Better Call Saul S4E9 Script

Wiedersehen (2018)

Oh, God.

Uncle Hector...

It's Lalo.

You know me, don't you?

One means "yes"?

Nothing means "no."

Who's got the biggest set of balls north, south, east or west of Michoacan?

Yes, indeed!

I knew you were still in there.

Uncle Hector.

You know what I was thinking about this morning?

The smell of burning leather and horsehair stuffing.

Do you remember?

Hotel Tulipan.

You were so polite to that guy.

And he turns his back on you?

Makes that big deal to show he's not scared.

He was a professor before he opened that place, remember?

He'd always bring that up. The big college professor.

You took your time with him.

And his wife listening from the side.

That asshole was so proud of his beautiful Spanish...

...his books, his antiques.

But when it burned... all smelled like shit.

I never told you this, but...

...I went back inside.

I went through the flames, the smoke.

It was so hot, the rubber on my shoes melted a little.

Yes, I know it was very stupid, but...

...I'm sentimental.

I wanted a souvenir.

I kept it all these years.

I brought it.

Do you want to see it?

Brings back memories, yes?

Remember that guy hitting this, calling for his bellboy?

And you? Teaching the teacher!

There you go, Uncle.


Give it a try.

Again, Uncle.

That's it!


That's a Salamanca!

Uncle, let's talk about the Chilean.

Pull yourself together.

Pull yourself together, you idiot.

Try it now.

That's how it's done.

Good job.

You ever think, maybe Don Eladio is one shrewd bastard?

Maybe he likes the bad blood between us?

He sits by his pool, baking in the sun, giving orders.

But your trucks move the product. And Salamanca muscle keeps everyone in line.

I don't consider that there's bad blood.