Belly (1998) Script

I soId my souI to the deviI, the price was cheap.

It was coId on this IeveI, it was twice as deep.

It's 2:00, I'm just about to hit the streets.

UntiI I knock off this rock, I don't get to eat.

Sometimes it's like that's the onIy reason why I hustIe, to step on toes, strong-arm and show a little muscle.

Ain't no reaI dough, that's why a nigga feeIs so frustrated.

I hate it seeing bitch niggas that made it.

And I'm robbin' niggas just as broke as myseIf.

Fuckin' with Queens ain't too good for a nigga's heaIth.

Where's the wealth? lt ain't in New York.

I gots to make my rounds and do whatever for the dollar.

Fuck 'em. You know me. Charlie Grant.

Get in the car!

Let's go, man! Get in the car, man!

lt was the best time of our lives.

Getting money was all we ever did.

Niggas Ioved the wee hours. It was a reguIar night for us.

-Slow down, motherfucker! -Word. What the fuck.

-Damn, son, we done licked that chick. -Niggas killed that bitch!

Hey, shut the fuck up, man.

Me? My name is Sincere.

Me and Bundy, Bunds that is, or Tommy for short.

We, Iike, make it happen.

Since kids, we was like Butch and Sundance.

Outlaw niggas, doing anything to get the dough.

We in the diamonds, yo. Tonight we're celebratin'.

What the fuck you talkin' about diamonds? What you know about diamonds?

What the fuck would Knowledge put you with us anyway?

-All right, all right. -Man, shut the fuck up.

Listen, Mark, you dump the car. You know what l'm sayin'?

Mark, too. He was the "whatever" type nigga.

The type of nigga that wouId do anything at any given time.

A live wire. You need niggas Iike that around.

-Dump that motherfucker. -All right. Shut the fuck up, man.

BIack. He was just some dumb-ass nigga we used to smoke trees with and crackjokes on.

I knew he was a fuckin' probIem as soon as KnowIedge put him down.

Listen, man, if you gonna dump this motherfucker, dump it.

-All right, yo. -Now, pull over.

All right, man.

Hey, yo, you said you were gonna ditch this motherfucker.

-Ditch it, man. -All right. You got it. All right.

We went straight to Tommy's house afterwards out in Jamaica Estates just to cooI out for a minute.

I mean, I Iove this nigga's crib, man.

It aIways reminded me what I wanted to have eventuaIIy, a phat new crib Iike his shit, one day.

We was wild up in there.

Now, now, son.

That shit was raw, kid.

Splattered homegirl up against the motherfuckin' glass and all that shit.

-What the fuck is that? -What the fuck is this?

You can kiss my ass.

-I hate goddamn rabbits. -Fuckin' rabbit!

Kill his ass!

-What you be watchin' in the house? -This shit is bugged out.

This nigga be buggin'.

Damn, son, look at all this fuckin' cheddar. We should've been doing clubs.

Why don't you shut the fuck up? Tryin' to get us knocked?

-What he talkin' about? -You don't want Kisha to come down.

Yeah, please don't have Kisha come down here flippin' on us

-3:00 in the fuckin' morning. -Yeah, yeah.

This shitty-ass rabbit stinks.

-l know. -He smeIIs Iike pussy.

Smell like a pile of bullshit!

Now, Kisha, Kisha was a bad motherfucker.

Tall, dark skin. Some big-ass tits.

Look like a ghetto Naomi Campbell and shit. A dime for real.

Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Let's start counting this money, man, before y'all niggas start stashin' shit.

Come on, dun. l'm just joking, baby. l know.

Now, say "sorry" 'cause you hurt my feelings.

This nigga serious?

Tommy, what is going on? And why y'all makin' so much noise? lt's these niggas right here. l told niggas shut the fuck up.

Sorry. That's my fault. l am trying to sleep. God!

Yo, l'm about to go get some sleep my damn self.

All right.

-See y'all niggas tomorrow. -Yeah, l'm here.

This shit keeps going off.

Hi. l'm Kurt Loder with MTV news.

There have been aIarming reports from London and Berlin of a new form of heroin being soId in underground hip-hop cIubs and raves aII across Europe.

This better not be no bitch.

-Hello. What's the deal? -Who is this?

-And who is this? -This is Kisha.

Why the fuck are you paging my man?

Who, Tommy?

-You know who l'm talking about. -Oh, what's up, Kish?

Yo, Tommy tells me everything about you. What's going on?

It's reported that this heroin is dramaticaIIy more potent than previous forms of the drug.

So much more, the user need only appIy the drug externaIIy on the skin to be affected.

US DEA fears the drug is on its way to this country via various conduits in Jamaica and throughout the West Indies.

We'II have more on the story as it breaks.

That's the news for now. Stay tuned for more later here on MTV.

Cut the bullshit, all right? Are you fucking Tommy, or what?

Well, not exactly, you see. l'm only 1 6.

So Tommy said we couldn't fuck yet.

But l did suck his dick the night before last.

You what? l said l sucked his dick the night before last.

My crib was out in St. Albans still, not too far from where we grew up, right by the Vet's hospitaI.

I mean, it's not Iike Tommy's crib or nothing but I Iove Iiving around the way.

All right, all right. lt's okay. lt's okay.

Ti? That's my girl. l met her out in Baltimore when me and Bunds first started flippin' birds.

We had Kenya this past year.

Yo, when shit gets crazy, it's them. They keep me sane.

I been knowing Tommy ever since I was 1 1 years oId.

He showed me how to tongue kiss and everything.

We were like best friends.

Sorry things ain't working out for you two.

No, it's all right 'cause l'm gonna see your little ass around.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

Nigga, l told you stop fucking with me. l know. l know. Come on.

Mama's gonna get you. l won't let Daddy torture you no more.

-You talk too loud on the phone. -What you talkin' about?

'Cause l heard you whispering to Bundy about last night.

-What the fuck is you talking about? -Who the hell is Kionna, Tommy?

-Kionna who? -Oh, you dumb now?

-You know who l'm talking about. -l don't know no fucking Kionna, man. l'm saying, Ti, l gotta do my thing, mama.

You know how that go.

Sin, l mean, seriously, why can't we just start a business or something? l mean, Kenya needs you.

What the fuck's supposed to happen to us if you get caught? What, what?

What, visits? Phone calls?

What you think l'm gonna be doing out here, nothing?

Just sitting around, starving? l mean, look. You act like we're broke. l mean, what the fuck. l told you plenty of times, Tommy does not give a fuck about you.

You cannot trust him. You know that.

Look, Tommy, l just spoke to the girl.

She not only told me she know you but that she sucked your little black ding-a-ling last night.

-So, what you got to say now, huh? -The bitch is lying.

Fuck you, all right? Fuck you.

Mess with some bitch behind my back.

Fuck you, Tommy! Fuck you, all right?

-l'm tired of this shit. This is bullshit. -Listen, listen, listen.

-How stupid do you think l am? -l don't know no Kionna.

Why you lying to me? Why are you lying to me?

-l'm about to faze you, all right? -Shut the fuck up! Listen!

Listen, listen, you know how motherfuckin' bitches is.

-You know how niggas be talking. -l don't know nothing.

Listen. Kish, Kish.

Listen, listen.

-Yeah. -What up, dawg? This is Bunds.

Nigga, what? This is morning.

What happened to the morning, man? lt's 5:00 now.

I know, I know, I know. But fuck it. Come on, man.

-Fuck you, man. -What? I'm in the front, man.

And I'm gonna start bIowing the fucking horn up in a minute.

All right. All right.

Me and Bunds was aIways tight.

Knew each other our whole lives.

You know, that's my dawg. We like real brothers and shit.

Blood brothers.

What's the deal, baby? So, how Kisha, man?

Fucked up.

-What's up with Tionne? -She's straight. She's straight.


Word out.

Yo, l seen this shit on TV.

Niggas dropping dead off this shit, dawg.


Remember that shit, that Tango and Cash shit? lt's like that but with no cut. You know what l'm saying?

Pure D? l'm thinkin' we should be the next niggas with that.

Oh, the dope game. Now you wanna fuck with dope.

That's where the money's at, baby. lt seem like that's all you wanna talk about is drugs. l got other shit going on in my life, though, you know?

-Gotta have more than one hustle. -Listen, nigga. l call you my nigga because l got love for you.

Ain't no money like dope money.

Son, you sound stupid right now.

You're not even hearing me right now, man. l'm gonna check it out, though. You know what l'm saying?

Holler at my man Ox, see what's up. l know l ain't fucking with that, dawg.

You sound like wifey talking, man.

You might as well pack it up. Fuck it. Stay home, man. l'm telling you, dawg. Bitches will fuck your whole shit up.

What type of nigga don't want no paper, man?

How much you think we could make off that shit?

After shit goes down, we usuaIIy went to Mark's Grandma's to get it on.

Count the money, whatever.

Mark's basement was one fucked-up spot, you know.

But that was our spot.

Hook us up with some weed, man. l wanna get dizzy, man.

What's up with putting us on?

Wise and Lakid, they wanted to be Iike us so bad.

They was too young, but Bunds kept these IittIe niggas around aII the time, man.

They was young thugs in training and shit.

Anyway, what's up with that blunt, dawg?

That's what l'm talking about, man. Some of that weed.

Hold up. l just lit it up. Hold up.

Hey, what the fuck are you looking at?

BIack was feeIing reaI hot about not getting the same cut as me.

On the real, l'm feeling a lot of motherfucking heat off that couch.

He was one of those PhD niggas, though. A pIayer-hatin' dickhead.

You know I had to fuck with him, right?

Hold up. l just lit it up. Hold up.

Yo, in a minute l'm gonna have you niggas getting creamed like we do.

You just gotta be patient, dawg.

Yo, this shit is mad hard, yo. l can't take this school shit no more.

Word. Niggas be wild in there and shit. l'm ready to say fuck that shit and get money with y'all niggas.

What y'all talking about? Just be patient.

Just be patient.

Yo, what's up?

Hold on.

-Yo, what's up? -What's the deaI? This is KnowIedge.

What's up, nigga?

KnowIedge. He was a for reaI grimy nigga.

I never reaIIy trusted him.

He the type of nigga that's just too smart for his own good.

A shysty-ass nigga.

Yo, shit must've got funky out there last night. l'm up in the motherfucking booze store motherfucking news flash came on showing the whole shit.

You know we had to give it to a couple of security guards in the club.

-But, yo, your man, your man. -Who, BIack?

Trying to get wild on niggas, for real. l heard that motherfucker was out there running his motherfucking mouth and shit.

Word? l heard the nigga was trying to act like he wanted to stick Sincere or some shit.

Bunds hated to be fucked with but he reaIIy hated when niggas fucked with me even worse.

-AII right. -Peace.

Good looking, dawg.

Yeah, no doubt. One.

Maybe he feIt Iike he had to watch my back like l watched his.

KnowIedge shouId've never toId him that shit, though.

Look at this nigga here, man.

He about the only nigga l know that still fucking drink 40 ounces man like it's the fucking '80s, man.

Every time you turn around, this nigga got a bottle to his mouth like a baby bottle.

-You niggas ain't gonna do nothing. -There's cash on the table.

-Fuck y'all niggas. -Where's the smoke at, dawg?

-Let's cash this. -Where that smoke at?

-lt's over there. -Come on, man.

-That's what l was talking about. -Oh, man!

Now, strip, motherfucker!

Strip, nigga!

Think it's a fucking joke, nigga?

What the fuck is wrong with you, man? Motherfucker!

Get the fuck over there while we count this money.

Oh, my God!


Count that money, man. Count that fucking money, man!

-Count the money. -That nigga is crazy.

You gonna get yours, B. You gonna get yours, man.


-Who is it? -Tommy. l'm here to see Lennox.

Hold on.

Mr. Ox, a man named Tommy out here to see you.

-AII right. -All right.

Thank you.

This nigga Ox, looks like rich for real.

You know, drug money, straight up.

He got aII sIitting niggas' throats in Kingston back in the '70s. You know?

Now he got the whole Queens lot.

Jamaicans is the wiIdest niggas down here.

He's my onIy connection in getting this new shit.

If I knew this nigga... If I knew him, he aIready has some of it on the way.

What up?

Sit down. l hope l ain't interrupting nothing. You know what l'm saying?

Watch the soccer game. Jamaica play.

-Jamaica is good. -Yeah, Jamaica is good.

Jamaica's very good.

But, yo, l'm really here to talk about us.

You know?

That new shit they talking about on TV? That brown shit?

Don't ask me.

l've been planning this for a minute. You know what l'm saying? l got a spot out of town.

My men and them is out there already.

His girl is a cop.

And the niggas... You know what l'm saying? Niggas is half-time...

So, you want me, you want me to put you up on that?

Yeah. You're the only one l know that can get it.

Tommy, how you mean?

Right. And all your kind of action.

Me don't want to... Me don't wanna fuck with you.

Police watch ya.

l ain't going back to jail, dawg. l ain't going back to jail.

Next time the county or state see me, it's gonna be in a bag. l'm thinkin' you is a real dred, man.

-What, you scared 'cause you good? -Hold on. Hold on.

You come into my house, don't you ever bring scare business to me.

You're looking at the toughest Ras clot Jamaican in the United States ofAmerica. l run shit, l kill for nothing and l made lots of money. l deal in business. Don't bring that shit to me again.

You hear me? l'm saying, though, it wasn't like that. l'm trying to get on, man. l'm hungry. l need this shit. You know how l get down. You know what l'm saying?

You know how l get down, dawg. l need the shot.

-So, you think you can handle that? -l know l can. l know it.

Let me think about it still.

You understand me? Now l'm upset.

Now l gotta think about it.

-You understand me? -Yeah.

Just help a nigga out. That's all l'm trying to do.

-But you owe me a big... -Anything, anything.

A big pussy-clot favor.

-Understand me? -Yeah.

Not gonna let you down, dawg.

-Yo, what's up? -Hey, it's Kish. Where are you?

l'm just waiting for someone downstairs. You know what l'm saying? l'll be there in a minute.

-Why, what's up? -This fuckin' guy.

Yo, l was watching the news today.

This shit is crazy.

That's why I had to caII you.

I don't wanna Iose you.

-Yo, l'm saying... -l'm trying to leave.

Girl, you can't even think like that.

-You can't even think that. -Fuck that.

-What time you think you'll be home? -You know what l'm saying? lt should only be a minute. lt'll be all right, you know?

l love you, Tommy.

-l'm gonna be waiting for you, okay? -Yo.

Two minutes, in and out. l'm gonna fuck with this cat for two minutes, and we gonna be straight.

-T, l'm ready to go. -We gonna be straight.

For real.

-All right. Bye. -One.

With Ox frontin' all the dope that's aII Tommy needed to make shit happen.

Now he's ready to bIow up.

I mean, we aII been out of town before but never with this amount of shit on the Iine, man.

What's up, motherfucker?

We got settled down in Omaha seIIing dope, getting money.

And the way it Iooks right now, we're gonna see a whoIe Iot of it.

Nebraska's a goId mine.

-Freeze, nigga. -Damn.

What l tell you about those police games?

Yo, we breezed through this town with no probIem.

We set up shop in no time. KnowIedge had the whoIe area cIicking.

Things was on-Iine aII day and night, Iike cIockwork.

-What's up, dawg? -How are you?

That's what l'm talking about!

Look at this money! Look at this money, baby!

Yeah, everything was bangin'.

Everything was Iooking IoveIy.

But after a minute, I started to feeI more and more what Ti was saying.

FeIt Iike it was time for a change.

Yo, you ever wonder what your purpose is out here, man, what you put on this Earth for?

Here we go again.

Nah, for real, man. Y'all never think about that shit?

Like what we here for. lt's money, nigga. Why the fuck you can't see that, man?

You always act like there's gots to be something else to this shit.

-You a homo now? -What the fuck you be talking about?

Money. Everybody got money, man.

So what you gonna do with the dough? All you niggas got dough.

Fucking crazy, yo.

Wait till Ox hit me with these bricks for this new shit, though.

Peep how that flow come in. You know what l'm saying?

Bet you jump back on my dick.

Yo, l'm reading this new book, man.

Yo, this shit is so deep, yo.

This shit got my mind thinking about a whole new other format, man.

You know what l'm saying? New shit, yo.

Come on with the bullshit, man.

You think another motherfucker know what you need to do?

Ain't no purpose, dawg. lt's money. We born to fucking die, man. ln the meantime, get money. Fuck a book, man.

WeII, meanwhiIe, IittIe did we know this IocaI big-head nigga named Rico started feeIing his pockets was getting a IittIe thinner since we got there.

Hey, dawg, there them fools go, right there.

TroubIe was right there on that corner staring right at us.

Yeah. Yeah, they rolling hard, too. They slangin' real good.

Real good.

Might have to drop 'em.

Might have to drop a dime on them niggas.

-For sure. -You know what l'm saying?

-Gotta stop 'em. -l don't like that shit.

For sure, bro. l don't like that shit.

This shit is lovely for me, man. You know what l'm saying? l'm gonna stop when l'm dead. End of story, man.

You gots to be a leader, dawg.

That book is fucking your head up, man.

Yo, when's the last time you read anything, man?

Never, motherfucker.

You need to start thinking about your motherfucking seed, man, 'cause shorty can't eat no books, dawg.

Yo, my shorty's all right, man. What the fuck, man.

Just need some time to really just figure all this shit out, man.

You know what l'm saying? Just chill for a minute.

You wanna go home? l'll bring you home if you scared, man.

Yo, did you not see that fucking red light, man?

You think l give a fuck about a motherfucking red light?

Faggot cops can't touch me. l'm out here smoking weed, speeding, all that, dawg.

Fuck that. That's me. Untouchable.

Ox, my nigga, what's going on, baby?

-Chillin' out. -AII right, aII right.

-Just living it up. -That's what I'm taIking about.

-So, what's going on down there? -Same shit.

-We have a surprise on Friday for you. -Surprise?

-For me? -Yeah.

-Let me find out you got the shit. -No, better than that.

We're going on a vacation.

Have a ticket waiting for you at the airport. Tomorrow we going out.

You know what l mean? Remember, you owe me one, nigga.

-Say it again? -Remember l told you, you owe me one?

-Yeah, yeah. -Well, listen to this.

-Nigga, why you actin' Iike that? -Yeah, well... No. This is it.

The big vacation is what you owe me.

Watch this right here.

You see eyesore? This is the ghetto.

Our kingdom starts here. A fierce operation. l'm gonna start a fierce operation.

These are the ghetto, not a slum. See?

This is the island where l grew up.

You have to be the fittest of the fittest in the sea to survive.

A man can live like a king in America.

This is the island l come from.

-You understand that really? -Yeah. l almost feel everything for them. l feel everything for them. Sayin'? l have tried my best, but things gotta change. Sayin'?

But anyway, don't worry about it. Sayin'?

We come to Jamaica to celebrate the rebirth of Kingston's finest.

Jamaica Gates, huh? l'm gonna make you fuck a fat Jamaican pussy tonight.

-You can handle it? -Nah, you keep the fat ones, baby.

Pussy here make your dick get hard like Rottweiler.

You know what l'm saying?

Hey, yo, Ti!

Yo, Tionne! Where you at?

That thing would look real nice over my bed. lt would. lt's got all your colors. lt's your color scheme.

Tommy probably wouldn't like it anyway.

Hey, Ti, thanks for coming. l know you don't really know me that well and all. l hate to burden you, but... lt's not a burden. lt's cool. What's wrong? l'm sayin' l just... l feel like l don't have any hope. l can't seem to get this nigga away from me. l know he's the worst type of nigga to have, but yet...

-But yet what? -l don't know. l keep hoping that maybe one day he'll be more like Sincere.

You know? More into life. More into me. You know. You have that.

Kisha, l'm gonna just be honest with you.

Tommy's not gonna be shit but what he is.

You just have to understand.

Certain types of people accept the bad in life, and that's cool with them. l hate to say it, but you're right, you know? lt just hurts to be alone, you know?

And the only thing l have is fucked up. ls that all there is?

Kisha, you got life.

You are breathing. You're healthy. Fuck that nigga.

You don't need no nigga to make you feel like you're whole.

But you and Sincere are so happy.

But don't mistake it. l'm happy with Sincere because l'm happy. lf l wasn't happy with him, then l'd have to do what l have to do.

You have to do the same for you. l don't know what that is. l mean, l think you'll be all right.

You're just going to have to take it one day at a time.

-Yeah. -You know. That's all l can think.

What's up, baby?

Where were you today anyway? l've been trying to page you.

Running around taking care of a little business. That's all.

-Well, l missed you. -l missed you, too.


-You love me? -Yeah, l love you. You know that.

Look over there, son.

The one lighting his spliff.

-The one with feathers in his head? -Yeah.

His name Sosa.

Feared by everyone in Kingston. See what l'm sayin'?

You touch him, you like suicide.

You can't touch him, or he'll kill your mother and father.

Find their body. You know what l'm sayin'?

-That's what l'm sayin'. -Tommy.

That nigga big still. Big enough. l was really glad to see you lookin' big. Sayin'?

-See how big he is. -That's cool. Everything all right.

-We our own scene. -All right. l'm gonna tell you like this. l'm gonna show you how Tommy Brown do things.

-Yeah, Agent Burke here. -Check this shit out, nigga.

I got a bust for you.

Some major niggas from New York flinging rocks over here.

Get down!

Down! Stay! Hands where l can see 'em!

All right, let's get him outta there!


Hey, Kisha, what up? This is KnowIedge right here.

-Where the fuck that nigga Tommy at? -He's out of town.

What's wrong with you?

What the fuck you mean what's wrong with me?

First of aII, the motherfuckin' feds done bum rush my crib this morning.

Second of all, I ain't heard shit from nobody.

Third of aII, they probabIy got your fuckin' phone tapped and know where the fuck you at, you stupid bitch.

Bitch? Who the fuck you calling a bitch?

You the bitch once Tommy finds out about this.

Clean for $1 .

-What's that? -l beg for $1 , please.

Yo! Come on, son.

They kiIIin' 'em out there, son.

They dyin' out there, son. Word up.

Yo, they kiIIin' us, son, I'm teIIin' you.

Y'aII niggas come on. That's my word.

Y'all better come on. Them niggas is kiIIin' us, son.

Freeze! Don't fuckin' move!

What happened? l know you got my pages.

-l been pagin' you all fuckin' day. -Yeah, l lost my pager.

Did you hear about the shoot-out in Omaha?

-Tommy have something to do with that? -What you talkin' about? l'm talkin' about Tommy's crazy ass.

He been calling here every fucking 1 5 minutes for the last two hours.

On top of it, l think he's camped out around the corner somewhere. l'm gettin' scared. Tell me what happened. What the fuck is going on? l don't know.

-Yo. -Yo, it's me, man.

-Where the fuck you been at? -Where the fuck l been at?

Where you at, man?

I'm around the corner, man. l'll be there in a minute.

All right.

Look, he gettin' ready to come by, all right?

But don't worry. l'm not going nowhere. l just wanna see what's going on.


Fuck. No teIIin' what's going on.

Every day it's something different. You know?

I thought it might be some beef with Kisha or something.

But when I seen how shook he was, I knew it was something eIse.

What's up, man?

-The fuckin' feds hit us today, man. -What?

They got fuckin' Mark and Knowledge out there in Omaha, and the feds are in front of my fuckin' crib right now.

-Oh, shit. -They fuckin' probably got Kish, man.

This shit is crazy, man. This stupid motherfucker, Knowledge, man.

As soon as he gets knocked, calls my crib from out there.

What the fuck is wrong with this nigga? That's your man.

-That's your man. -You sure it was the feds?

Dawg, you think l don't know the fuckin' feds when l see 'em?

Yo, you paranoid, man.

You kinda calm for somebody that's supposed to be on the run like me, man.

Oh, come on. You think l gave you up or something now?

What the fuck is wrong with you, man?

-lt's Kish right there, man. -Come on. Let's go call her real quick. l need a pay phone. l need a pay phone.

-l can't use no fuckin' regular phone. -Let's go to Linden real quick.

-Let's do it. -Come on.

This is fucked, man.

All the money is out there. You know what l'm sayin'? lt's too hot to go back.


-lt's Kish again, man. -Gotta call her, man.

Yo, what's up?

Yeah. Not far. Why?

Yeah. All right. l'll be there in a minute.

-What's up, son? -They got her, dawg.

-How do you know it's them? -She says she's sick.

She don't even talk like that, man.

Fuck it, yo. You know what l'm sayin'?

Take what we got and hold it down at your nephew crib in Jersey.

-All right. -Take the car. Hold the car. lt's new, so niggas ain't gonna know it's mine.

-All right, man. l got you. -Yo, l gotta get the fuck outta here. l ain't got no dough for Ox.

You gotta tell Kish what's up for me.

No doubt. Don't worry about it. l'm gonna see you.

When it rains, niggas get wet. You know?

Dawg, you the only one l got in my corner, man.

Don't cross me.

-l got you. -One.

Look out, dawg. Let me get a light.

-Peace. -Peace, Sha.

Knowledge, bone, what's the science, baby?

Yo, baby, shit is wicked out here.

-Nigga got problems. -Oh, word?

Nothing that God can't solve. What's the nigga's résumé?

Big. Some fake-ass nigga out here.

The motherfucker dropped a dime on me and Bunds.

I might not even see the Iight.

Enough said, son.

-One hundred. -One.

Bitch, l'm gonna slap the shit outta you. What?

-What? Bitch, don't let me get... -Big, let me holler at you.

Hold on, homie. Look, bitch, l'm gonna call you back.

What is it, nigga?

Niggas say this motherfucker's coming through here with Pennsylvania plates talking about Omaha.

Pullin' up at every block talkin' to niggas and shit.

-So is he sellin' or what? What's up? -He ain't sellin' nothing.

He's askin' motherfuckers about Rico. He wanna get with Rico.

-Okay. So who with this nigga? -He by hisself.

-The nigga by hisself? -Yeah. Clown nigga, too.

Flossin' major chips, Rolex, everything.

-Clown nigga, huh? -Retarded if you ask me.

Niggas got him outside right now.

-The nigga out front? -Right out front.

Let's go see what the nigga talkin' about.

Hold up. What? ls that that nigga? ls this the illest nigga in Nebraska?

-Who the fuck is you? -My name lke-love, partner.

Niggas in Penn heard mad shit about you. Everybody talkin' for real.

-And? So what? -Oh. Easy, cowboy. l just came to see if we can do somethin'. l brought a gift and the whole nine, player.

Nigga, we don't fuck with out-of-towners especially silly motherfuckers like you.

That's peace, baby. Whatever. Know what l'm sayin'?

Can't a nigga just get down? Damn. Get a drink? Get some bitch ass?

-Y'all niggas just laughin' at me. -A clown, huh?

-lkie, or whatever your name is. -lke-love.

Let's meet at the Gilz. We can have drinks.

We can talk about whatever when we get there. That cool?

That's how l like it. Just like that. That's how niggas do it.

Word up, you know? l rolls dolo from state to state.

Word up. Yeah, yeah. l just wanna link up with those gettin' it like l get it. That's all.

Y'all niggas be safe. Peace, peace. Word up.

Now Tommy's on the run crazy, North Carolina, Oklahoma.

Robbin' niggas, drugs, whatever to get the dough.

What the fuck you think we gonna do? Get money.

He winds up in AtIanta seIIin' weed.

Who does he get to work for him?

You got it, Wise and Lakid.

Bunds was the best at makin' a bad situation worse.

He wouId corrupt anyone he couId to get over.

As Iong as he knew how to controI niggas' minds, he couId make shit happen anywhere.

Learn how to put the motherfuckin' weed in the bags first.

Then get money.

lt's dough out here. That nigga's gots to be willin' to get down.

No doubt.

-You hear the phone? -l didn't know you wanted me to get it.

-That nigga's crazy. -That's what l'm sayin'.

-ls there money out here? -lt's mad money out here, dawg.

-What, you tryin' to get it? -You know that, son.

Word up. lt's for real.

-You gonna bust your gun to get it? -Whatever, yo. l hear you talk.

-Who was it? -Knowledge.

-How the fuck he get the number? -l don't know.

-Where the phone at? -lt's upstairs.


-Fuck out the way. -Fuck off then.

-What? -What the fuck you mean, what?

What's up with my motherfuckin' bail money, nigga?

Yo! Who the fuck you think you're taIkin' to, yo? lt's your motherfuckin' fault l'm on the run now. l told your stupid ass, don't call the crib from the spot.

How the fuck'd you get this number?

Your bitch gave me the number. What the fuck you talking about?

Tommy, that's my word.

If y'aII don't get that baiI money, you gonna see what time it is.

That's your word? Nigga, suck my dick.

-What's up with Knowledge? -Fuck Knowledge.

Roll up. l'm tryin' to get high.

Hey, bartender. Get me another drink.

Hey, yo. Word up.

Rico, man, you really know how to show a nigga a good time.

You know what l mean? Word life.

That shit is fine. Word up.

Fuck! Let's get it on, motherfucker!

-Bounce that shit! God damn! -Naked!

-Shit! That's mine? -Yeah.

-Yeah. -l'll take that.

Yeah. We need to go fuck with some of them bitches. l like your flavor. You got it locked in here.

This is live right here. l want that one right there.

-Can l get that? -Oh, for sure.

All right. Check this out then.

Before we break out, l gotta holler at you before we bounce.

What's the deal?

Son, a nigga like me want to show my appreciation.

You know what l'm sayin'?

Remember, l said l came down here to check niggas in the whole notch especially you, son. l brought a present and the whole shit from my man.

Your man? What's that?

-Knowledge. -Knowledge?

Come on, man! Get in the fuckin' car!

The more and more I was reading the Minister's book, the more I reaIized how fucked up our whoIe thought process was.

I mean, we aII have knowIedge of seIf but stiII, we was actin' Iike fuckin' idiots.

Now, more than ever, I couId see error in our ways.

It seemed time had flipped shit to a new fuckin' page.

Yo, yo. Chill, chill, chill.

That nigga's fuckin' crazy, yo!

You should have seen him. He dissed their whole click.

Now, if that was me, l would have bodied the niggas soon as they said somethin'.

Fuck is you talkin' 'bout? You was right there and didn't say shit. l'm surprised you had nuts to pull that piece of shit.

What the fuck you talkin' about? lf it wasn't for me, Umbrook and Casa would have pushed your wig back, nigga. Word up.

Don't even try to front.

Yo, l seen how shook you was when them niggas showed up.

Know what l mean? You was prayin' shit didn't happen.

You know, l seen you after we left. You was ready to cry like a bitch.

-Uh-huh! -You think l ain't see that, yo?

Yo, when those niggas pulled out, son looked mad hurt.

Know what l mean? Yo, don't front.

What, you don't want me to pull your bitch-ass card in front of Bunds?

Fuck it. Just keep it real.

Yo, l know you not gonna let this nigga talk to you like that. What's goin' on?

Nah, bitch nigga ain't no bitch to me.

That's what the fuck l'm talkin' about, nigga. What?

Some real shit now. What?

Chill, chill. Bitches, chill before you fuck around and make a mistake.

Ain't no mistakes. This motherfuckerjust talk too much. l had to shut him the fuck up.

After Wise got smoked, Bunds was so drunk and high he just stayed there, feeIin' Iike he had enough.

And it was his fauIt that Wise got hit.

He couId have easiIy deaded the whoIe argument.

But Bunds, he's an instigator for reaI.

So now he's like, "Fuck it."

Tommy was at the end of his rope.

Keep your arms where l can see 'em. Cuff him.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Do you understand these rights as l have read them?

...six nine.

T.R. Jacobs.

What's your aliases?


Close door!


Collect call from Department of Corrections inmate.

-Tommy Brown. -Yeah, l accept.

What's up, Sin? What's goin' on?

Who this? Bunds? What's the deal, my nigga?

Fucked up. l need some help, yo.

Yo, l told you l wasn't fuckin' with you no more, man.

-What part you don't understand? -Yeah, l know. l got arrested on some bullshit last night. l gotta get outta here before my prints come back.

Take that shit to Ox, man. Tell him it's his.

The rest of that... l'm in Decatur, man.

Remember, dawg, you my nigga. Don't let me down.

No doubt, baby. l got you. Don't even worry it. Peace.


Cannot believe you.

Bullshit clot... l don't wanna watch some bumba clot no more. l put my trust in them. Now we're gonna lose it.

l don't wanna watch them no more.

Sorry Ras clot, no?

l'm watching...

A bumba clot war, hmm?

Wanna ramp with me?

Come on!

Who wanna test me? Come on! Come on!

Don't know who l bumba clot ramp with.

Wanna know me? l am the original Joliet called Dandera. You understand?

You wanna ramp with bumba clot, eh?

Come. Come on. l murder people for fun.

Murder on a bumba clot for fun.

Come on!

Who wanna ramp with bumba clot me?

Come on! lt's me, the bumba clot Ox!

Who wanna ramp with bumba clot, eh? lt's me, the bumba clot Ox!

When l finally got to Ox house, yo, there was cops everywhere.

I seen that nigga Iaid out, the fuckin' top dog with his throat slit from ear to ear.


You know, l drove around Queens for, Iike, an hour-and-a-haIf in a daze.

FinaIIy, I drove up to RochdaIe Projects.

Me and Bunds used to hang out there back in the days.

That's where all the bitches was.

Yo, when I waIked through, l saw my man Shorty out there pumpin'.

Shorty was, like, 12 goin' on 20.

A reaI Ioser-type nigga, you know?

No hope for the future at aII.

To him, it wasn't reaIistic that he was ever gonna make it out the projects.

And he was right.

-What up, Shorty? -What up?

Man. Niggas up mad early gettin' that paper, huh?

We all got bagged.

-What happened? -Thursday, l got bagged.

-What happened? -Fuckin' with this nigga on the roof.

-On the roof? -Yeah, man.

-What you was doin'? -Shot this nigga, man. l got it still burnin'. Shit's just gettin' hot.

See? Just gotta hold the shit down.

Know what l'm sayin'? Got the bulletproof vest.

-Yo, damn, man. -Shit's just hot.

Don't let these niggas out here steer you wrong, man.

See them niggas on the corner over there?

-They're gonna be out here forever. -All right, peace.

-Yo, man. Fuckin' with guns. -lt's all right.

When you fuck with guns, Shorty... lt's always the coolest niggas that fuck around and get murdered, you know?

lt's a war out here.

Mad niggas is dyin'.

-You don't want that shit to be you, right? -Nah. l know you gonna hold it down, though. You know what l mean?

Just be careful, man.

These niggas out here ain't even really worth it.

You're an ill nigga, though. l like your style, son.

Shorty, l'm a go, so, all right?

Look in your pocket.

That's you. That's from me, baby.

Just make sure you rise above all this madness out here.

Mind elevation, man.

Fuck that petty shit. You don't need it.

For real. All right?

-All right. -All right, all right. My nigga.

You're out, dickhead. Open the gate.

Bunds was an animaI out the cage, for reaI.

But he went around the way to Iay at his stepmom's crib and get his pIans together.

And that's where life as he knew it came to an end.

All right. All right, here we go.

Yeah. Right there. Try that one on.

There it is, man.

What's you, a coach or somethin'?

You ain't from around here. l'm Roger. How you doin', Tommy?

l just came lookin' for you, man.

Lookin' for me for what?

When l heard that the police finally had you in custody l wanted to come down and just meet you in person.

Don't get nervous. A lot of agents here.

What l think you should do is just pay attention and listen to me.

Listen to what l'm gonna tell ya. l'm gonna give you a choice, man.

-Oh, l got a choice? -Yeah, you got a choice. l'm gonna offer you some freedom.

You know you're in a lot of trouble.

Without us, you go to jail.

You go to jail forever. You understand?

So who l gotta blast?

He calls himself the Minister. lt's yourjob to get into his organization and learn his ways.

On New Year's Eve he's having the biggest gathering, World's Day of Reckoning, at the Armory in Harlem.

On that very night, you will terminate this fucker.

We'll do everything in our power to give you all the help that's necessary.

But be warned, we've got a lot of operatives in place. lf you show any weakness or if you betray us, it'll be your resignation.

You understand?

Yeah, l understand.

Don't fuck around, Bunds.

l was thinking, l know it's your boy and l hate to keep bringing it up, but seriously, we need to start thinking about us.

This shit's too dangerous now. lt's not safe anymore.

Ti, l feel like it's time for us to go away from here. l been thinkin' about it for a long time.

Where will we go?

Ti, let's go to Africa.

Shit, nigga, please. Be for real.

Yo, l never been more serious in my life. l mean, we been to the islands. We been everywhere.

Who says we can't go to Africa? l mean, but... l don't know.

-Africa's far. -So what? l'm sayin', just think about us. That's all we ever talk about.

That's our dream, to go to our homeland where our roots are.

Fuck it, man. You know what l'm sayin'? Like, forget about money. Fuck everything. lt's a chance of a lifetime. lf me and you went, and the baby...

Just think.

Maybe it's the right thing to do, maybe not.

Well, l'll think about it. l will think about it.

Bunds was supposed to take out the Minister.

ApparentIy, they needed a nigga to do it for pubIicity or somethin'.

Tommy was perfect.

He had to start from the bottom, though.

You know, reaIIy take it serious with the reIigion.

He had to study and reaIIy be a part of it

'cause it wasn't gonna be easy to get cIose to the Minister.

Meanwhile, Knowledge and Shameek started scheming on how they was gonna find Bundy, you know, for a IittIe payback visit.

KnowIedge knew where Kisha Iived, so he knew Tommy wouIdn't be far behind.

Oddly enough, the more Tommy got into character the more, you know, the truth was Iike the Iight.

No matter what cIouds are true, eventuaIIy the sun wiII come out and you cannot stop the sun from shining.

For the first time the sun was finaIIy shinin' on Bundy.

Oh, shit! What the fuck are y'all doin' in my house?

Relax, shorty. Nobody here to fuck with you.

Then get your stank ass out my house and take your broke-ass niggas with you.

We just here looking for this nigga. That all.

We was hopin' maybe Sin could tell us where to find his ass.

Oh, shit.

Don't worry, shortstop. We're on our way.

Just tell Sin Father Sha came by. That all.

We don't want to worry the guy, but we really need to find this fucker. l'm fuckin' serious.

Care, my niggas.

Hey, yo, peace, shorty.

You stay cool. Don't hurt nobody.

I get a phone caII from niggas, Iike, early this evening. l can't believe it. He want me to meet him up in Harlem.

I don't even know what's goin' on. First, how the fuck he get outta jaiI?

Maybe this nigga gave me up to get out, you know?

It couId be a setup. You couId never teII with this nigga.

I mean, Bunds is my dawg, but this nigga, man, is hard to teII sometimes.

He could be ill when he wanna be.

Yo, Bunds. What up, nigga?

-What scheme you up to now? -How you doin', Sin? l'm all right. What's up? l been tryin' to call you. How come you ain't call me back?

Ain't hard to tell. My life's in a whole 'nother direction, dawg. l could see that. Yo, you know l'm not gonna leave you though, right?

Yo, l thought you was up the river, man. l didn't know what to do. l went to Ox house, yo.

Then l call Mark, and l'm a-tell him what happened. l didn't get no response.

Heard about Ox. Know what l'm sayin'?

But you want to know somethin' though, Sin?

You was always right, dawg. You know what l'm sayin'?

We was on the road to destruction from the beginning.

Wasn't tryin' to hear it, though, you know?

But now, you know, the Minister showed us the right path.

-Try and take that path? -What happened to "fuck followers" and "no purpose" and all your issues and shit?

Listen, dawg, we all make mistakes, especially me.

But if you've got a chance to make it right, make it right. l got that from you. l feel it's the only way. l don't feel a need to play the whole part in the entire movement but, yo, if you just raise your family right, if l just live righteously, l be all right.

Yo, my whole life is dedicated to change.

Yo, l'm goin' to Africa.

-Word? -Word.


Gonna take some time out to reflect on the things that's happenin', you know, between you, me, the whole world.

That's ill, son. That's ill.

What can l say but, you know, congratulations.

Good luck on your trip to the motherland.

Good luck, Bunds. l hope everything is right with you and the Minister as well, all right?

What you want me to do with the car and all that?

All your shit. What you want me to do? l ain't gonna really need none of that. You know what l'm sayin'?

Accept it as a gift.

-Take it to the heart. -D.

-One. -One.

Now, remember, the dope has to be secured in that office. lt's extremely important that he's found with shit on the premises.

Our people are all in place. Spread the word.

Hey, slick.

Do not attempt to get a brain on this. You hear me?

Under no circumstances is the Minister to make that speech.

l want it real messy. No mistakes.

You copy that?

Yeah, l copy that.

You're my nigga, man. You're my nigga.

-Yo, Ti. -l'm in here, Sin.

Why you sittin' over here in the dark?

What happen?

When l got home, there was some niggas in the house.

They said they were lookin' for you.

One of 'em, he said his name was Sha.

But l think he was lookin' for Tommy.

-Did they touch you? -No. l got scared, so l just pulled out.

But they left quietly. l mean, they didn't do anything.

But l've just been sittin' here.

They dead, all right?

-They are dead. -No, Sin. Mm-mm. You gotta promise.

You gotta promise me that you'll just say, "Fuck this shit" and leave it alone.

You gotta swear that you will not go lookin' for them. l can't take this shit no more. We should just do what you said.

You forget about Tommy, forget about all this shit and start thinkin' about us.

Let's just do what you said. Let's just split and go to Africa.

We should just go.

-All right then. -We should just go.

We're gonna go, okay? We'll go.

l don't know how you can stay out here. Shit gettin' crazier every day.

Word, me, my wifey, little C, we all out, man.

Yo, you goin' to Africa? You gonna stop fuckin' with weed? l don't even fuck with no more chronic. l don't need none of that shit no more.

-This is the shit, l'm tellin' you. -You one lucky nigga, boy.

Long-ass flight, too. l ain't never comin' back.

That's what l was thinkin' about, never comin' back. Word!

You my nigga, all right? Get with you on that.

-All right. Yeah. -Tell Chaka my love, all right?

-All right. Peace. -Chill, nigga.

Man, it's crazy out here, man. That's why l broke out for a minute.

-All right. Word up. -Straight up.

-Yo, what up? -Sin, what's up, baby?

-How you? How you been? -l'm maintaining. Looking good.

-You got the little one, huh? -Yeah.

-She got me baby-sittin' right now. -That's real.

-You all right, though? Lookin' good. -Yeah. You know how it is.

-l know it's crazy out here. -Oh, yeah.

Yo, l'm gettin' ready to blow, dun.

-Oh, word. All right. Sure. -Peace, man. Peace.

-What's up, baby pop? -Yo, what up, Black? Funny-ass nigger.

-Fuck is up, nigga? -Remember that shit from the basement?

-Stupid motherfuckers! -Fuck outta here, yo!

Take this, man!

Ti, l got shot.

-What? -Yeah.

Coming out the barber shop, this nigga shot me in my leg.

-Are you all right? -Yeah.

Oh, my God!

-l had to shoot these two other niggas. -What?

-The nigga that shot me, l killed that nigga. -What?

l don't give a fuck, though. We still gonna go.

Ain't nothin' stoppin' us from leavin'. l don't give a fuck no more.

We goin'.

-Yo? -What up, cat daddy?

-It's KnowIedge. -Fuck is up?

-What's the verdict? -Biggie just got hit with some joints.

Ain't even gonna see Iife for a minute.

Damn. Yo, that nigga can't Iive, son.

You know l know where Tommy bitch Iive at, right?

-Yeah? -35 Westchester.

Son, l'm a-go see that piece.

Let that bitch Tommy know what's reaI up in the battIefieId, for you.

Get that bitch. Bring that nigga out in the front.

No doubt. Stay up, baby. Hold your head. One.

Come on. Let's bring it. All right!

AII praises due to the one and true living God!

Yeah! Oh, yeah!

This is a great day today! A great and festive day!

You are a beautifuI peopIe, a peopIe deserving of a savior.

l want you to secure the west wing. You two move out.

...a God who loves you and l so much that he would cIimb a mountain 40 miIes high just to save one of you.


Right? He said, "Let my peopIe go!"

He said, "Wicked, Iet my peopIe go!"

He saved the day. This time, he is right in our midst.

Who is he? Say it!

l knew you were coming so l sent everyone away because l believed my final moment was at hand.

Before you pull that trigger and take my life l would like the chance to tell you some things perhaps to think about after l am gone.

Don't worry about me stallin'.

My people have orders to leave me to my studies for another 1 5 minutes. l will only take five.

Can you bear with me?

Will you?

Then make up your mind.

Today marks the change of not only a new year, but a new millennium.

Take a look around.

The majority of the youth roam the streets deaIing in drugs, sex and vioIence, thinking these things have no real effect on life.

Crimes without real punishment.

An uncaring, unfeeIing generation without knowIedge of seIf.

This is the future of our nation, the future of our people.

Do you think hatred and evil will go unpunished?

The world is now feeling the heat from flames it has kept burning since the beginning of civilization.

You represent that fire.

You and l are just a small part of God's plan.

The evil men of this world have appIied every method possibIe to deceive its occupants and each time with greater success than anticipated.

But no more.

Tonight, with this new millennium, God will begin to overcome this evil.

I represent the truth to the peopIe.

Without truth, nothing is sacred.

The lie, that's what the devil is all about.

You know that. That's why you're here.

What the hell?

The truth is, we all play a grave role in our own destruction.

Your money.

Your lifestyles.

The things that people value and covet so dearly are the bait that lures them out of the light.

Turn over, bitch.

Where the fuck is that bitch-ass nigga at?

Huh? Bitch!

Through the love of others l have power.

The truth gives me this.

Those that fear me send you here, here to murder all that l say.

They use what you fear against you.

Your fear of death. Your fear of imprisonment.

Oh, shit! You fuckin'...

Where in this world is anyone safe from death?

You see the lies you've been told?

The path you take is not your own.

Now you turn around, bitch! Punk-ass motherfucker!

Look what you did to me! l hate you! l hate you!

Have you ever thought about how precious a life is?

How difficult it is to create?

How loosely and easily it has been for you to take away?


Brother, help me.


Help me to do what's right.


Help me to stop the slaughter of our children.

-Seven! -Help me to put an end to the disrespect and the dishonor of our most valuable resource, the black woman.

-Six! -Help me to put an end to the destruction of the young mind through the use of drugs, alcohol.


Help me to build up a population of great thinkers.


People who create change through thoughtfulness and spirituality.


Will you choose that truth?

Will you?


Will you choose the light over the darkness?


Once l found out the clock was tickin'.

See the Glock. Stick it.

KiIIing, 'cause revenge is aII they can think about in the end.

But I'm going for the binge.

Burn tiII I singe.

Fuck outta this!

FaII by myseIf, die by myseIf.

PIays the tricks.

And if you don't know what it's goin' to be in the end...

T minus three, two, one. Amen.

-Drop the gun! -Hold it. Stay where you are.

Will you choose life?

lt's time. lt's time, man.

lt's time.

When I opened my eyes, l couldn't believe it.

Africa, for reaI.

I feIt Iike I never reaIIy seen cIouds before.

I feIt Iike the sky was a different coIor bIue, the trees a different coIor green.

And the peopIe, too.

The peopIe were beautifuI. It feIt right.

It was harmony, Iike I wasn't far from home.

Everybody together, me, Tionne, Kenya. lt was like... It's Iike a whoIe new beginning.

Yo. You ever been in love?

Have you ever been in Iove?

-No. You? -No. lt seems like...

That's right. So what you goin' do?

You know how you do it, baby.