Bheeshma (2020) Script

PRINCE ROGUE {PRAT3!K} man lived for a hundred years without any trouble.

But today... he has blood pressure and diabetes at the age of 30.

He has a heart attack when he's 40.

And by the time he's 50, he's scared to live.

Because fertilizers and pesticides are harmful to mankind.

But where does it go?

It is absorbed by the crop.

It gets sucked into the soil.

When it rains, it is discharged into the streams.

The food we eat and the water we drink is contaminated.

If this persists... man can't live more than 30 years.

Let's put an end to this.

Let's turn to organic farming.

We at Bheeshma Organics will teach you the ways of irrigation.

We will protect your harvest from the greedy dealers.

We will also buy your produce at a higher market price.

A lot of farmers have collaborated with us.

If you join us in this endeavor... together we can welcome a bright future.

Sir, all the hard work that I put in is for my children's future.

Why would I risk that?

We will take an oath to stay away from fertilizers and pesticides.

We will let you handle our crops.

You show great concern for the future generations.

What are your plans for the future of your company?

You're a one-man army.

Who's going to take over your company after you?

When will you announce the next CEO?

Bheeshma Organics will be celebrating its 50th anniversary soon.

I will make the announcement on that occasion.

Sir, whom can we expect as the next CEO?

Their qualities matter more than their qualifications.

On the hunt for the next CEO to his 70 years of solitude and lineage... it's Bheeshma Organics' MD Sri Bheeshma.

Sir, I don't have any qualification... but I have a great deal of qualities.

You knew that when you made me a board member.

I'm ready to take any responsibility that you'll give me, sir.

Don't take much stress at this age, sir.

I'm here for you.

All of them are passionate about my company, Murthy.

I'm looking for someone who is passionate about my ambition.


Where did he go?

Any problem?

-I don't have a girlfriend, bro. -What went wrong, sir?

Are you here to seek revenge?

Or to save your abducted girlfriend?

I'm here to find a new girlfriend.

What do you need the rod for?

Oh, this? Stray dogs take over our street at midnight.

Safety purposes, dude.

What about the blood?


Oh, no! It's the sauce from the sandwich I had earlier.

Sir, don't trust your online friends.

What's your job?

Giving massages to people passing through. So, stop passing around messages.

I can understand plants' feelings.

Judging people is a cake walk for me.

Do you know who he is?

He's a noble man who likes comments... and shares all my posts.

You could grovel at my feet and it still wouldn't be enough.

-Such an idiot! Let's go, bro. Come on. -Yeah, let's go.

What's the party for, bro?

A girl showed up for an interview and our boss offered to marry her.

She agreed.

He was so floored by it, I can't tell you.

Where's the girl?

Wow! Amazing, bro!

An instrument is of no worth... if it's played by a loser.

They used to call me an expert musician when I was a kid.

Baby, you look so hot. How could you say yes to him?

Because I'm yet to come across a rich man who's handsome.

He looks like a dog shivering in the snow.

You're the most eligible bachelor in our office.

Bro, sir is over here.

Hold on. He's looking at my fiancé. Don't stop him.

I want everyone to speak volumes of my achievement.

When you buy a new underwear, you must put it on privately.

You shouldn't flaunt it in public.

Come on, sir!

He got so worked up about a handshake?

Look at her hand. It's so red!

If he's treating her badly at the pre-wedding party... imagine what he would do after the wedding.

He's joking.

She's so precious, he should treasure her.

If a girl like her came into my life...

I would give her all my wealth.

I'd put her in a palace and treat her like a princess.

Like a fricking princess!

Hey! The parking lot is that way.

Do you have a car?

Then, what do you need the parking lot for? Come on!

Let's go.

-How many crores do you have? -I have two more at home.

Blue and black.

What's wrong, Sara? Are you out of breath?

No. I feel like crying.

You said you're an IAS. Don't you have any money?

Yeah. IAS means, "I am single."

You guys seem to be drunk and fooling around.

Show me your license. Come on!

Sir! He is kidnapping me!

Don't spare him, sir. Show him what you're made of.

Show him!

You're so done for!

Aren't you afraid of us at all?

How dare you drink and drive!

If you repeat this, mind you, I'll break your legs!

Sir, don't trust your online friends.

Shame on me!

That bouncer turned out to be smarter than me.

-How could you-- -Hey!

How could you run away with my boss's fiancé?

Out of frustration, bro.

Why are you frustrated?

From high class to low class, I've had crushes on everyone There are thousands of them Yet, I couldn't flatter anyone I've been craving to kiss and hug a girl I've been chasing girls I've been begging for romance all my life How long do I have to be single?

No girl wants me as her boyfriend There's nothing I can do To change my single status No Cinderella ever looks into my eyes I'm single and ready to mingle My life is colorless Add color to it, sweetheart I go insane when I look at couples I fume with jealousy Cool me down, darling

-Hey, where are you going? -I have my music and dance classes.

I feel lonely and I wonder why When will my Goddess of Love show up?

Will the time ever be gracious with me?

I regret having such a horrible fate

I'm single and ready to mingle My life is colorless Add color to it, sweetheart I go insane when I look at couples I fume with jealousy Cool me down, darling

I'm such a fool for taking you to a pub when you're so desperate.

I should just hit myself!

-I should just hit myself! -Hey! Can't wait for us to hit you?

I'm begging you, man.

I brought you to this pub... but you must have a friend to save you from this situation.

Call him, please.

I don't have any friends, bro.

Are you kidding me?

How can you not have any friends? Give me your phone.

-Trust me, bro. -Give me that.

No friends, my foot!

Mom, Dad, me, watchman and water delivery boy?

A phone with just five contacts?

-I have two more contacts, bro. -That's not the point, man.

How unlucky am I to have met you!

Oh, God! I should stay away from you.

-You're a bloodsucker, man. -Did I just hear you cuss?

I said sucker, sir. Bloodsucker!

Where is today's youth headed?

They booze until midnight and get arrested for eve-teasing.

TV 5's Special Focus on the irresponsible youth of India.

What is he doing here?

Hey! Turn the camera off.


I thought she's almost flattered, Uncle.

Hey! I've used my media influence more to get you out of trouble... than for my own growth.

Please do something, Uncle.


I know it's risky.

But I'll try talking to a dangerous guy.

This is your last chance.

Tell me.

Deva! Sorry to disturb you, man.

One of my relatives got arrested in Madhapur due to a misunderstanding.

They're humiliating him on the road.

If you could talk to them once...

I'll do it only because you're my classmate.

Never ask me for such favors again.

Bring him to my place tomorrow at nine o'clock.

What's your name?

No. You should say, "Bheeshma, sir."

I don't think it's right to add "Sir" to my name.

-Hey! -What?

He's asking you to address him as "Sir."

Oh, really?

-I-- -Hey!

What do you do?

I make memes.

-What's that? -It's like...

Hyderabad-Secunderabad-Nizamabad... Single’s life Zindabad!

I post such memes on social media.

You know what? I also received the "Best Meme Creator" award.

He says it like it's an honor.

I can't believe I broke my rules to have this guy released.

He's innocent.

I'll enlighten him.

Send him to my station for a month, from tomorrow.

He will automatically learn discipline and responsibility.

-Uncle, I was just-- -Hey, one month isn't possible.

Please, man.

No one in the city says no to me.

Hey! Stop it!

-I'll kill you! -You call yourself a police officer?

Stop it! Please!

He'll kill him if he finds out he's my son.

That is why, I told him he's my relative's son.

Whatever it is...

I don't want to send my son to Deva.

He didn't give us an option. It was an order.

If we don't send him, he'll have me arrested.

I thought he'd give him a warning.

But instead, he decided to train him.

ACP wanted to see me. Which way do I go?

You don't have to go anywhere. Just turn around.

He's really active on social media.

Keep him active in our station as well.

Use him for anything you'd like.

Okay, sir.

What does that mean, sir? Are you going to make me clean tables?

You won't be doing such heavy duty on your first day.

What does that mean?

You'll burn your hand if you hold the glass in the center.

It's common sense.

Got it!

-Did it burn that bad, sir? -Yes.

There are innumerable names in the epics.

Why'd you name me after the lifetime bachelor Bheeshma?

Maybe, that is why I can't find a girl.

When you're like this, of course, no girl will date you.

What's wrong with me?

You have so many backlogs in your degree. I--

Stop it, Mom. I'd rather get beaten up by him than argue with you.

Eat this.

I wonder how he is going to torture me today.

The driver is on leave for four days.

Hyderabad's youth is spoiled.

See how they're wasting time, chatting on the roads.

None of them have the determination to be successful in life.

Just like you.

Why are you smirking?

What's so funny?

Sir, just because a bunch of friends are chilling... it doesn't necessarily mean they're jobless or directionless.

No one can predict where any of them is going to end up in life.

Modi also must've been belittled when he sold tea.

My opinion about you will not change, no matter what you say.

What's in an opinion, sir?

It'll change according to the situation.

School bell sounds frustrating in the morning.

But kids desperately wait for that bell to ring in the evening.

The bell sounds the same.

But our opinion changes.


Drop me at the academy and go back to the station.

Where are you headed all alone?

I thought I had no luck with the ladies.

Now, add songs to that list as well.

Tell me.

My car is troubling me. I have to go to Vikarabad.

It can't get any safer than a police car.


I have my friends with me.

No worries. We have seats in the back.


Shall we move?

-They're Ragini, Sitara and-- -What do you do?

We work for Bheeshma Organics.

Hey! I didn't know there was a company with my name.

But why are you headed to Vikarabad?

We work in the office and stores on week days.

We have farmer interaction programs on weekends.

I'd watch a lot of Padutha Teeyaga and Omkar's shows--

How to flirt?

First, pretend to be interested in whatever she does.

After that--

You're just making it worse for me.

Shall we move?

How did your car break down?

-What happened is... -Yeah?

We hit the railing on the side of the road.


So, you were in a car crash?


Actually, I'm supposed to arrest you.

But you asked me for help, so...

You are...

-Me? -Yes.

Why are you hiding the details from us?

Come to the station. You can see everything in detail.

Shut up.

Please don't file a case on me, sir.

It will jeopardize my career. My family will make a big scene out of it.

My life will be ruined, sir. Please, don't do it.

Our lives will be ruined.

Our families can't know about this.

I'll stay with you until evening and observe you.

-If I like your behavior-- -You'll definitely like it, sir.

-Really? -Yes!

I'm passing it to you. Hold on.

Sir, we have an interaction with the farmers.

-If you give us permission-- -Permission? Let me join you personally.

Let's go.

-Hey! -What?

Did they just get down from a police car?

Maybe, they're prostitutes.

-What's the price of that girl in yellow? -Go find out, dude.

You're the MLA's son. You can't be scared.

Hey, girl!

What's your price?

Tell me. I'll sell an acre and pay you.

What a hottie! She's so sexy, man.

Did I get emotional? What If she doesn't like fights?

Boy, back down!

-What is he doing? -He must've gotten scared.

It was blocking the way, So, I pulled it.

I thought you were more like a Super Cop.

I was expecting you to thrash them.

So, she expected me to beat them up?

Hey, hey!

-He's back with something. -What?

Nothing to worry.

He'll come, drop it in the pit and dust his hands off.

Such a show-off!

Hey, I'm an emotional guy.

I can't control my emotions... nor can I control myself from beating someone if they provoke me.

You passed a comment, I didn't like it, so I beat you.

That's all.

Did he hit you hard?

I beat you just because of those comments you made earlier.

All these guys seem to be your friends.

Nobody reacted when I hit you.

You are a good guy.

Get up!

-Let's beat them. -Hey!

We are not reacting just because you are a police officer.

Whom are you calling police?

I just drive a police car.

I'm a driver.

Hey, you!

-Hey! -Ouch!

-Hey! What the hell, man! -Hold on.

When she's here with you... it's disgusting of us to pass the comments, bro.

That's better. Now, go play.

You should have watched me while I was fighting with those goons.

My dreams have manifested like you Is this a reality or a fantasy?

I have the most breathtaking dreams My heart and soul fly off to the skies Is this a reality or a fantasy?

This moment feels wondrous

There's something I want to tell you There's this feeling That makes me want you There's this urge to ask you For something more There's this desire To be with you forever I break into a smile out of the blue I'm so restless when I'm alone You made me discover This new side to me I'll be the shadow chasing you I'll be the wind caressing you You've cast your magic spell on me You've shot my heart With the Cupid's bow Now, I can't help but feel intoxicated But I love this sweet struggle

It was unexpected the way we met We were destined to come together I'm going insane over you It has become my thing A level of anxiousness Pushes me towards you I feel a rush inside me I never had a conflict With my inner self until now I was never like this until I met you You've shot my heart With the Cupid's bow Now, I can't help but feel intoxicated But I love this sweet struggle

Raghavan's research is complete.

He's coming with the project details.

There's a great demand for instant things in life.

People don't have the patience to watch Test matches anymore.

That is why, the T20 format is a big hit.

It's the same with businesses.

Everyone is looking for more returns in less time.

We give the farmers an instant kit from our company.

The kit has all the chemicals... that are required to grow their crop.

This will give us 60 days of yield in just 40 days.

And the yield will keep on coming.

But hormonal combinations are dangerous, right?

Will the government give us the permission?

It all comes down to what we have to offer.

The minister loved this ideology.

We'll get the permission.

Bheeshma is urging everyone to take up organic farming.

He will create trouble.

Let it be the other way around this time.

We have to create problems for him.

This product promises 200 percent results on the organic soil.

So, if we grab the customers of Bheeshma Organics and launch it... there will be a great demand for our product.

Forget about your competitor being better than you.

I have a plan.

What is it?

They'll be here in the morning.

They'll kill the old man.

And they'll return in the evening.

What if they got arrested in the afternoon?

Stop watching films, brother.

You know that we'll be in a mess if we kill that old man, right?

What do you have in mind?

Let's have an interaction between Bheeshma and me in public.

People's faith in him and his organic farming...

Will be shattered!

Why'd you bring me so far for vegetables?

Mom, those vegetables are sprayed with chemicals.

Here, we get fresh and organic vegetables.

We ate those vegetables all these years. We're doing fine, right?

Mom, Chiranjeevi was also fine as a kid... when he was given poison in Punnami Nagu.

He transformed into a snake later. We can't feed our bodies with poison.

That's fine, but why did you bring me along?

-What could it possibly mean? -Who is she?

-She's beautiful, son. -She's beautiful, son.

-You can continue shopping. -And you can flirt with her.

You are...


What are you doing here, sir?

Forget the veggies. He's cooking up stories there.

Ever since I met you...

I've developed an interest in organic farming.

So, I've made my parents turn organic.

Sir, the tomatoes look so beautiful and red.

Why do they look stale here?

Please don't talk about beauty and color, sir.

Look at yourself in the mirror. You'll realize how beautiful the tomatoes are.

You've made your family believe in organic farming.

I'm very happy.

How can I know more about organic farming?

Read these books.

You can learn a whole lot on how to do organic farming.

If I want to call you regarding any doubts...


I've got work at the station.

-He does all the work over there. -Mom, let's go.

-He does everything but work. -Bye, dear.

Don't stay here for long. Somebody will take you home.

Why'd you give him your number?

He said he's an ACP. I want to talk to him.

-Yes? -I can't find my anger management book.

Oh, it must be on the shelf.

I've been looking for half an hour.

Deva, my battery is almost dead.

I'll reach the venue in two minutes.

I'll ping you from my friend's phone as soon as I reach.



If my darling comes to know I'm learning so much... she'll be highly impressed.

Sweetheart, what are you doing?


Text message. I guess it's Mom.

Not bad. She pinged in two minutes.

Stop it, Dad!

You're the most unromantic man, Dad.


Mom texted you instead of calling you.

What does that mean?

What does it mean?

She wants to build a conversation.

-Really? -Yes.

-Are you sure? -Of course!

Now, watch me.

"I've been waiting for your message."

"You naughty girl!"

"How'd you know it was me?"

"That's the field I'm in."

What does she mean by field?

Maybe, she means crop fields.

"What's your opinion about me? Tell me."

We've been together for so long.

Why'd she still ask so many questions?

Cool down, Dad.

"If I didn't have a good opinion about you... why would we be talking right now?"

It's my lucky day.

Don't beat around the bush, man.

Just ask her.

Just ask her.

If I said yes, she'd get upset that I just like her.

I won't give her that chance.


See that?

She wants to see her husband right away.

Go ahead!


-Done with your shower? -Why do you ask?

Will you scrub my back?

Why are you texting me like I'm your wife?

I missed your class today, sir.

So, I was desperate to ping you.

It doesn't seem like you missed attending the class.

It's more like you missed seeing me.

And this video call... disgusting!

Hang up!

Where did it go wrong?

Greetings, sir.

I'm talking to you, sir.

-Greetings, sir. -Greetings!

Forgive me, sir.

Are you here to arrest me?

Please don't arrest me, sir. My life will be ruined.

I can't begin to tell you how unlucky I am in life.

I pretended to be an ACP to impress girls... and the ACP's daughter asked me for a lift.

You were such a show-off.

You showed us your PAN card and said it was your police ID.

-Come. -Where?

I heard you proposed in the chat last night.

Dad's waiting for you.

He wants to divorce Mom and marry you.

Actually, I thought that was your number.

Did you tell him everything?




Let's go. Let's go.

Sir, I'll send tomorrow's program itinerary on WhatsApp, sir.

No. I uninstalled WhatsApp because of the spam video calls.

Send me via text message.


Why do you look dull?

Are you active only on video calls?

Nothing like that, sir.

I wanted to train you under me for a month.

But not anymore. You can go.

Why, sir?

I noticed a change in your attitude the other day.

I didn't know your actions had also changed until Chaithra told me.

I heard you give lift to strangers and take part in their social activities.

Clear all your backlogs and get a job.

Okay? Go.

I haven't changed yet, sir.

I still have these random negative thoughts once in a while.

You can't leave a half-changed man into the society.

You can't.

I will stay with you, sir.

I've come across people who are afraid of me.

I've also come across people who run away from me.

But for the first time...

I've come across someone who wants to learn from me.

You can stay for as long as you wish.

Hey! I didn't want my Dad to trouble anyone.

So, I thought of putting in a good word for you to go away.

But you want to stay?

I don't get to see you if I go away.

Why do you want to see me?

Tell me! Why do you want to see me?

Dad's a police and daughter's a liar.

-Don't you know why I want to see you? -Don't try to get intimate with me, okay?

Want me to tell Dad?




Chaithra! You don't have your car, right?

Bheeshma, drop her at work.

Miss Chaithra... may I leave now?

-No, wait. -For how long?

Until evening.

Why? Any problem?

I'll take a nap. I'll lie down right here.

Do you have any problem?

Organic products have a good demand not only in India, but also abroad.

I feel it'd be great if we start exporting our products.

What do you think, Chaithra?

You started this company for our farmers and our motherland, sir.

No doubt our business will expand if we start exporting our stuff.

But it will remain a mere business if we do so.

We can offer higher prices to the farmers if we start exporting.

As important as it is to offer a good price to the farmers... it is equally important to offer good produce to our people.

You said what we were thinking.

You guys are unbelievable.

We came up with the idea together, right?

But you took his side as soon as he countered me.

You're nothing less. You presented our collective idea as your own.


No matter whom he announces as the next CEO... let's back that person and grab our own share.

Are you sure he'll make one of us the next CEO?

He doesn't have any option.

He can't find a better worker than anyone of us.

Did you want to see me, sir?


You came anyway. Open the bottle.

Wow! That was great.

Do you drink much?

Not at all, sir.

Sometimes I drink when I feel low about failing my degree.

But recently, I've been feeling low every day, sir.

You shouldn't feel low if you fail your degree, Bheeshma.

You should feel low when you fail in your life.

Come. Sit down.

Oh, no! I can't sit with you, sir.

But you sit beside me in the car every day.


Have a peg.

-I lead a disciplined life, Bheeshma. -Right!

Hey! I meant chicken legs.

Drink it.

No, sir. All I can think of are memes when I drink.

Oh, really? Tell me one.

"Shake it up and down, ACP sir is the Don in town."

Nice! One more.

-I'll get the ice cubes. -Go. Go.

Miss Chaithra...

Dad's asking for ice cubes.

Where can I find them?

In my pocket. Come, take them.

Pocket? Which pocket?


Where can one find ice cubes?

In the fridge, obviously. Go!

Where's the ice?

I was worried we'd catch cold, sir. So, I came back.

Tell me something powerful this time.

A powerful meme...

Got it.

-"Hero Honda, Splendor..." -Okay.

-Listen to this. -Yes.

"Hero Honda, Splendor..." our ACP sir is like thunder!"

I miss having such entertainment while boozing.

Tell me more.

-I'll get a soda. -Alright, go.

Here you go.



-You've decided to go, right? -Yes.

Naughty fellow! Go!

-Actually... -What?

Sir wants some pickle to go with the drinks.

Where can I find it?

What's your problem?

Sir asked for it.

Dad neither needs ice cubes... nor does he eat pickles.

If you disturb me by taking my dad's name again...

I'll shoot you right away.

How's your love story coming along?

It will definitely work out, Dad.

But I feel sorry for Uncle.

Why? What happened to him?

-He only put me under the ACP, right? -Yes.

His daughter is the girl I'm in love with.

-Is it really Deva? -Yeah! It's him!

My classmate.

He created ruckus just because our son touched his daughter.

Are you out of your mind?

What if he finds out about our son's love story?

I read the Earth goes round and round.

He proved it by ending up with the first girl again.

We should blame him.

He put him under Deva despite us saying no.

Hey! Cool down and tell me what happened.

He's in love with Deva's daughter.

Is it going to be chemical farming or organic farming?

To discuss further on this topic...

-we have with us today... -Program will be over in an hour.

Field Science's MD Mr. Raghavan and Bheeshma Organics' MD Mr. Bheeshma.

Let's hear from them... some interesting facts about chemical farming and organic farming.

Hey, Parimal! What are you doing here?

I should ask you that.

What are you doing here? Are you here for the show?

I don't care about the show, bro.

I'm here for her.

Beautiful, isn't she?

When will you stop fooling around with girls?

I lost my job because of you and joined Field Science for a much lesser salary.

Which crop are you producing, old man?

Chilli, sir.

Did you use any fertilizers or leave the results up to God?

I used your company's fertilizers, sir.

I've gotten a really good yield.

I'm really happy about it.

Whatever we do is in the best interest of the farmers, right, Mr. Bheeshma?

What more can we ask for?

Happiness... is not in the clothes you wear or the money you make.

Happiness is health.

Happiness is welcoming the next generations.

We can't continue the usage of fertilizers and put Mother Nature at stake.

You're good with words, sir.

It was these very words that made many farmers change their minds.

People in Zambia, Ethiopia and ten other countries are dying of starvation.

Don't they have Swiggy?

They don't have money.

As per the increasing population... the yield we're getting now... will only feed 40 percent of them by 2050.

We need to bring new genetic changes to overcome this.

Advanced chemicals should be made available to the farmers.

Instead, you go on and on... about organic farming and happiness.

Organic farming has gotten old.

Just like you.

It has gotten old?

Do you even--

Except for you and your company's staff... has a single person denied what I just said?

I'll accept that everyone believes in organic farming.


-What should I do now to impress her? -Go there and speak.

You opened your mouth and ruined my career. She'll definitely be impressed.

-What is he-- -No!

Is he going to sing a song?

Oh, God!

You're absolutely right, sir.

Nobody out there has an idea about organic farming... or about the people in Zambia and Ethiopia dying of starvation.

They have no idea, sir.

You're trying to increase production through chemicals.

But why didn't you establish your company in those countries?

You would've saved them from dying of starvation.

But you won't do it. Want to know why?

There are two reasons.

Number one is money. They're poor countries.

You can't make any money there.

Number two is soil.

Those countries don't have the fertile soil our country offers.

Sir, when the soil is unfertile... what's the point in using any number of chemicals?

Because a plant's growth depends on the soil.

Not on the products.

You asked someone to speak, but you're interrupting me now.

Do you believe in God?

Tell me, sir.


Technology has advanced rapidly and you still believe in God?

In that case, what's wrong in adapting the old procedure of organic farming?

Our Vedas and other holy transcripts... speak highly of organic farming that can turn barren lands into lush green fields.

If we follow it properly... we won't need any chemicals to get a good yield.

Nature doesn't depend on mankind.

But mankind is highly dependent on every inch of Mother Nature.

Please, don't ruin it with your chemicals.

MSc Agriculture Gold Medalist Parimal will take on.


How do you know about organic farming?

Those books you gave me the other day...

I read them.

-You went through all of them? -Yeah.

What for?

That subject interests you, so...

So, you've learned the subject to impress me.

-Am I right? -Nothing like that.

Are you in love with me?

Nothing like that.

I thought you like the subject, so...

Alright. I'll be downstairs. See you.

A girl doesn't need a miracle to fall in love with a guy.

She just has to form a good opinion about him.

And I had a good opinion about you even before I met you.


My car broke down.

Hyderabad's youth is spoiled.

Sir, just because a bunch of friends are chilling... doesn't necessarily mean they're jobless and directionless.

No one can predict where any one of them will end up in life.

Modi also must've been belittled when he sold tea.

That's when I realized it was you who spoke to Dad.

I've been enjoying your company ever since.

You hit ten guys for me.

You were with my dad for 20 days.

You learned a new subject in 30 minutes.

Usually, a girl feels happy to get a guy who does things for her.

But... when she gets a guy who'd go that extra mile for her... she feels lucky.

I'll love you for a lifetime.

I went to a TV studio for a case study and found Ms. Chaithra like this.

Why is he calling me all of a sudden?

I won't pick up.

Pick up!

-Where's JP? -He's at Mr. Anand's place, sir.

Did he call you again?

When you don't answer the call twice, no man in his senses will call back.

Okay, I'm leaving.

Why did you stop there?

It's a yes from Chaithra, Mom.

But I don't know how to convince her dad.

Are you holding a grudge against me for humiliating your son when he was a kid?

Is that why you asked him to flirt with my daughter?

Are you behind this, JP?

No, listen to me.

I don't want to see his face.

How did you think I'd accept his son as my son-in-law?

Sir, I don't remember what happened when I was a kid.

I really love Chaithra, sir.

What the hell!

You're a nobody.

He believes happiness is doing whatever you like.

He's a loser who got nowhere with that philosophy.

And you're his loser son.

What are you looking at?

You want my daughter?

Do you know what her range is?

She could have it easy as the ACP's daughter... but she earned the top position... in Bheeshma Organics without any recommendation.

And you?

You're a rogue who didn't clear his degree.

You don't even deserve to be a watchman in her company.

You want my daughter?

Hey! Stop it!

What did you say?

He doesn't even deserve to be a watchman?

He has no reason to work as a watchman.

He's the heir to that company.

-Dear... -Shut up!

I promised Mr. Bheeshma I wouldn't let anyone belittle his grandson.

I will not be quiet when someone is insulting him.

What did you say? He's a nobody?

You're proud of the fact that your daughter is an employee of that company.

But he's the future CEO of that company.

One and only grandson of Bheeshma Organics' MD Mr. Bheeshma.

He's the successor to his million-dollar establishment.

Sir, you're going to be the CEO of such a huge company.

How do you feel?

Bheeshma Organics has announced its next CEO.

Bheeshma Organics' next CEO...

Is Junior Bheeshma the real heir to Mr. Bheeshma?

Is this Bheeshma the real heir of Mr. Bheeshma?

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All the features are spot on.

Why are they still divided on it?

You look so similar to your grandpa.

This world doesn't go by features, Pramila.

I felt a unique vibration within me the first time I saw him.

Maybe, this is what they call a blood-relation.

Mom, please don't be upset.

I'll keep visiting you.

Grandpa really needs me right now.

I'm going.

Take care of Dad.


-Tell him. -You have nothing to do with that man.


This is your grandfather.

He passed away when I was little.

Dad, this is no time to joke.

Why would I joke with you?

He had you at point blank, fuming to shoot you.

I was worried he'd do something to you.

So, I made it all up.

That's all fine, but why did the media show up?

Because I told them to.

As soon as your dad said you're the heir...

Deva got shocked and moved the gun towards me.

-He's the heir to that company. -Dear...

If he gets suspicious that we lied...

I'll be the first person to die in his hands.

I decided to deal with the consequences later... and texted in my media group that you're the next CEO.

You know how the media is.

They came rushing as soon as they got the breaking news.

You all are kidding me, right?

His name is Bheeshma and so is mine.

That is why, I was confident Deva will believe me.

Hey, Pramila! Switch off the phone.

Do it fast!

Dear, don't get excited and make his cutouts.

I heard he's not the real heir.

I was... calling... my dear...

You look just like your grandpa.

-You said that we had the same features. -You said that you felt the vibrations.

To hell with you, Mom and Dad!

The ACP wasn't wrong in yelling at you, Dad.

You lied to your son!

I am disappointed!

I thought I was a millionaire... who was living in this house like a poor guy.

So, this is... my original life.

This is the one!


Mom, why did you call Dad in the middle of all that?

Your dad was blabbering continuously.

So, I yelled to stop him.

But he used that as a buildup.

Let's hide for a while before Deva finds out about the truth.

We're not going anywhere. I need to tell Chaithra about this.

Are you out of your mind? You can't tell me anything.

I know everything about my company.

You're not the company's CEO.

Look what Dad thinks about you.

If my daughter has chosen someone... he's definitely going to meet my expectations.

It doesn't get any better than the fact that he's Mr. Bheeshma's grandson.

As soon as he's announced the next CEO of that company... we'll get Chaithra married to him.

If he finds out about the truth now... then what do I tell him?

Don't show me your face ever again!

Everyone has decided to go to Anantagiri Hills.

Will you be bringing along that bag?

Shut up!


Chaithra... Chaithra, please. One second. Listen to me.

What do you want to tell me?

That it isn't your fault?

You told me you were the ACP.

I knew the truth because I am the ACP's daughter.

If it were some other girl...

you would've still manipulated her.

Don't you think that's wrong?

You wanted to earn my dad's trust... and convince him for my hand in marriage.

You wanted to convince him at the cost of cheating him.

Trust and betrayal don't go together.

Chaithra, I didn't cheat you. I loved you.

What should I do to earn your trust?

Should I tell your dad the truth before he finds out?

Wait. I'll tell him right now.

Sir, where are you?

I heard your company's official CEO announcement is at four o'clock.

Where will I be?

I'm waiting for your grandfather to show up.

By the way, where are you?

Sir, I have to talk to you.

-Why aren't you dressed up yet? -No, sir. Mr. Bheeshma and I--

We'll talk peacefully after the press meet.

-Your grandfather-- -No, sir. Listen to me.

On the eve of our company's anniversary...

I wanted to announce our next CEO.

But the news surfaced meanwhile.

Everyone is wondering if it's true.

Nobody knows who's going to be our company's next CEO... except for me.

I'm puzzled as to how the media knows.

But that news is 100 percent true.

You should've worn a suit.

Which college?

A degree dropout will be the CEO of such a prestigious company?

Education is pretty important to gain knowledge.

But it's a myth that only education gives you knowledge.

Sir, there are many successors to you in the company.

But you all don't have to trust him just because I do.

I'm appointing him as the operational CEO for 30 days.

If anyone of you says, "Why him?" on the 31st day...


You and I both know that the news was fake.

Then, why did you announce me as the CEO?

Is it because I spoke at the auditorium the other day?

I would've offered you a job if I had liked what you said.

I wouldn't have given you the CEO position.

You need to prove that you're the best in the next 30 days.

On the 31st day, I'll tell you why I made this decision.

I'd often ask my son what he'd grow up to become.

He'd say he'd grow up to be a man.

Now, I get what he meant by that.

He didn't mean physical growth.

He meant he'd grow up to be a man of honor.

He became the CEO!

Shall we move?

Hey! I've seen you before.

-Forgot me already? -Hey, Parimal!

What are you doing here?

-He's your driver. -He's my friend, Dad.

Hey! You can't be friends with the driver.

He's not friends with the driver. I became a driver because I was friends with him.

Your son only met me twice throughout my life.

But he caused so much damage that it will take me two decades to recover.

Bro, I'm the reason you got fired the first time. I admit it.

-But what did I do the second time? -You want to know?

You said, "My friend will continue." You put it in my hands and left.

-What did he put? -Mic, Dad.

Oh. What happened next?

-My MD wanted to see me. -Oh!

I went into his cabin. I was being polite.

Is he your friend?

Hell no, sir!

I was already fired once because of him.

I don't get along with him at all.

In that case, why didn't you react when he was humiliating me on the dais?

You didn't defend yourself.

So, it was not my place to say anything. There was no purpose.

You said you were fired once, right?

This is your second time.

My first boss was better. He just took my job back.

But this man took my certificates as well.

I'm not worth a penny now.

A person's worth increases when he's dead than when he's alive.

How come?

When a hen is alive, it's 90 rupees a kilo.

But when it's dead, it's 190 rupees a kilo.

Did you notice how its death increased its worth?

How did he manage to become the CEO, sir?

I'll explain.

I'd often ask my son what he'd grow up to become.

But you already said that earlier.

I don't have the patience to hear it again.

-Tell me, Parimal. -What?

Why do you think Mr. Bheeshma announced me as the CEO?

He has 8,000 crores.

He must've thought any CEO cannot possibly bring him down.


Nothing's a greater comeback than you becoming the company's CEO.

Forget CEO, that girl is more important to me.

Watch me impress her again in these 30 days.

Man! Your desperation is killing me.

Every time you came into my life, you grew heights.

And I dropped to the ground.

So, this time I decided to come into your life.

And I got a driver's job in your company.


Forget about being the CEO for 30 days. I'll make you my servant.

That's a good one, bro.

Tell me what it means.

If you're lucky, you get a check.

After that, rest of them are finished. Am I right?

Hey! Every time I think you have some basic sense... you keep disappointing me.

What's wrong, bro?

-We've reached the office. Get down. -Already?

Bheeshma, you're the CEO. You should look stylish.


He said I was the CEO, so--

I'll kill you!

Did he say it? Or did you make him say it?

I swear to God I didn't influence his decision.

You're such a manipulator.

You made me say it.

What did I make you say?

-Don't you remember? -No.

-You don't remember? -No.

You don't remember?

Oh, my God! This CEO seems like a big player.

He's flirting with the most beautiful girl in the company on his first day.

I'll save this company from you just like I saved myself.

On the 30th day, you'll be out of my life and out of this company forever.

Mark my words!

What's going to happen on the 30th?

Her hand is on her stomach. Is she...

Hey, driver!

-Hey-- -Come here, man.

Take these 50 bucks and... don't tell anyone, okay?

Is our new boss interested in women?

Take these 500 bucks and tell everyone.

He's not just interested.

He's crazy about them. He goes insane.

Sir, why did you make this decision?

Sit down.

I trust him, dear.

Sir, I know everything about him.

Why would you trust him?

But some people don't like it, sir.

Don't give a damn about them.

Just do what you like to do.

So, what do I have to do in the company, sir?

Show him around the office.

Will you get changed and come?

I'll have to go home.

I'll wait.

5000 employees are working in Bheeshma Organics.

We have 500 working here.

Rest of them work in the stores and on filed.

This is the administrative block.

All the administration work that concerns our company is done here.

Don't Google what administration means.

It means authorizing something.

-This is the certification wing. -Okay.

This is the team that certifies the produce chemical-free.

That's the marketing wing.

They take care of all the marketing work.

That's the farm insurance wing. All the insurance process is carried out there.

And this company--

-Really nice! -Sorry?

Hey! Hold on.

The company is really good.

I've never seen such a beautiful place.

The fairness, brightness and finishing...

Wow! Just wow!

But the center is...

Sir observed something about you and the company.

Yes, enlighten us.

We should all work hard.

We should be united like a team.

-You're not listening to me. -No, sir.

That's what I'm saying. You're not listening to me.

No, sir. I'm listening.

If you were, your ears would be directed toward me, but they're clearly not.

I'm upset with you.

Everyone's ears are like this.

I'm not some alien to have weird ears.


I didn't know that was a word.

Which language is he speaking?

Forget about 30 days.

If he lasts for three more days, our company will be shut down.

He needs to leave.


Schedule a meeting with the team leaders and call it "Interaction with the CEO."

His language and body language will surely give him away.

That's a good idea.

But you are a driver.

He was also a driver, sir. Didn't he become the CEO?

Lose your ego and work on getting rid of him.

Otherwise, your ears will bleed from hearing words like "Putted," "Sitted" and "Cutted."

He's right.

Until now, only I knew what kind of a person you are.

But after this meeting, the whole company will know.

Though sir is the CEO for a temporary period... you all need to get to know him better.

That is why, we've arranged this interaction program.

Is he going to sing a song now?

Sir, you're a Virgo, right?

-How do you know? -I'm also a Virgo.

That's why, we think so similarly.

You have a big mole on your thigh, right?

-Do you want me to strip now? -No, sir!

Focus there.

Can you all stand up for me, please?

There are balloons under your pads. Take them.

Now, blow them.

-Blow them? -Blow them?

You can do it, right? Come on, blow them.

Grab those pins beside you.

You have 30 seconds.

Whoever will still have the balloon at the end will be the winner.

The winner gets two months' salary bonus.

-Sir, give me a balloon. -Hold on.

-Hey! Come here. -Come here.

Hey! Come here.

Catch him.

What is he trying to do?

I'm the victim, sir. Not the witness.

So, none of you have a balloon.

I had said whoever will still have the balloon at the end will be the winner.

If all of you had your balloons, you'd all be the winners, right?

Each one of you wants to be the winner.

You don't mind defeating the others for it.

Honestly, a single player's victory can't make the team win.

And a company doesn't triumph because of that either.

But... if a team wins, it means every player of that team is a winner.

If a company triumphs, it means its every employee has succeeded.

We're just a stone if we're alone.

But together, we are a mountain.

Oh, not bad!

He means a mountain.

We're just a plant if we're alone.

But together, we're a garden.

We're just employees if we're alone.

But together, we're a company.

Now, tell me.

You or the company?

Say it out loud! You or the company?

Is he giving a speech or casting a spell on them?

One last thing.

Oh, no!

He who reads a book is a reader.

He who defends a case is a pleader.

He who guides a team is a leader.

That which holds files is a folder and holds cups is a holder.

-These are all WhatsApp forwards. -That is why, I don't use WhatsApp.

Who cares? Mind your business!

We worked for our salaries until now.

But we'll put our heart and soul into this company now.

You're great, sir. You're just great.

I misunderstood you up until this point, sir.

But I'll not let anyone demean you anymore.

Mr. Bheeshma's decision is correct.

Let's get back to work.

We choose our company, sir. Company!

Hold on.

Tell me the truth.

-You're also on his side, right? -Sir!

You don't know the kind of life I had before.

You're also a Virgo, right?

You have a big mole on your thigh. I know. I'm sure.

Why does he keep bringing up my thigh?

It's a success because you wished me all the best.

You're a bigger player than I ever imagined.

Go away!

What did you tell me?

We also expected him to make one of us the CEO.

But we don't get when this guy came into the picture.

We should invade a Kingdom while the King is still inexperienced.

This is the right time.

Find me an organic village immediately to plant the first batch of crop.

-Ma'am, courier from the company. -Yeah.

Why did the increment from Singannapalem come back?

Procurement team just told me that they're yet to receive the yield that was supposed to arrive last week.

What went wrong?

The executive there isn't responding either.

The number you've called is switched off.

What do we do now, sir?

Sir, you don't have to stress over one village.

If not that village--

Balram, don't just write it off.

Every acre is valuable.

Did you call Ramaraju?

His phone is switched off, sir.

Something must have gone wrong.

Go and meet him personally.

Take Bheeshma along with you.

Why do you look so annoyed, bro?

This is how you look when your life is screwed up.

Anyway, this is not my dream job to have a good attitude about it.

What's an axil, bro?

Forget it.

-Tell me, bro. -My armpits, man. My armpits.

-You seem frustrated. I'm hurt. -I don't care.

-Hey! Reduce the volume. -It's not me, man.


It's not me, sir.

I have a problem, sir.

I can't resist increasing the volume when I'm in the front seat.

Like this.

Did you notice how smartly I sent him to the backseat?

-What are you looking for? -I had a water spray here.

-This one? -Yes.

-What are you doing? -You're wearing a floral shirt, right?

I'm trying to keep the flowers from withering.

-Sarcasm, I see! -Come on, sir.

You still can't possibly think you're the smarter one.

He used you to get what he wanted.

What did he want?

Look behind.

Why is he looking at her like that?


I was thinking we could discuss the village issues.

Don't try to discuss anything.

Or disturb me.

Got it?

She's a gem, man.


I didn't kiss you, sir.

Forget it.

-I swear... -I said forget it!

Just drive.

What's your problem?


She's a gem, man.

-That is why he's licking her. -What?


No more tunnels, right?

There's one last tunnel, sir.

We haven't reached the tunnel yet.

Now, we have.

His fingers will be sore. Ask him to stop, sir.

Don't give me that cute look. I feel shy.

Cute? What the hell!

Your smile is super cute Your white stole is super cute You've made my heart race with a glance Your walk is super cute Your outlook is super cute You're better than Miss World in my eyes Your elegance can cause a catastrophe My heart will explode if you surround me Keep me hooked with a gaze and I'm yours Say yes and here begins The journey of our love How can you look so pretty When you're mad at me?

Why don't you listen to me?

Our couple is super cute

No matter what I do for you Even if I sacrifice my life Why don't you show some mercy?

You can search all over the world You can wander all over the universe But you can't find a guy like me, darling This feeling of being With you is super cute Stop playing around with me Don't torture me, you naughty beauty Our future lies in your hands Why don't you listen to me?

Our couple is super cute


May I meet Mr. Raju once?

Ramulu, I've already told you.

He's not feeling his best.

No, sir. Just once.

Don't bother me. Please, leave.

Ma'am... what are you doing here?

I'm here to meet Mr. Ramaraju.

He's inside. Please, come.

Tell me, dear.

Sir, villagers of Singannapalem canceled their agreement with our company.

I was hoping to find out what went wrong.

There's no point in knowing now, dear.

They're signing an agreement with Field Science.

With the Field Science company?

How come, sir?

Farmers had a really good yield this season.

All the produce was transported in the Bheeshma Organics trucks like always.

While the farmers were waiting for the money on their harvest... their produce was sent back to them in a week.

They were told their yield was packed with chemicals.

They tried to convince them that they wouldn't do such a thing.

But their produce was rejected anyway.

The produce was returned after a week.

So, all the vegetables were rotten.

Farmers got furious and decided to have nothing to do with your company.

That's when... the Village Head took advantage of the situation.

We can't just grow crop and hope they buy it this time.

I'll get a two days agreement with Field Science to help you out.

I'll make sure they pay you higher than Bheeshma Organics.

Purushotham! What's going on?

It was a one-time mistake.

Don't take advantage of it and risk losing your fields.

I'll talk to Mr. Bheeshma on your behalf.

Take my word for it. I'll talk to him right now.

Mr. Raju...

You can't simply say it's a one-time mistake.

I can choose to ignore it.

But what about the raging farmers?

Field Science and the Village Head... have tricked the farmers to get hold of their fields.

As far as I know, farmers will be signing the documents today.

I know Mr. Bheeshma will be quick to react on this.

That is why, I didn't call him.

Let's go to that village, sir.

Will you please wait outside?

Chaithra, please listen to me.

What do we do now, sir?


Don't sign the papers.

Please, listen to me.

Grandpa, why are you crying?

Our lives are going to be shattered in some time.

I can't help but shed tears.

My son died of suffocation... while spraying pesticides in the farm... seven years ago.

I pray to God that no farmer ever dies like my son.

I'm hoping our fields don't turn barren.

Organic farming was introduced for the first time in our village.

The villagers' mindsets were changed.

The pesticides were completely taken out of the picture.

After many years, a catastrophe is going to strike our village.

Take me to your village, Grandpa.

Sir, our new CEO is going to Singanapalem along with Ramulu.

Oh, no!

Why is he going alone?

You know the village head is a scoundrel.

Our farmers are trustworthy, sir.

There will be no mishap. Just go ahead and approve it.

Put your fingerprint here.

Who is he?

The new CEO of Bheeshma Organics.

He came this far on a scooter?

Bheeshma Organics has offered you a better livelihood over all these years.

How did it fail you this time?

You all know Mr. Bheeshma better than anyone else.

I was asked to compensate every farmer who incurred loss because of us.

-Please, don't make-- -Hey, boy!

You shouldn't find a match for a girl who's already married.

It's wrong.

They've signed the field science agreements.

He's the last one to go.

All these fields belong to them for the next ten years.

It's over, dear.

It's over.

Alright. They signed your papers because of the bad history with us.

They'll cancel the agreement if they're not happy with your company.


He took his glares off. It's going to get really bad.

For us?

No. For him.

Unlike you, we're not fools to have a no-clause agreement with the farmers.

The agreement was properly drafted by ten lawyers.

-There's nothing you can do about it. -We'll go to the court, sir.

Oh, really?

Once you've signed these clauses... law and order can't get you your fields back either.

-This is unfair, sir. -How is it unfair?

You know what's unfair?

Our men have circled the area. Go on.

The produce they had sent never got to Bheeshma Organics.

We bribed your executive, hacked the truck... took the produce to our storage... and sent it back to them after a week.

You thought that you never received the produce.

But the farmers thought that you returned it.

It was a perfect plan.

This is so unfair!

Get them, guys! Charge!

Pack up, guys.

Sir has to travel really far.

None of you will leave!

Don't worry that you've signed the documents.

Because none of them will step out of here with your agreements.


Guys! Bury him in these fields.

Why did you cover your ears?

I can watch him beat someone up.

But I can't listen to his quotations, sir.

What do you mean?

Look over there.

"A farmer grows crop, while a rogue tries to rob."

"What flies in the sky is a kite... whatever I do to you is right."

-Peaceful, right? -Peaceful, right?

He is a hero in the office.

He is a hero in the village.

How do we stop him, man?

Do you realize you're asking the wrong person?

If I were capable, why would I end up as a driver?

You're right.

Take good care of Mr. Bheeshma and the company.

I will, sir.

He's really getting on my nerves.

I must meet him once.

Shall I call him?

He will come looking for me.

I can't believe you're leading such a simple life... despite being a multi-millionaire.

This is how I love to be, Bheeshma.

By the way, I was told that you're an avid reader.

Read this book. It's really good.

Never mind, sir.

The real world is not a good place as depicted in the books.

-Then, let's change it. -Come on, sir. It's way beyond me.

You changed the people of a whole village all by yourself.

You don't have to be someone great.

All you need is motivation.

What's your motivation, sir... behind taking up organic farming... behind living alone?


My love for my profession and Nature.

I'm an agricultural scientist.

I believe mankind will prosper as long as Mother Nature does.

This land gives back whatever you offer. Good or bad.

So, I've taken an oath to protect the nature to my ability.

Now, about being lonely...

I lost the girl I loved before I could tell her how I feel.

Sir, I'm telling you it's the name.

Come on, man. No.

My love life is just like a butterfly.

You can see it, but you can never quite get hold of it.

-Why are you crying? -It's not me, sir.

What happened, love?

Why are you crying?

Where are your parents?

Okay. Give me your bag.


My dear.

I thought of calling you.

But if you had refused to come, my ego couldn't have taken it.

That is why, I had to do it this way.

Rather than treating you like an enemy...

I thought it'd be better to offer you a deal.

You won't be voted the CEO on the 30th day anyway.

But I will make you the CEO.

Be my acquaintance.

We could share the villages.

I'm not doing anything wrong, you know.

I'm launching an extraordinary product.

Think about it.

If the yield is produced in fewer months... think about how much it's going to help the farmers... how much it's going to help me.

And how much it's going to help you.

Think about it.

In which month were you born?

Do you know what happens if you're born in the 6th month?

You sinful dog!

I've smacked a lot of your men.

Hey! Didn't you tell him?

Farming is nothing like cricket.

You can't filter it down to One Days and T20s.

If you compromise on farming... man's lifespan will also come down drastically.

Whether I'm the CEO or not after 30 days... village is a long shot.

I'll make sure you don't get a single acre.

Hey! I tricked you into coming here.

Don't you think I can get hold of your company?

Oh, really?

You didn't trick me into coming here.

I tricked you into thinking you want me here.

Don't you get it yet?

I got that pamphlet placed in your paper.

I sent you that text.

I got that banner tied in front of your house.

And finally, I disturbed you enough to make you want to meet me.

Hey! You must be thinking you planned the whole thing.

But the truth is, I just blew your mind with my plan.

Stop overthinking and enjoy our brand's tea.

Your brain will become sharp.

Bye, dear.

Chaithra, we need to meet with a few farmers, visit their villages...

What? I'm really working.

But I'm unable to work.

It's really tough for me.

I can't live like this.

You went to my dad to tell the truth because I was hurt.

While you were announced the CEO of such a huge company... you went to Mr. Bheeshma and asked him why.

Everyone thinks you came here to be the CEO of this company.

But only I know you came here for me.

I get really angry when I look at you.

Don't you have a limit to loving me?

Will you do anything for me?

I said I'll save the company from your bad influence.


This company and I... will never find anyone better to look after us.

Do whatever you want.

But marry me without causing any trouble.

What are you looking at?

Can I do whatever I want?


Dad really likes you.


He might really like me, but I'm going to marry you.

What a beauty! What a beauty!

You bring the gentle breezes to town

What a beauty! What a beauty!

You bring the gentle breezes to town As you sway your waist, you naughty girl My eyes can't stop staring mischievously I feel the chills when you come closer And it gets really Suffocating when you go away

Why don't you give me a tight hug And stick to me forever like a tattoo?

My parents are not home

Keep the front door open

Don't give me those fiery looks, darling I can hear a fire engine tolling its bell

Don't waste your time Blabbering like a train's horn Don't go out in the sun As the sun will start sweating Don't hide all your treasure As there will be an income tax raid

My parents are not home Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star Keep the front door open

Come on!

Any surface you touch is A direct ticket to paradise Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah! Come on, baby!

I've been single this whole time Shall I be the frame to your picture?

The place you set your foot on Is the beauty spot on Earth If you were born overseas, People there would've been floored

My parents are not home Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star Keep the front door open

You asked me to get the invites ready for the product launch and I did it.

You asked me to book a convention hall and I did it.

I also confirmed the Minister as our chief guest.


I mean, we didn't acquire the land yet.

Board members want to know what's the point of this product launch.

Tell them the downfall of Bheeshma Organics has begun.

How is that?

Sir, there are chemical foods in the storage units of Bheeshma Organics.

Sir, chemical value has been detected in all of them.

This will be the last time someone calls you that.

Remember telling me how you're a step ahead of me?

Now, I'm going to predict your future.

Reports will be out soon that your company has chemical foods.

That will break the trust of people, built over 40 years.

Your board members will fire you because of this reason.

Your chapter as a CEO is thus closed.

That old man was highly concerned about the plants.

Now, a plant is going to bring him down.

Don't you get it?

I gifted him a rare plant on the day he announced you as the CEO.

A normal plant would've been harmless.

But it's a hybrid plant that I formulated.

You should pinch its leaves for it to grow.

It releases a poisonous gas every time you pinch it.

That affects your nervous system and leaves you bedridden for life.

I'm launching my product tomorrow.

My executives will visit all the villages associated with you.

They'll tell them Bheeshma has broken their trust.

And make them sign with our company.

Your company will be shut down.

My company will be number one in India.

This is how you execute a plan.

Cheap fellow!


With the increasing population, comes a need for increase in food production.

After years of blood and sweat... we present to you the revolutionary product, "Instant!"

This product is aimed at... helping the farmers.

My heartfelt thanks to our Honorable Minister... of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Mr. Ajay Varma.

Now, I'll request Chief Guest Mr. Ajay Varma to speak a few words.

I come from an ordinary farmer's family.

A farmer provides us three meals a day and yet... he hardly gets to have one meal a day.

Mr. Raghavan met me with a wonderful opportunity to change this fate.

He told me about his product.

I was really happy... that it does the farmers good.

But then, I realized... this product is being made with a harmful chemical that's banned in 13 countries.

And its usage deteriorates the soil.

I could've disapproved the product back then.

I could stop this only because my Government is in power now.

What if the opposition party comes to power in the next election?

What if they get greedy and approve this product?

I came all the way to let the public know the truth.

Raiding team told me that the remaining products... from Field Science are also against Government norms.

Hail India!

Sir... Sir...

Is that the truth?

How do you feel now?

Bheeshma won't create a problem for us.

We will.

I see... that nothing happened to you or the old man.

It took me months to meet the Minister.

How'd you manage to influence him?

I was told that things fall into place when your ambition is great.

Mr. Bheeshma's ambition is really great.

He made me the CEO... and the three characters in my life led me to this moment.

You don't get it, do you?

Mr. Bheeshma was admitted to the hospital due to high fever.

Not because of the plant you sent him.

Sir, a gift for Mr. Bheeshma.

Sir, you've received a gift.

Give me.

I'll not do anything positive for you.

Look. Your plant and your plan...

I've crushed them both.

Sorry, bro. You just lost your third job.


I don't have so many degrees.

The gift wasn't for me.

It was for Mr. Bheeshma.

Please, help me out.

No big deal.

Gift him another similar plant.

Local police stations are informed when there's a raid on a company.

What you don't know is...

ACP is my father-in-law.

Sir, chemical value has been detected in all of them.

Chemicals in Bheeshma Organics?

No chance!

What do you say, officers?

Yes, sir. This machine is broken.

Ravi, call the guy who fed us the wrong information.

I'll do whatever you tell me.

Ever since you told me you were launching a product...

I started enquiring about it.

I came to know it's a really harmful product.

My only resort to stop your product launch in such a short span was... the Minister!

But I didn't know how to meet him or what to tell him.

I decided to do it anyway.

So, I took my uncle's ID card and went to the hotel to meet the Minister.

I saw your brother and didn't know where to go.

So, I got into the next room.

What are you doing here?

Hey, Sara! What are you--

-Quiet! Please, leave. -What are you doing here?

I've heard all about the fantasies.

But I'm witnessing one for the first time.

Sir... are you the last standing warrior amongst the 300?

Is that a pen camera?

The channel will telecast it on a loop, once I give them the clip.

No. Please, don't do it.

I'll do whatever it takes.

Check this file.

How do you know him?

Just like I know you from a pre-wedding party...

I know Ajju from a post-wedding party.

He liked me. I liked his money.

Every time he's in Hyderabad, we take connecting rooms and...

But the hotels are risky.

He owns this hotel.

Talk about everything on that file.

You'll win the next elections as well for supporting the farmers.


What about the video?

It's safe with me, Spartan.

You can win a battle with someone strong.

But you can never win a battle with someone lucky.

You're a lucky man.

The old man made a good decision by selecting you.

Why did he select you in the first place?

I swear, I don't have the answer to this question.

Today is the 31st day. Maybe, I'll find out.

Our company has completed 50 years.

This is my dream.

This is our hard work.

This is life for many farmers.

I won't entrust this responsibility on some stranger.

The very first time I saw him...

I hoped he'd be my future.

-Let's go, sir. -Hold on.

After a few days...

I saw him at the farming meet.

Watching him talk about organic farming in detail...

I thought he must have pursued many degrees in agriculture.

When I inquired...

I found out that he's a dropout.

Also, he learned the subject for Chaithra.

He stood tall and courageous to save a stranger's life.

I was sure he'd stand for the people around him.

He'd do anything for someone he loves.

And he'd do the same for my ideas if he loved them.

In these 30 days... he saved a whole village from being exploited.

He forced the government to ban a harmful chemical.

Where can we find such a responsible man like this?

Any objections?

I'll do whatever you tell me.

Mr. Bheeshma has never taken a wrong decision.

Let us all affirm Junior Bheeshma as our next CEO.

You said that you know goons in Bihar.

Don't you know anyone local?

I've tried it, bro.

It didn't work out. That's why, I mentioned Bihar.

When did you send goons?

When you were in the lab.

Our sales dropped drastically because of them.

I got embarrassed and sent them.

If you hadn't sent them... that old man would've gone home.

Bheeshma would've gone some other way.

You helped the two meet and put me in this position.

I thought that bad luck came into my life in the form of Bheeshma.

But it came into my life as my brother.

Bro, there are goons in Bulgaria as well.

-I'll kill myself! -Okay, sorry!

I drank it in a hurry.

Take a seat. I'll be right back.


Why are you plucking flowers like some crazy person?

-I'm nervous, man. -Why?

Deva still thinks your son is Bheeshma's grandson.

You're amazing, sir.

He became a CEO because of your training. Now, he's becoming your son-in-law.

I'm not accepting him as my son-in-law because he's a CEO...

I'm accepting him because he is Mr. Bheeshma's grandson.

-He's Mr. Bheeshma's grandson? -Yes.

How do you know that, sir?

This is why you're a constable.

And I'm the ACP.

Well said, sir. You're great!

-He still thinks so? -Yes.

He couldn't figure this out? How did he crack IPS?


I know, right?

I was "Single Forever." Now, I'm "Single For Never."