Beterang (2015) Script

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That's the one!


Not that one!

That's not the one!

Come on!

I sure spoiled you good.

Just you wait.

I'll find a car that's just right for you. Alright?


I'll take care of you for life. Welcome!

You can't find a better deal.

This way. I'll come next time.

Come again.

Good afternoon!

For the gentleman or Mrs.?

Mrs.? What the fuck?

Let's go, baby.

Where are you going?

Hey, honey.

What about your mother?

I'm in a meeting. Gotta go.

That place is for married people and we're for lovers.

See the cars we have?

Look at that Mercedes!

Mercedes indeed.

She'll be driving it. So, no petty troubles.

Can I see the engine?

You know your cars, don't you?


The lady who sold this car bought it for her son-in-law and didn't drive it once.

See the low mileage?

Son-in-law got a fancy job in the States.

Can't come back to Korea.

My cutie pie.

You look like a proper lady in that car.

Shall we go with this one?

I suppose this'll do for my groceries.

You, groceries, sure... Come here.

What's the matter with you?! Nasty!

So you know your girls, too.

I'll take it out for a spin.


You checked the registration and navigation?


Thank you!

Enjoy your ride.

Let's get to work.

Hey, watch the signal!

Wait for the next light! Son of a...!

Easy... easy! This isn't your damn car!

And couldn't you act more naturally?

Check if we've got a tail!

I am checking! Stop nagging already!

Focus on your driving! Are you nuts?!

Look ahead, damn it!

Why don't you take the goddamn wheel?!

What does he want now?

CHIEF Breathing down my neck again!

Text if you can't call!

I gave you specific instructions!

Do you have the brains of a goldfish?!

You've got zero patience. I was just about to call you.

I'm sick of your excuses!

With all that smooth talking, you should've become a lawyer!

We got the car!

Watch the lane, dumbass!

Chief, don't put me on an assignment with him again! We're a bad team!

A bad team? You haven't seen bad.

Don't start with me! I've got the wheel! I'll show you bad.

Stop screwing around.

S0 is this happening or are we dragging some more?

Dragging on for three months is enough!

We're on tonight!


Isn't that your car?

We're on...


Did you say "shit" to me?

I said no talking with food in your mouth.

What about Do-Cheol?



We're on. Let's go!

Oh, come on!

Come on, move.

Can I get a refund for what we didn't finish?

But you ate the food.

Get outta here!

Take out the equipment. Speed it up.

Let me get the GPS tracker from the trunk.

Thank God! I thought I was gonna die in there.

Where's the toilet?

Who the fuck are you?!

What the heck?!

I almost pissed my pants!

What took you so long?!

I know you. You're that guy... from earlier.

Good going, guys-

I see you haven't met my team yet.

I said, what the fuck?!


Where are you?

Who the fuck are you?!


At a gas station?

You didn't fill up before a standby?

Are you kidding me?

Hurry up! I'm starving!

You know how to wear them?

Which gang are you from?

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

You'll get hurt.

Oh my...

Are you fucking insane?

Let's go home! Nobody moves!

Ladies! Why are you rolling about?

Is the car alright?

This is why they call you a blocker who never gets promoted.

You should ask if anyone's hurt first.


Is this the guy?

Get up, you punk!

I want a lawyer!

Let's go.

I forgot that I had to make a call.

What was his number...

Stay put until I come back, okay?

Oh, and...

I can't cover your ass if you cripple another man.

Yes, I'm talking about that time.

The poor bastard needs a bib when he eats.

Gets so happy when he's fed.

You became a cop to beat people up, didn't you?

Come here.

It's alright. Hold this.

With both hands. That's it.

You can't hit a cop.

Especially with a weapon.


Now, put down the evidence.

This is called self-defense. You fucking asshole!

No need to get physical!

We can talk this out!

Let go of it.

Sit properly- Okay.

Where are the cars sent from here?

To Busan.

My questions may not be orderly... Yes.

But I like long, structured answers.

Yes, sir.


The cars are not just from Seoul. Correct?

Just a nod? What am I, your mate?

What after Busan?

They're sent to Russia.


Russians come to the scene?

You got the picture.

Let's go eat, Chief!

What a mess.

Why isn't he in bed yet?

Ask him yourself.

What's with the attitude? I just got home from work.

Here. I got some chicken.

Don't dump your jacket on the floor! I have a full time job, too.

Alright, alright!

What's the matter with you?

Something happened at the welfare center?

My work is fine.

If there's anything wrong, it's your son.

Why? What happened?

He beat up a classmate.

You scared me for a second there.

That's how kids grow up.

Son, you can't be sleeping here.

Just don't go around getting beat up.

That is not acceptable.

Good for you.

Mom's a social worker, dad's a cop...

And you're gonna have a thug for a son?

Can't you talk with more elegance?

I'm working on a solid case.

They'll call you "ma'am" when I get into the central office.

Let's go to bed, son.

Find your seal before you transfer to the central office.

What for?

The loan renewal.

What loan?

Loan for our rent deposit! What else?!

You don't have to shout.

Get more loans and buy the damn house!

Wash your damn feet!


A real man doesn't give a shit about things like loans.

Go big!

What's there to life?

Where did I put my seal?

Could've bought a house with all the interest payments.

It's quite a distance.

I'm sorry we can't pay more because it's official business.

Daily wage earners like us will take any work, big or small.

Mr. Bae, why isn't he at school?

He went in the morning.

I'm doing this so I can send him to school.

But I still can't afford after-school tuitions.

Still slow in the trucking business?

For us, what's more important is to deal with the right contractors.

What's the use if you don't get paid?

There are still bastards who don't pay up?

Just how the world is.

They don't bat an eye before firing someone after 20 years.

Anyway... nothing dangerous today?

Nothing of the sort. You just need to drop off the car.

I'm not worried about me but I am about the truck.

These days, people don't care about people getting hurt.

Back off.

Hey, Kang. Yes, sir.

How do you communicate with the Russians?

They speak Korean fluently.

These days, you gotta learn and develop yourself.

Even those scumbags expand territories by speaking another language.

I'm too old to learn anything, but you should study regularly instead of cramming before the promotion exam.

I don't expect tuition support.

Just give us some free time.

You go clubbing whenever you have time.

A lot of people learn English at the club.



Get a job at the club then.

I have connections, you know.

They'll be long gone by the time you get out.

That's the fun part of going to prison.

Now the real work begins for you.

Thank you for looking me up.

Have a safe trip back.

The accounts team will wire the payment today.

The police wouldn't withhold on payment.

Sure. Take care.

One second, Mr. Bae!

If there are assholes who refuse to pay, give me a call.

I mean it.

I'll see you.


Hey, big guy!

Buy yourself a snack at the rest area.

You shouldn't. It's alright.

A man's gotta be quick on his feet.

Say, thank you.

Thank you.


I'll buy a drink when you come back.

Sounds good!

Hey, what's up!

The rendezvous is on.

It's been a while.

You look more fit.


We got four good ones. It's no joke.

Mercedes S Class. Check out the mileage.

No distractions around.

Just the main players checking goods.

Looks like it's ready to be served.

Okay, let's sign the papers.

Contract signed, nice and neat!

Let's get to work, ladies!

Don't let your guards down!

Don't rush. Backup is on the way.

Everyone, hold your positions.

Nobody gets away.

Great job! Beautifully done!

What the fuck?!


You're dead meat.

If you're gonna run, run together in a group!

Hey, Do-Cheol!

Go after the Russians.


Cut me some slack!

Sure. Now, go!

The others are running into the net!



How long are you gonna run?! I'm so tired!

Come with me now!


Stop following me!

I'm tired, too!

Hey, stop!

Take me, too! Come on!

Come here!

You little punk.

Freeze, you bastard!

You piece of shit!

What the...?

Miss Bong!

Should've requested backup.

We can't cover this large area.

Sitting in front of the monitor, bossing around...

Holy shit!



You bastard!


Stop, you bastard!


Go away.

Just go.

Go away... shoo!

Let go, you shitsky!

Let go. That hurts.

You punk.

Who do you think you are?

Stand up straight.

Stand straight, you bastard!

Pissing me off...

Aren't you tired? Hop on.



I've got tons of work waiting for me.

Let's just go together.

Okay, let's do that.

Good thinking.

We'll have a fun ride back with your friends.

Let's go!

Hey, Kim.

I'm here. Where are you?

Over here.

Let's finish up quickly and grab a drink.


Write here!

One, name!

Two, first name!

Three... country!

You fuckers...

How do I look?

Pretty enough. Let's go.

Reporters are asking if they can come in.

Tell them I'll be right down.

Is that all the evidence?

All ready to go.

How do I scratch my back?

We've got news cameras.

Cover your faces if you're feeling shy.

What do we do with the Cro Cop and Fedor?

Where's the interpreter?

I speak Korean!

Call my lawyer!

Where did you learn to speak like that?

Do you still want an interpreter?

Of course. It'll make a better picture.

Just get an officer that speaks English.

Let's go.

Promotion is here.

Carve my name on a desk at the central office.

So good! It's promotion time.

Good times ahead.

Where's Deon?!

HEY, miss!

If you cover for him, it makes you just as bad a person!

I can't reach him either.

You bitch!

Come on!

How can you terminate the contract just because we joined a union?!

If only you'd paid us on time!

We spent our own money for fuel and food!

Stop harassing me. I also work on a salary!

I'll kill you all!

You're still up?

Go to bed or your mom'll get mad.

I just ate. I'll be on my way.

Tell mom that I'll be home soon.

Bye now.

I just need a second.

Mr. Jeon!


What are you doing here?

You've been avoiding my calls.

When did I do that?

You called me?

You never pick up.

The office won't connect you.

You dipshit...

Cut the small talk. Just tell me what you want.

Let's not curse.

You're making me.

What do you want with me?

How can you terminate by a text message?

Did I fire you?

I get orders from headquarters. What can I do?

Why did you join the union?

Are you all communists?

You should at least give us what you owe.

Take it then.

If there is anything to take, take it all.

Take it, you bastard!

Let's talk.

I am talking. Did I hit you?

Then get a medical certificate.

How many times did I tell you?

Go talk to headquarters. I have no money!

I don't even have money for the motel.

So, I had to bring the girl to the container.

Can't you see?!

For crying out loud...

Look at you...

Can't believe this.

Get in!


Why isn't he picking up? Hey buddy!

I called you a thousand times.

Come on in.

Can you valet here? Of course.

But they won't park my car!

I'll talk to the guy. Come on.

"The Female Detective"!

An after party for a TV show?

You sure I can join?

Of course. You were the consultant.

Hey. Hello.

Is she an actress?

Don't act like a country boy. There are more downstairs.


We've got a killer sponsor.

I called so you can network with the big players.

You only stand to gain from listening to me.

Hang on.

Take it if it's urgent.

I don't know this number. A reporter maybe?

Your call cannot be connected. Please leave a message...

Wow... nice!

Hello! Hi!

Someone you know? No.

Hello... hi!

This is beyond my dreams.

Thanks, man.

We didn't even get started.

Director Cho!

Come and say hi.

Hi, I'm Seo Do-Cheol.

Nice to meet...


Did you place your bets?


Put some weight behind it, damn it!

Oh, come on!

Get out!

No fun.

What the heck?

Just playing!

Gentlemen, there's someone I'd like you to meet.

It's alright. Come on.

Have a seat, everyone.

He helped out when Da-Hye had a dispute with her agency and acted as our consultant for this detective drama.

Freeze or I'll shoot!

Give it up for Detective Seo Do-Cheol!

Nice to meet you.

He's a great guy, well worth knowing.

This guy's a plastic surgeon with a practice in Gangnam.

A breast specialist, Doctor Kim!

This brother has a big resort business.

The nature destroyer, Mr. Lee!


And the party's guest of honor.

A trusty supporter of my entertainment company, soon to be president of Sin Jin Tradings, The Director of Strategy Cho Tae-Oh!

Cho Tae-Oh! Is it the same Sin Jin I know?


We're just having fun here. Relax.

How do you know Yun?

We met him in the States while on Da-Hye's shoot.

I took them out to dinner once. That's all.

As you can tell, I'm much younger than him.

What an honor to drink with the super rich.

I thought they would party differently somehow.


Stop it!

Did you expect something more like this?

I'm sorry for disappointing you!

This is all there is to the super rich!

Please forgive me!

Wow, can't trick this detective.

A real veteran.

So cool! So tough!

Did I scare you, baby?

My grandfather used to say, befriend those with nerves of steel.

Hey, Yun...

This Mr. Cho is quite interesting.


don't get yourself into trouble.

Let's have a toast.

FITNESS CENTER Why drag me down here so early?

What's the matter with you?

It's not like I want to do this.

There's gonna be a physical test in the promotion exam.


During the personnel evaluation period, you don't know who's gonna be hung out to dry.

Are you on the management level?

How come you don't know shit about the fundamentals?

Morning, sir!

You've exercised enough. Yes, Chief.

You are fine as you are.

Yes, it feels great.

Come on, make yourself useful.

Is he crazy or what?

Ah, this feels great.

Hold it.

You know... Seriously?!

Don't talk to me!

You're messing up my breathing!

Let's start with cardio.


Do you know Cho Tae-Oh from Sin Jin Trading?

Cho Tae-Oh?

Second or third kid of Sin Jin Group?

Heard he's a real fuck up.

Getting into trouble after coming back from studying abroad.

Says who?


Notorious in the business circle.

I drank with him last night.

Don't get up right away.

They'll stare at you.

Stay down.

Do some stretching.

It hurts.

The pain won't last, but shame will.

You alright, sir?

What? Why?

You're bleeding in the back.

I don't think you should go into the sauna with that bruise.

Soaking is good for bruises.

Little weaklings.

That Cho Tae-Oh from Sin Jin Trading smells like trouble.

You got a chance to sniff someone like him?

I wish I could have a sniff.

The actress from the detective drama...

Her manager, Yun. You know him?

He invited me to an after party.

I could feel that this bastard was up to no good.

For the first time in my 20-year career, I shook hands with the commissioner yesterday.

His hands felt warm.

Let's keep it real quiet until our case is closed.


He was sniffling like a coke addict.

Sinus problems.

A grown up rich boy with sinus problems?!

Give me a break!

Did you pick up the check last night?! What's your problem?!

Think you can get a warrant for a sniffling nose?!

Then be my guest!

If not, finish your damn report!

Hae Woo Constructions won a 3 billion dollar contract to build a thermoelectric power station.

KE won a 1.6 billion dollar nuclear plant contract...

I selected only the articles that pertain to the group.

Do you want to continue later?

That's the least of my concerns.

What's with the emergency executive meeting?

The Group's executive meeting is in progress in the main conference room.

Non-executives, please refrain from using the elevators.

I think the Chairman wants to finalize reorganization before he is called in for questioning by the DA.

Will we get the telecom business?

Don't let it show on your face.

The meeting's gonna be a long one.

Try not to drink water if you can.

I'm supposed to put this on?

Everyone wears it for the executive meeting.

You can't leave while the Chairman is talking.

CHO TAE-OH CHO JI-SU CHO TAE-JIN Announcement for the main conference room.

Due to the Chairman's appointment with the prosecutors' office, today's meeting has been canceled.

To ensure emergency preparedness please maintain the state of emergency.

Once again.

Due to an appointment with the prosecutors' office...

He can't be doing this after calling everyone up.


If dad gets locked up, the telecom will go to my sister.

We'll see.

But it requires a shareholders' meeting and other complicated procedures.

The investigation will take time, too.

Shareholders' meeting, my ass!

One of us will get the telecom business.

But we don't have any intel.

Why is our intel so shitty?

But aunt is distressed about...



Isn't it business hours?

Of course.

Mrs. Cho is a bit sensitive because of the Chairman.


What's going on? It's nothing.

Can't I know what's going on with the company, Mr. Choi?

It's not that.

It's a subcontractor complaining about not getting paid.

Legally, we're in the clear. So, we're trying to avoid getting the police involved.

Don't make things complicated. Send him up to my office.


We can't afford to ruin our corporate image.

Let's take care of this quietly.

You have a good-looking boy.

Can't be using such rough words in front of him.

Did you have lunch?

I'm sorry I didn't mean to...

Then what?

You can't terminate the contract for joining the union.

We didn't.

You don't have a contract with us.

What about the back wages?

Don't raise your voice.

We make next to nothing from delivering containers.

Because of the high gas price, we drive at 80 km/h for 7 hours.

We even skip meals to save costs.

But the contractor says he didn't get anything from the headquarters.

It's a difficult time for everyone.

Every year, they say this flu is the worst one ever and the economy is the worst one ever.

Did that kill me?

I'm not dead.


You want that, don't you?

So, how much do they owe you?

To start from the beginning...

Please sit down.

Just the total.


Say thank you.

Thank you.

It's quite a lot. It's 4.2.

4.2 million dollars?


4 grand?

Oh, my...

Driver... Sir.

You know the grindstone?

There's a handle on the grindstone.

You try to grind something and the handle falls out.

Just like that.

It's quite dumbfounding.

You can't do the work just because of the stupid handle.

That's how I feel.

I'm at a loss.

He's the contractor.

President, Sir! I'm so sorry.

That's a dangerous comment.

Why call me President?

I apologize, Director Cho.

I told you I'll pay you this week.


Mr. Jeon.

Did you steal from the drivers?

No, sir. Never!

Put the gloves on. Both of you.

Stop recording

Let's settle this like men.

It's alright.

Instead of trying to extort from me, earn it with your sweat.

What do you think you're doing?

Come on. You're scaring your boy.

It's okay.

This is how the grown-ups earn a living.

Watch how hard it is to make money.

You'll grow up to be a good son, right?


Yes, sir.


Don't just stand around!

Come on! Like real men!

Mr. Jeon.

You'll get a registered complaint if you don't do this right.

What do you think you're doing in front of a kid?!

3 points for Mr. Jeon!

You won't get any money just by getting hit.

You came to get paid. Put on the gloves!

Look how tough it is to make a buck.

Let's cheer for Daddy.

Go, Daddy!

Let's send the kid outside.


Mr. Choi.


Mr. Bae might injure his teeth.

Give him some tissue to bite into.

Protect your teeth.

Why did you make a big deal out of it, idiot?!

Look at yourself. And for pocket change?

Dear me...

Mr. driver.

I put some on top of the 4,200 you're owed.

Buy some cookies for your son and some bandages for yourself.

This puts an end to the matter. Agreed?

Cheer up.

Eight times seven is fifty-six.

Eight times eight is sixty-three.

Eight times nine is seventy.

Nine times one is nine.

Nine times two is eighteen.

Nine times three is twenty-seven.

Nine times four is thirty-six.

Nine times five is forty-three.

Nine times six is eighty-three.

Nine times seven is sixty-three.

Nine times eight is seventy-two.

Nine times nine is eighty-one.


DA-HYE Why can't we get someone like that on the force?

I was the inspiration for the writer.

Inspiration, my ass!

My sister's kid is driving me nuts.

He's obsessed with the idea of becoming an actor.

Hey, Do-Cheol! Yeah?

You can introduce him to that talent agency, right?

Guy or a girl?

A guy and he's great looking.

And tall... about 185 centimeters.

I don't like guys that are too tall.

Why don't you just eat?

Why are you talking to Miss Bong that way?

Tell him to learn a trade.

Just about any loser wants to be an actor these days.

What? Any loser?

Put some food on my plate.

This is Detective Seo from Seoul District.


Calm down and talk to me.

I came quickly, didn't I?

What happened?

He fell from the stairs.

I found your card in his wallet.

You did the right thing.

Did you eat?

Who are you?

I used to work with Mr. Bae.

I'm a cop.

The police are already here.

You're an officer?

Yes, I'm with the...

Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation.

He was protesting at the headquarters for back payment and jumped off the fire escape.

Luckily, he was caught over the handrail and survived, but he is in a coma.

Will the company take responsibility for this?

Since the whole thing was about a back payment.

That's the victim's side of the story, but according to the company's legal team, he isn't contracted with the company.

He's with a subcontractor.

But even that contract is terminated.

What's more, the subcontractor paid the driver today.

But since the driver is unconscious, we don't know why he jumped.

And with a young child...

I don't know what to do.

A tough guy has to eat well and get strong and fight situations like this.

Doctors will fix Daddy up in no time.

I heard you were with him today.

Didn't you go to school?

We have the clay off. It's the school's anniversary.

Playing hooky. Nice.

But you came home separately?

He put me in a cab.

You can ride in a cab by yourself? How impressive!

Dad couldn't ride in the cab because of me.

But he did nothing wrong.

Of course. Who said your father did anything wrong?

He did nothing wrong.

Then, why did he get beat up?

Beat up?

Your father got beat up?

He was assaulted?

Yes, the boy witnessed it at the scene.

With the family in shock, I thought you might not have gotten the whole story.

I understand. I'll talk to the boy right away.

Have this in the meantime.

Thank you.

The boy couldn't stop crying before.

You can see from the statements...

Did you check the CCTV and confirm?

We checked, but at that time there was a system checkup.

A system checkup?

Unfortunately, it coincided exactly with the time of the incident.

But there is no legal obligation to keep CCTV in private buildings.

What about the check?

Who gave the check and where was it issued?

I can't stand this anymore.

Don't you think you're crossing the line?

If you keep this up, we'll file a formal complaint.

Do you think we're idiots?

I'm just trying to help since there's been a development.

Who's helping who?

We're busy as hell here and you're bothering us with improper solicitation.

What did you say?


I'm cooperating in an investigation!

What the heck? What's your rank?

You're with the Metropolitan Bureau?

Let's get outta here!

Why don't you take the damn case?!

Just because they couldn't stop a man from jumping, What the fuck? you can't charge them for aiding and abetting suicide!

Get your hands off!

What are we supposed to do?!

He's from the Met Bureau?

This isn't even within their jurisdiction!

He says he's friends with Director Cho.

Why is this loser cop talking nonsense?

Legal Team? Yes.

When are we getting the case review?

We've got to be ready to file a complaint for interference, okay?


You guys must think I'm playing here.

I'm Choi Dea-Woong, SVP.

You're here to see the Director of Strategy? For what reason?

You're a senior vice president!

Does that mean you outrank Tae-Oh?

I heard there was an unfortunate incident at Tae-Oh's company.

So, I stopped by to see if I can offer help.

SEOUL METROPOLITAN POLICE AGENCY SEO DO-CHEOL There was an unfortunate incident.

But it is being taken care of according to the law.

Don't be like that. That's not right.

Is Tae-Oh very busy?

Let's not put each other in uncomfortable positions.

If you're getting any funny ideas about this incident, there is nothing of the sort.

What funny idea might that be?

Did somebody get beat up?

The Director of Strategy is using elevator 3.

I've got your contact details.

Hey! Tae-Oh!

Tae-Oh! It's me, Do-Cheol!

Hey! Stop him!

Get him out!

Grab him!

Hey, Tae-Oh!

My leg!

Shit! My leg!

Tae-Oh! My man! Shit!

Bastards! Let go of me!

Do your job right, or else!

Call our police network and get this guy's details.

Right away, sir.

Loosen up.




Are you playing with me?

Do you think I pay you for this?

Keep your body low.


That's too tight.

Don't squeeze.

Let go!

Too strong!

Tae-Gu! Release!

Release, you bastard!


I said release!


Are you okay?

I'm alright.

This makes it fun.

Wait... stop!


Think you got what it takes to be my bodyguard?

Find something more suitable.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

I'm ready now.


I don't feel like wanting to live in that apartment.

Since we're pressed for time...

We'll revise it for the next media cycle.

Attack. Attack!


I was just playing-

Let's change to a fresh face.

You know that TV show "Wicked Beauties"?

I like the girl in that show.

She has the same agency as Da-Hye.

What was the fuss about?

Do you know a cop called Seo Do-Cheol?

He said he knows you personally.

A cop?


Who could it be?

Not here for the investigation?

He said he's personally close to you and wanted to help.

Idiot... Who's helping who?

I think he's after a kickback thinking it's a corporate case.

Poking around for a slice of the pie.

Don't worry about it.

I got this.

This country treats businessmen like criminals.

Isn't it run by the taxes we pay?

What about the hospital?


As for the injury sustained in the office, I made sure no medical records were made.

More natural to make it an injury from the fall.

And according to the doctor, it's unlikely that he'll wake up.

We'll settle with the family and get the legal team's full analysis.

It'll all be quiet by tomorrow morning.

Let's work smart.

It won't be a problem unless someone makes it into a problem.

I'll be back in a little bit.

I already put in my hours for the month.

What have you been up to that I should get a call from upstairs?

Are you stirring up trouble in the other district?!

Stop breathing down my neck!

I'll explain later at the office.

I'm busy. I gotta go.

Hey! What are you doing?

You can't be in here. What's going on?


Let's not step on each other's toes.

Take him out.

What the heck?


You're in a hospital...

Please keep it down!

Go outside! Now! Alright. Fine.

Did they offer money? Did you accept?

Did they make you sign anything?

No... I just...

Let's talk outside.

Don't touch me! I'm talking!

Mr. Choi!

Let go, man!


The company is giving condolence money for the sake of the corporate image.

A lawyer should determine that.

Why is a cop acting as a go-between?

What's a lawyer got to do with this?

It's a case of attempted suicide.

A man threw himself off a big corporation building.

And not a single article is published in the papers.

The company is so quick to try to settle the case.

What settlement?

It's condolence money.

We gotta figure out why he jumped before you settle or offer condolences!

The victim over there, he was assaulted in Cho's office.

Why are you weaving tales in someone else's district?!

We checked the facts, too!

Their legal team wanted to sue for interference with business!

Cho stopped that from happening!

Did you take a bribe?

You're crossing the line here.

You little piece of shit.

We may have no money, but we have integrity.

Don't go around smearing our name.

Damn stairs...

I'm sorry, Dab)'-

Life's hard because of hunger and injustice.

All I want is to live a dignified life like a human being.

But I get treated like a lowlife because of a few bucks.

I can't live like this anymore.

To punish the powerful, this is the only way.

Please forgive me.

I don't think that cop is after a payoff.

So what?

So I think we should...

speak to our corporate adviser, Jeong, who retired as a police commissioner.

I'll get him to funnel his influence down the right channels to give the cop a push.

Superintendent Kim is interested in pursuing politics after his retirement.

This soccer league is to secure votes from the local district.

Meetings like this can be awkward.

But some face time definitely has an effect.

Please pick up your uniforms!

Come this way!

This is a nice field.

What's a busy man like you doing here?

I'm Cho Tae-Oh.

I should've paid you a visit earlier. I heard a lot about you.

Thanks to you, I get to see my old boss again and play in this nice field.

Please use it as you please.

May I? Let's take a walk.

You must be busy with issues at your father's company.

Must be a burden to deal with other problems.

I should have done better.

I can only blame my inexperience.

I reviewed the file, but we've already closed the case.

There's a loose cannon at the Metropolitan Bureau.

Yes, I heard.

Luckily, I'm a schoolmate and close friends with his superintendent.

We still go climbing together.

His daughter just graduated from music school and wants to hold a recital.

And my son will soon be job hunting, too.

Is he already graduating?

Yes, sir. What was his major?

Seo, why are you going around and pissing on everyone?

You gonna keep smearing my name?

SUPERINTENDENT KANG JUNG-SHIK I guess I spoiled you too much lately.

But the victim helped us with the car smuggling case...

Now you dare to interrupt?

You accused them of taking a bribe?

You become a star and now have no respect.

Are you the only cop in this town?

You ungrateful bastard...

If I hear anything about this case again...

Put him on the housewives gambling crackdown so that he doesn't run around stirring up trouble.

Yes, sir.

Why so down?

Come on. Cheer up.

Look at me, huh?

300-‘! eon!

Oh, sorry.

There's someone here to see you.

To see me?

We know Mr. Seo is upset about his driver friend.

But... how should I put it?

We think he is crossing the line and that's not helping anybody.

What my husband does is not my business.

I understand things are difficult with the loan and all.

We can help with that.

And as for your children, our education department can provide support until they go to college.

Please persuade your husband.

Emotions and the law should not mix.

If your husband continues to investigate us, we can't provide support for the driver's family.

Let's consider how we can help each other.

You know what?

I have the same bag at home.

Mine must be a knockoff.

Anyway, this is a hard color to match with clothes and shoes.

We can fix that.

You'd think this can pack a lot.

But you can't really fit a lot in.


You don't have to check that here.

Then why are you giving it to me here?

Do you need a receipt from me?

When we begged you to sponsor our sports events, you pretended to be deaf.

This is enough to hold events for a whole year.

Isn't it exhausting? Buying people with your money?

You might regret this.

Look here.

My life's been a regret since I married that loser.

I've got nothing else to regret.

So no need to worry about me.


Housewives gambling gang?!

I'm not doing that shit!

An order is an order!

You're a part of the system!

Come here!

Hey, Seo Do-Cheol!

What did you say to me when we got married?

You couldn't guarantee a life of luxury but you wouldn't let me live in shame.

Then you have people come to my work and embarrass me?


What the hell are you doing at my work?

You're telling the world we need a loan even for our rent deposit?


People from Sin Jin Trading paid me a visit and gave me a designer bag packed with cash.

Which bastards from Sin Jin?

You're the cop! You figure that out!

We agreed not to interfere with each other's work, but let me say one thing.

Let's not live in shame.


You know what really made me ashamed?

When they put that bag full of cash in front of me...

I wavered.

I'm a human being and a woman, too.


India is a fascinating country.

I was especially impressed with the people and their philosophy.

Met a few fabulous people on the last trip.

They even gave me some useful tips on dealing with things in India.

Really? What'd they say?

If we can't do it today, there's tomorrow.

That is quite true.

Do you have an appointment?

Stop him!

Even if you're a cop, this establishment is for members only!

Back off!

Hey! Hey!

You're making a big mistake...

Oh, it's you.

Cops don't abide by the law?

Who are you to mention law?!

I told you not to cause trouble.

What heinous crime did you commit, that you're splashing cash at a cop's wife?

You're being rude in front of my foreign guests.

If they know that you're a cop, what impression would they get of Korea?

A fucked up one, you punk!

Let go, you sons of bitches!

Why are you doing this to me?

Will you be able to deal with what's to come?

Cho Tae-Oh...

The punishment for assault isn't bad.

Apologize sincerely, compensate the family and end it.

You little bastard...

Don't touch me!

Prosecutor Oh is handling this case?

Don't embarrass me in front of my juniors.

The papers had the drafts sent to the editor.

But they stopped the story from being published.

Isn't it a simple wage protest?

I'm telling you there's more.

Like what?

Give me the inside scoop on Cho Tae-Oh.

I'll give you an exclusive on the Sin Jin suicide attempt.

This is a big story.

You're always trying to fish without bait.

What am I supposed to bite?

Son of a bitch...

I think the driver was assaulted before he jumped off.

Cho Tae-Oh instigated it himself.

I'm liking it.

The victim's son was at the scene.

His underage son?

The cops on the case are trying to close it.

Not much I can do since I'm not on this case.


If you do some media manipulation, maybe there's something I can do.

This is gonna be a sensation.

Don't share it with anyone else!

Is this it?

I'm asking you! Can't you hear?

Anyone here?

Mr. Choi!

Did you eat?

We'll cover the cost.

Why don't you leave the country until this quiets down?

You are talking nonsense again.

Why should I run when I'm the victim?

Can't you see that I'm already in prison?

I know.

We're not asking you to leave with empty pockets.

I also have ears, Mr. Choi.

I used to be a member of the Mammoth gang.

It's all because of that loose cannon cop.

There are a lot of hungry and eager kids here.

Even before making the boat trip to this country, they had no registration, no I.D.s.

Safe for operations.


Tying this up benefits us both.

It'll just be a matter of time before that cop finds me.

Let's say some foreigner mistakes him for me and accidentally kills him.

What are they gonna do about it?

Do you have a quotation?

Five big ones, non-negotiable.

I can get by in the Philippines with that kind of money.

You're early. Traffic wasn't bad?

Park the car!

I had a chat with Jeon, the contractor.

He made an interesting proposition.

I thought you weren't gonna call me again.

Don't treat me like that.

I also didn't want to call.


You're pregnant?

What, you wanna marry me or something?

Think before you cause trouble.

Pull a trick like this again and you're dead.

Door is closing.

Let them in.

Please, get in.

Get in.

Door is closing.

I got a call from Myeong Seong Daily.

Had to run ads to stop the article.

What trouble did he get himself into?

What happened?

I'm sorry, Mr. Chairman.

Are you just going to apologize all the time like your father?

What were you doing?

Didn't we hire you to take care of problems like this?

What really happened?

Would you even believe me?

Get down on the floor.

Hands clasped?

What kind of an aide have you been to let a subcontractor get beat up in the office and attempt suicide?

You let this happen when the company is in trouble?!

What were you doing while this was going on?!

I'm sorry, sir!

I'll make sure this doesn't cause further damage.

Any leaks from inside?

Everyone at the scene is clean.

We checked their emails and phone records.

There were no records of contacting the press.

Then what?

The reporter was saying his morning prayers and had an epiphany?!

How can you run a company in such a mental state?!

You have to watch your blood pressure.

Activate the media agencies and stop it from leaking to the press.

You tell my wife to arrange a dinner with the head prosecutor's wife.

Heard she goes nuts for paintings.

And you...

Send all employees involved on international assignments.

You leave the country, too.

This is the last time.

You mess up one more time, you won't get a dime from the company.

You shouldn't drive.

I'll get someone.

Is that important now?

You know the operation that the contractor mentioned, let's proceed with that.

Director Cho...

Tae-Oh, that's a very risky proposition.

Are you treating me like a retard?

Because I'm the kid of the second wife?

Why do you say that? You know that's not it.

There's just no need since the Chairman is involved.

Then why won't this simple problem go away?!

To survive in this family, we gotta get tough.

That applies to both of us.

If we can't handle a simple problem like this, what little we have will go to my goddamn siblings.

I'm sorry but my editor won't budge. Sin Jin is putting on pressure. You should back off before it gets dangerous. Reporter Park, Myeong Seong Daily.

I haven't been able to reach him for days.

I can't even go home because of him.

Can I use your phone? My battery's dead.

There are other phones here.

Relax. I won't make an international call.

You're invading my privacy!

Look what we have here.

You got a call from Jeon 10 minutes ago.


We're the kind of people that go for intestine soup after seeing a dead body.

If I want, I can send anybody to prison.

There's a family that pissed me off.

Now three generations are living in the cells.

I can make one call and get your call records with the message logs.

You want me to print out all your emails, too?

Where did you learn to lie to a police officer?

Where's Jeon?

Internal Affairs

What now?

Something urgent came up. I can't stop by the store.

What? You want a snack?


I should get my car looked at.

Shut up and listen.

I don't know what you've been up to but Internal Affairs is here to see you.

Internal Affairs?

What the hell?

Don't come in today.


What do you mean don't come in?


Hello? What the...?

Detective Seo...

Don't make it hard for your colleagues. Come in ASAP.

I was on my knees and had my hands up but he started kicking mercilessly.

Didn't even tell us that he was a cop.

I scraped my knees.

He's showing signs of a concussion due to blunt force trauma.

You know the metal pipe?

He kicked it, and I got hit right here.

And he started beating me up.

I fell in and out of consciousness but I still remember...

What Miranda?

When I came around, I found myself locked up in the police station.

I was just doing my job when my boss was attacked.

Sorry to bother you at this hour.

It's a bit urgent.

There's a guy named Seo Do-Cheol on my team.

The one that busted up the mob with us.

That's the one!


Internal Affairs is here about an investigation.

Can you find out what the investigation is for?

Officers get bad names because of people like you.

The Police Department's image is tarnished.

Control your emotions.

Detective Seo, we understand that your wife met an executive from Sin Jin.

Someone saw Mr. Choi giving a designer bag to your wife.

You've been digging around Sin Jin without authorization.

And you threatened Cho today. Correct?

Let's not get involved with Sin Jin anymore.

If you keep it up, even the commissioner will start feeling the heat.

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

If you're one of us, don't stab your own in the back.

Should we check for dust on your team?

Sorry for interrupting.

Who did you say approved the investigation?!

Can't you see we're talking?

I called your team and they didn't know you were here.

Don't you know we report directly to the commissioner?

Have you talked to the commissioner?

Fine! I'll put you through to my boss.

Take him if you're confident.

There's no need. We got all the information.

Let's go.

Next time the whole team will be out in the cold.

For Christ's sake!


You know how it works. Rank is king.

Everything alright?

Does this look okay to you?!

I'm just doing my jab!

What is the matter?

Someone called saying she couldn't reach you.

The female employee of the logistics company.

Don't tell him I contacted you.

Mr. Jeon is going out of the country.

He asked me to wire some money.

You sure I'm not gonna get in trouble for this?

Of course. Don't worry.

Text me Jean's location.

Hey, Seo! Get your ass over here!

What? Why?

Why are you interfering with my life?!

You don't want me to get a promotion, do you?!

I feel bad that he had to attempt suicide and I understand why you're raving mad.

But no police officer has ever touched one of the super rich.

Perhaps the prosecutors, but us, no way.

Listen. Not in our lifetime!

Come on, man! It's out of the question!


What's become of you?

Don't be scared, you old man! You won't die!

You said, judges kill with decisions and cops kill with reports!

I'll make sure to kill with a report!

Who's going to approve that report?!

We both gotta work until our kids go to college.

You've done enough.

Let's get back inside.

You should move up all the way to superintendent.

But fuck it, since I'll never make it that high.

This isn't even your case!

My friend from West District went after a big gun.

He got kicked to the curb and got divorced, and is now living in a rented room firing charcoal for barbecue.

Get out!

Go, you bastard!


Holy shit!

As teammates, even our farts should smell the same.

Superintendent Oh!

Why are you here, newbie?

Chief asked me to drop him off.

I even had a date waiting.

Don't you live on the opposite side?

WaY Opposite.

Rock, paper, scissors!


Rock, paper, scissors!


Excuse me.

Can you move your car?

You can't park at the designated spot.

You piece of shit!

Grab him!

Let go!

Open the door!

I'll kill you! You motherfucker!

Open up!

You said "one man"!

I don't know. Fuck!

Hold tight!

Open up, you bastards!

You motherfucker!

Behind you!


Grab it! Grab the knife!

Newbie! Fuck...

You alright, man?


Do-Cheol, grab that bastard!

You motherfucker!


Stop right there!

Pick up.

Pick up the damn phone.

It's Jeon...

Pick up the phone!

Shit... We're fucked!

Go away! Shit...

You motherfucker, you're fucked!

You bastard...

Stop following me! Shit...


Way to go, Miss Bong!

Just stop hitting me!

Stay put, you piece of shit.

Who are you?!

Friend of the cop you just stabbed.

How many times do I have to tell you?

I was imprisoned by those people.

I called Mr. Choi to borrow some money.

Our newbie got knifed? Was that him?

You bastards...

Detective Wang. Yes, sir.

There are some spider webs. Got it.

You fucking asshole!

Piece of shit!

Come on! Let's talk!

Who the fuck?!

Who knifed the newbie?!

Are you in charge here?

Law enforcers can't behave this way!

Where is the law here?!

Did you knife my newbie?

Wasn't me personally, sir.

You moron!

How can you let a scumbag like this get to you?!

He's got connections.

Who's got his back? God?

How dare they touch a cop?!

I'm telling you, before the newbie wakes up from surgery, bring in the motherfucker responsible for this!

You heard the man!

Now, it's conspiracy to murder a cop.

Did we find something?

We got something big.

This bastard got paid in US dollars.

Here's a passport and tickets to the Philippines.

We can track the bank that issued the cash.

CCTV from the bank will lead us right to them.

We got you, motherfuckers.

While tracking the cash, go back to Sin Jin and secure the video footage.

Yes, sir.

And Bong... You get the emergency call records.

I heard you got a big one.


I have a visitor. Get lost.

Get outta here. Bye.

Please have a seat.

Did you eat?


I should've paid you a visit earlier. I'm sorry.

No need to apologize.

And you shouldn't have.

Thank you.

How is your husband?

More time before he's out of critical condition?

Seems like it.

If you stay too long in the hospital, you'll get sick.

You need to get some air once in a while.

Is your son doing well at his grandmother's?

Yes, thanks to you.

He seemed like a thoughtful boy.

What can I do for you?

You know the text message he sent me.

I've been looking at it over and over.

I realized something wasn't right.

He's never written a long message like this.

Even if he wrote it thinking it was his last, his messages are normally full of typos.

And he never uses periods.

He always said he hated men playing with phones.

He never got used to sending text messages.

You still have his mobile phone?

I'm sorry.

We sent lawyers right away to deal with the situation from last night.

Take a seat.

Had no time to eat, did you?

Let's have a meal.

Sit down.

You work without sleep.

You should at least eat well.

Come on.

I like the eel from this place.


The cop didn't die, did he?

He's injured but it's not critical.

Jeon and the other men at the scene, they know they'll be in danger if they open their mouths.

We're doing all we can with the lawyers.

We have the situation under control.

As your uncle, I never really sat down for a meal with you.

What's the point of living, I wonder.

You remind me a lot of your father.

Working so diligently.

His last wish was to look after you like a son.

I feel bad for you and your clad.

I will do a better job going forward.


Yes, sir.

We're family, aren't we?

Show me that I can count on you.

The attempted suicide and the recent cop incident...

Why don't you take the fall?

I'll make sure to put up the best of my lawyers to support you.

I know it will be a hassle.

But eventually, you'll be released on parole.

Your aunt says it'll be hard for your wife and kids to see you in trouble.

So why don't we send them to school in the UK?

You should take charge of Sin Jin Motors, once it's over.

You'll be a president. Your dad would've been proud.

Who's turning himself in?

Detective Seo.

Excuse me, but my client is unstable due to the grave guilt he's feeling.

Mr. Choi, this isn't right. Why are you doing this?

My client requests...

Will Cho take care of you for life if you take the fall?

For instigating assault and conspiracy to murder?

Do you know how long you'll rot in jail?

Are you threatening my client?

Conspiracy to murder a police officer?

Go easy.

Why? He says to go easy.

I got it.

I also feel terrible that a cop got hurt.

I misunderstood Jeon.

He said he would take care of the problem.

I had no idea he meant murder...

How much are you getting paid for this?!

If you keep this up, we'll move to the original jurisdiction!

They closed the case! That's why you're here!

Who's in charge?!

Out! Now!

Hold on...

I'm sorry. I apologize.

Excuse me.

Mr. Choi, I'm really curious. So, let me just ask you this.

Ask what?

You don't have to answer. No.

Let him ask.

Don't you think it's strange?

When an apology could have easily ended it... how did it get blown up like this?

You must be used to being criticized by society.

Why go through so much trouble to cover this up?

That's why I turned myself in. So it doesn't get bigger.

You guys are real bastards.

The order is to transfer the case to a different team.

What about the attempted murder of our newbie?

We got a confession.

Transfer everything related to Sin Jin Trading to Team 1.

You'll get promoted to the central investigative unit.

Other members will get new assignments, too.

You're breaking up my team?


You're here.

Hey, man.

They're transferring our cases and splitting us up?

Not exactly.

It's not like we're getting fired.

Let's talk about it tomorrow.

Why should we get fired?!


Bong, did you look into it?

What did you get her to do?

Did you find out?

There was an emergency call from Sin Jin that was canceled.

Doesn't match the time that Bae sent the text.

The emergency call was officially logged in at 11:39 AM on the day of the incident.

From another number at the Sin Jin location.

The call was terminated while it was being processed.

The emergency center called back at 11:22 AM.

REPORT DATE REPORT DETAILS Emergency Call Records Call disconnected during call Callback attempted Caller claims it was a missed call But the caller did not want to process the report.

But the text message from Bae to his wife was sent 15 minutes later at 11:37 AM.

If the accident happened right before the first call...

That means Bae sent his text after the accident.

And lunch time was taken 30 minutes earlier than usual.

The bastards cleared the whole floor.

Do you see? The accident was a setup.

Give me just one more day.

I'll bet my house on this.

I thought you were renting.

You punk!

How can you harass me so early in the morning?

I don't think we should talk without my lawyer present.

I'm not here to investigate but to say hello.

We'll talk about the same thing anyhow.

If you've got time to waste, spend it with your kids.

They grow up fast.

Worry about yourself rather than talking shit.

Really gonna confess?

To aiding in assault and conspiring to murder?

I told you I didn't know about killing a cop.

Is that all?

Let's continue this in a formal manner.

I didn't get a good night's sleep.

Sit your ass down.

Why did you do it?

He didn't try to kill himself.

We're done here.

Shut up and sit down! This is my district, son of a bitch!

You should at least know what crimes you're confessing to.

Bae got beat up by the contractor, Jeon.

You paid him off.

He sent his kid home in a cab.

But Bae... felt so aggrieved and angry.

So, he goes back to find you guys.

Facts are confirmed up to this point.


Then, the real accident happened.

Cho Tae-Oh touched Bae.

One of the guards in the room called emergency.

But a bastard who's quick on his feet decides to fix the situation.


Bae didn't try to kill himself.

You bastards staged it as a suicide.

Just for a few bucks, I’m living like a peasant. I can't do this anymore. In order to teach the rich a lesson, this is all I can do. Forgive nee.

That's a really good story.

But... do you have evidence?

Please come in.

Athletes have a lot of fear.

There was a call to 911 from this man's mobile.

It's not ethical to fire a man because of a broken leg.

Can you put him on the witness stand?

Of course, and there are others.

Contractor Jeon in jail also has lots of skeletons.

You've also got dirt.

I forgot to mention that Jeon blackmailed us.

How far do you think your money will take you?

How far do you think you can take this as a lowly cop?

3 years for assault, 5 years for attempted murder and trying to stage a suicide, conspiracy to murder a police officer, at least 5!

Can't change the facts no matter who you have in your pocket!

Look here.

A trader sells what he sees but a businessman invests in what isn't apparent to the eye.

I'm investing my precious time here.

Bad investment decision.

Director Cho is leaving for Singapore tomorrow morning.

Are you confident you can arrest him tonight?

You should've invested in me.

What's up?

How's the ankle?

I was just wondering what you were up to.

I guess you'll have some time after Cho leaves the country.


Call me when you're free.

He is definitely leaving tomorrow, early.

There's a party tonight.

If this bastard gets to Singapore on his private jet, he can get his blood cleansed.

That would get rid of all the evidence of drug use.

He's worked closely with the bodyguards.

I know.

I get your story.

But who in their right mind would throw a drug party in this situation?

He would want to make sure that his loyal cronies will cover his back while he's out of the country.

If you look at the VIP roster...

What if we can't find anything?

We wouldn't raise the stakes without a backup plan.

Stop bullshitting.

If you really want to score before the team splits, take care of that housewives gambling case!

Come on, boss!

Don't do this to us! I made myself clear.

Did I ever let you down?!

Who took care of all the family events?!

Your wedding, your kids' birthdays and anniversaries...

When your father passed away, I even followed you to the graveyard!

My team took care of your in-laws' funerals!

And this?!

Because you had to attend your daughter's graduation, I went to the scene by myself and got stabbed!

It's only because you were reckless, you bastard!

What about me?!

When you went alone to Youngdeungpo and caused trouble, I got this while trying to watch your back!

You guys are just too much.

When I got this leg fucked up in Incheon, where were you guys?!

At the sauna!

I get such pain whenever it rains that I can't sleep!

Are we asking for much?

Just let us do our jobs.

You'll let them break us up?


I heard these housewives go everywhere.

Perhaps they'll be at Cho Tae-Oh's party tonight.

What are you still doing here?

I made myself clear that I want you to take care of the gambling housewives.

From what I hear, the mobs involved in the gambling rings are the craziest.

That's why we're here to support.

Shouldn't we get suited up in protective gear?

Cops make history with their bodies.

My intestines were spilling out, I had to stuff them back in on the way to the hospital.

Hey, baby. It's me.

I just wanted to hear your voice.

Why are you cursing?

How's our boy?

That white car belongs to the nephew of the ex-prime minister.

Behind him is the CEO of JD Telecoms.

And that's an actress' car. Which one?

Can't remember the name...

Slow down!

Detective Wang.

Check all the cars carefully.


The cosmetic surgeon has arrived with his bag.

It's Cho Tae-Oh.


There! The black sports car. Where, you bastard?!

The one turning... next to the middle lane.

Wang, we've got Cho's car in sight.

60 dollar fine for illegal U-turn.

Since Cho Tae-Oh's here, they'll start the party.

Let's go pick up the trash.

What's that vehicle?

Hey, Wang. I see a suspicious vehicle!

Check that car!

It's Jeong Da-Hye.

Back off.

You can't go in.

Step aside!

We can't.

Don't you know who I am?


Looks like she's here to spoil the party.

What if she messes it up?

Don't say it, it's bad luck.

I'll kick your ass back at the station!

Mr. Cho wants to see you quietly. Let's go.


I will kill you if you're playing with me.

Why the fuck did you show up here?

How can you do this?

I'm pregnant with your child!

I can take it out right here.

You call yourself a human being?

When do they shoot up usually?

You, son of a bitch!

You ready, Miss Bong?

There's someone dying in this building!

Her clothes are ripped! She's being raped!

What?! An assault?!

We're on our way.

Why? What's the matter? Why are you crying?

It's just from that building over there.

Someone is trying to sexually assault a lady.

It must be the housewives!

We gotta go now!

Come on.

Your household pet gets surprised when it looks in the mirror.

It thought it was a person but it's just a bitch.

Let's not fight.

We were so good together.

Can you just renew my endorsement contract?

Then, I'll get rid of the baby and stay quiet, okay?

I want to be on good terms with you.

Why do you always try to use me?

Just have fun tonight.

Sorry to disturb you at night.

There's no trouble here.

But there was a call.

Do you have a search warrant?

Search warrant, my ass!

If we get an emergency call, we're obligated to search without a warrant.

You want the report number?

Director Cho!


You're interfering with official business.

We're protecting private property.

Run them over!

Block them!


You don't want anything happening to me or my friends here.

Stop them.

I don't care how you do it.

I'm hurt!

Don't come!


Let go, you bastard!

Let go, you bastard!

You're asking for it!

I really didn't want to use this.

Permission to open fire, detectives!

You only brought your gun?

Why don't you pick up?!

Get the jet ready!

I'm leaving earlier than planned.

Singapore... no...

Hong Kong or Malaysia, anywhere!

I'll be at the airport in one hour.

You need a card to go up?

Hurry up and open this.

What's this?

Get inside.



It's a maze. How can we find him?

Hey, where are you going?



Da-Hye, wake up!

Line them up.




What are you doing?

It's not what it looks...

You little fuck!

Look at these idiots.

Hey! Everyone!

We're the police!


You guys should know better.

You're under arrest for violation of drug enforcement laws and protection of minors against sexual abuse.

Caught in the act.

You guys are fucked.

Cho Tae-Oh!

That son of a bitch!


Are you alright?

Are you okay? You alright?

Looks like you're hurt. I'm alright. I'm fine.

Cho Tae-Oh!

Violation of drug enforcement regulations.

Violation of prostitution enforcement regulations.

Violation of laws on the protection of minors against sexual abuse.

Drunk driving, speeding, destruction of public property, interference with official business, assault and attempted murder of Bae Cheol-Ho.

You're under arrest for all of these charges.

You have the right to remain silent and the right to appoint a lawyer.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

I told you to stay out of trouble, son of a bitch.

You really want this?

You should know your place.

Piss off.

Get out of the way!

Back off!


You have a foul mouth, young man.

Just ignore him. Wait.

I'm the owner of this stationery store.

You can't just go after making this mess.

Piss off.

What is he doing?

I said piss off.


Add assault of a police officer to the list! They got it all, you motherfucker!

It's justified defense from now on.

How long you think it'll take for me to make this go away?

30 minutes?

One hour tops, you fucking bastard.

You piece of shit!

It'll take 20 fucking years.

Fucking hell...

I'll be damned.

Great job, Miss Bong.

Why did you use your leg? What if he got hurt?

Are you okay?

Hurts like hell.

This little shit can fight.

So you're fine.

Have it looked at at the hospital.

He looks very familiar.

I'm sorry.

Fuck you!

No pictures.

The first trial of Cho Tae-Oh, Sin Jin Trading's executive, was held today.

He was accompanied by Choi, the company's SVP, and logistics contractor Jeon, who have been charged for related crimes.

CARGO COMPANY OFFICE The incident started when Bae, while protesting for back payment, was summoned to Cho's office and subsequently assaulted.


Encoded by aLDEN