Behind the Trees (2019) Script

[intense piano music]

[Amy] Fear is a universal language.

No matter where you are in the world, people fear what they cannot explain.

[boy 1] How does that feel?


[boy 1] You get some too.

[boy 1] Hey.

[girl 1] Cut it out.

[boy 1] Hey, what happened to her?

[boy 1 laughs tauntingly]

[boy 1] Hey. Die already.

[retching noises] Leave her alone, you ass.

[boy 1] What?

[boy 1] Alright, anyway, [boy 1] It's been over an hour.

[boy 1] I'm not waiting here all night for help.

[boy 1] Does anyone have signal yet?

[boy 2] My phone's dead, man.

[girl 1] Unh-unh! [boy 2] Oh god!

My purse.

[Maya] I'll catch up.

[whispers] What?


[Maya] Shit.

[branch breaking]

[metallic jangling]

[chuckling and talking softly]

[distant scream]

[suspenseful music]


[boy 1] What happened?

[boy 2] Guess who's not coming with us next time.

[boy 1] Come on, bro. [girl sighs]

[girl 2] What?

-[girl 2] Give me that. -[boy 2] Are you kidding me?

[girl 2 sighs] God.

[boy 1] Maya?

[girl 1] Maya?

[suspenseful music]

[girl 2] Maya, where are you?

[boy 1] Maya!

[echoing screeches]

[distant screaming]

[boy 1] Maya!

[girl 1] Maya?

-[boy 1 yelling] Maya! -[boy 2] Hey, hey, hey.

[boy 2] Stop, stop. Stop. [boy 1 panting]

[boy 1] Guys, it's coming from there.

[girl 1] Maya?

[boy 1] Maya!

[boy 2] Hey, Maya!

[suspenseful music intensifies]

[girl 1] Maya?

[boy 1 yelling] Maya!

[girl 1] Maya, where are you? [girl 2] Maya?


[boy 2] What is that?

[banging continues]

[girl 1] Maya, don't worry. We're here.

[boy 2] Maya, don't worry. We're gonna get you out, yeah?

[girl 2] Who would lock her in there?

[rattling and panting]


[boy 2] It's not opening.

[boy 2] Maya, just stand back. I'm gonna break the door open.

[grunting and banging]

[boy 2] It's not opening.

[boy 2] Maya, just relax. I'm gonna try again.

[grunting and knocking]

[rustling bushes]


There's something out there.

[girl 1] Wait. If you're here...

[banging intensifies]

[banging continues]

[banging grows faster]

[door slams]

[slow orchestral music]

[pleasant guitar music]

[pleasant piano music]

Sorry about my schedule I'll make it up to you tonight Pick me up at 6! XOXO

[phone ringing]

[Amy] Alright, take a deep breath for me.

[Amy] And out.

[Amy] Is he still using the nebulizer?

[woman] Yes.

[Amy] Does that hurt? [boy] No.

[Amy] Well, good news is we don't have to cut your nose off.

[Amy] As a child, I overcame my fears by embracing science.

Science is about understanding the unknown.

Not being scared of it.

Everything can be explained.

[Jay] Hello?

[cello music]

[Jay] Hello?

[Jay] Hello?

[multiple voices] Surprise!


Happy birthday, babe.

[Jay] Thanks.

I should have done this last week.

I know, I'm the worst girlfriend ever...

As long as you keep hiding those fun notes for me, I think we should be okay. [laughs]

Make a wish.


-Is that? -Yep.

We're gonna be there in 48 hours.

I'm so excited. [Amy laughs]

Are you ready for India?

Oh. [clears throat]

[in Hindi] Tum mere... zindagi ke...pyaaz ho.

[man] What? What does that mean?

She just called me the onion of her life.

[all laughing] Dang it.

I meant love.

[Jay] That's pyaar, not pyaaz.

[Jay] But I, I get what you mean.

Let's enjoy the cake, okay?

[serious orchestral music]

[tribal drum music]

[suspenseful music]

[hostess] Namaste Mr. and Mrs. Nayar.

[both] Namaste.

[hostess] Welcome to Roar Resort.

Oh. We're not married.

[hostess] Oh. [laughs]

[Amy] Thank you. [chuckles]

That was the last wedding of the season.

[hostess] Now we can enjoy the peace and quiet too.

[hostess] This is Navin.


[Amy] Kind of nice having the whole place to ourselves.


[Amy] Like tigers?



[Jay] Well, I work at a record label.

[Jay] I help discover singers.


[Amy] I'm a physician.


[Amy speaks in Hindi] Dhanyavaad.

She's better than she thinks she is.

[Amy chuckles]

So, where do you live, Navin?

Can we go there while we're here?

[whispers] Can't hear you.

[mouths] Oh.

[serious music]

[Jay] So peaceful.

[Amy] Yeah.

[Jay] Navin, what about Wi-Fi?



-[Jay] I don't need Wi-Fi. -[Amy] No.

I really don't need Wi-Fi. [Amy chuckles]

[Navin clears throat]

[Jay] Sorry Navin.

[Jay] Thank you very much. Thank you.

[Amy] Thank you.

[suspenseful music]

I think if I stay right here--

I've got a bar.

Let me help you with that.

[Amy] Trust me.

All your followers can wait a week.

-Is that right? -Yep.

All 12 of them.

For that...'re blocked. -[Amy gasps]

You sure you wanna block me?

[both laugh]

[Amy grunts in pain]

You murderer!

[Amy laughs]

[door creaks open]

[Jay] Navin?


[Jay] Navin, is that you?

[suspenseful music]


-[Jay yells] -[Amy screams]

[Amy laughs]

I hate you.

Oh my--

[both laughing]

[Jay laughs]

That was not funny.

[ominous music]

[slow sitar music]

[inaudible laughing]

[children] I like to read books.

[teacher speaking in Hindi]

[relaxing music]

[fire crackling]

[drumming and flute music]

[Amy laughing]

[Jay] There's so much talent and heart in this country.

I'm really gonna miss this place.

[Amy] I gotta be honest.

After this last week, I'm not looking forward to going back.

[both chuckle]

Well, lucky for you, I'm saving the best for last.

I have one more place I wanna show you.

Please, not 6AM yoga again.

Come on!

[Jay] How can you come to India and not do yoga?

Because there's like five yoga studios on our street in LA.

-55 yoga studios. -Exactly!

[both chuckle]

I was thinking that maybe for the holidays, we can go meet my folks.

[Jay] They ask about you.

I have a strong feeling they wanna meet you.

[Amy clears throat]


We really should.

[slow orchestral music]

[suspenseful music]

[Jay] It's a surprise. Come on!

[Amy] Okay!

-[Jay] Watch your step. -[Amy] But if I fall, the only surprise you're getting is a kick in the shin, okay?

[Jay] Yes, yes, yes. Tough guy.

-[Amy exclaims and chuckles] -[Jay] Watch it!

-[Jay] A few more steps. -[Amy] Okay.

[Jay] To your left...

-[Amy] Okay -[Jay] Okay One big step up...

No. The other way, yeah.

[Amy exclaims]


[Amy] Where are we, babe?

Jay, what are you doing?

There are so many reasons why I'm madly and deeply in love with you.

[Jay] And I know we've only been together for a year,

but you have become my heart and my soul.

And I don't want this to end.

Amy Edwards,

will you marry me?

Talk to me.

Baby, you know I love you, right?

[Amy] I'm just not ready for this.

-[Amy] My career... -[Jay] Career...

[Amy] You know I'm trying, but I'm just not where I wanna be.

And I am exactly where I wanna be.

And that's here.

With you.

You don't get it.

You just don't get it.

[Amy] Jay, I'm sorry.

[serious music]

[Jay] This is not the right trail.

[Amy] We're losing light, babe.

Can I help?

[Jay] I'm fine.

Need to retrace our steps.

Do you hear that?

[Jay] What?

The drums.

[drumming and people talking]

[intense music]

[strange chanting]

[chanting grows louder]

[thumping noises]

[Jay] We shouldn't be here.

[yelling in foreign language]

[Jay] He's telling the evil spirit to leave her body.

[chanting and yelling]

[Jay] I think she's possessed.

[Amy] We have to do something.

[Jay] We can't.

[intense music grows louder]

[yelling in foreign language]

[rustling branches]


[metal clanging]



[dramatic music]

[loud screeching]

[screeching continues]

[man yelling]

[growling continues]

[loud screeching and growling]

-[Amy] Let's go. -[Jay] Amy.


You have to listen to me.

How can we not do anything?

-Are you okay with this? -Of course I'm not okay with it.

[Jay] But we can't interfere with local rituals that we don't understand.

What is there to understand?

They're putting her life in danger.

We don't know what they believe is going on.

-[Amy scoffs] -Amy!

[bushes rustling]

[banging from inside]

[banging continues]


[suspenseful music]

[Amy gasps] She's unconscious.

[Amy] She's burning up. She needs meds, quickly.

[Jay] Amy...

[suspenseful piano music]

We're not leaving her here.

[Amy panting]

[Amy] Can you make it? [Jay exhales]

[Jay] Let's keep moving.

[Amy] Maybe Navin can help get us some medical supplies.

[Jay] No way!

[Jay] You can't tell anyone!

[Jay] What if they take her back?

[Jay] What if they do something to us?

[Amy exhales]

[Amy] Okay, let's go back to the room.

[Amy] We'll figure it out.

[Amy] But we have to tell someone.


[suspenseful music]

[door clicks]

[Amy panting]

[Amy] Her fever's not breaking.

[Amy] She needs fluids.

[Amy] What do we have?

[Jay] Amy!

[intense suspenseful music]

[Amy] I'm Amy.

[in Hindi] Mera naam Amy hai.

[Amy exhales]

[Amy] How are you feeling?

[in Hindi] Mera naam Jay hai.

Turmara naam kya hai?

Tum theek ho?

[Amy] She's still in shock from the trauma.

[Amy breathes nervously]

[Jay] What are you giving her?

[Amy] Aspirin. For the fever.

[Amy exhales]

[Amy] Can I get a towel?

[Amy] You poor thing. What did they do to you?


You know what?

I'm glad we got her out of there.

[Amy sighs]

What next?

Well, at this point, we don't even know what type of trauma she's been through.

Once she starts talking, it'll be easier for us to...

[screaming and glass breaking]

[loud footsteps]

[glass shattering]

[Asha speaking in Hindi] Woh aa rahi hai!

[Asha] Woh aa rahi hai!

-[Jay talking in Hindi] Kya hua? -[Amy] What's going on?

[Jay] She's saying somebody is coming.

-[Asha continues muttering] -[Jay] Woh kaun aa rahi hai?

-[Amy] Jay! -[Jay] Kiski baath kar rahi ho?

-[Amy] What's happening? -[Jay] I don't know!

[knocking on the door]


Navin! Everything is fine!

Thank you! Good night!


[serious music]


[creaking continues]

[chair continues creaking]

You should rest.

You've been through a lot.

What's your name?

If you come to bed, I'll tell you a story.

[Asha] No.

[Asha] I will tell you a story.


[Asha] You should not look behind the trees.

Why is that?

[Asha] Everyday, mamma sends me to the market to sell fruit.

[Asha] Mama always tells me

"Never look back."

[Asha] Because that's where they hide, and they don't want you to see them.

[slow orchestral music]

[Asha] One day, while walking

I dropped my doll.

[high-pitched metallic ringing]

[suspenseful music]

[creaking continues]

Who is that woman?

[Asha] I'm sleepy now.

You want to sleep?

Yes. Yes, of course.

[dramatic orchestral music]

[dramatic noise]

[Amy] Hey you.

Get any sleep?


Been thinking about what happened last night.

She spoke to me.

I was talking about us.

[Jay] There I was, planning the secret proposal a thousand miles away.

If you said yes...

[Jay] Then, we don't get lost.

Then, we don't find the girl.

If it wasn't for you, she could've died.

Last night...

I was broken.

[sentimental piano music]

Then you chose to save her.

That reminded me...

...why I love you so much.

[distant screaming] [choking noise]

Are you okay?

I'm fine. I'm fine, thanks.

[suspenseful music]

[Jay speaking in Hindi] Tumne abhi tak apna naam nahi bataaya.



That's a pretty name.


All clean.

I think she's gonna keep your sweatshirt.

[Amy exhales]

Do you want anything else?

[slow drum music]

[Asha] I want to go to mamma and papa.

[Amy] Do you remember anything from last night?

Were they there?

My mama-papa are at home.

Please take me there.

[Amy] She's scared.

She's confused.

She's a child, Jay.

Did we see the same thing last night?

[whispers] That was an exorcism.

I know, but that doesn't mean this girl's possessed.

[Amy] They probably just don't know how to explain her behavior.

She could be bi-polar. Schizophrenic.

I mean, these things are not easy to diagnose.

And you're not a psychiatrist.

But I've seen enough patients recover from mental health issues, and an exorcism is never part of their treatment.


[Jay] So how do you explain what happened last night?

Maybe she was drugged to put on a show.

[Jay sighs] [Amy] Look, Jay.

[Amy] I don't have an answer for you.

All I know is that these people left her out there to die, and that is not okay.

-I wanna help her too, okay. -I know you do.

I just need some time to connect with her.

So that I can understand what's going on.

We leave tomorrow.

Are you saying you want to extend our trip?

She wants her parents.

We have to find them.

[serious music]

Asha, sweetie.

Why don't I help you down from there.

So, Navin agreed to show me his village.

I told him I wanted to take some pictures.

Let's find out what's going on.


But after that we take Asha back to her parents, right?


I just want you to know...

I didn't forget about us.

-Wait, what happened here? -It's okay--

[Asha whispers] You're not supposed to whistle at night.

[suspenseful music]

Do you know why?

[Asha] I can tell you.

Jay, um...

...looks like Asha wants to tell us a story.

She shared one with me earlier.

My pappa told me never to whistle at night or very bad things would happen.

[Asha] One night...

[suspenseful flute music]

[whistles softly]

[continues whistling]

[dramatic music]

[Jay] Do you think that really happened?

It's not uncommon for children to use stories to express themselves.

[Amy] She told me one last night about the same woman.


Look, I got Navin waiting downstairs.

[Jay] But I'm not comfortable leaving you with her alone.

You saw what she's capable of.

[Amy] I'll be fine.

[slow orchestral music]

[Jay] What's the mask for?


[Jay] You really have to watch your back here, huh?


[Jay] It's an expression.

"Watch your back", meaning, "be careful.

Never mind.

Thank you for taking the time to show me your village, Navin.


Thank you for taking the time to show me your village.


[suspenseful music]

My grandparents came from a small village outside of Bangalore.

I remember as a child, it was about the simple pleasures.

[music drowns out talking]


It's a heat rash.

I'm fine, Navin. Thanks.

How much further?

[Amy] I have something else you might like.

[slow piano music]

[Amy clears throat]

[bells jingling]

[Amy chuckles]

[bells jingle louder]

[bells continue jingling]


[rhythmic jingling]

Asha, why do you tell me those stories?

I tell them to everyone.

[Asha] Do you like them?

Of course I do.

Who's the woman? Is she real?

[Asha] Yes!

[Asha] Real like you.

[jingling continues]

Does she talk to you?

[Asha] Yes.

Will she talk to me?

[jingling stops]


What's that?



I'm sorry.

What happened?

[serious music]

On the same day?

[Jay] Sorry.

[Jay] If I knew about this, I wouldn't have asked you to bring me here today.


[fire crackling]

[distantly growling and roaring]

[distant yelling]

[Jay] Navin.

I need your help.

[rhythmic jingling]

[Asha] Over there.

[suspenseful music]

Try now.

[whistles softly]

[clears throat]


[intense music]

[rhythmic jingling]

[Asha] Come play!

Sweetie, we can't stay out here too long.

[Asha] One minute, please!

[seesaw squeaks]

[Amy chuckles]

[rhythmic squeaking]

[suspenseful music]

[inaudible talking]

[squeaking continues]

[music grows louder]

[Jay] Navin.

[Jay] Navin.

[Jay] There's something in there.

[slow piano music]

Let me show you.

[suspenseful music]

[Jay] You know this place?

That's what I wanted to tell you.

We got lost and ended up here.

[Jay] We saw these people, lock this child inside there.

[Jay] Navin.

We had to do something.

We took her out.

[suspenseful music]

[door rattling]


Amy is taking good care of her.

[Jay] You have to help me find her parents.

[car honking and girl screaming]



Just because a child is disobedient--

Navin, you don't lock her up inside.

[distant screaming]

[fire crackling]


I hear you, Navin.

[Navin sobs]

[Jay] She's not going back in there.

[Navin sobs]

[intense music]

[Jay] Navin!

[rhythmic jingling]

[Amy whispers] Asha?

[wind howling]

[suspenseful music]

[slow footsteps]

[Asha muttering distantly]


[muttering continues]

[suspenseful music]

[muttering grows louder]

[music grows louder]

[Amy] Asha.

[bushes rustling]

[intense music]

[Jay grunts painfully]

Who were you talking to?


-You have to tell me-- -She wants me to hurt you!

If I don't, she'll make me do it.

[suspenseful music]


My mother.

Why does she want to hurt me?

Because she knows I like you.

How did she get here?

You called her.

Is your mother here now?

Why can't I see her?

She's hiding.

In this room?

Will you tell me where she's hiding?


No one in there.

[Asha inhales]

[light switch clicks]

[Amy] No one in there either.

[Asha pants]

[in Hindi] Mere andhar. Mere Andhar.

[Asha breathes heavily]

[intense piano music]

[Asha mutters incomprehensibly]

Inside you?

[panting erratically]

[Asha yells intelligibly]

[muffled yells]

[suspenseful orchestral music]

[Amy] I do believe there's something inside of you.

And now, you have to believe that I can take it out.

[music intensifies]

[Amy] There's nothing to be scared of.

[Amy] You have to believe that, okay?

[man yelling]

[man yelling]

[Amy] May the spirit leave you forever.

[Amy] May the spirit leave you forever.

[Amy] May the spirit leave you forever.

[crowd and sheep noises]

[sighs] What the hell am I doing?

[Asha speaking in Hindi] Woh mere andhar aa gayi hai.

Uski bhayankar krodh se koyi nahi bach saktha.

-[Asha's voice grows distorted] -[continues chanting in Hindi]

[rhythmic jingling]

[Asha's voice grows monstrous]

[Amy] I command the spirit to leave this girl!

[menacing chanting continues]

[Amy gasps]

[Amy breathes nervously]

[distant yelling]

I command this spirit to leave this girl.

[chanting stops]


[suspenseful music]

[Amy] Asha?


[slow piano music]

You're free now.

There's nothing to be scared of.

Asha, I'm very proud of you for letting go whatever was upsetting you.

[notification rings repeatedly]

[Jay] Amy? You gotta get out of there.

Asha's been lying to us. She killed her family.

[Jay] I'm coming to get you.

Just get out of there!

[suspenseful music]

[rocking chair creaking]

[rhythmic creaking continues]

[Amy breathes nervously]

[dial tone rings]

Jay. Where are you?

[Jay] You've reached my voicemail.

[Jay] Leave me a message! [beeps]

Jay. I need you! I need you right---

[banging on the door] [screams]

[pants nervously]

[Amy] Asha?

[intense music]

[Amy begins sobbing]

[Amy] Asha?

[Amy] What is this?






[Amy panting fearfully]

[Amy] What have I done?

Where's Jay?



I can't be involved.


[engine revving up]

What happened?


[door slams]

[suspenseful music]

[Amy] Navin?

What are you doing?

We wanted to help her.

I'm so sorry.

I just want all this to end.

Please, Navin.

[Amy] Where is he?



[Amy screams]

[Amy] Stop!

[Amy gasps]

[suspenseful music]

[rhythmic jingling]

[Amy screams and pants]

[Amy gasps]

[jingling continues]

[Amy] Come on. Come on, come on, come on.


[Amy] Come on, come on, come on!

[Amy sighs] You gotta be kidding me.

Where are the goddamn keys?

Come on!

Where are you?

[breathes nervously]

[continues breathing nervously]

[Amy] Come on...

[suspenseful music]

[bushes rustling]

[music intensifies]

[Amy screams]

[screaming continues]

[panting and screaming]

[screams louder]

[pants faster]

[Amy] Asha, please!



Somebody help!


[Amy screams]

[screaming and panting]

[jingling continues]

[Amy screams]

[metal rattling]

[Amy breathing fearfully]

[suspenseful music]

[Amy screams]

[banging from inside]

[monstrous noises]

[banging and screaming continue]

[Amy] Stop!


[Amy] Stop!

[banging stops]

[Amy panting fearfully]

[rhythmic jingling]

[intense piano music]

[Asha] You're safe now.

[Asha] I won't let her hurt you.


[banging continues]

No! Somebody help!



[suspenseful music]

[Amy] Help, please!

[banging and begging continue]

[Amy] Please! Help!

[serious piano music]

[shallow breathing]


[Jay] Amy?


I'm hurt. I need your help.

[suspenseful music]


[gasps] Amy!

[Jay] I kept having the same nightmare.

Over and over again.

Amy was missing for four days now.

And the local police were still searching for Navin.

[police sirens]

Nothing makes sense.

[intense piano music]

[boy yells] Stop!

[car brakes]

[police sirens]

[all] Please, help us! Please, open the door!


Who would lock her in there?

[girl 2] Wait, if you're here...

[suspenseful music intensifies]