Be My Star (2001) Script

Be my star

One more round.

Works like a charm...

Easy come easy go.

Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!

She does it on purpose all the time...

-Well? -Hi. -How are you? -Fine.

-Nice weather today... -So-so.

-Well, what do you think of me? -Eh?

That's no piss-take now.


And would you date me?

Sure. Why not?

Do we see each other tomorrow?

I don't know.

Why not?

It started so well...

Sure, but...

-Okay. -Okay.

-Bye. -Bye.

Well, you meet in a discoteque.

The place is called "Barn".

Well, and then... he goes inside...

You're dancing. He comes and sees you.

And inside he stumbles.

He jostles against you, accidentially. No: deliberately.

And he says "sorry" to you.

And then...

And then you talk. And he asks you to accompany him to his mansion.

There's a table... with plenty of candles and a blue rose in the center.

Slowly you come closer and closer...

And he admits that he loves you.

And you too...

Then you kiss.

Then you wish... Shut up!

Then you wish that day wouldn't end.

And then...


What does that mean?

-My dream's gone? -Yes.


And on the next day it really happens.

When they play soccer they look...

They cannot play.

Especially him here...

Janine, I have to go now.

Stop that nonsense. Don't quarrel.

-Bye. -Bye.

-Monique, you clear the table. -No!

-You clear the table! -No! Sure! -No.

Yes, it's me.

No, actually not.


Yes, now I know.


May I take off my coat?

For those 10 minutes? -Yes.

Are you alone here every night?

On one hand that's cool, isn't it?


I like that.

It should happen to me.

What if your sisters would come now?

Do they know I'm here? -No.

They would get to know you.

And your mother? When does she return?

In 10 minutes.

I'm only joking!

Well, if she'd come...

I'd leave by the balcony.

No other way for me.

Have fun.

Sure I will.

If you know the mother's coming...

You've been around by accident? In front of my home?

Yes. That's the way I see it.

Purely accidential...

Yes. But now for something else: I heard you've been looking for me.

-What? -You've been looking for me? -No!

Who told you that?

Well, some friends.

They told me that you've been looking for me.

Well, I've been looking for a lot of guys.

-I see. -Yes.

Has anyone ever told you... that you're as beautiful as the 7th wonder of the world?

No. Actually not.

Well, 7 minutes...

What do we do in 7 minutes? Do we empty the glas?

What do you think?

Do you do that often?

Already done?

Come over, I help you.

Looks fine.

Better look neat and clean. Always spiff.

But you must remove the jewelry.

Do you already know anything about bread, rolls, baked goods?

-A new area for you? -Yes.

And why do you want to do your internship in a bakery?

Because it smells good.

She's strong!

What now?

-What's up? -It hurts.

It's okay now?

Now you hurt me!

I'm the victress.

Are you Nicole's friend?


No reason.

What have you done in the living-room?

You're a pig.

Yes. Yes.

In principal there's no problem to change from night to day shift.

We only have to find a substitute for you.

And we must make arrangements with the customer.

I like to ask you for 3 or 4 more weeks.

-That's possible? -Yes, sure. I'll manage that.

-120! -130!

-130! -120!

Stop that. You're both dumb. 130 is correct.

So, Skibbe, 2 to 1.

What's the capital of France?

Where's the Eiffel-tower? -London! -Pisa!

No, wait...

Paris. -That's it. 2 points each now.

What's the difference between brown coal and pit coal?

Brown coal, no pit coal... No, the other way 'round.

Brown coal becomes pit coal. -That's it.

3 to 2 for Monique.

Why did you break up the last time?

What? You broke up!

What? -Yes! -No way! -You bet!

I don't think so. -You bet.

I don't think so. -You broke up.

I should have asked you that. -Maybe so.

I love you.

Well, young man, you need pictures for application?

-Are 4 enough? -4 are enough. -Okay.

Let's start then.

Sit here, easy and comfortable.

No, down with this one, up with this. That's it.

Let's change the colour.

Let's do it with suspense. What a technique!


What do you apply for?

Office clerk. Or floor tiler. I don't know yet.

Now with a smile... Easy...

Look here, please.

Head up a bit.

A bit more.


Now smile!

Don't slip-shape your eyes. Easy, calm...

One is already done.

Smile a little bit more.

That's my tool.


Where have you been lately?

I've been busy. Even I am busy sometimes.

-Why did you turn off your mobile? -You know him...

Do you join us tonight? We go for a drink and have a party.

...until we knock out.

You can bring your new pearl with you.

What's her name? What's your name?

Nicole. -What? -Nicole.

That's bad. We already have too many Nicoles around.


That's Pille. Actually it's Daniel. But you can call him Pille.

There are reasons.

That's Gordon.

That's Philip. And that's Mikey.

Hey girls, come over.

Look at that. Those grandmas...

You little rascal...

To dream in your arms...

that's so nice...

Two aspects of a tattoo...

Women have a crush on you... Schoeps, do you want a drink?

No, man. -Shut up.

The disadvantage: You won't get a job.

You nacker! -You're all the same. -You too want a tattoo?

What should I do with such crap? -Roberto thinks that's sexy...

In a way... -Then do it. It's cool, man.

-If the chicks like it... -Put it on your shoulder. That's fat.

Or on your back. That's fat.

On your whole back. And it comes over here...

It comes over your tits. -Hey, Skibbe. -Yes.

Marriage is cool sometimes. But somehow...

After a while the women stress you. You must do everything.

You must bring the money. Do the dishes.

And they sit around... and do nothing. -Forget them.

Stop talking rubbish.

Oh boys...

Why "oh boys"? What's your idea?

I've got much to say. -So do. Speak up.

You should treat a girl differently.

She mustn't do all the work. You can do the work too, don't you?

It's not enough to go to work. You have to help at home, too.

Well, I'd say...

Women are only good for 3 things...

For what?

For bed, children and kitchen. -Stay still!

We're gathered here today... to marry the couple in front of me.

Do you, Paul Skibbe, marry the girl besides you... and love and deceit her until life's end?



Do you want to marry the boy besides you... and love and deceit him?

Yes, I will.

Tell me something.



About your ex-girlfriends, for example.

What should I tell about that?

How old they are.

How they look. Their names.

Why do you want to know? -Because I'm curious.


For instance... the last one.

The last one...

How old is she?

19 And what's her name?


Was it nice with her?


Was she different?

How... different? -Different from me.

Everyone's different.

Who broke up?


Why? -I hurt her.

And you?

Me? -How has it been with you?

About whom you want to know?

You can choose between nr.1 and 15.

Well, I choose the golden centre.

The golden centre is 19... meanwhile he's 20.

He's called Ronnie.

I met him on Alexanderplatz.

At the fountain.

We had a drink.

We went to a party.

And when the party was over I didn't want to go home.

And I slept at his place.

And... when I woke up the next morning he gave me a ring and we got engaged.

How long have you been engaged?

One and a half weeks.

I know for sure...

Something's not right.


Somehow it's different...

It's completely changed.


Well, it's different. Not like before.

You're still to small for the bar.

I even grew a bit.

"A bit". One doesn't see that.


I thought you were gone.

I've only been away shortly.

But now I'm back.


And? When do you go off duty?


You have a new perfume?


You like it?

Yes. The other one wasn't bad either.

Let it.

Do you like to join me for the party tonight?

I don't have time tonight.

-Hello? -It's me.

Hi, I can't...

Just come down for a minute.

I can't. My mother's here.

I missed you.

Hello? You're still there?

I'll die if I can't see you.

Pardon? Please repeat. The system's not working.

Nevermind. I call you.


Let me think Who's feeling more I want to hijack you tonight All the world's limit Do what you want to And for everything my dear We walk together Even if you're wide away You are my star You are my sunshine Sure I'm alone. Who should be here?


Yes, Mom. Everything's okay.

Yes, I go to bed now.



Come. Give them back.

Give them back!

Are you nuts?

You stop growing. Do you want to stay that small?

That's not true. You can drink milk against that.

No, you can't! -Yes you can! -No! -Yes!

-Look at the others. They're small. -Look at you. You're small too.

Not at all. What's the point? Who gave them to you?

From those who didn't give them to you...

Look out...

What is he doing now? -Now he grins.

-Now he starts laughing. -Why?

Don't know.

What is he doing now?

Now... I don't know exactly.

Don't watch so suspiciously.

Try hard.

He's coming.

Thanks. Bye.


Come on and show itÂ… Nicole, how are you? -Okay.

Have a light?

... it was boring with the little ones...

You... I break up.

I don't want to anymore.

I don't have the feeling anymore. -What?

Well, I break up...

I'm blind, I'm blind...

I'm blind...

I'm tired.

Sure it matters. Sure. For me, that is.

And for my sister, too.

And for my sister, too.

What does that mean, "so what"?

But I do!

Tough luck for you.

Would you give her another chance?

Schoeppi, please. Please.

Imagine you'd be a girl... and a boy would always break up with you.

Imagine that. How would you react?

You're really stupid. Bye.

Look at those fatties over there...

What does he want from me now?

I've no idea.

He must come over if he wants something.

You lost track again?

It's a nice neighbourhood. -What's nice here?

Nice weather, nice women.

Weather's okay. I don't know about the women.

Do you have a permit for that dirty thing?

No, do I need that? -You do, actually.

What are your plans for tonight? -Nothing.

-Would you like to drive to the disco? -You don't have a permit...


Don't you love me anymore?

Say it to my face that you don't love me anymore.

I'm sorry. I've been an idiot.

I'll kill you if you do that again.

I never want to lose you.

Me too.

Do you just watch, or...?

-Yes? -Yes.

Nicole, I guess there's someone for you.

What can I offer you?

I don't know exactly. Can you recommend something?

And, how are you?


Well, give me two of those.

-Those strawberry pies? -Exactly.

Do you serve coffee too?

Yes. Do you want one?

Do you join me?

Do you feel cold? Do you want my coat? -No. I have to get back in anyway.

Back to you strawberry pies...

I think of you all the time.

I'd like to see you again.

Take a seat, please.

-So you're David. -No, the little brother. Christopher.

And why didn't David show up?

David's got other plans.

-He's chosen another profession. -Yes.

-He tries his luck elsewhere. -Now you want to learn to be a plumber?


-Do you have any ideas about the job? -Yes, a little bit.

-So tell me... -You get to know many people...

You've got to be sporty, top fit.

Do you know who's Johannes Rau?

I'm not sure... the president?

-Yes. -Yes? Wow!

And who's our mayor?

-Eberhard Diepgen. -Yes. That looks fine already.

Now I have a question about the different materials we work with.

Do you know the difference between copper and iron?

Copper is slightly red and iron is slightly grey.

Your grades are not that fine.

But I think a bad theorist can become a good practitian.

You make a fine and neat impression on me.

I like to ask you to bring your documents... personal documents... passport photo.

And a short explanation why you want to learn that profession.

And I guess the chances for a training contract are quite high.

Look at those curtains.

Not my fault. They've been here before. I'll remove them. I'm no pensioner.

You eat strangely.

Say it again.


What you said the other day. That you'll kill me...

Come on.

Say it again.

I kill you.

You said it much nicer the other day.

You think...

Say it.

I'll kill you if you do that again.

Are you still living at home?

No, I have a flat on my own. Two rooms.

Toilet on the staircase. That's good enough for a start.


Help yourself. You look too thin. -I can hear your bones jingling.

Really? I didn't know they were so loud.

That was the background noise all the time.

So help yourself.

That's a nice flat too.

We put much effort in it, didn't we?

Dinner's also fine. You put much effort in it, too.

It tastes delicious.

I have to come more often. -You're welcome.

Put your fingers off your mouth.

What are you staring at?

Let her watch. Come on...


-He's really nice. -You think so. -Yes.

Okay, thanks for dinner. I have to go now. Bye. -Bye.

What the hell!

Why have you done this?

Why have you done this?

Come on, get lost.


Okay, bye. That's a cool flat. -Do you already leave?

-Hello. -Hello.

And? How are you? -Super!

Shit! What's that...

Shakky is no tranny. She's a doll.

Shakky is a tranny. -Rubish! -A puppet with a cock...

... she's a Barbie doll. -There's Barbie and...

No, not at all... I call her...

...Verona Feldbusch.

Let's order pizza now.

I'm really hungry.

Anyone got the number?