Belle de Jour (1967) Script

Shall I tell you a secret, Severine?

I love you more every day.

So do I, Pierre.

You're everything to me, but... But what?

I, too, wish it could be perfect.

If only you were less cold. Oh, please, Pierre!

I didn't mean to annoy you...

You know how fond I am of you.

What good is it to me?

How unkind you can be sometimes!

I'm sorry.


Get out!


Get out, I said!


Come on. Leave me alone!

Do as I said.

How dare you?

Let go of me!

You brutes!

It's not my fault.

I'll explain!

Don't be afraid to hurt this little tart.

Hurry up! Pierre, it's your fault too.

I can explain everything.

Shut your mouth, Madame... or I'll shut it for you.

Stop it!

Tell them to let me go!


Shut up, slut!

Come on!

Pull her up!

If you scream, I'll kill you.

Pierre, please...

I'm sorry.

Deeply sorry.

I beg of you, don't let the cats loose!

That's enough.

She's all yours. I love you, Pierre.

Severine, what are you thinking about?

Tell me...

About you... about us.

We were driving in a coach.

That coach again?

I want to kiss you.

You have to get up early.

Why? To pack our bags.

Where are we going?

It's a surprise for our anniversary.

We've been happily married for a year now.

May the sun always shine on us! What about the hospital?

I want to forget it for a few days... and think only of you.

Happy? Yes... especially when you're here. I want you with me every minute.

No, please!

Sleep well!

Forgive me...

You're so kind, so understanding.

But I... It's nothing.

Go to sleep.

Are you coming to the party?

I don't know. Husson turns in early.

Let him sleep and come with us. They said it'll snow later.

I'd rather see the mesmerizer.

He does wonders. I wouldn't be put to sleep.

Mesmerizers are not hypnotists. They cause sunrises.

A hypnotist plunges you into darkness.

Well, I'm off. See you later.

What time is it?

Five o'clock. If you're bored, you can go.

One is never bored in a bar.

Not like in a church... where you're alone with your soul.

I'll tell you something pleasant.

I love you.

Your scars heal wonderfully!

You bore me!

Let's not go. She's with Husson. Too late. He's seen us.

What have you got against him? He's interesting.

Think so? I don't like his looks.

Come on.

I saw you passing, arm in arm.

Just like newly-weds.

Ridiculous, perhaps?

Not at all. Reassuring in an everyday sort of way.

And yet, Pierre, you sometimes make me feel guilty.

We are so different.

Men like you are rare.


Oh... Thank you.

What punishments I am missing!

Why? Do you know them?

Is that all you care for?

All the rest's a waste of time.

Maybe you should see a psychiatrist.

Rich and idle, his two main diseases.

And hunting...

Also, I'm particularly fond of the working class.

I think of them when it snows, with no furs, no hope, no nothing.

You're very attractive, Severine.

Your compliments are too subtle. Be quiet.


I'm leaving you now. Got a headache.

Is it cold out? No.

I'll get some fresh air. See you later, Renée.

See you later. Enjoy your walk.

I like him. He's amusing.

He's strange.

Worse than that...

I forgot to ask about Husson. He's well.

You still see him? Yes, unfortunately.

Remember Henriette?


They say...

They say she works in a brothel...

They say it's absolutely definite. Several times a week.

Henriette of all people!

You're so innocent.


A woman like us.

Going with anybody!

In those places, one has no choice.

Young and old, ugly and handsome...

Even with someone you love... it's not always pleasant.

With strangers it must be horrible. Do those places still exist?

Excuse me, ladies...

They exist, I can promise you that.

But not like the pre-war days.

No more red lights.

Believe me, plenty of customers.

I could show you half a dozen.

It's part of my job.

Been driving a cab for 20 years and I've seen all sorts.

I was even beaten up twice. It didn't do me any harm.

What's the matter with you?

We're nearly there.

These flowers came for you, Madame.

Who sent them? M. Husson.

Why did you put them here?

I'll go and get a cloth.

It won't make a mark. It was fresh water.

What's the matter with me today?

Come here, Severine!

Severine, are you coming or not?

Have you much more to do?

Nearly finished.

May I ask a silly question?

Go right ahead.

Before you met me... did you often go to... "houses"?


Not often. Why? Are you interested?

Everything about you interests me.

I thought they'd been closed.

They're undercover now.

I can't imagine what it's like.

Listen, I've got work to do.


Well, you go in.

You choose a woman. You spend half an hour with her.

And you're depressed all day.

That's how it is...

"Semen retentum venenum est." Stop it!

I don't want to hear any more.

What's the matter?

I've never seen you like this. What's wrong?

I'm a little tired and on edge.

Go and rest.

Yes, you're right.


Shall I come with you? No!

Yes, stay until I go to sleep.

Won't you ever grow up?

I can't hit a thing. Take my place.

Are you going? I'll wait for you inside.

How are you? All right.

You don't come here much any more. No.

See you later.

The mysterious Henriette!

The woman with two sides to her.

A double life. It's very interesting.

Renée told you?

But why?

For money... that's all.

Nearly all women who seek revenge do it for money.

I'm very glad to see you.

I don't understand them.

It's the oldest job in the world.

Nowadays it's done by phone. Women who go to "houses" are rarer.

You should know.

Yes, I used to go often.

I like the atmosphere. Women completely enslaved.

There was one near the Opera.

But especially Madame Anaïs.

11, Cité Jean de Saumur. A very fond memory.

Are you mad?

It's nothing. "Cute compulsion" as the English say.

Insignificant impulses.

One day, I want to be with you without your husband.

I like Pierre, but I'd rather him not be there.

Madame Anaïs, 11, Cité Jean de Saumur.

Madame Anaïs Fashions

What's the matter?

What do you want? I'd like to speak to you.

Is it you who...?

I am Madame Anaïs.

I'd like to find out if...

Come. Let's have a talk.

Sit down.

May I offer you a drink? No, thanks.

Cigarette? No, thank you. I don't smoke.

Don't be afraid. Make yourself at home.

I think I can help you. Sit down.

You're charming and fresh.

Just what they like...

It's difficult at the start but... when somebody needs money...

We go fifty-fifty.

I have certain expenses.

Thank you. But I must go.

You're a little upset.

It's the first time you've worked?

It's not that bad.

The other girls aren't here yet.

You'll lose your button...

When can you begin?

I'm not quite sure...

This afternoon?

Perhaps. It would only be the afternoon.

I must leave at five. I really must.

Two to five. That's fine. But you must be punctual.

I promise you you'll be free at five.

Goodbye. Excuse me.

See you at two, then.

Anything wrong?

I was just out shopping and I wanted to see you.

But you don't like hospitals.

No, I don't.

I don't want to be alone. I'll take you to lunch.

I told you. I'm lunching with the head surgeon.

I know but... I'm sorry.

Don't forget our dinner with the Fevrets this evening.

Sorry to bother you. Bother me?

See you tonight. I'll be home as soon as possible.

I had given you up.

You went off in such a hurry.

I thought I had frightened you. Come in.

Put your things in here.

You'll see the others in a moment.

Mathilde and Charlotte.

Both charming.

I'll only have well brought up girls.

And above all, cheerful.

I like them to enjoy their work.

Last week, I had to let a beautiful girl go.

Much too vulgar... Pity.

What's your name?

I don't want...

I'm not asking for your real name.

You don't imagine my name is Anaïs!

We'll have a drink to celebrate.

Just a tiny one. Cherries in brandy.

We must find you a name. Something simple and pretty.

Easy to remember.

Let's think of one.

That's Monsieur Adolphe. One of our best clients.

You'll see, very amusing.

I've an idea. What if we call you "Belle de Jour"?

Since you only come in the afternoon.

All right.

Don't be so nervous.


You'll leave at five, don't worry.

Will somebody be waiting?

A boyfriend?

A husband?

Don't worry. I'm not inquisitive.

Give me a kiss.

The ladies are thirsty.

Wait for me here.

A new one! And you're hiding her!

Bring her quick. Or I'll get her myself.

He's very funny.

A candy manufacturer from Bordeaux.

He makes millions. Come on.

If I don't get it every day, I can't sleep.

The other day, I had a coloured girl. What a party!

This is Belle de Jour.

I told you about the curtains.

My respects of a quarter to three. Have a glass of champagne.

Anaïs, a bottle, and make it snappy!

You're lucky. When you're new, they open a bottle.

You must have smelt the champagne!

Get acquainted. I'll be right back.

What a woman! Every bit of her's good!

Forget it. She's too respectable.

That's just it.

This man. Can't stop him!

What a character!

Pretty dress!

But not convenient for a quick strip. Right, Monsieur Adolphe?

Oh, no, she's great in that dress.

Very refined. I like that.

You might give me one like that.

My name's not Rothschild, honey.


What a cut.

Look at the detail.

It's all a matter of money.

You can't buy class.

Here's the champagne.

About time! I was running dry!

Leave it! That's a man's job.

I'm the world's champion cork-popper.

What wrist action!

I like ham and eggs.

But I love best... a pair of legs.

Of course, it's too warm.

Warm champagne is like tea.

Had I known I'd have put it in the freezer.

But you knew I was coming.

I didn't know Belle de Jour was.

To the most precious health of all...

Mine! And to Belle de Jour!

Okay, but a little warm.

Mathilde, I've a present for you.

What is it? Have a look.

He always comes up with something new.

Here's to fun!

That's how I am. I like fun.

Well, Belle de Jour...

You're mad at us?

What's the matter?

You'll see...

We'll have a good time together.

What's eating her?

I'll talk to her.

Don't rush her. It's the first time.

That's what you think. But it is.

Who does she think she is? She's new.

You've made a hit already.

Don't worry. He's very easy-going.

Do what he wants, that's all.

I want to go. What?

How much longer are you going to play this game?

Who do you think you are?

Very well, I'm going...

Leave me alone with her.

What you need is a firm hand.


Close the door.

I've sent the others away.

It's more intimate.


They say it's your first time.

Careful now. Don't tell me any lies. I can tell.

But... if it's true...

No need to be ashamed.

Don't tell me you're a virgin at your age...

We'll soon find out.

Well now...

Do I frighten you?

Is it my face you don't like?

You'll have to get used to it.

You won't get out of it like that.

Who do you think you are, little bitch!

Leading me on, and then stopping me.

I've had enough of your playacting.

That's better.

So... it's rough stuff you need, is it?

Jack of Clubs is my gin card.

Adolphe is taking his time.

So he should!

Where are you, Severine? Are you ready?

Oh, you're here.

What's wrong? Is something the matter?

Are you ill?

You don't have a temperature.

Should I send for someone? It's nothing. I was asleep.

I had a headache.

I took an aspirin and a bath. I'll be all right.

What time is it?

Late. I'll phone and tell the Fevrets not to wait.

Go without me. Certainly not.

It's better if I stay and I've some work to finish.

Sleep well.

How's the soup?

It's cold and I can't warm it.

Are bulls given names like cats?

Yes. Most of them are called Remorse except the last one. He's called Expiation.

What time is it?

Between two and five. But no later than five.

How's your wife? Very well, thank you.

Where is she? Just there.

Want to say hello? With pleasure.

How are you, piece of trash?

Feeling all right, slut?




Dung devourer! Sodomite!

Spermentress! Bitch!

Pierre, stop! I love you.

What do you want?

I... I wanted...

To come back?

And then disappear again for a week without a word...

Forgive me. There's the street for amateurs.


You're lucky to be dealing with me.

Others would have slammed the door on you.

I'm too kind-hearted.

If you come back, you must behave.

Can I count on you every day?

But only till five.

I'm glad to see you back.

Belle de Jour, how are you? Fine, thank you.

You ran out on us. Why didn't you come sooner?

I couldn't. Give me your coat.

A cute coat!

I've a favor to ask of you.

Could you lend it to me for Sunday? I'll give it back on Monday.

Well... I'm sorry, but Sunday is a little difficult.

Couldn't you...? It's OK. I saw it in ready-made.

Carducci! Some people do themselves proud!

Who are you?

Are you sad to be back?

I come here because my fiancé had an accident and can't work.

He knows I come here. But I love him.

Of course I could get a job.

What would you earn? True.

The professor will be here any minute.

You must meet him.

You're his type. Who is he?

A famous gynaecologist.

He has an international reputation.

He's even operated in Copenhagen.

There he is. Explain things to her.

It's dark already.

You'll see, it's not difficult. If only they were all like him!

I have a new one.

I think you'll like her. A bit shy but... a real aristocrat.

So much the better. Send her to me.

What are you doing?

Didn't they tell you? Get dressed.

Her Ladyship sent for me?

Is Her Ladyship not satisfied with me?

Well... no...

You belong in the kitchen...

She's useless. Send me Charlotte.

Right away.

You come with me.

Charlotte, go to the professor.

Just a sec. I'll finish undressing.

Get in! It's not that difficult!

Stand here!

Watch how Charlotte does it.

And be very quiet.

Her Ladyship sent for me?

Is Her Ladyship not satisfied with me?

You make a mess of everything.

It's true. I do.

But Her Ladyship is so kind and so forgiving.

And so beautiful. Impudent!


You must be blind. Can't you see?

There's dust everywhere... There! And there!

I broke a vase...

A vase! That's it!

This time you're fired.

No! I implore Her Ladyship to keep me.

Keep me near her. I'll make up for it. I'll be very careful, I swear.

Not yet, Charlotte. Give it here! Oh, sorry.

I implore Her Ladyship to punish me...

To beat me.

But not to send me away.

What are you doing? You're disgusting.

I'm not doing anything.

I don't dare... alas!

I ought not to say it...

It's a secret...

I love you... What?

I love you.

And now that I have told you... of my great love...

Kick me and spit on me. Walk over my face.

You dirty old man. You swine. I'll teach you...

Come on. Somebody's waiting.

Well, did you see?

What do you think?

How can anyone sink so low?

I suppose you're used to it. But I'm not.

Not me, thank you.

How about this one?

What's this?

That's no good here. Cash!

Very good. Off you go.

Don't be afraid.

Did you work hard? Yes, mom.

Have you been good?

Say good afternoon to auntie. Show her your grades.

Hello, Cathy.

Show me your report card.

Don't you say hello to me?

Hello, Miss Mathilde.

I'll take you to the fair on Sunday. Would you like that?

7 in history, 9 in recital. Very good.

The professor wants an inkpot.

What's going on? He wants an inkpot.

An inkpot? I haven't got one.

Go upstairs and do your homework.

That man would frighten me too.

It must be painful sometimes...

How would you know, Pallas?

May I, Miss?

Of course you may.

Miss or Missus?


What is your name?

Belle de Jour.


I had a cat called Beauty of Twilight.

You come here often?

Every day in my thoughts.

A pleasant morning, isn't it?

Yes, it is.

I much enjoy the autumn sun.

The black sun.

You are very elegant.

Do you like money?


I'll give you a lot if you come home with me.

With you?

Have no fear. It's a sort of ceremony.

A very moving religious ceremony that means a lot to me.

I am a man of another age... an age when there was a feeling for death.

You would make me very happy if you'd come.

You're just the girl I'm looking for.

I live an hour away from Paris.

Here's my card.

I will meet you at the station.

Kindly put this on.

What's it all about?

Don't be alarmed.

Those who preceded you would like to come back.

But the Duke is very strict on this matter.

Please walk this way.

Through here.

This way.

I brought you lilies... that you loved so much.

How beautiful you are!

Your skin is whiter... and your hair softer.

My beloved daughter.

Your face is cold.

Do you remember... we used to play here together?

How we laughed and sang!

Now you just lie there and say nothing.

I hope you have forgiven me.

It's not my fault. I loved you so much.

Your Lordship, shall I let the cats in?

Go to hell with your cats!

We are quite alone.

The doors are all closed.

Now... your eyes will never open again.

Your limbs are stiff.

Worms are eating your heart.

And this sickly odor of dead flowers.

Still here? What are you waiting for?

But it's raining and...

So what?

Get the hell out of here!

Go on, out!

Are you almost finished?


Shall I stay with you?

I only wish you'd stay more often... of your own free will.

I will, Pierre. Give me time.

I always feel I'm imposing on you.

Don't believe that.

More and more I want to be alone with you.

You don't frighten me now.

I feel that I understand you better, that I'm getting closer to you.

Every day I love you more.

Is Madame at home?

Whom shall I say? Monsieur Husson.

Monsieur Husson to see you, Madame.

Tell him I'm not at home.

Good afternoon, Miss. Thank you.

How seductive you are!

I feel like writing a letter.

I'd be delighted.

But would you accept?

There are too many people here.

All the better!

I must give you a receipt.

I'm relying on it.

With that?

What are they doing?

Nothing. Just fooling around. Have a look.

No. You tell me.

He's taking an envelope. And?

No... it's a packet of lily seeds.

Oh yes, I see.

What floor? Fourth.

What are you doing?


Don't do anything stupid. You're crazy.

Hurry up! Quickly!

Well, Hippolyte! How about that?

Hello, Anaïs. Can we come in?

Of course.

Through there.

It's Hippolyte. From Murcia?

I'd hoped we were rid of him.

I don't know the other one.

Who is Hippolyte?

Who knows? A strange kind of guy.

He spends money like water.

But when he's broke, he gets it free.

Come along, girls. All three of you.

How's the little one?

Is she ready to be kissed?

I don't know, Sir. She has to finish school.


You won't complain.

What does that mean?

How are you?

Okay, and you? We keep going.

We haven't seen you for months.

We missed you a lot. Really?

Where were you? On a trip.

New York.

Put three bottles on ice. Good ones.

The best.

What you miss most abroad is champagne.

I've brought someone with me. He's a buddy.

Treat him... good.

Of course we will.

When we're alone, I'll tell you a new story. You'll like it.

You can keep it.

Too bad for you.

Get off. You're too heavy.

Well I never...

You scram too. You're tickling.

Come here, you. The new girl.

Leave her to me.

Take her, kid, if you want her. Have fun. She's your age.

I'd have slit my father's throat for less.

But friendship comes first. We mustn't fight over una zorra.


Your friend seems timid.

Timid isn't the word.

The champagne's served. Aren't you thirsty?

What's your name? Belle de Jour.

What else?


Don't you trust me?

I want to know your name.

Aren't you here at night? What do you do then?

Nice boots!

Your teeth...

What happened?

Knocked out in one blow.

Does it bother you?

Then make it fast.

How old are you? 23.

Who protects you?

What do you mean?

Are you free or not?

Make plenty of money?

Yes, but...

Don't tell me any lies.

Keep your stockings on.

A girl once tried to strangle me.

Poor thing...

With you, it's free.


Many would like to be in your place.

Still won't tell me your name?

You don't talk much.

Good. Can't stand girls who chatter.

Not bad.

Shame you only have two of them.

Let's see.

Turn around.

What's that brown spot?

A birthmark.

Oh hell! I don't like that!

Get dressed.

Not cold enough, as usual.

You read English?

Me? No. So why the paper?

What's it to do with you?


Take that one to the room. I'll join you.

The other's for Marcel.

Who is your friend?

He saved my life last year. I love him like a son.

That's why I let him have the blonde.

Where does she come from?

Belle de Jour? Yes.

Is she much in demand?

All the time.

She not only has class but...


She's a pearl.

I thought you wanted to go.

I'm glad I stayed.

I'll tell you. You're my type.

Look at my hand. It's still trembling.

What's that?

A buttonhole.

A knife wound? Possibly.

Why do you come here?

Don't ask me anything.

I'd like to keep you till tonight but I can't.

I like you too, Marcel.

You'll come back?

It's possible.

If you've no money, I can... Money!

It's not money I need.

You frighten me.

I can see you're bored. No.

I just want to go back to Paris.

You know you can tell me everything, but you're hiding something.

If only you'd confide in me, perhaps I could help you.

Confide what?

That you love someone.

Someone else?

You know I couldn't.

I suggested this holiday to find out if something was keeping you in Paris.

I was right. You want to go back.

Above all I feel... your aloofness.

You're never really... with me.

Forgive me.

It's probably my fault.

You believe I don't love you?

Yes, I think so.

I don't know how to explain.

There are many things I don't understand myself.

Things about myself.

My feelings for you have nothing to do with pleasure.

It's much more than that.

You may not believe this, but I've never felt so close to you.

You want to go back to Paris?

But I'm not bored with you.

Let's stay another week.

No, we'll leave tomorrow. I must go back anyway.

See you soon.

Troubles, Mr Marcel?

Never seen anyone hooked like you are.

Stop it, will you!

Behaving like an imbecile, not like a man.

We waited for you Thursday.

So what? Next time, we won't wait. Get me?

We nearly didn't come today either.


The inflation's lasted long enough. We're sick of you and your goon.

Not with that yellow rat.

Please, gentlemen, go outside.

Shut your trap!

The snow. We know you've got it.

We're not keeping you.

I'll settle with you about the goon.

As you like.

Pierrot, an anisette.

Where are you going?

To phone. Again?

What a curse these women are!

How right you are. He's hooked.

It's cost him dearly. It's always been his trouble.

But I can't do anything.

Hello, Anaïs. It's Marcel.

Any news?

Since when?


I'm on my way.

He had his father on his back.

Six letters with an A.


You're right! It often comes up in crosswords.

Belle, it's him again. He's waiting for you.

Hello. How are you?

Where have you been? And why?

I had to go away for a few days.

I'll explain. I'll explain too.

And leave my signature.

Don't mark my face.

If you do that again, I'll go away forever.

Okay for this time.

I missed you, you know.

I shouldn't say this, but I waited for you.

Now I want to see more of you... at night too.

You can see me every day.

You know I'm not free. I don't care.

I don't understand.

You seem to like being with me.

Very much. But it's not enough.

You love the other guy?

Why come here then?

I don't know... It's two different things.

I'm starving. Where shall we eat?

Let's decide on the way.

I won't be long. I'll be back by 3.

I scarcely recognize you.

I'm so glad to see you smile. I certainly feel better.

I've never seen you like this.

If only... What?

Oh, nothing. But if only you had some great news for me one day.

What do you mean? You know very well...

What I want most of all: a child.

What are you looking at? Nothing.

This thing. I don't know why. It's odd.

Nothing odd about it. No, you're right.

Hello, stranger! I hardly recognized you.

You forgot about us, didn't you? We haven't seen you for ages.

You haven't changed much.

First door on the right.

Come here, girls. It's an old friend.

Come along. Get moving.

Yes, you're all lovely.

You flatter me. Not at all, Sir.

I remember you very well.

Sometimes, I even dream of you.

I don't care much for that.

Oh no, Sir. I insist.

Hello, ladies. Please sit down.

Mathilde, Charlotte and Belle de Jour.

Belle de Jour? Original name.

Shall I get you a drink?

Later on.

Nothing has changed here.

Still the same simple, friendly welcome.

The same curtains...

What happened to the lion tamer girl?

I don't know.

The heating's turned on full?

You haven't changed either.

And the armchair...

It was snowing.

Still the same unusual perfume.

Faithful to jasmine...

You'll stay for a while, I hope.

All my life. I've plenty of time.

I'd like to be alone with Belle de Jour.

No! I don't want to.

What is this?

Stay here!

She's very nice...

But she can be a bit nervous.

Pleased with yourself?

You knew I was here.

You are mistaken.

It's your fault. You gave me the address.

You're mistaken. Don't come near me or I'll jump out of the window.

Is that your bed?

You disgust me, you know that.

Yes, that's my bed. What else do you want to know?

You like being humiliated.

I don't.

Don't tell Pierre!

I admire him more and more.

Please, don't tell him.

Try to understand.

I'm lost.

It happens in spite of me. I can't resist.

One day I shall have to pay for my sins.

But without this I could not live.

Do whatever you want with me.

Not now, in any case...

What attracted me about you was... your virtue.

You were the wife of a boy scout. That has all changed.

I have principles. I am not like you.

I shall, of course, say nothing to Pierre.

But I have friends who would be good customers.

Forgive me.

I really don't feel like it.

Another time, perhaps.

Who knows?

I don't want to waste your time.

This isn't for you. Buy some chocolates for Pierre from me.

All set? Go!

Get ready.


He's gone already?

I want to speak to you.

Run along.

I must go away. When?

Now. You'll come back?

No, I won't. What?

You might have told me a little sooner.

Aren't you happy here?

Oh yes, only...

Yes, I understand...

It's Marcel.

He was here just now. He was furious.

Nearly broke into your room.

Something's not right.

He's become too demanding.

He wants you for himself day and night.

Always the same trouble with men.

Go away. You're quite right.

One of these days there could be trouble.

But I'll be sorry to lose you.

Women like you are...

We got on well, you and me. Yes, that's true.

Keep in touch if you can. A phone call from time to time... would make me very happy.

Can't you give me an address? No.

Well, too bad. What can I say?

A gentleman to see you, Madame.

Me? Yes, Madame.

Do you know him?

No, Madame. He says it's urgent.

Do you have the catalogue? Yes, Madame.

Sit down.

Thank you, Maria.

Good idea, asking for a catalogue.

Nice place you have.

What are you doing here? Go away!

When I didn't see you any more, I thought I'd pay you a visit... to see how you were.

How did you find me? Child's play.

Your husband?

Good-looking guy! Handsome!

Much better than me.

Please go away! Don't worry. I won't make a fuss.

I only wanted to know why you left.

You hear? Don't shout. The maid will hear.

Just go. He'll be back soon.

You're not very hospitable.

What do you want? To see you again.

It's impossible. I'm never going back there!

I'll give you three days.

Find an excuse. Anything.

I'll meet you at the Hotel du Bois. Rue Fromentin.

You'll stay the night.

It's impossible.

Then I'll wait for him.

I've lots to tell him.

You wouldn't do that! I would.

I didn't want to, but you force me to.

After all, maybe it's for the best.

I'd decided to tell him all, too. Is that so?

He'd have found out sooner or later.

A friend of ours saw me there.

Anyhow, I've had enough.

That's fine. Let's wait for him.

We'll tell him everything together. I don't mind.

Oh please!

Go away before he comes.

Don't be afraid.

I'll go.

I didn't believe you, but I understand now.

There's the obstacle.

See you soon.

See her?

Leave me the car.

Where are you going? I need it.

Leave the car and get out.

What are you up to?

Get out, I tell you.

This time, kid, I've had it.

Hey, I won't let you run off like that!


The killer's dead. The police are baffled.

He hit the wrong guy or else he was mad.

Who was he? A gangster.

It seems he had quite a record. That's odd.

And how's Sérizy? It's too early to say.

His wife's in the waiting room.

How is he?

Too early to say. But he'll live.

May I see him? No. He's still in a coma.

Tomorrow, perhaps.

Go home and get some rest.

We'll keep you informed every hour, I promise.

Don't worry.

Come along. I'll go with you.

I've sent Marie out for the newspapers.

I'll read you the articles that interest you.

Marie is very kind.

She likes you a lot.

Everybody's asking about you.

You're much better.

The doctor is very optimistic.

You don't realize it, but you're making great progress, especially your eyes.

It's funny. Since your... accident, I've not been dreaming.

It's time for your medicine.

Monsieur Husson. To see Monsieur Sérizy.

I'm coming.

I am very sorry to disturb you.

You want to see Pierre?

Just a moment.

He still can't speak. He is...

I know.

Sorry I didn't come sooner.

You know what I think of Pierre. I was away on a trip.

A pretty dress!

Like a precocious schoolgirl.

What will you tell him? Everything I know about you.

Keep calm!

He's paralysed and feels he's a burden to you.

That makes him ashamed, because he thinks you're pure.

That's why I want to tell him everything.

It will hurt him... but it will be for the best.

Who could accuse me of being cruel?

Show me in, please.

He's through there.

Do you want to be present?

What are you thinking about?

About you, Pierre.

I'm thirsty.

Shall I get some ice?

No, don't bother.

I think I can take two weeks off in February.

To go to the mountains? If you want.

Do you hear that?