Beowulf (2007) Script

Hrothgar! Hrothgar! Hrothgar! Hrothgar! Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

I want mead!

Give me some mead, my Queen!

Thank you, my beautiful Queen.

Hrothgar! Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

This is how it works, Aesher.

After you die, you wouldn't really be dead providing you have accepted him as the one and only God.

All right, back! Back!

Here, my beauty, give me a kiss.

I want a kiss! Give me a kiss! I want a kiss!

Please, stop it!


My thanes, my beautiful thanes!

One year ago, I, Hrothgar, your King swore that we would celebrate our victories in a new hall, mighty and beautiful!

Have I not kept my oath? Yeah.

In this hall, we shall divide the spoils of our conquests, the gold and the treasure.

And this shall be a place of merriment, joy, and fornication!

From now until the end of time, I name this hall Herot!

Treasure! Let's hand out some treasure!

Give me some of that!

From my conquests!


For Unferth, for Unferth, my wisest advisor, violator of virgins and best and bravest of brave brawlers.

Unferth, where the hell are you, you weasel-faced bastard?

I'm here, my King.

Unferth, come here, you ungrateful lout!

Hrothgar! Hrothgar! Hrothgar! Hrothgar! Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

He faced a demon dragon When other men would freeze And then, my lords, he took his sword And brought it to its knees...

Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

The greatest of our kings He broke the dragon's wings Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

The kingdom fell in darkness And shadows ruled the night With no sign of dawn, he soldiered on And brought us back to life Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

He never shook your faith Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

Let every cup be raised Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

He offered us protection When monsters roamed the land And one by one, he took them on They perished at his hand Mead!



You're spilling it. Where's my mead? You're spilling it.

You're spilling it!

Cain, you clumsy idiot!

How dare you waste the King's mead?

He rose up like a savior When every hope was gone The beast was gored and peace restored His memory will live on Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

Let every cup be raised Hrothgar! Hrothgar!

Now and forever

A sword! Give me a sword!

Come! Arm yourselves!

Stay down, my Lady!

Give me a sword! A sword! My Lord!


Fight me!

Fight me!

Fight me.

You fight me, damn you.


What was that?


Grendel, what have you done?

What hafast flu done, Grendel?

Fish and wolf and bear and sheep or two, ac nan men.

Men, Grendel.

They have slain so many of our kind.

Was Hrothgar there?


Good boy.

And tender.

Men, build another pyre!

There's dry wood behind the stables.

Then burn the dead.

And seal the hall! Close the doors and the windows.

And by the King's order, there should be no singing or merrymaking of any kind.

This place reeks of death.

The scops are singing the shame of Herot as far south as the middle kingdom and as far north as the ice-lands.

I've let it be known that I will give half the gold in my kingdom to any man who can rid us of Grendel.

My King, for deliverance our people sacrifice goats and sheep to Odin and Heimdall.

With your permission, shall we also pray to the new Roman god, Christ Jesus?

Perhaps he can lift our affliction.

No, Unferth, no.

No, the gods will do nothing for us that we will not do for ourselves.

What we need is a hero.

Hold your oars up!

And heave!

Can you see the coast? Can you see the Danes' guide-fire?

I see nothing but the wind and the rain!

No fire, no stars by which to navigate.

We're lost! Given to the sea!

The sea's my mother!

She'll never take me back to her murky womb.

My mother was a fishwife in Uppland.

I was rather hoping to die in battle as a warrior should!


The men are worried the storm has no end, Beowulf.

It's no earthly storm, that much is for sure.

But this demon's tempest will not hold us out if we really want in!

Who wants to live?

We do!

Then pull your oars! Let's see you do it!

For Beowulf!

For gold!

For glory!

Heave! Heave!

Heave! Heave!


Hold fast!


Who are you? From your dress, you are warriors.

Speak! Why should I not run you through right now?

We are Geats.

I am Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow.

We come seeking your Prince Hrothgar in friendship.

They say you have a monster here?

They say your lands are cursed.

Is that what they say?

Bards sing of Hrothgar's shame from the frozen North to the shores of Vinland.

There's no shame to be accursed by demons!

I am Beowulf! And I am here to kill your monster.

I thought there were no more heroes foolish enough to come around here and die for our gold.

If we die, it'll be for glory, not for gold.

My Lord?

My Lord? There are warriors outside. Geats.

But they are no beggars, and their leader Beowulf is an imposing...

Beowulf? Ecgtheow's little boy?

Beowulf. Where is he? Where?

There you are. Beowulf, welcome, my boy.

Welcome. Yes. How's your father?


Died in battle with sea-raiders two winters back.

Well, he was a brave man.

May I ask why you have come to us from across the sea?

I've come to kill your monster.

And to taste that famous mead of yours.

There have been many brave men who have come to taste my Lord's mead and many who have sworn to rid his hall of our nightmare.

But in the morning, there was nothing left of any of them but blood to be cleaned from the floor and the benches, and the walls.

I have drunk nothing, yet.

But I will kill your monster.

He will kill the monster. Did you hear that? Grendel will die.

Grendel? Yeah, the monster is called Grendel.

Then I will kill your Grendel.

I, Beowulf, killed a tribe of giants on the Orkneys, crushed the skulls of sea-serpents, and this troll of yours will trouble you no more.

A hero! A hero! I knew the sea would bring us a hero!

So will you go up to the moors, to the dark pool by the cave and kill the monster in its den?

I have 14 brave thanes with me. We have been long at sea.

It is high time, mighty Hrothgar, to break open your golden mead famed across the world and to feast in your legendary mead hall.

The mead hall has been sealed by his Lord's order.

Merrymaking in the hall brings the devil, Grendel.

Well, then.

Open the mead hall! Let's drink!

We don't want any trouble with the locals.

Hondshew, make me feel you're pretending to listen to me.

It's only been five days since you waved your wife goodbye.

Five days? In the name of Odin, no wonder my loins are burning!

Beowulf, there you are.

I was thinking about your father. Great man.

He was fleeing the Wulfings and he'd killed one of them with his bare hands.

Heatholaf. That's it, yeah. That's right.

I paid the blood debt for your father, and he swore his oath to me.

So I saved his skin, and you're here to save ours, that right?

All hail the great Beowulf, come to save our pathetic Danish skins, eh?

And we are so damned grateful, mighty Beowulf.

But can I ask a question, as a huge admirer of yours?

There was another Beowulf I heard tell of who challenged Brecca the Mighty to a swimming race out on the open sea.

Was that you?

I swam against Brecca.

Because I thought it had to be a different Beowulf, someone else of the same name.

Because, you see, the Beowulf I heard of swam against Brecca and lost.

He risked his life and Brecca's to serve his own vanity and pride.

A boastful fool.

And he lost!

So I thought it had to be someone else.

I swam against Brecca.

But victory was his, not yours.

A mighty warrior who cannot even win a swimming match!

Speaking only for myself here, not only do I doubt that you will be able to stand for a moment against Grendel, I doubt that you will even have the belly to stay in the hall all night.

I find it difficult to argue with a drunk.

But it's true, I did not win the race.

We swam for five days, neck and neck.

I was conserving my strength for the final stretch when this storm blew up and with it came sea monsters.

Again and again, the monsters attacked!

Dark things from the sea's depths.

I hacked and I lashed at these foul beasts with my sword, spilling their guts into the sea.


Then one of them seized me by its jaws

and dragged me to the bottom.

I killed the monster with my own blade and I plunged it into its heart.

Yes, of course. The sea monsters.

And you killed, what was it? 20?


Last time it were three.

But would you do me the honor of telling me your name?

I am Unferth, son of Ecglaf.

Unferth, son of Ecglaf.

I know who you are.

They say you killed both your brothers when you witnessed them having knowledge of your mother.

I have another true thing to tell you, Unferth Kinslayer.

If your strength and heart was as strong and fierce as your words, Grendel would not feel free to murder and gorge on your people without fear of retaliation.

Tonight will be different!

Tonight, he will find Geats waiting for him, not frightened sheep

like you.

Well done!

That's the spirit, Beowulf. That's the spirit we need.

So you will kill my Grendel for me, will you?

Well, let's all drink in celebration of the kill that is to come.

Lips ripe as the berries in June Red the rose, red the rose Skin pale as the light of the moon Gently as she goes Eyes blue as the sea and the sky Beowulf. Come.

Water flows, water flows Come with me. I want to show you something.

Heart burning like fire in the night Gently as she goes



The Royal Dragon Horn.

It is beautiful.

Isn't it magnificent?

She's the prize of my treasure.

I claimed her after my battle with Fafnir, the dragon of the Northern moors.

Nearly cost me my life.

And there's a soft spot under the throat, there.

See? You have to go in with a knife or a dagger.

It's the only way you can kill a dragon.

I wonder how many men have died for love of her beauty.

Can you blame them?

If you destroy my Grendel for me, she'll be yours forever and ever and ever.

You do me great honor.

It is we who are honored.

Is that your demon?

That was a wolf. You don't hear Grendel when he comes.

No? Well, you'll hear me, I promise.

Come on, my mighty lust limb can transport you to paradise, to ecstasy and back.

No other man will ever be able to satisfy you again.

Sorry. Come on!

I said no and I meant no. Why not?

Because it's late and it's dark and the monster could arrive at any moment!

Well, then, how about a quick gobble?

The hour is upon us.

This old man needs his sleep.

Where's my beautiful bedmate? Come, my love.

In a moment.

Come, Wealthow, let us pound the pillows.

Don't touch me!

Don't touch me!

That's the spirit, my girl.

My Lord!

Perhaps Her Majesty could grace our ears with one more melody before we all retire?

It's the least I can do.

Beowulf, I'll hope to see you in the morning, Odin willing.

And make sure your thanes secure the doors.

Good night. Good night.

Good night, Beowulf. Watch out for sea monsters.

I'm sure your imagination must be teeming with them.

Just wait Though wide he may roam Always a hero comes home

He goes where no one has gone But always a hero comes home

He goes where no one has gone But always a hero comes home

That was beautiful.

You need to go now, Your Majesty.

Of course. Grendel.

The demon is my husband's shame.

It's not a shame, it's a curse.

No, shame.

My husband has no other. No sons.

And he will have no more, for all his talk.

Oy, Hondshew. How was she?

Nah. Not my type.

I know your type.

Lord Beowulf, what are you doing?

The creature has no sword, no armor.

And I have no weapon capable of slaying a monster.

We shall fight as equals.

And fate

shall decide.

Good. Tie it off with more chain.

Enough frican' about!

You're mad, you know that?


Something vexes you, my Wiglaf?

I don't like the smell of this one, my Lord.

The men are unprepared.

They're distracted.

Too many untended women here!

Abstinence prior to battle is essential!

A warrior's mind must be unblurred, my Lord.

Good night, Wiglaf.

And while you're sleeping, what're we meant to do?

Sing! Loudly!

Well, you heard him. He wants us to sing. So sing!

Olaf, sing!

There was a dozen virgins Friesians, Danes and Franks We took them for some swifan And all we got were wanks Oh, we are Beowulf's army Each a mighty thane We'll pummel your asses And ravage your lasses Then do it all over again The fattest of the virgins I knew her for a whore I gave her all my codpiece And still she wanted more Her sister was from Norway She cost me 20 groats She showed me there was more ways Than one to sow my oats Her mother was from Iceland And she was mighty hot She'd need a whole damn iceberg To cool her burning...

Grendel. He knocks.

That must be my sweet plum, Yrsa.

She's ready for me to taste her juicy fruit.

My Lord.

Patience, patience, my love.

No! Hondshew! No!

Swife me! It's the frican' monster!

I swear, the bastard has no pintel!

No pintel. Aye.

The demon shrinks! It shrinks! It shrinks!


Your bloodletting days are finished, demon!

It speaks. It speaks!

I am ripper, tearer, slasher, gouger.

I am the teeth in the darkness, the talons in the night.

Mine is strength and lust and power!

I am Beowulf!

Grendel's arm!

You've done it!

He's done it!

He's torn the limbs from the beast! Beowulf has killed him!

Hail, Beowulf! Hail, Beowulf!

Hail, Beowulf! Hail, Beowulf!

Hail, Beowulf! Hail, Beowulf!

My Lord, Beowulf has killed the demon!

Odin be praised.

Go tell the scops. Spread the word! Yes, my Lord.

Tomorrow will be a glorious day of rejoicing.

Our nightmare is over.

Come to bed, my sweet.

My kingdom needs an heir! I need a son! It's time you did your duty.

How can I ever lay with you, knowing you laid with her?

I should never have told you.

I should never have told you.

My poor son.

Sleep now, my son.

Who murdered you, my son?

He will pay, meen darling.


They were great warriors.

They died a foul death.

They were murdered by a foul creature from the depths of hell.

The bards will sing of their glory forever.

Come, let us drink to their memory.

I want you to raise the first cup.

I am not in the mood for merrymaking.

I'll ride down to the mooring, prepare the boat.

We still leave tomorrow, on the tide, do we not?


My thanes, my friends, brothers,

this place for me has been a hall of sadness.

And for all of us, it has been a place of misery, bloodshed, and death.

But today, the monster's reign has ended.

They say he ripped the monster's limb off with his bare hands.

I wonder if Beowulf's strength is only in his arms, or in his legs as well, all three of them?

Well, after the feast tonight, I'm sure you can find out, Gitte.

Me? It's not me he wants, my Queen.

Bring it here!

Wealthow, my love, why don't you do the honors?

For you, my Lord.

Thank you, great King.

And all of you,

I wish you'd have been there last night to see me kill the monster.

I was asleep when he arrived.

He ripped open the doors with his bare hands.

He stood 20 feet tall, possessing the strength of 10 men.

I looked at him and said, "I am Beowulf!"

Brave thane.

My Queen.

I love you.

I want you, my King.

Only you.

My hero, meen looviyend.

I don't understand.

Where's your husband?



This is a dream.

This is not happening. You're just a dream.

Me, darling? A dream?

Give me a child. Enter me and give me a son!

In the name of Odin!

Is Grendel not dead?

Has he grown his arm anew?

It's not Grendel.

Not Grendel? Then who?

His mother.

It's Grendel you killed.

I had hoped his mother had left the land long, long ago.

How many monsters must I slay?

Grendel's mother? Father? Grendel's uncle?

Must I hack down a whole family tree of demons?

She is the last of them.

With her gone, demonkind will slip back into the darkness from whence it came.

Where it belongs.

And the mother's mate? Where is Grendel's father?

Grendel's father can do no harm to man.

Beowulf, I was wrong to doubt you before, and I shall not again.

Yours is the blood of courage. I beg your forgiveness.


Cain! Cain!

Take my sword. It belonged to my father's father.

It's called "Hrunting."

That sword is no match for demon magic.

I'm sorry I ever doubted you.

No, I'm sorry I mentioned you murdered your brothers.

They were hasty words.

Unferth, I may not return.

Your ancestral sword might be lost with me.

As long as it is with you, it will never be lost.

And you, mighty Wiglaf,

are you still with me?

To the end.


She's probably a water demon.

You don't want to meet her in her element.

I know.

Do you want me to go in with you?


I'll be here.

I see you've brought me treasure.

Show yourself!

What are you?

Are you the one they call Beowulf?

The Bee-Wolf.

The bear.

Such a strong man you are.

With the strength of a king.

The king you will one day become.

What do you know of me, demon?

I know that underneath your glamour you're as much a monster as my son, Grendel.

My glamour?

One needs glamour to become a king.

A man like you could own the greatest tale ever sung.

Your story would live on when everything now alive is dust.


It has been a long time since a man has come to visit me.

I need no sword to kill you.

Of course you don't, my love.

You took a son from me.

Give me a son, brave thane.

Stay with me.

Love me.

Love me and I shall weave you riches beyond imagination.

I shall make you the greatest king that ever lived.

As long as you hold me in your heart and this golden horn remains in my keeping, you will forever be king.

Forever strong, mighty and all powerful.

This I promise.

This I swear.

My Lord.

It's dead, my Lady.

When I finished off Grendel's monstrous mother, I severed the brute's head.

Our curse is lifted.

Our curse is lifted. Odin be praised!

Beowulf be praised!

Our curse is lifted.

Take this out of my sight. Unferth!

Into the sea, quickly.

I plunged Hrunting into Grendel's mother's chest and when I pulled the sword free from her corpse, the creature sprang back to life, so I plunged the sword back into the hag's chest and there it will stay.

Till Ragnarok, huh?

And our people shall be grateful till the Ragnarok.

More mead, my Lord?


And the drinking horn, do you have it?


I knew the greedy witch desired it, so I threw it into the swamp.

And when she followed, that's where I struck, with the mighty sword Hrunting.

When she was dead, I looked for it, but it was gone forever.

Then find our hero another cup, my love.

First, the hero and I must talk.


So you brought back the head of Grendel.

What about the head of the mother?

With her dead and cold in the bog, is it not enough to return one monster's head?

Did you kill her?

Would you like to hear the story of my struggle against this monstrous hag?

She's no hag, Beowulf. We both know that.

But answer me, did you kill her?

Would I have been able to escape her, had I not?

Grendel is dead. That's all that matters to me.

He can bother me no more.

The mother, "the hag," she's not my curse.

Not anymore.

Not anymore.

Listen to me!

Listen to me!

Because my Lord Beowulf is a mighty hero and because he killed the demon Grendel and laid its mother in her grave...

To Beowulf! Long live Beowulf!

...and because I have no heir,

I have no sons, I declare that on my death, all that I possess, my kingdom, my hall of sadness and shame, and even my lovely young Queen,

my Wealthow,

everything, everything

I leave to this, our hero.

But, my Lord... I have spoken!

I have spoken!

When I am gone, Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow, shall be king!


My Lord.

Everything in its time, Beowulf.


He must have fallen.

All hail King Beowulf. All hail King Beowulf.

All hail King Beowulf.

King Beowulf.



This is not battle, Wiglaf.

This is slaughter.

The Frisians want to make themselves heroes, my Lord.

They want the bards to sing of their deeds.

It's going to be a short song.

Now, can you blame them?

Your legend is known from the high seas and the snow barriers to the great island kingdom.

You are the monster slayer.

We men are the monsters now.

The time of heroes is dead, Wiglaf.

The Christ God has killed it, leaving humankind with nothing but weeping martyrs, fear and shame.

Show me to Beowulf! Show me to King Beowulf!

Come on, Frisian. Speak up!

Leave him!

You think it sport to mock your opponents in this fashion?

Let him die quickly, with some honor still intact.


Kill me yourself!

Balls! The king must never engage in direct battle.

Kill the invader now! Do it quickly! Put his head on a spear.


My Lord, the king must not engage in direct battle.

Let him up.

You want your name in the Song of Beowulf?

You think it should end with me killed by some Frisian raider with no name?

I'm Finn of Frisia and my name shall be remembered forever.

Only if you kill me!

Otherwise, you're nothing.

You think you're the first to try to kill me, or the hundredth?

Well, let me tell you something, Frisian.

The gods will not allow my death by your feeble blade.

The gods will not allow me to die by a sword, or be taken by the sea.

The gods will not let me pass in my sleep, ripe with age!

Plant your ax here, Finn of Frisia. Take my life.

Someone give him a sword, or I'II...

You'll what? Kill me?

Well, kill me! Do it! Kill me! Kill me!

You know why you can't kill me, my friend?

'Cause I died many, many years ago when I was young.

Give him a gold piece and send him home.

He has a story to tell.

Your Majesty?

Are you hurt?

Not a scratch.

So beautiful.

And so young.

You know, Ursula, when I was young, I used to think being a king was about battling every morning and counting the gold and loot in the afternoon and swiving beautiful women every evening.

But now, well, nothing is as good as it should have been.

Not even the "swiving a beautiful woman every night" part, Your Majesty?

Well, some nights, Ursula, some nights.

Perhaps tonight?

No, tonight, I feel my age upon me.

Tomorrow, after the celebrations.

We can't forget what tomorrow is, can we now?

Your day. When the Song of Beowulf is told of how you lifted the darkness from the land.

And the day after, we celebrate the birth of Hallend Christ.

I see you've survived.

Alas, my Queen, the Frisian invaders have been pushed into the sea.

You are not a widow, yet.

How comforting, my husband.

Hail, Beowulf! Hail, Beowulf!


You're not celebrating your King's glory tonight?

I have something for the King.

What is it?

I said I have something for the King.

Show it to me. I will not.

You will show it to me first.

Bollocks, Wiglaf.

I'll show it first to Beowulf. The King needs to see it.

The King needs to see what?

Lost and now found.

A gift fit for a king.

Do you recognize it?

Where did you find this?

On the moors. My slave Cain found it on the barren hill where nothing grows.

I beat him for treading near such an unholy place.

My Lord, isn't this...

So, Lord Beowulf,

it's come back to you, after all these years.

My Lord, this is the slave who found it.

Please, please don't kill me!

Where did you find this treasure?

I'm sorry I ran away, Master. But please don't hurt me no more.

Answer your King! Stop!



Up, up on the moors.

But I was gonna bring it back, Master. I swear.

Is that all?

No demon? No witch?

No woman?

Hail, Beowulf! Hail, Beowulf!

Hail, Beowulf! Hail, Beowulf! Hail, Beowulf!

Hail, Beowulf! Hail, Beowulf! Hail, Beowulf!

Look at you. You're nothing, an empty nothing.

Come forth!

Show yourself!

Even with all your riches, your kingdom, your power, your glory and your women.

Which one do you think I should kill first, your pretty little bedwarmer, or your wise Queen?

What are you?

I'm something you left behind, Father!

Another restless night?

It's all right, girl.

I'm not going to eat you.

He has bad dreams.

They've been coming more often.

He's a king, and kings have a lot on their conscience.

He calls your name in his sleep.

Does he?

I believe he still holds you in his heart.

Do you?

I often wonder

what happened.

To us?

Too many secrets.

God, help us.

What? What do you want of me?

I have a message for my father.

Tell me! What did this?

I saw our whole village burn. Children screaming as they died!

I saw it, Your Majesty, vomiting fire and smoke!

Damn you! What was it?

A dragon!

It's Unferth, my Lord! Unferth.

You say a dragon did this? Stop!

You had an agreement.

You would not be harmed.

But now the golden horn has returned to you.

The agreement is ended.

Who? Who said that?

"The sins of the fathers!"

That's the last thing I heard.

The last thing before my family was burned alive!

The sins of the fathers!

Sins of the fathers!

The sins of the fathers!

The sins of the fathers!

Take up your positions along the northern edge of the great gorge.

It is our only hope if I fail.

My Lord.

Don't go, I beg you!

You are free. I release you.

Find a good man and bear him children. But bear him a son.

I don't want anyone else. I want you.

I am not the man you think me to be!

You're a great man! And a hero! This I know to be true.

Then you are as foolish as the rest of them!

Very impressive, dear.

But the armor suited you better when you were younger.

I'm sure it did.

Why don't you take that poor girl and live out your remaining years in peace?

Let some young hero save us.


And let the nightmare start all over again?

No. I visited this horror upon my kingdom.

I must be the one to finish her. Her.

Was she so beautiful, Beowulf?

A beauty so costly?

Beautiful, and full of fine promises.

I was weak.

I am sorry.

So, so sorry.

I have always loved you, my Queen.

And I you.

Keep a memory of me, not as a king or a hero, but as a man, fallible and flawed.

This is the place.

Where you slayed Grendel's mother.

Wiglaf, I have no sons, and if this demon kills me, I have arranged with the heralds that you shall be king.

Don't speak of such things, my Lord.

Great friend, there is something you should know.

Nay! There is nothing I should know.

You are Beowulf. Beowulf the mighty, the hero!

The slayer and destroyer of demons!

Now, let us kill this flying devil where it sleeps and get on with our bloody lives!

Do you want me to go in with you? No.



It has been a long time.

Take your damned horn and leave my land in peace.

Too late, my love.

Odin's swifan balls!

It's heading for Herot!



Come on, come on! Come on! Come on!

Damn you!

I'll have your lizard head on a spike!


My Lord!


Over here! Attend the Queen.

Attend the Queen. Attend the Queen.

I told you we were too old to be heroes.

Let's get you to a healer.

Not this time, old friend.

You are Beowulf.

A little thing like this isn't going to finish you off.

Do you hear her?

I hear nothing.

Grendel's mother, my son's mother, my...

No, my Lord. My...

You killed Grendel's mother when we were young.

They sing of it.

Too late for lies, Wiglaf.

Too late.

He was the bravest of us.

He was the prince of all warriors.

His name will live forever.

His song shall be sung forever.