Beneath Us (2019) Script

Yes I'm coming...

What is happening ?

Little brother ?

How are you, old?

What are you doing here?

Come in, come on.

Sorry to come down like this.

No problem. I did not expect that.

What a gang of crados!

Take a seat.

Do you want a beer ?

I have fresh in the fridge!

The swelling, they finished everything.

Some pizza ?

You are hungry ?

No, that's fine Eat, you have skin on your bones.

You too.

No, it's just that ...

I work like crazy, you see.

It makes you lose bide.

Do you remember Patapouf? He was just eating ...

"I'm the big chump ..."

"I have a big belly of phew ..."

He was fast the bastard.


How's he doing, Patapouf?

He's dead, old.


Ben shit.

Here, put it there.

Agree as you like.

What's wrong ?

Do you want to create here? No no.

No, speak English.

You must practice.

This is the only way to learn.

Memo, are you ready?

Dude! Two more?

Get on! Memo!

Come on, go up! Hurry!


Do not shit!

Thank you so much.

How much did you earn?

Let's see what you have.

I was told you could help me.

Except it's not enough.

It's not even half, man.

Get out of here.

No. Everything is fine.

Everything is ready, yeah.

No, you know, those things ...

It takes time.

No, I do not know, Naya. I do not know how much.

You have to trust me, Okay ?

Listen a little what your husband tells you.

You, make sure to prepare Suitcases.

I have a question to ask you.

Did you know Memo was going to cross?

Me neither ... but he's here.

Wait, he's awake?

So, wake him up.

He must talk to his father.

Too bad, put him on the phone near the ear.


I know you sleep, but ...

My little white horse ...

Take me on your back ...

Take me back to the fields ...

Where the wheat is high ...




Thank you.

Super ...


Look at that, Tonio.

Here, the gringos say to the kids to get away from the vans.

We, by cons ...

We have to hang on if we want to survive.

Why are you laughing ? It's not funny.

Look at this, come on.

Stay where you are! Do not worry about us.

Come on, man. I'm not your guy.

I look hungry like you?

No, but you look like to a giant carrot.


We do not have the right. What delicacy ...

Kiss my ass !

We calm down there, we calm down!

Are you building a house? A guest house.

Do you have someone? Go see elsewhere.

Do you build it yourself? I have an entrepreneur.

Great ! Very well !

How much does it take you?

Ten thousand ?

More ?

We do it for less.

I know entrepreneurs, they make you blame for everything.

They always ask for more.

But we work harder.

We build, we clean.

We repair ... We even walk your dog.

Yes Madam.

You three, then?

Yes, but we will need at least four men.

My brother, Memo!

And so...

How much do I owe you ? How it works ?

I mean, there is ...

A rate per hour? Or it's...

No, we will make you an offer ...

A good price.

We offer you $ 800.

500 each?

Okay, we can do it for 500.

This way !

I started insulation work ...

It's not bad, huh?

The view is cool.

People are nice.

What, is it at your house now?

And why not, Memo?

Work, make me money ...

To bring Naya and my son ...

Living in a house like this. That's it...

What a dream.

It seems to be moving forward.

You must be thirsty.

Thank you.

You speak Spanish ?

Take one. No.

Go for it...

Can I help you ? You would have another kind of job ... to do ? "Another genre"?


I could be very helpful inside... of the House.

Well, I'll think about it.

God be praised, you are finally back!

Who's this pedal?

Her husband, poor bell.

What ?

You're going to let him sting your chick like that?

You could do a threesome?

You would be the sausage in their hot dog.

Are you kidding me ?

I was kidding, buddy.


We wanted calm this weekend.

And we will have it.

With them here? What do you mean ?


We will act as if we were alone. What do you want to do ?

Honestly, I ... We should send them home.


But it will break their hearts. I think they will survive.

Sorry, she hates strangers.

Sam, stop!

Can I help you ?

Toilet ?

Forbidden to return.

Did you see yourself?

You are all dirty.

Bring sandpaper.

That, in Chapala, it does not exist.

You are really crazy.

I do not understand...

Who sends his wife pick up strangers?

We could be dangerous guys or psychopaths.

Who tells us they will pay us?

What are you doing ?

And the sandpaper? What?


I do not see anything anymore.

Are you still working so late?


Did you see my cell? How is he ?

He is small, red and he looks like a phone.

She takes it from me ...

And then it's my fault if I do not call him.

Who ?

My wife !

Site lighting?

So ?


I do not see anything.

Shit this thing! I stop!

I stop!

Damn, they make us work day like at night!

They must hope we go away.

You know what ? We stay !

We will stay there!

She will see.

She will see.

And your work?

You have seen the time! Sorry ?

So, go! Pay us.

You pay ?

You're not finished. Señora , we worked all night!

" Señora "?

I look like a fucking immigrant?

You know what ?

You should leave.

I will find men who are really grateful ... No no !

We stay.

We stay.

But if you stay, needless to think that I am unfair.

No no.




So, I'll go back to bed while you, gentlemen ... finish your job.

What was that ?

She is completely crazy.


What are you doing ?

We have not finished this layer.

Are you deaf or what?

I am tired.

Tired of having to listen to you.

No, you're a spoiled child.

You're in favor of the slightest effort.

You forgot why you came? How could I?

You just remind me. Everyone does not care about you.

Except me.


Your work is immense these last two days.

Sorry, these last eight years.

I have a family, fool.

And I have a son.

Did you see him when for the last time? I know him better than you.

You may make enough wheat to bring him back and that he prostitutes himself like his father!

Not like that, you'll hurt yourself!

You're going to cut off your hand ...

Damn, I told you!

Show me !

I told you !

Mrs !

Madam, we had an accident.


Let me see.

There you go.

A little bobo!

He must go to the hospital.

Of course, I will call an ambulance.

I will need his ID.

For the police.

Hello? The police ?

Yes, I'm waiting.

Hello... Wait.

We do not have any papers.

So what do I do ?

You can drive him to a clinic ...

You ask a lot.

You can not find ?

Do you have a lot left? What?

I could have a lot of trouble with the police to work with you.

I should invent stories, like what you tried to rob us ...

What? But why ?

You are almost there.

Open! Listen to me ! Hector!

Calm, she will not do anything. Go ahead.

Memo, do not start. She will not call anyone.

It's a risk.

We finish the job and we leave.

From the beginning, this madman does not care about us.

How many immigrants like us are in good standing?

Dude, where are you going?

Your brother fucked where? No idea.



Where is this con?

What? Fence...

It's electrified.

And the fence is all around.

And now, what are we doing?

We'll go out as we entered.

By the entrance.

How do we do ?

The car has a remote control.

We just have to catch it.

That's easy ...

No, they will trigger the alarm!

Not if you get the keys before.

Memo, where are you going? Do not fuck!

For once, listen to your brother!

Be careful.

Always to whine, pedal tape!

I'm not afraid, fools!

What a sheaf ...

Stay on the ground!

Whore ! Fucking shit!

Get up and go get yourself once for all !

That's what we call of self-defense.

He broke in.

You know guys, frankly ...

Finish the job.

And you will not have any trouble.

You will be able to leave.

Come on stand up.

Let's go.

He understands me?

Do you understand me, asshole?


Come on, finish the job and it'll be fine.


If it had been you ...

Store sharp tools.

You are doing a good job.

"Jose Alfredo"?

Look at her... It will relax the atmosphere.

These guys have no sense of humor.

Well, you take the wheelbarrow. We are going to go there.


Why is she staring at me?

Do not look at her, look at me ... No.

Calm down, man.

Do you want to finish like Hector?



Come here.


We do not speak Spanish anymore.

Including ?


Can I open, please?

Yes of course.

Go ahead.

You're welcome.

You must think we are not very nice ...

Yes of course.

You are married ?

We understand each other then.

It's almost finished ?

I have to wash the floor.

No that will be good.

Come with me.

I have to finish washing the floor.

Fifteen million people ...

Fifteen million people ...

illegal immigrant.

But who are these people ?

Are they reliable?

Are they criminals?

You understand nothing what am I saying, huh?

This is not a house ... but a cemetery.

And I'm going to bury you there.

You understand ?


I will teach you.

It could be funny.

A lesson ? A short crash course?

Where do we start?

Okay, why not ...

"I am in a good mood."

"I am...

... in a good mood."



"In a good mood."

It was perfect.

"I'm sad."

"I am..."


That one you get there, huh?

Let's see, by what we continue.

Little bastard ...

"I'm afraid of you, señora ."

You are going to double, both of you.

Well, perfect.

It is...

What kind of offer can we expect? The estimates are excellent.

We can afford to reject any offer inferior to ours.

But more concretely, how much?

Hard to say.

Tell us at least how much above?

It is necessary to count...

in the 500,000?

Really ? It's not sure.

Too late !

This is your house for sale at the foot of the hill?

Yes Madam.

I have always loved her, the garden is huge.

She interests you?

Everything in its time.

To be honest, you should forget this house.

Termites ...

She is infested.

It's a bad ...



When will we have visits?

A couple is already on the spot.

Really ? Tomorrow afternoon, would it go?

We will be ready?

Obviously we will be ready.

Have them come.

They will hate!

And now ?

Now they dig.

Do you think that will be ok?


Remove ... your clothes.

Naked, go!

You too !


Faster !

Do not shoot those heads!


We continue...

I love this part!

A cemetery...

A cemetery.


Cemetery. Can I dig for him?

What? He can not do it anymore.

He is exhausted. To end?

So, bring me his shovel.

Very well.

You have dug enough.

Turn around.

I told him to give it to him.

Stop bullshiting.

I need a shovel.

I can not do it.

You understand ?

Look, these roots ...

These are too big.

And this hole ... is tiny.

And you, you are sons of whores!


No !

I want the garden to be pretty.

What are you doing ?

I become an adult.

You know what I said ... when I was bored?

"My big brother... will come and smash you. "

It was bullshit.

You had already left.

I learned to fight on my own.

And I survived.


Nobody moves.


Where is the other?

Calm down, he will not go far. There is no current!

Go ahead !

Memo, I do not see anything. Follow me.

No !

No !


Buyers are here!



And here is my husband Homero. Hello.

Come in.

Alejandro ...

Leave me ! Stop, stop.

No !

No ! Leave me !


Not moving.


What is your poison?

Sorry ?

What are you drinking ?

If you have whiskey ... Well.

I love the ceiling.

How do you like it ?

It is superb. We just redo it.

Thank you.

Who did the work?

It has to stay between us, but they are illegal workers.

Really ?

Many foreigners want to work.

It's terrible.

And he comes constantly.

It's a patina.

For an aged look.

Do you plan to make an offer?

Well, we are very interested.

Really ? The house is perfect for you.

These are all your properties?

Yes, we are getting them back.

Why are you looking at me, man?

Lately, did you see my son?

My son.

How is he doing ?

He looks like you.



Poor con.

He was not a dirty guy.

Where is it ?

Come on, fuck.

Come on.

Fucking shit!

Well, we have to move.

Lets' go.

Wait, I'm fine, I can walk.

One two Three. It's good, I can walk.

I can walk, I can ...

I can not.

You can not walk.

I have to leave you here.

Stay here and do not make noise.

Okay ? I will be back.

No, Memo.

Do not come back.

Wait for me here.

No, Memo!

But why ?

Listen to your little brother.

There is someone ?

There is someone ?

There is someone ?

Mons ...


Is that the life you dreamed about?

Things are coming to an end, it's sad.

Shut your big mouth.

Do you want to say something ? Kiss my ass !

My sweetheart.


Calm down.


Stop, pity.

Raise the head.

Bad day, huh?




Do you think they'll make us an offer?

Someone will do it well.

You really did a great job with this house.

You know...

I was helped.

I'm calling Richard tomorrow.

See if he has other visits.

My God !

Do you want a drink?

It's gin.

Thank you.



Do you want another drink?

Antonio ...

Antonio ...


Ben ... Ben!




You just left a lot of work to your friends.

It will have to fix all that!

How many did you kill?

Get up, grinded .


Where is Ben?

He was swept away by the devil.

So, what are you doing?

We help you build your houses ...

And you bury us ...

inside ?

It's a good plan.

You see us as cockroaches, not true ?

Maybe it's true.

You can crush us ...

We do not die.

We spread.

You can not brake what is getting ready, señora !

You hear me ?

My God...


No, pity! Go ahead, beg me!

Get on your knees and beg me to spare you!


I just wanted a safe place to live, you must understand me.

You're welcome !

Please !

My God, please ...

Brothel, do you believe it?

They will not hire day laborers lightly.

Can we get the guy?

No identity papers, no address.

He flew away.

No no.

Children are more expensive.

Its good.

They will be there in a month.

You do not have to put them in a chest.

I swear to you.

That's it, everyone, the solution to our problems.

I call it "compulsory work".

People who have arrived clandestinely become state property.

The state owns them

and from there, we can make them work.

We invent the jobs that we want them to do.

Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

I agree with the principle.

But finally, you know ...

If you get there, it would be nice, but the consequences would be such ...

- ... that I do not think we ... What do you mean?

People could say that it looks like slavery.

What is the problem with slavery?

Translation: Pierre Michaut