Best of the Best II (1993) Script

Stock Exchange, this is Helicopter 123 Tango-Yankee on Vegas approach.

We're three miles out from landing. Request permission to land.

Thank you.

123 Tango-Yankee. Report landing assured.

Winds at south side off helipad at 75.

Roger. Copy winds at 15. We've got Mr. Brakus on board.

123 Tango-Yankee. Signify tower when approaching pad.

Ah, Mr. jaquire. So good to see you, sir.

123 Tango-Yankee to Stock Exchange base. We're on final approach.

Roger, Tango-Yankee.

We've got you in sight. Security is standing by.

Roger. Tango-Yankee out.

Good evening, sir. Good evening, Mr. Brakus.

Good evening, Mr. Brakus. Hi, Mr. Brakus.

Lose it. Sorry, Mr. Brakus. I-

What did I say about guns?

They're unmanly. It won't happen again.

Warriors fight here. Get rid of it.

You're at 200 feet below the surface of the earth... where you, our special guests, will witness the deadliest of combat, the highest stakes.

It's a forum for gladiators! Mr. Brakus coming through.

Lust like in ancient Rome.

Not in Rome. You are in Las Vegas!

It's My kind of town!

Are you ready to rock and roll? Yea h!

Are you ready to rumble?

Okay. All right.

Welcome, welcome to the Coliseum, ladies and gentlemen.

The greatest show under the face of the earth.

The Coliseum.

That means the ultimate in fighting competition with no referee... no rules... and open to anyone- anyone with big brass balls.

For those of you that are here for the first time, this is how it works.

Our finalists from our preliminary tournaments are privileged... to challenge our stable of modern gladiators.

Take a look!

They'd kill their mothers!

I'll bet on him!

Mean as cat shit!

What a bonanza!


Now, if our challenger is successful in defeating the first gladiator... he will win $20,000.

Should he be successful at the second gladiator... he will win $50,000.

That's 50,000 big ones.

Now, if by some divine intervention... the challenger defeats all three gladiators... then he has earned the right to challenge the supreme fighter... for the ownership of the Coliseum.

The ultimate warrior who has never known defeat... the master and owner of the Coliseum... the champion of the underworld...


Brakus! Brakus!

Yes! The betting cages are now closed... so let the fights begin!

We have a spectacular contest for you tonight.

The Coliseum's newest gladiator, all the way from Paris, France...

Andre Mares!

The challenger, fresh from three consecutive wins in the preliminaries... all the way from North Las Vegas...

Mr. Travis Brickley!

A 5 -to-7 underdog.

Paris, my ass.

Remember, when the buzzer sounds... there is only one rule-

There are no rules!

And you love it! Yes!

Fighters, take your corners.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Coliseum!


Go! Come on!

Yeah! Come on! Yeah! Allright.

Sorry about that, Sinbad.

There's a new boy in town!

Alex, you know what? Huh?

If he doesn't get it this time, he'll get it on the next try.

Oh, I know it, Tommy, but he's growing up so fast.

He made me promise that if he gets his black belt...

I let him drive the car.

So? Let him drive the car.

Tommy, I've only got one car.

Look at him.

God, I hope he makes it tomorrow.

Relax. He'll make it.

Yeah. At least he had one of the best teachers in the world.

Thanks, man. I was talking about me.

Walter, go to bed. Come on.

Oh, Honey, if you take your shoe off, I can kiss your foot.

Hey, Travis. What a hell of a fight.

You killed my guy. Yeah, I did.

You took him like Grant took Richmond.

Thank you, sir. So tell me, how good are you, really?

I'm good enough to beat any of your steroid freaks.

Including that one. Open your mouth.

How long's it been since you fought? About six months?

Mmm. Call him.

Or are the fights fixed? Go ahead, then.

What, are you injured?

One or two punches right on the chin, I believe you'd go right out.

You have a big mouth, boy.

And a big everything else.

So why don't you stop wasting time. Put me in the ring with him.

Weldon, give him what he wants.

You want Brakus? Yes, I do.

You got it.

Black belt candidates. Sir!


Present your papers.

Ready? Begin.



Yeah! All right!

I'm proud of you, Walter.

You taught that boy a lesson.

Now, it's showtime.

I can do it. They're waiting on you.

Black belt candidates, are you ready to break your bricks?

Yes, sir!

Ready? Begin.



Oh. Oh.


Walter? Yes,sir?

If you don't break, you don't pass.

You know that? Yes, sir.

Thank you, sir. You're welcome.

Walter, come on.

Walter, are you gonna be okay?

Yeah, I'll be okay. I'll get it on the next try.

Cheer up, okay? Come on, Walter.

We gonna get lucky tonight.

My little ass-kicker. Let's go make him feel good.

Very happy to be here. Did you always know?

Now you stay here. Make like a hat rack.

Mr. Brickley.

I blew it.

You look the same to me.

Hey, Walter, look-it there.

Hey, it's Dae Han.

He gave Tommy one hell of a fight. Remember that?

It's only a violent sport.

Thank you for that. Mmm.

Well, he'll be cool. Now be his daddy.

Walter Grady's daddy always be cool. Oh, yeah?


Say hi to Tommy. Hi, Tommy.

In this tour we hope to share... the beauty and the art of tae kwon do... along with its power.

For KXRT Sports, I'm Sue MacCauley.

Everyone, I would like to propose a toast... to those who have received their belts today... and to those who will receive them tomorrow.

To the team.

To the team.

Alex, why don't you say a couple words?

Uh, years ago when Walter's mother passed away...

I didn't know how I was going to make it.

She was everything. And it's tough to lose everything.

Son, today, all I wanted was for you to make it... to get your belt.

And you surprised me by giving me much more.

The way you handled your disappointment... makes me prouder than lever imagined, Walter.

You have become a man... and I'm just so happy to be your dad.

To Walter Grady. To Walter Grady.

Out to Walter Grady. Ten seconds left.

Nine, eight, seven- He's driving up. He's in the paint.

Five, four, three, two- He's going up!

Buzzer shot! And he makes it. Oh!

All right, you guys. If I make it, you have to wash my car.

If I don't make it, you still have to wash my car.

No! No. No way.

Oh! Doesn't matter anyway.

Where's your dad? Inside getting ready.

Let's go. Bye, Mr. Lee. See you later.

See you later john. See you, john.

Aah! Aah.

Hey, Alex! Your sauce is burning.

Look at this.

You know, Walter, you have a great dad, but he can't cook spaghetti.

Humor him. He thinks it's my favorite.

Hey, Alex. Coming.

Hey, man, do I look good or what? You look marvelous.

New haircut, new shirt on- My sauce.

Hey, Walter? Yeah?

Hungry? Always.

How does pasta Alexander sound?

Like you're trying to make up for not taking me to dinner.

Could be some truth to that.

All right, Walter, I made a little extra for Martha in case she's-

Dad, I gotta talk to you about Martha.

What's the matter? You don't like her? I thought you liked her.

Oh, yeah, she's great. But she's not coming tonight.

Did she cancel? I can't get another sitter this late.

You see, I called her and canceled.

You what?

Dad, I don't need a babysitter anymore.

Walter, you are 11 years old.

Dad, picture this scene. A guy breaks into the house.

Martha freaks, runs screaming into the closet, and I kick his butt.

Dad, you said it yourself I'm a man now, and real men don't need babysitters.

Oh, man.

I gotta pass, man. I got no one to stay with Walter.

Great. I'll take 'em both out.

Yeah. All right, look.

This is not an option.

Travis is on his way over here to drop off some stuff before he goes to his bowling league.

So you tell him to take you with him. Understood?

Got it.

Okay. Hang this up.

Tommy, we're outta here.

See you later. Stay away from the Playboy channel.

Travis, Dad said I have to go with you.

Sorry, little buddy. Bad news.

Can't go bowling tonight. Somethin' came up.

But you can't leave me here alone. I don't even have a babysitter.

What if a serial killer broke into the house?

Get in. You sure?

Get in.

Thanks, Travis.

Put your seat belt on.

Walter, there's somethin' I gotta tell you.

But you gotta keep it to yourself now, you hear?

You hear me? I'm fighting tonight.

It's not the kind of fighting that we-what we're used to.

At the Coliseum, there are no rules.

Are you kidding?

Tommy and Dad would freak out if they knew we were even going near that place.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Walter. What do you mean, “we“? You're staying in the car.

Come on. You can sneak me in.

No can do, little buddy. This'll take me a couple hours, tops.

Dad's not gonna wanna hear about this.

And you're not gonna tell him, Walter.

Might slip.

You're blackmailing me, Walter.

That's correct.

You are bad.

Thank you.

Take a good look at this place, Walter...

'cause after tonight's fight, it's gonna be mine.

Hey, Travis. Why don't you go in the front door?

Got a buddy with me. I think it's better he comes in this entrance.

Okay. Oh.

Sparring partner. Yeah.

Who's the midget? He's my manager.

Look out for him. You got it.




Ladies and gentlemen.

Tonight is a very special night.

We have a challenger.

Straight from a stunning victory over Andre Marais.

Ladies and gentlemen, the challenger, a member of the U.S. National Karate Team.

Give a big Coliseum welcome to Mr. Travis Brickiey!

Right here. The fat guy.

Hey, smut! The disco's upstairs!


Ladies and gentlemen... the ultimate warrior who has never known defeat... the master and owner of the Coliseum... the champion of the underworld...


Brakus! Brakus!

Now, remember, when you hear the buzzer... there is only one rule.

There are no rules.

And you love it! Yes!

♪ Fighters, to your comers.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Coliseum!

Come on! Is that all you've got?


You gotta stop it. You gotta stop the fight.

Take it easy, kid. Just part of the show.

In the tradition of the Coliseum, you privileged few must decide:

Life or death.

Brakus! Brakus!

Does he live?

Or does he die?

Die! Die!


Damn it!

Payoff of the slots is better. Oh, yes. Whoo.

What's the matter, kid?

Need a ride somewhere?

What's the matter?

I should've been back a long time ago. Oh, yeah. I know. I know.


I don't know, Alex. Maybe we should go to the police.

And tell 'em what? We can't find our friend?

Tomorrow, when you park a car-

Yo, yo, yo. Excuse me, gentlemen.

I got a couple of men just cruised through the front door here.

Hey. Guys. Can I help you?

Are you the manager? Yes, Weldon Dardano.

We're looking for a friend who fought here tonight.

Travis Brickiey.

There's gotta be some mistake. This is a dance club.

Travis Brickley doesn't dance.

I said this is a dance club, period.

Travis Brickley fought here tonight, and we would like to see him.

A lot people come and go. Now, maybe your friend was here, maybe he wasn't.

This is bullshit. I'm sorry?

This is bullshit.

Look, guys, your friend did fight here tonight, but he is no longer here.

What are you saying? Well, he got his bell rung pretty good... got his face messed up a little bit, but he did walk out of here... on his own two legs with some bimbo with her tongue in his ear.

Yeah. I put him in a cab and sent him home.

I'm sure he'll be fine. Don't worry. Thanks.

Pleasure. Yeah.

See you.



What'd he say?

Everything is groovy. They put Travis in a cab home.

He's lying, Dad. I saw it. The big guy broke his neck.

Walter, maybe he just got knocked out.

Come on. Get in the car. He's dead. I know it.

Walter, he's not dead. Now get in the car.

How you doing, Mr. Finch?

Never better johnny boy. Never better.

Travis and a bimbo.

Let's take Walter home, then go find Travis.

Where are you, Travis?


Back it up. Tell that ambulance to back it up.

Tell that ambulance to back it up.

So it was an accident?

We're investigating, but it looks like that.

Thank you, Sergeant.

Alex. Tommy. Tommy, what the hell happened?

We're lifting this thing now.

The police are saying it's an accident.

Oh, Travis.

Tommy, we gotta do something.


Jesus! What is this?

They just pulled our friend out of the river.

What do you want?

I want the man who killed Travis Brickley.

I told you guys before, Travis walked out of here on his own two legs.

Now the fact he went somewhere else and got all screwed up is not my problem.

Yes, it is your problem.

My son witnessed the whole thing.

Your son?

Your son the witness?

I got 20 witnesses. I got 5O witnesses.

I don't like you guys very much. Now get the hell out of here.

Did you kill Travis Brickley?



Care to join him?

Ah, you son of a bitch.


Hold up, Brakus.

We don't make any money like this.

Clear the path. Let's go. Move it. Gus, get in here!

Alex, behind you!

Step aside, please. Step aside. Let us through!

Let"s go, boys. Where did you get the hat?

It was left to me in a will.

Lie down. How you doing?

Guess you're doing all right.

Behind ya. I'll get the car.

Eh, you're gonna have a nasty scar there.

There you go. It's the best I can do.


That one who cut my face- I want him alive.

The other one- kill him and his boy.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Amen,.

Amien. Thank you all very much for coming.

Bye, Travis.

Jammy. Hmm?

Bless you, sir. Bless you.

They heard? Hmm.

The Lord be with you, jim.

Dae Han. Thank you for coming.

As your friend, I share your loss.

Dae Han, it's so good to see you.


How are you? Dane Han, this is my son, Walter.

I remember. You have grown.

Here. You go with Richard, okay? I'll be with Dae Han.

And the boy saw it happen? Yes, he did.

Then it is also his tragedy. Yes.

And the police? They're treating it as an accident.

Then let me help you.

Blood for blood.

I owe it to you.

I can't ask that of you, Dae Han.

If not, what will you do?

Excuse me. When are you on? H-Hi.

When are you on? Oh, I can't do it, Alex.

Don't tell me that, Sue. You know Travis was murdered. Come here.

L- Excuse me. I'll be right back.

Honey, they shot me down.

I'm a sportscaster, you know. I'm not an investigative reporter.

Well, if I'm gonna make allegations like these...

I'm gonna have to go through their proper procedure.

And without proof, well- I don't have any.

Appropriate procedure?

Thirty seconds, Sue.

Honey, I gotta-l gotta go on the air, okay?

Uh, we'll talk about this later, all right?

A friend of mine was murdered, and you're worried about your job.

Well, yes, I'm worried abut my job. It's the only one I have.

But that doesn't mean I don't care about what happened to Travis.

What, you think it's all about Travis? What about Walter, Sue?

What do you mean, Walter?

You want me to tell my son it doesn't matter what he saw... because his word isn't good enough for you.

Ten seconds, Sue. Alex, please. Uh-Please.

Walter was there, and that's good enough for me, honey.

And you know what else? I couldn't care less about your appropriate procedures.

Five, four, three, two- Don't do this. Please, Alex.

[Buzzer Sounds Or your goddamn job.

It's been a busy day in the world of sports.

Over there! All right, there he goes. There he goes.

Come on, man. Step on it.

There were three of 'em, Dad, in a big black car.

He's just a kid, man. I'm going after them.

Alex, wait a minute.

Wait a minute. Wait a minute!


Walter, get down!

Walter! Dad!

Come here.


Freeze, asshole!

Stand up. I said, get up!

All the way up.

'Got him! 'Got him!

You wanna shoot me? Huh? Shoot me now. Shoot.

No. No, I don't want to. No.


You came into my house. You came into my fucking house.


Don't kill me, man. Don't kill me.

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. We'll-Tommy, I gotta get Walter out of here. Come on.

Come on. Come on.

What do you mean they vanished into thin air?

Brakus, there's no one more surprised than me.

Find them. Bring me the one who did this.

Do you understand?

Yeah, I understand.

I understand.

Fill 'er up.

Tommy. Grandma.


I'll tell you later. Come on. Grab your gear.

Come, meet my friends. Come on.

Grandma, I'd like you to meet my closest friend.

Alexander Grady. Hello.

This is my son, Walter Grady. Hello.

Hi. Nice to meet you. Here. Let me help you.

So she's the one who raised you, huh? Yeah, she's the one.

So, Grandma, I thought this would be the safest place to come.

You were lucky. Thank you for taking us in.

I think you should talk to james.

He's back? Two months.

Who's james? I don't want to see him... and I don't wanna talk to him.

He can help you.

Who's james? Grandma, he can't even help himself.

Who's james? He needs you, Tommy.

I'm sorry, Grandma, but it's too late for that.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Who's james?


Wake up.


Look who's here.

What are you doing here, boy? James, Tommy's got trouble.

I said you could help him.

Just like old times, huh, boy?

Still runnin' to Ma to fix your problems, huh?

What did you say? Tommy, be cool.

What did you say? Huh? Be cool. - Oh, come on.

Show me your stuff.

Let's see if you've learned anything in the last 16 years.

I don't fight drunks.

Drunk? This is nothin'.

Right here. Give me your best shot.


I'll rip your fuckin' ears right off your goddamn head!

Then I'll stick 'em right where the sun don't shine... so you can hear me kick your butt.

Let's get out of here, man.

Can you believe this shit?

You damn-

You son of a bitch. No! Don't!

Hey, hey! Hey! What's going on?

I'm gonna kick your-

Let's get some cookies. Cookies? What-

Cookies. Inside, Walter.

Oh, come on. I wanna see this. Come on. Come on, you candy-ass!

Cut the crap James. We're not kids anymore.

Come on. Show me your stuff, boy.

If you've got any.

What is the matter with you?

James, I'm gonna have to hurt you, man.

Pretty good. But you're gonna have to do better than that, boy.

You got a little snap in those kicks, ain't ya?

Are you all right? Damn, that hurt. Ow.

What the hell was that about?

Come on. I'll take both you bastards out.

Let's get him.

Mmm. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.



Come on.

You're out of your mind. Come on. I'll take both of you on.

You're out of your goddamn mind.

Oh, to hell with you.

Here, Walter. Grab some plates. Okay.

James ran with a real bad crowd.

Always fighting for the wrong reasons.

Then one day, he just took off?

Went overseas to fight.

He left without ever saying good-bye.

Took Grandma's life savings.

And I won't forgive him for that.

I'm sorry.

Was he a good fighter?

We heard he won some tournaments.

But then he had a terrible car accident... almost died.

And his life pretty much fell apart.

Four, five, six, seven-


What's up, handsome?

How much longer are we gonna stay here?

Oh, I don't know. Till we're done training.

What's up?

I watch you training, Dad... and I know either you're gonna kill Brakus, or he's gonna kill you.

No one's gonna kill me. I promise.

I saw him kill Travis, Dad.

I watched him die.

I know it, Walter.

And I have to protect other people from Brakus.

It's like a war.

Like a war.

Are you afraid?


Are you gonna help Tommy?

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm gonna help the boy.

It'd be my pleasure.

Here. Here.

There's a dollar. Give him that for a bowl of soup.

I know what happened to you and what you think it cost you.

But the son who left me many years ago in search of his manhood... returned home a drunk and self-pitying overgrown child.

You are a terrible example for our people... and a disgrace to your mother.

You have an opportunity now to do something good.

Help Tommy or pack your bags.


Walter? Yeah?

Help me with the chicken feed, will you?


This is pretty cool.


Good morning, Mom. Good morning James.

Where are they? Out back.

Tommy, Alex. This is a private conversation.

Not on my mother's property it's not.

You know, I'm tired of your shit.


Ma told me about your problem, sol came out here to help.

I know Brakus. I've seen him fight.

How you're gonna fight him, you must be prepared to die.

You think I'm just a drunk. You are a drunk.

Yes, I am.

But I am one of three people in the whole world... that can teach you to beat Brakus.

You're full of it. Tommy!

What? Remember the accident?

Yeah. So what?

Brakus was the car.

I was the accident.

Now, I can train you to beat him if you're not too proud.

If you ever get past the preliminaries... you're gonna have to fight with these things.

Pick it up.

Not with your hands. Like this.

All right. Now let's see what you got.

What do you want me to do? Attack!


We got a long way to go, kid.

One of them. Don't disappoint me.

Bring me Tommy Lee, alive.

Go on in. Excuse me?

Go on in. Why?

It's part of your trainin'. Oh.

Come on, gentlemen. Let's go. Okay.

U h, Tom my, after you.

It's too hot. I can't breathe.

Tommy, I'll see you outside.

Alex, Brakus would stay... even if it meant dying.

The sweat lodge is a church.

The heat drives the body temperature way up like a fever.

Sometimes you may have what the white men cal! Hallucinations.

We call them visions... messages from the spirits.

Go ahead, Walter, Take it.

What is it? It's a snake charm.

A snake can take a life or save a life.

It's to protect you.

I don't get it. Is this a riddle?

It's a symbol of courage. Do you know what courage is?

Sure. When you're not afraid.

No, courage is not the absence of fear.

It's doing what's right even in the presence of fear.

Sometimes you just gotta kick butt.

You men have done a good job.

But now I think you're ready for a higher level of training.

So pack your stuff, and you get a good night's sleep.

Then tomorrow we begin our journey.

Easy Easy.

Come on. Let me see your hands.

Slow. Slow.

Okay, we've got 'em. Come on in.

Come on. Get the lead out, chief.

Let's finish this up, finally.

Get down, goddamn it!

flames! Move, and I'll pop her a third eyeball.

Now, all of you, get up.

Inside. Except you. Mr. Brakus wants you for himself

Gun. Inside.

Inside, please.

Mr. Brakus and Mr. Weldon Dardano send their regards.

Don't kill my son. It'll be clean.

Hurry up. I'm hungry.

All right. Turn around, and down on your knees.

Run it all the way out to the chopper.

You, too, kid. Come on. Let's go. I don't have all day.

What, are you deaf, tough guy? Courage.

Or you wanna take it in the face?

' Dad!

Where's Gus?

It's about time. They're expecting four shots.

Don't you ever touch me!

Hey, where's Gus? Takin' his sweet time now!

I'm gonna go get him. No! We're outta here in 3O seconds!

Acceptable loss! Like hell!

Can I, Mr. Finch?

Let me do it.

Blaze 'em!

Aw, shit!

I always told Gus smoking would kill him.

Let's fly!

All right. Take my hand.

Then Grandma. Come on.


Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!

Grandma, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.


I said, enough!

My, my. He is interesting.

I believe you two have met before.

Tommy Lee, thank you for joining us.

Do you know why you're still alive? I really don't give a shit.

You challenged my invincibility, scarred my perfection.

For that I will kill you in the ring.

Let's do it here, now. Excuse me. What-

What Mr. Brakus was trying to say... is that you're gonna have to work your way up the ladder... just like everybody else.

And when you're finished with the gladiators... and then Mr. Brakus finishes with you... the last thing through your mind will be your ass.

Curtain's going up in a few hours.

Show business is my life.

Later. Get him to the Coliseum.

Poor baby.

Now, I realize that I didn't give you time to study for this test.

But here it is. How many of you believe... that a martial artist could defeat a world champion boxer?

How many believe yes?

How many believe no?

Okay. Well, I say let's find out.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing... our champion martial artist...

Tommy Lee!

And European boxing champion...

The Hammer!

Now, I thought The Hammer was a rapper.

What do I know?

Now, remember, when the buzzer sounds, there is only one rule.

There are no rules! And you love it!


Ladies and gentlemen, the Coliseum!


Ladies and gentlemen, what an upset!

The winner, Tommy Lee!

A big Coliseum round of applause!

Tommy Lee. You lower the gate, now!

Work with me, man. Work with me.

Tommy Lee!

Aren't we special!

Ladies and gentlemen, the next contest will begin shortly.

Just time enough to go potty and come back and place your bets.

Now, this is gonna be a long night.

Darling, I thinkyou may have finally found a worthy opponent.

Ladies and gentlemen, our second battle of the evening.

Tommy Lee versus the man who won the gold in Olympic wrestling...


Come on! Come on! Kill him! Let's go!

Tummy, some on'. Tommy, come on'.!

It's not over yet!

Yeah! Come on!


Bring on the champ! Ladies and gentlemen... in the tradition of the Coliseum, we present only the best.

If you will, a big round of applause for our winner, Mr. Tommy Lee.

Come on now. Let's hear it. Tommy Lee!

Ladies and gentlemen... according to the rules of the Coliseum...

Tommy Lee has earned the right to challenge me.

I have accepted.

Tomorrow night... only one man... will leave the ring.

I look forward to killing you!

Don't bet on it.

Yeah? Yeah? Who is it?

Open up, Sue. It's me.

Alex? Alex?

Oh! Oh! Oh, God, you're alive!

We'll talk about it later. We'll talk about it later.

Yeah. Oh, God, I was so worried about you.

I've been worried sick. They got Tommy.

I heard.

He's supposed to fight Brakus.

They'll kill him. I'm going in after him.

In the meantime, I need you to take care Of Walter, all right?

Of course I will. Dad!

What? Oh, boy!

What's the matter? It's okay.

It's okay. It's okay. I don't-

I don't wanna lose you. Hey. Hey.

There's no way in hell you're gonna lose me.

I'm gonna go get Tommy, and then Tommy and I are gonna come get you.

In the meantime, you stay here. I'll know you're safe.

I want you to do me a favor. What?

Take care of Sue. Okay.


Here. Huh?

Grandma said this will help you kick butt.


I'm sorry that I let you down.

Come here.

You've got my boy-

You think I don't trust you?

I'll be back in a minute.

Hey, he saved my life today.

Let him tell you about it. Tell her all about it.

It's easy money. The smart money's gonna go on Brakus.

Okay? Believe me. Put it all on Brakus.

How much is there? $500,000, my dear.

Uh, counter, please.

Hey, tough guy, Brakus says put this on.

Yeah. Did you order the, uh, double security downstairs like I asked?

Okay, great. Thanks.

Through the roof! Yes!

Give me a little kiss. Thanks.

I flew all the way in for this fight.

Got myself a suite of rooms if you wanna stop on by later.

Hell, bring your friend, huh? Hey! Whoo-hoo!

Hey. Stranger!

You look like you're a real stranger in these parts.

Where the hell are you from anyway, huh?

Houston. Houston. Houston!

Hey, blondie, come on over here a minute.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen...

I bring you the event of a lifetime!

Firstly, our challenger, vanquisher-

Vanquisher? He kicked the shit out of three gladiators!

Mr. Tommy Lee!

And the ultimate warrior who has never known defeat... the master and owner of the Coliseum... the champion of the underworld...


I have waited a long time for this, Tommy Lee.

The feeling is mutual.

Ladies and gentlemen... the Coliseum!

What do you want? Excuse me.

I said, what do you want? What do I want?

Aaah! God!

Ah, son of a bitch! Ah!

Hey, Han. Alex.

So good to see you. G00D' to see you.

You guys tryin' to mess up your clothes? How about you?

Hey, it's a rental. Look out. Here they come.

There he is, right there. Let's do it.


That's it, Brakus. Tear his head off!

Come on.

Get up, Brakus!

Hey, watch it!

Oh! Watch out!

You better watch it! Hey come on!

Sorry, gentlemen. Private club.

Yeah! Yeah!

Now he's mad. Now he's gonna get him. Get him!

How many?

All of them? All of them? Where's Finch?

Get me Finch now, now, now!

How'd' you get in here?

Code red downstairs! Let's go!

Move it! You! Come and get me.

You've got a lot of balls. Come on.

Tommy! Tommy!


Hey! Four more, Alex.

Okay. You get them. I got Tommy.

The buck stops here, bucko.

You. I owe you.

Join your dead friends!



Yeah, yeah!



Tommy! Tommy!

Tommy! Tommy! Tommy! Tommy! Tommy! Tommy!

Kill him! Kill him!

No! No! No! Dead! Dead! Dead!

No! No! No! Dead! Dead!

Kill him! Kill! Dead! Dead!

Stay down... and live.

Tommy, look out!

Ladies and gentlemen-Ladies and gentlemen, in victory, the title... and the ownership of the Coliseum pass to the strongest.

The new owner and master of the Coliseum...

Tommy Lee W-Well, you see, the-the champ is a little new to public speaking.

Believe me when I tell you, you're gonna be seeing more of him... right here at the Coliseum in the months and-and the years to come.

Everybody, come on. Give him a big Coliseum round of applause.

Mr. Tommy Lee!

Say a few things, champ.

Champ, say a few things. Champ, this is it.

You gotta talk to these people. Say a few things.

Do it for me. Say something.

The Coliseum is closed.

What? Wait a minute.

Hey,wait a minute!

Wait! Hey, wait a minute, guys. You need me.

You can't do this. You gotta think this over.

You gotta think this over. This is not chicken feed.

This is 20 million dollars a year, champ.

Think about this. You-

You'll be back. You'll be back. You'll see, man.

Don't bet on it.