Beauty and the Beast (1978) Script

Hell of a fog.

This isn't Black Rock.

We must have missed the crossroad.

Back to the carts!

We'll go on.


Why did we cut through the woods? Whoever crosses those evil roots ...

Keep the drivers fed and shut up!

... presents

in the motion picture THE VIRGIN AND THE MONSTER

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A double wedding, what a treat for our town!

Just pin the skirt together, we'll wait for the jewels.

Here the emeralds.

You look wonderful, sisters!

You turn next.

When you come to buy saffron, my husband'll let you have it cheap.

Mine will sell you his pearls and diamonds.

Not cheap, but they will be beautiful!

I hope you catch at least a Duke.

Not merchants, like we did.

A palace, a coat of arms ...

Lots of gold, shiny coins.

I'm not getting married.

Father would be alone.

Father will find himself a wife.

He's done it before.

Or you wouldn't be here.

Beautiful old wine.

Such a spicy tang.

Perhaps it is too good for the wedding quests?

It is beautifully golden.

I have ordered several barrels of red Amontillado from Morocco.

But your goods should have been here yesterday afternoon!

The distance is great.

But with that day of delay I have already lost fifty florins.

I had to get into debt myself in order to loan you money.

And thirty thousand, that's a lot of money!

But you will make twice that!

Furthermore, I will give you my oldest daughter. No other girl in town will have a dowry and a hope chest like she has!

Our carts are now bringing Venetian mirrors, lace from Brussels, Indian spices, fine china Japanese pearls, and brilliants cut in Amsterdam.

This is my best transaction!

I have invested everything I have into it.

Us too!

Sirs, why quarrel?...

My bill of exchange was due in the morning...

Do not forget about me!

I have never remained anyone's debtor.

This is the end of the road. We have to hack our way through the bushes!


Step back! Step back!

What's going on?!

What was that?

Well.. Well...!

Stop! Quit that! Be quiet!

Go on!

There's a road beyond those bushes.

Turn the carts! Get back quick!

Doctor, I beg your pardon, that ...

The mill is in a desolate state, sorry, but that mill-wheel must be repaired!

Love gone with the wind!

Had your goldsmith not pressed those lou's...

At least he didn't take our furniture like your sleeping spice-merchant did!

Only the carriage and house!

We'll be sleeping under the bridge yet When we do get married the toes'll be peeping out of our shoes!

Father will sell the stars above...

At market he'll sell the sunshine...

Great business that'll be, with Julie calling out:

Buy a penny-worth of sun!...

Sunshine made of gold!

Were it to help Daddy...

How noble of her!

Were it to help Daddy, she'd sell the last cracked mug...

The three-legged table!

Her mother's portrait, which nobody wanted.

The plaster frame alone would fetch a string of pearls for me!

And a diamond necklace.

And an opal ring.

A sapphire tiara.

A hat with ostrich-feathers!

A dog-collar.

Some cat droppings.

Finished sharing out that portrait?

We're not starving yet!


They wanted to get married.

They'll never forgive me for becoming a beggar.

Don't be unhappy!

It wasn't your fault.

A merchant must be ready for anything!

That portrait-painter was paid in gold abroad.

I paid him in gold too.

I loved her.

Let her forgive me, if I try and sell it now.


Your sisters wanted gold and diamonds.

And you?

A golden carriage?

How about the Moon?

Would a way-side rose do?

Just if you come back.

You should not go in the night!

Keep away from the Black Wood! It's bewitched.

The story your mother told you, I know.

An evil spell on forest and mansion...

You are so much like her.

As if she were standing here herself.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you, Sir.

Whoever you may be, you have paid a princely price.

Hiding behind the others and yet the prettiest of all.

Like Julie.

I should have left you to the wolves My rose...

Look at me!

Dear God!

Look into my eyes!

Do I look kind, and beautiful?

You are ...

Say what! Quickly! You are ...

A monster!

For a single rose...

I gave you gold and gems.

And you plucked my rose...

I have three daughters.

The rose was for my youngest.

Should one of the three come to me - of her own free will - you can live.


You can save your life...

No! No! No! No! ...

But permit me to say goodbye, to arrange for their future.

I'll be back -

I swear.

Can Man be trusted?

Give her the rose!

This is wonderful!

I'm so happy!

Now you can have whatever you want.

Who's the horse for?

That horse is taking me back into service.

A mirror!

Let me see!

When will you be back, father?

I may have to take a long trip.

Far beyond the sea.

Something's worrying you.

You have a fever.

Only from happiness!

I brought you the most precious thing of all.


The most precious?

They had nothing cheaper?

That rose will cost me my life.

But father...

That's why the horse is waiting.

I promised to return.

Unless one of you were to offer your own life for mine.

Now that we can marry anyone, even a Duke?

Not even Dukes have such gems!

Maybe soon a carriage will drive into our yard, with a coat of arms painted on its door...

Enjoying her beauty?

See that white throat?

You know how sweet her blood will be.

Be quiet!

Running away?

I don't need her blood!

The wood is full of does!

There is still time turn back!

You must kill her! Right now.

Or she will bring about your end.

Her beauty, her voice, ...

... her innocent heart!


How repulsive a face!

Blood everywhere. Start feeling sorry for the doe next.

Gone is your peace of mind.

As an animal you were alone and happy.

Your soul knew nothing of hate or love.

Your animal habits limited but also protected you!

But my voice is human!

Therein lies your curse.

Neither bird, nor beast, nor Man...

Today I loathe myself.

You could have had her.

That white brow, eyelids like two white rose-petals, a body trembling with tender disquiet.

What if those rose-blossom lids lift and her eyes rest upon you?

She must never see me!

She would die of terror. She should be dead by now.

All that had to be done was to press her white throat a little harder.

But there is still time!

If you don't press that white throat harder you will feel your curse a hundred-fold.

You must kill her tonight!

Yes, I shall kill her.

Who is it?

Is there anybody here?

Don't turn round!

Stay as you are!

Did I frighten you?


If it's a game you want to play...

But it is not pleasant to have a strange man behind you.

Man, did you say?

I meant no offence, but you are a stranger.

Your father told you nothing?

Only that he must die because he plucked your rose.

Nothing more?


Did he not force you to come?


You came of your own free will?


Making this sacrifice for your father?


Don't turn round!

You admired my statues this morning.

I'll visit you every evening, but do not try to see me!

Why, what would happen?

Are you here?


Stay as you are!

It's nearly midnight...

I've been far away.

Did you hurt yourself?

There's blood on the rose.

It grows in the forest,

by the well where does come to drink.

Tell me more.

I like listening to you.

You have a lovely voice.

The moon is mirrored in the waters.

The forest is fragrant, the does lap up the water thirstily, seeing and hearing nothing...

And then?

I do not know.

I want you to be happy here.

May I stay a little longer?

You are the master here.

No, you are the mistress of the whole of this mansion.

But I am alone all the time.

Please play.

Good evening.

Good evening, Julie.

Are you being looked after?

Generously, as always. Thank you.

Are you happy here?

At least a little?

Yes, but ... I know!

You stood by the gate all afternoon...

You miss your home.

Your father ...

Is he all right?

I shall tell you how he is every evening.

How good of you.

What is he doing now?

He is alive and well.

Thank you.

God, please, may it be true!

You suspect me of lying to you?

If you want proof, walk out onto the terrace.

The terrace?

Pull that curtain aside!

There's only a wall!

Open the door!

My father, my sisters and their suitors!

Two poor Princes.

But your sisters are happy.

If I only knew what happened to her...

Who is he talking about? We had another sister.

May I go down? No!

Just for a moment.

To tell them I'm alive. No!

I promised that you would see him, not that he would see you...!

You are beautiful!

My dowry must be huge to make you say such things...

I ... Get as much out of father as you can!

I have my reward. This dance.

Don't be so modest!

I pay my debts too...

I'm taking this mirror.

No, it's mine!

Father promised it to me.

That was cruel of you!

Poor Daddy!

Why don't you say something?!

You come here every evening and I'm not allowed to see you...

I hate you!

Shall I go?


Please stay.

It's all worse when I'm alone.

I had decided to lift the piano top to catch a glimpse of you.

Then I became afraid.

I'm afraid to turn round.

Not of your anger, though.

I'm afraid I'll see nobody.

That I'm all alone here.

Quite alone.

That I made up all I hear.

Your voice, your steps, your breath, even the rose!

And even your words.

Who speaks your words?

My soul does - if I have one...

Those words are beautiful, but I do not understand them.

Who are you?

I don't even know your name.

Don't be in such a rush!

You will give me a name some day.

And I live in terror of that day.

Why speak so mysteriously?

I am happy in your company.

Give me your hand! I want to touch you.


We torment each other.

You have never dined with me.

Never drank a toast with me.

Will you now?

Lift the goblet higher!

No! What happened?

Have I offended you?

Come back!

Don't leave me here alone!


Human hands!

I have human hands! All the worse for you!

Your visage expels you from amongst the humans, your human hands shut you out from the world of beast and bird.

Now you are truly alone!

Defenceless, ridiculous!

For twenty years everything trembled before you, no human dared enter your Kingdom!

I am happy!

I'd like to tell her of my happiness.

But how can she share my joy, she has not seen my hideous face, she knows only my voice...

Give her proof of your love! Yes?

Kill her before she sees you. No!

So kill yourself. How?

Let her go!

She would not come back.

Surely I don't love him?

He has never even seen me...

Maybe he thinks he's not handsome enough for me?

Or perhaps I for him?

How stupid I am!

It's you? Forgive me!

I came unexpectedly.

What happened?

Nothing! Only ...

Shall I go? Why?

Do stay!

I have not asked for permission to pay visits in the morning.

You know it now.

At least my day will pass more quickly.

I like to hear your voice.

It tells me of what you are like, it tells about your face.

How strange it all is! All this magic! -

A table which spreads itself, a fire which flares up when it is cold...

Your whole mansion.

The tales my mother told me ...

I love you, Julie.

You speak of love as of you really loved me...

What a beautiful hand.

I know your voice, now I've seen your hand.

You only say that out of embarrassment.

I'm not used to compliments.

Every woman has the power to make beautiful the man she loves.

But today I am happy!

Be quiet for a while!

May I see you soon?

I dream of you so often.

In my dreams I see you...

Your face, ... Your eyes, ...

... your lips.

My first night here I dreamt that you saved my life.

You took me in your arms and carried me to safety.

Go on dreaming.

When you dream about my likeness, you create it.

The more ardently you dream, the sooner will see me.

And I will resemble your dream.


What is it? What happened?

There's somebody here. Something terrible.

There, in the glass.

A strange, terrible face ...

Where are you, don't go!

Say something! Before I go crazy.

That was me.

Say something that makes sense.

That was me.

You saw my face, Julie.

You can turn round now.

Is there anything worse to be afraid of?!


Don't be afraid.

I'll go away. And I will never come back.

I don't deserve to stand beside you.

You are beautiful.

I am a monster. No!

You are frightening, but not evil.

Why did you deceive me?!

You would have fled with horror that first night.

And I'd have been forced to hound you through the woods and finally to kill you. I don't believe that!

When I see your hands and hear your voice ...

Say something!

Give me your hand!

You are too good!

Don't force yourself!

I do not want to hold you prisoner.

You know that door behind the curtain.

You can leave.

I love you, Julie!

Let us stay like this!

Let's never wake up!

Goodbye, Julie! No!

Don't go!

Don't stand there with your back to me!

Turn round!


Go away!


That vase is mine! I saw it first!

And Daddy said ... No! You have the oil-lamp.

Let go! Give it to me!

Where's she sprung from? We must be bewitched!

Julie's long dead!

Surely you're not scared of me?

What are you scared of?

She's no ghost!


Look! We've never had such a dress.

Let me try it on!

And the slippers! Finer than any leather I've seen!

And the golden beads!

Enough to buy a palace with!

Had I known this, I'd have gone to the monster myself!

And the diamonds!

Lend it to me!

Let me see! Wait!

I'm here too. And we haven't even kissed yet...

We've been so worried about you! Where's Daddy?

And your husbands? I saw them and nearly envied you.

Where did you see them?

At the pub or with the sluts?

There's some wine left from the wedding, so they might be coming.

Let's surprise them, do lend me your dress!

I'll buy it off you! My husband ...

He'd rather bite off a finger than pull out his purse!

And yours counts out the very peas you cook for lunch!

Lend me your bracelet! Your dress, I asked first!


He calls this a house... That shack of a house!

Our wives don't know how lucky they are ...

That we married them... Old and ugly as they are...

Daddy! Julie! You're back!

He didn't kill you.


The witch!

To the stake with her!

Look at that!

While she's here, I'll not cross this threshold again!

Let's go!

Gems, here at father-in-law's? All the wine gone too!

Greedy wildcats!

As long as there was something to take away... Come, you must be tired!

I've never forgiven myself for letting you make the sacrifice.

Please don't talk about it!

How happy I am to be home.


Is it you?

Did you call me?


What's the matter with you?

There's nobody here.

We are alone.

And that rose?

From the garden. It's dying.

It snowed last night.

Do you hear me?

Are you alone?

No. Don't think of me! I've stopped thinking of you, too.

He's cast a spell over you. But I shan't let you go!

I have only you now.

I'm waiting for you, Julie.

I love you.

Please come back.

I'm cold.

Where are you?

I'm dying.

All my servants have gone.

With human hands I cannot kill even a fawn!


You are ridiculous!

Full of that human fear of death...

When you loved no-one you never thought of death.

Now you know that you will die once you have changed into a human.

Even at that price!

Why? For whom...?

You have eyes, but you'll never see her again!

You have arms, but whom will embrace...?

I love her.

You mustn't die!

This isn't me!

These aren't my eyes!

Yes they are! No!

My eyes have changed because I'm dying.

If this is death,

I die of longing for you, Julie.



My Julie...

Forgive me, Father.

Where are you?

Don't torment me!

Let yourself be heard!

Wake up!

You mustn't die!

I don't care what you look like, to me you are beautiful!

You said every woman had the power to make beautiful the man she loves...


The voice... The eyes...

Yes, it is you!

The end