Best Day Ever (2014) Script

We spend a lot of time worrying about career, money, what people will think of us, and if we'll ever find love.

After all, isn't that what life is all about?

Being in love?

If it's meant to be, two people will find each other.

Turning 50 makes a guy think...

Did I pick the right career?

Did I pick the right person?

Did I settle?

Did I force my life to go the way I think it should have gone?

What will I do with the rest of my life?

I only have about 35 years left.

TV: "I won't be a minute."


[woman on television] "I went to get the paper.

I turned the latch off!"

"I forgot to turn it on again..." [sobs] "He's out there... he was coming in!"

You look like you've had better days.

Is it because you're turning 50?

I don't know. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I feel disconnected.

Oh my god, dude, what happened to my life?

How did I get to be 50?

There's something about those two numbers.

I was OK at 49. I didn't feel anything, but just by those two numbers changing to 50... It's freaking me out.

It's just a number.

That's what you say... until it hits you.

"He's going through that mid-life crisis"

I never knew what it meant. I never thought it would be something I would have to deal with.

I didn't think I'd live this long.

What exactly is a mid-life crisis, anyway?

From what I can tell, It's when you hit that state of life where you question... if you've achieved your goals, rate your life on how happy you are, if you did what you set out to do by a certain age...

I think I'm going to throw up.

I don't guess you can understand, you're not there yet.

Look, man. You take life way too seriously.

You just got to go along for the ride.

I wish I could be like that.

I came from a poor family. I always wanted to have more... for my life.

But you seem like you have everything you could need.

You have a career... and Greg.

There's a lot you don't know about me and Greg.

Yeah, I know Greg is a complete dickhead.

I just think you can do better.

Are we still having your birthday party?

I guess. I don't care.

Can I bring my cousin, from Indiana?

Indiana? Yeah, I really think you guys will hit it off.

Indiana, huh? Farm boy, no doubt.

Yeah. He's a super cool guy, he's in between jobs right now and he wanted to come to town for a visit.

Sure, bring him along.

What's this?

The small town where I grew up.

My Great Grandma would take me and my brother every day in the summer to Foster's Freeze. She'd call it 'Foyster's Freeze'.

Between my Mom and my Grandparents, we had a whole lot of love.

My Dad didn't seem too interested in me and my brother.

From what Mom says, he never wanted kids.

I just don't understand what happened.

I was just 23! Look!

[birds chirping happily]

♪ 'Anytime' plays on the radio ♪

So, are we going to see your parents this summer?

You keep talking about it, but it never happens.

"Never Happens"? [scoffs] What do you mean it never happens?

Forget it.

I know your parents would like me. I'm sure they would, babe.

It's just...

It's complicated.

Sure it is, Greg.

Everything is complicated, isn't it?

That's what people say when, they need an excuse.

When they can't find one.

C'mon, Babe. They're going to meet you. I want them to meet you.

Sometime... when it's right.

It'll never be right.

Who's this?


That one's from my eighth birthday party.

My Dad thought it would be a great idea to have a pinata. I was blindfolded.

I finally broke the pinata, a kid shoved me out of the way to get the candy.

I cried, and my Dad scolded me.

To this day, I still do not understand the rules to pinata.

Why the birthday kid is blind when the candy falls.

Yeah, life's real tough when you're 8 years old.

Who's this little Chubbie-Wubbie?

This poor kid looks like he had too many tacos.

That's me, Greg.

I was overweight until I was 16.

Yep, it's an uphill battle, the older we get.

Weight. Wrinkles.

It's only going to get harder now that you're turning 50.

Hey, we're doing Saturday alone tomorrow, right? No business.

Yeah yeah yeah babe, just pick out some romantic movies.

I'll make breakfast for us when I get back from the gym and we'll have our alone day together.


On your day off?

Well, yeah, I mean I'll get back early. Go early.

You won't even be hereto sleep in with me. Great.

Hey, I'll be back in time for breakfast.

No, it won't be early Greg. It'll be 12 or 1.

You know, it's always the same.

Go to the gym, talk to your friends, work out, take some business calls, stop by the office and then you'll finally make it back here.

Look at me. I'm going to be a fatty if I keep eating the food and meals that you keep making for me.

Alright, maybe this is OK for you, but it's not OK for me.

That's what the gym is for Greg, to burn off the calories.

You know, I do 2 days at the gym, and 2 days walking. I'm not going to make myself a complete lunatic like you.

Look, babe. You don't have to get upset over this, I was just stating a fact.

Then you won't be needing this cake I made for you.

Hey listen. Come on, I didn't mean to make you feel bad. OK?

It's beautiful, alright?

That's exactly what I'm talking about. It's...

We have cake or pie once a week, Greg. Once a week.

Don't you think that...

Things are starting to come together on this deal.

That's good, Greg. Really great.

How are things in the, uh...

Indie movie business.

Kinda slow. The economy.

I had an hour long call with my distributor today.

Oh yeah? How did that go?

It didn't go like I hoped it would.

Hows that?

DVD is dying. Everything is going streaming, and people aren't buying.

They said they aren't sure they can take my next film.

They told me, in so many words, that they aren't interested.

They suggested that I go with another distributor.

That could be good?

There are just some business things to work through if I'm going to get this next movie made.

Maybe it's time for you to start doing something that could bring you some real money.

I... don't understand.

I've been doing this for 12 years, I bring in some real money.

I think it's time to stop playing Movie Guy, and maybe get serious about your life.

Before you get too old.

Greg, I love movies. I got into this business because I want to entertain people.

There are just some business things I have to work through.

Did I ever tell you how I got into this business?

I was 15 and some friends of mine...

You guys went and saw Jaws, I know. You've told me.

Do you love me?

Do I love you?

What kind of question is that?

Babe, I just think it's time that you do something.

Something you can enjoy the rest of your life.

You mean something you approve of? I don't have to approve of anything.

You've had your fun, you've made your little film projects.

Where did it get you? Look at you. 12 years older and you're still wishing you can be the next Spielberg.

Babe. There's only one Spielberg.

For your information, Greg, I'm completely aware that there is only 1 Spielberg.

You know, people aspire to be great film makers with big ideas.

But I've always been realistic about my career.

All I ever wanted was to make decent films.

I don't have to be Spielberg, I don't want to be Spielberg.

But we see a movie like Jaws and we say "Hey, that's what I want to do. Make movies!".

But it's a different world, Greg, things have changed. It's a different business... you have no idea how this business operates.

Now I'm fairly sure you have no idea who I am.

Look at me.

I went to college for 4 years.

I have a degree. Because my parents kept pushing me, to do something... to want something better.

So I finally got through it. I did it.

I made something of myself.

I just wish... You wish I had done something with my life.

That I had taken a different road?

That I'd finally see the light?

So you could be proud of me, show me off to your parents. Right?

You're not proud of me.

I know you wish you didn't have to be embarrassed of me around your stuck up Ivy League friends.

So I'll ask you again.

Greg, do you love me?

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings.

It wasn't my intentions.

What were your intentions?

I guess I have my answer.

Your answer. What does that mean you have your answer?

If you love me. Babe, you know I love you.

Look, I have this business trip coming up. Can we just talk about this when I get back, please?


Maybe we should break up for awhile, you know?

Just until you figure out whatever it is that you want.

I'm here for you, if you want to talk, but you need a break from me.

Ya know? We have so many differences.

You could use some time to do some soul searching.

We could talk about it more when I get back.


[yawns] I'm going to hit the sheets.

I mean, I can stay with Jack and Hannah for a few weeks until we get us worked out.

They have an extra bedroom.

[Greg snoring]

OK, you look like a sad puppy today. Are you going to tell me what's going on?

Did something happen between you and Greg?

We broke up. I guess. I don't know.


He left on a business trip. He wants me to work on my life's plan while he is away.

Go ahead. Say it. What?

Finally! I mean... Oh... God... what happened?

Didn't he like his dinner.

I don't know. I'll figure this all out and let you know.

I'm sorry. I know this must be hard for you. I'm your best friend and I should be supportive, but it's no secret that I did not like Greg.

I don't know what you saw in him. He is a cold bastard.

I'm sorry if that doesn't make you feel better, but it makes me feel better.

Come on, you're such a genuinely nice guy and I hate seeing you so upset all the time.

This is a good thing! You'll see! And my cousin is still coming to visit and will be staying with me for a while.

I want you to meet him.

[laughs] What? Come on, he's a loner, you're a loner.

You guys would be great friends.

I just broke up and you've already got me dating?

No, no not dating. He's just a coold guy, and frankly...

I .. don't even... know if he's into guys.

Uh, maybe.

He's shy, and I think people take advantage of him.

I want to see him with someone great. He means a lotto me. OK?

Listen, I'll have him message you.

You know, I think you settled when it came to Greg.

I didn't settle.

I don't think I did.

I thought I was in love with him.

James, I'm almost 50. I'm supposed to be happy and in love. You know?

I see this in a lot of people, you know? People would rather be sort of OK and they'll do whatever it takes just to not be alone.

Do you really want that?

Do you want to sort of be in love and sort of not in love and completely unfulfilled?

You know, he always just wanted to be romantic when it was on his terms.

I, frankly would rather be single and liberated than unhappy and disconnected for the rest of my life.

There. I said it, mister.

I guess I never expected much because I didn't want to let myself down.

I don't know what to do.

Things are just getting to me.

You know what?

See this, James? Do you know what this is?

It's a state-issued food stamp.

My mom used to have to use these to feed me and my brother when we were kids.

That's nothing to be embarrassed about.

That's great James. The point is, I carry this with me to remind me to work hard in my life and never let this happen to me.

It mocks me and reminds me that if I use this I have failed as a man.

I don't know what the answers are, can you tell me?

I'm going to make damn sure I don't end up on food stamps.

I'm almost 50 years old.

I'm supposed to be financially secure.

I'm supposed to have a husband, and a dog and be enjoying a Doris Day Life!

I don't know.

I guess I'll get another job to help out until things get better.

Oh, and I got another call back from another distributor today.

They said they will take my next movie if I'll do a 50/50 deal plus pay all of the marketing costs. This business is a trap!

Well did you tell them no? Of Course! It won't even cover the movie's costs... it's ridiculous!

I just want my camera crane shot over the Kansas wheat fields.

Okay, come on. You need a drink.

I need a drink. Great. I'm going to be a drunk just like all the other writers and directors.

Well, at least you will be part of a crowd that's lonely at the top.

Come one, things'll be OK David.

You know, life has it's own plan, I guess. And Greg isn't worth giving up hope for.

Maybe life has a new future mapped out for you, something completely different.

A new husband, maybe? [clink]

All my friends used to try to get me to go out to bars and clubs.

"You'll never find anyone if you stay at home."

I used to think I would be single all my life, and I was OK with that.

Then I met Greg.

I thought he was the one.

You know, I jused to joke that I was holding out for my Indiana farmboy?

Hey, you know, I'm from Indiana. There are some really good people there.

Oh, GOD no way. No way! Haha I reckon the Gods have something else in mind for us.

Come on. Let's go make some margaritas and get smashed!

Things'll be OK David. I promise.

[typing & clicking]

[knock knock knock]

Hi, uh... Shane!

Hi, David, yes hi. Hello.

It's nice to meet you, in person. Yeah, you too.

Welcome. Sorry, come on In.

Can I get you a drink or something? I've got water/coke/beer...

I'll have a beer. Thanks. Have a seat.

So, you said on Facebook that you were really into video games?

Yeah. Yeah, I play them all the time.

[both at once]


So, you like horror movies.

Yeah, mostly 40's and 50's sci-fi horror.

Oh, I love those. I'm a big fan of 70's horror movies.

Race with the Devil, Piranha...

Oh my god, you are an awesome person, Hove those memes.

You know, talking to you on facebook, I couldn't believe the number of interests that you and I had in common.

That's pretty cool.

I'm a huge Peter Cushing fan.


Oh, I see. You don't know who he is.

I'm embarrassed. I should know who he is.

It's Ok, you are younger than me by...

I guess I'm more familiar with 80's movies.

I used to sleep in the living room, so I'd watch a lot of TV.

Oh yeah?

Yeah, my family was pretty poor, so we always lived in small places.

My parents and sisters would get the bedrooms.

I never thought much about it. I guess I always thought it was pretty cool.

I guess I could watch movies anytime.

I read a lot too. I read a lot.

Are you close with your family now?

Yeah, yeah I am. My parents gave me and my sisters a lot of love. We had a pretty good upbringing.

I had a... similar youth.

We moved a lot as kids.

My dad decided he wanted to be a pentecostal preacher.

We lived in a lot of towns, and a few states.

So I'd stay up late at night and watch Creature Feature.

They showed a lot of horror movies. I was hooked.

Eh, I'm rambling.

No no no, I like hearing you talk. I just don't know all there is to know about horror movies.

The rest of my time is spent playing retro videogames.

Oh, retro games.

Yeah, I'm a big fan of 70's and 80's games.

I have, hundreds of them.

My folks couldn't afford the cartridges. I'd get them one or two a year.

Birthday, Christmas...

I'm sorry, I don't know what to say. I don't do well with a lot of people. I'm very shy, I get nervous...

Oh no, you're doing fine. You're doing fine.

Yeah, I'm not the most social guy myself. I've had to be, but I don't like it much.

Domestic type. Be in your own safe environment, then you don't have to talk to people.

Exactly. You get it.

I feel bad I've never heard of you.

You mean my movies?

Yeah. I looked you up, and then I knew.

Don't feel bad. How would you know about me?

I'm just a small indie film maker.

I did make one thriller. It did well at first. Then tanked.

It was supposed to be a silly, tounge-in-cheek ghost story.

I guess everyone wants everything perfect. Sex, Gore... "More sex! More Gore!"

It's hard to figure out.

A lot of my fans want me to make more romance/dramas.

Since most of them are about small-town life, I guess I'd like to live most of them myself.

You should try the midwest! Indiana? Eh?

Heh, sorry, that was stupid.

I'd like to see your movies. Maybe on our next movie night?

How about you watch them alone and then you can judge them in privacy.

Ha Ha.

Hey, do you got some time to stay? For awhile?

I've got some frozen pizza...

Could put on some movies...

Uh, yeah. I don't have anything else to do today.

Pizza sounds great.

Yeah? You pick out the movies and I'll get the pizza in the oven.

So you say you like older videogames.

Yeah, I have been doing so since I was little.

I'm not very coordinated. I get... stressed with videogames.

Wanna play one?

You mean a videogame? Right now?

Yeah, right now, don't look so terrified.

Yeah. Here.

I don't know about this. It's all right. No one is watching and I won't make fun of you.

We'll start with something easy. Ok, what do I do?

So... left.

Just start going forward.

Go forward. It's this one. Oh.

Back... wait, no wait.. Ohhhh...

Up? No, gotta start over. That's alright.

Ok. Take it.

And this pushes the.. No no, go forward with that, and this steers.


Good, Good. You have 2 lives.

No no, come back... No... you do it.

All right, watch. You push forward, I'll steer.

Ok, push... Ok.. that's not going to work.

Oh, no, you fire! Please. Ok.

Push. Ready? Go right.

Ok, now stop.

Jump up. See? Yeah.

Wait. No. Wait...

Great cake, David! Happy birthday!

Where's the mister today?

Mmm. He's gone. On a business trip. And from David's life. Isn't that right, David?

What? Thanks, James.

We're just celebrating the old days gone of David being jerked around by Greg, and celebrating his new life full of happiness.

How come I didn't hear about it before now?

Sorry Ace, I'm not sure if it's final.

Oh, but it is final, isn't it David?

So, what happened? How did this come to be?

Oh, yes David. Please tell us how this all came to be.

[sighs] So, how's the cake?

So, how are you doing with it, David? Turning the big 50?

Scared? Frantic? Having panic attacks every 8 hours?

Yes, it's true. I'm now 50.

How's that working out for you?

Ok, you want to know how I'm handling it?


It seems life doesn't go according to plan. Does it Ace?


By the time I was 14, I knew I wanted to make movies.

By the time I was 16, my parents were divorced, and I had to put my dreams aside.

I went to work at other jobs, to help my mom and brother.

My dad had left us in his mid-life crisis, and he didn't give my mom one penny to support us.

So, she had to work 3 jobs to raise 2 teenage boys.

If not for my grandparents helping us, well...

So, by 18 I had no money for film school. I wasn't even sure, then, if that's what I even wanted to do.

But, I knew one thing.

By age 20, I would someday meet a great guy.

Have a wonderful husband.

Three dogs.

A country house, complete with a Doris Day pool and garden. [laughs]

That's what I was sure would happen. At least, I hoped it would, anyway.

So I've lived in four different states. Eighteen different houses in twelve different towns.

Still, I've managed to keep my vision clear this whole time.

Doing films, striving for that big break. Having that house in the country and... now I'm 50.

I live in a condo.

That Greg owns.

And he doesn't seem to love me.

Somehow, I don't think my life plan is going to happen.

Is that about right? Did I cover everything? James?


Anyone want more cake?

I guess that's what you call a mid-life crisis.

You know, I always wondered what I had to look forward to.

I never thought I'd get older, you know?

Especially in my early twenties, I mean, who did?

I remember people telling me that when I turned 25, the years would go by so... fast.

That was 14 years ago.

God. I'm going to get older.

There's no way out of it.

I just... In 5 years from now I'm going to be in the middle of my life.

I don't know how I'm going to handle that.

Oh god, now I'm depressed.

You need some more frosting. Here, have some more cake. [all laughs]

You know what? If I'm going to get old and die, why does it matter how much money I make or how many calories I eat?


Well, I keep going. I keep trying.

I keep thinking.

You know? Maybe it is time I do something else with my life.

I've got about 35 years left. If my health holds out.

You know, I never thought I'd live to hear the words:

"You really should get a colon exam at your age." Hahahahahaha

I never thought I'd that I'd hear you saying that you were worrying about 50.

That has kind of taken me aback.

I don't understand.

Life is phases we go through.

50 is a phase.

This is the great time of life, in your 50's.

Because you have this background.

Half a century of background.

Now you can take what you learned and put it into real use.

We're talking about your career.

This should be the highlight of your career time.

It should be.

And I know it probably will be if you got your act together.

50 is irrelevant.

78 is irrelevant.

30 is irrelevant.

[whispers] And 40 is irrelevant.

That's all.

Just stages. In our life, that's all.

Oh god, you guys get me going on stuff like this. Cramp.

What am I going to do with you? I'm going to hit you with my purse, that's what I'm going to do with you.

But I love you, you know that.

And I'm so glad you chose me to be your friend.

It's the best thing in the world.

Well, I'm never getting old.

Sorry, I don't really do jokes.

I don't know.

To be honest, I never really minded getting older.

I made peace with the very simple truth that one day I'll die.

No real way of changing that.

You know, Ace, like you said. I'm in my... uh...

I'm in my 30's.

I'm in my 30's phase. I'm right in the middle of that.

It's been good so far.

I'm pretty lucky in that I have a pretty teriffic family.

I know that no matter what, I'm going to always be happy-

Of which one member is sitting right in front of me.

I have as good as a cousin as I could ever hope for.

Yeah. But... I don't know... I mean...

I guess if worse comes to worse, I could just marry a videogame. [laughs]

That's pretty much the definition of my happiness.

Who knows, David.

Maybe there's a greater purpose in your life.

Maybe you just don't know it yet.

And it's right in front of you.


[clears throat]


Happy Birthday!

Hey... uh...

I... I didn't know if I should come by.

It's your house.


Yeah, it's just... I want you to stay here.

Until... uh...


If there's a future.


So, uh...

How are things?

Alright. Yeah?

I guess.

I've been doing a lot of thinking. Oh yeah? You know what? Me too!

Yeah, I've been doing a lot of thinking.

Yeah, umm.. I mean.. Look...

It was wrong of me to say some of those things to you. I get that. I know.

If you want to eat junk food... I shouldn't pick on you.

And I should support you.

Your career choices.

I know.. maybe... sometimes... you can be a little too sensitive...

I don't think I'm too sensitive.

Even if I am... I just want to be sure that, sometimes, my life is the one I want with the person I want.

You know, Greg, I have busted my ass for years to make something of my life.

I'm not sure sometimes if I'm doing it right, but shouldn't that be OK?

If I talk it out. If I'm allowed to express my thoughts and my feelings.

Yeah, fine. Look, listen... that's great.

I want you to do that, and if you want me...

I can be that for you.


Just give me another chance.

How about we have your birthday dinner together.

Just the two of us.

Tomorrow night.

I'll give you a break from me tonight.

Tomorrow can be you and me.


I have to think about things.

[softly] Think about it.

Eh? Eh? [laughter]

Maybe there is hope for us. Yeah, that's all I'm asking.

Come on.

You know, I'm really not as bad as your friend James makes me out to be.



Once you and I get worked out...

Maybe you and I can figure out how to get you back to school...

[kiss] and then work on a new career.

Improve on your life a little bit.



Take away some of that insecurity that you have. You know?

I know you aren't as happy as you could be.

You just need to make some changes.

[loud yawn] Oh, boy.

Well.. [sniffs] I'd better get going.

It's up early, and back to they gym before work.


[mild laughter]

Hey, Greg...

You really had me there.

That you really care about me, my life, all of things you said...

I think what you want is someone who... you can show off.

Someone you can take home to mom and dad.

Someone who is pretty and well-built. Someone who is scrubbed up and... your equal.

But that person isn't me. What are you saying?

I like who I am.

I like that I was raised by my mom and my oakie grandparents.

I like that I come from a good upbringing.

You know, maybe we didn't have everything, but I had what I needed.

You'd never want to take me home to your parents.

I'm not from the right side of the tracks.

You know, maybe I don't make enough money, but maybe I never will.

Maybe I'll always like fried baloney sandwiches and walks in the country.

At the end of the day I can live with my choices.

I need to make the right choice...

."about us.

You're saying no?

I'll stay with James until I get this figured out and...

No no no no, it's fine, it's fine.

Just stay here, whatever. [sniff]

A week, two weeks, it's fine.

[water running]

[rain, wind & thunder]

[honk honk]

so I moved to Oregon, for a year to help my grandfather.

Wound up living there for three years.

Wrote a few of my scripts there.

In the cold of winter.

I had no friends, no social life.

Just me and my dog.

I was glad to do it. Glad to help my grandpa through his final years.

It humbles you fast when you see how fast life goes.

When we all end up in the same position when we're old.

You were really great to do that.

A lot of people would have never even gotten involved.

My parents were really great to me and my sisters.

I was just a happy kid playing videogames.

Other than wanting us get good grades in school and be good people, They never pressured us to do anything that didn't make us happy.

Maybe I should have worried more about the future, or had bigger goals.

I'm basically happy.

When I was twelve, my dad came to me and said that we were moving again.

He had a new job, so we had to move to the next town over and change schools. The whole thing.

We used to have this cool, blue Chevy van, 1980's model.

One day, on his way to the plastics factory, the drive train broke, so he called to say that he would be late.

So, after three years with the company...

Perfect job record -Never missed a day -Never called in late -Never was sick.

The dickhead called him and said to not even bother coming in.

He always felt bad that he was just a worker bee.

He always wanted more for us.

After seeing how my dad never did much with his life... I wanted more.

He called me a dreamer, told me to get real.

Get a job, any job. Making movies won't pay the bills.

You should be proud of what you have done. It's more than most people.

It seems like you have really busted your ass for all of these years.

Never expected or wanted to get rich. I just wanted to do what I love.

Aren't you doing just that?

Make a movie every year or so, live the life the way you want?

So your plan didn't take you to be a big time Hollywood director.

OK, so you're an Indie film maker, with some really good films under your belt.

I mean, hey, most good films come from guys like you.


Oh, um... I should probably get going. You probably want to get to bed.

Oh, no no no! I'm going to be up for hours. I usually stay up to one or two in the morning, playing videogames.

Plus, it's pouring out.

You know what? I'd love another beer.

Hey, uh... Um...

I'm going to a film festival next weekend. They are showing one of my movies.

They're giving me a free place to stay... and I didn't know if you wanted to go with me and.. Yes.

I would love to go. That would be... cool.



[birds chirping, car tires on wet roads]

"Looks like eight or ten out there now."

"There are a lot out back too!"

[glass breaking, dramatic music]

You know, this movie really scared the crap out of me when I was a kid.

They're coming to get you, Barbra!

You do that really good. Ha! Thank you.

There you go again, making me think you are this awesome guy that has the same interests as me.

You really notice details. You're smart.

Oh, you! Go on.

Plus, I don't think most people would say I'm smart.

Sometimes people confuse social anxiety or shyness for being dumb or stuck up, but...

You know what... that's their issue.

I think you're a great guy.

I've only known you a couple of weeks.

Believe me, by the time you turn 50, you really shouldn't care about what people think of you.

I really liked the movie. Uh... Your movie.

I liked being a part of it. The film festival, I've never been to one.

It always makes me a bit anxious, having to talk to a room of about two hundred or so people.

You pulled it off well.

The story really moved me. You're a good writer... sincere.

Small town, down home.

I've tried other styles, but I keep hitting blocks.

I keep coming back to small town life. Places where most of us come from.

People must like your movies.

I don't know... I guess.

I keep getting ripped apart in reviews, for being sappy.

So what? Life IS sappy at times.

Plus, that's just some person's opinion.

You'd love it in Indiana.

Perfect place to write, small town. Four seasons means four books.

Indiana, huh?

I always liked the midwest.

Small towns.

Older buildings and front porch houses.

Well, it's just something to think about.

"Doctor Grimes, your entire staff has been working very hard to find a solution to what's been happening."

You know, this is one of the first horror movies I ever saw, back in the 70's.

Back in the olden' days.

When movies were good, there was no cable.

Just 3 networks and a few local TV stations.

David, that was a really really really long time ago.

I know. Ha!

I'm an old man shane. Older than you by a lot.


David, 50 is not that old.

Are you bugged that we can't be friends because you are 15 years older than me?

Age is just a number, it doesn't matter.

15 years is a pretty huge gap.

Different tastes, different ways of thinking.

David, age really doesn't matter.

To me, at least. When I look at you, I don't see your age, all right?

[crunch crunchity crunch crunch]

I... just have to ask you something.

I'm sorry for being so forward.

James is really concerned about me, and he is a good friend to me and a great cousin to you.

But... [exhales]

I don't know if you're straight... or... gay...

He thought that we might get along great, that we might be perfect as friends.

I don't know, I never got around to asking him.

He seems to think that, maybe you are.

I guess. I don't know.

[sighs] I'm sorry, you know we're just going to be... friends, then“.

And that's good with me.. that's good...

[beautiful music plays] [kissing sounds]

[*SMACK*] AH! Oh, I'm sorry!

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! No, no, It's alright!

Are you OK? It's OK, It's OK!

It's OK! Kiss me, quick!



I'm having so much fun with you.

You know what, mister, I'm having fun with you too.

I don't think I've had this much fun in a long, long time.

You're funny. You're sweet.

You're kind, and you're damn hot. [laughter]


Haha... that's rich!

Look, David, you are a very hot man!

I'm a man that's getting old.

Oh, David, not the age thing again. I thought we talked about this.

I don't know how to get past that.

We've known each other for such a short time.

I am completely and absolutely crazy about you.

But you are 15 years younger than me.

I have no expectations, I mean... look, wait. I know, I remember what it was like.

You are just having fun, and that's OK. David, David...

We talked about this.

Age doesn't matter to me.

Alright? It really, really doesn't. Age really is just a number.

I think James is right.

I think we are just perfect for each other.

And I'm crazy about you.

I'm not going to go second guessing it because you are too old, or because I'm too young. Alright?

I don't know what's been going on here since I met you, but I

I've never been this happy before in my life.

I want you to be happy.

David, the universe wants you to be happy.

Alright? Do what you want in life.

Make a lot of money. Make no money. Make some money. Make all the money.


What matters is that you have done good.

And that you have done good for others. That can only come from having a good heart, which you have. [sniffle]

I just never believed I'd meet anybody that would like me for me.


That I deserved to be happy. Why?

Oh, I don't know.

My dad...

I guess I never felt that he approved of me.

I mean, maybe he loved me in his own way.

If he ever told me... just once... if I ever meant anything to him.

I never knew if I was... important.

Well you are very important to me.


Uh, listen.

I know you are going through some stuff right now.

But, um... I'm pretty sure I want to spend the rest of my life with you.


How's it hanging there, guy?

You're looking pretty serious today, whats going on with you?

It's Shane.

The young man, huh?

It's getting really serious.

Serious is good.

Ace, he's 15 years younger than me.

Well, as the young people say, BFD. You know?

You cannot look at age the same way that society does.

You are smarter than that.

Patrick was 23 years younger than me.

And guess what?

I'm still here.

You cannot think about your mate in any other way than just:

'This is today! We are in love and today is our day!

And you go through life every day that way.

That's it.

Do you run into problems? Hell yes.

Life isn't a bowl of cherries.

It's got a lot of pits in it too.

You know, he wants to move to Indiana?

Been there done that kind of thing too. Mmhmm.

Can't tell you how many times Patrick and I moved in those 12 years that we were together.

Plenty. Was it all his, all mine? No. It was ours.

We had to come to an agreement.

As far as Indiana? I wouldn't move there. I came from a farm in South Dakota.

I don't want to move back to the farm country again.

As much as I love it.

If I go to Indiana, I... I won't be able to see you.

Do people have.. cars and trains and airplanes now?


Aha! Yeah. They do.

I could see you, you could see me.

Time is irrelevant, age is irrelevant. It's two human souls getting together.

You jump at it.

Don't you dare talk your way out of this.


Hello Indiana.

David's Voice: "We all strive for the perfect life."

It's not about money, or fame.

It's about the kind of person we become.

Every choice we make, takes us down a different road.

When I'm on my deathbed and I reflect, I just want to be sure I made a difference in the world.

In someone's life.

"That I didn't just... take up space."

Hey there, mister.

You ready to go?

You are my best friend.

I never dreamt the two of you would fall in love.

But, I'm so happy you did! You guys mean the world to me.

So, no long goodbyes, no tears or anything. I love you both.

And I just know you two will be together forever.

I just know these things, alright?

I wish you'd come with us.

You guys had better get going!

By the way... I put in my job notice.

I'll be there in three months. I couldn't be without my two best friends, now could I?

What just happened?

We're really going to do this...

We are all packed up and moving to Indiana.

My folks are excited to meet you and I can't wait to show you off.

What? What's wrong?

You really love me, don't you? Because I really love you with all my heart.

Are you sure you want to do this? What?

I just want to thank you.

For giving me love and support... and a new third act in my life.

I thought I'd die alone, an old man.

Thanks for taking care of me when I'm old and feeble when I can't take care of myself.

Well... I'm just doing it for the insurance money.

I love you.

I love you. No matter what we have to go through.

I can't imagine not spending every day of every year forever with you.

The day I met you my world changed.

It was lonely, I just existed.

David's Voice: "I actually got my farmboy from Indiana."

I never thought it would take me 50 years to find my true love.

But maybe that whole fate thing is true.

The day we met was the best day of my life.

"And now, every day is the best day ever."