Be With You (2018) Script

Lotte entertainment presents

between heaven and earth is a place called cloudland.

People stay until they're forgotten before going up to heaven.

Mommy penguin peeped down on earth through a hole and cried everyday.

When the rainy season started 1 year later, she secretly hopped on the raindrop train.

The train stopped at a small station.

Suddenly, she heard a baby’s cry.

She ran over to find her baby penguin in a yellow raincoat crying.

She held her baby penguin tight.

Suddenly, a miracle happened!

Mommy and baby always stayed together.

They played games.

Mommy taught her baby how to fish, and had fun together.

Soon, the rainy season was almost over.

Raindrop fairy from cloudland came and whispered to mommy penguin.

"You must return before the clouds roll away."

"If you miss the last raindrop train, you can’t go back to cloudland.”

"then you won't be able to watch your baby through the clouds.”

mommy was sad, but she didn’t cry.

Her baby smiled back at her too.

They hugged each other and said goodbye with a smile.

Mommy penguin returned to cloudland and watched her baby everyday, but didn’t cry anymore.

70 j-ho from mom she died way too young.

Can the boy's father take care of him?

We warned it'd be dangerous to have a baby.

She was fine before giving birth.

That's right!

See you again, mom.

Be with you

1 year later summer, 2006

so j-sub

son ye-Jin

Kim j-hwan, go Chang-suk

Lee you-Jin, Kim hyeon-soo

directed by Lee jang-hoon

ji-ho! Wake up!

It’s time for school!


Slept in her wardrobe again?

Let's have breakfast. Wake up!

It’s sunny throughout the country today.

It'll be a high of 29 °c in Seoul.

Daegu will go up to a high of 30 °c.

It'll be 2~3 degrees hotter than yesterday.

The rainy season will begin this weekend.

Jeju island will get heavy downfalls.

The seasonal rain front isn’t moving northward...

Does rainy season start with rain?


Does it always rain?

It usually comes and goes.

You said it has to rain.

When rainy season starts, sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn’t.

What if it rains in jeju island?

Then rainy season starts? It’s part of our country too.

Yes. Don’t worry.

Rainy season will come.

Hurry up and eat.

Are you excited too? About what?

Mom will come when the rainy season starts.



Let’s wait and see.

Eat up. You'll be late.

Don’t worry. Mom will keep her promise.

It’s in the book too!

Your medicine!


See you later!

Aren’t you hot?

It might rain see you later.

After school...

I'll go to uncle hong—gu.

Pay attention in class. I will.

Go, dad! You're late!

Here you are.

It's been a while. Yes.

Please come often. I will.

How about number 110?

Here you go.

Thanks for the coffee.





Your buttons...

Hyun-jung? Coffee.

I had some already.

Did you clean in the morning?

Yes, I cleaned everything.

Good job!

One, two, three, four!

One, two, three, four!

Look at him! He’s handsome!

What are you doing?

Hurry up!

Why are you afraid of getting in the water?

Why work here if you're so scared of water?

Hong-gu bakery

not again.

Why the long face?

What happened at school?


Tell me what's wrong.

Dad can’t run, can he?

Why can’t he do so many things?

Going through puberty?

What's that?

Forget it.

Well, your dad is...

You know the lights that turn on automatically when you pass by?

There's one at our front door.

How does it turn on?

If I move under it.


Does it turn on if people don’t pass by it?

It does.

It does? Yup.

It turns on if a fly or the wind passes under it.

Why's the light like its owner?

Anyway, if it goes on and off all the time, what will happen?

It’s broken.

It’s broken already?


If you're dad works hard all the time, he’ll break down too.

I guess.

So, he can’t do everything.

That's why he can’t run?

It’s too hard.

What about driving?

What if he gets in an accident?

And movie theaters?

There’s lots to watch on TV.

But why ask about running?

I'm the class rep for the relay race.

Way to go, kid!

We have to run with our dads.

You've got me! Don’t worry!

But your legs are short.


You got my legs all wrong!

Come here.


Touch right there.

Feel that bone? Yes!

Most people’s legs stop there.

Now, touch mine.

I can’t feel it!

Know why you can’t feel my leg bones?


My legs don’t stop there!

My legs go up to here!

Like what?


Then think I'll be fast or not with these long legs?

Totally fast! You got it!

Let’s win!


Why do you look so happy?

Uncle hong—-gu will run in the relay race with me.

Relay race? Yes!

We're supposed to run with our dads, but uncle Hong-gu says he’s fast because of his super long legs.

Really? That's great.

Bye uncle Hong-gu! Go penguin!


Thanks, pal.

No problem.

One of my customers is a really classy lady.

See ya.

Don’t be shy, pall

blue team wins/

thanks for your help.

Don’t worry. Have fun.

Thank you.

Hey, jeong!

Come here.

We got many complaints.

Members say it's dark and the light is flashing.

I'd change it, but I'm afraid of heights.

I can’t even change my light bulbs.

Could you hurry it up?

Your son must be waiting.

Isn't there a race every year?

You can go next year, right?

Listen up.

When I get the Baton and start running, it takes me about 3 seconds to reach full speed.

Get it? You hear me?

So I'll...

Jeong ji-ho!

Wow! His legs are really long!

See? I told you!

Still, he can't.

Why's it so small?

Give me the shirt.


Hurry up.

What's with you?

You're not my dad.

Next up is the family relay run. Participants, take your positions.

Your attention, please.

Next up is the family relay run. Participants, take your positions.


Son? I can just jog, right?

Sure! I'll run fast!

Let’s go white team!

Let’s go blue team!

Hurry! Faster!


Last runners get ready!


That's it! Go ji-ho!

Go! Go! Go!

Go blue team!

Get up, mister!


I must've embarrassed you. No way!


You'll never leave me, will you?

I'm not going anywhere without you.

Promise? Of course!

I swear on cloudland.


I'll carry you.

But you must be tired.

I want to carry my son. Get on.

Let's gol!



Let's wash our blankets when we go home.


Uncle Hong-gu said then it'll rain.

Really? Yup!

Then let's go home faster. Okay!

Hold tight! Okay.

Let's fly!

What are you looking for?

A four-lear clover.

You said if we find 10 of them, a wish will come true.

What’s your wish ji-ho?

For you to be healthy.

Thanks honey. Mommy will be healthy.

Promise? Promise!


Dad! It's raining!


Let's go see mom!



You'll catch a cold! Wait!




Mom! Where are you?

That's weird. Where's mom?

She’s not here yet?

Wanna go now?

No! I'm not leaving.

You'll catch a cold.

I'm not going!

Something must've kept her from coming today.

Let's come next time.

No! Mom said she'll come with the rain!

Let's go home.

No! She said she’ll come today!

Put me down! Stop it!

What's that?

It’s mom!

Why? I want to go to mom!

You wait right here. I'll go check first.


Jeong ji-ho!

Stay back!

It’s mom, right?


Calm down. Relax she could be a ghost.

Who cares? She’s mom.





No! Don’t touch her!

Mom! No!

Mom! Watch out! Stop!

Ji-ho! Mom! Wake up!

See? It’s mom!

Who are you?

Mom? Don’t you remember? It's me, ji-ho.


I'm your mom?

Why don’t you know me?

You said you'll come back from cloudland when it rains.

What does that mean?

Dad! Explain it to her! Come on!

It hurts.

Get up! I'll show you at home. Come on!


Hurry! Let's go home.

This is you, mom.

You and me. See?

There’s more!

Tadal welcome back mom!

I made this for your return.


I left your things as they are.

Go change and get comfortable.

Don’t you need to pee? No.

You should pee. Let's go! I don’t have to!

Why doesn’t mom remember anything?

Maybe she hit her head on the way from cloudland?

I don’t think she knows that either.


That she...

Went to cloudland.

Oh really?

Ji-ho? Let’s keep this a secret.


What if she gets shocked and leaves?

Don’t ever say she'll leave again.

Let's pretend we lived together all along.

And don’t tell anyone else. Understand?

If we help her, mom will get her memory back.


Doesn't mom look a lot healthier?

Yes! And prettier!

Mom's always been pretty.

Let's go.

Excuse me?

Did I really live here?

Yes, you lived here.

Right? Right!

But you mentioned cloudland and looked happy to see me.

You welcomed me.

And you said you left my things as they are.

I let the house get messy like this?


You were... ah...


I was?

That's right!

You were sick and stayed in the hospital.

Cloudland hospital!


Why was I in the tunnel and not the hospital?

You got cured yesterday!

Right! You came home yesterday.

We played hide-and-seek!


You love playing that. You're really good.

Right ji-ho?

Right! You're the best.


Are you okay?

See dad?

Mom hit her head on the way down!

Right! A rock must've fallen and hit you on the head.

Right! A rock!

That's why you fainted there.

That's right.

So, you lost your memory.

Right. That must be it.

Right. Right.

Thank you. Don’t mention it.

Kid? Come here.

Like father like son.

Not me.

I made some fried rice for you. It’s in the fridge.

Stay home and try to get some rest.

If you overdo yourself... It's up to me whether I work or lurk.

See you later!

See you.


I'm home!

So soon?

My teacher was absent today.

I won.

I let you win.

You're good now. I won't go easy on you.


77, 78, 79...



Rice! Rice! Rice!

I give up!

I give up! Mom!

I give up!

Dad! It's okay! We're just playing.

Aren’t you eating?

I want mom’s rice cake skewers.

Mom needs her rest. —- but she’s really strong now!

Are you okay?


Where's the remote? There it is.

He insisted on sleeping here.

I'll take him. Ji-ho? It's okay.

Are you sure? Yes.

Sleep well then. Wait.


Are you going to sleep?

I will in a bit.

Then, get undressed.

That's what you want?

But ji-ho is here.

I'll wait for you outside.

She shouldn't overdo it.

Good thing ji-ho's asleep. What are you doing?

Your legs got burned too?

Oh, you didn’t mean that.

I'll put it on for you.

By the way, I don’t remember, but I guess I'm a mom and a wife...

Don’t worry. You'll get your memory back soon.

It’s not that.

I married you for love, right?

Hard to believe?

I'm just curious.

Could you tell me about us?

We first met in high school.

We were in the same class all three years.

You were the top student in the school.

You had the highest grades throughout high school.

Was I a loner?


Just someone who is hard for normal kids to approach.

Since I was a student-swimmer, / only studied half-day.

And I slept during class, so we had no chance to talk.

Then how did we end up together?

Saw that? Yes!

Swim like that.

If you can swim, go here. If you can’t, go here.

Don’t fool around back there!



Oh no! Help her!

Thank you.

/ had a crush on you.

Let's solve question 3.

Today's the 23rd, right?

Then student number 13 and 33 can come up.

Norwegian forest


Stop drinking the herbal decoction. You'll age faster.

It’s okay. I'm baby-faced.

You like her, don’t you?

Who? Lim soo—a.

It’s so obvious, fool.

You're crazy. Want me to help?

Help with what?

Answer quickly. Want help?

Forget it.

I'll ask one last time. Want help?

Fine. Good luck, bro.

I don’t believe this!

According to my calculations, lim soo-a loves you way more than you do.

Woo-Jin loves soo-a, 9%.

Soo-a loves woo-Jin, 98%!

No way!

So just act cool and uninterested around her.

Ask her for a pen, then she'll say she has one.

Then be chic and say, "lend me an eraser’, you know!

Then she'll think you're funny and laugh.

Just go with the flow, bud.

You get me? Yeah.

You trust me? I do.

Hey, lim soo-a?

Got a pen I can... No.

I knew it.

She's good at hiding her feelings.

You can’t rush things.

If she likes you more, she’ll come on to you.


One, two, three! One, two!

Jeong woo-Jin!


Can't you get it right?

Sorry, sir.

It’s because I'm left-footed.

No, you're a left foot klutz!


It wasn’t me!


Are you left-footed? Yes.

Can you partner up with the left foot klutz?


It’s dirty. Oh no!

It's okay.

What's going on?

Oh no!

We didn’t talk again until our last day of school.

You're not still...

You're over her, right?

Shut up.

What? You're not?

You're crazy! Stop it!

You liked her for 3 years? Shut up!

You have a crush!


You didn’t write yet.



Woo-Jin? Got a pen? — sure.

You can write too, if you want.


Do it.


Soo-a likes me?

My pen!

/ went fo a nearby college for swimming.

You went to a university in Seoul.

Don’t worry. Friends matter more than love.

What! I don’t like her!

You liar!

Don’t remember?

It'll come... Mom!


I thought you went back to cloudland.

He means the hospital.

So, we didn't date during high school?


Then I tried to call you in our first summer break from college.


No! Call her back!

Call her! Move!


After summer break, / wanted fo call you auring winter break.

Military duty notice just like that, another 2 1 years went by.



Hang up!


You crazy!

Who ’s this?

Hang up!

Hello? It's jeong woo-Jin!

Sung-hyeon high class of 92, jeong woo-Jin.

Hi. It's jeong woo-Jin.

You probably don’t remember.

Do you have my pen you took on the last day of school?

It’s really expensive.


What do want? Just say anything!

I'll do anything you say!

Let me style you up. Style me?

I'm not late. You came early.

I know.

It’s hot. Why didn’t you wait inside?

We promised to meet here.

Right. Sorry.

It's okay.

Thanks. — sure.

It’s hot, so...

Take care.

Okay. Bye.

Hey, soo-a!

Aren’t you thirsty?

I am.

Do you live in dorm at school?

No, I live alone.

That must be tough.

It’s better than home.

No one tells me what to do.

That’s true.

You can feel trapped living at home.

I hate it when people tell me what to do.

It's up to me whether I work or lurk.

Work or lurk? That's a good one.

Why are you laughing?


Norway do you like Norway?

Yes, I love it.

The great forests and fjord coasts.

Do you like it too?

Not really.

Didn't you read a book called 'Norwegian forest’?


That's just a novel.

It has nothing to do with Norway.

Actually, I bought it thinking it’s about Norwegian forest cats.

It’s a type of cat?

Yes, it’s so cute.

It's a cat that looks like a dog and is friendly too.

It has really long, soft fur.


Do you like cats? Of course, I love dogs too.

Me too.

Your bus is here.

I'll see you off and then go.

It's packed. I'll take the next one.


It’s the last bus.

Are you getting on or not?

I'll be going then.

I won't be back from Seoul until winter break.

Look over there!

He’s so fast!

Mister! Wait! Stop!

What are you doing? Sorry, sir!

Lim soo-a!


Can I write you letters?

He's wearing color mousse?

They must be dating.

Come on! Get off the bus!

Let's gol!

This isn’t Hollywood!

= I'll write! Get off!

Rainy season expected to last longer

you look so happy. Pardon?

Ah, well sort of.

Are you dating someone?

No, why would 1?

You look so happy.

My buttons...

It’s so hot.

Are you stupid?

It’s raining again.

It’s all my dad’s fault.


Whenever his car gets washed, it rains the next day.

But he washes it everyday.

Our car is American.

Lucky you!

You're like my dad.


He likes rainy days too. Says cigarettes taste better.

What about you?

I hate "em.


My hair gets curlier.

Woo-Jin! Wait!

That's what's urgent?

What's more urgent than this?

Forget it.

You saw how pretty she is!

She's really classy.

I don’t care!

I smell something suspicious.

You're in love.

What in the world?

Don’t act naive! Who is she?

Forget it.

It’s written on your face! Who is she?

I won't tell anyone. Who is she?

Let go!

I won't steal her from you! Friendship over love, remember?

Actually, if you say soo-a came back, you're dead!

Be more creative than that!

That's all you can think of?

Say she lost her memory why don’t you!

I gotta go.

What's with him?

I'm sorry. My friend's a little shy.

I can’t stand guys like him.

Still, he’s my friend.

I meant him.

Must have a reason for being alone.


That's gross.

I meant you.


I see there's only one woman for life.

Is it written on my face?

Well, I am a romanticist.

Not you. I meant your friend.

Too bad for such a handsome face.

Right. Woo-Jin is pretty good looking.

No, I meant you.




Look! It's huge!

What is it?

I can hear better now!

This came from your ear?

Come here, dad. Why?

Lie down.

Come on!

But... Lie down!


He has some earwax too.

You have big ear holes just like dad.

There's so much.

Be careful...



Jeong woo-Jin!


My buddy, jeong woo-Jin!


What's with you?

Buddy! If you die, I can’t live!

Why would I die?

Ji-ho! Mommy's here!

You're drunk!

Go home and sleep! I came back from cloudland!


Sorry, bro.




You can’t go out.

Why not?

Uncle hong—-gu is weird.


His head is too big.

Where'd he go?


Soo-a wasn’t strikingly beautiful!

Her body wasn’t to die for!

Why you little!

Let’s talk outside!

Holy cow.

Remember? This is hong—gu.

He's quite drunk.

Would you like some water?

Why is he dressed like a penguin?


I'll explain everything! Don’t tell anyone!

Soo-a! It's soo-a!

Your water.


Stay back!

Our father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done...

On earth, as it is in heaven?

I'm so sorry!

Forgive me!

I won't do it again!

I won't set him up on blind dates again!

So please forgive me!

I'm s 0 Rey!

Be careful!

He's not a bad guy.

So? What?

You said you'd write. Then what?


I wrote to you.

Are you cold?


Are your hands cold?


Why wear gloves?

I"m not.

Were you in a fight?

I fell off my bike.

You need ointment. I'll get it.

It's okay.

Let's just stay like this.


No cheating, okay?

Are we there yet?


We're here.

There's nothing here.

This is it?


It’s a movie theater!


Wanna see?


Turn up the volume.


= I'll turn it off. What?


Let's watch together! It’s too small to share.


I can see.

This way. Wait.

What's this?

My birthday

don’t lie!

= I'm not lying! —- seriously?

Don’t tell anyone, okay?


I made this?

Mommy penguin in cloudland

it’s cute.

Barley, barley, rice!

You're so good!


I'll catch you! Barley...

Ready, go!

Ji-ho! Don’t hurt mommy!


Ji-ho! Wait! I'm sorry!

Stop! Don’t hurt daddy!

Give up! Give up!

We give up!

What's that for?

It’s to ask for more rain.


Because I love rainy days!



What's that over there?

Jeong woo-Jin!

Ji-ho! We did it!

Let's run away!

Are you having fun? Yes!

But it must be hard on dad. No, I'm fine!

Dad! Faster!

Faster? Let's go!

Ji-ho, we're home!

What did you wish for?

It’s a secret.

Let's go wash up.



Why didn’t you tell me?

What's wrong with you?

When did it start?

After our third date...

Go on in. Take care.


Good luck at the national tryouts. Don’t get hurt.

I mean...


Doctors said there’s a problem in my brain that controls hormones.

/ got treatment and pills, but it only got worse.

If I got nervous or strained myself, I kept fainting.

Everything came fo an end.

Not just swimming, but living a normal life too.

How’ve you been?


You've lost weight.

No, I didn’t.

I heard you quit swimming. Yeah.

I have other plans.

Is something wrong?

It’s nothing like that.


Don’t hide it.

I'm not hiding anything.

I just... don’t like you anymore.


Just your feelings for me changed?

Nothing bad happened, right?

Of course not.

That's good.

From now on...

Let’s not see each other.

Then for a year, I struggled to get over you.

But I couldn ’t.

It was really dangerous for me to go to Seoul alone, but if I could see you just one more time, / didn’t care what happened fo me.

Seeing you happy, I felt a little sad.

Still, I was relieved.

/ knew that I wasn’t good enough for you.

I realized that for good.

We didn’t talk to each other after that.

/ thought it was completely over.

Then a few months later...


I mulled over whether to meet you again or not.

My head was telling me to go back, but my heart would not let me go.


Don’t worry.

We'll be fine. It’s meant to be.

Soon after, I proposed to you.

You said you hated every minute we're apart, and asked me to propose soon.

That means I proposed first.

If you didn’t say that, I wouldn't have dreamed of marriage.

Despite your parents being against it, you quit grad school and married me.

Then, ji-ho was born.

Can we live happily ever after like this?

Of course.

School concert? Yes.

You're in it too?

Our whole class is singing.

Sounds fun!

Will you come, mom? Of course! I want to see you sing!

You'll go too, right?

Right. Of course.

It’s the forecast!

This year’s rainy season is unusually long.

Le o ie lo 4 on " . . Ll: Oe a on a oo 0 ln le o ie lo 4 on " . . Ll: Oe a on a oo 0 ln le o ie lo 4 on " . . Ll: Oe a on a oo 0 ln the rain clouds are concentrated in the central...

Why turn it off?

It was too loud.

Hurry up and eat. You'll be late.

Lim soo-a?

That's me.

Daddy's home.

It’s too hard.

Don’t hold it tightly.

Let's practice again.

Hold it gently and tap.

Not too hard.

See! You can do it!

You can make it yourself, right? Yes!

That's my boy!

Ji-ho! Daddy's home.

Dad! I made fried eggs!

Really? That's awesome!

He's so good!

Wanna try again?

Daddy? Hmm?

Did you put up a four-leaf clover?


There were 8 before. Now, there are 9.

Did mom put it up?

"You must return before the clouds roll away."

It will come someday the day of my dreams I'm good at running.

I'm the fastest runner in my class.

I'm going to win a gold medal at the Olympics.


Concentrate and do it right.

Let's try it again.

Okay son?


Hold on tight and shake it twice.

Turning it to full power won't help suck up all the dust.

That's good.

Don’t use your nails. Rub gently.

Like this?

Yes! Scrub everywhere.

That's good!

You two look like emperor penguins.

Why do you say that?

When the mommy penguin lays an egg and goes away for food, the daddy incubates it on its feet for over 2 months in -50 °c cold.

That’s amazing.

We have a problem.

Take ji-ho. Hurry.


/ have fo poo. Hurry! Take him!

The emperor penguin holds it for two months!

J-ho’s awake. He’s not crying. Still, hold it!

Come on! Take him!

Who am /?

Who am /?

Ji-ho is smiling!

Look at mommy!


Daddy did it.

Stay still then.

You stayed up every night and did this?

Since I saw her, I can’t even get mad!


Will this stop soo-a from going?

When the rain stops, doesn’t she have to go?

I have to at least try.

Of course.


See for yourself.

Somebody kept putting soap on our car.

We caught him using a scrubbing pad!

Ji-ho? Did you really do that?

Hold your head up. Did you do it?

My son saw him.

Why'd you do it?

Tell me why you did this.

You won't tell me?

I'm sorry. I'll punish him at home.

I'll pay for damages. Please let me know.

I'll say this because I'm worried as a parent too.

I think ji-ho may have emotional problems.

He should get therapy before it’s too late.

I'm sure you're doing the best you can, but it shows when kids don’t have a mom.

I'm sorry.

Let's go.

Why are you crying?


He said if his dad’s car gets washed, it always rains.

Mom's not leaving, right?

We can hold her and stop her from going, right?

We can’t let her go again!

Classy bakery


How can I help...

Don’t worry. I won't bite.

I came to ask you for a favor.

What favor, ma'am. I mean, soo-a.

First, I apologize for the not beautiful and hot body comment.

I didn’t mean it.

What's this?

You won't close this bakery anytime soon, right?


The favor will take a long time.




It’s raining! Why'd you come out?

Where were you?

I went to uncle Hong-gu’s to buy a cake.

There! Now, let’s sing!

Ready, go!

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday

dear j-ho happy birthday to you!

Blow out the candles.


/ wonder how ji-ho will grow up.

Since he resembles you, I'm sure he'll be handsome.

What? You agree?

Hello everyone. We're the emcees for today.

Yewool elementary concert hello everyone. We're the emcees for today.

Hello everyone. We're the emcees for today.

I'm Lee jun-sung. And I'm park yoon-young.

Let’s begin our school concert!

Wait up! We're late!

Call an ambulance!

There is broken glass in there!

Ma'am! Come out of the water!

Next up is our adorable first grade students.

They'll sing ‘the day of my dreams’ in a musical-like way.

I can’t wart!

Let’s give them a big hand!

/ believe in my dream though it may seem hard

/ close my eyes and draw out that day though it may be hard and I feel like crying

! Will never give up I believe in my heart it will come someday the day of my dreams how nice it will be

/ picture it in my mind

I'm good at soccer.

My dream is to make the national soccer team then play pro soccer in Europe.

I can do it!

I'm good at singing and dancing.

I can act too.

My dream is to become a singer and a great actress too!

I'll be the best sailor!

I'll draw cartoons.

I'll become a model.

I'm good at kart rider.

I'm high in the rankings.

Mom promised I can play more if I become a doctor.


Ji-ho! Mommy's here.

I'm good at running.

I'm good at cleaning.

If you vacuum on high, it can’t suck dust as much.

Is it dusty?

/’m good at doing laundry.

You have to shake off the clothes then hang them.

I'm good at washing my hair.


When you wash it, don’t use your nails to scrub.

I'm good at cooking too.

Crack an egg gently and fry it in medium heat.

The egg will break if you grasp it too hard.

I will protect my dad.

Just like I promised mom.

It hurts...

The sun’s out!




"If you miss the last raindrop train, you can’t go back to cloudland.” mom!




How'd you come here?


You're not leaving now, are you?


Listen to me carefully.


It's time for me to go now.

I'm sorry for not recognizing you sooner.

Mom... I'm sorry.


Why ji-ho?

It’s because of me.

You died because of me.

What? Who said that?

I heard your relatives say, you were sick because of me.

I'm sorry.

If I knew, I would've been a better son.

Don’t say that.

I was so happy because of you.


If I wasn’t born, you could’ve lived longer with dad.

That's not true, ji-ho.

I would've been the same even if you weren't born.

And I wouldn't have been happy without you even if I lived till 100.


Of course!

Mommy and daddy...

We met for you to be born into this world, ji-ho.

So, I'm very thankful for you.




I'll go to cloudland and keep watching you.

Grow up well.

And protect daddy like you promised.

I'll never forget you mom.

Good. Thank you.

I wonder how ji-ho will grow up.

Since he resembles you, I'm sure he'll be handsome.



I'm sorry.

For what?

I really wanted to make you happy.

Can’t you see I'm happy?

I was more than happy just being with you.

So, don’t ever feel sorry.


Please... wait...

Take good care of ji-ho.

Love him lots for me too.

Wait... soo-a... I'm coming.

Hold on... please...


I'll be right there.





Stay by ji-ho'’s side for a long, long time.

When you feel like you're a burden to him,

then come meet me at cloudland.

I'll save you a spot beside me.


Dad! Yeah?

You're better than me now! Let's eat.


Let’s eat.


Ji-ho! Let's go!

Hold tight, son!

Yay! My dad won!


Tense up your belly!


That's good.

March 2nd, 1990.

The unthinkable happened.

I started liking someone.

What a great first impression.

Late on your first day of school?

What's your name?

Jeong woo-Jin, sir.


You're the swimmer-student? Don’t be late next time.

And he’s in my class.

See that?

If you can swim, go here. If you can’t, go here.

Hurry! Come on!

Stop right there.


Come here!

Help her!

Thank you.

How embarrassing.

Hey, lim soo-a.

Got a pen? No.


I purposely got the steps wrong to be his partner.

Can you partner up with the left foot klutz?

It got dirty!

It's okay.

I'm sorry.

What’s wrong with me?

For three years!

Come on!

You can write too, if you want.

/’m so stupid.

It was good to be with you thanks - woo-Jin

woo—jin still likes...!



You crazy! Hello?

What? Hello?

It’s jeong woo-Jin!

Sung-hyeon high class of ‘92, jeong woo-—jin.

It’s jeong woo—jin.

You probably don’t remember.

Jeong woo... who?

Hey, soo-a!

Aren’t you thirsty?

I am.

Finally, I had my first date with you.

And I held your hand.

We were slowly getting close.

After a long time, / got a letter from you.

I can’t see you anymore. Sorry.

It was just one sentence.

From now on...

Let’s not see each other.

We broke up after 3 dates.

/ miss you so much.


Wanna go photocopy last year’s tests?


It's raining so suddenly. I know.

Did you study a lot? Not really.

I hope the same questions are on our exam.

I bombed the last one.



Jeong woo-Jin!

You came to see me!

/’'m s 0 s 0. Rr vv / /’'m s 0 s 0 rr y /

/ got in an accident the day you came to see me in Seoul.

When I woke up...


Mom! Ji-ho stop!

Mom! Let go!

/ had leapt 8 years into the future.

When I got in the accident at age 25, / lost my memory.

Then I went 8 years into the future and met you at age 33.

And our 8 year-old son, ji-ho.

Everything seemed strange and unfamiliar.

But I fell in love with you again.

/ had my first kiss with you.

We loved each other.

Then we parted again.

/ was back in the hospital.

They said I woke up miraculously after being in a coma for 6 weeks.

At first, I thought it was a dream.

But as time went by, I remembered more.

My happy memories with you felt so unbelievably real.

/ couldn ’t tell anyone.

/ couldn ’t even believe it myself.

Then I thought the future I saw could really come true.

Marrying you and having a cute son named j-ho and living happily together was a dream come true.

But I would die at 32 and leave you and ji-ho behind.

/ was really scared.

I didn’t want to die so soon.

If I didn’t meet you again, /’d probably marry someone else and live on.

/ thought maybe then I won't have to die at 32.

But would I be happier?

Then / realized that I survived from that accident because you and ji-ho waited desperately for me in the future.

Hello? Woo-Jin?

My beloved woo—-Jin and ji-ho...

/’m coming fo be with you.


Don’t worry.

We'll be fine. It’s meant to be.

I loved my time with you. My life was great.

Ji-ho! Happy birthday!


Jeong ji-ho!

Uncle Hong-gu’s here! Come out!

He's busy getting ready for his first date.

He asked her out?

Uncle Hong-gul!

You're way more handsome than your dad.

Thanks uncle hong—gu.

Happy 20th birthday, ji-ho! Hope you find true love!

From your mom in cloudland

now, I'm done keeping my promise to your mom.

Thank you.

Uncle hong—-gu?

Can you give me a ride into town?

He's good at using me just like you.

Let's gol!

Wait! Dad!

I'll make dinner today. Wait for me, okay?

Don’t mind me. Have fun on your date.

Drive carefully! Okay!