Be Still and Know (2019) Script

(gentle music)

[Young CJ] Marco!

[Young Sophia] Polo!

[Young CJ] Marco!

[Young Sophia] Polo!

[Young CJ] What's in your hand?

[Young Sophia] It's a frog I caught! (giggling)

[Young CJ] Sophia Marie Edwards, if you touch me with that frog I will scream!

[Young Sophia] I know you will, CJ, that's the whole point!


You've gotta toughen up!

No, I'll never do it.

[Young CJ] One day you will.


Boys are like, ew and if he does ask me to be his girlfriend, I don't know what I'll do!

But I'll say no, that's for sure.

[Young CJ] You told me you thought he was cute!

Did not!

[Young CJ] Did too!

No, ew, did not, did not.


We should go see Grandpa after we eat.

Yeah, maybe he could take us fishing.

I bet you I can catch a bigger fish.

Highly doubtful.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Dear Lord, protect us from the flies.

Give us clear skies.

Watch over us with your eyes.

And may our hearts be your prize.

[Both] Amen.


If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Um Ricky Mitchell.

[Young Sophia] Wait, Ricky Mitchell From science class?

You could meet him like, in the cafeteria when school started back up.

That doesn't count.

You're really bad at this.


You said anyone living or dead.

I meant like the President, or Mozart.

People like that.

I don't play the piano.

Why would I wanna meet Mozart?

I dunno, that was just an example.

You really are bad at this.

(Young CJ laughing)

(Young Sophia chuckling)

(faint birds chirping)

(gentle music)

* Was a watchin' me

* Watch the sun come up

[Sophia] I can't believe you have to move.

[CJ] I know.

* Want to hide Why does my Dad need this stupid promotion anyway?

Did you tell them that you didn't wanna go?

Course I did, Soph.

They're like blah, blah, blah, this is best for everyone in this family.

My vote counts for basically nothing.

You know that.

You can move in with me!

Our guest room's just full of my Mom's old sewing junk anyway and she hasn't sewn anything since like our middle school play.

Yeah, but they'd never go for it.

My parents are obsessed with this fancy, new private high school that's like two blocks from our house.

I'll be just another prep school priss before you know it.

No way, Catherine Jean Johnson, I know you.

You will never be a prep school priss.

You're not snotty enough and you bite your fingernails.

(CJ laughing)

Yeah, you're right.

No matter what, you're still my best friend.

No manicure, or school uniform's ever gonna change that.


You didn't tell me you had to wear a uniform.

Just how rich is your dad gonna be once he starts his new promotion?

Um, doesn't matter anyway.

Nothing's really gonna change.

* Couldn't see you

* Till you show me how

* It's like we're insane

* We blame it all on love

(upbeat music)



Are you okay?

Hey Maggie, yeah I'm fine.

I was just, just thinking.

That's some pretty deep thinking.

You were like a million miles away.

Have you seen Kayla around?

Four days of freedom!

Just let me get my bag.

Thought you'd be gone already.

I haven't even packed yet.

Well what's up?

I thought you were excited about your trip.

Yeah, no, I am, I just...

Do you have that one friend, just grew apart from?

Yeah, from high school, I guess.

Sophia was my BFF since like kindergarten.

I dunno, I just, I moved to the city senior year and...

It's be awhile I guess.

You can carry on a two-hour conversation with the janitor.

I'm sure you'll still have plenty to talk about.

No, I'm not kidding, she's done that before.


Yeah well, it's not exactly me that I'm worried about.

(telephone ringing)

Right on cue.

(telephone ringing)

I'm sure it'll be fine.

Happy fall break!

[Maggie] See ya, CJ!

(telephone ringing)

Please tell me you've found a way out of this?

All packed?

Yes, my finest flannel and boots, courtesy of my mother, so hot.

Um, I can't wait.

If you post a single photo of me this weekend, you're dead.

Don't worry, there's no service anyway.

Great, look Catherine, are you sure this cabin thing is a good idea?

It'll be fine.

Sophia and I used to spend every summer at this cabin.

The worst thing that ever happened was sunburns and mosquito bites.

Yeah, but you said that was before her grandfather, you know...

Wow, subtle.

I get it.

Fall break in a cabin sounds beyond lame.

But Sophia's been begging me to come out.

I feel like I kind of owe it to her.

Anyway, let's be real, we don't have the money to go anywhere else.

Maybe you don't, but the only reason I'm not cruising the Caribbean with Robbie and Jess is because I have a cross-country meet the day they dock in Nassau.

So no offense, but this trip is like second choice, or last choice depending on what my options are.

Fair enough.

Hey, Jocelyn's buzzing in, gotta go.

(forceful sigh)

We'll meet you in the quad at noon.

You can thank me later.

(lips smacking)


(pensive music)

Chick is late, Catherine.

I know.

She'll be here any minute, I'm sure.

Why did she want to meet us here, anyway?

Doesn't she live like, where we're going?

I'm sure she just wanted to meet us here to make sure I didn't bail.

So, should we?

What, bail?

No, no, no, she'll be here.

Well, could you at least tell us a little bit about Sophia?

Be nice to make small talk.

Speak for yourself.

Because I would prefer not to be rude, like Amber.

But everyone wants to be like Amber.

Don't tell her that. (chuckling)

Okay, but seriously, I hate to say it, but Sophia and I have kind of been out of touch since I moved away.

Last I knew she was working in a grocery store in our home town.

Aren't you glad you asked?

You'll have so much in common.


Everybody's gotta have a few odd jobs, right?

I worked fast food all summer before I came to college.

Didn't you guys?


Okay, well, regardless of her current job status, Sophia's always been really fun.

She likes nature and hiking and...

(car honking) and she's here.

You're kidding, right?

[Sophia] CJ!

[CJ] Hey!

Sorry I'm late.

This campus is huge.

I've never seen anything like it!

Oh it's so good to see you.

It's been way too long.

I know, it's been crazy and super busy.

Um, Sophia, these are my friends, Amber and Jocelyn.

Amber lives in my dorm across the hall.

She kind of showed me the ropes.

[Amber] And you can thank me for that or you would have ended up with those Drama Club weirdos.

Hey I did Drama Club.

It wasn't that bad.

[Amber] My point exactly.

Okay, well we should get going right?

Three hour drive.

This is gonna be a great weekend, I know it.

* These are the days

* That I fly by when you're not looking *

* Don't always stay

* And all your nights spent alone again *

* We are different

* Stuck in a small town

* Haven't left just yet So I feel so out of the loop.

Did you end up taking those classes from the community college like you talked about?

I tried it.

It wasn't for me.

I figured my time was better spent working, trying to help my family out since my Dad's still out of work.

Soph, look, I really am sorry about your grandfather.

I wanted to make it to the funeral, but school had just started.

Oh it's fine, don't worry about it really.

Grandpa will just be watching us from above all weekend.

* We carry the heat of the summer *

* Oh oh oh

* We dance to beat of our own drum *

* Oh

* We got rhythm like no other

* We're always gonna be the wild ones *

* Wild ones, wild ones

* No rest, no rest for the wild ones *

* Wild ones, wild ones

* No rest, no rest for the wild ones *

* Wild ones, wild ones

[CJ] Wow, I'm surprised.

I hardly recognize this area.

Well, it has been over two years.

You'll take that next left, over the hill.

* Take it back to the sun went down *

* On the northwest side of town *

* It was alight, sky fire

* All the shadows fall in line That's it up there.

This is the joke stop, right?

And then we'll drive like a mile up the road and there'll be streaming channels and a hot tub.

She's just kidding.

I know it doesn't look like much.

But I love it here.

* He say hello, she say hello

* Where this will go nobody knows *

* We say hello, we say hello

* Talk it up by the southeast shore *

[Jocelyn] Uh, it's a little smaller than I thought.

[Amber] Um, yeah, it looks like a shed.

[CJ] Wow, this place hasn't changed a bit!

[Sophia] I know!

I know I've said it like 85 times, but seriously, thanks for making this work.


It's been too long and it's good to be here.

Hope they feel the same way.

Sophia did your Grandpa die in this cabin?

[CJ And Sophia] No.

Although, he did always say it was haunted.



Gosh, you guys cannot be this easy all weekend.

(ominous music) um, Soph, when did you say was the last time was you were here?

Uh, during the summer, I guess?

(somber music)

They must have just covered everything when it started getting colder.

[Amber] Who's they?

Um, guys?

[CJ] Maybe it's just burnt out.

Maybe a little squirrel came in and unscrewed every light bulb.

[CJ] Soph?

[Sophia] I'll check the breaker.

(bird chirping)

(suspenseful music)

(shrill screaming)

What happened?

Tell her, CJ!

There was a little noise.

A little noise!

It sounded like a bowling ball was trying to break through the ceiling.

Guys, it's a creaky old cabin.

I'm sure it's nothing.

(loud bang)

Not it.

(CJ sighing)

We should go check it out.

(suspenseful music)

(door creaking)

[Sophia] We always had trouble with this old door.

I don't remember you being so jumpy.

I don't remember this place being so creepy.

The only noise we used to hear up here was your Grandpa's old country albums on repeat.

I guess that's what moving to the big city will do to you.

Yeah, I'm a city girl now.

Come on, Amber and Jocelyn are probably halfway back to that big city by now.

Fine by me.


When you invited me up here I told you I had already planned on spending fall break with them, okay?

They're basically doing me a favor by coming here.

[Sophia] Well great, thanks for humoring me.

You know what I mean.

I'm here 'cause I'm your friend.

And they're here because they're my friends, so we've all got something in common, okay?

Whatever you say.

(CJ sighing)

(pensive music)

[Amber] Poor guy.

CJ and I we were with Grandpa when we got that guy.

10-point buck.

He was really proud.


Amber's a vegetarian.

The deer population gets too high in this area.

They encourage hunters to kill and use for food.

I'm sorry, all I could hear was kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!

It's not like I pulled the trigger!

Yeah, Catherine wasn't a good enough shot.

So do all of these animals just run wild on the property?

[Sophia] Yeah, deer, quail, raccoons, coyotes, cougars.

As in mountain lions?

[Sophia] Well--

You never told me that.

We never actually saw one.

But then one day, one of Grandpa's baby goats went missing without a trace.

And every now and then we would hear these cries.

Guys, she's just messing with you.

Suppose you're gonna tell us Big Foot's running around out there, too?

[Sophia] Why don't you see for yourselves?

We'll show you around our old stomping grounds.

Not a Sasquatch in sight.

(mysterious music)

* It's so hard to stay on top of the world *

* When the world keeps telling you, you should be *

* All these people telling you what you need, oh darling *

This is not what I had in mind when she said camping.

I know.

Come on, let's take a picture.

Might make you feel better.

* Pay attention now I ain't Okay, ready.

* Gonna stop it, stop it One, two three.

* Honey everything you need is in your pocket *

* Darling this is what you've been waiting for *


[Amber] That is kinda cute.

* When it all comes in don't you let it go *

* Honey this is all that you want and more *

* When you open your mind and open the front door *


* Only one thing I know, one thing I know *

* Is that good things happen when you lose control *

* A real change inside my soul

* The sun is coming up down every road *

* Got some lovin' in your heart so baby use it, use it *

* Instead of being so afraid you're gonna lose it *

* Darlin' this is what you've been waiting for *

* When it all comes in don't you let it go *

* Honey this is all that you want and more *

* When you open your mind and open the front door *

* If you can let it go and let it happen *

* 'Cause you'll find is a little bit of magic *

* You gotta let it go, just let it happen *

* Start a cycle, a chain reaction *

* This is what you've been waiting for *

* When it all comes in you can just let go *

* Honey this is all that you want and more *

* When you open your mind and open the front door *

(birds chirping)

(shutter clicking)

[Jocelyn] Okay, even you have to admit, this is pretty cool.

(birds chirping)

[CJ] Wow, can you believe we used to swim in there?

[Sophia] Oh it's not that bad.

Soph, that water is greener than grass.

If I could go back and tell 12-year-old me one thing, it would be to stay out of that lake.

We're lucky we didn't catch gangrene or some sort of flesh-eating bacteria.


You know, Sophia, she's right.

Brain-eating amoebas live in still water like that.

Don't be ridiculous!

I'm serious!

I saw on an episode of Modern Hospital.

Some lady was on the second day of her honeymoon in Utah and a little water gets up her nose.

You think, no big deal, right?


Two days later her head is pounding, her ears are bleeding and her--


Okay, okay, we get the picture.

I just can't believe Jocelyn thinks I would make something like that up.

I've seen every episode of Modern Hospital.

Seriously, ask me like any medical question.

I'm practically an MD.

Really, Where did you get your degree from?

[Amber] Oh, wouldn't you like to know, Jocelyn?

Yes, I would like to know, Amber.

[Amber] Just because I know something more than you--

Shh, guys, hold still a minute.

I think I see something.

(eerie music)

(birds screeching)

[Amber] Something's out there.

[CJ] Okay, guys, wait.

It's just all this lions, tigers and bears talk just got us freaked out!

Come on guys, follow me.

There's more to see.

[CJ] Watch out, Amber, those amoebas are crawling up your back as we speak.

[Amber] Ew!

[Jocelyn] Hey good thing she's had all that medical training, right?

[Amber] You guys are the worst, like literally, I need new friends.

(ominous music)

Hey Soph, do you know where we are?

I know it's been awhile, but this area doesn't look familiar.

Well, yeah.

Hey, what is that?

(mysterious music)

[CJ] I definitely don't remember seeing this before.

[Jocelyn] Well I have seen this movie and it didn't end well.

(crickets chirping)

Hey, nature girl, you don't know what could be in there.

She's right.

Are we even still on your Grandpa's land?

It's hard to say, it's over 150 acres.

So even though we've explored this property every summer for like eight years, there's no way we could've covered every inch.

And even if you had, this may not be it.

We could be trespassing.

I can't have that on my record.

I already have like 14 speeding tickets!

We're not breaking and entering, Amber.

Just doing a little exploring.

Still, don't you think we've gone a little too far?

No, yeah, you're right.

I grew up here, so I guess I'm just more comfortable.

Sorry, guys.

It's getting dark anyway.

Follow me, I think I know which trail will lead us back.

(ominous music)

(crickets chirping)

* And (Mumbles) and fine is all we want *

So Amber, what does a vegetarian hot dog taste like anyway?

Probably not much different from a real hot dog.

There's hardly any actual meat in these things.

Except for that gourmet rodent blend.

No thank you!


You know what, this veggie dog has 65 calories and is like zero percent trans fat.

And I have a cross-country meet on Monday, so.

Oh yeah, hey, remind us again, what is it you have going on Monday?

A cross-country, Jocelyn!


Well uh, my artery-clogger is done.

Grab the buns, Jocelyn.

Thank you.

Pray before we eat?

CJ, do you remember that prayer that we made up?

I'm not sure.

Come on, you totally do!

It was like our camping prayer for when we came out here together.

Dear Lord, protect us from the flies, give us clear skies, watch over us with your eyes.

Well, now we know were CJ got that English scholarship from. (giggling)

Sorry Soph, it's just been a long time.

I don't remember.

When you do remember it, I'd love to hear how it ends.

The suspense is killing me.

[Jocelyn] You're one to talk.

What was the grade you got on your last term paper again?


What was that?

Jocelyn, why am I always the butt of your jokes?

Like seriously, it that a jealousy thing?

Since when do you think it's so uncool to say a prayer?

I never said it was uncool.

You shouldn't have to.

[Amber] Ever.

[Jocelyn] I might care if I cared about cross-country.

[Amber] Whatever.

So, does anyone know any scary stories?

What is this, Girl Scout camp?

Yeah right, they definitely don't have vegetarian hot dogs at Girl Scout camp.

Fine then, I know one.

Listen up ladies.

There were four girls on a camping trip.

Oh really?

That's really original.


I'm serious.

That's how the story goes, okay?

(Amber clearing throat)

So, four girls are on a camping trip.

I think it's for, like a bachelorette party or something.

Anyway, they have all of their tents and gear and they hike like a mile into the woods.

They're slow, definitely not trained in Cross County, and it takes them, like forever.

By the time they get to the area where they're gonna be camping it's already dark.

And they only have a few flashlights, so they try to set up camp without really being able to see where they are.

They think everything is fine, so they decide to settle in for the night.

But then as they try to go to sleep, they hear sounds.

Scratching on the edge of their tents.

Digging from underneath their sleeping bags.

And then, as the night goes on, strange, painful cries from deep in the woods.

Unmistakable sounds of terror.

Cries of pain.

Sounds they would never forget.

Sounds that...

(loud thump)

(bird screeching)

And they woke up to find they're on top of four graves.

Can we go inside now?

You guys can go inside.

I'll get the fire put out.

[Amber] Thank you.

[Jocelyn] Bye.

[CJ] Be right there.

I can give you a hand.

Okay, I vote for a slumber party in the living room.

I'm not sleeping alone in this creepy place.

[Amber] Oh!


What's wrong?

As if we weren't cut off from civilization before, 3% battery.

Well you were playing music all night what do you expect?

Um, I don't know, maybe I expected electricity.

Well I guess you're just too needy.


Go inside, I'll be right there.


Hey look, I'm sorry about earlier.

Amber and Jocelyn, I just don't really know them that well yet.

I don't really want them to hear embarrassing stories about games we used to play when we were like 12.

Well, I didn't think it was an embarrassing story.

And I sure didn't think it was a game.

I suppose I shouldn't tell them that we went to church camp together or that I was there when you got baptized in the lake.

No, that's not what I meant.

I just--

It's fine.

Don't worry about it.

I won't say anything to embarrass you in front of your cool new college friends.

(crickets chirping)

(fire sizzling)

I don't know if I can sleep with these things staring at me.

They all know they were killed for food.

Well, except maybe that one.

Don't worry, they don't bite.

I think I could sleep even if one of those things crawled under my blanket with me.


Don't say that!

(Amber groans)

[Jocelyn] CJ you okay?

Yeah, yeah I'm fine.

Just tired.

Gotta get rested up for tomorrow.

[Jocelyn] Well I hope you're not afraid of the dark, Amber.

Much more afraid of what's in the dark.

In the woods.

In this cabin.

Under my blanket.

(Amber whines)

(Jocelyn imitating evil laugh)


You said you were tired!

Do not mess with me!

But you make it so easy.

Ugh, you're so annoying.

(Jocelyn laughing)

(ominous music)

(birds chirping)




Guys, wake up!

[CJ] What's up?

Amber's gone.


I'm sure she's just in the bathroom.

No, she's not here.



She's gone and the door's open.

Didn't you lock it when you came in last night?

[CJ] Um, I'm sure it's nothing, okay?

We'll find her.

[Jocelyn] Amber?


[Jocelyn] Amber!

[CJ] Amber!



(footballs scraping)

(heavy breathing)

[Eli] You're not supposed to be here.

I'm sorry, sir.

We're just staying in a friend's cabin.

I must have taken the wrong trail.

This is my land.

I understand.

I'll go back right now.

I know what city folk like you wanna do to this land.

Buy it up, build your shopping malls and parking lots.

No sir, we're just taking a trip for the weekend.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry I went the wrong way, okay?

This is my land.

[Amber] I understand.

You don't want it.

[Amber] Okay, I'm leaving.

You tell them that!

You don't want it.

It's not safe for you!

You're not safe on this land!

[Jocelyn] Amber?

[CJ] Amber?


[Amber] Guys!

(Amber crying)

What happened?

Where were you?

I just went for a run.

I was on the trail when this crazy, dirty guy came out of nowhere.


What guy?

What did he do?

He said we're on his land.

He had a gun.

Well he's probably just a hunter or something.

I told you, my Grandpa used to hunt out here all the time.

He just kept saying that we were on his land.

And I said no, we're staying at Sophia's Grandfather's cabin.

He said it wasn't safe here!

He really freaked me out.

Amber, I'm so sorry.

You should go talk to him.

Explain why we're here so we don't have to worry about him coming back.

Come on, let's go get something to eat.

Soph, don't you think we need to do something about this?

CJ, can I talk to you a second?


Just, can I just talk to you a second, alone?

What's the big deal?

You're the one who thinks this guy is just some hunter.

He can't kick us off of land that isn't his.

Right, Soph?

[Sophia] CJ?


What's wrong?

After my Grandfather died there was no Will.

They didn't know who was the rightful owner of the property.

So they're auctioning it off to the highest bidder.

So like, your Dad or your Uncle are buying it?

My family can't pay.

We don't have that kind of money, you know that.

So I guess the bank kind of owns it now or something.

Unless they've sold it to someone else.

Wait, what are you saying?

You're the one who said we could come here and spend the weekend, that it was all taken care of.

I, I knew where the key was.

And I wanted to come here one last time.

And I wanted to do it with you, because we've spent so much time here together.

I didn't think that it would matter!

So, we aren't supposed to be here and that man with a gun is saying he has every right to want us off his land.

Sophia, you're always flaunting what a good person, what a good Christian you are, but you lied to all of us and knowingly put us in danger?

I didn't, it's, it's not dangerous here.

I just thought that--

How could you do this?

How could you lie to me like this?

What were you thinking?

(birds chirping)

(somber music)

It doesn't even matter.

Because we aren't supposed to be here.

We need to leave, now.

CJ please!

No, you know what?

You can tell Amber and Jocelyn what you've done.

Don't expect me to take your side on this.

Guys, get your stuff.

We're leaving.

[Amber] What?

What happened?

[Jocelyn] Did Sophia talk to that guy?

She can explain in the car.

We just, please, we need to leave, now.

(swift rhythmic clicking)

What's that noise?

(swift rhythmic clicking)

Okay, very funny.

Start the car.

I'm trying!

Wait, who's phone is this?

Oh, that's mine.

Amber, did you leave your phone plugged in all night?

Well yeah, there's no electricity in the house.

Your phone drained the battery.


Come on!

The car battery is like this big and my phone battery is like this big.

How could that matter?

Don't even think I'm going to explain this to you.

Okay, so the battery is dead.

Big deal, you have those jumpy things don't you?

That only works if you have another car to get power from.

Oh, oh, so then this is bad.

What do we do now?

What do you mean we don't have permission to be here?

I though you said your Grandfather--

I'm sorry you guys.

I'm so sorry, okay?

I messed up.

You got that right.

We need someone to pick us up.

Does anyone have service?

[Jocelyn And Amber] No.

Jocelyn, what about your boyfriend?

Does he have the address here?

He's at the baseball tournament.

We just planned to talk when we both got back, if we ever get back.

And it's, what, like 12 miles to the main road?

And what would you do if you got there?

Stick out your thumb and hitchhike?

Yeah, that sounds real safe.

I'm just trying to think of our options here.

The plateau has a clear view of the sky.

And how far is that?

A few miles maybe, depends on which trails.

I'll go and I'll hike to the top and see if I can get service.

And when I do I'll call my Dad, or someone to come and pick us up.

Are you sure that's a good idea with that guy out there?

I'll be fine.

What about wolves and lions and Big Foot and stuff?

I've been on this property a hundred times.

I'll be fine.

I messed up, okay?

I know that.

I'll fix it.

I'm really sorry.

(somber music)

Should one of us go with her?

Not it.

(CJ deep sighing)


What's wrong with me?

How could I be so stupid?

How could I do this to the only friend that I have, or had?

Please Lord, help us get out of this safely.

Forgive me for lying and deceiving people who trusted me.

(Sophia deep sigh)

What is the matter with me?

(leaves rustling)

(Sophia gasps)

It's nothing.

Get out of your head.

Please Lord, help us get out of this safely.


What if that man shows up here while we're waiting for Sophia.

Like what are we gonna do?

It doesn't make sense.

He clearly doesn't live in this cabin.

Yeah, but if he owns the property he knows where the cabin is.

He could be out there right now watching us, just waiting to see when we leave.

Or he can be out there watching Sophia.

(ominous music)

(loud thump)




I'm just trying to get phone service.

Is anyone out there?


(distant screaming)

[Jocelyn] Shouldn't she have been back by now?

Yeah, it's been like forever.

Something's not right.

(CJ sharp sigh)

I shouldn't have been so hard on her.

I got frustrated and upset and now she's out there all alone.

Catherine, she lied to you.

She lied to all of us.

I don't think you overreacted.

Please, just call me CJ.

Everyone else does.


It's weird being here.

Yeah, you're telling me.

Yeah I mean, besides all of this,

being here reminds me of when I was a kid.

But I'm not a kid anymore.

So much about me has changed, but when I'm here, I don't know,

I'm just confused. (light chuckle)

That doesn't make any sense.

No, I think we get it.

Like, until 10th grade I had this best friend named Cecilia.

Like, we cheered together for seven years and our families were members of the same country club, but then I got into Cross-Country and she got this new boyfriend, Dean, and we just grew apart.

So I know how it is.

Sophia was your friend for a certain time in your life. but now you've changed.

Maybe I haven't changed as much as I thought.

(somber music)

Guys, come over here.

You have to see this.

Okay, tell me my eyes aren't playing tricks on me.

You guys see that, right?

You guys, what do we do?

Do we need to go after her?

Oh, so then there are four of us defenseless against a mountain lion?

But what if she's hurt?

What if that's why she isn't back?

Well, she did say she'd come out here every year for like ever and never seen one.

Yeah, but I saw one, yesterday!

Jocelyn's right.

It doesn't make sense for us to go out there completely defenseless.

We can't help Sophia if we can't help ourselves.

Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

We still don't even know if that has anything to do with why she hasn't come back.

Like, she could have just decided to walk to the road and blow us all off.

No, Sophia would never do that.

Look, you guys can think or say whatever you want, but there's literally only one thing I can think of to do at this moment.

And if it were Sophia, I know she would do the same.

Dear Lord, please look out for Sophia as she's out there somewhere trying to find us help.

Forgive me for getting so upset.

Please help her to know how much we care about her.

Sophia's always been a true friend, and she has the biggest heart.

Protect her.

Keep her safe.

And bring us the help we need.

(suspenseful music)


Guys, I know what we need to do.

Okay, would you like to fill us in on your big plan?

Sophia's grandfather was a hunter, right?

And all his stuff is here, so there has to be a gun.

I mean, there just has to be.

CJ do you even know how to use a gun?

Yeah, didn't Sophia say you were a terrible shot?

We don't have to hit anything.

We just have to scare it off.

Look, I don't have all the answers, but the least we can do is search.

You guy go look downstairs.

So like, what are we doing?

Just start looking over there.

Getting closer.

[Amber] You guys!

[CJ] What did you find?

Bullets, no gun.


Aren't you gonna ask what I found?

What did you find?

And please tell me it has a trigger.

Well, kind of.

I don't think I even know how to use one of these things, but it's worth a try.

(puckish music)

(telephone clanking)

Who do we call, 911?

Does being stuck in a place where we're not supposed to be with a dead car battery warrant an emergency?

Uh, does the girl that lied to us and brought us out here, may have been eaten by a mountain lion warrant an emergency?

Jeez Amber, nice attitude much?

There's no dial tone.

What do you mean?

There's an outlet.

There has to be a dial tone.

I mean if I have 4G, I can certainly make a phone call.

Same thing, right?

Not exactly.

(phone clattering)

Well, tap the line or something.

There was this girl trapped in a basement on Modern Hospital and she--

[CJ And Jocelyn] Amber!

Look, I get that you guys are mad at me.

But I didn't mean to kill CJ's car.

I know.

And you don't have to say it, I know it's partially my fault that we're stuck here like this.

I'm not blaming you Amber.

Neither am I.

Honestly, don't blame Sophia, either.

She had no idea all of this would happen.

I'd never be brave enough to do what Sophia did.

Hiking to the top of a hill alone with that guy out there?

No way.

I can run pretty fast and probably could have made it to the top a lot quicker than she could.

But I'd never be brave enough to try.

Sophia is brave.

She's always been that way.

She always made me believe that I could get through anything if I just said the right prayer.

And she always had the right one for every situation.

Like this one time we hiked out too far, way farther than we were supposed to, because Sophia had this crazy idea that we could catch a special type of firefly if we went to the exact right spot at the exact right time of night.

So we grabbed our jars and dusk fell.

We caught dozens of those little guys,

but then before we knew it, it was pitch black and we were out in the middle of nowhere in some field.

So I started crying.

I think I was the poster child for hormone changes.

But Sophia, she made up this little prayer.

Something about fireflies and night skies.

I knew that she had to be just as scared as I was.

But we just said that prayer as we made our way through the dark, with nothing to light our path but our little jar of fireflies.

Before I knew it, the cabin was in the distance.

It was as if it took us an hour to get out there, but not even ten minutes to get back.

Anyway, we released the fireflies right out there.

Sophia prayed that they would light the way for anyone who was lost or scared.

(pensive music)

Sophia's okay out there, isn't she?

If anyone is okay out there, it's Sophia.

God will keep her safe.

He'll keep us safe, too.

(somber music)

(crickets chirping)

(faint owl hooting)

(ominous music)

(Sophia groaning)

(menacing music)

[Sophia] Protect us from the flies, give us clear skies,

watch over us with your eyes.

(Sophia whimpering)

(suspenseful music)

Dear Lord, please help me.

(engine roaring)

Maybe if you go to the second floor and stick your arm out the window you'll get service.

Really, you think so?

No, I don't.

Okay, so you're just trying to make me look stupid then?

Why is it always about you looking stupid, Amber?

Nobody is Snaptexting this moment, okay?

Guys hush!

I think I hear something.

It's probably Sophia!

Then maybe she got help.

Sophia didn't go to the road.

How'd she get help?

She called someone, duh!

That was the whole plan.

So why isn't she back?

I don't know.

(tires crunching)

Do we let them in?

No, we wait to see who it is.

(suspenseful music)

(loud thudding)

[Eli] I know you're in there.

Oh my gosh, that's the guy!


The man from the woods that said we don't belong here and we need to leave.

That's him!

(loud thudding)

[Eli] I have your friend.

Oh no, what do we do?

It's probably a trick.

He's trying to get us out there.

Yeah, but how would he know that Sophia isn't here...


(loud thudding)

[Eli] Do you hear me in there?

I'm gonna go talk to him.


Are you crazy?


No, you know what, I'm not crazy.

If he has my best friend, who would do anything for me, I have to do the same for her.

And what if he doesn't have her?

Then at least we'll know.

CJ, seriously.

Look, there's nothing you can say to stop me.

Lock the door behind me.

Where's Sophia?

[Eli] You need to come with me.

Tell me where she is, I can go on my own.

[Eli] I'll show you.

Can you please just tell me where we're going?

Your friend should have listened to me.

I told her it wasn't safe here.

(engine revving)

(crickets chirping)

(suspenseful music)

(Sophia whimpering)

(suspenseful music)

Where's Sophia?

Where are we?

Stay here.

(rifle cock clicking)

[Amber] Jocelyn come here.

That's him, I know it is!

[Jocelyn] What does this mean?

Do you see the rest of the article?

Two killed, bank injured.

Jocelyn, there's no telling what this man could be capable of.

And CJ's out there with him, alone!

Not to mention, Sophia!

This lunatic could have two of our friends!

Okay, it's a ripped photo, Amber.

There's no telling what this man is--

But I saw it on Modern Hospital!

Amber, we don't have time for this--

No, just listen okay.

There was this man.

He had killed eight people and then evaded the police for years.

And I specifically remember that word, evaded, 'cause I hadn't heard it before that episode and I looked it up.

Anyway, he just went about his life.

Hunting and fishing, living off the grid so nobody knew who he was, until one day he just snapped.

He had to kill again and he took out everyone in his path.

Okay, okay, I get where you're going with this.

But without knowing what the rest of that article says, Amber, it could be way simpler than that.

Or way worse.

(ominous music)

(distant gunshot)

(Sophia gasping)


(suspenseful music)




Are you okay?

What happened to you?

I heard a gun.

What's going on out there?

Some man, this must be his place.

He told me that he had you and I had to come with him.

Where is he now?

I dunno, he stopped driving and ran off.

Let's get you back.

Can you walk?

A little.

There's no way I can make it all the way back.

(loud gunshot)

Okay, we need to find a knife or a weapon or something.


(suspenseful music)

(door clanging)

[Eli] Hey!

I told you to stay in the truck!

(suspenseful music)

"Two killed one injured.

"Local Madison resident, Eli Grossman, "will return home from Afghanistan after a bomb

"detonated under his convoy, "killing the other two members of his team."

He's not some crazed serial killer.

But it sounds like he lost two of his friends.

Are you touching my things?

I'm sorry, I--

Put your hands down.

I didn't, I'm sorry, I didn't take anything.

Why are you touching my things?

We're just trying to get back to Sophia's Grandfather's cabin.

What did you just say?

[Sophia] My, my Grandfather used to live out here.

He had a farm.

Daniel Aldrich was your Grandfather?

How do you know that?

[Young CJ] Marco!

[Young Sophia] Polo!

(girls giggling)

[Young CJ] You told me you thought he was cute!

Did not!

[Young CJ] Did too!

No ew!

I did not, did not!


What are you girls arguing about now?

[Both] Nothing!

Why don't you make yourselves useful then.

Another one of your Grandpa's goats is missing.

Come help me look.

[Both] Okay!

[Young Sophia] Hey Eli, do you have a girlfriend?

[Eli] Who wants to know?

(girls giggling)


Do you remember us?

Sophia and CJ?


[CJ] I saw the purple heart.

Is that yours?

My Grandfather was a veteran too.

Did he let you stay here?

I use my traps to keep the predators away.

That lion's been coming around ever since he died.

That lion and the bankers, trying to take it all from me.

We weren't trying to take anything away from you.

I don't remember many things, but...

maybe I do remember you.

Our friends are probably really worried about us.

Can you just take us back to the cabin?

If we get the battery jump started we can leave right away.

Sophia probably needs to go to the hospital.


It's a dark road and it's late.

You should stay at the cabin tonight.

It's safer.

I cleaned & dressed the wound.

She'll be fine.

(tires on gravel crunching)

Someone's here!

(engine idling)

It's them!

There you are!

[Jocelyn] Oh my gosh Sophia, come here, come in.

We were so worried!

Are you guys okay?

Yeah, we're fine.

Sophia just needs to lie down.

Wait, we're staying here?

Yeah, practically morning anyway.

It'll be fine.

[Jocelyn] You okay?

Yeah, just thinking what it would be like to lose two friends, or three.

(pensive music)

(crickets chirping)

[CJ] How'd you sleep?

Fine I guess.

It was a really overwhelming day.

Still trying to process everything.

So much for fall break.

How's your foot?

Flesh wound.

I'll be fine.

Could have been a lot worse.

CJ, thanks for coming after me.

I messed up and I know that.

I know it's no excuse, but it was really hard on me when you moved.

Then I lost my Grandpa. it was like, not only had I lost him, but I lost you and all the memories that we made here.

No Soph, the only thing that was lost was me.

It took me coming up here to realize that I've lost touch with myself...

and with God.

So in a weird way, all this was kinda worth it.

(gentle music)

Yeah, it's a shame it'll all be gone before too long.

Soph, I almost forgot!

What is this?

I think it's your Grandfather's Will.

I found it last night when I was searching for a gun.

What does it say?



The cabin and the land, he left it all to me!

Quick, help me up.

Wait, what?

Where are you going?

(tires crunching)

(birds chirping)

Are you sure about this?


What are you doing here?

CJ found my Grandfather's Will.

The bank doesn't own the property.

He left it all to me.


We came here because I wanted to give you this portion of the land.

So you can stay.

You don't owe me nothin'.

Well, what if I gave you this land in exchange for you keeping up with the traps?

Yeah, that way it's safe for us when we come back.

I uh, I suppose I could do that.

* You're so much bigger than this *

* Makin' me stronger every day

* We're climbing all the mountains *

* Won't let it all stand in my way *

[Young Sophia] Dear Lord, protect us from the flies.

[Young CJ] Give us clear skies.

[Young Sophia] Watch over us with your eyes.

[Young CJ] And may our hearts be your prize.

[Both] Amen!

(gentle music)

* I sing my fight song over every trial till I find peace *

* It haunts me

* Calm I can pull over my eyes

* I know you go before me

* You make a way when I'm upset *

* I'm standing with an army. You put a fire inside *

[Man] Set.

[Woman] Action!

[Man] What's you doing there Jacob?

(upbeat music)

[Woman] Ew!

Okay, get over I stepped on him.

[Woman] That's a spider.

[Woman] No he's right.

[Woman] Oh that's a mosquito.

Do you remember us?

CJ and Sophia.

No, it's me first. (laughing)

(upbeat music)

Can you please just tell me where we're going?

Your friend shoulda listened to me.

I told her it wasn't safe here.

[Woman] All right reset, reset.


It's not easy!


Can you please just tell me where we're going?

Your friend shoulda listened to me.

Told her it wasn't safe here.

(upbeat music)

[Man] Try and get it.

[Woman] Don't go too high.

We're good.


(upbeat music)

[Sophia] Should check the breaker.


[Man] 37.

[Woman] Oh my gosh.


(upbeat music)

Will you please just tell me where we're going?

Your friend shoulda listened to me.

I told her it wasn't safe here.


I can do it.

One more.

Will you please just tell me where we're going?

Your friend shoulda listened to me.

Told her it wasn't safe here.

(upbeat music)

[CJ] You're done, you're good. (laughing)

That's good, done.

[Eli] You wanna do it?

[Sophia] You'll take that left over the hill. (laughing)

Hey (mumbles)


I looked in the totally wrong.


[Woman] I almost said (mumbles) loan.

(girls giggling)

[Young Sophia] After we eat.

Yeah, I don't have any bread.


Make yourselves useful again, again.


[Woman] Just like you're taking a selfie, hold on.


(upbeat music)

[Man] Oh she's shy.


Picture that and that should do it for the shy (mumbling).


[Woman] Libby, it's on your face.

Oh get it!


[Woman] You okay?

[Man] Whatcha doin'?

Whatcha doin' on my land?

(Eli scat singing)

* You're gonna die


[Man] You okay babe?


[Woman] Yeah.

(engine idling)

[Woman] We're done.

Kelsey put the break!

Put the break on!


It's an old truck!

[Woman] It still has a parking break. (laughing)

[Man] Oh, what is this place?

Oh, oh God what is this place?

It's everywhere.

Oh, oh, oh!


Wow, is he sleeping?

Oh my gosh.

Oh gosh, oh that's scary.


(gentle music)

* Crash down to the real world now *

* I had told you, you have my heart *

* We run to where we belong

* I had told you, you are the one *

* You're my satellite

* Won't you take me higher than the sun *

* We can go all night till we find our light *

* And show everyone

* Nobody does it like us

* When you're feeling down

* I know I won't let go

* I will catch you when you're spinning out *

* 'Cause this love we've found

* It's worth more than gold

* Better than anything I've ever known *

* When the world's too loud and I need a home *

* You will be the one that I can call *

* When the days are long and I've had enough *

* I know you will be there

* 'Cause nobody does it better than us *

* Ah ah ah ah ah ah

* Nobody does it better than us *

* Ah ah ah ah ah ah

* Nobody does it better than us *

* Caught up in the feelin' now

* I keep it in my heart

* We run to where we belong

* I believe it

* You are the one

* You're my satellite

* Won't you take me higher than the sun *

* We can go all night

* Till we find our light and show everyone *

* Nobody does it like us

* When you're feelin' down I know I won't let go *

* I will catch you when you're spinning out *

* 'Cause this love we've found

* It's worth more than gold

* Better than anything I've ever known *

* When the world's too loud and I need a home *

* You will be the one that I can call *

* When the days are long and I've had enough *

* I know you will be there

* 'Cause nobody does it better than us *

* Ah ah ah ah ah ah

* Nobody does it better than us *