Bichhoo (2000) Script

Sir, on 2nd October i.e. Gandhi Jayanti, the owner of...

...Moonlight cinema, K. Sanjay was murdered during broad daylight.

Sir, Dr. Jatin Rajguru, he was also murdered in front of his...

...nursing home. There was a demand for money from him.

This is Bhaskar Shetty. He is famous for gang war.

He has 18 hotels here in Mumbai.

He also has certain connections with the underworld.

Nalin Vohra. He is the owner of Vohra Jewellers on Charni Road.

First his son was kidnapped and when he tried to take...

...police help, he was murdered.

What is happening? What is it?

The goons are roaming freely in the city.

Why are we not able to catch them?

I want to know who these people are.

Sir, the known criminals have nothing to do with all this.

We have already interrogated them.

Then who is behind all this? Who is doing all this?

Sir, now a day's many youngsters are coming in this field.

We hardly have information about them as there is no record.

They murder anyone for Rs. 5000 - 10,000.

So, should we free them?

All of you start working now, we have get rid of...

...crime from this city.


"I lost my heart midway!"

"I lost my heart midway!"

"I will have to say this! But he didn't even come a single time!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"Come, my dear!"

"You will have to say that you have lost your heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"



"Listen to me!"


"Let me tell you, my beloved! There won't be anyone else other than you!"

"Your beauty made me go crazy!"

"I waited for you for so long!"

"At that time you didn't say anything!"

"I waited for you for so long!"

"At that time you didn't say anything!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"



"Listen to me!"


"You told me that you will come during the rains..."

"...and bring gold bangles for me!"

"Neither you came, nor the bangles and the season..."

"...has also changed!"

"Don't just talk about bangles..."

"I got a necklace too along with bangles!"

"Come, my dear!"

"Now you will not have to say that you have lost your heart!"

"You have lost your heart!"

This is our message to the entire world.

No drugs, no war.

"No drugs, no war! If you want, love each other!"

"No drugs, no war! If you want, love each other!"

"Don't you know, life is not that easy?"

"Just stay away from it..."

"...or else you will keep regretting it!"

"Just stay away from it..."

"...or else you will keep regretting it!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"

"I have lost my heart!"


How are you?

All right.

You have to dial one number. Whose?

He is Pankaj Kharbanda, the owner of Kharbanda construction.

There is a very big plot in Khatau, which he is eyeing.

There is also a slum on that land.

The slum dwellers after fighting all sorts of legal battles...

...have come to this conclusion that instead of leaving that, land, why not evict him from this world.

They will pay 5 lakhs for this work.

This money is not sufficient for this sort of work.

I know but they have collected this money with great difficulty.

That is what I am saying, this money is not sufficient for this.

Return their money.

Return the money? We work for money.

Mangan brother, take Rs.1 for each bullet that I fire at Kharbanda.

Good morning sir.

Good morning sir. Good morning.

Sir, we have just received a message on e-mail...

...someone wants to kill you. He says he'll kill you before sunset.

What rubbish.

Get me the commissioner's number. Okay sir.



Hello. Did you get the message?


Before sunset I'll kill you. What? Hello?




Hello, Kharbanda speaking. Is boss there?

Boss has gone to Dubai for his sister's wedding.

Sir, commissioner's number? Commissioner!



Hello, I am Kharbanda of Kharbanda Constructions.

I want to talk to the commissioner.

Sir is busy in a meeting.

I want to talk to him urgently.

No, you cannot talk to him now.



Hello! - Hello, Mr. Kharbanda?

Yes, I am Kharbanda. - I am ACP Singh. Just now we have traced a call in which... have been threatened.

Yes, I did get a call.

Where are you now?

I am at Worli, Annie Besant Road.

Why did you get out of the office?

I am going to meet the commissioner.

Tell me exactly, where you are.

Just now I am near the Poddar hospital.

Mr. Kharbanda, the people who have threatened... are near you in some car.

What are you saying?

You take right. Take right from the front.


Mr. Kharbanda, take right. Take right.

Take right, take left! [INDISTINCT]

Mr. Kharbanda, take right. Take right!

Sir, one minute. I'll take right.


Mr. Kharbanda, be quick.

Come on Mr. Kharbanda.

Come fast, please come fast.


Come on Mr. Kharbanda.

Singh sir, who are these people who want to kill me?


You seem to be in a great hurry to die.

What do you mean?

There is still time for the sun to set.

Who are you?


Move! Move!

Why are you pushing? - Why are you standing in the way, brother?

Go on... There is so much space.


Can't you see?

What happened?

You are travelling with such a big bag in general compartment.

And you have broken my waist. Can't you climb the luggage compartment?

Can't you see?

I am not new here, I travel in this every day.

Couldn't you see me?

Shall I show you? Shall I show you?

Sorry. Sorry.

Now go and stand in a corner.

One doesn't understand if you speak plainly.

God knows what they bring in the compartment.


Save me, please save me.

Save me. I have not done anything.

Beat... Hey...


Don't beat me. Don't beat me. Leave me.


I have not done anything. Brother.

Brother, brother, please save me.

How are you?

Come for drinks in the evening.

I will go to Kandivali and come, till then you take care. Okay.

Sir, Diwali (Festival) gift. Hello sir.

We are two of us.

Take. What does he do?

He is a very big doctor. He treats renowned people.



I banged into a road roller.

He was going fast, I was slightly slow.

Your shirt will get burned.


Why do you smoke cigarettes?

I have crossed the age to drink milk.

Don't tell my father...

...about this.

Dialogue mute.


'Today, at about 10.15 in the morning...'

'...Mr. Kharbanda of Kharbanda Construction was murdered by someone.'

'People are angry at the incompetence of the police...'

' arresting the murderer.'

'We have Shri S. K. Puri with us in the studio who...'

' the police commissioner of the city.'

'Nowadays the city is being engulfed by the atrocities of the goons.'

'What is the reason for the failure of police?'

'We are trying our level best to stop all this.'

'But it becomes difficult for us as there are no eyewitnesses.'

'These people do their work without fear at crowded places.'

'And in spite of seeing all this, the people go home and sit quietly.'

Did you take out money from my purse?

I asked did you take out money from my purse.

Yes, I did.

Why did you do this? I needed money.

How dare you touch my purse?

The money I have taken out from your purse are my father's.

I have full right on that money.

You claim your right only on your father, in future if you do this...

...then. Then what will you do?

Will you throw me out of my own house?

Hey... - What is happening? Why all this in my house?

I needed some money so I took it out of her purse.

Why did you take them out? Couldn't you have asked her?

No, I don't want to ask her or her sister anything because...

...whatever is in this house is also ours.

This is wrong... Yes, whatever I say is wrong.

All my desires are wrong but no one stops them...

...when they go for shopping. See, what she is saying.

You should think before speaking?

She is your mother. No, your wife, my mother is dead.

You have forced her on me.

See, what have you given me?

I have been insulted... Shut up.

Quiet. You will drive me mad.

You have made me tensed. Why don't you show her a little attention?

You shower all your blames on your sister.

What will happen if you talk to her nicely?

Why do you go after her?

Why is she bent upon troubling me?

If she comes after you. All right.

I myself want to throw her out for my house my way.

But let me get the chance. If I get the chance I will throw her out.

Why don't you throw her out of the house?

I will but... Throw them out.

Come, take them out. Take all of them. Let my son go, no.

No. Come.

No! No, nothing else.

Go and sit quietly in the car. I won't go.

Take all of them. Where are you taking me?

Take them out too. What are you staring at? Take them all. - Leave us...

Come. Leave us.

Leave us. Leave us. I am telling you, leave us.

What have we done? Tell me, what is our crime?

Where are you taking me?

Leave me.

Leave us. Let my son come.

Someone please call my son.

Take them all.

Leave my daughters. Yes, yes! We will leave your daughters.

I'll come, I'll come with you.

Don't do anything to my daughters.

Yes, we will give you your daughters back.

Let go my daughters, please. Let them go.

Someone call my son. Your son will come.

Someone call my son. Why isn't anybody calling him? - Your son will come.

Someone inform my son.




Take this. Go home and call.

Load everyone in the car.

Come on. Let us go!

Someone please call my son.







Hello. Hello.

Sorry. Please don't hit me.

What has happened? Why didn't you want to meet me?

I didn't want to meet you.

See Kiran, I love you very much but the dream that we have...

...seen can never be fulfilled.

God knows what will happen, the day your father comes to know of all this.

I am not scared of my father...

...I will tell him today that I love you.

I will tell the whole world that Kiran loves you.

I will go down and tell everyone that Kiran loves you.


I love you. Kiran loves you.

Kiran loves you. I love you.

Kiran loves you.

I love you.

Kiran loves you.

I love you.

Kiran please.


"Glance at me once!"

"Glance at me once!"

"Glance at me once!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"You have looked at many a girls, beloved!"

"Glance at me, just once!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Glance at me once! Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once! Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once! Glance at me once, just once!"

"You have looked at the world many times, beloved!"

"Glance at me once!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once!"

"Glance at me once!"

"I have given my heart!"

"I have fallen in love!"

"I have given my heart!"

"I have fallen in love!"

"On listening the tinkle of your bangles!"

"My heart beats faster!"

"You have the right over my bangles, beloved!"

"Come and detangle my hair lock..."

"If I fall pick me up, beloved!"

"Glance at me once!"

"You have looked at many a girls, beloved!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"There is a intoxication in this spring!"

"I am lost in your love!"

"There is intoxication in this spring!"

"I am lost in your love!"

"Just do this for me! Name your youth to me!"

"I can't wait anymore!"

"Come with a palanquin and garlands!"

"Your luck will turn even better!"

"Glance at me once!"

"You have looked at many a girls, beloved!"

"Glance at me once!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once! Glance at me once, just once!"

"You have looked at many a girls, beloved!"

"Glance at me once!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Look at me as well!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once! Glance at me once, just once!"

"Glance at me once! Glance at me once, just once!"

Yes, inspector he must be punished for...

...getting involved with my daughter.

Entangle him in the legalities of law in such a manner that...

...he is unable to free himself.


Father, what are you going to do with Jeeva.

What were you telling the inspector?

I had told him properly that he should separate himself from you.

Father, you will not do anything with him and if you do then... would not be good for you.

Don't talk rubbish. I will decide, what is good for you.

Till now he was living with the dream of becoming my son-in-law..., now he will have to face the realities of life.

Sir, please tell me what have my sisters and mother done that... have brought them here.

Sir, please tell me. I am very tense.


Your mother is involving your sisters into prostitution.



What did you say?

You think my mother is involved in prostitution? Tell me.

I will not leave you alive.

Prostitution, I will not leave you alive...

Beat him.

Beat this rascal!



Enough, enough! Mishra!

Stop it now.

Stop it.

Mr. Mishra, leave him alive.

God knows where all he will have to go to...

...hide his face with his sisters and mother.

Leave him.


His punishment will begin after he leaves this place.

The colony people are anxiously waiting for their arrival.

Look they've come back.

This place is for civilized people.

Do such things somewhere else, not here.

It would have been better if you would have committed suicide.

They will commit suicide if they have any shame left.

'There is no place in this colony for people like you. Go away.'




What are you seeing? I have hit it.

Go and do this business somewhere else.

Hey, get lost!


Jeeva, listen to me.

Jeeva, save your mother. What are you doing?

Save your mother.





No, mother!



Father, even God will not spare you for what you have done...

...with Jeeva's life.

Inspite of doing all this you are living in peace because... are a mean person.

I will have to live with this burden of sin...

...because you are my father.


But I cannot live with this burden.

If you want that my soul should rest in peace then...

...don't dare touch my body.

All this has happened because of Jeeva.

I couldn't even recognise Kiran's body.

Don't worry. I will trap him in an encounter.

You couldn't recognise Kiran's dead body but... will not be able to even find Jeeva's body.


It will be difficult for you to say that you are a more mean...

...father or a more mean person.



Stupid, idiot. This is my brother's bed sheet... dare you pick it up?

You leave... [CRYING]

What is this happening? This is my brother's bed sheet.

How did you lift it? Hey what is happening?

This is my brother's bed sheet.

But what is this way?


How dare she touch my brother's bed sheet!

You could have spread a different one.

How could I? I had chosen this keeping in mind brother's taste.

Let the taste go to hell.

What is the point of fighting so much for a bed sheet?

What happened? Why is Nikki crying?

Who has hit her? Move.

What happened Nikki? Why are you crying? Tell me who had hit you?

I was lying here, she came here, pulled my bed sheet and pushed me.

And after that hit me.

I was lying here, she pulled the bed sheet and I fell. Liar!

I didn't beat her. She herself fell down.

She was pulling the bed sheet from me.

I pulled harder...

...and she fell.

But if she touches any of my brother's articles, I will beat her.

You dare not hit her as I am still alive. I am there. - Leave me.

Just because your brother is coming home, you are making...

...all this hue and cry.

Teji, now stop it.

I don't want to inflate the topic. Nor listen to nonsense.

You listen clearly that he cannot stay here for more than 2 - 3 day.


Now will you decide for how long will my brother stay here?

Yes, I will. We have spent lakhs of rupees... get his training finished.

Now he will have to make his own arrangements for his living.

Now we will no longer be able to lift his burden.

My brother is not a burden. Instead you and your sister...

...are a burden on our family.

What! You are calling us a burden?

Did you hear? Keep quiet.

I will not keep quiet.

My brother will stay here as long as he wants.

He will stay here till the time I want him to stay.

This will not happen. It will be like this.

My brother is coming to his father's house...

...and not to your father's house.


I have tolerated enough. I too can hit.

Go to your room.


Did you see her actions?


Hello. Can I talk to Mr. or Mrs. Bali?

Who is speaking?

I am the principal of K.C. college.

Mrs. Bali speaking.

Mrs. Bali your daughter hasn't come to the college for past 3 months.

Her attendance is short.

She will not be able to sit for her exams.

She died three months ago. I am sorry!

How do I give them a separate flat?

From where will we get the money for it?

But now everything will be alright.

I will earn money as soon as possible.

I will have to do all this very fast because the world...

...with which I am involved in,

that life is very small.



Is your sir inside? He is in an important meeting.

For half an hour he will not meet anyone.

How can he refuse to meet anyone?

You cannot go in like this. Move aside.

I am Naseer. You can't go inside. Listen.

We are also not idle. We have also left all our work. - He will get angry.

We have to meet him at any cost. I told you...

He can't understand.

Come, Mr. Naseer.

Today morning only I was thinking about you.

Come, have a seat. Please.

Alright officers. Follow up the points I have given you.

Alright sir. Thank you sir. Thank you.

Devraj sir, today I have come to tell you one thing.

Why one? When we are working together, there can be...

...many more things to discuss.

Devraj sir. Have I stopped you from saying anything?

Has it ever happened that you have said anything and...

...I haven't heard or I have said anything and you haven't heard.

Has this ever happened before between us?

Gafur, you tell me.

Have I ever talked to him in a loud voice?

Then when you wanted to talk to me today then why this anger?

This is my office, not my house.

Here there are people who can see, hear and understand.

Here in this narcotics department people respect me... isn't right to come here and make fun of me.

Sorry. See Mr. Naseer, I was hurt, so I got angry.


I slapped you on your cheek...

...keep the wound there only.

Now tell me what is the matter?

No sir.

Till now I have worked so many times for you. - Quietly...

I had fulfilled all my promises. Exactly.

Has there been any problem ever? No.

When I give the real money, stuff should also be genuine.

Absolutely. But what is the problem?

Last time the material we had bought for 5 lakhs was fake.

The party returned the stuff.

Who supplied the stuff to him? Vikas Bali.

See Bali, there is still time, tell us the truth.

Believe me, I haven't done anything. Why don't you believe me?

It is not nice to have come to my house like this.

You could have called me.

What's the matter?

Believe me there is nothing as you are thinking.

I haven't done this...

You have messed with Mr. Naseer's deal.

There is 50 percent adulteration in his stuff.

Quietly give us the details of what you have earned...

...otherwise you very well know.

I have not done any adulteration.

I supplied the stuff I took from you.


But when I haven't done anything.

Let it be... Salve.


At present, we haven't come here to do anything.

Only a casual visit.

We will operate your case officially later.

When I haven't done anything then...

Bali, anyone can do what you have done.

It is human nature.

Anyone can fall prey if there is free money or women.

He becomes faint. Faint.


You have time till 10 am.

I want the accounts.

If I come here, it will be my official visit.

10 am!

I haven't taken anyone's money.

I haven't taken anyone's money.

How will I give your stuff, if I have not stolen anything?

Don't threaten me.

I don't have anything, be it 10 o' clock or 12 o'clock.

Where were you since morning?

Vikas, come here. Coming, don't shout.

They will come at 10.

Give us the stuff.

From where do we give the stuff?

I can only return if I had taken anything.

Thanks. What happened?

Why does life give one so much pain?

One should take whatever life has to offer.

There is no need to be scared.

We have done what was to be done.

Why are you scared when I am not.

Don't try to teach me.

You have given me this desire to make more money.


You have spent more than half of what I have earned.

Shopping, bring this and that.

Only wants. Only wants.

If your desires aren't fulfilled, you eat my head.

While spending money, did you ever try to find out that... and from where do I get this money?



So, he has come.

What a surprise! You were supposed to come tomorrow.

If I had come tomorrow, I wouldn't have seen this...

...happiness on your face.

I enjoy giving you surprise.

Your bag seems to be very heavy. What is in it?

Come, I will show you. Tell me...

He hasn't come here to stay.

His training is over, as soon as he finds a job...

...he will find a place to stay.

Got it?

Till the time he stays here please don't create any scene.

Got it?

Wow! What a dress.

This is like the dress we had seen at Shopper's Stop...

...and could not buy because of less money.

I remember. Yes. It is the same dress.

I'll go and try it. Try in the morning.

Hey, not now, leave.

Did you still remember the dress?

How can I forget what my sister desires?

What do you have to say about the chaos that... in the house because of your training?


Tell me about yourself, how are you?

I am absolutely alright. I eat a lot and sleep a lot. I am happy.

Your face is telling me that you are very happy.

Everything will be alright.

I cannot make food for so many people.

If you want to keep the guests happy, keep servants.


Vijay is not a guest here. He hasn't come here forever.

He will stay here for a few days. Have patience.

Sorry, I got delayed. You people had to wait.

I had to make a few phone calls.

How was your training?

Nice. Next month I will get my posting.

Most probably in this same city.

Probably! Why probably? Why don't you say that you want...

...your posting here forever.

Listen, you should not have any problem with where he should...

...get his posting.

Listen... - I have, because you both are bent upon troubling me.


She can say what she wants to me but...

...I will not hear anything against my brother.

Keep quiet, why do you have to interfere in everything?

I am also sitting here.

Your presence doesn't make any difference.

Can you shut her mouth? I know you cannot.

If you could do, then you would have said what I had to say.

Listen to me...


You shouldn't have reacted like you did.

You should have had your food quietly and then fought.

Then I too would have fought with you.

I cannot fight on an empty stomach.

Don't cry, you look ugly.

Now everything will be alright.

After my posting, company will give me a house also.

I will take you away from here forever.

Then I'll also get you married.

You have confidence on your brother, isn't it?

Now please smile.

And till things settle down, there is no need to fight with them.

Tomorrow I have to go to meet my M.D at 11 am.

Yes, tomorrow is your birthday also.

What gift do you want?

I have my sister with me. I don't need anything else.

But I will give you a gift. Alright.


'- Vikas. What is it?'

'- Have you seen my purse? I haven't seen it.'

'Since morning I am looking for my purse did you see it?'

'In this house, nothing is where it should be.'

'Nikki, where are you? I cannot find my purse.'

This will be right for brother.

This will be for 200 isn't it?


Kiran, give this to the fellow in 505.

Yes, sure.



That uncle has sent milk for you.

Alright I will keep it myself.





Scorpion! It's gone.


What have you done?

I didn't give you the milk because it would have got dirty...

...and you have spoilt my face.

Where is the bathroom?



What is the time?

What is it?

Teji, you go in.

Wait, I'll give you.

I'll give your money!

I wasn't like that. My wife provoked me.

I'll give you. Here's your stuff!

I'm your loyal man. Here's your stuff!

Hello! What are you seeing? Even I want to see.


Hey! What are you doing? Brother.

Brother. Father...


Go straight! [DOG BARKING]


What is the length of the body? 174 cm.


How many bullets in the chest? 3 bullets.

Huh? Here and one here.



'Hey! What are you doing?'

'Father. Father!'



'What a surprise! You were supposed to come tomorrow!'

' How will I see the happiness on your face then?'

'It is great to give you a surprise!'

'Your bag looks full and heavy, what's in it tell me....'

'- I'll show you! Tell me...'

'- Shall I wear it now? No, wear it in the morning.'

'Why now? Leave it.'

'You still remembered my choice!'

'How can I forget my sister's choice?'



Can I speak with the commissioner?

Yes, speaking.

Sir, I'm speaking from Bidar by Milton Apartments.

The whole family was killed here yesterday morning, Milton Apartments. Apartment no. 503. Yes.

Yes exactly, I have seen the murderers and I can identify them.

What, you can identify the killers?


You mean to say that you were there when this incident happened.

Yes. - Then why didn't you tell the police when the police was investigating?

Because at that time I was not in my senses.

I am one of the member of the family that was murdered.


The police is reaching there just now.

You don't be scared. Remember whatever you have seen...

...and tell the police without any fear.

Okay. Okay sir.

How can this happen? In which corner was that girl hiding... save her life that we couldn't see.

One minute. Let me just recollect the whole thing.

I opened the door with my leg and entered the house.

Bali was alone in the room. I asked him the time...

...he looked towards the watch. I fired first at the watch.


Hearing the gunshot his wife came from the left side.

'- What happened?' I silenced her with one shot.

Bali ran. We all went behind him.

From there he entered a room. There was a girl there...

...seeing us she shouted and ran. I silenced her. - [YELPS]

Bali ran again.

I hit him on the hand.


Bali ran to the outer corridor with the wounded hand...

...where Hanif and Gupte were present from before.

Khan, during all this we went to the entire house.

There was no one anywhere.

Then on reaching the corridor, I fired at Bali.

Just then his son came from behind shouting.

'What are you doing?'

He disturbed me. And I finished him.

When I turned around towards Bali, he was trying to run.

Then I killed him.

Bali could have been saved. If he would have ran...

...faster than the bullet.

There is no question of any eyewitness inside that house.

In that apartment all the flats are towards one side...

...on the front side is a straight wall.

When we were firing not a single door was open, isn't it? - Yes.


Then where was the eyewitness?

One minute.


There was a flat on the front side.

The girl is in that flat.


One can see the entire corridor from that flat.

Gupte, Salvi go with that Khan. The girl is in that flat.

Go and catch her. No one should even find her dead body.




What is your name?


'I love you. Kiran loves you!'

'I love you!'

I can understand your pain.

I know how it feels to lose someone close to you.

I am not sad for everyone.

My father, was my father just for namesake.

He was torturing me so much while alive that...

...had they not killed him probably I would have killed him.

And mother and sister?

That lady was not my mother nor was she my sister.

My father had kept her for his pleasure and she was her sister.

When you are not sad for anyone, why are you crying?

They killed my brother.

My brother, was the only one in my life.

He was everything for me.


They took him away from me.

What was his fault? What harm did he do to others?

But I too will not leave them. I have informed the police.

I have told them that I recognise the murderers.

Policeā€¦ I will not spare them.



Why are you locking the door?

The police is coming to meet me.

They are coming here to take my evidence.

What has happened to you? What are you doing?

I want to give my testimony to the police.

What are you doing?

Listen to me. They are coming here to meet me.

I have called the police.

I cannot understand anything.

Tell me, listen to me.

The police is coming to meet me.

Where are you taking me?


Come on.

What is this smoke near the door?

You open this door.

Salvi, there she is.

Why don't you tell me why did we run from there?

Stop. I have been asking you for so long. Why don't you answer?

The police had come to take my statement. - [VEHICLE HONK]

The police had come there to kill you.

Along with the police, those people were also there who...

...have killed your family.

Those people were also there who had killed my family!

That is why I have brought you from there.

Now you decide where you have to go.

But where will I go?

Look for a place, where you are safe.

I cannot keep you with me.


Room 315, sir.



See... - See...

I don't have any place for me. I think this place is safe for me.

But I cannot keep you with me.

Don't say like this.

I am just asking for a little place in this room.

I will do all your work in return.

I will wash, cook, clean for you.


I can do all these things on my own.

Now you find a place for yourself.

You have seen what a cruel game destiny has played with me.

Now I don't have any other place in this city.

But I cannot keep you.

Where will I go so late in the night?

Let me stay here for the night, I'll leave in the morning.

Yes. I'll leave in the morning.

Sleep there.



What happened? I am feeling cold.


'- What is your name? Kiran.'

'I love you. Kiran loves you!'


Eat the breakfast and go. But...

Yes, I will have the breakfast and leave.

I too have to get ready and go for work.

'Pankaj Kharbanda of Kharbanda Construction, was murdered...'

' some unidentified person.'

You have killed him, isn't it? You kill people for a livelihood.

Don't worry about me.

Have your breakfast and leave this place.

I am not shocked to know about your profession.

I've no problems with that.

Everyone has his own profession like doctor, lawyer, priest.

You also have a work to kill people.

I told you...

I will be obliged if you teach me this.

You can do a great favour for me.

You have already done a favour to me.

Had you not taken me out of that place...

...they would have killed me.

You have already done me a favour.

I did what I thought was right. Now you leave this place.

I will, but you kindly teach me this art.

Provide me the training.

Here, take this as a gift and leave this place.

You think it is easy to fire, you cannot even lift it.

You will sprain your wrist.

Hello. Hello.

'Sir, I am Pandey speaking!'

'Just now someone has seen Bali's daughter...'

'...near the bridge in Lokhandwala Market!'



Sir, this isn't Bali's daughter.

The hotel chap had to throw us out.

If we fire from someone's hotel how will he let us stay.

And you also had hurt my ego.

The fault was not totally mine.

You said such a thing, that I got excited.

You had said that I won't be able to lift...

...the rifle, it hurted my ego and I fired.

First I fired one bullet, then I thought... will think that I will be scared of that fire, that's why I fired some more.

Listen carefully to what I am telling you.

So you agree that I can fire... Listen to me.

If you have to stay then you have to stay as per my style.


Talk as and when necessary.

Not more than required. Okay.

Do as much I tell you and explain to you.

Don't use your brain Okay.

And stop saying okay for everything Okay.

Want to take a flat? Why? What happened where... were staying?

Madan, that...

I have left that place.


I was not feeling comfortable for some time.

Alright I have a flat in Kalina, go and stay there.


Wow! What a house!

I used to always dream of such a house.

The hall is alright and then we both have to stay here.

The bathroom is very big isn't it?

The bathroom should always be big.

I hope you know what happens if the bathroom is big...

How does it matter whether the bathroom is big or small?

Oh! This is the bedroom. This house has just one bed...

...I will sleep on it. Where will you sleep?

I don't need a bed to sleep. But listen...


I will tell you where you can sleep.

On that chair.

That day when I saw you sleeping on that chair in the hotel...

...I was astonished. From where did you develop this habit?

You would have had to practice quite a lot, isn't it?


Talk as much is required.

Just interrupt me when you think I am talking a lot.

If you don't interrupt and speak, how will I know that...

...I am speaking more?

Go and sleep. I will sleep but...

I am very sleepy, I am going to sleep.

Good night! Sweet dreams!

What does he think of himself?

One day I will kill him with his own pistol.



What happened?

I am very hungry.

At this hour you will not get anything. Go to sleep.

You ask me not to talk more.

If I talk less you don't understand.

If I am hungry, how can I sleep?

"My heart is happy since I've met you"

"What else do I need to live?"

"My heart is happy since I met you"

"What else do I need to live?"

"Don't be upset, I'll be with you lifelong"

"Don't be upset, I'll be with you lifelong"

"I found all the love in you..."

Come, let's go for shopping.

I have made a list which includes certain utensils...

...and things to eat.

I am going out for my work. You buy them on your own.

What is this? You also have to stay here. I am saying that...


I can go alone also but I have never bought anything alone...

...I have no experience in shopping that is why.

It is different about bread, eggs and milk.

You also have brought me into a house where there is nothing.

How can I carry so many things alone?

Say something.

Come, how are you?

I am fine. Brother-in-law, you too. How are you?

You have come after a very long time, were you out of station?

I have come here for the first time, have you come before?

No, I too am coming here for the first time.

Should I get something cold?

Chotu, bring cold drinks.

No, we don't need it. Don't need? Come back.

What do you want? Here is the list.

Take out two boxes, 1 five and 1 ten.

Take out 2 small spoons.

6 pans, 1 glass, 2 dozen bowls, 2 big spoons.

There seems to be some mistake. Give me the list.


One dozen spoons, 1 pan and 2 big pans.


Listen. Yes.

Decrease the number of pan's and increase the spoons.


Do you want anything cold? Bring the cold drink. - Let it be.

Cancel the cold drinks. No get it...

...6 cans of Pepsi, we will go home and have them.

See whether the shop is closed or open.

I don't think that the shop will be open.

You bring the electrician, the fan has to be repaired.

We need a plumber also. There is no water in the bathroom.

How will we do all this?

I am having a headache already.

We will have to work together.

You clean the hall, I'll clean the kitchen.


And yes...

He has gone.

This is Baburao.

Ratan Shashtri's partner.

There has been some misunderstanding in partnership.

These are the papers.

I need Baburao's signatures on them.

It will be done.

So you have come.


Did you smoke?

Smoke and here? No, not at all.

Who will bring cigarette for me?

What are you talking about?

You can smell me if you don't believe me.

I am telling you that I have not smoked.

And what did you do? You left me alone.

I had to do everything on my own.

Thanks to that chap who helped me otherwise... could I have shifted such heavy stuff.

Tell me.

What was the need of cleaning the hall?

So you would have eaten in the kitchen also?

I have cooked today. The food is ready and hot.

You wash and come, I'll wait at the table for you.

He won't reform.


Today I have made food...

You will really relish it.

Fenugreek and bread.

It just got burned a little.

I have cooked for the first time, that is why.

You eat potato and fenugreek.

It is very tasty, just got burnt a little.

The pan is new, that is why.

You eat the lentil. I make it very nicely, eat...

You please eat.


Where are my guns? Guns!

They are here. It seems you hadn't cleaned them...

...for quite some time. I opened them and cleaned them.

You can join them on your own.

Can't you differentiate between guns and clothes?

You have spoiled all of them.

Why are you getting so angry?

I told you to do as much I tell you then...

...why did you use your brains?

And you...


Where are you? We had to do that work today?

Today it cannot be done.

We have to do it otherwise we will have to return the money.

Then return the money.

What? Jeeva.



I have kept the food at the table.

Come and eat it.

Today I have cooked properly, haven't burned anything.

Bread is also cooked nicely.

I too haven't eaten till now.

So what shall I do?



What happened? Why did you stop laughing?

You look very nice when you laugh.

Laugh! Laugh!


"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love!"

"It has become very difficult to stay away from you!"

"What was to happen has happened!"

"Let's cover all the distances!"

"Let's cover all the distances!"

"Let's not stay away!"

"Let's come close!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"Once you fall in love in life!"

"You fall in love once in life!"

"You fall in love once!"

"You fall in love once in life!"

"You fall in love once!"

"What a lovely environment!"

"My heart is racing since you are there with me!"

"Why should we be in our senses in such a weather?"

"O my beloved, I hope we don't get swept in the moment!"

"Don't stop me and let me love you!"

"I feel hurt, don't hurt me with your sight!"

"You fall in love once in life!"

"You fall in love once in life!"

"You fall in love once in life!"

"You fall in love once!"

"You fall in love once in life!"

"You fall in love once!"

"You fall in love once in life!"

"You fall in love once in life!"

Tell me, how much money do you need?

Although it is kept with me, it is your money.

20,000. 20,000?

All this money is yours and then 20,000 isn't a big amount.

But keeping in mind your desires and expenditure, it seems a lot.

Neither do you smoke or drink, you don't have any other likings...

Have you got involved with any girl?

Nothing of this sort is the matter.

See, all this money is yours.

You can give it to whomsoever you want.

There is no problem.

You can keep it in the bank or put it on interest.

You can do whatever you want.


You need 20,000, isn't it? I'll get it.


Do you know him? No!

Didn't I explain you?

Don't talk to strangers.

What is your problem? He was asking me for a match.

From now onwards you will have to stop using abusive language.

It you cannot stop I too cannot keep you with me.

Okay, I won't use it.

And from today you also have to stop smoking.


I will come back in 5 minutes. Don't move from here.

You were saying that there is no girl, who is she then?

Don't fall prey of any charms.

Earlier too your life went haywire because of a girl.

Here take this.

"The handcuffs of love!"

"You shouldn't get entangled in the handcuffs of love!"

"You shouldn't get entangled in the handcuffs of love!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"

"You shouldn't get entangled in the handcuffs of love!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"

"Love is very ruthless!"

"Love is very ruthless!"

"Love is very ruthless!"

"Love is very ruthless!"

"Love makes you crazy!"

"Even God is scared of love!"

"Love makes you crazy!"

"Even God is scared of love!"

"Love is all about restlessness!"

"Love defames you!"

"There's loneliness in love!"

"Love is all about failure!"

"Your life in love..."

"Your life in love..."

"You should not ruin your life in love!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"

"Love will keep your heart wounded!"

"Love will keep your heart wounded!"

"Love will keep your heart wounded!"

"You will suffer all night through!"

"Love will make your heart also wounded!"

"You will suffer all night through!"

"You too have someone..."

"You too have someone..."

"You shouldn't also wait for anybody!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"

"You shouldn't get entangled in the handcuffs of love!"

"You shouldn't get entangled in the handcuffs of love!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"

"You shouldn't fall in love!"


What did I tell you? I asked you to stand there.

Then why did you move from there.

You think I am mad! Do you know where all I have looked for you?

Why don't you speak now?


I love you!


I am saying the truth.

I'm in love with you.


First my heart came to know of this. Then my heart told me.

I thought I will come and tell you.

You have gone mad.

No, really. I am telling the truth.

Everything is going wrong for me.

When you are far away it seems you have come near.

When you are near, something starts happening in my stomach.

I start having butterflies in my tummy.

I thought what is all this.

When I thought so much, my mind stopped working...

...then my heart told me.

You've fall in love.

And you too love me. See, you...

I am not mad. When I was talking to that man...

...didn't you feel jealous?

And when you didn't find me outside, why did you get worried?

Why did you start looking for me?

When I talk to you, you don't like it.

When I go away from you why do you get worried?

What is it if this isn't love?

Don't talk rubbish.

You had told me, take whatever life gives you.

Life has given me Jeeva and...

I didn't go away from your life.

I had gone to bring a gift for you. Shall I bring it?

You will look very good if you wear this.



Hi aunty.


I want ice-cream.

This is so nice. Kindly buy it for me.

Kiran you!

Ajit uncle, you.

Hello uncle.

How are you, dear? Fine.

You have left your house.

That was never a house for me.


Jeeva, this is Ajit uncle. My father's friend.


As a friend I had adviced your father that this is wrong.

But he never listened to anybody.

Leave all this.

We have to go for some important work.

We will see you later.

Do let me know if you need anything. Yes.


Sitaram, you still haven't sent this stuff?


I want this dress.

Shall I wear this and come?

"You are my love!"

"You are my heart!"

"You are my life!"

"It is my wish that I stay and die with you!"

"At times I am asleep! At times I am awake!"

"At times I am asleep! At times I am awake!"

"I am lost in your thoughts!"

"Come close to me, I cannot say anything!"

"You are the form and shape!"

"I wish to live and die with you!"

"Neither did I desire anyone, nor was there any dream!"

"It was dark all around..."

"Nor was there anyone in my life!"

"I dreamt of you, desired you!"

"How should I thank you?"

"You are my friend, you are my love!"

"I have a desire that I should live and die for you!"





Don't be scared. Nothing will happen now.

I know that till you are there nothing can happen to me.

But can you always stay with me like a shadow.

Today had I been alone then...

I told you to train me.

If you would have trained me I would have...

...confronted them with equal strength.

I am telling the truth.

Will you be able to recognise her if we show you he photo? - Yes.

Photograph sir.

Is she the same girl? Yes, sir.

Her companion! Her companion! Her companion!

He was one isn't it? He wasn't an army?

And how many were you? 12. Full dozen.

And the government spends lakhs of rupees on you... that each one of you can hit at least four men.

And he alone attacked the twelve of you.

Salvi, now you will lead this operation.

Yes sir.

Take as many men and ammunition...

...those two shouldn't meet the commissioner.

Now go.

Who is this man with the girl?

The point to note in Bali's case is that in both the cases...

...the case was weakened due to the verdict of person from the, narcotics cell. And Bali was freed.

So this means that this trade is being carried taking the...

...people from narcotics cell in confidence.

Yes sir. Hmm.

We should call Devraj.

After all what was the reason for shooting in a public place...

...without informing us.

We people don't fire without reason.

We have to do this under certain circumstances.

That day we received an information that...

...a big drug deal was to take place.

When our officers went there to arrest those people...

...they recognised our officers and fired at them.

Our officers returned the fire.

Should our officers take the gunshots since it was public...

...and sacrifice their lives. Why?

If you had prior information about the deal...

...why didn't you stop them before reaching that place?

There is only one way to reach that place which is isolated.

The encounter could have taken place there also.

A lot of things could have happened.

If we would have got the information at a proper time...

...we could have caught them in their house.

We could have shot them in their toilets...

But this did not happen.

Our team did what we thought was right.

I have no desire to answer all these irrelevant questions.

Here we aren't talking about your desires.

In that shoot out certain people have got hurt...

...out of which certain people are also serious.

But no one from the public died, isn't it?

But one of my officers has died.

His last rites have been conducted.

His ashes have been handed over to his family.

For whom did my officer face the bullets.

For the public.

Who dies of the poison with which these people trade?


Mr. Puri...

The public will have to tolerate any discomfort that...

...they face because of any of our activity.

We all will have to pay the price if we want that...

...these culprits to be wiped off.

See Mr. Devraj... See Mr. Puri...

...I have given you all the information I had to give you, people regarding this case.

You investigate the case, if you need any help...

...our case incharge Mr. Salvi will definitely help you.

I have an important meeting. Have a nice day. Thank you.


Today you were great. What an answer you gave to...

...the commissioner. Salvi, sir completely silenced him.


I was great, but what did you do?

You couldn't even kill a girl.

I haven't kept you here for praising me.

I will be happy if you work properly.

This is where we are lacking.

We don't work properly, just keep praising each other.

That is why we have been left behind.

Today where are we in this world? Where?

Talking too much.


Isn't this a little big?

It is good for the training because it keeps you at a distance...

...from the enemy.

This is a telescope, with this you can see your enemy from...

...close range. So close, that you can easily fire.

One minute. After holding the gun, the mind and heart...

...should both be on the enemy.

Now put this on your shoulder.

Now close your left eye and see through the telescope.

See the person whom you have to fire.

Did you see anything? Yes, there are some ladies and children.

We don't fire at kids and ladies. This is our principle.

See someone else.

I can see a man, he looks like my father.

I will fire at him.

Hello. What are you doing?

I am calling him, when he sees towards me, I'll shoot him.

This is what happens in movies. Remember what Sunny Deol...

...did in the climax of Ghayal.

Balwant... This is not a movie.

This is the training and no jokes during training.

Set your target.

Keep your eyes on the target and take a deep breath.

See what he is doing. Now get ready to fire.

Take a deep breath and fire.



I am safe.


I fired for the first time. Now let's try with real bullet.

It is enough for today.

This is a hand grenade. It looks small but it is very dangerous.

If it bursts, it can destroy the entire house.

Including you and me.

This is it's pin. As long as it is inside this, it is safe.

As soon as it comes out, this will burst till one counts 10.

1, 2, 3... Will it burst?

The bomb will burst. Kiren.

Don't come near me! Don't come near me! Kiran.


The bomb will burst. Kiran, listen to me.

Open the window open the window, let me out!

Let me out! It will explode! Kiran! Kiran! What are you doing?

The bomb will burst. Kiren.

Kiren. - Move away from me! Move away from me! How will we escape?

Kiren. Don't come near me...

Kiren. It will explode! It will explode!

Listen to me. This is fake. It will explode!

I also know that this is fake. I was just practicing...

Drink it.





I'll kill you.




Kill him! Jeeva, don't leave him alive.

Jeeva, don't leave him alive. Kill him!

Kill him! Don't leave him alive.


What happened?


Kiran, what happened?

Why are you crying?



I was remembering my house and family.

This is your house, I am your family.

Why can't we lead an ordinary life?

When will this fear of death leave us?

When will we be able to come out of this darkness?

Very soon.

Why don't you leave this work?

I have left it. Really.


What is it? I have some work.

Tomorrow morning come to the police station.

After 9 I don't do any work.

Go away.



And my work starts after 9 pm.

How dare you hit a policeman? Don't, stop...



A few days ago someone killed the Bali family at Milton Towers.

You work for the person who has done this.

Who is he?

His name is Devraj Khatri.

He is the ACP at the Narcotics Department.

Tomorrow he is coming on the 2 o'clock flight from Delhi.

There is a function in Vidyapati College, Grant road.

Do catch him...

...because now he will not leave me.

Now he will kill me.

I will free you from this fear.


You were sure to get this success. [ANNOUNCEMENT AT AIRPORT]

You had worked very hard for it.

Look, no matter how much I do for the youth of our country that's less.

In future also, I have certain programmes with which we will...

...get rid of the drugs completely.

What difficulties did you face?

I didn't face any problems.

You should know that with me there are many more officers.

Don't worry, we will surely win.

So Zaid Khan has been murdered.


The person who is shielding that girl from us has done this.

Sir, I think, that you should not go the meeting.


Khan would have told him.

In the rush he can fire from anywhere.

One bullet is enough to kill a person...

...if it hits the target.

If he wants to kill me he will fire at the right spot.

The campaign that you have started against drugs is...

...worth a praise. You have done great work.

I have done no such thing. You are all a part of it too.

You go from behind.

We have to save this country from the poison of drugs.


It's a myth that drugs give solace.

The truth is that the drugs give death.

Yes, it's the truth.

Love life and strike at drugs.

Yes, strike...

We will not defame our country.

We will not let this poison spoil our lives.

Yes, will not let it spoil our lives.

You are in a death trap, if life is entrapped in drugs.

Yes, in a death trap.

Apte, something is pricking.

Something is pricking.

Say no to drugs.

Say no to drugs.

Say no to drugs.

Say no to drugs.

Say no to drugs.

Say no to drugs.

Say no to drugs.

Say no to drugs.

No to...



Santosh, he is an old man. You go that side.

Did you see any man with dark goggles and long hair? - No.

No. He was wearing an orange shirt.

Has anybody seen him?

Has anyone seen him? No.

Madam, have you seen?

'Today evening ACP Devraj Khatri survived a fatal attack!'

'This happened when he was participating in a function...'

' Vidyapati College!'

'The security personnel's and police present there opened fire in return!'

'The attacker was injured too!'

'There was a lot of crowd in the office of Mr. Devraj to meet him!'

You have come. Where were you for so long?

I have started a new job that is why I got delayed.

So, you got a job?


Set the dinner if it is ready. I'll wash and come. - Alright.


Jeeva! Jeeva!

Jeeva, open the door. [KNOCKS DOOR]

What is it? I want to talk to you.

Open the door.

I am taking a bath.

I want to talk to you just now.

Why don't you open the door?

Jeeva, Jeeva open the door.

I will kill him. Before he harms you, I'll kill him.

But you had told me that you will leave this work.

I had lied to you and to myself.

His death is as important for me as is your life.

We don't want to take any revenge. We won't kill anyone.

Instead of your hand the bullet could have hit your heart also.

What would have happened to me if you would have got hurt?

Jeeva, I cannot stay without you.

You promise me that you will not follow Devraj.

You won't follow him.

There was some important work that is why I had to come.

They had come to me with the offer to kill her.

I told them that we don't kill women and children.

Jeeva, leave that girl, they are very powerful, they can do anything.

The person who dares to touch her will not stay alive.

What is in her that you are bent upon sacrificing your life for her?

What is your relation with her?

The same that life and breath have with each other.

Don't get emotional. Enough!

I cannot leave her.


It was my duty to advice, now you have to decide.

They are coming at 11 to me.

See, what you want to do.


Come and sit here.

Forgive me.

Yesterday, all that.

Leave it. All this happens in anger.

Tell me what do you want?

Do you want to talk about something important?

I want to know, how much money you have of mine.

I haven't kept any account of your money.

You will get as much as you want.

Madan brother, if ever I am not alive...

Don't talk like this.

No one can dare harm you.

Promise me that if something happens to me... will give all my money to that girl.

If you say so. I will give all the money to her.

I don't have any problem in that. It is your money.

Now you leave. Those people would be coming here.


Sir! Sir!

Wait, make an entry here.

I don't have to do anything with it.

I want the lab report tomorrow. Okay?

Yes sir. Yes sir.

I am a press reporter.

You are looking for me. You want to take my interview.

I am standing in front of you. Ask what you want to ask.

That... - You cannot think of any question.

Think of what you wanted to ask me. The question! Think!

I will tell you.

How was my team's performance in the operation at your place?

How did your father die?

Where was your brother hit?

None of them were hit on the head.


You have troubled me a lot by playing this game of hide and seek.

Sir, someone has killed Salve.



It seems he is the same person whom we were looking for.

This girl's accomplice.

Who else can kill my man... this city?


You seem to be very fond of seeing death.

You saw the death of your father.

You saw the death of your brother.

Now I will show you your beloved's death.

'Jeeva, I've irritated you, haven't I?'

'But you have always forgiven all my mistakes and mischief's.'

'You gave me happiness.'

'In the little time I spent with you, I lived life to the fullest.'

'After meeting you I felt like living.'

'It seemed that my whole life got brightened.'

'But I pushed your life into darkness.'

'You have faced a lot of difficulties for me.'

'Now you want to stand in the way of death that is coming towards me.'

'I know you love me very much.'

'My life's beginning and end is connected to you.'

'But if something happens to me.'

'My life will become meaningless.'

'Now Devraj doesn't have to find me to kill me.'

'I am myself going to kill him.'

'Try to forget me.'

'And if you really love me, fulfill your promise.'

'You leave this work. I love you.'


Are you seeing all this.

It seems she had come to destroy the entire building.





Only you knew that my men were going to come here at 11.

Who is he?


You leave all this, I'll do it.

You go and tell Madan that we are vacating this place now.

I'll just go and make the phone call.


Is he alone at home?

Is there any code to enter the house?


What is it?


Move! Move!

What has happened?

He is standing right in front of me.

He has put the gun on my forehead.

Leave the girl. No.

I say leave the girl. No.


Leave the girl. Leave her.

Move fast. Move!


Move fast. Move!

Stop the water.


'Can you hear me, sir?'

'Sir, can you hear me?'

'Sir, where are you?'

'Sinha, there is no response!'



Devraj Khatri.

Chief of Narcotics Department.


You can kill anyone, right?

Then kill me. Come on!


Break the door!




You wait here. [SIGHS]

Come here.


Nothing will happen to you.

When I went out to make the call he caught me and asked me...

...whether you were there alone at home.

I tried to inform you.

That it's danger outside.

I said, nothing will happen to you. [CRYING]


We'll be able to go out, isn't it?

Walkie talkie. Who are you?

You all get back. Please get back.

Don't you recognise Devraj Khatri? Sir. Sorry sir.

Control tower... Yes.

I want the Special Forces. What!


I want the Special Forces now.

Come quick. Take your positions.

Everyone take your positions, come on! Move...

Move fast, move.

Move! Come on boys.

Everybody come on.

Come on. Come on.

Everybody take your positions. Yes sir.

Come on, get up quickly.

Come on fast, come on.

Move fast, move.

No Jeeva, I am feeling awkward in going down.

Nothing is awkward.

You go.

I won't leave you.

Listen to me.

I won't leave you and go.

We cannot go from here together.

I can handle all this alone. Nothing will happen to me.

I don't want to lose you.

I am always there with you. I too want to live.

I have learnt to live from you only.

You see, we will live happily.

My money is with Madan.

We will take them and settle down. Go away from here this time.

I will never leave you alone.

No Jeeva. You go.

I love you! I love you too!

I told you to kill that one person, and you blew up the entire building.

Sir, we have broken the door.

You don't worry, sir. We are going in. Take your position.

Positions, go!


What happened?


Take him to the ambulance. Come on, fast!

What is the situation there? Sir we will definitely catch him...

...sir, no one has come out till now.

Don't worry sir.

Quick, quick, move, move.


Come on, fast!





Can kill anyone.

For you...

...from Kiran.







All the wealth of Jeeva is there in this suitcase.

He asked me to give them to you.

He is no more in this world.

Take care of them.