Behind the Candelabra (2013) Script

Hi Hi.

I'm Bob.


Okay, there you go. Good boy.

Wait, no, don't lick it off. Don't. That's good.

Okay. I mean, look.

Look how Cannibal's doing it, see?

See there? That's it.

Good boy.

I need them on set, Scott.

Right away. Okay, you know your lines?

You know your lines?

Come on.

Lou says we can't do the growl and the attack in one shot.

We can do it, but we need to do it in two separate pieces.

We need to prep the dogs separately for the attack.

I just don't understand why we can't get it in one.

Because he's got the bite suit on under his clothes, so the dogs see him as a big old chew toy.

I mean, it's fun for them, they love it.

It's a safety issue.

Scene 37, take one.


A and B camera, common mark.




Right here, boys.

We set? Set.

And action!

Scottie. Your mother called.

What did she want?

To see you.

Do I have to? No.


No, of course not, but... she's your mother.

She says she's doing much better.

- For how long this time? Joe, stop.

I'll think about it.


Oh, and a man named Bob Black called.

Oh, okay.

Is that one of them San Francisco fellas?

No. He's from here. West Hollywood.


- Hey, cheeks! Shh!

This is where you live?

Yeah. Why?

You must have moved in after the Clampetts left for Beverly Hills.

Bye, Rose. I'll see you tomorrow!

Have a good time! Okay.

This is Bob.

Oh, hi, Bob. Hi, Rose.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, the star of the show... the man who's famous throughout the world... for his candelabra... and his piano...

Mr. Showmanship...



Now, this next part of the boogie woogie is so strange, it really calls for an explanation.

It's called a boogie woogie break.

When I'm playing it and I stop at a certain point... you're going to think I've forgotten the music.

But I didn't forget the music.

There's just no music written for that part.

That's why they call it a break.


Oh, this is fun.

Let's try something.

Suppose only the ladies in the audience this time, okay?

All the girls together.


Oh, that was terrific.

Okay, fellas. It's your turn now.


I love it! That was terrific!

You see, George? I told you men do come to my concerts.

Well, I really appreciate it.

And I know somebody else out in the audience who appreciates it, too. And that's my mom.

Mom, I tell you what.

Let them hear it from you... and I'll play it just for you.

Okay, Mom?


Oh, Mom, you're in the groove tonight.

I really thank you all for joining me in this boogie woogie.

I'd like to try a little experiment.

I've been playing this boogie woogie at eight beats to the bar.

I'd like to try playing it now at 16 beats to the bar.


He's incredible!

Thank you. Thank you very much.

- Thank you. Bravo.

You know...

No, that's all right. Stare as long as you want.

I mean, you paid for it.

You know, I always get asked... "How do you play the piano with all those rings on your fingers?"

And I always tell them, "Very well indeed."

Thank you.

And now I'd like to introduce another pair of piano-playing hands to join me in a duet.

My protégé and friend, Mr. Billy Leatherwood!

Oh, look!

A matched pair of queens.


It's funny that this crowd would like something this gay.

Oh, they have no idea he's gay.

There's Ray. See him? In the black.

Come on, come on!

Ray! Ray.


I'm so glad you made it! We loved it. Thank you so much.

This is my friend, Scott Thorson.

Hi. Nice to meet you. Hi.

That was really something. Thank you.

Come on back and say hi to Lee. You sure?

Yes, he'd love to see you!

Lee? Look who's here!

Hello, Bobby! Lee, you were fantastic!

This is my friend, Scott Thorson.

His first time in Las Vegas.

A lost babe in the woods, huh?

It's like a Disney movie. Little Bambi.

Very nice to meet you.

You were incredible out there.

Oh, I'm just a piano player.

But everybody did seem to enjoy themselves, didn't they?

You were great, too, Billy.

Ray, why don't we fix everybody a drink?

All right. I'm not going to have one.

I still have another show to do.

What... you're going to do that all over again?

I don't know how you do that.

Oh, aren't you sweet!

It's not bad for an old bag, huh?

Oh, you look fantastic!

And those bits with the audience are gold!

They work every time.

I stage this show once a year.

It works the same way every single night.

I'll tell you, when I was working saloons in my youth-- back in Milwaukee, they called them saloons.

That's how old I am.

I'm from Wisconsin, too.

No! You are?

Well, this must be fate.

One night, this audience asked me to play this popular hit parade song called "Three Little Fishes".

It barely had a melody, it wasn't a challenge at all... but I played it, you know, and they were happy.

And then, I don't know where it came from... but I got this inspiration to play it as if it was composed by Strauss.

And they loved it! They ate it up!

You would have thought that I invented the piano.

And I knew right then it was all about giving them a good time.

And that's what I'm all about.

I love to give people a good time.

Bobby, you boys staying in town tonight?

Oh, yes. It's too late to drive back to L.A.

Lee, why don't we have the boys over for brunch tomorrow?

No, that's too much for you.

No, no. That's a great idea!

Of course! Let's do it.

But after 3:00, okay?

'Cause I need my beauty sleep.

Welcome, gypsies!

Is this a palace?

Lee thinks he's King Ludwig II.

Who's he? The Liberace of Bavaria.

Oh, is he a piano player, too?



Almost time for a dip.

I'm sorry I'm so informal.

So happy you all could come.

Don't these things belong in an oven?

He's so mean to my babies.

I mean, this is my family.

And this is Baby Boy.

Baby Boy, he's very old. He's deaf, and he's blind.

I'm his seeing eye person.

I could get something to help clear up his eyes.

- Scott works with animals. Oh.

I worked for a vet you know, for a while, and we had a lot of poodles with eye problems.

Oh, that would be fabulous!

No one's been able to help my little Baby Boy.

I hate to see him suffer.

I think my favorite review is from San Francisco, when they said: "Liberace was no Rubinstein... but then Rubinstein is no Liberace."

This is my houseboy, Carlucci.

He rules the roost around here.

Thank you.


- What? Pig in a blanket.

You want a pig in a blanket?

No. Thanks.

After lunch, I'll give you a guided tour.


I do all my own decorating.

I just love it.

I call this "palatial kitsch".

Right. Don't you just love that?

I never saw so many pianos.

Oh, I never touch them.

Mama made me play every day in my childhood.

Didn't have any friends.

So now I never play... when I play.

These are actual Roman columns.


I personally support the entire Austrian rhinestone business.

It's too bad you're so big, you could try one of these on.

So, Scott, do you have any family left?

Oh, no, not really.

My mom's been in and out of places, you know, for my whole life.

Oh, really?

And I have two sisters... and a brother, and then four half-brothers and sisters... from two different fathers.

Most of them live with their fathers.

The rest of us, like me and Wayne, we were sent to state-run homes... and then Mom would come get us and we'd live with her for a while, then... she'd have her troubles again and they'd have to put her away so we'd get split up and sent to foster homes.

But I was really lucky. I ended up with Rose and Joe.

You know, a really nice family, on a ranch..

You know, with animals.

Sure, because it was a ranch!

What a story!

You got everything but a fire in the orphanage.

But the ranch is where you got to like animals, and...

I guess.

And I am going to try and get that medicine for Baby Boy.

You remembered his name.

That would be wonderful.

I'm going to give you my private number.

It's unlisted.

Now, I'm counting on you... so don't you forget.

You'd better not walk onto my stage with a ketchup stain.

Like anyone would give a shit.

He's so unprofessional.

- Hello? Hi. This is Scott... Thorson.

- I'm sorry, who? Scott. I'm Bob's friend.

I was at L-- his house. I have medicine for his dog.

Hold on.

A Scott somebody. Who?

Friend of Bob's. who was at your house. Oh, Scott!

He has medicine?

Scott, is that you?

Hi. Um... Yeah...


No, no. Please, just call me Lee.

Lee. Okay.

I have the medicine for your poodle. For his eyes?

Oh, my savior!

I was going to just tuck it in the mail tomorrow morning... and it should be there, you know, in a few days.

Oh, no, no. I don't want Baby Boy to have to wait that long.

Why don't you just book a flight and come up this evening?

At my expense.

It's not that important.

Scott, why don't you let me decide what's important.

You know, you'd be doing me a great favor if you'd fly up here this evening.

And I promise you I'll fly you right back to L.A. after my first show.

- I promise. Okay.

Alone at last.

Thank you so much for bringing my baby's medicine.

No problem. He's going to be fine.

What would you like to do with your life, Scott?

What's your dream?

I want to be a veterinarian.

Oh, don't you just love animals?

So do I.

You know, because they love you, no matter what.

That's what makes them dumb animals, I guess.

If they really knew who we were, they'd have nothing to do with us.

Scott, I...

I feel like I can trust you.

And I have to talk to someone.

I've got myself in a terrible mess.

What is it?

It's Billy. My protégé.

I've created a monster. A monster!

I gave him everything.

I put his name in lights-- I made him famous. What did he do?

Well, he's out of control! He's ruining me!

He's ruining my image! I can't stand bad publicity!

My fans, you know?

Unfortunately, they're not dumb animals.

He's just... he's done terrible things!

He's breaking my heart.

It's just he's drinking heavily, he's getting into fights.

And I can't get rid of him!

He's under contract for six months!

I'm going to be ruined!

I just wish his wife would come and take him away.

His wife?

Hand me a towel, please.

Thank you.

I never know whether people like me for me, or what they can get out of me.

You know, because I'm Liberace.

Walter Liberace, for God's sakes!

I mean, can you imagine?

I mean, Walter's fine for Pidgeon, but Liberace?

It was the only thing my father gave me.

He was a French horn player.

He left us for an oboist.

So that's why you're so musical?

No, that man had nothing to do with it.

My talent comes from God.

Everybody wants a piece of me, a piece of the action.

My brother George, he performs in some small club.

You know what the marquee says?

"Liberace", in big letters.

I built that name. It's my name.

That's not his.

"Gimme, gimme, gimme."

No one I can trust, no one I can talk to.

I hate my life sometimes. I really do.

No. No, it's true.

No matter how many people are around, I'm all by myself.

Like, I'm with people-- they're not really my family or my friends.

You know what that feels like?

Yeah. I do.


Yes, you do.

You've been good for me, Scott.


Now. Just now.

Oh, you mean talking and-- Yes, you know.

And listening.

You're very good at listening.

People... take...

You know what?

I have a great idea.

Why don't you come work for me?

As what?

Well, you could be my secretary.

I don't type.

Hell, Scott, I can pay people to type.

I need a companion. A bodyguard.

Someone to keep people off my back.

Someone I can talk to the way we talked tonight.

You'd be my right-hand man.

You can take care of the animals.


Say yes, Scott.

Would you close the drapes on the window, Scott?


It's really pretty at night.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to scare you like that.

Yeah, I just...

Things are moving really fast.

Maybe I should just get a room for tonight.

Oh, nonsense.

Look, I completely understand and I promise I'll stay on my side of the bed.

I promise.

Good morning.

Well, look who's up!

You're making a mistake here. Listen to me.

- I worked for that old fag in his Hollywood house! Joe!

Oh, I'm not saying it for that.

I'm saying it's not a fit place for Scott!

You don't know him like I know him.

Is this the kind of life you want for yourself?

It's a job, Rose.

And it pays better than getting two.

Yeah, and you know what they call that kind of job.

That's not what this is.

Look, he's old.

He doesn't like me just for that.

Do you even like this man?

Yeah. I really do.

He's lonely.

I can take care of him.

And he can take care of me.

My eyes are open, Rose.

I promise.

Mr. Thorson!

Seymour Heller, Lee's manager.

Lee's expecting you.

Is it any good?

It's amazing.

I love to cook.

We'll be a couple of fat biddies in no time.

Great, 'cause I love to eat.

Come here, you.

She's going to see us.

People only see what they want to see, Scott.

Oh, God! Oh, God!

Oh, my God.

We'll go shopping tomorrow.

After cooking and sex, I think shopping's the reason to get up every day.

And it helps so many people.

Do you mind if I ask you something?

How do you stay hard for so long? I mean... that was the fourth time since lunch.

You make me feel so young.

And I've had implants.

I've had quite a drive, you know, as well and... you know, I've had problems.

And it's a terrible thing when you have such a desire and the equipment doesn't work.

It's like wanting to sing and being tone deaf.

And no one knows.

You're the only one I told.

You see what you mean to me?

Lee, I think-- just a minute.

I should just tell you...

I'm bisexual.

I like women, too.

Well, good for you.

I love women!

I wish I could be that flexible.

Make things so much easier.

I am so sick of getting fan mail about my engagement to Sonja Henie.

As if I would marry an ice skater.

Please-- I mean, those thighs.

No, I was a goner from my first time.

He was a Green Bay Packer.

He came to hear me play at one of my saloons.

I couldn't miss him-- the guy was the size of the door.

That's how I lost my virginity.

Isn't that romantic?

You know, I tried to make myself love women.

I'd stare at women's bosoms and their backsides, you know, trying to feel something.

You see, I knew... from being Catholic what happened to boys like me.

And I went to confession.

Of course, I couldn't confess everything.

The problem was, according to Catholics... not confessing a sin is also considered a sin... so, you know, I was damned if I do, damned if I didn't.

I can't believe you're still Catholic.


The turning point for me... was Kennedy getting assassinated.

I was working non-stop and I was sick.

I felt terrible.

We found out later... that when those heavy costumes I wear get dry cleaned... they use this tetrachloride solution.

I would sweat... and it'd get absorbed into my bloodstream... and shut down my kidneys.

Can you imagine?

But no one knew.

So I'm watching the assassination on TV and I think... at least I'll have a few days off.

I mean, nobody's going to come see me perform this weekend.

But, no. No, Seymour made me work.

They thought I was dying.

They couldn't figure out what was wrong.

I mean, everything's bloated.

I'm drowning in my own fluids.

They put me on dialysis and I'm thinking... the only thing that's going to get me through this is prayer.

Sometime within these 36 hours of treatment...

I wake up, and there's this nun in an all-white habit sitting beside my bed.

I said I wanted to pray, and she told me not to waste my strength.

And she assured me I would live.

Next day, my kidneys start to work.

The doctors were amazed!

They admitted to me they had given up hope.

So I asked to see the nun... to thank her for giving me strength, and... they said, "Oh, no, there's no nun here that fits that description."

"There are no nuns here that wear all-white habits."

And I knew.

I knew my life would not have been spared if being gay was the sin that the Church said it was.

I was saved... because God looks upon me with special favor.

That nun... was a messenger.


Isn't that something?

But, Scott-- men, women-- you know, who cares?

What's important is to be yourself.

You just be who you are, baby boy.

Don't eat all of this.

You'll be angry that your panties are tight.


You want some, Scott? Mm-mm.


These are delicious.


Have one.

Does he do that every night?


♪ Have yourself a merry little Christmas... ♪ Be careful, Scott.

♪ Let your heart be light... ♪ Perfect.

♪ From now on, our troubles ♪

♪ Will be out of sight... ♪ He made you a pesto panini.


Did you bring my Fresca?


Here's what's going to happen. You listening?

You think you're so hot and sexy with your hard ass and that bisexual bullshit.

You know how many there have been?

Bobby, Hans, Chase.

Oh, and some country boy stripper who was so dumb he wore his G-string backwards.

He got rid of all of them.

But I'm still here.

And one day, Lee is going to call Seymour... and he's going to tell him to get rid of you.



Oh, excuse me. I was--


Right here, baby boy.

You've never seen me without my hair, have you?

Terrible. Terrible, isn't it?

But the pieces, they're great.

You know what I'm going to do?

I'm going to put you in charge of my wigs.

I only do that for people I trust.

- Would you like that? Lee, I'm sorry, but...

I think maybe this was a mistake.

What's wrong? What?

I can't do this.

I can't live like this, in this house.

I mean, everybody looks down on me.

Carlucci is always on my ass about something.

He's treating me like I'm the houseboy.

I just, I can't live like this.

I'm sorry.

I don't want to see you depressed.

When you have a sad face, then I feel sad.

But it's not sad, it's... This isn't working.

Well, then I've failed.

Because you have made me so happy... over these past few months.

And if I haven't made you happy...

Your happiness means everything to me, Scott.

I just don't know what to do.

Why do I love you?

I love you not only for what you are But for what I am when I'm with you I love you not only for what you have made of yourself But for what you are making of me.

I love you for ignoring the possibilities... of the fool in me And for accepting the possibilities of the good in me.

Why do I love you?

I love you for closing your eyes to the discords in me.

And for adding to the music in me by worshipful listening

No, I don't like it.

It makes it better. I don't want it.

Oh. Oh!

I've always wanted children.

I regret that-- not having children.

I love Christmas. I think I'd be a good daddy, don't you think? Oh, you're such a loving man.


Well, maybe I'll adopt you.

I want you to take the money that you're earning... and buy a house here in Las Vegas.

I'll co-sign.

But it'll be in your name, so... you'll have some security.

Would you like that?

Lee... are you serious?

I want to be everything to you, Scott.

I want to be father... brother... lover... best friend.


You know I love you.

Does that mean anything to you?

Maybe all those years... all those foster homes... maybe I'm your real family.

♪ I've found a brand new idol ♪

♪ He's charming as can be ♪

♪ I really can't describe ♪

♪ The strange effect he has on me... ♪

♪ I start to shake, I start to shiver... ♪

♪ And every fiber in my being seems to quiver... ♪ Want to smell that?

♪ It's a feeling very close to ecstasy ♪

♪ That's what happens when Liberace winks at me ♪

- Isn't she sweet? Mmm.

She's got a little bit of a Judy thing going on, don't you think?


You look hot.

I do, don't I?

The wink?

That was my idea.

- Yeah? Mm-hmm.

I was the first person in television to look directly into the camera.

I was the first matinee idol in television.

I was the one had the idea of putting the candelabra up on the piano, you know?

I saw an old Merle Oberon movie when I got the idea. From, uh... about Chopin.

What was the name of that...? "A Song to Remember"!

Really? That's like your trademark!

I know. Who knew?



So, really, no matter what you did, you were just... meant to be famous.

I guess so.


( Groans Hello.

Oh, hi. Yeah, hold on.

It's Seymour.

I told him not to call this number.

I told you not to call this number.

Hi, Lee. I'm sorry, I have to talk to you about these dates.

We've got six months of bookings.

I already told you the dates I would do.

I'm not working after Thanksgiving during the holidays. Especially now.

But you can make double on holiday shows.

Take a vacation later.

Seymour, I do not want to be the richest piano player in the grave.

Forget it. No, definitely not.

You're already working too hard.

Lee, give the phone to Scott. I have a question for him.

Hey, Seymour.

Hey, Scott.

Why don't you stay out of my fucking business?

Now give me back to Lee.

Mm-hmm. Okay.

No, you cannot come for dinner tomorrow night.

I'm making pork.

Okay. Bye-bye.

Ay-yi-yi! Oy!

Doesn't he get insulted when you don't invite him over for dinner?

He gets 10% of every dollar I earn.

I don't have to take him out for dinner.

And I don't want any company.

I want my blond Adonis all to myself.

Oh, shit!

Shit, shit, shit!

Carson! Oh, hurry! Hurry!

Have we missed my performance?

Oh. Tsk.

Oh, my Christ! I look like my father!

I look like my father in drag!

I look like my father in "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte"!

I would say a full face lift... with silicone implants to prevent the return of the lines around the mouth.

My feeling?

Why go through all of the work and the money... just to have it all fall down within a year?

You pay good money, it should last.

Some of these doctors, they keep you coming back and paying, time after time.

I don't believe in it. No, you're right.

You know, I had all this done a while ago, but I don't think he was as good as you are.

I'm going to recommend a deep face peel after the face lift.

You're going to look fabulous!

You'll look as young as Scott here.

Oh, thank you! I feel so much better.

I mean, that Carson show was like looking at Dorian Gray wither away in public.

But what about the press?

How do we keep this a secret?

We rent you a fully furnished apartment under an alias until the bandages come off.

No one will know.

After that, you can recuperate as you like.

Jack, I wish I'd met you sooner.

I would still have had a movie career!

That was my real dream-- to be a movie star.

Now, Jack, I want to talk to you about doing some surgery on Scott here.



What would you like me to do with Scott?

I want you to make Scott look like this.

Can you do that?

Oh, I see.

Yes, I think I can do what you want.

He's going to need a nose job.

And I'm going to have to restructure his cheekbones and his chin with silicone implants, but it's not impossible.

But first we have to slim him down!

I have a terrific diet. The California Diet.

Guaranteed loss of 15 pounds in four weeks.

Are you fucking kidding me?

The man wants to spend money to make you thinner, prettier, and younger and you are thinking about not doing it.

But I am young.

Honey, in gay years, you're Judy during the Sid Luft obese period.


They were talking about me like I wasn't even there.

If Lee doesn't get what he wants, you won't be.

Well, I guess I should be flattered, him wanting me to look like him.

Imitation's the highest form.

That's what they tell drag queens when they're born.

Oh, I don't know, man.

I mean, won't it be weird looking in a mirror and not recognizing myself?

Should we take the Auburn or the Camaro?

I just don't understand why I cannot keep my hair on during the procedure.

If I die, I want you to get in here--

I don't care if you have to slap it on with Elmer's-- before anybody sees me.

You're not going to die.

Oh, you are doing so well, Lee!

Isn't he doing well?

I guess it's time to get started on you, huh?

First, we're going to do something about that weight.

The California Diet.

Those pounds will just fall off!

You look, easily, right now... like a man in his mid-40s.

Will I be able to close my eyes?

Not entirely.

But this way, you'll always be able to see people's expressions when they see how fabulous you look.

Sweetie, you're snoring.


Sweetie, you're snoring.

Oh, look at you!

My Adonis is coming back. Really?

Come here.

What are these for?

Post surgery.

Okay, but I stay on the California Diet?

Perfectly safe.

Just keep taking those.

And one of these is a prescription for my own special diet pill.

Uh, I want a dimple on my chin.

Scott, Lee doesn't have a dimple on his chin.

I know, but...

You know, it's my face.

Not too deep, just a little one.


You think Lee'll be mad?

Sleep tight, my baby boy.

I'll see you on the other side.

Scott, it's so good to hear your voice.

I'm sorry, Rose.

Just with Lee's schedule, it's been so crazy.

I didn't say it to make you feel bad.

So talk to me. How are you?

You taking care of yourself?

I'm great.

I've lost a whole lot of weight, actually.

What for? You always had such a nice build.

No, no, it's a healthy thing.

It's the California Diet.

Lee and I did it together.

He's really into self-improvement.


How is Mr. Lee-berace?

He's great.

Actually, we're going to see some lawyers tomorrow... because, um, he wants to adopt me.

Adopt you?

I don't understand.

Why would a grown man want to adopt another grown man?

So we can be family.

I don't understand.

In the state of Nevada, if you're over 18, you have the right to be adopted... whether your parents are living or deceased.

So it won't be an issue.

Well, then-- that's great.

Now, John, I want to make this perfectly clear.

I don't want a word of this out there until the adoption is complete. Not a word.

As your lawyer, I'm legally bound not to discuss it.

I know, but, you know, in casual conversation.

No one...

I mean, no one has ever been closer to me than this young man.

I want to make sure he's taken care of forever... no matter what happens to me.

The coat costs $300,000.

It is made entirely of virgin white fox.

The train is 16 feet long-- that is the longest in the world.

It was designed exclusively for him by Anna Nateece.

It has $100,000 worth of Austrian crystals which line it.

And that is why it is the only coat in the world with its own chauffeur and car.

Oh, my God!

Would you sign this? Sure, yes.

- Please. My name is Sue. Sue.

But, dear, you can ask him.

Oh, I know.

There you are.

$3. Thank you.

You're Liberace's son, aren't you?

So, how you doing, Ma?

You happy?

It is what it is.

Well, is the nurse working out for you?

Yeah, I think so.

I mean, they're fine.

So, is there anything that you need?


No, I'm just lonely, that's all.

You can't do anything for loneliness.

Well, you've got George and Dora, right?

They're a few minutes away. Don't they come down for a visit?

Same faces.

Every day, same faces.

So, do you want me to bring Angie from L.A.?

Bring her down? Oh, no!

No, don't need that.

Please, I don't need that. No.

No. All I need is to be near you.

But you know out here, all alone, I don't know... it's every day the same. You know, but you, you have-- it's too much.

Oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh, oh, oh.

But I know... it's too much.

You always going to give everything, you're so busy-- it's too much! I understand.

Give my son some more iced tea, please.

This will be good for you, not this.


Thank you.

Oh, thank you so much.


You're all just so wonderful.

I feel so close to you all.

I feel like I can tell you something that I haven't told anyone at all.

But you have to promise it stays in this room.

In my early days... before sound was invented...

Well, I look pretty good for 35, don't I?

Well, anyway, back then, classical piano players always wore black tuxedos.

Plain old black tuxedos.

My mother, she wanted me to be classical... but I just couldn't stay out of the saloons.

But I did have a concert at the Hollywood Bowl... and I was excited.

If you've never been there, it's open air-- it's tremendous!

It's got 10,000 people!

I show up for the rehearsal, and I look at this vast... this beautiful, enormous open-air theater.

And I look at the black piano.

I think, "Hmm."

"Black piano, black tuxedo."

"Who is going to see me in this giant clam shell?"

Well, I ask you... can you see me now?

All I'm saying is.. why can't we have fun?

Kvetch, kvetch, kvetch! See people, you know?

Go to a party every once in a while.

All I do is give, give, give! Maybe see somebody.

And no matter how much I buy you, it's never enough!

I'm not asking you to buy me anything, Lee.

I'm just-- I'm crawling the walls a little, that's all.

Why can't we see people?

What are you talking about?

I took you to the Jim Nabors- Dom DeLuise concert.

That was... that was one time.

Scott, I'm tired. I work all night.

This is not an inexpensive life. I know, but you don't even let me go out by myself!

Why? I don't know!

Just to go out and see people and talk to them. Just for a break!

A break from me?

Why do you need a break from me?

I don't need a break from--

I mean for you to come with me!

I can't say anything right.

Please don't be unhappy.

I can't stand it when you have a face like that.

Especially after the money I paid for it.

Oh, you want it back?

You want me to invite Charo for brunch again?

You liked her. Yeah, I like her fine, but--

But what?! What is it with you? It's never enough!

What more can I give?

I'm not--

I'm happy, okay? I am.

It's just... you have to try to understand... being somebody's boyfriend?

This is not exactly the life that I had planned for myself, you know?

I mean, I was going to be a veterinarian.

You want to help animals?

Pick up the dog shit.

And you listen to me.

You stop taking those pills, okay?

Jack gives you too much.

He's got some people addicted, I hear.

You're getting too thin, you're always in a mood.

People are noticing. Oh, who? Seymour?

Seymour hates me.

They all hate me. See, this is what I mean.

It's that shit talking!

Hey, you know what a woman said to me in the casino today?

She asked me if I was Liberace's son.

- Really? Mm-hmm.


Come here. No.

Come here. Come here.

You don't get anything. You get nothing.

I get it all.

Yes, I do. Please. Can I ask you a question?

Yes. Can we go out?


Walter was a twin.

Really? He never told me.

Yeah, but the twin was born dead.

But Walter...

Walter, he weighed 13 pounds.

Even in the womb, he wanted more than anyone else!

What's a mother to do?

She loves the child more.

Now the world must give him what he needs.


God. God gives us the power.

It's not luck.

It's who you are.

Oh! Whoa!

I win, I win!

I win, I win. Look, look, look, I wi--



Lee. What? What is it?

She won, but there's no money in the machine.

Oh, for chrissakes.

I don't have any change.

She won big.

Do you have anything?

Gladys, do you have any cash on you?

So, Ma, this is all we have.

But look how much I won.

No, I know, but we don't have any more cash.


Okay. Okay.

So I'll take a check.

Are you proposing to me?

I just don't have a lot of ready cash available, so...

I can't go to Lee, 'cause he doesn't want me taking it anymore.

Well, that's silly.

He wants you to stay skinny, doesn't he?


I mean, I'd like to wean myself off it... eventually, but, uh...

I have it under manageable control now.

I don't even think I'm going to take them on the European tour.

Totally up to you.

The body flushes it out.

There are no studies that show it's addicting.

It's perfectly fine.

You look terrific, by the way.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God.

How does he get that whole thing down his throat?

It's bigger than his head!

It's a freak show!

I don't know how you can be gay and be such a prude.

I'm bisexual.

Well, which half likes women?

I haven't met that half yet.

You know, you're such a booper.

Such a party pooper-booper.

I don't even know why you need that.

I don't need it.

I enjoy it. It enhances it.

Sexuality is something beautiful.

Right. So how can you watch those disgusting things being done?

Disgusting is in the eyes of the disgusting.

There's nothing wrong with any part of the human body.

It's all God's creation.

Well, God didn't make certain parts for certain things.

It's variety, Scott.

It's what keeps a relationship fresh.

You know, you are such a prude!

I am not.

Then why won't you let me fuck you sometime?

Forget it. Why not?

Because I don't like it. Why?

Because it's kind of repugnant.

I'm repugnant?

No! Not you.


That. Doing that.

Only when it's done to you.


I can't help it.

- Well, you never tried it. Oh, God!

Because I know I wouldn't like it.

If you loved me, you'd try it.

If you loved me, you wouldn't ask me to do something I hate.

Oh, God!

All of a sudden we're sounding like a gay Lucy and Ricky.

"Oh, Ricky, you wouldn't fuck me up the ass if you really loved me."

Why am I the Lucy?

Because I'm the bandleader with the nightclub act.


Hold on.

It's your sister.

Angie, what?



Did you call... what's his name?

Okay. Okay.

All right, let me call Seymour on this.

It'll be first thing in the morning.



Lee, what?

Mama died.

Oh, no.

Oh, no.

Oh, Lee, I'm so sorry.

You have been amazing these past few days.

We haven't even had a chance to talk.

How are you feeling?

I'm free.

You're going to love this.

Mm-mm. Come on. Just this one time.

No, I don't want to.

Pooch, pooch, pooch, come on. Ride my little scooter!

You can ride my little scooter!

Don't tickle me. Let's see.

Oh, daddy!




Someone's in here! What the fuck?!

What are you doing?

Why was I on the couch?

Because I couldn't bear you last night.

And if you keep taking that junk, you'll be lucky to stay on the couch.

Well, about last night-- I'm not ready for apologies yet, okay.

Apology? Fuck you!

You are a well-known star.

Are you out of your mind?

Going to a place like that?

What if somebody recognized you... and called the papers?

I mean, Jesus!

When the London papers said I was gay, I took them to court and won the lawsuit.

They retracted the story and they paid for it.

Only because they didn't have a witness of you in a room of dildos... with your dick hanging out in a glory hole.

Are you out of your fucking mind?!

Jesus, if Seymour found out.

I mean, the millions he spends... keeping fans thinking you just haven't met the right woman?

Oh, Scott, you're right.

You're so right-- I got to stop.

Never again, I promise, never again.

I swear to God.

You're so good for me.

I don't know what it is.

I can't stop myself sometimes.

It's like a drug... you know?

Like when you need a stronger fix each time?

You have to help me.

I'll do whatever you want... you crazy old queen.

You know that.

Just keep loving me.

But I want you to stop seeing Dr. Startz.

I mean it.

The entrance? Showstopper. Thank you.


Finally, you come to one of my shows.

No, I was here last year, remember?

So, this is new, right?

I have new costumes every year-- it's in my contract. You like it?

You did it again.

It just gets bigger and bigger, right?

One day, Lee, I think you're going to play the piano while you fly.

Ray's working on that.

Scott, why don't you get him a drink? You heard the maestro.

- Do your thing, Lee. Bonjour!

You guys, how did you like the pool?

What would you like?

The money you owe me from last time and a Jim Beam neat.

I don't have any cash right now.

- Did you wear your little Speedos? I did.

I'll accept whatever's handy, guy.

Did you notice the "L" on the front?

It was missing an "A" on the back.

You're cute.

- You are very cute. Stop.

I like that.

So, how is the songwriting going?


I had some positive feedback.

When are you going to let me hear one of your songs?

I don't know. Why?

'Cause I'm afraid you wouldn't like it.

But I'm proud of what you're doing!

I'm like a proud papa!

I think it's great!

Maybe when I'm done with this one, you can hear it.

Whenever you want me to hear.

Scott, we should talk.

I think our relationship is in a really good place, don't you?

Mm-hmm. I do.

So I think it'd be a good thing for us... if we were able to see other people, too.

I don't mean like you and me.

I mean, nothing will ever be like us.

I just know there are things that I like to do that you don't... and things that you like to do that I don't.

And I just think that we're in such a good place that we can allow each other... you know, to do that and still love each other and stay together.

What do you think?

Okay. You know, if that's what you want.

I think it'd be good for us.

I really do.

Lee, he is just a friend!

He is helping me with my songs!

I told you I had meetings with him!

You're just like the rest of them.

All I do is give and give and give.

All you want is what you can get out of me.

I bet you can't wait for me to die so you can get everything!

- Hey, the will was your idea! Jekyll and Hyde!

That's what you are!

I never know who's going to show up!

God knows what you do when I'm onstage.

- I don't do anything! How many others are there, huh?

- How many?! There aren't any others, Lee, I'm telling you!

Well, I'm telling you, you can't have it all.

It's either me or nothing.

Me or him.

Who? He's a friend!

He's a fuck buddy!

If anybody's fucking around, it's you.

I know you, Lee. You haven't wanted it from me in weeks.

Don't tell me you've been doing without, you old queen.

Who the hell do you think you're talking to?

...people out here, and it seems a bit out of control.

Where's Lee?

Have a couple of guys come help with security, wait on the stairs at night, just to stop the crowds.

- Otherwise... Hey, Jim, how's the house tonight?

♪ Every time I sing my song ♪

♪ It takes me right to you ♪

♪ I want to make you smile each day ♪

♪ And see your dreams come true ♪

♪ I want to hear you laugh for joy ♪

♪ Oh, boy, how much I do! ♪

♪ 'Cause every time I sing my song ♪

♪ I belong with you ♪ Every time I hum your tune ?

♪ It brings you straight to me ♪

♪ I want to fill your day with bells ♪

♪ And play your melody ♪

♪ I love the music that we share ♪

♪ I care, oh, that I do! ♪

♪ And every time I sing my song... ♪ You know, it's been my dream to be on the Academy Awards, and finally I am.

Isn't that fabulous?

I'm going to play a medley of the nominated scores and then present the award for Best Score.

Just to be able to hold one of those gold statues.

I know exactly what I'm going to wear.

Cary, do me a favor. Can you get me a towel?

Of course, of course.

I want to hear about that outfit when I come back.

Who are you talking to, Mumbles?


What's the matter?

Why is he always hanging around?




That boy that you want to fuck from Young Americans.

Oh, please.

Oh, please.

Why is that little bitch always in our dressing room?

Cary is my opening act, Scott.

He can come and go as he pleases.

Are you fucking him?

Are you stoned?

No, I'm upset!

Can't you tell the difference?

No, I can't. But if you're on that shit--

- I'm warning you... I'm not! I'm upset!

I will not put up with this anymore. Don't change the subject!

- Stop that! Stop it! I know you, Lee!

I'm exhausted!

I work, you know?

And I have to meet Seymour very early in the morning about the Academy Awards presentation.

I see you looking at him.


That boy.

I watch you watch him.

I think he's very talented.

I have an eye for new and refreshing talent.

You have an eye for new and refreshing dick.

You're disgusting.

If you're so interested in talent... have you listened to my songs?

I haven't had a chance to give it my full attention.

Are you tired of me?

Am I too old for you?

Well, this song you're singing is beginning to get a little old.

I don't want him around after the shows anymore.

What a little brat you've become.

I thought you liked being around people your own age.

You're always complaining we're never with anyone else, you know?

You said we weren't doing the "seeing other people" thing anymore!

We're not! Then how come we haven't been together for so long?

Because you're always stoned and you can't get it up!

I can get it up!

Oh, Christ, I hit a nerve. I can get it up!!!

All right, all right! I know you!

You can barely make it through a performance without wanting to fuck!

Where do you get it? It's terrible the way you talk to me!

You're getting it on the outside!

Where do you go? You're terrible!

Do you go to the White House? Where my mother died?

Are you insane? Oh, so you do go somewhere.

Where, huh?

Where, Lee?!

You're being paranoid, Scott, because of that shit.

Now, I am warning you... this better stop.

So who's doing the arrangements for the medley?

I'll find out. Probably Bill or his assistant.

I bet that Vangelis kid wins, you know?

I'm hearing him all over the radio.

I'm going to L.A. for the afternoon.

I'll be back in time for the show.

I just want to make sure I have enough rehearsal time.

And now he's going to use me, use me up and toss me out, I know he is, I know he is.

This one's rigged.

- I love him, you know? That one's not rigged.

I love him.

I mean... he's been my whole world.

He's my, he's my best friend.

He's been better, better than a father.

He was going to adopt me. You know that?

Really? You can adopt someone you're fucking?

That's a great law.

He said he always wanted to make sure

- that I was taken care of. Right.

Look, you're practically married, right?

Nobody ever took care of me the way he did.

I have nothing without him.

I don't even have my own fucking face!

My fucking face is fucking gone for-fucking-ever, man!!

Hey, hey, hey. Tranquilo, okay?

Calm down.

Look at me. You're practically married, right?

So, he should take care of you in the style to which you are accustomed.

That's a law, too.

I'm in the will, but... a lot of good that does me now.

Being with him's like a full-time job, correct?

- 25 hours a day. Yeah. So three words:

Sev-er-ance, all right?

People who get fired get compensated.

He's my whole world.

There you are, you cocksucking tenor fuck.

There's a call for you.

Joe Carracappa.

- Joe! Hey, Scott.

Hey, I'm sorry, I have to run.

I have to make an entrance.

Rose... passed away this morning, Scott.


- She's been sick. For how long?

A while.

She never said anything to me.

You know how she is.


Can you come home, Scott? It'd be good to see you.

We're having services.


Yeah, of course.

I am so excited.

The Academy Awards has been a dream of mine.

That and Radio City Music Hall.

One down, one to go.

My mom wants "On Golden Pond" to win everything.

Yes, wouldn't that be sweet for the old folks to win?

And I'm so glad that Jane Fonda stopped all those causes of hers and made a nice movie with her father.

I just don't understand people like her and Ed Asner, shouting their opinions all over the place.

Listen to me, because you're all on your way.

When one reaches star status, it is not an invitation to show everyone how to change the world.

It is not our business to change the world.

We are here to entertain the world... and to sell drinks and souvenirs.

These kids better go get ready for the next show if they're going to entertain anybody.

Will you watch us tonight?

We put a new song in just for you.

Of course I will! Especially if you put in a new song for me.

Go on now.

I'm going to get my beauty nap.

Lee. Please, do not start an argument.

I have to eat, and take my nap before the next show.

I have no time.

I got a call today... from Joe Carracappa.

The family that I lived with when I met you.

And Rose... my--

Joe's wife.

She died.

Oh, Scott, I...

I'm so sorry, Scott.

She was your favorite, wasn't she?

There is a funeral tomorrow... in Los Angeles.

I will be booking a ticket in the morning.

No, no, no, no. I don't know what time I'm going to get back.

I'll call Seymour in the morning, okay?

And I'll hire a Learjet and you can take that.

And this way it'll be more private and you won't have to worry about reservations.

You come back any time that you're ready tomorrow.

Come on, now.

It's just been so long since we've been nice to each other... and I was forgetting what it felt like.

Well, let's just keep being nice to each other, hmm?

How about that?

Hi, Gladys.

- Hey. Hey, kid.

I didn't know you were visiting.

Lee invited me for the day. I heard about Rose.

Yeah. I'm sorry.


Where's Lee?

He has his final fitting for the Oscars.

Come out by the pool when you've settled in.

Hey, Bob?

What's going on? What?

It just feels weird.

Is there something I don't know about?




Last night... you know, the kid that he... Right?

Cary, I think his...

We should move you to the Palm Springs house this afternoon.

Let's wait in the den.

I'm not calling him. So don't.

I mean, he's in the wrong.

He should call me and apologize to me.

He fooled around on you.

I mean, who's the injured party here, guy?

I'm not calling him.

So if his phone doesn't ring, it's probably you.

It's the only way men learn.

Tell me.

- I am not calling him. So don't.

You scumbag, piece of shit... fairy, fucking queen cocksucker!

- That's what I'm talking about! How dare you!

- Fucking A! How fucking dare you, Lee! I could kill you!

- I could fucking kill you! Yeah, put that in your pipe and smoke it, baby.

He hung up.



Mr. Schnelker.

This is Scott Thorson's brother, Wayne.


He's here to help us.

Now as I said on the phone, Lee wants you to inform Mr. Scott Thorson his employment has been terminated and he must vacate the apartment immediately.

Also, if possible, we'd like you to convince Scott to admit himself to a hospital for treatment, at our expense.

Dorothy, June.

Mr. Heller. He's on the couch.

Stay by the elevator. Wayne?




This is Tracy.

A private investigator.

He's come to ask you to leave.

Get out of my house!

Get out of my house!

- I only came to help. I'm going to fucking get you out.

He's going to get a gun! Has he got a gun?

He has two. Don't let him get the guns.

Let's go, brother.

Stay back!

Stay back, don't you come in here!

I'm calling the police! I'm calling the police!

Back off! Fine.

I wish you would call the police.

Scott, if you would take advantage of our assistance, I'd be happy to call a doctor and we can help you.

Just fucking shut up!

Do you want me to help you? Shut up!

Back off! I will fucking hit you!

Hello, hello? Hello.

Yes, I want the, uh...

- I want the... Scott.

- Who the fuck is this? Scott.

Fucking don't!

I will call the fucking Mafia, and they will come here and bring you to the desert and fucking bury you!

Stay back!



I want to talk to Lee!

I want to talk to Lee.

That's not going to happen, Scott.

You know what? Fine.

If this is how he wants to handle this kind of situation... then I want to leave.

But I am taking all of my personal belongings with me.

All of them, Seymour, or I will fucking sue you!

Listen. You have my word.

If you vacate the apartment now, you can come back during the Academy Awards... and I'll have all your belongings ready for you to pick up.


Stick it in and break it off, huh?

From the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California...


The 54th annual Academy Awards!


Actually, though, it's kind of a cokey piano.

Is it true that you and Liberace made an oral agreement when you first went to work for him

- and moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas? Yes.

You contend that at some later date after making that oral agreement, the oral agreement was put into a written agreement prepared by attorney Joel Strote? Yes.

Where he made certain promises to you. Yes.

- Did you ever sign that written agreement? Yes, I did.

- Did Liberace ever sign that written agreement? Yes.

Did you ever receive a copy of it?

Joel Strote has my copy.

Was there ever any other written agreement between you and Liberace other than this one prepared by Joel Strote?

Yes. The will. My will.

Did you ever execute this will? Yes.

Did anyone witness your executed will?

When you mean "executed", uh...

I didn't sign it yet.

I mean-- He doesn't understand "executed" to mean signing.

What did you mean when you said "executed"?

Well, you mean, did I ever sign it?

No, I never did. No.

Why didn't you ever sign it?

Because Liberace and I were having problems.

What kind of problems?

I felt that he was seeing other people.

Did you ever receive a copy of this will?

Joel Strote kept my copy for me.

Was it your expectation that you would become

- the legally adopted son of Liberace? Yes.

And continue in a sexual relationship with him

- after the adoption? No.

Is that when you thought the sex would stop?

Our relationship towards later on went from a sexual relationship to...

Lee always thought of me as more of a son.

We had our sexual relationship in the beginning of our relationship and it was, more or less, he thought of me as a--

He wanted me to think of him as a, as a father type image.

He thought-- It's just so hard to explain.

His duties were expanded to be a road manager, acting as a buffer for me... you know, for various employees in various hotels... the fans, media, answering the phone... answering knocks on the door... driving me from places of engagement where limousines were not provided for me.

Did you make a gift of three bedroom sets

- to Scott Thorson? No.

Did you make a gift of lamps to Scott Thorson?


Did you make a gift of a water buffalo head, mounted, to Scott Thorson? No.

Did you make a gift of any furniture

- to Scott Thorson? No.

What reason do you have for believing that the furniture and furnishings you think of as gifts were, in fact, not gifts?

Well, this is what I do with all my homes.

I furnish all my homes for people to use.

But that does not mean they can take the furniture with them when they leave.

It's my property.

Did you make a gift of any furs to Scott Thorson?

- Yes. What furs?

Uh, a raccoon, a black mink trenchcoat, a leather and black mink coat... and um, that's it.

And what other gifts have you made to Scott Thorson?


What form of jewelry?

A ring with his initial on it... and two Krugerrands made up the ring.

Gold chains.

Australian opal ring.

Bracelets, things like that.

Okay, first off, you have to understand something.

You're not getting any of your property back.

You're not getting a dime... unless you sign this agreement.

Do you understand? Yes.

All right.

You're going to get $75,000 in cash, three of your cars, three dogs and all your clothes.

$75,000? That's it?

In return for the money, the cars, the dogs and the personal property... you're going to sign over the title of your Las Vegas home on Laramore to Lee.

And that's estimated value right now at $200,000.

You're going to give over all the contents to Lee, estimated at $50,000.

In addition, you will be required to sign over the titles of your Chevrolet van, the antique Cadillac and your Auburn to Mr. Liberace.

You will also give up any other claims against Mr. Liberace of any kind in the future.

So assault, battery, palimony-- out.

And you're going to sign a clause prohibiting you from revealing the true nature of your relationship to anybody, public or private.

This is the best we could do?

They're shortchanging me $250,000.

Well, there's nothing in here about the jewelry he gave you, so you get to keep that. I had to sell the jewelry!

For what? For legal, uh, fees and other things.

I don't care... what the judge says, we were fucking married!

Well, the law says you weren't.

And a contract for sex can't be enforced.

Scott, listen to me. You're a drug addict.

This is all you're getting.

Sign it.

You know, I called Billy Leatherwood.

He got more.

Thank you.

"At the tender age of 16, I was seduced by a blues singer by the name of Bea Haven.

The thrill of making it with an older woman diminished as I grew older.

Younger girls started to represent more of a challenge... probably because of their innocence.

And then I met the woman who was to be the love of my life...

Sonja Henie."

♪ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... ♪

♪ Everywhere you go ♪

♪ Take a look in the Five and Ten ♪

♪ Glistening once again with candy canes... ♪

- Hello? Scott, is that you?


How have you been, Scott?

I'm... fine.

I'm fine.

And your health? How are you feeling?

Good. I'm doing good.

You sure everything is all right?

Lee, what's wrong?

Well, you know, I guess you heard the rumors.

I haven't been feeling so well lately.

I'm not my usual spring chicken anymore.

- Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas.

I know how you love it.

You sure you're okay?

Yes, I'm...

It's all been checked. I'm okay.

Would you come and see me, Scott?

Come visit me.

Lee, I'm telling you, I'm okay.

It's not that.

But would you just come and visit me?


I don't want you to touch me.

I don't think it matters, Lee.


You okay?

I'm so glad.

Seymour got a story out... that I just need to rest.

He works so hard for me.

I just don't want to be remembered as some old queen... who died of AIDS.

Promise me... that you won't tell anybody how I looked... when you came to visit.

I asked you here...

because I want you to know...

you made me the happiest.

You did, Scott.

Did I make you happy?



The most happy.

Just a little something... to remember me by.

At 2:05 p.m. today...

Liberace died of cardiac arrest... caused by cardiac failure.

His body will be taken to Los Angeles, where it will be prepared for burial.

In an unusual twist of events... the Riverside County Health Department has rejected the death certificate... by Liberace's attending doctor, Ronald Daniels, and has ordered an autopsy.

This request is unseemly.

Mr. Liberace died of heart failure... due to an anemia caused by a watermelon diet.

The body has already been embalmed!

With respect to Liberace's family during this time, we have asked that the request for autopsy be rejected.

Since Mr. Liberace has already been embalmed, it was necessary to take tissue samples.

Along with the medical records of blood tests during his recent stay at the Eisenhower Medical Center... it is the conclusion of the Riverside County Health Department... that Mr. Liberace died of complications due to the AIDS virus.

Thank you all for coming.

I think that what should be remembered today is that Lee was a great professional... a great showman, he loved his fans.

But we should also look to the future.

As a result of the scholarship program which he's established through his foundation... many young people will have a musical education which they otherwise could not afford.

Thank you.

My dear people, let us begin as we begin all things holy.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.


The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ... the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you always.

And with your spirit.

In the waters of baptism, Liberace died with Christ and rose within to a new life.

May he now share with Him in eternal glory.

Let us pray.

"To dream the impossible dream To be better far than you are

To try when your arms are too weary To reach that unreachable star This is my quest To follow that star No matter how hopeless No matter how far To be willing to give When there's no more to give To be willing to die So that honor and justice may live And I know If I'll only be true To this glorious quest My heart Shall lie peaceful and calm When I'm laid to my rest."

Thank you. Thank you.

You have made me the happiest piano player who has ever lived.

And no matter what, I still believe and always will... too much of a good thing is wonderful!

Why do I love you?

I love you not only for what you are, But for what I am when I'm with you.

I love you not only for What you have made of yourself, But for what you are making of me.

I love you for ignoring the possibilities Of the fool in me And for accepting the possibilities Of the good in me.

Why do I love you?

I love you for closing your eyes To the discords in me And for adding to the music in me... by worshipful listening.

I love you for helping me to construct of my life... not a tavern but a temple.

I love you because you have done so much... to make me happy.

You have done it without a word... without a touch, without a sign.

You have done it by just being yourself.

Perhaps, after all... that is what love means And that is why...

I love you.

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