Biker Boyz (2003) Script

( motorcycle engine starts )

( engine revving )

* This is the place... *

( slow melody plays )

* We've come far, far away *

( tires squealing )

* To find that place *

* Chasing down... *

* Sky of light *

* Chasin', chasin', chasin' *

* They say there are hot spots *

* Where these media and stars have a tendency to fall... *

MAN: Hey, sexy, let's go.

* Kalifornia is one of those spots *

* l believe that to be true *

* They say *

* This is the place *

* Stars are... *

* They say *

* This is the place... *

( yelling )

( engines racing )

* They say *

* This is the place where angels come down *

* They say *

* This is the place *

* Where we all can have... *

* For you, for you, for you, for you *

* Kalifornia *

* Knows how to... *

* Kalifornia *

* Knows how to *

* Whisper in your ear... *

Yo, Chu Chu...

No, l'm out, man. He's coming. lt's a rap. He's coming!

No, he's coming.

Tell Smoke his punk-ass was supposed to be here 30 minutes ago. lnstead he out there hiding. lnstead of coming and facing me like a man.

Listen, Chu Chu, he'll be here.

No, that's bullshit. l'm out.

He'll be here. l want my money.

Listen, if you ask me, he's just waiting to make an entrance.

( distant whistles )

( motorcycles approaching )

( cheering and whistles )

Look out, little girl.

All right, l'll give him five minutes.

No, make it one.

( engines rumbling )

( R&B song begins )

* Watch me! *

* Watch me! *

* l got it *

* Watch me! *

* l got it *

* Yeah! *

* l got somethin' that makes me wanna shout *

* l got something that tells me what it's all about *

* Huh *

* l got soul an' l'm super bad *

* Whoo *

* l got soul *

* And l'm super bad *

( loud thunking )

* Huh *

* Now, l got a move that tells me what to do *

* Sometimes l tease *

( stomping in unison )

* Now, l got a move *

* That tells me what to do... *

Black Knights!

( cheering )

Hear ye! Hear ye! Gather 'round!

Black Knights in town.

And all you mere mortals need to bow that ass down! lf you have never seen Smoke do his thing on a motorcycle then you have never seen a brother on a motorcycle do his thing.

Oh, glory be to God, y'all, 'cause you know He had a vision.

He put Arthur Ashe on the clay, Jackie Robinson on the diamond, Muhammad Ali in the ring and my man, Smoke, on the two wheels!

So don't be s-s-stuttering and standing your ass around.

Get down on your knees and bow that ass down.


( cheering )

He's still gonna lose.

Slick Will.

Right on, brother.

What up, Kid?


KlD: Long as l can remember, my dad and Smoke were best friends.

As long as anyone can remember, Smoke was known as ''The King of Cali. ''

But if anyone outraced him, they could win his crown.

203 races. l ain't found nobody with enough ride to take this from me.

Let's make it a lot better. Two grand.

Sound like money in the bank to me.


KlD: The deal was, a lot of people had dreams of one day winning that crown.

( laughter )

You all right?

Yeah, l just needed more acceleration.

Yeah, and you would've fallen on your behind a lot faster.

Come on, let's get this.

All right, Dad.

Here we go. One, two, three.

Go help get Smoke's ride off the truck, all right?

( laughter )




( dance music playing )

* *

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

You're sort of in my path. l like the way you put that.

Put what?

You could've said l was in your way.

But you said l was in your path.

You know, it's like me and your paths are meant to cross.

Feel what l'm saying?


Anyway, my name is Kid.

You want a medal for that or something? l just want some conversation, that's all.

Just a little conversation.


Well, there's only one problem, Kid.

What's that, beautiful? l don't converse with prospects.

Excuse me.

KlD: A prospect. l was at the bottom. l wanted to be recognized as a true rider.

Especially from my dad.

( hooting and cheering )

Dad. Dad!


When do l get my colors?

What? l'm saying, this prospect thing-- l can't roll like this no more.

That's Smoke's call, boy.

Good, man. Good.

Damn, Will, she is tight.

KlD: The way l saw it, my concerns were not his.

Being Smoke's mechanic, there was only one rider my dad seemed to care about.

Nice work, Will.

Hey, thanks, baby.

You, too, Kid.

Hey, Smoke, listen, man.

Burn rubber, not your soul, baby.

Burn rubber, not your soul.

l don't see why we stay up all night fixing his bike while he takin' all the bows.

First of all, ''we'' didn't stay up all night, l did.

You fell asleep, remember?

Second of all, you know, Smoke always tells me that when he lines his bike up for a race, he doesn't see anything, he doesn't hear anything.

Just a finish line.

A cat like that gets in the zone-- that's a gift from God.

Sound like bullshit to me.

Well, you should wish you could be half as good.

KlD: My dad once said the difference between men and boys is the lessons they learn.

Well, my father taught me plenty.

( engines revving, people yelling and cheering )

( disco melody playing )

* Times are changin' *

* Changin' time *

* Times are changin' *

* Changin' time... *

ls that nitrous l smell up underneath that bike, Chu Chu?

What you smell is your ass, which l'm about to take.

No, what l'm smellin' is victory, brother, 'cause, by the time you get to second gear to kick it in, l'll be across the finish line and all you gonna smell is my smoke.

And that's when you gonna wake up and realize the only reason you smoked so much ass up in Fresno is because l wasn't in it. l bet a G on Smoke.

You take Chu Chu.

Chu Chu? Aw, hell, no. Not Chu Chu, man.

See, Slick Will is almost as good a mechanic as me.


You gon' have to take Chu Chu.

( chuckles )

You must be crazy.

Brothers, when the green light turns red.

Smoke, Chu Chu.

All right.

Let me tell you something.

Bottom line: l don't want to hear all of this.

Somebody ain't got my money.

Why it got to be like that?

( sound distorts, fades )

( distant, distorted cheering )

( engines revving )

Let's go, baby! Come on!

* *

( screaming ): Go! Go!


( sounds fade )

( breathing loudly )

( engine racing )


( bikes approaching )

* *

( engine thunks )

( rattling )

( hissing )

( tires squealing )


( people screaming )


MAN: Come on, hurry up, man!

SMOKE: Will! Will!

( Kid panting )

( confused yelling )

Hey, get an ambulance!

WOMAN: My God!

( gasping faintly )

Breathe! Now, breathe!

Don't touch him! Don't touch him!

Don't nobody touch him.

* *

( sobbing )

( music fades )

( slow guitar melody begins )

* Son, what you don't understand *

* My words might never explain *

* So l am hoping that time will *

MlNlSTER: ...thank you for the life of William Alex Crooms.

* Things may not go as you planned *

* Dark clouds might bring you pain *

* But l will be in your heart still *

* Telling you, ''Don't look down'' *

* Don't feast your eyes on things that are on the ground *

* And if it gets hard to focus *

* When you're traveling almost at the speed of sound *

* Feelin' nowhere bound *

* Remember what l told you and don't you dare look down *

* Don't look down, no... *

* *

lf it's all right with you, we'd like this buried with him.

Everybody has signed it.

He'd be proud to have this.

Look, Nita, if you need anything, money, anything, come to me first, l got you.

* ...And if it gets hard to focus *

* When you're traveling almost at the speed of sound *

* Feelin' nowhere bound *

* Oh... *

You all right?

Just got to get out of here, man.

* Don't you dare look down *

* When you're traveling almost at the speed of sound... *

( electronic gunshots ricocheting )

( electronic gunshots ricocheting )

NlTA: Jalil, you know l don't want him playing those violent games. lt's not that violent, is it, Willie?

Nope, it ain't that violent.

( characters screaming )

( shots ricocheting )

Okay, that's it.

You go to bed brush your teeth and take them little cruddy shoes with you.

Hey, hey.

Five more minutes on that phone, then l want you off.

We're going over homework.

Oh, l was not born yesterday, Miss Thing.

Five minutes.

All right, scrub, move on over.

Oh, yeah, let Mama give that baby a little spanking, come on.


Let's see what you're working with.

You're the scrub.

Honey, your mama got skills.

Ooh. That must've hurt.

Boy, you still alive?

Go on, lay down and die.

You're injured?

Let me just finish you off-- here you go.




That's all right, baby. l'll give you a rematch. lt is all right.

Yeah, l know it's okay.

( chuckles ) l'm gonna go get me something to eat.

Boy, you just ate dinner an hour ago.

( growls in exasperation )

Stop tripping.

Jalil... you be careful.

Don't worry about me. l usually only get gunned down once a night.

NlTA: Cee Cee! Cee Cee!

Off the phone now!

( slow, lyrical melody playing )

* Whether you police or a thug on the streets *

* Whether you look for beef, or you livin' in peace *

* Whether you back down, or you stand strong bold *

* Yo, we never know what tomorrow's gon' hold *

* We can live today, but we're not promised tomorrow *

* We can pass away, say good-bye to yesterday *

* lt's either me or you in this world *

* 'Cause l be tryin' to cope *

* l'm lookin' for answers *

* But still l'm comin' up broke *

* They supply the... *

( engine revving )

* Who shot Lennon and Malcolm X, one in his throat *

* l'm an old soul that hold but probably young as the Pope *

* Reincarnated as a prophet through a symbol of hope *

* l move through the projects, lights... *


Yo, Donny, come on, l'm calling you out!


Go on. Ten dollars. Have your cash ready.

* We can live today, but we're not promised tomorrow... *

Donny, come on out!

Yo, what's up, Jerome?

( laughing ): Kid? Oh, shit, Kid!

Yo, dawg! Put me down, man!

Hey, where the hell you been, brother?!

Man, ain't nobody seen you since...

Any-anyway, man, it's good to see you again, dawg!

Yeah. l have $500 that says l'm gonna take your helmet.

That's a funny dude.

( horn beeping ) l'm gonna go bust his fool ass.

Now, hold on. ls Donny here yet?

Yeah, he's here. l mean, if you want me to, l'll tell Donny what's up.

Have Donny bust that fool, feel me?

MAN: Donny.


Yo, Kid, don't be such a stranger, man, come on.

( mid-tempo R&B intro playing )

* l'm gonna ride, ride, ride, ride, ride *

* Till l can't go no more *

* Test, test, testing, one, two, three *

* l wanna make sure you hear me... *

Whoo! Looks good.

Yeah, you hooked this one up. lt looks real good.

You're gonna have to keep this on here for another day at least, though.


Yo, l need you to hook me up. l got this new girl who want to get a tattoo, right?


She want to put my name on her cheek. l take it you don't mean on her face.

Mm-mm. ( chuckles )


You know how l do-- l got to brand my women.

-Uh-uh. -Right on their ass.

* *

* Gonna ride, ride, ride, ride, ride. *

Yo, what's up, Donny?

Who the hell are you?

WOMAN: Yo, yo, yo that's Slick Will's son.

Okay. Wassup?

You too big to pay respects, Kid?

How you doing, Queenie? l'm a'ight.

How you doing?

Guess l'm all right.

Yo, l thought you might want to know-- some drunk fool calling you out.

( snickers )

That fool? l beat him last week for 200 bucks.

Oh, you know, man, he talking about 500 and your lid.


( thuds on ground )

( crowd laughing )

You set that up, for real.

( engine revving, tires squealing )

( engine turns off )

( percussive beat begins )

( syncopated beat enters )

So what the hell you doing?

Getting ready to race you.

Without a lid?

You're not just drunk, you crazy.

Just consider it a reminder in case you glance at me.

Reminder of what?

That your lid's about to become mine.

DONNY: Yeah, right!

( revving engine )

What's happening? Girl, what's happening now?

Whoa, lookit, the queen has came out.

Hey, Queenie, you up next?

( T.J. chuckles )


What's happening, T.J.?

Got us a race here, huh?

Oh, yeah. We about to get into this boy ass right here.


Where'd you get your bike, boy? Off eBay?

Good luck to you.

( engines purring )

( kickstands clacking rhythmically )

SMOKE: Hey, how you doing?

-Yeah! -( laughter )

Kick some ass.

( crowd cheering )

Keep the wheels down, boys.

( engines roaring )

( high-pitched squealing )

( rapid revving )

( crowd yelling )

( engines whining )

( piano plays somber intro )

* Though l have fallen short *

* My song one day will rise *

* Against your concrete backdrop *

* Above your smoggy sky *

* And l'm gonna fly *

* *

* And l will say it loud *

* l have been set free *

* l have taken flight because there is a king in me *

* And l'm gonna *

* Fly... *

( applause )

* Fly... *

( cheering and applause )

Hey, doll, wassup? Wassup, wassup?


( crowd quiets )

( engines idling softly )

l don't know what the hell your fool ass was trying to prove... but whatever it was, you proved it.

l-l think l just won.

Yeah, you did.

( laughs )

Fill it up.

( crowd cheering and laughing )

( engines revving )

( engine stops )

You get any of my messages? l've been kind of busy.

Talk to you for a second?

( sniffs ) l see you got your bike running kind of right.

Oh, you think?

Oh, yeah, yeah.

Shit. l'm almost impressed, Kid.

( chuckles )

You could've got hurt real bad out there, man. l could've got hurt getting out of the bed.

True that, but we got rules on the set.

You can't just roll up through here with no colors on, pulling tricks, man.

People cutting you some slack

'cause of your old man, l'm tellin' ya.

Look, Kid, if you don't want any problems, a'ight...

What? You act like you're about to do something.

Oh, l forgot. l'm supposed to jump when you say ''jump''? l'm not my father, all right?

And what's that supposed to mean? lt means l'm not kissing your ass the way he did.

Before he died he said l should wish to be as good as you are.

Well, he was wrong...

'cause l'm better.

Now would be a good time for you to get on your bike and take your ass home. l can't do that, Smoke. l'm calling your ass out!

( laughing )

Figured you'd bitch up.

( crowd gasps )

One race... and you talking shit? Hmm?

You want a piece of me, Kid? Huh?

You want a piece of me?

Get you some colors, you win you some legit races, and then, maybe you'll get your shot.

When you step to me, Kid, you better come correct.

T.J. : Hey, Smoke.

Why don't you let me handle this?

Some happy boy comes through messing up one of my events, we got ways of dealing with him. lt's all right, T.J.

Kid was just breaking out, y'all.

Ain't that right, Kid?

Oh, no doubt.

Come on, baby.

( engine revving )

T.J. : All right.

Let's get back to partying.

Drinks on the house for another hour.

( crowd cheering )

( dishes clattering )

( radio plays softly )

* *

lf you were gonna pull some shit like that, you could've let a brother know.

( laughing )

Hey, man, it just happened.

No, no!

Racing against me doesn't just happen-- no, man, that's... l mean...

We got paid, man.

What can l get you? l'll have a Coke.

Anything else?

MAN: Yeah, l'll take a Coke myself, sweetheart and a cheeseburger. l'm starving, yo!

Wassup, Kid?

So, how you been, Stuntman?

Who are you?

Oh, my name's Primo.

Dawgs, that was some gansta-ass riding you did tonight, man!

Though l wonder what Donny would think if he knew the white boy was your friend.

We ain't friends.

Oh, no?

Nah, we just like to eat at the same place. lt's a coincidence.

You know, that's funny

'cause l know a little something about coincidences. ls that so?

Yeah. You'll like this one.

Two months ago, some brother rolls through Los Vaqueros' annual dance in Oaktown. lt's not unusual for a black guy to roll through every now and then, but what is unusual is for this black guy to tell Los Vaqueros that a drunk white boy wants to race?!

( snickers )

One who races with no lid.


See, the guy who the white boy happened to beat was my cousin.

That's a coincidence.

KlD: Yeah, it is a coincidence.

Look, man, y'all worked y'all's game in Northern Cali, and now you're gonna squeeze out L.A., and l'm saying, do your thing. l feel that.

But l think y'all a little too close to home, man, to be using that same-ass M.O.

Thank you for the advice, Primer... or Primo, whatever.

Look, man, if you had a third guy, for example, and ran a totally different hustle...

Oh, oh.'d keep people off your ass. l mean, shit, all anyone has to do is figure out where the annual dance is, and there you are.

Look, man, we're not hustling no more.



We're going legit.

We are?

You're going after Smoke's crown, aren't you?

STUNTMAN: Oh, yeah, that's what we're doing.

C-Can you tell this guy he's crazy so we can eat in peace?

Yeah, tell me l'm crazy, Kid.

Tell me l'm crazy.

Look, man Smoke doesn't have to chase any more wallets.

He's got the crown.

He's the King of Cali.

Yeah, and...

And he told me to step to him correctly, so that's what l'm doing. l'm stepping to him correctly.

Yeah, but the only damn way to step to him correctly is to join one of the clubs on set.

( both arguing )

Actually, actually, actually... actually... there's another way.

We could start our own club.

''We''? ''We''?


Yo, it takes three to be official and think about how much money we can make if we joined up together.

A lot more than $500 a race, believe me.

Well, believe this.

We can always find a third head.

That's true, but you're not gonna find nobody as fast as me, Kid.

Come on, baby.

Well, maybe if you can keep up, then we have something we can talk about.

Keep up.

Hey, oh, nah...

Step up or step off, son.

Step up or step off. Step up or step off.

KlD: Yo, Stunt, let's show him how to do it, baby.

( engines revving )


* You don't stop, you don't stop... *

Come on, Primo!

You got blocks! Keep up, son!

Come on, baby, let's go now!

( engine kicks into higher gear )

* *

* Whoo, whoo, whoo! *



( howling )

( satisfied laughter )

* *

* Whoo! *

( laughing )

My name's Primo.

You ain't gonna forget that name.

STUNTMAN: What you think, Kid?

He got skills.

Way to step up, son!

Ha, ha! Come on.


Hey, man!

-Whoo! -Ow!

( raucous laughter )

( whirring )

( moans ): Ow.

WOOD: Baby-girl, now you got to make sure that the, uh, ''D'' is nice and straight.

Oh! l mean, it's looking a little crooked right here.

Wood? Move.

What? l'm saying you got to...


All right. Look, here.

Hurry up. l got to get back to the shop, you know? l'm still on the clock.

Hey, sweetie, l told you my sister was a pro, right?


She's gonna take care of you. Mmm! Mmm.

Oh, baby?


You're gonna put my name on yours, too, right?



Uh, yeah, baby-boo. l got you. You know. lt hurts?


You can take the pain.

( knocking )

WOOD: You say you like the look.

Wow. What's up, baby?

How did you...?

What-what in the hell are you doing here?

Came to get me a tattoo.

Okay, look, you can't just stop by.

You have to make an appointment.

You see me race the other day?

Yeah. l saw you race. l think you're crazy.

Well, l think some people like crazy.

Look, l'm kind of busy, so, um... um... if you want to make an appointment... here.

You can call my voice mail.

Your voice mail?

My voice mail.


Anything else?

Yeah, um...

( radio plays faintly )

KlD: l wasn't trying to cause static at the dance. l was just trying to show off my bike.

Things got out of control, so, l apologize to you, T.J. l understand that.

But, you see, l ain't the only one you should be apologizing to. l apologize.

( sighs softly )

Word is you've been kicking it with that white boy that raced Donny.

There a law against that?

No. Just wondering if you met him before the race or after.


'Cause we got a strict code about hustling.

You either deal straight up, or not at all. l'm just as straight up as you.

So, you're taking college classes and fixing bikes part-time?

That's right.

Following in your father's footsteps? ln some things.

All right, if we agree to vote you in, your club will be recognized.

But if you're not voted in you can come again before us in a year. l understand that.

Good for you.

All those in favor of Kid's club being recognized... acknowledge.

So what y'all going to call yourself?

( hard rock music playing )

* Ready? *

* Let's go *

* Ready? *

* Let's go! *

* *

( engines revving )

( electrical zap )

You okay?

Yeah, l'm good.


'Cause, um... l just thought it might hurt a little.

No. lt's all good. lt kind of helps if you breathe a little bit.


( breathes deeply )

( chuckles )


You know, Tina... l'm really feeling you.

Feeling me?


You know, l mean, l like you a lot.

Kid, how would you know that?

You hardly even know me. l just know.

That's all, you know?

So, what does this mean?

Oh... uh... lt's something my dad, uh... used to say. lt means, uh, whatever, whoever steps to you... just remember who you are.

You know... keep it real.

l know about what happened to him. l'm sorry.

Can't imagine how you're dealing with it.

Life's jacked up.

You know, just, uh... learn how to deal with it, you know?

l guess so.


Oh... l forgot to thank you for my flowers.

Thank you.

You know, l never flowed like that before.

Never... you know, bought flowers for a girl.

Yeah, l could tell.



Picked them out myself.

l can tell that, too.

( soft, romantic music playing )

* l can't promise you love... *

Come here.

* l can't promise you'll leave... *

Come here.

* ln my heart of hearts *

* Higher to fire *

* Death will come fast *

* l want to be free *

* Closer to this fire. *

Think of the sexiest girl you ever seen in your life-- the sexiest-- and l'm telling you Shorty was sexier than that.

And she was checking you out?

No, she was drooling all over me, son.

So, you know, l start talking to Shorty, right?

She telling me she been racing for, like, two years, and she want to race me for 500 beans.

Now, that sound like easy money.

Yo, as fine as she is, l'm thinking the same thing.

Only she ain't got no money.

So, she says if l win, l get whatever l want.


So, did you win?

What you think?

So, l takes her back to the motel to settle our debt, right?

And Shorty starts kissing on me...

You know what l'm saying?

Starts twirling her tongue in my ear and l'm saying, son, that's my spot.

Don't twirl the tongue in my ear.

No, that's a little more than l need to know.

Hold up; you took her back to the motel and you only got a ear job?

Hee-hee-hee, shut up.

That ain't funny.

Anyway, so before l could tell Shorty to chill, she got me handcuffed to the headboard like... blah!

-Oh... -Nice.

Next thing l know, five of her friends come storming in.

-Oh... -Nice.

No, see, you're not hearing me, man. lt's not coming through your head.

This ain't no S & M bruise.

They beat the shit out of me, stole my money, stole my clothes... and l had to ride home butt-naked, yo.

And there was like this big-ass traffic jam, 'cause everybody got out they car to laugh at me. l nearly burned my nuts off on the way home.

( laughing )

Yo, man...

Yo, we a motorcycle club, right?

We supposed to stick together at times like this, right?

You're just going to laugh at me like that?

Huh? At least help me get my money back, man.

( laughing )

That's messed up, man.

That's mad messed up.

On behalf of all the club presidents, we want to thank you for coming out.

This is our fourth annual Bikini Bike Wash.

( cheering )

And every dime raised here today goes towards purchasing schoolbooks for kids in our community.

( cheering )

So, if you got a dirty bike, this is where you want to be.

And if you got a clean bike, this is where you want to be.

( laughing )

Now, please, give a warm welcome to our motorcycle sanitation engineers!

( cheering, hooting and whistling )

( yelling )

Come on.

( hooting and hollering )


Come on. Come on.

Hang on, hang on, hang on!

Before all you sisters get too salty, please say hello to Turbo.

( women cheering )

Oh... !

No, no, no, no!


Yo, man, that's what l'm talking about.

( cheering continue )

Do they come any tighter, them shorts he got on? l ain't feeling that right there.

All they need is the Train, baby!

All you need is the chug-a-chug-a-chug-a-chug-a...

Soul Train!

* Girl, you looking good nowadays *

* And l heard you like a man *

* Maybe l can be the one who cares into your pain *

* Well, l need you... *

* No, no, no... * l think, um, you need to cool off.

( giggles )

Hey, you... l see you.

* *

lf there's one bike out here that doesn't need to be cleaned, it's yours.

Well, it's for charity.

Ah... charity.

Speaking of charity, where's, um... uh... Donny? l really wouldn't know.

Well, ain't y'all involved?

Brothers and commitment.

You know about that one, don't you?

That again.

Mmm. l suppose it didn't help matters that l beat him in a race.

You could've let him win.

Like l let you win?

Like you let me win?

( chuckles )

Don't let me keep you, huh?

Wouldn't want you to feel ''smothered.'' l'm up next.

STUNTMAN: Hey, yo, Kid!

These guys want to talk to you.

Hey, Kid, l'm Philly.

What's up, man?

-And l'm Flip. -What's going on?

Yo, we saw you race Donny a while back.

Yo, we saw you beat Big Gee a week ago.

Your flow was off the chain.

Off the heezy.

Yo, now that you got your own crew and all, we was hoping to join up.

What? l mean, we know that we got to be prospects for a while, but whatever it takes to become Biker Boyz, we'll do it.

-Whatever it takes? -No doubt.

( engine revving )

( hard rock music playing )

( waves splashing )

Don't jump, Smoke. lt can't be that bad.

Well, if it ain't Dogg...

''man's best friend.''

Hey! Hey! Fetch!

Why don't you hang it up?

You haven't raced anybody credible since the accident.

Oh, that's 'cause you think you're the only one who's credible.


Only reason you beat me up in Fresno is 'cause my piston got jacked up.

That shit ain't happening again.

Good. You need to get in line and wait your turn like everybody else.

Ain't nobody else, except you. l been watching you-- riding safe, careful... not taking any chances.

You ain't got the heart to be King of Cali.

Not no more. l can see that in your eyes.

You sure that's what you see?

Look again. l'll tell you what you see, you mutt.

You see somebody who's got everything you want.

Somebody who's got three Gs that says you ain't got the heart to take it.

( whistles softly )

Three Gs?

How about five?

How about five?

Five, baby.

( motorcycle revving )

* l'm going to ride... *

* *

* *

( revving engine )

( cheering )

( cheering )

Wait up!

( hoots and hollers )

( engines roaring )

( tires screeching )

( sound distorts )

( engines revving )

( cheering )

( cheering )

You see that? You see that?

( sound fades )

( engines revving )

Go! Come on! Yeah!

( cheering )

SOUL TRAlN: Baby, that's what l'm talking about.

( cheering )

Ooh! Ooh!

That's right. Give it up.

Get your little ass on over there, homeboy.

( tires screeching )

( cheering )

Where there's smoke, there's fire!

-Fire! -Fire!

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

Say something for the people at home, baby.

Get out of my face with that camera!

Yo, Dogg, now that's what l call a race.

Couldn't get no closer.

Yo, baby, say something for the folks at home, man.

Let them know what's going on, Dogg.

Just a little something for them, baby.

( punch lands, grunting )

( crowd gasps )

Damn, Kamera Man.

You next, fool.

You next.

You got smoked, baby.

Don't even sweat that, man.

Don't even sweat it.

Soul Train?

Yes, sir?

How much does that doggy in the window owe me?

His life, Smoke.

He owe you his life.

That's a good Dogg.

Hey, ain't you forgetting something?

Come on, boy.

( whistles )

Come on, you can do it, boy.

Come on, boy.

( kissing sound )

Here, boy! Here, boy!

Come on.

That's a good Dogg.

That's a good Dogg.

Come on!

Why don't you fetch that?

Bad Dogg.

That ain't no dog, Smoke.

That's a bitch.

( laughing )

That's a doggone shame.

( laughing )

SOUL TRAlN: We gonna tell you a little story here.

You want to hear that?

Tell you a little story about a boy named Dogg.

Quarter mile race, need to be up on a hog.

Then one day he came against the Smoke.

Got to the line and all he did was choke.

Smoked, that is.

ALL: Black Knight!

That's right. Keep going.

( motorcycles approaching )

* Just when you thought it was over *

* Just when you thought it was Done *

* Just when you thought it was safe now *

* We did it *

* Just when you thought it was over *

* Just when you thought it was Done *

* Just when you thought it was safe now *

* We did it *

* Fast Cars, Fast Brauds *

* 'Cause l'm a rock star, baby *

* Born in the USA *

* l'm gonna hit the highway on my Harley *

* Do about 38 *

* Nothin' else but take it easy *

* Any woman what won't please me, l'll give her up *

* Anything that won't touch me or move me *

* l'll give it up *

* And l know you're all serious *

* Nevermore your whipping boy *

* Yeah, we did it... * l thought you were supposed to race before me.

We were. l guess you're not the only one who likes to make an entrance.

( cheering )


( laughing )

( crowd talking )

Let's ride.

Can't do it.

Can't hold the bridge any longer.


Maybe next time you'll leave out the halftime show.

Maybe next time you'll take some notes.

We racing?

Or you making up an excuse?

Say again?

Are we racing or you just blowing smoke?

Let's race.

Black Knights... let's roll.

( motorcycles start up )

( revving engines )

( laughing )

Our boy's going to wreck you, man!

He's going to wreck you! lt's all about the Soul Brothers!

The Soul Brothers look like ''ole'' brothers.

Have your boy call it.

( engines revving )

( engines rev up )

Kid, you're wasting time!

Come on, baby, do your thing! Come on, baby!


* *

* *

( sirens blaring )

All right, thanks, Elroy.


The bail's been taken care of.

At some point, he's going to have to appear in front of a judge.

Now, if you want, l can pull a few strings.

Get him off with a fine, maybe community service.

( laughs )

You're not used to me sounding like a lawyer, huh? l just never thought my son would need one.

Damn! Oh... l have been in denial, Soul Train.

Well, that is one way of putting it.

Thanks for understanding.

Look, Anita, uh... the night Slick Will died... everybody was running around and... screaming and... but l swear to God... he didn't even blink when that bike came at him.

And Kid is just as fearless, so if he does go down... you should know it's not going to be on anybody's sideline.

ANlTA: How long you been racing?

About six months.

Ma, l'm real good.

Damn it, Jalil! l'm real good. l don't care how good you think you are!

Do you know what we call bikers in the ER?

Organ donors!

You hit that pavement at 120 miles an hour, baby, and it is over. l'm not going down.

There's only two kind of riders-- those that been down, and those that gonna go down.

There must be three kind, them and me, 'cause, you know, l'm... l'm good.


What?! l lost your father like this.

Dad wasn't even racing.

He was playing it ''better safe than sorry.''

And if you play it safe, you sorry.

What did...?

Boy, let me tell you something. l have lived too long, and l have been through too much to go through this again.

Now l am not gonna sit here and watch you go down like this, not while you living under my roof so you tell me right now-- are you going to keep racing?

'Cause, if so, l will pack your bags my damn self.

And you can go stay with your friends.

Ma, why you tripping?

Are you gonna race, Jalil?




Get out the goddamn car!

l don't want you back in that car if you lyin' to me.

Now, you tell me, are you going to keep racing: yes or no?

Mom, come on. l li...


You promise? l said no.

You got what you wanted. l promise.

Are we through?

Are we through?!

Yeah, we're through.

TlNA: Well, maybe if she can't understand where you're coming from, maybe you should try to understand where she's coming from.

KlD: l thought you had my back. l do. l'm just saying.

Baby, maybe she's just afraid of losing you.

Why you so concerned about what happens between me and my mother? l'm just trying to make sure you're a'ight.

Okay, punk?




What you gonna do, hmm?

You know this punk loves you, right?

What? l'm saying... l got mad love for you. l think it's pretty obvious how you feel about a brother so, uh...

Okay, l'm-l'm really not ready to have this conversation. l ain't ready to have the conversation, either. l'm just saying that l know, and l love you.

The Black Knights' annual dance is tonight. l thought you'd been gone by now.

Got to get a date first.

Her name is Tina, and Jalil is a-whupped.

Cee Cee, l don't want you talking like that.

Yeah, shut up, girl.

Eh, Jalil.

Anyway... you know, Dad used to take you to the dance all the time, right?

Might as well keep the tradition alive.

Can't remember the last time l saw you out.

What are you talking about, boy? l'm saying Tina's not my date.

You are.

You should go, Mom.

Yeah, Mom, you should go.

Yeah, you should go.

( engine revving, tires squealing )

( engine rumbling )

* Hey, lady *

* Can l get a ride? *

* La-da, da-da, da-da... *

( crowd cheering )

* Yeah, yeah, hey, girl *

* What up? *

* Tell 'em that you feelin' real *

* Tell 'em, uh, whoo *

* Put your hand in my hand *

* Keep me calm *

* Put your hand in my hand * * Superstar *

* Hey, lady, *

* Come on now *

* Can l get a witness? *

* La-da, da-da, da-da *

* Check it out *

* Girl, put your hand in my hand *

* Be brave and put your hand in my hand *

* Yeah, yeah, hey, girl *

* Tell 'em that you're feelin' real *

* Whoo! *

WOOD: Riding high, ain't you, youngster.

Even heard you're thinking about going up to Fresno.

Yeah, l'm thinking about it.

Yeah, l seen a few of your races.

You a'ight. l heard about the race between Dogg and Smoke, and you Strayz got your ass whipped.

Young boy got his chest all pumped up.

Who have you raced that's even worth talking about, man?


Did he say Motherland? Yo!

My grandmama can beat that fool. l beat her, too.

( snickering )

Oh, you're a comedian, huh?

Look here... the only reason l ain't put my foot in your ass yet is 'cause of Baby-girl But l'm going to give you some act-right, youngster.

Believe that.


Look here, man, l'm here 'cause l'm calling you out.

On behalf of who? Dogg?

On behalf of the Strayz.

You talk like a man.

Let's see if you can ride like one.

Next time, Stray.

Dang, Baby-girl, you sure know how to pick 'em.

Kid, only person ever beat Dogg is Smoke.

You knock Dogg out the box, and Smoke can't dodge you.

Look, man, l promised my mother l lay low, so that's what l'm doing, so just chill.

This puts you one step away.

Y'all Biker Bitches going to keep on whispering, or you going to step up like a man, Kid? l got Dogg outside waiting for you.

Look, man, if you ain't going to race for no paper... damn, at least do it for some self-respect.

( laughing quietly )

Oh, l forgot.

You're just like your bitch-ass daddy.

-J, come on... -You know my daddy?

TlNA: Calm down now.

Hey, thanks.

Move, move, move!

* Your competition, oh *

* No competition, no *

* Easy, l got my own modus operandi *

* Permanent free, like a lotus, l envy not... *

Excuse me.



Who the hell are you, coming up in here...

Slow your roll, girl. Slow your roll.

You don't want no problems with this lady. l'll be right with you, a'ight? l'll be right with you.

Still on the prowl. l thought by now you'd grown up.

( exasperated sigh )

Nice to see you, too, Anita.

* *

Let's go out back to talk. l need to talk to you now, Smoke. l think Jalil's going to race some crazy-looking brother in a Strayz jacket.

SMOKE: Oh, you're talking about Wood.

No, if he was racing, he'd be racing against Dogg.

-l need you to stop it. -Why? l've already lost one of my own to this bullshit. l'm not looking to lose my baby.

Well, l'm not the one you need to be talkin' to.

Well, l am talking to you.

( sighs )

He don't listen to me, Anita.

He ain't paid attention to a word l said since Will died.

Now, what makes you think he's going to pay two shits of attention to what l got to say now?

You told me if l ever needed anything, you got me.

Oh, you did say that, didn't you?

Yeah, yeah. Come on, Anita! l'm asking you to stop it.

What am l supposed to do? You know how the set go.

What, l'm supposed to just jump up and say, ''Hey, hey, hey. No, y'all can't do this''?

The man has laid down a challenge. lt's been accepted. l can't stop that.

That ain't how we do this. l ain't asking how you do it. l'm telling you what you gonna do.

Why the hell would l do that?

Because he's your son.

What you say?

What you say?!

Jalil is your son, Smoke.

Oh, no. Oh, no.

Yes, Smoke!

He's your son.

And if you didn't have your head so far up your ass, you'd know this.

( can clanking )

You serious?

Yes, l'm serious.

He was born eight months after l got with Will.

Who was l with before then?

Who did l have to cut loose because he changed his women as much as he changed his drawers?

Almost 19 years and you never looked at him. l looked at him.


Damn, you're dropping this on me now and l'm the one that's got my head up my ass?

Okay, all right, that's fair.

Maybe l should've told you before.

And maybe l shouldn't be telling you at all.

But now you know.

Did Will know?

He never asked.

But he wasn't stupid.

He had eyes.

He knows it takes nine months to make a baby.

Well, if l was deaf, dumb and blind, it wouldn't justify this.

You should've told me, Anita.

Smoke, l tried.

Not hard enough.

Well, it's kind of hard talking to somebody when they in bed with another woman.

Okay, look, this has nothing to do with me.

All right, but... l'm just asking.

Do right by Kid.

This is bullshit, Anita.

Are you going to do it, or not?

Kid! Dogg!

Let's do it. lt's only trackin' in this, right now.

STUNTMAN: Puttin' us on the map, baby!

Beat him up! Beat him up!


MAN: Yeah!

Yo, what's up, Dogg?

That's a nice lid, man.

Like that?

Hell, yeah. lt's a shame you won't be able to take that home with you.

( wry laugh )

Kid, Kid. l don't know whether l should waste my time whipping your ass in this race... or take you across my knee.


Come here.

For what?

We need to talk.

Man, l'm about to race! l said get your ass over here now!


Get off the bike. Get over here now!


What's the matter?

Smokey won't let you come out and play with the bandit tonight? l'm tired of you, Smoke!

PRlMO: This ain't your race, man!

We tryin' to do something out here!

What's your problem, Smoke?

Kid... what are you doing, man?

What does it look like l'm doing? l'm setting to ride, man.

Not tonight, kid. You ain't racing tonight.

Man, you buggin', man.

Listen to me for a second, all right?

Listen to me.

Now, l was with the Black Knights for five years before l had my first race. lt takes that long to develop the skill, all right? lt's not the engine. lt's not the bike. lt's the rider, his reflexes. l know you good.

You real good, but...

( breathing hard ) you don't have the experience to go up against Dogg.

Man, shut up, have a seat!

-Man, l'm about to... -Kid...

Watch me race.

Not tonight.

( groaning )

( all yelling )

That boy better learn how to duck or something!

( laughing )

PRlMO: Smoke, what you doing, man?

MOTHERLAND: Primo, back off.

( dance music playing )

SMOKE: Train. Train!


Seen Nita?

She caught a ride.


Couple minutes ago.

Hey... you all right?

Yeah, yeah, l'm all right.

( rap song playing )

This is supposed to be fun, Prez.

( yelling, bottles clattering )

Stay out of it! He jumped him from behind!

You stay out of it!

You... stay out of it!

Hey, hey! You just make sure you stay out of it!

Get up! Kick his ass!

Go on, Prez! Go on, Prez!

Kick his ass, Kid!

Easy, big man! Easy!

( bottles clattering )

( cheering and whooping )

Come on. Hit him. Come on. Come on!

l told you that boy needed some act-right.

You all right?

( grunts )

STUNTMAN: Get up, Kid.

( coughs )

( gasps )

Who else knew about this?

Train is the only person l ever confided in.

What about Smoke?

l told him tonight.

Come here, baby.

What are you doing?

You talkin' about ''give me your word'' for racing?

You been lyin' to me my whole life!

Jalil, baby, let's just sit down and talk about--

About what?



( engine roaring )

( sobbing )

( slow knocking on door )

( lock clicks )

What you want, Queenie? l figured you wouldn't want to be alone tonight.

What made you think l would be?

Like l couldn't kick the ass of the skank you've been hanging out with lately.

You want me to go, l'll go.

( Queenie sighs )

( seagulls calling )

We gonna win more lids than any crew on the set.

And we gonna out-hustle every crew off the set.

Kid... now, you know we can't be legit if we go back to hustling, all right?

Set won't let us.

KlD: And another thing.

From now on, Biker Boyz set their own rules!

We doin' wheelies, they can't even name it.

We're doing stoppies, yo, they can't even frame it.

Biker Boyz!

ALL: Yeah! l said Biker Boyz!

ALL: Yeah!

-A'ight? -ALL: A'ight!

* Passion, the will to win, the spark within *

* Passion, the strength within the hearts of men *

* Passion, the drive to press, to strive for best *

* To rise, you've just arrived, the quest is driven through *

* Passion, to play through pain and love the game *

* Passion, to break the chain and blaze the flame *

* Passion, the fight for rights to love your life *

* To rise, you've just arrived *

Biker Boyz!

* The quest is driven through passion! *

* Propaganda, positive propositions *

* Politician, musician, and a triple optician *

* Still part of my mission's to slaughter the opposition *

* Critics that don't get it, l tell 'em to stop bitchin' *

* l do without blacks, l've done it without cash *

* Strictly for the love of the art, that's passion *

* Flashin', rappin' or jammin' or soundblastin' *

* When Quannum meets Expansion, this is what happens... *

( engine revving )

* Passion, the will to win, the spark within *

* Passion, the strength within the hearts of men *

* Passion, the drive to press, to strive for best, to rise *

* You've just arrived, the quest is driven through passion *

Rain check. Fresno.

What comes with it?

* Vibrations for years, l've been waitin' for years *

* l've been patient for years *

* We ain't playin' this year, we hold stake in this here *

* lt ain't safe for this year *

* We in the zone, watch next level, takin' it there *

* This is passion... *

( engine revving )

* Passion... *

( electronic gunfire )

* Passion... *

( grunting )

-You see that? -Oh, my God!

* Passion, the will to win, the spark within *

* Passion, the will to win, the spark within *

* Passion, the strength within the hearts of men *

* Passion, the drive to press, to strive for best, to rise *

* You've just arrived, the quest is driven through *

* Passion, to play through pain and love the game *

* Passion, to break the chain and blaze the flame *

* Passion, the fight for rights to love your life, to rise *

* You've just arrived, the quest is driven through passion! *

( gun cocks )

Are you bulletproof, Biker Boy?

SMOKE: Hey, Max!

You want to slow your roll?

Hey, Smoke, my man.

lt's been a while.

Long time.

l need you to cut him loose, Max. ls that so?

( switches flipping )


Well, you know what, Smoke? l'm afraid l can't do that.

Why not?

Well, because this asshole and his knucklehead friends, they came down to my turf and they hustled my nephew out of how much?

1 ,200 bucks.

1 ,200 bucks.

Can we make it right?

Go back inside.

That's not an option.

l want double the money back.


And l want you to make sure that that asshole learns his lesson.

Oh, l'll take care of that, all right.

( engine rumbling )

( engines roaring )

You know l could have you thrown off the set, right?

Do what you gotta do.

So, how you wanna handle things between me and you then? l'm 18 years old.

We ain't got shit to handle.

You do your thing, l'll do mine.

Yeah, a'ight, but l need you to hear me on something, a'ight?


Your mother's right to be worried about you.

The way you rolling, you ain't gonna see 19.

Now you need to slow your ass down.

You need to stop telling me what to do!

My dad died trying to follow your ass around!

Damn, Kid, why can't we just...?

Why can't we just talk?

You know, like...

Like what? Father and son?

No, like friends.

We ain't friends.

All right, father and son, then.

We ain't that either.

Jalil, l'm your father.

Fuck you, Smoke!

So, it's like that, huh? lt's like that.

Let me ask you something, man to man.

You still think you got enough heart to race me?

Shit, l got enough heart to prove you ain't half the man you think you are.

Well, why don't we do that then?

One thing. lf l win... you quit.

No hustling, no racing, no bullshit.

Now, why would l stop racing?

You seen what l can do.

Don't mean shit without the crown. l am the King of Cali, baby.

Me, Smoke.

These are my terms. l win, you quit.

You want the ride, or you scared? l want the ride.


But l don't want to do it here.

Let's do it in front of everybody. l'm saying Fresno.

You want to try to put me back on the straight and narrow? Fine.

You win, l quit.

But if l win... you quit.

Now... you want that ride?

Or are you scared?

( knocking )

( sports playing on TV )

Um, Kid?

What? lt's, um, company.

TlNA: Um... l'm gonna... l'm gonna go

( turns TV off ) to the store... and l'll be back.

( door closes )

What's up?

Hey. l'll get some clothes on.

l'm, uh, sorry to drop in on you like this.

Oh, that's cool.

Um, l-l brought some things that l thought you might need.

( chuckling )

Hey, l've been promising you that rematch, so, if you want to practice up, it's on.

A rematch. l've been meaning to give you something, too.

Hold on.

No, Jalil.

Mom, please.

Just because l'm not living there doesn't mean l shouldn't help you out. l was raised better than that.

No, baby.

You keep it.

-Mom... -You keep it.

So... how you doing, baby? l mean... are you okay? l'm good.

The word is, um, you're going to Fresno. l am.

You be careful.

Hey, Mom.

Um... l want to know, you know, if Dad was still alive, would you... would you have told me? l don't know.

Would you have wanted me to?

l don't know.

( lyrical R&B intro playing )

* Gotta love us, gotta like us *

* Trigger Gs on motorcycles *

* Always rolling, smoking something *

* Always popping wheelies *

* Now, you gotta love us, gotta like us *

* Trigger Gs on motorcycles *

* Always rolling, smoking something *

( engine roaring )

* You gotta love us, gotta like us *

* Trigger Gs on motorcycles *

* Always rolling, smoking something *

* Burning out peeling... *

* lt's the weekend *

* Let's ride our bikes and show 'em we stars *

* These haters, jealous of our bike *

* They got more chrome than they car... *

( engines roaring )

( cheering )

( engines roaring )

( crowd murmuring )

( siren wailing )

Got nothing but fire here, baby.

Nothing but fire.

Doesn't matter if he shows up with the space shuttle today.

Smoke ain't gonna save his ass today, l tell you that.

-Not today, brother. -No.

Not today.

Hey, Kid.

( engine idling )

* *

( revving engine )

( audience cheering )

( revving engine )

( both engines revving )

( tires screeching )

( tires screeching )

( cheering )

( crowd gasping )

WOMAN: Did you see that?

PRlMO: Oh, man, come on! Get out the way!

Come on!

Hey, hey, hey.

Kid! Come on!

Yo! Yo, come on!

Damn. ls he a'ight?

Be quiet.

Well, baby, l'm just trying to see...

Just be quiet!

( panting )


( panting )

Kid, you all right?

( muffled ): Yeah, l'm fine.

Hold still, man.

Hey, Kid, hold still.

Hold still, now.

-l'm fine, man. -Now wait for... the paramedics.

You okay, sir? l'm good.

-Sir, are you okay? -l said l-l'm okay!

Let 'em check you out, Kid.

Let 'em check you out.

-Back up, man. -( crowd cheering )

He's up and he looks good.

He looks good, man.

Walk it off, yo.

( cheering )

Come on!

And he pulled it out!

That's my boy right there.

KlD: Thanks for seeing that l was all right.

SMOKE: No problem.

( sighs )

About your ride... lt'll be ready.

By tomorrow? l don't think so.

Don't worry about me.

Just make sure you show up.

Oh, yeah, l'll be there.

( sighs )

Cops are shutting the track down.

Too many people got hurt out here.

But we found this greedy-ass farmer who's gonna let us use his property. l'll get you directions. Noon?


Now, just so you know, Kid...

...when Slick Will worked on my bike and said l should race, l raced.

When he worked on my ride and said l should lay low, l did so.

He didn't follow me around. l followed him.

SMOKE: Did you see the way he laid the bike down and got up and walked away?

You see that?

QUEENlE: Mm-hmm.

Damn, that boy got steel, l'm telling you.

You scared?

-Oh, don't get it twisted now. -( laughing ) l will be whipping that ass.


-Oh, yes. -( laughing )


You know, l had this dream a couple of nights ago.

Will was still alive, right?

He asked me if... he could race Kid instead of me, so l said yeah.

They got on their bikes and started racing.

QUEENlE: Yeah?

Who won?

Well, that's the weird thing-- Will won.



Been... racking my brain trying to figure out what it means, you know?

Yeah? What'd you come up with?

Uh... l think it means that... l mean, even as pissed off as l was with Anita for waiting so damn long to tell me, l wouldn't have been half the father to Kid that Will was. l mean... l mean, l know that's true.

But if you ask me, he needs a father now just as much as he did before.

Make him grow up.


Give it a go.

( crackling )

Shit! God!

( clunking ) You all right?

You all right? You okay?

( engines approaching )

( brakes squeaking )

( engines stop )

( crickets chirping )

Yo, Dogg, it's all bad. l can't even fix this.

Not by tomorrow.

l've been wanting Smoke's crown ever since l was on the set.

Had my chances.

But you...

My fault you went down today.

My fault if your ride ain't ready.

Only two bikes l've seen out here as powerful as Smoke's-- yours... and mine.

You think you're up to it, l'll lend it to you.

Just promise me you'll bring his punk-ass down.

* *

* *

Baby, are you gonna come to sleep?

Yeah, in a minute.

( sniffs )

You were right all along.

About what?

l do love you. l told you that.

( chuckles )

( engines idling softly )

( emphatic single drumbeat )

( slow, dramatic music begins )

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

( horse neighs )

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

The road on the other side of the hill and Kid wants Tina to call the start. l'll see.

Smoke wants this man-to-man.

No nitrous, no bullshit. l'll see.

( engines revving )

He says he wants his girl, Tina, to start the race.

STUNTMAN: He wants it straight up, man-to-man.

No nitrous, no bullshit no tricks.

( high-pitched fluttering )

( slows to normal idling )

( engine revs twice )

( engines rumbling )

( metallic screech )

( clanks on ground )

( air hisses )

( birds chittering )

You know, somebody asked me the other day.

That's right, baby, what they ask you?

They said, ''Soul Train.''

Soul Train.

''Why them Biker Boyz wear yellow?'' l said, '''Cause they scared!''

( disgruntled murmuring )

They said, ''Soul Train, why do Biker Boyz wear black?'' l said, ''Because they want to be Knights!''


( men grumbling )



( grumbling continues )

You gonna bow down today, son.

No, Biker Boyz don't bow down.

MAN: On your knees.

PRlMO: We rise up and above!

We rise up and above!

Yo, Soul Train...



( shouting )

Soon, he will be smoked!

And we will set fire to that ass!

PRlMO: Biker Boyz don't bow down!

( all shouting )

( sound fades away )

( weeds rustling )

( engine rumbling )

( sighing softly )

( footsteps crunching lightly )

( percussive music begins )

( whooshing )

* *

( dramatic drumbeats )

( engines revving )

( uptempo music plays )

( engines whining )

* *

* *

( music segues to somber melody )

* *

KlD: My dad died trying to follow your ass around.

ANlTA: l thought by now you'd grown up.

DOGG: You ain't got the heart to be King of Cali.

* *

KlD: He said l should wish to be as good as you are.

QUEENlE: He needs a father now, just as much as he did before.

ANlTA: Jalil is your son, Smoke.

QUEENlE: Make him grow up.

* *

( engine pitch lowers slightly )

( engines slowing )


( birds chirping )

You know what this means?

l'm the King of Cali.

True dat.

Represent, Kid, whatever that means to you.

And so you know...

Will was always proud of you, man.

Said so all the time.

l'm proud of you, too.

Hey, Smoke.


You know, you're my dad.

We can't change that, even if we wanted to.


But l'm going to represent.

Straight up.

No hustling.

No bullshit.

But, uh...

l want you to hold onto this for me.

Keep it, man. You've won it. lt's yours.

So, one day, l'll come by and get it from you if that's okay.

All right...

All right.

Burn rubber.

Not your soul.

Not your soul.

* *

( engine starts )

* *

* And if it gets hard to focus *

* When you're traveling almost at the speed of sound *

* Feelin' nowhere bound *

* Remember what l told you, and don't you dare look down *

( crowd cheering )

* Don't you dare look down... *

KlD: The difference between men and boys is the lessons they learn.

My father taught me plenty.

( engines roaring )

( rap song playing )

* *

* *

* *

( engine roaring )

( rap song continues )

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

( siren wailing )

* *

( music segues to rock intro )

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

* *

( song ends )

( engine revving )