Berlin Kaplani (2012) Script

This could be an exciting fight, Kaplan is a little unsteady on his feet.

It is incomprehensible what these Turkish boxers are showing us tonight.

It's looking good.

Here comes a right hook, immediately followed by a left one.

He has to make it work now.

And again Mubarek pushes Kaplan into the corner.

But today Mubarek seems to want to take the victory here.

And again, both boxers are hugging.

To be more precise, Kaplan is hugging Mubarek.

Hakim Mubarek, the Algerian, with 33 fights and 13 victories.

Ayhan Kaplan, 50 professional fights.

Ayhan! What are you doing, kid? He'll have you out of the ring!

I'm letting him punch me on purpose. So he thinks I'm done.

He'll get a taste of the Tiger now!

The guy's pummeling you! Don't let him near you.

Look, we're lucky. You're faster.

A high left guard, then throw a right uppercut!

Keep away from the ropes! Got it?

-Yes. -Come on, kid. Come on, Tiger.

Go for it, my man.

You'll get a taste of the Tiger.

Damn it! 21 wins in 50 fights.

-Damn the sponsorship. -It was pure luck, Mr. Hacı.

I got him on the wrong foot. Just as I knock him down, the guy jumps. So I get the counterpunch.

And so I go down. The guy's a heavyweight.

So what do you expect?

Seriously, Mr. Hacı, he was well prepared this time.

Shut it, Cemal.

It's you who got me into this. Look, here are the numbers.

29 defeats in 50 fights. Fifteen knockouts. Get the picture?

Loss: 17.000 euros. Income: 0.

It's my fault.

I expected top ten stuff from a guy of 40.

Tell me I'm wrong.

I don't think I eat well.


I don't think I eat well.

You get five meals a day here! Free kebabs all the way!

But it's all protein, Mr. Hacı.

No vitamins, no veggies. All dead meat, Mr. Hacı.

I'll show you live meat then. Shame on you!

Driving me mad at this hour of the day!

Now look.

Get going. And be back in a week with my 17.000 euros.

Whoever wants to sponsor you can go ahead.

17.000 euro. Now fuck off!

Hacı really got my back up, Cemal.

I'll beat the shit out of him one day.

We made him lose his bets too. He has a point, kid.

So, where do we find 17.000 euros?

Get to be champ again yesterday, Rocky?

What was that?

Got a taste of Arab Hammer, huh?

What was that, asshole? What was that?

-Idiot! -See you in the ring.

-What's going on? -Everything's cool. It's okay.

You'll get a taste of Tiger!

It's okay, kid. Come on. Come on, over here.


Look at the one talking back to me.

-Punch, punch! -That's what I've turned into.

I'm not happy about it.

Ahmet KK, welcome. I'm Ayhan, your bodyguard, Ahmet KK.

I'm on the door if you need anything. Just give me a shout.

How do you like Germany?

No, that sucks. Ahmet KK, I'm Ayhan.

Ahmet Kaya... Shit! Ahmet KK, I'm Ayhan Kaplan.

How are you? Do you like Germany?

I'm crazy about you. I really like you.

Ahmet KK, I'm Ayhan.

I'm crazy about your songs.

I hope you have a great tour. okay?

Ayhan? Ayhan? Do you hear me?

-Yes. -Where are you? It's packed out here.

I'm checking backstage.

He'll be here in five. Take him in the side door.

-Things are hectic here. -okay.

-My manager? -It's too dangerous.

We'll take the service elevator. Too many fans.

-How do you like Germany?

-Nice. -Yeah?

Can I take a photo of us two?

-okay. -Just a second.

One more. Just in case.

My hand shook.

Thanks. That's great.

Can I ask you something? Is "Ahmet KK" your real name?

I have a friend, you see.

He says "KK is the initials of his home town. That's why KK."

Funny, huh? I love it.

We're into jokes like that here. I love jokes like that.

I was also worked for Funda Arar. I made a joke like that to her once.

So don't get upset. Here's what I said to her.

Don't hang up the phone maybe Funda calls.

Good, huh?

For God's sake!

-Where are you from originally? -Kastamonu.


-Are you with Fatmagül? -Are you security or a paparazzi?

Just wondered. It's just I see it on TV all the time.

I'm a boxer.

Can you sing that song of yours?

You know, "Aşk Benden Uzak"? I love it.

Sing a few lines, huh? Please!

I love it. Amazing!

Can we get that on video now? Please!

-Are we stuck? -Zero, do you hear me?

Zero, do you hear me?

Is no one coming up?

Zero? It's stuck.

Zero, do you hear me? Hello? We're stuck, we're stuck.

The panic's coming on. I can't breathe.

How come?

Come on, snap out of it!

Hey, friend! Come on!

What's going on?


I can't breathe!

I can't breathe! I can't breathe!

You had a panic attack. Have you had one before?

I sometimes get like I can't breathe.

But I've had nothing like this.

Actually you know the cure, Ayhan.

The support of your family can help a lot with therapy.

Family? No. I don't have a family.

My dad died in Turkey.

And my mum got married again.

I don't speak to them.

Ayhan. Listen to the doctor, kid.

Listen to what, Cemal?

The woman says I have the cure. Like where?

She said you should contact your family, right?

Forget that. How do we find Hacı's money?

-17.000 euros. -I took care of that.


-There's a fight on Friday. -Yeah?

Hacı says... He says there's a boxer.

"Ayhan should let him win," he says, "Then we'll go our separate ways."

A match-rig? So I'm a journeyman, huh?

Cemal, how can you tell me that?

Me, rig a fight? Ayhan Kaplan rigs a fight?

-Don't we always got beat up? -Yes, but...

He says you should fall in round five and we'll call it quits.

-What else would he say? -No, I can't.

-No way I can rig a fight. No, no! -Ayhan, look. Your health's cracking up, you had a panic attack. You got kicked out of the bar.

You're almost done with boxing. Let the guy beat you.

It'll leave us with a little dough.

We can open that sports school, huh? We'll start a new life.

A new life!

Cemal, what are you getting me into here?

A new life, Pakize!

Please, Nurettin! Don't ruin the peaceful life we have here.

What peace, huh?

We're slaves here! He's had me peeling onions for 20 years.

As if you're any better off.

He has you check 15 rooms to see if they're clean or not.

But he's my father. He gives us a living, bless him. Don't say that. okay, he's your father, my father-in-law.

Yes, we depend on him.

But how can we refuse the offer, Pakize?

The guy wants the land with the hotel.

He says he'll knock it down and build a five-star hotel.

He says we won't have to worry about money ever again!

Look! It's like a chicken coop.

Take a look around. Do you see any other guesthouses or camps left?

There aren't any?

It's a sign of the times. Global capital, tourism.

The guys next door are raking it in! It makes me crazy.

Please! Talk your dad round, Pakize.

Who else does he have? He'll agree.

But how will it work? It'll ruin our peaceful life.

What peaceful life?

Tell him it's for his grandson, that we sell up, they knock it down and we make a fortune.

The developer won't hang around.

-Now is our chance! Now! -Nurettin!

What's that?


The thing floating there.

-Carrot. -Next to the carrot.

-Dirt. -Keep quiet.

He's right. Isn't that dirt floating there?

Looks more like plastic, Dad. The wrapping from the chicken.

You're driving me crazy! How did it get in there?

-Fatih, did you see how it got in there? -No!

Why are you asking the boy? Is he the chef or you?

Don't make me thrash you in front of the customers.

Shame on you!

Get a new pot made by the time I'm back from prayers.

Grandpa, can I have money to buy ice cream?

Come here, come on. Of course! My little young man.

Who could say no to you?

Block, block!

Hit. Hit now. Hit! Hit!

-Block, block, block. -Take it easy there, champ!

-Have fun! -Welcome, Mr. Hacı.

Thanks. Hello, Tiger.

-Hello. -Hello.

So where are we at, Cemal?


We're good. Training, Mr. Hacı.

Of course you should train. It's your retirement fight.

Train away! Training's important.

How are you, Mr. Hacı?

-Welcome. -Thanks.

Here, let's go to my office.

-We can have coffee. -Why not?

-Let's go. -Mr. Hacı!

-Yes? -Who will I be fighting?

-Ayhan, it's on me. Enjoy. -Thanks.

Is this a joke, Cemal?

What's this with Blondie? I don't like surprises.

Drop the surprises, Cemal.

Believe me, it was news to me too.

That shit is not going to beat me.

Ayhan! We discussed this. okay, but Blondie wasn't part of the deal.

Is Hacı doing this on purpose? Doesn't he know I hate the guy?

Hey, where's the great Ayhan Kaplan?

The Ayhan Kaplan who knocked out Çanlı İbo?

Where's the Ayhan Kaplan crowned 90-plus junior champion back in 87?

See it all as business. Don't get hung up about it.

He's writing off our debt. What's wrong with that?

You'll get knocked out in the end.

Some way or other. Someone will beat us!

I'm out of here.

Don't drink too much. Training tomorrow.


Get back!


The doctor says his memory's gone.

Yes. Concussion related trauma.

Good. Good, Nurettin. okay.

Then bring me a full-size survey of the property.

-Then let's see. -okay, Mr. Tayyar.

Now if we get a doctor's report, can we get things rolling with that?

We have to ask the lawyer, sugar. Bring a copy of the title deed too. okay, Mr. Tayyar.

Parcel 33, Tekirova.

A brick dwelling on 12,000 square meters of land.

Yes. There are two owners.

-What? -Two owners?

You have the wrong place.

Our place is owned by Şevki Kaplan.

Exactly! Şevki Kaplan has 50 %, and Ayhan Kaplan 50 %.

-It says so here. -Ayhan Kaplan?

Oh God, dad!

What did you do? You drive me crazy!

We haven't seen Ayhan in 30 years. He was a boy.

Did my uncle leave it to him? I don't see why he'd do that.

Dad, did you give Ayhan half this place?

The best canes are made in Safranbolu. Mulberry wood.

Dear God!

Good old wrestler! Before the police show up, pow!

Dad, will another header fix him?

Quiet, son!

We have no choice but to find that Ayhan!

Take it easy, Ayhan.

Thanks, Musti. Hey, Süleyman. Is that phone new?

Yeah. It's awesome. The battery lasts five days, you know?

Cool. I saw it, but I didn't like the style.

I have a fight on tomorrow. Come along.

We have exams. I guess it's a no-no.

-okay, bye! -Bye!

Here, here! That's it.

Thanks, Mr. Kaplan.

You're welcome.

Mrs. Schmidt, I can't take the dogs out tomorrow.

I have a fight.


Who'll take them out? You should have told me before!

It was a surprise. I didn't plan on it either.

A surprise? It's a big problem, Ayhan! It won't do!

-I'll find someone else. -No! They're used to you. okay, I'll come early. At 7:00 a.m.

No. They're asleep then.

-At 8:00 a.m.? -No. That's mealtime.

Please, keep to our agreement!

-okay, I'll be here at 10:00. -At 10:00. Thanks.

-Come on, treasures!

Even German dogs are precise.

Plan a surprise if you want to give a German a stroke.


Oh God, Cemal! Did my swan song have to be like this?


You have skill. Look at the fights we've won.

Look at it as business.

How, Cemal?

Everyone will say I'm a fight fixer.

It pays our debt, what can we do? You know Hacı.

If we screw up, we'll get shot. Crippled for life.

Ayhan, what's up? Ayhan!

Snap out of it. What's up, Ayhan?

-The panic's coming on. -What?

-Hey, what's up? -Oh God!

-I can't breathe. -What's up, Ayhan?


Ayhan! Wait, kid! Wait!

You go about janabat?


Speak, son. Don't be shy.

-Sometimes... -Huh? Sometimes?

Sometimes it just happens.

By itself.

I wake in the morning and the bed's all sticky.

The devil's doing.

Don't talk like an ignorant! You're a grown man, unmarried.

You have needs. It's normal. Your body takes over. Anyway.

But, Hodja, I can't handle it. It's like I'm a bad person.

But it's not me. I mean, I wake up and it's happened.

I'm an athlete. I can't fiddle with it even if I want to.

Depletes my energy.

My advice to you is...

Take a shower.

Take a shower?

Yes, then perform a full ablution, so you can chant healing prayers.


You understand?

-Yes. I take a shower. -Then?

-Then I perform an ablution. -Good.

Do as your doctor said as well and we'll get over this all together.

Give me your blessing, Cemal. You've stood by me all these years.

You have it, Ayhan, my superhero.

Our new life begins today.

This is life, the road ends here. Hang in there for five rounds, okay?

Okay. I fall in round five. I know.

Take this off.

I want a fair fight, okay?

Nothing below the belt.

I don't want to fall out of the ring again either.

-Is that clear? -Yeah.

Let's see a handshake.

Left arm up! Good, nice.

Watch out, kid!

You can do it, come on kid!

Break! Break!


Ayhan, are you okay, kid?

He's hitting like I'm a trash can.

You fall this round, don't forget. Be careful.

Come on, kid.

What's going on?

Ayhan? What have you done?

Goddamn it!

You pick just the fight to pound the guy, Ayhan.

I didn't pound him, Cemal Abi. It was the panic.

The panic came on and suddenly the guy kind of got bigger.

I gave it to him and he went down. What do you expect?

If Hacı catches us, you'll see the punch.

We'll come to grief by morning.

Come here!

As-salamu aleykum.

Hodja, we're putting you out big-time, but we have nowhere else to go.

-We'll go first thing. -No problem.

What can we do? It'll be a squeeze.

Hodja, can I take a shower?

Come in.

Thanks, Hodja.

Ayhan Kaplan?

Oh God!

Stop! Ayhan!

I'm your brother-in-law. Pakize's husband.

-I'm here from Turkey. -Turkey?

To our getting together!

The beer's good. Takes the pain away.

-There's no pork in this, right? -No.

Nurettin, I'm really sorry.

I didn't recognize you, that's why I whacked you.

Call me brother, Ayhan! Brother.

It's okay, I realize that. How would you know who I am?

But who did you think I was to make you pounce like that?

Never mind that. What are you doing in Germany?

Ayhan, kid. Your Uncle Şevki...

-Has he died? -No, but...

He's sick. His memory's a bit, you know...

So Pakize and I said how it would be if we had you to stay in Turkey.

If he sees you, it might help jog his memory.

And make him happy too.

You're the only family we have left. We'd make up for all those years apart.

-But how did you find me? -We phoned your mum.

-Hamburg? -Yes. I asked her to come too.

But she said she couldn't with her husband's job.

-I don't speak to them. -I know. You and your dad...

I mean your stepdad, you don't have a thing going.

-What? -You aren't really bedfellows.

-I don't get it. -It's a saying.

If you have a thing going, you're bedfellows, that kind of thing.

I see! So if I love my neighbor, we have a thing going.

Otherwise it's like sex. Like I have sex with my neighbor and it's really good. okay! What do you say, superhero?

It'll be a change for you too. Stay as long as you like.

-Turkey, huh? -Turkey.

Dad? Look, your nephew, Ayhan. Recognize him?

-You know, Ayhan from Germany. -Perihan from Rome.

Uncle, I'm Ayhan.

Uncle Şevki, I'm Ayhan Kaplan.

Your nephew. Don't you remember me? Look what I brought you.

Here, some chocolate. It's good stuff. You'll like it.

You put the bread under the lamb. The lamb juice is called sop.

Dunk bread in the sop. If you want some meat too, tell Orhan. He'll cut you a bit.

It doesn't come for free.

It needs a bit of time.

Fatih, you're back, son?

Put the ball down. Look, your Uncle Ayhan's here.

What's this, cousin? He's just like I was as a boy.

-Unbelievable! Hey, you! Come here! -Go on, run.

Kiss your uncle's hand. Run!

There you go. Wait, I didn't forget you either.

Look, here's something for you.

You can get that in Turkey.

-Son, shame on you! -I'll eat it then.

-I wouldn't. You're fat enough already. -Don't be rude.

And you're super-skinny, huh? A footballer your shape?

You'd get mistaken for the ball! I'd say switch to the goal.

You'd make a good goalie.

Hey, what's up?

You hit a sore spot. He gets mad being told to be goalie.

His friends always put him in the goal.

Sorry, Ayhan. That's the young generation for you.

All flab and no muscle.

Here, come on. I'll take you to your room. Come on.


-Pakize, he might eat it. -Thanks. Welcome again.

Let's hope all goes well.

-So you're a boxer, Ayhan. -Yes.

You mean you float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

No, I go straight for the sting.

I'm not into stepping around.

Can I say something? Boxing's a really dangerous sport, right?

People die.

If you take a lot of hits to the head it's dangerous.

But you learn to watch out.

They wear helmets, but I still say it's dangerous.

Right, but I'm a doorman at clubs.

And well, I find that more dangerous.

-A doorman? -Yes.

Security... That's tougher.

Can I tell you something?

The security guards at Mono Hotel got stabbed last year.


God forbid. There's all kinds out there. How do you know who's a killer?

Well, you sense it. If a guy's up to no good, if he's carrying a gun or a knife.

He fidgets around. He makes it obvious.

He doesn't stand still.

I see.

Let's say he suddenly knives you, what do you do then?

-God forbid! -I use defense tactics.

Aikido, full-contact. Both are good.

Aikido's perfect, for example. An awesome martial art.

The name comes from water in fact.

You're easy like the flow of water.

You don't need to attack.

But you're strong as water. You turn the guy's force against him.

It's like he's attacking himself. But I can't explain it properly.

-I have to demonstrate. -Oh, please do.

Please, I'm so curious. A quick demo?

-Really? -Yes, please. okay. Any volunteers?

Mum, I think dad's scared.

Why would I be scared, punk? Knives and stuff.

No, you don't need knives.

Even a spoon will do. I just wanted to show the move.

-All right. -Okay. Get up.

Wait, don't take that. It's greasy.

That hurt!

Shit. okay, wait, I'll... Let's get some cold water on it.

Sorry, brother.

You have to take all factors into account. But I didn't see the soup.

It's fine. It'll be gone by tomorrow.

Bravo! You have to take every factor into account, huh?

And here's the goose!

What's this?

-Is he police? -No, dad. It's Ayhan.

Your nephew.

You're amazing! Just look at that!

No place like home, huh, Ayhan?

Exactly. Where would you get this in Germany?

What? There's no goose in Germany?

Sure there is. But only in fancy places.

You get it in expensive restaurants.

You have to book. Plus it costs a fortune.

How could I do this in the micro at home on my own?

It wouldn't work in the micro.

I do chicken breasts.

-They take five minutes in the micro. -Do you live alone?

Yes, I do.

A bachelor's life is the life, sugar. Don't you feel sorry for yourself.

You're saying let the microwave get him all hot, huh, Tayyar?

I say let's not cook his goose, that's all!

If I found that girl, I'd be happy to cook the goose myself, Tayyar.

Come on! Don't let it get cold!

Ayhan, there's something going on with you.

Elvan Hanım, you don't like the wing?

No, I'll take a tiny bit.

Hello? Can you hear me, Cemal? It's Ayhan.

Ayhan, where are you?

What's this number?

-Have you run back home and left me here? -No, I'll explain. Are you okay?

Not exactly. Our debt's gone up to 50.000 euros.

Hacı pulled the trigger on me. Find the money and come back.

We have a week. Otherwise he says he'll shoot me in the other leg.

Ayhan, save me.

I'll get a cell phone tomorrow and call.

Let's not rack up a big bill here. okay, bye!

50.000 euros...


Let's string him along for a few days.

Keep him happy. Then I'll sort him out.

I've made a plan of course.

It'll ruin our peaceful life, Nurettin.

Even Fatih didn't like him. You saw, right from the start.

He has no time for anything but that ball.

Now, listen carefully. I'll say it one last time.

-I don't see your dad getting better. -Ah, don't say that!

Be yourself, don't give anything away.

No blabbing about inheritance or shares.

This is our last chance.

Let the guy feel like a king.

When the time's right I'll tear down that kingdom!

-Come on, get some sleep. -Let's hope for the best.

What more can we do?

Well, okay. Good night.

-Hey, what's going on? Chucky? -They're calling you to breakfast.

Ayhan, have some börek. okay, I gain weight here, it's a deal.

Everything's so good.

Ayhan, look. You remember Vecdi Efendi?

-No. -Hello. Welcome, Ayhan.

-Hello. -How would he remember?

He was five at the time, right?

I don't even remember Pakize.

That's so normal. We were both kids.

If I think about it, you and I fell into a vat of pickles once. That's all I remember.

Ayhan, did you sleep well?

Yes. I watched a film and dozed off.

Pakize, my hands are all sticky. Can you grab some börek for me?

It's paradise here, I tell you.

Right. It's always been like a five-star hotel here, Ayhan.

And hopefully our hotel will...

What's going on?

Ouch! Nothing. A bee I expect.

-I'll suck out the poison then. -No, no need. I'm used to it.

They're always stinging me.

So what are you going to do today?

Brother, you need to get me a cell phone.

-I left mine in Germany. -Ah, a phone.

-I'll get you one when I go into Kemer. -Thanks. But get a multifunctional one.

I mean one with messenger, internet, Wi-Fi, the whole thing.

I don't like the kind Fatih has.

They take good photos but the battery runs out in no time.

What do they call it?

Ah, get me a smartphone. okay, Ayhan. I'll get you a smart one.

Right! You can wander round with Fatih today then!

-I'm busy. -Busy with what?

A match.

-Don't give me your match! -okay, count me in on the match.

I want to play too. I'll come with you.

-Morning, everyone! -Morning, Elvan.

I brought you some orange jam.

-Hello, Ayhan. -Hello, Elvan.

-Elvan, thanks a lot for taking us. -Hey, come on! It's nothing.

I was going into Kemer today anyway.

Fatih, how come the match isn't here?

It's an away match.

Elvan, would you mind driving a bit more carefully?

Why? Are you scared of cars, Ayhan?

No, but everyone drives so dangerously.

-The roads are crazy too. -Put it to the pedal, Elvan!

Hey, you!

Ah, there's a radar.

-What? -A radar.

They flashed at us.

You warn each other about radars?

-Yes. -So what's the point of radars?

I'd never thought of it like that.

Can I ask you as your guest to drive a bit more carefully? okay, Ayhan.

-Danke schön. -Bitte schön.

Bitte schön, huh?

Nice pronunciation. Did I call it right?

-Yes. -Nice accent.

Thank you.

Why not hang out with us today?

You might get to learn German too.

-Warum nicht? -Why not? Exactly.

-Fatih, we're not playing. -Don't be a cop-out!

You have a grown-up. We should have one too.

Ayhan, how could you let that in?

You be the goalie then!

-No way! -Shit!

Hey, sorry, Ayhan.

Fatih, how could you miss that?

We're not counting that. Your guy's massive. Balls can't go in the goal.

How can you not count it?

We said at the start. How come you played then?

-Plus you had Elvan. -No, no deal.

-Elvan can't play anyway. -Who can't play?

Ungrateful worm. I played just fine.

I even scored a goal. Okay! Don't fight!

I'm going to give you a lesson. You let me play at the start.

Why? Because you took me for a loser.

I admit I'm big for the goal. But I'm not a loser, right?

So appearances can fool you.

From now on don't judge anyone from the outside.

Cokes are on me. I'll get biscuits as well.

Come on, let's go.


How does he do that?

Fatih, what relation is Ayhan to you?

My uncle.

He's a boxer, you know? The German champion.

Here's the cokes.

-Here you go. -Ayhan, are you a boxer?


-Ayhan, are you the German champion. -What?

Fatih said. He said, "My uncle's German champion."

He's right. I'm German champion.

I was also champion at your age.

Won a belt in the 90-plus juniors.

Come on, come and get your cola.

My uncle's a policeman.

My uncle's a doctor.

I don't have an uncle, but if I did, he'd know karate for sure.

If you're cold, shall I close the windows?

Wow, nice joke! Which one are you supposed to close?

-Very good. -Thank you. okay, let me tell you a joke. What do you call an Arab CD?

-What? -An El-CD.

You liked it, huh? That joke's famous in Hamburg.

Bon appétit!

Welcome! What's up? You seem a bit on edge.

A bit? I'm about to lose my mind!

-Here. -What's this?

Ayhan's smartphone.

I had to cough up the price of a car for this.

So the smart ones are different.

Like with people. The smart ones are something else.

Where is everyone?

-In the garden. -Why? It's working hours!

Can I have some melon?

We're out of melon. How about peaches instead?

How come we're out of melon?

They're in the garden.

Our melons will be right along, miss.

Take it easy there, Ayhan.

-Hello, brother. -Fatih, son?

Have you started boxing now?

No, cousin. If I don't train, I'll lose bulk.

-He's just hanging out with me. -For fun, you mean.

With melons is it more umm...

I couldn't find any dumbbells. But melons work.

Melons give you energy of course.

Hey, nice joke!

Melons give you energy. You can both eat them...

Don't mind if I use that joke, do you? I'll tell that one.

Ayhan, son? Is this okay?

Looks okay. Yes.

Hold it at the back there. Now watch.

Bend your knees. Okay?

Left guard up. Use your breath to hit.

Always use your breath.

Was that an earthquake?

Damn thugs, they're shooting again.

You won't catch the rabbits without a light!

Ah, let's get Dad out of there!

Pakize, we need rice. It's too light.

-Rice? -Bulgur is okay too.

Uncle, teach me more boxing, will you?

How come? Don't you want to be a football player?

There's a boy at school I want to beat up.

Fuck off. Wuss! Boxing isn't about beating guys up.

-Why do you do it then? -It's my career, kid.

Have some patience. Tell your teacher when the boy bugs you.

Do well and he'll get more upset.

You can't belt everyone you're mad at.

Boxing isn't about beating guys up. It's a sport. okay?

He makes me sick.

I know what you mean.

There was someone who bugged me when I was a kid too.

-What did you do? -Beat him up.

But I regret it. I wouldn't now. It's not right.

I mean, conscience is important. Conscience...

Say two animals lay into each other, they don't feel bad.

But people feel bad.

Do what you like in life, but keep a clean conscience.

Got that? Keep a clean conscience.

That means you don't do anyone in from now on.

Is there nothing else at school, girls and stuff?

There's Elif, but she's really spoiled.

So what does she do?

She talks, gives me looks, and sometimes she makes fun of me.

Girls are like that, Fatih. She's playing hard to get.

Isn't Elvan like that with you?

-What? -I'd say she likes you, kid.

What way is that to speak to me? I'm your uncle, kid!

I'll tell Elvan you like her.

I'll kill you. One word and I'll kill you.

Hi! Come over!


Say a word and I'll cut your willy off, I swear. Got that?

Now cool it.

What are you up to?

Watching the fish.

Fine, let's watch them together then.

Yeah, yeah.

Weather is very nice too.

Elvan, you're showing me dreamland.

-That Chimera place is something else. -Isn't it?

Flames coming out of every rock.

The Chimera, yes.

It's where according to myth Prometheus was thrown into the fire.

Do you like mythology?

Love it. I watch Xena.

The mythology in that is great.

Hmm, they kind of twist things around in TV series, but you still get to learn something.

According to one legend, that's where fire was discovered.

-Really? -Yes.

So the fire's there by itself.

I mean, you don't have to, like, do anything.

I agree. It comes out like a Zippo lighter.

I'd say fire was definitely discovered there.

I love fire.

I have a real fireplace at home, for example.

I get so into watching the fire, I miss TV series and whatever.

I'm a fire person too. I'm a fire sign. Leo.

-Really? -Yes.

You can tell at first sight, you know?

And I was thinking what is it about this guy?

-Can you just... -Face sideways?

Yes. Can you turn?

Yes, right. Definitely.

You look like Johnny Depp.

-What? -Like Johnny Depp.

No way! His face is more angular.

No. I mean, the way you turn... It has the same fire to it.

Did you see Pirates of the Caribbean? Jack Sparrow.

Yes. He's great, I love him. He has real class.

But I go more for the octopus captain.

-Eww! Yuck! -You will die!

The film couldn't happen without him.


This place has done me good, Elvan.

I swear to God. I came for my uncle.

But for me this holiday's been a breath of fresh air. It's been good.

Knowing you has been a breath of fresh air for me, Ayhan.

I'm having such a good time with you.

Wish you had always stayed here.

No. I have to go. I have a life there too.

Besides, what do they say? A good guest doesn't outstay his welcome.

I should be a good guest. I guess I'll leave sometime soon.

Are you going to tell me about that fire?

Have you ever had a boyfriend?

There was a guy at high school.

-Yeah? -Uh-huh.

Then he and my best friend...

Oh God! Forget it. Here.

-Prost. -Right, cheers.

Looks like you'll learn German and I Turkish.

Okay, I'll teach you.

Wow, I'm super drunk.

I don't believe it.

They do that far-out thing.

I never get like this normally.

-You don't mind, do you? -Come on, are you crazy?

Okay, good night.

-Bye. Tschüss. -See you, good night.

-Good night, Captain Sparrow. -Octopus Captain.


Off you go then.

-Take care, okay? -Sure. You're okay, aren't you?

Fine. Watch out for the dogs. Don't squash them.

You'll get a taste of Tiger!

Yeah. okay, goodbye now.


Come on, cousin! Who slaps a lock on a couple of beers?

I don't look like Johnny Depp.

I don't look like him.

I'd make a good octopus captain.

Who on earth is it at this time?

Well, I'll be damned.

Oh my God!

Brother, it's me, Ayhan.

I want a beer but the fridge is locked.

Can I get the key?


Pakize, Elvan says hello.


Here, the key for the fridge.

-This one. -Thanks.

See you.

Vecdi Efendi?

-What have happened here? -Ayhan changed it.

He was bored with the old set-up, and thought a change would do us good.

That's it!

-Where is he? -With Şevki, down at the shore.

Ayhan! Come out! Come out of the water!

Dad can't swim. God forbid!

Why's that asshole turned up again?

We're coming!

Did the sea do him any good? What did you talk about?

He remember anything?

He still thinks I'm police.

Dad, Uncle Ayhan's taking me to the trials tomorrow.

What trials?

Football school, you know.

No. I've told you a million times. Play with your friends.

-School's starting anyway. -But dad...

I've said no a million times.

Come on, cousin, what's the harm in sport?

Let the boy play.

He'll be chasing the ball more than doing sport.

Is that so bad? He has talent. He might make a career out of it.

He's free now. Let him play.

All right... Okay, then. Thank your Uncle Ayhan.

Uncle Tiger!

-Hey, what are you doing? -Stop it, son.

Come on, eat your dinner.

So he's going in for the trials. Ah, Pakize!

Didn't you say he should always get his way?

Ayhan should, yes. But Fatih stirs things up.

What's wrong? It's only football. There's no harm in it.

-Pakize, I spoke to Tayyar today. -Well?

Are you ready for what I'm about to say?

Go on.

This place is worth one million euros.

A million euros?

Shh! Quiet!

Are you okay?

You sure as hell deserve sex now!

Hey, hang on! Maniac!

God, sometimes you talk like a man.

Think what a million buys, Pakize. A new life, a sweet life.

If I don't find us the classiest gated villa in Istanbul, call me...

-And it's euros, right? -Uh-huh.

We'll put a big chunk of it in the bank.

It'll get bigger and bigger there all by itself.

We just have to deal with that goat, Ayhan.

What's up?

I can't leave Dad on his own.

Can he come to Istanbul with us?

Oh God...

-Where are you going? -To lock up the restaurant.


Just trust me, Cemal.

Man, no one's rolling in it here.

How can I just say, "Brother, can you lend me 50.000 euros?"

I'll ask them. But just trust me. Wait.

I'll handle it, don't worry.

I'll call you.


Bye. Okay, bye.

We'll give you a loan, kid. It's nothing.

-Get him to sign this, Nurettin. -Okay, Tayyar.

And give him this too.

How much is this?

50.000 euros. Didn't you say he owed 50.000?

Give it to him, have him sign and be over with it.

What's wrong?

Suppose we put in a bit more?

You know, as a kind of sweetener.

Come on, come on, come on! Faster. Move!

Pass to your teammate. Pass!

-To your teammate. Play as a pair. -Coach!

Come on, boy, come on! Get rid of that curly head.

He plays on his own.

He won't pass to his teammates.


-Derin, Derin. -Come on, come on!

Hey, coach. When will he get to go on?

Let him warm up.

-But the game's half over. -Pass, pass to your teammate!

Boss, when will we give that kid a try?

Wait, now isn't the time. Come on!

Come on, come on, come on!

Pass! One-two!

He's been warming up forever Let him. Who is the kid anyway?

-See that big guy? The kid who's with him. -But he's really fat.

Where did you find him?

Come on now, let's see you. Come on, boys!

-As-salamu alaykum. Got a minute? -Aleykum selam. Yes?

Coach, when's my boy going on?

Have him warm up.

The boy's overheating. What are you trying to do here?

Who the hell are you, man? What do you want?

My name's Ayhan Kaplan.

I'm his uncle. And it's me who paid for these trials.

What are you doing? If you did this in Germany, they'd tear up your license.

Even in Munich come to your house and ask you along.

-Along to what? -What?

Man, are you crazy? Watch your tone with me!

Yes, I'm crazy. I get panic attacks.

Ah! Why aren't I panicking?

I used to get panic attacks. Acute ones.

It felt like I was going crazy. I did all this weird stuff.

But I haven't panicked once over here.

Maybe the boy's good for me?

Why aren't I panicking, coach? It's great!

I do my ablutions, I take showers. You think that's why? I don't get it.

An act of God. I expect that's it.

Yes? It's great. I'm not panicking!

-Samet, get the boy on. -I'm not panicking. It's great!


Fatih, go for it.

-Go, Fatih. Come on! -Come on, go, umm... Fatih.

Coach, I'm not panicking. Gimme!

Hey, I'm not panicking. Fatih, go Fatih.

Come on! Go for it, go!

Hey, what are you doing? Fatih, what are you doing?

But no one's passing!

Get the ball yourself. You're not running!

Samet, get that weirdo off the field. Get him off.

Who, me, coach?

Who do you think?

Look, I'll tell you what makes you special.

You have Hamit Altıntop's butt. Same legs and thighs.

I'm the same.

I always get the power for my punches from my butt.

We're multi-power guys.

You're my nephew and special.

Shoot when you see the goal, even from afar.

Your kicks are really dangerous, I know.

See the goal and shoot. Got that?

What did I say?

Shoot from wherever I see the goal.

Shoot from wherever you see it. Come on!

Come on, Tiger! Come on!

Ayhan, how about we step off the field?

Okay, okay.

Come on!


Awesome! Yeah! Goal! Goal!

Let's take the kid on. Put his name down.

I have.

This is Fatih Altıntop! Yes!


How's your dad? Is he doing any better?

No, honey.

I mean, he talks, but it's nonsense.


Cousin, this boy is something else.

I reckon he'll be a footballer.

Well, let's not get into that now.

Dad, I got picked for the team.

Hey, I don't believe it!

Listen, this is a special occasion. I say we should celebrate.

I agree. We should celebrate.

Elvan, I saw on the internet.

They do rafting here.

Well, I'd love to know what rafting is like.

Let's go rafting tomorrow. To celebrate, plus it'll be fun for Fatih.

Okay, let's do it.

No, come on! That's crazy.

We can have a BBQ on the beach.

But we can have a BBQ any time.

I say rafting's a special occasion.

Rafting means action. Fun. A laugh.

I say it'll be great.

Let's go rafting, Mum. Please!

Look at you. Making a scene right off.

Fatih, son. You've become totally spoiled.

Football's over, now it's rivers.

-Prefab. -What's prefab?

-He means hyperactive. -Oh right.

If only we hadn't brought Dad!

What could we do, Pakize? The man runs off when he's on his own.

Ayhan, son. How about we get out somewhere close?

You carry on.

-Mum, I think dad's scared. -Why would I be scared, punk?

Hey, calm down. What's the big deal?

Besides, it's good for Uncle.

80-year-old Germans sail round the world.

The stuff we're wearing is super protective anyway.

Germans are super disciplined, right?

Listen, we should be pulling the oars at the same time.

Listen to the instructor there. What should we be doing, chief?

We're going into a rapid. Let's row all together now.

Eins, zwei! Eins, zwei!

Yeah! Amazing.

Hey, it's amazing. You really feel alive!

Very nice!

Damn your bright ideas, Nurettin!

You brought this idiot all the way from Germany yourself!

-Ah! What a beautiful smell of sausage! -That isn't sausage.

-Have you passed wind, Nurettin? -Uh-huh. The rest is on its way.

Quiet or I'll rip off your life-jacket. You'll sink like a stone.

-Keep it up with those poles! -He says to stick our oars in!

I will, I will. King Kong calls oars "poles".

Are you okay, sir?

Yes thanks, son. Are you from Search & Rescue?

No, the rafting club medical team.

-Are you okay? -How clean!

Hello. Oh, thank God!

It was horrible. Fatih was scared shitless.

-Are you guys okay? -Yes, we're fine.

It was a change for us. We had fun.


Look, the instructor told us to row together.

You heard him."Eins, zwei. Eins, zwei.

Tempo, tempo!"

But we don't keep tempo.

Yes, exactly. Can I say something?

With sports like these you have to work as a team.

-The force of the water is so amazing. -Totally amazing. Multi-power.

I want to do it again. Let's do it again.


It was God making him say that.

Ayhan, what's up, kid? You look troubled.

-Brother... -What's up, kid?

Well, there is something actually. Can we talk man to man?

Okay, sure. Go into the garden. I'll be right there.

So you're about to rig a fight...

But God's up there. And the Lord says don't rig fights, just punch away!

Shame on you!

Don't get mad. Just joking.

Now, how much do you need?

If you can spare 50.000 euros. And a few thousand for me.

I swear I'll pay you back.

Shh, lad. None of that! God's smiling on you.

Forget owing us, we'll soon be owing you.


Ayhan, I only found out myself last week.

I didn't want to do your head in when you were tired from travelling.

Ayhan, they want this place.

I don't get it.

Your dad thought of you before he died. He left you a share of this land.

We only found out with your Uncle Şevki's illness.

Part of this place is yours! You get it now?

No way!

It isn't worth a lot. We've had a valuation done.

Your share comes out at around 70.000 euros.

-70.000 euros? -100.000 if I push it.

But I'd have to push it.

What's up?

Well, is it right to do this while Uncle's still alive?

Your uncle won't get better, Ayhan.

We can't run the place like this.

Pakize and I thought we'd sell the land, move to Istanbul and her dad could carry on his treatment there.

Fatih would be happy too. We'd sign him on at a big club.

He'd go to a good school, etc.

-I don't like the idea, you know! -Do we have any choice?

Life plays dirty sometimes, Ayhan.

Don't be like this.

Look what happened to you. You were all set to rig a fight.

This way is a solution for everyone.

This place might make around 200.000 euros all told.

Peanuts... But big money for us, right?

200.000 euros is huge money, I know, but...

Look, you know what we'll do?

You sign this power of attorney.

I have some savings in the safe. I'll give you those.

Bail yourself out.

I'll collect the rest and send it bit by bit once you're back in Germany.

Okay, brother. I guess there's no choice.

So this place will be sold? That's too bad.

It means a new life, Ayhan. We all have to pay the price of course.

Do I sign here?

Thanks, brother.

Let me go get the money from the safe.

Hello, Cemal? Can you hear me?

-Where the hell are you, Ayhan? -Wait. I have good news.

I've found the money. I'll wire it tomorrow.

-Are you serious? -Yeah. okay?

Talk about luck! Strangest thing...


I was at Hacı's place.

There's a fight on in Turkey.

He says if you join, he'll write the debt off.

Cemal, I'm done with boxing.

I wouldn't fight for Hacı anyway.

I've found the money, I'll send it tomorrow.

Okay. But give it a thought just the same, kid.

Okay, bye.

-Ayhan! -Hey, Elvan.

-How are things? -Good.

-We are going somewhere. -Where?

-A surprise. -A surprise?

Wow, classy music.

It's the sound of love.

-Mulberry vodka? -Serve the lady first, will you?

Of course.


I'm so used to this place, you know. How can I go back to Germany?

I'm used to Fatih, to Nurettin, to Pakize.

To you.

You know how as a kid the holidays end, school starts and you feel all sad?

That's just how I feel.

The holiday's over, school's starting.

Are you crying?

I feel really sad too.

I've got so used to you.

I've never had as good a time with anyone as I have with you.

You're completely different and you really surprise me.

I don't want to lose the luxury of being surprised, Ayhan.

No problem. I know myself, Elvan.

That's why I've never had a serious relationship before.

My girlfriends have all done ugly stuff just to keep me.

-Jealousy is the worst. -Exactly.

Being with me is an adventure, Elvan.

They want to smell the flower but then kill it from overwatering.

That's so wrong... That's so wrong.

If you want to keep hold of a man, you should always stand by him.

Jealousy doesn't solve anything.

Take me for instance. I...

I'm just giving this as an example.

If I married a boxer, I'd go to every one of his fights.

It's your husband, you must support him.

Elvan, now probably isn't the time, but I guess I'm serious about you.

Me too, Ayhan.

Two people are serious about each other. That's so wonderful.

Yes. Fantastic.

Ayhan, take me with you wherever you're going.

You have a Schengen visa?


A Schengen's crucial. You can't otherwise.

You need a Schengen. Or I'll send a request to the embassy.

You take the papers along. So you're in contact with me.

That would work, or getting a Schengen visa yourself.

They ask for a photo and a police record.

Plus you need a bank card.

They won't let you in without a Schengen visa. Nein, nicht. It's crucial.

Thanks a lot for tonight, Elvan.

You're welcome.

-Maybe we shouldn't go any further. -I agree.

Some things should be left to time. Let's not ruin that.


Nice to meet you.

You too.

Okay, I'm going.

-Good night. -Good night. Drive carefully, huh?

It's happening, Ayhan. It's happening.

The rain's over, the sun's rising.

You won't get one. I know you won't!

Fatih, aren't you asleep yet?

I told you we'll get one, promise. Don't shout. Your dad will hear.

If you aren't getting me a bike, why did you say you would?

What's going on? Who's upsetting my nephew?

-Uncle! -Yeah?

-Pakize, what does he want? -A bicycle.

I've said okay, but he's making a scene at this hour.

-I'll get you a bike. -Okay, you get me one.

You beast! Son, I said I'd get you one.

If you'd had the money, you'd have got one last year.

It's been a year now!

Don't start with that! It's okay, we have money now, thank God.

How come?

This place is being sold. I told you.

I'll get you a whole bike factory then.

-Oh yeah! Liar! -Hey, speak properly to your mum!

She's making it up.

You tell him, Ayhan. How many bikes does one million euros buy?

Now you're really making things up.

This place is worth one million euros?

You mean it is?

God damn you, Pakize!

Brother! Why have you lied to me, brother?

Open the door!

Brother! Open up, we have to talk!

Ayhan, Pakize got it all wrong when she said that.

You're lying! That's why you came and got me from Germany.

The whole thing's about money. Why did you play me?

What the hell am I doing here?

Open up!

You've got it coming!

If I don't thrash you all night my name isn't Ayhan Kaplan!

You'll taste the Tiger!

King Kong will break down the door. God help me!


That hurts!

Brother? Brother, are you okay?

Those were gunshots.

Mr. Şevki, what are you doing with that rifle?

Superb! A rabbit the size of a boar!

Go fetch the rabbit!


Oh my God! Give it to me!

It hurts!

Someone fired a gun.

-What's up, Nurettin? Everything okay? -Not exactly, Mr. Tayyar. Hand it over.

We're not selling the hotel.

I've given half my share to Fatih.

He can do whatever he likes with it when he grows up.

That's a shame. A real shame, Ayhan.

You don't live here, you...

Yeah? What are you saying? What do you mean?

So what if I don't live here?

Does living in Germany make me stupid?

People are people wherever they are.

What kind of people are you? I don't get it.

You're evil, all of you. And he's the worst.

He tells me he'll do well to get 100.000 for a one million euro place.

He'll send it bit by bit after I'm gone.

Can I say something?

Abi, isn't that place worth three million?

Am I remembering wrong?

One million is way too low.

So you knew as well?

Three million? God damn you, Tayyar!

Nurettin, please don't curse in the office.

It's enough! Nurettin's always the one to blame.

Look at the state of me! Enough!

You know what I've had to suffer?

Forget sponging off the in-laws, I've been a slave there for 20 years.

The man ordered me around like a sultan.

"Nurettin, there's hair in the chicken." "Nurettin, there's rats in the room."

"Nurettin, the cellar's flooded.

Curses me left and right.

When the match annoys him, he yells at me.

Father and daughter have played with me.

You'll find my sweat, my patience, in every brick of that hotel.

Then the sultan gets sick one day.

Thank God! Nurettin will finally get to see better times.

But that doesn't happen. Why not?

Because "Aladdin of Germany" springs out of the magic lantern, and grabs a share of everything! Is that fair? Is that right?

Are you so honest? Weren't you going to rig a fight to get rid of your debt?

Nein! I had no choice.

That wasn't my motive. It isn't the same thing.

Life gave me no choice either.

We wanted a new life, you know. Just a new life, Ayhan.

-You know who gets to me? -What?

You made me one of the family. You made me a close friend.

I thought I was loved.

That's what gets to me. You hurt me, brother.

Okay, bye.

Ayhan, where are you going?

It's over, Elvan! You knew and you didn't tell me.

I didn't know the hotel was yours. Don't be ridiculous!

If you didn't know, how come you know it's worth three million?

Maybe that's why you got close.

I suspected something. What can I do? I don't get it.

I'm going.


Are you going to take me swimming?

Take care, Uncle.

-Hey, don't cry! -Uncle, don't go.

I have to go.

When you grow up you can come to Germany.

We'll pick up girls together.

I'll still be really lonely.

Don't forget, you have Hamit's butt.

Don't be scared. Go for those balls! Got that?

Okay, bye.


Hello? Cemal?

I can't wire the money.

Does Hacı's offer still stand?


-Abla, can we have some tempo here? -That's as fast as it goes.

The champions will be with us here on Star TV.

The German champions will be fighting at Istanbul Arena.

The big return game between heavyweights Ayhan Kaplan and Emir Slavic will be broadcast live here on Star this Saturday evening at 9:00 p.m.

The return game of our expat fighter!


Last ten minutes, champ.

Cemal, hello.

-Hello, Mr. Hacı. -Ayhan, hello.

Are you still upset with me?

I'm really sorry.

Cemal told me about the problem, that you got sick and things happened.

But you must understand me.

For some people, 50.000 euro is a game of poker.

It's a lot for you and me.

So it's worth it for the money? Isn't it tough on the guy?

There's no more to say. I'm a lonesome émigré like you.

I have people on my back wanting to break my wings too.

-Did you put money on it again? -Yes. No choice.

May God be on your side.

-Our debt gets written off today, huh? -Yes! Whether we win or lose.

We're late. We won't make it.

Can't we go a bit faster, driver?

-No, we can't. -What do you mean "no"?

That's some nerve! Of course we can. We're late.

Can't you see the traffic? Where do you think I'm going?

Why do I always land customers like this?

Step on it! Cut the backchat.

Dear God!

Greetings from Istanbul Arena!

Here's Orhan Ayhan!

We are watching one of the most important games of the Turkish boxing history.

Hailing from Berlin, Turkish boxer Ayhan Kalan versus Serbian Emir Slavic, nicknamed "Yellow Death".

Emir Slavic is a very tough boxer.

There's a one-two from him.

Emir is hitting hard!

That's an inside. Here's one left and another right!

Our fighter Ayhan may strike back anytime now.

That was a great uppercut!

But there's the clinch.

Ayhan Kaplan is hanging right there.

That was a big blow from Ayhan!

There's another one-two.

Ayhan Kaplan is taking all these in.

We can't say that Ayhan Kaplan is winning.

Oh no! Emir is ramping up the tempo!

Will there be a Yellow Death for Ayhan?

But Ayhan is a tough boxer.

Keep away from the ropes!

It's all exciting.

The second round is over but I don't know how long can he keep this up.

There was some scary moments for us.

Ayhan, kid. The guy's mangling you.

No sign of a panic attack?

No, no panic.

God damn it!

Come on, run! Run, son!

Just a second. Tickets please.

-We don't have tickets. -You can't go in then.

-We're Ayhan Kaplan's family. -You have an invite?

Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing?

Do you have no shame, harassing me in front of my family?

-I'll sue you! -Shame on you, in front of the boy!

Hey, are you still trying to shut me up?

You're faster than him. Hit and run, hit and run!

Run, run, run! Come on, quick!

Ayhan! Ayhan, dear!

Ayhan, please forgive us.

-Pakize? -Forgive us, Ayhan.

We're a family.

Brother, what are you doing here?

Look, I made you some su böreği.

It'll give you energy. Take a bite.

-I can't now, Pakize. -Eat it, Ayhan. It's been blessed.

How can I, cousin? The fight...


I love you.

I love you too, but...

Thrash him, uncle!

-Miss, if you don't mind... -Okay, friend. Wait.

Take it easy. They're my family!


Place them some place decent.

Look up! So the evil eye goes!

I'll pray for it to go! Look up!


Cemal, you know why I always lose?

-Your weight. -Nein.

I had nothing to fight for.

-But you do now, kid. -Yeah.

Here's a new life. In the palm of your hand.

Go for it, kid. Win this.

-Did you see my kid nephew? -Yes.

-I'm going to fight for him. -Do it.

Our hopes is with Ayhan!

Let's see...

That was an amazing left hook!

Well placed!

The referee is counting. The opponent...

Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine!

The fight starts again. Come on Ayhan Kaplan!

That's a left hook to the body!

Emir is staggering!

And that's a left and another right! And another left!

Ayhan Kaplan is thrashing his opponent!

Look at that. Emir can't stand!

And a right and another right!

Amazing! He can't get up now!

Yellow Death met his death!

He came from Germany and conquered!

He's celebrating with his family!

It's not just them, we are all celebrating!

Celebrating this amazing victory!

Ayhan Kaplan has knocked out Emir 'Yellow Death' Slavic at the third round!

Ayhan Kaplan.

Ayhan Kaplan. That boy's my nephew!

Why are our people on television?

Look! That's my late brother's son. That's Ayhan Kaplan!

Call Nurettin. Tell him to bring him back here.

Well, I'll be damned! Ayhan Kaplan.

Just like my brother.

I got you some twigs, Mr. Nurettin.

Thanks, Tayyar.

Come on, Nurettin. Hurry up. We're starving here.

Brother... Don't cook my meat too long.

-I like it medium. -Okay, Ayhan.

You heard, right? It has to be cooked medium. Okay?

Grandpa? Uncle Ayhan should never go. He should stay forever.

Of course, grandson. I found my Tiger after years. You think I'd let him go?

-Right, Pakize? -For sure, of course.

I've sorted the Schengen. You're coming.

Good old Orhan Kaplan!

Wrestler of wrestlers. God rest your soul.

And a huge bon appétit to Ayhan Kaplan!

I'm a tiger, right? You have to feed me meat.