Bidaai (1974) Script

Reality? Is real, absolutely real.

I am leaving, and leaving right now. Keeping them in this house...

I don't want to deprive my family ofhappiness.

Family is not only wife, son.

Yourfamily includes your brother, your dumb sister... your hapless mother.

Why is the mother hapless, is the son who is hapless.

My father lost all his money is business... and left the little land he had in your name, not his son's name.

Anyway, forget it. Don't stare at me, les go.

Can't you wait a day?

What flowers will bloom here in a day?

Tomorrow is yourfather's death anniversary, son.

So what do I do?

You have to perform all rituals so that yourfather's soul rests in peace. Is the duty of the eldest son.

I don't believe in all that nonsense.

You do what you wish, is not my cup of tea.

Les go, the coach has arrived. Ramcharan, pick up the luggage.

Come saloja... you are still standing here?

Les go.

"The moment of separation has come again"

"Even earlier, this heart cried"

"It has lost something again; God, have mercy"


"Hail Krishna!"

"Let me see you, eliminate my yearning"

"Hail Krishna!"

"I chant your name in the morning, I chant your name at night"

"I chant your name every moment"

"Your name is so dearto me"

"Hail Krishna!"

"Whenever our life's boat begins to wobble"

"You become our oarsman"

"The shore is so far away from the river"

"Hail Krishna!"

Murli, when did you come? And where is sudhakar?

I have sent him to worship. Worship? What worship, whose worship? My father, that stingy man... to claim Rs.700 shanker really doesn't owe him... he sent goons to his house.

So I sent sudhakarto deal with them.

Oh damn! We already have a discord with yourfather, Murli.

This is a new problem you created for us.

Gauri, offer oblation. Murli, take oblation and go.

You think you are king to catch hold of anyone and beat him?

You don't interfere, this is Mr. Maggan's matter.

Mr. Maggan indeed!

Shanker, take yourtrunk. The rascals are out to usurp.

There's something called law. We don't know about law.

We follow orders of the man who pays us.

Come, we'll narrate the boss' orders and the servans loyalty... at the police station.

We won't come to the police station.

Shall I go? Will you follow? Yes, you go.

Coach, move... Hey, wait! Goons have settled down in our village.

We get such a chance rarely.

If not before the world, we can talk openly before God.

You fear my father?

Don't fear him. I alone am enough to deal with him.

Don't be afraid. Tell him mother is not home.

Don't be afraid, go and tell him.

Is there anyone in this world? Someone answer me!

Go tell your mother Maggan has come.

What are you dancing for? Go in and call your mother.

Mr. Maggan! Please take a seat. Heard your son's deed?

I had gone to shanker's home for that, but I didn't find sudhakarthere.

You would ifhe was there. He is determined to make enemies with me... and has gone to the police station to get my men arrested.

Men? It is you who should be arrested, father.

You idiot! You have come here again?

Whas so special about this dumb girl that you are so crazy about her?

Hearing music, the snake is charmed, and the bull goes wild.

What do you know about love? You just count your money.

Your miserliness forced my twin brotherto leave home in childhood.

Even I will run away one day.

What will you run away? I only will drive you away.

If you don't listen to me, I'll make you crave for every penny.

And while dying, I'll disown you.

Influenced by your daughter, see how my son is misbehaving with me.

Why don't you get this dumb girl married to some old man... and spare my son?

It is destiny that you don't have any daughter.

You should not speak such cheap words about anyone's daughter.

But don't worry, from today, I'll control my daughter.

Your son is your responsibility.

And your son who is harassing me, what about that?

He himselfis a harassed man as he owes you money.

I don't want to harass anyone. Just repay my money.

Or vacate the house and leave this village.

Or I will have your house auctioned, I'm warning you!

Why had he come? To demand his money again?

Why else will he come? He is the creditor, we are his debtors. We cannot pay him, so we can do nothing but hear his nonsense. Don't worry Ma, I have decided to continue my studies and go to college. I will go to the city.

What! Why? What is the matter?

Nothing. Hearing of separation, my heart shudders.

But I am going to study.

Okay, but where do we get money fortoday's costly education?

Think of that. I'll manage that.

Do one thing, sell our land. No Ma, I'll never do that.

I won't sell land for my education and snatch your livelihood.

Then how will you study? Stop worrying about that.

I will work hard, complete my education, and repay all loans.

The man my sister loves, I will get her married to him.

And then, I will serve you for life.

Gos ways are strange. You are my son, and so is Prabhakar.

Hail Party King Prabhakar!

One cannot come across a more generous friend than Prabhakar...

we will narrate about his parties to future generations.

We'll be going.

Heard your husbans praises?

He's just fallen asleep. Let the child sleep.

Afake coin makes more noise. Thas your state.

Whas so good about flaunting false grandeur?

Wheneveryou get angry, you look even...

Just think, maintaining false grandeur is neither easy, nor useless.

Didn't you see how they left praising me?

Now whereverthey go, they will sing my praises.

And that will help me succeed in life.

Until when will you take credit and treat them to liquorforfalse praises? Until I can get credit.

Won't you have to repay credit? Let him worry of credit who has to repay credit. Shall I ask you something?

Ask two. Even after snipping others pockets to fill yours... don't you everthink of your poor mother, helpless brother... and dumb sister?

Why do you talk about that?

Come, les go to the sea-shore.

Les go.

I feel terrible sending you empty handed to a new city.

Don't worry, I will take up some job when I reach the city.

Crazy! Brothers don't take from sisters, they give them.

I will bring lots of things foryou from the city.

You are crying, Ma?

When your heart is shattered, what happens... only a motherwho is being separated from her son knows.

But you are going to the city to study, so I won't cry.

I don't have anything. But since you are travelling... take these jaggery sweets.

Keep eating this and thinking of us.

Ramcharan, even without the sweets, I will think of you.

There is no one else here now. Take care of mother.

You don't have to say it. I live to serve her.

Come, the coach has come.

Hey cabbie! Hey! Hey 2222!

Is my taxi number.

Don't you feel ashamed to make me wait fortwo hours... and take just anyone in your cab?

Calm down Champa, he is not a passenger, he's my friend.

Please go away, or he will come to know there's something between us.

If there is why fear? I'll scream and say there's something between us... and you coward are hiding it. Look, I am a respectable man.

Don't insult me before my friend. Respectable indeed!

Let me see that friend of yours and enemy of mine.

Look mister, this 2222 made me late by two hours.

He's refusing to take me even now. Is it? Hey! Why so?

She's a fixed passenger. Then why have you left herfree?

She frees... Go, drop her.

Atleast give me the house keys.

Leave the keys with the neighbour when you go to college.

You have come in that jerk's cab again?

Mind yourtongue!

Just watch it! I'll tell boss and get your license forfeited.

Taxis are on strike today, father, and I had to go out with madam.

I got late, I pleaded with him to drop me.

He took a risk and came to drop me, and you are talking of forfeit.

Heard that? Take back yourwords!

You bloody cabbie, I will...

shersingh... Coming master!

Bhaskerwas going to leave for America today. He hasn't come yet.

As I had said, didn't you hit jackpot?

I did.

Here's your Derby share. Take it.

Heeding his advise, even I staked Rs.1.25, and got back Rs.9.50.

Daddy, I am going with my friends. I'll see you at the college meeting.

Bhasker has been waiting foryou. Give him a grand send off.


He is going to Mexico to learn new methods of quick returns on investments. What is that?

Ask the right man, baby doll. I'll tell you.

Like... number games. Les give him a send off.

What do you think? My would-be wife insulted me.

If yourwould-be wife won't insult you, who else will?

Let her insult me. You come with me to the airport.

Sorry Bhasker, I have to attend an important meeting.

Shersingh, drop him to the airport.

Why are you following me? To put you on the plane.

Who are you to see me off, you damn fool!

Are you my would be father-in-law? Is your daughter my would be wife?

I should not say this... Then don't say!

Down with your moustache!

Honorable Principal, students, protectors of the country.

You students are being exploited.

The government has taken businesses undertheir control... and ruined businessmen.

You know who will have to suffer the consequences of these laws. You all!

When you step out of college, you won't get food, or jobs.

You will have to face rejection and poverty.

I ask, the consequence of government policies are so dangerous... isn't it your duty to protest?

It is! It is!

To improve yourfuture... isn't it your duty to raise your voice against injustice?

It is!

Lfit is, then friends, protest!

So go on strike in colleges... until the government doesn't withdraw its policies.

Glory to Mr. Dharamdas!

Quiet! Brothers, please calm down!

I request that I be given an opportunity to present my views.

No! No one has a right to speak in this meeting otherthan the chief guest Why not? There is no such restriction.

Mr. Sudhakar can surely speak. Respected Principal, and friends.

My question is, that instigated by selfish people... leaving our studies aside and going on strikes... will we be able to reach our goal?

Brothers, sisters, we have come here to study.

Our parents, brothers, sister, relatives... are desperately waiting forthat day... when we will complete our education, and through our knowledge... will be able to repay theirfavours.

Our society, ourworld, to taste the fruit of our knowledge... is looking at us with thirsty, hungry eyes.

So friends, be alert and keep a watch all around you.

Don't let wolves in sheep clothing prey on you.

We have to study and do nothing else.

Glory to sudhakar!

Why are you pushing him? He has come to study.

Only to study. Do nothing else.

Pick up your book.

You rascals! Les see how much strength you have.

Leave him! How dare you!

Being the students union secretary, this is what you do?

You have developed guts to break your classmate's head?

You must be taught a lesson. I'll call the police.

No sir, don't call the police. They are my classmates.

They are my colleagues. Influenced by someone, they've made this mistake To bring them to the right path... they don't need to be punished, but pardoned. They need sympathy and love.

Forgive them, sir. You must learn from him.

You? Please come. How are you?

I'm fine. Sit down.

I was sad to hear about this.

The truth is, these times are not for honest, truthful, idealistic people.

The world today is bad.

The world was always good. It is good even today.

People sometimes miss using the goodness in life.

Yourwound is bleeding.

Will you do something I say? What?

I'll arrange your stay in a nursing home. Stay there a few days.

Thank you very much. I am not that sick.

What is this?

All energy drinks for a patient.

Ms. Padma, I'm sorry, I cannot take all this.

Why? I cannot pay for all this.

Who is asking you to pay? Take it just like that.

Without paying, it will be a favour. How can I take such a big burden?

You are being formal. Then I would quietly it.

Strange you are! Champa, take all this back.

Sorry to have bothered you.

Listen! Don't leave annoyed. Give me, Champa.

Wait. Take. I kept yourword, and didn't break mine either.

What is this about? How did this rich babe come here?

She came to inquire about my health.

Had she come to inquire your health or show you her state?

You take everyone to be like you?

You? How come you are here?

Come, I'll drop you.


Isn't the weather good day? What? Weather?

Tell me where you want to go.

Whereveryou take me.

Look Ms. Padma, these paths are new to me. I will lose my way.

You are a very impassive man.

You don't know the dreams I have seen about you.

What all I have thought foryou.

The heights I want to take you to.


I came the other day, and you hurt me.

I was so angry, I didn't sleep all night.

I'm sorry, I didn't intend to hurt you.

Wait, I'll see what your intention is... Pull out one card.


Atleast tell me now where I should drop you.

Who are you to drop me? The queen orders, not the slave.

The slave is waiting, Queen. Tell me, where do I take you?

You are sweating. Take inside the gate to the left.


Are you alright? Did you bang into someone?

Did you crush someone underthe taxi?

No! Thank God!

Did you make any money? Not a penny. Go, let me sleep.

Sleep indeed! Thas why I told you is not your job to drive a taxi.

You ruined my business fortoday.

"I loved you"

"How crazy I am"

"I lit a fire, you poured water over it"

"You didn't realise the worth of my love, my darling"

"In the morning I took the mirror and sat to stick a dot on my head"

"I found my eyes had turned red as I had not slept at night"

"In your memory..."

"I spent the whole night"

"I lit a fire, you poured water over it"0036

"You cannot escape me, I am your shadow"

"The weather of union is here"

"In the damned lifespan is of 100 years..."

"youth is so short-spanned"

"I lit a fire, you poured water over it"

How did you tumble down? Were you fighting with someone in your dream?

Hey 2222! Is yourfriend at home?

More trouble has come into my house early morning.

Here's Rs.50. Madam has sent it. Rs.50?

Taxi fare. Taxi fare?

But you said you didn't make any money last night.

Then where did this money come from?

Return the money. Why? The passengerwill take offence. Madam, has called you

to Hotel surf today evening. Tell her I cannot come.

She will be heart broken if you... Hey, thas not done!

Tell madam I will himself bring him in his taxi.


Is it some jinxed day today? How come they have all arrived together?

They have come to put you in a soup.

They are your creditors. Tell them I am not home.

I cannot lie everyday. Ask the servant to tell them.

He has gone to drop Krishna to school.

Okay, I'll deal with them.

He's not answering. How will he not? Call him.

I've come! You all have come together. Is there any problem?

How is business, Gunichand? I'm doomed giving credit in business. Customers take credit, but don't pay.

I have no stocks left. You have to pay us too.

Don't shout! Let me hearyou one by one.

Have you brought the bill, Gunichand? - I'm roaming with it since months.

Come inside. What about us?

Be seated. Ramu, get tea forthe guests.

Kani, sit down. I'm sitting.

Gunichand, I think no one in the world is a greaterfool than you.

Is this how you do business?

If you had to do something, you should have done it with cunning.

Why, what have I done?

There is talk in government circles that you emptied your shop... and filled your godown.

Oh God! I'm doomed. I had done it in the dark.

You act foolish and then put me in trouble.

I am wondering how to convince the inspector.

You are the Collector's secretary.

Everyone dances to yourtunes.

If you tell him, why won't he understand?

An inspector doesn't hear or understand, he only sees.

Take, show him this. Now my life is in your hands... just rememberthat Good day.

Gunichand, take the money I owe you. - No, what will I do with it?


Got your money, sir? Yes.

Sit down, have tea.

Tirathdas, you gave me two rolls of terelene material. - Yes.

I gifted both the rolls to the Collector.

He asked me who imported this stuff. I gave him your name... he reported it to the CID.

Sir, don't ruin me like this.

Sir, take some money, but save me from this trouble.

I'll try. Go.

See the injustice! Whenever he asked for it, I gave him the best brands.

And when the time came to give money, he's giving it to others first.

I've been waiting. Don't worry, he'll call you too.

Wonder ifhe will have any money left by the time he calls me.

Does he have enough money? Lots... lots.

Mohan, I am wondering why all college students are crazy about your soda.

The police are wondering who this Mohan guy is.

Damn! What will happen now? You'll land in jail, what else?

Jail! Mr. Prabhakar, save my honour. Silence the police somehow.

My jinx got passed on to the creditors pockets.

The fools! Should you have done this?

Why not? What simplerway than this to eradicate poverty?

In these times of socialism... there's no betterway to eliminate monetary differences Take, buy good clothes for yourself and Krishna with it.

I will never cover myself and my son with this ill-gotten money.

Treat yourfriends to liquor with it.

Wheneveryou get angry, you look even more beautiful.

Ms. Padma, I have tried several times, in several ways to make you see sense.

You are making a mistake. I am a poor man.

You will not be able to adjust with me.

I don't agree that monetary differences can come in the way of love. Sudhakar, this is not a decision taken in haste... but carefully thought over since years. I have tested you in every way.

You never hid your poverty from me. Even though in trouble, you nevertook a favourfrom me. Your heart is full oflove foryour mother. And a man who loves his mother so much, how much will he love his wife? I wanted such a heart full oflove, and I have found it. I have made

no mistake in my choice. Who are you? You here?

Daddy, you must not have forgotten him.

But I'll introduce you again to him today.

He is sudhakar, my friend until yesterday... and my would be husband from today.

What did you say! I said it, how else do I say it?

I thought Bhaskerwas just joking. Why have you come here?

I have not come, I have been brought here.

You are such a big mouth.

Didn't you feel ashamed to come to my house and disturb its peace?

Mind your language, daddy. I'm going to marry him.

Padma, how dare you talk to yourfather about your marriage?

Why does anyone need daring to talk to herfather about marriage?

You are foolish, naive, immature! ...Come with me!

The home you have dared to enter, see its grandeur.

Can you guess from this with what comfort I have brought up my daughter?

I have made her sleep in a silver cradle on silken mattress... made her go around in cars. Can you give her all these luxuries?

I have neverthought about the give and take, Mr. Dharamdas.

Ifl have to give something...

I have something more precious to give than all this to her... about which you perhaps have no knowledge.

Excuse me, I am poor. My view is different from yours.

I understand your view. To eliminate your poverty... you want to trap my daughter and grab my wealth.

If you want to blackmail, you should have said so clearly.

Here's the price of your love and get out ofhere.

You are mistaken.

I did not trap your daughter.

Nor am I the kind of man who sells love for money.

Keep it, you'll need it.

I didn't know you were such a pauper.

You get good manners in free from decent men.

Daddy, stop him or even I will leave! - Let me see how you leave!

Shersingh, stop her!

Child, even if yourfather is wrong, you should obey him.

What nonsense you talk! Lock her up inside.

Master, how do I be harsh to a child I brought up?

Is not right to lock her up, father-in-law. He's right.

I don't know about right orwrong, but he's a better boy then you.

Though he is poor.

What has being poor got to do with marriage, you fool!

Go keep a watch on her. Ensure she doesn't leave the home.

This guard won't be able to control that cat.

Heed me. I will lock up her room and lose the key.

Then no one will be able to go in, or come out.

Master, there he is! Yes! Ride faster!

Murli! Murli, stop I say!

Murli stop, or I'll break your legs!

Got caught, didn't you? Take him home.

I'll take this girl to her home. Come!

You shameless girl, come!

Here, take care of your shameless daughter.

Had you sent herto attend the marriage ofherfriend... orto elope with my son?

But I won't tolerate it any more.

I am warning you, leave the village along with your daughtertoday itself.

Or I will have your home auctioned! Get that?

Les go.

Madam, if you lose courage like that in troubled times, what will become of

us? Get up, cook and eat.

I have lost face.

Before leaving, get me some poison, I'd rather die.

Murli's fatherwill cremate my body. Why do you talk like that?

Don't talk like that. I'll get food foryou from home.

Before leaving, get me some poison, I'd rather die.

Murli's fatherwill cremate my body.

Gauri, you also come and eat with your mother.

Madam, I have brought food, eat it.

Where did she go? There is no one here.

Good heavens! Now what?

Disaster! Gauri is not inside. Her jewelry is here.

Oh my God! Ramcharan, go find my daughter!

"The moment of separation has come again"

"Even earlier, this heart cried"

"It has lost something again; God, have mercy"


Ramcharan, if sudhakar asks where his sister is, what will I tell him?

I won't give you! These guavas are only for Gauri.

I'll give them to Gauri. Mad man! Gauri is no more.

Yourfather is no more, your grandfather is no more!

Murli! The idiot!

Children, have you seen my Murli?

He went after Gauri. Has he gone to die after her?

How did you hurt yourself? I fell off the tree.

I had gone to pluck guavas for Gauri. She likes guavas.

Where is she? Call her. How do I call her, Murli?

My voice does not reach there.

She should not have gone so far alone. - One has to go there alone, son.

Did you pack food for her? Since she has left, I have not eaten.

I'm hungry, Ma. Sit, I'll get food foryou.

My Gauri!

We have information that taxi no.2222 is missing from the city.

We have alerted all police stations and check posts.

You are responsible forthis. You conspired in her disappearance.

Abuse me if you like, master, but don't accuse me ofbetrayal.

Then where did she go?

I should not say this... but this is the result of putting pressure on a young girl.

She left?

She has left.

Master, is a fact, once the daughter leaves home, she's gone forever.

The nuisance has come!

You made a grave mistake in fixing your daughter's marriage with him.

Bhasker, you leave from here now.

Without my would be wife?

Without herwould be husband?

Whose daughterwill not run away... hearing ofher marriage with such a guy?

Had she married me, I would ensure she did not run away.

I should not say this... Then don't! Down with your

moustache! You are such a fool!

You should not have done this. Great! What did I do?

You lit the fire and came here. Shut-up! Fool!

You'll never understand. Madam, I have told you everything.

You just don't listen to him. I have heard everything, and understood everything. Lfhe has fallen in love while studying in college, why hide it now? Take dear.

I didn't hide, but... Enough! I have understood everything.

Padma, just tell me... are you underthe misconception that sudhakar is rich like you?

No, he has told me everything clearly.

But Ma... sudhakar, a girl's honour is very fragile.

After herfather's home, whoever's home a girl enters, she belongs to him. Shanker, call the priest.

Bring Ramcharan along.

What! She got married?

Yes. The girl is an adult. We cannot do anything.

I think it will be better to congratulate them.

Now whetheryou say it in English or in Latin, it means the same.

Hard luck!

What fate! I got grapes without plucking them.

If you hadn't got them, would you say the grapes are sour?

They didn't look sour even on the branch.

Then why didn't you pluck them? They were a a height.

I feared they may fall in dust.

Liar! Those were all acts to get the grapes.

You're very cunning. Now whatever I am... l'm before you!

Listen. What?

I had told you once we'll not be formal with each other.


Hereafter, address me by name.

I will aftertoday.

But not yet, there's still a veil separating us.

Why keep the veil. Come, I'll lift it.

Leave me. Then how will I lift the veil?

You are very bold.

Look the otherway. Why?

I want to change. What do I see the otherway.

Then turn off the light. Why?

It hurts my eyes. Then close your eyes and change.

Don't switch it off.

Aren't you the same who wasn't shy making me drive her around in 2222... all night?

"Hear... hear!"

"Good heavens!"

"He is my lover, he salutes me"


"I am his wife, he is my slave"

"I am her lover, I salute her"

"she is my wife, I am her slave"

"Hear... hear!"

"He's moon, I'm moonlight; I'm the fragrance, he's the flower"

"Thinking of me..."

"Thinking of me, he forgot everything else"

"What is your name? I don't remember"

"Where are you from? I forgot"

"Who am I? My beloved"

"What do you think of me? You are great!"

"I am his fairy, he is my fan"

"I am his wife, he is my slave"

"such a beautiful pair, such a beautiful union"

"watch, of my love..."

"watch, I'll show you the game of my love"

"Will you sing? I will"

"Will you dance? Yes, I will"

"Who do I praise you, I cannot find the words"

"Even fairies don't have such qualities"

"I will spend all day and night in your service"

"Whenever I call out, it will be only your name"

"He entertains me like that all day and night"

"I am his wife, he is my slave"

"There are millions oflover boys, but he is one in a million"

"stay away, friend"

"Don't you dare touch him"

"Come... come close"

"stay... stay away"

"He's tall. So what?"

"What does he do? He's loyal to me?"

"Where does he live? Here, in my heart"

"My daddy has put everything in his name"

"I am his wife, he is my slave"

O my God! Do you want to open a shop?

What nonsense! These are all things I need.

If these are things one needs, then spices, grains, oil are all unnecessary. You cannot take a bath with spices, and you can make toothpaste of grains. Maybe not, but you survive on them. Will I have to survive only on grains? Padma, you will have to make easy this problem. You've married a man of meagre income.

You will have to give up luxuries. When you start helping motherwith the house chores... your unwanted needs will automatically reduce. Come.

Ma, make her do some work too. You need to rest now.

"Whenever I call out, it will be your name"

I got my salary, Ma.

You could have given it to me later.

You didn't have to come to the kitchen to give it to me.

Ma, you sound tired. What is the matter?

I'm growing old, son.

Relaxing, are you? Why? Shouldn't one relax?

When the mother is working in her old age... a daughter-in-law cannot relax.

You came charging to fight. Fight? Am I fighting?

Got your pay? Yes, I gave it to mother. Why?

That means you didn't get my things even this time.

How do I explain to you that I cannot afford all that with my income?

Then why don't you come to dad? Champa wrote to me.

Daddy will be very happy with our arrival.

Why, what happened?

I will never leave my mother and go anywhere for my comfort.

But listen... sudha, come here.

"How do I praise you, I cannot find the words"

"Even fairies don't have such qualities"

"I will spend all day and night in your service"

Is tight now. You don't take care of yourself.

Is fine now.

I'll put the mattress. I'll do it, you go.

Avoid working in water, you'll fall ill.

I'm not so delicate. You go, is very late.

Thank you, Ramu dada.

Take this money. Keep this foryou, Ramu dada.

This is for me, and this forthe poor.

Shall I leave now, mom? Take care, child.

What language is he speaking.

In which every mother wants her son to speak.

Which you cannot speak even by mistake.

Krishna does not go anywhere without taking his mother's blessings.

And his father never remembers his mother.

Wonderwith whose sin or virtue children are born to people.

Darling, you never understand me. I love my wife more than my mother.

Even Gods always keep theirwives close to them. I am their devotee.

That is why my language is not what you have taught your son.

My chant is, 'my wife is supreme! '

Want me to call the doctor? Don't bother. Get me something tangy. Tangy! Oh God!

You're pregnant, Padma! Sudha, get raw mangoes if you can. You have a bad cough and you want to eat raw mangoes? Not for me, foryourwife.

Why does she want raw mangoes? Idiot! She's pregnant.

You're going to be a father. Go to her, she's waiting foryou.

Ma has gone to get mangoes for you. Know how happy she is with this news?

And you? You cannot guess how happy I am.


I got Champa's letter again today. What has she written?

She has written that if we go there... daddy is ready to give you his wealth, property, car, business.

You mean you want me to be a house husband and live off my father-in-law?

And my mother should live alone here and rot?

Your mother has become my enemy.

I told you send her money. What else does she want?

Is a mother's debt repaid with money?

Then should I repay your poverty by selling my fate to your mother?

Get this clear. I myself am going to be a mother.

In this condition, neither am I ready to take any trouble... nor do I want my child to open his eyes in poverty and craving.

I will go, and you will have to come with me.

It is not only you who has desires, even I do.

My mother is poor, so I, her son, am poor.

And since I am poor, so that my son opens his eyes in borrowed riches... neitherwill I go, norwill I let you go.

Let me die! The day I die suffocated with your poverty... take my body to my fatherthat day.

Go! Go to your mother!

Are you a kid that you keep following your mother?

What is it? What do you want with your mother?

I got my salary. I've come to give it to you.

Do you have only your mother? Can't you give it to yourwife?

Why do you say that? Why will I give it to herwhen you are here?

You will give her after I die. Assume your mother is dead.

I cannot run your house anymore. You and yourwife manage it.

What is the matter? Did she fight with you?

Why will I fight with her? Am I an illiterate woman to fight?

I have come to live with you, not fight with your mother.

Why are you accusing me of things?

As it is, I am crying over my fate.

Why are you making yourwife say things?

Don't deprive yourself of a comfortable life because of me.

Yourfather's home is small, your mother's affection is not enough.

I will not be able to keep you two happy here.

Go and live with yourfather-in-law. What are you saying, Ma?!

The fact. Like Prabhakar, is in your interest that you leave your mother.

It is in a son's interest to leave his mother?

You brought me into this world, reared me.

It is my duty to take care of you in your old age.

It is also your duty to keep yourwife happy.

Motherfirst, wife later.

Your motherwill live a few years more.

You have to spend your whole life with your mother.

Your comfort is most important to me.

Don't make the world say that mother and son troubled the daughter-in-law.

I will be defamed that a mother-in-law... could not tolerate a rich daughter-in-law.

She is a rich father's daughter.

She won't be able to adjust with a poor mother-in-law.

You take her away. No, that won't happen.

The rich man's daughter was aware of my poverty.

She will have to recollect that.

For my wife, I won't leave my mother.

You want to disturb the peace of my old age with everyday fights?

You want to kill your old mother before her death?

If you want my life to be spent in peace... go away from here!

No dear, don't cry. I got your letter.

You don't have to worry now. I have come to take you.

Mr. Sudhakar, forget this painful life.

Come with me, I have come to invite you.

You took my daughter, you didn't take the dowry.

I will give you wealth, money, business, everything as dowry.

What are you thinking now? Your mother has permitted you to leave. Daddy has himself come to you to eliminate your problems. What more do you want?

Please come. I'm waiting foryou outside.

Come Padma. Okay Ma, I'm leaving.

Go son. I know with how much pain you have asked me to leave. I promise you that the one who has build this wall between us... I will make her realise the greatness of a mother. Then remember my words!

If you leave your pregnant wife and come back here... you won't get your mother.

"The moment of separation has come again"

"Even earlier, this heart cried"

"It has lost something again; God, have mercy"

Darling, why do you have to rememberyour days of poverty?

A poor mother's son is rich, and a rich wife's husband is poor.

How can this be forgotten?

You are no more poor, dear.

You are a new world, modern society's cultured wife's romantic husband.

Take these documents. You own this lovely house from today.

I even got a cotton mill transferred to your name.

Why are you staring at me?

Not you, I am looking at your crazy obsession.

Yes, I am crazy. You have made me crazy.

"I am his wife, he is my slave"

"Hear... hearthis!"

Shoes, clothes, watches; these are bills in thousands.

Have you brought them by mistake?

They are all our son-in-law's bills. Such high bills?

Yes. You may go.

Shersingh, see this?

Sudhakar is getting things forfree, so he's developed taste Master.

Listen... listen... l'm telling you! Me?


Forget that. Why did you have to blow up so much money on shoes and watches?

It will be better if you ask your daughterthat.

What do I ask her? She is crazy about you.

Where are you going? To the mill office.

Careful. Don't mess things at the mill too.

What did you say? Nothing.

Shersingh. Yes master?

The worls father bring husbands fortheir daughters.

My daughter brought a husband for herfather.

Master, everything about you has to be different from the world.

This is your office.

You seem to feel the burden of the responsibility.

I know all the secrets of this mill since its inception, sir.

Leave all yourtensions to me then watch my capability.

Don't think I'm just praising myself.

A partner in this mill, God bless his soul... the Late Mr. Padmakar used to say I am not an extraordinary man... but an extraordinary angel.

What name did you say? Mr. Padmakar.

Where was he from?

From Rampur, a small village near Hassanpur You must be having a record ofhis share.

I have every paper. I'd like to see it.

Sure, I'll get them.

Being illiterate, his cunning partners cheated yourfather in business.

He committed suicide in that sorrow.

Go to school, son.

I want to see every job done in this mill, Bhatnagar.

Come with me.

Why are grains stocked in the godown of a cotton mill?

Is all illegal business. You'll gradually know.

Shersingh! I have been ruined!

The police raided my godown. I have been ruined!

Where did so many envelopes come from? Whose letter is it?

Sudhakar's. Sudhakar?

What has he written, read it.

'I am sending 30 envelopes. If you send me one each everyday... '

'my one month will pass in peace. Yours sudhakar'

One has to be very lucky to get such a son, mother.

Where did I get him? I'll spend each day writing one letterto him.

Doom! I've been ruined!

I have fallen in the esteem of Capitalists... and the communists suspect me.

Had I known my devil son-in-law would destroy my business of years in days... I would never get carried away by this foolish girl's talks... and transferthe business to his name.

You did that?

Just think, that communist son-in-law is better... or I, a fortunist son-in-law would have been better?

Father-in-law, let me introduce you to these people.

He is Mr. Bhatnagar, the manager of Dharamdas Co-Op Mill... and shareholder.

An ordinary workerwho used to stand at a distance with folded hands... dares to shake hands with me today? It is all a matter of time.

Folded hands are free today, and bowed heads rise high.

Bhatnagar! Is this how you repay me for my favour of 30 years?

Mind yourtongue! Bhatnagar is no more your employee... but a shareholder!

Now meet him. He is Mr. Shanker, the secretary of the workers union.

Which loafer are you talking of, sir? He is a taxi driver.

Shut-up! Talk with respect! Why is your moustache twirled up?

Go do yourwork.

I had only transferred the mills to you, not its godown.

With what right did you give away the grains in the godown to the government? Answer me!

The godown are a part of the mill. So they are mine.

Did you hearthat?! The poor man who I made rich is sucking my blood today. Darling, just think how much loss you made daddy suffer. Don't talk nonsense.

I haven't come across a more foolish girl than you... who doesn't understand what is profit or loss... and a man as blind as yourfather.

Had I not surrendered the socks in the godown to the government... yourfatherwould have been in jail one day.

Had I not mad the mill a co-op, the workers would have burnt him

alive. Daddy, you say whateveryou wish, wheneveryou wish. He saved your life, and you are accusing him? When you don't understand things, why don't you let him do things his way? Les go upstairs.

Master, you must not speak just any rubbish with your son-in-law.

Everyone is telling me. I don't understand anything. I'm an idiot!

I understand. Your son-in-law numbertwo is a complicated man.

Don't worry, I'll take him to the club some day and brain wash him.

Is Mr. Prabhakar home?

No sir, master left for office early morning.

What morning? Early morning.

But he is not in office.

Won't you go to office today, papa? I will. It is only 8 am.

Who said it is 8 am? Your mom just told me.

Papa how many times have I told you not to lie?

You told mom there's a curfew.

Actually, some big leader is going to die today, so we have leave.

Madam. What is it?

Don't think I'm complaining. But sir is bunking office every other day.

The Collector gets very angry.

Heard? One lie makes you speak a thousand lies.

It is a sin to lie. Good fathers don't lie.

Get dressed quickly. You go to school, you'll get late.

Why are you staring at me? You made a kid insult you.

When destiny itselfis bad, what can even a smart man do?

Get lost! The useless fellows are a crowd.

You guys are all around the house.

There is no work here, get out ofhere! We don't need anyone.

You cannot throw us out like that.

You are teaching me? I will keep who I want, dismiss who I wish.

Get out! Shout slogans, go on a fast, do what you wish.

We don't need servants. Champa, come here!

Where had you gone? To buy flowers forthe vases.

Whas in this? Powder and cream.

You idiot! Everyone is bent on ruining everything.

Useless men and wasteful expenditure is ruining me.

Get out! What happened?

Why are you getting yelling at the servants?

Mind yourtongue! What do you mean by yelling?

Are you alright? Absolutely.

And who is not, I'll make him alright.

Richness didn't suit you. What did you say?

You had no food t eat in your small, nor a comfortable bed to sleep in.

I brought you here and made you rich. And you are screaming at me only?

Shut-up! What happened? Whas going on?

Where are you all going? We have been dismissed.

Where are you going? Mr. Sudhakar dismissed me too.

What happened? Why did you make Padma cry? Why did you dismiss the servants?

Without the servants, how will the home run?

What your age and money could not teach you...

I will teach you that lesson now.

What will you teach me? Dignity oflabour.

Why do you need so many servants fortwo people?

This shersingh does nothing at all.

Make him do house chores, you do yourwork yourself.

Make your daughter cook food.

The new world values work, not money.

Everyone will have to do his own work, like I do mine.

Even my guess went wrong. This man turned out to be crazy.

If you heed me, shall I tell you something?


Padma is pregnant, she will deliver a heir.

Then what have we got to do with this crazy man?

I'll throw him out!

The teeth are ours, and even the lips.

It is betterto keep quiet. No one takes good advise.

Don't worry, shankerwill pay in your salary in time.

Just do what I have told you. Did I hurt you?

You didn't hit me hard.

Champa, listen.

Rest assured.

Sir, first you dismiss us. And then you join us.

Nice act this is.

This is not an act. I am a worker, he is a worker, I am a worker.

He's the one who puts on an act.

Know him? You don't?

"He never opens his vault"

"My father-in-law is very rich"

"When will he go broke?"

"Move away, don't make noise"

"Don't bore my father-in-law"

"He is a good guy, though he does illegal business"

"He owns a big mill, but has a small heart"

"How did he make so much money? I'll tell you how"

"He made the excuse of fate"

"And sucked the blood of the poor"

"He acted a saint and committed this heist"

"My father-in-law is very rich"

"Meet this beauty now"

"she is my beloved"

"she looks so beautiful, like a hapless woman"

"she deceived the village and brought me to the city"

"she is short, but cunning"

"she makes such moves"

"I cannot even mention it"

"What a woman I have in my life!"

"My father-in-law is very rich"

"Now ask me who he is"

"He is silent since so long"

He is the slave ofhis master, a loyal dog"

"He is a stooge"

"He runs afteryou like a dog, doesn't spare you ifhe catches you"

"He doesn't do a good job"

"But he is not disloyal"

"He is the guard of stolen goods"

"My father-in-law is very rich"

I'll thrash this son-in-law today!

Then even ifl'm jailed for it.

Your mother's letter? Yes.

Is she okay? What has she written?

She writes, 'don't hurt Padma just because you think she hurt me'

Mother is worrying herself over her daughter-in-law... and the daughter-in-law is living in a dream world.

The mother and daughter-in-law in this woman are in deep slumber.

Sorry Ma, to awaken her, I have to put on a painful pretense.

It will be successful with your blessings.

Go shanker, it is very late.

I don't want to say it, but I have understood everything.

Let the pretense be such that everyone is taken by surprise.

Madam, you? What happened, Ramcharan?

How did you fall sick?

Keep lying down. Why do you need to get up?

Madam, you have honoured your servant.

Did you make someone write today's letterforyou?

Good job sudhakar has put me on. I made the postman write to him.

You didn't do right in returning the money order.

I cannot eat one loaf ofbread, what will I do with so much money?

Sudha, will be offended. Sudha can never be offended with me.

Faith should be like you, and devotion like sudhakar's.

If one wants to worship an ideal mother, it should be you.

And if one wants to worship an ideal son, it should be your son.

I am leaving, oryou will keep talking.

Don't worry about the food or medicines.

Madam, let me take your blessings.

You are crazy. Sita, escort her home.

I will manage.

Sita, help me up.

Ramcharan, I see many dreams nowadays.

I can hearthe lors flute, but cannot see him.

You used to say I have a grandma. Yes, you do.

How did you think ofhertoday? Just like that.

Where does she live? In Rampur, a village near Hassanpur.

What is my grandma's name? Parvati.

Have you gone deaf? Where is the string of my pajama?

I don't use pajama string.

You don't, but where is it?

It must be there. Go find it for me.

I have enough work to do already.

Stop your hymns! Neither do you work, nor let anyone else join here.

Thas how it will be now. Hail the Lord!

I'll have them all sent to jail. I'll call the police!

The phone is locked. Why? Get the key.

The key is with secretary, shanker.

There are no spices in this. Do you think I am some sage... or a blood pressure patient like yourfather?

What tasteless food this is. Eat whatever it is now.

She cannot cook. She would, if you had taught her.

You have only taught herto sleep on soft mattresses... given her all comforts in life.

Had you ever made her enterthe kitchen?

I didn't know my daughter has married an illiterate uncultured man.

Now, neitherwill I stay here, nor let my daughter stay here.

Come dear, we will go to our other bungalow.

Have some sense, father-in-law. Your daughter is my wife.

And there's no power in the world that can take my wife away from me.

Glory to Ramu dada!

Boss, take his handkerchief.

Boss, sweets! Boss, banana!

Give the blind woman money.

God bless you.

I accept defeat!

You do? Then give that blind woman the money.

Here's your money, lady. God bless you, son.

To fill your stomach, you looted a hapless woman?

Not only her, he loots all of us. He's a nuisance.

Don't you feel ashamed? You are so many, and you fear one goon?

If you don't protect yourself, will strangers come to save you?

He is right. Beat him and take revenge of so many days!

Take lady. God bless you, son.

Where did my son go? Find him, or I'll cry myself to death.

Don't cry saloja, he'll come.

I am myself going to bring back Gauri. Pack some food for me forthe journey.

There is no food at home.

You didn't cook? No son.

I don't cook anymore.

You have fallen sick in Gauri's memory.

Don't worry, I will bring Gauri and come straight here.

We both will live with you and take care of you.

I am leaving. No son... listen...

Don't leave yourfather and go, he will die.

What an evil man's name you took!

Gauri, I'm coming!

Congratulations! Is a boy.

Shersingh, I have a grandson! Sudhakar, you have got a son!

Son, I searched every well in Rampur looking foryou.

Why did you leave yourfather and come here?

I was not born the normal way. I don't have any father.

Don't say that! However much the world may change... but why feel embarrassed to treat yourfather as a father?

Son, forgive me my faults. Forget whatever happened over Gauri.

Take her home, I will not protest.

I don't know any Gauri. I think this man is a fraud.

Am I your step father, you rascal, that you are calling me blackmailer?

You are calling yourfather a fraud in his daughter-in-law's presence?


I am only dating him yet.

Hey you! You stand there quietly and let me get insulted?

Don't you feel ashamed?

You bloody father! You impostor! Do you know who I am?

I don't want to speak anymore.

Pyare, he's gone again. What do I do now?

Pull out his wig and expose him before the girl.

He'll come to his senses.

You wear a wig and deceive me? Leave my hair!

Guard! Take them away!

He was found in a rich man's car 15 years ago.

15 years ago? Pyare, could he be Murli's lost twin?

Yes! I'm sure he's the same.

My son! Don't run away! I am yourfather. Don't leave me!

I've come from so farforyou! ...You'll fall!

Stay away, child! Don't come close to me.


I am suffering from a contagious disease.

Even my shadow should not fall on anyone.

If everyone does that, what will become of the sick?

Take, drink water. Who are you who's giving me water?

Take. I am fine now. Go now. I cannot leave you in this state.

Les go inside.

Take, eat. Don't refuse.

Madam, don't you have a family?

No, I have two sons, two daughters-in-law.

Where are they?

One took his wife and left. The other's wife took him and left.

And I was left alone. Disgusting!

Didn't you give them an education?

One is a graduate, the other did high school.

Is written in no book to leave your mother.

What education is this? My grandma lives in this village.

I will stay with her. When your sons come, tell me.

I'll teach them a lesson. What sons they are!

Howeverthe sons may be, they are sons.

What else can a mother do otherthan pray fortheir goodwill.

If only I could see them once before dying.

Shall I write to them? I don't even know the address of one. Whose address you know,

whas his name? And the other?

Prabhakar. And what is your name?

Parvati. You are my grandma!

What did you say?! Yes, you are my grandma.

How? Who are you? Why are you hurting me, child?

I am Krishna. But whose son are you?

My father's name is Prabhakar. My Krishna!

What good virtue of mine brought you here?

Don't cry, grandma.

My destiny! What good sons it snatched from me.

And my lovely grandson has come to bid me goodbye.

Grandma... grandma.

Fourframes. Fourframes.

One table light. One table light.

One watch.

Something seems to be wrong here. I thought I'll have a few drinks.

Les slip out ofhere.

You came at a good time. I was thinking about you.

I need some money. Who gives money to anyone these days? I'd myself come to

seek your help, Prabhakar. Tested yourfriendship?

Good example you gave to the world. Sir, I found this

paper in Krishna's drawer. This is Krishna's letter.

He's gone to meet his grandma. Thank God!

Les go to mother. Mother?

How can I face her?

Yourfriends enjoyed your money and turned away from you.

But despite going hungry, mother must be waiting to see yourface.

Atleast understand the importance of a mother now.

I don't even have money forthe fare now.

Why do you worry about money? You gave it to me, you take it.

I will feel nice if I can be ofhelp to you.

Take your medicine. Medicine... medicine! Throw it away!

I have told you several times, bring my baby to me. I want to see him.

I want to feed him. Why don't you bring my baby?

He is sitting there, how do I bring the baby?

Daddy, whas going on? I'll die like this.

Don't worry, and don't cry. You take your medicine, I'll convince him.

Take your medicine.

Whatever it may be, but it is a sin to separate a child from his mother.

She has just delivered the baby. If the baby is not fed milk... the motherwill develop a hundred illnesses.

The doctorwill tell a hundred ways to draw out the milk.

No! Where is my baby? Don't go inside!

Stop! Leave me! Let me see my baby!

Leave me! My baby!

I said don't go nearthe baby. Why did you come out of your room?

You won't let me see the baby? No!

Why are you being cruel to me? Why are you hurting a mother?

If you have any complains, punish me in some otherway.

Why are you keeping me away from my baby and killing me?

Let me feed him. Your milk is fickle.

Your milk will teach my son to forget his duty.

I will not let you nurse my son.

Ifl am not destined to nurse him, atleast let me see him.

Let me hold him in my arms.

To allow love to grow between mother and child is out of date now.

Why are you taunting me? What have I done?

How have I harmed you? Despite you being poor, I loved you.

I married you.

To hold your head high in society, I gave you money, wealth, respect.

Despite my decency, the injustice you made me suffer, I tolerated it all.

I am spending my life like a silent slave.

And you are going on hurting me?

You loved me? You didn't love me, you played a joke on me.

You married me to have a man on your arm to roam in modern society.

You wanted a nincompoop to do your bidding, not a husband.

You dragged me from the village and brought me here to fulfil your desires. You never realized that the foundation ofhusband wife relationship... lies in knowing, understanding, and respecting each other. You didn't love me, you have cheated your heart. Yes, I have. While falling foryour looks and brains, I did not know... that I am handing over my destiny into the hands of such a fiend... who will make me crave to even see my baby's face. You don't have a heart, but steal in its place. You are a devil, and I...

such daring! You hit my daughter in my presence?

I have been tolerating you until today because ofher.

But not anymore.

I will not let my daughter spend her life with a fiend like you.

I will get her a divorce! Divorce! Great!

Stick to yourwords, father-in-law.

You want the house matters to reach court, do that.

Justice will now be done in court.

Tiffs between husband and wife reach divorce... in my view is not a healthy sign.

I give them a year. If they cannot settle their differences by then... the court will give the plaintiff divorce.

Sir, the court has yet to decide who the baby is to be handed overto.

The baby is mine, he will stay with me.

I request the court to give the baby to the motherfor his betterment.

As the father, I object!

Let the husband punish as a husband, let the court punish as a court does.

But I request both, don't take away my baby from me.

Please give me my baby.

Keeping the baby in an orphanage can be a good solution.

I don't mind.

No! I won't send my baby to an orphanage.

My baby is not a orphan.

Afiend who even ill treats servants... a drunkard who ruined my father's business... can send his child to an orphanage.

But one who kept him in her womb for nine months... cannot tolerate that until she is alive.

A baby is the biggest blessing in a woman's life.

The thought of giving away such a precious gift of destiny... as an orphan is killing me.

Ratherthan send him to an orphanage, give him the baby.

I will console myself.

I just request that my son is brought up with love and affection.

He should be brought up with love.

I wanted this. I just wanted this change, sir.

Maybe late, maybe not at home, even ifin court... atleast you realized that the bond of a mother and child... is so delicate, yet so strong.

Sir, I wanted to stirthis great emotion of a mother in a woman.

My only intention was to remind this woman influenced by modern age... a forgotten lesson.

I was therefore forced to put on this act.

It is wrong that I was cruel to the servants.

I have never been cunning with people who did me favors.

I don't have the habit of fighting, and I don't touch liquor.

The court can verify my statement.

Sir, I did go to thrash Mr. Sudhakar and bring him to his senses.

But when he had not drank liquor, how would he be intoxicated?

He was reading his mother's letter and crying... and saying that he was putting on an act... to generate motherly feelings in his wife.

That is all, sir.

We were not dismissed. We were paid salary on time.

Mr. Sudhakar is an angel. He is not at fault.

Sir, I am not cunning, unjust, cruel.

I am a poor mother's decent son.

She married me aware of my financial status.

I desired that the mother I worship, my wife cares for her... respects her, serves herwell.

But she turned away from humanity and decency and turned my home to hell. Sad, and helpless, my mother, for her comfort, send me with her. I came with herto teach her how great a mother is. All my cruelties were an act to teach her a lesson. I don't know whether she knows this or not... that the man who caused my father's death by cheating him in business... is herfather.

I don't know that the motherwho is weeping overthe separation... ofherfour day old baby... has realized the pain of a mother who had her son with herfor 25 years.

I don't want anyone's money, comforts, luxuries.

I don't need a year, if she wishes, I am ready to divorce her now.

If she wants my love, I am ready for even that.

My deeds put me to shame.

My misbehaviorwith mother has brought me disgrace.

I was naive. Only after becoming a mother I realized... what being a mother is. My baby made me realise this.

Sudhakar, forget my mistakes and forgive me.

Sudhakar, a telegram foryou.

Whose telegram is it? Mother is very sick.

Les go, hurry!

I bought milk, grandma. Good.

Is your grandpa's death anniversary today. You have to perform the rituals. Come.

He's your grandfather. Pay him your respects.

"Who are you?"

"I am a cowherd. What is your name?"


"Everyone's savior, Krishna"

"I was leaving the world thirsty"

"You came at the right time, O Krishna"

"I bid goodbye to everyone"

"They did not come to bid me goodbye"

"A mother could not meet her children"

"You came at the right time, O Krishna"

"How do I face the village?"

"I called out to everyone"

"No one came, I waited so much"

"You came at the right time, O Krishna"

Not here grandma, lie down on the cot.

No son, all my jobs on earth are over now.

Just put some holy Ganga water in my mouth, son.


Mother, forgive me.

I realized the greatness of a mother very late.

I committed a grave sin of separating a son from his mother in her last days. Forgive me.

I am the cause of all this destruction You died a torturous death because of me.

The lure of comforts, made me forget my responsibility.

I am very bad. I don't even have the right to seek your blessings.

"The moment of separation has come again"

"My children, why do you cry?"

"Smile, why do you feel sad?"

"See my smile"

"see the grandeur of the motherwho is leaving"

"I don't have any unquenched thirst in my heart"

"I have no unfulfilled desire"

"I saw you rocking in my arms"

"I saw you growing up"

"I had sons, daughters-in-law, grandsons"

"I saw all responsibilities being fulfilled"

"All my duties I have discharged"

"I have fulfilled all duties of a mother"

"A mother is soil, affection is the earth"

"A mother's affection does not die with the her"

"You are all a part of my heart"

"Live together in this home"

"I will visit our courtyard as the wind"