Best of the Best 4: Without Warning (1998) Script

Best of the Best 4 Without Warning

remain Stand. Open the coolers.

Walk on.

Lunch is here.

Anyone hungry? Hell Yeah.

How is here.

We have sandwiches. With ham and eggs.

Motherfuckers, get down! Right now!

All units! Rushed to the station, code red!

I'm ready!



Traffic, sign up!

Traffic lights are on tilt! What's going on?

Car 211. Runners are hurt!

We are being attacked! Do you hear me!

Car 211. We can not come.

All units to Union Station. You will hear from us!

Lights on!



That's settled then!

Come on! Find it!




American secrets.

My god!


Can I get what I want? Almost everything.

I want a monkey. You already have one.

A real monkey. Want no pop or something?

I know! I want a cake have that mommy made last time.

With Coconut over it. I think I can make.

I want you to make it. And do not buy. Promised?


But under one condition. I make him if I can carry it to the monkey.

You're the monkey! I'll get you! I'll get you!

You have to go now! See you monkey.


Dad... - Yes, honey.

Can I give this to Mom? That makes her happy.

Do you see the blue and red fibers? For Sure.

Left brand lines.

The micro code from the collar Franklin.

Everything is there.

But... This is waterproof.

This is in fact not a counterfeit. The disc is really paper is also real.

Why take a risk to make false while with the proper resources you can make real bills?

Give it a try!

Give me that money.

If the suspected weapons against you use .. let him kneel down and shoot him down.

The reason the police have hired me is to improve your technique and defend yourself without using your weapon.

I show an example. Sit down.

As someone with a knife attack then you have more choices.

Go turned left standing.

Take the knife... or... stand right reversed.

Calm down, calm down...


Moment that knife back suits him. Okay, go up again.

Wait there.

Without shoes and definitely not smoking. I'm afraid so.

Smoking can kill. What do you mean by that?

May I interrupt just to talk to my size.

Take it easy. Why do you do so? He is our instructor.

They're dead.

From the paper transport? Right.

Now fall.

What we do? Think first. We'll talk later.

Is good.

Do not worry, son. I was also a rookie.

And now look what I've become.


Will not you join again?

Is good.

Suppose I myself play.

And you're a homeless cockroach. This is not so difficult, right?

If I wanted then you were already dead.

Yes, but you would now sing soprano.

If I wanted this.

Listen heroes. Learn this nonsense but...

Remember one thing: The criminals have guns.

We use weapons. End.

Lucas, father would be proud of us.

I know, brother.

Let's look at the new penny. Good.

Put everything quietly and take a break.

Sara, they pay a lot of money, but I can not go through here.

What should I do?

Mickey, get me the disc and I bring him to justice.

But be careful!

Where are you going Mickey?

I break now. I want some food.

No one may leave the premises.

Vertouw not you know me?

You can search me.

Boris, give me some peace.

20 minutes.

Listen Jack, I want your friend not thwart but... how a guy like him become a cop?

My friend...

No, I can not call him my friend. Partner... yes.

Friend no. Actually, I think that he has no friends.

Do you think really?

Tommy, he's a good cop.

I have to admit he's an outsider. He is therefore a A.O.D.

What is A.O.D.? Arogante vulgar droplul.

He treats everyone as waste.

Sara! Where are you?

Hi, Sara. You know what you must record.

The name, number, shoe size .. Please take in!

Quick, quick, quick! Damn It!



Hi, Jules!

Jules, I can this thing just robbery without you noticing!

I know where you live Tommy!

And I have a gun under the counter in case.

I'm afraid of!

What do you want?

I want advice.

Women! Treat them tenderly!

No women. Good.

Gamble than in Dallas.



I want to know how to make a cake.

Butter, sugar, flour, eggs, mixes it, you cook it and eat it.

Is that all? That's all.

Thank you Jules.

Oh my god!

I have it!

Wait! Stop!

Sorry Jules.

I need Coconut.

Third hallway left.

Here are the coconuts.

And who might this cake be?

For Stephanie.

How old she is. Five? Six.

Six years?

Enjoy it while you can. It can suddenly be over.

I do that too. How's Mickey?

I'm worried.

Do not worry she's smart.

That's right. Papa. Dad!

Daddy, help me! What is it?

Mickey, Mickey, quiet. What is up?

Oh my god!

Thunder Jet on here.


Do you also want the Heroism like your fat friend?

She's a bad girl! She ran away!

Or not then, huh?

Please. Let them do my pain.

Alseblieft no!


Jules! Mickey, call the police!

Jules, talk to me!

Tommy, I can not call the police. I am involved!


No, stay down! Stay with your father.

Tommy, no!


My god!

Mickey! Mickey!

I go get help! Yes, yes, it is good!

Mickey! Mickey! Oh my God!

Let her go, Jules! No!

Did she give something? Anything? No, nothing!

That's what you are, nothing. Why are you such an asshole?

Motherfucker? Let me make clear what Azieƫr, I'm the good one.

I give help. I protect. That's my job.

I've been doing this long enough. Make you're gone.

Tommy, how is it? he comes on top? Yup.

Go home and try to rest.

We will contact you when we know more , right?

Let me know. Is good.






Mr. Slava...

Did you get it?

There were some problems. Throwing!

There was this guy...

One guy has you stopped for what I asked you?

Do you know how me this every hour will cost by the failure of you?

It does not happen anymore. I agree.

Absolutely agree.

I swear I recall it! I believe Boris.

And now gone! Thank you, sir.

Have you heard? Go!

Sir, I am very grateful.

I would have slain him. That you certainly did.

That would have been wrong.

Scare A man is easy. Anyone can do that.

But to trust to forgive his mistakes and him he will keep you always faithful.

You, me and dad in a big house.

Trees, horses and monkeys!

Guess where dad now works! Do not you know it? He is going to make a cake.

As you made that .. Studded with coconut on top.

Just look at your goal and you achieved success.


That's not bad. He is slightly off to the left.

I will arise it.

The five.

What's his name?

The three.

What's his name?

Why do you put your life on the line and tell you his name?

You bastard, you killed my daughter.

I tell you anything.

Damn say his name.

His name is Tommy Lee.

I have spoken with the indicator of the police.

Slim done Boris. Great.

You see Yuri? That's what I mean.

Take an example here.



The best chefs are men.

Not true. Did not you know?

Do they know themselves then? Very funny.

Would you prefer a banana than a cake. No!

Would you like that?

Daddy are you weird. Yet some paper.

Do this in the bin.

Trash... Trash...

This should be in the basket... go with three seconds left...

Will he score? He's going to score!

Three! Two! One! He throws.

Yes. And scored!

I open it! Sweetheart, ask first, OK?

Who is that?

Sorry girl, is your mum or dad home?


Yes. What is up?


I'm a collector. Do you have a gift for the poor?

Honey, you can take a dollar from my wallet ?

Is good Dad.

I make the chain loose, okay?

Course. You can not be too careful. The whole society has become unsafe.


Daddy, I'm scared!



What do you want from me? Give me the disc!

I think you're in the wrong. I do not know what you mean.


Dad... Baby!

Let's go!

Daddy, the keys.

What is it?

There's nothing!

Nothing to worry about. We go.

Daddy, my monkey.

Is there nothing? No music?

I do not think so. I'm going to call.


Hello Sara. You know what to omit.

Name, number, shoe size...

Speak after the beep.

Why did you not tell us before?

I knew nothing about this band.

The only thing I wanted to do was make a cake .

Does anyone else here?

No. But there is one thing.

Vordat Mickey died, she said the police can not be trusted.

What does she say that?

Have you heard about the robbery? The transport.

They were paper or something to carry.

True. But...

They say it was set by the police.

You also know by whom? Yup.

I can not tell you, Tommy. This is a police matter.

Police Case? We are bombarded tonight!

And someone who knew as a child is now dead.

And you can not speak to me say about this?

Who do you protect Jack?

Tommy, your friend was killed today.

If a corrupt cop is involved and has been in your apartment...

What are you saying? It is my responsibility and I will get him.


It is Gresco right? Damn It.

As I said... I'll handle this.

You're a good guy, Jack.

Why I wear a badge.

Listen you need a shelter until this is over.

I have place in me. No, I do not want to be a burden.

What do you mean? Come to friend.

Where else do you have friends?

He shot him.

Dad, what was that sound? Nothing to worry about. Go to sleep.

Father Gil!

Tommy? Father.

I must speak to you.

Detective Gresco, it just came.

Are you sure? It's all right.


I will not be long.

Meanwhile, as long as you stay with Father Gil.

I do not want you to go. Honey, I want either.

But I need to know who the bad guys were who were in our house.

And if something happens to you?

Nothing will happen. Promise?

Promised! Give me a hug!

Dad, I can not breathe.



Take care of yourself. God bless you.

Gentlemen, be extremely careful!

Bring me this cockroach!

That is all.

Hey, Detective Gresco.

I can not believe that Tommy Lee. This is nonsense.

Listen rookie. Jack and I were already 15 years in the police.

You were then masturbating on a women.

Lee is as guilty as what I get him!

Stop Gresco!

Hey! Jesus!

Think you can handle it? Yup.

He killed one of us.

What more could you want?

I have the...

What? You Bastard!

How dare you to throw at me? Come here!

Stay away from me!

You're hurting me!

Remember. Without me you have nothing. No car, no clothes, no money.


Pick that up!

I'm taking!

What is this?

Drained cell phone numbers.

I know who Mickey rang!

Well done!

My dearest.

You may go.


Do not forget to close the door. As you know I'm a little shy....

Hello? Sara?

How could it? Mickey?

We had a room together.

When was the last time you spoke?

That was yesterday. They had to talk me because it was very urgent.

They never came.

How did you find me?

I found something with you name and number.



Go on, shoot!

Are you involved? What are you talking about?

The raid on transportation.

I asked if you're involved.

Drop dead!

Get in!


Father, I think I have proof.

Detective Gresco was here yesterday. He looked for you.

And? What did he do?

He gave me his card and had call him if I saw you.

How is Stephanie? He has seen her but said nothing.

She really misses you, Tommy!

Can I speak to her please?

Of course, she's here. It's your Dad.

Dad! Hello Stephanie!

When are you coming home?

Quick sweetheart, fast...

You forgot my birthday is it? No, of course not!

I think every time that. You know why?

Why? A promise is a promise.

Yet? Yup.

Dad? Yes, sweetheart.

Are you in trouble?

Stephanie. Do not worry.

It takes time, but everything will be fine.

I love you. I love you too, Dad.

Day monkey. Bye Now.

Thank you.

Detective Gresco...

I think we have something.

Quick! Hurry up!


I have coffee.


Sugar is in the bag. That is fine.

You said Mickey gave something to you with my name on it.

What was that?

A band. Can I see it?

You're bleeding. What?

Your shoulder...

Sure to cut the glass.

Are you always so worried?

She is very beautiful. She's everything to me.

In due time I will have children.

What is it?

Inside! Forward!



Sara is dead.


Because we paid her a lot, Mr. Lee.

In fact overpaid, she made too many mistakes, Karina.

He does not have the disc.

I knew you would fail if you we could trust.

He said he had him.

And you believed that?


Stupid bitch! Why do not you leave her alone?

What? I told you to leave her alone.

He is crazy about you Karina. The woman who has cheated you.

That's almost poetry. I like that.



Here. Are you going to refresh!

You're a brave man, Lee. Do you want to end up like this?

By thwart me. No, I want my life back.

That's an honest answer.

You know what I want.

I want to continue with my plan I am working a while with but I think you have something what I needed.

I'd like to help... Give us the disk.

Let me finish!

I'll leave you alone with my brother he can continue playing.

You two look alike. It pleases you to hurt people.

But I must admit that Yuri will enjoy it more.

Goodbye Mr. Lee. If I do not see you, then it was my pleasure.

Stay with them.

You know what I want. So talk.

Go look for yourself.



Hello mom. I know you're busy, but I want to ask you a favor.

I want you to ask God to help Dad.

I do not ask, but he has problems.

Usually he can arrange everything myself.

But I think he could use extra help.

That's all I think. I love you mom.

Should I really believe that crap?

Is this all worth it?

Boris, keep an eye on him.

I take a shower.

What happened?

The disc is somewhere in a phone booth if he does not lie.

Well done.

About one hour I have the disc.


Sorry friend, I am in a hurry.

I did not know! Pardon Me!



Find him!


Listen, you do not have to hurt people. Why not?

Maybe you get yourself tormented.

No! He's mine.

Get out of here!


I see him! Eropaf.

He goes to the north.

Go to the tunnel exit.


What is it?

You can not drive yet, jerk.

I'm in the tunnel.

Boss, I can not hear you. The connection is gone.

Mrs. Jones, can you bring me the complete file Jack Jarvings?

Yes sir.

Hello. Father Gil.

Can I please speak Stephanie?

I'm afraid your daughter busy with her last prayer.

Whether you have come to bring the disk. By Yourself!

If you're doing to her what I'll kill you. Do you understand!

Stephanie! Stephanie!

Where is my daughter?

Slow down Lee.

Where is she?

Go on. Hit me!

Your daughter the rest of her life will try to forget the day that her father was murdered.


Dad! Stephanie!

Are you okay? She's okay.

The disc! Do not hurt my Dad.

Karina, shoot her. No!


Honey, are you OK?

Father. I have to do this as well ?.



This is the house of God. You can not make it here.

We have still done it, old man.

A last conversation with Lee.

You have slain many innocents. And for what?


You can call it greed but I prefer to call it welfare.

I leave you behind with your loved ones, that was it.


Our plane is waiting.



Make it look like an accident. Nothing special...

Open the gas valve, explosion, fire... Something.

And that little girl? - I told everyone. So I meant everybody.


When it is done you kill her too.

Detective Gresco!


I have inquired about Jack. There is no paid into his account.

There is something else.

One hour after the raid on the paper transport there is $ 5000.000 deposited in the account of his daughter.

The bastard.

Is there anything wrong? He had no daughter!

Karina, you kill my daughter? Shut up!

She is only six years. I said shut up.

Karina, Yuri was too good for you. You can not even kill a child.

You do not know me well enough, Ilya. I have no problem with killing.

Karina, do not listen to him.

Then do it, Karina, Otherwise I'll do it!

Karina, no!


I would never have hurt your daughter!


Damn it, Jack!

I hear the police. Are they on your side?

Not without the disc.

Then go quickly.

Care for her!

He is to Long Beach airport. He could use help.

Sir, my dad has done nothing do not hurt him.

I know. Do not worry. Okay?

Finally home.


The bastard.

Annoying, eh?


A proverb told: Never let a woman get a male job.

Shoot another through his head.


I go once and for murder!

Come on Yuri!

The party is over!

Stay down! Let him go! I have him!

You, on your belly! Right Now!

First, the agent, and then you.

Quick Yuri!

Okay? Yup.

Damn! They escape!

Red you do it? Does good.

It worked!

No worries. We get it.

One free throw go with ten seconds.

Ten, nine, eight...

What he had in his hand?


Game is out!


I must apologize.

Forget Gresco! This is not your style!

Yes, that's right. I just did my job.

I know, yes.


A guy like me, who can also teach those things ?

What things?

You know, those things that you do so.

Seriously. I am so serious that I stop smoking.

You stop smoking? Yes, I stop.

You see that? They are there for you.

Take good care of him.

It's nothing. We are so attached.

Hey, where you going?

I have to make a cake!

God, make my daughter Stephanie grows to be a good person.

And her life is full of love and joy.

Amen! Amen!

Are you ready? One, two, three... Now!