Beauty and the Beast (1946) Script



Action. Rolling.

Beauty and the Beast, take one.

Cut. Just a minute.







That girl.

You know how she is. She can't do a thing.

No good!

Cheater! Your foot's not on the line.

My dress!

What's the matter? They shot an arrow into the room.

You brutes! You could have blinded us!

Is Belle all right? Always Belle.

The hell with her!

You nearly killed Cabriole.

There they are.

Belle, scrub the floor. We're going to be late for the duchess.

Murderers! My sisters are shrews.

Drinking, chasing girls and cheating at cards - it's all they care about.

When you're poor, you stay home and wash clothes and polish the cutlery.

These witches act like princesses and never even realise everyone's laughing in their face.

Answer him. I won't give him the satisfaction.

What beautiful creatures!

Let's hurry or we'll miss the concert.

So enchanting! So divine!




Do we pay you to sleep?

I've never seen anything like it!

These chairs!

These chairs are filthy!


Hurry up!

Come on, we're leaving!

Not under the ladder!

Drunkards, you're asleep on your feet!

That drunkard doesn't even know his place.


They've been drinking!

Come on, footmen!

May the devil himself splatter you with dung.

Belle, you weren't made to be a servant.

Even the floor longs to be your mirror!

You mustn't go on slaving day and night for your sisters.

If our father's ships hadn't been lost in the storm, then perhaps I could enjoy myself like them.

But we're ruined, Avenant, and I must work.

Why don't your sisters work?

My sisters are too beautiful.

Their hands are too white.

Belle, you are the most beautiful of all!

Look at your hands.

Avenant, let go of my hand.

Please go. I must finish my work.

I love you.

Marry me.

No, Avenant. You mustn't speak of that again.

It's no use.

You don't like me.

It's not that, Avenant.

Well, then?

I must remain a maid and stay with Father.

I'll carry you away from this stupid life!

Let me go!

Get your hands off her! Do you want a black eye?

It's all right, Ludovic. He was asking me to marry him.

What did you say? Your sister doesn't want me.

Well done, Belle.

I'm a scoundrel, and proud of it, but I won't stand to see you marry one.

Consider yourself warned.

Now clear off, you goon!

Avenant, you're mad!

Come in, gentlemen.

Make yourselves at home while I tell everyone the great news.

My father!

He mustn't know.

My daughters are out being pampered by high society.

But I can't wait for them. I'm itching to break the news.

Come here, Belle.

Come, Ludovic.

You're welcome too, Avenant.

These gentlemen will overlook your mischief, just as the prosecutor here has done me the great favour of suspending all proceedings begun against me.

We're going to be rich!

One of my ships has arrived with its cargo.

Avenant knew it! Ludovic!

That's why he asked Belle to marry him.

He asked me before while we were still poor.

Are you going to leave me? No, Father, I'll never leave you.

They said the duchess wasn't receiving guests, but we could hear laughter and music in the court.

Congratulations, Father! We've just reaped the fruits of your foolishness.

You should be proud!

Invite one and all to drink while your daughters are insulted and doors slam in their face!

My darlings! That duchess is a smart woman.

I'm so ashamed I could die!

Come, Adelaide. Leave them to drink to our ill fortune.


Let those two devils sulk. I'll soon make it up to them.

I'll set out for port tomorrow and settle my affairs.

They'll be married to a duke and a prince!


Bring us back some brocade dresses.

Jewels, fans and ostrich feathers!

I want the whole town to die of envy!

A monkey! I'd like a monkey.

A parrot.

What shall I bring back for you, Belle?

Father, bring me a rose.

There aren't any around here.

If I don't pay up tonight, they'll throw me in prison.

A moneylender is quick to understand. I told him the whole story.

Lay it on thick. Here he comes.

It's a very large sum.

You know one of the lost ships has made it back to port.

I'll pay you as soon as my father returns.

You know the law: if you can't pay, I can sue your father for it.

If your father can't pay, I'll take his furnishings.

Sign it. What can you lose?

What can I do, sir?

If nothing's left from the last ship, what's to become of me?

Your creditors in the port were quicker than those in town. Sue them.

I don't even have money to stay at the inn in town.

Then return home.

Cross the forest in the dark of night? I'll get lost.

You crossed it at night to get here.

But there was a moon out then. Now there's a fog.

I tell you, I'll get lost. Get lost, then!

Easy for you to say! I'd like to see you in my shoes.

It's frightening!

Is anybody there?

Is anyone there?

Anybody there?



So, my dear sir,

you steal my roses.

You steal my roses, the things I love most in all the world.

Your luck has gone from bad to worse.

You could have taken anything - except my roses.

The punishment for this simple theft is death!

Sir, I didn't know. I meant no harm.

My daughter asked me to bring her a rose.

Don't address me as "sir".

I'm called the Beast!

I don't like compliments.

Don't try to understand.

You have 15 minutes to prepare to die.

Sir - Again!

The Beast orders you to be silent.

You stole a rose, so you must die.

Unless one of your daughters -

How many do you have? Three.

Unless one of your daughters agrees to pay your debt and take your place.

Don't argue. Be off!

Make the most of the chance I've offered you.

And should your daughters refuse to die in your place, swear to return in three days. Swear it!

I swear.

But how will I find my way home? I got lost in the forest.

You'll find a white horse in my stables.

His name is Magnifique.

Whisper in his ear, 'Go where I am going, Magnifique.

Go, go, go!'

He'll take you home and bring you back to my castle, should your daughters prove too cowardly to ride him in your place.

Go now!

I don't remember if the journey was quick or endless.

Magnifique is in our stable.

That's my story.

Take this rose, Belle.

It has cost me dear.

That's what happens when a fool asks you to bring her a rose.

See what her pride has caused!

She tried to teach us a lesson by acting the picture of modesty!

She's not even crying!

You won't die, Father. It's my fault.

It's only right that I go in your place. Are you crazy?

Ludovic and I will go and kill this awful beast!

His power is too great. You could never destroy him.

Don't you worry, Belle.

I am old, and I gave my word. I will go.

You will not go, Father. You can still win your case.

How will we get by? Sell my furniture.

Why don't you go, Felicity?

You're too tough to eat!

Too bad the Beast doesn't want a boy.

He could eat you and die of poisoning!

Children, please.

Father, I'd rather be eaten alive by that monster than die of grief at your loss.

You will not go to that monster! What business is it of yours?

It's mine if I say it is!

Do you love the little fool? You make a fine pair!

Avenant, slap her! Calm down.

Repeat what you just said.

A pair of fools!

He struck me! Brute! Scoundrel!

You dare slap my sister? You want one too? I've got plenty!

Cheat! Thief!

My children!

Ludovic, he's ill. Let's take him to his room.

He struck me, Adelaide! We don't have a penny left.

We mustn't lose our heads.

The Beast will devour them all, and we'll marry princes!

Go where I am going, Magnifique.

Go, go, go!

Belle, I am the door to your room.

I am your mirror, Belle.

Reflect in your heart for me, and I will reflect for you.

Where are you going?

Belle, you mustn't look into my eyes.

You needn't fear. You will never see me, except each evening at 7:00, when you will dine, and I will come to the great hall.

And never look into my eyes.

Don't be afraid.

I'm not.

Will you permit me to watch you dine?

You are the master.

There is no master here but you.

I disgust you.

You find me repulsive.

I cannot lie, Beast.

Everything here is at your command.

I don't feel at ease in all this finery, and I'm not used to being waited on.

But I sense you are doing everything possible to help me forget your ugliness.

I have a good heart, but I am a monster.

There are men far more monstrous than you, though they conceal it well.

Besides being hideous, I'm not quick-witted.

You're quick enough to recognise it.

Everything in this castle is yours.

Make your slightest whim known.

I shall appear every evening at 7:00.

Then, before taking my leave, I will ask you one question.

Always the same question.

What is that question?

Will you be my wife?

No, Beast!

Goodbye, then, Belle.

Until tomorrow.

Where is Belle?

Why are you in my room? I wanted - I was just -

I came to bring you a gift.

Get out!

Get out.

I thought you'd be having supper, Belle.

I'm not hungry. I'd rather walk with you.

You do me a great honour.

A great honour.

Your voice seems softer.

Are your days here terribly boring?

I do find the days long.

I confess, this evening I was looking forward to 7:00.

Your kindness encourages me to ask once again the question that torments my soul.

Go ahead and ask. My answer will always be the same.

Let us be friends, Beast. Don't ask me for more.

And what do you do all day?

Are you listening to me?

I'm talking to you.

Forgive me.

Where are you, Beast?

Forgive me.

It's nothing.

What's the matter?

I'm thirsty.

Drink from my hands.

It doesn't repulse you to let me drink from your hands?

No, Beast. I like it.

I'd never want to cause you the slightest harm.

But still, you dream of being far away from me.

You're very late.

Thank you for noticing, Belle.

I confess I was very impatient to see you.

I must speak with you! Belle!

I can't live without seeing my father.

Please, let me go. Get up, Belle!

It is I who should kneel and take orders from you.

Let me go and then come back.

When you return, will you be my wife?

You're killing me.

I know I'm horrible to look at.

But I would die of grief if I let you go and you didn't return.

I'll return in a week.

I care for you too much to want to cause your death.

You stroke me the way one strokes an animal.

But you are an animal.

What you ask is a very serious matter.

I must think about it.

Will you walk with me to the garden?

Has another asked for your hand in marriage?

Yes, Beast.

Who proposed to you?

A young man?

Yes, Beast.

Was he handsome?


Why didn't you marry him?

I couldn't leave my father.

What was this handsome young man's name?


What's the matter?

Beast, what's wrong?

What are you doing at my door at this hour?


You're covered with blood!

Forgive me. What should I forgive you for?

For being a beast.

Forgive me.

Those words are not worthy of you.

Aren't you ashamed?

Clean yourself up and go to bed.

Close your door!

Quickly! Close your door!

Your look burns like fire.

I cannot bear you to look at me like that.

They're taking everything.

You'll see - they'll take our table, too.

Let's play.

Go speak with your father. He doesn't understand, of course.

It's not my place to tell him the truth.

Go on.

Ludovic, confess it was you.

To tell the truth, yes, it was.

Ludovic, this is your doing.

The gentlemen's very ill. You must leave him his bed.

We always leave the beds.

I bet you those women find a way to keep their things.

I have a guarantee for your sisters.

Give me a hand.

Are you ill?

Yes, Beast, I am.

What is it?

My father is dying.

I can't bear to see you ill.

Send me home to my father.

If I accept, do you swear to return in a week?

I swear.


Look over there, Belle.

Do you see that pavilion?

It's called Diana's Pavilion.

It's the only place in my domain where no one may enter.

Not you and not I.

All I possess, I possess by the power of magic.

But my true riches are in that pavilion, and one can only enter with a golden key.

Here it is.

I give you the greatest possible proof of trust that one can give in this world.

If you do not return, I will die.

After my death, you will be safely out of danger, and my riches will be yours.

Take the key.

I know your soul.

This key, delivered into your hands, will be the pledge of your return.

Then you agree to send me back to my father?

You'll be there this very morning.

Night is not the same here as where you come from.

Here, it's night.

In your world, it's day.

A rose with its role to play, my mirror, my golden key, my horse and my glove are the five secrets of my power.

I entrust them to you.

You have only to put this glove on your right hand and you'll be transported wherever you wish.

Remember your promise.

Farewell, Belle.

I'm dreaming. No, Father, you're not.

It's really me - Belle.

Thinking you were dead, I myself was dying.

Did you escape? No, the Beast let me come see you.

Then that monster has a soul? He suffers.

One half of him is in constant struggle with the other half.

He's more cruel to himself than he is to human beings.

Belle, I saw him. That face is hideous.

At first I was indeed afraid, Father.

Now I sometimes feel like bursting out laughing.

But then I look into his eyes, and they're so sad that I have to turn away to keep from crying.

Don't tell me you've agreed to live with that monster!

I must, Father.

Certain powers obey him, while there are others he must obey.

If I ran away, I'd cause great harm to him - and to you.

Does he threaten you?

He comes to me only at times when his cruelty is not too frightening.

Sometimes his bearing is almost noble.

Other times, he's unsteady and seems stricken with some infirmity.

You manage to feel sorry for him?

I bear his presence, because I'd be happy if I could make him forget his ugliness.

Your goodness will cost you dearly, my Belle.

Father, that monster is good.

My heavens! A diamond!

And another.

Proof that the spirits are keeping him safe because I cried for him.

These diamonds could be the devil's work.

Put your mind at ease, Father. They are yours to keep.

He's given them to you. They'll bring you life.

But if you tell my sisters, they'll take the diamonds and leave you with nothing.

I'd rather sleep in sheets than hang them up.

Look at my hands!


Look at mine! Reduced to being a cook!

My dear princesses, when you're poor, you work!

Imbecile! You should talk, you swindler!

If it weren't for you, we'd still have a servant.

It was my fault.

Kindly take note that I am paying for it in the flesh.

When you're not drinking or gambling.

Such charming creatures!

How is your father this morning?

You think they take care of him?

I'm the one looking after him.

He's still very weak and cannot stand.

Felicity, Adelaide, Ludovic!

For heaven's sake!

An elegant woman, and Father standing at her side!

And us without our finery!

It's Belle!

Belle? Impossible. But it is.

Go away!

As charming as ever.

Belle came to my room and restored me to health.

Where did you come from?

What a magnificent necklace!

You take it, Felicity.

It will look even more magnificent on you.

My God! Drop it this instant!

The Beast meant it for you alone.

You can't give it to anyone else.

Come, Adelaide, let's get dressed. What must we look like?

Goodbye, my lovelies!

Who did my washing?

We did.

The sheets are dragging on the ground.

So, he's not a ferocious beast?

No, he's a good beast.

You're not going back, are you?

Yes, Avenant. I promised.

The Beast freed me for just one week.

If I don't return, he'll die of grief.

Do you love him?

No, Avenant.

I'm fond of him.

It's not the same thing.

The Church Tribunal will be quite interested in the display of witchcraft we just witnessed.

Goodbye for now.

Let's go in the shed.

We can have a serious talk now. They won't hear us.

So tell us.

He's entrusted me with the key to his treasure.

He has complete confidence in me.

I'd be the monster if I were to not return.

How many servants wait on you?

Invisible hands serve me.

They dress me and arrange my hair.

They open and close the doors. I never see a soul.

Does this Beast speak the language of men?

Yes. He speaks like you and me.

Does he crawl on four legs? What does he eat and drink?

I've given him water to drink on occasion.

He would never eat me.

Can you imagine? Incredible.

That little fool is happier than we are. She's rich!

There are a lot of other husbands with beards and horns.

She's so proud she could burst. Don't worry.

I've got a good head on these shoulders.

We'll be very friendly and let the boys worm the information out of her.

How much do you have on you?

There. It's frightening.

We must act. I've come to a decision.

There's nothing more we can do.

I can't stand the idea of Belle returning to that beast tomorrow.

We must kill him.

And take his treasure.

But do you realise we're dealing with magic powers?

I don't believe in magic powers.

The Beast hypnotises her to see what he wants her to.

I'm scared.

No power in the world can frighten me when it comes to rescuing Belle.

Besides, we have no choice.

Convince your sisters there's something in it for them.

They'll stop Belle from leaving.

Dazzle them with the treasure.

How will you ever find the Beast's castle?

I'll ask Belle.

I'll pry the secret out of her.

We'll rub our eyes with onions to make us cry.

She'll smell it.

Ludovic's ideas are always so distasteful!

The little fool's too stupid to notice.

Ludovic's idea isn't so dumb. Help me.


Hurry up!

Belle, you mustn't leave us. You can't go.

Stay here with us.

We haven't always been fair to you, but now that we might lose you, we realise how much we love you.

Are you crying?

If the Beast really loves you, he'll let you stay longer.

Stay another week. Impossible.

Do you want your father and sisters to die of grief?

Stay with us, Belle.

I can't. Don't be like that. Stay!

Adelaide, my little sister.

Adelaide was just saying, 'Now I see who our Belle really is. I'll die if she leaves us.'

Don't tempt me. Don't leave us tomorrow.

Explain to the Beast it's your sisters' fault.

I didn't know you loved me so much.

You're an angel!

We're so happy.

We're so very, very happy!

She's crying.

She'll stay, and we'll share the treasure.

Let's go and wash. You stink!

Well? Well, what?

Is she staying? Yes.

Do you have the key? Give it here.

What do you take me for? We know what you'll do. It's gold!

You idiot! Don't start again.

I'll give it to Avenant if he decides to go.

You women are too much! Where's he going to go, and how?

We'll let him figure that out!

Belle, you seem sad.

No, Father.

She misses her luxuries. Our banality disgusts her.


The Beast undoubtedly possesses charms that we lack.

Mademoiselle must think she's too grand to wait on us now.

What have they done to you now?

It was your sisters.

They don't waste any time, the wretches!

Belle, listen to me.

Don't cry.

I must wake you from this nightmare.

I have to take you away.

I know what you're thinking, that I'm just a scoundrel.

But at your side I will work! We'll leave this town and these taverns.

Answer me. What is it?

I see - it's the Beast.

Tell me how to reach his castle, and I'll go and kill him.

You don't answer.

I knew it. He's worked some charm on you.

Or else that heart of yours that I know so well cannot bring itself to wish him evil.

Belle, I assure you, if that monster suffered as I do, he would rush to your side and carry you off with him.

I assure you, he's forgotten you.

Come in, quick. They won't find us here.

You're late, as usual.


My mind's made up. There's no going back.

That's fine, but how will we get to the Beast's castle?

Didn't you find out her secret?

She only says what the Beast allows her to.

We know all the other details, but she wouldn't tell us that.

I'll get it out of her. I'll torture her!

Do that and you can count me out.

What's that?

I'll go and see.

A lone white horse.

It's Magnifique. I'm sure of it!

He jumped the fence and entered the courtyard.

Heaven sent him to us.

Hell, more likely. I'm afraid.

Shut up, idiot! Bring the horse in, quietly.

Don't anyone go out there.

I'm going.

The Beast sent him here to get Belle. Perfect timing!

The horse will take you and Ludovic instead.

It's all right for you to talk! Are you a man or a woman?

I'd like to see you go. We've no time to lose.

Get on behind me, Ludovic. God save us!

Your bows!

What's that in my way?

A sack.

If it's gold, it'll change to straw if I touch it. You open it.

A mirror!

To reflect the ugly heart of a girl who breaks her promises.

See? The Beast isn't so stupid after all.

Here's the key. Off you go, and good luck.

I forgot the magic words. It's something like "go, go, go".

We'd be in fine shape if we had to count on you.

'Go where I am going, Magnifique. Go, go, go.'


What's wrong with you?

Have we sent them to their deaths?


The mirror!

I have an uneasy feeling.

Look at yourself. You're green!


What do you see? Nothing.

Let's take it to Belle. It's her turn.

Mademoiselle dresses up like a princess when she thinks she's all alone, eh?

Who do you think you are?

This mirror was mysteriously left for you on the doorstep.

You'll see what kind of beauty pleases a Beast!

The key!

The key!

Where is it?

My Beast!

My Beast!

Answer me, Beast!

Forgive me.

Answer me, Beast. Look at me.

Your glove will revive you.

Help me.

I am the monster.

You will live. Too late.

Are we there? Yes.

First we have to kill the Beast. We'll take care of that later.

Do you have the key?


That golden key could set off some diabolical device.

We have to be careful. Right.

We won't use the door. Follow me.

Climb up.

Be brave! You're scared, as usual.

I'm not scared. I'm just thinking.

Same thing.

Are you coming?

Where are we? On some kind of glass panels.



What's that?

It's Diana.

Don't be a coward!

Use those powerful claws to hold on to life!

Fight! Get up and let out a roar!

Scare death away!


if I were a man... perhaps I could do as you say.

But poor beasts who wish to prove their love can only grovel on the ground

and die.

I'll break the glass. Be careful.

Glass is just glass.

Hold on to my hands.

I'll lower myself down and jump to the ground.

It's too high. I'll jump.

How do we get the treasure out? Don't worry. First we have to get in.

Stand firm and get a good grip.

Wait a minute. Don't let go yet.

Don't let go until I tell you.

Where is the Beast?

He is no more. It was I, Belle.

My parents didn't believe in magic spirits, so the spirits took their revenge through me.

I could only be saved by a loving look.

Can such miracles really happen?

You and I are living proof.

Love can turn a man into a beast.

But love can also make an ugly man handsome.

What's wrong, Belle?

It's almost as if you miss my ugliness.

It's not that, my lord.

But you look like someone I used to know.


My brother's friend.

Did you love him?


Did he know?

But you did love the Beast?


You're a strange girl, Belle.

A strange girl.

At your service.

Are you disappointed that I look like your brother's friend?


The first time I took you in my arms, I was the Beast.

Are you happy?

I'll have to get used to it.

Where will you take me?

To my kingdom, where you'll be a great queen.

There you'll be reunited with your father, and your sisters will carry the train of your gown.

Is it far?

We'll fly through the air.

You won't be frightened?

I don't mind being frightened... with you.

I'm taking you away.

Off we go.