Beach Red (1967) Script

Some of us put up a better front than others, but underneath... all of us were god-awful scared.

I was scared until just a few minutes ago, when our landing craft came up.

But now it's gone.

I feel fine, you know?

It's the waiting, I guess.

Once you get into action, the adrenaline gets into your system.

Tell us all about it, Mouse.

Us kids wanna hear the facts of life from a tried-and-true hero.

Cut it out, Sarge.

I was just saying how I feel.

When are we gonna go in?

We've stood around that compartment since 0500.

That's why you're getting that big fat salary for, Red.

Just hold your water.

Hey, Colombo, maybe the Japs took off... when they saw that we're here in force.

Maybe, huh? Stop dreaming, Chubby.

They are dug in ten, twenty feet underground.

Sure, they're just laying low till we hit the beach.

God, that bombardment last night must've softened them up some.

Hey, Colombo.

How long was that Bougainville operation?

Too long, man.

Pushing through those jungles got me.

My boondockers rotted off.

And this is worse, with these lousy beaches.

We're going in for a wet landing about 200 yards off.

Holy mackerel!

For God's sakes, Colombo.

Hey, what do you want me to do, kiss it?

Come on, come on. Clear the way. Let old Gopher get his shot.

Would there be wars if clocks had never been invented?

Cut the philosophy.

You're not a lawyer anymore, you're an officer.

And this is it.

Don't get impatient in the landing craft, you men.

We're going to be circling a long time in the rendezvous area before we go in.

In the landing craft, until the Coxswain lowers the ramp, keep your heads down and your helmets on.

Keep your weapons close by and try to keep them dry.

Good luck to all of you.

I could get Killed today.

Well, boys, here we go.

All right, move!

Hey, wait a minute!

Me first. I wanna shoot up as you're coming down. Get your best angle.

Let's go!

Move! Get your ass over!

All right, girls! Don't let "em step on your tiny little hand! Let's go!"

Move! Let's go!



Let's go!

Let's go!


I thought I had it. I studied all the points...

sticking up. They'll cut hell out of you.

What were you doing? Praying? Nothing wrong with it.

Just now? No, not really.

I was... I was just thinking about all these fish that are gonna get blown up today, and then about back home.

I used to go fishing a lot with my pop.

What's your old man do? Is he a doctor or something like that?

Worse. He's a minister.

That's why I was named Joseph Joshua Cliff.

A minister! Sure enough?

But he's a great guy, too.

I mean, most people think because he's a minister, he's gotta be square... not fun, not human.

You should hear him at church. He gets more laughs than Bob Hope.

I never heard a minister but he was funny as a graveyard.

He's serious, too.

I mean, he makes people think.

Most people, he says, pray like they were going to the bathroom or brushing their teeth... a reflex, almost.

"Forgive us our trespasses, and help us to forgive those who trespass against us."

How many people ever stop to think what that really means?

Yeah. You're damn right.

When is something gonna happen?

When are we going in?

Goldberg said it'd be at least an hour more.

Sometime tomorrow. Anytime.

Your folks still alive?

Hell, I ain't seen 'em since I was four.

That sits just fine with me.

For God's sakes, Colombo.

Only man among living things Says prayers.

Or needs to.

They can't get me.

I hope we don't have any hand-to-hand fighting.

What the hell?

Keep your fat head down, you won't catch any spray.

Let's go! Go!


Get the hell on your feet!

Corpsman! Let's go!

I got to move faster.

I can't move. I can't move.

Oh, please.

You're ruining my shot.

Get the hell out of there, you slo...

Oh, my God.

Yes, there's very heavy fire, mostly mortars and machine guns.

Yes, sir, we're moving. Out.

You all right, son? Yes, sir.

All right, come on.

Come on, move.

Charlie One to Charlie Six.

That damn smoke.

I'll stop it down, make it a 5.6.

Oh, please. Oh, please.

Egan, get that...


Not there! Move up!

Charlie One. Charlie One.

Move them out to the next shelter.

Move up!

All right, every man move up. Move up!

Move up!

You too, Colombo! Go!

Okay, you, move up!


Egan, get some fire on that gun!

Move up!

Move up!

Spread out! Move up!

All right, Mike.

Come on, son.


Oh, please.

You men seen Mouse?

Not in some time.

Go look for him!




Gotta get 'em off this beach.

Get up here!

Get up, Colombo! Get your butt up here!

Charlie One. Charlie One.

This is Charlie Six. Move "em out, Domingo."

Yes, Sir. Over and out.

Move "em out!"

Move out! Move out!

I'm gonna move over. You follow me!

Come on up here!

Automatic weapons, cover!

Let's go!

Over the line! All right!

Oh, Jesus!

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, Jesus...


Oh, Jesus!

Honeywell! Lindstrom! Here!


Hey, Gunny.

We're in a crossfire here.

You get that right gun.


GO ahead fast. All right.

Cover me. I'm going for that machine gun.


Don't forget to cover me.

Corpsman! Corpsman! We need a corpsman over here!



Move "em out!"

Move "em!"

Egan, Cliff, move up.

Hell, my eyes aren't as good as they used to be.

I'll have to get glasses when I get back.

Pardon me... if I get back.

Hold it, you two!

We got the son of a bitch!

Get back here!

Hey! It's a dummy!

Cliff and Egan didn't do too bad.

That Cliff though... I don't know.

He'll grow up or he'll go to pieces or he'll be dead.

It's so easy to get killed.

I never saw a man die before today. Or even a dead man.

They can't get me.

I tell you, they ain't gonna get me.

Weaver and Ullman... and poor Huff.

Always yakking about his wife and kids.

I'll have a lot of those... those letters to write.

I'd rather get shot, I think.

Gunny, let's hold them up here.

Hold up!

The tanks will be here in a minute. We'll wait for them.

We don't know what the hell to expect in these damn rice paddies.

Fix bayonets.

Fix bayonets!

Charlie Six calling Pickax Six.

Come in, Pickax. Come in, Pickax.

Yes, sir?

Oh, we've crossed through the Palm Belt, and we're in the Rice Paddy area... we're crossing that.

No, sir. No incoming fire.

Hey, Egan. How come you're still alive?

Hell, boy, they can't get me till I get me one more woman.

I bet you a pack of cigarettes they get you before they get me.

If I win, you won't pay off.

Yes, Sir.

Right. Roger and out.

You gotta figure the odds. We got 8,000 guys here.

Now, why should I buy it?

The best thing to do is to get yourself a wound... a good one that doesn't hurt too damn much.

Then you're on your way home, out of this muck.

Hit the deck! Hit the deck!

Move "em out!"

Move out!

Hey, Domingo, Gunny, get that tank on that machine gun, the other one on the bunker, and send us a flamethrower.

Aye, aye, Skip.

I'll get that one on the machine gun.

All right, get that tank to zero on that bunker, and then you bring up the flamethrower.


I've got you.

A little lower.

Gunny, drop the packs.

Drop your packs!

Are you crazy?! Are you crazy?!

All right, move up across that ditch and cover the flamethrower.

Let's go!

Move up!

I got him!

Oh, my God... I got him.


You do your job, Sir Galahad. I'll do mine.

I'm just glad I got boots to fight this war.

Colombo! Snyder! Down!

Corpsman! Corpsman!

What about Snyder... is he gone?

Yeah, Skipper. He caught one in the head.

Well, then forget the corpsman.

I think it missed the bone.

Let's put a bandage on it and let's go.

You're damn lucky, Skipper. A couple of inches lower...

Looks like it went clean through flesh. Move your arm around a little bit.

It's okay.

Gunny, don't let those men bunch up. Get the Lieutenant.

And, Lindstrom, keep those people back.

Aye, ave, Sir.

All right, forget the corpsman!

The Skipper wants to see the Lieutenant! The rest of you people spread out!

Skipper's okay!

Gonzalez! Yes, sir!

Pickax Six, this is Charlie Six.

We have objective Able.

Moving out to Baker.

Yes, Sir. Roger. Out.

Is it all right, skipper?

Yeah. Domingo... there's that beautiful jungle.

We're going in in column.

You take the advance guard, find us a trail.

Yes, Sir.

Lindstrom, move 'em out!

Cliff... you stay back with me.

Egan, you and Ginger take the point.

Colombo, you and Bill keep back.

Now, watch out for an ambush and keep quiet. Let's go.

Egan, it's so easy to get killed.

Yeah, it sure is.

Hope I never get it like Mouse did.

Yeah... his arm.

I never figured on this kind of war.

Bunkers, pillboxes... hell, we're out in the open like a possum on a dead tree.

How many men did it cost us to take that bunker?

Those Japs went up in flames like... like tissue paper.

Yeah. Everything goes poof except the skull and the kneecaps.

That bunker really shook me.

The flamethrower's the worst. I...

I mean, I'd rather get shot or anything.

Except maybe a bayonet.

Mouse'll be okay, I guess.

Yeah. They'll take care of him.

I know a lot of guys that would settle for that right now.

I suppose.

Why did he have to get it like that? I mean, Mouse, of all people.

What did he ever do wrong?

Bullets don't give a damn about that, I reckon.

There ain't no use thinking about it.

Come on, buddy. We got some diggin' to do.

There's gotta be some other way. There's just gotta be.

Or what's the point?

Not bad. Not bad.

I'd thought it'd be a lot worse, seeing it's you.

Look, Sarge, why do we have to go through all this trouble?

'Cause I said so, that's why.

We may only be here a couple of hours.

We may be here all night.

I bet you ten bucks. Ten bucks we'll move out in... in three hours.

And I have 14:11.

You make it five bucks, you're on.

Okay, five bucks.


Well, who renovated this hotel? I don't know if I can afford it.

My work of art, Captain.

Great job, Colombo.

Too bad we're moving out pretty quick.

Charlie Company is out on perimeter security.

Not a sign of a Jap anywhere around.

Battalion needs prisoners.

Domingo, I'm gonna give you this job because we lost Menasco back on the beach.

You're the only one who understands Japanese.

This is the area.

Take the Gunny and pick the rest yourself.

Now, let's get this clear.

We need prisoners, but take no unnecessary risks.

Here's your coffee, Captain.

Wow. Damn, that's good.

Now, good luck to you.

And password is "Lucky," the countersign, "Darling."

Aye, Skipper. Let's go, Gunny.

"Lucky darling."


Darling, you really should read the comics.

They just kill me.

This one is really marvelous!

It's just too much!

Up you go! Don't you like it?


Those were the good times.

Sometimes I think I ought to wear more makeup.

Maybe you'd like me to be all glamorous and jazzed up.

I'd rather just wash my face and forget it.

Don't watch.

Don't watch me, darling.

It makes me laugh!

Please don't watch!


Darling! Darling!

Oh, my darling.

I love you SO much.

You don't know.

Yes, I do.

What am I going to do?

What am I going to do without you?

You have to report in two weeks.

They've called up your reserve unit.

In two weeks!

Darling! Don't be like this, love.

It's not the end of the world. I'm not the only one.

I don't care!

I don't care about anyone else on this whole earth but you.

I love you, Julie mine.

I'll miss you terribly, too.

Let's make the most of these two weeks, huh?

Oh, I swore I wouldn't tell you.

I even hid the telegram.

Then I put on all this perfume and this silly negligee and... and it took me two hours to iron the damn thing.

I'm sorry, love.

Hey, Egan, it's Christmastime.

I got a gift for you. Your favorite chow.


That's real nice. Thanks a lot, Sarge.

Egan, how in the world can you eat so much of that crud?

That's the fifth can you've had today.

I've had better, but I've had worse... most of the time.

Worse than nothin'.

Different for you, I guess, your being from a nice home and a big town.

Oh, it's not that big.

It would be to me.

Damn little one-store town I come from.

You know something?

There wasn't no flush toilet in the whole damn place.

I never saw one till I got to the recruiting station.

Or a new car or a big store.

And the same gals, what there was, every fella was trying to catch 'em soon as they was old enough to wear a bra.

Some of them was real ugly, too.

I mean, you had to cover their heads with a paper bag.

For real!

Keep eatin', Egan, baby.

This is just for the record.

Might use it in the Gourmet Magazine... or maybe a recruiting film.

I'm famous!

Hey, don't bunch up, you men. Come on, now.

Okay, Captain. I was just trying to make Egan here immortal.

We're gonna put his picture on every can of C-rations. He eats the stuff!

How do you feel, sir?

Okay. Hey, is that your lunch, Egan?

He ate all of these, Captain.

I'll put you in for a new medal, Egan, for abdominal fortitude.

You know, Captain, I've decided when this is all over, I'm not going back to school.

I'm gonna take Egan out on the road for eating contests. Make a million.

What were you majoring in, Cliff?

I was gonna be a lawyer like you, sir.

Keep planning on it. You'll make it.

Might even be a better lawyer for having gone through this.

Why did I say that?

Is anybody better for having gone through this?

I suppose some are. I don't know.

You won't do no more Killing, but you'll talk.

It's a little tough. Could've been here two or three weeks, but it's food.

Looks good to me. Yeah. Thanks a lot, Sarge.

Boy! I really stink, don't I?

Yeah, you're real raunchy, Egan.

You get upwind of the Japs and they'll just surrender.

Tell Captain MacDonald.

Hey, Cliff... what do you miss the most?

Well, I don't know. A good, clean bed, maybe.

You know the one thing that I really miss is a woman.

I tell ya, some nights I think I'm just gonna go nuts.

I tell you, when this operation's over, I'm gonna scout out every inch of this damn island.

There just has to be a woman on this patch of sand somewhere.

I mean one woman... any damn woman... even a paper-bagger.

Hey, Cliff... when was your last time?

A babe?

Just before I left home.

Hey, kid, now how old are you? Now, I mean really.

I'm almost 19. How old are you?

Well, I'm 24, but sometimes I feel like I was your old man.

What difference does it make, Egan?

I bet you never really had a woman.

Not once. Come on, now.

I don't care what you think!

What I know is what counts!

Okay, okay. Don't scratch my itch either way.

That's what counts, all right. What you know.

I don't want anybody to know, Cliff.

Not anybody. Promise?

'Course, honey. Why would I? What kind of guy do you think I am?

Wait just a little bit, darling, please.

I'm scared. Really scared.

Why, honey? Why?

You know. Not just that you might hurt me, but what if...

I mean, if anything happened and you were away, what would I do?

I'd kill myself, Cliff. Honest.

Don't talk like that.

Nothing's gonna happen.


Susie, are you out there? Yes, Daddy?

You'd better come in now, dear. It's getting late.

All right, Daddy. We were just about to.

We would like to say goodbye to Cliff too, you know.

Yes, Sir. Thank you.

Damn beans.

Hold it, Egan. Where the hell do you think you're going?

I gotta go to the ladies' room. I got your permission, Mother?

You know the orders. Nobody goes without a guard.

This place could be full of Japs, and I can't think of any better target than that great big fat...

I'll go. All right.

Wait a minute. I can't!

You know the password? Lucky.

The countersign? Darling. Let's go!

Let's go!

Wouldn't it be a hell of a thing in the middle of an attack, Egan?

Is something happening? I'll be right with you.

Oh, no, you won't. You point that thing at me, and I'll shoot ya! I swear!



Damn it!

Cliff, put that damn pipe down! Come here!

What's happening?!

Honeywell, what the hell's going on?!

Honeywell, I asked you what's going on.

There's your prisoner. A Jap captain.

That slope-headed dummy there just shot him dead!

Damn it, Cliff. What's the matter with you?

What happened to his arms?

I broke 'em.

You broke his arms? Yes, Sir.

One after he knocked off the lieutenant, one after he gave me this.

Daniel's dead, too.

Sergeant, get these men back to their holes.

Get the hell outta here! Get back to your hole!

You, too. Move!

Everybody back. Come on, move!

Honeywell, I want an explanation. What was the point?

Was it necessary to break both his arms? Was it unavoidable?

Will the captain drop rank for a minute, sir?

Go ahead.

I'm a Marine.

Who gives a damn about this dead Jap now?

He's nothing! He's worth nothing!

When I brought him in here, he was worth something... to talk!

He didn't need his arms for that! That's the way I look at it, sir.

More of these little slobs would be alive right now if they thought like me.

I'm gonna kill these bastards.

I'm gonna shoot 'em, I'm gonna bayonet "em", I'm gonna break their arms so they don't give us no more trouble.

That's what we're here for... to kill!

That's what they're doing to us any way they can.

Everything else is just a lot of crap!

That's all, sir.

I want you to understand me, Honeywell.

I want this company to fight hard... as hard as they can.

But I don't want these boys to be professional killers.

I don't want them to break a man's arms unless it's a necessity!

Not just out of hate!

This isn't the end of everything.

A lot of us have been killed, and a lot more of us are going to be killed.

But a lot more of us are going home.

You understand me, Honeywell?

I hear ya, sir, but it don't change anything for me.

Can I go now? I wanna get a burial detail.

GO ahead. Yes, sir.

I guess that's what happens with killing.

After a while, we forget why we're doing it.

That's the danger... the real danger.

Oh, God, my shoulder hurts.

Hey, Cliff. Take a look.

Come on. Take a look.

If you squint your eyes a bit with the light on, you can almost damn fool yourself.

See what I mean?

Don't that look like the real thing, though, Cliff?

Well, yeah. And that rock really looks like her belly, too.


I wish she had some thighs and legs.

Damn, she looks pretty good, though.

If we stay out here till nighttime, you better look out.

Brace yourself.

You know, she reminds me a bit of my last woman.

Did I tell you about that last one?

Which one? I don't know with you anymore.

This was the last one, before we left, on my weekend pass.

A real big gal. Tall.

We hit it off the first damn minute.

She was sitting in one of those little sports cars, waitin' for a light.

When I saw her, I started to paw the ground.

I asked her for a lift, and she said, "Where?"

I said, "Wherever you're goin'." She thought that was pretty cute.

So the next thing, we were up in her room, real nice with a big, soft bed.

You know.

I bought a bottle of hundred proof to hurry things along.

And I got her in a game of strip poker.

Okay, now. This time you're gonna win... I bet you.

Boy, did I cheat.

I better!

Come on, now. Let's play. Come on.

Let's dance.

Come on, let's play. No, I wanna dance!

I wanna play. Come on, come on.

She had a better idea.

She wanted to dance.

She was the tallest damn gal I ever danced with.

But I didn't mind a damn little bit.

I even scooched down some.

Boy, what a king-sized dish she was.

I really hit the jackpot.

You're a little goof.

The only hitch was that damn tall gal could out-drink anybody.

Me with that hundred proof...

You had a little bit too much to drink!

Yes, ma'am.

Say... looky here! Looky here! I win again!

I'm sorry, sugar.

But, hell. Remember...

Unlucky at cards... lucky in love.


I suppose that sooner or later...

I know we had one dadgum hell of a ball, but now when I wanna dwell on it, I can't remember!

Ain't that hell?

So the answer must lie somewhere in this area.

The Colonel's ordered up patrols out of the other outfits that cover around here with no reports of anything out of the ordinary.

We've got to find out what's up. It's... it's unnatural the Japs haven't counterattacked by now.

So it's up to you men, before we get our heads pounded off, to find out what the hell is going on.

I've marked some red X's here where I think you may find a clue.

You could use some morphine, sir. Shall I send someone?

No, later. I...

Thank you.

What was I saying?

Oh, yes. I want you all to try to remember out there all the instructions you've been given about that jungle.

In some ways, it's as deadly as the Japs.

Good luck, Lindstrom. Thank you, sir.

Colombo. Yeah, thanks.

Cliff. Thank you, Captain.

Thank you, sir.

There are instructions on everything... except on how to die.

The mosquitoes are out there waiting for you.

The anopheles, the aedes, the culex... operating under unified command.

Their target... you.

The ticks are waiting, too, to bury their heads under your skin and suck your blood.

There are vicious sand flies, bloodsucking flies, buffalo great fly, assassin bugs, colonies of fleas, mandated gnats, whole republics of mites.

Leeches make getting next to your skin their life's ambition.

All these insects will attack you with a Japanese accent.

Their bites can cause malaria, filariasis, espundia, typhus, trench fever, bubonic plague.

The growing things of the jungle can spell death, too.

Jungle fungus will damage and pigment your skin.

The sap of the beach apple and mango tree bring sores that never seem to heal.

The milky sap of the buta-buta can cause total blindness.

The oil of the Kamanday tree, if it enters your body, will be fatal.

Equally fatal is the bark of the abuab tree or the sap of the Dalit.

But your greatest danger will be from your fellow man.

I think I sprung a leak.


I'm sorry, Sarge.

You guys are wasting your time.

We gotta get Lindstrom outta here.

One of us, anyway.

Why don't we all get the hell outta here?

Take Lindstrom back.

Captain MacDonald says we gotta know what's out there.

You gotta.

I don't.

I don't need no medals.

Hey. What about you, Egan?

No, I think we gotta go on.

What hell good will it do us or them if we are dead?

Hell, Colombo, now, I ain't no more a hero than you are.

Ne and Cliff, we're going on. Right, buddy?

All right, Colombo, somebody's gotta get Lindstrom back.

You got the urge to head that way, SO how about it?

You gonna take him?

Okay. Okay.

Help me get him on my back.

I don't wanna bust his guts.

Egan doesn't seem scared.

I hope it doesn't show how scared I am.

Let's go report to Captain MacDonald.


If I get him back okay, the odds are I won't get sent out again.

Not for a while, anyway.

I'll be a hero.

This'll ease the pain, sir, but you can carry on.

Good. Good.

Captain MacDonald.

This is Red 22.

Red 22, this is Charlie 6.

I've been parked in this hole sweating you out.

Why in hell haven't you kept me informed?

Lindstrom's a casualty, sir.

Colombo's taking him in.

I think you'll have to send some Corpsmen.

He'll need some blood.

Just have them follow the telephone wire.

Lindstrom. My God.

Okay, Cliff, who's in charge of the patrol now?

You've got to! You're older.

I guess no one, Captain.

I think Egan ought to.

He's older.

Well, all right, Cliff.

Yes, I... I guess you're right.

Let Egan be in charge. Put him on.

You heard him. You're it.

Okay! I mean, yes, Sir.

Egan, you're in charge now.

What's your present position?

We can't be more than 500 yards out past the first X mark on the map, Captain.

All right, good.

Now I want you to tell me everything you see and hear, you understand?

Yes, sir. Okay.

What good is a medal if this is gonna give me a heart attack?

How is it, Sarge?

Bad? Can't make it.

You mean me carrying you?

Too tough.

You're right, Sarge.

I think you're right.

Maybe I could hurry on back and send a Corpsman for you.

You're still the boss.

Is that you want, huh?

I'd go on.

I'll hurry.

I can make it pretty fast alone.

You're right, Sarge.

Look at that!

Thank you!

Come on, Sarge.

Hey, you didn't think I'd leave you here, did you?

Come on.

Colombo'll get you back.

The odds aren't as good this way, but I can't leave old Sarge out there.

Hell, Colombo, you're a dope.

I'm hung up.

That's got it.

Boy, I sure don't like this.

They can't get me till I get me one more woman.

Not till I get one more woman.

You wanna stop for a minute?

I got a can of beans.

No. We'd better not.

Why in the hell am I always so hungry?

Get back!

They're coming!

Look, Egan!

The phone, Egan.

Hello, hello.

What's going on out there? Can you hear me?

They're coming, they're coming!

How many? I don't know, Captain.

Good Lord, they're everywhere.

A patrol?

No. Dozens of them, all heading past us.

How many?

This place is too hot. We gotta get out of here.

Captain. Captain MacDonald?

Look, Cliff, Egan, they've gone past you now, haven't they?

Yes, Sir.

All right, so you're in no danger this damn minute, are you?

Well, not exactly this damn minute, sir.

Well, now, those Japs who just went past you, they were going somewhere.

It's important for us to know where and why.

Now, you... you two are the patrol.

Make your decision.

Do you wanna go on or come back?

Well, we... I guess it'd be better to go on, maybe.

I want you men to remember that it's all right if you change your minds.

Yes, Sir.

We might get around to doing that.

The gardener just doesn't water enough in my little garden... just splashes around where it shows, and then off he sneaks.

Everything is in bloom now at home.

Camellias, azaleas.

If I lose one camellia, I'll fire him.

Why are you laughing? Because you're funny.

Bang! Bang!

You must never point a gun at anybody, Mike.




Colombo, Snyder, down!

I keep worrying that the war might spread and you'd be in it.

That horrible crazy little Hitler!

I don't think the Japanese would fight us, do you?

I like them so much... their gardens and their politeness.

It's so cute, the way they bow and smile.

Would you miss me if you had to go?

God, how I miss you.

I love you.

I think of your hair on warm days at home when you dry it out of doors and the sun shines through it.

I hate my hair.

It's so straight and it takes forever to try, even in the sun.

I wish I had curly hair like you.

Would you like me better with curly hair?

I love you just the way you are.

Captain, you know that sharp rise? The bare one?

We're just under that, and that's where they all are.

And you know something?

There are hundreds of them. And they're dressed like us... helmets and everything.

What's all the veiling?

Somebody was making a speech.

And now they're all yelling.

They're all runnin' off toward the beach, down that ravine.

Good God, I've got it.

They're going down that ravine on the right flank of Beach Red.

They'll launch an attack behind us.

They'll look like us long enough to raise hell.

Well, I'll be a son of a bitch.

I'm sorry, sir.

Egan, I'm going to call air attack on that area and on that beach, so get out of there as fast as you can.

You men, you've done a good job.

Now drop the wire and move.

Boy, let's git.

Hey, we did it!

Looks like we did it! I guess we did.

Come on.

There go the flyboys. Yes, Sir.

Come on. Grab some wind.

Where in the hell is it?

I've lost the wire. Is this right?

Yeah. There's that big tree.

Come on!

That's one more.

Corpsman! Corpsman!

There ain't nothin' moving but his watch.