Beonjijeompeureul hada (2001) Script

presented by KTB Network

A NOON Entertainment Production

starring LEE Byung-Heon

LEE Eun-Ju

YEO Hyun-Su and HONG Soo-Hyun

special appearance by KIM Kab-Su and LEE Bum-Soo

Excuse me, can I share your umbrella to the bus stop over there?

Oh no! You're soaked!

I'm all right.

Come closer under the umbrella.

Here comes the bus!

Thank you!

A Bungee Jump of Their Own

produced by CHOI Nak-Kwon

executive producer CHOI Nak-Kwon

screenplay by KO Eun-Nim

cinematographer LEE Who-Gon lighting director WON Myung-Jun

editor PARK Yoo-Kyong music director PARK Ho-Joon

sound supervisor KIM Suk-Won location sound LEE Tae-Gyu

art director J ANG Choon-Sub prop master J ANG Suk-Hoon

production manager KIM Yoon-Oh 1st asst. Director KANG Young-Min

directed by KIM Dae-Seung

August 1983 So nothing happened afterwards?

You idiot...

So what did you do while you walked her to the bus?

You should've at least asked what school she goes to?

You're right...

What did I always tell you?

Be fully prepared at all times!

Prepare what?

Having all the expressions and lines to cope with every situation.

Just like this... You dummy.

She came right up to you and wanted you to take her, You should've taken advantage of it.


Don't waste your time here.

Go to the military and become a real man.

See you later.

I'm submitting my temporary absence form today.

Are you serious? Really?

Since this term already started, you should at least finish it first.

What's the point if I have to go to the military anyway.

I want to get it over with fast so I can date chicks afterwards.


Who are you kidding?

You think some chick would date someone like you?

I don't know. Watch it...

What's wrong?

What are you looking at?

Some of you made both sides look identical.

In reality, you know that our bodies are not totally symmetrical.

Touch the person's face next to you.

How is it?

Leaves on ceramics of the Chosun Dynasty roughly look the same, but if you look carefully, one side is in three parts, and the other side is divided into four parts.

This is perfect symmetry.

Now then. Let's begin.

Excuse me.

What are you doing here?


I came because I wanted to see.

To see?

Not because you wanted to listen?

Oh, you mean you came to show your appreciation for art, right?

Well, I'm glad.

Take a look.

That student's face over there has perfect symmetry.

His face is full of expressions.

Before you start molding, look at his face for reference.

KIM Ji-Su. Here.

SUH In-Woo.

Here. Here.

SUH In-Woo.

Is he absent again? I'm sorry.

Tell him not to come anymore.

He failed this class.

Excuse me... Yes?

Can you cut this wood for us? Oh, sure.

You're doing great! He sure is!

You stupid lumberjack.

What are you trying to prove?

You think sawing like an idiot has anything to do with your major?

Oh yeah.

You said you didn't believe in love at first sight.

Yeah, I said that.

I think he was right.

If you say I fell in love at first sight, it means I want to sleep with you.

That's what that bastard wants.

I bet when you first saw her at the bus stop you got a hard on, right?

How could you walk when it was stiff, huh?

To be honest, she's not that pretty.

Her tits looked as small as upside down spoons.

Hey In-Woo!

Did he get upset because of me?


Isn't he scary?

So that's why he kept looking out the window.

Late bloomers are the scariest.

Hey, did you know?

I gave you some magic.

When you grab something, lift up your pinky like this.

I just came to tell you that.

Hey, that guy hasn't showed up lately.

You're right.

You think he gave up because I was too cold?

It's really because of me. Thank you.

You know, I haven't seen that guy lately neither.

You miss him too? Huh?

You know what I mean.

When I eat rice rolls, I pick out every carrot.

Since my mom takes out the carrots now, I feel really empty.

So you mean...

That guy is... Carrots, of course.

Hey, it's raining.

It's pouring hard. I didn't bring an umbrella.

I brought one.

The news forecasted showers for this afternoon.

You're always so organized.


In-Woo will probably be here, right?

Well, I told him, but he seems busy lately writing his report.

There he is!

Where? In-Woo!


Looks like your loyalty stayed alive till the end.

Hurry up! How much food did you bring?

What's he doing? I don't know.


I think he's going with that other group.

What's In-Woo doing over there?

Because he's crazy!

He picks that chick over his friends.

Hey, you call that a friend?

Then are you being his friend now?


What happens if I jump down?

Probably die.

It doesn't seem dangerous.

Come here and look. I'll look for myself.


I wanna go to New Zealand.

New Zealand? Yeah.

I heard people jump off a cliff there.

You want to jump too? Yeah.

Even if I jump, it won't end there.

Okay, let's die together.

It's too safe to die. Then let's jump together.

You can't die. Let's jump together and die.

You're serious, right? Whoa, that was scary.

Come here. No, that's okay.

Come see! Let's go back.

Come here and look.

Watch this.

On this side, your face is backwards.

But on the other side, it looks straight.

Did you know that?

Huh? You're right. Cool, huh?

Is it because of the surface?

Oh yeah, your major is Korean language, right?

Yeah. Why?

Chopsticks in Korean is "jutgarak".

And spoon in Korean is "sudgarak". Right.

But why does "sudgarak" have a "d" in it?


It makes sense if there's another word that's spelled with "sud", but in the dictionary, all I found was "sudgarak".

Anyway, both consonants are pronounced the same, and "sudgarak" can be spelled with a "t" too.

Oh, right...

Boy... l'm hungry.

So? Why is that?

It's simple...

Since you grab the "jutgarak" like this, it's spelled with a "t".

And a "sudgarak" is used to scoop so it's spelled with a "d".

Since it looks like an upside-down "d"...

You're not a Korean language major.

I'm right, huh?

Hey... I learn about that my senior year.


Eat this one instead.


It's delicious.

I got it!

There's another word spelled with "sud".

Yeah? What is it? Sudsticks.

To Tae-Hee who taught me that there's love in the world.

This song is requested by SUH In-Woo.

When did you request it? "When I fall in love."

To be honest...

Love at first sight.

Committed to everlasting love.

I used to think these sayings were dumb.

I did to.

When I saw you for the first time,

I knew we would fall in love.

Nice lighter.

Is this you?

Yeah. Wow! It looks just like you.

While I was getting ready for college, I made this to give it to the man I fall in love with.

Honestly, I went on a lot of dates and was proposed to, but I was reluctant to give it to them.

Because after I break up with them, I wasn't sure if I could get it back.

But now...

I'm not reluctant at all.

I'm worried about one thing, though.


I've never seen you smoke before.

No, I smoke.

I didn't smoke in front of you because I thought you hated it.


No, I like guys that smoke fashionably.

Oh yeah?

Then I should've smoked all along.

Anyway, this is a great lighter.

It looks just like you.


Breathe it in slowly.


Now take a deep breath and spit it out.

Do it slowly.

You dummy...

Hey, are you all right?

By the way...

How do you smoke fashionably?

Teach me that.


Okay, check this out...


Is that the most fashionable? Cool, isn't it?

Do this at a date, and the girl will instantly fall for you.

Do you think this is really necessary?

Yeah, do you have to do this?

You really don't have to.

I have to.


Did you... Did you do it with her?

Come on...

Tae-Hee can only be your girl if you sleep with her.

Stop it... Shut up!

These days girls aren't what you think.

If a girl's too easy, then she's not the right girl.

That's why you should do it naturally, stupid.

You can't be straightforward and say I want to screw you.

Just do this.

Tell Tae-Hee that you have something important to say.

Then since it's cold... Hey, you think I'm stupid?

I know that much already.

But our relationship isn't like that.

Anyway, are things going well with that girl?


You saw her? Isn't she pretty?

Please make it last this time.

I get so excited when I see her.

So then?


So what happens after I say something important?

You little... Come on, tell me.

So ask her if she wants to go somewhere warm.

Then take her to a motel.

Say you need to take a shower since you're sweaty.

Why am I sweaty if it's cold?

Every guy sweats by then idiot.


Take a taxi home.



You'll catch a cold. You're too far from home.

What's wrong?

You don't want to share my umbrella?


Then you take it.


I won't go with you so take it!


I don't want to use your umbrella.


What did you say?

You didn't hear me?

I said I don't want to use your umbrella.

I don't even want to see it.

You still can't hear me? Want me to repeat it?

I can repeat it ten times if you like.

Your umbrella...

Thank you.

Thanks for not leaving.

I thought a lot over on my way back.

Don't leave Tae-Hee.

Please stay for me.

I'll do whatever you want.

Are you copying me?

Huh? What?

I've thought over a lot too standing here.


Come back.

If you come back, I'll do whatever you want from now on.

Tae-Hee, your... Oh...

I used this umbrella when I first met you.

Did you know that?

Yeah, I did.

You did?

Yeah, I did.

Then how come you were so mean before?


Watch this.

How did it get like this?

I want to sleep with you.

Me, too.

Let's go here.

This one?

Let's stop wandering around and go here.


It's closed.

Here to rest for a bit, right? Sorry?

I said are you here to rest?

Just for a little bit... Five thousand won.

Oh, it's wet.

I'll hang it...

Sit down. Yeah...

What's wrong with me?

Do you want some water? No, I'll get it.

It's not working.

It'll be all right.

Do you... What?

Do you wanna watch TV?

Not really.


In-woo. Yeah?

Come here, it's warmer.

No, it's cold here too. I mean it's warm here too.



There's not much time left.

You must get hiccups when you're nervous.

Or is it when you get excited?

Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere.

I'll be right here.

I'll never leave.

Of course I'll go with you.

Just in case I'm late, you better wait for me, okay?

You scared me.

So who's our homeroom teacher?

I heard he's a math teacher.

Really? Nice.

As long as he's not a phys ed teacher.

Hey it's Hae-Joo. See guys later.

What a bastard...

Hey Hyun-Bin! Come back here!

March 2000

What is this? Scribble!

It's the earth.

Stick a small needle somewhere into the earth, and a grain of wheat falls from the top of the sky.

The probability of that falling seed to stick to the needle's top...

Through this immeasurable probability, you are all here.

Among the earth's many countries, there is Korea.

And within Seoul, there is Saeyon High School.

And from that the sophomore class.

And finally there is class five.

And through this unbelievable probability, you've met everyone in this class, and the same goes for me.

This... what we call destiny.

Destiny is scary, isn't it?

For the next grueling year, I'll be your homeroom teacher.

Since I'm also your language teacher, you'll be sick of me.

My name is SUH In-Woo.

I don't need to write it down, right?

Because I know later on, you'll call me names like prick and jerk.

No way.

Just once.

Someone has the same name as this wrestling champ.

LEE Bong-Gul.


Right, Bong-Gul.

You will be today's class monitor. Start the class.

Go Bong-Gul!

Attention. Louder.

Attention! Louder!

Attention! Good!

Bow! Good morning!

Did you get one too? Yeah.

Let me see. Yours is pretty too.

Mine is a couples phone.

Hey Sae-Young! What's that?

He applied for it under his name and pays for all my phone bills.


And me?

I have to pay for it?


I don't want it.

You don't even know yet. What is it?

After you put it on, you have to show it to me.


Let's open it.


Watch, she'll come soon.

One, two...

Hey! Are you crazy? Do you all wanna die?

What the hell is this?

You don't know? It's a bra.

I wrapped it with panties too.

You think I'd wear something like this?


Not at all.

I intentionally bought the biggest size.

I told you before. Put it on and show it to me.

It's big enough to slip off...


I think she's really pissed off.

Did I overdo it?

Don't you think it'll be pretty on her?

Stop imagining it. Stop it.

Attention! Bow!

Good morning!

So did all your girlfriends get candies?

No, sir. Yes, sir.

Tell us about your first love! Come on, tell us!

First love! First love!

I don't remember. Let's begin class, okay?

Come on!

How come?

Did your first love marry another guy?

How did you meet her?

Tell us. Come on, tell us teacher.

Tell us.

I fell in love at first sight. On one rainy day.

Come on, that's a lie.

Isn't that just a line to pick up girls?

You're right, it's a lie.

Love at first sight.

It means you're only attracted to her face and body.

So what?

But you can't fall deeply in love at any moment.

It's by realizing who that person is.

Your partner for life.

Just like me and Hae-Joo.

Hey you! Hey you bastards!

Stop right there, you pricks!

Damn it.


It's named after a crane...

Hey you!

You think you have the right to come in whenever you want?

Is being cool everything?

Sit down and open your book.

Excuse me for one moment, teacher.

There's that little bastard!

Come here you prick.

You can't stop stealing, huh? What's going on here?

A couple of kids stole some cigarettes.


That's what this kid did. Did you see him take it?

Don't you know that shit stinks before you smell it?

I caught him several times before last year.

He needs to be expelled!

Let go of him. But teacher!

Is this true Wook-Gi?

Answer me! Did you steal it?

Look at him! He can't even answer.

If I tell you, will you believe me?

You won't trust me anyway.

Just expel me. Watch your mouth!

Look how rude he is.


Did you steal it?


I can't believe this prick!

He said he didn't.

Come on, teacher. It isn't him.

Does he really have a bad habit?

I didn't know.

Teacher! But...

This student doesn't lie.

I know for sure. I can't believe this.

If he's really lying, I'll take full responsibility.

You heard what he said before!

We're in the middle of class. Please leave.

That bastard's lying!

You better tell the truth you prick!

I can't believe this!

So where were we?

I was a weak crybaby when I was young.

So a lot of bad things happened to me.

But my teacher trusted me and took my side every time.

Just like I do for you.

I'll always trust you.

Don't betray me! Yes, sir!

Go in! Go in!

I had to leave cause my mom was going to kill me.

But he kept asking me to go out with him on a date.

What? Oh, nothing.

So what next? What is it?

No, it's just that I like basketball. He got the ball.

Shoot! Goal!

IM Hyun-Bin? SHIN Young-Ho?

You...! You...!

I can't believe you!

You little liar.

We lost. I'm so tired I'm about to die.

Hey, Sung-Chul! Watch out!

I trust you. Don't betray me.

You bastard.

Hey, by the way, wasn't our homeroom teacher awesome?

Hey, that doesn't sound like you.

He's like a real teacher. You're right.

Oh, Young-Ho!

Let's go back in.

We've got music class. Let's go.

I'm sick of that class.

Mr. Suh. Yes?

What were you looking at so long?

The kids looked cute playing.


You still haven't felt their wrath yet.

I can't stand them anymore.

You don't have class? Yes, I do.

...if we hit them, it's sexual assault.

They shouldn't dress like that in the first place...

Are you following me?

I thought you were following me.

Oh yeah! Your magic really worked.

Look. I'm still sticking out my pinky.

And thanks for sharing the umbrella.

You remember? Oh, you remember.

Then why didn't you... I pretended not to.

Because I wanted to be careful.

If I told you I remembered, I thought it wouldn't be special.

I didn't want that to happen.

Do you know how to waltz?

I'm learning it in class lately.

The guy's left foot comes forward, and the girl's right foot goes backward.

Okay, let's try it.

One, to the right... Two, three, and backwards.

One, two, three.

Your hand is cold.

My hands are usually cold since I have a warm heart.

I see...

It's easy, isn't it? Yeah...

Now let's step farther. Here we go.

I love you -

I love you - I love you -

Delete message? -

Message deleted -

Excuse me, teacher. Yes!

We're waiting for class to start. Oh, right.

Let's go.


Good morning.

Good morning. Oh... it's you.

You don't drive to school?

I live close to here. I live at Daesung Apartments.

Oh, really? Why? You live there too?

No, Hae-Joo does. You know UH Hae-Joo, right?

Right... I know her. That's great...

I'll give you a ride home next time.

Good morning. Hi.

Right. So that's where you live.

All the people I like live at Daesung Apartments.

It's Hae-Joo!

I'll see you later, teacher. Sure.


Hey...! What?

Mister Suh!

Who are you running with at the tournament tomorrow?


At the three-legged race. Oh yeah...

Since your class is all guys, you want to run with the fastest kid, right?

Let's see who's the fastest in your class.

CHO Jae-Il. He's the fastest.

He ran 100 meters in 12.2 seconds.

Mister Suh and Jae-Il Cho for class five.

Wait a minute...

Please line up at the starting line for the three-legged race.

Teacher, I'll shout the steps.

One for the tied leg, and two for the other.


Hyun-Bin, it's your teacher.

I noticed your report wasn't in the pile.

You turned it in?

Okay, I'll look for it again.

Then do a...

See you tomorrow.

Okay, take care.

It's not scary at all.

You know the Gyro Drop, right?

Now that's a scary ride.

After you go up slowly and it stops at the top, you feel like you're falling forever once it drops.

Sure, I'll pick you up.


Okay, good night.


What is it?

Who the hell are you talking to for so long?

Is it Hae-Joo?

Is that you teacher?

Yeah... it's me, your teacher.

It's just that I called for over an hour and it was busy.

I'm sorry for yelling.

You got scared, huh?

Okay, so...

Well, good night.

Didn't you call because you had something to say?

Oh yeah... that's right...

No, it's just that... Let's talk at school tomorrow.

But tomorrow's Sunday.

It's Sunday tomorrow? That's right.

Then rest tomorrow and I'll see you on Monday.


What are you doing?

I'm drawing.

What are you drawing? Art.

You pervert! What? It's pretty.

You're always imagining these things.

So then... You're going to strip for me?

You jerk.

This is why I have to imagine all the time!

Your hand is cold. Yeah.

Since I have a warm heart.

What? Let me touch it just once.

What? Your breast.

You pervert!

I can't believe you! I'm not a pervert!

I said I'm not a pervert. You jerk.

I was wandering in da alleyway. ..."the" alleyway. the alleyway, and I felt I Was walking on a strange streed. ...strange "street"!

...on a strange street for ad least five years.

..."at" least five years!

...for at least five years wondering lonesomely.




Only kids pronounce like that.

I felt like I almost died.

What's wrong with him today? He was so strange.

So he never makes a mistake too?

I hate him!

Correcting your mistakes is his job.


It's not like you got scolded.

He just pointed out your mistakes.

You don't have to hate him for that.

Are you taking his side?

Come on, that's stupid.

Let me down! I wanna walk!

You sure?

See you later.


I gave birth to Joo-Yun, right?

Of course not. I'm the one.

I'm a man, right?

There's nothing wrong with me, right?

Let's eat, Joo-Yun. Here.

SUH In-Woo! Yes.

First of all, your test results are quite normal.

You seem proud of your sexuality more than others.

And the results show that you're normally attracted to women.

Well, you'll probably need a few more tests.

But in my opinion, I would say that your curiosity in the same sex should be taken comfortably like its part of human nature.

I see...

Hey, didn't we see this at that place before?

It's so amazing.

Anyway, I felt something special from the second artwork.

How about you?

Wasn't it really fun?

But I felt like I've seen that last one before.

It was weird.

You're gonna buy it?

This lighter is handmade.

You better not get caught with it at school.


Is this woman famous? I don't know.


It's really familiar.

I felt like I've seen this somewhere before.

Don't buy it!

I don't like you looking at other women.

Give it to me.

Another common mistake is wrong and different.

The phrase "I'm wrong from you" is incorrect.

You have to say "I'm different from you."

"Wrong" means incorrect.

And "different" means not the same.

Then why does "sudgarak" have a "d" in it?

Who said that?

IM Hyun-Bin.

I'm sorry, sir.

Choksuk pavilion chases time like an arrow in the rainstorm.

Non-gae, you make me smile and cry at the same time.

You're one of the great flowers blossoming on legendary graves.

So your scent never turns rotten.

As a poet, I became your lover.

Where are you now?

IM Hyun-Bin.

Who the hell is this?

Who are you?

Hyun-Bin, who are you?

Who the hell are you?

Hey, has our teacher gone crazy lately?

You don't like him anymore?

I don't even want to call him teacher.

Looks like your loyalty stayed alive till the end. but he suddenly stops when he saw Hyun-Bin wasn't laughing.

Hey, that's enough.

I didn't know at first, but I think he feels something for you.

He didn't punish you like a normal teacher would.

It's like he was getting angry at his lover.

There's a lot of talk going around school.

What talk? That our teacher is gay.

And that you're no different.

Hey, if a guy likes another guy then they're both gay?

Your neighbor thinks you're a cute guy.

So both of you are gay, too?

What are you talking about? We're just worried about you...


You think he's looking at you like a normal teacher would?

After I'm born again, I'm going to look for you.

And when I do, I'll fall in love with you again.


But how will you know if it's me in my next life?

I'll recognize you.

I'll know.


I'm going to fall in love again with someone else.

Right? Yeah.

That person will be you.

No way. Then all you have to do is love someone else and insist that it's me.

No, I'll know.

If it's not you, then I won't be able to love someone else.

Doesn't our teacher seem like a homo?

I'm telling you he does.

Did you see what happened before?


He pretended to walk around, and touched Hyun-Bin's hand.

Are you serious? Yeah.

That's sick. Isn't it disgusting?

It makes me wanna vomit.

Hyun-Bin! What the hell!

You ass hole! Let go!

Let go! Let go of me!

You dickheads!

Are you some fighting chickens?

You beat each other's head with a mop, and you call that just a scuffle?

Are you a gangster? Mobster? Thug?

Hoodlum? Yakuza?

Hey, Young-Ho. Yes, sir.

You explain.

Why did you fight?

What's going on here?

Spit it out, Hyun-Bin! Why did you hit them?

You're not going to talk? I heard you hit them first!

Why did you do it? I said why did you?

What's wrong with our language teacher lately?

Since there's a rumor about him and Hyung-bin, he's trying to prove that it's not true.

Why did you do it?

It's me. Are you all right?

Oh, it's you.

Are you hurt?

You saw it?

I'm all right. Tell me.

Why did the teacher only beat you? Hae-joo.

I'm really tired right now.

Let's talk about it at school tomorrow.

Why do you get upset whenever I mention your teacher?

It's just that I'm tired.

You didn't know what they're talking about?

Hey, Hyun-Bin!

Your boyfriend's here.

I'm sorry. Please throw the ball back.

Oh, I'm sorry. Please throw it back again.

What do you think you're doing? What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with me?

What's wrong with you?


What the hell is going on?

What the hell is going on?

Honey. Joo-Yun's sleeping.

Let's wake up our Joo-Yun.

Go in the room, okay? Joo-Yun!

Let's go in.

Honey. What?


What's wrong?


You're drunk. Let's go to sleep, okay?

Stop it.

What's wrong with you?

You know I...

Wait a minute.

Honey. You're drunk.

Let's talk about it later. Okay?

Go to sleep.

Please stop it. Stop it...


What's wrong with you?

Stop it. What's wrong with you?

Stop it I said.


Are you having an affair?



Bow! Good morning...

Where were you?

Did you go drinking?


I heard you're gay.

I heard you like me.

Rumors have spread all across school.

Since there's no turning back,

should we really start dating?




How come you... Can't even remember me a little?

I can feel you.

I know it's you.

Good morning.


Bow! Good morning...

I guess the janitor forgot to erase the board today.

This... It's a condom.

You should be careful of AIDS.

What are you guys doing? Let's go!

If you stay here, all of you will catch AIDS.

Hey, Min-Woo!

Let's go!

Okay. Let's begin class.


Teacher, the principal wants to see you.


Take care of yourself.

Are you really gay?


Then what?

I love only one person.

If you're going to love that one person, it has to be a seventeen year-old student?





You are insane.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.


I can't help it.

Is it true?

It's a lie, isn't it?

It's not true, right?

I'm the one you like!

I'm the one!

One, two, three... One, two, three...

Isn't it easy? It's simple.

Are you still in there?


Are you in there, sir?

How many days is this...?

The rain looks so refreshing.


I have to go.

What are you doing?

What is that?

Stand up.

Give that to me.

You better stop right there!

Hey student!

He was like that throughout class.

Shouldn't we do something about him?

Give him a break. He probably feels terrible, too.

At the last tournament, Mr. Suh wanted to run with Hyun-Bin.

That's when it seemed strange. That's not all.

That time Hyun-Bin...

I'll run with IM Hyun-Bin. IM Hyun-Bin?

Wait a minute.

He's already signed up to play basketball.

I see...

Okay, then anyone will be fine.

Okay, CHO Jae-Il.

Why are you here? Classes already began.

I came to talk to the phys ed teacher.

Then hurry and go to class.


Instead of playing basketball, Hyun-bin switched to the three-legged race.

He said his friend wanted to play basketball.

So he asked to change games. I thought nothing of it then.

Of course, I'll go with you.

Just in case I'm late, you better wait for me, okay?


You better come back before my feelings change.


I better look at you a lot before you leave for the military.

Come here.

What are you doing?

Looking at your face only once isn't enough.

I need more.

I don't want to waste a second. Since I'll miss you too much.

Hey kid! Are you all right?

You came.

I'm sorry.

I'm really late, huh?

Better late than never.

You think I'll die if I jump?


Even if you jump, it won't end there.

This time I'll be born as a girl.

But what if I'm born as a girl, too?

I guess I'll wait again.

If you jumped from a cliff, you said your life wouldn't end there.

We'll meet again and fall in love.

It's not because I love you.

It's because all I can do is love you, I love you forever.