Bilitis (1977) Script

He is so far from here... across the very mountain...

I see him...

I hear him...

I feel him... and I feel him touching me.

Mademoiselle, the other classes have left already.

Yes, we should go.

Bilitis, where are you going? To go and change.

No, no, come as you are. The others are waiting.


Hooray for Ms. Larsen!

To the beach!

Without a bathing suit! Especially without a bathing suit!

Listen now, girls.

It's too late to go to the abbey.

I changed our plans, but behave yourselves.

Don't worry Ms. Larsen...

We always behave like ladies!

Oh! It's cold!

We must hurry!

Come, let's go!

Stay together! I want to bathe!

Stay with me!

You never do things with the others.

Are you still fighting?

Hey, look at these!

I have them too! Mine is larger!

I have something better!

If I was in love, I would choose Flora.

Look at them! Disgusting!

I will never kiss a boy. Except when you're in love.

I'm not at all interested!

Girls, please...

Sit down.

Head up, back straight.

Show him to me.

He belongs to both of us, let's see!


Mademoiselle, yes, you.

Head up, beautiful right...

Smile... attention...

Thank you!

Okay, get your things ready.

I looked at him cross-eyed, then he took the picture.

He can't be that good a photographer. He's too cute!

Why do we have to wrap up now? We have so much to do tomorrow.

Quiet, girls, quiet. You are not on holiday.

Girls... together... size order...

Very good. Head up.

That's it!

Are you coming to the festival tomorrow? Yes, certainly.

It's our class that's doing the show. Really?

Don't move... that's good.



Thank you!

What did he say? Nothing.

His name is Lucas

I let the turtle go.

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Touché! Hey, are you crazy?

Do you do that to all the boys?

No. You're the first to pass here.

You could have hurt me, you know?

Oh, with a piece of bread.

It's the intention that counts. The attack was premeditated.

To you, I'm like a boy.

You don't look like a boy.

My father said I could have been a boy. You'd better be careful.

What name did your father give you?


What are you doing?

I came to see if Bilitis is a boy.

If you come any closer, I'll shout. Go ahead.

I'll jump.

Oh, you would jump for me?

What do you mean 'for me'? No, not for me, for you.

For you? Not for you, for Lucas.

That's me.

I think you're crazy.

Crazy about you.

Can I kiss you?

Go ahead, I dare you to try.

What is it?

He tried to kiss me.

Lucas tried to kiss you?

More or less.

How, more or less?

I didn't want to.

Bilitis loves Lucas...

Bilitis loves Lucas...

When is your father coming?

In the next two or three weeks.

After he returns from Canada.

Who is that woman, who's taken you in?

A girlfriend of my father.

Is she old?

No, she's the daughter of a friend of my father's.

The last time I saw her, I was still little.

Would you miss me?

More or less.

Who do you prefer, Lucas or me?

What's got into you?

Close your eyes

I am Lucas.

But no, you are a girl.

Quit it.

Close your eyes.

It's important for our former students to return later on.

For the younger ones, the example is inspiring for them.

And for the elders... Oh... Pardon me...

It is pleasant to return one's self to the "old" ambience.

The ambience today is quite exceptional.

The students are excited by our festival.

They aren't here on hand.

It's like they are on holiday already. I know how it is.

Yes, but, Mr...

Yes, I know that Melissa has been well educated.

That's the reason why I married her.

I look awful

I look ugly.

You look like a clown.

And you a brush. You want a smack?

You are a reject.

And to see my face!

Well, you didn't smile. I moved!

What are you looking at? That's the wrong side!

Lucas Mercier... photographer. Give me that!

Watch it. Do you want everyone to know?

Know what? "Know what?"

About you and Lucas!

Come and look!

Who is that? Look at her, she's beautiful.

And he's handsome! They don't look like parents.

I think that is Melissa... Melissa Ampton. She's an alumni.

Was Bilitis informed?

Naturally! Bilitis!

She's coming!

That's my mother. This will not be a friendly day.

It doesn't make a difference to me.

I heard the nicest young men around wanted to marry her.

But she chose someone who nobody knew.

My sister told me.

They were good friends.

Hello. Hello.

I am Melissa Ampton Demarne, Demarne is my married name.

This is my husband. Hello.

I never recognised you. Lovely, isn't she, Pierre?


But... I detest uniforms.

Bilitis, we have to get ready, come! Excuse me.

Did you have to offend her?

But, no.

Well, I wish you much pleasure on that one.

Bilitis, it's up to you. I'm scared.

He is there. Who?

The photographer.

Excellent, wasn't it?


They have trained for a month.

They chose everything themselves.

They chose their own music, made the costumes, everything.

Is that so?

Bilitis is up next.

Go on, Bilitis.

Go ahead now! I'm not ready!

Go on now!

Go, go now!

The night is so deep...

That it creeps between my eyelids...

You will never find the path.

You'll be lost within the wo...

Excuse me. I can't do this.

It's nothing... just youth. It will improve with age.

No, no, no sir! Be on your way!

Madam, I beg of you...

Listen to me! No!

I am not who you think.

Who are you then? I am Frandor.

The son of an Earl! Oh...

Feeling better? But what happened?

Nothing, nothing, stage fright. Stage fright?

Leave me alone, Sabine!

I'm leaving now.

I know.

I will miss you.

I am Lucas.

There! We're ready to leave.

Once my wife is ready to leave these ladies...

Come to the front, it's cold.

This is nanny. She knew you when you were very young.

She was there when I was born. She never leaves me.

She wasn't there when I was born.

She didn't know me when I was little.

What a handicap.

She mustn't weigh much more than she did ten years ago, but she's bigger now.

I'll give her a kiss and call her "Jij". Okay?

Okay. You give me a kiss and call me Jij.

I used to spend all my holidays in this room.

When I was a young girl.

Do you like it?

Yes... provided I'm not locked up.

Why would we do that?


Bilitis... your poem, what was it about?



Yes, a girl who...

Do you learn to ride horses at your school?

Yes, some do, but not me.

Why, is there a reason?

No, I don't know why I don't.

Strange. Most girls enjoy riding.

They find it exciting. Pierre!

Not hungry? No, thank you.

You could do with a little fattening up...

Don't you agree, Melissa, that she should...?


I am tired, excuse me. Would you like a little nightcap?

I'd like a large glass of milk. I'll come with you.

Excuse me.

A glass of milk.

Why not a teddy bear?

He was teasing you, you know. He does that frequently...

Too frequently.

He loves horses, doesn't he? Oh, it's his passion.

He's happy around them. He's mostly at the riding school.

Do you live here all year round? Yes...

Since Pierre bought the riding school.

Do you sleep in the same bed? Of course.

What a question! Sleep well.

What are you looking at?

At you, darling. When you were Bilitis' age.

You look like her.

I don't think so.


What's she doing now?

She certainly likes her milk... She is very tired.

She will sleep, and so will I.

Pardon me, I'm not tired.

I undressed to climb a tree, My naked thighs embraced the smooth and moist bark.

My sandals climbed upon the branches.

High up, but still beneath the leaves and shaded from the heat, I straddled a wide-spread fork... and swung my feet into the void.

It had rained... Drops of water fell and flowed down my skin.

My hands were soiled with moss and my heels were reddened by the crushed blossoms.

I felt the lovely tree living, when the wind passed through it, so I locked my legs tighter, and squeezed my open lips to the hairy nape of a bough.

Good morning, Nanny. Well, you're up already?

Yes, and the rest?

Pierre left early this morning. You won't see him until tonight.

And Melissa? She's taking a bath.

There she is.

Good morning, Bilitis. Good morning.

So you've taken a bath?

Yes, and you? I didn't need to.

Is it true that your husband won't be back until tonight?

You can call him Pierre. Yes, he won't be here.

That's good.

Now nobody can bother us.

What do you have on?

You will put on a bathing suit.

What are you waiting for?

Is it that bad? It's awful.

I will lend you one of mine.

On me, it'll still be dreadful. Don't be silly, come!

Do you have a sister?


I wish I had one.

Come, you can't stay like that.

The bathing suit is made of wool, it will never dry.

I'm used to it, you know.

That's no reason. You'll catch a cold.

Take it off.

Take it off, there's nobody here.

You are here... But, Bilitis...

You could at least help me.

I am horrible. I look like a boy. So flat.

I like you just the way you are.

In school, when then I was your age...

In the dormitory, where the others slept...

You hurt me.

Does your husband do that to you?

Stand up!

Listen, stop spying on me, you hear?

Bilitis... Yes?

If you have nothing to do tomorrow, come to the riding school for a lesson.

No thanks, I don't like horses.

I'm afraid of them.

Good, I will go to sleep. Won't you?

You forgot your book.

A book about love.

They no longer love each other and then they start over.


Ungrateful age...

The beautiful age.


How did they get to know each other, Nanny?

At a riding school. He gave lessons there.

Did she really fall in love with him?

First with the horse, then him afterwards.

I think she made a mistake. I would have chosen the horse.

Yes. That's something you can't say.

To who, the horse, or Melissa?

Both, you best keep quiet.

All the same...

If she was really unhappy... she wouldn't be so beautiful as she is.

Dearest Lucas...

No! Not this way! No!

I don't want to...

Just two minutes!

Take your time.

Are we going to the beach today?

I don't think so.

Why aren't we?

I would love to go.

You're going. I'm not.

Why would I go alone? You'll see.

Your husband's a brute!

I told you not to spy on me.

It's this house, you can hear everything.

Once more, Bilitis, it's my business, not yours.

And why do you leave me by myself?

With your friend you're not alone.

Which friend?

Your boyfriend.

Which boyfriend?

Dear Lucas. Now, you don't have to write anything in your letter.

Lucas? That's what I said.

Who's spying on who?

Why are you doing this?

So that you wouldn't imagine that you are in love.

To lose the illusion, to get a little experience.

I still don't get it.

I just know that nothing changes.

You want ice cream? Yes.

Come. The girl wants ice cream.

Pistachio, vanilla, chocolate?

All. All.

Serve yourself. Yes? - Yes.

If I understand you... you cannot go out tonight... not tomorrow and not the day after tomorrow.

Absolutely not.


Melissa won't allow it.


Are you sure? Yes.

You could climb out the window. Melissa wouldn't like that.

Now, Bilitis, I'm serious. So am I.

That's good! I work during the day... and you can't go out at night...

That's like the watchman and his wife. One wonders when would they have children.

Do you think of having children?

Wipe your chin.

Good. I don't go to work.

We meet each other during the day.

You'll come by bicycle.

Do I have a bicycle?

The bicycle that you'll get from Melissa.

Why must I ask Melissa for a bicycle?

Bilitis, do you want us to meet?


No. I might want to see you so I'll come by the bicycle that I'll ask Melissa for.

And... other days you ride your motor bike to the house.

You have a motor bike? Yes.

Agreed? I come some days and you come the other days, agreed?


Kiss me for the effort. No.

This way then. A kiss, quickly!


You've been kissed.

Watch the ducks! Quack, quack! The ducks!

That's Melissa's husband. I've seen him at your school.

Did he spend a lot to set this place up? It was all paid for by Melissa's father.

He's a good looking man.

He's not my type.

I sure hope not.

Should I try to ride in Monte Carlo?

Yes, not bad, but Monte Carlo is rather difficult, you know.

Yes, but if I have my teacher who gives me confidence.

Moral support, I see.

Are you going to Monte Carlo?

Not that I know.

They will see us, still I might as well say hello.

You look overjoyed.

Do I go, or do I not?

Maybe not... look.

See you tomorrow, on your bike.

Yes. What bicycle?


You didn't say goodbye.

Look, Melissa, what do I say?

Nothing. You've never met.

Good day, Madam.

A strange manner to drink coffee together.

Please sit down.

I'm going I have to get the horses ready tonight.

Three days of hanging around for a chance to win a medal.

I find it an awful bore.

But if I don't go to the games...

You don't need me to make up your mind for you.

Isn't it in Monte Carlo, your show?

Yes, how did you know that?

I read the newspaper, you know.

Are you going to take us, Melissa and me?

Melissa, do you want to come along?

Not as much as you like to have me there.

Why are you spinning like that?

She wants to ask you a question.

She's waiting until I'm gone. Is that right?



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You know, this way you don't have to drive me.

What way?

If I had a bicycle. Is that all?

He's wonderful, Melissa, he's so nice...

Say no more... you'll have a bicycle.

Thank you!

You use your tongue, like this, to say thank you?

Just with you.

I can't keep up!

That is normal, I'm a man.

It's easy for you, you have a motor bike.

This is not so easy. You don't have one.

Take my picture. I have no camera.

Yes, take my picture.

Okay. This way!

You know, Melissa is really wonderful.

But she doesn't want me to talk about you.


That makes it difficult, because I only want to talk about you.

You don't want to? Not this way.

How? I think... softly.

That was my first time.

No, not here!

Not here, not now, not this evening! You make me crazy!

I'll see if Bilitis is asleep. Close the windows and shutters.

Why? She hears us!

She's a pest!


I don't think I know how to kiss.

What do you do after you stick out your tongue?

You'll learn.

Teach me. No.

Please. Some other time.

No, he will take me for a child.

Come on. No.

Come on. No.

This way? Yes.

Am I doing this right?

Melissa, what are you doing up there?

He becomes impatient. Yes.

He's going to make love to you? Yes.

Can I reach you in Monte Carlo?


To tell me that you can't sleep without me?

Don't forget the blue chamber.

The blue chamber?

Yes, he slept there.

I wasn't feeling well.

Exactly the day before I leave. What a coincidence!

I learned a lot of things about him.


What a man is, for example...

Not encouraging.

You can rest for three days and nights without me.

When I think what he's going to do in Monte Carlo.

I can't tell you, Nanny.

Good, I can go.

You seem sad that he's gone.

It's not as simple as that. You'll understand later.

Never mind. Are you going somewhere?

Now I feel bad if I leave you alone.

You're going to anyway. Lucas?

Have you done anything yet?

Of course not.

That's good. You have plenty of time for that.

Men aren't all like Pierre.

There are some that are gentle, kind, and nice.

Lucas, perhaps?

Yesterday you were lively. What's wrong?

Must I jump for joy because you told me all Melissa's troubles?

You were in a bad mood when I arrived even before I said anything.

I wasn't in a bad mood, only sad.

Just today when I want to be cheered up.

What do you want? A person can't be funny everyday.

You get on my nerves.

I lived with a girl that I just left because of you.

That is normal...

That's extraordinary! Normal!

I'm not very happy!

You regret it. I don't regret it!

Is that your boyfriend, the photographer?

That's none of your business.

Your boyfriend and your problems are none of my business.

And I'm not going alone to Monte Carlo.

That's none of your business, okay?

I believe we understand each other. Good day.

I was hoping you would return.

Was that Melissa's husband?

Take me away somewhere please.

What happened? Nothing. Take me away.


You're like all the girls. Let me finish!

You always try to make me feel remorseful.

You feel remorseful?

Sometimes, you deserve a beating!

Go ahead, then.

Bilitis, I'm warning you! What are you waiting for?

Enough! Just stop!

You're driving me crazy.

You're impossible.

Then you must beat me.

Kiss me.

Never. Yes.

No. Yes.

No. Yes...


You're not going to make love to me?

One does not die from it.

Yes, but I have never...

I've done nothing. You call that "nothing".

Almost nothing.

Bilitis... listen.

Listen. It's natural for a girl and a boy...

If the girl wants the boy, it's normal.

Otherwise he'll look at other girls.

Do that, go look! It makes no difference to me!

It can't make a difference. What is it?

What is it with her?

A virgin... huh!


Come here...

I hate men.

You mustn't.

You're like me.

We're made the same. Be silent.

You can't hurt me. I'm happy with you.

You're crazy.

I am Pierre.

Alas, when I think of her, my throat becomes dry.

My head bows down.

My breasts harden and ache.

I shudder and weep as I walk.

When I see her, my heart stops.

My hands tremble, my feet turn cold, my cheeks burn fiery red... my temples throbbing.

When I touch her, I go mad.

My arms stiffen, my knees are weak.

I fall before her and lie waiting as if a death could take me.

Her every word is a wound to me.

Her love is a torture to me.

Strangers passing hear me crying.


How may I call on my own beloved?

What do you think?

Listen. It was strange, it was gentle, it was beautiful.

But it could never happen again.

Never again? No, never.

Okay, you find that you don't. I find...

Nothing. As if it had never happened.

You don't need me any more.

You again!

I haven't been nice to Bilitis. So I thought I'd like to see her.

Even if you love me more than anyone... you would still need a man.

Where are you going?

To find you one. What?

A man. You're crazy.

You only love me when I am.

If anybody calls for me, I'm not here.

She's impossible.

Where is she going? To get me a present.

It's so urgent... that she hurries? She thinks so.

You didn't handle her very well.

You shouldn't have.

Not like that.

Not right away.

I came to apologise.

She ran away.

Excuse me.

Hello! Hello.

Well, maybe you'll do. That would surprise me.

Let me explain. Just leave.

I'm not available. You're wasting your time.

What will you have?

A glass of milk.

Do you always act like this? Like what?

You're nice. Me, nice?

The same. I said I wanted milk.

A strange way to meet boys.

Oh yes?

Which games do you play?

Let's just forget it.

You could go, or you could come and sit.

I've been watching you.

The first when you look... zero.

The second... still zero.

You'll never succeed.

I always get what I want.


What is it? The same as mine...

You don't know what you want.

That I know. A lover.

Not for me. For a friend.

To do this... for her. For her, nice.

A man who's handsome, and gentle, and strong.

Who won't ask questions and goes away afterwards.

And who you find attractive also.


She knows what you're looking for. You should've brought her along.


That's her name?

Melissa... pick up a man on the street?


I like you. You'll like Melissa even more.

Perhaps... but what you want is out of the question.



Wait... you're right.

Only she can know.

Only she can choose.

But, I have no money.

How much do you need?

Listen, if a person fights with someone for some reason, could she speak to him... without going back on the first reason?

Do you want money or not?

No, he owes me at least that much.

Excuse me!

My name is Nikias. You can find me at my boat.

Well, well...


I'm not coming to see you.

I've decided not to speak to you.

So I won't speak to you.

But... you are Mr. Lucas Mercier, photographer, right?

Yes, that's me. Welcome!


and that one...

And that. Yes.

That... and this one.

Thank you!

Hello, Lucas.

Oh... Mister.

Take him.


Sorry... it was a task.

And him, why not take him?

Do you know each other?


Why me?

No importance. Any left?

I have to reload.

Or do you have enough? How many do you have?

That's good. I guess 50% rejections...

I never miss a photo.

No, not the photos... some of the places are wrong.

Oh... the places.

I didn't hire you to make comments, only photos, that's it!

Very good.

Do you do want an envelope? How much do I owe you?

One kiss.

I already paid. Greetings.

10, 11, 12

13, 14

Don't you like any of them? No.

15, 16...

I'm afraid your photographer went through all this trouble for nothing.

What about the photographer, himself?

I might not say no to him!

No really? You seem hesitant.

No... that's not it...

You don't want me to be happy?

Yes I do! Let's continue...

17... 18


That's my friend, Nikias.


Even if you like him, you can't have him.

I don't think anyone can. Pity.

When I try to imagine you with a man, it's always a different man...

and each time, I can't bear it.

With Pierre... it's terrible.

I should never have let you love me.

I would've loved you anyway.

Maybe some I love, it will be different.

For me and for you.

I will persuade him. Lucas?

Of course not, Nikias.

You said, "With someone you love..." I don't love Lucas.

Not any more.

It's as if I never loved him.

Can I invite Nikias here?

But you said to me, he might not accept.

I can try.

It's important to her, Nikias. I don't know her.

And it's also important to me.

You did hear me.

Yes, but, I'm only asking you to come and see her.

We invited some friends and you could bring some too!

You said you like me, prove it then.

You'll regret it. Yes...


Are you crazy? Yes, I'm crazy.

You're crazy, Bilitis.

I know. People are always saying that. Look...


Perhaps these? No.


Perhaps these? For you.

For me? Perhaps...

Very well... these are for me!

And these are perfect for you. I know how to do your hair.

It's ridiculous asking all these friends over at such short notice.

Why? We invite them, they accepted.

Nikias will probably bring some people over too.

We could've postponed it until tomorrow.

That's too far away, Melissa... I couldn't wait that long.

I thought this was for me.

It is for you.

I want you to be beautiful.

Absolutely beautiful.

If I was Pierre, I know what I'd do... with the riding school Pierre is not here?

Monte Carlo, for the game.

Melissa is adorable.

The champagne is delicious.

But what are we doing here?

Isn't she beautiful?

I've bathed, dressed, and fixed her hair.

If I could love her...

I'd have to get rid of you first.

In what way?

Kill you.

Can I show you the park?

Can I throw everyone here out?

You know why you're here?

Hasn't Bilitis told you that I'm never somewhere entirely?

Bilitis always exaggerates.

Bilitis doesn't know what to expect of me.

She thinks she knows. That's different.

When I arrived, you were dancing.

I was all alone.

And are you now?

Who is to decide? You? Me?

Nobody can decide about that.

No, it's not possible.

You know it, and I know it.

That's true...

and not true.


Pity about Nikias...

You know...

He doesn't belong with us.

In fact he belongs to nobody.

You look so alone and far away.

Melissa, embrace me.

You were to find me a man!

Come dance with me.

Suppose I asked you to come to my room.

That's foolish. I know you...

And I know myself.

Not him.


It's true... I would've had...

Do something, Nikias...

It's you.

That's what you want.

I didn't invite you.

I thought it was an oversight.

Don't worry about it.

Bilitis was hoping you'd come.

Thank you.

Do you still hesitate?

Go on!



I know.

We've already met each other.

I told you, "It could be someone I love."

Let's go.


Ah... it's you, Nanny.

What's happening here?

What are you thinking about?

Who are you thinking about?

Have you noticed?

She laughs...

She laughs... when she trusts you.


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