Big Brother (2020) Script

Manu, where are you now? Oh God!

Am I not speaking in Malayalam?

Make it clear, Manu. Where are you now?

I'm in front of Jail Bhavan.

The IG's appointment is at 10.30 AM.

It's 10.15 AM now.

When are you going to arrive?

You're aware of Bangalore traffic, right Manu?

I will reach soon.


What's your elder brother's name? - Sachidanandan.

Around 90 prisoners who have completed their jail term like Sachidanandan, are still behind bars in different jails in Karnataka.

There are many procedures to get them released.

I'm not asking you to release all of them, sir.

I came to talk only about my big brother.

You're lucky that he didn't put you also behind bars!

There's a limit in answering back, Manu. - Yeah, right!

He's talking as if the others are giving company to my brother.

If the Government has money, not just 90, let them feed and shelter 900 people!

But they can't keep my brother in the jail anymore. - Softly!

Gemini, we should get the DGP's appointment.

The Mangalore jail warden's report is really favourable.

I shall recommend this and send it to the Government.

Sir, even the earlier DGP...

.. used to say the same thing, and send us back.

Finally when the list comes out, only my brother's name wouldn't be there.

Then there might be some objection from the Government.

Sir, my brother went to jail before I was born.

Now I am 24 years old.

My brother has completed his double life sentence too.

What's the objection now sir?


Meet the Home Minister and give a complaint.

Hello! - Where have you reached? - Sorry.

I had to pick up my sister's son from school.

I'll drop him home and come soon.

Minister will leave by then.

Then we'll come there directly. Okay?

Okay. Come fast.

Get me the file.

Good evening, Achaya.

Good evening.

You've brought a kid along this time?

What's it?

I brought him to introduce him.

After we die, he will be coming instead of us.

So you are aware, that it's impossible.

Sit down.

This time you should recommend this strongly to the Minister.

If you tell him, he would listen.

Not just me. Even if you tell him, he would 'listen'.

Minister is not deaf.

'Anyway, things will work out with this.'

Don't have any such hopes!

Come. - You've been coming here for many years.

That's why I'm saying this openly.

The Intelligence report is against your brother.

This is unfair, sir.

It is dangerous to release your brother.

That's the Intelligence report.

Excuse me.

There's a perfect person who can release your brother from jail.

Edwin Moses. Here you go.

Just call on this number.

Good morning, sir.

This is for Sachidanandan, of cell no. 19.

He's working at that ground.

Ask him to come and meet me after that. - Okay sir.

Why are you hitting me, Govind Raj Anna?

I didn't do anything, right?

You didn't do anything, dear!

Bloody rascal!

That's why I hit you!

You didn't do anything?

Bloody rascal!

You, me and him have come here, to serve our punishments.

If you try to punish him further, I'll chop it off!

Bloody rascal!

What happened, Sachi?

What's the matter?


Your name is on the list this time.


Here. It's a letter from your younger brother.

My dear brother...

There's a good news.

Minister signed your releasing order today.

I am as thrilled as Robert De Bruce who fought till he won, without admitting failure.

Not just me.

Our whole family.

There will be a celebration here, on the day you reach.

Rest, when we meet in person.

I will be waiting for you outside the jail, on this Independence day.

Yours faithfully, Manu.

If you keep clicking photos, we won't reach on time for the wedding.

From your hurry, it seems like you are the one who's getting married!

Though it's not my wedding, my dad is getting married because I asked him to!

And not because you asked him, grandma!


A widower like me also had many children like you.

But none of them forced me to get married again!

Why are you troubling him, Achuettan?

He's happy that he's going to get a new mother!

You don't have to change clothes again, right dad?

Didn't you have enough by making me dress up like this?

'O birds which flew away, will you come back to the branches of memories?'

'Will you come back to wipe the tears off these moist eyes?'

'Will you give a feather?'

'Will there be colours? Will there be music?'

'Will you give the rhythm of the rain?'


'One day, a garden of flowers appears before my eyes'

'As I remember the days that filled my heart with sweet memories'

'Will the flowers that blossomed then, and the fireflies come again?'

'Will those rays of sunshine and smiles, come during this darkness?'

'Will the flowers that blossomed then, and the fireflies come again?'

'Will those rays of sunshine and smiles, come during this darkness?'

'The dragonflies in the nest of leaves, disappeared somewhere in the sky'

'Did they turn into a rainbow far, far away?'

'As the rain of honey in my ear ends, as the desires in my heart wail'

'As the golden moments rush by'

'In this darkness, all over my heart'

I'll be late.

'Will the long forgotten lines of a song caress my heart?'

Hey! Stop!

Come here! - Vishnu! Karthiyetta, what are you doing?

Give my child. - Your child?

He is mine! Mine alone!

Leave him!


If you label me a madman, push me into a mental hospital, and get a divorce, did your family think that I would be finished?

I won't be finished!

You thought you could live happily?

No! Son! Sachi! - Vishnu, go!

No, son! No!


Pareekar, he's quite tough!

Why isn't he crying, even after being beaten up so much?

He must have applied some lotion.

So that it doesn't pain.

These beatings are nothing for him!

He came here after killing his mother's first husband!


It's a murder case?

Bloody rascal!! You don't make me feel good about this!



Didn't I give you already?

Don't ask too many questions.

Just give him!

Eat it.

Have you come here after killing someone?

Someone else might have done it and framed you for it, right?


I did it myself.

'One day, a garden of flowers appears before my eyes'

'As I remember the days that filled my heart with sweet memories'

'Will the flowers that blossomed then, and the fireflies come again?'

'Will those rays of sunshine and smiles, come during this darkness?'

The warden is beating up Khan and Ghani.

No, sir. Don't hit him, sir.

I will cry! - He is so cruel!

I know how to make you cry!

Although the accused are both young, this Court cannot take lightly the crime they have committed, considering that the crime took place within the confines of a juvenile home, and the victim was a serving police officer.

The accused do not deserve any degree of leniency, especially the prime accused Sachidanandan.

At the time of the crime, he had turned an adult by then.

This Court orders that the prime accused Sachidanandan...

... be sent into Central Jail to serve out a double life sentence.

Taking books in the dark?

Can't you switch on the light?

I didn't realize that it became dark.

Don't you know Sachidanandan can see in the dark too?

Carry on.

My big brother is so handsome!

How could they keep you behind bars for so long?


There's an American TV series called Prison Break by Paul Scheuring.

It's the story of a younger brother who commits a petty crime to get into the jail, and breaks free from there with his big brother.

If they hadn't released you this time as well, I would also have done the same.

Get in, brother.

Didn't I tell you?

That there will be a huge celebration on the day you return home?

It's Vishnu's wedding tomorrow.

The bride is also a doctor.

Her name is Vandana.

He was adamant that he'll wait until you come back from jail.

That's why the wedding got delayed.





Didn't I tell you that he'll recognize us at first sight?

Who wouldn't recognize us from the shady looks on our faces?

No need plural. Talk for yourself.

As if your faces look divine!


This is Pareekar.



They were with me at the juvenile home.

My younger brother, Manu.

Hello. - Hello!

Have you come to take me to Mysore?

Sachiyetta, please come.

I'll be right back.

Have you decided to go home with your brother?

Where else can I go?


You should come with us.

Where? - To Bangalore.

Someone has given us a great offer there.

He's a drug dealer from Mumbai.

His name is Edwin Moses.

He's the one who deals drugs in Bangalore now.

It's deal worth Crores.

The offer for us is 50-50.

I just got out of here.

You want to send me back inside?

We don't have to do it for long.

When we make enough money for us, we will stop this.

We will invest the money somewhere abroad.

Then we will settle down there.

Vijay Mallya, Choksi and Nirav Modi have all fled and living happily, right?

Like that...

I will find a job which will earn us a good living.

I will call you after that.

That's not going to happen.


Keep this. - What is this?

Our mobile numbers. You would need it.

Don't get into unnecessary troubles and invite danger.

I'll call you.


He rejected the offer and left.

But I know very well how to bring him on our path.

Come, brother.

Him and his bag!

Give me that bag. - No.

Come, brother.





'If a lion comes to romance a deer'

'What do I say? There's a fire in the heart'

'If a lion comes to romance a deer'

'What do I say? There's a fire in the heart'

'Haven't I told you long back? Haven't you seen it yourself?'

'Once you love a girl, anyone would turn into a deer'

'Tell me, you can't stay without seeing her?'

'Don't you never get tired of speaking to her?'

'Even if you touch her, it's not enough for you?'

'Is there a mountain of sweetness, beside your heart?'

'If a lion comes to romance a deer'

'What do I say? There's a fire in the heart'

'Without pinching or provoking'

'Without hurting with sharp words or even a look'

'Without pinching or provoking'

'Without hurting with sharp words or even a look'

'Without losing the smile on your lovely lips'

'Your sweetheart will protect you, o deer'

'Tell me, you can't stay without seeing her?'

'Don't you never get tired of speaking to her?'

'Even if you touch her, it's not enough for you?'

'Is there a mountain of sweetness, beside your heart?'

'Without keeping you down, or on my shoulder'

'Without letting you go out of my sight'

'Without keeping you down, or on my shoulder'

'Without letting you go out of my sight'

'Without letting even a speck fall on your lovely body'

'He will stand guard, without blinking an eye'

'Tell me, you can't stay without seeing her?'

'Don't you never get tired of speaking to her?'

'Even if you touch her, it's not enough for you?'

'Is there a mountain of sweetness, beside your heart?'

I'll send them off and come.



Where did he go?


What is it? - Brother is missing.

I took him to the room, but now he's not there.

Grand-uncle, did you see Sachiyettan?

He has reached only today, right? I can see him anytime, right?

Oh my God!

Why wake him up now? Let him sleep.

He was sent to sleep, but now he's missing!

Then check inside the well, or on branches of trees.

He has come after a double life sentence, right?

Such people usually commit suicide.

Can you keep quiet, uncle?

Is this how you talk?

Usually.. - Uncle, please! Please!


I heard some sound from there.

He is here.


Bro, it's me.

It's me, Manu.

What is this, Etta?

You're sleeping here?

I wasn't able to sleep lying there.

I am used to lying down like this.

Come, Etta.


Thank you for coming, Doctor. - Hello!

Doctor Sudhakar Reddy. - Hello.

And his wife. - How are you?


Sachiyetta, it's me. - Hi Gemini.

Etta, this is my elder sister. Jameela.

Hi. - Namaste..

I am their father. Kalyan Kumar.

This is her son. Pappu.


What are you all doing here?


You've come for the marriage, right?

I've also come for the marriage.

Okay then.

Okay Sachiyetta. Carry on.

We'll be over there.

Why is he like this?

He was abroad for a while.

That's why.



Aren't you ready yet? - Yes.

Sachidanandan, open the door!

Why are you sweating like this?

It was really hot inside.

Hot? In this AC room?

Then it must be the AC's fault.

Come, Etta. Dad is looking for you.

You carry on. I'll come after some time.

After some time?

I'll come slowly after all the rush.

What is he saying?

After the rush, why do you have to come? To pick chairs?


Why do you have to get tensed seeing a crowd?

If you keep hiding like this, you'll never get over this fear.

Manu, go and arrange everything quickly.

I will handle him.

Welcome! - Hello!

Go inside. - Prathapan!

This is Mohan's eldest son, Sachidanandan.


How are you?

This is the bride Vandana's father, Prathapachandran.

He is the ADGP here.

Welcome, sir. Please come.

Mohanachandran. Vishnu's father. - Hello!

Nice meeting you, sir.

This is my son, Sachidanandan. - Hi.

And he is my uncle...

Achyutha Kurup. - Hello.

Please come, sir.

Why did you salute him?

When we see a police officer, we should salute him.

That's what we do in jail.

This is not a jail, and you're not a prisoner now.

They are all guests who have come for the wedding.

Nice meeting you, sir. - Nice meeting you.

This is my son, Sachidanandan.

Hello. - Please come.


I need your permission to drink a glass of water.

Can I go?

Go ahead! - Sir!

Sir... - Well...

Drink a glass of water?

Okay sir.

Okay sir.

He'll drink even water only after testing!

Must have been a high-class life over there.




I need a glass of water.

Did you call me sir, sir? - Yes.

I can happily die now.

Drink it, sir.

One more glass? - Why not?

What is this? Drinking competition?

Quenched your thirst, right? - Yes. - Come.

Keep it there.


I need permission to go and pee.

I knew it when I saw you drinking all that water.

The toilet is over there. Go! Go!

Why is he asking permission for everything?

He thinks that he is still in jail.

Throw the flowers.

Go, uncle.

Bless you!

Go, Ettan.

Go! - I'm not going.

Well.. I...

Remove your slippers. - What?

Remove your slippers.

Bless them.

Okay. See you.




Your brother was in the police, right?

Not in the police.

But he was at a place, closely connected to the police. I'll tell you later.


Just a minute.

What is it, dear? - Dad...

I saw that officer.

Many officers have come.

Which officer are you talking about?

The officer of that commando group, who saved me from captivity!

Where did you see him? - Here.

He is Vishnu's brother. Sachidanandettan.

No! It won't be him.

You must be mistaken.

No, dad. It's him. I am sure.

Vandana, everyone is looking for you there.

Dad, I'll call you. Bye.


Where did you go?

Come and stand here.

Where's that noise from? - From the garage, I think.


There's a thief in the garage. - He broke the lock of the shutter & got in.

Look at the state of the lock!

Sir! Sir!

Did you hear that sound? He is inside.

I think he's opening the safe.

Safe is inside the garage or what? - That's true.

What? - Why is that idiot trying to open a safe which is not there?

See! He's a car thief!

If he's a thief, why is he resting below the car? Can't he leave with the car?

He must be stealing each part individually.

Just make him jump out. Rest we'll handle.

Who is it?

Be careful. He would have some weapon.

Come out!

Why did you go under this?

I was trying to repair our car.

You're repairing the car in the dark?

When I went under it, there was light. I didn't realize that it became dark.

Enough of repairing. Get up and come!

Our car... - Okay.

Manu, take him to his room.

Come, Etta.


Bloody spanner!

I have seen this Sachidanandettan earlier.

Haven't I told you that a terrorist group kidnapped me while I was studying in a school at Ootty?

And that the police rescued me through a commando operation?

Sachiyettan was present in that commando group.

What are you saying?


Our Sachiyettan...

... was in jail....

... for the past 24 years.

Why are you standing here, sir? Go forward.

Move! Move! Come here. Go forward, sir.

Don't interrupt the queue.

First come, first served.

Those who are late, should stand at the back. Go!

Look at his decency!

This is why everyone says that we should study abroad.

There's no difference between boss & worker there.

Everyone is the same, right?


Socialism is when we can sit along with the bosses and have food.

What are you doing, Etta?

This boy doesn't know what socialism is.

Come. - What is it?

Are you having food, standing in the queue with servants?

Sit here.

Good morning, Vishnu and Vandana. - Good morning.

Morning, Sachiyetta!

Good morning, Etta. - Good morning.

Good morning. - Good morning.

Good morning. - Good morning.

Are you an LP school student or what?

To keep saying 'Good morning'?

No one should say 'Good morning' hereafter.

Yes. - Okay!


She has been pestering me since last night.

Get me that curry.

She's saying that you've rescued her from some terrorist group.

I needed Manu to rescue me.

So how can I rescue someone else?

Are you done? - I'm full.

Are you also done? - Yes.


What have you done?

Do you know how he got this scar?

He got this while rescuing me.

Tell me, Etta. Am I lying? say it!

She's not lying.

It was me, indeed.

The jail authorities who realized that I could see in the dark as well, started utilizing me for that purpose.

Every night, they took me to different places.

They gave me a lot of training!

Prisoners from many jails were also with me.

We were equipped to do anything, with that rigorous training given to us.

We were taken to many different places.

And that operation was one among them.


Somebody help me!

Help me!

Help me!

We were sent unarmed to confront armed opponents.

Many of us don't come back alive, at many instances.

When they take us like this, they create reports saying that we escaped from jail.

Later, rotten bodies of those who were killed, will be found at random places.

With that, everything will end.

Who's going to enquire about prisoners whom nobody wants?

Who's going to question them?


They kept you behind bars for so long, for all this?

And they were citing some damn Intelligence report as the reason!


I'm so sorry.

But they are devils. Dirty devils.

Including your dad!

We cannot take this lightly, sir.

This graffiti might be a warning too.

From Edwin Moses.

Edwin Moses? - Maybe.

There are such writings on every crime spot that he is involved in.

Sorry, Vedantham. Sit down.

Tell me, dear.

Dad, you use prisoners as suicide warriors, is it?

Where the hell did you hear this utter nonsense?

The truth always hurts.

What truth?

Someone has misled you. Hang up!

We'll talk in person.

Vedantham, I told you. He's a pain in the ass.

Sorry sir. I didn't get you.

Who else? Sachidanandan.

Your son-in-law's big brother.

I checked his history, sir.

An obedient prisoner.

Well behaved.

There wasn't a single complaint against him in the jail, sir.

In fact, he's a very talented man.

His skills are better than all our commandos.

We have used him for many risky operations.

That's why the police didn't release him, even after his jail term was over.

And his younger brother had to influence higher authorities to release him from jail.

All that must be true.

If he says this to people outside, what would be the image of the department?

He won't do that, sir.

Then how did Vandana know this?

That... I don't know, sir.

And you said that she hasn't forgotten the person who rescued her, right?

With your permission, sir.

I'll talk to him.

I'll see to it that no more information leaks from him.

Good morning, sir. - Morning.

Sit down.

No, I'll stand.

You're not a prisoner now to stand in fear. Sit down.

It's been 3 years since I came here from Mumbai.

Before that, I was in Delhi.

Since I killed many notorious criminals in encounters over there, in the eyes of the leaders, I became an offender.

And thus... they transferred me.

What would you like to have, sir?

I was posted here to finish off the drug mafia.

Within 3 years, I made the whole city clean.

I didn't arrest anyone involved in drug trafficking.

I didn't send anyone to jail either.

I killed all of them in encounters.

There are complains and investigations against me for that.

I just don't care.

Now, my problem is something else.

Drug mafia has returned strongly.

And it is being controlled by one Mr. Edwin Moses.

No one has seen him till date.

People who work for him are not goons or criminals.

Just normal people.

He traps them and makes them do all this.

Only when they are caught, they realize that what they had with them were drugs.

Why am I saying all this to you, Sachidanandan?

Because, I would need your help to capture Edwin Moses.

Some days back, a container that belongs to Edwin Moses went missing.

It was full of drugs.

To know who stole it, and to get it back from them, trained criminals have been recruited.

This is where I need your help.

Sachidanandan, who lived in the jail for 24 years, would know all the criminals of this city very well.

Using that connection, it would be easy to find out who all are working for Edwin Moses.

While in jail, you have helped the department a lot.

That's why I'm asking you.

Sir, as you said earlier...

I am not a prisoner now...

... to obey the police orders, right?

I spent a good part of my lifetime inside the jail.

Forgetting that time which I don't even like to remember, I wish to live with my family.

So please don't call me for such things, sir.

This is not my job, either.


I just tried requesting you.

Forget all this, Sachidanandan. - Sir.

You can go. - Sir.


Sir... - Things you don't like to remember...

... should remain the same way. That would be better.

If you narrate your tales of bravado in the jail to anyone hereafter...

You know, right?

Police will send you to jail again.

And you'll never see the outside world after that.

I know, sir.

I know that very well.

Who is he, Etta?

I am Vedantham IPS.

Anti-Narcotic and Drugs Preventive Special Officer.

I called Sachidanandan for off-records information...

... about a couple of prisoners in Mangalore jail.

He's your younger brother, right? Manu!

Hi. Nice meeting you. - Hi.

You guys can carry on. - Okay. Bye.

How did your shoes get paint on them?

Right! Where did it come from?

What all do you notice, Etta?

It wasn't me who noticed.

It was that police officer.

I'm done looking. You may look.

I didn't come to see the album.

When I saw you sitting here alone, I thought I'll come talk to you.

Yes, we can talk!

Like the operation in which you rescued me, where else has the police taken you?

Who? - Police.

I don't remember anything now.

Dad was looking for me. Let me go.

Etta, one minute!

I was looking for you!

I spoke to my professor.

We can file a writ against misusing the prisoners like this.

Why file a writ? I'm not a prisoner now, right?

They made you do it, while you were a prisoner, right?

Even when I spoke to Manu, he also had the same opinion.

Can you please sit? I need to know some more things.

I need to go to the toilet. Shall I say it later? - Okay.

I'll wait here. - No.. Waiting...?

You needn't wait.

I'll be quite late to come out of the toilet.

Doesn't matter how late you are. I'll wait here.

Hey! I'm going outside. Are you coming?

No! I have to collect some details from Sachiyettan.

You carry on. - Bye! - Bye!


Where are you going? - I just came out for a walk.

Then you wait here. I'll park this car and come.

I'll wait here then. - Okay.

They've built such a huge house. Why don't they have a lift to go upstairs?

But they don't have such good ideas!

Oh! You were here, sir?

Oh! You were meditating? Sorry.

He's deep in meditation!

You're still waiting for Sachiyettan here?

He was standing on the road there.

I said we'll go together, parked the car and went back, but he was missing.

On the road? - Yes. - How?

Sachiyettan went into the toilet before you went outside.

He hasn't come out even now.

Gemini, we spoke on the road.


The one you were looking for, is at the terrace.

Who? - Sachi sir.

He's deep in meditation upstairs. Go and see.


Will you be cursed if you disturb his meditation?



I came downstairs after seeing Sachi sir sitting on that mat and meditating!

Then where is he now? - Where is he?

Where is he?

How can he disappear so quickly?


Sachi sir is boxing downstairs.

Come, I'll show you.

Well, he...

Come, look.

I called you after seeing him boxing with this!

Now he's missing.

Where did he go?

What happened to all of you?

See! He's still in the toilet.

Hey! That's someone else.

Sachi sir is not in there. I am sure.

Why argue? We can ask, right?

Sachi sir!

That's not you who's inside, right?

What stupidity are you asking?

What's everyone doing here?

Vishnuetta, Sachiyettan went into the toilet, while I was here.

Vandana says she saw him on the road.

Velappan says he was at the terrace.

He's saying that he was at the courtyard.

But Sachiyettan hasn't left the toilet either.

Ettan is a magician or what?

To appear at different places at the same time?

Let's see.

Who is inside?

Open the door.

What are you all doing here?

When did you go in here?

A while ago.

Then how did Vandana see you on the road and talk to you?

It was me who talked to her.

So the one who meditated at the terrace?

That was also me.

The one who was boxing here?

Me... Me, again.


What was it downstairs?

Manukkutta, can you send me back to the jail?

What are you saying?

How much we had to struggle to get you released from jail!

Why do you have to think like this now?

Did anyone create any problem here?

I am the problem.

I'm not right for this place.

This world is not for me.

I'm only used to obeying orders.

I can't do anything by myself.

For everything, I need permission.

It's not the world I left from, 24 years back.

It's only noise and rush everywhere.

What should be spoken to whom...

How I should behave... I don't know all that.

Did anyone say anything to you here?


That Vedantham threatened me not to disclose old stories of my jail term.

And everyone here wants to know only that.

I can understand.

Do one thing. You needn't stay here anymore.

You can come and stay with me in Bangalore city.

I will talk to Dad and Vishnu.

Anyway, Gemini and I are going back to Bangalore tomorrow.

I'll reach there and arrange a house.

We'll figure out a business that suits you as well.

Wait and watch.

We'll have a great time in Bangalore.


Etta.. So as I said...

As soon as I reach Bangalore, I will find a house.

Within 2 days, I'll arrange everything there, and come and take you there.

Okay, Dad? - Yes.

You go and stay with him for some time there.

Everything will be all right.

I bought this phone for you.

Whatever you speak on it, will be recorded.


... you just have to touch here, to listen to it again.

So, you needn't ask permission to anyone for anything.

Whatever it is, I will call you and tell you about it.

Just keep listening to it again and again, and do it.

Bye, Dad. - Bye, dear.

See you soon. - Vandana!

Take care.


Etta, bye. - Bye.

Vandana, Dad, bye... - Bye!


Sir, a boss like you can never be found!

You are a role model for all the bosses.

The stupid bosses here should learn from you!

The phone is ringing!


Oh! It's mine?




Sir, it's your phone.

It's my phone?

It's Manukkuttan.

Hello! - Etta...

When you didn't pick up, I got scared that you went off somewhere.

I didn't realize that the phone was for me.

Did you reach Bangalore? - No, Etta.

We just reached the city border.

We'll reach in half an hour.

Etta, one minute. Please hold on.

Full tank!

We're filling petrol now.

Check the air.


He's taking a video of us on his phone.

Hello! What the hell are you doing?

Don't take our videos!

Manukkutta, what's the problem?

Nothing, Etta. I'll call you back now.

Hey! You don't get it, huh?

Stop it!


What is it, Etta?

Vishnu, Manu had called some time back.

There was some problem at the petrol bunk.

He hung up saying he'll call me back.

When I called back, he didn't pick up, and now his phone is off.

Why are you getting tensed?

This is usual with phones.

Charge gets over. Phone gets switched off...

This... is not like that. Look!

Did you hear this?

Listen... - Hey! Hello!

What the hell are you doing?

Don't take our videos!


What's the problem? - Nothing, Etta. I'll call you back.

Vandana, just call Gemini.

It was ringing.

Suddenly the phone was switched off.

That's what I was saying...

There is some problem. Let's go and see.

Where would they be, Etta?

He said that the petrol bunk is half an hour away from the city.

Let's go and check, please.

Come. - Call and inform your Dad quickly.

Dad, Manu and Gemini left to Bangalore in a car.

Something has happened to them on the way.

Nothing to worry.


Only if Gemini gains consciousness, we'd be able to know what happened, and who kidnapped Manu.

This inhaling device... Is this Manu's or Gemini's?

It belongs to Manu.

He has wheezing.

Only if he inhales the medicine from this, he'd be able to breathe in the morning.

Which medicine is he using in it? It's Asthalin Rotacaps.

I got this from the spot.

Must have fallen during the attack.


Hello! Who is it?

Pareekar... - Yes!

This is Sachidanandan.

Sachiyettan! Ghani, it's Sachiyettan!

Sachiyetta, why have you called at midnight?

Where are you now?

I need to meet you urgently.

Give me the chart. - Chart, please.

Check the vitals. - Give me that.

No idea who did this?

Shall we get hold of everyone who has enmity towards Manu?

If enmity was the only reason, they would have left him also on the road, like her.

It's not that.

They have kidnapped Manu, because they need him alive.

I made Vishnu buy this from here.

Manu cannot survive without this inhaler and medicine.

So the people who have kidnapped him, will have to buy these.

How do we know how many medical shops are open in the night, in this city?

I'll find that out now itself.

You should find out if someone is buying this medicine along with an inhaler, from a medical shop.

That's all, right? Sachiyetta, give it to me.

Pareekar, I'm sharing this on our group.

Call the admin Muthan and ask him to share it to everyone.

Hello! Why are you calling so late in the night?

Hey Muthan! Khan has sent a photo on our group now.

You should share it with everyone immediately.

Send each one to watch every medical shop that is open in the night.

If someone buys an inhaler and the medicine from the photo, inform me immediately.

What's the matter?

I'll tell you in person. - Okay.

Sachiyetta, don't worry. Leave this to us.

Our boys are there all over the city.

They will be around every medical shop, for the entire night.

Come, bro.

Do you have a rivolizer?

One rivolizer and one Asthalin Rotacaps.

How much? - 300.

It's Muthan.

Muthan, tell me.


One man bought both the items from the same medical shop.

But before my people got there, he got away.

I've found the guy from the CCTV camera.

I'm sending it to you now.

He lives in house no.13 at Indira Nagar Colony.

His name is Prince.

Check the videos on his phone.

Whom did you buy this for?

I bought it for myself.

Are you lying, you rascal?

Where is Manu? Where is he?

Which Manu?

I don't know any Manu.


Check this out.



Sachiyetta, enough!

If he dies, we won't be able to find Manu.

You rascal, if you don't say the truth, we'll put you to sleep here.

Where are the others?

Where is Manu?

We left them both there itself.

I don't know what happened after that.

Are you lying, you rascal?

What did you do to Manu?

Say it! - Pareekar!

He won't say it.

I know how to make him say it.

Ghani, call Khan.

Hello Khan... - Hello Ghani!

That D'Souza's daughter Electricia is with me.

Not Electricia... Letitia.

Letitia it is. then.

Dear, Daddy is online. Just say hi.

Hi Daddy!

Do you want more ice cream?


She is such a greedy child!

Haven't you bought Ice cream for her ever?

Bro, one more ice cream.

All my money is over buying ice cream for her.

Tell me quickly. Where should I throw the girl?

Lake or sea?

Keep 5 or 6 more ready.

She's so greedy!

Dear sir, don't do anything to my child!

I will tell you.

We did all this for Shetty Sir.

We handed over that boy to Shetty sir.

We don't know what happened after that.

This is Shetty.

This is his family.

This is his daughter. Arya Shetty.

Morning sir. A police officer is waiting for you.

This Shetty is no ordinary guy.

Government, police or even famous goons will stand still if they hear his name.

Yes, Mr. Officer.

Have you left the drug mafia and begun chasing me?

I'm not the one who caused that.

It's you.

ADGP Prathapachandra Menon's relative, that boy and his girlfriend were attacked... and that boy was kidnapped...

I've got information that you were behind all this.

Then ask where he is, to the people who gave that information to you.

Then go and save him!

Why should you waste your time?

We won't be able to confront Shetty directly, Sachiyetta.

However mighty he might be, I want my Manu back.

You have many informers in the police to update you about our moves constantly, right?

You're saying this out of that arrogance, right?

I know.

You have spies among my people too, right?

So don't take out that arrogance on me either.

Mr. Vedantham...

Even if your entire force tries, you're not going to get that boy back.

Shall we seek the help of Edwin Moses?

That's not necessary. I know how to save my brother.

Ask your ADGP to forget him.

He has kidnapped the one who is dearest to me.


What was his daughter's name?

Arya Shetty.

It was somewhere here.

Yes, incense.

How much?

125 Rupees, sir.

For this incense? - Yes.

That's a fiery price!

Be careful. It will burn on its own.

Sorry. - It's okay.



Sorry, uncle.

You were blind, right?

Daddy, I don't need any bodyguards hereafter.

Idiots! They humiliated me by stealing watches from there.

Which is this phone?

How did it come here?

Hello! - Madam, it's D'Souza.

Shetty sir is not picking my call.

That's why I had to do this.

Please pass the phone to Shetty sir.

Daddy, it's D'Souza.

Hello!. - Sir...

I kept calling you to tell you an urgent matter.

Arya Madam should be moved to a safe place immediately.

They might kidnap Madam.


You come here quickly.

Bring your people too. - Okay sir.

What is it, Daddy?

Nothing, dear.

Get ready for a journey.

Good morning, sir.

Hello sir. Hi madam.

Don't look! It was me who dropped the phone in your bag.

D'Souza told me to.

Come, dear. - Give it.


You should drive the car.

Take one more person with you.

The jeep will keep following you.

Straight to the airport. Everything is arranged there.

Call me after you reach the airport. - Okay sir.

Daddy.. - Okay, dear...

They will take care of you. You will be safe.

Go without any fear!

Happy journey.

Thank you daddy!

Bye. See you. - Bye.

Take care.

Arya Shetty's phone.

Oops! D'Souza, we have to go back.

My phone is missing.

Shetty sir kept the phone away, Madam.

So that they don't track you.



Didn't I ask you to turn it off? Turn it off!

Muthan, watch him.

Until I tell you, don't let them go.

Come here.

Lie there.

What about Shetty's daughter?

She is with Pareekar and Ghani, outside.


Now Shetty will listen to us.

You're done with me, right? Can't you return my child now?

Your daughter has reached your house, without a scratch!


My dear...

I'm not at all interested to go to Singapore. - Me too.

I like travelling on trains, buses and auto rickshaws with friends.

By friends, do you mean boyfriends?

I don't have any boyfriends. I don't like boys at all.

Same pinch!

I also don't like boys at all!

Is it? - All my love is for girls.

Oops. Get inside.

Big brother is coming.

Hello Madam.

I am Khan. - Yes?

Shetty sir has sent me in place of D'Souza.

Oh. Thank you.

Get in. - Okay.

Hello Shetty sir.

They are catching up.

Block them!

Oh no! Is it them, following us?

Don't be scared, Madam.

We will handle them.







Wasn't for me?

Yaay! - Yes!

Big bro, I need to talk to Daddy.

Oh God!

Call Shetty sir.

I'll be right back.

Sort it quickly, you fool.

Khan, let me get it ready. Wait.

Give it.

Shetty sir...

Shetty sir, I'll put Madam on.

Hello Daddy!

This big bro is superb!

A Pajero full of people came to kidnap me.

But he faced them all alone.

And... I don't want to go to Singapore.

I talked to them.

They have agreed to take me to places which I like.

Please Daddy.

Okay, dear. They will take care of you.

You'll be safe. Go without any fear.

Happy journey. - Thank you, Daddy. Love you!

Love you too!

Then what!

He told me not to go to Singapore.

He asked me to go wherever I like.

Did he say so? - Of course!

Will Arya Shetty Ma'am lie?

Just listen to what Shetty sir says.

Don't ask too many questions, okay?

Okay done, then.

Get inside! - Big bro!

Thank you. Thank you so much!

Excuse me, sir. - Yes.

Bloody cheat! - Shetty sir...

Shut up!

How dare you come before me, after giving my daughter to them?

They made me do this by kidnapping my daughter.

Who is he?

Is he that guy's man?

Sir... I am everyone's man!

That's why I was sent as a mediator to you.

Shut up!

Coming for mediation with me, bloody beggar?

I know how to save my daughter, without your help.


Don't underestimate him.

And he has sent this.

To give it to you, sir.

Hi Daddy. I am happy with them.

And this big bro whom you sent? He is highly skilled and trained.

Leave alone kidnapping. No one can even come close to me.

That's how careful he is in taking me everywhere.

Thank you daddy, for letting me go wherever I like.

Thank you so much.

'The poem on my lips, my moonlight'

'Your shadows are on my eyelashes'

'Is it your dreams or tears?'

'Which is embracing me today... Didn't you see? Didn't you see?'

'Are you spreading coolth and flowers?'

'Slowly, on the new sheets in my hut'

'Did you see my beauty or my heart on the mirror?'

'Did you see? Did you see?'

'Did you see? Did you see?'

'Before you disappear like a magician, did you see me?'

'O cloud from the sky'

'Will you go as my message to the golden door on the mango tree'

'Will you go there and say'

'The rhythm of my life, slowly, slowly'

'Is the fragrance of flowers spreading all over?'

'Is someone passing by this way?'

'Did you see my small footstep on your path? Did you see?'

'Did you see? Did you see?'

'Before you disappear like a magician, did you see me?'

'I'll tie a swing on the flowery branch of a cloud'

'For you to come and swing, my darling'

'My silence encapsulates your breath'

'Who are you, O angel of love?'

'Are you the fresh flower of a shiny dream?'

'Are you the cool wave of a flowing river?'

'I am the forest with the flower you haven't worn yet'

'Did you see? Did you see?'

'Did you see? Did you see?;

'Before you disappear like an angel, did you see me?'

'Did you see? Did you see?'

'Did you see? Did you see?'

'Before you disappear like a magician, did you see me?'


Hey! See your daughter!

She is safe.

And his condition? - Hey!


Shetty sir has come to take you.

Daddy... - Etta...

Hello Pareekar! - Reached safely, right?

All safe!

Sachiyettan has said a special thanks to you, Muthan.

Welcome! - Okay, bye.


Gemini, why are you getting up?

Don't get up, dear. Lie down.

Let's wait outside.

Let them talk for some time.

I think some relative of Shetty is admitted here.

Why is she coming here with a bouquet?

I asked her to come. - What for?

She had called me saying that she wanted to meet Gemini.

Why should she see Gemini?

A Mamata (affection) towards Sachiyettan...

Mamata? Isn't her name Arya?

Arya Shetty feels some kind of bonding to him.

Why do you have to do this now?

Not me! It's Arya Shetty.

Not to me. To Sachiyettan!

Hello. - Hello!

This is Arya Shetty. Sachiyettan's friend.

Hello! - Arya Shetty. Sachiyettan's friend. - Hi.

Arya Shetty wants to meet Gemini. - Okay.

Come. Arya Shetty!

Arya Shetty.




I am Arya Shetty. I came to say sorry on behalf of my daddy.

You've come to say sorry?

Did your dad Shetty send you to see if she's dead?

It's because my brother is a naive guy.

Otherwise you'd also have been on a hospital bed like this.

The goons your dad sent, bashed her up in front of my eyes.

Like that, you should also suffer.

I won't spare any of you!

Hey! Leave her!

You are crying?

Not these tears. I want to see the deaths of you and your dad!

It will be at my hands! Consider that done!

Hey! This is a hospital.

Behave yourself.

I am sorry.


For kidnapping Shetty's daughter, you should be questioning me, not them.

Is it you who decides whom I should question?

Move away!


To take them into custody, has Shetty given a complaint against them?

No, sir.

Then why such enthusiasm?

You also know that, sir.

About the drug mafia behind this.

These 3 people have connections with Edwin Moses.

Not just that. Your son-in-law's brother Manu... also has a connection with him.

That's why Shetty kidnapped Manu.

To find Edwin Moses through him.

We should be catching Edwin Moses, and not Shetty.

Since there are no complaints against them, bail is not required. You can take them.


If something happens to Shetty or his daughter... you won't see the outside world after that!

Don't mind it.

I'm someone who lived in the world inside, rather than the outside world.

Don't try to scare me saying that.

Go say this to school kids, sir.

Don't mind it.

I want to meet Gemini.

You can't see her. Go, Manu!

I won't leave without seeing her.


Please... You shouldn't come here.

That will put our daughter and us, in further danger.




Go! - Daddy!



Call the police.

No one is picking up, Daddy.

Call Vedantham from my phone.

His phone is switched off!

Hello! - Hello! This is Arya.

Some people trespassed into our house and shot Daddy.

We've locked ourselves inside our room.

Please, Sachi. Please come fast.

Hey! Don't cry. Try to be safe until I reach there.

Switch off the power at home quickly.


Pareekar, someone has trespassed into Shetty's house.

I doubt whether Manu is also among them.

Before he creates some trouble, we should stop him.

Enough of getting ready. We need to pick up Sachiyettan & go to Shetty's house.

Can we go to Shetty's house, without wearing underwear?

Sit here, Daddy.


Sachi... - Switch on the light.

We should take him to the hospital quickly.

Because the police wasn't called, it was easy for you to appear as a saviour and destroy the evidence, right?

What all are you saying? - You shut up!

One slap.. - What all are you doing?

Who told you that we didn't call the cops?

They didn't pick up.

And until he lost consciousness, Daddy & I kept calling you.

Your phone was switched off.

Sorry Arya.

My phone's power had gone off.


And you guys...

Whoever is on duty at the station now...

Ask them to meet me at my office in the morning.

That's my order. Got it?


Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Who all were with you?

I don't know, sir.

None of us know each other.

Only when I went to Shetty's house, I realized that other people were with me.

Get up! - Pareekar!

Leave them. Don't do anything to them now.

Shouldn't we hand them over to the police? - No.

Then police won't have any difficulty in proving that Manu was with them.

They came looking for Manu.

Even though I told him that he was here for the whole night, and took him to his room and showed them, he left as if he still didn't believe it.

Hello! - Hello Sachi..

I need to tell you something really important.

Can you come to the hospital?

Why should I come to the hospital? Tell me on the phone.

I can't say it on the phone.

I need to say it in person.

Come to the hospital canteen at 4 o'clock.

Okay. So see you at 4 o'clock.


The name of this affection Arya Shetty is showing you, is called Stockholm syndrome.

You named it too?

So did everyone know it?

What? - This romance.

Stockholm syndrome is the admiration a hostage feels towards the saviour.

That can become love later on.

It has already become so, right?

Shut up! Sachiyetta...

You should bud it in the nip.

What? - You should nip it in the bud.

Sachiyettan will decide whether to nip it or not.

Sachiyetta, it is a sin to reject a girl's love.

You have some disease or what?

You're the one with the disease!

Disease of not getting married on time!


Arya Shetty is coming to confess her love.

She will come and sit on this chair, and when she says that looking into your eyes, you should look into her eyes and say...

'I love you'.

I will say that I can't.

Ruined it. - Correct.

Sachiyettan became a man now.

As if he was a woman till now.

Sachiyetta, that girl is coming.

Sachiyetta, as we said. Arya Shetty will come and sit here. Tell her the matter.

Look at her face and.. - I'll say that I can't.

Well, we... - Come here.

He has become stunted lying in the jail.

As if you're all grown up!

Did you get scared? - Yes.. Err... No!

Said that you would sit on this chair, right? - Who? Me?

No, me.

Why did you sit there?

I'm not used to talking to girls like this.

And... I kidnapped you...

... to get back my brother.

Whatever happens to you, that blame would fall upon Manu.

That's why I came and saved you.

I came to talk about Manu.

Vedantham asked me only about Manu.

Whether Manu was there among the attackers...

Though I said no very strongly, he understood that I was lying.

I found Manu's phone from my house.

I know that you really like your brother.

That's why I didn't give this phone to Vedantham.

What is it, Sachiyetta?

I just went to the toilet.

When did you come?

I didn't ask in front of everyone in the morning.

Where were you last night?

You weren't in your room, and your bike was not there outside.

By the time the police came searching, you got back to your room.

Where did you go in the night?

Before that, I have to ask you something.

Why are you trying to save that Shetty and his daughter?

Who are they to you?

Not them...

I went to save you.


Are you saying that I did it?

She got your phone from there.

Hello! Okay sir.


Hello! Hello!

Anyone here?

Hello! - Sachi...

All the policemen who were standing guard for us at the hospital are missing.

There are no doctors or nurses anywhere around.

It looks like someone has planned this deliberately.

I will come quickly.

What is it, Etta?

It's Sachiyettan. Pick up.

Tell me, Sachiyetta.

Come fast. That girl had called from the hospital. There's some problem there.

What about Manu? - He is here.

Why should we go then? There are policemen and doctors there, right?

Let them handle it, Sachiyetta.

Why don't you understand? No one has to come. I'll go alone.

No, Sachiyetta. We are coming. Wait outside.

Where are you going? If it is to save Shetty & his daughter, I won't let you go.

Whoever attacks them, police will frame you for it.

Move! - No!

I am here, right? If someone attacks them at the hospital, how can I be blamed?

That's because you don't know the police well.

Move away. - No! I won't let you go.

They deserve to die!

Whatever happens because of that, I'm ready to face it.

Etta, leave me.

What is this?


Me or Gemini are not important for you now!

It is him and his daughter who got us thrashed, right?

When you got close to that girl, you forgot what we suffered.

What is the problem? - Etta!

What's happening here? - Etta, open the door.

Etta, open the door!

Etta, open the door!

What crime did he do?

I'll tell you the crime that we did, Dad.

We shouldn't have brought Ettan back from jail.

That's the crime I did.

Stop it!

Etta... Sorry.

Vishnu.. - Etta...

Until I come back, see to it that he doesn't get out.

Okay guys.

Listen carefully.

You guys have to really make it fast. Everything is set.

Guys, where are you? Hurry up!

Hello! - Where are you? - We've reached.

They are in front of the ICU. Come fast.

Abort the mission.

Get out of here. Quick!

Okay, sir. - Escape before they catch us! Quick!

It's them. They ran downstairs as soon as you came.

I am really sorry. I just slept.

Is there a problem?

What's your name, Doctor?


Dr. Pawan Kumar.

What doctor are you? Sleeping during duty?

He must be the doctor of sleep. Sleepologist.

Hello Sachi? Can you come here quickly?

Watch this doctor.

Don't let him go at any cost.

Listen, guys. Listen!

I... - No!

There's no one in the duty room.

The intercom is disconnected.

Can you call a doctor somehow?


Listen... Let me explain. I was on duty since last night.

I am very tired. So I slept off. I am sorry.

That's what we said. Sleep! We'll wake you up when Sachiyettan comes.

For God's sake, don't report this. I'll lose my job.

Please, I request you.

Doctor, what's the problem?

Sir, actually I slept off during duty.

In the meanwhile, someone entered the ICU and tried to kill Shetty sir.

For that, they have held me captive, sir.

Who are you guys?

Are you the police?

To keep him captive and question him?

Doctor, get back to your duty.

Thank you, sir. Thank you so much.

And you three.. Come with me!

Should we go? - Is it a problem?


Wherever Shetty gets attacked, you and your criminal friends are present at all those places.

How do you know this before us?

I called them here.

None of the policemen on duty, were here.

Who all were on duty here?

Where did they go?

When there weren't enough people for VIP duty, they were called there, sir.

We thought there won't be any problem here.

Idiots! Fools!

Are you the ones who will decide that there won't be any problem here?

Sorry sir. - Shut up!

If you ever repeat this, none of you will continue in service.

What did you do with him? - Whom? That doctor?

We held him there saying that he can't leave unless you come.

By then, that Vedalam came in. - Not Vedalam. Vedantham.

Vedantham believed what that doctor said.

He's not a doctor.

Excuse me. - Yes.

Is Dr. Pawan Kumar on duty now?

No. Dr. Pawan Kumar has day duty. He doesn't come during the night.

Can I see his service record?

That's against our hospital rules, sir.

Hello! Vedantham IPS.

He's the crime and narcotic cell special officer.

Sorry sir. - Show it.

Constables, come.

Your dad is the constable!

Thank you. - Okay.

Pull over.

I'll get down here.



Say sorry to Ettan.


I'm really sorry.

I shouldn't have said all that.

Before dying, mom called us both by her side and cried for you.

Saying that we shouldn't hurt you in any way, once you finish your jail term and come back.

And he, who was running around to get you out of jail...

... hurt you recounting that!

That night, I went to see Gemini.

Her family is not allowing me into their house.

That's why I go there in the night, without anyone noticing.

I didn't go to kill Shetty or his daughter, Etta.

You shouldn't go hiding at midnight to meet the girl you love.

You should go in the morning, when everyone can see you.

Pappu, check who it is.

Didn't I tell you that you can't meet Gemini again?

Who is it, dear?

I went to the jail after killing two people when I was 16.

I got released after a double life imprisonment, only very recently.

Go! - Come.

A Tamilian came to the hospital and threatened us that Gemini shouldn't be seen with Manu.

That's why we discharged her and left quickly.

Later he came here too.

He said he will kill all of us if Manu comes here again.


I understood where I lost my phone now.


This is a video that Pappu took when I came to Gemini's house that day.


My jail term proved useful for the first time now.

Gemini's family is not upset with Manu anymore.

And I understood how Manu's phone reached Shetty's house.

Gemini and Manu are happy, right? Very good.

Are they with you? - They are close by.

Everyone is really happy.

Doctor, give me the key, and get into the back seat.

Give me the key.

Doctor, don't create trouble.

Give the key, I say! - Hey! Give me the key!

Put him inside!

Vishnu, what's happening there?

Bloody rascal!

Shut up and get into the car!

Give it!

Open it, you idiot!

Go inside.

Move, you tomato!

Bloody rascal!

Chechi, come on!

Don't you remember that Tamilian's face?

Try to remember again!

Chechi, please.

Govindaraj. He's a Tamilian.

He was with me in jail.

He got released now.

He is somewhere in this city.

Do you know where his hideout is, Muthan?

Why just him? I'll find out even his dad!

Don't worry.

Doctor, your wife will come on video call.

Talk to her.

Oh no! Vishnu! What is this?

Saw it, right? Your husband's life is in my hands now.

It's just a small favour. Do what I say.


Don't bother what they are saying!

Hang up and call your dad.

Stop it!

What should I do? Tell me.

You don't have to do what I say.

But do what my boss says.

You'll get a video call now.

Listen to what he says!

Hello Doctor.

Who are you? What do you want?

I'll tell you.

First, don't hang up the call, and put the phone on the stand.

Now don't take off your hands from the steering, no matter what.

This call shouldn't get disconnected.

If something like that happens, you know what will happen to your husband, right?

Then turn the car, and go straight to the hospital.



Doctor, now go inside the hospital.

Until you reach the ICU, don't talk to anyone.

Enter the ICU and send out all those who are in the room.

Go get the scan reports.

I will stay here. You just go.

Good, Doctor.

Now don't move from the front of the camera.

I want to see you take the syringe.

Then fill it with sedative medicine.

Now go and inject that sedative into the patient.

Until his heart and pulse stops, you shouldn't move from there, Doctor.

You will have to stay on!

Do it!


Damn it!

Where is Edwin Moses, the guy who sent you?

I know only the name, Edwin Moses.

I don't know where he is or what he does.

My friend asked for his help, and got me released from jail.

I did all this for Edwin Moses, in return for that help.

To get me released from jail, did you seek anyone's help?

Problems started for you, with my arrival.

That's why I'm asking.

Whom did you meet, to get me released from jail?

I met so many people.

None of them could do it.

Then I was given someone's number and I was asked to call him.

One week after I called on that number and spoke, your releasing order came.

Did he ask anything in return?


He asked me to write a quote in front of the police headquarters.

'Hell is empty'

'All devils are here'. That quote from Shakespeare's 'The Tempest'.

Do you still have his number, Manu?


This is his number.


This is our Muthan's number.

So... is he the guy? - No.

It's Edwin Moses.

Muthan knows who Edwin Moses is.

Wow! Sachi..!!

What a surprise!

I need permission to meet Shetty sir.

Why do you need my permission for that?

I will tell Daddy.

When are you coming, Sachi? - Evening.

Okay. See you in the evening then. - Okay.

Sachiyetta, shall I also come when you go to meet Arya Shetty?

Not Arya Shetty. Shetty sir.

Then I'm not coming.

Should I?

Go, man! - Why should I go to see that old man?

Why did you want to meet me?

Who is this Edwin Moses?

Why is he trying to kill you?

This enmity against Edwin Moses...

... was started by my son.


My son, Dr. Arun Shetty.

His war was against drugs.

Naturally, Edwin Moses became his enemy.

It was Edwin who killed him.

Then, my only aim was to eliminate Edwin somehow.

I joined hands with Vedantham IPS, and planned many tactics.

He wasn't trapped in any of it.


I seized one of his containers which had a toxic chemical drug called MMDA.

I was waiting for him to come asking for it, so far.

It was your brother who made all my calculations go wrong.

It was your brother who wrote on the wall of the Commissioner's office, and that he was Edwin Moses' guy... I was given this information...

... by some of my spies in the police.

That's why I kidnapped him.

I thought I can find Edwin Moses through him.

But you spoiled my plan.

Ask him to come and take his brother.

I want my daughter back.

The matter is not only about getting the boy back, sir.

Then? - The drug container of Edwin Moses you had seized some days back?

Return that too.

That's how, without any other option, I had to hand over that drugs container along with your brother to Muthan.

For her.

When even my last attempt to catch Edwin Moses failed, I informed Vedantham about it.

When he raided Muthan's hideout, they just got some drugs.

Apart from that, the police hasn't been able to find where that container is, yet.

Vedantham still suspects you.

He is saying that you, Muthan and friends, fooled Edwin Moses and shifted it somewhere else.

Edwin Moses is trying to kill me because now he's sure that I have lost that container.

That too, using your younger brothers.

He is trying to get them framed in cases, put you under pressure, and get that container back from you.

Behind you, it's not just Edwin Moses now.

Vedantham is also after you.

The reason for that is your friends who are with you.

All this has happened with their knowledge.

In business, there is an advice that my father gave me.

Don't believe anyone blindly.

A very famous officer ended his autobiography like this...

Oh God! I will handle my enemies.

But please protect me from my friends!

That's what I am also praying for you, Sachidanandan.

May God protect you from your friends.


When did you come?

Why didn't you come upstairs then?

Who was it?

That's just a useless marketing call.

Where? Let me see.

Didn't you believe what I said?

I don't believe it. That's why. Let me see.

I won't give the phone. - Hey!

Sachiyetta, leave it.

Why are you being so adamant, Sachiyetta?

We don't have any secrets that you don't know of. - Move!

Pareekar! = Come!

I loved you guys more than Vishnu and Manu.

And you guys were betraying me, for Edwin Moses?

Sachiyetta, I fell at their feet and asked them not to do it.

They didn't allow me to tell you, either.

They stopped me saying that we'll say it after we get 50 Crores, and otherwise, you won't allow it.

Are you happy now that Muthan is also gone, putting everything on our head?

Initially we didn't know much about this, Sachiyetta.

Muthan told us about this just before we released Arya Shetty.

When he said that he has asked for the drugs container that was with Shetty, along with Manu, and that Edwin Moses will give us 50 Crores for it, we fell for that offer.

Muthan's behaviour changed after he got the container.

He has hidden it somewhere.

Then, during the bargaining with Edwin Moses, Muthan was shot dead by the police.

With that, Edwin Moses began chasing us for the container.

That's why he is still calling us.

As long as Muthan was alive, we didn't have anything to do with Edwin Moses.

All our deals were with Muthan.

This is true, Sachiyetta.

He started calling us only after Muthan died.

We didn't say it out of fear.

We've never betrayed you, Sachiyettan.

We won't betray our own brother.

You had warned us back then itself...

Not to have any deals with Edwin Moses, because it's dangerous.

We didn't realize it then.

Now there's no point saying anything, right?

You may go, Sachiyettan.

This is our fate.

We must suffer it.

I suspected it when such a vehicle was used to bring Manu.

That's why I followed Muthan and checked the vehicle.

When I saw these drugs worth Crores, my doubts were proved right.

I thought it was a secret deal between Edwin Moses and Shetty.

Even then, I didn't suspect you.

Anyway, I am sure that Edwin Moses will come here looking for this.

That's why I shifted this from where Muthan hid it.

Edwin Moses had called again on this phone.

I've told him that I have the container, and asked him to come here with as much money Muthan asked for.

He will come. - Will he bring the money?

If I don't ask for money, he won't trust us.

He will understand that it's a trap... and he won't come.

Move it.

Kill that rascal!

Get up!

Even if I arrest them and take them to Court, they won't get punished.

If they have money and a smart advocate, they will come out and do the same business.

Shoot the criminals dead on the spot. That's my policy.



Oh my God! - Ghani!


Khan, get up!

Khan, get up!





Forgive us.

This is a punishment we got, for not obeying what you said.

We deserve this.

My dear...


You thought nobody will find you.

With that arrogance, you killed off all drug dealers... you built an empire.

In the false name of Edwin Moses, an empire that belonged to you alone!

In this game, you went wrong.

Even when he tried to kill Shetty thrice, Edwin Moses never touched Vedantham IPS who bumps off the drug mafia in shootouts, even once.

That's when I began suspecting you.

Later you cleverly saved him from the hospital.

With that, I confirmed it.

By thinking that you could bring me on your path, using my brothers, you chose your end yourself, Vedantham.

The pain that my family suffered?

No punishment would be enough for you, compared to that.

You did all this for the drugs in that container which is outside, right?

Your assets worth Crores...

Let it burn down to ashes in front of your eyes!






What you said is right.

Criminals should be shot dead on the spot!

Isn't that your policy?

But that's not my policy.

The one who killed my friends...

I want to kill him with my own hands.

Sir, it's a call from Sachidanandan.

Pick the call.

The task you gave me has been completed, sir.


... I wasn't able to capture Edwin Moses alive.

He was shot dead by Vedantham IPS.

Even though he is dead, it is still a good news.

There was a tragedy as well, sir.

Shot by Edwin Moses, Vedantham also got killed.

Oh! Sad!


Sir! Sir!

Sir! - Sir!

Sir! Sir! - What's happening there?

Someone kept a bomb at the garage.

There's a lot of smoke and fire and lots of noise.

Come fast, sir. - Bomb?

Look at the smoke!

Sir, call a fire engine. - Shut up.

Switch on the light quickly.

Don't make noise.

What is this?

Our car has started.

My dear Etta!

Do you feel happy only if you work in the dark or what?

I came here when there was light.

I didn't realize that it became dark.

My dear Etta!