Battlestar Galactica: Razor (2007) Script

SHAW: You're born, you live, and you die.

There are no do-overs.

No second chances to make things right If you frak them up the first time.

Not in this life, anyway.

MAN ON RADIO: This is the Battlestar Pegasus to the ship claiming to be the Galactica.

Please respond.

Pegasus. How could that be? The entire fleet was destroyed.

ADAMA: Admiral Cain, we had no idea there were other survivors.

CAIN: On behalf of the officers and the crew of the Pegasus, welcome back to the Colonial Fleet.

BALTAR: What they did to you was wrong, evil.

What you need is justice.

CAIN: Frak you.

FISK: And she died knowing that her ship and her crew were safe, and that her mission had been accomplished.

Nothing was more important to her than her ship, her crew and her mission.

And as I take command of Pegasus, I pledge to uphold those values that made her such an effective and heroic leader.

Word of Fisk's murder has spread out through the entire fleet.

Crew can fall apart when their commander is killed.

Pegasus lost two in a matter of weeks.

I'm putting Garner in command.

MAN: Commander Garner, two Base Ships just jumped in.

Nukes inbound. We're under attack.

We need those FTLs fixed soon, or we're dead.

I need you to go down here.

MAN: Sir, we've lost Garner.

APOLLO: He sacrificed himseIf to save the Pegasus.

ADAMA: Garner was my decision. His failures, my responsibility.

Congratulations, Commander. The Pegasus is your command.

SHAW: Like I said, you make your choices and you live with them.

And in the end, you are those choices.

I swear, you're like a kid on his first day of school.

You're gonna make me regret having you along, aren't you?

ROSLlN: And so I am very proud. . .

Every chance I get.

ROSLlN: . . .to officially welcome the new commander of the Pegasus, Commander Lee Adama.


Thank you, Madam President, Admiral Adama.

Eight months ago, the world changed. Our lives changed forever.

We found ourselves shouldering responsibilities we never thought we'd have.




They're more than words.

Those are the guiding principles for those who serve in the military.

And recently, all have been in short supply on this ship.

That's gonna change beginning today.

We can't always choose our circumstances, but we can choose how we handle them.

I intend to give you my all. I expect nothing less in return.

I've already appointed Kara Thrace as my acting CAG.

I'll be making other officer and duty assignments in the coming days, as I review your...



The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh, Gus?






APOLLO: Come in.

Lieutenant Kendra Shaw, reporting as ordered, sir.

At ease, Lieutenant. Have a seat.

No, thank you. Frankly, I'm used to standing in this room.

Yeah, Admiral Cain apparently wasn't big on chairs.

Even dead, that woman casts a shadow.

But I'm sure I don't have to tell you that.


I've been reviewing the fitreps for the ship's officers, and frankly you're a puzzle.

Top ratings from Cain, who clearly thought the world of you, but then a whole series of increasingly negative reports from Fisk, then Garner, who demoted you to kitchen duty for "persistent insubordinate behavior."

So the question is, who are you?

Shaw? Kendra Shaw.

Does that mean your mother was. . .

Quorum delegate Marta Shaw. Cue drum roll, thank you.

Well, she'd be proud of you.

Pegasus, huh?

HaIf the officers on this base would kill to get posted to that ship.

It's just temporary. Got my eye set on Fleet Command.

A couple of years baby-sitting Admiral Cain, I figure I should be able to call my own shots.

Sounds like you've got your career all mapped out.

Yeah, well, I just don't see myself spending the rest of my life on a Battlestar.

Good luck to you.

MAN ON PA: ShuttIe to Scorpian shipyards, now boarding at Holding Area 27 .


Come in.



That's your idea of vacation reading?

What is that? Your idea of a hobby?

Yeah, it is.

So have you figured out how you're going to spend your shore leave?

I was thinking about maybe going home to Tauron to visit some friends, but I haven't made any definite plans yet, no.

Well, in that case, how about spending some time with us on Gemenon?

I know Rika and the girls would love to see you.

Come on, Helena, you deserve a break.

You've been going full tiIt for over a year now.

Look, I've got a repair list as long as my arm.

Plus, our network's gonna be down for the retrofit, and you know I don't like leaving Pegasus at the mercy of a bunch of civilian contractors. So. . .

All right, listen to your XO. Once in a while, it's okay to get off the treadmill.

I will think about it. Think about it.



Helena! No! Helena!

MAN ON RADIO: Raptor 179, you are cleared for Docking Bay 3. Call them in.

Roger that, Pegasus. We have the ball.


Excuse me, could you please point me towards. . .

Excuse me, could you please show me. . .

Looking for the CIC?

Yes, how did you know?

You've got that "new officer needing to report to her CO" look down cold.

One of the benefits of being a network administrator.

This is us. This is where you need to be.

You're a lifesaver. Kendra Shaw. Gina Inviere.

Inviere. That's Old Germanese for "resurrection," isn't it?

One of the benefits of being a lapsed Classics major.

Guess you never know when something like that might come in handy.

Welcome to Pegasus, Lieutenant.

Thank you.

Lieutenant Kendra Shaw reporting for duty, sir.

Did you enjoy your coffee, Lieutenant. My coffee?

Just say yes so we don't get off on the wrong foot.

Yes, sir.


You see, because I figured that you either got lost on your way to CIC, or you stopped for a cup of coffee.

And frankly, I'd rather think it was that cup of coffee than realize my new aide can't find her way around a Battlestar.

Sir, I've just arrived. . . I'm not finished speaking.

I know why you're here.

You're here because you think this job is a stepping stone to a still better one.

So let me guess, you had your mother pull some strings, and she. . .

My mother's dead, sir. She died of cancer.

Yes, I know. I read the papers.

And while I'm very sorry for your loss, you'd be well advised to make that the last time you attempt to play on my sympathies.

Between you and me, I'm feeling a hell of a lot sorrier for myself.

Mr. Hoshi. Sir?

Can you please direct this lieutenant to her quarters?

HOSHI: Yes, sir. You're dismissed.



A little midmorning snack. Yeah.

I'm gonna be in my quarters. Yes, sir.

The beauty of a network system is that with the right pass codes, you can control just about any part of the ship from any other.

Of course, the system's down right now for the retrofit, but in an emergency, it's like having unlimited backups.

Assuming no one hits the wrong button. Yeah, not on Cain's ship.

Puts the fear of the Gods into everyone, does she?




Are you okay?

Come on, soldier, get up. On your feet.

Hoshi ! Hoshi !


Okay. Follow me to CIC. Come on.


As soon as your men are out, seal the hatches and vent the compartments!

CAIN: What in the hell hit us?

From the radiological readings, looks like a nuclear detonation, multiple hits.

CAIN: It's the Cylons. It has to be.

They've broken the armistice, and this is part of an all-out attack.

But at least we still have our power.

Yeah, but that's about it. Dradis is erratic, weapons are offline, same with all our computers. We'll have to do everything manually.


I want all hatches sealed. Docking connections severed.

Lieutenant, spin up our FTL drive.

Yes, sir.

We're preparing for an emergency jump, everyone.

MAN: Insert jump key.

Sir, two more nukes heading straight for us. Estimate 20 seconds to impact.

FTL's spooling, sir, but without the computer, we can't calculate a safe jump.

Don't bother calculating. Just do it.

You want to do a blind jump, sir? We might end up inside a sun.

Missiles closing.

It doesn't matter where we jump, just frakking do it, Lieutenant.

FTL's online. Five seconds.

Lieutenant, now!

SHAW: Who am I? I'm a soldier, as were Fisk and Garner.

Neither of those men deserved my respect, so they didn't get it.

Can you be more specific?

Fisk was a black-market sellout, a piece of garbage unworthy of the uniform.

Garner was a martinet who tried to micro-manage this ship like it was some balky piece of machinery.

Hard to dispute either assessment. And what about me?

Don't hold back just because I've got a pulse.

You're a step up, but that doesn't change the fact that you're an outsider who was brought in to clean up our mess.

Or the impression that your daddy just gave you a Battlestar like he was tossing you the keys to a new car.

You certainly don't disappoint, Lieutenant.

So how would you like to be my new XO?


One thing I learned from my father, before he "tossed me the keys," is that a commander needs a strong right arm.

I also need to send a message to this crew that I respect Cain's legacy, even if the truth is that I don't.

I'm no Cain, but I intend to give this crew their pride back, so I'll let you carry her torch.


In that case, Major, you're out of uniform.




SHAW: Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, you're done.

Do you think that weapon's ready to fire, soldier?

Yes, sir!

You're ready to bet your life on that, soldier?

The lives of all your buddies?

Sir. . . Yes, sir.

Then fire your weapon.

Are you deaf, soldier? I said fire your frakking weapon.



ADAMA: Didn't think it possible that you could find an XO meaner than Saul Tigh.

Yeah, she's tough, but I think we need it tough.

Any ruffled feathers?

Well, she and Kara don't exactly get along.


Like to sell tickets to that dance.

Just remember that an XO's not a blunt instrument.

The two of you have to make up a team. That takes trust.

Oh, we trust each other to do our jobs.

Guess that's a start.

Now that your house is in order, I have a mission for you.

Against my better judgment, I let a science team take a Raptor from us to go out to study a supernova remnant. They're overdue.

I want you to track their course, see what you turn up.

There are three civilians, two pilots.

And if we run into the Cylons?

It's a search and rescue mission.

Don't get into a battle that you don't want to fight.

That being said, use your own judgment. This is your command.

STARBUCK: Nothing to the right of me, nothing to the Ieft of me.

Feel like I'm drowning in nothing out here.

Come on, Showboat, sing out. Let me know I got company.


SHOWBOAT: Sing out, Cap? What? You mean like a song?

How about 99 Bottles of Ambrosia?

STARBUCK: Damn, Showboat, you're taking me back. Road trips.

Thank you.

SHAW: Pass me the circuit board. MAN: Here you go.

The sickbay just lost another two.

That brings our casualty to what?

Seven hundred and twenty-three.

That's more than a quarter of our crew.

What's our fighter status?

Twelve Vipers destroyed, along with two Raptors.

Another 17 ships too badly damaged to be repaired.

What else?

Sir, we've tried to keep a lid on what we learned from com traffic before it stopped, but rumors keep leaking out.

We need facts, not supposition.

I agree. We're four, maybe five plotted jumps back to the colonies.

Don't imagine you want to risk the whole ship for a recon run.

Send two Raptors. Tell them not to engage the enemy.

I want information only.

Yes, sir.

SHAW: Ready to reboot nav and defense computer systems. Stand by.

Lieutenant. Admiral.

The helms, weapons and FTL computers are all back online.

And I think I know how the Cylons took down our defense grid.

These lines of code in the new navigation program we're about to upload, they've been designed to create a back door that could enable an enemy to wirelessly access the program.

And that could introduce a virus that could infect the entire network.

Is that what you're saying? Yeah.

Luckily, ours was already down, but I suggest that we keep it that way, even after we've purged the program.

All right, Lieutenant. It's your ball, run with it.

Maybe you're not quite as useless as I thought.

How long have you been at your station?

I don't know, sir. I guess I just never left.

Well, you might want to consider getting some rack time.

It's been two days since the attack.

Sir. . .

Sir, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about the way I behaved when the nukes hit.

I was scared.

Actually, I was terrified and I froze.

You're not afraid anymore, are you, Lieutenant?

No, sir. Good.

You hold onto that anger and you keep that close.

It'll stop you being afraid the next time, and it'll tell you what you have to do.

Lieutenant, button up.


This is your admiral.

I know there have been a lot of rumors going around about the destruction that's been visited on our home worlds by the Cylons.

I would like to tell you that they're exaggerations, but, in fact, they don't even come close to conveying the horror that has just been unleashed upon us.

The facts are

that our colonies have been destroyed, our cities have been nuked, and our fleet's gone, too.

So far, there are no indications of any other survivors.

I imagine you're all asking yourselves the same question I am.

What do we do now?

Do we run?

Do we hide?

I think those are the easy choices.

You know, a philosopher once said, "When faced with untenable alternatives, "you should consider your imperative."

Look around you.

Our imperative is right here, in our bulkheads, in our planes, in our guns, and in ourselves.

War is our imperative, and if right now victory seems like an impossibility, then there is something else to reach for.



So we will fight, because in the end it's the only alternative our enemies have left us.

I say let's make these murdering things understand that as long as this crew and this ship survive, that this war that they started will not be over.

Thank you.

So say we all.

So say we all. So say we all !

So say we all !

ALL: (CHANTING) So say we all !

So say we all !

CREW ON RADIO: So say we all!

So say we all !

ALL: So say we all !

So say we all !

A com relay? That looks more like some kind of frakked-up can opener.

From what we can tell, it's guarded by about a half dozen Raiders.

That's all? Well, they're not expecting anyone to attack it. Gentlemen, you're looking at our first target.

Nice work finding it, Lieutenant.

Thanks. I had help.

Speak of the devil.

Hello, Gina. Welcome. Hello.

Gentlemen, I'd like you to meet Miss Gina Inviere.

Miss Inviere and Lieutenant Shaw have been working very closely upgrading our systems. And before that, she was supervising our retrofit.

And I must say, she's proven herself invaluable in both capacities.

Thank you. Well, you certainly set a beautiful table.

Thank you.

Everyone, please have a seat. Please.

I actually think it's quite important for our ship's officers to get together every once in a while.

Share some food, some wine, some good conversation. Helps morale.

And not to mention, it's the only time we get to park our butts in a chair around here.

Now that you're all here, I would like to take a moment to say a few words.

In all seriousness, I said some things before in the heat of emotion, things that I feIt this crew needed to hear.

But I don't want any of you, for one moment, to think that I would ever risk lives or resources in some mad quest for revenge.

My plan is to wage an all-out classic guerilla war campaign.

I want to find their weak links and I want to hit them hard.

As they say, the best defense is a good offense.

Well, then, here's to a good offense.

And to kicking some Cylon ass.

Hear, hear.


Almost done here.

I don't know how we're going to firewall all these systems by tomorrow unless we split up.

And you're the only one with the access codes.

Well, we could speak to the Admiral about raising your security clearance.

Here I thought we were being so discreet.

Guess that's hard when you truly care for someone. Program's uploaded.

You need to input your code.


To satisfy your curiosity, we met a few months ago when I presented the plans for the retrofit.

We spent a lot of time together working out the detalls, and I guess one thing led to the other.

You seem so surprised.

It's just that Cain seems so self-sufficient.

She has needs, just like the rest of us.

No one can survive entirely on their own. Trust me, Lieutenant.

In the end, we're all just human.


SHOWBOAT: How about 99 bottles of Ambrosia?

STARBUCK: Damn, Showboat, you're taking me back.

Does she ever shut up? STARBUCK: Road trips.

Chatter like that breeds sloppiness.

She's gonna set a bad example for the other pilots.

Well, as long as she sets a good example with her flying, we'll come out ahead.

HOSHI: Sir, multiple dradis contacts. Bearing 399, carom 620.

Fighter size, unknown configuration, sir.

Raiders. Has to be.

We got company.

Pegasus, Starbuck, where the hell did these guys come from?

Starbuck, Actual. You and Showboat double-time back to the nest.

STARBUCK: On our way, Pegasus. I don't like these odds.

Showboat, stay with me.

All right, defensive batteries, selective fire only. Watch out for our people.

Prep for jump as soon as we recover our birds.

HOSHI: Aye, sir.

These ships. I. . . I can almost see them.

There's something weird about them.

Sir, shouldn't we launch alert Vipers and engage?

That's not why we're here, Major.

Sir, we. . .

If we spot our missing ship, we'll go after her.

Otherwise, we jump out of here, we report back to Galactica.

Pegasus, Starbuck, we got ourselves a problem out here.

Our new friends don't wanna say goodbye.

Sir, FTL crew reports power failure in the main navigational computer.

No, you got to be kidding.

Let's go to emergency backup. We need those jump coordinates.

They're all over us. We can't break free.

Ensign, direct all batteries to commence full auto-fire, close range.

Now, Ensign.

What the frak? We're inside their firing solution !

No frakking kidding. All right, open up with all you've got.

We're gonna shoot ourselves a hole.

SHOWBOAT: Is that gonna work?

No, but it will make you feel better.


Son of a bitch.

For frak's sakes, it's like she was trying to get us killed.

Look, Major Shaw has the authority to take any actions she feels necessary to protect this ship.

She's a loose cannon. And she's also the XO.

And frankly, ordering that barrage probably saved your skin.

Forgive me if I don't say thanks.

Oh, come on, Kara. Just. . . Don't.

You wanna tell me what the hell you were thinking?

That was a nice bit of flying up there, Captain, but I'd think twice about questioning my tactical orders.

"Tactical orders"?

That's what you call blowing the crap out of your own pilots?

Questioning orders is a bad idea on this ship, Captain.



How many Raiders, Lieutenant?

I'm reading 12 signatures, sir.

It's more than we anticipated, but one squadron should be able to handle them and destroy the target.

Launch Blue Squadron.


Sir, new contacts.

What the hell?

There's a lot of jamming going on out there, but I'm reading 15 full squadrons of Raiders, sir.

They must have jumped in right after we launched our fighters.

This isn't a com relay. This is a staging ground.

MAN: Recall the Vipers, sir? Sir?

MAN: Two minutes to contact.

Admiral, the Cylons knew we were coming.

We have to recover the Vipers and jump out of here while we still can.

No. Scramble the reserves.

Order them to provide cover while Blue attacks the target.

They'll be outnumbered four to one!

Sir, a squadron of Raiders is breaking off and are now inbound.

Activate defensive batteries.

They aren't responding, sir. The network's locked us out of our weapons grid.

Then have gun crews assume manual control.

Admiral, we're hugely outnumbered, and now our own weapons grid won't respond.

What more proof do we need that this is a trap?

All the more reason to launch everything we've got.


Helena, this is exactly what you said we wouldn't do.

Even if we succeed, is this relay really worth the lives and planes it will cost?

Mr. Belzen, are you refusing to carry out my orders?

Sir, I cannot in good conscience obey them.

Mr. Belzen, give me your sidearm.


I said give me your sidearm. Now!




Colonel Fisk. Colonel Fisk!

You are now my XO.

My order still stands. Will you execute it?

This is the XO.

Launch all remaining squadrons.

WOMAN: Clear the tube. Stand by for launch.


Sir, the controIs on portside airlocks four, 10 and 12 have gone active.

We're being boarded by the Cylons.

Colonel, fire up the fast response teams.

All hands, repel boarders. . .

Lieutenant, get to secondary damage control.

They're gonna try and vent our air and kill us before we have a chance to fight back.

Yes, sir.





They were coming this way, killing everyone. It's. . .

Go to CIC. You'll be safe.

What the frak?



You ! Step away from the Admiral.


I said step away from the Admiral. Now.

You two take her into custody.

Belay that. Lieutenant, what the hell is going on?

She was just helping us get control of our weapons grid.

No, she wasn't, sir. She's a Cylon spy. They look like us.

Oh, for Gods' sake.


Mr. Hoshi, can you please show us the security feed from airlock four?

This is crazy. I don't know what she thought she saw. . .

My Gods.

Get that thing off my bridge.

Yes, sir.



Hey! Hey! Act like officers, Gods damn it.

You got everybody watching you on this deck.



Where the hell did they come from?

Been a long time since I've seen one of these outside a museum.

And you say the entire fleet jumped you?

They came out of nowhere.

BALTAR: You must find this terribly disturbing.

NO. 6: Why would you assume that?

Well, it can't be pleasant, can it, to confront, from the evidence, that in the not-so-distant past, your people really were walking appliances?

These models served a vital purpose.

They liberated us from our human oppressors.

And having achieved that worthy goal, you chose to emulate said oppressors even more closely.

God made man in his image.

Why shouldn't humanity's children choose to acknowledge their debt to their ultimate creator?

Besides, these bodies allow us to better appreciate his creation in all its glory.

Amen to that.

Why would the Cylons resurrect a machine that, by their standards, is hopelessly obsolete?

Maybe they didn't resurrect it.

Maybe they were out here all along.

You have something you want to tell us?

There are references in our databases to a force of Centurions called Guardians.

Early models like this that somehow escaped being scrapped.

What did these Guardians guard?

A hybrid.

An entity that represents the first step in our evolution from pure machines to organic beings.

From them to us. A Cylon missing link?

No, more like an evolutionary dead end.

There were other hybrids created to control our base ships before the experiment was abandoned, but this one was the first.

And some think it's still alive, protected by these Guardians.

And that it's still somehow seeking its own way to evolve.

The last operation of the war, Galactica was part of a task force that destroyed a Cylon base.

I was on that mission. The Cylons were supposedly building a super weapon.

Husker, Banzai, defensive. Gods damn it, rook. Where are you?

I got him, Banzai. Break left on my mark.

Now! Break, break, break!


Husker, Banzai, form up and regroup with the squadron.

Banzai, Husker, looks like Columbia's defenses are down.

All Vipers, this is Banzai. Columbia needs our help.

Let's go clean house.

Sector nine, there's two headed for the main ship's defense zone.

Sparrow at two o'clock, above. Try to make a hard right turn.

Right behind him now. We're right behind him.

PILOT: We got this confirmed.

Break left. I got him! I got him!

BANZAI: Go get him, Adama. He's all yours.

YOUNG ADAMA: This cocksucker's mine.

Smash one flying toaster.

MAN: All clears. Clear Columbia airspace.

All clears. Get clear right frakking now!

Oh, my Gods! Columbia's gone!



I got two bandits turning tail. Husker pursuing.

What are you? Crazy, rook? Form up.

This is no time to go after them yourself.

Don't be a hero, Adama.

Got you.

Where are you, you little frakker?

Come on. Come on.






Come here, motherfrakker.













MAN: All this has happened before and it will happen again.



Someone in there?

Help. Help us. They left us here.

Don't leave us here, please.

I'm gonna get you out of there.

We're civilians.

(WOMAN SCREAMING) The traders from. . . From Gemenon, who. . .

They jumped our convoy, they destroyed our escort, they took us all prisoner.

There were 50 of us, but they've been taking us away, one by one.

We'd hear the others screaming.

We didn't know what was happening to them.

Please, you've got to get us out of here.

I'm trying. The door must be welded shut.


What is it? What's happening? I don't know. feels like a quake.

The place is starting to come apart.

I can't.


I got it.

It's still stuck. I can't open it any wider.

You got to go. You got to go. You got to go get help.

I'll stay here. I'll stay here with you.

No, you can't do it by yourself. Just go! Tell them what happened to us.

Our ship was the Diana from Gemenon. All right, just tell them.

If you stay here, you'll be trapped like us. Go!

WOMAN: Don't. . .

Go, go! Save yourself. Go!


Galactica, Husker.

Galactica, this is Husker. Do you copy?

MAN: Husker, roger that. Report status.

I crashed on the surface. They were making something down here.

Experimenting on people to do it.

And now they're getting away with whatever they buiIt.

Husker. Husker, the war is over.


Galactica, repeat.

The war is over. An armistice was just signed.

Activate your beacon and we'll send you the SAR bird.

Husker, respond.

They escaped with it, right before they signed the Armistice.

If this hybrid still exists, and it's captured some of our people. . .

I don't want to think about it.

Baltar and Tyrol were able to pull the Raiders' computer and download the ship's navigational data and extrapolate a possible location for a base, but it's more likely a base ship.

That's where we'll find our Raptor crew.

It's two, maybe three jumps from where you were attacked.

I was just telling the Commander that we can't afford to commit both Battlestars.

Which is why I'm temporarily transferring my flag to Pegasus.

You're going along? You're still in command.

Let's just say I have a personal stake in this mission.

A mission based on a Cylon legend.

It's not a legend, Son.

I was in the place where they made that thing.

I saw what they did to make it.

We're not going to let this happen again, not to our own people.

Well, I'll. . . I'll have my XO start preparing an attack plan.

I'm afraid that brings up another matter, Commander.

Misdirection is the key. Pegasus jumps right into the hornet's nest.

They swarm us with their Raiders, we let them think they've taken out our FTL, before moving off at sub-light speed, drawing them away.

That's when my strike team jumps in.


It's a hell of a risky plan, but I guess you know that.

Just remember it's search and rescue.

Get aboard, find our people, set your nuke, then get back in one piece.

Who's piloting the Raptor? Captain Thrace.

No other pilot I can trust to pull this off.

Well, then I guess the question is whether I can trust you.

The President believes that under Admiral Cain you were involved In an incident aboard a civilian transport called Scylla.

An incident in which 10 people were executed. Is it true?

APOLLO: I said is it true?

I was there. I'm guessing that's enough to indict me.

Why didn't you tell me?

You said you wanted to send a message to this ship's crew about respecting Cain's legacy. I am Cain's legacy.

I'm alive because of the choices she made, and so is everyone else on this ship.

I'll tell you something else, Cain wouldn't have blinked twice at this plan.

'Cause she knew that you don't win battles, never mind wars, without risking lives.

Are you finished?

Yes, sir. If you'd like my resignation, you can have it.

It'd be easier, wouldn't it?

Then you could go back to peeling potatoes and wallowing in self-pity

'cause poor Kendra Shaw's the only officer in the Fleet who ever had to make a hard call.

Well, it's not gonna fly, Major. Not while I'm in command.

Plan's risky, but right now you're the only game in town.

So complete your mission, Major.

Your plan's approved.


MAN ON RADIO: another load of solid waste stinking up our cargo hold.

Demetrius, this is Adriatic...

INTERVIEWER: ...and we're back with Gaius BALTAR.

Doctor, a lot of people once thought of Pegasus as the answer to prayer.

Were they wrong?

SHAW: Final casualty report lists 816 dead, 121 injured.

Thirty-two Vipers destroyed, 61 badly damaged.

The acting chief says we don't have enough parts to repair them all.

It's a rather high price for a tactically insignificant victory. l wouldn't say it's insignificant, sir. I'd say we put the enemy on notice.

The price we paid is my fault.

How do you figure that, Lieutenant?

Well, l gave her. . . It my access codes.

It must've used them to override our security lockouts.

You gave it something far more important than that.

You gave it your trust, as did I.

But this thing really knows how to manipulate human emotion.

Preys on them.

Lieutenant Thorne.


I want you to interrogate our Cylon prisoner. Find out everything it knows.

And since it's so adept at mimicking human feeling, I'm assuming that its software is vulnerable to them as well.

So, pain. Yes, of course.

Degradation, fear, shame.

I want you to really test its limits.

Be as creative as you feel you need to be.

Yes, sir.

ELECTRONIC VOICE: Lieutenant Thorne. Access granted.


MAN ON PA: AdmiraI Cain to CIC. AdmiraI Cain to CIC.

Lieutenant, come with me.

Colonel, sitrep.

We just detected a fleet of ships broadcasting Colonial IFF signatures.

Sir, they're civilians.

A civilian fleet?

Fifteen ships, sir. The Cap has gone ahead to intercept.


Lieutenant, I want you to contact those ships' captains.

Ask them to forward their crew and passenger manifests, along with the ships' schematics and inventories of any weapons and spare parts.

Yes, sir.

Colonel, I want you to assemble teams of engineers and Marines, and have them board each of those ships.

Sir, are we. . .

We're gonna take everything we need from those ships.

Once they realize our intent, there's bound to be resistance.

So we need to act quickly and decisively.

Colonel, if you have a problem with any of this, I need to hear it now.

No. Get to work.

FISK: Permission to come aboard.

LAIRD: Permission granted. Welcome.

We've prayed for this miracle.

The last time the Cylons found us, we lost four ships.

But now, thank the Gods, you've found us.

Mr. Laird, Admiral Cain ordered me to give you this.

What is it? It's a list of materials and passengers that we need transferred to the Pegasus, effective immediately.

Your name is on the list.

My name?

Wait, you want to take our FTL drives? We'll be helpless.

As I said, we're adding some of your people to our crew.

So you're going to decide just like that who lives and who dies?

We'll make whatever accommodations we can, but you have to understand.

We are at war. Military needs must take priority.

No. I don't understand. They're. . .

They're going to take what they want and leave us to fend for ourselves.

(MURMURING) You can't do that. Can't do it.


Listen, all of you !

We have orders to transfer the crewmen and the equipment on that list to Pegasus.

We have no wish to harm anyone, but we will use force if necessary.


WOMAN: Leave us here.

MAN: Go back where you came from.


FIsK: Keep them back. You're here to help us.

You can't do that.


MAN: Ship-to-ship Call from Colonel Fisk.

CAIN: What's going on, Colonel? You're already behind scheduIe.

Sir, they're denying us access to the rest of the ship.

We're not dealing with just individuaIs, sir. We have whole families here.

Then tell them you will shoot the families of any selectee who doesn't comply.

FISK: Sir, did I hear you correctly? You don't seriously mean...

Just get it done, Colonel.

Corporal. Sir.

Get these people on the deck and get them lined up.

Yes, sir.

WOMAN: My boy! No, not my boy!

We have orders to shoot the families of any selectee who refuses to return with us.

We will carry out this order unless those individuals are brought forward now!

MAN: You're supposed to protect us!

I repeat. We will carry out this order. We will shoot these people.

What are we doing, sir? Sir?



Colonel Fisk to Pegasus.


Colonel Fisk to Pegasus.

WOMAN: My son !

It's over.

The whole fleet has word of what happened here.

There won't be any more resistance.

WOMAN: Ruin innocent people. . .


MAN 1: Rodeo 1 to Raptor three-five-niner. clear for docking approach.

Rodeo 1 to Raptor three-five-niner. clear for docking approach.

MAN 2: Galactica to Green Leaf shuttle, you are cleared for landing. Checkers red...

So the XO's human after all.

I used to do that myself. Scrub through the wireless bands.

Reminds you you're not alone out here.

Got any more?

More of what?

Whatever you're about to stick in your neck.

You don't miss much, do you?

Whatever floats your boat, right?

I came down here looking for a loose bottle, you came down here for. . .

Guess we're both just trying to take the edge off, right?

Guess so.

That's good, 'cause I'd hate to think that Lee's new XO can't handle the pressure.

Maybe wants to get busted back to peeling potatoes.

I'd hate to think that Lee's favorite pilot wants to find herseIf scrubbing floors for pilfering ship stores.

You keep my secret, sir, I'll keep yours.



MAN: A confirmed report continued to attribute President Roslin's recent miraculous recovery from...

CAIN: I've seen officers happier about a promotion.

I am happy, sir. I am.

I guess I just don't know what I've done to deserve it.

Don't, Captain. Don't do it. Don't look back.

Sometimes we have to leave people behind so that we can go on, so that we can continue to fight.

(SCREAMING) Saundra! Girls, down ! Saundra!

Go, go! Go, go! Let's go. Let's go!

Go! We gotta go! Come on !



Daddy! No!

Helena, listen to me. You gotta get your sister to a shelter.

No! Go. You gotta protect her now. Go!



Come on, Lucy. Get up! I can't!

Come on ! Get up! I can't.

Come on, Lucy! Come on !

Helena! No! Come on ! Let's go!

Helena! Come on, Lucy! Get up!

Helena! Helena! No!

Helena! No!

LUCY: Helena!





Come on ! What're you waiting for?

MAN: (SHOUTING) They retreated !


Field's clear. Come on out!


War's over!

Lucy! Lucy!



Sometimes we have to do things

that we never thought we were capable of,

if only to show the enemy our will.

Yesterday, you showed me that you were capable of setting aside your fears, setting aside your hesitation, and even your revulsion.

Every natural inhibition that, during battle, can mean the difference between life and death.


When you can be this

for as long as you have to be,

then you're a razor.

This war is forcing us all to become razors, because if we don't, we don't survive.

And then we don't have the luxury of becoming simply human again.

Do you understand me?


Well done. Congratulations, Captain.

MAN ON RADIO: President Roslin's recent executive order outlawing abortion led to a demonstration...

Chief said he already checked all our mods.

Told me the same thing.

"Hope for the best, plan for the worst," as my mom, the Sergeant Major, used to say.

That all she taught you?

"Fear gets you killed. Anger keeps you alive."

Admiral Cain said the same thing.

She said to me once, "If you can be this for as long as you have to be, you're a razor."

A weapon can't feel fear. It has no regrets. It just is.

Those two would've gotten along just fine.

Of course, my mom was full of crap about a lot of things.

Held onto her anger so tight that in the end that's all she had left.

She died alone.

You ask me, fear, anger, two sides of the same coin.

You gotta let go of both.

Wanna hand me that wrench?

WOMAN ON PA: Set condition one throughout the ship. all strike-team personnel report to their aircraft.

Portside hull breaches. Deck 4, frames 12 through 14.

Damage control crews are sealing them off now.

I'd say that's enough of that. Get the FTL offline.

Bring her around, heading one-six-one-carom-zero.

MAN: Sir.

They're pursuing, sir.

Let's hope they keep it up.

STARBUCK: Looks like they bought it. Now let's go get our Raptor crew.

Maybe this will be easier than we thought.


Guess again. Two bandits inbound. Showtime, people.




Go, go, go!

Enemy target destroyed.

All wings regroup and continue pursuit of Battlestar Pegasus.

By your command.

Gunny, report.

Red Squad all accounted for.

Speak for yourself, Sarge. I'm still counting fingers and toes.

Knock it off, Hudson. Red Squad, form up on me.

Ain't it grand when a plan comes together?

Red Squad, on my mark. Fire thrusters.

HYBRID: At last they've come for me.

I feel their lives, their destinies spilling out before me.

The denial of the one true path, played out on a world not their own, will end soon enough.


SHAW: Red One, Pegasus.

Red One, this is Pegasus Actual. Report mission and team status.

We're in. We were able to access an airlock on one of the radiaI arms.

Proceeding towards the core. No contact, no casualties.

HUDSON: Stay frosty, kiddies.

No telling how many of those old toasters they left watching the house.

Shut your yap, Hudson, maybe we won't have to find out.

DaSilva, what're you reading on thermals?

DASILVA: One heat source, could be biological, near the core, but that's all.

Wait. I'm picking up three more signatures.

Two of them are pretty weak, but they're coming from about 30 meters ahead.

SHAW: Could be our people. Gunny, take point.

HYBRID: Soon there will be four, glorious in awakening.

Struggling with the knowledge of their true selves.

The pain of revelation bringing new clarity.

And in the midst of confusion, he will find her, enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one.

The way forward, at once unthinkable, yet inevitable.

And the fifth, still in shadow, will claw toward the light, hungering for redemption that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering.

I can see them all.

The seven, now six, self-described machines who believe themselves without sin.

But in time, it is sin that will consume them.

They will know enmity, bitterness, the wrenching agony of the one splintering into the many.

And then they will join the promised land, gathered on the wings of an angel.

Not an end, but a beginning.


Holy frak. Get him out of there. Go, go, go!

MAN: Help us.

Get him out of there! Come on !

Help us.

HUDSON: Cylons!


Everybody out! Get out!

This way. Let's go.


Come on. Go! Come on.

Come on !

HUDSON ON RADIO: Man down! They got DaSilva! They got DaSilva!





STARBUCK: Pegasus, Red Two. Come in Pegasus.

MAN: Copy, Red Two, but your signal is weak.

We've recovered two civilians. One dead, two wounded, incIuding the XO.

We're pinned down, taking heavy fire. Mission outcome doubtful.

Pegasus, Red Two. Report, Pegasus. Pegasus.


Captain, sitrep!

We just lost communications. The Cylons must be jamming.

What about the nuke?

How's that detonator coming, Mathias?

The detonator's fried. Get it working.

You want to tell me what the hell that was with DaSilva?

Can't let them take any more prisoners, Captain.

You saw what they were doing in there.

Yeah, I saw.

Keep trying to resume communications with Red Two.

WOMAN: Yes, sir.

Mr. Hoshi,

order nuclear ship-to-ship missile into launch tube 3.

Aye, sir.

This is a nuclear mission order.

Load ship-to-ship missile into launch tube 3.

What're you doing?

They've been compromised. We can't regain communications.

We have to assume that the team's been lost.

We have to give them a chance.

HOSHI: Commander Adama. Open launch tube doors.

Open launch tube doors.

Major? Major?

Watch those corridors, Hudson.

Pegasus, Red Two, come in.

Destroying that ship with people on board is the last resort.

Like it or not, Admiral, this is no longer a rescue mission.

Gods only know what will happen to our people if they're captured.

I know what will happen. I was there.

HOSHI: Missile loaded, Commander.

Release of nuclear weapons is authorized.

Disable launch and warhead safeties.

Mr. Hoshi, take your launch key, put it in the firing lock.

Aye, sir. Belay that order.

I'm not prepared to sacrifice any lives. Not yet.

If you're wrong?

Then I'll have to live with it.

You said it yourself, Admiral. That thing may be headed toward Earth.

If it jumps away, then we lose our only hope of taking it out.

HOSHI: Sir, jamming's clearing. I'm receiving a transmission from Red Two.

Put it through on speakers.

Aye, sir.

Launch evac Raptor.

STARBUCK: Pegasus, this is Red Two. Come in.

Pegasus, this is Red Two. Come in.

Yes. Red Two, this is Pegasus Actual. Starbuck, report.

Still pinned down, but holding on. Tell me there's a ride waiting for us.

On their way, Red Two.

And the Raiders have broken off their attack.

They'll be headed towards your coordinates any second now.

Roger that. Means we're running out of time.

Evac Raptor's on its way.

They want us to set the nuke and get the hell out.

That's gonna be a problem. Remote detonator's definitely shot.

Can you rig a manual trigger?

Probably. Then do it.

Do it? What the hell are you talking about?

We are completing this mission. Am I clear, soldier?

Yes, sir.

MAN ON RADIO: Red Team, Pegasus. Evac ETA two minutes.

This is Red Two. Give me Actual.

Red Two, this is Actual. What's taking you so long?

Starbuck, they're gonna be on you any second now.

STARBUCK: Our nuke's remote detonator is still fried.

We're gonna have to cook it off by hand.

Red One is still down for the count, which doesn't give us many options.

What are your orders, sir?

We still got a missile in the tube.

That evac bird gets them off that ship, we can still fire this thing off. Mr. Hoshi. . .

The Raiders are in their air defense position.

We launch anything, they're gonna intercept it.

Then we have to leave someone behind, arm the warhead manually.

That's right.

This is your team, Son. You make the call.

APOLLO: Red Two, this is Pegasus Actual.

Get the XO, get your men and get to the evac coordinates.

Secure your men, then detonate the warhead using the manual trigger.

Complete your mission, Captain.

Understood. Sergeant, get ready to move out.

Sir. HUDSON: Toasters are bugged out.

I'm gonna get you on your feet. I'm gonna get you out of here.


Come on, everybody, move inside! Let's go!

Get your suits on.

Come on ! Go, go, go!

You, too, Major. Let's get. . .

You, too, Captain. Leave the nuke if you don't mind.

What the frak are you doing?

Completing the mission.

Take it. I don't need it anymore.

Major. . . l just gave you an order, soldier.

Unless you wanna die, l suggest you obey. Go.


Why? You know damn well why.

Put on your suit, you're about to run out of air.

It's been an honor, Captain.

HYBRID: Come in, Major. I've been waiting for you for a long time.

You're what all this is about, aren't you? What are you?

What am I? A man?

Or am I a machine?

My children believe I am a God.

Are you a God?

I have seen things. Your life, Kendra Shaw.

The things you have done. Things you feIt you had to do.

All leading to this moment.

Do you wish to be forgiven, my child?

I repeat. We will carry out this order. We will shoot these people.

What are we doing, sir? Sir?


HYBRID: Do you wish to be forgiven?


Then come closer. There's something I have to tell you.


Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end.


She is the herald of the Apocalypse, the harbinger of death.

They must not follow her.

MAN: Pegasus, evac Raptor inbound. Extraction compIete. clear base ship.

Raptor's on its way back, sir.

They have Starbuck aboard. Major Shaw stayed behind.


SHAW: Actual, this is Red One. Come in.

Red One, this is Pegasus Actual. Report.

Commander, I gotta warn you. It's Captain Thrace.

Red One, report!

HOSHI: They're jamming us again, sir.

Red One, this is Actual. Come in. HOSHI: We lost her.

Actual, come in.


HYBRID: As my own existence comes to a close, only to begin anew in ways uncertain.

You're scared, aren't you, motherfrakker?

You should be.

All this has happened before and will happen again.

Again. Again.

Again. Again. Again.

Again. Again.



You wanted to see me, Admiral?

Thank you for coming in.

Starbuck was here a little earlier.

She's recommended Major Shaw for a posthumous commendation.

She wasn't looking for medals. No, she wasn't.

But I've been going through Cain's logs, and from a tactical perspective, it's hard to find fault in anything that she did or that Kendra did.

They butchered innocent civilians, Dad.

Come on. How can you ignore that?

I know that I didn't have to face any of the situations that she did.

I had the President in my face arguing for the survival of the civilian fleet.

I have Colonel Tigh keeping me honest and balancing my morality and my tactics, and I had you.

Now, you don't have any children, so you might not understand this, but you see yourself reflected in their eyes.

And there are some things that I thought of doing with this fleet, but I stopped myseIf because I knew that I'd have to face you the following day.

If you hadn't been in CIC, I would've ordered that strike.

Kara would be dead, so would the rest of the team.

You did nothing wrong, neither did I.

We both made decisions that we had to, to accomplish our missions.


Cain, Kendra.

Were they wrong?

Well, if I believed in the Gods, I'd say they'd be judged by a higher power.

But since you don't believe?

Then history will have to make its judgments.

And since history's first draft will be written in our logs. . .

Well, then I guess I've got some writing to do.

Think about that commendation.

Yeah, I will.


Not a lot to show for a life, huh?

I guess not.

You have any idea why she did it?

Maybe she thought she had a lot to answer for.

Maybe she had it coming.

We've all got it coming.

You might as well hear this from me.

I've asked to be reassigned to Galactica.

Any reason?

You might say that I have a beef with my commanding officer.

And what's that?

The motherfrakker keeps trying to get me killed.

Well, you ever think you might deserve it?

Speak for yourself, Lee. I have a destiny.

I had my palm read by a Cylon, remember?

A destiny. Right.

You better believe it. So I guess you are stuck with me till the end.

I gotta go break in your new CAG, sir.