Beneath (2013) Script

Hi, Johnny.

Did you see that? I got the shot. I got the shot.

Bye, Papa! See you tomorrow!

Hey, guys. Let's do this!


Hey, Kitty. Hey.

I just had a dream about you.

Bet you did, Johnny boy.

Come on, let's get a move on. Hop in the back.

Johnny. Would you be useful and get me a frosty from the cooler back there?

That's my opening shot, right there.

Better not be filming this whole trip, dude.

I'm obviously gonna be filming this whole trip, dude.

It's okay, Zeke. You can just film me.

Thanks, Kitty. This is Kitty Aiken, America. She is the hottest ticket in town and the probable star of my upcoming film:

Zombies versus Werewolves versus Ninjas versus Vampires versus Robots versus Dinosaurs versus Samurai.

Ok, so the dinosaurs is coming before the samurai. That was the final decision? I mean it's... studio notes, I don't know how it's gonna end up, really. I want to please them.

Sure, sure.

And cut. Kitty, you know, why are you still with this guy?

Why don't you ditch him and get with me, okay? I'll make you a star.

Get right to the top, lady.

Um, I think I'm gonna stick with Matt.

Come to State, Kitt, we can room together.

Oh, you know what? How about I transfer to state and you and I room together? What do you think about that?

Um you're not my type, Zeke. I can change.

I'm not committed to any of this. This is all really up for grabs. Seriously.

I mean, no, you're going to be hanging out with all the film geek girls soon enough.

Trust me. Yukon will be crawling with your type.

Actually? Is that like a fact? It's finally gonna happen.

Zeke's gonna get laid! Zeke's gonna get laid!

Zeke's gonna get laid! Zeke's gonna get laid!

Okay, thanks everybody. Stranger things have happened. We don't have to treat that like a joke. It might actually be a thing.

Oh my god!

Dude! Eyes on the road, man. Simon, man.

That was uncool, Simon. Sorry. I'm sorry.

Eyes on the ball at all times, bro. Thanks, man, I don't need a lecture.

Okay? I said I was sorry.

Waitin' on you!

Come on, guys, quit it!

Hey. Simon. Yeah?

Look, I'm gonna open the gate. Just keep on going.

Okay. Just wait for me, yeah?

Nah, I don't think so.

Alright. Hey, hey, hey, hey.

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist. Are you okay?

Come on, Simon, let's go!

We're here? Maybe.

Ugh. Finally.

Hey, give me a kiss.

That's my bag. And your bag. And your bag.

That bag looks heavy. Hey!

You got that? Yep.

Here, Debbie Debb. Alright.

Of course you grab the food, right? Mhm.

She's growing. She's a growing girl.

I don't see a boat. Zeke, you've been so helpful.

Oh, you shut... Oh, thank you! No problem.

Thank you so much.

Matt McLean. King of Beers, former class prez. All-state fullback.

Took a year to find himself, found himself working in his dad's old feed lot.

How's that working out for you, man? It's a living.

And Simon McLean, his baby brother. Yeah.

That is all I have to say about you that is interesting. And Kitty.

Let's talk about your burgeoning film career.

Hey, he's our scholarship boy. He's doing his prep.

His SAT score is higher than you could count.

Oh, that's right.

Simon, you got that brainiac scholarship for.

University of I'm Getting Out of Here.

Yeah, that was the one. That was exactly where I'm going.

How does it feel to be out from under Matt's shadow for the first time in your entire life?

You gonna dry up and blow away? Blow yourself, Zeke.

Would if I could, my friend. Would if I could.

Zeke the geek. If I'm a geek, you're a nerd. I mean, it's not like you got that scholarship for being number two on the wrestling team.

Man, you talk way too much. Thank you.

Deborah Voorhees. I have heard rumor that you're into water sports. Is that true?

Could I film you doing that sometime?

Not those kind of water sports, you perv.

Aw, shucks.

All you need to know is I can kick your scrawny ass.

Really? Crew chief kicks nerd butt?

Great headline for your resume, sister.

Hey. Any way to shut you up? No, not really.

So Johnny, tell us about this vessel.

Just say the word and I will happily do the honors. Oh, that... That is incriminating.

I have that on camera here. Oh, no! Oh, no!

I'm not joking around. Jonathan.

Tell me about this vessel. Is it seaworthy?

Alright, alright. Shut it off. Come on.

Shut it off. And cut.

Alright, go ahead.

Oh, this is so sexy.

One, two, three.

This is heavy.

We just have to launch it over there.

Let's get it over to the water and get it in.

This is cool, man. This was your granddad's?


Well, he must have been tougher than you.


Come on, buddy. I'm trying.

Oh, you need a personal trainer? I think so.

Forty-five an hour.

You're the weak link, Johnny boy.

One, two, three.

Alright. Let's load her up.

Um, Johnny. There's no service.

Welcome to Black Lake. This is tragic.

How am I supposed to tweet about our adventure?

Kitty. Damn it.

I got something for you.

Would you wear this for me?

You're such a freak, Johnny. What is it?

Just take it. I want you to be safe.

What are you talking about?

Just wear it.

Johnny, it's kind of weird-looking.

High school's done, alright? We're free from what people think.

We're never free from what people think. You know that.

It's just, you know. I sometimes wish that you wouldn't be with him.


Look, I just, I just wish... Johnny, get real, ok?

High school's over. I'm with Matt now.

Yeah. Is that real?

Hey. Don't make me regret bringing you.

It's cool, I'll just carry this whole thing by myself.

Big help. Big help. Thanks, appreciate it. Um...

Hey, look. I have nowhere to put this right now but I will wear it.

I'll wear it later, when we, like, dance around the fire, ok?

Thank you.

Come on. I gotta get my bag.

Johnny. Hey.

Mr. Parks. What's up?

Workin' on my motor. What about you, Johnny?

Friends. We just graduated last Friday, so...

Everyone's going off their separate ways. It's just a final get-together.

Your grandpa know you're here?

Yeah, I told him I'd be off for the night.

These people friends of yours, Johnny?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, sure they are.

Uh-huh. And what are you plannin' on doin' out here?

Uh, we're just gonna, you know cross the lake and then party, have some fun.

You know better than that, Johnny. Um, yeah.

I won't let anybody get into the water.

Don't worry. I'll make sure.

Bad idea even going out on the lake at all, with kids like these.

What's the point of us having access to this whole place, Mr. Parks, if we're afraid to use it?

You have to show respect, Johnny.

You have a responsibility. I do, Mr. Parks.

Ok? I completely get it.

Well, you may get it, Johnny. But do your friends get it?

Look. It was a pleasure seeing you, sir, but I'd better be going, ok?

I'm gonna have to come back and check on you.

Hey, Johnny-boy, let's go party! Hey, you coming with us?

No, Pops, come hang out! Just go.

I got sticks!

Whatcha doin' over here?

Just filming. You're actually kind of ruining the shot.

Oh, am I? Yeah, I can reconceptualize.

Something else.

That's good, that's real. That's what's gonna get me those big awards.

I mean, what do you want to look at this for, when you can look at this?


Uh, nature in its purest beauty versus Deb making rat-like faces.

It's good. It's a good trade-off.

Well, we were about ready to leave I've been told to summon you.

Are you ladies gonna lotion yourselves, or what?

Have you been waiting for that? I've been waiting for it.

Do you need help? I'm getting tan.

It's time.

For what?

Who's going in first? Keep rowing, Matt.

You're right, man. It's too damn cold. Do you want me to row?

This is where we separate the men from the pussy.

And this is where we should separate the women from their clothes.

Come on, guys. Look, Simon's right. The water's too cold.

And I'm hot. Oh, this is going viral.

Come on, who's going with me?

Look, we just... We just need to get across.

Johnny, what part of swimsuit photo shoot don't you understand?

We need to get a fire going on before it gets dark.

We will. We will get a fire going on. You're ruining my shot.

Aw, come on, man.

Matt, you're really ruining my shot here.

Boooo. You guys are too much.

I'll beat you all in. Ladies, ladies, ladies.

Before you jump in the water and get all wet, why don't we get a few more shots of you? Kitty, can I get over the shoulder?

Just a big smile, just a gorgeous smile.


Oh, that's gorgeous. That's gorgeous. We're using that. Deb, can I get a quick shot of your butt?

Deb, do it!

For the sake of art. A quick butt shot.

A little more. Just put the attitude in. Well, I'm an artist, you know.

There we go, that is beautiful. Wonderful acting, wonderful acting.

Alright, ready, set...

Come on guys, this is obnoxious. It's not that cold, guys. Come on.

Dude, it's so nice.

Everybody! You guys! You gotta get in here.

Party time, fellas. Simon, don't do that, man.

Come on, Johnny.

Johnny, this is your party, okay? So I suggest lightening up and having a little fun.

Come on! Stop, man.

It's loud.

Johnny opens the cooler. Slowly picks up a beer.

Okay. Yeah, okay.

Well, it's waterproof. So joke's on you.

Oh, what was that?

Not cool, Zeke, not cool. Hey, I didn't do anything.


What, was that you?

Son of a bitch, son of a bitch, son of a bitch.

What the hell was that? Crap, crap, crap, crap.

Was that you, Zeke? Did you guys see something?

Holy shit. What's going on?


Yeah, really funny, Matt. It's a good scene.

Johnny almost pissed his pants. Look at him.

Get me a drink of whiskey, baby.

You gotta come out here! Bring Matt back!

Open it for me, will you?

I'll need some of that to lower my heart rate now. Thank you.

Your brother sure has that alpha male thing down, doesn't he?

Story of my life.

Gimme that. Yeah.

We really need to get going, guys.

You've said that about fifteen times already.

Well, yeah, but we really need to get going.


You're the goddess of the lake.

This feels nice.

It's crazy to think about... I mean, high school's over.

Over. Yeah. For sure.

It's weird.

Do you remember that time when we were like fifteen, and we went to that summer camp?

Of course, D, I remember it. God.

Seems like a long time ago.

Yeah, I always think about that... that time we had...

I know.

Everything's so tangled up now.



You came out of nowhere!



Come on! I can't quite hear you.

Okay, whatever, screw you guys.

I got it, I got it, don't worry.

We're having such a good time!

You ready for this? Are you ready for this? Woo!

Oh, wow, babe. That was fantastic. Yeah?

Alright, move over.


Wow. That was actually very nice.

Seven out of ten.

Seven? Nine point five, easy.

Oh! Oh god, what was that?

What? What was what?

Oh, crap! No, wait, something really just touched my leg.

Just calm down, Kitty. Ok?

Hey! Come on, Kitty! Everybody out!

Guys, let's get out of here.

Come on!

Hurry up!

What are you doing? Come on.

Don't look dammit. Just hurry up.

Come on, Kitty, come on. Get out of there.

Come on! Hurry up!

I gotcha, I gotcha.

I'm fine, guys. Where's the other oar?

I'll get it.

Matt! Just gimme the oar, man.

I got it.

You felt it, right? I swear to god, something...

Someone gonna tell me what's going on?

There's definitely something out there. What did you guys see?

Zeke, back here! I think it's back here!

I see it!

What is it?

Tell me! Come on, speak to me! Do you see it?

There's a shadow back here! Come here.

I don't see a damn thing.

God damn it!

Matt, it's back here! Get up, come here, come here!

You see it? Simon, no, stop it...

Simon, we need the oar. We should just leave it alone.

Just get back to shore. Dude, just let it go.

What is that thing?

We need that oar.

I almost had the car, and you guys, we're gonna need it to get back to shore.

Deb. Are you okay?

Oh, crap. Crap. Oh my god.

Just give me your belt! Matt, give me your belt!

Matt, give her your belt. Oh my God! Tie this up.

Matt, get it. Hurry. It's fine, Deb, okay?

Everything's fine. Matt, tie it up.

Pull it tight, man. Just breathe.

Oh, crap, it's the brachial artery. What does that mean?

It's not tight enough. Zeke, help out!

Zeke, stop filming! I know, I know.

I'm getting the car.

Stop rocking the boat, I'm trying to get the car.

Man, there's a rope right here. Matt, come on!

Deb, it's... It's totally fine. Just... Just breathe.

There you go. Breathe. It's fine.

Here, you're gonna be fine.

Come on, Deb, everything's fine.

Okay. Okay. You guys. You guys.

You're gonna need to get that oar. It'll be much faster with two.

We're gonna get the car. I'm trying.

Okay. Okay, I got it.

Pick it up! Simon, cool it.

We don't want another accident. We gotta get back to shore, now!



Deb? Deb!

Deb! Deb!

This can't be happening!

It's gonna be fine. It's gonna be fine.

Oh, god.

Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

I was standing here and I was shooting her and she was lying there, and she was shaking, and then she stopped shaking.

Oh my god.

Are you serious?

Are you that much of a dick, Zeke?

Oh, god! Oh god, oh god.

Help her arm in.

Damn it. Do you have anything, you guys?


Are you keeping it steady? It feels like we're going in circles.

Yes, I am, and we're not. We're not.

Okay, do you want me to take over?

No! I got it!

Oh, my god.

What are we gonna tell her mom?

We'll tell Deb's mom what happened.

Deb was really brave, we'll tell her that.


Yeah, she was, but... Tell her that.

But she was.

Right until the end.

Yeah, Matt, I got it, alright?

Just paddle the boat.

If you need me to do it, I'll do it. Alright, now everyone.

It's gonna be okay.

I will not take this! What are you?

Whoa, whoa! Easy!

I don't know. Look, just listen...

What do you want?!

It's turning around. It's turning around.

It's coming back. It... It just went under.

It's coming back. No no no no no no.

Don't, don't, don't.

We gotta keep it away from the boat. No, don't use the car!

It broke the... Gimme it!

Damn it, get off! I want to stick it in that thing's brain.


Whoa! Whoa.

It's right there, Simon! Matt! Grab him!

Someone grab him, come on!

Oh my god, Simon, are you okay?

It was right behind you, it almost got you.

Look, I got it stuck in him good. Look.


God. Okay.

Okay, so now this thing... it's big, whatever it is.

Oh man, this... This sucks.

Turn that thing off, asshole! How many times do we have to tell you?

I was trying to get a reaction shot.

Can we just get back to the shore?

Well, Ahab here just used the last car to spear the fish.

Man, I had to do something to slow it down, it might bleed out and die.

You got Debbie! What the hell else do you want?

Look, it wants blood, right?

Oh my god, you must have aced Mrs. Hawk's biology class, dude.

Okay, I'm being serious here.

It didn't attack until it got a taste and now it keeps coming back for more.

It's not a shark, this is a lake, it's fresh water.

Have you ever seen the movie "Shark Night

3D?" It's exclusively about sharks in lakes!

Just shut up!

What about you, Johnny? You've been pretty quiet.

This sucks.

You were freaking out when we decided to go swimming.

Is there something about this lake you're not telling us?


I don't believe you.

What is this piece of jewelry you got on?

Simon. Cool it.

Tell us what you know, Johnny!

Nothing, man!

Answer or I'm gonna throw you overboard.

Look, I didn't think you'd go swimming, okay?

What are you saying? Let him go!

I didn't think you would all go swimming, we were just gonna cross the lake and party.

You knew about this thing in the water?

It's just an old folk tale my grandpa used to say, alright?

No, no, that doesn't add up, Johnny, because you tried to give me that necklace to protect me, so obviously you do believe.

I don't know, Kitty, okay? I don't know.

You knew about this and you brought us out here?

You let us go swimming thirty yards out!

Man, I didn't want this to happen! I didn't know it could happen!

And cut.

That was pretty much a confession, as far as I'm concerned, so let's do a little rundown of our situation here. We have zero oars.

Um, we have a hole in the side of our boat, with water leaking in, and oh yeah, there's a giant flesh eating fish in the water that will not let us get back to shore unless we distract it with something. Just shut up.

Like what? Like Deb.

I'm suggesting we use Deb as a distraction in the water.

I think she would have approved.

What? No, that's crazy. Is it?

You're nuts. Uh-huh.

Her mother's Catholic, she needs a proper burial. I went to church with her as a kid, you can't do that.

Well, that's kind of irrelevant now, Kitty.

Burial at sea is an honorable way to go.

Thank you. She'd be aiding her friends in need.

That's gotta be in the crew code, right?

I think it's the right thing to do, morally.


I don't know, Kitty. I mean, we can do a prayer when we put her over the side.

That's the decision.

When she goes over, we all paddle like hell till we get to the other side.

She saves the whole team.

Kitty, what do you say?

It's okay, Kitty, it's the right thing to do.

Let me do it. Just sit down.

Lord, bless our friend Deborah Voorhees.

Who... She gave her life for us, and we know she's going to a better place, and, um...

By your eternal wisdom...

We return her to the other side.

Forever and ever. Amen.

Get ready to paddle.

Paddle! Paddle!


It's working, you guys! I told you, all we needed was a diversion!

Oh my god, it's working, guys! We can make it!

Oh, no. Oh, no, guys. That fish is done.

It's coming back under. Get your hand out!

Maybe we can bail. At least bail.

Hey, Johnny. Give me the lid off that cooler there.

Move, Zeke, move!

It's got a hinge, man! You got it.

Bail, bail.

Alright, now everyone bail.

I'm gonna go to the front to paddle, okay?

Alright, alright. Okay.

Come on, Zeke! Help us, man.

Does anybody see it? No.

Alright, alright. Keep going, keep going.

This sucks!

Keep bailing!

Matt, what's the problem? Paddle!

Matt, paddle! What is your problem?

Just bail!

Whoa! No! No! No!

Are you serious?

Matt! Take it easy, take it easy. Okay?

Why is this happening?

That thing is out to get us.

Don't take it personally, Matt. It's just a fish.

That's one hell of a fish. No it's not, dude!

It's just some dumb fish, okay?

The only thing that thing knows is that whatever in the water, it's gonna eat.

So let's see what else we have in the cooler.

Yeah, in the water. Not in the boat, man.

It's hard to aim these things.

Okay, Matt. Let's bail, let's bail.

Here, everybody lean to this side, alright?


Pour out. Again.

Man, this sucks. Look, as long as we can see him I'm just gonna paddle.

I will not let that thing control us.

Okay, let's face it. The only thing that worked is when it was preoccupied with Deb's body and it's not gonna let us move, so...

We don't have any extra dead bodies on hand, do we, Einstein?

I know that, okay?

So what, what? Are you volunteering to get in the lake to create a diversion?

No. Okay, then what's your point, man?

No, I'm not gonna do that because I'm the weakest one and you guys all know that. I mean, I don't stand a chance fighting that thing.

Oh, so maybe someone more athletic should do it, like my brother?

Or me? No.

Johnny is the one who got us into this situation, I'm just saying.

Shut up. Just all of you, just shut up.

I'm just saying.

But I think we should vote.

Boat's sinking, Kitty.

We're gonna die if we do nothing.

Or we can save some Of US.

We can make some choices. We vote on one person to...

To volunteer for the sake of the boat.

Matt, cut it out.

We vote. Now.

And Johnny, since you're the one who got us into this, who do you should have to go first?

Go to hell, Matt.

Hey, Zeke, why don't you volunteer, huh?

Oh, wait a second. No, it was your idea, pal!

Okay, this is how this should work, okay? Each of us should get to like, make a case for ourselves.

A case?

Yes, like a case for why we should stay on the boat.

This is insane! Kitty, I want to live, okay?

I want us to live.

The hell with you, Matt! No, this is not how we do things!

No, we stick together. Don't touch me! We should be bailing, or using something else to row.

Johnny, you should have told us. You really should have told us.

Stay away from me, Matt. Kitty!

Okay, Matt, okay, okay, okay. We vote.

I vote for Zeke.

No, I get to make my case first, okay?

Okay, this has to be quick! Two sentences.

Who made you president of the boat?

Alright, two sentences. Me first.

I'm strong and you need me to paddle.

Alright, Matt? Yeah, same goes for me, and I'm stronger than Simon. Johnny?

Great case, Johnny.

Okay, I'm gonna do something with my life, all you guys know that. I mean, I'm gonna be an important filmmaker, and I'm gonna make things that actually matter to people.

I mean things that might even change the world.

And I don't mean to be diminutive to your lives, but you're not gonna do anything as important as that.

You're not. I mean, you're nice people, but you're not gonna live lives that affect the world like that, and you all know it. Somewhere deep down inside of you, all of you know that.

That's not two sentences.

Johnny's the one who got Deb killed, not me.

Johnny's the one who got us into this entire situation.

Not me!

I'm, I'm, I'm gonna be a star or singer. I'm gonna be famous, okay?

People are gonna look up to me, I'm gonna be an inspiration.

People need that, you know, to put up with the crap they do with their lives, they... Matt. You need that. Right?

Simon... Simon does, Johnny does. Right, Johnny?



That's it.

Okay, that's all of us. We vote.

I vote for Zeke.

I vote Johnny.



Zeke. Oh, screw you.

I mean, obviously I'm gonna vote for Johnny.

Okay, what do you say, Matt? Huh?

One more and Zeke goes, and that's what I want.

So just do it.

Johnny's a fighter.

He's got a chance at getting away. I vote Johnny.

You know, I didn't plan for this to happen, Matt.

Maybe I should have.

You don't deserve her. Neither of you.

Is that what this is about? You're a total psycho.

I'll be back for you, Kitty, alright? You can count on that.

It's like high school's never over.

Oh, you can count on that, Kitty. I will be back!

Jump, jump! I can't take it.

Johnny, no! Johnny!

As soon as he comes up, we're all gonna paddle.

Where is he?

Oh my god, Johnny!

Oh, look, there it is. Come on, paddle!

Deb was real.

Johnny was real.

They're not like us. They were better than us.

Deb got hit by a fish. End of story, okay?

Johnny threw himself over like a damn martyr. End of story.

I'm gonna kill you. You are nothing but a selfish prick.

Oh, that wasn't what you were saying when you wanted to lead my movie, was it, Kitty?

God, you're such an asshole!

Hey! You guys gotta be kidding.

You're talking about movies now? Zeke, bail! Kitty, paddle!

Come on, while we still have the chance.

Exactly. If we all shut up and paddle, we might still get out of this alive.

Oh, god. What if we make it back to shore?

What are we gonna tell people?

Well that's a problem we'd be lucky to have, okay, sweetheart?

So how about you stop worrying your pretty little head about it and leave the talking to us men.

You are such an asshole! How can you keep being such an asshole?

Keep bailing, you idiot!

Everyone, come on.

We're all in this together.

Together? Go, team.

I'm sorry, what? What?

You voted against me when you voted Johnny off the boat.

Oh my god, I'm sorry. I thought he had a chance, that's all.

Unlike this little pussy.

Shut up, man.

Kitty, what is it with you and Johnny anyways, huh?

You leading him on? Got him wrapped around your little finger?

That is so out of line, Matt. Both of you!

Shut up! Come on!

We need something to fight it, anything.

Guys, there... There are fireworks in here.

These aren't gonna work, they're wet.

Here. These are good, these are good.

Who has a lighter? A dry lighter?

I do, I do, I do.

It's back.

Grab more, Kitty! More!

I don't... I think that's it.

Get more! We need more.

Come on, come on, come on. I need another one.

There aren't any more. That's all of them.

We're sinking.

We have to do something, we're not gonna make it this way.

No, don't say that. We can't quit now, guys. We gotta keep on paddling.


We need another distraction.

No, no, no. We just need to stay here and something will come up to save us.

Okay? We gotta work together now. This is the time.

That's really rich coming from you.

No, I just mean that this is...

Guys, it's coming back. It's coming.

Okay, look. I mean, what's the point here? You saw what it did to Deb.

That didn't take long at all, that wasn't much of a distraction.

And if you get back to shore, I mean, what are people gonna say? It's murder.

Right? I mean, they're gonna call you cowards. You're gonna be ruined for the rest of your life, so let's just drop this whole conversation.

Your idea in the first place, jackass.

Zeke can paddle! Let him paddle!

Hold on.

We're not gonna make it.

Okay, let's do it, bro. It's our only chance.

Wait, wait, wait, wait! Matt! Ask her who else!

Ask her! Ask who else she's been with? Ask her who she's been with on this boat! Ask her! Not me, okay? I wouldn't touch that two-timing slut.

Ask her! Hey, shut up!

Ask her who else she's been with on this boat!


You have no... You...

Ask her! Ask him!

Ask him who...

Zeke is lying! He's so full of it!

He's full of it, man! He's trying to save his ass.

What'd you do? Nothing!

No, Matt, do you think I'd lie?

I have evidence, Matt.

I film everything.

I got you guys. All the after school makeouts.

In the field house and in the stadium.

I got all of that. I heard your little plans.

I have no idea what he's talking about.

They know what I'm talking about. He's lying to save his ass.

Oh, yeah, I'm lying.

You're right, I'm lying. It's not like I can back up my story in any...

Oh, wait a second! I film everything!

I got it right here, Matt!

I got all your little hook-ups after school. I got you at the field house and at the stadium. I heard your plans, I heard your talking.

I have no idea what he's talking about.

You know exactly what I'm talking about.

I was up there in the announcer's booth looking down into...

You die. I vote Zeke.

Let's do this, bro. No, Kitty, Kitty!

Throw Kitty off the boat! It should be Kitty!

Kitty's useless, she paddles like a girl.

And she cheated on you! With your brother!

That's a valid point. Thank you.

Kitty, you have to pull your weight.

Yeah, yeah.

Zeke, Zekester, sorry, you're an irritation, you always have been.

You're kind of bothering me.

No, Matt.

You're talking that way to Kitty, you...

No, Matt. No.

I vote Zeke.


Kitty, vote for one of them. Don't vote for me. Don't...

Kitty, vote.

It'll be a stalemate, we don't have to throw anyone off. I...

Majority. I admit it was stupid, we don't need to throw anyone over, I...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I vote...

No! No! No! No! No!


No! No!


Simon. No. Simon.!


Matt, they fooled you, Matt!

They fooled you, Matt!

They fooled you, Matt!

How's it feel? They fooled you!

Row, you heroes! Row! Row for your lives!

Where are you?

Where are you, you bitch?

I'm watching!

Are you ready? Are you ready?

Oh my god! Paddle, Kitty! Come on, paddle!

No, no, look, I think it's done. Paddle!

Take it easy. Paddle.

No, I can't, I'm sorry! I can't!

Matt, I'm your girl.

She's your girl, Matt. I mean, are you really gonna listen to that weasel?

I don't know. Should I?

I'm your brother, man.


We gotta keep bailing.

I can't believe it.

Good old Zeke.

He was my bud, you know, for a lot of years.

I think it was since, what, third grade?

He really was pretty handy with that camera.

I remember he used to videotape everything.

He used to videotape the games for the coach.

Post-game interview. "Zeke's Post-Game Interview!"

He says he wishes he had a camera implanted in his eyeball.

He was a pain in the ass, but maybe he was gonna amount to something, you know? Maybe he was... Maybe he was gonna do something.

Bro, I know it hurts, but we did what we had to do.


Today kind of sucks, huh?

Stop it. Stop.

You know what, Kitty? You're right. Pity party's over.

Yeah! You checked all this stuff here? Hm?

Anything we don't need's going over.

Sorry, Kitty.

Alright, whose bag is this?

Guess it was Johnny's.

What is that, a rubber?

Wishful thinking.

Look at this, huh? Nice.

Yeah, that thing comes back now, we can hack it to pieces.

I'd love to take a good swipe at it. That's right.

Fillet that thing and eat it.

Simon, bail.

Aye-aye, captain.


I'm gonna paddle with this.

I wouldn't.

Matt, we gotta do something. We gotta get outta here.

No! No, no!

Get off! Get off!

Let it go!

Damn it, Simon.


No, no, no, no, no!

Whoa! Kitty is something, isn't she?

That's Kitty! Woo! That's Kitty! You kicked its ass!

You kicked that thing's ass!


That was badass, baby!


We still have to get back to shore.

It's so far.

It'll be dark soon. Oh, god.

Wait a minute.

Is that a boat?

Oh my god.

It's a boat. There's a boat coming!

Hey! Hey!

Oh, please, please.

That's Johnny.

He's coming to save me!

He said he would come back for me. He's coming for me.

I'm here, Johnny! We're here, Johnny!

Atta boy!

Pull her around, Johnny!

Glad you came back, Johnny.

What's the plan, hero?

I'll tow you in.

Oh, come on, is that right?

Why don't you just let us in that boat with you instead?

You don't want to tow this thing in.

Because you voted me off, man. Why wouldn't you do it again, man?

Johnny, listen, man.

We were just trying to protect the group, that's all.

I knew you'd make it back safe, and you're here, yes?

Look, I'll tow you in, alright? You gonna take it?

Please, Johnny, I just... I want to get off this boat. Please?

Just get him closer, I think we can take him.

Come on, what's it gonna be, Slick?

You gonna come pick us up, come get your girl.

Look at her, man, she's in distress!

Look, you want a tow?

I'll throw the rope. Alright, otherwise, Simon, I can go and get help. But you know, that might take a little more time, man.

Okay, okay. Okay, that's cool.

Sticking to your guns. That's cool, Johnny. I respect that.

Toss the rope, then. Come on.

Toss it, Johnny boy.

Toss the rope.

Come on, toss it, Johnny boy. It's cool, he's gonna do it.

Alright, Johnny. Toss it, Johnny boy!

It's cool, he's gonna do it. Right, Johnny?

Please. Please, Johnny. Let's just go.

We all do the right thing, maybe we'll get out of this alive.


Thank you. Thank you, Johnny.

Come on!

Hurry up!

Come on, man, pick it up. Quick, quick.

Get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it!

Alright, tie us up. Tie us up.

Got it? Got it.

Don't worry, we're too heavy.

He'll have to take us on board when he figures that out.

Thanks, Johnny.

Oh my god! His neck!

Cut the rope, cut the rope!

No, no! You cut that rope, I will kill you!

Oh my god, Johnny!

Get off! Don't let her cut that!

Don't let her cut that!

She won't do it.

That's what I love about Kitty.

Always out for number one, eh?

Shut up. Tough as nails.

I got that, Kitty.

Kitty, get out of the way. Get to the back.

So close.

Oh, we're close. We're close.

Come on!

Get up there and grab it.

Damn it! No!

Come on!

No! No!

Are you kidding me?


Alright, here it comes. Going for Johnny.

Everyone ready? Anyone ready to quit? Yeah.

Which way are we going? We're gonna go forward.


What... What is it doing? What, it's gonna leave him there?




Nice. Nice.

Alright. Let's paddle.

"They fooled you."

That's what Zeke said. You remember Zeke, right? Seems like an eternity ago since Zeke was here telling me things that I shouldn't hear.

Does that side look closer? Are we even paddling in the right direction?

It's a lake. Every direction leads to the shore.

Not if we're going in circles, genius.

So what did happen in the field house?

Answer me.

Damn it, Matt! Zeke was your buddy, right?

He was my friend, yes. Yeah.

You were the big guy who didn't treat him like a dog turd.

He was loyal to you.

If he found out something he could use against me, why wouldn't he have told you?

If he had a video, or something. But there was nothing. He was just making it up to save his ass when he thought we were all turning on him.

I don't know, Kitty. Maybe Zeke didn't tell me 'cause he knew it would piss me off, you know?

Matt, don't do this! Not now!

Maybe Simon will tell me.

How about it, baby brother?

What happened in the field house?

Oh, god. Matt, Matt, it's coming back.

What happened, Simon?

Matt, it's coming back. I am not rowing.

Until I know what's going on here, who my teammates are.

How about it, bro?

Matt, this is really not the time to talk about this.


Cool. I'll take that as a yes.

Matt, do you not get it? That thing is coming, it's coming back.

We need to paddle! Matt.

I say we vote.

One last vote.

Matt, you and me can swim to that shore easy if the fish is distracted.

Anything that happened, Matt, it doesn't matter.

I made a choice. I was staying with you.

I'll never leave now. I'm sorry, I don't know why I did it.

But I will never leave now, never.

It wasn't just the field house, Matt.


Kitty can get pretty randy. Hey!


You want a vote, Simon. I vote you.

What you did...

I vote you.

Get off me!

Get off, you tool!

She was coming with me, Matt.

Matt, she was coming with me!

No, Matt, he's lying! She wasn't gonna stay with you, Matt!

You guys need to stop it! You're gonna tip us over! We're gonna tip over!

Stop it, now! Stop!

What the hell, Matt? I don't know.

What, are you gonna kill me over some slut?

Yeah, I don't know.

Look at her, man. Look at her.

She's playing you like a fiddle.

She came to me. When I got my scholarship.

She thought you were her ticket out of here, and then she realized it was me.

She's a bitch, man.

Matt, don't listen to him. Whatever he says, just don't listen to him.

He's a vicious asshole, you haven't seen it, but I have.

I've seen things that he's done.

I vote Kitty.

Me too.


That's it?

So what's it gonna be, Kitty-cat?

You gonna make this easy? Go for a little swim?

Or do you want to do it the hard way?

Huh? Huh?

What's it gonna be, Kitty? What's it gonna be?

That's... That is what I like about you, Simon.

That animal part of you.

Every goddamn time your brother was inside me, I wanted it to be you.

You got the animal part right.

You cheating whore.

No, no, no!

Please, Simon! Ow! Please, Simon, please.

You're done, Kitty.

Where'd she go?

I don't know.

Should we swim for it?

We paddle. We're making progress.

Man, we don't even know if that bitch is gonna create a distraction, or...

Shut up.

What's the matter, Matty-Matt? Huh?

You got remorse? Shut up.

Okay. I'm sorry.


Matt, stop! I've had it!



I got you. I got you,

There's someone there. They're gonna help us.

All we gotta do is just get to shore.

Could you swim, bro? What? What?

Come on. Can you swim, bro?

I'm pretty beat.

Come on. Come on.

Final vote.


Oh my god.

He told me I'm safe with it.

He told me I'm safe with it.

Kitty. Wait. No.


You killed Matt. Wait!

No! You killed him! You killed Matt, I saw you. I saw you.

How... How did you make it?

You killed your own brother.

Did Johnny plan all this?

You're crazy. Please. Please, Simon. Please let me go.


No one ever understood me like you did.

I do. I do understand you. But in the end you picked Matt.

No, Simon, we could be together. We could be so good together.


Story of my life.

Never. Never. Never!

You will never leave this place.

Are you...? Johnny's friend.

Yeah, from before.

Where's Johnny?


Sir, there's been a terrible accident.

That boy... He was very kind.

Like his grandpa. I've known his grandpa all my life.

Sir, you have no idea what happened. The nightmare...

My brother and my friends are...

Sir, I tried to save them, and I couldn't!

Oh, is that what happened?

Sir, there's a monster. There's a giant fish.

I heard about it when I was a kid but nobody believed it.

You kids don't believe anything anymore.

Sir, I don't think you understand what I've been through!

Oh, yeah, I do.

I've been... Watching you.

How did you find that?

Washed up on the shore.

Like so many things better left in the lake.

Whatever's on that camera does not tell the whole story.

Oh, you're such a big shot, you and your brother.

Your father practically owns the town. I guess you thought you could get away with anything.

Sir, you have no idea what you're talking about.

Sir, I need to get help!

I guess you thought this would be the end of it.

What are you doing? Don't move.

What is going on?

What the hell are you doing?

I don't think the lake is finished with you yet, son.

Sir, please. Please stop.

Please stop!

Maybe you'd better move back into the water and try your luck again.

No! No! No! I am not going back out there!

No! No!

Stop. Please stop. Please stop!