Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia (2009) Script

CARTER: Colombia is the world's second largest recipient of U.S. military aid, receiving approximately $1 billion a year for training and equipping the Colombian armed forces.

The revolutionary armed forces of Colombia are Latin America's oldest, largest and best-equipped guerrilla insurgency.

Known by their Spanish acronym FARC, they have waged a cruel, 50-year campaign of terror against the government and the people of Colombia.

Their tactics include bombings, murder, mortar attacks, kidnapping, extortion and hijacking.

American soldiers are frequently deployed to assist in anti-narcotics and anti-guerrilla operations, and the American government has posted over $70 million of reward money for any information leading to the capture of FARC leadership.

The Colombian people frequently take to the streets to protest the FARC's brutal methods and to call for the end to the violence and for the release of hundreds of hostages.

Although, with its massive cocaine revenue, the FARC has been able to equip its army with the most modern weapons of any terrorist organization in the world.

We have movement on Lago.

GREG ON RADIO: Principal acquired.

Flashpoint Bravo, what is your count?

We are minus two. Three minutes to full count.

Flashpoint Charlie, slow him down.

I got him, but if I engage now, this thing blows wide open.

No choice, Charlie. Move for intercept.

Copy that, Alpha.

Abort, Charlie, abort!


First rule of engagement, always know your target.

All right, Charlie, that's gonna take him five.

Proceed to jump point.

Bang! ALL: Surprise!


(IN ELDERLY MAN'S VOICE) Hey, special delivery for that old bastard.

CARTER: We got you something else.

Where is she?



God bless America.



GIRL 1: Yeah, baby.


Very nice. Very nice.

COMPUTER-GENERATED VOICE: * For he's a jolly good fellow

* For he's a jolly good fellow

* For he's a jolly good fellow

(DISTORTED) * Which nobody can deny

* Which nobody can deny Which nobody can deny *

That wasn't supposed to happen. STEVE: Again?

Derricks, what the hell is wrong with you, man?

Don't get hot about it, all right?

Least the brew is cold.


KEVIN: Cheers.

STEVE: That's a small drink.

One more thing! KEVIN: All right.

In order to maintain the element of surprise when surveilling from a tall structure, make sure to watch your shadow-throw so as not to reveal your position.











Tomas? Tomas!








Good morning, sir. Morning.

Still got you at the desk, Commander?

Fastest way to kill a SEAL is give him some pencils to push.

I'd rather be pinned down in a fire fight any day.

Some of us are just born to it.

Let's get out of this prison cell.

What do you know about Colombia?

Specifically the FARC?

Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia?

The most powerful, most dangerous Communist guerrilla force on the planet.

They've territorial control of almost half the country.

Been at war with the Colombian government for 40 years.

NSA intel has the FARC responsible for this.

They kill about 3,000 Colombians a year.

They stay funded by protecting the cartel drug operations down there.

Right. People up here buy their drugs, and that money keeps these guys in bullets and body bags.


So what's the op?

Operation Ghost Watch. Strictly recon.

NSA Keyhole picked this up in the deep jungle outside of Puerto Limon.

It's about 150 klicks south of Bogota.

Now, this...

One month ago.

This, yesterday.


Roughly triple the under-roof capacity.

So these guys are either storing up the coke for a long winter, or prepping for a serious rumble in the jungle.

Exactly. Our job is to find out which.

We got it on good intel, something major is going down tomorrow morning.

We're gonna ghost in, see what's what.

Go in with cameras rolling, get it all on tape.

Wait, wait, wait. You say tomorrow morning?

Yeah. That's right. We're running this op in the daylight.

We're all for catching some rays, LT, but that's coloring way outside the lines.

Got no choice.

They want eyes on the action. Not before. Not after.

Questions? Yeah.

What about the Colombians? We're not jointing with them?


FARC's got too many hooks in with the National Army, and a lot of ops already have been blown because of tip offs, which is why we're gonna mission-plan in the air and helo into the Rio Ariari.

Should be fun.

Wheels-up 1700 hours.

Yeah. Yes.

Sir, given the extreme sensitivity of this mission, I believe it is my sworn duty to respectfully inform you that you are now much too ancient to effectively lead this team behind enemy lines.

My ancient memory recalls something about me almost tackling you to get you from ringing that bell at the end of BUD/S training.

Okay? Who's dragged you out of half a dozen bar fights?

That would be you.

Who's got your back 24/7?

Who makes sure that you come home alive all the time?

That would be you.

You're damn skippy.

See you guys on the tarmac.

STEVE: Copy that, LT.

New intel says that it might be a meet between FARC and Colombian sympathizers.

Now, you have evac here, 20 klicks east.

Safe location and DEA contact here if you need it.

Now keep in mind, FARC's not just some hillbilly rebel insurgency.

They don't play.

Every year we pump half a billion bucks of military aid into the region, and the guerrillas are still coming.

They are heavily armed and well trained, and we're playing in their sandbox.

Stay frosty and get ready.

PILOT ON RADIO: We are entering drop zone.

Word is, Ghost Watch is a go.

Stay on your triggers and watch your back.

I'll see you at happy hour.

The only easy day...

Was yesterday! ALL: Was yesterday!


PILOT: Green light. Green light.

Give it some!

Prepare to release.


(WHISPERING) Stingray Alpha, rally point Bravo.

Careful with these vid packs. Had to sign for these babies.

Vid on.

Weapons hot.

Commander, Stingray insertion is green, en route to target.

BOYTANO: Let me know when you have visual.

OP-TECH: Yes, sir.

JENNINGS: Hi, Commander.

Like what we did with the place? Used to be a radio station.

Works for me.

Nicole Jennings, U.S. Embassy liaison.

Visuals coming up now, sir.

JENNINGS: Your boys better stay invisible.

The Colombian government catches wind of this unauthorized operation on their soil, and you will devastate our anti-drug relations.

CIA pulled up a name, Carlos Rivera.

But they think he's been bought by the FARC.

He set up the factory bombings in Bogota.

And he's got a handler, code name Apotequil.

KEVIN: Nothing blowing.

Switching to spectra.

Got something.

About 10 meters out, 1 o'clock.

SEAN: Looks like they're paranoid. Stay alert.

STEVE: Magnetic AT-12 mine, Cuban-made.

It's old.

SEAN: Do the job.

STEVE: They're not messing around.

Rendered it inop. Repeat. Repeat.


OP-TECH: Stingray's in the objective perimeter, sir.


Looks like we're losing the satellite, sir.

Get it back.

OP-TECH: Working on it, sir. Trying to get another bird.

Find someone with another sat.

SEAN: Turn starboard.

We're ghosts here, boys, spirits of this jungle. You copy?

This is it. I want overwatch in five.

I'm on it.

Spectra is on and recording.

SEAN: All right. We eyeball what they got in their cookie jar, we catch it on tape, make it back in time for two-for-one beers, on me.

Stingray Delta. Ready to move. How's the neighborhood?

Quiet streets, good schools, no nosy neighbors.

Switching to EM.

Clear on cams, no infrared trip-lines, no motion sensors.

Going to thermal.

We've got 25 sparks inside, fairly clustered.

All the guards have two-ways, RF short range.

Copy that.

Door is open. Alpha advancing.

See you around the punch bowl, boys.

GREG: Stingray Echo, hold your position. Bogey in truck.

Stingray Echo, watch your six, you don't wanna get splashed.


He's wearing Colombian Army fatigues.

The Colombians are compromised. Let's go.

Tango-niner, I'm looking at MREs.

Great for waging war on your stomach.

Nothing suspicious.

Affirmative. FARC soldier at Tango-one. Something feels off about all this.

Delta, what's the count?

Twenty-five spark hits. Fairly clustered.

Taking a look. Wait, one sec.


SEAN ON RADIO: Looks like we got big fish.

Some kind of peace conference between FARC and the Colombian Army.

Looks like we just walked into the history books, boys.


Tango-six, fuel depot. Diesel, maybe 1,500 gallons.

No munitions. No nothing.


Thermals moving in from the jungle.

Twenty or more, carrying heavy. Get the hell out of there!



SEAN: Back to insert. Move!






STEVE: Clear! Cover me!

GREG: LT, on your right.

Delta, left flank.

KEVIN ON RADIO: Cover me! I'm moving.

GREG: Road's clear. Quick!

Kevin, watch your back.

SEAN: Carter, diversion.




Overwatch taking fire. Overwatch taking fire.


SEAN: Now on wheels.

STEVE: Lower defense. Watch my state.


I'm hit.


SEAN: Give him some cover.

Let's go! Let's go!



Move out! Come on!

SEAN: Carter, give me a hand.

CARTER: Guys, fall back.

Fall back, fall back.

SEAN: Go, go, go!

Come on. Get him to the boat.

CARTER: He's not breathing.

SEAN: Move, move, move, move, move.

Who are these assholes?

SEAN: Must've been here the whole time.

Knew exactly how far to lay back and not be detected.

Overwatch, overwatch, come in.

Greg, do you copy? What was his last?

Taking fire. FUBAR, man.

That was some really great intel on this shitstorm.

You know, if they got Greg, they knew we were coming.

It's time to leave. Now.


Ambush! Ambush! Take cover! Take cover!

We're naked out here! Take it back to the jungle.

KEVIN: Carter! Go!

Now! I'm coming!


SEAN: Stay down. CARTER: It's no good! It's no good!

We're not leaving him here!

We have to go.


Goddamn setup, man. We walked right into an ambush.

Those guys got skills.

I'm thinking AFEUR, Colombian Special Forces.

Our own Green Berets trained those sons of bitches.

Something didn't feel right. I should've seen it.

Bro, look at me. What's our next play?



We got com.



One of ours is still breathing.

They're moving him to Villavicencio.

What are you thinking?

I figure we get our boy. Get some payback.

That's definitely not standard operating procedure, LT.




They got two jeeps, one truck.

King shit sitting up front in the Hummer.

Oh, just say the word. I'll put one through his right eye.

I got an idea.


We need a phone.

All right. This village here.

Should make it there in a full day, if we haul ass.

We need to stay close to Kevin.


They're gonna have teams out tracking us.

Yeah. Well, we'd be out of work if this shit was easy.

Let's move.


They've missed two com checks now.

Did you ping their sat phone?

Monitor their ground coms? Something?

Sorry, sir. No bounce-back.

All coms have been down now for eight hours.

Call NSA, DEA, anyone who's got a sat overhead.

I wanna know what's going on down there.

I just got off the phone with our embassy in Bogota.

There's word of an incident.

What are you talking about?

Sources are calling it an unauthorized incursion of U.S. military forces.

The story is still developing, but there is a claim that the incident involves the assassination of high level officials of both the FARC and the Colombian Army.

Holy shit.

SEAN: There's a phone line.


Runs right through the center of town.

Hold down the fort. I gotcha.

Reach out and touch someone.


LT, take cover. Bogey at 2 o'clock.

Spotted it.

Stay down. Stay down. Please.


Go, go, go.


Hey, we got wheels at 12 o'clock. Let's go.

And apparently that was rush hour.





Sir, you got a call here. It's collect.



SEAN: Deep Blue, authenticate.

Sierra Niner Foxtrot Romeo 1-4-7.

Alpha Stingray, this is Deep Blue authenticating, countersign Lima 3 Whiskey 1-7.

Stingray, sitrep.

SEAN: We were engaged.

Say again, we were engaged. They were waiting for us.

Guerrillas took out some kind of secret peace talk between FARC and the Colombian Army.

I need a secure line to the Ambassador.

OP-TECH: Yes, ma'am.

Take me off speaker. Now.

Stingray, what is your count?

Minus two. One capture.

Sir, these were AFEUR, Colombian Special Forces.

Stingray, confirm your last. Minus two. One POW.


Proceed to LZ for emergency exfil.

Negative. We have a location on our captured asset.

Not going to happen. We reassess and mission-plan a rescue.

I'm not leaving him behind!

You make sure your ass is on that chopper.

We'll get our boy back. We'll do it the right way.

I lost two men!

We lost two men, and I'm not gonna lose two more.

You hear me, Lieutenant?

Yes, sir.

Proceed to emergency evac coordinates. Rendezvous at 1300.

This is Deep Blue, out.

Son of a bitch!

Get me General Burlings. Son of a bitch.

Your call, LT.

We follow orders.

I knew you were gonna say that.

Let's do it.




KEVIN: What's going on?

Making you a star.


Smile for the camera.


You and your friends made quite a mess.

So who sent you here?

I'm looking for Colombian chicks.


Commander, we've tasked a sat.


Bring up the evac LZ.

Go thermal.

Move your asses.

Where's Swordfish?

OP-TECH: Swordfish, time to contact?

This is Swordfish, roger that. Ninety seconds inbound.

Here! Come on!

We got them. We got them.

We have a problem.

Not now.

PILOT: Daisy Forge, say again your last, over.

MAN: You are ordered out of Colombian airspace immediately without pick-up.


But we have them on sight. They're right here.

MAN: Do not land. Return to base. What are you waiting for?

MAN: I repeat. Abort. Do not land. Return to base.

God damn it.

Come on!

What the hell is going on? Why aren't they landing?

They've just been ordered not to.

From who? The Colombian Army.

Commander, we've got vehicles moving into the area.

LT, we got company.

Turn left! Turn left!

That was close. Yee-haw!

Pedal to the metal, Carter.

You best talk fast.

Your men have been declared war criminals.

When the hell did Colombians get into our chain of command?

Who ordered the exfil abort? Washington.

What? They want this handled through diplomatic channels.

We can't afford to start swapping bullets with an ally of the U.S.

REPORTER: FARC leaders have vowed to increase their terror campaign against the U.S.-controlled puppet government of Colombia.

This is insane. This footage is from our own vid packs!

REPORTER: The Colombian government has issued a statement condemning the actions of the U.S. military, and is calling for an immediate withdrawal of all U.S. armed forces of the region.

They've also released this video of a captured American serviceman.

It seems talk of peace regarding Colombia's 40 years of internal strife is now all but history.

Holy God, this has gone tits-up.

Commander, your men have lost control.

No. I know my men. This is wrong.

This is not right. They've been set up.

Carl Dobb, CIA.

Commander, you are ordered to stand down immediately.

I still have men in the field.

This is no longer a military operation.

Listen up, people.

This is a high priority situation, I have full NSA authority.

Are there any questions?


ALVARO: I'm sorry.

I can't untie you.

You Navy SEALs don't know when to give up.

Who are you? FARC?


Colombian Army?

The FARC killed my wife and my son.

Colombian Army was also at that meet.

You murdered your own countrymen.

Anyone who wishes to make peace with those monsters are no countrymen of mine.

They are traitors.




Think it's empty. I'll secure the site.

Everyone went home for the night.

This is awesome. It's like junior high all over again.

So, why didn't they pick us up?


It's the Colombian President.

He looks pissed.


He's calling us assassins. An American military hit squad sent to derail the peace talks between FARC and the Colombian government.


That's not even off our vid packs.

Yeah, somebody wanted that peace summit stopped.

They wanted us to take the blame for it.


Now he's saying we did it because the U.S. believes that as long as FARC is a problem, Colombians will be dependent upon us for aid, and therefore will remain America's puppet.

No, no, no, no. We saw the guys that ambushed us.

The Colombian Army hit its own peace talks. Why?


First, we get Kevin.

I agree.

They're only gonna keep him alive for a few more photo ops.

Check the radio.

I'm on it.

Got static. We're too far out of range.

We're gonna need a trace, and we're gonna need wheels.


Maserati, Ferrari? What do you want?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Wait! This guy...


He is the one I saw doing most of the talking before the bullets started flying.

Okay. Who is he?

He's a witness.

REPORTER ON TV: Protesters have been throwing firebombs at the American Embassy, shouting "U.S. out of Colombia."

Look, I'm sorry about your men.

I need the CIA intel on Rivera and this Apotequil character.

I wanna know who sent my men into a meat grinder.

Don't know if I can do that.

You and I both know that if the Colombians get a hold of my men, there'll be no handling it through diplomatic channels.

The Colombians are an ally of the U.S.

They will say my men resisted.

They will say there was a fire fight.

It will be an execution.

Okay. Okay.



SEAN: Hey, I had to call your wife to get your number.

You okay? What's your status?

Well, we've got everybody in Colombia on our ass.

You know we didn't do this.

BOYTANO: You're being hung out to dry.

The Company's calling the shots, trying to save face.

You know, there was a general. He survived.

He can confirm we're not the shooters.

Yeah, well, he's not talking.

The Colombians are calling it an act of war.

The FARC has gone apeshit.

They're burning down entire villages.

SEAN: Yeah, great job on the extraction, by the way.


Washington wants to talk this out. They want you to surrender.

Is that what you want?

(WHISPERING) What do you need?

I need a trace on a radio frequency in Villavicencio.

What are the numbers?






Cluster of radio signals, 118 degrees, four minutes, six seconds east.

Twenty-four, twenty-six, forty-six north.

Traded my last favor for that. Get our man out alive.

God, this building's poured concrete. I can't get any heat signatures.

We're gonna have to go in blind.

It's a tactical nightmare.

Hostile count?

Principal's location unknown.


CARTER: It's our boy.

All right, I got this. Two guards on the roof. Two on the ground.

We're gonna need a big show.

Give me two minutes.

I'll be there for you.




Where's my gear?





SEAN: Get down!

Goddamn, am I happy to see you.

For the record, I'm only here 'cause you owe Carter ten bucks.

KEVIN: Stop at the ATM on the way out.

SEAN: Let's go!

The gate, it's locked!

Grenade! Get out of here!

CARTER: Meter's running, boys.

KEVIN: What took you guys so long?

This thing got seat belts?


Sure you're all right?

Bastards made me eat McDonald.

What the hell are you guys still doing here?

Carter will fill you in. We need fresh wheels.

Where are you going?

See a sick friend.



Shut your mouth.

'Cause you and me, we're gonna have a little talk.

Okay. Okay, okay.


What do you want?

I was there. I saw what happened.

And I know that you know we weren't the shooters.

You understand me?

Understand. I understand.

I am sorry about what happened to your people.


But your government's blaming us.

They're calling us assassins.

Yeah, well, I cannot contradict them.

Why not?

Americans are not very popular in Latin America.

There are people in my government who want to see the U.S. out, completely out of South America.

Then we need to do something about that. Who were the shooters?

Their uniforms had no markings. I didn't recognize anyone.

You know they weren't American.

We were set up, and you have to tell the media that.

I saw the news report. They say you were the only survivor.

You're a national hero to them.


The government will discredit me and call me a liar.

And then they'll shoot me for treason. No.

No, it's too late.



Unless you have proof.

I'm gonna give you a number.

You find anything, you call me.

It's the only thing that can stop this.



God, this car smells like boiled ass.

Hey, sorry.

Okay, it was the only thing I could find that didn't have goats, chickens, or people sleeping in the back, okay.

So, did you and the general solve our little problem there, LT?

His hands are tied unless we can get him solid proof.

Kevin, tell him what you told me.

The guy in charge's name is Alvaro. Real intense.

Said his family was killed by the rebels.

There's not a chance in hell this guy wants to make peace with FARC.

Anything else?

Got a guard to spit out the location of our gear, along with a few of his teeth.

I was gonna grab the sat phone as soon as I blew out of that joint.

And that'd be a great idea, except for the fact that the bastards fragged our phone.


Our vid packs.

Yeah, the vid packs. Maybe we've got these assholes on tape.


Let's get our gear.


This is a major shitstorm.

Colombia's ordered our military and diplomatic personnel out of the country.

My priority's my men.

(WHISPERING) The intel about the base was leaked through the CIA through Rivera.

He was the only source.

Son of a bitch.


You and your Langley gang got played by your source.

We need to stop this madness right now.

We are. We're putting together a scenario linking your men to a rogue arm of the Ruiz-Mendoza Cartel.

What? You can't do that.

This puts their actions outside of any political agenda.

Operating on their own.

Bought and paid for with Colombian drug money.

You're not gonna burn those SEALs' reputations!

Those men have families. They fought and died for us.

Their sacrifices will not go unnoticed, just unsaid.

Not by me. Your lousy intel put my men in this FUBAR situation, and I'm gonna get them out.

You will do exactly what you're told, soldier.

Unless you want to be reassigned to a cell in Leavenworth.

It's Commander, and I'd advise you to back off.

So, Kevin, let me ask you, that fence is wired and hot and you were gonna break into there?

When the guy said barn, I thought barn. Cows, chickens.

Open space. Cheap, easy to secure.

CARTER: Buildings look old, but they've had some high-security retrofitting.

Think you can get us in the doors?

No problem.

They get all their security tech protocols from us.

Wait a minute.

The well.

Yeah? What about it?

This water tower, that well, got to be connected, right?

Some kind of pipe.

Would be a hell of a thing.

No way.

No way.

All the air we've got.

He doesn't have enough air.

Hypothermia will get him before his air runs out.

That is if he doesn't get strangled first by the root of a tree.

Right. You know what? You guys suck as cheerleaders.

You're right. Blast our way in, fight a battalion. It could work.

The only easy day...

Was yesterday. ALL: Was yesterday.


Push the car. Don't start it. I'll go this way.

Come on, come on.


Got anything?


I hate to say this, amigo, we need to start thinking Plan B.

(WHISPERING) He's still kicking. I know it.


Come on, come on.

Son of a bitch. He made it.

He made it.


Get ready.








CARTER: You don't think they'll mind if we crash the party, do you?




Got this from the security guard.

Good to see you. Yeah.

Let's do this.

They didn't bother to change the factory pass-code.


KEVIN: Here's our gear.

SEAN: Triggered the alarm.

Carter, you've got security. Watch that door.

Kill that alarm.

CARTER: All right, find those vid packs.

KEVIN: Got them.

CARTER: Good. Check them.


(SIGHS) Nothing here. What do you mean?

Nothing. Damn gausser must have wiped them all.

SEAN: What do you mean, we've got nothing?

KEVIN: Nothing. Damn it!

Boys, we got company. I got the door.

Carter, smoke, ammo.

Got it!



Damn it.



SEAN: Let's rock and roll.

KEVIN: All good. I'm right behind you.


Kevin, let's go.

Fall back to the car.


KEVIN: We need help.

SEAN: Pop a smoke.

We're in some real pretty shit now.

SEAN: Damn it, they got here fast.

Hoof it or drive?

We'll never lose them. Probably got a helo on the way.

Holy shit. You're right.

Okay. How much smoke we got left?

I got four.

CARTER: I got two.

SEAN: That'll do.

I'm gonna need some cover.

KEVIN: Got it.


Rock and roll!

Whoo-hoo! That shit worked.




Commander, we took our shot. We tried recovering the vid packs.

We came up empty.

BOYTANO: What's your play, Lieutenant?

Play? We can't come home.

Well, how about we go back downrange and get ours before they get us?

How about that? That an idea?

That's a one-way mission, and you know it.

What's your situation like there?

FARC has started their attacks.

They bombed a school bus, killed 12 kids.

The Pentagon's projecting civilian casualties to be a quarter million in the first three months.

Maybe it's time we get our pound of flesh.

Look, we still have time to make this right.

I want you to go back over the mission in your head.

Everything you heard, everything you saw, every branch snap, every bullet hit.

SEAN: Why, what's the point?

Because I trained you, Sean.

And I sure as hell didn't train you to give up.

The bogus intel on the Venezuelan alliance came from Carlos Rivera, Colombian national, and a handler, code name Apotequil.

Rivera was responsible for the bombings in Bogota.

And I don't know how... Commander!

But they're tied into all this.

Do what you can, but do it smart.

May I see your phone?

I could give it to you, but you'd need a proctologist to read my text messages.

Consider yourself relieved of duty.

You don't have the authority to relieve me.

Actually, Commander, I do.

What now?

I still got a few cards to play.


All right. Shut it down.

All right. Mission walkthrough.

We split up in the jungle.

Greg had the overwatch.

Greg radioed in starter positions.

SEAN: Right.

CARTER: Greg saw the black hats coming.

SEAN: Greg was watching the base through the Spectra.


Which wasn't with our gear in the barn, right?

No. It wasn't.

God, it could still be out there.

Yeah. Would've got everything. Our position, the bad guys.

Yeah. Gear up.




I have proof.

Are you absolutely sure?

Everything the world needs to know, to know that we didn't do it.

Okay. Excellent. Where can we meet?

Puerto Limon, 1700 hours.

Okay, I will be there, and I pray that what you say is correct. For if not, tomorrow will the bloodiest day in the history of my country.

Lucky for us, we still have today.

Keep looking, it's got to be here.

Gotcha. Attagirl.


This clears us.

When's the General due?

(SIGHING) One hour.

Shit. Wait a minute, guys.

What? Down there.

Son of a bitch. How did these bastards find us?

LT, we're against the mountain here, and the only way out of here is through them.

I'm getting too old for this shit.

This guy stops a war. Don't lose it.

Great. No pressure.

CARTER: Options?

Thin the herd. Quiet. No guns.

How did I know you were gonna say that?

This is who we are, brother.

For Greg and Steve.



All you Americans think you're Rambo.


I prefer John McClane.




Alvaro! Stop!


Do it. Go on.

Tell your people the truth.

What about your wife, your son, is this what they would've wanted? Help me to end this.

Death is all I have left.

Kill me, or I will kill you.

Stand down, soldier.

General Valez, Carter?

We've secured your man.

Where is your proof?

This man's a traitor. Give him the vid pack.

We have footage of him killing your soldiers on that.



You're working with him?

He works for me. I'm his commanding officer.


When I was a little boy, the guerrillas cut my father's throat, and they made me watch.

That's why I became a soldier, to hunt them down.

What about your talk of peace, those innocent men you killed?

They were your allies.

They sacrificed for Colombia. They are heroes.

The bogus intel on the peace talks, and my men... You set us up!

Alvaro, kill him.

Rivera. Videotape the bodies.

Make it look like they tried to bomb the base.

Rivera, Carlos Rivera. The factory bombings of Bogota.

It wasn't FARC. It was you.

That is a lie. Kill him, Alvaro.

No, no. Rivera has a handler, his code name is Apotequil.



My wife.

My son.

They died heroes for Colombia.

Their sacrifice brought us together.

You killed them.

No. America killed them.

The guerrillas killed them. But now we will win.

We will crush the guerrillas and we will kick the Americans out, and Colombia will belong to us again.

Alvaro, I will lead us into a new era.

Two lives? What is that compared to the destiny of our country?


You are no soldier. You die a traitor to Colombia.

He betrayed our country.

He betrayed us all.

This is so wrong.

Then make it right.

BOYTANO: "There is a special breed of warrior ready to answer our nation's call, "a common man with uncommon desire to succeed.

"Forged by adversity, he stands alongside

"America's finest special operations forces

"to serve his country, the American people, "and protect their way of life.


"I am that man." SEAL creed.