Bhavesh Joshi Superhero (2018) Script

'Before the setting sun'

'his dark silhouette stood'

'looking over the city.'

'The wind ruffled his hair.'

'This city was once his..'

'The city he was born in.'


'The city he was born in, grew up in.. One that he loved.'

'That city was now a nightmare.'


What does 'dark silhouette' mean?

First let me tell the story, then you may ask what it meant.

But it won't make sense if we don't understand it.

Publish a Hindi dictionary along with this then I'll understand it.

I'll publish one after you hear it, then you won't even need it.

How will I understand it if you use such complicated words?

I won't understand it.

So then..

But what is this?

It's a graphic novel. Mumbai's first super-hero.

What are you saying?

Wasn't that Ra-One?

No, it was G-One.

That was Ra-One. The movie was Ra-One.

But G-One was the hero. Ra-One was the villain.

Then why was the movie called Ra-One?

How does it matter Ra-One, G-one, anyone?

I spent my life writing this and you won't even listen to it.

Sorry.. You're on some other tangent.

Okay.. Read.

Don't feel bad. Go on.

'Corruption had eaten into the city like a pest.'

'Every policeman was in the gangster's pocket.'

'Every minister was doing his bidding.'

And the superhero and the gangster's daughter were fiddling.

'I met Bhavesh and Siku in 2011.'

'There was hope everywhere.'

'It was like the entire country was standing against corruption.'

'People were preparing for a new era.'

Why have you come to this protest?

Look, we think corruption is shit.

Yes. And shit stinks.

Shit stinks!

That's it?

'In this chaos, these two clowns just wanted to get arrested.'

Sir, please..

Sir, please..

I told you..

Sir, I swear on Gandhi..

I swear on Gandhi. Sir, please.

I said no.

It must end..


This guy hasn't done anything.

Hey, shoot a video of us!

Can you call the cops?

Can you call the cops please? I don't want to go to jail.

Don't cry just yell, 'I praise thee Mother!'

"Come on. Live your life."

"Live your life.."

We shall overcome..

We shall overcome.. Louder!

I do believe..

We shall overcome..

'The police got a kick from Bhavesh and Siku.'

'Even I had never imagined'

'that being in a lock-up can be so much fun.'

All praise Lord Ganesha!

Sachin! Sachin! 'Truth be told..'

'It was the best day of my life.'

Sachin! Sachin!

Hey, Docu!

What's up?

Rajat. Bhavesh.

Siku. 'Perhaps Bhavesh and Siku saw it'

'and that's why they took me in after that day.'

Corruption.. Must go..

'Back then, a lot of middle class messiahs with brooms appeared.'

'But Bhavesh and Siku believed'

'that the movement didn't need a messiah with a broom.'

We pledge..

'They believed'

'that the ones who spread dirt should clean it.'

People will post photos of their marked fingers on Facebook but after that no one will lift a finger, man.

Not one freaking finger.

I've seen people raise their fingers to point at others.

His fault, his responsibility, the government's failure.

They won't walk to the trash can to throw their trash.

But when it comes to waste management they'll be the first to write a disquisition on social media.

Disquisition? Bro, nobody uses words like that anymore.

Why? Joshi the country is making progress, what are you doing?

'Progress!' What are you doing?

India's population is the highest.

But pal, what are we doing?


Meaning we're just getting drunk and then complaining.


So we should do something.

But what?

And when?

I have an idea..

Hey, mister! Why are you cutting this tree?

Pal, leave now. Let me work.

Cutting trees is illegal! Illegal!

I have permission from the law the municipal corporation, and everyone else, understood?

Get lost. To hell with your permission.

The tree has feelings. Did you ask the tree?

Did you?

Just cut it.


I said cut. Stop!

I said cut!

Shit! Behind you! Look!

Run, Siku.. Hey.. Stop..

Run.. Siku, run!


Insaaf! Insaaf!

We are Insaaf..

We are Insaaf..

We are Insaaf..

We are the revolution..

We've been trying to save these trees for so many years.

But no one was listening, no one was interested..

You guys saved our trees thanks a lot.

Listen carefully.

From now on, this society should have no internet problems. Understood?

Hey? You're threatening me? Catch him!

Look.. Siku, show him.

Look at this photo.

How did you get this?

Thank you, Insaafers, for solving our internet problems.

Thank you, ma'am..


Thank you, Mr. Arif, and thank you.

Who thought of us when they had nowhere else to turn to.

Please don't thank us. It's our duty.

Awesome. Cut? Got that, pal.


'These crusaders were becoming a rage.'

'Bhavesh played the masked crusader.'

'And Siku handled the backend with his technical knowledge.'


Joshi, wake up.

What are you doing? Check this out.

'Whenever or wherever injustice rears its head'

'and Insaaf is summoned'

'Insaaf will be there to fight it'

'and we will risk our lives to deliver justice.'

'Insaaf Punch!'

Too good, my friend.

'Brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties and children, remember..'

'If someone wrongs you'

'or anyone around you'

'or use Facebook, Orkut, Skype, Tumblr, Linkedln'

'MySpace, Pinterest, iMessage or WhatsApp'

'and remember.'

'We don't use Google Plus.'

'No Google Plus.'

Oh my God! This is so cool.

We're basically like the Indian Justice League.

So, you are like Spiderman.

No.. That's Marvel.

We're DC.

We're cooler, we're darker, we're edgier.

So how did you start doing this?

You know, I used to be like everyone else

but there comes a time when you must heed a certain call when the world must come together as one.

Because there are people dying you see, and sometimes you need to lend a hand to life.

"The greatest gift of all!"

"We are the world.."

Michael Jackson..

Do you really think that by singing Michael Jackson's lyrics on YouTube you can sweet-talk any girl?

How are you this small-minded?

We are a movement, okay?

Oh really?

Yes. It's a movement.

Yes. I totally get it.

It's such a noble cause.

She totally gets it. It's a noble cause.

There are some people who care for their country their city and their people.

So will you please get off your high horse and stop judging people?

Hey! Stop the car! Stop the car.

Stop now.

What happened? Reverse.

But what happened? Reverse the car now.

But tell me.. Reverse it now, you jumped the signal!

Yes. What?

He jumped the signal? The rascal jumped the signal, now reverse!

How did I jump the signal, man? It's empty..

Reverse.. It's 12 in the night..

It's 12 a.m. and it's raining, so will you jump the signal?

There are no cops..

So will you jump the signal?

I'll take you straight to the police station.

What is this..

Get it out of my face.

Straight to the station.. Reverse the car.

Just for this?

Come on, now reverse.

Reverse the car. I'm reversing..

I'm reversing the car, sir..

What happened?

What do you mean what happened?

The signal is there for a reason it's not an exhibit.

Darn! Oh my..


Now you may go.

I know.

Is this your father's property to pee on?


Darn the sorry..


I'm done..

You can't burn waste!

You can't burn waste!



Why aren't you in school?

You're entering a 'No Entry' lane.

Get lost.


Why are we learning karate, pal?

We'll have to, pal.

Otherwise morons like that guy can't be stopped.

Next time, we'll karate chop him.

You're right.

But do we have to wear a robe to learn karate?

That's how you feel it.

Okay. Insaaf punch.

On the floor. Right now. Left, right..


He's treating us like animals, pal.


Even Bruce Lee couldn't have done this.

You two!

Keep quiet.

Move forward.

Yes, sir. Go!

Bhavesh. Bhavesh.. He'll run over you, pal!

Are you insane?

Hey, French Beard. Go back. It's a one-way.

Siku, I think he's scared. He's going away without his car.

Why's he reaching into the boot?

Oh shit.

Hey.. Two shit.

Put your stick back, bastard..


Sorry, man.

For what?

Only you got beaten up and I couldn't even do anything.

What are you saying, man?

Either one of us gets beaten up, it's the same, right?

We're in this together, man.

We'll win, get beaten, together.

Tell me something.

You like re-arranging your body parts for fun?

For how long will you continue this drama?

It's not a drama.

It's the wave of change.

We'll change the country surfing this wave.

Both of you need to understand one thing.

You aren't changing anything through Facebook and Twitter.

You're advertising your stupidity.

And you'll die.

You'll go down.

How are we going to change the country?

With small steps.

Today it's us tomorrow it'll be thousands.

We just have to promise each other that we'll never leave Insaaf.

Insaaf Punch. Insaaf Punch.

'Today, silence has befallen the cities'

'that were torn by nation-wide protests.'

'Mumbai's empty MMRDA ground'

'mirrors the Jan Lokpal bill's failure.'

'The government has silenced the cries against corruption.'

'This marks the tragic end of the Jan Lokpal movement.'

'When reality hits a man, he changes.'

'Something like that happened to Siku.'

'After that day, the fight against the system seemed pointless.'

'Dreams of the Insaaf Show and a changed country..'

'Appeared to be shallow.'

'The city grew. Five years passed.'

'Bhavesh still believed'

'that things are not beyond repair.'

'But Siku.. Siku had fully given up.'

'After getting an engineering degree'

'he became a corporate slave just like millions of others.'

'He spent eight hours a day coding for an MNC.'

'And then a call came that changed everything.'


The company wants to open an office in the US.

And to work on the setup there, they want someone from here.

Will you go?

Where in the US?


They want me to lead the development team there.

You're seriously going?

What about Insaaf?

You'll look after it.

It's a serious question, man.

And I'm seriously telling you, Bhavesh, you're here.

What have we changed in the last five years with Insaaf?

What are you talking about?


Mr. Arif.. We took care of him.

And after that every cable and internet operator has been straightened out, right, Bhavesh?

Things don't change overnight. They take time.

Everything takes time.

Bhavesh, people don't care about their own lives.

Why are we wasting ours? Man..

On all railway platforms in Mumbai, there's an announcement blaring...

'Do not cross the tracks'.

Do people listen? No.

They cross the tracks to save one minute, then get knocked down and then? Then what? Stop..

What happened? Stop the car.

But what happened? Reverse.

Reverse. You jumped the signal.

I'm trying to say something, Bhavesh.

You're trying to say something so will you jump a signal? Reverse.

Reverse. First listen.

Reverse! No, I won't.

Just stop the car, man!

You're showing me this?

Relax, guys.. You're showing me this.

You're going to America so you'll jump the signal?

You'll show me.. Reverse!

Reverse! Siku.

'But Bhavesh..'

'Remained Bhavesh.'

'Mumbai's keeper.'

'Malad's famous Insaaf Man.'


This is Insaaf.

Your application is at the small station.

You'll have to clear it there.

But, sir, the policemen came home two weeks ago and verified it.

But it hasn't come here.

Sir, if you could just read this message.

It says 'Passport Application under process'.

This came three weeks ago.

That's fine. But it hasn't come here.

So what do I do now?

Talk to them. The passport office?

No, pal.

At the small station.

In your area.

Our guy came to your house. You weren't home.

Sir, I was at home. I spoke to him.

See what's written.

Your door was locked. You weren't home.

Bring your original documents and submit them again.

Sir, I was at home. I offered him water.

Giving water to your guest is your duty.

Sir, that's right but if I wasn't home how could I have given him water?

Cold water?

Yes, cold water.

You have a refrigerator at home?

Yes, I do.

Which brand?

The signal is red, are you blind?

Why don't you just bribe them and get it over with?

You'll have your passport in no time.

Are you saying this? Yes. For your sake.

Sneha, I can't give a bribe. I never have.

And if I give one now, Bhavesh won't let me inside the house.

Then don't go to Atlanta.

Stay here with me.

You always talked about change.

About fixing things and going on a world tour.

I'm not happy here, Sneha.

The time to change the world is over.

Come with me to Atlanta.

Be serious, Siku.

I am being serious.

What will I do there?

I have my internship here.

Your internship will be over in six months.

You can study there.

You'll study, I'll work.

We'll buy a house with a white fence outside.

Driveway, backyard.. Even an outdoor garage.

With a convertible in it.

We'll take it on long drives on the weekends.

We'll get married.

In an American style.

I do. I do.

You do?

Are you proposing?

Thank you.

Why don't you take it off, dear?

I can't take that risk.

Dear, I don't know to what extent you can help me.

I've already complained approached some journalists.

But no one can see the crisis in this.

At least tell me.

There's a water crisis everywhere.

It gets worse in the summer.

But in our area, in our colony no matter what the season water crisis has been worsening for the last two years.

The BMC promised us water supply twice a day.

But it comes once a week.

And randomly.

I tried talking to the ward officer.

He said he had too much to deal with already.

He would put it off saying that he was busy.

He finally met me when I filed an RTI appeal.

He said, 'It hasn't rained in Latur for six months'

'and you're complaining? Latur hasn't had rain for six months.'

'You want to complain?'

When did I tell you to submit this?


I've been asking you since.. Excuse me, sir.

Sir, according to the official announcement there should be water supply four times a day?

Ward 6 gets water for only a few hours every week.

Who are you? How did you get inside?

Sir, I even made a complaint, but..

What is that? Are you shooting?

No. Tawade!

How are people supposed to live without water?

How did he get in, Tawade? Why aren't you answering me?

Are you sleeping? You aren't.. Sir..

Get him out. He's shooting. Out! What happened to those 4 hours?

Out. Answer me. It's a simple question.

There's no point talking to him.

Don't waste your time.

What are you staring at? It's for your own good.

Complaining here won't help.

They've sucked out all the water. How will it come to you?

What does that mean?

Even the higher officers are involved.

It starts here.

It's a scam.

The city's water suppliers have dissected the main pipelines into illegal pipes and mini pumps.

First, they cut the BMC water supply and create a crisis.

Then the water that's for the people is stolen and sold to them at exorbitant prices. Openly.

'Their business is thriving because no one is questioning them.'

'But now, we're here.'

'We're asking questions and they must give us answers.'

He said, 'It hasn't rained in Latur for six months'.

'And you're complaining? Latur hasn't had rain for six months.'

Yes, sir. 'Did you see the video?'

Yes, sir.

I saw it.

'Want to spend your life in the dance bar or have you woken up?'

'What?' - Yes, sir.

'Find out who the old man is.'


Ikandar Khanna?

Sikandar Khanna, sir.

That's what it says here. See.

Actually, sir..

The roof was leaking because of the rain.

Look, with this document your passport will read Ikandar Khanna.

But, sir it's just a little water.

It's the same document. The name is clear.

Sikandar Khanna.

It's an original document.

I've submitted it before and you've checked it.

You'll need new documents.

These are the originals.

They won't do.

Sir, I submitted these documents a month ago and they were approved. The same ones.

That's what you're saying. Is it written here?

Because everything on this is a lie.

They came home, did the verification, everything.

Just tell me what you want from me.

What's going on?

He's scaring me, sir.

He's trying to make me approve these for his passport clearance.

But the ink has spread.

No.. Sir, there was a leak in my roof.

A drop of water fell on it but the name is clear..

Stop shouting.

How can we pass these? Exactly. - They won't do.

But why, sir? I submitted the same documents a month ago.

They have it on record.

Apply for them again and submit them again.

If you leave original documents lying around who will face the consequences?

You or the police?

Sir, you aren't listening.. No, you aren't listening.


Get him out.

The corporator's inside, send him tea.

Okay. Go on, get out.

Kamble, get some tea.




Is your passport done?



Then hurry it up.

I can't wait.

Get it done or I'll have to send someone else.


You'll get your passport.

You went through so much when you had the original documents.

You could have saved time.

Sir! Sir!


Are you okay?

Careful. Careful.

Careful. Get up.

I am responsible for all this.

Not at all, dear.

You did the right thing.

You did something that was everyone's duty.

My son is coming next week.

He'll take me with him.

The rest is up to you, dear.

Just be careful.

They were asking about you.

I said nothing.

I said nothing.

Is your passport sorted?

You bribed them?

Answer me. Did you bribe them?

What else could I do?

What else could you do?


You could have made a complaint.

Lodged an FIR, you could have contacted the anti-corruption people, you..

Shut up, Bhavesh. You could have fought.

Don't lecture me. It's done.

I'm lecturing you?

What about those slogans, Siku?

'Never bribe, nor be bribed.' What about that?

Was it just for the sake of it?

You're disgusting, man.

What happened?

What happened? He bribed the Police for his passport.

I'm the one who had to wait there in a queue.

I'm the one who'd get insulted.

I'm the one who went through so much just to be humiliated in front of everyone.

Do you know how that feels? You don't.

I don't know? No.

Your head's in the clouds.

You don't know what's happening in the outside world.

Don't make lame excuses because you don't want to fight the system or the police, don't put it on me. Okay?

Do you know what's happening in the outside world?

Do you know what happened at this police-station?

They beat an old man because he had the guts to come on Insaaf and speak the truth.

Do you remember Insaaf?

Our show, your show which you used to be a part of.

Have you forgotten? Sit down.

How can I sit when he's talking nonsense?

What happened? Who got beaten? Barve, man.

They beat him at the police-station because he spoke about the water scam.

All of them, even the local corporator..

All the villains of the city have united.

They had an itch.

So they got up to something. They stole water.

They've wasted everyone else so they went for an old man.

That same world famous old man who starred in world famous Bhavesh Joshi's world famous Insaaf show.

Just let it go. What will you do now?

You'll fight everyone? You'll stop everyone?

Here, speak. What's he doing?

How will you stop them?

Speak. Siku, stop this please.

Please just shut up. Speak up, Insaaf man.

Put it down please. Stop. I thought you were Insaaf man!

You'll deliver justice? Have you lost it?

What are you doing?

Want to be a hero? - Bhavesh! Psycho.

Tell us your next move.

Are you done preaching?

I'm not preaching, I'm going to do something.

I'll show them, I'll break all of them.

I'll break the corporator who beat Barve. I'll break the policeman.

Every corrupt minister in this country should be broken.

What's the point of living here? Run away to America.

The country is crumbling anyway.

Does anyone make a difference?

No one. All of them are cowards like you.

Siku, do you know the difference between you and me?

I love this country and I can't watch it suffer.

So I'm going to stay here and change it.

Insaaf has made you crazy. Everything is a conspiracy to you.

But I'm not running away. I'm standing my ground and fighting.

What are you fighting?

Insaaf has gotten 400 views in 5 years half of which are mine and Rajat's, ask him.

Do you seriously think it's all about views?

Why else are you doing this?

Because I can't sit and watch like the rest. My fight will continue.

Understood? Do you have to shout..

Hiding behind a mask, and making videos of yourself..

Die, corruption, die!

Grow up, Bhavesh Joshi.

You're not a superhero.

You're an unemployed loser from Malad. Siku!

Are you mad? What are you doing?

Just go, please.

Please leave.


I am.. Really sorry..

You think this is funny?

No.. It's not funny. It's not supposed to be.

But it's a big.. Hey.. Listen..

Hang on.. Listen..

I hit you really hard. Hey, Siku.. Sorry.


Siku.. Sorry, pal.

I didn't know my punch was so hard.

Sometimes the Insaaf Punch gets hard.

Open the door. Siku..

Come on, man.. 'What will you do? I'll break everyone.'

'I'll break the corporator who hit Barve.'

'I'll break the cop..'

Open the door. Pal..

Bhavesh Joshi.. Down, down..

Bhavesh Joshi.. Down, down..

'We are standing outside a middle income society where Bhavesh Joshi'

'who uploaded a video slandering the police, lives.'

'Mr. Subodh is here with us. Let us know why he's here'

'and who actually is Bhavesh Joshi.'

'Mr. Subodh.. It's the era of social media.'

'The government makes the best use of social media'

'and takes its schemes and services to the people.'

'Whereas anti-national people like Bhavesh Joshi'

'use it to tarnish the image of the people, police'

'and the nation.'

'Such people who have links with Pakistan must be taught a lesson.'

'We won't tolerate it anymore.'

'This is the consequence..' One moment.

'As you can see, the crowd is shouting pro-India slogans'

'in this locality in Malad..'

Hail Mother India.. Hail..

'He was dragged out of his house.'

'The same Bhavesh Joshi who had uploaded the controversial video'

'in which he was bad-mouthing India.'

'Yes..' - Enough.

'The public's fury..'

Come on, now.

Bhavesh Joshi.. Down, down..

Bhavesh Joshi.. Down, down..

Bhavesh Joshi.. Down, down.. - Move..

Move it.. Move..

Bhavesh Joshi.

Your game is up.

Wearing a mask playing the phantom..

It's all over.

If you ever utter a word against me or the police if I ever see you within a kilometre's radius I'll shoot the next video with you.

In the ISIS style.

Bhavesh, stop this now please.

Is your passport sorted?


Come on. Where to?

Come on. But where..

You'd clown around with him wearing that mask, right?

Would you not?

Would you or would you not?

Leave this place as soon as possible.

Take my advice. Stay in America. It's good for you.

There are no problems out there. Everything is top notch.

Because if you team up with your friend and try some funny tricks..

We know everything about you.

Your residence, the people you meet..

We know about your.. Girlfriend.

Got it?

I've thrown my mask away.

Because I don't need it anymore.

My name is Bhavesh Joshi.

Now you know the consequences of coming out with the truth.

Our fight for justice will continue. I will continue.

They are stealing our water and selling it back to us. This is the truth.

Calling me an anti-national won't change the facts.

I don't make stories for the camera nor do I spread rumours.

I don't have the proof, but I know where to get it from.

You may not think it's a big deal.

Today they're draining our water, tomorrow they could take our oxygen, then our life force.

That's why we have to fight.

Nothing matters to me more than the truth and I will risk my life for it.


Hey.. Who are you?

No one. How did you get inside?

It's nothing.



Give me your bag. Give me your bag..

Get him!

Hey.. He's underneath.


Grab him.. That side!

Grab him, get the bag!

This was in the bag.

The doctor says he was crossing a road and was hit by a truck.

A case of accident.


How did it happen?

The police say it was an accident.

He used to attend your classes? Yes.


He never missed a class.

'Just stop the car, man! You're showing me this?'

'You're showing me this? You're going'

'to America so you'll jump the signal? Reverse!'

'Reverse.. Siku.'

'They are stealing our water and selling it back to us.'

'This is the truth.'

'I don't make stories for the camera'

'nor do I spread rumours.'

'I don't have the proof, but I know where to get it from.'

'I don't care what the media says about me, or what you think of me.'

'Nothing matters to me more than the truth'

'and I will risk my life for it.'


"I've pledged.."

"I've pledged.."

"I've pledged.."

"I've pledged.."

"I'll bid farewell to my dreams"

"and embrace the harsh reality."

"I'll endure the darkness"

"which endangers the light of truth."

"I'm off... I'm off..."

"No matter who.. No matter who.."

"Joins me.."

"I've pledged.."

"I've pledged.."

"What do I do with the vast blue sky"

"when my share of Earth lies barren?"

'What's the point of living here? Run away to America.'

'The country is crumbling anyway.'

'Does anyone make a difference? No one does.'

'All of them are cowards like you.'

"Why should I be"

"an onlooker?"

"This thought.."

"Is my very flaw.."

"Paradise is something.. Paradise is something.."

"That eludes me.. That eludes me.."

"Because complaining is in my nature."

I want to learn.

Martial arts is for self-defence, not to fight others.

I didn't start the fight.

Go. Go home. Sleep.

Teach me.

"I've pledged.."

"I've pledged.."

"I've pledged.."

"I've pledged.."

"I'm off... I'm off..."

"No matter who.. No matter who.."

"Joins me.."

"I've pledged.."

"I've pledged.."

"I've pledged.."

I'm going out to eat.

How many times will she call up?

Tell me. Where do you want to..

When they ask who did this tell them it was Bhavesh Joshi.

What will you say?

Bhavesh Joshi.

Our game our name are one and the same..


His face was covered..

My jeans are too tight, pal.

Don't shake it. I'm not shaking it. Go.

Mr. Pawan! Bhavesh!

How are you? Very good.

What is this, man?

A model of corruption.

An abandoned 5-star hotel built using black money.

The court imposed a stay and it's been empty ever since.

Pal, where have you brought us?

Don't do this, I'm telling you please..

I'm kidding.. - Please don't.. I'm kidding..

It's not like I get a kick out of scaring people but..

Pal.. My whole family has blood pressure issues.

Both my parents have high blood pressure.

Guys! Welcome to my 5-star den.

This is the sea-facing balcony.

That's the queen's room. Sleep where you want to.

There's a sea-facing sofa. And that's the washroom.

Pal, I'm using the washroom. Sure.

Listen. If you find a commode, let us know.

Meaning? What?

Connect me to the Immigration.


Take this name down please.. Sikandar Khanna.

Khanna, yes.

Yes, hello?

He's boarded? Alright. Thank you..

Hello? Anything? - Not yet.

Keep looking.

And update me if you find anything.

Stop all the depot work.

Yes.. Start working on our next plan.

'My name is Bhavesh Joshi.'

'You saw what happened to me when I spoke the truth.'

'But our fight for justice will continue.'

'They tarnish this country's law and order, government, police'

'and its reputation.'

'Such people who have links with Pakistan must be taught a lesson.'

'Sir, according to the official announcement'

'there should be water supply four times a day?'

'But Ward 6 gets water for only a few hours a week.'

'Why? Why does Ward 6 have...'

'Hail Mother India... Hail...'

'We are standing outside a middle income society'

'where Bhavesh Joshi'

'who uploaded a video slandering the police, lives.'

'We have Mr. Subodh with us..'

"Here comes the damsel, swaying to the beat.."

"She steals your heart and enchants you.."

"Here comes the swaying damsel.."

"Here comes the swaying damsel.."

"Here comes the swaying damsel.."

Take this..

Will it work properly? 100 rupees.

I need four of these.


Who is it? Hey..

I'm going to ask you a few questions.

If you so much as whimper, I'll kill you.

And leave you here to rot.


Speak up.

Subhash Mhatre. What do you do?

Assistant Officer, Ward 6.

Bhavesh Joshi.

Remember him? Yes..


I don't know him. Don't lie.

When he got beaten by a mob, you were there.

No. I don't know anything.

I haven't done anything.

I really don't know.

Who killed him?

Patil. Mr. Patil killed him.

Who is Patil?

Corporator of Ward 6.

Why did he kill him?

Bhavesh Joshi shot a video of the tankers and Patil's whole operation and how Patil steals the government water using the tankers.

He was going to give it to the news channels.

What is Patil planning?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Who is Patil working for?

Speak up.

Help! Hurry up! What is Patil's plan?

Tell me! Help, help!

Who does he work for? Tell me!

What is Patil's plan? Say it! Get this psycho away from me!

Say it! Save me!

Break all his bones.. Get him.. Don't let him go.

Hit.. Untie me, quickly. Quickly!

Untie me, quickly.

You fool, untie the rope!

Untie me!

Come back here!

Hit him! Hard!

Hit him..

Darn you..

You.. Get up.


Get him!

He jumped!

Get him. Get him.

Get him.. Hey..

Hey.. My car!

Spare my car. Come..

Come on.

Come on..

Where is he?

There! There..

Get him!

Darn you!

Get up... Get up. - Up..


'Subhash Mhatre.'

'What do you do?'

'Assistant Officer, Ward 6.'

'Who killed Bhavesh Joshi?'


How do I delete a video off YouTube?

Depends on whose channel it's on.

Someone else's channel.

We need his login ID and password. Give it.

I don't have it.

You'll have to send a request on the site. The process takes time..

I don't have time. It's urgent.

Why, man? Is it porn or something?

Porn sites are safe, the rest may have some viruses.

Darn. What?

'As you can see, the ward officer'

'is exposing the water scam.'

'After all, who is Bhavesh Joshi, the one who recorded the video'

'and why is he breaking the law?'

'You thought I was dead.'

'You said I was a terrorist'

'an anti-national..'

'I told you that they're stealing your water'

'and selling it back to you.'

'Now, I'm telling you again.'

'This time, I won't be beaten.'

'My name is Bhavesh Joshi.'

'And I'm still alive.'

'Today, Mumbai's Bhavesh Joshi case has taken a shocking turn.'

'Mumbai's Ward 6 Municipal Corporator, Hemant Patil'

'has been summoned to Malad Police Station for further questioning.'

'Sources say that Bhavesh Joshi..' Do you know what's happening here?

'No. What's happening there?'

Someone is impersonating Bhavesh and posting on the Insaaf channel.

'There's a video of an assistant ward officer's confession.'

'He acknowledged the water theft conspiracy'

'and named corporator Patil.'

The same scam Bhavesh was involved in?

'Obviously, man.'

It's good that someone's exposing it, right?

'Siku, you have to understand how dangerous these guys are.'

'Messing with them is a death wish.'

Sir, Mr. Rana is on the line.

Hello? 'I'll handle Mhatre and the media.'

'I'm sending someone, you'll work with him.'


The plan needs to work this time.

Find a permanent solution.

'Ward officer Subhash Mhatre's corpse was found in Wadala today.'

'He is the one whose confession video went viral overnight.'

'According to the police sources, it was a suicide.'

'He slipped into depression after the video went viral.'

'Police sources also tell us that he has left behind a suicide note'

'which says that he was forced into confession'

'blackmailed and that everything he said was false.'

'Perhaps the disgrace caused by the falsehood drove him to suicide.'

'They found no evidence against me.'

'What evidence would they find against an innocent man?'

'You tell me.'

'The real criminal, if any'

'is Bhavesh Joshi.'

'Or whoever it may be behind the mask, hiding and running..'

'He's the one. I think he's a terrorist'

'who is trying to spread fear'

'in our city, and our country.'






When the tanker depot exploded...

I knew you were the lunatic behind it.

What do you want?

I want to finish what Bhavesh started.


Stronger. Again.

One, two, three down.. Four and five.


Patil goes to various pipelines in the city.

He always has two bodyguards and a guy with a ponytail and glasses with him.

They do some checks, test every pipeline and then leave.

You'll do it?


His tanker depot is shut, but the tanker filling is happening.

What? He fills water from the BMC filtration plant.

Patil isn't selling the water in the tankers.

He's sending the tankers outside the city to a plot in Dahanu.

There are 400-500 tankers full of water, parked there.

Who knows how many plots he has with tankers parked on them?

He goes with his gang to chill at a dance bar at night.

"Even the cops tease me.."

"Everyone who meets me shows generosity.."

"Can someone help me out?"

They have a VIP room at the back.

They were discussing something..

He was planning something.




Yes.. Again.



Didn't get me anything from the US?

How did you find me?

I kept an eye on Sneha.

I figured I'd spot you around and there's this place.

Siku, Mhatre died because of you.

He chose to side with the devil, Rajat.

This is real life.

Things aren't black and white.

People like Mhatre can't always choose between good and evil.

Are you defending him?

He's dead.

And Bhavesh?

Just because Bhavesh is dead, will you kill everyone?

Then what do I do, Rajat?

Should I honour them?

And all this will bring Bhavesh back?

Patil and his men are planning something with this water.

And I have to stop them.

You can do nothing. Then don't leave me alone.

Work with me.

You used to write so many stories.

About super-heroes, corruption..

Were they just stories?

You aren't a hero, Siku.

I know.

I'm doing what I think is right.

Did you think about Sneha?

They will kill her.

You as well.

You're scared?

"My heart is singing.."

"My name is Bebo. Steal my heart.."

"It's up for grabs. Take it away.."

"My name is Bebo. Steal my heart.."

"It's up for grabs. Take it away.."

"Neither any rhyme.."

"Nor any reason.."

"For no rhyme or reason, I was awarded death.."

This place.. Here, here..

But which area is blocked? This area is pretty blocked you take care of the rest.

Only this area? Or here and here as well?

Only here.

What do you use as a detonator?



Day after tomorrow. Day after tomorrow?


Sure? Sure.

"Your kiss is very energising.."

"Your kiss is very energising.."

"It's very nutritious and healthy.."

"It's very nutritious and healthy.."

"Your kiss is very energising.."

"Your kiss is very energising.."

"The kiss is really beneficial.. For health.."

"It's really pure.. The kiss.."

"The kiss is really honest.."

"It needs two to tango.. The kiss.."

"Makes me very hot.. The kiss.."

"This is the secret of my health.."

"The secret of my health.."

"The secret of my health.."

"Your kiss... very energising..."

"Your kiss is very energising.."

"The way you embrace me.. Grab it, hug me.."

"Shapes my physique.."

"The way you embrace me.."

"Shapes my physique.."

"Love is the elixir of my life.."

"And you are its source.."

"Your sweet talks, O' beloved.."

"They make me long for more.."

"Your kiss... very energising..."

"Your kiss is very energising.."

"Your kiss... very energising..."

"Your kiss is pure.."

"It needs two to tango! The kiss.."

"Makes me very hot.."

"This muscled lover boy has come to my party.."

"Schwarzenegger from Kolhapur. What's your name, O' firefly?"

"Your swag is so graceful."

"Oh, God.. Look at his muscles.. Oh, God.."

"Oh, God.. Pleasure your eyes.."

Give me some water.


What are you doing here?

Stop. Stop!

"Your kiss is very energising.."

"Your kiss is very energising.." Get him..

"Your kiss is very energising.."

"Your kiss is very energising.."

Where is he?

Glasses, he was wearing glasses..

He just went towards the right!


Where is he?



Start the car, go!

He has the guts to come to my bar..

He's on a black bike..

And spy on me? Red-coloured headlights..

V-shaped headlights.. He's dead.

He's wearing black clothes. Drive faster.

Link road.. Drive faster!

One minute!

Where are you going?

Get him.. Now..

What are you doing? Go..

Start it now.. Yes, sir.. - Come on..

Please come on..

Come on..

He's approaching, sir.

Shut it.

They are coming, sir.

He's gone up, sir!

What happened?

He went up.

Up? Up where? The railway station.

Hey.. Stop..


Come on, come on..

There.. Come on!

Check everywhere.

Look in the carriages.


Stop him!


Come on, now..

Hello? What have you done?

What happened? Have you lost your mind?

But what happened?

Put the news on.

On your marks! Salute!

Brothers, sisters and friends.

Our Mumbai is under threat.

Today, someone tried to attack it again.

But what that person doesn't know is that Mumbai's heart beats with the millions of its people.

And when one of them bleeds the rest become stronger.


The strength to withstand the chaos that reigns the bloodshed comes from Yogesh Sahu's sacrifice.

Yogesh Sahu watched over Mumbai day and night.

He never took a day off on Diwali.

Even on the day of Ganesha Chaturti, his uniform stayed on.

He stood on the beach and made sure no child walked far away from his family.

His sacrifice won't go in vain.

He will have justice.


Bhavesh Joshi is the name of the terrorist who is an agent of the enemy and is here to destroy our Mumbai and Mother India.

Not only must you stop this agent you must also wipe out his presence from the land.

I implore the CBI, NIA.. Every government agency there is to help us purge the city.

If you want a cleaner and safer India you must act on a cleaner and safer Mumbai.

Only then can we cocoon our Mother India.

And then no Bhavesh Joshi can cross over into our country.

Long live India. Long live Maharashtra.

They're going to blow up the pipeline.

That's why they're collecting water in tankers.

They're going to sell it back to the people.

Go to the police.

No point. They won't listen.

Then what are you going to do?


It's not your job to stop them.

You need to leave this place.

They may get to you while searching for me.

You will need me, Siku.

Your son needs you more than I do.


If I don't call you tomorrow then take my laptop from the basement.

It has a video.

You'll understand when you see it.

Where are you going?


'Sneha, I'm sorry.'

'I lied to you about going to Atlanta.'

'It's true that Bhavesh died because of me.'

'And I did nothing about it.'

'I'm not a hero.'

'But I won't remain quiet.'


The one accused for this

will be you.

Have you heard the story of Icarus?

It's Greek mythology.

You don't know it? No.

There was once a king named Minos.

He kept Icarus and his father prisoners on an island.

Deep water surrounded the island on all sides and there was no dream of escape.

Icarus believed that his father was such a good craftsman he could build wings for both of them that would carry them off the island.

Icarus's father relented and made beautiful wings from wax and bird feathers which they used to fly away.

Icarus was ecstatic.

His father warned him that if he rose too high, the wax would melt.

But Icarus was in his own world.

He rose higher and higher..

The wax melted

and he fell.

Icarus died because he flew too close to the sun.

Do you know why I'm telling you this, Sikandar Khanna?

I am the sun.

It's done.

Take him.

Get up, Siku.

Come on!

Siku, hang on.

Siku, talk to me.

We're there, we're almost there.



Step back.. Step back a little, sir.

Check his pulse, please.

Yes, sir.

It's bad. He's lost a lot of blood.

We've given him painkillers.


Ma'am? Yes?

I need to inform his family.

There's a landline at the reception.

Tell them I'm dead.

Move please. Move aside.

His name?


Mohan Kher.

'Mumbai's serial bomb blasts are being played on your TV screens'

'terrorists have targeted five pipelines.'

'Mumbai's water supply has been hit badly.'

'This may be the worst attack on Mumbai in history.'

Tell me.


I can take care of all the city's water problems.

Without getting into the details let's just say there'll be a water tanker where you need one.

Free of cost.

But on one condition.

Any further pipeline contracts..

Any further contracts to do with the city's water infrastructure..

'Hundreds of water tankers are distributing water to the city.'

'Hereafter, these tankers will make rounds of the city every day.'

'The Chief Minister has dealt a masterstroke'

'against the water scarcity.'

'The people of Mumbai'

'expressed their gratitude towards the Chief Minister.'

'Sneha, I am sorry.'

'I lied to you about going to Atlanta.'

'The truth is that Bhavesh died because of me.'

'And I did nothing about it.'

'I'm not a hero.'

'But today, I won't remain quiet.'

'I couldn't fulfil our dreams.'

'I don't know if I'll see you again..'

'Meet you again..'

'I'm sorry.'

'I love you.'

Well.. I have got some of your stuff.

Laptop, camera, bag..

I'll meet you in the evening after work hours.


Thank you.

'Siku, do you know what's the difference between you and me?'

'I love this country and I can't watch it suffer.'

'So I'm going to stay here and change it.'

'Before the setting sun, his dark silhouette stood'

'looking over the city.'

'The wind ruffled his hair.'

'This city was once his own.'

'The city he was born in. Where he grew up..'

'He loved it.'

'Rajat, superheroes aren't born, they are made.'

'Even they have a terrible life just like we do.'

'But they don't make compromises.'

'They take their problems head on.'

'To assert that in a democracy, we should never give up.'

Serial Number 54. State of Maharashtra versus Hemant Patil.

For Mr. Jadhav.

Hello? Did you see it?

Who is this?

That's not important. Did you see it?

What do you want from me?


'Heroes aren't scared of the dark.'

'Walls can't hold them back.'

'They don't look over the edge in fear.'

'They beat fear, and show everyone the path.'

'They wake everyone up.'

'In a world of lies, they fight for the truth.'

'They know'

'that no matter how powerful evil may seem'

'the good shouldn't give up.'

'They continue fighting'

'for the truth.'

'For justice.'

'Wherever corruption or crime raises its hood'

'a 10,000-watt bulb will light up to dispel it..'

'That is a..'


'Insaaf Man.'

"We are justice.."

"We are justice.. We will change the world."

"A friend of the noble and foe of the evil.."

"My name is Insaaf and I deliver justice.."

"Whenever crime raises its hood"

"a hero will deal with him for good."

"No matter who, the battle will be fierce.."

"We shall be popular everywhere."


This is a one-way.

"Deep inside us, lies innocence.."

"Kindle it.."

"The evil has raised its head.."

"Take it head on.."

"Be at the place where you find joy."


"Happiness lies right under your nose.."


"Come on.. Live to the fullest.."


"Live the moment. Live it now.. You.."



"Youth is something you should never take for.."


"Live in the moment, in the chaos.."

"The uproar.."

"Entertain the world with your.."


"Spread happiness among friends and the joy shall increase.."


"Come on.. Live to the fullest.."


"Do it and live in the moment.."




"Here.. Come on.."

"Live to the fullest.."

"Do it.."

"And live in the moment.."