Bhabhi (1991) Script

>> Greetings from Telly

You... - Yes me Foolish fellow, at least allow the people in the house to... peacefully. I have to study in life. -Shut up I may become quiet but your dad that is my uncle won't be quiet Uncle's son.. - I am not his son but you are uncle's son.

I am his nephew and he is waiting in the hall for you.

You keep dancing to English tunes, listen to me also at times.

Meaning - Do some work? Go and submit this tender.

Impossible, dad. I have to go for some very important work.

What work?...Having fun with friends and dance in the clubs..

...and spend money like water. You're again after my son.

Why don't tell your nephew to do some work?

He is the only one who comes first in the college every year

...and brings glory to our family name.

And this fellow is not worried about anything.

This tender is for 50 lakhs. Today is last date for submission it is necessary that it gets submitted today only.

Don't stare at me and stand. Go now.

Take this, son Go now.

Shantidevi, if you keep pampering your son like this...

...when will he realize his responsibilities.

See, I have no time for these useless matters.

I have to give lecture on Women & their responsibilities the Ladies Club meeting today.

Women & their responsibilities and you... - Shut up!

She has no brains but she has gone to show the way to others My youthful and dear nephew... You here at this time.

Nephew, I have come to take you only. Where are you going?

Daddy has told me to submit this tender You should just listen to the old men but not do the work.

And today a great beauty is waiting there and...

...seeing her, our eyes will be amazed.

Then why the delay? Let us go. Let us go


Hey Mister...

Did you say something to me?

No, I told these trees. Don't you have other work?

What do you mean? - Why did you throw this flower on me?

You are mistaken. - I know street rogues like you very well You are highly insolent.

I have been addressing you with respect for so long but you...

...are insulting me. What do you think of yourself?

Do you think you are an angelic beauty that I throw flowers on U I know girls like you very well.

When nobody notices you in the college, you come like this... on some pretext or other.

Try this trick on someone else. Now go away from here.

Unnecessarily you wasted my study time.

You.. I will also see you...


Oh, my love, what style? So this was your great work.

Be quiet! You unnecessarily drove away that beauty.

If you say so, shall I call her back.

Yes, call her. None of these girls bother to look at me.

She will go away. You call her fast. - I will call her.

We had lots of fun that day.

Uncle Rakesh, did you get hold of one or not?

That girl had killing looks but I was not lucky.

Sir, I got this envelope. Is this yours?

Yes. Where did you get it?

Somebody dropped it and went. I tried to stop him, but he went off You don't know the big loss from which you've saved me.

Take this... Keep this, daughter.

No, when you called me as daughter, don't give me tips...

...but give your blessings.

Be happy always, daughter. What is your name?

Sita - Wah! Your virtues are also like your good name only.

Where do you live?- Sakar Society, Kiranagar. I will leave.

First tell me, how much you spent on sarees-Only 1200 rupees Shobha, you know very well that my salary is only 1500 rupees.

From that, you've spent 1200 for sarees. If you always spend like..

...this, how will we meet the other expenses of the household Money! Money! Money! Where have I given cash and bought this?

I have got this on credit only.

Taking loan is the first step of weakness.

Is it? Then what is the last step...-Disaster!

Then you also listen. My dad's house is very wealthy.

I don't even spit on such sarees.

Sudhirkumar, if you did not have the capacity to even buy...

...two ordinary sarees, why did you marry my daughter?

My fate is only unfortunate.

How many times we have told you to quit this job of uniform...

...and join in our business.

I don't want to sell my prestige & live on the alms of my in-laws Come, daughter. This house is not fit for you to live now.

And listen. When you become capable of buying happiness to... daughter, then you come to take her... Come.

Nephew, our sir was so shaken...

Have you submitted the tender? Yes, dad...

Yes, brother-in-law. I also went with him.

You know that I always complete my work perfectly.

Yes, that is why it was found on the road.

You already misguide my son and now you try to deceive me too.

You are banned from coming to this house but you still come...

...without shame with my son again and again.

You start abusing as soon as you see my brother.

He just dropped an envelope. Has your property been ruined?

Shanti...-You shut up. I don't want to hear anything.

You both go freshen up & get ready. I will serve food for you.

Yes, sister... Go

Shobha, why are you still standing there?

Don't be scared. lam still alive.'

Go to my room.

Shantidevi, going frequently to daughter's house like this...

...and spoiling the couple's happiness is not good.

I know what is good and bad very well.

I don't know what will happen to this house.'

God, do you know! No... Then how will I know?

Mr. Satish, you are in my house. Rakesh, one problem came up.

Painting work is going on in my house and... daughter's teacher came to teach him. Hence in your house...

Mr. Satish, this is also like your house. Then, what is the problem?

I am feeling very thirsty. Is it?

I will get water for you.

Baby, are you feeling very thirsty. Yes, it is very hot.

Your thirst won't get quenched with water.

You take this money and go down and have ice cream Have lots of ice creams & don't come very soon. Good child.

Greetings! -Who are you? Where has Munni gone?

And why did you close this door?

You teach the children so well.

Today you teach me also the lessons of youth.

Open! -Today I won't allow you to go without taking my lesson

Now, I will study to my heart's content.

Teacher, now the bell has not rung.

Please forgive me... Forgive me.

A woman is not so weak that a demon like you can swallow her.

She is not G for girl but M for mother.

This kurta is for me that too in silk. -Yes.

It looks that while distributing brains to everyone in the.., you have lost your own wisdom.

Grandpa - This is an ordinary cotton saree.

Can't you buy silk sarees for yourself?

Grandpa, what difference does it make if the saree is cotton or.. Our culture is reflected in the same way.

What a great thing to say, daughter?

Sir, you.. please come. Grandpa, he is...

Are you not Master Ramdas? Yes, but you...

I am Ghanshyam from Shivpur. I am your student.

Ghanshyam.. Ghanu. May you live long, son.

It looks as if you have become a very great man.

Nothing like that, sir. It is all your blessings. - Bless you.

You don't know but your daughter has saved me from losing...

...lakhs of rupees. Hence, I brought a small gift for her.

Take this and keep this, daughter.

There is no necessity for this.

Sir, you tell her to keep this.

Keep it, daughter He is a very favourite student of mine.

Keep this.

What happened?

Uncle, this is what is called the shock of youth.

Yes, shock of 440 volts. She can't be convinced. Let us go.

Is it so? Hold this.

Let me also see the current in her youth.

He will get beaten as I have got beaten before.

What are you girls doing here?

There is a fantastic program in Sea Breeze Why don't you all come with me?

Shall we go? Yes, let us go.

You also come.. You all go.

You also come along- No, I cannot come.

Why? - I have my own principles.

Is it? These principles are sold in every street corner, madam.

Only lowly people must be buying them.

I don't go anywhere with strangers.

Make them your own at times, madam. Come on, darling!

I think this slap is enough to bring to your senses.

Being your student, instead of giving you fees, I have...

...come to ask you for something today.

I did not understand anything, son.

I have come to ask for the hand of Sita for my son Prakash.

Mr. Ghanshyam, have you come to joke on my poverty. -No..

I have got crores of wealth but no treasure of culture.

And your daughter Sita is an ideal epitome of culture, sir.

But this culture is not enough to get her married, son.

I don't need anything.

If you accept my request, I will think that you did a great favour Have heard about Sudama going to Lord Krishna's palace?

But today I saw for the first time that Krishna came... to Sudama's hut. Yes, for the first time...

Shall I consider this alliance as fixed then? - Yes Then please come with daughter Sita to my house definitely.

Welcome... My love has come to me by getting stuck in flowers.

What is this insolence?

You did not like that one flower I threw on you that day.

Hence, I've arranged for this flowery bed for the beauty queen So, it was your doing that day. Yes.

Please give a kiss to your lover, baby.

Till you don't get your kicks, your youthful shocks won't go Move away... You get lost.

I will deal with you afterwards.

Yes, you are born only to get kicked by me. See and go.

What are you staring at?

Like a film's hero and heroine, two fools are showing...

...trailor on the road.

Children, all of you close your eyes.

You should not see this, as this is a adult's scene.

We should only see this, darling.

What do you know about love?

See, the children are smarter than you.

Love is done by a proper man.

Why, am I not a man?

These Pandavas have not been born just like that.

These are not borrowed but from my own efforts. - Shut up!

Let us go now! Yes, I am coming These Pandavas have started searching for Draupadi.

Strange children! Suddenly they laugh and suddenly they dance.

...and suddenly they are angry. What all they show?

See in front and drive and you will cause an accident.

I am looking at an accident which has already happened.

Hey, gardener! ls your master at home?

Why are you staring like that? Have you never seen a girl?

I am asking you whether Mr. Prakash is at home.

My dear sister, if Sonia becomes the daughter-in-law of this..., then you will have a fan made in gold.

Hello, Sonia - Hi, Rakesh... Come... Come...

She is Prakash's mother, Shantidevi - Hello She is Prakash's sister Shobha Hello This is Sonia...- Beautiful! Hi Sonia...- Hi, Prakash...

Rakesh was praising you a lot.

He was right. A daughter-in-law should be like this only.

Shantidevi... you do not see the face of the daughter-in-law

...but you should watch her steps.

He is my father.. What?

He... but I thought he was the gardener of this house.

You thought rightly. The one who maintains the house is...

...known as the gardener only and a good gardener can...

...differentiate the flowers & thorns perfectly. Isn't it, uncle?

Absolutely right, nephew.

I'm sorry, old man. Let us go for a compromise - Shut up!

You chit of a girl, you dared to do this.

So much insult to me.

Prakash, Rakesh.. it is very difficult for me to stay here.

I will remove your difficulty very easily. Anyway... are not fit to become the daughter-in-law of this house.

Uncle, I will show her the way to go outside. Come...

One minute... Take this specimen also outside.

Will you come quietly or want some youthful shocks?

What have you done, dad? I have done correctly.

A girl in such scanty clothes can't become my daughter-in-law And listen, you will stay here only tomorrow.

I have already spoken about your alliance in one place and...

...they are coming to see you But dad... - You can go.

I don't want to hear anything else.

Who is that girl?

She is the granddaughter of my Guru Ramdas.

Is she cultured? - Yes, much better cultured than you.

What about money?

Aunty, culture is not the property of the rich.

You and your uncle do anything but my son...

...will bring the girl of my choice.

Aunty, uncle wants a daughter- in-law for this house and...

...not a cabaret dancer.

Shut up! Come... Shobha

Amar, when God was distributing brains, where was your aunt then?

Yes, where was she?

She must have been sleeping. Yes, she was sleeping

A cycle in silver with a golden seat...

...let us go doubles in this, darling.

A cycle in silver with a golden seat...

...let us go doubles in this, darling.

I am an youth and you are also one Tell me, where we should go.

You and I have come to the village of Gokul I will play the flute under the shade of trees

You and I have come to the village of Gokul.

I will play the flute under the shade of trees

You are Govinda and lam your Radha.

Let us dance on the banks of Yamuna river.

Our love cannot be broken for many births.

Let us go doubles in the cycle, darling.

Listen, will you take me to the place I want to go.

You just ask and see.

Where the season is moist and only you and I are there.

Rains are pouring down water from the sky.

My youth is getting drenched.

Rains are pouring down water from the sky.

My youth is getting drenched.

My growing youth has become like fire.

Please embrace me, my love

The lightning is dancing and cloud is singing our song.

Let us go doubles in the cycle, darling A cycle in silver with a golden seat...

...let us go doubles in this, darling.

When did you come? Greetings! - Greetings!

He is my son, Prakash. Be happy, son.

Please sit.

Ramdasji, daughter Ska has not come.

Exams for children are going on in her school.

But I got her photo. Take this.

Please give it. Let me also see how beautiful my would be...

...sister-in-law is?

Brother, take this and see it properly.

This slap should be enough to bring you to your senses.

Is she your daughter? Yes, son.

I accept to this marriage.

Shobha fights with her husband for small things.

Now your aunt has brought her here from her husband's house.

I can't face Sudhir at all now.

Amar, you somehow convince Sudhir to come to...

...Prakash's wedding.

Don't worry, uncle. I will convince brother Sudhir Your aunt is the cause of all these problems.

I don't know, how her parents named her as Shanti.-By mistake

I am coming. You always come like the cyclone.

Come, wash the clothes first.

I will just come.

Wait, madam. Do you keep the guests waiting at the doors.

You have come here also behind me.

What to do? The shadow goes in the front & the sun follows Is it? What if the sun is before you?- Then the shadow'll follow Interesting! - But you tell me who is in fault in this.

Sun or the shadow - Both. Then why wait?

Who is it, Asha?

Greetings, brother-in-law You, Amar.

How is everyone at home? First class - Come and sit.

Tell me, how you came?

Brother, me and uncle are very ashamed of Shobha's behaviour.

Anyway, uncle remembers you a lot.

As per his request, I've come to invite you for Prakash's wedding This is the card. Thank you.

Let me introduce you There is no need for that The whole college knows her. Means, you've met each other.

We are in the same college.

He is your sister-in-law's cousin. - Cousin!

Then what is he doing here.

See Asha, like all the fingers in the hand are not the same...

...every member of a family are not alike.

You were not here during my marriage and hence you... not know Amar but Amar is a very lively young man.

Anyway, when uncle has invited me with so much love and...

...respect, I will surely come for the marriage - Surely!

OK, I will leave now.

Yes, police officers have to be very strict about timing And listen, Amar has come to our house after a long time.

There should be no lacking in attending to him. OK.

What are you seeing?

Just seeing how fast people change to worse and say...

...what work has he got here Anyway, what did your brother say?

There should be no lacking in attending to this guest.

So, my guest, how should I serve you.

How?... Like this"

The house where I live will become my world.

That will be my temple and my prayers will be there.

This is the voice of my heart-beat

Please show mercy on me. I only trust you.

You are only my mother and you are my father.

Show mercy on me as I only trust you.

Brother-in-law has made that girl as your...

...daughter-in-law against your wishes and put her on Ur head.

So what? Mummy is still the mistress of this house.

What sort of mistress? She is mean and lazy...

Wash utensils & clothes... why're you standing? Press my legs.

What are you blabbering?

I am not saying this. This will be told by your daughter-in-law If you grumble, she will kick you out of the house.

Is it so, my good brother?

Listen to this. Wherever that girl drank water from..

...I have washed my clothes in that river.

Welcome...Welcome... Welcome...

Let me also see if this face is fit for this family or not.

Wah!- You...-Yes, it is me. Did I not tell you that principles are...

...bought in every corner.

Listen! Let us start a new life. Please forget the past.

OK, I will forget it, if you say so.

This is to answer your slap.

Now you rot in the four walls of this house throughout your life Listen! This is gross injustice.

Prakash, what happened? Where are you going?-To hell Only hell is left for those who leave heaven and go.

I don't have the habit of debating with people...

...who eat on the bits we throw.

What has happened to this Prakash?

What did you say? Did Prakash leave the house and go..

...on his first night.

Yes. Mummy, this is the chance to take revenge.

Good morning, sister-in-law. Where is Prakash?

He is sleeping. Sleeping!

A good person can correct the bad habits of an evil man.

But he should not try to hide it.

Amar, I am not at fault for whatever happened yesterday.

Sister-in-law, you are that mirror in which Uncle has...

...seen the sweet dream of peace & prosperity in this house But, I alone...- I am here to help you at every stop.

Start your first day with a smile.

Come on, laugh... Laugh...


There your devilish aunt is calling you - I will go.

What were you doing upstairs? I was...

Who will do the work in the house? Your dad!

Your grandpa has not sent an army of servants here.

Do you know to cook anything? - Yes Nothing ordinary is prepared as food in this house.

The scent of richness comes from our food also.

Take this list and go to the kitchen.

Maharaj, Mali... Did you call us?

Yes. Maharaj, you will not prepare the food today.- OK.

Both of you go for watching cinema today.

Attention please. The king of cooks, Amarkumar has come.

This is your BA pass cook and brother-in-law I.e. two in one.

Today I will show the history and geography of this kitchen Open up, Simsam! Yes...

These are all the spices which are hot like this house.

These are all the vegetables and this is the hot green...

...chilly which is foolish like your sister-in-law.

And this is that historic knife which is very sharp... the tongue of your mother-in-law Amar, why are you taking so much trouble for me?

Every sad Bhabi's only support is always her brother-in-law.

So, shall we start! Yes

My God! She has prepared so many items all alone.

Is she some magician?

Such fragrant food has never been prepared in our home before No need to talk too much. Sit quietly and eat.

But Shantidevi, this is a miracle.

Yes, a great miracle, uncle. So many savouries along...

...with sweet. - Great! - This is the magic of Bhabi's hands... which is beyond comparison.

Is this a cold like.

Hot puris are being prepared inside just like you.

Please bring hot puris for aunt.

Take this. Isn't this hot?

Shoba, you also eat.

You have started cooking on the first day itself.

Where are the cook and the servants?

Cook became sick against his wishes and the servants...

...have been forcibly sent to watch a movie.

All praise to Shobha! Amar...

Is this any food?- Mummy, the vegetable is burnt.

Rice is not cooked properly There is salt in the dal Is this the kind of food you make?

If you can cook better than Bhabhi why don't you go... your in-law's place and make food for your husband.

Such an insult to me. I won't eat this food You are right, daughter. We will eat somewhere outside.

Where are so many delicacies available outside, aunt?-Quiet!

Shantidevi, to leave a filled plate & go is insult to God.-Shut up She keeps insulting our God day and night.

Let God alone save her.

Why do you get upset, daughter-in-law?

I have not been able to make your mother-in-law happy...

...for the last 30 years and you have not been here...

...even for 30 hours now.

Sit now -Come and sit and have the food.

Today we will enjoy food all the more. That is the secret Yes, definitely This is called as the real shock from a man.

All the pride of this lady has gone to pieces by one slap So what is the program, uncle?

Prakash, one servant was lacking in this house.

By bringing her, you have fulfilled that lacking too.

To serve her husband is the duty of a wife.

A wife is the mirror of her husband and not his shadow.

You don't know that the wife is the better half of her husband...

...and is called his Ardhangini But what does a rogue know about the comfort of family life?

Sita, what are you blabbering? Great, Prakash!

People call Ravan as evil but he never raised his hand on Sita Hey, Sita's Lakshman, stay within your limits.

Dad has given him some rights and so he has started thinking...

...that he is the master of this house.

You have started thinking that you are the master of this house By listening to outsiders, are you not ashamed to insult your...

...wife who is like a Goddess?

Hey, are my kicks not registered properly in your mind's computer Even dumb fellows have started giving shocks in this house. Come

Sita, I am Prakash speaking Wait, I will call mother.

I want to speak to you only With me...

Today evening, our friends have organized a grand party... celebrate our marriage.

You have not given me any rights of a wife.

Won't you get insulted if I come there?

Sita, you only said that we should forget the past and...

...start a fresh life. I cannot come there.

If you don't come, I will be insulted there, darling.

Won't you forgive me?

Then, shall I think that you have forgiven me.

Yes, Sita. On my oath, will you please come, Sita. - Yes

We will take revenge on Sita for having insulted us.

Bhabhi.. one minute.

What is it? You are looking very happy.

Today...-What happened today? There is a party to celebrate...

...the happiness of our marriage and your brother has invited me.

A party and my brother has called you...

Yes, just now he had called. Everything has become all right I am very happy today, Amar. Very happy!

Bhabhi, I had started feeling that He is not there - Who?- God!

He has listened to you. Great, that means no worry forever now.

Wish you all the best. Enjoy!

By seeing you happy for the first time in this house, I feel happy.

What is it, you are dressed so well?

Mother, he has called me for the party today.

What? Aren't you ashamed? Things for making pickle have...

...come to the house. Instead of making it, she wants to go... a party See her, mother.

Four sacks of things for making pickle is in the kitchen.

You have to grind everything & make it ready today only. Go...

Did you understand? I don't want to hear anything. Come, Shobha.

He has called me for the first time...-I don't want to hear.

If you don't grind the spices, will your grandpa come...

...for that... - Or will your dad come down from heaven.

Shobha...till today, I have never refused to do any work.

Then why do you bring my dad and grandpa's name in between.

Useless girl, you dare to answer back.

Listen, before we come home, the pickle spices should be

...prepared & ready or I will grind you. Understood!

She won't go to the party Yes...- Come, mummy.

What happened? When I went sometime back your face..

...was like a moon but why these black clouds are seen now.

It looks like, I won't be able to go to the party - Why?

Mother has left 4 sacks of spices to be ground today only.

So that is the drama.

Don't worry. When will I be of use to you, Bhabhi?

You will surely go to the party.

Will I sayjust like that? Now smile please

Don't worry now. I will just go like this and come back.

Come now.

Come and give a hand

There are problems on Bhabhi's head.

This is a very difficult time

She has to go...

...and meet her lover.


Come and give a hand

Her mother-in-law is a flower of bitter-gourd

Her sister-in-law pierces her like the enemy.

Her mother-in-law is a flower of bitter-gourd Her sister-in-law pierces her like the enemy.

Her father-in-law loves her like her own father.

And brother-in-law pampers her like her own brother

Her lover who is upset...

...has to be pacified today.

Come on...

Come and give a hand today.

My co-sister has a moon like face.

My co-sister is like a mother.

My co-sister has a moon like face.

My co-sister is like a mother.

Whenever I see you, my mind says that... are Sita Bhabhi and lam your Lakhan.

Whenever you laugh...

Whenever you laugh, the whole world will laugh with you Come on...

Come and give a hand today.

Come and give a hand today.

Great, Bhabhi! Where are you going with so much make-up?

Have you finished the work? No.. Yes..

What is this no and yes? Have you finished the work or not?

Everything is kept inside. You go and see.

Hey, listen... - She has gone to the party in the end.

Come, let us go and see what she has done.

This is great work.

Yes, this is a miracle.

Does this girl know some black magic?

Mummy, I feel that she is some witch.

Great speed, Shobha and Aunt!

How did both of you finish work of 8 days in eight hours?

Our enemy can only do this work... - That witch Who is the witch! Is it my aunt? -Yes Are you a witch, aunt? Shut up!

You call aunt as a witch. In this house, only Gods...

...Goddesses that of crime stay.

Welcome! Welcome!

Friends, here comes our most eagerly awaited guest.

Mrs.Prakash... that is Sitadevi, a typical Indian lady.

Here comes my wife. Meet my friend, Ashok Desai.

Hello... Namaste Let us start to enjoy Let us have some music

Mrs. Prakash, let us dance Forgive me, I don't like all this.

Sitaji, everybody is dancing happily. Why not we?-I'm sorry

Come on, Sitadevi - Leave me... Behave yourself.

My insult in my own party Mister..- Sorry, Prakash

Looks as if you have married some 1936 model You are right. Actually, instead of coming to this party..

...she should have gone to a temple Bhajan.

What does she know about the culture of rich people like us?

Is showing your body like this openly is your culture?

To dance in the arms of a stranger, is this culture.

If this is your culture, to hell with your culture and society.

Great, you came and spoiled the party first.

Moreover, she is giving lectures and you are listening.

I don't know why I called this uncultured animal to this party.

Before I harm you, you get out. I say.. get out.

Work is done. Relax... nephew Insult... insult..l knew that this would happen with you.

How long will you burn in this fire of injustice?

Bhabhi, if doing crime is sin, to bear it is a greater sin.

But what do I do. I tolerate in the hope that at least...

...some day happiness will come.

Such hopes of yours will not come in this house in this way.

For that, you will have to face these people bravely.

If I do that, this enmity will only increase more.

Which enmity are you talking about?

What is the use of this much straight and good nature...

...if it stops yo_u from getting your rights?

Bhabhi, if you stay like this in this house, these people...

...will make your life miserable.

There is still time. Open your eyes and demand your rights If it becomes late, you will regret a lot. Regret too much!

Yes, I have told the cashier not to give money to you.

But why?

The reason is that the company has no money to give you for..

...wasting on street girls after neglecting your goddess like wife Bhabhi's supporter, how dare you do this?

Enough, Prakash. This has become too much now I am the owner of this company. Who are you?

Prakash, how will you know the value of Lakshmi of the house...

...when you are licking the shoes of lowly girls.

Will you give me money or not?- Absolutely not If you don't give me money in a straight manner, remember...

...that I will take you to the Court.

What? You will take your father to Court.

What father and what relation? I can do anything for money.

Now we will meet in the Court.

Uncle, I will call the doctor.

Fool, by the time, Court decides your case, you will be a old man.

And what will happen to the necklace you promised to Sonia.

Yes, you only give some idea.

When will your family necklace lying just like that with Sita... of use to you?

You are great.

Then brush your brains and start your work.

Now see the play of youth.

What are you doing? You are stealing in your own house.

You understand one thing. If I don't get anything...

...then I snatch it.

What? That witch stole our family necklace and went away.

I saw her handing over that necklace to her grandpa...

...with my own eyes, dear sister. You ask her yourself Necklace is not with me.

Then where has it gone? I can't say that Why don't you accept that you have given that necklace... that pauper grandpa of yours for removing his poverty...

...on his instructions. Enough, mother!

Till today, I have tolerated all your atrocities.

But I can't bear the false blame on my grandpa.

Do you think that we are blind and dare to stare at us?

First you steal and than hide and justify it.

Useless, shameless girl, what do you think of yourself?

Shanti... please don't beat her for God's sake.

Leave her. Shanti, Shobha... leave her

Both of you tortured our daughter-in-law a lot.

God will never forgive you. Nevefl I have pushed you into this hell. Please forgive me, daughter.

Please forgive me, daughter.


I have earned all my property with my hard work.

Hence, I am distributing it as per my wish.

I am writing half of the property in the name of my...

...late brother's son, Amar and the other half... the name of my daughter-in-law, Sita.

The Bungalow will be in the name of Shantidevi and...

...Prakash will take Rs. 5000 per month from my daughter-in-law...

...for his monthly expenses.

Solicitor sir, did brother-in-law make this will when...

...he was in his proper senses.

I have written this will myself.

OK, now you can go. I will leave

Poor sister, our brother-in-law has given a shock even while dying.

God knows what magic that Ska and that wicked nephew...

...did on him. - If you want to get the whole property again... have to throw both of them like fleas in milk.

But how?

Leave that to me.

Such a big mishap has happened in this house...

...nobody even informed me. Grandpa...

Everything happened so suddenly, grandpa My husband died and you opened your doors for these thieves Already she has stolen the necklace and given it to this...

...old man. - Yes - Now will you hand over the property too.

Shobha, what is this insolence?

Great, great shot! Now this cat has started hissing.

Keep quiet and talk with respect. You are lazy and don't do work.

What? - Now she will even say all this, you've to bear it.

As our late brother-in-law has written all this property in her.., no bad behavior with her will be tolerated.

What are you people speaking?

Rakesh, kick and throw this old man out of the house.

We will do it now, sister.

Move away, new master...

Son Amar, these people..

Wicked fellow, you got so much courage that you...

...hit Grandpa.- Leave him... Amar, on my oath, leave him.

Don't take your oath, Bhabhi. Uncle just expired and this..

...wicked fellow has started showing his evil colours.

Who are you to interfere in this house?

I mean still a lot to this house.

As the eldest in this house, it is your duty to take care of...

...this family but you are bent on splitting this family.

Shobha, you have already put your in-law's house on fire.

Now do you want to ruin this house too.

Listen to this carefully, wicked fellow.

I am still alive. If you even raise a finger against this..., I will cut your hand.

Come, Grandpa. I will leave you till your house.

Brother, what is the cost of this halwa? - 40 Rs. a kg Too costly, how much does this cost?- Ten Rs. a kg but...

...something fell on this and is not fit for eating by humans.

Good, give it to me OK - Take this

Hail the Goddess! Hail Goddess, dear sister.

Good moments have come What is it? - In one shot, I have arranged for your son.. progress in the lines of Tata and Birla.

You take this God's offering and eat it, sister What are you doing, sister? If you spit, God's offering...

...God will spit on your face. You eat it.

You should not see the taste in God's offering. Eat it But, what is the matter?

I have done the Bhoomipujan (starting worship) for... a big factory for Prakash.

You have thought to do a great thing.

After brother-in-law, who is there, who will think about...

...the welfare of this house.

Sister, I have done the worship for a big factory but for...

...starting the factory, some money is...

How many money do you want? Only 5 lakhs. - 5 lakhs...

I will just get it. Sita, get the cheque book from...

...the office and give the cheque to him.

Why give that difficulty to her?

I got the cheque book from office while coming and...

...have also filled five lakhs in that.

You lust get the signature of Ska 'm this.

But he never mentioned anything about the factory I can't give you even one penny without consulting him.

How dare you talk back to me and refuse my orders?

I can do anything for my husband's welfare.

But let me get convinced first that the money is being...

...used correctly. Stop this nonsense.

No, dear sister. Learn to speak in the...

...right manner with the new mistress of this house...

...or she will make you beg for every penny.

Otherwise else, she has no respect for you. You are no..

...mistress. You are wicked, a beggar & useless...She says so Mother, there is still time. You try to understand.

This man is a snake. She has started thinking..

...that she is some mistress. Why not, inside the house...

...her loving brother-in-law is always running behind her.

There is no one to ask her and the ground is clear.

Two young players in love and the play is on.

Anyway, everything is fair in love.

What happened?

Your Sita is slightly crossing the limit line.

How dare she? I will just see to her.

Wait, nephew... You will see everything slowly These are not sleeping pills but bullets.

Now see, how they sleep...


Shobha, you... -Amar, I have realized my mistakes.

I will go to my husband's house.

Whenever your eye opens, morning starts there.

Drink this milk- You keep it, I will drink afterwards.

Won't you listen to your sister? It is very late at night.

Drink this quietly and sleep. OK, I will drink it.

I had it... OK! Good night.

How did I come here?

Is it? Now, you will ask, whose room is that.

Then you will ask me, what you were doing throughout the..

...night in this room.

Amar, what happened?

Listen to this now. The way she is talking...

Talk straight.. what do you want to say?

You told me that even Ravan never raised hands on Sita.

But, you were putting your hands throughout the night.

Amar...- Prakash, you don't come in between. - You be quiet.

All this is a lie. I beg to you, don't say anything to Amar.

Now you won't stay in this house. Get out of here.

No.. - You are not fit for this house.

Prakash, don't do this. There is some conspiracy in this.

Amar, first you are sitting like a snake on my property.

After that you have blemished my respect and now... have come to support this characterless woman.

I will deal with you later.

Let me throw this virtue less woman out of the house first.

If this is it, not Bhabhi but I will go out of this house.

But remember one thing, the relationship between Bhabhi...

...and brother-in-law is sacred like that of a son and mother And God never forgives those who blemish this relationship.

Stop, Amar.

The whole world has become my enemy.

Only you are my support. You are also leaving me and going.

I can't remain in this house like a blemish on you.

Please forgive me.

Forgive me, Bhabhi

My house is like Ayodhya Every day here is very pleasant.

This dream should not break. This is my only prayer.

Please show mercy on me as I trust only you.

Sita... - Mother... You are like my own mother.

If you also think wrong about me who'll listen to me in this house.

Who will take care of me?

You are right, daughter. Forget those things.

Your father-in-law was like your father. Isn't it?

Then we will pray for appeasing his soul in the Kuldevi temple.. evening. Then everything will become all right.

Mother, where is kuldevi's temple?

Temple.. -I will tell you.

Come, let us show the God to you.

Leave me. I am telling you... leave me.

No... NO... Don't do like th is.

Save me...

Why, sister, have we not given shocks of fire to this problem?

Save me...

Bhabhi.. Save me, Amar.

Don't fear. I have come.

I knew that these wicked fellows will do something very bad.

That is why I was following like a shadow even after leaving...

...the house. Come..

Have you seen the effect of goodness?

You have seen your own pyre burning in front of your eyes.

That Sita's sacred nature is burning in this fire.

There is time even now. Wake up and...

...turn these tears of yours into fire.

If we forgive and leave these people, some Sita or Savitri...

...will always be burning somewhere in this country.

We have to teach a lesson to these people or..

...this women's society will never forgive you.

You are right, Amar. You are right.

Till today, I bore all the atrocities very quietly.

But I will now become Durga from Sita.

I will take revenge on everyone one by one for everything.

I will not leave anyone. No one!

Yes, it is about to start any moment.

Brother, it is eight now. Why don't you start the auction?

I'm sorry, madam. Till the famous millionaire Kaminidevi...

...of Calcutta does not come, we can't start the auction.

Millionaire or billionaire, time does not wait for anyone.

Yes, we can't wait. Please be quiet.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

I will start the auction.

Ladies and gentlmen, this is the sparkling diamond necklace...

All of you start bidding Come on, say it...

You, Nakadramji, please come.

How did you dare to start the auction before the arrival...

...our madam, Kaminidevi, you fool.

The matter is... What is it?

Matter is.. Shut up - OK Our madam does not move with time but time moves with her.

Yes... - Turn your face, and see our madam is coming there.

How beautiful she is! She is also rich.

Come...- What is the matter, Nakadramji They dared to start the auction before your arrival, madam.

Oh! Ask them the value of all these jewellery.

Say it - The value of all these jewellery is just 25 lakhs.

We will give 30 lakhs. Say ahead- Mine is 35 lakhs Forty...- forty-five... Fifty lakhs.

Fifty lakhs...

Fifty lakhs and one...

Daughter, how much money will she have?

Nakadramji, pay in cash and send all this jewellery... Calcutta house.- OK, that will be done Come, sir

Excuse me, Kamini devi, I am Hey, Mr. Butterfly...

...our madam does not talk with anyone without appointment.

Did you understand? Go... Let us go, madam This Kaminidevi's face resembles Sita, isn't it?

Sister, why are you raking up burnt pyres?

Mummy, where is that witch and where is this princess?

Hey Mister, is she a lightning or terror? Can you tell something?

Sir, she is the only daughter of billionaire Karodimal and... a spinster and comes for business tours People wait to sell buy their company's shares from her.

I have seen the union of beauty and wealth for the first time.

Hey, youth... come here.

Forget her beauty and think about her wealth.

If she can be caught, we will be billionaires. Have you understood Brother, Prakash & Rakesh are restless to get caught in our net.

You also keep an eye on them You don't worry.

I am always with you at every step

See, so many big businessmen are here Till your appointment with our madam is not fixed.. -Sir..

Be quiet.. not you. Till your appointment is fixed with our...

...madam, I can't sell our company's shares to you.

Shut up! Not to you.. Nakadram is not used to hear nonsense.

Who are you and why are you standing here?

We want to invest something in business and..

...we want to meet Kaminidevi? You want to meet her.

Wow, great people. Are all the big businessmen in this city...

...are here to play? They also want to meet our madam.

But our madam does not meet anyone without appointment.

Please.. you- Remove your hands. You please think of something OK, you think about me and I will think about you.

I didn't understand -Brother, I'm a public phone.

Put a coin and then talk. I have understood Nakadramji Give it.

Now tell me how much money you want to invest.

One and half lakhs.

Don't joke, fools. Our madam's dogs eat biscuits for this...

...amount in a month. Dogs... - Yes, you... dogs.

Mr. Gajjar.. you bloody fool. What do you think of yourself Many cheap persons like you are in my pockets I said get out But madam...

Oh, God!I came to buy shares for 2 lakhs and they...

...are telling me to open a Bhelpuri shop.

Did you see how madam got rid of a businessman with 2 lakhs?

If you want to do business with madam, increase this amount.

But..- Why you stand for so long here. Go home and increase...

...the amounts. Go..

OK... What did you say?

OK, now I will go.

OK.. - OK.. I will go now.

Where? To my house.

Don't do this atrocity.

Tomorrow or day after tomorrow, we will meet again

You danced here and there was a sweet rain of songs here.

Both of us got drenched in that and this is an unique event.

This is due to the kohl in your eyes...

...that the days sank and night started.

Yes, it is night now. See, it is night You keep listening to this love story.

This matter has become old now.

The night is very cyclonic, see it.

I don't fear, my love.

It is night now and the stars are sparkling...

...and we will embrace Arey.. somebody will see us. Let them, you please wait.

Tomorrow or day-after, I will meet you again.

The sweat drops on your face are like...

...the showers of rain in this hot sun.

My wet hair is like the strings of the muslin cloth This is the crime of your youth that...

...handcuffs have been put in your hands Yes, see the handcuffs.

This lover is very straight Don't trouble me too much.

Come to me and make your promise.

The only problem is the people of this world.

What can the people in this world do?

They will be very jealous when they see us.

Let me go... Please, I am scared.

Tomorrow and day after that, we will meet again.

Please accept. -Yes, lawyer sir... please keep it.

Listen, you can't bribe me and transfer the property in...

...Sitadevi's name to Prakash's name. I am sorry.

Now where will so much money come from.

How will we please Kaminidevi?

Now we will lose here and that Rakesh has not come yet.

You are all hungry, naked and frauds.

I am not saying this but Seth Talichand.

Our reputation in the market is so bad that people...

...are giving us shocks after shocks.

Nobody is ready to give even a penny as loan to us.

What do we do now?

Sister, you remove your bangles and take out all your...

...jewellery from the locker No..

I have already sold jewels for one and half lakhs for you.

That amount has come back to us with a bang.

Kaminidevi's dogs eat biscuits for so much amount every month I will see these jewels of yours and raise 5 lakhs.

Mummy, give these jewels. My life will be made with this.

Madam, this is Mr. Rakesh Sit...

And this is Mr. Prakash who is a owner of a small mill Come, do you want to sell the mill.

We want to invest some money in a business with you.

Oh! How much amount do you have with you?-5 lakhs Only that much... You said that they were mill owners Yes, but... - You are right, but the mill is in the name of...

...his late wife. His late wife...

So sad, you are so handsome and young.

Such a tragedy has occurred in your life in such a small age Don't remind me about that or I can't stop my tears.

It looks like, you used to love her a lot.

Only love, how do we tell what sort of a girl she was?

What a girl she was?

We used to protect her like a delicate flower.

The day her pyre was burnt, our heart broke.

Madam, our tears have not stopped from that day.

Hold your tears, brother. You will need them afterwards So sad, Mr. Prakash -Nakadram, these people are good at heart Think a little about them.

Not little, I will think so much about them that, these people...

...will also keep thinking as to what I thought for them.

What are you guys thinking now? Our madam has become an...

...emotional fool by listening to your story. I mean emotional...

Give your money, let me put it in the well, I mean the oil wells...

...owned by the Madam in Assam. Have you understood? - Yes If you have understood, why have you not gone till now.

Why are you two standing here for so long?

Go home. When the work is over, you should go home.

Great, uncle. We really moved the hearts of Kamini & Nakadram.

Child, to impress a rich woman, I can become her dog...

...and wag my tail.

You played with me too. You promised me and now...

...your intentions have changed Hey, the new shock of old youth, go away from here.

And listen...if you try to cross my way again, I will give... such a shock that you will remember throughout your life

Give me a kiss before you go.

Save me...

Save me...

Darling, that same lovers.. Don't play the horns... this Bompu What is the use? They are looking in each other's eyes Nobody has dared to stop Rustam's way till today.

Is this a road or a battle ground? If I slap you once, all your...

...teeth will come out I did a mistake, Baba First you do mistake and now you also talk. Say sorry.

What will you do if I don't say sorry. - What'll I do?

Can't you see that my five lions are with me.

Our whole society calls them as the five pandavas I am the father of five pandavas.

Have you understood what I am?

He was a coward who ran away but you are facing Rustam You dare to do rowdism on the road & also romance with a girl.

All the rogues in all the markets get scared...

...on hearing my name.

See my Dilnavas. All the rogues in the city were after her...

I beat each and everyone of them and made them run..

Will you keep_quiet or go on talking?

Why do you want to get beaten by such a strong man?

Please forgive his mistake, Babaji Forgive him... Such rogues should never be forgiven.

Since you told me, I am under a compulsion & I have forgiven him Will you come to listen to me... He is behind her...

You are the father of 5 sons, still you can't stop going...

...after a girl. Aren't you ashamed? Come now..

I am going or I would have broken all his bones and put... Municipality garbage box. Did you understand?

Now go as I have forgiven you.

What strange children! They laugh sometimes and...

...clap sometimes. Come on, Get inside

What a beautiful place?

Wah, Kaminidevi? We are fortunate to have seen you.

Your private chamber is so beautiful. Isn't it, daughter?

You have increased the glory of our city by coming here Isn't it, daughter? Yes, it is true.

You have met me. I am Shobha, sister of Prakash.

She is my mother, Shantidevi.

We've heard a lot of you. It seems you spread peace...

...wherever you go. Your son Prakash was saying that.

Please sit, I mean this sofa has been made for people to sit.

Sit down

Kaminidevi, I am the president of ladies club here.

We have organized a meeting of ladies club for you I wish that you come there and make us fortunate...

...and give a nice lecture No, madam has no time for such useless meetings.

Please, Kaminidevi What is that please? it is not easy to book Madam's time.

Nakadramji, cancel all the appointments. Ladies first!

Did you understand?

On what topic, do I have to give a lecture there.

Respect of the daughter-in-law in her husband's place Our madam has absolutely no experience in the above topic If you have any experience, why don't you tell here.

Me...- Whgt will this poor glrl say?

She has only left her husband's house & is presently living with me.

Did you have any fight with your husband? - What sort of fight?

The one that always happens.

Nakadramji, these are respectable women of society.

Behave with respect with them. Sorry You both go, I will surely come to the meeting.

Thank you -I am grateful - I know that you are a great fool

What a time has come? Uncle, nephew and mother-daughter...

...all four of them are running behind you together.

They are not running but revolving around you

I request her to give a lecture full of valuable advice

The world says that the women in our country have made...

...great progress. But today also, girls are weighed as per the...

...dowry they bring in our society.

Even if a poor girl is very beautiful and virtuous...

...she has no right to become the daughter-in-law of a... family without dowry. Is she taunting us?

But women like Shantidevi are great who accepted a poor... master's grand daughter as her daughter-in-law...

...and gave an example to this society.-She is praising us If rich life is not written in poor women's fate...

...what can the poor mother-in-law do for that?

I have heard that Shantidevi loved her daughter-in-law a lot

But the brides here have a great wish to burn themselves & die.

They should just get a chance and they jump into fire.

I am not saying that you killed your daughter-in-law by...

...burning her alive or she burnt in the fire herself.

But what will poor Shantidevi do?

People say a lot but who can stop the world from talking.

My dear women, such women are a blemish to womenhood...

...whether she is the sister-in-law or mother-in-law My message to you is that we should stop such mishaps and...

...blacken the face of women who do such atrocity and hit...

...them with shoes and drive them out of this country.

This is called the shock of money Have you never seen any money before? It is full 10 lakhs You stood up in shock. Five lakhs are yours & 5 lakhs profit Thank you - What are you laughing, it is all yours.

Didn't I tell you that your horoscope matches with madam You invested 5 lakhs in oil wells and we made 5 lakhs profit...

...You share it. Thank you

Thank you very much, Nakadramji Don't just thank, think about me too. - Take this This much is not enough. This is too less.

I will just take 4 times of that. You go now.

We will go - Listen now, before madam's mood gets...

...spoiled, if you want to get some work done that is...

...any other work, please call this NakadRam.

Why are you two still standing here? Go now.

What is this play of yours? I did not understand.

Why have you given five lakhs from the house to them?

Those fools gave 5 lakhs for attracting us that day.

Using their formula, I gave them the false profit of 5 lakhs...

...and have caught them in our net.

What if they don't invest again? How they will not invest?

That is not money but a magnet which will push them to us.

I will give a grand party to my friends in the hotel and I...

...will buy a beautiful Mercedes. Shut up, let your car go to hell First, I will recover my jewels, buy new jewellery and also...

...some sarees - You are all fools You saw some money and started wagging your tongues What to do? From the time, that Sita burnt in fire, all the... has been sealed. We have been able to see... much money after many days.

This money is just a small quantity of golden eggs from...

...the chicken which lays golden eggs.

You think about the one who gave you this profit.

Take this amount and buy a small gift for Kamini..

...and enter her heart slowly.

Then see, how happiness returns to this house.-Yes Is that so? See how I attract her now.

He has come.. Go now Ramu, is there someone. Someone bring my shoes.

No, not you... It is all right.

Kaminiji, show me your legs.

No, what is this you are doing? Where've the servants gone?

What is there? You consider me also as your servant.

A small gift for you. Oh, it is beautiful.

Not more beautiful than you. Is it so?

It is great. If someone gets a life companion like you,..

...her life will be heaven. These are very beautiful.

Nagadram, if you give permission, I want to invite...

...Kaminidevi for dinner. Sorry, I can't come.

Please.. Kaminiji- Madam, fulfill his heart's wish.

If his heart breaks, then it cannot be mended again.

But all my appointments... Madam, this is the most...

...important appointment of your life.

Mr. Prakash, you make arrangements for food.

Madam is coming to your house for dinner.

Thank you, Kaminiji- OK. You are too good

You are also good. I am a very big fan of yours.

Why are you standing for so long? Go fast now What is it, Bhabhi? -By making him lift my shoes... have not done a good thing.

Great, Bhabhi. Did you do a good thing by putting his shoes for him?

I know that your feelings have been hurt.

But I had to find out whether he will lift your shoes or not.

If a man starts lifting the shoes of a woman, then you...

...understand that he can sacrifice everything for her.

Today I trust that my arrow has hit its correct mark Just see how I bring all of them at your feet, Bhabhi.

Welcome.. Welcome..

Everyone saw her coming and the light of the lamps...

...became brighter as soon as she entered.

Please come, Kaminidevi.

Our house has become sacred when you have stepped in.

Prakash never tires of singing your praise.

There is no air-conditioner, it is very hot.- I am sorry lam tired... You please sit Sit..

You will become tired by standing.

You move, let me fan her.

Did the AC have to get repaired only today?

Are your legs paining? Let me press it.

Somebody please bring water You go and bring water. Bring milk.. Bring fast...

Don't upset Kaminidevi.

Listen, my relative and my brother.

How the money is making you dance?

Did I say the truth or a lie?

You said the truth only

If a poor girl comes to the house, the mother-in-law...

...tortures her. But if she brings wealth with her...

...the mother-in-law will keep her on her head.

A woman is a puppet like this and is sold in the rate of mud.

Gold is sold in the rate of mud.

See one place, my friends...

How is this sun and the shadow?

How much can the money make you dance?

Did I tell the truth or a lie?

You said the truth.

Every day there is a fight for dowry... and the women's clothes are burnt.

If you report, the police do not bother...

...then who will catch the criminal?

Then this crazy man says that today the world has changed.

That world is not existing today.

A woman sits on one side of the balance and... the other side the money is put.

The money makes you dance.

Did I tell the truth or a lie?

You said only the truth

You go away now. Don't know from where he has come... give me shocks of problems.

I will give you two slaps with a force.

This is my uncle's house and not your father's.

I got news that my future Bhabhi has come here and hence I came.. meet her. Hi, Bhabhi Hi...

Please be beware of them. These people have lots of... for this money.

You go from here now. OK, leave me till the gate.

Come... - I will just come.

Very interesting person... I feel like coming here often now.

Please Kamini... Let us go.

I don't know from where he came to trouble us.

Thank God that Kamini became very happy & went with Prakash Is it? -Otherwise, that Amar had almost spoiled all our plans...

Before Amar creates any problem, you plan something... finish the marriage of Prakash and Kamini.

Now I will make the plans, Rakesh.

The past shock of youth, how did you dare to come here.

Will you go peacefully, or shall I kick you out.

I am Sonia and not Sita whom you had burnt and killed.

If somebody even touches me, I will see that your whole... rots in jail. How dare you?

Don't come ahead.

My dear, I was just joking. You know my habit to joke.

I have been telling my clear sister just now...

...that Prakash should marry only Sonia.

You wicked girl! You are trying to challenge us.

What have you done?

She is the proof of that crime which could have sent... to my death penalty.

I always erase the proof completely whether it may be...

...Sita or Sonia.

What is this? -I have brought sweets for you.

You came to give sweets to me. Talk about the real matter.

Nakadramji, our Prakash wishes to marry your madam.

Are you drunk? Where is Prakash and where is our madam?

I will kill you.. How did you even think of this?

You please think about this. Should I... OK, let me think.

You think about me and I will think about you.

I am a public telephone... I understood.

Take this... - This is it. See how I make a lightning call now.

We will invest Prakash's money in her father's Hongkong factory Both of them will have a partnership and...

...I will make your friendship with madam's father And then both of us will convince madam's father and will... the life partnership of madam with Prakash.

What shocks of brain waves?

Brain is not there but it is here.

Tell me- How much do we have to invest? - 50 lakhs.

From where will we bring so much money.

You mortgage the bungalow, it is just a matter of some days.

That is in the name of Prakash's mother.

Can't the mother do even this much for her son's future?

May be she will. But who will give the money so quickly to us.

I am there. I will give the money. Give the papers of the...

...Bungalow here and take cash.

Why are you still standing here? Go quickly...

Bring papers and take cash..

Brother, think about this. This is the last memory of my husband Please sign, mother

This is good, my dear sister Let us go.

This is the voice of Sita.

Mother, it is very late at night. I have taken sleeping pills.

You also take the pills and go to sleep.

What is this voice?


I have come to meet you and to renew the relationship.

Even if you got rid of me, I won't leave you now.

Today is the night of black new moon...

We have to talk of many sweet things.

Today is the night of black new moon...

We have to talk of many sweet things.

I have come to this world to settle the account of...

...the atrocities you did to me.

Mother-in-law would also have been the daughter-in-law at...

...some time. That is what, I have come to tell you.

Sisters... and people, see this fox has done its harm.

But will she be able to sleep peacefully after killing the...

...the poor chicken.

She will meet the lioness sometime or the other

You never realized my value.

But I am crazy after you for many ages.

I have come from the dead world & I will take you there...

...along with me. On your oath, I will stay with you there only.

I have come from the dead world & I will take you there...

...along with me. On your oath, I will stay with you there only.

You have tortured me a lot.

I will also torture you a lot now.

The hands which had henna will have your blood now.

How much ever hard you may try, I won't leave you now.

You put your house on fire and burnt my house too.

How you played drama with us, my great sister-in-law But the drama of spirits is the opposite.

The fire will burn but water will shower.

Did you understood, you fool? Enemy to my life.

You burnt my dreams.

You separated me from my husband.

Even if you go and hide in the netherworld...

...I will find you and will burn you with my fire.

Even if you go and hide in the netherworld...

...I will find you and will burn you with my fire.

Some day, the filled pot of sins breaks down Even the camels from mountains come down.

How much ever you may try, I won't leave you now.

Today is the night of black new moon...

We have to talk of many sweet things.

Why are you creating confusions, my sister?

You are the enemy of this house, my aunt Aunt.. Sister..

Listen, my aunt, your daughter in law's procession has come..

...and will trouble you the whole night and you can't do anything Hold her hands and fall at her feet..

Hold her hands and fall at her feet..

How much ever you try, she won't leave you now.

Dance... and sway now

What are you saying?

Nakadramji has sent orders from the Court to seize our house.

Yes. -We will go and talk with them. Come, Prakash.

Shantidevi, as per court's orders, you have to vacate the house.

One minute Rakesh, I have to enquire to you about..

...Sita Bhabhi's death. OK, you can go but not him.

But brother Sudhir Sit... quickly.

What are you speaking? Have I taken the world's responsibility?

Listen... -Nagadram has no habit of hearing nonsense. Keep the phone Have you sent that notice, Nagatamji Then, has my father sent it from the sky.

But why?- To procure the money from you But where is Kamini? - She has gone on a world tour When will she come? How can we question our masters?

It is her wish, whether she comes or not. - But you had...

You go, brother. I don't have the habit of using my brains for free Go, brother...

Please don't do like this.

Don't throw me out of my house. Where will I go?

Sorry, we are under compulsion... Shantidevi... Come...

Rickshaw... Go fast.

Shobha, where are you going? I will also come with you.

How will you come with me, mother?

You are used to this big bungalow.

How will you stay in the small quarters of a police officer?

It is better, U make some other good arrangement for your stay.

Go fast... Rickshaw. Please wait.. Shobha Bring him inside.

Please édo us a favor and take back your notice Or we will all be destroyed. You go away from here.

Why are you troubling me? Shall I call the servants?

You cheat! After destroying us, you are doing drama now.

I won't leave you now.

Ram- Prakash, you left your goddess like wife You blemished the relationship between me and Bhabhi.

When a man born from a lady's womb insults a woman... becomes necessary to punish him.

If I wish, I can shoot you with all the bullets

But between this revolver and you, someone's desires are...

...standing like the wall.

Till you don't struggle here and there, you won't realize...

...the value of a house and a wife.

What is a brother and what is destruction?

Bahadur, Ramsingh... throw him out of here.

Amar, this is not correct. I will get ruined and...

I will come to the road, please have mercy on me.

Amar, what have you done? They will come to the footpath Men realizes their real worth after coming to the footpath.

Have you forgotten the atrocities they did to you?

But Amar... I have to go now.

Bhabhi, on my oath... please allow me to do this last drama I have full belief that after this, these people will come... the right path.

Prakash, you left your goddess like wife.

You blemished the relationship between me and Bhabhi.

When a man born from a lady's womb insults a woman... becomes necessary to punish him.

Till you don't struggle here and there, you won't realize...

...the value of a house and a wife.

What is brother and what is a wife?

Sister-in-law Sita. lam Sudhir speaking.

Prakash has had an accident... What, he had an accident?

Yes, he is injured and is quite serious. - Where is he?

In the National hospital! I will just come.

Prakash & have an accident. You still trust them, Bhabhi All this is their conspiracy.

Your heart also seems to have become dirty while...

...trying to clean other's hearts.

This phone was from brother Sudhir.

Doctor, take all my wealth but save my husband.

Please save him -We will surely do whatever is in our hands.

Then it is all God's wish.

I am sorry, Bhabhi Forgive me.

Don't mistake me, Amar. It is none of your fault.

Where are you going, Bhabhi?

If Savitri can bring her husband's life from the God of Death...

...why can't I do it. Let me see today, how God can ignore... prayers and snatch my husband from me.

Goddess Mother, I have come to you to beg for my husband's life

Don't send me back empty- handed. I won't go empty-handed

Mother Goddess... please save him

You saved the ones who fell and brought light in the darkness Everything is in Your hands and... have removed everyone's difficulties Don't refuse my prayer...

Don't allow my life to be destroyed If You wish, you can make flowers to bloom in fire If You wish, you can make a way in the ocean.

Please save him, Mother but if You want to take, take my life

Your affection for me is so old Please help me at any time.

The binding of life is saying only this.

Please have mercy on me as I fully trust you.

You are only my mother and You are my father Please have mercy on me as I fully trust you.

But how will I face her. Fool, Bhabhi is very good I will just come - But, where are you going?

You wait for sometime. I will just come

Now your drama is over, Miss Kaminidevi

Leave me..

Great, Rakesh. You have turned the game in our favour now.

Sister, you came at the right time. Recognize her.

She was only Kamini and she is only Sita.

Today we will take complete revenge on her- You are right.

You could have at least respected my Rakhi Till today, you deceived me and took me on the wrong paths.

You had tried to take her life one day, but she saved my son's today. I don't want to lose my daughter-in-law again.

Leave her Wah! my emotional sister!

Leave me..

Please save me, mother

Prakash...- What is it, mother?

Rakesh has kidnapped Sita. Where? - To Black tower.

You go fast or there will be a mishap- Black Tower!

Leave me..

I would have intoxicated my foolish nephew in liquor and deceiving my sister with sweet words, I would have...

...snatched their property long back but you and Amar...

...kept giving me setbacks again and again.

I have not brought you to such a great height to show U sceneries These are property papers and this is the cheque book.

Sign in this immediately What are you seeing? Sign in it.

Sign in this.

See down.

If I throw you from this height, even small pieces...

...of you will not be found. Sign in this.

This property is the treasure of my husband & mother-in-law I will never sign on it. You do whatever you want.

I am telling you... I will throw you down.

Rakesh... You leave Sita.

You delayed too much in coming.

By the time you come up, this game would be finished.

Enough of your drama! You will use the pen...

...Sitarani or shall I use the gun. I won't sign.

Where have you come from?

You thought that this sparrow can save you.

Sign in this...-I won't sign... Sign it. -No...

Rakesh... Have you reached?

Amar, a great mishap! Rakesh has forcibly kidnapped...

...daughter Sita and taken her to Black Tower.

Please forgive me, Amar.

Dear, the police beatings will remove all your youthful shocks.

Hi, Spirit! - Fool, I had only put duplicate bullets in Sonia's gun.

Sonia, make him hear his own voice.

This is the acceptance of your crime.

I always erase any proof that can send me to my death penalty Why are you standing here for so long?

You go to jail and grind stones. Go...

Thank you, Sonia. You are most welcome.

These are the property papers and cheque book...

...I have signed in them.- All these property is yours.

Please forgive me.-This means you have not forgiven me.

Don't give me such a punishment for my sins.

What are you doing?

I love you, Sita Son Amar... Amar... What is it, aunt?

Are you still angry with your aunt?

Where are you going?

Aunt, you got your son, daughter-in-law & also property.

Now let me also go to my real property.

I know what his real propery is.

Asha... Amar, you come here.

Isn't this your real property?