Bent (1997) Script


Want some of this?

I'll see you later.



Max. Hello, stranger.

It's all there. Thanks.


It's mine.

'Who's that? - It's Max.

So passionate.

How are we doing then, girls?

Champagne. Give me that!

Greta, darling!


He's your man. That's my boy.


Get off.

Streets of Berlin I must leave you soon oh, will you forget me?

Was I ever really here?

Find me a bar on the cobblestone streels where the boys are pretty

I cannot love for more than one day but one day is enough in this city get off. Find me a boy with two ocean blue eyes and show no pity

take out his eyes he never need see how they eat you alive in this city

Streets of Berlin

will you miss me?

Streets of Berlin

do you care?

Streets of Berlin will you cry out?

Vanish nto thin air?


Greta, darling!

Hey. What's the problem? Sit down!

Watch it!

You two.

Come on.

I'm a rotten person.

Why am I so rotten? Why do I do these things?

He is gorgeous, though, isn't he?

I don't remember anything. Did we have a threesome?

Well, maybe the two of you had a threesome.



I look silly.

Not now.

This place-


Well, it's really-

The country will be nice.

What"s the country? The house.

Your house. Y-your country house.

How do we get to the country?

A car. Mine?

Shit! Rosen!

Our landlord. We owe a lot of rent.

Rent? I-I thought you were rich.


Well, you told me you were rich. I was joking.

Listen, you don't happen to have any extra cash, do you?

Don't make jokes. I don't like jokes.

You don't want me with you. Is that it?

Maybe I'm not good enough for you. Not rich enough.

My father made watches. That's not so wonderful.

Is it, baron?

Baron? Baron?




Fuck! Hold him!



Still alive?

I'm impressed.

Love your streetwear.

Over now.


Is it safe? What?

For us to go home.

You fucking queers, don't you have any brains at all?

No, it's not safe. “Who was he?

Who was who? The blonde boy.

Wolfgang granz.

Guess who his boyfriend was.

You're not guessing. Gretal Karl Ernst.

Who's Karl Ernst?

What kind of world do you live in?

Aren't you girls ever curious about what's going on?

Greta, don't lecture. Who's Karl Ernst?

George, actually. What?

I'm George now.

Karl Ernst was Von helldorf's deputy.

I suppose you have no idea who Von helldorf is?

Second in command of the storm troopers, immediately under Ernst r6hm.

Ha, ha, ha.

Oh, Ernst r6hm, I know him.

He's, uh, that fat queen.

Friend of Hitler's, runs around with a lot of beautiful boys.

Goes to all the clubs.

Rudy, shut up.

Why? Just shut up.

Mein fuhrer had r6hm murdered last night, and all of his friends and their friends and their tricks.

And whoever happened by.

So queer is out. Queer is dead.


You just pulled the wrong guy.

We can explain it to someone. It's not as if we knew him.

Hello. Hello, darling.

So how about you? Me?

Everyone knows that I'm not queer.

I've got a wife and kids.

I've had every whore on this street.

I'm just an average kind of guy.

Bye-bye now.

Where are you going?


How much? How much what?

How much did they give you?

What a desperate thing to say.

Here, take this.

No, we don't want it.

Shut up, Rudy. Stop telling me to shut- shut up!

It's not enough.

If they catch us, I'll name names.

Ooh, a threat.

I'm utterly terrified.

Here. I'm a true Christian.

I won't say a word to the gestapo until the service is over.


I'm not leaving Berlin.

We have to. No, we don't have to.

I've paid up for dance class for the next two weeks. I can't leave.

Why did you have to take him home?

You've ruined everything.

Go back to your fucking dance class!

They can shoot you in the middle of an arabesque.

Don't leave me.

Move out of the way.

Where will we go?

What is it?

Do you love him?

What? The dancer.


I just feel responsible.

Fluffs can't afford that kind of responsibility.

Why are you laughing? That word.



We aren't allowed to be fluffs anymore.

We aren't even allowed to kiss or embrace.

Or fantasize.

They can arrest you for having fluff thoughts.

Oh, uncle Freddie.

It's not funny.

I think geraniums are best.

The family takes care of me.

But you.

Throwing it in everyone's face.

No wonder they don't want anything to do with you.

Oh, maximilion, take the ticket.

I need two.

But I haven't the right dress for the dance.

Look... over there.

Cute. I suppose.

Think he's a fluff?

Don't care.

Except the baritone.

You've been on the run since '34.

Over a year with that dancer.

The family knows all about it.

You can't live like that.

Please. I need two tickets.

I can't get two. I can't get two.

Oh, get out, get out.

How about a deal?

Two tickets to Amsterdam, two new identity cards.

Once we get to Amsterdam, I'll ditch him.

The family can have me back.

Maybe they don't want you back.

It's been ten years.

They want me. It's good business.

I'm an only son.

Remember that marriage that father wanted to arrange?

Her father had button factories too.

She's a widow now. Lives in Brussels.

Make the arrangements again.

Our button factories can sleep with her button factories.

And, eventually, when all this blows over, you can get me back to Germany.

If I want a boy, I'll rent him.

Like you.

I'll be a discreet, quiet fluff.

Just get us both out alive.

I can't do things on my own. Not now.

I'll have to ask your father.

Walk away.

Be careful.

You should sign on.

They don't check your papers.

It's good exercise too.

For your shoulders.

I'm getting nice shoulders.

What did you do today? Nothing.

Went to town.

I'm working on something. Really?

Yeah. A deal.

Oh, a deal. Wonderful.

I might get us new papers and tickets to Amsterdam.

You said that in Hamburg.

Well, it didn't work out in Hamburg.

You said that in stuttgart. Are you going to recite the list?

Well, why not? I'm tired of your deals.

Know what? This cheese stinks.

Well, why don't we just cross it?


The border.

This guy on the job today was telling me that it's easy.

He said he knew spots.


Spots to get through.

I told him to come talk to you.

Here? Yes.

Rudy, I told you we don't want anyone to know that we're here, or that we're trying to cross the border. Are you that stupid?

I'm not stupid! He could tell the police!

Okay. So I am stupid.

Why don't we just try it anyway?

Because I am working on a deal.

Who with?

I can't tell you.

This is crazy.

We're in the middle of the jungle.

Forest. Jungle.

I'm a dancer, not mowgli.

I can't dance anymore. I've walked my feet away.

But you don't mind. You're working on a deal.

You worked on a deal in Berlin.

You worked on a deal in the jungle. Forest.


I want to get out of here!

I could've.

But you're right.

I'm stupid.

Now you're just hanging around waiting for me to die.

I think you've poisoned the cheese.

It's your cheese!

Choke on it!

God, I can't tell you how much I want you to choke on it!


Remember cocaine?


I"d like some cocaine. Yes.

What would you like? New glasses.


My eyes have changed.

I need a new prescription.

I'd like new glasses. In Amsterdam.

Sure. Lln Amsterdam.

Cocaine and new glasses.

You'll have plants, wonderful Dutch plants.

And dance classes.

And do you know what?

We can buy a Dutch dog.

Everyone should have a dog.



I really love you.

Mm! Don't.

If they hear us- they won't hear us.

Streets of Berlin I must leave you soon oh!

Will you forget me?

Was I ever really here?

Shh! What is it?





Give me your glasses.


Intelligentsia. “What?

Stand up.

Step on your glasses.

Step on them.

Take him.




Don't move. You can't help him.

This isn't happening.

It's happening.

Where are they taking us?

A detention camp. Probably dacha...

How do you know?

I've been through transport before.

They took me to Cologne for a propaganda film:

Pink triangle in good health.

Pink triangle? What's that? Queer.

If you're queer, that's what you wear.

Like Jews, a yellow star. Political, a red triangle. Criminal, green.

Pink is as low as you can get.

This isn't happening.

This can't be happening.

If you survive the train, you stand a chance.

Here's where they break you.

You can do nothing for your friend. Nothing.

If you try to help him, they will kill you.

If you try to care for his wounds, they will kill you.

If you want to stay alive, he cannot exist.

This can't be happening.

He hasn't a chance. He wore glasses.


It isn't happening.

It is happening.

It isn't happening.

It isn't happening.

It isn't happening.

It isn't happening.

It isn't happening.

It isn't happening. It isn't happening.

It isn't happening. It isn't happening.

It isn't happening. It isn't happening.

It isn't happening. It isn't happening.

It isn't happening.

It isn't happening.

Who is this man?

I don't know.

Your friend?

Look at him.


Your friend?


Your friend?

Your friend? No!

Stand up.

Stand up.

Hit him.

Like this.

Hit him. It's your friend?


Open your eyes.




Enough! That's enough! Enough!

Your friend?



Sit up.

Take him.


Yellow star?



Oh. Yes.

I wouldn't have thought it.

How did you get that?

What? Your pink triangle.

I signed a petition.

What kind? For Magnus hirshfield.

Oh, yeah, yeah. He wanted to make queers- Legal.

But the Nazis got in.

I was a nurse. They said a queer couldn't be a nurse.

Suppose I had to touch a patient's penis.

They said rather than be a nurse, I should be a prisoner.


That's how I got my pink triangle.

How'd you get the yellow star?

I'm Jewish.

You're not Jewish. You're queer.

Maybe I'm both.

Then you could wear both.

I didn't want one. Didn't want one?

You told me it was the lowest.

But so's a yellow star.

Yeah, well, I didn't want to be a queer, so...

I worked a deal.

With the gestapo? Yes.

You're full of shit.

I'm going to work a lot of deals in the camp.

Sooner on later, they'll release us.

I'm only under protective custody. That's what they told me.

I'm going to stay alive.

Friendship lasts about 12 hours in this place.

We had ours on the train.

You didn't think I'd make it, did you?

Off the train.

I wasn't sure.

I'm going to stay alive.


Because of you.

You told me how.

Yes... I did.

I'm sorry.

About what?

I don't know.

Your friend.


He wasn't my friend.

I made a deal.


A deal.

Leave me alone, please.

They said...

If I could- they said- what?


I think maybe-

okay. I made...

They took me into that room on-on the train.

And they said prove that you're-

and I did.

Did-did what?

I made love.

Who to? Her.

Only... maybe only 13.

She was dead.



Bullet in her.

They said prove that you're- and I did- prove that you're- lots of them, watching, laughing, drinking.

“He's a bit bent,” they said. “He can't-" but I did.


I don't know.

I wanted- to stay alive.

And there was something- Something?


Oh, god.

I killed him.

Sweet lips.


God. She was-

she was like an angel to save my life.

No, don't do that.

You mustn't do that.

For you-for your own sake, you mustn't touch me.

I'm a rotten person.




Get up... Jew bastard.

Get up!

I'm going to stay alive.


You will work here.

Yes, sir.

He'll explain.

Yes, sir.

I"m watching. Yes, sir.

I see everything. Yes, sir.

No slacking. No, sir.

I see everything. Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.

Tell him what to do. Yes, sir.

Every two hours, there is a rest period.

Yes, sir.

For three minutes. Yes, sir.

Stand at attention. Yes, sir.

Don't move. No, sir.

The bell rings. Yes, sir.

You. Yes, sir.

Explain it to him.

Yes, sir.

You're responsible.

Yes, sir.

You. Yes, sir.

I see everything.

Yes, sir.

We had a boy like that in school.

He used to lead us in Simon says.

Okay. I'll explain. Okay.

We have to move rocks. Yes, sir.

You take one rock at a time. Yes, sir.

And you move it over there. Yes, sir.

And when the entire pile is over there, you take one rock at a time and you move it back.

And move it back? Yes.

We move rocks from there to there, and then back from there to there?

Yes, sir. Why?

Start moving. He's watching.

It's supposed to drive us mad.

These are heavy. You get used to it.

What do you mean, drive us mad?

Just that. It makes no sense, serves no purpose.

They do it to drive us mad.

They probably know what they're doing.

No, they don't.

I worked it out.

It's the best job to have.

That's why I got you here.

What? Don't stop. Keep moving.

You two. Over here.

You were at the stones.

Was it harder than this?

I suppose so. So it was dangerous.

This isn't? No.

Don't you think you should have asked me?

Asked you what? If I wanted to move rocks!

If I wanted to talk to you- I couldn't ask you.

We're in different barracks.

Thank heaven.

I spent money getting you here.

Money? Yes.

I bribed a guard.

Where did you get money? My uncle sent me some.

And you bribed a guard? Yes.

For me? Yes.

You are mad. I thought you'd be grateful.

I like cutting stones.

This is insane.

Twelve hours of this a day? I'll get crazy in a week.

Like you.


'M sorry I did it. You're sorry!

You don't know what's good for you.

This is the best job to have.

Moving rocks back and forth for no reason? Best job to have- yes, why don't you understand? I don't want to understand.

I don't want to talk to you. You have to talk to me.

Why? I got you here to talk.

Well, hard luck. I don't want to talk to you.

Move your rocks and I'll move mine.

Just don't speak to me.

I thought you'd be grateful.

It's so hot.

Burning hot.

You talked to me.

Weather talk. That's all.

After three days.

Everyone talks about the weather.

Heard a rumor.

What? Sardines tonight.

Don't like sardines.

Only a rumor.

Suppose after all of this...

We have nothing to talk about.

Was I awful to bring you here?

Come on. Don't get depressed.


You're not smiling.

You can't see me.

I can feel you.

I wish we could look at each other.

I've been looking at you all morning.


You look sexy.

Me? Without your shirt.

No. Come off it.

You know you're sexy.



Course I'm a liar.

Your body's nice too.

It's okay. Not great.

No, it's nice.

Not as nice as yours.

No, but it's okay.

How do you know? I"ve been looking too.

'When? - All day.

Yes? Yeah.

Listen, do you-“what?


You know?

No, I don't.

Everyone misses it. No.

Everyone in the camp. No.

Come on. No one can hear us.

You're not a yellow star with me, remember?

I don't want- what?

To miss it.

But do you?


Me too.

We don't have to.

What? Miss it.

We're here together.

We don't have to miss it.

We can't look at each other. We can't touch.

We can feel.

Feel what? Each other.

I can feel you right now, next to me.

Can you feel me? No.

Come on. Don't be afraid. No one can hear us.

Can you feel me?


Feel me.

So hot.

I'm touching you. It's burning.

I'm kissing you.


Kissing your eyes. Hot.

Kissing your lips. Yes.

Mouth. Yes.

Inside your mouth. Yes.

Neck. Yes.

Down. Yes.

Down. Yes.

Chest to my tongue.


Your chest. Your mouth.

I"m kissing your chest. Yes.

Down. Yes.

Down. Yes.

Your cock. Yes.

Do you feel my mouth? Yes. Do you feel my cock?

Yes. Do you feel-?7 Do you feel-?

Mouth. Cock.

Cock. Mouth.

Do you feel my cock?

Do you feel my mouth?

Yes. Do you- do you know what I'm doing?


Can you taste what I'm doing? Yes.

Taste. Yes. Feel.

Together. Together.

Do you feel me? I feel you.

I see you. I feel you.

I have you. I want you.

Do you feel me inside you?

I want you inside me.


I have you inside me.

Inside you. Strong.

Do you feel me thrust? Hold.

Stroke. Strong.



I'm going to. Strong.

Do you feel I'm going to?

I feel us both.

Do you? Oh, yes.

Do you? Yes, yes.

Yes, strong.


Now. Yes.


Now. Now. Yes.


Oh. Oh, my god!

Did you?

Yes. You?


You're a good fuck.

So are you.



We did it.

Fucking guards, fucking camp. We did it.

They're not going to kill us.

We made love, we were real, and we were human.

We made love.

They're not going to kill us.

I never...

Thought we'd...

Do it without touching.

I dream about rocks.

I close my eyes, and I'm moving rocks.

Rocks never end.

Never end.

Going insane.

Think of something else.

I've been up all night.

Someone in our barracks killed himself.

They hate that.

It's an act of free will.

I heard a rumor.

Sardines? Yeanh.

I hate sardines. I hate all food.

Scraps. Sardine scraps.

That's all we get anyhow.

Not worth eating.

Didn't know you could have sardine scraps.

I'm going insane. All right, it's my fault.

This job's the worst. I got it wrong. I'm sorry!

I'm glad to be here.

How can you be?

That's my secret.

Maybe if I closed my eyes.

Heard a rumor.


We may get potatoes.

When? Tomorrow.

I don't believe it.

No, no, they they said so in my barracks.

Who is they? Some blokes.

Are they sexy? Shut up.

You should be with us where you belong.

No, you shouldn't be here.

I want to be here.


Because-because I love rocks.

Because I love you.

I do.

I love you. Isn't that silly?

What are you doing?

Arranging these neatly.

We've become sloppy. They can beat you for it.

Don't love me.

It's my secret.

Don't love me.

It makes me happy.

And I have a signal.

When I rub my left eyebrow at you, like this- it means I love you.

I bet you didn't know that.

Don't love me.

I can't help it.

I don't want anybody to love me. Too bad.

I can't love anybody back.

Who's asking you to?

Queers aren't meant to love. They don't want us to.

You know who loved me?

Do you know who loved me?

That boy.

That dancer.

I-I don't remember his name, but I killed him.

See? Queers aren't meant to love.

I'll kill you too.

Hate me. That's better.

Hate me.

Don't love me.

I'll do what I want to do.

It isn't any of your business anyhow.

I don't believe we're doing this.

Rocks makes sense but not snow. Not snow.

My hands are f-

Well, it makes a change.

You have a barracks leader.

He can get you medicine. It doesn't matter.

If you're nice to the kapo- doesn't matter.

You're losing weight.

I don't like sardines.

It's getting worse. It's getting colder.

You need medicine.

Stop nagging me!

I thought you loved yourself.

It's too cold.

I'm scared.

Who isn't?

I want you to care.

I would if I was warm.

I'll warm you.

You can't.

I'm next to you.

Don't start.

I'll make love to you.

Not now. Yes, now.

I have a headache. I can't.

Don't joke.

I'll make love to you.


I'll make you warm.

You can't.

You'll feel warm.

I can't. You'll feel it.

In my fingers?

All over.

I can't.

I'm kissing your fingers.

They're numb.

My mouth is on fire.

My fingers- Are getting warm.

Are they?

They're getting warm. They're getting warm.


My mouth is on fire. Yes.

Your fingers are on fire.

Your body's on fire. Yes.

My mouth is all over you. Yes.

My mouth is on your chest, kissing your chest.

Yes. Yes.

Biting your nipple. Yes.

Biting into it. Yes.

Harder, harder, harder.

Stop it. That hurts.

Harder. No, stop it. I'm serious.

You're hurting me.

You pulled away.

Yes, I did.

It was exciting.

For you, maybe.

I don't try to hurt you.

I like being hurt. It's exciting.

It's not.

Not when you're rough.

I'm not being rough.

Why did you have to spoil it?

You were making me warm.

Why can't you be gentle?

I am. You're not.

You tried to hurt me.

You make me warm, but then you hurt me.

I hurt enough.

I don't want to feel more pain.

Why can't you be gentle? I am.

No, you're not. You're like them.

You're like the guards. You're like the gestap-

We stopped being gentle.

I watched it, when we were on the outside.

People made pain and called it love.

I don't want to be like that.

I can't do anything right.

I don't understand you.

I used to do things right.

You still can.

I want to make you happy.

Then be gentle with me.

I don't know how.

Just hold me.

I"m afraid to to hold you. Don't be.

I'm afraid. Don't be.

I'm going to drown. Hold me, please.

Hold me.


I'm holding you.

Are you? You're here in my arms. I promise.

I promise, I'm holding you. You're here.

Touch me.

Are you? Yes.





Warm me.


Warm me gently.


I'm touching you softly.


You're safe.

I'll keep you safe and warm.

You're with me now.

You'll never be cold again.

I'm holding you now, safe and warm.

As long as you're here...

As long as you're with me...

As long as I'm holding you...

You're safe.

It sounds better. It does.

Loosening up. Ltis.

Medicine's helping? Yes.

How'd you get it?

I told you. I spoke to my barracks leader. He took me to an officer.

Which one? Some captain. The new one.

Why don't you tell me?

You're never gonna let up, are you? Probably not.

Suppose you don't like the answer? I'll chance it.

I went down on him. What?

You heard. No, I didn't.

You wanted to know. I told you you wouldn't like it.

That ss captain? Uh-huh.

He's the worst bastard in the- I know.

You went down on him? I had to. I didn't have any money.

You touched him? No, I just went down on him.

That's what he wanted. I needed the medicine.

I'd rather cough. No, you wouldn't.

That bastard. Yes.

Is he queer? Who knows?

Just felt like it, maybe.

Of course, he could be queer, but you don't like to think about that, do you?

You don't want them to be queer. No, I don't.

Well, that's silly.

Well, for once you're right. It is silly.

There are queer Nazis, and queer saints, and-and queer geniuses, and queer nobodies.

Just people.

That's why I'm wearing this triangle.

That's why you should be wearing it.

Do you think the captain would let a queer go down on him?

Somebody straight, yes. Even a Jew.

He would kill me if he knew I was a queer.

My yellow star got your medicine.

Who needs it? Well, then give it back.

Throw it away. Throw it away, why don't you? And die.

I am tired of being told I should have a pink triangle!

Ever go to the silhouette?


I never saw you there.

You weren't looking.

Greta's club? No.

Good. You had taste.

The white mouse? Sometimes.

I'm surprised you never saw me there.

Did you sunbathe?

I loved to sunbathe.

In the nude? Of course.

By the river. That's right.

And you never saw me?

Well, actually I did.

I saw you by the river. You were making a fool of yourself.

And I said, “someday I'll be at dachau with that man, moving rocks.” I didn't like Berlin.

I mean, I wasn't happy.

But I like it now. I miss it.

We'll go back someday.

When we get out of here.


We will, won't we?

We have to, don't we?


Horst? What?

We could go back together.

You! Jew!

Yes, sir.

You feeling better?


Your cold?

Yes, sir.

Remarkable. Yes, sir.

Carry on.

Ah. You.

Pervert. Yes, sir.

Are you ill? No, sir.

You have a cough. No, sir.

Something caught in your throat?

Yes, sir.

From breakfast? Yes, sir.


Carry on.

You, pervert!

Yes, sir.

You coughed. Yes, sir.

You're not well.

I am, sir.

I see.

You, Jew. Yes, sir.

Watch. Watch, sir?

Yes, watch.

You. Yes, sir.

Put down that rock.

Good! Now go for a walk.

A walk, sir? Yes, a walk.

And you, Jew.

Up here!

Now take off your hat.

My hat, sir? Yes, your hat.

My hat, sir? Your hat!

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.

Relax. Yes, sir.

And watch.

Yes, sir.

You. Yes, sir.

Throw your hat away.

Not there.

Not there, sir?

No. Pick it up.

Yes, sir.

Throw it on the fence.

The fence, sir?

The fence.

That's all right. We'll wait.

Are you better?

Yes, sir.

Nasty cough.

Yes, sir.


On the fence, now!

On the fence. Yes, sir.

You. Yes, sir.

Are you watching?

Yes, sir.


You! Yes, sir.

Get your hat!

Now, sir? Now.

Are you sure, sir?


Could I do without my hat, sir?


Yes, sir.

He scratched me.



Yes, sir.

I hope the medicine helped.

Get rid of the body.

Yes, sir.


No, it's okay I-I won't drop you. I'll hold you.

If I stand at attention, I can hold you.

They'll let me hold you.

I won't let you down.

I never held you before.

I won't let you drop.

You know what?


You know what?

I think-

I think I love you.


Don't tell anyone.

Don't worry about the rocks.

I won't drop you, I promise.

I think-

I think I love-

can't remember his name.

A dancer.

I think I loved him too.

Don't be jealous.

You're safe.

I won't drop you.

I love you.

What's wrong with that?

Oh, my god!

J streets of Berlin & j I must leave you soon j j oh, will you forget me? & j; Was I ever really here? &

J find me a bar on the cobblestone streets j j where the boys are pretty j

j [cannot love for more than one day & j but one day is enough in the city ji find me a boy with two ocean blue eyes & j that show no pity

j take out his eyes I

> he never need see j j; How they eat you alive & j in this city &

J streets of Berlin &

> will you miss me? & j streets of Berlin & j do you care? & j streets of Berlin & js will you cry out 7 vanish & j info thin air? &