Because of You (1952) Script

Gee Mike, you're a dreamy dancer.

A swell party, Mike.

I wish you and your doll didn't have no place to go. We'd make a night of it.

Mike don't need no help from us. Good luck to both of you.

Thank the lady, Chris. Oh sure. Thanks honey.

I was just so excited.

Why shouldn't you be? We don't get married every day.

I'm a little excited myself. That's why I think we should have another drink.

Sure. Anything you say, Mike.

Mike sells this stuff, baby. If he drinks it, it must be okay.

Come on, honey. Let's dance.

Honey, you did tell the judge we'd be there at 10 o'clock? They said... it's bad luck to be late at your own wedding.

Don't you worry. We'll get there.

I can't walk out of my own party, can I?

Okay Mike, anything you say.

Here comes Frank now. I'll pay him, then we'll sneak out.

Oh thanks. A guy just phoned.

He said: "tell Mike Monroe to get rid of it". Then he hangs up on me.

Can you make head or tail of that?

It must be some practical joker who knew I was on my way to get married.

Thanks, Frank.

Something wrong, honey? No.

Well... what is it?

Listen close to what I'm going to tell you.

It's very important for both of us. Yeah, sure, honey.

Put this in your purse.

Leave your coat here. Head to the powder room. - Yeah.

Head for the street and wait in the car until I join you.

But gee Mike, I was... Trust me, honey.

Trust me.

If there's any trouble, you won't be involved.

What kind of trouble? Now just do like I say.


Yes, sure I will.

Mike Monroe?


Take it easy, Miss.

Are you Mike Monroe's girl?

Sure. Is this his car?


Let me see that bag.

Well, surprise, surprise.

You're under arrest, Miss.

Okay. Life begins.

Good evening Mrs Colman. Hello, Chris. Sit down.

How is Christine doing here in the hospital?

With a little time, I could make a good nurse out of her.

Oh, no thanks.

A year and a half is enough.

Is this what you're studying?

No, I'm cramming for my high-school exams.

I want to take a diploma with me when I leave here.

Well... well, I never made it at the time.

You're fortunate, Christine.

Some of the inmates don't use the time that you have.

Now in a few weeks, you'll be on the outside.

And as long as you seem to have an aptitude for this.

I'm going to have your parole officer try to get you into a hospital as a nurse's aide.

Would you like that?


I like you, Chris.

I'll see what I can do.

# Can't refuse, great big soldier.#

# Can't refuse handsome sailor.#

# Can't refuse a two-fisted marine.#

# Feel her and hold her steady.#

# Make with the lips.#

# Close your eyes now. Are you ready?#

# Big surprise now. Guess what?#

# Give me your kiss.#

More, more!

I haven't had my walk yet today.

I'll take you for one later.

Later it will be too cool or dark or raining.

Naps is for kids.

I warn you I won't be able to sleep.

I'll sure feel sorry for your children when you have them.

Making them take naps on a nice Sunday afternoon.

Tomorrow will be a nice day too.

Alright Major. Take off your slippers.

Can't reach.

I bet your mother sure spoiled you.

I've been looking for someone to take her place ever since.

Don't look at me.

There you go.

There. How's that?


Nice and warm.

You are a stern, mean, unrelenting, unbending, dominating female.

So long.

Hey, you forgot my back-rub.

Oh you'll get one tonight.

But the night aide's a dog.

Name your price. I'll give you a lifelong job doing this.

You may have to. If anyone catches me doing this, I'll need a job.


Was that good now, Major? It's wonderful.

I've got another name besides "Major".

"Steve". I know.

Only I'm not supposed to do that either.


Haven't you got any woman of your own who can do this for you?

Yeah... a twin sister. Oh.

No resemblance. So lucky for her.

Pretty busy right now. Doing what?

Taking care of twins.


Brand new. Uh-uh.

She'll be up to see me soon.

Up from where?

Philadelphia. Oh.

Will you be going back there when you get your disability discharge?


When you leave here, are you going back to Philadelphia?

I'm not getting any disability discharge.

You ought to know. Am I?

What did they tell you?

I'll finish what I started. Anybody take me out of a plane I'd die.

Look Major, lots of men here would like to finish the war...

I don't care about them.

It's about me. I'm not through, I'm telling you.

Ah, pipe down, Kimberly.

Please Major. Relax.


There. That's better.

So I thought perhaps you could straighten me out on him, Dr Breen.

Well, Major Kimberly's wounds, his physical wounds... have healed a lot more quickly than his emotional ones.

He's had battle experiences that relate to painful memories in his childhood.

Losing people dear to him.

He saw both his parents die in a ship's fire.

And then again during the war, so many of his friends...

As a result, he suffers a deep melancholy.

Melancholy? Mm-hm.

He doesn't show it. No.

That's what's so hard on him.

He's like any orphan who puts on a big smile so you won't feel sorry for him.

He comes from a wealthy family, you know.

Yes, Philadelphia.

No need to work really. Nothing to rely on.

Everybody he ever loved, he says, left him.

He's very precariously balanced right now.

He's in danger of emotional decompensation, if I can coin a phrase.

Which I don't understand.

His ability to cope with emotional distress can fail.

Just the way... a damaged heart can fail under too much strain.

Unfortunately, a man with the emotional shakes...

Can't be trusted at the controls of a plane.

Does that satisfy you?

But, maybe he wouldn't get depressed if he were back flying again.

I'm afraid you'll have to let us decide about that.

Of course doctor, I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to interfere.

I just thought I ought to report the conversation. That's all.

I'm glad you did.

Hey, how about a couple of those.

There you are.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Oh, these remind me of home.

Home? Hm. Oregon.

My people were farmers. We used to get one of these...

Every Sunday, right after church.

You know. There's something I can't quite stop thinking about.

Hm? Aren't you...?

Why, you're not one of the regular aides here, are you?

I'm a parolee, doctor Breen.

I report to my parole officer once each month.

Until December the 21st. I just meant that... looking at you, it seems impossible.

It's a long story.

Ignorance, circumstances and love.

You know. Same old story.

Are you still in love with him?

Oh, I've forgiven him if that's what you mean.

He tried to save me.

The jury didn't believe him. That's all.

Does your family know about this?

Oh, yes.

They wanted me to come home, but... frankly, I'm ashamed.

I'm sorry. I've spoiled your evening. Oh no, of course you haven't.

Sometimes, I have to think about it.

Doctor, I've been meaning to ask you.

Could I have a few days off? There's a personal matter I'd like to take care of.

Well, how long have you been here?

Since January.

Of course I'll arrange it.

Fine. Thank you. Goodnight.

Ah... don't forget to come back.

No, I won't. Goodnight, doctor.


You've been out for months. Why didn't you come up?

My parole office watched me like a hawk until she got me in at the hospital.

You could have answered my letters.

I did.


Well I'm not very good at letters, Mike.

You sure look different.

I like your hair blonde.

It's easier not bleaching it.

It don't look natural.

And those clothes. Not like the clothes I used to buy you.

You were a doll then.

Now you're beginning to look like when you came off the farm.


It's right anyway for a working girl. And that's what I am now.

That's what I'm trying to tell you, Mike.

Except you're not telling me who you're working.


If you're just trying to make me lose interest...

I don't like tricks like that.

I'm not in love with anyone, Mike.

Oh, I'm sorry.

I tried to make it last. I thought maybe if I...

I'm not cryin'.

So don't make no speech.

I could've told you we were washed up.


There's nothing more to say, is there?

I hope you'll be getting out soon.


Yeah. And when I do baby, I'll find myself a dame.

Don't you worry. I'll do fine.

I hope you will be happy someday, Mike.

You sure got talkative lately.


Good luck.

What she do, give you the ear?

I gave it to her, but good.

The next time I see her it'll be too soon.

How much longer are you staying, Mrs Arnold?

Well I have to get home to a husband and twins. - Oh.

I made a reservation for tomorrow.

Unless Steve... Oh, no, no, go ahead.

You know, I used to love her very much until she deserted me for that family of hers.

You still do, selfish. Mm-mm.

Not since I've got Chris.

I might wish you meant that.

Well how about it, Chris?

Oh... all men get somewhat fond of women who take care of them.

You're safe.

That's Steve's trouble. He always plays it safe.

Someday Steve, grab yourself a girl without thinking.

If a man thinks too long he never gets married.

Yes, dear sister.

You hear that, Chris?

Here's my cab.

I'll stop in tomorrow on my way to the plane.

No... I'll kiss you when you really leave me.

So long, Steve.

Be good.


Goodbye, Mrs Arnold. Goodbye.

Oh, Miss Carroll. Yes?

May I speak to you a minute? Sure.

I'll take that.

Can you manage? Uh-uh.


Are you at all serious about my brother?

I don't mean to interfere but...

I feel Steve would like to like you very much.

If there's any reason why he shouldn't...

Don't let him get too involved.

His emotions aren't to be played with these days.

He's really not well.

I know, Mrs Arnold.

Don't worry.

Thank you, Chris.



Be seeing you.

I'll take it now, Major. No, no.

What was that all about?

She wanted me to write her about you.

You didn't.

You know, I meant what I said.

I don't really mind her leaving.

As long as you're around.


Why so late, Kimberly?

I was just finishing...

I couldn't sleep.

I was kinda hoping Miss Carroll would give me a neck rub.

I haven't seen her since yesterday.

She isn't sick, is she? No. Miss Carroll has left.

When will she be back?

I don't think she will be.

She's... she left for good?

That's right. Transferred.

We lost a good girl.

Well... goodnight.

Turn out your light.

Doctor Breen.

Where did she go?

McCormick, I think.

Did they send her?

Or did she just go?

I don't know. Why should she just go?

I don't know.

I don't know what you mean.

Goodnight. Turn out your light.

Glad to see you doing so well.

I'm trying to locate Christine Carroll.

She was transferred to this hospital recently.

Christine Carroll.

She should be working this next shift. You'll maybe find her in the cafeteria.

Thank you.

Hi, Major.

Hi, Chris.

I see I'm late. I was hoping I could take you to lunch.


If I'd have known, I'd have waited for you.

Maybe we can go for a drive?

In what?

I borrowed a car from one of the out-patients.

Oh. And you managed it?

I'm doing fine.

Oh that's wonderful. I'm delighted to hear it.

I'd love to go for a drive with you but I'm on duty in 15 minutes.

Would you like to take a little walk around the grounds?


You're not very observant, are you.

About what?

My dress.

It's the first time you've seen me out of uniform.

You look like I imagined.

Why are you so serious?

I warned you I was the serious type.

Why did you leave Long Beach?

I was transferred. No, you weren't.

I snooped around. Finally got Captain Breen to admit you asked to leave.

Whatever the reason, what does it matter?

It concerns me. It matters.

Are you so sure it concerns you?

I have a feeling it does.

Are you afraid I was falling in love with you?

Why should I be afraid?

That's what I mean.

You act like it.


Maybe I wanted to find out if you thought enough of me to... come after me.

Alright. You've found out.

I'm in love with you, Chris.

Getting to know people is one thing. Falling in love is another.

I love you.

Why are you resisting me? Why are you so stubborn?

What do you mean, resisting you?

You haven't given me a chance to, yet.

Because you're beautiful.

Oh Steve.

I'm not going to push you away.

Steve, please.

Have you got a match, Major?

We are going to get married aren't we?

Feeling the way we do, we'll have to. Don't you think we're rushing things?

You haven't told me you love me.

We haven't begun to know each other yet. But say it. Say it.

I love you.

Like I've never loved anyone before.

Go on. Say it!

Like I've never loved anyone before.

Oh Steve, that's true.

I'll buy that.

How soon can we get married?

Oh, I don't know.


There are some things that you should know about me.

Let's get married soon.

Oh, I don't know.

Here you are, not even settled in a job yet and already you want to get married.

The sooner the better. When I make up my mind, I...

Oh, Chris, I've waited a long time for this. Don't disappoint me.

Oh, I won't.

I won't.


Gee, that's a pretty dress.

Oh, thank you.

How long have you known him? Four or five months.

From Philadelphia, you said? Hm.

A nice family?

Yes. I've met his sister.

She seems to like me, too. Well, that's fine.

Are they going to be understanding about your past?


Your fiancée, at least.

You know he has to be told before he becomes your husband?

Yes... yes, I know.

Mrs Gordon, I...

I thought you might make an exception in this case.

I understand about the civil rights. I mean that I have to get them back.

You can't marry unless the Board of Correction gives you special permission.

I have to see the young man first and tell him of your conviction.

It is the State's way of protecting you.

But if...

If I tell him myself...?

Mrs Gordon, he's not well.

This all happened so suddenly that...

Aren't you kidding yourself, Chris?

Naturally, you don't want him to know.

And you'll find a dozen excuses for yourself to get out of it.

But he must be told.

And by me.

Don't worry. I'll go easy with him.

I'll give you every break possible.

She told my boyfriend for me alright. I never saw him again.

Perhaps he didn't love you very much, Vera?

I'm just warning her.

Look honey, when are you ditching this hole? - December.

You'd better wait it out. They can't tell you what to do after that.

To put it off is just avoiding the problem.

I think I'll wait. Smart babe.

What a guy doesn't see doesn't worry him.

Think it over, Chris.

Thanks, Mrs Gordon.

I already have.

And Chris.

Don't get any ideas.

Some girls have been known to try it anyway, but we always read the marriage license columns.

A parole violation will land you right back in prison.

Don't worry, Miss Gordon.


So long, honey.

What do you mean, maybe he didn't love me? I didn't say he did.

But I was getting him to marry me, wasn't I?

Hey, how's it going, Doc Breen?

Always on pop? There must be a spike hidden somewhere.

Well, Miss Beecher's talents have certainly been overlooked.


That's it. That's it. Now you got it.

The right wingspan.

Hi. Hi, Doc. Quite a party you've got.

Yep, nothing but laughs.

You look great. I feel great.

Excuse me.

Let the guy through.

A new job isn't the only thing we're celebrating.

Steve, wait a minute. What?

Not yet, please. But why?

Fellows, girls. This is an announcement.

Hey, when did this happen?

Behind the screen, of course. I could have told you.

No wonder I couldn't make any time with her. Gee Chris, that's wonderful.

You'll both be okay.

You going to live in Philadelphia? Not yet for a while.

I forgot to tell you. We're staying here at Long Beach for a while.

Cantrell's got a big new plant here. That's good, Steve.

Hi, doctor.

How about it, Doc? Is this what you ordered?

Lots of luck to both of you. Walk me to the elevator will you, Chris.

Yes, surely.

Hey, remember. No funny stuff, Doc.

She promised to marry me.

Did you know that he was going to announce your engagement just now?

I know what you're thinking, doctor. And...

I haven't told him yet. You haven't?

But I'm going to. When?

You know what this can do to him.

I'm going to try to get him to put the marriage off and...

And then later, when he's stronger.

Then I can tell him.

Yes, as a doctor I suppose I'll have to agree with you.

But Chris... don't marry him at all unless you're prepared to give up everything else.

No halfway measures with that fellow.

You'd better go back to your party.

And Chris... stop worrying.

In spite of everything, he's a very lucky fellow.

I'm glad you approve, Dr Breen.

You come with me.

Oh, you're too good to be true.

Except I had to leave three messages to get you here. Where have you been?

A girl has to go shopping some time.

Did you buy a wedding dress?

Steve... I've been thinking about that.

Why don't we wait until Christmas?

By Christmas, we can be expecting a baby.

Please. I'm serious.

Chris, if you're backing out ..

Oh now you're talking like a child.

A child knows no reason. Only what.

That's me. I want you, now, this minute.

If... if you don't feel the same way, I...

But I do. You know I do.


If we do get married now.

Will you promise to keep it a secret until December?

What's happening then?

My job finishes. That's all.

But you've got a better job now.

Yes, but I've signed up for a year and you have to agree not get married during that year.

Besides, there's a shortage of nurses. You ought to know that.

Okay, you win. Oh, darling.

Can't we go up to Oregon and get married at your family's?

No... that's... too far away.

Well, I want to meet your mother and brother.

I'll think of some place.

Some place very exciting and romantic.

Oh yes.

I almost forgot.

I had Sue rifle the family vaults.


It's beautiful.

We can have it re-set.

Do you like it?

Oh, do I like it?


I hope I can always make you happy.

Well, how does it feel to be on foreign soil?

With you, I like it.

[Speaking Spanish]

There now.

All tied up as legal as anywhere in the United States.

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Muchos felicidades.

Muchos Años.

My love.

Walking out on me.

Poor thing.

Come on lazybones. It's your job we have to get back to.

I won't get up.

Unless you kiss me.

You do love me, don't you.


What do you need, a blueprint?

Yeah. That would help.

I'll have it printed on your stationary.


I got to thinking... if you left Oregon 4 years ago.

Where were you before you came to the hospital?

Darling, you're not going to start checking on me at this late date are you?

Well, I would... just sort of like to know.

I... I've been studying.


It isn't reasonable. A girl with your brains.

Why just a nurse's aide, then?

If you've been studying and working all that time.

You're not being very subtle.

Why don't you say what's on your mind?

I'm jealous, Chris.

You don't talk much about your past.

I guess I just...

Sort of got to thinking that I was the only one...

Steve, come here.

It was a very long time ago.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Did you love him very much?

He didn't matter. Nobody matters before you.

Do I ask you about your life?

When did you last see him?

Not since falling in love with you. And I won't ever again.

Darling, I'm all yours.

Honey, I swear I'll never mention it to you again.

I understand.

That's the shortest honeymoon I ever went on.

Oh, darling.

It only has to be kept secret for a little while.

Besides, you have to look for a place to live.

Then I can come and spend some of the nights with you.

I'll work on that.

I'll pick you up tonight and show you what I've found. - Goodbye.

Why, you just made it. Yeah.

Have a nice Sunday? Oh, wonderful.

Any messages for me? Let me see.

Yeah. Mrs Gordon called.

Left a message. Wants you to come and see her tomorrow.

I'll be with you in a moment. Sit down.

Sorry I missed you on your report day.

Well, what about your young man?

Are you telling him?



I... I've decided to...

Wait until I'm free.

Well, you know how I feel about that.

Chris, it's nearing time.

And I am to inform you that the governor awards you a certificate of discharge.

It has be delivered to you either in person here at the office...

Or by registered mail.

So whichever your prefer.

By registered mail.

And will you mark it "personal" or "very personal".


What's with you? Somebody send you a cheque?

Oh... better than a cheque.

Betty, got a match?

You know you can't smoke in here.

No, but I can burn a little.

Thanks, Betty. Now can I use your phone?

I've never seen anybody glow so much over a fire in all my life.

What did you burn? A letter from an ex-sweetheart?

An "Ex" alright.

But not a sweetheart.

Mr Steven Kimberly please.

Mrs Kimberly calling.

Hey, it's for you. She says it's "Mrs" Kimberly.

Hiya, "Mrs" Kimberly.

About time. When are you moving in?


And Mr Kimberly, I think you ought to know. I intend to spend a lifetime.

You got to. You signed a contract, remember?

Say, how about I meet you for lunch?

Hey, there's a war on. We have work to do.

I'm sorry chum, I just got married.

Uh-uh... I'll see you.


Thanks, Betty.

It's past my bed time, too. Why, it isn't late, doctor.

It will feel late tomorrow morning. I'm on duty.

It was wonderful being here. It was awfully nice of you to come.


How do you think Steve looks?

I think maybe you're a better doctor than I am. He's happy, Chris.


You love him very much, don't you.

I never knew what living was before.

He makes me feel needed. You know, I go for that.

You're both very fortunate.

Goodnight Chris. Goodnight.

Steve. Goodnight.

So long, it was wonderful being here. Thanks very much.

Bye bye. Merry Christmas.

Yeah. Merry Christmas to you... And a happy new year.

Thank you.

How did you like your party?

If they go as well as this one, we're in.

They will.

Darling, come on. We have work to do.

Please, please Steve.

You know, I'm just crazy about that Peachie.

She's one of the nicest girls. She always has been.

Steven Kimberly, what do you think you're doing?

In our family we always opened packages Christmas eve.

In ours we wait until Christmas morning. Put them back.

Just one.

Will you never grow up? Uh-uh.

Alright... just one.

But let me pick it for you, huh? Alright.

There's no card.

There's one on the inside.

To baby from Mama.


Darling, I thought that's what you wanted.

It was your own idea about Christmas, remember?

I just got you, Chris.

I'm not sure I want to share you with a baby.


Oh, darling.

Darling, you won't be sharing me.

There will just be more of me to love. That's all.

That's the doorbell, honey. You stay right here will you.

Until I get back, and give all those little flowers a nice drink, okay.

Columbine, keep your eye on Kim. She's in the back yard.


That's no way to treat an old friend.

Come on, Chris. Open the door.

You don't want the neighbours to hear me pleading and hollering.

You can't deny me a look at you.

At your house.

I've waited a long time for this.

You got a kid now.

How old?


A good-looking kid.

A good-looking mother.

Not as snappy as you used to be, but... not bad.

Are you happy?


Well, it's a good thing you and me split up.

I need a drink.

Where does your husband keep his stuff?

Why does your hand tremble?

I just never expected to see you again, Mike. That's all.

You tried hard enough not to.

I had trouble finding you.

Except for a little blonde secretary who used to be at the parole office.

I might still be looking.

What do you want, Mike?

You married a rich guy, I hear.

That's why I can't understand this little house.

And only one car in the garage. What's he saving it for?

You need money... is that it?

Do I look broke?

I blew myself to a new suit on purpose.

If you do, there's absolutely nothing I can do for you.

You might as well understand that right now.

I'm not so sure.

My husband knows all about us, so if you're figuring on blackmail, forget it.

I was sort of worried about that.

Because if he knows...

Naturally, there's nothing left for me to do but...

Pack up and leave.


Right now, I'm in a little trouble.

I don't care what kind of trouble you're in.

I want you get out of here right now! Do you understand?

Getting rough?

I'll call the police.

Go ahead.

Four years ago you and me couldn't make a column.

Today, we'd make headlines.

"Kimberly's wife - ex-con".

Monroe's ex-lover.

Go ahead.

I'll tell you what I want.


I've got to leave the country, Chris.




Go on out in the back yard, honey.

Well, look who's here.

Go out in the yard. Hi, honey.

Now wait a minute, wait a minute. What's your name?

Now, I'm not hurting her. Look, she likes me.

Columbine, will you come and take Kim out in the back yard, please.

Yes, ma'am. Now, what's the hurry?

What's your name? Kim.

Kim, huh? That's a nice name.

My name is uncle Mike.

Can you say that?

Say it.

Uncle Mike.

Uncle Mike.

That Kim. She sure is a Cleopatra with the men folks.

Columbine, I'll call you if I need anything.

Yes, ma'am.

You're a real beauty, Miss. Just like your mother.

Mike, put her down.

I sure admire your mother's control over her nerves.

But she's right.

We don't want Columbine telling Mr Kimberly about uncle Mike now, do we.

Mike, you... you said you had to leave the country. Oh, you like that don't you.

Because once out, I probably won't get back.

I got a couple of deals.

Mexico City, Buenos Aires.

When are you going?

I haven't any money right now but... No, no, no. Not money.

I've got that.

All I want is an escort across the Tijuana border.

How about crossing over to Mexico this afternoon and buying you some toys?

Your mother too.

Tell me.

Don't I look like a harmless daddy?


I won't do it, Mike.

Sure you will. No I won't.

In the meantime... we'll give her something else to play with.

Take it away from her, Mike.


If we hurry, you can get back in time for dinner.

I can't even drop your car in for Mexico City?

Mike, you know how I feel.


Look, how about it?

Will you miss me?

Look at those dolls.

Oh sure, I promised to buy you something didn't I.


Well maybe I can buy you a toy donkey?

How about it, huh?

That's the girl.

What do we have over here?

Oh here is... how about a toy pig?

Is this a piggy bank?

Sure. The famous souvenir of Tijuana.

Got some with the names on them too, inside.


Look, I'm not going to steal her.

You'd better watch the car.

[Speaking Spanish]

No, no thank you.


Thank you, no.

Going back tonight? Yeah.

Looks like you might get some rain.

There you go, sweetie.

Mike, where is the key?

Oh, I'll turn it round and ride back to the border with it.

No please, I'd rather you didn't. I'll get out in time.

Please Mike, give me the key. Can't you allow me 5 more minutes?

I'm going out of your life forever.

Mike, give me the key will you.

Shove over. Let me at the wheel. Mike, get out of this car.

You're doing fine, only without the talk.

I'm going back with you, Chris. I never had any intention of staying.

I won't let you! Get out of this... Shut up.

Do you want to get caught again?

[Speaking Spanish]

That's it. Let's go.

What's the matter with you? You're going home.

I'm sick.

You'll be sicker still if you don't behave.

If we get stopped let me do the talking.

You just play it right.

You wouldn't want anything to happen to the kid.

Don't touch her.

I don't think we ought to wait. Our instructions were to tail them.

They usually have a second car they transfer the stuff to.

We've been tailing them for an hour now. There's no second car.

Let's move in and take 'em.

Slow down, you'll get us all killed.


There he is. Hold it.

Where can we talk, Kimberly? What?

You know this Monroe? When did you first meet your wife?

How much of a surprise is this, Kimberly?

What are you talking about? Hey, take it easy.

You mean nobody told him? I thought he knew.

You can come with me, Mr Kimberly.

That's a cute little girl you've got there.

There she is.

She's going to be alright.

Where's my wife? Come with me.

They had to remove some glass from her arms. We'll see if she's ready yet.

There's a couple of detectives up there waiting to talk with her.

I got it from Sacramento. Don't say I never share things with you.

Mike Monroe. San Quentin, 5 years on federal violation. Paroled 2 months ago.

The woman, Christine Carroll, now Kimberly.

From a well-known Philadelphia family.

She and Monroe were sweethearts. Served time with him. 18 months for complicity.

Who's child is it?

Kimberly's. She's been married four years, and anyway Monroe was in jail.

Bad enough, isn't it.

He just gets out and she's right back with him again at the same old racket.

But what a story. She must've loved him.

Just a moment.

Nurse, you promised I could see my little girl. Where is she?

You also wanted to see Dr Breen. Well he's here finally.

Hello, doctor. Hello, Chris.

You don't believe it's true, do you?

I don't know what to believe.

I think it was inconsiderate of the fellow to die.

Not to help you out of this.

Why hasn't Steve been to see me?

He will in time.

There's nothing wrong with him, is there?

We haven't been able to find him for 2 days but we will.

They're checking the border joints this morning.

If I can... just see him. I...

I know he'd know I'm telling the truth.

What kind of power did this man have over you to make you do a thing like that?

I thought anything was better than having Steve know.

I was wrong.

But you must have known why this fellow wanted to go to Mexico.

He could've skipped the county without you.

It's easy to argue now, doctor.

I thought it was going to get rid of him.


You must be getting it down pat by now.

Well, what else?

I love you, Steve.

Steve, she's very tired. Be careful. Go easy.

Let me alone.

You said you wanted to see me. I'm here.

You're drunk, Steve. I'm not drunk.

No sleep.

Sleeping pills that don't work. You'd be like this too.

Well, what else? Why didn't you tell me you had a prison record?

I thought it was best for you... Don't give me that.

Best for your friend Mike Monroe.

Was it he who advised you?

"Don't tell you husband and then when I get out he won't be suspicious."

That's not true. You know it's not true.

How do I know? Because you tell me?

What did you think I was?

How could you see him again when you promised me...

I didn't want to.

He knew where you were? How?

He said he got the address from a girl who worked in the parole office.

Lies! Lies!

The secret wedding you wanted.

What a joke.

The baby is a joke. Kim is a joke. Risking her life for your lover!

No, I didn't. I didn't Steve. It's not true.

I think you'd better get yourself a lawyer.

The marriage of Steven Kimberly and Christine Carroll.

Having been performed under false pretences.

In that the woman concealed that she was still a convict.

Is hereby declared null and void.


Despite the fact the Grand Jury listened to Mrs Kimberly's story and believed her.

At least found insufficient evidence to indict her.

This court, due to those recent events.

Has found Mrs Kimberly to be an unfit mother.

Exclusive and complete custody of Kim Kimberly, aged three...

Is therefore awarded to her father...

Steven Kimberly.

The mother is to have no rights whatsoever.

I believe Mr Kimberly wishes to make a financial settlement in your behalf.

This is up to him.

All rise. Court is adjourned.

This is the only place that my past doesn't seem to make any difference.

This is my past.

I'm glad you came, Chris.


You're nice not to say "I told you so".

Give me time.

He hasn't let you see the child?


He's... taken her back to Philadelphia.

You know... every time I see a little girl with...

Brown braids, I follow her around on the streets...

In the parks...

It's just awful, Mrs Gordon. I'm frightened.

You have to get to work.


I've had two nursing jobs already.

I can't seem to stick somehow.

Naturally. That's only a reminder.


If there were just some way to make time pass quickly.

Some miracle...

I think maybe in time I'll stop thinking about her. Don't you?

How I used to hate this place and everything it stood for.

Now I wish they had sent me back to prison.

At least there, I wouldn't have to think about it.

And there I'd know I couldn't see her anymore.


A man came to see me this morning.

He's a magician. He wanted one of our girls for a job.

I had to turn him down because it's not appropriate for a parolee.

It might be just the magic you need.

Oh, I don't believe in magic, Mrs Gordon.

He travels around the country a lot, Chris.

Vaudeville, nightclubs... he puts on shows for children.

From what I understand, children get a big kick out of his magic show.

Why don't I call him and ask for an appointment?

No. I don't think so.

It can't do any harm just to talk to him.

What interests you about this job?

Well, I understand you travel a lot.

And I want a change.



Give her a bit of a chance, Mr Marvel. Please.


One more thing.

Can you smile?

Well I can learn.



That's better.

Come over here. Yes.

Now watch, Chris. Very simply.

Try that. You think I can?

Yes you can. Put it on the back of your hand.

No, no. It will never work that way. On the back of your hand.

That's right. Now try it.

No. Don't claw it my dear, don't claw it.


Illusion. Yes. Right.

Who is it? - It's Chris. Come in.

Chris, fame and fortune have finally caught up with us.

We audition on television tomorrow.


Well, isn't that what you wanted? No more rushing around.

Well Phil, I'm afraid it will have to be postponed for a little while.

Oh. Got that mother itch again, huh?

Chris, I told you if you went there he wouldn't let you see the child.

But I might have a chance this time. Here, look at this. Look.

Look, I've waited four long years for this. I've got to try.

Oh yeah, sure. Well...

I'll audition alone. You would...

Probably cramp my style anyway.

Thanks, Phil.

Yeah, I know lady. Follow that car.

Yes please.

She's pretty, don't you think?

I wouldn't know lady, I'm near-sighted.

Here you are, dear.

There are the twins over there.

She's limping.

Not much.

Kim. Hello, darling.

Thank you.

Do you want to take them over to the table?

You go along with them, Kim.

I hope Kim has fun today.

It's a lovely party.


Susan, I'm sorry. I didn't realise this was your house.

I didn't come to make any trouble. Of course you didn't.

Let's go over here, shall we.

Chris, how are you making out?


Susan, tell me about Kim's leg. Is that from the accident?

Didn't it mend properly?

The doctor says there's nothing wrong with it.

Kim just enjoys it that way.

What do you mean, enjoys it?

She's not a happy child.

Perhaps that explains it.

She just doesn't mix with children or with grown-ups.

Kim, sit down!

Sit down!


Kim, sit down dear.

Mary, stop them.

Susan, does Steve realise this?


For him, she's the sun and the moon.

He almost didn't accept the Paris appointment because the paediatrician said she shouldn't travel.

It would only add to her insecurity.

Doesn't he see...? Not anywhere but backwards.

He just can't get over it.

I've tried. We all have.

Kim needs a mother.

Steve, a wife.

Isn't there anyone he's interested in?

The nearest is... is over there in pink.

Rosemary Balder.

They've always known each other.

Where are you living now, Chris?

I've been travelling.

I just came to get a look at Kim. I had to.

Susan, doesn't she ever laugh?

Not often.

It's really quite pathetic sometimes.

A recluse at seven.

Poor little thing.

It's not your fault.

Well whose is it then? She wasn't like this before.

Mrs Arnold, Mr Arnold is phoning you. Thank you, Vera.

Will you excuse me a moment? Of course.

...all the money.

Now for my next trick I have to have somebody help me.

How about one of the birthday twins?

Mr Clown, maybe I can help you?

I'm bigger than the others, I know, but if you use magic maybe you can make me smaller.

Better than that, I can make you disappear.

And now for the grand finale.

What's your name? Miss Marvel.

Well Miss Marvel, are you ready to vanish into thin air?

At your service, Mr Clown. Well then...

Step into the magic cabinet.

And lean on that pedestal.

Dodge past the table into my tent.

And now with the magic signal.

The Land of Enchantment is beckoning to her.

She didn't disappear.

Oh, I'm sorry. I couldn't help it.

Because somebody's thoughts were holding me back.

And you can't enter the Land of Enchantment with stubborn thoughts.

Now, whose thought was it?

It wasn't mine. No, it wasn't yours.

You helped, that's right.

It wasn't yours. You helped.

I did not!

You can't disappear. You're not magic.

Wouldn't you help me a little?

Just give me one little push?

Try it again.

Alright, I'll try.

I'll try very hard without it.

But I need your help very much.

Alright, Mister Clown.

Alright. Second try.

Now everyone be very quiet. Shush.


Go ahead, I'm helping. I'm helping!

Where has the magic lady gone, Susan? Will she come back?

Run inside now, dear. Ice-cream time.

Sue... I hope you're not angry with me.

But I just had to find out if Kim would respond.

I'm amazed. Where did you learn all that?

Oh, this is what I've been doing for the past 4 years.

Is the party over? Not quite.


I'm afraid...

I don't want to be unkind dear, but...

I've just talked to Philip and he feels that...

Oh yes.

Of course he does.

I'm sorry, Sue.

Thanks a lot for your help, Miss Marvel.

Thank you and goodbye.

Sue, what kind of schooling does she have?

She doesn't go any more.

Steve wants to get a tutor for her.

She was at school but...

Old headlines cropped up.

Things like that aren't easily forgotten.

Especially now that Steve is such a success.

Still, after so much time?

He never let her believe it, of course.

He always told her that you were dead.

Isn't it really better that way?

Yes, of course it is.

Miss Marvel.

Why did you come back?

Didn't you like the Land of Enchantment?

Yes, dear. Of course I liked it very much.

I just came back to thank you for helping me.

To say goodbye. Goodbye.

Oh, Miss Marvel.

I'm Rosemary Balder, a friend of Kim's.

She seems to have taken such a fancy to you I was wondering if there's any way I could get in touch with you.

I'm sorry, but...

I'm leaving town.

Thank you, so. Just the same.

Well now, what's the matter with her?

I was under the impression she was quite clever, not just a bundle of nerves.

She told me that she lost a child some time ago.

Kim reminds her of that.

"McAlvey's Toy Department..."

"takes pleasure in announcing the association of Miss Marvel."

"The Magic Lady."

"Available for children's parties."

Don't you see? She's only doing this for Kim. To be near her.

Hoping that at some children's party again...

Look at her, Phil.

I know you think she's some horrible ogre.

And whether she's guilty or not, I don't know.

But I know when you look at her you see she's human.

And a mother.

Well, do what you like.

When something goes wrong don't forget to blame your husband.

There she is. Go get her, Kim.

Miss Marvel.

I don't understand. Kim says I'm to have dinner with her.

We hope you can, Miss Marvel.

If I'm very good you can stay.

And George can get her luggage tonight, can't he.

Yes, dear.

Sit in the front seat, will you Kim.


What does she mean "stay"?

Her old nurse Mary left this afternoon.

I thought maybe you would like...?

I couldn't do that to Steve. I couldn't.

You never know. It will only be for a few weeks.

I know it will make Kim very happy.

Susan, you must know how much I want to, but...

You really think it will be alright?

I'll be responsible.

Come along, Miss Marvel.

Is that all you ever eat?

Everybody complains I have a very poor appetite.

I don't want any dessert, George.

How do you know?

You don't know what it is yet.

Something with whipped cream on it.

Don't you like whipped cream?

Mary liked it.

She always ordered it.


What is your favourite dessert?

I like apples.

And what's your favourite meat?



May I order... hot-dogs and apples for dinner tomorrow night?

Yes, Miss. And...

Could we eat in a smaller room? The library perhaps?

We could have some music while we eat, huh?


Makes it into a floor show.

I hope you will stay forever.

Thank you, dear.

"I miss you very much."

"I'm very busy."

"It would be nicer if you were... here."

Why do you read so slow?

"There isn't an hour in the day I don't think of you."

"I hope you're being good girl."

"I love you."

What else?

That's all. "Daddy".

He loves you very much, Kim.

You know, even after you've grown up.

No-one could write you a nicer love letter than that.

Poor Daddy.

All he does is write letters.

And he never gets any.

Couldn't we write him a letter?

Of course.

As soon as we get home.

Okay, can we ride now? Okay.

Finish your drink, first. Oh yeah.

And your letter. Oh. Yes.

I'll race you to the bridge. Okay.

You're certain no-one knows?

They phoned me the telegram.

Kim is sure going to be surprised.

You're going to be surprised at her too.

Like a different child.

Yes... she seems so.

Kind of a blow to my ego.

Does she talk about me?

Well... not so much lately.

She and that Miss Marvel are like Siamese twins.

I must say I thought the woman was all wrong at first, catering to Kim.

But maybe that's what she needed.

Not that you don't cater to her, but...

From a woman it seems to make a difference.

Step on it, will you George.



Daddy... Daddy!


Kim, where are you?

Daddy, you're home, you're home!

I didn't know you were coming.

Neither did I until a few days ago. Now let me look at you.

Oh great, great. Come on.

Well, who is this?

I have lots of playmates now.

Their mothers don't mind at all if they come.

Why, that's wonderful. There you go.

Don't you think I look good?

Out of this world, angel. George, will you bring those things up.

I must meet Miss Marvel and tell her so.

She went shopping with aunt Susan.

Wait until you see what I've brought you.

Seems you bought up the whole of Paris.

Here we are, that's for you.

Got something here for everybody. George... that's for you.


And this is for cook. And these two are for the downstairs too.

Thank you, I'll tell them.

That's for you, Trudy.


I'm sorry. I've even got one for Miss Marvel.

Oh, isn't it beautiful?

You like it, huh? Thank you, Daddy. Thanks.

Kim! There's Marvy now.

Let's surprise her and hide.

Come on, Daddy. Hiding is a silly game.

No it isn't.

We play it all the time. Marvy likes it.

Well, if you're going you've got to take all these things with you. Pick them up.



They're hiding.

Now I wonder where those children are?

I bet they're under the bed.


I know, they're in the dresser.

They're not in that drawer.

And not in that drawer.

In the drawer?

Maybe they're in the closet.

Oh, no. That'd be too easy.

But we can look.

Look, I'm here. My Daddy.

Daddy, this is Marvy.

What's the matter?

Aren't you going to say hello to Marvy?

He brought you a present.

Thank you.

Don't you like Marvy?

I love her.

Kim, go outside and play.

Go on, Judy. You too.

Kim doesn't know who she is.

She knows her only as "Marvy".

What were you thinking of? You know what Kim means to me.

Nobody is trying to take her away from you, Steve.

She is. She already has.

She's not going to get away with it.


Why did you ever permit it?

It had something to do with pity.

I felt sorry for her, and for Kim. And for me?

Yes, I feel sorry for you, too.

You don't face realities. It's over. Done.

Nothing's gonna bring us together again.

And don't tell me that's not what you had in mind.

Sometimes Steve, I think you and I should have been one person instead of two.

Your physical strength and brains and my softness.

As one person we'd have been great.

But split up, we're both ineffectual.

Where are you going?

I have to tell her something.

What did you tell her when she came here?

That it was to be a temporary arrangement until you came home.

And that she was not let Kim know that she's her mother.

Somehow, even Philip understood it.

Their one chance to know each other.

Well they've had it. I'm home.

There's no need to tell her.

Just send on her things.


Is Daddy still mad? No, dear. Of course not.

Everything is going to be fine now.

But why did he act so funny?

Well... you know, some people just don't like to be surprised.

Or maybe he thought I was quite different than what I am.

Maybe he thought I was big and jolly and fat.

You're perfect. He's silly.

Anyway, he's gotten over it.

That's good.

I got to go and play now. See you later.


You know, you haven't kissed me all day.

But you love frankfurters.

Not any more.

Let's play the moron game some more, shall we?

I know one. Why did the moron take the cream and sugar with him to the movies?

Because he was going to see a cereal.

Dr Travers, I'm Steve Kimberly. Good evening.

I appreciate you coming. With Kim's own doctor away we're concerned.

I don't think there's any need for concern.

"Once upon a time there was a Princess who was..."

"The prettiest creature in the world."

"And because she was so beautiful."

"She was called Angel Face."

"She always wore a crown of flowers."

"And her dresses were embroidered with diamonds and pearls."


Kim, here is the nice doctor I told you about.


How do you do.

Better shut that off now, dear.

I don't mind hearing the rest of it.

Suppose I check with you when I come down?

Anything I wanted to know, Kim can tell me.

That's a lovely child you have.

Very friendly if one takes the pains.

Thank you. Would you like some coffee, doctor?


Thank you.

I found nothing wrong with your daughter physically.

A little thin. But loss of weight usually goes with loss of emotion.

Of course. Of emotion.

Loss of love. Whatever you want to call it.

Thank you.

Oh, I'm interrupting. Please go right ahead with your dinner.

No, I've already finished, thank you.

Well, I have no cure for your daughter's present illness.

Not in this bag anyway.

She has no mother, she tells me.

She wants one, very much.

This Miss...


Seems to the closest to a mother that she's recently known.

Therefore it's the second great loss to her.

Twice losing a person that she's felt most secure with.

Well, this is no reflection on your love.

A feminine love is important to all of us.

Man as well as child.

Did... did Kim say I sent Miss Marvel away?


Kim's angry but not with you.

But with fate for depriving her of so much, so often, so young.

That deprives all of us.

How can you prevent it?

If a doll is lost, a child cries for it.

Are you sure that another doll can be loved?

I don't...

Kim doesn't want another one.

We've had three nurses since Miss Marvel left.

They won't stay a day.

For as long as you go on discarding each new nurse that comes along...

Why shouldn't she?

But if you show Kim that you're...

Strong enough to reach for love again.

I'm sure she will, too.

Well, I've got to go.

Goodbye, Mr Kimberly.

I'd like to see her and talk to her again.

I'll call in a day or two. Thank you, Doctor.

All that is of course, if the doll is irretrievably lost.

She is.

Goodbye. Goodbye, doctor.

Sorry, I don't feel like a nightclub.

You sure you don't mind?

I prefer this.


I can't speak very well in competition with trombones.

There's a lot I want to tell you.

I'm afraid you find me cold and unresponsive at times.

Well, you've... had a lot on your mind.

But it's time I got it off.

If you'll just be patient with me.

You see, when I went off to Europe.

I thought I was getting along pretty well. I'd forgot my one failure at marriage.

And recently, it was all stirred up again.

Miss Marvel?

I know, Steve.

What I didn't guess, Sue finally told me.

Miss Marvel is Kim's mother.

Then you must realise...

I was coming home to you and I found her here.

It threw me for a while. But I'll get over it.

I've no hold on you, Steve.

I've always known that some night the music and the moonlight... and my perfume would get the better of you.

Why put off until tomorrow what we can do tonight?


Oh, I should have gone to Paris with you.

Then no matter who... I've got some of Paris here.

Champagne, some records.

I'd love some of both.

I'll take care of the music. Alright.

While that's cooling, I'll go check on Kim.

Isn't she asleep?

I still have to look in. She'll ask me in the morning.


Me too. I'll only be gone a moment.

That's how I missed going to Paris with you.

I've been waiting for you, Daddy.


A letter from Marvy.

That's very nice sweetie, but you should be asleep.

Read it.

To Rosemary too.

Another time.

Why don't you, Steve?

Please, Daddy.

Sit down, Rosemary.

"My dear Kim." Hear how she calls me?

"You must have wondered what happened to me when I went away so suddenly."

"Why I went doesn't matter, so long as you know it had nothing to do with you."

"I love you very much."

"This is the wonderful thing about love."

"It continues even when people don't see each other."

Louder, Daddy.

Your voice gets so scratchy.

It's the light here. I can't see very well.

Go on.

"Still, I thought you might ask your Daddy if you could write to me now and then."

"And I'll write you, too."

"Of course it's not the same as seeing each other."

"But when a thing is impossible we do the next best thing."

Now the part about you.


"Your father loves you very much."

"That is enough to make a child proud and happy."

"In case you're missing me..."

"Try to hide it for his sake."

"Don't hurt him."

"I'll let you know where I'll be as soon as I start being the magic lady again."

"For now, I am resting."

"I'm tired."

"All my love to you."

"And my best to your father."

Isn't that something?

I thought she went away because you two didn't like each other.

Now I know you do.

Daddy, what is it?

Ontario, Oregon.

I can write Marvy.

Can't I, Daddy? Of course, dear.

Goodnight, you two.

What happened?

He got a nail.

His foot caught on a nail. He nearly yanked it off.

A hospital training comes in handy.


I was always pretty good at this as a kid, though.

See that cow over there. She broke her leg as a calf. I fixed her up.

Later, she...

Won a ribbon at the 4-H Fair.


Come on, little fellow.

Up you go.

He'll be as good as new in about a week.


I've been pretty stupid.

Could we start again?

Not the way I've been but the way I was when we met.

Needing you every minute.


Oh, Steve.


You're not doing this just for Kim, are you?

Are you?

Oh no, darling. No. I love you.

I love you, I love you.

I love you so terribly.

Well, you're mother and your brother... are surely going to want to meet the man you're going to marry.

Of course they are.

Come on, I'll show you where they are.