Bikini Spring Break (2012) Script


Hee, girls!

Soon it will be our turn. If we win, we get to compete nationally.

Then maybe we can march on the big Thanksgiving parade and then...

Okay, Ramirez. Remember there are steps, stop, step.

Do not stop, stop, poke in the nose, step, okay?

It is the same routine as we did all season. You can do it.

Are you sure, Coach Gil?

Yes, because the judge this year lower the standards.

Yes! We will win. Ya?

Zoe, front center.

Do I made take a picture? No, you are the most geeky here...

... So you know what to do. The headmaster wants to live march.

Use or don't use, I don't give a shit. Listen... you guys, least at twenty minutes without embaracing yourselves.

So it can change our lives? Sure.

Should I put it on my euphonium? You what you figured up.

We set up nine minutes. Nine minutes? Jesus...

What does he want? To change our lives forever.


Rector Hanio, looking sharp. Do I know you?

Alice was going to the regionals. Alyson, yes.

Alice. Do you think she hits some guys in Florida?

Boys? What do you mean? Spring break. super hot guys. Muscles...

Alyson? Should be fine, your sister.

Girlfriend. Girlfriend? We'll all be safe, ok?

I'm going to sit down. Absolutely!

See you on National. I doubt it.

Wait, did you hear that?

They can hardly wait. They love us.

Of course. Zoe!

Alice. Hi.

Do they look okay? Yes, check mine. What do you think?

Girls, wear now. Clothing should be worn.


You have some hair there. I shave before I go out.

If we win today, we will to national competition In Florida. I've never been there.

We're going to Florida!

Boobs! Boobs! Boobs!

We're going to the national competition! Boobs!

We're going to the national competition. Get the hell dress!


I'm so proud of you. And I'm proud of you.

I'm sure that we win. My grandmother had to compete national.

My mom also. And now I feel I will also follow suit.

I'm not going to say it again. Give dress now!


Girls, why are not you dressed? Time for a formation. Hurry up.

Man in the locker room!

Turn off the camera! They can see everything.

Oh my God!

How do I turn it off?

This is, you, the audience seen, Breast wobbling... in my office.

Girls, we can learn that we must stay away from drugs.

Form a formation, ready in a minute.

Give dress!

Coach Gil.

You and the... Band?

Band? The tape and... Camcorder.

We made a stupid mistake. Everyone makes her own easy to laugh, but no one was injured.

That's not true. They do not have a chance.

They can not even regional contest. Oh god... You and I need a drink.

Sit down. No, I'll have a drink...

...And pretend that life has value.

Gil. I can not believe I'm going to say this.

You're going to the national competition. I'm going to get drunk.

We are pathetic! Yes, but that does not matter. Sit.

What did he say? If you are ruined for me, Zoe...

Me? I'm here on scholarship.

Scholarship? Can you get this? Yes.

we will come to the national competition.

It's time.

Where the hell bus, Coach Gil?

It's too late. The bus was always like this.

Are you okay, Snoopy rabbit? Poo Bear.

I'll be in Florida, although This Spring break. It's not my style. and also, I know that you will along with your good friend, Hank.

Yes, but anyway... If you want to play in a porn video...

What? I do not want to record some porn video. Do you?

No, you know that I'm pretty... Small.

No, no... Very small.

It's easy. We have drumstick I use on you.

In addition to large... I compensate well for it?

Not directly, but it does not. I promises to only record movies with you. we can use the camcorder mother, and then it does not look a bit. Okay?

I'll miss you. Me too.

Michelle, what happened? I missed my fucking plane.

My fucking mom never stopped talking. Your home sounds wonderful.

What do you mean by that? Relax, girls. Gather stuff.

Be careful. It's just a euphonium.

No, it's Charlie.

The only memory I have left of my grandmother.

Sorry. You may have to hang it on the wall, and think about masturbation?

I might have to think about you.

I'm a little nervous. I never drive like a big bus...

It's like a car. D for advanced R for reverse and P for parking.

It is important that I do not... I believe you, dear.

Do not rush, a good idea.

Are we ready to ride on the bus? All instruments are numbered...

Zoe... but should fly with the others. It is entirely in the car and she is tough.

No, I can not leave Charlie.

You know, Zoe, you really do have an natural relationship...

... To the instrument is properly strange? No, he was my grandma's.

I stand by it. See you in Miami within two days. find out about that.

Why does the ass here?

You could take the plane with the other girls.

Are you kidding me? And breathe the recycle air?

Do you know how dangerous it is? Whitney, you're in charge.

Of course, I'm. Hey coach.

Do we have chance with the nationals? No, but you can do well.

See you in Florida, drive carefully.

We're be fine.

Really? A school bus? Let's go, retards.

Why Coach Gil like that? He's on medication.

No, he's trying to motivate us. This is the opposite of motivation.

I'm motivated. I read about it. It's called a reverse emocion empathy.

He wants to force us to succeed by break us down. It's a brilliant idea.

It's called psychological abuse. Our coach is a drunk...

... But we won anyway, right? Yes.

Zoe! Plays she really now?

Place of hell! We are trying to sleep.

Stop fucking playing, Zoe! I drive up your ass on you. Bring it here.

I trying to practice. I had to do it perfect.


We take a break on five minutes.

Hey, Coach Gil.

Yes, we just think to refuel...

Whose clarinet? Karen, that dumbass. Ok.

Can you fill up the tank? I have to look for one thing.

Hey! Will you hem Spring break?

Spring... what? We may be seen down there.

Take part in a wet t-shirt contest. I'm curious on what you have down there.

No. Okay, it's too bad.

See you. Okay...

A sign against Miami!

Ready? Beat the drum, beat, at the drums!

Beat the drum., beat the drum. Play the flute, play, play the flute.

Play the flute, play, play the flute.

Marching with the band, marching, marching band!

Win the Nationals, win, win the Nationals!

Girls! You do realize? We have over 200 miles to go?

200 longs miles.

Win the Nationals, win, win the Nationals! Jesus...

The smoke from the hood! This bus will be broken.

Calm down! I'm staying! Jesus...

What the hell did you do? Did you drive on anyone?

My uncle did it once. No, there is something wrong with the bus.

Girls... Charlie's ok.

Everything is gonna be ok. Shut up with your stupid euphonium.

How can we get to Miami?

We can take the bus!

Morron. Somebody call a truck. Right...

What are you looking for? What do you think?

About what?

No idea. He checked under the hood in the fifteen minutes. What should I do?

We will not. What? No, we're just 80 miles away.

I think it's impossible, baby.

Relax, we'll be here in a day or two.

Wait a bit, he seems to be ready now. I'll call you back.

I'm not a mechanic, but the problem is quite clear.

Have someone poured gasoline on it? Zoe!

A bus must have a diesel! The know anyone.

We go to college, not a kindergarten. You put gasoline in a diesel tank?

Damn! Sorry, but I never drive the bus.

I'm don't feel so good guys... I'm really hot...

Is that Elvis? You look a little strange.

You should probably get a new engine. And how much it cost?

Three or four perhaps. Hundred?

Thousand. Three to four thousand? Hell.

Yes, and to find a mechanic in weekend with Spring break and all...

We have to go to Miami. our entire band and our future depends on there.

Sorry ladies. I wish I had better news for you.

You do realize what the reason we're going to the Nationals? what what? We do. We are buying an engine and go to the national competition.

Where we will get the money? Ask the Coach Gil.

It sucks! You killed the bus and our chances!

You're killing my future and my unborn children.

I will live in a hole with losers. I'll kill myself!

Thank you, Zoe!

I'm sorry, I... Hello, my name is Constance.

I do not care. Do you write on Spring break-ban?

Do you have four thousand for a new engine? No.

So to hell with you. What is "forbidding breaker"?

Prohibit Spring break. They have fun. Why ban it?

Is it possible? Yes, and I have my reasons.

What did she mean? Girls,...

Wait a minute! I got you.

We go over here.

Franny? I feel hot.

I'm dizzy. Is there a JV that catch me?

Take her out of the sun over there.

Okay, come on. I got you.

You're doing enough. Wait! Fucking redneck!

What a gentleman.

No! What's up with the bus?

Take it easy. The National Competition!

Chill down. The girls go to Florida. Understand?

You exert yourself too much.

I do not care you're married to my sister... get fired if they do not come to Florida!

Remember that shit I gave you? you should take a little more.

What is this? Heat stroke. Get some water.

Is she dead? No dead idiot.

But he did not move. She was just a little sunstroke.

Bullshit. Do you know where I am? Listen. You're such a bitch!

Take care of this.

What? It works on TV. Can not you just die?

Look, Zoe. You saved her. She did not at all.

You can become a doctor. Can we learn? I get complex here.

I should be on something fancy hotel, not a grimy strip club!

Your hands dirty. Do not touch me.

Rub it all.

Okay, I'll get someone who can salvage your bus.

This is Gil.

What did you say? We must perform without instruments.

Is it possible? Ladies.

You look like you need something refreshing.


Remove it. A real sydstatskille.

Cooked in the south, jolly good.

This replica is old as your mistress. You look familiar. Are you a porn actor?

As soon as the bus repaired, we draw from this shit hole. Is that understood?

Why is hot in here, or is it just me?

Oh my God, I just got wet. You're all whores!

Focus. Focus on this.

Okay. I happened to hear a conversation.

You can easy money in this town. Not a chance.

you've got great potential.

Although we had the engine it would take a week to fix it.

You are only seven or nine hours away. We can take a bus to Miami.

And leaving the instrument? Do you would certainly sound better?

We can send them. It's not the school can afford.

If you are not insured? Not with nothing covering them here.

What should we do? Do you really do this?

What do you mean? No, Okay, I'm driving up there.


Wow. Observing that. Let's get out.

I love cougars. Fuck you, I'm twenty-four.

MILF? I like that. MILF? Where did you find them?

What does Coach Gil? He drives here.

We do not have time enough in time. Probably not.

Get out of here! You can stay with me.

Thanks, but no thanks. No less thanks rather.

How will we get there before Sunday? We can travel in time.

Or fly, take a bus or train. Time warp is better.

But we have to bring instruments. Can not we just hire a big bus?

Guys, you probably have a big bus. I can show you a great coach.

How big? Awesome! Long, wide, swinging doors...

... And emergency exits. Almost a little cliche, right?

Are you okay? Do you have a brain tumor?

No, I need fresh air.

We wait for Coach Gil. He takes us to the competition.

There are sixty-nine instruments in the bus and six of them belonging to Sue Supone.

We need another bus. We not gonna make it.

We have failed the whole band.

You, Zoe. We may hire another bus.

We do not have the money. Coach Gill has money?

Not so much money. How much?

A couple of thousand. It's better than four thousand.

Much better than four hundred thousand. Shut up, you idiot rigmarole!

She's not an idiot. Can everyone just stop talking?

From now on you must not talk. I hate you, Mom!

Shut up, everybody!

Here's the plan. I'm looking for mechanic. Franny!

For buses, we could hire. And others keep you shelter, okay?

How do we get 2,000? Use your body, right?

Do we agree? Come on.

we really have to do a pole dance. We are not getting any younger instantly.

Do I have to show my cupcakes? Craig calls them that.

Are you ready to write on list? Okay!

Alice, you can not just write on whatever. What is that?

Look there. The city is full of prostitutes saving the tacky behavior.

Okay, I see it. During a weekend every year...

The city puts... corruption and condemnation.

It's called Spring break. I call it "Hugs Spring break".

For 48 hours transformed the city to something resembling New Orleans-

South Florida, even Mexico.

With Latinos, Latinas, burritos, tequila, whatever. Write now.

Awesome. Do you pay to see me dancing?

No. Dancers pond you too?

No, I do not. Are you shy?

No, I just...

You have nice breasts, so you should dance.

Can you write on here?

Thank you.

I wonder why she hates Spring break so much?

Maybe she is a Mormon.

Ladies. You're back. And you're sitting in front.

Happen to any of you to be a car mechanic? Is it an RPG?

No, seriously. No.

I might be able to help you. We need 3000 to fix the bus...

... To come to Florida. Baby, you do not need to go there.

Here craziest, coolest, spring party here...

... Start here. That you do not mean really.

It does not matter. You can nowhere before you partied with us.

Okay. Right.


What the hell.

Sorry, did not mean to! The bar has been here for fifty years!

It has never been changed, and now completely destroyed! Get out!

Out of my place!

Unbelievable! Go to hell, you bastards!

And never came back!

Wow, that was... Very cool.

She's one of the girls "anti-spring break" dressed up.

I hear exactly what you have done.

Awesome. Bar owner Murphy sits in the Government. A real scalp for us.

I'm not one of you. Yes, you have signed.

I did not mean it. I want to have a threesome with you.

What? I...

Where idiots go?

Zoe does not to have a threesome with them.

Fucking slut. What are you doing? It's not a threesome.

I would go to the pole and they drank a shot from my body...

And then start burning... Your friend shut down the strip bar.

It's not your fault, right? Technically...

Technically, you're an idiot. And why are you still here?

Is there an answer to our bus? Shut.

It will never happen. We are only making a joke.

She's just messing around. Let's go from here.

No... wait.

Wait! I found it. Jelly!

Damn! What have I done? I'm not driving too fast.


Hello there! Here is a jelly eating competition

How can we fix the bus? The winner will receive $ 800.

800 dollars to eat jelly. And it is not enough for a new bus.

But we can rent one. Zoe, you are so smart.

Franny, we know that you love jelly. Yes, I do actually.

I love this place. They pay things that will be done for free.

It's true, I can live with eating jelly. I've seen it, really sickening.

Can you do it for us? Yes, if it takes us to Florida.

Awesome! It's probably at the rear. That's what she says.

Wait. What did she say?

Zoe! Alice! Ladies.

Welcome to the forest jelly.

What are you to say sorry, or are you also going to close it?

I'm sorry. We forgive you.

Did you notice? We are here to win.

And we have someone who loves jelly. She loves it.

And we have the jelly.

It is not hygienic. Yes, it probably is.

I will not eat it. Franny, the national competition.

No. Even if mom was dying. Time to jelly.

Who dares to challenge this nice lady in the jelly hole?

Some challengers? I'll do it.


Will you not do it?

Excuse me? What's the coward?

Coward! Coward! Coward!

I'm no coward, you are a coward!

Are you ready for the jelly?

Do you have the scoop? It is certainly not an eating contest.

This bra is worth 30 dollars, you fucking bitch!

Replace with me. Take me away from here.

My name is Alice!


You scare me.

In your face. These little girls do not have a chance here or in Florida.

Where are you? On a band camp?

We are in the camp band. Let me make one thing clear.

There is nothing wrong with band camp.

I'm the Queen of jelly, bitch!

Jelly Queen. You're out!

You can not win! Who is the coward now?

Okay, where's the shower key? At home with me.

No, they need a real shower. What is it?

I think we are clean now. No, it's not you.

No more! Can we not just given our prize, thanks.

Yes, our prize. Your prize?

Ladies, there are many more.

Okay, but what about the money? 800 dollar prize winnings?

Dollar? Are you kidding me? No.

You're kidding, right? This is a beer-marketing festival.

I get 23 liters of beer.

20 Bottles 1.2 liters. What the hell!

This is a delicious beer. I hate you now!

More for us.

It's not bad. Right?

Damn. It's better than McDonalds.

Honey, you do not need to remind me.

No, I am aware of that the principal is your brother.

What? Why must plumber sleep over?

No, I do not buy. There is not so large leaks.

Ok? If it is so how are you want it... Bye.


What! What's going on?

Flat tire or what?


And I'm not even close. Hell!

Hi. What do you have against Spring break?

I'm not a religious fanatic. It's all about the city.

It's all about you. The act of injustice.

You really need to lie. With the stupid bastard? Never.

Do you think they will be with you? I hate all of this.

I love men, not stupid boys. You need a LB in there.

LB? L... Forget it.

You know neither me or town. They need guidance.

And will you give them? I do not know, but yes.

Then? What will you accomplish? Take away the fun for everyone?

No, we can still have fun. Parlour Games. Good, clean fun.

What a fucking shit. Every fucking year.

Let's go. Damn prohibition jerks! But...


Wait. You ruined my hair.

Franny is completely despair. Beer? I told you I was sorry.

I did not know it was wrestling. Do you think I'd let you do that?

No, not ever. You should not be talking about jelly.

Jelly, jelly, jelly, jelly...

Stop it!

It was a well-meant mistake.

I said I was sorry. It just happened.

Look. We can still take us to the national competition.

Can I see? This is what counts. we do not show the breast for another beer. we will stay at a motel.

I agree. It's probably just a joke.

Observing the price. A trip to Miami on a party bus.

What is a party bus? One that takes the band and instruments.

Not a chance. Zoe, I'm done with your nonsense.

No perverts get to see my breasts. Did they only just.

Yes, but I do not like it. But, we...

I did not do it, then forget it, Zoe.

I did not think you'd do it really.

Who is that? Objectively speaking, there is only one...

... With perfectly shaped breasts. Who?

You? No, not me. Alice.

I? No... They are perfect, symmetrical...

You could be featured in Playboy. Do you really believe that?

Craig never said anything. Sweetie, Craig is gay.

He is a cocksucking ass boy. Impossible. He has a small dick only.

Not for these guys. It's pretty cute.

"Hi Alice. This is little Craig. Would you do it? "

There's nothing cute about it. You do not have to be naked.

No? It is a wet t-shirt contest.

Do you keep the shirt on?

Oh my God, the whole school have seen them.

It's true. Set up for the team.

Okay! Come on, it starts in five minutes.

This is the way.

Do we have go of this? Would you go to the race or not?

We will probably...

Are we going to the Everglades? Did you hear that?

Beware of alligators. They are so cute.

And snakes. They are also sweet.

Poo would be cute for you. Craig forcing me to...

No, we do not want to hear.


Are you ready? Yes!

Hurry up now. I'm ready.

Come on! What are you doing?

It is the angled pedal to the right. Shit.

Go ahead, sign here. Excellent. Number one. Next.

Welcome. Write here, thanks. Those will be excellent.

Control you all up here? Everything about spring break.

Are you going to shut this down also? No, not this time.

I wanted to show you my friend's tits. I see that.

It pleases us, madam. You will be number three. Here you go.

If you see cops over there? Yes, what is it with him?

He has warned us that no one can undress spring break-ban sucks.

Thanks, I started there, without trying to finish it.

And trust me, no undressing.

Good, next!

You have to game now.

Alice, throw your bra, if you want a chance to win.

You can do it here. Okay.

Okay, take this. Good job.

Okay, welcome to the first wet t-shirt contest during Spring Break!

A big round of applause for the girls!

Here we have participant number one! Make her wet.

Participant number two.

Do not worry. Encourage her.

Am I too late?

Wait a minute. We have certain a last-minute participants.

You have broken the law if disorderly conduct.

Pacific! No one was at off himself, I told you!

One of the participants will probably just be free.

Come on.

Why they arrest him? Come.

I'm so sorry.

It was not your fault, but Zoe. No, it was not Zoe's fault.

Did she ask you to be naked? I do not know anything.

Again she broke down a regional final. Not on purpose.

I know, it is your fault.

Hello, girls. You certainly got what you wanted.

You are for this to brag. Can I say that her now?

No, she's cute and her hair smells nice. Really?

Damn. Thank you.

Are you happy now? Zack is gone. What should I do now?

On Monday, I work as an accountant again.

Right. I turn into a pumpkin.

This would be my weekend until you came along and ruined it.

I can not do anything right.

Girls, hello...?

What did you do to her? I? She did it.

Zoe is the smartest and the most beautiful girl in the world.

She once saved a cat and let me write her homework. Leave her alone.

I did not do anything. She feels good until you show up, you're a freak.

We are not freaks, but a band. As can be national champions.

Wait. Freaks?

I like that.

Shit. The first flat tire First flat tire and now ran out of gas.

How is the situation? Guys! We're going to fuck your mom!

Fucking asshole.

Sorry, you are fine gentlemen. It's easy.

We gonna fuck you in the ass? You is not no asshole, but the gentlemen.

It's okay. Is it true?

I can not answer.

I gonna go the message.

What a day. Shit.

What the hell are you doing? Check it out.

But Spring break is not over. Well, that's it.

The mayor got my application and she is very close to writing in my ban.

We win. Thank you, girls. You're welcome.

We do not want to stop. We just wanted to Miami.

There's more to do. See you. Hey, hey.

I hate her and her beautiful blonde hair.

Forget her. We're looking up the coach Gil and pulls away.

I'm sorry How many times are you going to apologize?

I'm not even angry anymore. you did not do it on purpose but you can always ruin everything. always you.

Save it, okay? My life is ruined, it's over.

I might as well accept it. I need a drink.

You there! Stop following us. Are you not in jail?

We know the sheriff, so... Listen, your disgust. We will put us... and... have a drink, so stop sexy harassing us.

What's the fun in that? Besizes Zoe has ruined our Spring Break...

... So we might as well be with. Excuse me.


Shots! Idiot.

Are you okay? Not. I had a bad day.

May I? It would be incredible

What happened? Cursed Spring break-makers.

What evokes the animal in us these years? Lack of morality, bad parents...

... Global warming, pop culture. Yes.

What are you doing? I'm married and so on...

The thing is that my wife let the plumber sleep over, so whatever.

Zoe, wait! What are you doing?

I can get the money. Are you...

You can not sell Charlie. You said...

Maybe I was shitty, but it is because I love to win And you always ruin everything, but you do not do it.

Listen, I...

I'm very tired, and this trip was a disaster.

If I can get the money so we come to Miami in time...

I thought you loved your euphonium more than anything else.

We have the chance to become the best in the world.

Maybe the best in the world.

Only in the country technically, but...

I have no doubt been a bitch on this trip.

I owe you an apology. It's okay. you who you are, and I am who I am.

Are you sure about this? This is a national tournament.


She is okay.

What do you do when you're not drunk? I was lonely, pathetic accountant.

I am a special education teacher. Take care of retarded?

They are so cute.

Is it a replica or something? No, I love my Mongon.

We came here on a school bus.

No way I do it. Why would we do that?

Do it there, you get loot. So, you can rent a bus.

A good attempt off these cowboys.

Is the next victim ready? Do not be afraid. An attempt person.

The record is twenty seconds. Can you thirty win $ 100.

$ 100 covers it. Remember not wet t-shirt fiasco?

You mean you are like putting off? No.

Okay, it's okay. Drink up and enjoy life. Cheers to lay off!

You're she. I have seen the video ten times today.

Which video? Hey, take a picture.

Wet t-shirt-contest. The best video. Five million hits.

We are famous! Alice, this is very bad.

But we are famous! Anyone can view the video.

Can all? So everyone...

I said, "I like the color of the future."

Poo Bear!

You're cute, you're cute, you're really cute, you are very cute also... you're too high.

Where have you been? Zoe sacrificed herself for the band.

That means a lot of sucking and fucking. Is that true?

Anal or what? Where did you get them from, Zoe?

It's no big deal. She sold her euphonium for our sake.

What are you doing? I've really messed up, so...

But Charlie belonged to your grandmother. When did you become friends? we're on the same team and have the same goal. we will win this together.

That's still not enough. We need at least 200 dollars to the bus.

We can fix it.

How will you participate without euphonium?

Borrow someone else's. Breast I was there on the web.

Is it good? It's good for many others.

Who is going to ride this? I can do it.

I have certainly missed something. Bull, boobs, internet, what...

The bull does not give so much. I get nothing.

All may well ride it?

So everyone can get one hundred U.S. dollars each.

But I do not understand that. It's fucking nasty!

Okay, I'm on? But if I ride it so must all do it. Is that clear?

Zoe? Okay, I guess.

Who's first? I'll do it. Out of the way, ladies.

I'll take a shootin.

So are you ready to ride a bull?

We have someone who will ride on bull.

You were totally useless. He had rigged it.

Move the way, my turn. She's excited. we have a new competitor.

I slipped...

up with another victim.

Queen Jelly!

She fell down.

Zoe, you are our last hope. It's over.

No, I can handle it. You can not even go without falling.

I'll handle this, okay? Zoe, you can do it.

Zoe! Zoe! Zoe!

Wow! Backwards. Yes!

You are so sweet.

Zoe! Zoe! Amazing!


Remarkable lady. Thank you.

I've never seen anything like it before.

I have taken the bull where for ten years and have never seen anything like it.

So long it counts, right?

It is another thing. There are no rules, should not ride naked.

But it's not my fault. Yes, it's not right.

There are rules.

And there is another question. Do you see the handsome man over there?

We'll talk later, guys. Does he know that you are serving minors?

Are you underage? It depends on if we get the money. we have been raising money all day. We're going to the national tournament.

You probably have bigger problems than this Miss.

I wish you luck. Detective, they are yours.

I want to talk to you, miss. It was not my fault, but an accident.

To show themselves naked in public? Did not you see what happened?

I will take testimony later. Even when you win, you lose.

I arrest you for disorderly conduct.

Everything you do or say can be used against you in court.

Come with me. What are you doing?

Fucking asshole! Zoe!

It's the same thing every year. Filling, naked, sex...

I did not have sex. Zoe...

Look who we found. How did you and... are you here?

She saved me. It's true.

Do they take you to jail? Fifteen years to life.

$ 50? Is that all? Would you pay more?

No, that's fine. Have a good day. I have to work.

Zoe, I should have known. My shirt got stuck in the bull.

Is that what you call it these days? It's true, totally fucking crazy.

If we win the contest, coach Gil? What... no, unfortunately.

Why do you look like he? How?

Have you been raped? Raped?

All day with this shit. Yes. We rent a bus to Florida.

If we are lucky we will get there in time. And if we're unlucky?

You ought to leave here immediately. You would like huh, Adolf?

Yes, I would. Besides that I go with you.

Spring break is over. There is no left here besides Walmart.

Damn! So it's over. I'm not fighting for a year.

哦,宝贝 Oh, baby.

Florida, here we come! Is Florida not much worse than this?

Not if Gil is there. We'll find out there. Come on.

Any problem, officer? License and registration.

Unfortunately I've forgotten my wallet... You may not break the law.

No, but my girlfriend is... Driving a vehicle without a license...

... Is a serious offense in the state Florida. Especially without domestic plates.

Do you have any id-cone? I have no wallet.

Nothing? My name is Craig Wasserman and live...

I do not care what you say. This is urgent, I must go.

Get out of the vehicle. What? I can not...

There is no preference. You follow along to the station, come on.

I do not want.

Craig? Snoopy rabbit? Poo bear.

What happened? I have not done anything wrong.

Do you know him? Yes.

Hey, snoopy rabbit. You are free, but run not until you have a driver's license.

Get out of here.

What are you doing here? You may not go to Florida.

It is clear that we can. You do not go there because you won.

Are you kidding? Do you know why you get to go?

Do they like our personalities? Tell me, coach.

You go because of the video clip jumbotron.

What? I know it!

I need a break. They will make you laugh. I'm sorry.

Why? The headmaster got a call and you know...

Your audience was huge, so he was offered 10,000 for coming.

What should I say? You are popular. 10000 takes us to the competition.

Forget it, Zoe. It's over. Why can not we play?

Why can not we play? It's what we love and want to do.

Who cares if we are a joke? I do.

Me too. No, you should not do it. we go and entertain them. We let them have fun.

Coach, you drive us to Miami? Yes, we should go even though we suck.

Even though we hit shit. I know I suck.

So do we all. Coach? Yes, we've come this far, so...

I am pawn now, idiot. I need my fucking money.

Yes, everything! No, it's not enough.

Jump in.

We're almost there. What's that noise?

What the hell is that? We will die, everyone!

Silence! Calm down. Someone does not want us going forward.

I can not see shit. I can not run into this.

Stop the car. What?

I put on my jacket. Hails it? Talk on temperature drop.

Close the window! We are not insured for this!

Yes, I want a Christmas gift this year. Is that your final wishes.

No, it is not! Are you a libertarian?

Is this the end of us? Flower County evacuated.

With me, I have a representative from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

John, what do you say about the storm How far is it to the stadium?

They may postpone the contest. We have to come out.

They may postpone the event. If we do not show up, we washed.

Let me drive, we have to win the contest. Yes!

We have to win the race! Yes!

Take it easy, we can do it.

Calm down!

We made it!

Everything is gone. This must be... there is a category 5 hurricane to be canceled No contest? No.

So clear... No, wait, we just got...

We are from Woodville and have run a huge stretch for this.

Did not you see the storm? And then?

No one else showed up. There will be no contest without auditioning.

But we have traveled all the way. So I guess we are the winners?

Winner of what? There is not any other bands here.

You were the only ones crazy enough to come.

Technically washed all others.

Therefore, we win. She may be right.

Sure. Here you go. Congrats.

Thank you! Thank you!

That's it. Girls!

You deserved it.

Cute, right? Good shit. How did that happen?

Maybe I can drink something out of it.

We did not even...

I know, but the victory was apparently great.

The chairman called me personally to tell you about our new sponsors.

Investors, all sorts showed up.

You did a great job for the school.

I thank you. If you need anything, let me know.


We're back.

Jelly! Oh yeah.

(Zimuku version without chinese)