Beautiful Creatures (2013) Script

It's been the same dream every night for months now.

I can't ever see her face, but I know her.

Like I've known her all my life.

And it feels like something terrible is gonna happen when I reach her.

But at the same time, I'm not scared at all.

I want her...

No matter what happens.

But I never get to her.

And then I die.

At first I was scared I was losing my mind...

Till I realized that would be no great loss.

I start junior year tomorrow, so insanity is inevitable.

What's worse is waking up every night wanting someone I've never met, loving a girl who doesn't exist.

I've been stuck my whole life in Gatlin, South Carolina's least-famous middle-of-nowhere.

By the time we get a movie, it's already on DVD.

And our theater always gets the titles wrong.

We're too far away from Charleston to have a Starbucks.

How sick is that?

We have 12 churches and one library, with more banned books than books to read.

Same damn families have lived here for generations.

They keep reenacting the Civil War like it's gonna turn out different.

Mama used to say there's only two kinds of people in Gatlin --

The ones too stupid to leave and the ones too stuck to move.

Dad can't leave his room since she died.

People said it was god's will.

I think it's the only way people ever get out of here.

I can understand why young men signed up for the Civil War.

Anything is better than a life standing still.

But I think even the dead stay in Gatlin.

Sometimes it sounds crazy, but sometimes I imagine I'm one of them, fighting for the cause on Honey Hill near greenbrier.


I imagine all kinds of things lately.


I'm Billy Pilgrim, from Vonnegut's banned book "Slaughterhouse-Five."

"to be unstuck in time, "in a constant state of stage fright, never knowing what part of my life I'd have to act in next."

I just love the sound of that.



I got breakfast.

Is this what we're wearing our first day of school?

I'm a junior now, Amma.

If I dress like I care, I lose credibility.

I thought you were getting a haircut.

Who said that? I did.

Pay attention to the days marked on these containers.

Thanks, Amma.

You decide what colleges you're applying to?

All of them, as long as they're a thousand miles away from here.

Amen to that.

You go running last night?


Help you sleep any?

I envy people in comas.

Your father come out at all?



"lying lips are abomination to the lord.

"now, when a wicked man dies, his expectation shall perish;

And the hope of unjust men perisheth."

Ow! Mom! You get away now!

Go on!

Come on. I got to take him to school.

Well, we have to finish these now.

Well, come on. You know what happens --

We'll do them tonight.

Wesley, where are you going without kissing your mother?

What is wrong with you, boy, hey?

Now, you be good.

So, is she a good kisser or what? Shut up!

My mother has officially flown that extra bat-shit mile Since dad died.

And now she thinks the end of the world is coming

'Cause of all these earthquakes in the news.

It's like, how does loving Jesus make that woman so crazy?

You know, she damned daddy to hell so many times, I bet you he drank just so he'd get there quicker.

My dad is acting like old man Ravenwood.

They're all bat-shit.

Hey, did you hear that new girl in our class is a Ravenwood?

I thought old man Ravenwood lived in that house all alone.

Yeah, he did, but it's his niece from out of town.

She just moved here.

Why would anyone want to move here?

I don't know.

It'll be the first Ravenwood anybody in Gatlin's seen in almost 20 years.

How was your summer, sugar?

Fine, Emily. And yours?


Why didn't you go to the labor day carnival?

It was such a good time.

I wasn't up for it.

I don't...understand what's happened.

I know you don't.

I'm sorry.

You said to give you the summer, and I did.

I didn't hear from you once, but I was a good girl.

I didn't call.

But I missed you.

Hey, no big deal, right?

How's about you and I go see a movie or something?

Just us.

Oh, that would be just heaven.


Everyone, take your seats.

Ethan, baby, I really wish you'd quit reading those kind of books.

They're bad for your mind.

As a requirement of this course, you will need to select a topic for a term paper based on materials covered in chapters 12 to 24.

Is that her?

Must be. What is she wearing?

She looks like death eating a cracker.

Just take any seat, miss, uh, uh...


Isn't it?

Mama says nobody's seen old man Ravenwood leave that creepy house in years.

Mama says it's 'cause he's a devil worshiper.

Actually, it's Duchannes.

Well, uh, now, that's an out-and-out lie.

I happen to know for a fact that you're Macon Ravenwood's niece.

Well, bless your heart, sugar.

You must have been first in your litter.

Mama says devil worshipers hate fresh air.

Makes them choke.

Well, we all know what makes you choke.

That's enough, Mr. Lincoln.

And that hat's gonna look nice on my cat.

He's such a fool!

This year, you will participate in the annual reenactment of our glorious victory: the Battle of Honey Hill.


The reenactment will be held on the day of the battle, December the 21st.

Even though that is the middle of Christmas break, you will be expected to participate wholeheartedly.

♪ Get sick, get well

♪ Hang around the inkwell

♪ Ring bell...

♪ Tell -- gonna sell

♪ Try hard, get barred

♪ Get far-- Braille

♪ Hit bail-- sell

♪ Join the army if you fail

♪ Look out, kid

♪ You're gonna get hit

Are you nuts?! You almost killed me!

What were you doing standing in the damn road?!

I need help, genius!

Forget it!

Wait, wait, wait!

I'm sorry! Look, get in!

This is a-- this is a shortcut. Nobody comes down this road.

You'll drow-- is this old man Ravenwood's car?

You're one of them, aren't you? What are you?

The all-American jock star, prom king...jock?

Look, can you insult me in the car?

It's getting a little "titanic" out here.

You know, I never understood why Leo had to die in the end.

Like, why couldn't they take turns?

"you float on the wooden thingy 10 minutes, I'll float on the wooden thingy 10 minutes."

She kept saying, "I'll never let you go, I'll never let you go," and then she lets him go!

If I get in the car, will there be more of this fascinating conversation?

'Cause I'd rather drown.

No. I got groceries back there.

I can't believe you told me the ending to "titanic."

You've never seen it?


You really are from outta town.



You know where you're going?


Hey, I'm sorry about those clichés in class, but I'm not one of them.


"girls who once were human, but for whom absolute popularity has corrupted absolutely."

Mm, bet you're real proud of yourself thinking that one up.

You probably dated one of them.

You cut Emily like a surgeon.

Years working with the bitch virus.

No cure yet, huh?

We continue to research and hope.

You been to a lot of schools? Yeah.

That must be nice. I only ever lived here.

Must be nice.

So, where you all lived?

Pretty much every state that seceded from the union.

Moved around since I was 4, after my parents died.

I only have my dad. My mom died last spring.

How did it happen?


Car accident.

That was --

That was a dead-end conversation on a road going nowhere.

I must have missed the exit to "fascinating."

You, uh...

Bukowski? He-- he any good?

Define "good."

I can drive you up to the house if you like.

No. This is fine. No. I don't mind.

Look, I appreciate the ride, but I don't feel like being a haunted house attraction today.

No, I-- that's fairly rude and not true at all.

Perhaps it's because we haven't been properly introduced.

I'm Ethan Wate, by the way.

You're Ethan Wate?


Oh, my god. You mean Ethan Wate drove me home?

You've heard of me?


I like your charm necklace.

And-- and your tat, too.

I mean, uh, also.


"some people never go crazy.

"what truly horrible lives they must live.

"boring damned people.

"all over the earth.

"propagating more boring damned people.

"what a horror show.

The earth swarmed with them..."

This man is a god.

It is the name of our lord that brings salvation.

It is the name of Jesus that gives us authority over evil spirits.

Protect us, lord.

What's going on? Here. Just wait for it.

Protect us from the devil as we feel him approaching.

See, that been hitting the same spot every night.

Since when?

Since Lena Duchannes came to town.

My mama heard she's from a mental institution because she killed a boy on the train tracks in Atlanta.

Oh, bullshit. Bullshit.

Watch your tongue!

Well, my mama said that her mother killed her father and then just left town like that.

Shut your mouth, Emily!

Ethan Wate, may I speak with you for a moment?

Right now?

What is wrong with you?

I'm just sick of people in this town putting down someone they just don't know. and you know Lena Duchannes?

Is that what you're saying, Ethan?

You know what?

I'm sorry, but I don't think I'm gonna be able to go to the movies with you this weekend.

I think we need time apart.

And I'm sorry to hurt you.

Let's go.

Did I not say that to her at the end of sophomore year?

Hey, some girls are just mad dogs, son.

You can either run or shoot.

Ethan? Ethan.

Can I talk to you about something real quick?

I want you to know something.

I still care deeply for you as a friend.

And I pray every night that you don't go straight to hell.

Oh, I-I won't go straight to hell, Emily.

I wanna stop off in New York first.

Okay. Everybody take your seats.

Hi, darling. Good to see you again.

How's your mama?


Billy, get down.

Okay, you should have read this over the summer.

We're gonna start by discussing the character of Boo Radley.

The town shut-in with a mysterious past.

You mean Macon Ravenwood?

Savannah! Excuse me?

Um, my mama says I-I really shouldn't be reading this book.

This is one of those banned books.

Yes, well, I got permission from the school board to try it for a semester.

Oh, well, I'm not reading anything that was banned from our church.

Me neither.

My mama also says that...

I shouldn't be in the same class as a Ravenwood.

She says it ain't right that they get to be with us Christian kids.

Emily, shut up!

My mama says the same thing.

Says her whole family are Satanists.

They pray to Satan stark naked.

Dear lord...

Emily, what do you think you're doing?

You can't pray in class.

Dear lord... Now, you stop it.

I humbly pray you protect us from all things evil...

Girls, I'm telling you this right now. You stop it now.

There are unnatural things among us who serve...

I don't know what you're thinking.

...Christian believers. Please, Jesus, help me!

Save me from these evil --

She did it!

It was her! She broke the windows!

Why would she do something like this?!

You all right?

What the hell was that?



What are you doing here?

I-I just came to see if you were okay.

What for?

I don't know.

You okay?



You can go now.

Go away!




Go! No.


Sorry about Emily.

She can be meaner than chickenshit.

Never understood that saying.

Yeah. Me neither.

And I should know better by now.

They always hate me, no matter where I go.

Well, they're a mess of fools. What do you care?

Never been "on the outside looking in" your whole life, have you?

Well, let me see if I can remember this.

It's Bukowski.

"some lose all soul.

"some lose all mind and become soul, insane.

"some lose all-- all...mind..."

Hold on.

"some lose all soul and become mind."

"some lose all mind and become soul."

Oh, man.

I memorized this whole thing to impress you.


You can't help it. What?

Fitting in anywhere, drooling charm.

I never know whether you're insulting me or not.

I'm sorry.

No. Hey, I like it.

You know?

If it makes any difference, um...

I like you.

You may not think so later.

Pbht! Okay.

Uh, you can't complain about not having any friends and then make a guy work this hard trying to be one.

Unless you actually do think I'm a jerk.

Then I'll just go.

Run and tell your friends about the freak.

You really think I'm that guy?



I should get back.

You, uh, you read those chapters in "to kill a mockingbird"?

Yeah. I've read it twice before.

Oh! It's good, isn't it?


You ever see the movie?

No. Oh, it's good too.

We should watch it, actually.

You ever-- ever read any Vonnegut?


Kurt Vonnegut?

No? "Slaughterhouse-Five"?

He's great.

He's-- he's banned too, actually.

You only read banned books?

Um, I don't only read banned books.

But, I don't know, I just --

All the-- all the books they let you read Are, like, pretty boring, I guess.

Thanks. I'm sorry I was --

Oh, I-It's okay. It's okay.

Look, you should go.

My uncle doesn't really like people being around the house.

I know. I sort of, uh...went inside.

You went inside the house?

I didn't mean to. I just --

I get it. People think he's scary.

But he's just Boo Radley shy, right?


Hey, um...

I got you sort of a "welcome to suckass Gatlin" gift.

I thought you could put it on your-- on your chain.


We have a guest?

He's leaving.

Hello, sir.

Manners? That's nice.

I-I-I go to school with Lena. I'm Ethan Wate.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

You Lila Evers' boy?

Yes, sir.

You knew my mother?

Lena, why don't you ask your friend in for tea?

Tell him you can't stay.

I'd love to. Thank you, sir.

He's not scary.

Mr. Wate, make yourself comfortable.

Oh, I-I'm sorry about walking in uninvited before.

No problem at all.

It's so rarely that we get visitors from our...beloved Gatlin.

Don't be a snob, uncle.

It's not their fault you never speak to any of 'em.

And it's not my fault That I have a predilection for good breeding, reasonable intelligence, and passable personal hygiene.

But since my family founded this town, I have no alternative to call it home.


There we are.

Oh, that's a beautiful piano.

Oh, yes.

Do you play?


Lena, why don't you play something for our guest?

'Cause we're not in a Jane Austen novel.

Then why don't you go make us some tea?

Again, wrong century.

Well, then, would it disturb either of you if I...ran my fingers 'cross the ivories?

I find it very therapeutic.

Uncle's upset.

School called.

Put me on probation until the window thing gets investigated.

That's crazy.

That was not your fault.

Voice of reason in a town of buttermilk minds.

Lena, I could get to like this friend of yours.

I mean, it's like blaming you for the lightning on Honey Hill.

Oh, yes, I heard about the lightning.

In fact, a similar occurrence took place in Venezuela for many years at lake Maracaibo.

You can look it up on Google.

Uncle loves Google.

In any event, I'll sort it out with the school.

But I understand your indignation, Ethan.

Probation! Implies a source of authority.

What is that source?

A bunch of sexually frustrated housewives with miniscule minds and voluminous backsides.

No, there's only two kinds of people in Gatlin --

The ones who are too stupid to leave and the ones who are too stuck to move.

My mother used to say that exact same thing.

Is that so?

She was a lovely woman, your mother.

I was so sorry to hear of her passing.

Of course, I only knew her through her books.

I read everything she wrote on the southern plantations.

You plan on being a writer?

I don't know yet. Maybe.

What if I had a magic wand... Macon!

...and I could let you see your whole future?

What would be there?

And don't spare me the gory details.

Well, sir, I'm not sure.

Um, one thing I do know, though, is college.

I'm definitely planning on going.

Oh, really?

Where have you applied?

All of them.

As long as they're not too far from home.

I mean, um, as long as it's a local college.

Uh...uh, so I can stay with dad.

I-I'll get my teaching degree, and-- and probably teach at the high school...

Or maybe I'll take over the library from Amma...

I-I'll probably marry Emily Asher and we'll have two kids.

But I'll never make enough money for her, so I'll start drinking...

Get three duis and lose my job.

And, uh, have an affair on and off with savannah snow till I'm 49.

The kids will live with their mother after we divorce.

Then, when I'm 52, I'll have my first heart attack, another one at 63.

I'll move into an apartment above the wayward dog bar and help them sweep up after hours for free drinks.

And then when I'm 64, I'll hang myself.

Um, but they won't find the body right away.

Not until I stink.

Well, you've got it all planned out.

Good for you.

Ethan, are you okay?

Yeah. Um, you'll have to excuse me.

I've not been sleeping too well.

What did you do to him?

I agreed to let you attend what passes for a school in this town, but no friendships.

Could you not at least let me pretend until my birthday?

You remember what happened at the last school?

This window shattering is just the beginning!

That boy is a danger to you!

Don't invite him here again!

Oh, I wouldn't worry.

I'm sure he won't be back.

You came back.

Yeah. I-I'm sorry.

I don't know what the hell happened to me in there.

It's not your fault.

I hope this doesn't sound weird, but I think I've been dreaming about you every night for months.

That did not sound as creepy when I --

In my head.

Can you forget I said that?




Your present. Right. Great.

The present. That's why I came back.

Uh, so it opens. See?

Um...e-c-w, g-k-d.

December 21st, 1863.

December 21st?


What's the matter?

It's my birthday. I'll be 16.


That's... That is amazing.

I don't-- you know, I don't believe in signs usually, but that-- that seems like a pretty badass sign.

So y-you're 15 and you're a junior?

That's-- you must be a brain.

You-- you skip a grade?


Well, consider this an early sweet 16 present.

Ethan! Genevieve!

Genevieve! No!




Oh, Amma, what are you doing?

I'm looking for some books your mother had.

I have to return them to the library.

You all right? How did I get home?

What-- what are you talking about?

When I got here, you were already in bed.

Glad you're getting some sleep.

Amma! How did I get here?!

Why are you shouting? I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Heard you had trouble at school today.

My father always said trouble follows that family like stink on a fly's ass.

You better stay away from that girl.

You don't need to take care of us, Amma.

I promised your mother and I want to.

No, I d-- Amma.

I'm sorry. I just...

I don't think it's any of your business.

Where'd you get that?

I don't know. Don't lie to me.

What's wrong?

You listen to me.

You go and bury that in greenbrier and forget you ever found it.

I never said I was in greenbrier, Amma.

My family's...different.

Different how?

We do things...

We do different things.

So, like, what, you're from Europe?

You know how some families are musical and some have money.

Well, we have powers.



What was that out there?

That was Macon.

He had the house "bound."

It's a spell to protect me when he's not here.

A spell?

Yeah. It won't happen again.



Are you a witch?


I mean, calling us "witches" is like calling the smart kids "geeks" or the athletes "jocks."

We prefer the term "caster."

I didn't mean to break those windows.

My powers are getting stronger.

I can't always control it.

You look nauseous.

You want a cookie?

The sugar will help.

I made these last night.

From a cookie mix.

Okay. What about this?

I don't know.

You don't know?

No. It wasn't me.

I mean, it was something else.

Something happens when we both hold it.

Okay. Hold on a minute.

Satan has nothing to do with y'all, right?

That is such a mortal thing to say.


Well, there is evil, Lena.

Yes, there are evil casters, Ethan.

I mean, are you trying to say that there are no evil mortals?

Only difference is, you all made up somebody else to blame for it.

I'm just trying to figure this out.

So, you have powers, okay?

What else can you do?

I collect poetry.

I'm not meant to show a mortal any of this.

It's okay.

No. I shouldn't have.

You know, I just hate hiding all the time.

Feeling like everybody's whispering about me.

Being afraid of people finding out I'm this freak.

Sometimes you just want to be normal.

What are you smiling at?

Lena, you're a miracle.

Why would you ever want to be normal?

You're not what I expected.

What do you mean?

Don't get mad, but I've dreamt about you too.

I just didn't think you were real.


Oh, it's Macon. You've got to go.

Why didn't you tell me?

It scares me.

Doesn't it scare you?

You wanna go out with me?

Wait. Am I going out the window?

Whoa. Can you make anything grow?

Lena? Get out.

Okay. How about Friday, movies?

Friday, I can't. It's a holiday.

What holiday?

It's a harvest thing. Family coming from out of town.

Okay. Saturday.


I don't know. Hurry up!

Say yes.


Can I see you tomorrow?

I don't know. Get out of here!




Promise me it'll be a really normal, awkward teenager date.

I swear. I won't even call you after.




See you tomorrow.

You could have made a ladder, you know.

Keep your distance.

Thank you kindly for your courteous welcome.

I felt something tonight.

I've been feeling something every night since you brought that girl here.

Well, it's the only place left I have to protect her.

So you bring darkness to this town.

I can feel it like a hand twisting my insides.

Well, that's not Lena!


You said she was gone for good.


Well, we...we did have an agreement, but... she's been shadowing Lena for the past year.

And there have been some accidents.

Macon, no danger better come to that boy because of your kind.

Yeah, well, then you keep him on a leash!

What happened at greenbrier?

I don't know!

Lena was hysterical.

Boy was unconscious.

I brought him home, called you.

You're the seer. You tell me what happened!

This is the sacred place of my ancestors.

You hear?

You want some answers, you show me some respect.

Yeah. I...i apologize.

Ethan had some kind of charm.

It had a Duchannes power in it.

Well, that would be Sarafine.

Maybe she's using the charm to get to Lena through the boy.

You tell them I have to know what Sarafine's up to.

You know, it wouldn't break your face To ask for some help instead of expecting it, like your family's been doing with mine for too many years.

Now, don't you roll your eyes at me.

Then please ask them kindly what Sarafine is up to.

Brought your favorites, Uncle Abner.

Shrimp and grits.

Fried oysters.

And a coconut pie.


No wonder he's no longer with us.

Pay no attention to him, uncle.

Uncle Abner, we are in need of your intercession.

Along with Aunt Ida and auntie may...

I humbly call upon your spirits.

What are they saying?


Nothing yet.

Tell them they have to help us stop Sarafine.

"some things cannot be stopped."

This is your favorite spot?

It's all about the sign.

You see up there?


That's the road to freedom.

My mama used to say, "get out of this town as soon as you can.

"go find out how other people live and think before you find a place that's yours."

And I'd say, "mom, um, I'm 9.

How do I do that?" little Ethan.

So that's when she took me to the library.

And, um, she said, "Ethan, this is my church.

"this is where my family goes to celebrate what's holy --


Oh, wow. Sorry.

Don't know where that came from.

I wish I'd known her.

Let's get out of here.

Let's go.



Lena, most people spend their entire lives waiting for a moment that's gonna change everything.

It never happens.

We can start our lives right now, okay?

We just got to say yes.

We just got to get in the car and just go.

I can't do that.


When I turn 16...

I might not even be who I am now.


What-- what could happen besides getting your first hangover?

When a female caster turns 16, we face what they call the claiming.

My powers will be claimed for either the light or the dark, depending on my true nature... whatever I'm destined to be.

That's-- that's why Macon brought me here.

Wait. What's Macon?

He's a dark caster, but he's choosing to be light for me now.

He can choose? Then why can't you?

They say that a female caster's true nature chooses for her.

I don't know why.

Back up. Wait a minute.

You're worried that when you turn 16, you're gonna be an evil... Bitch...witch caster?

I have 75 days left, Ethan.

I don't know what I'll be.

I don't know who I really am inside.

Now, in the last year, Lena Duchannes has been in three different schools in three different towns.

I-I checked.

And in every single one of them schools, they had accidents, they had unnatural weather, they had... Well, they even had deaths.

Now, I have a petition here signed by over 300 Gatlin parents who demand...

Demand that Lena Duchannes be expelled...

Excuse me. Excuse me.

...and furthermore that the Ravenwood property be --

Oh, my god, mama.

Excuse me for my untimely intervention.

Principal Herbert.

Mayor snow.

And the Reverend Stephens, I believe.

Yes, sir.


Mrs. Lincoln.

How dare you...

Enter the house of the lord?

Since my family own the land it's built on...

And I understood this to be an occasion for all members of the community.

Now, I'm sure y'all have better things to do on such a beautiful day, so I'll be brief.

The accusations against my niece --

All spurious lies.

For, according to the weather channel --

And you can verify this on Google --

There were unseasonably strong gusts from the east, which caused untold destruction Up and down the South Carolina coast.

So my niece will go back to the institution that Gatlin presumes to call educational, and she will be persecuted no longer.

I thank you all for your cooperation.

You have no right to tell us what to do.

No matter how much money you have.

Oh, Mrs. Lincoln, you're right.

My wealth should offer me no advantage.

However, since my ancestors founded Gatlin, my holdings do give me a little leverage.

For example, if I were to donate the old mill to, say, a drug rehabilitation center...

Oh, my god.

There again, I own the land the wayward dog motel stands on.

Its closure would cause a little inconvenience to one or two of you gentlemen.

You'd have to travel out of town to see your lady friends...

When your wives believe That you are attending yet another meeting of the American Civil War reenactment society.

So might I presume that this matter is now comfortably laid to rest?

I'm not afraid of you or your evil kind.

God our creator will condemn you to hellfire along with terrorists, atheists, homosexuals, Democrats, Liberals, Socialists...

Greenpeace and all the other unnatural abominations.

My dear Mrs. Lincoln.

If I were you, I would welcome any kind of fire.

Might give you the opportunity to burn that unfortunate hat you're wearing.


Well, I would have expected to find you in something a little more chic.

Oh, come on, Macon.

She's perfect!

She's a pillar of the community.

You're right about the hat, though.

Isn't it tragic?

But if you borrow the body, you have to borrow the closet.

And, my dear, you would think the woman invented the housecoat.

So, let's see now.

Have you missed your little sister?



Don't be unkind.

You used to love playing in the dark.


I can feel your powers waning.

Hmm. That's so sad.

They're fading.

And you know why that is.

That's what comes of pretending to be something you're not.

Oh! Daddy's tie-pin.

That is so sweet.

The curse is gonna claim her, Macon.

You're not quite sure, though, are you?


If you were certain, then why bring the boy into it?

I didn't bring the boy into it.

Love brought him in.

Lena and the mortal have been on their way to each other Since the day they were born.

They have that terrible thing, "destiny."

Even your Lila sensed that.

And you know the law of the curse --

No caster may love a mortal.

Mind you, it couldn't have worked out better if I had planned it.

That first love-- oh, such joy.

Such beauty.

And that first heartbreak.

So bitter.

So painful.

It's enough to turn any girl dark... mortal or caster.

I'm so excited.

Lena's birthday is gonna fall On the most powerful solstice in 5,000 years!

More energy is gonna be released than ever before, and this earth's cycle will be over.

She's gonna be more powerful than either of us, Macon, and she will lead us all.

Toward what?

An age without hiding.

I'm -- I'm so...

Tired of hiding!

These parasites have had their own way long enough, don't you think?

Oh! Here's a good game.

Name one species that'll miss them.

See? You can't!

Because mortals do nothing but consume and destroy.

They invent ideas...

Like god and love and righteousness...

And then they use those same ideas to kill anyone who disagrees with them.

You really want to hang out with those people?

They pray without true beliefs and then wonder why their spells don't work.

They don't even value their pathetic little lives till seconds before it's taken from them.

Poor things.

It's our turn, Macon.

Darlin', come back.

Come back.

Lena will put an end to them.


Lena will not turn dark.

She's too strong.

She has got no choice in the matter, my darlin'.

The curse has already begun.

No. That is a lie!

What's a lie, Mr. Ravenwood?

My apologies.

Lena will return to school.

And that is an end of it.

Keep it moving.

Wow! You and Lena Duchannes.

Yeah. Don't tell anybody.

Aw, come on, and miss the chance to see Emily shit nails?

I bet Lena could actually do that.


Which one of you lucky boys is Ethan Wate?


Which one of you has the power of tongue?

M-me am.

I' Ethan.


Do I know you?

Not a bit.

I'm Ridley Duchannes. Follow me.

You're a relative of Lena's?

Honey, you are looking at the relative.

Uh, oh-- this is my friend Link.

Sincere pleasure, Link.

H-- oh, ep-- I-- wa-- hush...

Get in.

Oh, I-I wasn't invited.

I don't think her uncle would, uh, like --

Trust me, family's dying to meet you.


Been a long time.

Lena and I are more like sisters than cousins.

I'm surprised she hasn't mentioned me.

But then, I'm sure I couldn't count high enough all the things Lena hasn't mentioned.

Oh. Why, thank you, kind sir.

I look okay?

Always get a little nervous seeing the family.

You have lovely eyes.


You're lucky those lips are spoken for.

May I?

Mm. Such a gentleman, too.

Night, mother.


...i told you to stay away.

Why, I couldn't miss a holiday with my family, now, could I, mama?

Well, well.

Ridley, my dear.

What an unpleasant surprise.

Uncle Macon.

How old and weak you look.

I distinctly remember forgetting to invite you.

And I told you never to cross this threshold again!


What have you done to him?

Invited him to dinner with the folks is all.


Why don't you escort your underdressed friend into the dining room?

I wasn't --

Del. Wha --

Hello, cuz.

Don't you look pretty.


Aw. Ain't that sweet?

He's all choked up.

Must be love. Oh!

Macon... It's all right, Lena.

She can do no real harm here.

You sure about that, Macon?

Don't you sass your uncle, now!

Del, why don't you get two place settings for our uninvited guests?

Thank you.

You sit near me, sugar.

Sit right over here.



Ethan, this is my younger brother Larkin.

I didn't think I'd be seeing you here.

And who is the stiff?

Larkin, meet Ethan Wate.

Well, well.

And this is our dear sweet gramma... who we all just love to death.

We weren't expecting you, child.

Let me have a look at you.

Why is it, Ridley, that when I look into your eyes, all I can see are hers?

You two are as thick as thieves, aren't you?


How about a little music, and why don't we all just sit down and enjoy ourselves?

And let's have some wine.

Something to drink?

Here. Allow me.

Mama's homemade macaroons.


I've missed these.

So, cuz, any big plans for your birthday?

Nothing to concern yourself with.

You won't be invited, "cuz."

Well, Lena, darlin', you should.

Be concerned, that is.

Such an important birthday.

That's enough, Ridley.

I had hoped that we'd have a holiday meal that we would all survive.

What do you want?

Just to be with my family again, cuz.

You've been claimed by the dark.

You're no longer part of this family.

Ridley, sweetheart, there's nothing we can do for you now.

I'm so sorry.

No hard feelings, mama.

But Lena and I are the same.

I wonder, when she goes dark...

...will you shut her out too?

That's enough.

You think you can keep Lena so good, so innocent?

Wasn't I the same before I was claimed?

As I recall, you were a spoiled brat from the moment you were born.

Maybe I was just unloved.

I did the best I could. And look at what I am now.

Oh, that's right. Blame the mother.

You think Lena is a good girl now, but it won't matter.

Even if her true nature doesn't claim her for the dark, the curse will.

It's already started.

I'm warning you. What curse?

Pay no mind to her lies.

You know it's true.

Aw, look at my manners.

Here, honey.

Let me serve you.

Get away from him!

Oh, really, cuz?

Lena, will you stop this?!

Stop it!

Aw, just another good girl gone bad, I guess.

Lena, child, there's no need for this.

Will you stop this immediately?!

Breaking windows on poor, helpless little mortals!

She's already closer to the dark than I was!

You know that's a lie!

I want you out of here!

Ridley, don't make me get up from this table!

I am so sick of everyone treating you like you're something special!

There's nothing special about you!

Go on, you tell her, Macon!

You know how she will be claimed!

I said get away from my boyfriend, you witch.

Oh, lord.

Boyfriend, huh?

Is he gonna be all right?

He'll be fine.

What curse was Ridley talking about?

Ridley was just telling stories to get your rage going, to lose control.

You mustn't let her.

Larkin, help me take him to my room.

Oh, he will.

Sitting there eating through a caster combat, like you're two sandwiches shy of a picnic.

Better be a sandwich when I get back.

I'm still hungry.

Do you see the way she looks at the boy?

There's no getting in between them now.

Then it has begun.

Hey there.

How do you feel?

Like I was in a tornado inside a dining room.

No big deal.

I'm so sorry about Ridley. I didn't know she was back.


She's sort of a bitch, isn't she?

She's a siren.

She can make mortals see, think, or do whatever she wants... especially men.

Isn't that, like, the working definition of a bitch?


She wasn't always like that.

We were like sisters.

You know?

Traveled together so much we shared the same suitcase.

Did homework, watched Disney.

We were just kids.

The night Ridley turned 16, she ran away.

She said she could feel herself turning dark.

She said she had to get away before she hurt anybody she loved...

Before she hurt me.

I followed her.

Then it happened.

I saw it all.

She loved me.

I know it.

It's not fair what happened to her.

And the same thing could happen to me.

It won't.

Did you see me tonight?

I can't control myself.

Lena, I don't believe that we have one fate and no choice.

We make our own lives.

Two, please. Thank you.

This is Lena. Lena.

Hi, Lena. Hi.

Here. I got to give you the money.


There you go.

You good? Your kids are good?

Oh, yeah.


You got the tickets?


Get a load of this.

You know, maybe you have Ethan fooled, but not me.

Oh, shucks.

Ah, chill, girl.

Chill, chill.

See the look on her?

I see right through her.

Hi. Just, uh, just one, please.


There you go.

Do not let them bother you, okay?

Before we set out, help yourselves to some scrambled eggs and French toast right here...

You by yourself?

Yeah. I've been up since 5:00.

Feeling pretty good, though.


You want milk duds?

What do you put them in your pocket for?

I have to hide some for myself, because Link never shares.

All right. Yeah. I've been doing better.

...all by myself.

I'm so sorry.

I didn't realize I had that.

No, it's okay.

I wanna see.

Be right there.

Yeah, whatever you can find!

There's gold in there and silver!

Get it all!

Hurry up before it's all gone!



Don't you dare...

Okay. Don't you dare go anywhere.

Don't you dare, Ethan carter Wate!

Come back. Wait, Ethan.

Body of my body, marrow and mind, soul of my soul, to our spirit bind, blood of my heart, my tide, my moon, blood of my heart, my salvation, my doom!


Was I shot?

What happened to your eyes?

Form up, company!

Oh, my darling Lena, do you see now how you must be claimed?

We are the descendants of Genevieve.

Her dark power is in our blood!

Oh, how I've missed you, my daughter.

Your mother, Sarafine, has come home for you.

Guess Satan hates sequels, too.

It's over.

There is no more.

It's served its purpose.


The curse began with your great-great-great grandmother, Genevieve Katherine Duchannes.

She had the temerity to fall in love with a mortal, your ancestor, Ethan Carter Wate.

In 1864, he deserted.

Came home to his Genevieve.

But he was killed in front of her eyes, by Union soldiers who were ransacking greenbrier during the battle of Honey Hill.

And in her madness, in her grief, She used a spell that is forbidden to us.

To bring him back to life.

A spell that left a curse?

No caster may reverse death.

So she lost her soul, consumed by darkness forever.

But the spell worked.

If Genevieve loved him, why'd she kill him?

In that kind of darkness, there's not even a memory of love, only power.

Everything has a price.

You told me my mother was dead.

You lied to me.


Why?! Lena!

Our words, our language cannot explain all that there is.

There are other ways someone can die to us.

No, I'll tell her.

Your mother, Sarafine, is the most powerful dark caster of all of us.

She lives in the darkness, in the shadows.

If she does appear, it's in the guise of someone else.

She has no love for you.

That's what I was trying to protect you from.

So I'm gonna be claimed for the dark no matter what?

No, not necessarily.

I know your true nature. It's strong.

Sarafine recognizes it too.

She knows that without the curse, your true nature would claim you for the light.

No. I believe the curse can be broken.

But you need to have a will that's so strong you control your own nature.

That's what I told her.

The first thing you have to do is to get rid of him. Wait. What?

Sarafine's using you. That's not true!

Listen to me, Lena.

No, listen to me, Lena.

Ethan, Macon's right!

If you're to break this curse, you have to control your emotions.

And loving this boy puts you in terrible danger!

How could you know? You never loved anyone.

You despise mortals.

You never even had a friend, even in our world.

How could you know?

I know that no good can come from us loving a mortal.

Lena, listen to me.

There's got to be a way, another way to break the curse.


Don't even think that, young man!

You'll get the both of you killed.

You have to get out of her life.

Do you hear me?

Lena... Say your goodbyes.

Macon's keeping Lena at Ravenwood.

He won't let me see her.

He thinks keeping us apart is the best thing for her.

But he's wrong.

I know Lena.

I know her like I know myself.

And I can feel her slipping away into some place where I can't reach her.

Go away! Go away!

Go away! Go away!

Hi, dear.

Hello, Mrs. Lincoln.

Hi, dear.

Hi. Just a minute.

Oh, dear.

This door seems to be stuck.

It's just these old houses. They're such a nuisance.

Yes, ma'am.

They warp.

Link's not here.

Oh, I know. I know.

He's at savannah snow's party, which is where all the kids are.

I had to make quite a number of phone calls to get him an invitation on account of his...

Well, on account of his friendship with you.

Um, I'm sorry you had to go to that trouble, ma'am.

Well, you should be at that party, Ethan, kicking up your heels with your real friends, with the children who belong in this town.

I'm not much up for a party tonight, ma'am.

Oh, well, that's a shame.

Well, see, I-I made you some brownies.

I thought maybe I could come in and we could talk.

My fight's not with you, son.

It's not. Never has been.

It's just that girl with her seductive quirkiness, and you being motherless and all.

May I come in?

No, ma'am.

I-I-I don't think so.

Did I hear you...

Correctly just then, Ethan?

Do I have to ask you again?

May I come in?

No, ma'am, you may not.

But I have made you brownies!

I-I've made you brownies from scratch!

Oh, well, slap my ass and call me sally!

Lena bound your house.

Oh, that's so sweet.

As if.

I'm on your side, son.

What's a little curse when it comes to true love?

Anyone can see you and Lena are just meant for each other, till death do you part!


Get out of this house.


Keep her bound.


Lena, can we please just go outside for one second and talk?

I need -- get out!


Please, son, for your own good.

You should really listen to them.


I'm sick of listening to your family.

I have been chased, spun, hypnotized, paralyzed, and damn near killed by your family.

I've been going out of my mind for the last two weeks.

And now your mother shows up on my doorstep and damn near gives me a heart attack!

But you know what?

I don't care about them, about the curse.

You are not going dark and you are not losing me.

No matter what you do, no matter what they do to me, I'm still here.

Now, what does that tell you?

How could the boy break our spell?

He has no power.

It's not we who protect her now. It's the boy.

Amma, we need your help.

Why come to me?

The way you talked about the locket, about the curse.

Excuse me, miss Amma, but I think you know more than you're saying.

Please, Amma.

This isn't the place you're gonna find anything you need.

Meet me in the back.

This must run under the whole town.

The whole country.

Gatlin is like the capital of caster America.

It used to be under Washington, D.C., until Nancy Reagan made them move.

She was the only mortal they were ever scared of.

They know a caster's here.

Amma, why didn't you tell us about this?

A keeper has to be asked.

A keeper, as in you're a...

The caster library has been the responsibility Of seers like me for generations.

Something I had no choice about either, by the way.

And these books hold the histories of the casters from around the world, the laws that keep balance between light and dark.

Hey! Get away from that!

Macon comes here every day and reads every book he can for the forbidden spell.

He found nothing?


But you can do it.

God gives us what we can handle, even if we don't believe it ourselves.

Close your eyes.

See with your mind what you're looking for as if you've already found it.

I knew it.

"book of moons."

It's the most powerful book of the otherworld.

It's as alive as you or me.

Strongest of every spells, good and bad.

Did Macon look through it? No. He couldn't.

The book chooses who reads it.

Its law is "like attracts like."


There's no writing.

Oh, it won't reveal itself so easy.

A curse this dark takes its time showing itself.

The dark will test you.

Don't worry. You'll find it.

Just look under "how not to turn into your mother."

Come on.

Come on.

I've been taking Lena to the caster library for weeks now.

But Lena's getting discouraged.

The longer this thing takes, the more I see a change in her.

We'll-- we'll find a way, okay?

You're just a mortal. How would you know?

Hey, I can make wind.

Maybe not a hurricane, but I --

Why don't we just admit it?

A-admit what?

It's already started.

I'm turning into a dark bitch.

I can feel it. No, no, no.

Lena, you're just stressed. It's not --

It doesn't matter what causes it.

I'm turning, and you're just too stupid to see it.

Okay, now you're a bitch.

Really? Is this necessary?

I'm agreeing with you!


I'm just a dumbass mortal who can't make his own thunder.

But I know there's no way we're gonna figure this out Unless you stop feeling so damn sorry for yourself all the time!

Go ahead!

Start an earthquake. See where it gets you.

Everybody has to deal with shit in their lives, Lena.

What are you yelling at me for?!

You want to be a normal human?

What do you think that is?

We don't have powers to just change things whenever we like.

Being human is feeling bad!

It's feeling pissed off!

It's feeling scared and not being able to do anything about it until you don't feel that way anymore, until you can just see your way out of it.

And I yelled at you because I care about you.

That's what normal people do who love each other when one of them is acting like a brat!

Now, would you please stop raining on me?

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh I'm sorry.

♪ Ooh, ooh you've got to get away from me.

I don't know what I do.

It just happens.

You still don't get it, do you?

I don't want to be any further away from you than I am right now, one way or another.

I'm scared I'm gonna hurt you.

Well, love's a risk for anybody.

I mean "kill you" hurt you.

Go ahead.

Kill me.

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh

♪ Ooh

What part of "you cannot touch it if you are not a caster" don't you understand?

There were casters in the Civil War?

Casters have been fighting alongside mortals for centuries, every war, every side.

Just 'cause they're supernatural don't make them any smarter.

You know, what I can't figure...

Is you go to church every Sunday?


How do you believe in all this and still believe in god?

God created all things, didn't he?

It's only men that go and decide which ones are mistakes.

My mom came here, didn't she?

With Macon?

They met here many times.

Macon loved teaching her about his world.

Macon loved her, didn't he?

No one knows what Macon can and can't feel, but...

Lila sure got close.


She loved your father.

You going somewhere?

Wherever Lena is.

Even if that's in Gatlin.

What are you doing here?

I don't know what power you have over Lena, but, uh...

I've come to ask you to... Let her go.

I don't have any power, Macon.

I just love her.

Then just put an end to it.

I can't.

Even if it means destroying the Lena you love?


It can't, because there's no way that what Lena and I feel for each other Is gonna turn into something wrong or evil.

There's no way.

As long as I live, I'll never understand you creatures.

You have no real power.

You live at the mercy of forces outside your control...

And yet you believe that what you feel will somehow make it all right.

Gotta have some faith, Macon.


You okay?




I-is something wrong?

No! I-I think I found something.

Yeah? What? Let, l-let me see.

Well, it's a lot to read and a lot to take in, and I really got to concentrate.


So I was wondering...

Well, I've gotta do it on my own, kind of.

You know, and if you're here, you're just gonna distract me.

And I was wondering if you wouldn't mind going home now.

And then, when I'm done, I'll call you later.

Is that okay?


Whatever you want, okay?


I love you.

Okay. I'll talk to you later.


He's gone.

It's okay.


Talk to me.


There's only one way to break the curse.

Genevieve used the forbidden spell... to give life to the one she loved.

To break the curse, the one that I love... has to die.

Oh, god.

What are you gonna do?

I won't hurt Ethan.


They're only our words, Amma.

They can't explain everything.

There are all kinds of ways someone you love can die.

That's all the book said? Yeah.

All it said was to reverse the curse, I need to do these certain rituals, caster stuff, every night and every day right up until the claiming.

And whatever happens, happens.

Hey, we know what's gonna happen.

I want you to do something for me.

Between now and my birthday, I don't want to think about the claiming.

See? No tattoo.

I just want to be with you and do normal boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. Great.

Well, how about tonight is, uh, the Christmas dance and...

You could be my date. It's p--

Is Ethan Wate asking me to the dance?

Oh, my god!

I'm thinking about it.

No, they've got piss punch and the chaperones guarding the make-out stairs.

It is god-awful.

Sounds perfect.

I still don't know what to get you.


I mean, we-- we don't celebrate Christmas.

What do you wish for every year that you never get?

Oh, well, no.

No, it's not-- you're gonna think I'm so not cool.

That's okay. I don't think you're cool now.




Well, you know what? I just --

I always wanted one of those... W-white movie Christmases.

I mean, look at this. This is, like, pathetic.

This ain't Christmas.

You know that set-up's too easy.

Yeah, I know.

That's what you really want?

♪ When I feel you in my head

♪ I'll turn away to my needle and thread ♪

♪ 'Cause I was never yours to sew ♪

♪ And you were never mine to weave ♪

♪ So sad that I should go

♪ And I pretended I wanted to leave ♪ How am I gonna survive A lifetime of you surprising me?

1608 01:36:18,656 --> 01:36:24,394 ♪ And the dream...

♪ Just seems all wrong Hear how quiet it is?

♪ The figure says

♪ I'd rather stay and be right with you ♪

♪ Be all and run...

Goodbye, Ethan.

♪ When I feel you in my head... ♪



Did you come home late from the dance last night?


Can you get this turkey out of the refrigerator?


I don't, uh, I don't remember.

I must have been pretty tired.

But I slept real good for the first time in a long time.

Oh, that's good. Lena coming over for Christmas?

We got enough food.


Lena Duchannes.

Lena Duchannes?

Why would I invite Lena Duchannes over for dinner?

I barely know her.

She doesn't speak to anybody at school.

Do you know her?

Emily's mom says she was in a mental institution.

I don't know whether I trust what Emily's mom says, but she's kind of a weird girl.

Hey, except for that damn Civil War thing and meals, I'm staying in my bed the entire winter break.

I don't want to preach today.

Instead, I just want to talk to you.

About a word we don't hear much anymore --


It's not what I'd call a modern word.

People hear the word "sacrifice" and they become afraid that something will be taken away from them.

Or they'll have to give up something they can't live without.

"sacrifice," to them, means "loss,"

In a world telling us we can have it all.

But I believe true sacrifice... is a victory.

Because it requires our free will, to give up something or someone you love, for something or someone you love more than yourself.

I won't lie to you --

It's a gamble.

Sacrifice won't take away the pain of loss.

But it wins the battle against bitterness.

The bitterness that dims the light on all that is of true value in our lives.

What do we do now, Auntie Sarafine?

She gave him up.

She loves that boy. The curse will still work.

But we'll need his friend.

Oh, my sugar darlin'?

He's ready to go whenever I call.

Can I do it again?

You can't tell anyone.

Promise me you won't tell a living soul?

I won't, I swear it.

Ahh. Okay, one last time.

Try it again.

That is so cool.

I'll let you know when to do it, sugar.

You'll hear me loud and clear.

Just like you always do.

You have no idea how much I just love you to death right now.

Ready? Fire!



Come in.

Are you ready to get dressed?

It's real pretty.

You've done the right thing.

How will I know if it worked?

When the curse has been paid, you'll feel it.

You'll know.

Oh, people are starting to arrive, sweetheart.

It's time.

Mavis, you look very s-special.

Well it is a very special day!

Mom? Hi, sugar.

Careful with that.

Just 'cause there's no bullet doesn't mean it can't burn you.

You're both late. Take a rifle and load.

You two are going to greenbrier.

Um, hello, everyone. And, uh...

Oh, thank you for coming.


The moon will be out soon, so we should, uh, we should start.


Excuse me.

As the ancients have foretold... a natural will be claimed.

For it has been predetermined by the five elements that upon this night...

An old cycle shall end and a new cycle shall begin, wherein the powers of light and dark will merge, and that upon this child who becomes a woman...

Lena Duchannes...

Her true nature will reveal the true nature of all power... for the new cycle.

♪ Da-doo

♪ Ya-da-da

♪ Ya-da-da, da-da-dum-pa

♪ Ya-da-da-da-da

♪ Ya-da-da Hey, halt!

Or shoot me.

I'm so goddamn itchy, I swear, I'd just rather be a casualty.

This is so stupid.

I wish I was...

You want-- you want to just kill each other?

Come over, watch a movie?

"aliens"? Blu-ray?

All right.

On the count of three.


One. One.

Two. Two.


What's wrong?

I don't know.




Lena. No.

Cease fire!


Where is Ethan?

Greenbrier! Get the hell outta here, girl!


No! Ethan, no, no!


Lena-- Lena, I didn't k-- Lena, I swear.

No, don't! Don't!

Sorry. I'm sorry.

You can't trust them, cuz.

They'll turn on each other for no reason at all.

Lena, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean it.


Welcome to the family, my darling, special girl.

Storm's coming, Mr. Lee. Should we stop?

Lena, stop!


Stop this, please.

Macon. Macon, what have you done?

The curse... had to be paid.

I don't understand.

Somebody you love has to die.

That was a sneaky trick, Macon.

No fair.


I promised his mother.

I can't lose you!

It's all right. It's all right, Lena.


Don't let them fool you.

Claim... yourself.


What are you doing?

I think this is just between you and me, mama.

Fine with me.

Ridley! Don't be afraid.

She's on our side.

She's our Lena. You listen to me.

You're my daughter. I always wanted you with me.

They took you from me.

The moon appears, and it will claim you as you are destined to be claimed!

Accept it, sweetheart.

There's nothing you can do!

No one can do that.

Let me go! She's more powerful than you.

Lena! Lena, listen to me.

It was her idea.

Okay, she told me you were going dark anyway.

I would never hurt you.

You remember when I left, so I wouldn't hurt you?



Thanks, cuz.

You know, you're a lot more like me than you care to admit.

Well, nobody's perfect.

Lena, you have great powers.

I can teach you how to use them.

I can teach you how to become the most powerful dark caster who ever lived.

Oh, that's so sweet of you, mama.

Oh, baby.

This mortal you think you love? You can never be together.

I know. Did you ever love me, mama?

You know, I don't remember.

No mother does, really.

It's not easy, you know, pushing another female out of your body, a younger, more perfect version of yourself, with every option and no mistakes.

Anyhow, love is just a trick of the mind, you know?

It doesn't really exist. There's no such thing in nature.

Love's a spell, created by mortals to give their females something to play with instead of power.

I want you to have power.

I want you to be who you truly are.

As long as I'm just like you.

There's darkness in you. Don't you try and deny it.

I don't.

Well, then claim it.

Claim it and come with me, be with me.

We can rule over a new world, our world.

What are you doing?

It is a new world, mama.

But it ain't all dark, and it ain't all light.

And it ain't all ours.

I remember now.

I remember now. I did love you. I do love you.

I did love you. I love you, darlin'. I love you!

You really shouldn't use words you don't understand.

You still need me!

You've done enough, mama.

You must be claimed!


You all right, cuz?


Macon said this was the only way to protect you both.

I could hear the sound.

The sound was me breaking.

I cried because he had lived.

Because he had died.

I was shattered, I was saved.

I only knew the girl I was, was gone.

He was right.

No good can come from loving a mortal.

They can't survive our world.

Get out. Go, Ethan.

Claim yourself in defiance, in hope... in love, in fury, in gratitude.

Claim the light. Claim the dark.

Claim it all.

Nothing can stay.

You all set? Yeah.

We should be in New York by Thursday if we make good time.

We're gonna go stay with Link's cousin in Brooklyn.

Come here.

I'll call you as soon as I get in.

You call whenever you can.


Hi. Um...

Lena, right?

Hi. Yeah. Ethan Wate.

Yeah, I know.

Um, so, I wanted, I-- you know...

Um, I'm sorry that we never got to hang, but I always wanted to tell you I thought your-- your, uh, poems In creative writing...

Just really good.


That's really nice of you to say.

You're leaving?

Yeah. Uh, college road trip.

I'm going to check out NYU.

Great. It's good.

Oh, cool title.


He any good?

Define "good."

Keep it.

A "gettin' outta Gatlin" present.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

Cool. Thank you.

All right. See you.

See you.

Ethan's coming. All right. Bye. Hey.

Is it all right if we go see my mom at the sanatorium?

It's on the way.


"There is a place in the heart

"that will never be filled;

"a space.

"We will know it more than ever.

"There is a place in the heart that will never be filled...

And we will wait and wait in that space."

♪ Come to me Lena!

♪ Don't let me go

♪ Run to me

♪ Come to me

♪ Never let me go

♪ Run to me

♪ Run

♪ The hour gets late

♪ A spiritual lake

♪ Visions in the waves

♪ Watching them break

♪ A spiritual lake

♪ Visions of the waves

♪ Watch the light change

♪ Watch them as they break

♪ It's never too late

♪ It's never too late

♪ It's never too late

♪ To throw it all away

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ To throw it all away

♪ Yeah

♪ The lovers, they wait

♪ To decide the fate

♪ What can I say?

♪ It's never too late

♪ What's it gonna take

♪ To disguise a fate?

♪ What can I say?

♪ It's never too late

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ To throw it all away

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ To throw it all away

♪ Yeah

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ It's never too late

♪ Never too late, never

♪ To throw it all away

♪ Visions of the waves

♪ Never too late, never

♪ Visions of the waves

♪ Never too late, never

♪ Visions of the waves

♪ Never too late, never

♪ It's never too late

♪ Yeah, yeah