Beau Pere (1981) Script

I was working as a piano player... a posh, international restaurant, - in a tower-shaped hotel with a wonderful view over Paris.

It could have been Montreal, Zurich or anywhere.

There'd be the same proportion of Americans, Japanese, Saudis...

...with the same weary eyes, tired from counting all their money.

I could play them anything...

Gershwin, Chopin, Art Tatum... they didn't listen.

All they wanted was something not too noisy...

...just a bit of atmosphere, something soft and velvety... go along with their wine, shrimp cocktails, and T-bone steaks.

So I played for myself.

Old Bud Powell tunes...

...trying to get them into it, - but never succeeding.

Because I never succeeded at anything.

I'd given myself till age 30 to be successful in life...

...and I was 29 and a half.

I had 6 months left.

Meanwhile, I got 250 francs a night, and a meal... all I could drink.

I was happy.

The only problem was I'd just been hired...

...and the bastards wouldn't give me any advance.

I could hardly wait for the end of the week for my pay...

...and for the night to end, to go to bed.

Around midnight, the place would empty out.

Then there'd usually be one lovestruck couple, - lost in the moment, that I'd bring safely into port- with my magic keyboard.

Who knows what goes on in a pianist's head...

...while he plays a tune and you sip your champagne.

Maybe he's in love, too...

...or sad...

...because his wife is waiting for him, - or she doesn't wait any more- because she just left him...

...or she's going to leave him.

Where are you going?

I have an appointment.

Who with?

A photographer. What photographer?

You always see photographers, but I never see any photos.

Not everyone is as talented as you.


Thanks a lot.

So it took you 8 years to realize my music was crap?

Please, I'm trying to put my makeup on.

Who'll hire me looking like this?

I know my music's not great. So what?

That can change.

People may think it's boring now, but they'll like it some day.

Things change.

I used to turn you on, and now I don't.

Imagine that phenomenon reversed. It's unpredictable.

Who knew things would end between us?

Was that predictable?

When everyone envied us?

What if you stayed with me?

What for?

To be together.

We're never together.

You're sleeping when I get home.

When you get up, I'm sleeping.

When I'm awake, you go see photographers.

I barely have time to watch you dress.

I never see you undress.

Martine... What?

I get paid at the end of the week.

I need pocket-money, Rémi!

A woman needs things: A skirt, shoes...

...otherwise she loses her sparkle.

She dries up!

They're not hiring you any more!

So why persist?

This time it might work.

How come?

It's a partial shot.

Of what?

A bra.

You're doing lingerie now? You said you'd never do that.

Got anything better?

Got a concert? No.

I do body shots because they don't want my face!

They all want younger models!

Any gas in the car?

I doubt it.

Do you have any money?

Is that all?

And you? What will you do?

Is it in second gear? Yes!

Stay home with me!

The car's on my side. It won't take you.

Will you please push? Battery's dead!

Everything's dead! I just want a push!

I liked her face a lot.

Photographers are creeps!

She's too good for them.

For me too, in fact.

Oh shit!

Mom's not here?

Is she working?

Will she be late?


The cafeteria lunch was awful! I didn't eat!

You look weird, are you okay?


You were fighting again.

Well, I have a mountain of homework.

You're not sick?

No, really... everything's fine!

You don't look it.

What are you doing?

A composition.



Just asking.

Why don't you put on some music?

What would you like to hear?

Whatever you want.

One of my oldies?

If you want.

Lend me a piece of paper.

What kind?

Any old scrap.

My little Marion...

I have bad news for you.

Since I don't have the courage to say it out loud...

I'll put it in writing.

It's the only solution.

Listen... You'll find out that in life...

...sometimes things are just too rotten.

But what I want you to know... you mustn't give in to despair.

Don't let yourself fall apart.

You'll have me to lean on.

You know I'm here with you... help you get over your pain.

You know you're my little girl.

Your mother has had an accident...

I'm going to the grocery store.

Got any money?

Think it will work?

It will have to.

There's a letter for you... on the table.

If it's a joke, it's not funny.

It's not a joke.

I have no mother any more?

There's your father...

Yes... there's my father...

Oh Rémi, I can't take it in.

Neither can I!

I don't want to go back to my father.

I want to stay with you.

You promise?

Yes, all right.

What do you want?

I have to talk to you.

What about?

Different things.

I'm listening.

It's about Martine.

What does she want, money?

She's dead.

Is that all you have to say?

A car accident.

Don't give me that stuff!

I'm saying that Martine is dead! Is that clear?

And you tell me just like that.

How do you want me to tell you?

Should I draw you a picture?

How'd it happen?

An intersection...

...a truck...

...a wrong reflex.

Marion knows?

Poor kid.

See where that "young prodigy" stuff got you?

You couldn't even take care of her.

I know.

So why'd you steal her from me?

What do we do about Marion?

How do you mean?

Who'll she live with?

I hadn't thought about that.

I'd say it's fairly important.

You bet!

Forgive me...

I've been drinking a lot lately.

Forget it.

She can stay with me if that suits you.

Who's that?

Why would that suit me?

I don't know. In case...'re shacking up with someone... make things easier for you.

I'm not shacking up. I live alone.

Me, too.

So be it.

I don't understand the problem.

Which of us has the authority to decide?

All right... if that's how you take it...

We might think about the person most concerned...


We might try finding out what she wants.

I don't think she wants to change her life.

We could wait a while before uprooting her.

She has her routine...

...her home...

...her school, her friends...

Listen, it's time to cut the bullshit.

You've done enough damage. Now you can leave us alone!

Marion is my daughter, okay?


So do me a favor. Get her things ready...

I'll pick her up tomorrow.


Want an omelet?

I couldn't manage to eat it.

I like this apartment.

I don't want to live anywhere else.

Don't worry.

Come on... we'll take a sleeping pill.

Got anything to drink?

There's not much in the alcohol line.

Pernod is all I can offer.

So offer it.

How will you look after her? Huh?

How will you look after her?

How do you mean?

I don't know... meals, shopping, laundry...

Relax... I'm getting organized.

You have a cleaning woman?

Off and on.

You should have someone every day.

Maybe. We'll see...

You have to! You can't cook for her!

Or take her to the club every night!

No, of course not.

She shouldn't go there very often.

Do you have TV?

Watch out!

She's used to going to bed early.

So she'll go to bed early.

You won't know. You won't be home!

Each to his own thing, okay?

You have to be reasonable.

You can't count on anyone.

Okay, let's go.


In her little blue suitcase...

Her medical record is there.

Read the prescriptions.

She has pills to take, and her polio shot is coming due.

At least I'm in good shape.

He spent his afternoons in the store... thumbing through newspapers, comic books, anything...

...until we closed.

He let himself go completely.

He didn't even look for work.

From time to time, not too often...

I slipped him some cash to keep him going.

Why haven't I heard from her?

It's been nearly a week!

I raised her for 8 years, I refuse to chase her!

He ate his suppers with us.

We tried to cheer him up.

We made conversation... it was like carrying a dead weight.

I played with her for days on end.

When she had chicken pox, measles...

...when Martine was working...

Now she won't talk to me.

She thinks you abandoned her.

She'll get over it.

I think the only thing that kept him going...

...was when Nicolas would get up after supper.

It's me... Rémi.

Hello? Do you hear me?

Marion, it's me! Can you hear me?

You're not alone?

Say something! What's going on?

Won't you talk to me?

It's been two weeks! I want to know how you are.

Are you okay?

I'm not a bastard, in spite of how it looks...

Any step-dad would do the same. I had no choice.

Are you still there?

You can't say I'm a stranger to you now.

I'm all alone.

You're the only one I can call at night.

You like your new school?

All right... you won't speak to me. Fine!

At least listen while I say something!

I miss you!

You're not playing?

No, I'm not playing.


I'm sad.

So what? You only play sad music anyway.

Yes, but sometimes it's too much.

Don't you realize you're losing a good job?


You can't even be miserable in peace.

What are those suitcases?

My things.

What things? Are you moving?

Yes, I'm moving back in with you.

And your father?

I left him a note... We can expect a visit!

Oh, shit.

If it bugs you, I can leave.

I'll go back, tear up the note, and we'll forget it.

Are you crazy?

What will we tell him?

We'll have to be strong, okay? Yes.

He'll raise hell.

Are you ready for a fight?


Where's Marion? She's asleep.

Get her! No way!

She's made her choice!

Get dressed, we're going!

I'm staying. This is my house!

You can drag me away if you want...

...but before you know it, I'll be back here.

Or lock me up. It's the only way.

Otherwise I'll always run away.

This is beyond our control.

We can't do a thing.

She's 14 years old... She decides, not us.

Never mind. She'll come back to you eventually, you'll see.

You'll take good care of her?

Don't worry... it's as if she were my own daughter.

Keep an eye on who she hangs out with.

The boys are starting to sniff around.

You can sleep soundly, I'll be on guard.

So we won.

Why did you come back?

I kept thinking about you.

What are we going to do?

We'll try and be happy.

You know I lost my job?

Well, I did.

Doesn't matter. It does!

I have no money and no hope of getting any!

We'll get along.


I'll baby-sit. 15 francs an hour adds up!

And you can give piano lessons.

Who to? Anybody...

Put a notice in all the stores!

Bad idea?

How do you like our partnership?

She baby-sat every other night...

...taking her schoolbooks with her... our building or a neighboring one.

I made 100 francs.

Come sit down.

What's wrong?

You have to slow down on the baby-sitting.


It's 3 AM and your alarm will ring at 7.

You can't keep up this pace.

What's more...

...lack of sleep is affecting your schoolwork.

I hate to say it, but your grades are going downhill fast.

Isn't that so?

What're you thinking?



Go to bed now.

Sleep well.

Sleep an extra 15 minutes. I'll make breakfast.

What's the matter?


Aren't you sleepy?

So go to bed!

I'm going.

Come tell me about it.

Tell Rémi... What's wrong?

Is it serious?

That depends...

On what?

On you.

Then I'm sure we can work it out...

...if you give me a little more information.

You know...

I haven't been thinking about it for very long, but...

But what?

I wonder if...

...if what?

If I'm not a bit attracted to you.

To me? Yes.

In what way?


What makes you think that?

I don't know, I have... desires... strange feelings...

...and I think about you all the time!

Maybe you simply like me.

I don't think constantly about people I simply like!

I can't concentrate in class.

I think: "What's he doing? He's alone, waiting for me..."

I keep looking at my watch. That's why my grades are bad.

It's not the baby-sitting.

I got zero in history because of you!

Me? Right!

The teacher called on me.

Not only I didn't know the answer...

I didn't even hear the question!

I was somewhere else... with you!

I was thinking of you.

What do you think of that?

I think you're fooling yourself.

I think you're a little girl who's had a big shock...

...and it's normal to feel strange.

Anyone would in your place.

At your age, it's normal every now and then... a boring History class, for instance... get weird ideas in your head.

It happens in Math, English, in all my classes.

Listen, Marion...

...we're like two people who have come through a storm.

We have to recover.

We'll soon be back in calm water.

Aren't you physically attracted to me?

Not at all? Not at all.

I'm homely. No, you're very cute.

If you don't like my bangs, say so.

The bangs can go... Look, no more bangs!

It's not your hair!

Then what is it?

Your age!

I'm not quite old enough to go for little girls.

I'm not a little girl! No?

I'm a woman! Not for very long, but I am one!

I've thought a lot since yesterday.

There's absolutely no doubt.

It is a physical attraction!

There are signs which don't lie.

What signs?

Like when I'm next to you like last night...

...really close...

My heart beats faster.

I get short of breath.

My throat gets dry.

I feel all warm inside.

I feel all weak.

It's a killer.

The real killer is that you're 14 and I'm nearly 30.

So what?

Okay, I'll sleep in the living-room.

One question, Rémi. Just one question!


What exactly am I lacking that would make me a woman?

You don't really think you and I are going to make love?

Not necessarily.

So what do you want?

I don't know.

A man and a woman have 2 choices:

They make love or they don't!

So I am a woman!

I'll admit you're a woman... maybe!

But I have no intention of making love to you!

Anyway, not now.

Then when?

How do I know? Never!

Probably never!

Just because you've suddenly become a woman- doesn't mean I have to make love to you!

There are lots of women I never made love to!

I'm not in a hurry We have plenty of time.

So why are you naked in my bed?

I just want to sleep beside you.

Feel your body against mine.

Snuggle up to you.

It's all I think about.

Are you coming?

What if I can't control myself?

Are you confused?

I don't know.

Can't you sleep with a little girl in your arms?

I honestly don't know.

Watch what you say. It does things to my heart.

Give it a good thought.

You have to help me with this. This is all new to me.

If you ever feel the same as me, it would be mean not to tell me.

Listen to me. Even if I wanted to... and I don't...

I could never touch you.

You're too young.

Too vulnerable.

And I keep feeling someone is watching us.

You know who?

What would she say?

Saying silly things is one thing.

I want us to say silly things.

But we can't do them.

We can dream of things without doing them.

You're thinking about making a big mistake.

So am I.

We both are.

The same mistake.

But we won't do it.


And if it's not a mistake?



Don't worry!

You read your paper, I'll read Dickens.

If you want to turn off the light, go ahead.

Or ignore me, if you want.

Or take me in your arms, go ahead.

I don't ask anything, I'm just here... available.

The classic female object.

15 minutes, then it's back to your room!

Stop treating me like a kid. That era is over!

I'm a 14-year-old woman in perfect working order.

All systems are go.

If you had any curiosity, you'd have noticed I have breasts.

And despite their small size, they react when touched.

You'd also notice other things which might interest you.

Rémi, my first man must be you.


First: I'm in love with you.

Second: I want the first time to be with someone who knows what he's doing.

I know you're an expert.

How do you know?

You only had to hear Mom at night. She was quite eloquent.

You listened at the door?

Not really.

But the walls are thin.

Her sighs would just reach to my pillow.

That's why I hurried to grow up. Kiss me, Rémi.

Give me a real kiss.

No. Why not?

Your 15 minutes is up.

To hell with your 15 minutes! I want the whole night.

Only with you!

Will you please get up and go to your room!

You want to make love to me. Why deny it?

Go to your room!

You're a bastard!

I'm all alone. You're all I've got.

You push me away, and it's killing me.

I've been studying you for few days.

You don't mix with the other kids. You're always alone.

In class, you seem so troubled.

In the cafeteria, you barely touch your food.

We're here to help you.

What's troubling you?

You aren't ill? No.

I'd say it's a simple case of anemia.

Has she been dieting? No.

Girls her age often imagine they're enormous, - and they go on crash diets.

Is she eating normally?

She's eating.

She's eating.

Which one of you is the father?

I am.

And I'm the mother.

Very well.

We'll start by treating this iron deficiency.

The best thing would be a change of air.

You couldn't, for example, take her to the mountains?


It would do wonders for her.

Then she'll go.

With who?

Your father says you're going to the mountains, so you're going!

I'm opening a new club in Courchevel.

Let me settle in, then send her by train.


This is stupid!

I would have loved to have taken a sleeper car with you.

You'll have a nice trip and will come back feeling great.

I want to ask you something.


Something you can't refuse?

Mr. Bachelier, my wife and I...

...especially my wife, we think you're very nice.

We've never been demanding landlords.

But I think you'll agree we've been very accommodating!

That very evening, I moved out on the sly.

The time had come to fall back on my friends.

Simone fixed up a bed for me in the kids' room.

Lay off the vodka, Rémi. I've got my reasons for drinking!

We know your reasons. You don't know them all!

Hello. How are you?

Merry Christmas to you too. Yes, he's here.

It's for you.


It's me. Are you all right?

I just wanted to send you a kiss for Christmas!

Yes, that's sweet.

And you? Are you all right?

Plenty of snow? Are you having fun?

Not at all.

Naturally... without me, it's not the same.


Rémi? Yes.

I love you.

Me, too.

I miss you terribly.

Don't tease me, please.

I said I love you, and I'll prove it to you.

How? You'll see.

I have a feeling Rémi is going to borrow our car.

Any cafe's open now?

Shouldn't we find a hotel first?

What for?

To make love.

Sorry you came?

This room is kind of depressing.

Why? It's just a room.

You didn't shave.

I left in a hurry. I didn't take anything.

Here. You can buy a razor.

There's more than 1.000 francs here!

I have to go back to my hotel.

I have to be there for breakfast when my father wakes up.

He put a Christmas tree in his room.

I'll be back when I can.

He usually plays poker with his pals in the afternoon.


I'll stay with you until dinner time.


Try to sleep. You look tired.

I'll try.

See you later. See you later.

You want me with bangs or without?

Whatever you like.

What am I going to do?

What would Martine think... if she saw us?

She'd think her daughter was lucky.

You think so? Oh yes.


Listen to me, Martine.

I have to tell you something.

I just made love to Marion.

I tried everything to avoid it, but unfortunately...

You know me. I'm no hero, so... it never should have happened, but...

...but it happened just the same.

But you don't have to worry because...

I was very gentle with her.

Very gentle.

She seemed so happy.

Martine, why did you leave us?

Martine... what's going to happen to us now?

Hi there.

Where have you been? I thought you forgot me.

Well, I'm here. You scared me.

Why are you looking at me like that? What's wrong?

Don't I get a kiss? Yes.

That's it? Yes.

Come on. Let's try to find a taxi.

This is it.

We've got 6 months before the bulldozers come.

There's the kitchen.

It could also be a living room, dining room, or bathroom...

...according to your needs.

There's a spiral staircase.

Watch where you step. Some steps are ready to cave in.

This is my room... rather, the place where I sleep.

You like it?

Why not? We have to live somewhere.

I'll show you your room.

I don't need one. I'll show you anyway.

In other words, you're making me sleep here.

That's right.

You never considered that I might like to sleep with you?


You don't want to anymore?



Listen to me and don't interrupt.

All right?

Because what I have to say... is difficult to say.

Believe me, I'm just as uncomfortable as you are.

I'm listening.

First we'll say that nothing special happened between us.

Just a cuddle.

Some cuddle!

A cuddle that went too far!

Don't make a big deal out of it.

Fine. I just want to stay with you.

I won't bother you, I promise.

But as I recall, it worked pretty well with us.

It was Christmas.

You only make love on holidays?

I get it. Enough already!

I get it too. You had the blues.

I'll have to wait until you have them again.

And you'll need someone to hold you again.

I hope it'll be me.

It'll be you. You know that.

Then why not now?

Because I have to stop making mistakes in my life.

I'm responsible for you. I want you to have a normal life.


For example, make new friends.

Change your thoughts. Go out.

Date boys your own age.

Boys my own age will want to make out.

So what?

I was trying to make it again as a pianist in a Parisian tearoom- with a great view of double-chinned grannies eating macaroons.

Cream-puff orgies and macaroon jags... stuffed in designer bags...

...rings and minks from fashion mags.

And, to continue the rhyming gag...

I felt like a de-antlered stag.

But it let me fill the grocery bags... the house without too many snags...

...and buy my Marion a few glad rags.

You want a drink?

No, thanks.

Bunch of creeps!

Isn't it about bedtime?

Not saying goodnight?

Happy with your little party?

I had to kill time.

And did you kill it pleasantly?

The usual routine, groping and pawing.

Don't let them if you don't like it!

You told me to look for a substitute...

So I'm looking!

Did you find one?

With good music and my eyes shut, I can pretend.

I hope the pretending doesn't go too far.

You're almost as uptight as a real father!

Look, you see these blue-jeans?

Solidly fastened with a belt!

That belt never opens.

Everything below that belt is private territory.

The exclusive owner of that territory is you.

We await your visit.

It won't be tonight!

You don't look so good.

Nothing dramatic.

I brought you a little want ad... stick up in the usual place.

You didn't lose your job? I did.

I'm sorry about the brutal interruption.

They're just kids.

All the same, they have no respect.

You can't really blame them.

Can I get you a nice slice of roast lamb?

You're very kind, but I think I'd better go home.

So soon?


I have an early recording session tomorrow.

Then I'll see you to the door.

You'll find an envelope in your coat pocket.

It was a modest performance.

No, it was charming.

You have a magic touch.

Leaving already? Yeah.

Won't you stay? No.

I'd rather go home.

Go dance and have fun!

You have a lovely step-daughter.

You think so?

I count on you to see she doesn't get home too late.


For example.

Midnight wasn't possible... o'clock was worse.

So I figured: "He can't punish me more than..."

"...He already has! What have I got to lose?"

And the hours went by.

Later I said to myself...

"My alarm's due to ring soon; Why bother going to bed?"

And I kept on dancing.

Mad at me?


Shall I make coffee?

If you want.

What if we say your alarm forgot to ring?

Anything's possible.

What classes do you have?

Nothing important...

Math, French and English.

I have to tell you something.


I'm tired of being a hero.

You surrender?


Do you love me? Yes.

Want to make love to me? Yes.

For a long time? Yes.

Often? All the time.

I also want to make love.

I'll make you forget the blues and all your troubles.

What's happening?

Someone's at the door.

You want me to get it?

No, stay here!

Hi there!


I'm back in Paris, with springtime in my luggage!

Is Marion here?

What time is it?

I don't know... noon.

She eats in the cafeteria.

Damn, I wanted to give her a kiss.

It's all I thought about on the way.

Come back around 5 o'clock.

The problem is...

I'll probably be asleep. I left at dawn...

...after the club closed, so I'm pretty tired.

Come back when you want.

Okay, see you later.


Could I come in for 5 minutes?

Of course.

It smells like mildew. Yes, it's rather humid in here.

Got anything to drink?

The same bottle of Pernod.

That's fine!

You're not drinking? No.

You're smart.

Oh, it's you!

I thought you were at the cafeteria. At the cafeteria?

Won't you give your father a kiss? Yes.

You look pale... Still feeling tired?

Some days.

What are you doing in that shirt?

I just woke up.

You sleep late around here.

I thought you were at school.

The French teacher is sick.

Nothing serious, I hope.

No, just the flu.

French teachers are delicate.

Maybe you just forgot to hear your alarm.

No, honest!

You two have neglected me.

I wrote you 3 letters.

Right, I keep them with me. I read them often.

Your writing is getting better.

She keeps making progress.

And in other subjects?

Some good, somenot so good.

You know what we'd do if we were smart?

We'd live together...

...all three of us.

Unite forces... What do you say?

I don't know.

You'd have two papas, it'd be great.

And maybe I'd stop hitting the bottle.

What do you think?

Why not?

We don't fight any more. No.

You could play piano in my club.

That's right.

I see you're thrilled by the idea.

Well, I'm about to fall on my face.

I better go home to bed. Goodbye.

Don't be a stranger? Of course not.

Bye Daddy.

Hold me, hold me tight.

Hey, I just had a weird thought.


You wouldn't be sleeping together?

Are you sick, or what?

What do you take me for?

No, I'm sorry...

Sometimes I don't know what I'm saying.

I really ought to stop drinking.

It's starting to get to me.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, sweetheart.

I'm scared.

Of what?

I don't know, I'm just scared.

I feel like something is following us.

Rémi! Quick!

What's the matter?

The kid is sick!

What kid? My baby-sitting job!

Get dressed!

Where are the parents? She's divorced.

She's with friends.

Did she leave a number? No one answers.

You can rest easy, it's not serious.

No sign of meningitis.

It's just the flu... nasty, but not dangerous.

I'll prescribe something to bring down the fever.

Keep her warm for a few days.

She'll recover quickly.

What do we owe you?

150 francs.

What's going on?

Nothing serious. Nathalie's a bit sick.

We called a doctor.

It's just the flu.

My poor baby, are you sick?

A drugstore's open at the Porte de St-Cloud.

Thank you. No problem.


Oh, it's you... What's wrong?

Nothing. Can you lend me 50 francs? It's for medicine.

I only have 15 francs, it's not enough.

Is Marion sick?

It's not for her... I'll explain later.

Sorry to barge in like this...

Nicolas isn't here?

Where is he?

That's right, you don't know.

He's taken a night job unloading trucks... a suburban shopping center.

Oh, shit...

I came at a bad time.

Not at all... forget it.

That won't make or break our luxury cruise.

Now I'm kicking you out. I need my sleep.

Simone... What is it?

I want to tell you something...

Tell me another time.

Thanks, it was so nice of you. It was nothing.

Here you go! The prescription is inside.

I put your car back where it was.

Tell me what I owe you.

Well, it wasn't very much.

Mommy will give you a suppository.

I don't like them!

You have to be very brave.

Will it hurt? No.

Take a deep breath.


Now go to sleep.

How old is she?

She's five.

She goes to school?

Between colds.

The classroom is too hot. When they go out they catch cold.

She's going to sleep.

Poor Marion. All this excitement.

Where did I put my purse?

I didn't pay last time, remember? No.

Yes, neither of us had change.

I think it was 25 francs. Maybe.

What time did you come tonight?

Eight o'clock.

It's 12:30...

...that's 4 and a half hours times 15...

4 times 15 is 60, plus half of 15... it 70 to round it off, plus the 25...

Here's 100 francs.

She's nice, isn't she? Yes.

What's her name?


It's a pretty name. Yes.

Her daughter's name is Nathalie. Oh yeah?

That's a pretty name too. Yes.

Is she a musician?

Yes. Funny, isn't it?


I don't know.

What are you thinking?


Feel something's following you?

Like what?

Your step-father image.

Come on! Don't jinx me!

I bet as soon as I turn my back tomorrow...'ll go ask how the little patient is.

Of course not, don't be absurd!

I wouldn't think of it.

Well, if you change your mind...

...don't forget to return her umbrella.

What is this, are you making fun of me?

Marion, sweetheart!


Why so unhappy?

I came to find out how Nathalie is.

She's much better.

Her fever's down.

Come in.

Actually, I meant to return your umbrella...

...but I forgot it.

I must say!

I'm sorry... I'm disturbing you.

I was practicing, but it's not important.

I'll leave you to it.

Sorry... I was just passing by.

It was nice of you to come.

I'm very touched.

If you ever need anything, don't hesitate...

I think things are fine now.


Would you like a cup of tea?

A cup of tea? Yes.

When you rang, I was thinking about making some tea.


And what do you do?

Nothing very exciting.

But what?

I'm temporarily laid off.

I was working in a little record shop.

A nice place...

...specializing in jazz.

But it couldn't make ends meet.

So we're both in music?

In a way.

Do you play an instrument?

Alas, no! I would've liked to...

...but I wasn't very talented, and no one encouraged me.

Are you interested in jazz?

Of course... I even play it sometimes.

Really? Yes.

What, for example?

I don't know. I improvise things.


No, not especially.

The old tunes.


If you knew how I love you!

What do you see in that Charlotte?

I don't know...

You must see something, to drink all that tea with her...

...from 3 PM to 8 PM!

I felt sheltered.

Is her apartment the attraction?


...and other things.

Did you kiss her?

Why not?

I didn't dare.

My poor love... sure do make yourself miserable.

Marion! Yes?

Hold me back.

Don't let me leave.

Why not?

I'll be so unhappy when I've lost you.

Know what I thought lately as you made love to me...

...and it got more and more wonderful each time?


I thought...

"soon I'll be fifteen..."

"Then sixteen..."

"And one day I'll be an acceptable young lady."

"He can take me out and not be ashamed."

I even thought...

"Maybe one day I can give him a baby."

"He can't be a step-father all his life..."

"Always raising other people's children."

That's what I thought!

I was going to tell you.

I was going to set a date with you...

...not too far in the future.


Oh, Rémi... you've taught me so much!

Marion, I have to tell you something.


I've decided to give up music for good.


...let's let my sad career as a pianist...

...stay a secret between you and me.

I don't want Charlotte to know about it.

On one condition.

What's that?

Come here!

You're starting a new life with a new woman... okay.

I'm looking for successors to take your place... okay.

But to always be without you, cut off from you...

...that I can't handle.

I'll have to see you now and then...

...feel your arms around me now and then.

Just say the word...

I'll come to you anywhere, anytime...

...whenever you want me.

Do you swear it?

I swear it.

Okay, then I'll take off.

You don't need me to congratulate the soloist.

Tell her I ran into friends in the lobby...

...and I left with them.

What are you doing here?

I don't know.

You're here alone?


You want something to drink?

I would, but I have a taxi waiting outside.


Not enough money to pay him?

It's not that.

My suitcases are in it.


Where are you going?

I don't know.

What is all this?

You're coming back?

If you'll have me back.


My little girl. Papa!

I'll heal you, you'll see.

I'll heal you.