Bent (2018) Script


♪ People movin' out People movin' in ♪

♪ Why? Because of The color of the skin ♪

♪ Run, run, run ♪

♪ But you sure can't hide ♪

♪ An eye for an eye A tooth for a tooth ♪

♪ Vote for me and I'll set you free ♪

♪ The only person talkin' Bout love is the preacher ♪

♪ And it seems nobody's Interested in learnin' ♪

♪ But the teacher ♪

♪ Segregation, determination, Demonstration, integration ♪

♪ Aggravation, humiliation, Obligation to our nation... ♪ The girl can sing. I'll give her that.

Why don't you play a little hard to get, Romeo?


I'm off duty.

Not anymore.

Driscoll wants to meet.

Tonight? Now.

♪ Ooh sweet Hallelujah ♪

♪ Can't you hear me Talkin' to ya ♪

♪ Just a ball of confusion ♪

♪ That's what The world is today ♪

♪ It's just a ball Of confusion ♪

♪ Let me hear you, Let me hear you, Let me hear you say ♪

♪ Let me hear you, Let me hear you, Let me hear you say ♪

♪ Ball of confusion ♪

This is Detective Daniel Gallagher with Detective Charles Horvath of the Vice and Narcotics Unit, case number: 10-0-0-5-4-5-9, meeting Langford "Lanny" Driscoll for a first time felony weight buy.

Time is 21:13. Date: August seven.

Multiple small buys of oxycontin, heroin, cocaine have previously been purchased from Michael "Studs" Driscoll, brother of Lanny Driscoll.


Hey, Casey, what's up?

I was just thinking about tonight's game.

Give me some numbers. Make them good.

What are you talking about, she got blown up?

Okay, Casey, listen, just...

Just settle down.

I'm really sorry this happened.

I am.

I don't know if Pierce was involved!

I didn't even know she got blown up till you just told me.

Casey, just calm down.

And I'm gonna get into it for you right away, okay?

You all right?

I'll take the over a hundred times.

Same thing on the parlay.

We'll talk tomorrow.

The fuck was that about?

That was my grandmother.

She misses you. She says, "Hi."

Somebody got blown up?

Just something I'm working on to pay the bills.

How much you down? How much am I down?

Ask me after tonight's game, okay?

You ready for this? Let's do it.

I was gonna get laid tonight, asshole.

You can still get laid.


So, we're two guys with something they want.

They don't like what we got... we walk away.

A hundred says that fat fuck tosses that cigarette before we get to the boat.

Before we step on the boat?

Before we reach the boat.

You want the bet or not? Yeah, fuck it. I'll take it.

Come on, you fat bastard, toss the cigarette.

What's up, big fella?

How you guys doin'?

Studs, how ya doin'?

That must be Charlie and Danny.

Thank you for coming.

Studs tells me great things about you guys.

I appreciate that. It's nice to meet you.

Danny boy. Thanks for taking the time.

My brother likes you, I like you.

Danny, why don't you stay with Studs for a minute?

I need to talk to Charlie.

Charlie, come take a look at this boat.

It's a great boat. It's like a fuckin' hotel.

Picked it up from a retired dentist in Florida.

Those fuckin' guys are loaded.

You're lookin' good, Studs.

You, uh, lose a few?

What are you down to now? Like, uh, whale weight?

Go fuck your hand.

I got a thyroid problem.

Come on. I'm kidding. Don't kid.

Who you lookin' at, you fat fuck?

Who you starin' at?

I need a light.



Police! Don't you move!

You fuckin' prick!

Whoa! Whoa! Danny! It's me!

It's me!

What the fuck happened?

Driscoll! He made us!

Are you good? Find Driscoll!

Oh, Jesus...


He's wired, Charlie!

He's a cop!

What? He's a cop!

Are you fucking kidding me?


Drop your weapon!

One time, believe it or not, there used to be a whole amusement park here.

Your grandfather used to have a cigar, cigarette, and tackle shack over there by the pier.

It's where I met your old man.

I would say we were about... 13 years old.

I used to have a little business selling bait.

One day, these two hoods came by, and they wanted to take my stand.

They kicked the shit out of me.

They took everything.

And I wanted those guys dead.

I wanted that more than anything in life.

I wanted to take my bait knife, this one right here, and I wanted to fillet those sons of bitches.

But your father...

He saw what I was thinking, and... and he made me think it through.

He asked me, "What do you want most in life?

I said I wanted them dead.

And he says no. He fought me on that.

He said, "What you really want is: You want your stand back."

So I took his advice, and I moved my stand downriver.

I made more money with that stand than the first one.

You see what I'm saying?

If it wasn't for your old man, God knows where I end up.

Maybe dead.

Or maybe worse.

Maybe painted as a bent cop.

Hey, I gotta tell ya, Danny, I don't think Charlie was painted bent.

I think he was bent.

I think what Charlie loved most in life was gambling.

And it put him in Driscoll's pocket.

But fuck it. Doesn't matter what I think.

Cause Driscoll sat in a courtroom, and he told the jury that he had his hooks into you and Charlie, and you got greedy, and you pressed him for more money.

The next thing you know, Charlie was dead, there was a dead narc that nobody knew about, and you're in a fuckin' cell.

You really believe that, Jimmy?

I believe what I see, and what I hear, and Driscoll had payments and dates in his books from both you and Charlie.

I never took a nickel.

Well, Charlie did, and he kept your end then.

The fuck he did!

You stuck your head in the sand.

And if there's a crime in that, you've done it, and I've done the same.

When's Driscoll up for parole?

That's not the move.

That is not the move. The move is, go find Kate.

You know they took her joint away?

They trumped up some bullshit, took her license away, and closed her down.

I didn't know that.

Of course you didn't know that!

Because you're thinking about something else!

Let me explain something to you.

Every cop in this city hates you.

And they're gonna come after the thing that you love.

What you need to do is: You need to go find her.

She's working as a waitress.

As a fucking waitress in some joint out in the sticks.

Go find her.

And make a life for yourselves.

Because she's the best thing that ever happened to you.

Jimmy, I killed Driscoll's brother.

He's not the kind of guy to forget that.

What do you need from me?

When's he out?

Sixth of April. Sixth of April?

He gonna make it? Of course he's gonna.

He turned in two dirty cops.

The judge thanked him for it.

Sixth of April, he's out, just like you are.

Now listen to me.

I know you're not bent like Driscoll said you are, but if you go out and kill this guy, that's exactly what you're gonna be.

Charlie was good, he fooled us both.

But, fuck, it's time to move on.

That's the call here.

Let it go.

Jimmy, if I don't believe in Charlie, I don't believe in anything.

Welcome home, Danny.

Sorry about the stink.

Been hotter than a dog in heat, and it ain't even summer yet.

Anything else you need, Danny, whatever, you let me know.

I owe ya.


Cleaned her up, put a new battery in her.

Thanks, Jake.


Sorry. One second. Hello?

It's me.


I got out.

Yeah, I know.

I've been thinking about you.

Yesterday was your birthday.

Christ, you didn't remember your birthday?

I'm sorry they took your place, Kate.

They shouldn't have taken it out on you.

I moved on, Danny.

I'm doing all right.

Look, I have to go.

Wait, Kate.

You know what hurts the most?

You cut me off.

Like I was the enemy.

Like I was one of them.

And I wasn't.

I just wanna know why.

I would've waited forever.

Don't call again, Danny.

I don't know what you need.

And I don't know how to fix it.

But I hope you do.

Where you at, Danny boy?

Good till about a minute ago, Milty.

It's Milton.

Assume the position, shithead.

Spread them, motherfucker.

I do something wrong?



You lock jaywalkers up these days?

Only the cop killers.

I'm gonna let you go with a warning.

You ever call me "Milty" again, I'll put a bullet in your fucking head.

What the fuck happened?

Driscoll! He made us!


Hey, Casey, what's up?

I was just thinking about tonight's game.

Give me some numbers, make them good.

Casey, this is Gallagher.

Charlie was into me for a lot of money, so he helped me out with my sister.

She was having a problem with her husband.

Found out he was hiding money.

What kind of money?

The kind of money you steal from somebody.

She thought that she could find out who he was stealing it from, she could use it against him, try to save their marriage.

It's nuts.

But that's what she wanted so...

I made a deal with Charlie to square up the books, if she could find out what Pierce was up to.

That's her husband, Bill.

Bill Pierce.

So Charlie was tracking Pierce.

Yeah, cause I was worried about my sister, all right?

What'd he find out?

Nothing as far as I know.

But that's why I called Charlie that night.

It was Pierce's car, man. It blew up.

Not Jen's.

Jennifer, that was her name.

What'd the cops say?

They bullshitted around, made a lot of promises, like they were gonna get who did it, then nothin'.

You told them about Pierce? About a thousand times.

They thought since it was Pierce's car, he might've been the intended target.

It's fuckin' horseshit.

It's an ongoing investigation.

Just wanna make sure you have my pay ready tomorrow.




You ever work with Lenny Driscoll?

Lenny Driscoll?

You know I'm a bookie.

Of course I worked with him.

What about your sister or Pierce?

Do they know Lenny Driscoll?

Not that I'm aware of.

You think Pierce had something to do with what happened to you that night?

Him or you.

Listen, man, I don't know you well.

But I knew Charlie. We were friends.

All right? I don't beat people up unless I have to.

And I don't kill people.

Not friends like Charlie and not scumbags like my sister's husband.

What did you sister do?

For work? Nothing.

She painted in college.

She actually started taking art classes again over at the academy when she found out about Pierce.

What about Pierce? He's an accountant.

For the government.

He never said much about it.

Treasury Department, I think.

That's Jen.

You know, my sister, she wasn't an important person, but she was a good person.

And she deserved more than what she got.

So if you find anything out, I'd appreciate it if you let me know about it.

We're at the home of government official, Bill Pierce.

This is where this morning his wife, Jennifer Pierce, got into a car.

There was an explosion, and she was killed.

Police are now investigating the unknown cause of this explosion.

A shock for everyone here in the neighborhood.

Needless to say, Bill Pierce distraught by this turn of events.

As you can see, there are emergency workers, and investigators, explosives experts...

Hey, buddy?

Yes? What can I do for you?

Jack Bagby, from up on nine.

Listen, I'm a little bit embarrassed. I'm new here.

I've forgotten the name of the guy who's, uh, talking to Bill Pierce over there.

Oh, that's Mr. Loach.

He's a big shot. You don't wanna forget his name.

Loach, huh? Right! Treasury Department.

Nah, Treasury's across the street.

You are new here, aren't you?

Yeah. Thanks, pal.

Sure thing.

Aw, damn it! I've done it again.

I forgot my card.

I got it.

Oh, thanks, pal. Uh, ten, please.

Can I help you?

Oh, hey, hi! Uh...

Jack Bagby, I got an appointment with Kim Masters.

There's no Kim here.

No Kim? 1114? Department of Interior?

No, this is 1014.

Oh, God, no...

Oh, great! Now I'm late. Terribly sorry.

You're gonna have to go back down and see the guard.

You won't be able to get to 11 without an elevator pass.

Elevator pass. Got it. Thank you.

There is no sin that cannot be forgiven.

Even when the weight of his sins has sunk the lost deep into the lake of fire.

He may be born again.

So today...

I ask you this question:

Where will you go from here?

Will you wade further into the lake of fire, thrash among the flames waiting to be saved?

Or will you save yourself, depart from evil, and do good?

For the wages of sin... is death.

Here you go. Thank you.


I guess I'll be going.

Last night was it for me at Fatty's.

I'm going home.

Home's good.

You know what's strange?

Two years I've been here.

And you're the only person I'm saying goodbye to.

I bet you got people.

Somebody to say goodbye to.

You'd lose.

Don't call again, Danny.

Thank you.

I don't know what you need.

And I don't know how to fix it.


I'm investigating the death of Jennifer Pierce.

I'm glad someone's finally looking into what happened to Jennifer.

You mind telling me about her?

She was good.

Little formal training, but she had talent.

Did she have any friends here, anyone she might've had a personal connection with?

Marcy Williams.

Marcy Williams, who's that?

I'll show you.

This was Jennifer's portrait of Marcy.


Jennifer was good, but let's face it, she had a great subject.

Would you mind showing me Marcy's records?

Can't. Don't have any.

What do you mean?

When Jenn died, I wanted to contact Marcy.

I checked the registrar.

She was never enrolled.

There's something that I considered showing the police, but they never came by to ask.

I don't even know if it's important, but for some reason I kept it.

That's Jennifer with Marcy.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop.

Back it up.

There. Stop.

Okay, Marcy Williams, Mercedes four-door, right?

Yeah, that's right.


Here we go... Got it!

Not on file.

That's a red flag. Usually means government issue.

What agency?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Anything else?

There are 14 licenses issued under the name "Marcy Williams."

Forty-two under "Marshell Williams."

If you give me an age, I can crosscheck.

Tell you what: I'll let you know.

Hey, G.


I'm glad you're out.

Yeah, me too.

Hello, Marcy.

Actually, it's Rebecca.

Gallagher. I know.

I know everything about you.

What do you know about me?

Well, I know you work for some government agency:

CIA, FSB, FU2, one of them.

I know you had the police investigation into the death of Jennifer Pierce shut down.

I know you were sleeping with Jennifer, but I bet there was no love lost there when she was murdered.

Anything else?

I liked you better as a blonde.

Give it time.

I don't think so.

Why are you tracking Bill Pierce?

That's my business.

This is who I work for.

That should scare you.

It scares the hell out of me.

What's it got to do with Pierce?

You're interfering with a major investigation having to do with national security.

You need to back off.

If you don't back off, I will force you to back off.

You understand that, right?

Seems pretty clear enough.

My cell is on the card if you have any questions.

I do have a question.

How much money do you think a guy like Pierce makes a year?

Why? He's got a young mistress.

He buys her gifts, expensive jewelry, got a nice place down on the waterfront with her shacked up.

Be nice to know where he's getting all that money from.

You sticking your nose into this is only going to make things worse.

Well it couldn't get much worse for Jennifer Pierce, could it?

By the way, you sleeping with her, was that for God and country and all that or was that for real?

Eddie! Ugh.

You want it done right or you want it done?

And put that cigarette out.

On second thought...

Give it here.

What do we got?


Only one? That I could find.

You piss somebody off again?

It's a problem of mine.

Put your hands where I can see them.

Problem, officer?

License and registration.

Okay if I reach into my jacket?

Shut the fuck up and get out the car!

Come on. Let's go.

You know, you two dick twins are the second team to stop me like this.

"Dick twins?"

Is that what you said, "dick twins?"

Do you fuckin' think I look like this fuckin' Uncle Tom?

You think I look like this trailer trash, inbred motherfucker?

I didn't say that.

You going to jail, scumbag.

I've been to jail. I didn't like it.

You like your teeth?

'Cause you're about to lose a couple of molars.

Tell me what I did wrong.

Well for starters: driving with a broken taillight.

Nope. No. He just broke it.

Tonight, you've done nothin'.

But what you have done, and what you are... is scumbag motherfuckin' cop killer.

You think just because they let you out that that somehow gets you a free pass.

If that's what you think... you very wrong.

That's a cute mustache.

Before you do anything stupid have a look inside the car.

You see that?

That's a dashcam uploading everything we say and do directly to my attorney's server.

That's right, you dumb motherfuckers, I own you.

So this is what's gonna happen.

You're gonna go back to the precinct, and you're gonna tell your fuckhead buddies to back off.

And you owe me for a taillight.

Back off!

All right.

We're just about done here.

Anything else you could think of.

Like what?

Like maybe why someone would wanna kill you.

Aside from half the cops in this city?

Aside from them.

'Cause any of them woulda done a better job than what happened here tonight.

Nobody I can think of.

All right. Thanks, doc.

Keep in mind what I got from you is only one side of the story.

The true side, Frank.

The side that used to count for something in this city.

After we get the ballistics in on the gun and find out something about this guy you say ran off, we gonna be talkin' again.

Hey Frank, you get a hit on that gun, I'd appreciate knowin' where it came from.

What are you a cop or something?

Let me tell you something, tough guy.

If I find even a smidge of something I can arrest you for, I will bury you.

I will fuckin' bury you and enjoy doing in.

You think I say that 'cause you a bent cop?

Because your partner killed a cop, a good cop?

Thought crossed my mind.

You'd be wrong.

I'll say that cause you a scumbag.

Ask me why you a scumbag.

Why am I a scumbag?

Because I've been on the job 18 years, 9 months, and 22 days, and I don't have a gold shield.

Ask me why I don't have a gold shield.

Why don't you have a gold shield?

'Cause the day you and your partner got caught, the bosses stopped all promotions until they completed an investigation into police corruption.

I still don't have my gold shield.

And that, my friend, is why you are a scumbag.

We good?

Good as gold.

Have a nice evening.

Hey, Frank!

You, uh, got a card?

Just in case I have any questions or in the unlikely event that you're not as lousy at your job as I think you are?

All out.


You put a tracking device underneath my car.

And you took it out which means I'm gonna have to put it back.

Someone just tried to kill me.

I don't know anything about that.

I'm sure you don't, but if it happens again, I'll be sending your little package to the media with everything I know about the Jennifer Pierce case.

Who the fuck...

Who's on the phone?

Who's this, and why you callin' in the middle of the night?


Who is it, Jimmy?

Yeah, hold on a second.

Jimmy, who is it?

It's okay. I got this. Go to bed.

Hey, you better be callin' me cause you hit the lotto because anything else... is gonna be a real problem.

I need a favor.

What's up?

I may have a lead on what happened that night with Driscoll.

I need files though.

Unsolved homicide, 3 years ago, woman named Jennifer Pierce.

Uh, I'll see what I can do.

Meet me at the Anaconda, 1 o'clock, you're buying.

Shame on you, Jimmy.

What am I supposed to do?

Turn my back on him?


That's exactly what you're supposed to do.

Just walk away from it.



What about us? What ab...

What about all the conversations?


I'm all he's got.

Eh, this place is all fished out.

So I know I haven't lost my touch.

What you wanted on the car bombing.

It's an ongoing investigation so, uh...

The material's highly sensitive which means don't ask any questions which also means get the fuck out of my face.

The materials on the forensics that was, uh...

That was more difficult.

Luckily I had a buddy in forensics.

Somebody shut down access.

Any idea who? Somebody high up.

What's it all about?

Charlie was working something on a guy named "Pierce."

Husband of the woman who got blown up.

I think that's why Driscoll killed him.

Charlie found out what they were into.

Whatever you're chasing is a dead end.

You have any idea what kind of money Charlie was into the Shylocks in this town for?

Forty-two five.

Forty-two five to three different Shys in this town, and that's the kinda money that gets you bent.

April 6th.

Still on? Still on.

You go after Driscoll, I can't help you, Danny.

You understand that?

I don't want your help.

I don't give a fuck if you want it or not, I still can't do it.

But I can go back to my original advice which is go find Kate, go to, uh, Paraguay or some godforsaken country nobody can pronounce, and make a life for yourself.

Phyllis, it's Gallagher.


I need to get a court transcript quickly.

We know anybody? We do.

Who's transcript?



Was just checking in.

Wondering how it's goin'.

How'd you know where I live?


She mentioned it when I dropped her off at the airport.

She went home, you know?



Well Pierce doesn't work for the Treasury.

I don't know what the hell he does, but he ain't no accountant.

I don't understand.

Where's your sister's car?


The bomb blew up Pierce's car.

Why wasn't your sister driving her own?

It was in the shop.

You know where it is now? No. I don't know.

Do you have any idea why Pierce goes to a church all the way over in Seidel?

Bill Pierce? He never went to church in his life.

He's an atheist.

Pray my brothers and sisters, that our sacrifice may be acceptable to God, the Almighty Father.

May the Lord accept this sacrifice at your hands, for the praise and glory of His name, for our good, and for the good of all His church.


Hey, buddy!

You got a minute?

I'm busy at the moment.

Great mass!

Eh, I remember you.

I remember everyone who gives a nice donation.

Gotta tell ya, buddy, I really enjoyed listening to that priest who was here the other day.

He was amazing!

Oh, Father Bailey's the best.

He's a monsignor.

Is he around? Nope. He's traveling again.

If it wasn't for Father Bailey, people of this parish would have nowhere to pray, nowhere to eat, Oh, he's turnin' it around.

Where is he traveling? Middle East.

Father Bailey is a missionary for the United Nations' World Food Program.

The man's a saint.

I don't know how he does it.

Yeah, me neither.

Stay down!

Get down!

Get down!



People keep trying to kill me. It's getting annoying.

Now my car is gone.

It was ten years old, had a busted taillight.

It was a piece of shit, but it was mine, I liked it.

I can't help you.

Actually, you can.

Ask me why.

I learned this trick from a piece-of-shit cop.

Go ahead; ask me why.


Because I followed Bill Pierce to a church so far outside his parish it might as well have been in China.

He's delivering envelopes to a priest who travels to the Middle East every couple of weeks.

Not on the phone. I'll meet you.

Great idea.

Gas station. Exit 37.

Get out.

It's raining.

Get out.


In the passenger seat.

What does Pierce do for the Department of Fiscal Oversight, which by the way doesn't actually exist.

He's an analyst.

He's decoding transmissions between certain countries that might pose a threat to us.

He's selling those transmissions to the Iranians.

The monsignor is passing them along.

But we're not after Pierce.

We're after who he's working with, someone higher up.

Who killed Jennifer Pierce?

The Iranians.

How do you know that?

The bomb was made in Iran... with materials from the Ukraine and Russia.

If Pierce was working with them, why would they kill him?

A very important Iranian agent was recently lost.



The bombing was payback.

Pierce's wife had the misfortune of driving his car the morning she was killed.

Her name was Jennifer.

You slept with her.

Why can't you say her name?

It was her idea.

Who tried to kill me today?

The agency.



I have been reassigned.

Because I wouldn't do it.

Lose me?

Yes. Why?

Because I think it's wrong.

To lose you.

Why'd you agree to meet today?

To convince you to back off.

Was it the agency in my loft the other night?

I told you.

It wasn't us.

You're gonna have to start trusting me.

Because if you don't...

You're a dead man.

Aren't you a little bit sorry for what happened to her?


Tell her brother that his sister died in an accident.

Make up a story that he will believe.

Here you go, man.

Eddie, it could get dirty.

This car?

Never seen it before.

Looks stolen to me.

Let's go. All right, man.

Hey, you.

Here you go.


Are you staying out of trouble?


Do you wanna get in some?

I'm free tonight.

Now why would you wanna go and do that to yourself?

Well, what can I say? I'm a glutton for empty sex.

It's probably my Catholic upbringing.

What's goin' on?

Oh, there was a fire at a church.

Monsignor Bailey, a beloved figure in the parish, was the only person to die in the fire.

Apparently overtaken by smoke inhalation.

That window there was the monsignor's residence.

The struggling parish was facing financial troubles of late.

A new monsignor was leading the church back from the brink of...

It's Mr. Loach.

We can go.

I tried calling you. You didn't answer.

I don't trust you.

Priest is gone. I know.

What happened?

I found out who Pierce was working with at the agency.

Tom Loach.

His supervisor.

I turned in my report to my superior.

Ten hours later, the priest is dead.

What the hell did you do that for?

I am not out here running around unaccountable.

I'm supposed to be tracking down terrorists and their money sources.

If I can't trust my superiors, then who can I trust?

Obviously it was a mistake.

This goes higher than I thought.

You think?

They're cleaning house.

Pierce is next, then you.

Me after.

Where is Pierce?

I don't know.

Gone? Lost?

More likely hiding, but they're gonna find him.

I thought you should know.


What's up, G?

Hey, Dougie, how you doin'?

I was doin' better a minute ago.

You're back on the job?

I got a private thing.

Here's a list of materials was used in the car bombing.

I need to know where they came from, whether they're foreign or domestic.

I don't do that kinda thing no more.

I'm out. Been out.

And I'd like to stay out.

I'm giving myself a chance here.

I gave you a chance.


Everything all right?


G's an old friend.


What I got here ain't much.

But that kid? He's mine.

I get it, Dougie.

I really do.

This is a one-time deal, okay?

The battery, the wires, the timer, even the C-4, you get that stuff anywhere.

You wanna know what?

Whether it's foreign or domestic.

There's a guy, Chuck Cumming, mad genius with explosives.

Back in the day, he was the go-to for anything and anybody.

Will he talk to me?

Probably not. He's gonna think you're a cop.

Tell him you're my friend, and, "I emember Bernadette."


No cop will know anything about that.

And if he's not around, don't blame me.


Wait a goddamn minute!

Dougie, I'm a friend of Bernadette!





That ANFO could've been made anywhere.


Ammonium Nitrate, fertilizer, and oil, common bullshit.

Device explodes, there are gonna be elements that are released.

They're called taggants.

Same principle for tracing ballistics on a bullet.

But it takes time.

I don't have time.


You can try tracing the pipe back to the plumbing supply source.

Same as the timer and the wire, but that takes time too.

Ah, wait a minute. Here's something.

I'm so fucking good at what I do.


All about passion.

Check out the initiator.

The blasting caps.

What about them?

They're color-coated to the manufacturer, right?

And these colors here, what we're looking at, come from one place and one place only.

Well, where's that?



Atglen, Greece?

No. Atglen about 100 miles away.


You sure?


Is there any way this bomb could've been foreign-made?

You asking me if I know my shit?


Can I ask you another question?

Why not?

Who's Bernadette?

You ever have something, meant everything to you?

Yeah, I can see it in your eyes.

Destroys you.

It's like taking your gut and just... spilling it all over the floor.

Don't let it get away.

Ain't nothin' worth shit without it.

I need something else from you.

What's that?

A throwaway.

Something that can't be traced.

And a silencer.

Give me a day.

Tell me about this.

I'm sure you know all about it.

I want to hear it from you.

My partner and I were trying to take down a drug dealer named Driscoll.

It went sour.

There was an undercover narc from another operation on the boat that we didn't know about.

Charlie killed him.

Driscoll got caught.

Painted us as bent.

Were you bent?


But I'm not so sure about Charlie.

What they did to you, they did to my last partner in the field.

A good man who gave them everything.

He hung himself before they could beat him to the punch.

You lied about the bomb.

It wasn't foreign made.

I needed you to walk away.

You knew Pierce killed his wife.

It wasn't important to us.

So you buried the report.

We have secrets, they have secrets.

In the end makes no difference whatsoever.

Everyone is corrupt.

You're a cop.

You don't know that, you don't know anything.

I am not a monster.

I liked Jennifer.

Why'd he kill her?

She was taping his phone conversations.

She knew that whatever he was doing, it was wrong.

"Something terrible," is what she said.

Where's his money?

I mean he's obviously got a stash somewhere.

I doubt he'd trust the bank, too easy to trace.

He didn't. I checked.

Okay, so, if I'm him, I'm hiding, just waiting for the right time, grab the money, and I'm running.

We find Pierce, make this thing public.

It's our best shot.

Hey, buddy, you got a light?


Say, do we know each other?

Jack Bagby, up on nine.

Tom Loach.

I don't think so. Huh.

Must've been just out here stealing a smoke.

It's a great leveler.


Thanks, pal.


I found something.

I found a ticket for long-term parking.

It was taped to the underside of Pierce's desk.

Jennifer Pierce's car.

Has to be where the money is.

Where is it?

The terminal by the old pier.

I'll meet you there.


Casey, Gallagher.

Need you to call a cop named Schuhmann.

Where is she? I don't know!

Where is she? I... Okay! Okay!

She's here somewhere! I don't know where! I swear I don't!

Your supervisor, Tom Loach, isn't feeding you any secrets, is he?


You're stealing them on your own and Rebecca's protecting you, right?

I don't know what you're talking about!

I said hello to Tom Loach.

He had no idea what I looked like.

If he was trying to kill me, he'd know what I look like.

He's investigating you and probably her.

He found out about the monsignor.

That's why you killed him, right?

Right? Yes! Yes!

She made me do it. She's crazy!

The plan is to kill me then take the car?

Right! And then the car blows up.

What? No! No! Yes! The car blows up!

Leaving everybody dead, but her.

That's her plan!

Who killed your wife? She did.

All I wanted was the money!

I swear to Christ! I didn't wanna hurt anyone!


It's over, Rebecca.

Loach knows. I know.

This was never about your partner, was it?

Probably never had a partner.

It's only about the money.

It's always about the money, isn't it?

And there's a lot of it inside the trunk of Jennifer's car.

We can take it.

You and me.

You fucking bitch. Shut the fuck up!

What do we do with him?

He doesn't count.

You fucking...

Drop it.

I don't want to die. I don't wanna die either.

But if I'm gonna die, I'm gonna die last.

Neither one of us has to die.

He's gone. It's only us.

Put the gun down.

You don't understand.

Nobody cares.

I tried giving them everything I had.

And they spit it right back in my face.

Don't you wanna... make them pay for what they did to you?

To your partner?

This is your chance.

All I want is to walk away with all the money that is inside that car.

And I want you to walk away with me.

Tell me that I can do this.

Tell me that we can do this.

Walk over to the trunk and get the money.

If we don't get blown to hell, then we can go before they get here.

Before who gets here?

That's them now.

You're a fucking fool!

It's a problem of mine.

What makes you think they're gonna believe you and not me?

Well, the bullet that killed him came from the gun you're holding.

That oughta do it.

Go on.

Go get the money. There's still time.


Is he out?

He is.

Turns out Driscoll had nothing to do with that woman getting blown up.

Meet me at the Anaconda.

Give me half an hour.

It's a shame a man can't make a living selling bait.

Forty-two five, Jimmy.

Yeah, I know.

Yeah, I gave that up.

Must be getting old.

Wasn't quite sure that you, uh, picked up on that.

Charlie never told anybody how much he'd lost, not even me.

I checked the court transcripts, that figure never came up.

The only way you knew... is cause Driscoll told you.

You remember those two hoods I told you about?

One day I ran into one of them in the alley.

I made that prick pay.

I gave him a beating he wouldn't forget.

But I went too far.

I cracked his head open on the concrete, and he was dead.

I looked at the end of the alley, and I saw Driscoll, he was watching me.

From that day on...

Driscoll owned me.

It don't matter what made you bent, Jimmy.

You're either one of them, or you're one of us.

You told him.

You told him we were cops.

He made us!

Find Driscoll!

I just told him to turn down the buy.

But instead he tried to turn Charlie.

He bought the 42.5 from the local Shys, and he threatened to call it in if Charlie didn't work for him.

Charlie turned him down.

He wasn't bent.

I need the address, Jimmy.

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna give you the address... and then what, you're gonna go kill Driscoll?

You think that's gonna make it better?

Nothing gets better.

You're just gonna get another day.

Just the next day. That's it.

You understand what I'm saying?

If I give you the address, then I gotta go to Driscoll and gotta tell him you're coming.

I loved you, Jimmy.

You're the closest thing I had to a father.

Ah fuck.

You gotta give up what you most love in the world.

What you most want.

'Cause that's the thing that's gonna kill ya.

Here's your goddamn address.

Jimmy, Jimmy Murtha.



You're looking well.


Is he coming? He's on his way.

Oh, we barely got time to eat.

Look at that!


Nice fish. Yeah.

You like fish, Jimmy?

Not so much.

This is wild salmon though.

You've never had it the way I cook it.

I promise you, you're not gonna leave here hungry.

Filet mignon of the ocean.

You know, Salmon... swim upriver every year against the current.

Look at that.

You got a beer?

In the fridge.

You know, up in Alaska, they smoke this fish on the beach.

You know that the Inuits... make candy out of this.

They feed it to the kids.

I was up in Alaska years ago.

I watched them.

They have a place called The Salmon's Leap.

You know, Jimmy, you gotta admire an animal, a wild animal that fights its way against the current back to where it came from.

Fuck you!

Who the fuck is this?

You gave me the wrong address.

I gave you another day!

Another day!

Where are you, Jimmy?