Besharam (2013) Script

Can I ask you something?

All that cash. America,Switzerland.

What exactly is 'hawala'?

Just like there is money exchange for white money, similarly for transferring black money there's 'hawala'.


You pay us here and... Poof!

It's transferred to Switzerland.

100 million, it's all here.


Two hours later, 90 million will be transferred in your Swiss Bank account.

Why only 90 million?

10 million our commission.

Have pity.

I've been newly appointed as the minister.

You should have pity on your state too.

You've been newly appointed minister.

90 million in 15 days is not a small amount.

Stop the car.

Where are you coming from? Ambala.

And where are you headed? Chandigarh.


And what's in the trunk?

Speak up.

The trunk's open.

See for yourself.

Let go of me.

Bravo. Come, Rambo.

Who am I? I don't know, sir.

Bheem Singh Chandel!

Why did you stop my car?

I received a tip from control room that this is a stolen car.

The tip was right.

Let me go.

Let me go.

You didn't let me go.

Sir, what do you want me to do with it?

Incinerate it! Why?

Don't leave behind a single piece.

But, sir, this is a brand new car.

The police are looking for it.

I can't keep it.

What now? Arrange for a new car.

This time from a different state.

Sir, I know a guy who's a pro.

He can steal cars like stealing candy from a baby.

Where can I find him? Delhi.


How much longer, Babli?

I'm unlocking the wheel, Titu! Be patient!

What the...

Watchman! Hey, watchman!



Is he asleep?


30 seconds, Titu. Are you ready? Ready.

Watchman, who's car is this? Mr Dutta's.

Go wake him up! What's this nonsense!

Mr Sharma... - My sleep's ruined. Hey! Whose inside the car?

Who's driving it?

Watchman, come here. Watchman, come here.

Hurry up! Thief!

Coming, sir. Catch him. Thief!

What do we pay you for?

Four... three... two... He's escaping.

Stop him. He'll escape. The car is being stolen.

Stop him.

There he goes.

Get up, Chautala.

Your snoring is creating a ruckus.

It'll drive all the criminals away. Get up.

Let me sleep, dear.

Boys are returning from the disco drunk.

Make some dough. Get up.

Shut up. Shut up.

You're always objecting.

Don't talk nonsense. You married me.

You'll have to abide by it.

Just two months left for your retirement.

Make some dough. Otherwise I'll make you regret it.

Someday I'll strangle you in your sleep.

Stupid woman. Go on.

Saddiram. I told you to fix this door.

Go on.

Oh no. Cops!

Stop. Stop. My shorts are too tight.

Take off the glasses.

Where are you coming from, son? Office.

At this hour? You must be drunk!

Your breath smells like onions. Show me your license. Licence.

Babli... Babli?

What kind of a name is that?

It's written on the license, so it must be true.

Acting smart.

No surname? No.

What about father's name? I don't have a father.

Is he dead?

I don't know. Is he your father or not?

Forget it, uncle. Please. He has no parents.

He was raised in an orphanage.

He's an orphan. Is that so?


Is that so?

Son, you should've said that before.

You're an orphan and I've no children.


Surprising, right? Our stories are similar.

'All units, alert! There's been a car theft.'

'Red Vento, number DL-03-AM-9131.'

Get going. 'All units, alert!'

Thank you, constable.

Delhi police deserves appreciation. That's alright.


"Just because they are young, don't think that they are weak."

"If you mess with them, they will"

"teach you a lesson you won't forget."

Rascal, stop the car. Stop at the side.

Are you deaf? I said stop the car. Stop the car.

Trying to escape with a stolen car.

You don't know how to drive.

Come on. Turn around. Turn around. - Where?

You bumped the car.

Right, right.

'Stolen car, Red Vento, number DL-03-AM-9131.'


The stolen car. That's the stolen car.

Back. Back. Back.

Stop. Where are you running to?

Catch him. Stop.

"Oh, Bunty and Babli."

Stop the car. Get off.



You idiot...

You'll get us killed.

"Run away... Run for your happiess."

Corner him. Corner him.

"It's time to find success."

"It's time to go ahead of everyone."

"I'm the hero. I'm the best."

"There is no one to stop my flight."

What are you doing? Getting romantic.

Shut up. Follow the car.

"I saved myself from them."

"I've fooled the world."

Take that. Take that.

Move aside. I won't.

Catch him.

They're speeding towards South Block from India Gate.

Send backup. Drive faster.

I am driving fast. This isn't a Mercedes.


Foolish woman.

Catch them all. Rascals, drinking and driving. Arrest them.

Sir, we didn't drink. Please...

The rascal escaped. He ran away.

Babli. Babli.

"You were born nude."

"So what are you ashamed of?"

"No mom, no dad and I have got no faith."

"Stern with the wisecracks."

"Cool with the innocent."

"Just fun all the time, just fun."

"Come on show everyone, be..."

"Open your heart, stick out your chest, be..."

"Come on show everyone, be shameless."

"Open your heart, stick out your chest, be shameless."

"Come sway to the beat, be shameless."

"Open your heart, stick out your chest, be shameless."

"We're unscrupulous."

"We're the devils."

"Get high and be shameless."

"We're unscrupulous."

"We're the devils."

"Get high and be shameless."

"We do all our deeds."

"Without caring about the price."

"We never break a promise."

"We start it and only we end it."

"We'll break all your illusions."

"Come on show everyone, be shameless."

"Open your heart, stick out your chest, be shameless."

"Come sway to the beat, be shameless."

"Open your heart, stick out your chest, be shameless."

"Radical! Radical!"

"Locking horns is an old habit."

"Abnormal! Abnormal!"

"I'll give everyone a run for their money."

"My gait's unique."

"It makes everyone go crazy."

"Every time I rock my legs."

"I make the world rock with me."

"We're romantic at heart."

'We dazzle you with our moves."

"First we try to cajole with love."

"Otherwise we declare a war."

"Anyone we point at, gets drawn to me."

"If we hurt anyone, we also soothe his pain."

"We'll snatch you..."

"We'll snatch you from yourself."

"Open your heart, stick out your chest, be shameless."

"Come sway to the beat, be shameless."

"Open your heart, stick out your chest, be shameless."

"We're unscrupulous."

"We're the devils."

"Get high and be shameless."

"We're unscrupulous."

"We're the devils."

"Get high and be shameless."


It's our new car, ma'am.

Mercedes Benz A-Class.

It's hot! I love it.

Maybe your next car.

But the B-Class you just bought is also good. - That's true.

Your lease agreement papers are ready, ma'am.

Then, let's go.

Thank you. Congratulations, ma'am.

Thank you.

I'm going to get you, guys.

Slow down, dear.

Mom, we're riding a Mercedes! But...


Slow down!

Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!

This one is not good enough. That's all I have.

That's called driving.

And people say women can't drive.

They're absolutely right. Mom.

You can't walk properly, thank God I bought a car. - Hello.

This isn't a car. It's a short-cut to suicide.

Oh my!

Just wasting money. You could've bought a scooter.

Don't you get it? It's my classmate's wedding.

The entire batch is going to be there.

Trying to teach me!

They all come in expensive cars, mom. Imported ones.

I was the star of my college. You think I'll go on a scooter!

We need to show-off a little.

Girls shouldn't show-off too much.

What's this? What?

Try not showing off so much. Mom.

You should also get married.

With whom? I need a proper groom.

Do you want me to find one? Forget it.

You'll just bring another clerk or accountant like you did the last time.

Tara. Your father was an accountant as well.

But he loved me as much.

Mom, you just don't get it. I want class. Class.

Status. Respect. Position. Sense of humour.

You want someone like Rahul ghandhi.

Why not? He's cute.

Pardon me. You can find one yourself.

I told you. Not again.

'Jai Hind Child Orphanage'

Master. You're here.

Tilu, did you do it again?

One, two, three and four.

That's 50000, master. You can count them. - I see.

You give all your earnings to us.

Save some for yourself, son.

What will I do with money? You're there for me.

Now change my underpants.

Naughty boy!

Listen up!

Come on.

Stop him.

Get the ball. Get the ball. Stop him.

See this, kid.

Get the ball.

So, Pele, you're done for.

Come on, handover the lollypop. Come on.

You're bound to get hurt while playing.


How long will you be a single parent to these children?

They need a mother to look after them.

What if they all grow up to be thieves like you?

How are you?

Let's go inside. Sure.

Listen... Babli. How's this?


Surprising. Titu.

Yes. Look.

Fine. Let's jack that one.

Not the car, look at the driver.

The driver's hot.

Not a single dent all over the body.

Mind your language. She's your sister-in-law.

Hello, ma'am.

Your money.

No, it's not mine.

I see. They're not mine either.

Let's share them equally. It doesn't belong to anyone.

By the way, what's your name?

You forgot my name so soon!

Then surely you don't remember my phone number and address either.

Look, mister. Whoever you are, this trick of asking someone's name through fallen notes is very old.

And this hotel's security is absolutely fresh from the gym.

One call and they'll come here to show their efficiency.

I think you're upset, beautiful. No.

Actually, my friend's getting married so I am very happy.

But you better get lost. I could get upset any moment now.

Get it.

By the way, thanks for the compliment.

Men in Black. She's Mission Impossible.

You can't win over her!

Want to bet?

Here you go. I lose.

Now get to work.

I want this sister-in-law.

"All the boys in my neighbourhood stare at me from their windows."

"All the boys in my neighbourhood stare at me from their windows."

"All the boys in my neighbourhood stare at me from their windows."

"But I fooled everyone and tossed my heart to you."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"Don't lie, no one stares at you."

"Don't lie, no one stares at you."

"Don't lie, no one stares at you."

"Whom do you fool by saying..."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"We're kings of our world."

"Stealing a heart is easy for us."

"My gait's unique."

"It'll take you a lifetime, to win over me."

"Better get it done, get your heart checked."

"Take my signature, I have tossed my heart to you."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost it... I lost it..."

"I lost it..."

"I lost it... I lost it..."

"I lost it..."

"I lost my heart, darling, in your lane."

"I lost my heart, beauty, in your lane."

"Youth is so brazen."

"Once it passes away, it never comes back."

"Better get lost, you're such a liar."

"There's no truth in your charade."

"Come, let's take this relation further."

"Let's play the game of love, come see me on the rooftop."

"I lost my heart, darling, in your lane."

"I lost my heart, beauty, in your lane."

"All the boys in my neighbourhood stare at me from their windows."

"Don't lie, no one stares at you."

"Whom do you fool by saying..."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost my heart in your lane."

"I lost my heart, darling, in your lane."

"I lost my heart, darling, in your lane."

"We're lovers, we'll unite the hearts."

"We'll leave you good for nothing."

"You like a good struggle."

"We're popular for doing as we please."

"I lost it..."

"I lost it..."

"I lost it..."

"I lost it..."

"I lost it..."

"I lost it..."

"I lost it..."

"I lost it..."

What are you doing?

What happened?

Something pricked me.

Cell phone? Where did that come from?

It's okay, Titu. Get some sleep.

Cell phone.

Your batteries are too charged these days.

It vibrates every morning.

Get married. I can't handle your cell phone every morning.

Just because anyone doesn't say a thing, he's spreading this filth around.

"What do I do with this old man that I am married to?"

"What do I do with this old man"

"that I am married to?" Are you done yet?

"What do I do with this old man that I am married to?"

Come out now.

Do you want to flush out your intestines?

Let me finish, you witch.

You'll develop piles. You should start taking laxatives.

Shut up! Not piles, I'll die of heart-attack first.

Forget it. You're thick-skinned. You won't die so easily.

I wish you had died earlier then I could've remarried again.

At least I would've had a child.

If you want a child, why don't you adopt one?

You're always cussing me. I'll kill you.

Oh my AK 47.

You can't take care of yourself, you think you can kill me.

Shut up, I said.

Why do you humiliate me every day?

To help build pressure, Chaudhary.

You know, every husband in this world gets scared hearing his wife's name.

But why don't you?

I'll show you... Just wait...

I feel fresh, sweetheart.

You're my cure to every problem.

If it wasn't for your cussing, I could never perform so well in the morning.

I'm indebted to you. Now go, get me hot breakfast.

I feel light as a feather. Feather...



Did you eat sweets at night? You look really sweet.

Stop that nonsense, Babli.

I have a request. You should take off the sari.

Give me a missed call.

I'll take off my pants.

Shameless boy! Don't you feel ashamed to say that?

You talk rubbish. I'll thrash you.

Let's go, Titu. How much longer will you take?

I can't find my socks.

I can't wear shoes without my socks.



What's this? Padding.

The girl's do it. Gives a good impression.

You can keep making a good impression.

I'll wear my shoes without socks.

Yes, I know.

Mom, give ten of those. Ten, I said. - Hello!

Return my Rs 100.

How can you just find sister-in-law?

You don't know her name either.

Beauty! That's her name.


And what's her surname? Parlour? Beauty! - You fool!

Keep at it.

You'll definitely find her on Google.

Mister, how much for the jackfruit?

Rs 200 a kilogram. What?

Fine, 150 for you.

What the...

What happened, ma'am?

Rascal! You made her faint with your increased prices and tore my shirt.

Sir... What did I do? Take that.



Get up, aunt. We'll pay for the stuff.

You fool, give me a hand.

Come on.

That's my home, son. Stop here. Pull over, son.

This? Yes.

I can't open this door, son. Is it broken?

Oh, God! My back's broken. Slowly, aunt. Slowly.

Come back soon. Yeah, sit tight.

I wish God had given me a son like you.

Not possible at this age, aunt. But you can get a son-in-law.

Do you have a daughter? Loafer.

Come in, son. Keep it on the table.

Tara. Tara.

Coming, mom. My knees.

You? You!

The one I searched for everywhere was actually at the back of my torn shirt.

What are you doing here? I'll tell you.

To get my buttons stitched. This is not a tailor-shop.

You have no manners. Like you do.

Walking in a house full of ladies with an unbuttoned shirt.

Where else do you want me to go? Listen.

Your mom tore my shirt... Shut up!

Why would my mom tear your clothes at this age?


Let me tell you. I went to the market.

It was really hot. I felt dizzy and was falling down.

My hand got stuck in his shirt.

And all the buttons of this poor boy's shirt broke.

And he's such a decent guy, he brought me home. - Right.

Instead of showing some hospitality, you're rebuking him.

Right, aunt, this isn't correct.

Shall I take off my shirt, or will you stitch it while I'm wearing it?

You're so hairy!

Keep your shirt here.

I'll get it fixed in a day or two.

How am I looking?

What's wrong, aunt? Feeling dizzy again?

It reminded me of her dad.

He looked handsome just like you in this shirt.

Not anymore?

He's dead. It's one of his old shirts.

Sorry, aunt. I didn't know.

No need to show sympathy. Now get lost.

You're so hot. You spit fire. Okay, bye.

See you, aunt.

Bless you, son. Do come again.

I will. Sure.

Not. Not. Not.

Can I say something, beauty?

I really like hot dames?

Will you go to the disco with me?


"Bells are ringing in my ears."

"It was love at first sight."

"I couldn't believe my eyes. I was gripped by fever."

"My heart jumped out."

"First the girl got angry."

"She asked what are you doing here?"

"I said I'm so lucky."

"The one who brought me here is your mom."

"What the... We looked everywhere for her."

"While she was here all the time."

"Her words were like a cup of tea."

"Sweet and hot."

"Like onion fritters, seasoned with chilly."

"She stormed with anger and threatened me."

"But I didn't budge."

"I kissed her cheeks."

"And her heart melted."

"Don't lie. You kissed her?"

"I will. After all I'm the hero."

"Yes, that you are."

"What next? Tune Change."

"What the..."

"She was standing, so was I."

"And she bumped into me."

"She came close, held my hands."

"And shied away."

"She affectionately helped me wear my shirt."

"When she touched me, it tickled my heart."

"She even changed your shirt."

"You're on."

"She hugged me. I felt a shock."

"My heart started singing, Do Re Mi..."

"She slowly whispered in my ears."

"Where were you until now?"

"I fell down, got unconscious."

"And felt the cool breeze of love."

"Bells are ringing in my ears."

"It was love at first sight."

"I couldn't believe my eyes."

"I was gripped by fever."

"My heart jumped out."

"The heart jumped."

"The heart jumped."

"The heart raced."

"The heart raced."

"My heart swayed."

"My heart jumped, swayed, it raced."

"My heart jumped, swayed, it raced."

Yes, sir.

Don't sit like that. The boss is here.

The boss is coming here, get up. Get up I said.

It's clean. Shut up!

He's here.

Who are you?

Titu. As in T2: Terminator 2!

I see.

So who's Terminator 1?

At your service, mister.

The name's Babli.


Oh yes!

I've heard a lot about you.

He's Mr Bheem Singh Chandel.

He deals in money laundering in Chandigarh.

He needs jacked cars.

Will you do the job? Payment, no life-threat.

Money in advance.

Right, sir?

Have some sweet. Suck on this.

Yes. The deal's done. Just tell us the car model.

When two big guns are making a deal, you shouldn't interfere.

It can be disastrous.


What if I run away with your money?

We'll find you.


Oh! Is that real?

What do you think?

Titu. Gun!

Have you lost your mind? What are you doing?


It's real.

I do my job with love, not violence.

So you can keep this.

I'll keep this.

Remember one thing.

Once I make a deal, I never take my money back.

I don't return it either. This isn't a loan.

It's a deal.

It's a deal. It's a deal. Come on, get to work. But gently.

Now go on. All the best.

Thank you.

Titu. Yes.

Get rid of him. Who? Where?


It's just a dog. You were acting so tough in front of Chandel.

Now you're scared of a dog.

Every man's scared of someone. Get rid of him.

Hey, get lost.

Shoo. Bloody dog.

You're such a coward.

Sit down.

Sit where?

'Goldy's Cutting Edge Hair Saloon'


Give him a shave.


But looks like he's already had a shave.

Then do it again. Come on.

'Move these aside.'

That will be 200.

I'll pay 500.

But not here. Then?

She won't come out in the balcony.

She's gone to her office.

How do you know?

Everyone knows about Tara Sharma, sir.

There's just one pretty girl in this neighbourhood.

Talk with respect.

She's your sister-in-law. No need to get furious.

Everyone comes to my shop to stare at her.

That's okay. Give me her office address.

That will be 1000.

I'm telling you, you cannot go inside.

How about now?

You're trying to bribe me!


This isn't a joke.



Sir, we can't allow you without permission.


Will you wrap up everything in 15 minutes?

Make my visitor's card. Babli.




Tara Sharma. She's there.

Hi. You?

Wow. Can you see the Qutub Minar?

How did you come in? Through the door.

Your shirt's at home.

I'll collect it later.

Right now, I want to tell you something. - What?

I love you! What?

I swear on mother.

Although, I've never seen my mother.

But since I saw you, you're the only one I've been thinking about.

And today I'm going to express my feelings here.

You have one minute. That's enough.

Your time starts now.

My name's Babli. It's a bit strange, but that's it.

I don't have any parents, so no surname.

I was raised in Jai Hind Orphanage.

I studied till 8th Grade, but don't remember a thing.

But I'm the best mechanic. A-1.

Till now I just loved one person. Myself.

But now I will love you too.

And I'll shower all my love on you. Until you don't say stop.

I live with Titu. He's a cute boy.

Our orphanage's really big.

We can live their comfortably after we're married.

We can cook together, otherwise there's the caretaker.

I want two kids.

A girl as pretty as you and a boy as handsome as me.

Their names will be Rekha and Amitabh.

They're my favourites.

So, you get it.

After that, I'll get a family planning... - Enough.

Aren't you getting a little vulgar?

I'll be right back.

Two minutes.

Security. This is manager Tara Sharma speaking.

Come to the 8th floor, now!

Hey, guys, listen up. Gather around. Come here.

Let me introduce you. His name's Babli.

He's an orphan, so he has no surname either.


He couldn't pass 8th grade.

And he's here proposing marriage to me.

You know, he's even decided the names of our children.

Ma'am. What's wrong, ma'am?

Who do you think you are?

Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror?

You look like a manner-less idiot.

What did you think?

You'll say, I love you, and I'll be floored! - Yeah!

How dare you?

Security. Throw him out right now. Just get him out. - Yes.

Come on. Get lost.

You humiliated my love.

But I'm still smiling.

Do you know why? Because you're shameless.

I am what I am.

But you're still a kid.

Better grow up.

I want to spend my life with you.

Come on.

Move aside.

Sir. Sir, wait.

Keep this.

Why? Keep the money, you did your job.

Yes, but you were heart-broken.

I have no heart, only guts.

And it never breaks.

Keep the money.

You didn't pay heed to my advice. She humiliated you, didn't she?

Why ask when you know?

How about we do some work? Or do we just go back home?

No. We've come this far, we won't go back empty-handed.

Oh! Commitment!

Babli. Come here.

It's a brand new car.

You can still smell the fresh paint.

Let's take this one.

Otherwise it will get a tan under the hot sun.

Bye, guys. Bye!


My car.

What's wrong? - My car was right here, the new red one.



Now we'll head to Chandigarh.


Here you go, chassis number.

Give it to me.

Don't scare me.

No, ma'am. We don't have your car.

I think you should go to the police station.

'Traffic Police Delhi'

That's great, isn't it?

Sign here.

Is this the FIR?

Ask him. He's in-charge.

Sir, can I get a receipt of the FIR?

Why? For the insurance.

You can't just file an FIR so easily, dear. It takes time.

We've just made an entry into the register.

Now we'll investigate. What? Investigate!

Come here.

Keep seated, I'll be right back. Sure.

What? The girl's desperate.

Build some pressure on her. Pressure.

She'll definitely agree to pay up a few thousands.

We'll buy a microwave oven. 25 litres. - Shut up!

She's in trouble. We should help her.

And you're looking to make some quick bucks.

You hog on 'biryani' all day.

I need some rest in the kitchen as well.

You married me.

You couldn't give me a kid, you could at least look after me.

You're so corrupt. One day I'll suspend you. Suspend!

Just try. You will have to live alone.

I'll move into my mom's home. Mom?


Always taking advantage because I'm a man.

Sir, if you conduct the investigation soon then maybe you can find my car. - Yes.

Look, the police will put in their best efforts to find your car.

But you do something as well. What?

Do I have to tell you everything?


Are you asking for bribe?

I want my car back?

Yes, you're getting furious for no reason.

The police can only try.

Whether you get your car back or not depends on the one who stole it. Right?

Yes, sir. Right, Bhagat Singh.

Yes, sir. See, everyone agrees.

No need to get too romantic.

I see. So you're on strike today.

What else do you expect me to do? Move.

You sound so angry. What's wrong?

As if you don't know.

You blackmail me into doing all the wrong things.

She was such a sweet girl. I wonder what she might be thinking about me. What a corrupt officer I am.

You maligned my reputation.

You're such a fool.

You're reputation isn't going to earn you anything.

I only say it for your own interest.

You're healthy now.

Tomorrow when you retire, if you fall sick, won't we need money to look after you?

We don't have any children anyway.

Again about the children.

You humiliate my manliness intentionally.

Let's get tested and find out who's incompetent.

Why should I get tested? I'm 53 years old.

At this age women go through menopause.

Don't try to teach me. Men have menopause.

How can women get it?

Want to bet? Google it.

Vicky Donor?

No, no, let's settle this first.

Either you get yourself tested or adopt a child.

I'm fed up of listening to your taunts.

Get in bed first, your highness, you'll feel better.

No, no, no. We've to take this decision first. Yes.

Fine, we'll adopt a kid. Don't get upset.

Now climb in.

Really, dear. You'll adopt a kid. Swear on me.

I want a son. No, daughter.

Son. Daughter.

Don't bargain with me. I want a son.

Done. Now give me a tight hug. Come on.

"As the soap slips on my hot body."

"The heart craves for young lass."

"The cold water feels so thrilling."

"Shamelessness drips from the eyes, the lips."

'Because you're shameless.'


Uncle's shirt.

Babli. How are you?

Wonderful, aunt.

For me?

Bless you, son.

Aunt, why does it feel like someone is mourning?

I can sense sadness in the air!

Her car's been stolen, son.

When? Last week.

It was parked right outside her office.

Brand new Mercedes.

She spent all her earnings to buy the car.

Someone stole it.

And, mom. Why don't you just announce it to the world?

This is no charade.

She's just telling me.

What do you care? Take your shirt and get out.

Just get out. Tara.

Tara, listen.

Son, you better leave. It's not your fault.

But if you stay here, she won't stop crying. Please go.

Once we're rich, we'll buy silver wrenches.


Babli. I'm talking to you. Are you deaf?

Titu. Yes.

How many cars have we stolen until now?

20 big ones, 5 small ones, 2 imported. Why?

You want to pay their taxes?

Have you ever thought about those whose car gets stolen?

What else? He gets insurance, we get the car.

Tit for tat.

The last car we stole. Yes.

That was Tara's car.


How do you know?

Her mother told me.

Fine. At least we taught them a lesson.

The consequences of troubling my friend Babli.

No, Titu.

That girl's my love. I love her.

I saw her crying today, it really hurt.

But you don't have a heart, only guts.

But it still pains.

Darn it!

People built Taj Mahal to mark their love.

Can't I return her car?

The car's been sold, bro.

It's parked in Chandigarh, refurbished like new. - So what?

If a stolen car can get to Chandigarh then it can come back too.

Steal again?

Why do you buy white bread? You should buy brown bread.

It's okay. What's so great about brown bread?

You've been eating white bread since you were a kid.

Hi. Mom, walk faster.

I'm walking faster. I can't gallop like a horse. - Hi, beauty!


Hello, aunt.

Bless you! Let me carry that.

No need.

And stop following me. Get that?

I wasn't following you, ma'am.

I just walked up to you from the front. - Yes.

Did I ask for help?

Did I help you?

I'm talking to aunt.

He's just helping.

I hate you, mom.

She's upset again.

I'll lighten her mood.

Tara, your car's in Chandigarh.

See. Didn't I tell you?

You're really charming, son. Thank you, aunt.

Is this a joke? No.

I swear on your mom. Your car's in Chandigarh, Tara.

Come with me, and I can get it back.

But, son. How do you know the car's in Chandigarh?

I investigated. I've connections, aunt.

What connections?

Didn't I tell you I'm a car mechanic?

Car mechanics, thieves, spare-part dealers, they're all connected.

We know everything.

Why can't the police find out? Police?

You expect the thieves to be the protectors!

They get a heavy commission. Why will they find your car?

They are all corrupt, aunt. Right.

Why do I believe you? Don't.

You'll definitely get insurance. Right, aunt.

I just wanted to do a good deed.

I learnt this when I was a kid.

We always have to face opposite of what we do.

Do good and good things will happen to you.

Show compassion and people will remember you.

That means, good equals good.

Compassion equals reminiscence. Get that, beauty.

Why do you want to help me?

I can't say that in aunt's presence. - Shameless.

My dear. Let's go.

Mom, let's go. Listen to me.

I don't want to talk to him.

Tara. Go to Chandigarh.

There's no harm in trying.

Cars get stolen all the time, mom. They aren't found so easily.

But you are getting yours back.

What if he rapes me?

Shut up. Don't talk nonsense!

I'm your mom. I've years of experience.

My heart says Babli's naughty but he's not bad at heart.

Take the name of God and go with him.

Happy birthday to us!

Happy birthday to us!

Happy birthday to all of us!

Happy birthday to us!

It's nice.

The food is also nice. That's right.

Hello, there! Come on, start eating.

Hello! Hello!

Today is my birthday.

Whose? All of us.

We were raised in an orphanage. The lonelies with no father.

No one knows when their birthday is.

So we celebrate it on the same day.

Eat it. So sweet.

Happy birthday. Thank you!

Taste it.

That's it.

You see, son. I'm on a diet.

God bless your figure, aunt.

You look so beautiful, I feel like marrying you right now.

What do you say?


Thank you, aunt.

Come on, kids!


Is shameless a bad word?

No. It's a compliment.

Hello. 'Tara Sharma speaking.'

I'm ready to go to Chandigarh.

Can you come home tomorrow at 11 o'clock?



What's wrong with him? Hello!



Are we traveling in this open jeep? Yes.

We both are going to drive. Taking turns.

Couldn't we take a bus?

No, that's below my standard.

Hello, aunt. Bless you, son.

For you. Thank you.

Best of luck to you! Go on now.


Take it. It's anti-boring.

Look, Babli.

I know you're going out of your way to help me.

But better tell me if you want something in return.

From you? Yes.

What can you give a handsome hunk like me?

A tight slap.

Mind your manners. I won't be fooled by you.

You're in my car.

When will you come in my arms?

Know your stature!

Why? What's wrong?

I've a nice job. I don't beg.


Mechanics are doctors. Doctors of cars.

Politicians, ministers, film-stars, businessmen.

I treat everyone's car.

I just don't have a glass office like you do. So what?

No reputation either.

Who needs that?

In my line of work, you need only two things.

Courage and talent.

And I've both.

You're so arrogant about your job, aren't you?

Why do you hate my job so much?


Marry me. I'll change my entire life for you.

So, will you?

Keep your eyes on the road.


"When I saw you, I realized sweetheart."

"That love's crazy."


What the...

What are you doing here?

Staring at you. Why?

I've been slogging since morning while you're comfortably snoring away.

Come on. Change seats.

You were sleepy, weren't you?

Not anymore.

Look ahead. That's where I'm looking.

What a view.

I think honey runs through your veins, not blood.

You're so beautiful. Like cashew!

There, I got permission to see.

Your name should've been 'Shameless'.

Done. You're Tara Sharma, and I'm Babli Besharam. - Good.

But someday every girl has to take on her husband's name.

You're a Sharma until now.

Now you'll be 'Besharam'.

Put on your glasses.

If I see your eyes again, I'll crash this car.

"How do I convey the condition of my heart?"

"Do I tell you or keep it to myself, what do I do?"

"Your heart's so helpless."

"It's shameless, doesn't pay heed."

"It's good for nothing."

"You make my heart restless."

"Why do I love you?"

"How do I convey the condition of my heart?"

"Do I tell you or keep it to myself, what do I do?"

"Your heart's so helpless."

"It's shameless, doesn't pay heed."

"It's good for nothing."

"You make my heart restless."

"Why do I love you?"

"I wonder why your heart's in love with me?"

"There are others waiting in the line."

"I can't stop my heart, no matter how much I try."

"I try to scare it, but it pays no heed."

"It's completely floored by you."

"Try to think something new."

"Say something new."

"You make my heart restless."

"Why do I love you?"

"You make my heart restless."

"Why do I love you?"

'Welcome to Chandigarh the city beautiful'

Tara. Tara, your car. Your car.

That's not mine. My number plate is of Delhi.

The number plate has been changed. Stop the car.

How do you know? - I changed the number, wouldn't I know?

Stop the car.

What the... Tara, control.

You stole my car!

I hope you don't mind sharing a bed with me.

How dare you?

No need to sulk. I'm just joking.

My room's different.

Be honest, Babli.

How many cars have you stolen till now?

Honesty can't give you a square meal, ma'am.

It doesn't matter to me. Just tell me.

No. You can't bear you.

Aren't you ashamed?

You call me shameless.

Babli, I'm being serious. I'm serious as well, Tara.

Who are you to point a finger at me?

Just because you make more money and studied in an English college, you think you can judge me!

What's the point in knowing, what I did and why?

I can't change the past.

Whatever I did, I couldn't tell right from wrong.

I had no parents or family to teach me.

What did you want me to do for earning a square meal?

Don't I have a right to live?

So you resorted to stealing.

It was desperate times.

But I didn't do it to become rich.

I stole cars only to satiate my hunger.

Mine and other orphans like me whose parents leave them to die.

I did what I thought was right.

Nothing can ever justify any wrong deed.

Did you ever think about that?

That's why I am in love with you, Tara.

You're the only one who's showing me the right path.

I want to leave everything for you. Turn into a decent man.

Will you give me a chance?

"I wonder why every happiness"

"now seems incomplete?"

'Hi.' - "Why didn't I realise, you were missing in my life?"

'I love you.' "Yes, I do. Yes, I do."

"You touched my heart, with your love."

"It's you. Only you."

'Marry me.'

'I can change my entire life for you.' - "It's you. Only you."

'Will you?'

"What I thought was sadness, now seems bliss."

'He's naughty, but good at heart.'

"You should've said it, because I couldn't say it."

"Yes, I do. Yes, I do."

"You touched my heart, with your love."

"It's you. Only you."

"It's you. Only you."

"Come, give me a hug."

"Let's erase this distance."

"Don't make me yearn any longer."

"O Shameless, don't be shy."

"My heart's fallen for you."



"You touched my heart, with your love."

"It's you. Only you."

Bheem Singh Chandel.

Chandigarh's money laundering mafia King.

He knows many influential businessmen and politicians in the city.

Consider him the safekeeper of all their black money.

He's a powerful guy.

And you will steal my car back wearing this suit!

All the successful thieves in the world wear a suit.

Those who don't, get apprehended.

You look nice in these clothes.

Some things are more valuable than clothes.

But you won't understand.


Will you come back?

I'll be waiting.

Hello. Where to?

Mr Chandel.

The minister's sent a parcel.

There, in the office.

Hey. Where are you going?

Hey. Catch him!

Come on!

Why you...

Hey! Get down, you...

Get him down.

Catch the rascal.

He's climbing up.

You! Go down, you rascal!

Hey, catch him...

Where did he go? Go, find him!

Who are you?

Your bad luck! Really?

Where did you get this dog?

Move! Go, Rambo.

Excuse me! Oh God!

Catch that rascal!

Don't let him get away.

Catch him!


"When I saw you, I realised"

"what it feels like to be crazy in love."

"Where shall I go without you?"

"Other than being in your arms till the day I die."

Come back!

Hey! Were you troubling that girl?

Charge to the enemy!

In the Lord's name, attack. Charge.

He's getting away.

There he is.

Come on.

He isn't here. I think he's blown-up.

He can't just blow-up.

Find him.


Slowly. Slowly.

I tried to stop you. Stop being James Bond.

I wouldn't have tried if you girls didn't like James Bond.

I didn't know dogs like him as well.

James Bond always does his job. He doesn't run away like you do.

Hello, ma'am. I'm a thief, not a butcher.

Dogs have a soul too.

And anyway, I went there to get your car.

What happened?

Look, Babli.

You don't have to take this risk for getting the car.

If something happens to you, then... - Then?

Suicide cancel.

It's not much of work but I'll have to get it cleaned from inside.

No problem.

Deliver the car by evening. Yes.

The boss is in a bad mood.

Fine. It'll be done.

Jogi. Give him the keys.

Thank you.

Okay. Let's go.

Hello. 'Bhure, business looks good.'

You're working on expensive cars.

Babli, where are you?

Don't look here and there.

Look in the direction of your heart, straight.

Babli. Yes.

I'm taking the car back.

We can do this the easy way, or else...

What the...

There's no place for violence in our business.

It runs in a peaceful manner.

And, I haven't harmed you in anyway.

Try to understand. If I give you this car, Chandel will kill me.

If you don't, I will kill you.

But why? I give you business.

I'm the chicken that lays golden eggs for you.

Dead chicken is more profitable these days. Ask how? - How?

Live chicken, Rs 100... And 'Tandoori' chicken...

300. So?

Now you decide, what you prefer?

Bro, you're the frying pan, and Chandel's the fire.

Look, if the car's stolen from my place then Chandel will kill me brutally.

Try to understand. I've small kids.

They will be orphaned. Let them grow up first.

What are you doing?

If I steal the car from somewhere else will it still be a problem? What?

If I steal the car from somewhere else, will it still be a problem?

No problem.

Just let me return the car to Chandel.

My dear, I'm clear.

Fine. Make me a duplicate key.

And your kids won't be orphaned. Thank you.

Get lost.

That's the key to my jeep.

It's banged up, but not stolen. Okay.

Get it repaired and deliver it to Delhi.

Okay. We'll settle it there.

Sir, I've repaired the car. The windscreen's original.

Sir, keys.

They're coming. Come on.

Come in, when I call you. Okay.

We'll jack the car as soon as that oaf moves.

He won't budge we'll have to make him.

Hi. Aren't you Timmy?

Mr Chandel's right-hand. Hmmm.

You're just like I heard.

What do you want?

What does a beautiful woman want from a handsome from a handsome hunk like you? What?

Protection, Tommy. Protection.

Where did you get that strength from?

Great, isn't it?

It'll come in handy once we're married.

Shut up! Open the car.


What happened?


That's okay.

I'm really happy today.

I can definitely give you one shock.

Do it again. What?

That thing you just did now. It felt so familiar. Please.


What the...


Bhura! Bhura!

Sir, you are here on a scooter?

What now? What else?

Tyre change, start the car. Straight to Delhi.

And the money?

It's black money. Now they're ours.

We can donate it to the orphanage.

Talking like a thief again.

Hey, I didn't steal it. It's a blessing from God.

Consider it a wedding gift.

Don't keep looking for opportunities like a lowly-guy. Get it.

Fine, sorry. We'll throw it away. No!

We'll take it to the police. Very good.

You should've been the Prime Minister of this country.

You can definitely eradicate corruption.

You even smell of honesty.

One more. Get up. Get up. Rascal.

Get up. Get up. One more.

Where's my money, Bhura?

Sir, what money? I don't know what you're saying.

No, no, no...

The car you sold me has been stolen. - What?

I'm sure you know that. The car's been stolen.

I really don't know. I see.

Well, that's okay. You don't know.

It was a stolen car, it got stolen again.

But there was money in the trunk of the car.

Where's the money, Bhura?

I really don't know, sir. I didn't steal your car.

I know you didn't.



You really have the nerve.

Your friends who stole the car they were such fools to leave the scooter behind.

I called the RTO.

Do you know who the scooter belongs to?

Who? It's stolen.

And there's just one stolen car dealer in town.


Now, tell me...

Hello. - Bhura. Babli speaking. All okay?

Yes. Where are you, Babli?

I'm on my way. I found the car, so I wanted to thank you.

And repay your favour too. You're my friend after all.

How? How? How?

I found a bag filled with notes in the car.

Consider it your return gift.

Come back.

There's no reverse gear in my life.

Once I'm on my way, I never turn back.

If you want the money, come to Delhi.

And listen, come soon.

The bag's really heavy.


Hello. Out of network.

"Sweetheart, take off those glasses."

"Look into my eyes."

"Sweetheart, take off those glasses."

"Look into my eyes."

'Baisakhi fair'

"Come on, come on."

"Without you I'll always be a bachelor."

"Come on, come on."

"Without you I'll always be a bachelor."

"Go away, go away."

"Go take a look at yourself in the mirror."

"Don't try to fool me."

"Go take a look at yourself in the mirror."

"Don't try to fool me."

"Come on. Come to me."

"Don't show attitude."

"Go away."

"Try your luck with someone else."

"Come on, come on."

"Without you I'll always be a bachelor."

"Come on, come on."

"Without you I'll always be a bachelor."

"Go away, go away."

"Go take a look at yourself in the mirror."

"Don't try to fool me."

"Go away, go away."

"Go take a look at yourself in the mirror."

"Don't try to fool me."

"Hey girl, you're so lovely."

"Your gait's so charming."

"Hey Romeo, don't be fooled."

"My gaits also explosive."

"Since I lost my heart, luck has shined on me."

"Go away, don't come after me."

"Why... why... why do you whistle?"

"My heart's racing like an engine."

"Why... why... why do you whistle?"

"My heart's racing like an engine."

"Go away, go away."

"Don't break the signal."

"Hit the brakes, stop right there."

"Go away, go away."

"Don't break the signal."

"Hit the brakes, stop right there."

"Take a peak in my heart."

"You will find your image."

"You can play with my emotions all you want."

"But you will definitely say 'I love you' in the end."

"I'm the star, this is my film."

"I'm going to marry you."

"Go away, your dreams will never come true."

"You tried, but couldn't find one."

"There's no one like me."

"Get lost, don't try to trick me."

"Come on, come on."

"Without you I'll always be a bachelor."

"Come on, come on."

"Without you I'll always be a bachelor."

"Go away, go away."

"Go take a look at yourself in the mirror... Don't try to fool me."

"Go away, go away."

"Go take a look at yourself in the mirror."

"Don't try to fool me."

"Come on. Come to me."

"Don't show attitude."

"Go away."

"Try your luck with someone else."

"It has been obsessed about her, doesn't realise its limits."

"It doesn't even differentiate between right and wrong."

"The stupid chap is being adamant."

"My insolent heart never listens to me!"

"My insolent heart never listens to me!"

I am out of breath!

How was it?

Uncle. You've grown old, but you still sing kids' songs.

I... the heart's still young, son.

Don't you know any patriotic song?

Like 'Sare Jahan Se Achcha'?

He knows 'Chikni Chameli'. Right. Show him. - Yes.


Is this what they teach you in police?

I don't want to be your son.

Don't get angry, son. Don't get angry.

We'll learn what they teach in television.

Isn't that right, Warden?

What can I say? It's the rule.

You can adopt Bablu only if he gives consent.

We don't force children. Not at all.

Say yes, son.

I'll get you admitted in the police force. IPS officer.

I don't want to be an officer. I want to be a mechanic.


Yes. Like brother Babli.

Babli? Yes, Babli.

He's one of the kids. He's an excellent mechanic.

He's been blessed by the Lord.

He lives with us, right here.

I see.

See. We're home.

It's Babli. Come on.

How are you, Aslam? Babli is back.


Babli, glad to see you. Come on. Run along.

Come in. Consider it your own home.

Hey, hero! Stupid. Get lost.

Wow, Babli!

That's my room. Shut up.

My mattress is full of springs. Gives out a great sound.

Yes? Who are you?

Your father. Inspector Chulbul Chautala.

And she's your mother. Head Constable Bulbul Chautala.

You forgot your kin really soon, Babli.

Want a slap?

You can tell your tale at the station.

So it's this car.

Sir, I've stopped stealing.

Where did you get this car from? Did your father gift it to you?

Sir, this was my car that was stolen.

You're coming along to the station as well.

The police couldn't find your stolen car then how did you find it?

Correct. Absolutely correct. Get in. Drive. Get in.

Sir, move back. Or I'll slap you. Just get in.

Her car. We'll see. Straight to the station.

Wasn't that Babli in the car?

Yes. Is he off to somewhere?

The police arrested him.

Where's Babli?

Sir, the police just arrested Babli.


Just wait and watch. I've made a strong report.

He'll definitely be jailed for seven years.

Or my name isn't Chautala. Sir.

Wait and watch.

Chautala! Stop yelling.

If you swallow a mosquito, I'll charge you for murder.

Sir, please let him go. He's turned to a new leaf.

No, he hasn't. He's gotten worse.

He stole a stolen car.

He didn't do anything wrong. You should thank him.

I came to you as well.

But being the police you don't do your job.

Instead you ask for bribe.

You should be ashamed. You are so corrupt.

Tell me one thing.

Can't we end this corruption with something?

How much?

Enough to make us helpless and close your lover's file.

What say?


Chulbul. Money! Money! Money! My Money!


What happened? Get lost.

Give your salutations and go home.

We managed to get you out with great difficulty. Come on.

Thank you, sir.


Go on. Let's get out before they change their mind. Come on.

Let's go.

What did you do?

They didn't let me go for free.

I gave them Chandel's money.

All of it?

What do you care?

You always ruin everything. What will I tell Bhura?

Make an excuse. It wasn't his money.

You should be thankful that you got out.

You're no life-saver.

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!

I guess you want to go home now.

Your mom must be waiting. Yes.

Go on then. You got your car. What else do you want?



Won't you give me a hug?

I'm sorry.

It took time for me to recognise you.

You're a nice man.



One more thing.

I know I'm spoilt, bitter, stubborn.

I've attitude. But I know how to love too.

I love you.

I was shy to say that.

Won't you make me shameless?

Oh no!

Titu, I... Didn't I tell you, Babli?

If you try to run with my money, I will find you.

Chandel. Where's Titu?

Right here. With us. We're showing him our hospitality.



I know he's in pain, I'm sure you're too.

Listen, let Titu go.

I... I will return your money.

Great. Don't think too much.

Come meet me at the same place we met before.

And hurry up.

The other children from the orphanage are waiting here too.



Bablu! Munna!




Bheem Singh Chandel was here.

He took Titu and the other children.

Did you steal his money?

Return his money, son.

Or he'll kill all the children.

173, 174, 175, 176...

I think it's more than 30 million in here.

Great going, Chautala.

This is a big retirement bonus for you.

Don't be crazy. You're 53 years old. - 177... 178, 179...

You can't endure all this happiness.

Go away, get some sleep.

180, 181, 182, 183, She's lost it.

184, 185, 186...

What did you break?

Down. Down.

Who is it?

Who is it? They'll beat you.

Come face me if you're a man.

Don't hide like a girl.

She heard it.

Why you...

Come out...

She has a gun.

Don't be scared.

Cover me.

Who is it?

Why did you leave this here?

It's heavy.

Babli, I won't spare you.

First free yourself.

I'm a police officer. You're a burden on this earth.

Let me go.

All that money's made you swell up. You'll rot in hell.

Don't insult me. I'm inspector Chulbul Chautala.

Shut up!

Just because your name is Chulbul, doesn't exactly make you fearless.

Let me go. - You got to show courage for that.

I request you. Let me go.

Fatty. I'm not raping you.

Relax! Babli, I will scream.

Bulbul. Let me go. You...

Try to understand. This is a serious matter.

What? - The children of my orphanage are in danger.

And it's all because of you and this money.

I'm going to do a good deed.

After that I'll earn an honest living.

Come on, bless me.

First, let me go.

Thank you. Now don't scream.

Let me go. Babli.

Bless me!

Babli. Babli...

Babli. Babli.

You will never learn.

Once a thief, always a thief.

You're one too. Thief.

Shut up.

Get in.

What have you done? Free him.

Otherwise I will shoot you. Free him.

Untie me.

How dare you? Free him.

Untie him. Hurry up.

Untie me.

Chautala. Are you okay?

Yes. Bravo.

Breathe. Take deep breaths. Just like Baba Ramdev.

Rascal. You almost killed my husband.

I will kill you. Kill you.

Stop, Bulbul. Stop.

Hand me the gun. I'm the inspector.

Kill him.

You have humiliated me, Babli. I will show you.

Now be honest. Where are the children?

Where are the children?

Chandel abducted them.

He's the money-laundering king of Chandigarh.

This money belongs to him. Liar.

I swear on my mom. But you don't have a mom.

Fine, I swear on you.

You're like my mom too.

No, I don't believe him. Chautala, don't get emotional.

He's playing with our emotions.

How can you ever be a mom?

You don't care about those children!

What are you doing?

You believe him. Shut up!

I always let you influence me and do wrong things.

Your hunger for money...

Babli, take the money.

Chulbul. Don't you believe me? Quiet.

I'm going with Babli. I'm not listening to you.

You're pointing a gun at me.

So it's come to this now. Are we strangers?

We'll settle this later.

It's time to save the children.

I'll go call control room, Babli. You go.

What's this?

I'll miss you, Chulbul.

Forgive me.

Take me along.

We're not going on a picnic.

It's been so long.

I never realised that I married a man.

For the first time you're going on a dangerous mission.

I want you to fight like a man.

Give me a good luck hug.

I'll show you what a man I am.

Come on.


From here I'll have to go alone.

My bluetooth's switched on.

I'll give a sign as soon as I get the kids.

This is my service weapon.

I'm handing it to you on my risk. Keep it, it might come in handy.

I do my job with love, not weapons.

Aren't you scared? They have weapons.

And I've your blessings. Have faith.

I'll return victorious.


Where are the children?

Walk straight.

Tell me, Timmy. I won't run away.

He's with some Timmy.

Babli, help us.

Babli. Babli. Babli. Babli.

Move on! Babli.

Save us. Move on!

Babli, help us.

I see everyone. But where's Chandel?


10-15 men, everyone's carrying weapons.

But still, you're holding the children captive in the cabin above.

Show some humanity.

The children are in the top cabin.

Here's your money and car keys.

Won't you ask why I did it?

What's the point? You made a mistake.

And in our business there's just one punishment for mistakes.


Don't I know? I watch movies too. Right?

But what's the point? You've the car and money.

Now just to satisfy your ego you will first kill me, then Titu, then the kids.

Why commit this sin?

You're a businessman, right? Think.

I'll advice you a new climax.

Let the kids go. I'll be your slave.

Like Timmy.

The difference is you pay him. But I'll make money for you.

I make 1-1.5 million a month.

My expenses are 50000. The rest is yours.

1.5 million in a month. So in a year that's...

18 million. Correct.

How much in five years?

90 million.

And interest too.

Well done.

What happened?

That Babli turned on us.

He joined hands with Chandel.

That's not true, sir. Babli's always kept his promise.

He will never do such a thing.

We'll know.

What are you thinking? I'm a talented guy.

My fingers are magical.

I can steal your stuff right below your eyes and you won't know.

Like... this.

Stop. Stop. Listen to me. Stop.

This is your gun, Timmy.

What nonsense! Check it.

Idiot. Timmy, shoo.

I could've shot him.

But I'm a romantic guy.

I don't like bloodshed.

I did this only to show my talent. Sorry.

What if I let the kids go and you run away?

You can kidnap me again. Kill me.

Don't you see? These children are my life.

I wouldn't have come here in the first place.

Why? Think, sir.

Let the children go.

Great, Mr Chandel!

Come out.

Fantastic, sir.

For the first time in history hero and villain compromised.

And there was no climax. Right.

Say it together, children.

Bheem Singh Chandel.

Everyone say Glory to Bheem Singh Chandel.

Say it together. Glory to Bheem Singh Chandel.

Say it together. Glory to Bheem Singh Chandel.

What the hell...


Take the kids.

Go up. Come on. Run!

Go up. Come on.

Beware, people. Police gives you one chance.

Hand over... - You dare trick me and call the police.

I didn't call police. You...

Gunshot! Fire!

Get down. Down!

Come on, kids.

Keep your heads down.

Hey, stop!

No, God!


Let's go. Let's go.

Titu. Get the kids in.

Get the kids out of here. And you?

I gave Chautala my word. I can't leave him in danger.

Go on. Babli.

Let's go.

You rascal!

Catch them!

Bulbul run!

You ruined everything, Chautala?

Why did you have to barge in like Dharmendra? - Quiet!

You're playing a double game with us.

You were joining hands with Chandel.

I heard everything over the phone.

It was a lie, Chautala.

Otherwise, why would I let you overhear it?

I'm on your side, try to use your brains.


Come out everyone and throw down your weapons.

Or this woman bites the dust.

Come on.

Hold fire. Hold.

Bulbul's my only wife. What do I do?

Give me the gun. Why?

Do you want to save her?

Yes. What will you do?

Have you seen 'Sholay'? Yes.

I will throw you at his knees and you throw dust in his eyes.


Come on.

Well done, Timmy. You did great.

You've got the queen and I got the king.

If anyone fires now, the police will be the first to die.

Come out, everyone.

Sir, all okay?

Throw down your weapons.

Do it.

Come on. You...

Apologise to him.

What are you looking at? Shoot him.


Shoot him.

Sir, I think we're out of bullets. Really?


Hit them!

I'll show you!

Don't spare him.


Come to me!

Hey, you!


I'm floored.

How did you suddenly turn into Sunny Deol?

Hurry up. We'll use this in our Maruti.

Rascals. Be quick.

There he comes. Throw stones at him.

Hit him.

Hit him. Keep hitting him.

Hit him.

I think he's seen the movie 'Gadar' too many times.

Rip it.

Rip it.

Come on!

Stop. Let go. Let go.

You dare hit an elderly woman.

I don't care.

"After all, You are my mother and father."

"You are my brother and my friend."

"You are the knowledge I seek and the wealth I yearn."

"You are everything I seek, Lord!"

"After all, You are my mother and father."

"You are my brother and my friend."

"You are the knowledge I seek and the wealth I yearn."

"You are everything I seek, Lord!"

"All hail Lord Ram!"

"All hail Lord Krishna!"

"All hail Lord Ram!"

"All hail Lord Ram!"

"All hail Lord Krishna!"

"All hail Lord Ram!"

"All hail Lord Krishna!"

Mrs Chautala!




Only cowards attack from the back.

How about a round with the father as well.



Babli, are you hurt?

Babli! Are you alright?

Yes. Are you okay?

Thank you for trusting me.

Here's the money.

What will we do with all this money?

You keep it.

It will help you in raising these kids. Right?

Don't you two want anything?

We do. We want you.

Take me to jail.

Not the jail. We want to take you home.


We want to adopt you. Me.

Ma'am, I weigh 80 kilograms. You can't lift me in your arms now.

Don't act smart. You can't refuse us.

No one showed you the right path sternly that's why you took this wrong path.

Today onwards, you've to stop all your shenanigans because you're going to live with us.

That's your punishment.

Say yes. Even your face matches with your new mom.

And if they arrest you...

We'll be lonely.

You don't get it, Titu.

Chautala, I'm shameless.

I don't get time from having fun, playing pranks.

I won't be able to adjust with you.

Hey... We'll adjust with you.

We'll be shameless.

You can test us.

Fine. Get ready.

Four... three... two... Oh no!

"It's nine o'clock, we're ready."

"With two shots of booze."

"It's nine o'clock, we're ready."

"With two shots of booze."

"Once you're high, you can't get down."

"It's crazy."

"Let's sway out of control."

"Squander all the money you got."

"We're as sweet as we're stubborn."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's sway to the beat."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"You may be a star, but we're no novice either."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's sway to the beat."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"This isn't the time to stop."

"It's no crime to dance out of control."

"Scream and shout and make a ruckus."

"This isn't the time to stop."

"It's no crime to dance out of control."

"Scream and shout and make a ruckus."

"Our hearts have united."

"Our destination's one."

"Hold my finger and adorn the ring."

"Knock me out with your eyes."

"Move to the beat without the rhythm."

"We're rustic, as we're modern."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's sway to the beat."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"You may be a star, but we're no novice either."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's sway to the beat."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's drink and... And sway."

"Rock your feet... And sway."

"Set the place on fire... And sway."

"Let's speed up... And sway."

"Let's drink and... And sway."

"Let's shake and... And sway."

"Let's be shameless... And sway."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's sway to the beat."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's drink and... And sway."

"Rock your feet... And sway."

"Set the place on fire... And sway."

"Let's speed up... And sway."

"Let's drink and... And sway."

"Let's shake and... And sway."

"Let's be shameless... And sway."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's sway to the beat."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."

"Let's raise our hands and sway."