Bicycle Thieves (1948) Script



Is Ricci here?

They called you. Are you deaf? Come on!

So us bricklayers should just starve?

There's nothing I can do.

Be patient. We'll try to help everyone.

That's what I'm here for. We'll see what we can do.

Ricci, there's a job for you. A job?

You'll be putting up posters.

Go to their office.

Take this letter and your work permit.

There's nothing for us? I'll be damned!

What about us?

I've just got jobs for lathe operators.

So I should just rot?

What can I do?

Ricci, don't forget to take your bicycle.

You need one. It's says so on the slip, right?

My bicycle?

I have one... but not at the moment.

I'll have it in a couple days. You need one now.

What's it matter? I'll go on foot for a few days.

Listen, you got one or not? If not, someone else gets the job.

I have one! You're not the only one. I do too.

You're a bricklayer. That's a different category.

Then change it! I can't!

You have a bicycle or not?

Yes. I'll report for work this morning.

No joking around. If you don't have a bike, forget it.

And wait around here forever? I'll get the bike.

Cataldi! Here!

Manual labor for two days. I'll take it.

Listen, I can't make up jobs!


What is it? Do I have rotten luck or what?

There's a job, but I can't take it!

A job? I don't understand.

What did you say? Stop, Antonio.

What did you say? A job?

And a good city job too!

It'll be all right. Can't you work things out?

What's to work out? I need my bicycle right now.

I have to start right away or I lose the job.

What can we do? Nothing.

You should never have pawned it! What would you have eaten?

I curse the day I was born! Quiet.

I feel like jumping in the river! Quiet!

Get up.

What are you doing? We can sleep without sheets.

There are six sheets there.

Linen and cotton.

Good stuff. From my dowry. They're used.

Not all of them. Two are new.

How many pieces?

Six. Three doubles, three singles.

That's three.

7,000 lira.

Couldn't you make it a bit more?

They're used.

All right. Put these in here.


Name? Maria Ricci.

Valmelaina. Block H, Apartment 1.

It's a bicycle.

6,100. Why?

Interest. It's the 31st. Here.

It's the Fides. Next to that red one.

I know, I know.

Wait a second.

Where's the man in charge?

Over there.

Put that down. What are you afraid of?

Put that bike down.


My name is Antonio Ricci.

The employment office in Valmelaina sent me.

You start in the morning.

The storeroom will give you what you need.

Tomorrow at 6:45. I'll be there.

How did it go? Good.

Sorry you had to wait, but it's all set.

What's this? There's a job for you too.

You have to tighten the strap on my cap. It's loose.

Come look.

Everyone has his own locker.

See how big it is?

Just think: They used to even provide shoes.

But the pay's still good.

6,000 bimonthly, plus a family allowance.

And then there's overtime!

Can we stop at Via della Paglia?

What for? I have to see a woman.

A woman? Yes, a woman.

Stop here a minute.

Who lives here?

I told you — a woman. I'll just be a minute.

I'll be right back.

- Is it mine? No, it's mine.

That makes it five to three.


Excuse me. Does the Holy One live here?

The Holy One? The one who sees.

I don't know.

Let's try the second floor.

Is the Holy One here? - Yes, the last door.

Hey, kid, could you watch the bike for a minute?

Last door.

February, March, and April have come and gone.

- How long has he been in bed? Over a year.

- You could have brought him. How? He can't move.

This one yes, that one no.

Dear God, grant me your light.

Your son will rise from his bed before the leaves fall.

Before the leaves fall?


Come on.

Maria, let's go.

Come on.

What are you doing here? I owe her 50 lira.

Come on. Don't be stupid.

She said you'd find a job. I want to do my part.

I'll come in and tell her what I think. All right, all right.

How can a woman with two children and a head on her shoulders listen to all this stupid nonsense?

I don't get it.

What are you doing now?

You must have money to throw away.

I don't know what got into you.

Women! Couldn't you spend it better?

I'm just grateful.

You think she got me the job?

Come on. Get on.

Let's go home, dummy.

Hurry, Bruno. It's 6:30.

It's too dark in here to clean it good.

Daddy, look what they did. What?

There's a dent. Maybe it was there.

No, they did it.

Who knows how they store them. I'd have said something.

They don't pay for the repairs!

Keep your voice down. All right.

But I'd have said something.

Is that cap ready?

What did you make? Egg sandwiches.

Let me see. Wow!

Handsome? You look like a cop!

Stop it! You're hurting me!

Will you behave? You'll wake the baby!

Here, Bruno. An egg sandwich.

Let's go.

Bye, Mama.

See you tonight at 7:00. Wait for me here.

Good morning.

First, you give it a coat of glue.

Then you put up the poster.

Then another light coat of glue, flattening out the poster and smoothing out the lumps.

Got that?

Beat it, kid!

If you leave any lumps, the inspector will fine you.

You gotta be smart to do this job.

You need a good eye and a quick hand.


Let's go.

See you, Ricci. Thanks.

Thief! Thief!

What happened?

Hop on!

After him, quick!

I saw him head for the tunnel!


What's going on?


I was sure he came this way.

Yeah, sure he did.

Yes, there were people around, but I had to go after him.


What is it? Go to the meeting.

Capece's going.

Change in plans. You and Quadrone are going.

Sign this.

Quadrone! We're going to the meeting.

Hurry up there!

Can you do something? Look yourself if you have time.

Look all over Rome?

Well, I sure wouldn't recognize it.

I gave you the serial number and a description.

Sure. It'd take the whole mobile unit to look for it.

Then why even file a complaint?

Suppose you find it tomorrow in a bike shop.

Call a policeman. It's on file.

Anything serious, Captain? Just a bicycle.

Then it's up to me? I've already told you.

You filed your complaint. Now good night.

Don't try cutting in line!

Excuse me, but I was here first.


Daddy, it's 7:30.

I took the bus. Let's go.

Where's the bike?

Did it break down? Yeah, it broke down.

You go inside. I'll be back later.

Go on.

It's not about the employment office.

Without work, people can't be placed in jobs.

We've raised this issue with the Department of Labor.

A welfare check solves nothing.

It just humiliates the worker and doesn't help anything.

We need a massive program of public works.

But what did they say at today's meeting?

Same as always: "You can't expect miracles."

Is Baiocco here? Quiet back there.

It was him!

"You can be sure we'll do our best to find you jobs."

Ricci, I'm stealing your job.

I'll be right back.

What are you doing here? I've got to talk to you.

What is it? They stole my bicycle.

Son of a bitch! Where?

At the Florida. I was putting up posters.

How'd it happen?

You've got to help me.

I have to find that bike.

Easier said than done.

Excuse me. Baiocco, listen, or we'll be here all night.

I'm listening.

If you really cared for me Quiet, everyone!

You wouldn't let people tease me I heard you.

You think I'm stupid?

Keep rehearsing. I'll be right there.

Piazza Vittorio's your only hope, and you gotta act quick.

They unload the stuff right away. You just have to look there.


Is it true? Don't start whining.

I purposely didn't go home to avoid that.

Who's whining?

But this doesn't happen every day. Have you done anything?

Have you looked for it?

Don't cry. You look like a little girl.

We'll find it.

They'll swap some parts, but it'll be on the market tomorrow.

And if it is, we'll take it home, right?

You might not sleep so well tonight, but we'll find it.

Don't worry.

Miss, would you care to take a stroll with me?

No, I'm with my mother.

No! This is either a rehearsal or a meeting.

You tell 'em, Meniconi. He's right.

Go home now. We'll see what we can do.

Until tomorrow then. Good night.

Remember what I said. Good night.

Give her a little gas or we'll never get out of here.

Get that cart out of the way.

Baiocco, we're here.

Meniconi and Bagonghi, come here.

What make was it?

A lightweight Fides, 1935 model.

He knows it better than me.

Good. That means we can split up. They always take them apart.

Bagonghi, let's go this way.

No, this way is better.

You two look at nothing but tires.

You look at frames.

Bruno, pumps and bells. Let's go.

It's a Fides frame. Got it.

We'll look for it piece by piece and then put it back together.

Bagonghi, keep your eyes open.

There's only vegetables here. We're not looking for that.

We'll stroll through the stands over there, not letting on what we're doing.

Indifferent to everything.

They're setting up now.

Just look at this! He'll find it, I'm sure!

This really gets my goat!

Remember, Bruno: pumps and bells.

If you see anything, whistle.

You know what to do. You come with me.

Bruno, if we find it, we'll celebrate.

Put that down.

Beat it, kid.

Keep your eyes peeled for a Fides.

Looking to buy, dummy?

Let me work, or I'll give you this! Just try it!

You cranky this morning or what?

I'm in no mood for this. Beat it.

I was here first.

You wanna fight?

We can't all stick together.

Antonio, you look for the tires.

Bagonghi, the frame. The kid'll look for the pump.

I'll look around on my own.

Take a look at this frame.


What make is that? You buying?

Hands off. The paint's still wet.

I have to see the serial number.

Why? You buyin' serial numbers?

No, he's not. Now just show him.

And if I don't? Then I'll call a cop.

Go ahead!

You think it was stolen?

Who said anything? But you have to show the number.

Do I ask to see your shoe size? No!

And I don't show you my frame numbers!

You play the lottery with it?

No, I don't.

Wouldn't you like a bell?

You've been here looking for half an hour.

Shall I buy you this one?

How much is a bell? A hundred fifty lira.

Would you like it?

Just listen.

You filed your complaint. You're covered.

Show him that frame.

Go ahead and look. A man can't even work in peace.

Don't you trust me either?


Is it yours?

You got paint on you.

It's not a matter of trust.

A man who's been robbed has a right to look.

Who's stopping you?

We all make mistakes.

Hey, buddy... we're all honest here in Piazza Vittorio!

Forget about him.

Just look for a Fides. What do you think I'm doing?

Where's my son? He must be over by the carts.

There's nothing more for us here. It's tough.

How about something else?

Stay with me.

Come on.

Antonio, go with him to Porta Portese.

We'll keep looking here.

Our chances are better here. It's too late for Porta Portese.

Go on now.

Go with him.


You just can't win.

It rains every Sunday.

Sundays I'm off at 1:00, and where can you go?

Movies bore me. I just don't like 'em.

Look at this guy! I ought to run him over!

Stupid jerk!

They jump out in front of you and you end up in jail before you even know what's happened!

Look at this rain.

You just can't win. It rains every Sunday.

What happened?

I fell down!

Wipe yourself off.

You afraid of rain? Don't want to get my tux wet!

A hundred lira? You're lucky to get that.

What can I do with this?

Stop him!

Stop him! Thief!

Bruno, let's find that old man!

There he is, Daddy!

Damn it! Where did he go?

Bruno, where are you going?


What are you doing? Come on!

Excuse me. I want to ask you something.

That young man who was with you — where can I find him?

What young man?

He talked to you and then rode off on a bike.

Why? What did he do to you? Nothing.

It's an urgent private matter.

What can I tell you? I don't know him.

You were together under the arches!

There are lots of young men under the arches.

Wait a second. I have to talk to him.

Let me go! Leave me alone, kid.

I'm just an old man who minds his own business, and what do I get? Trouble.

It's late! You're supposed to be here by 10:00.

They said you were always open. Go on now.

What about lunch? Later. You need a mess kit.

First-timers, take your mess kits out into the courtyard.

Go ahead now.

There's no time to lose.

Line them up neatly, not like last time.

Each of you will come pick up your own mess kit later.

Maybe I should get a shave.

You need a shave? Then come inside.

Sit down.

Go inside.

Will you be much longer, Counselor? No, just these two.

No, not me.

Then we can begin?

Don't shave my chin.

I'm letting it grow there.

Hurry, the priest's waiting.

That's enough now, Counselor.

You need another barber.

Come with me, little boy.

Move over, would you?

I have to find that young man. It's a personal matter.

I have to talk to him.

Will you tell me where I can find him?

Just leave me alone.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Page six.

"May I leave this holy place...

with my soul purified..."

There's money in it for him.

Where is he?

I don't have to say.

You do too, or I'll get the police.

What have I done to you? Leave me alone.

Lay off.

"Though I may travel once more the path of sorrow and hardship..."

Just tell me where he is.

What can you lose?

I've got nothing against you.

In fact, I'm prepared to pay.

What's for lunch? Pasta and potatoes.

Will you tell me?

Jail is worse, you know. You'll rot there.

Where is he? All right. Via della Campanella.

What number?

Ah, for chrissake!

I think it's No. 15.

You're coming with me. Go by yourself.

No! You come with me or I call the police!

I'm tired of begging you! You got that?

Quiet, or I'll have you thrown out!

Are you coming?

I'm not going anywhere.

What have you got to lose? Go away!

I'm losing my patience. Lose whatever you like.

Goddamn it! Come along or I'm going to the police.

Do whatever the hell you like.

You're coming with me, you hear?

Leave me alone or you'll be sorry.

Come on, let's go!

I'm not going anywhere.

I'll show you. Come on! Leave me alone!

At least let me get my lunch first.

I'm going with you.

Just when I can get a decent meal!

Stop them.

Where are you going? To get this man's lunch.

Did a man come this way?

No, and we're not ready yet.

Girls, more over here.

Not so much there.

Just what do you want?

I want to get out! It's locked, and the lawyer has the key!

Stop making such a racket!

You're in church!

Will you please just leave?

This is no way to behave in church! Come with me!


I have to find him. I know he's here.

Did you come to hear mass or make trouble?

Just what do you want?

I told you: I'm looking for an old man!

I've got to find him!

Where do you think you're going?

He came this way!

Who knows where he's gone now. That's enough!

He didn't just fly away.

Why'd you let him go for his lunch?

Would you shut up!

Where are you going? Come back here.

Come on!

You coming or not? No!

Let's go!

Some kid I have! Come on!

Why did you hit me? You asked for it.

Let's go. No. You go alone.

Will you come on?

Little troublemaker.

You're a little nag. I'm gonna tell Mama.

We'll settle this at home.

Wait for me by the bridge, you hear?

I'm gonna look for the old man.

Help! A boy's drowning!

Is he okay? Yeah, he's fine.

Bruno, put on your jacket.

You'll catch a chill.

Go ahead.

Come on.

Put it on.

You tired?

Sit down a minute.

Not much we can do now but go home.

Sit down.

Go, Modena!

Is Modena a good team?

You hungry?

How about a pizza?

Let's go.

Why kill myself worrying when I'll end up just as dead anyway?

Come on.

Sit down.

Let's forget everything and get drunk!


Arrigo, help this gentleman.

A half bottle?

A full bottle and a pizza. We don't serve pizza.

You don't? This isn't a pizzeria.

We want to eat. Eat?

Yeah, eat! What do you want?

You want a mozzarella sandwich?

Two mozzarella sandwiches and a full bottle.

There'll be dessert later too. How about that?

What's the matter? Drink.

If your mother saw me giving you wine!

But we can do as we like.

You can explain it this way Or explain it that way Call him Ciccio or Antonio Beppe or Ciro He's still a little black child How could that have happened

Let's just eat and enjoy.

There's a cure for everything... except death.

To eat like them, you'd have to earn a million lira a month.

Eat, eat. Don't worry.

You like it?

Things were going great.

With overtime, I figured — I'll show you.

12,000 a month salary.

Here, you write it down.

12,000 salary... plus 2,000 overtime... plus the family allowance.

Altogether, 800 a day.

Thirty times 800 — just imagine.

What more could you ask?

And I should just kiss it good-bye? Well, I won't.

See now why we have to find it? Otherwise we don't eat.

What can we do?

We'll go to the Porta Portese every day.

We'll find those guys there.

Yeah, sure.

Those guys are long gone.

We'd never find them with all your mother's candles or all the saints in the world.

Sports news: Just like every Sunday, soccer teams throughout Italy will play their scheduled matches today.

Of course, fans are excited about the championship series.

Teams scheduled to play today...

Last door.

I'm afraid of what she might say.

Don't be afraid.

Tell her everything, like you would your confessor.

I just hope you're right. O holy Mother of God!

This one yes, that one no.

Sow in some other field.

You understand what I mean?

No, I don't.

How can you not understand, dear boy?

It's simple.

What good is sowing seeds if the soil is unreceptive?

You plant, but you harvest nothing.


No, I really don't.

She doesn't love you! Forget about her!

You're ugly, my boy.

You're ugly.

There are so many other women.

Sow your seeds in a different field. Will you do that?

Mama, it's getting cold.

Good day.

Daddy, come on!

There's room now!

You have to wait your turn.

Excuse me, but we've been waiting for hours.

Why don't you wait your turn? I'm in a hurry.

Well, so are we.

Please understand, I beg of you.

Behave yourselves.

Behave yourselves!

These ladies are first, and then me.

Stop arguing!

I shed my light on all.

This one yes, that one no.

Dear God, grant me your light.

Grant me your light.

What is it?


They stole what? My bicycle.

Your bicycle?

What can I say, my son?

I can only tell you what I see.

Listen carefully.

Either you find it right away or you never will.


Either you find it right away, or you'll never see it again.

Find it right away? But where?

I don't know what else to tell you.

Go now, and try to understand.

Find it right away or you never will.

Adele, what is it today?

My husband's still drinking.

It's your cross to bear. Stop giving him money.

What can I do? He takes it.

We're closed! The ladies are having lunch!

Closed means closed for everyone!

Look here! And with a kid too!

Don't you see you can't come in?

Get out! You can't go in!

Where's he gone to now?

Get out of here!

Where's he gone?

Closed means closed for everybody!

Where is he?

How would I know? There he is!

You can't go in the rooms!

Let me go! Scoundrel!

That's the dining room! Get out of here!

Get out! I want to talk to him.

I don't even know you.

Well, you will. Step outside.

Someone call the police!

Stop shouting. I've got a headache.

I want to talk to you! Me?

Don't talk to him. Shut up. You want me?

Yes! Here I am.

Give me my bike back! Get your hands off me!

You ruined everything for me!

Get your hands off me! I'm not afraid of you!

This is the finest house in Rome.

If the police chief should find out — Outside with you, and don't ever come back!

Well, what do you want?

Give me back what you stole! What did I steal?

Look at this guy!

What did I steal of yours?

My bicycle!

What bicycle?

I'm no thief.

You're not going anywhere.

Leave me alone or I'll flatten you!

I'll kill you if you don't give it back!

I'm not leaving here until you give it back!

Look at this crazy man! Leave me alone.

Get your hands off me!

I didn't do anything. You're trying to set me up.

I'm not leaving until you give back what you stole.

You stole my bike yesterday at the Florida!

I wasn't even there yesterday!

You were there with this cap!

You can't just accuse people! Get some glasses!

Leave me alone. No, I won't! You got that?

Alfredo! What's that scoundrel want?

He won't let me go.

Hands off!

I was at the general market yesterday.

Are you crazy?

You say this man stole your bicycle?

Yes, he did.

You're sure it was him?

Of course I am!

Where do you claim he stole it? Near the Florida.

Why not go to the police? He lives right here.

Get the police. Go ahead.

What are you waiting for?

Get the police. I've got nothing to hide.

You're not going anywhere, you hear?

Don't touch me!

Get him off me!

You'd better go. Look what you've done.

Be sure before you accuse someone.

You won't get away with this.

His head! Don't let him hit his head!

You better go. And next time, be sure first!

Besides getting a good beating, you could be sued for libel.

Get him out of here or I'll kill him!

My boy!

Mama's pride and joy!

Just go, will you? Get your hands off me!

Get your facts straight next time!

You already lost your bike, stupid!

Want to lose your wallet too?

Cowards, ganging up on one man!

You're all thieves!

Are you crazy?

Just trying to cool that guy down!

Where's this bicycle fellow?

There he is, putting on a show.

What show?

Can't you see he's half dead?

Where do you live? Right there. I've got nothing to hide.

You can't accuse my son! He's got a clean record!

They'll all tell you!

Just because he wears a German cap.

Isn't my cap German too?

Get up. You can't move him!

Officer, he's very sick.

Then take me to your house.

For heaven's sake... we're honest people. Come and see.


I'd sue you for slander.

That boy's never hurt a flea.

See for yourself.

Four of us live in this one room.

Here's his bed.

See any bicycles under here?

My two other kids and I all sleep there.

Instead of insulting my poor boy, you should give him a job.

He's always looking for one, bless his soul.

Those belong to my brother-in-law.

He used to have a car.

Sure, look under the bed.

You see any bicycles?


Can anyone testify on your behalf? I'll testify.


Could you step outside?

Take all day for all I care.

You could be mistaken. You sure you recognize him?

Of course I'm sure.

Come here.

See all of them?

They'll all testify for him.

I see it every day.

Did you see his face? Yes, as he took off with it.

So you saw his back.

No, I saw his face, because —

Were there other people around? Yes.

And you didn't get names of any witnesses?

I couldn't stop to get names.

Then you're out of luck.

You didn't get a good look at his face, and you have no witnesses.

Maybe you're right, but you have no proof.

And if he's innocent, you're in trouble.

You have to catch these characters red-handed.

I'll smash his face in!

Then I'd have to arrest you.

If you only knew what this means for me.

Come here.

I feel better. I can go with you now.

What did you find? Nothing!

I've got a clean record.

What's your name? Alfredo Catelli.

You want to press charges?

My son's got a clean record.

That's right. You'd better just leave.

Send us a postcard!

Coming around here to accuse people!

Bruno, come on.

Don't come around here again.

Bruno, take the streetcar. Wait at Monte Sacro.

You heard me! Go on!


Stop him! Thief!

Stop that guy!

Trying to ruin everything, are you?

That bike is all I have!

You're going to jail!

Beat it, kid!

Where to? The police station.

We can't all go. Pasquale and I will take him.

Forget it. Let him go.

Just like that?

I don't want trouble. Thanks for your help.

You're a fine example for your son. You should be ashamed.

You got off easy.

If it were me, you'd go to jail.

Go home now. Beat it!

Get out of here!

And you can thank God.