Beyond the Mask (2015) Script

Charlotte... there are things you couldn't have known.

It would be difficult for you to grasp the depths to which I had fallen, or the guilt that plagued me, without grasping the scale of this monster called the East India Company.

In their greed and avarice, they had flung their empire of destruction around the globe.

In time, there was investigation, and finally, there was this report.

It had a lot to say about Charles Kemp and, I'm afraid, made mention of me as well.

Delivering this report to you the moment you are ready to receive me again will be my last job.

I live only to be worthy of your respect.

Steady as she goes!

Hold the course. Yes, sir.

Call the shot, Mr. Brand.

One last time.

Speed, three knots.

On my mark. Fire.

Gentlemen of the board. Fire.

It's good to be back in London.

I am pleased to report that our operations in India continue to be profitable.

And yet, I have a feeling that our interests in the American colonies could match or even exceed our revenues from India.

Provided, of course... that we can keep Parliament from meddling in our affairs.

Even as we meet, my team is intercepting the final report of Parliament's investigation of our business practices in India.

My men are replacing the official report with an altered copy which, I can assure you, will read quite differently from the original.

Oh! He's dead! Hey!

Sound the alarm! Time to go!

Gentlemen, I assure you, you may trust in my discretion.

Nothing, and no one will stand in our way.


In the 14 years that I have known you, you have never let me down.

Not once.

You are a treasure to me.

Thank you, sir. What is this?

Oh, yes, very fine!

Very much like my own.


So, then, you are what?

One week back in England, and already carrying yourself like a gentleman.

Well, in as much as I'll have the title and lands that you've promised me, I thought I should make a start.

I hope I'm not too eager in following in your footsteps.

Oh, my dear boy, have I... Have I not impressed upon you the opportunities that could await you in the Americas?

And think of it, that vast hinterland and those 13 squabbling colonies, all ripe for the picking.

Have I not done all that you've asked? You have.

All that was required. All.

I've made my fortune...

And you have made your fortune doing exactly what I asked you to do.

And you are the man that I need there in the Americas.

I'm done.

I'm ready to put this behind me, as you did.

I will triple the offer I have made to you.

Already the Company owes me over £10,000.

And I have your promise of a new name.

My heart is set on other things.

You mean that?


It's set. 10-second timer once you pull the cord.

You heard what he said. 10 seconds. Don't waste it.

And make sure he's dead before you jump. Go.

Good luck, Will. Safe travels.

Driver! Hey! Wait!

Stop your carriage!

Driver! Hey!

Wait! Your carriage is on fire!

In that moment, I knew my guilt had come to pay me out.

Give me your hand! Jump!

Get back! Now!

On him... will fall the full burden of the accusations.

All of the vilifications that will have been aimed at the company.

Tomorrow, in your newspapers, gentlemen, you will be shocked to learn of the rogue activities of that infamous scoundrel, the late William Reynolds.

Sorry about that.

You would be a vicar.

I had wanted a new name.

Now, I had it.

This wasn't my idea, but... there was a sense of divine justice, that an assassin like me should be forced to live a vicar's life.

By my word.

I will avenge us both for this.


Oh, Lord.

Brent! Wake Jeremiah!

Sir. Sir.

I do hope he hasn't contracted any of those lake diseases.

Indeed, Mrs. Witherspoon. I understand they're quite dreadful.

Will he recover, Doctor? I think so, Mrs. Holloway.

Oh, I hope it's not going to hinder his preaching.

Anything would be better though than the last vicar.

He faithfully preached the worst sermons I have ever heard.

Give him rest and quiet. Thank you.


It's good to see you awake.

The newspapers are full of your story.

Apparently, you were the last victim of a rogue who did terrible things in India.

His name was William Reynolds.

Seemed to be a very brutal man. A miracle that you survived.

Becoming a vicar hadn't turned out so bad after all.

You had believed my story, and... now Reynolds was dead.

There was an untouched innocence and a beauty about the place that was very attractive.

The kitchen's well stocked... I reasoned that my revenge could wait... while I explored where this path might lead.

That tattoo.

East India Company?

I've seen it before.

On slave traders, mainly.

Mrs. Holloway knows.

A friend contacted a family for me after Mr. Holloway died.

I needed out.

And they needed me.

The whole town is talking about your arrival.

We should hurry on over to the church or we'll be late for your first sermon.

My sermon?

Good morning. Good morning.

Good morning. Today's homily is...

Near, and... dear, to, I am sure, many of you.

Let's all stand.

Thank you. You may be seated.

I apologize. I... can't read my own writing sometimes.

Burn it! Burn it all!

Come on, Will.

Pull yourself together.


Are you well?

Yes. Why are you here?

My mother asked me to make sure you come to supper.

She had her doubts you would.

Will you join us?

Yes. Yes, of course I will.

And so, the days stretched into weeks.

When I was with you, Charlotte, the darkness seemed further away.

We're all very fond of you, as I hope you know.


Oh, yes, my mother is happy that you're here.

Yes, I see.

And you?

Who else would be my walking companion?

So, you saved me from drowning to be your walking companion?

Why else?

Because you're kind.

You're compassionate, you're virtuous... Stop. Please, I do not deserve such talk.

Charlotte, I feel as if I... I have a new life here.

It's a life you made possible.

Only God can give us new lives.

God did not drag me from this pond.

How can we know the ways of God?

Five minutes sooner or five minutes later, everything might have been different.

That is the mystery of it.

What do you feel, Mr. Walters?

I feel as if I can trust you with my life.

I've never felt such a thing before.

If that is providence, or fate, whatever you would call it, then... then I will accept it.


What am I to think of a vicar who seems so unsure of what he believes?

Charlotte, I'm... I'm speaking to you truthfully.

From my heart.

Oh, this is terribly confusing.

Steven, I have an uncle who is coming at Christmas.

He's traveling to America and he's invited me to go with him.

And you've agreed?

Well, I'm hard pressed to say no.

My mother believes it'll be a great experience for me.

But to leave Adlesbury...

What reason do I have to stay?

Would you like me to give you a reason?

Only if it is a good one.

Charlotte! Blast the devil's luck.

I'm sorry, I didn't know if you could swim!

Thank you! I can't!

You're soaking! Let me walk you home.

Yes! I think that would be a good idea.

Good evening, Reverend.

Or is it... "parson"?

I get them confused.

Come to the fire where I can see you.

So, he sent you for me.


We thought you were dead.

So imagine my surprise when I found you back from the dead.

See, you have put me in an awkward position, Will.

I do have my allegiance with Charles Kemp to consider.

So, what are you offering?

I do have a few items that... could destroy him... if in the right hands. I'm listening.

I have the Parliamentary Report from Rajid.

Not the one Kemp doctored, but the real one.

With all the names, dates, financial transactions, it's all there.

So, you negotiate the deal with him, and I'll split the amount with you.

Well, this is remarkable. I assumed a man of the cloth would use a report like that to expose the evil wrought by Mr. Kemp.

But you aren't a man of the cloth, are you, Will?

I have found a new life.

A vicar?

Isn't that an absurd mask for you to wear?

What if it's not a mask?

So, you have told her who you are.

Why don't you?

And see what the lady thinks of you then.

Your hands are stained with blood.

I'm asking you... please... take the report... and leave.

I will.

Along with your carcass... and whatever reward he gives me.

Hell's been waiting a very long time for you, Will Reynolds.

You think you're better than me?


How did you know that Father was the right one?

Why do you ask?

Is this about our vicar?

You've grown very fond of him, I know.

He is a gentleman.

And... intelligent and... enjoyable in conversation. So full of surprises.

Do you love him?

I could...

I might.

But there is something that beguiles me about him.

When I wish with all my heart that we would move forward...

I stop.

All of his good words... there's something missing.

Because sometimes he speaks of God as a distant acquaintance, not as an intimate friend.

It's times like these I...

I do miss Father terribly.

You could speak with your uncle when he comes at Christmas.

Can't you wait until then?

There's no reason to rush.

I simply cannot make a decision about America without... resolving my feelings for Steven first.

But you aren't a man of the cloth, are you, Will?

You are the same man you've always been.

Your hands are stained with...

Please. Please show me what I must do.

Charlotte. Is everything all right?


It's not all right.

There are things about me that...

I'm not the man that...

That is to say that in my past, I...

Before I came to Adlesbury...

I was not trained as a vicar.

The quality of your training has been a question.

What I mean to say, though, is...

I'm not worthy of you.

I know of no man who is.

Certainly, you deserve better than anything that I can...

I'm not a good man.

But I decided to be.

The thought of losing you, it's more than I can bear.

You embody God's mercy for me.

It's a mercy that I'm beginning to appreciate, though...

I don't deserve it.

I guess what I'm trying to say is... please don't go to America.

I don't want to be separated from you.

Ms. Charlotte Holloway, I...

Will you consent to be my wife?

Mr. Walters... Please don't... Don't call me that.

I'm sorry. Steven.

I... I cannot.

But... that is to say, I...

I cannot give you an answer yet.

Not because I do not wish to say yes, because I do.

But I don't... fully trust myself... to make a decision of this importance alone.

Charlotte, I... I will do anything.

Will you meet my uncle at Christmas?

Yes. Yes, of course.

I would like that.

With his approval, I will be most happy to agree.

Thank you. Thank you. I...

I am honored.

Thank you, Steven.

Good night, Ms. Charlotte.

Good night.

Steven! Are you coming along?

Yes, of course.

My uncle can hardly wait to see you.

Now? Before the service?

Would you rather we wait? No. No, now will do.

Thank you! Uncle!

Steven, this is my Uncle Charles.

Uncle Charles, Steven Walters.

Charlotte, my dear, would you mind leaving us?

We... we need to talk man-to-man.

I'll wait.

You astonish me, Will. Then we are in good company.

Oi! Form up! We're needed at the church.

You are no man of peace! Or is this a...

Not my niece!

Good heavens, man, do you really think that you can have a life...

Charles, I beg of you. If only for the sake of old loyalties, my service to you in India, all I have... She's not your sort!

She is a good person.

Would she be surprised if I showed her the uncorrected Parliamentary Report I possess?

You threaten me, you dog?

Steven, Uncle Charles, Mother's worried.

What's the matter?

Charlotte, my dear, it grieves me that this scoundrel has lied his way into your affections.


Our paths have crossed before in India!

Charlotte, I can explain. He is a liar...

And I have changed because of you. He is an impostor...

And he is a murderer. I'm sorry, I don't understand.

I told you, Reverend Walters had a past you didn't know of.

But you are neither Reverend nor are you Walters.

You are the infamous scoundrel...

William Reynolds! Charlotte, please.

Guards! I can explain!

Come, my dear. Come. Guards, quickly! Open this door!

Come on! Steven!

This is not who I am! No! Wait!

Hey! There he is!

Move along!

Get out of the way!

Let's go! Yeah!

Should we pursue?

No need. I have something that he wants.

He will come to me.

How did you know I needed help?

East India Company.

When I stayed with their horses, I...

I saw their weapons and I knew.

I grabbed these for you.

Escape while you can.

You can't undo the damage done.


I have to.

He's taken everything from me.

Ms. Charlotte will not be moved by revenge.

I'm so sorry...

You shouldn't have saved me.

My life wasn't worth your sacrifice.

Redemption, not revenge.

There's only one man with the power to make you new.


if you'll help me redeem my name,

I will lay aside revenge.

Let me show Charlotte that I can change.

Because of her.

I'm so sorry, Charlotte, but William is dead.

It's not here. Keep searching.

Charlotte, your uncle's evil made me into William Reynolds.

But now, he will be my opportunity.

I will prove to you that I am a different man.

I will dismantle his plans piece by piece.

I will create a new reputation honorable enough... to save me from my past.

Can I help you, sir? Yes, please.

I'm looking for... Benjamin Franklin.

If you're looking for Mr. Franklin, you'll find him at the shop.

Occasional incompetence may be overlooked, but yours persists at a level worthy of Parliament.

No, my good man, my decision is final.

I must let you go.

Good day, sir. And good day to you, sir.

And don't be a stranger... to other establishments in town.

You're Mr. Franklin?

Well, now that depends. Do I owe you money?

Have I offended a woman of your acquaintance?


Then, I am Benjamin Franklin.

How may I be of service? Sir, I seek employment.

I'm retired.

Are you skilled as a printer?

I'm a fast learner.

Another! All of our fast learners have been fast leaving.

Tell me, do you favor the King... or alternatives yet to be explored?

On having only just arrived in this country, I suppose I'm in favor of myself.

What others do is not my business.

Smart man!

But with no conviction.

Such a shame. But... anyone can remake themselves here.

Even young men with no conviction.

So I've heard.

Every man must be tested before he can be trusted.

Have you eaten?

No, sir.

The King and Crown pub.

You'll find no better meal nor a better place to... find out what convictions you may or may not have.

Try the lamb. It is excellent.

Thank you, sir. You're very kind, Mr. Franklin.

You're very welcome, Mister...

Flack. Jeremiah Flack.

I reckon he stays.

No, I give him five minutes. Mark my time.

So I called him a rebel dog and kicked him out of my shop.

Hear, hear. Long live the King.

Ale, please. Your place comes recommended. Mr. Charles Kemp.

You're a disaster.

Franklin rejected you as well.

That nest... is ripe for kindling?

I've never seen you here before. You with Harrison's men?


That thundering cur?

I wouldn't leave him my scraps.

He remains loyal to our King.

Hush, hush!

And to his lying father, the devil.

A grown child should have independence from its mother.

And for that mother to hold its child, against its conscience, against its will, is that not tyranny?

Beware, sir.

This is a loyal pub!

God save the King! God save the King!

For loyal pups.

Did you have the lamb?

Pity. What happened, my boy?

Well, it seems I spoke up for liberty and... was thrown out on my conviction.

You are a fast learner.

But have I the makings of a printer? Probably not.

But I'm retired, Mr. Flack.

That is, until I return from my duties with the Continental Congress.

If I should survive that.

Are you in danger, sir?

Why, Mr. Flack, I am always in danger.

He that would give up a little liberty for security, deserves neither and loses both.

Charlotte, my dear, you're looking unhappy.

I am sorry.

But, my dear, this is an important social occasion.

We're trying to establish ourselves in the very best circles. So smile!

Yes. Yes, of course.

You may depend on me. Good girl.

Yes? Factory shop, it's burning.

Oh, no!

Send all the men we can spare. Yes, sir.

My dear... my dear, I think... perhaps it's time for you to withdraw with the other ladies. Yes?


This looks familiar.

Mr. Flack?

What have you found?

A Leyden charge jar.

You know it? It stores an electrical pulse.

I believe the Europeans came up with it as a sort of parlor trick.

To shock women.

Or to detonate a bomb.

How do you know about that?

I'm a fast learner.

I thought I was the only man in the colonies capable of creating such a device.

Now, these jars don't work by themselves.

One needs a generator to charge them. I've built one myself.

Most impressive, sir.

Let me demonstrate for you.

Who created that bomb?

I don't know...

for certain.


My dear fellow, I want to congratulate you. What a superb job you have done.

Pleasure to serve, sir. Pleasure, indeed. Would you like to see the chamber?

I... Mr. Harrison is here.

Mr. Harrison and gentlemen, welcome.

Welcome, indeed.

Welcome. Thank you, sir.

What goes on here? All in good time, sir.

Gentlemen... my men and I are loyal servants of the King.

We fear the consequences that may come to these 13 colonies... should these rascals succeed in unifying their Continental Congress.

But, gentlemen, I have a plan.

When they speak with their treacherous tongues, we shall reply with loyal fists.

You will have to recruit or to destroy those around you.

I look at you now and I ask, are you willing?

Yeah! Are you willing?


Go, sirs. Go all of you... and create havoc.

That's quite a lot of work for a mere cover.

This is not India.

And the cover is half the plan.

Get this job done. Careful, that's a lot of rebel gunpowder.

I'm trying. Just load it on the cart.

What was that?

Where are they?

Maybe loosen this cover.

Stop him!

If he is thwarting loyalists and scoundrels, this is the best news in a very long time.

Well, then, what shall we call him in our newspaper?

Masked man... mysterious vigilante?

Call him of what he his. The Highwayman.

You were right, sir. He did follow us.

In a mask, was he?

Now we can make of that what we will.


The Highwayman runs rings around us.

Now how does he know our every move?

Are we compromised? Are your men loyal?

Yes, sir, they are loyal. Get out of my sight.

I'm surrounded by fools.

I will not be made a fool of.

There's sort of... strange events going on.

Is that not right? You have been talking about this masked highwayman.

Please, Ms. Charlotte.

Some discussions are best held after small ears have been put to bed.

Of course. I understand.

But we look forward to hearing your perspective. This is the new...

Daniel. Daniel Johnson.

Let her go! Sweetheart.

Daniel Johnson is a treasonous rabble rouser.

Let this be a lesson to him and to all who would defy the King.

Bring out the tar, men.


Come on, boys. Let's get this job done.

This is your uncle's doing. It's the Night Watch. Scatter!

Everyone, stop. Stand down.

Stop or we'll shoot. I will not be taken. Give me the child.



He's taking my child! Hold your fire!

Lieutenant, catch that horse. Everyone else, with me.




Excuse me, sir.

Have you already published the events on the Johnson house?

No, ma'am. We haven't.

I was there if you care to hear a first-hand account.

I've written out the details.

The Highwayman, as you call him, saved our lives, in spite of what you may have heard from the watchmen who were... obviously confused about the event.

There's quite a bit of that going around, actually.


Mr. Flack, your hammer.

Did you say Jeremiah Flack?

Yes, ma'am. Actually, he's right...

Now, that's odd. He was just right there. Would you like me to find him for you?

No. No.

It is curious, though, I had a servant by that name in England.

You don't say.

I will leave this account with you.

The Highwayman is a true hero.

The man behind the mask deserves our deepest admiration.

Indeed. Good day, ma'am.

Excuse me. I'm sorry.

What of the missing papers?

The papers.

I followed your instructions.

You were actually there?

At the house of a well-known rebel? It was a friendly visit. You...

And you proclaimed the Highwayman a hero?

Yes. If you had been there... Have you any idea of the difficulties that I've had trying to re-establish us in good society after your recent disastrous engagement.

It was one dinner with a very... polite family.

A polite family. They are rebels.

They are traitors and haven't you seen the chaos they've been creating.

Yes, I imagine that violence reminds you of India.

Is that not how it was there?

Charlotte, I think you should confine yourself to the house for the next few days.

These are dangerous times.

And I do not want your life jeopardized.

Thank you for meeting me.

It's an honor.

I wanted to thank you for intervening that night.

And for warning me.

We're all very grateful for your efforts to stand between the innocent people and those who wish to commit violence against them.

Do you include your uncle in that statement?

So you said he was the cause of what happened.

I've not wanted to believe you.

Yet I saw him meet with one of the instigators of that violence.

What am I to do? There's nothing you can do.

For now. Then why are you here?

To warn you.

The annual mayor's ball in New York.

Your uncle has plans for that event.

And so do I.

In the end, the truth will win out.

I have evidence. Evidence?

If that's true, why wait until then? What stays your hand?

Ms. Holloway... do you believe in redemption?

Can a man... who has made his life a web of lies... earn trust again?

Well, that is a difficult question.

Of course, I believe in forgiveness.

It helps if... that man is willing... to set aside his deception.

I'm sorry. Someone's coming. Charlotte.

You knew a man once... who was charged with many crimes he did not commit.

And the crimes he did commit... are a heavy burden upon him still.

Will... He had much to repay.

I lied to you.

I lied to you about many things, but I never lied to you about us.

I never thought I'd see you again.

William, what's happening? I don't understand.

I love you.

And I wanted you to know.

You of all people.

That William Reynolds... Charlotte.

I must go. No.


There you are. I thought you had retired.

Was there someone...

Anyway, there was something I've got to tell you.

Once a year in New York, they throw a masquerade ball.

Everyone attends.

I was wondering whether you would care to accompany your old uncle.

My apologies.

May I have this dance?

Why, hardly.

Duke of Kent's Waltz, do you know it?

No. Then follow my lead.

You look lovely this evening.

Making it difficult for me to keep my eyes on General Washington.

Why are you watching General Washington?

My uncle wouldn't dare do anything to harm the General.

Not in front of so many witnesses.

Are you so certain? He has used bombs before.

I may need to call upon you to corroborate me before the night is over.

William, I need to know that I can trust you.

You can, my dear. I will show you.

Promise me... whatever happens, you will tell the truth. Please, no more lies.

Yes, Charlotte.

I promise.

No more.

He's here. And he's wearing the jacket.

Might I bother you to spend...

I must go.

He attacked the General. What's this, then?

You're in danger, sir. I saw it all, General.

This man came at you with that knife. That's not true.

I saw it as well. He tried to assassinate you, sir.

Who are you?

I'm... I know who he is.

Mr. Kemp.

I believe that you have read about this fellow in your English newspapers.

That... is the notorious villain...

William Reynolds.

Is that not the barbarian who committed the atrocities in India?

The very one, sir. Did he not die?

General, all you've read is a lie... put forth by Charles Kemp because of what I know from my service to him.

Take him away, sir. Wait. Let him continue.

I have evidence... proving that Charles Kemp was a guiding force behind the violence committed in India by the East India Company.

And more recently, the violence committed in Philadelphia.

Once you see it, you'll agree. He should be arrested and stand trial for his crimes.

What is this farce?

Is this some kind of joke?

General, listen to me. The package has been switched.

It originally contained a report I obtained nine months ago outlining Mr. Kemp's misdeeds in India.

Let us suppose this document really existed, it would have prevented the bombings in Philadelphia.

As you yourself have said, it's been in your possession for nine months.

Now, what innocent man would not have handed it over directly to the authorities?


Son... are you William Reynolds?

Yes... I am.

If the evidence is as it appears, then this man hangs at dawn for spying and armed sedition.

Take him away.

You and Charlotte were never the same sort.


William. Charlotte.

I kept my promise.

I told the truth.

But I was at fault to put all my trust in that Parliamentary Report.

Now it's gone. I don't understand what's happening.

You told me you had evidence. Why... why did you wait?

Could you have stopped the killing in Philadelphia?

I waited because of you.

I did it all for you. For me?

I've been trying to become the man that is... somehow worthy of you.

Of the respect you once gave me.

William, do you mean to tell me that you...

You were letting people die to somehow earn redemption? Or my love?

I... I've known no other path.

I fooled myself into thinking that I could be a good man.

That God would hear me.

Don't you know... neither redemption or love can ever be earned.

You have but to ask.

They're both gifts... gifts to be granted freely from the heart of God.

And from my heart to yours.

You're a genius, sir.

No, it was easy actually.

He was in business for himself all along.

Charlotte, my dear.

Is there news from Philadelphia?

The Doctor's arrived. Mr. Jefferson completed the Declaration... to be read to Congress in the morning, then voted on.

In the morning?


despite the crimes of this man, I know you know them fully...

I pray you redeem his life.

Redeem him.

And if I am to take part in your mercy,

please instruct me in what I must do.

The entire city will be in ashes, all in a matter of seconds.

Brilliant, Doctor. Brilliant.

Remote detonation.

The entire Continental Congress will cease to exist.

And the best of all the blame will fall on William Reynolds, the colony's very own Guy Fawkes.

Saucy knave. Believed he was good enough to marry my niece.

I begin to suspect her loyalty, sir.

If she so much as visits his grave, I want her dead.

She becomes more like her sanctimonious father every day.

Reverend, I had a deal with God.

But it turns out the name William Reynolds... was too evil for even him to redeem.

I'll be getting what I deserve tomorrow.

Actually, someone else already got what you deserve.

Visitor for the condemned man. He's in the hold.

It's a lady. She wishes to see him up on the main deck.

You shouldn't be here. I had to see you.

I did not know who else to turn to.

I beg your pardon.

Have they hurt you?

I never told you.

The night I escaped Adlesbury...

Jeremiah... he gave his life for me.

I realized tonight that that's the same thing that Christ did for me.

I saw myself fully for who I am.

And I have strived in vain... to redeem my name.

But, God, in His mercy... he has done the work that I could never do.

He has redeemed my name and he has given me his.

William... truly?


I have found acceptance in the divine heart that I've sought in vain all my life.

Will, I came... I tried.

I grew to love the life of Steven Walters.

So did I. But it was a stolen name.

It was just another mask.

Will... It was a love you couldn't return.

William, you'll have to save me.



Woman overboard!

Woman overboard!

Where's she? Where?

Prisoner overboard! Prisoner overboard!

There they are!

No. Don't shoot the lady.

I wasn't even trying to kiss you.

My uncle plans to destroy the assembly in Philadelphia.

They're right down there!


There she is.

Here you go, miss. Give me your hand.

There you go. Where is he?

What's that?

Well done.

Charlotte? Charlotte?

You are quite resourceful. Oh, well, you never asked.

I'm an old hand at escaping prison ships.

Do you intend that I row all the way? You could stay to be hanged, or know that I chartered a carriage.

Where did you find those?

They were in my uncle's office.

You stole these?

Borrowed. I have every intention of returning them in Philadelphia.

Can you make sense of these?

"City in ashes", he said. Mr. Franklin will be of help.

What are these symbols?

Explosive devices.

Guy Fawkes.


The man who plotted to blow up Parliament during the vote.

Charles... he's planning to blow up the Congress.


You do know you've chartered a smuggler's carriage.

Are you stealing those?


Pray for me.

You're not the same man.

I can't save you, William Reynolds.

Stay where you are safe. The Johnsons.

I will look for you there. I love you.

I love you.

That's her.

Let me go! You're coming with us.

Get your hands off me! Charlotte!

No. Your uncle is looking for you.

You have betrayed your family.

Mr. Franklin, get everyone out. There a plan afoot to bomb this building.

More nonsense! We cannot afford any longer delay.

Wait! I know him.

No, you don't, sirs.

I am William Reynolds.

Former mercenary of the East India Company, and currently a fugitive.

Oh, good. Nothing serious then.

Make of me what you will, sirs. But the threat is real.

Take him in hand.

Gunpowder. A lot of gunpowder.

How soon until the vote? At noon.

But, who would... Charles Kemp.

East India Company.

What is this place?

Come find out for yourself, Ms. Holloway.

Sir, your niece is here.

Basil tells me you've been a naughty girl.

I'm sorry, my dear, but you've chosen the wrong side.

Electric fuses.

That should take care of it.

Capacitors are charging.

Behold, Charlotte... the Doctor's ingenious machine.

He uses the windmill to turn this wheel, which, in turn... generates Mr. Franklin's... invisible lightning.

And when I throw that lever, it moves from the jars to the accumulator up there.

Once it has achieved sufficient power, it releases itself, traveling through wires that we have placed under the city, utilizing Mr. Franklin's brand new sewage system.

And where does that electricity finally terminate?

Barrels of gunpowder, strategically placed.

We've discovered a practical use for electricity.

How many people do you intend to kill?

Oh, how many people do you believe would die if there is an extended war between England and the colonies?

How many?

How many people will die?


So that their desire for independence is overwhelmed by their need for law and order.

Provided by you.

Who else could be entrusted with it?

Now, I'm sorry, my dear, but this chamber is rigged to detonate with the city.

The Doctor and I will be leaving, of course. You will not.

Basil, bind her.

God have mercy.

They intend to blow up the entire city.

How would you harness this much electricity?

Lightning? Too unreliable.

A scientist might manufacture it, but the generator would have to be quite large and at a central location.

The wires. The wires will lead me to the generator.

Disarm as many as you're able.

You may need this.

Godspeed, my son.

The detonation switch is engaged, Mr. Kemp.

Five minutes.

Get this job done, boys. It's time to depart.

There he is! It's the Highwayman.

Take him! No mistakes.

Tell Harrison to steepen the pitch on the blades.


I'm afraid Mr. Harrison is asleep on the job.

I will ensure that Mr. Harrison never wakes up.

Charlotte. The chamber is rigged to explode.

I may need your help. Get rid of him.

More power, Doctor. We must speed this up.

Yes, Mr. Kemp.

Faster, Doctor. Faster.

The accumulator is nearly full.

Capacitors are activated, Doctor.

The generator is at maximum speed.

The accumulator malfunctioned. Fix it.

Pull the lever! It's not ready yet.

A misfire could trigger an explosion.

The accumulator needs to charge again.

I'll charge it.


Mr. Kemp... we're out of time. We must leave.

Not without the city in ashes.

You are horrified, Charlotte, to see the real man behind the mask.

You're a monster.

We all have to come to terms with our contradictions.

I have.

You must pull that lever back.

Prepare for your independence, Mr. Franklin.

I cannot allow you to do that, my dear.

Mr. Kemp, please.

The machine is unstable.

Will. Will... do you believe you can stop destiny?

10 seconds, Mr. Kemp.

If you pull those wires, you will certainly die.

Come on, Will.

You have made your fortune doing exactly what I asked you to do.

I know you.

This is not what you want.

You are right, Mr. Kemp.

This isn't what I want.

But I'm not in business for myself any longer.

By a unanimous vote of the Continental Congress, the Declaration of Independence passes.

You'll pay for this.

Be quiet. Come on. You hear me? You'll pay for this.

What is this? Wait! Wait. What's going on?

A dispatch has arrived from New York.

It seems, you are indeed a wanted man.

Just as you said. What?

Sir, this is ridiculous. He needs a doctor. He's injured.

You're just going to hang him, after all of this.

We have not yet decided whether we are going to allow his extradition to New York.

I cannot ask you to accompany me.

Will, I pulled you out of a pond as a stranger.

Do you think I would abandon you now?

I do not know what lies ahead.

Mr. Franklin will defend you.

As will I.

From the first time I met you...

I have been captivated by the depths of your kindness.

You were unconscious on that day.

Well, I'm not now.

Since the day we last parted, I've been... trying to earn the right to give you this ring.

You told me, I have but to ask.

I'm asking.

Could you see fit to let me care for you... as you have for me?


Yes. Yes.


Of course. With all my heart, yes.

Then let it be God's will.

You are.

Come to think of it, our extradition laws are rather ambiguous.

I hope you know what you are doing.

What is that?

Oh, it's from Mr. Franklin.

"To the most honorable William Reynolds.

"You have rendered a great service to our country, "for that I am grateful, as others would be if they knew.

"But they must never know.

"The true battle is only just beginning. We may have need for you again.

"This coach will convey you not to jail, "but to my home...

"where you may take whatever restorative measures you must..."