem to want to let us into the club area.

[ Beeps ] Thank you.

[ Guests Laughing, Chattering ]

[ Whispers ] Thank you.

I trust you have an explanation for this intrusion.

Would you like to make a statement before I arrest you, Sire Uri?

[ Chuckles ] I'm glad you know my name.

At least you'll know from where the blade fell.

I'm gonna give you about a micron to join me on my shuttle.

After that, I'll just turn the six levels of starving passengers loose... and let you take your chances with them.

Captain, why don't you join us in our prayer of gratitude for deliverance.

In case it eluded you, Counselor, some hundred people have died since our deliverance from the Cylons, and while hunger hasn't yet taken a life, it's only a matter of time now.

Boomer, notify Core Command that we have located some stores... which we will distribute as far as they go.

No, it's mine.

It belongs to me and my guests.

Does your wife share your feelings about denying your food to others?

My wife? Siress Uri. I don't see her.

Unfortunately, she was not in time to make the voyage.

My sympathies. I share your bereavement.

Siress Uri was an outstanding woman.


I'm sure she'd be moved by your period of mourning.

Boomer, have Jolly come up here with a crew and distribute this food throughout the ship.

Without being critical, Captain, wouldn't you say you overplayed our hand just a tad, considering Sire Uri is a member of the newly elected Council of the 12?

How do you overplay starvation?

How's it feel?

[ Cassiopea ] It feels like it's never even been broken.

The bone's been fused whole.

It's stronger than before.

It's wonderful.

[ Sighs ] [ Groaning ]

Look! Look!

Look. Look at my arm!

[ Laughs ]

You're waiting to take me back, aren't you?

Well, it isn't easy to find a ride around here.

Oh, I dread returning to that ship.

Look, uh, maybe I can check around and see if there's anyplace else you can go.

There are better ships.

Would you be doing this if I weren't a Socialator?

Hey, listen, uh, can we forget my little jokes back on the shuttle, huh?

Look, I-- I just want to help you.


It was nothing personal.

Nothing personal? No.

Absolutely nothing. Really?

I swear.

[ Laughs ] Okay. Okay.

But I think you're making a terrible deal.

[ Laughing ]

The long range patrol's reporting in.

Alta tech scanners show no sign of Cylon pursuit.

All vectors looking good.

Commander. Yes, I heard.

That's, uh, good news.

Apparently we've made good our escape.

Finding us now would be almost impossible, assuming we don't make any mistakes.

Carillon is too far away.

We will never make it because of the food disaster.

There is no other destination.

Ah, but there is.

We can stop here, on Borallus.

[ Men Murmuring ] Borallus?

We know that everything we need is there-- food, fuel and water.

And, undoubtedly, a Cylon task force.

It is the most logical place for us to stop.

Precisely why it would be fatal.

H-H-Hey, where you goin'? [ Sire Uri ] Possibly fatal.

Is it not surely fatal to continue towards Carillon?

There is another way, if I may have a few moments of the Council's time.

I support Commander Adama's rejection of Borallus.


It is a death trap as lethal as the one we left behind, and we haven't the armament to fight our way in and out.

However, there is another approach to Carillon.

Instead of using the intended route, which takes us centons out of our way, I suggest we take the direct path here, through the Nova of Madagon.

Not patrolled, and a savings of centons in reaching Carillon.

Captain, I may not be a military expert, but I do know that the Cylons don't have to patrol that particular area... because they mine it.

They lay mines to make passage impossible.

[ Council Members Murmuring ]

A fleet of cumbersome ships like ours, to even attempt to go through that narrow passage--

I agree. The fleet could not traverse the channel... unless it had been cleared first.

And how would you propose doing that?

Well, I suggest I find one or two volunteers... to join me in flying ahead of the fleet... to blow the minefield apart with laser torpedoes.

Good idea. Two, uh, "volunteers."

Out of the question. Out of the question!

Brilliant, brilliant.

If we must go straight ahead, as you insist, Adama, then this is the way.

I say we support the captain. [ Anton ] Good for you.

My boy, as grave a plan as it is, it appears to be our only hope.

You have the support and the blessing of the Council of the 12.

Thank you.

You wanna guess who he's got in mind to volunteer for that--

-Hey, hey, wait. -[ Whispering ] I'm getting out of here.

Well, just the two fellas I wanted to see.

Follow me, gentlemen.

[ Whispers ] See? I told you.


He still won't eat.

I think we may have found something that's going to interest him.

Tonight? Shouldn't you be getting some rest?

I'll sleep better after we solve Boxey's problem.

That's a tall order. I'm a big boy.

Okay, Boxey.

You're gonna love this, Boxey.

As you know, we will soon be landing... on various alien planets.

It's important that we be safe.

Ordinarily, we'd use trained daggits to stand watch at night... while our warriors slept in their encampments, but we didn't have any daggits... so we just had to see what we could come up with.

We'll call the first one Muffit 2.

[ Electronic Bark ] [ Gears Whirring ]

[ Electronic Barking ]

[ Barking Continues ]

[ Chuckles ]

[ Purring ]

Naturally, the first one will have to be very carefully looked after.

That's not Muffit.

He's not even a real daggit.

No, but he can learn to be like a real one.

He's very smart.

And if you would help us, it will be even smarter.

Stop that. [ Moans ]

We used the image of Boxey you gave us... to train the drone to respond to him.

[ Bouncing Noise, Gears Whirring ]

I owe you one, Doc.


[ Laughing ]

That's one I owe you.

Call it even.

[ Electronic Barking ]

It's somehow beautiful.

It's a perfect machine! [ Starbuck Chuckles ]

[ Cassiopea Laughs ]

[ Cassiopea ] Born to dance amongst the stars.

[ Starbuck ] Yeah, it's bumping into them that has me worried.

Why did you volunteer, Starbuck?

Well, somebody had to do it.

Did Apollo make you?

Yes, uh, you certainly have a way... of cutting through the felgercarb.

Do you ever take that smoldering weed out of your mouth?

[ Chuckles ] And I had this wonderful speech all prepared.

About this being your last night here, about possibly not seeing another night as beautiful as this one... or another girl as beautiful as I am ever again.

Yeah, well, that speech is a little better than the one I had.

Would you mind if I borrowed it on some future occasion?

Do you mind if we don't spend too much more time in the launching bay?

Can you think of anyplace more private?

Come to think of it, I can't think of anyplace private in the whole damn fleet.


What's in there? That's the launching tube.

You don't wanna go in there. It's dark and cold and, uh--

[ Sighs ] Oh, Lord, I'll do anything you ask tomorrow.

Colonel, have you seen Lieutenant Starbuck, by any chance?

No, I don't think I-- Wait, I did see him on one of the monitors earlier.

Before we shut down the flight deck, I think he was checking out a ship.

That would seem to make sense.

I'm sure he's long gone by now, getting a good night's sleep for the mission.

Why don't you do the same. You are going to be working.

That little snake.

[ Yelling ]

[ Steam Hissing ]

[ Yelling Continues ]

The Nova of Madagon is not a nova at all, but a star field so bright our cockpits will be sealed to prevent blindness.

We'll navigate by scanner and sweep everything out of our path with turbo lasers.

[ Clears Throat ]

You feeling all right? You're fidgeting around like a daggit on a sunspot.

It's my bio-pulse line, sir.

It's a bad time for me to be cooped up in a cockpit.

Starbuck's being polite.

Seems he got a steam burn.

I don't wanna ask you how you got it, because I need you on this mission.

I didn't choose you to help lead us through without a great deal of anguish.

If it'll do any good, let me assure you that should we fail, no one will survive.

The rest of our friends must sit in anticipation of our skill.

Or lack thereof.

Ready? Ready.

[ Apollo ] Starbuck? Uh, I'm not ready, but let's get it over with.

Nova star field ahead.

[ Man On Radio ] On three, two, one. We've got it.

Radiation shield positive.

Launch fighters... now!

[ Computer ] Skin temperature readout: 1-0-0 and rising.

I may not be able to see anything, but it's sure getting hot.

Anybody picking up the field?

Negative. My scanner's burning up.

[ Boomer ] Mine's gone. [ Apollo ] It's too bright for the scanner.

Core systems transferring control from probe craft to Galactica.

We will guide you through using scanners.

What if we miss a mine? One of us will be the first to know.

Let's go.

[ Woman ] We'll talk you through.

[ Computer ] Countdown to fire-- five, four, three--

[ Computer ] Three degrees right.

[ Computer ] Target destroyed. [ Sizzling ]

One target coming up. It's burning through my canopy!

Four, three, two, one, fire. [ Apollo ] Just keep firing.

[ Computer ] And fire.

[ Computer ] Heartbeat, Lieutenant Boomer, readout: 1-0-0.

Other functions normal.

It's working, Commander.

They're clearing a path a hundred maxims wide.

Now, that is precision flying.

I can't see a blessed thing. Are we hitting anything? Hanged if I know.

[ Computer ] Two, one, fire.

[ Computer ] Heartbeat, Captain Apollo, readout: 9-9.

Skin temperature: 1-2-0 and still rising.

Skin temperature: 1-3-0 and rising.

Five, four, three, It's getting hot. two, one, fire.



[ Computer ] Heartbeat, Captain Apollo, readout: 9-9.

Skin temperature: 1-3-5 and slowly leveling off.

[ Apollo ] It's cooling off.

Heartbeat, Captain Apollo-- Let's take a look at where we are.

Negative shield now.

There it is.


I think we're gonna make it. Yee-haah!

[ Voices Murmuring, Chattering ]

[ Cheering, Yelling ]

[ Woman ] We did it! Yes!

[ Cheering Continues ]

Recall the flight crews.

[ Adama ] The planet Carillon.

Landing operations will begin at once.

Prepare to land the mineral ships and the Landram parties.

Our mineral scanners have located... what we believe is the approximate site of the old mining expedition.

Blue Squadron will vector in the ground search teams.

Welcome, Baltar.

I have grave news.

A handful of colonials prevail, but we will soon find them.

What of our bargain? My colony was to be spared.

I now alter the bargain.

How can you change one side of a bargain?

When there is no other side.

You have missed the entire point of the war.

But I-I have no ambitions against you.

Could you think me so foolish as to trust a man... who would see his own race destroyed?

Not destroyed. Subjugated under me.

There can be no survivors.

So long as one human remains alive, the alliance is threatened.

[ Chuckles ]

S-S-Surely you-- y-you don't mean me.

We thank you for your help, Baltar.

Your time is at an end. No!

You can't!

You still need me-- Aaaah!

Victor 6-3-0-3-8 to Ground Expedition 2.

My scanners read life-forms beyond these coordinates.

Either it's some high energy-yielding substance, or they left some kind of caretaker operation behind when they abandoned this place.

[ Boomer ] We've got it, 0-3-8.

I wonder what this looks like in the daytime.

Hey. This is the daytime.

Oh. Lovely.

Landram 1 to Skywatch 0-3-8.

Can you assist in locating tylium mine?

You got it, Captain.

My scanner indicates that you are vectored to intersect the mine area... in 24 millicentons.

[ Apollo ] Affirmative, 0-3-8. Everyone sync chronometers.

Captain would like a check-in every four millicentons on the emergency frequency.

Understood? Affirmative, Jolly.

You are in time sync now.

0-3-8 returning to base. See you guys in a while. Good luck.


Yeah, yeah, what is it now?

You're not gonna believe this.

[ Engine Stops ]

I don't believe it.

What is it? I don't know.

All right.

[ Whispers ] Okay, come on.

Boy, sure is pretty. [ Voices Chattering ]

Sounds friendly.

[ Laughing, Chattering Continues ]

Aaah! Don't shoot me! What do you want?

W-W-Wait. Don't be afraid.

Listen, uh-- Hey, you're from Taura.

I'm a Taurus. How do you know that? The, uh, dialect.

Listen, uh, what is this place?

What are you doing here? What are you doing here?

Colonial warriors sneaking around a resort like this with your weapons drawn.

Oh, uh, sorry. This is legal!

Isn't it?

Well, uh, how did you get here?

-Oh! I came in a skybus. -She must have been smoking plant vapor.

[ Laughing, Chattering Continue ] Hey, wait, wait, listen.

Could you, uh, tell us something about this bus?

My travelator took care of all of it. Isn't it fabulous here?

All this for so little money.

Oh, and I just won a thousand-- over a thousand cubits.

Isn't that amazing? You won those cubits here?

Oh, in here everybody's doing it.

It's incredible.

You know, if it's illegal you're gonna have to fight the whole star system.

I have to go! [ Laughs ]

I have a moonlight cruise. Two moons. Oh, how can you go wrong?

[ Laughing, Chattering, Screaming ]

[ Boomer ] I don't get it. How cut off can these people be?

She didn't act like she'd even heard about the destruction of the colonies.

There's something even more peculiar.

Why haven't we heard about this place?

I suppose you know every gambling chancery in this star system, huh?

Oh, that's right. That's right.

If there's a game going on, you'd know about it.

-- [ Pop ]

[ Woman Screaming Excitedly ]

Whoo-hoo! Whoo!

Whoo! [ Cheering ]

The odds must be incredible here.

People are winning a fortune.

Yes, and they're obviously well-fed.

Look, why don't we find out about who's in charge of this place... and see about getting some food back up to the fleet.

The last thing these people may want is a battlestar sitting on their front door.

I haven't found a gambling den yet... that didn't depend on military pay vouchers to keep its doors open.

Now, Boomer, until we find out who these people are, just remember, it'll only take one informer, and we'll have the whole Cylon war machine on its way.

[ Starbuck ] I wanna look around, sit in on a game or two, see if I can find out what's behind this place.

[ Excited Squealing, Hooting ]

Your mission, Boxey, is to keep your eye on that readout.

When the counter gets up to 10, it means we're right on top of a rich tylium deposit.

Yes, sir.

It don't matter where you go -

We'd better talk. Right.

Something's always after you -

- It's love - - Love - - - Love -

- It's love - - Love - - - Love -

- It's love - - Love - - - Love -

- Love - They can't read our lips in here.

Who? Whoever might be up to something in this place.

Well, Boomer, one thing this place isn't is crooked.

Where'd you get all those cubits?

Gambling. I'm telling you, Boomer, you can't lose.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

You ever been in a gambling chancery where you couldn't lose?

No, but then I've never been here before either.

-- [ Continues ]

It don't matter where you go -

It won't matter what you do -

'Cause something's always after you -

We could make a fortune if we put those girls on the star circuit.

I mean, big money, Boomer. Big money.

Big money, huh? Yeah.

Every creature in the universe is out to exterminate us, and you wanna hire a vocal group.

Mm-hmm. - I'm telling you, there's something just not right about this place.

- It's love - - Love - - - Love -

- It's love - - Love - - - Love -

- It's love - - Love - - - Love -

Love, Love -

[ Bass Tone ] Love --

Yeah, I gotta talk to those girls.

[ Gears Whirring, Clanking ] Quiet, Muffit.

[ Monitor Beeping ] I see it. Tylium.

Nice going, Boxey. [ Jolly ] That's a pretty hot reading.

We may be right on top of that old mine. I'd better check it out.

[ Gears Continue Whirring ] Okay, Jolly, keep your eyes open.

[ Whirring, Electronic Barking ]

I'll bring him back. Hey, Boxey!

Boxey, wait right here. I'm gonna get him back.

Muffy? Muffy?

Thank you. For what?

For saving my son's life.

You're getting things a little out of proportion.

In a way, maybe I should be thanking you.

You don't know anything about me... or what happened to Boxey's father or--

When you're ready, you'll tell me.

In the meantime, nothing that's gone on before really counts for much.

As far as the human race is concerned, we're all starting over.




[ Loud Clank ]

Muffy? Muffy!

Darn you, daggit, where are you?

Muffy! Muffy?



[ Gasps ] Aah--

[ Footsteps Approaching ]

Any sign of Boxey? I'm afraid not.

What is it?

What's happening on this planet? I don't know.

[ Apollo ] This may be the largest tylium mine in the star system.

[ Serina ] I don't care. I just want to know what's happened to Boxey.

-- [ Harp ]

[ Squeaking Language ] [ Computer, Translating ] Welcome to Carillon.

You are impressed? [ Apollo ] Confused would be more like it.

Listen, we've lost a little boy. [ Squeaking Language ]

[ Translating ] He is safe.

We found him and brought him here. [ Squeaking Language ]

Would you care to join him? Yes, we would.


[ Chuckles ] Captain, good fortune smiles on us.

Yeah, it's like nothing we ever dreamed of, Captain.

They've got everything we need here, plenty of it, and they're happy to share.

Sounds like paradise.

Yeah, it does.

Colonel, a message from Sire Uri.

[ Tigh Reading ]

[ Adama Reading ]

"...within a centon."

Well, Colonel, a most optimistic note.

Too optimistic.

Uri has everyone in the fleet breaking in the bulkheads to get down to the surface.

Well, perhaps in small numbers, in orderly rotation.

It isn't going to be that way.

Already he's authorized visitors permits to half our population.

Half the population?

[ Adama ] We've come so far, so quickly.

There's been little time for reason.

What is the curious secret behind the existence of this outpost... on the outer rim of our star system?

There are many such oases for intergalactic travelers, but none so far off the known arteries of trade... and none so curiously close to a tylium mine.

Fuel has begun to arrive from the Ovion mines, but in curiously small quantities.

And now I feeling the growing need... for extraordinary measures of precaution.

The ships continue to hover over the planet, supported by small maintenance crews... whose spirits are as depleted as their numbers.

Everyone seems to have forgotten our flight from the Cylons.

The beauty and wiles of Carillon... hold our people spellbound.

-- [ Disco ]

Let 'em ride.

Hello, Starbuck.

This is my lucky night.

Just might be.

Yeah, well, money isn't everything.

No? Mm-mmm.

Um, listen, have you checked out the accommodations yet?

Most of my unit is staying down on Carillon tonight.

I'll see what I can arrange.

Oh, really? Mm-hmm.


Are you going to play, sir? Oh, I hope so.

Hmm? Oh! Uh, yeah, sure.

Let 'em ride again. It's my lucky night.


[ Cheering ] Can't lose.

Is this seat taken?

Oh, uh, uh, well, it's, um, um, um--

Starbuck? Yeah?

I became because I owe you an apology. You do?

Come on. This paradise?

It's the perfect opportunity for us to be... open and honest with one another.

Yeah. I hurt you. Admit it.

Well, it-- w--

Didn't you once tell me...

I was the only woman you'd ever had any real and deep feelings toward?

Yeah, I may have said that.

You may have said that? No, uh--

A-Athena, wait, wait. What I--

What I meant to say is, I've had to shut all those feelings out of my mind... to avoid any more pain than I've already suffered.

Hmm? [ Laughs ] Starbuck.

[ Starbuck ] Oh, no.


Excuse me. I believe you're occupying my space.

Your space? Yes. I have good news.

Huh? I got us the key to the royal suite.

Why, thank you. We do appreciate it.

Uh, say, listen, girls. I've got this hot streak going here.

Oh, I see. Yes, I do too.

Well, have a good time, you two.

And next time, it's at office rates, Lieutenant.

Never eaten so much in my entire life.

[ Laughs ] I'm gonna be as fat as a pig.

Push level three for us, please.

I feel like a total glutton, Answaw. Nothing fits me anymore.

And we've only been down on the surface for three--

Um, I asked you to push the third level.

You've missed our lodging.

I did press it. Something seems to be wrong.

Well, there are no lodgings this far down.

Look there!

It seems to be taking us all the way to the bottom.

Something seems to be happening. Let me at that control.

There. We've stopped. Thank goodness.

I wonder what's down here.

[ Screaming ]

What is the purpose of this special council?

Adama, I'm afraid I must ask you... to respect the order of business until called upon by this chair.

I think Counselor Uri has a measure to propose. Thank you.

My brothers, a hasty attempt to outrun the Cylons... spawned in the midnight of desperation... seems foolhardy in the light of day.

I propose, instead, we now attempt to appeal for justice and mercy.

Justice? Justice from the Cylons?

Is that what you actually said?

Gentlemen, they've told us... that they would not stop until every human had been exterminated.

Now, why should they believe we are now willing to accept... that which we have always found to be unacceptable?

To live under Cylon rule?

Because we would destroy our arms... to prove we're willing to live in peace.

Destroy our only means of defense? Or attack.

May I remind my brothers... that we did not have conflict with the Cylons... until we intervened in their relations with other nations.

Yes. Yes, you are right.

We did not come into conflict with the Cylons... until we helped our neighbors whom the Cylons wished to enslave, and until we helped the Hasaries get back their nation, taken by force by the Cylons.

Correct. But if we mind our own business, there's every reason to believe that the Cylons will leave us alone.

If you've all come to this council to turn your backs... on the principles of our fathers and the Lords of Kobol... from whom all colonies evolved, you do so with my utter contempt.

Warriors are always the last to recognize the inevitability of change.

We have a choice: life or death.

I submit that an issue this grave should be decided by our people.

Maybe you're right. But I'll tell you something.

The military won't be easy to convince.

How, may I ask, do you propose to present such a delicate matter, eh?

At a celebration... to decorate those three brave young men... who led us to safety through the perilous straits of Madagon.

One of them Adama's son, I do believe.

Just the tonic our people need at this moment.

Some old-fashioned, down-to-goodness heroes. [ Chuckles ]

[ Chattering, Shouting ]

After you. Thank you.

Party's just gettin' started.

Do you want a little, uh, company?

I'm kinda companied out. Thank you.

You're gonna miss the tribute for the three warriors.

I've given 'em all the tribute they're gonna get.

[ Sighs ] We missed my level.

Mine too. Something seems to be wrong.

We're going all the way down.

I didn't think that was allowed. I wonder what's down there.

[ Screaming ]

Help me! What are they doing with us?

Okay, 30-70.

You guys split 70 percent, and I'll even pick up the transportation.

I just don't think it'll work out.

Well, why not?

Look, I can't talk now. What do you mean?

We'll just have to talk about it later... if you're still around.

Hey, hey, wait! Where you goin'?

You're my meal ticket out of the military. Starbuck!

What are you doing? The captain's been lookin' all over for you.

You know, Boomer, I'm beginning to agree with you. Something's goin' on here.

Well, whatever it is, it's gonna have to wait. We've gotta get back.

Uh, what for? Dress uniform.

Wait. I'm not gettin' into any fancy-- Uh, uh, uh, uh.

One does not accept our people's highest military honor, the Gold Cluster, in a battle suit.

The Gold Cluster? Ah, you're kidding. We got it.



Just like old times, isn't it, Tigh?

Well, our ships weren't quite so fancy, but we gave them a good run.

Yes. You didn't tell anyone we were meeting?

No. Good.

Is there some reason why you and I aren't supposed to be talking?

Pick up that ground crew communicator... and climb into the next ship, please.

Climb into the next ship? Quickly.

You're patched into my internal com system.

We are completely isolated. No one can hear us.

Yes. I understand. But why would anyone want to?

It grieves me to think that we have to take such precautions on our own battlestar.

Sire Uri's men are expecting me... to make some kind of move over his disarmament plan.

I find that even my private quarters are being monitored.

Now, what I'm about to propose is somewhat risky.

You don't have to go along if you don't want to.

Commander, if you think we should do it, naturally I say we should do it.

What is it we're about to do?

Tigh, when would be... the most devastating time for a Cylon strike?

Almost anytime. With half of our warriors down on--

During the celebration, when all of our warriors are down on Carillon.

If we were attacked... without being able to recall our warriors, we wouldn't have a chance.

A few well-placed Cylon bombs... in the heart of this launching bay... and we wouldn't be able to get a single fighter into the air.

Then, you do think there's more to Carillon than generosity?

It smells like a trap.

It feels like a trap.

I believe it is a trap.

It is imperative... that we get our pilots closer to our ships.

Or perhaps the other way around-- get our ships closer to our pilots.

How do we get our fighter ships down to Carillon without getting council clearance?

Well, we'll launch a couple at a time... as if they were part of our regular patrol.

The council has ordered all of our warriors to be at the party.

They will be there, in a manner of speaking.

Now, Uri doesn't know all of our warriors on sight.

He'll be counting uniforms, not men.

He'll be counting uniforms?

Yes. I want you to collect... all the warrior uniforms you can possibly lay your hands on... and fill them with whomever you can find-- mechanics, kitchen personnel, anyone-- and get them down to that party.

What do I tell them? Tell them anything.

Tell them they're on a secret mission, which is the truth.

I'll do my best.

I'm depending upon you, Tigh.

If I'm right, Uri won't be the only one who'll be counting uniforms at that party tonight.

I understand, and I hope you are wrong.

Well, we'll see.

[ Coins Clattering On Floor ]

What are you doing, Colonel? [ Gasps ] Felger--

I, uh, didn't mean to startle you.

Can we, uh, give you a hand with--

If you ever do that again, you're on report, Starbuck!

You can tell the rest of your playboy pilots... this is not the last flash inspection that I'm gonna make.

If I ever find uniforms in this condition, you're in trouble.

When Commander Adama sees these, he's gonna go crazy.

It's gotta be the pressure.

You know, it's unfair. A lot of those bridge officers never go down to the surface... while everybody else gets to go and have a good time.

Bridge officers don't get their tails shot off flying around in little fighters.

Still, I wouldn't mind trading with them.

I believe you. I'll mention it to the colonel.

Wait a minute. I can't take over for him. I'm not a colonel.

Neither am I.

So much for guilt. Let's go to the party.


Hello, Father.


Well, uh, Colonel Tigh wants to be at the celebration, so I, uh-- I offered to relieve him for the night.

Simply as a favor.

I might have thought you'd like to see your son getting his Star Cluster.

It's well-deserved, Apollo. Well-deserved.

Precisely why I cannot accept it as anything but another one of Counselor Uri's ploys.

How can saluting his greatest rival's son be a ploy?

I just have the feeling that he'll propose destroying our arms... at the celebration, hoping that the cascade of emotion... will do all the damage before anyone realizes what they've done.

But you can stop it. I? [ Laughs ]

Not anymore. Have you heard the talk? I got us into this predicament.

No one believes that. And even if some do, you have to speak out.

How can I say to you that you've been more than a father to me?

You've been someone I could look up to with trust and respect.

My ideals rise and fall on your standards, and this isn't you.

What's happening to you? Help me to understand.

You'll understand, my son. In time, you'll understand.

I know that wasn't easy for you, not telling him. Perhaps you should have.

No. No.

If I told him, I wouldn't have been able to keep him from my side.

This is my gamble. If I win, we all win.

But if you're wrong, Uri will destroy you.

I'm not wrong.

The Cylons lured me into their deception once.

Never again.

[ Chattering ]

That's very strange. What is?

That man's insignia is Blue Squadron.

I thought I knew everybody in it, and look at the fit of that uniform.

Apollo, tonight is a night of thanksgiving, and everyone's dressing up and making do with whatever they have.

He probably hasn't worn that in years.

Besides, the guest of honor looks absolutely delicious.

[ Chattering Continues ]

Hi. How lovely you look in your uniform.

Huh? Oh.

Hey, isn't this something, Boxey?

Our hosts have been very generous. I don't like them.

What? I told him the Ovions wouldn't approve of him... bringing Muffit to the celebration.

Well, we put one over on them, didn't we?

Except for your captain, I deduce from the uniforms that most of your warriors are here.

Yes, well, I'm always a big draw. [ Laughs ]

[ Growls ]

Muffit, Muffit, come back here! Here, daggit! Come back here!

Starbuck. Yes? What is it?

I'm talking to the great and near great.

Well, when you come down, tell me who that is.

Those three guys right behind the dancer.

Darned if I know. They sure have lousy tailors.

Starbuck, you should know them. Why should I know them?

Because they're wearing the insignia from our squadron.

Don't start without me.

Where is the lieutenant going?

Um, to find the captain, sir. Excellent.

[ Apollo ] Hey, what's going on?

Stop those guys. Stop them. What are you--

What are you doing, Starbuck?

Listen, something's going on around here.

Those three impostors, I just-- Uh, listen, can we talk?

Yeah. Will you excuse us?

The lieutenant needs attention.

I'll take Boxey and get something to eat. Where is Boxey?

He's probably in watching the acrobats. They're pretty good.

Well, don't be long. You two don't want to miss your own coronation.

Yeah. Boxey!

What's this about impostors? I don't know.

I've been running into guys all night who aren't from our unit, but they're wearing our unit's clothes.

That officer in the shuttle. You spotted one of them?

Yeah, maybe. I think we better check this out.

I suggest that you find your two friends... and tell them that we're going to begin, with or without them.

Yes, sir.

Looks deserted. Everyone's at the party.

Not everyone. There are three impostors down here someplace.

[ Squeaking Language ]

How many warriors?

Nearly their full complement of warriors.

See that the humans remain entertained until the end, then they will be yours in the lower chambers.

This night we celebrate a most special event... in the annals of human experience.

Starbuck, what'd you find?

They're not here. They must be at another level.

The other levels aren't accessible to humans.

I've been wondering about that. Yeah, so have I.

I know how to fix that problem. Stand back.

You're the gambler. Pick a level.

Uh, what say we have a look at what's furthest from the guest rooms?

Mmm, nice. Shhh!

Mm-mmm. You're the leader.

...against any living brother, whether a former friend or foe.

[ Electronic Barking ]

Muffit! - At least he'll be remembered in the eons as--

[ Woman Moaning ]

Ah, me and my big mouth.

At least we know the secret of Carillon.

Do we? What's the connection between the casino and all this?

Let's get out of here, then figure that one out.


Run, Boxey, run!

Apollo, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

With all this tylium, we're setting fire to the biggest bomb in the universe.


It's a little late to try and talk to these fellows. I think so.

[ People Moaning ]

[ Moaning Continues ]

Oh, my God!

Some of them are probably from our ships.

[ Starbuck ] No wonder no one's ever left here to tell about this resort.

The Ovions are living off of them... and probably selling the tylium they mine to the Cylons.

That's Muffit! Hey, Boxey, come back here!

No! [ Groaning ]

Muffit! Muffit!

[ Screams ] Starbuck!

[ Sobbing ]

Let's go! Follow me!

Report, Centurian.

It is done, Imperious Leader.

Let the attack begin.

By your command, Imperious Leader.

[ Barking ]

We're doing fine! Whoops.

There's too many of them. Go for the ceilings. Set fire to the tylium.

That must be why you're a captain.

Call out the entire garrison.

Scanner's picking up a large body of objects closing rapidly.

Scan for alien forms.

A wiping clean of the slate of animosities and prejudice.

This way! This way! Run, Boxey!

Captain, where you guys been? We've been looking all over for you!

Ohhh! Come on!


When these fires reach hyper-combustion, the whole planet's gonna blow.

Let's get outta here!

Oh, frack!

Warm scan positive. Multiple three-passenger vehicles.

Cylon attack craft. So they spring their trap.

Enemy approaching, 90 microns.

Arm weapons. An opportunity... to throw down our arms and prove, once and for all, that peace begets peace and love begets love.

And so I-- Everybody, listen to me!

I want everybody to move quickly towards the exits! That is an order!

Stay where you are! I'm in charge! [ People Screaming ]

Do what the man says! He's in charge!

Over here, Muffit. I'm gonna save you.

[ Shouting, Screaming ]

Enemy closing, 70 microns.

[ Shouting Continues ]

Enemy approaching, 55 microns.

Serina, take Boxey!

I'll be back. Let's go! Move it out! Take it easy!

[ Serina ] Boxey, where are you?

[ Shouting Continues ]

Muffit! Wait! We can't leave without Muffit!

We can't leave without Muffit. Let's go!

[ Woman Sobbing ]

[ Shouting Continues ]

Do you have any idea where these Landrams are coming from?

I don't know. Landrams courtesy of Commander Adama.

Thirty-five microns and closing.

What are you doing in combat dress?

The rest of Blue Squadron didn't get to go to the party.

They had to let you go, though, or they'd been wise they didn't have all the military there.

Well, if you didn't go, who were those guys?

Anybody the commander could find in fleet to fill the uniforms.

You should've seen the one that got mine.

Enemy closing, 30 microns.

Recall all warriors from surface.

Stand by to attack. Twenty-five microns... and closing.

I want you ladies in that shuttle craft.

Jolly, what's going on? The whole squadron's waiting for orders from the Galactica.

Yahoo! Fifteen microns.

Cylon attack force now closing to killer range.

They'll take you in the shuttle.

Let's go. Bye.

Take care of your mom.

I wish he could be my daddy.

Enemy closing in, ten microns.

They are not sending out interceptors.

We have taken them completely by surprise.

Closing in, five microns.

[ Computer Voice ] Four, three, two, one.

Positive shield now!

[ Apollo ] Starbuck? Revved and ready for takeoff.

It's coming right at us.

Fire in the bay! Damage control.

Your wing ready, Jolly? Ready, sir.

Boomer? Ready, Captain.

Let's go.

[ Engines Starting ]

There's nothing to stop them!

Incoming surface squadron doesn't seem to match any known Cylon war machines.

Are they gonna be surprised.

If we don't stop 'em, we're gonna have to go back and live on that rock.

On target.

That one's for the Atlantia.

Here's one for Zac.

Father, they're ours! All of them! But how?

Looks to me like a lot of our boys violated orders and skipped the party.

Make a note to discuss discipline in the ranks. Yes, sir.

[ Apollo ] Starbuck? Yo.

On your tail. Nothin' to worry about.


Boomer, you give him a hand. I'm on my way.

[ Starbuck ] Don't take too long, Boomer.

Thanks for the assist.

[ Starbuck ] Squadron Vector Alpha. I'm onto three.

Uh, make that two.

Let's go! Press it home!

[ Apollo ] I think we got 'em on the run.

Now let's see if we can find that Cylon base ship. Nothing on my scanner.

It's hidden someplace behind Carillon.

That's the only way it could have approached us.

We're not gonna let that base ship go.

It can follow us at a safe distance and plot our every move until the reinforcements arrive.

Let's go down on the deck beneath the scanners.

Warriors requesting permission to locate and pursue Cylon base ship.

No. Colonel, we must conserve our resources... if we're to find a home for our people.

Bring the fleet home.

[ Apollo ] Go onto Cylon frequency. [ Starbuck ] What for?

They can't see us, but they'll be able to hear us.

Doing what? Praying?

You're gonna be Red and Blue Squadrons, and I'm gonna be Green and Yellow.

I'll be Red and Blue--

Oh, I get it! No, I don't.

Sir, two of our warriors are overdue and unaccounted for.


It's Captain Apollo, sir.

[ Sighs ] Who else?

And Starbuck. I see.

Switching frequencies now.

[ Apollo ] This is Green Leader to Red. All ships ready for attack.

Um, yeah. Yeah, we're all ready. Every one of us.

Speak, Centurian. By your command.

Colonial Viper squadrons approaching in large numbers.

Surely our Raiders are close enough to defend us.

Our Raiders are still engaged against the Galactica.

Retreat base ship behind the protection of Carillon.

Their scanners will not be able to find us.

[ Apollo ] Yellow Leader, we have your squadron in visual contact.

[ Starbuck ] Uh, right. Green Leader.

I've got two more squadrons requesting permission to join us.

Purple and Orange squadrons.

They're just dyin' for a good fight. Been on reconnaissance.

Purple and Orange?

Uh, negative, Blue Leader. Let's not get carried away.

We've got all the manpower we need to knock out one base ship.

We're picking up some attack signals between Purple and Orange squadrons.

We don't have Purple and Orange squadrons.

Purple and Orange?

Starbuck and Apollo?

Lord help 'em both.

The warriors continue to advance. At least six squadrons.

Recall all Raiders to defend base ship.

All Raiders are all destroyed.

All destroyed? How? We took them by surprise.

Apparently, it was not as big a surprise as we had hoped for.

Retreat closer to Carillon, below their scanners.

There are reports of fires.

I said lower, or they will destroy us. By your command.

Just ahead. There she is.

[ Starbuck ] Lovely. What'll we do? Ram her?

We are now picking up attacking warriors on the scanner.

We are too close to the surface.

Sir, telemetry reports surface of Carillon reaching vapor point.

There are only two ships. It is a deception.

Open fire and retreat from the planet.

Uh, Apollo-- Okay, Starbuck.

Let's get outta here before that tylium we set on fire blows the planet apart.

[ Adama ] Negative field now.

She's going to explode.

Let's go home.

Some home-- a piece of metal in the middle of nowhere.

Beats just plain nowhere, at least until we find Earth.

Think we'll ever really find it?

We'll find it, someday.

Let's go in.

[ Adama ] Fleeing from the Cylon tyranny, the last battlestar, Galactica, leads a ragtag fugitive fleet on a lonely quest: a shining planet...