Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (2016) Script

Hang in there, Sergeant.

American heroism has a new face today.

Despite heavy enemy fire, a young infantryman rushes to the aid of his fallen sergeant.

This now-famous image was captured on a camera abandoned by an embedded reporter during an ambush by anti-coalition forces in Al-Ansakar, Diyala Province, Iraq.

Nineteen-year-old Specialist William Lynn was awarded the Silver Star, and he and the eight-man Bravo squad have spent the last two weeks touring the country, receiving the nation's thanks.

Their tour ends right here in Dallas, where they'll be performing in Thursday's halftime show alongside Destiny's Child.


Hey, Billy. How's your head, buddy?

What? You get a good night's sleep?

Yeah, those strippers last night were really into you, man.

What are you talking about?

Hey, remember that halftime show we're doing?

Shit! With Destiny's Child?

Why don't you join us, dumbass?

Here's the reason why people love this story.

They give us hope, they give us reason not to despair.


Six minutes and 40 seconds late.


Are you flakin' on me, Lynn? No, Sergeant.

Just dreaming about cheerleaders.

Good man. I know it's not a popular war, and I know what's going on in the media right now, but Bravo's a story about America feeling good about America again.

When the last time you felt good about that, huh? Tell me.

Dude! She really liked me. She gave me a freebie.

Sykes, you are so full of shit, man. We were all wasted last night.

I can't remember shit. You sure as hell can't remember shit.

Well, all I know is I got a free dance.

We all got a free dance, boy. Strippers love their country, too.

What I'm saying is, there was a connection between us, you know?

Emotion and shit.

That's her job, motherfucker. Supposed to make you feel like they like you.

Waitress, actress, stripper, prostitute.

Go fuck yourself.

Come on. At ease with the trash talk, fellas.

We're in front of civilians. Yeah. Hey, listen up, all of you.

Right now, by the grace of God and the media, we are the face of the American military, and you will act accordingly. Do I make myself clear?


Man, we're gonna look ridiculous.

Tell me about it, man. This whole tour's been one big dog-and-pony show for the cameras, Sergeant.

Those were just local appearances.

At halftime, we will be performing on national television in front of 40 million viewers.

Now, if that happens to be the mother of all clusterfucks, then we should blame it on bad intelligence.

Inspiring words, Sergeant.

No, they're not the... No, they're not the elite force.

No, they're a bunch of kids thrown into the deep end of a not-so-popular war.

And what do they do?

They bond together with love and brotherhood, that's what they do.

You can't write that shit, man. Come on!

You guys the Bravos?

What gave us away?

Sergeant David Dime.

These are the men of 2nd Squad, otherwise known to the media as "Bravo."

Well, I'm Josh. I'm liaison from the team, so if you guys need anything today, you just tell me.

I'll be taking care of you, all right? Hooah.

Sykes would like his dignity back.

Crack needs to go fuck himself. Come on.

This is Albert Brown, producer extraordinaire.

How are you? Army set us up with him.

You ever seen the "Fight Night" movies?

No. Well, you're missing out.

He'll be rolling with us today.

Is everybody here?

Present and accounted for. Wait, where's Major Mac?

We're missing our public affairs coordinator.

He's here, Sergeant.

Major McLaurin, I'm Josh. I'm gonna be taking care of you...

He can't hear you.

Major McLaurin was blown up on the first day of his tour by an improvised explosive device.

Twice. Lost his hearing.

I'm... I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Well, here's your ride to the stadium.

Courtesy of Mr. Oglesby. So if you guys'll just...

Wait, wait. Norm Oglesby sent this?

Who the fuck is Norm Oglesby?

All right, now, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Just one little drink, Sergeant. No!

But, Sergeant...

Sykes, have you not had your morning glass of shut-up?

"Quietness, quietness over this countryside, "except for unmistakable signals on radio...

"Has anyone looked in the eyes of the dead?

"Is anyone living to look for future forgiveness?"

Well, I'm not much for poetry, but this was one of Sergeant Breem...

Shroom's favorites.

I remember him walking around base camp perimeter reciting this kind of stuff really loud.

"Just sharing the wisdom," he said, when I'd tell him to shut the hell up.

Maybe Shroom had a point.

But personally, I believe he was really using his voice to let the insurgents draw a bead on us with their mortars, because that's the kind of person Shroom was, always thinking of the other guy.

Private Beckwith!

Here, Sergeant!

Sergeant Holliday!

Here, Sergeant!

Specialist Koch!

Here, Sergeant!

Specialist Yang!

Here, Sergeant!

Specialist Lynn!

Here, Sergeant!

Private Sykes!

Here, Sergeant!

Specialist Montoya!

Here, Sergeant!

Staff Sergeant Breem!

Staff Sergeant Virgil Breem!

Staff Sergeant Virgil Jeremiah Breem!

Honor Guard! Attention!

Ready! Aim!


Ready! Aim! Fire!

Aunt Marie said she hardly recognized you on TV, you'd gotten so big.

What's the Army been feedin' you?

We order Domino's, mostly.

It's easier than cooking.

They don't really have those over there, do they?

Yeah. And free extra cheese with every medal, right, Billy?


Everyone in town's been asking about you.

It's like we're celebrities.

The neighbors all say how proud they are of you and how grateful they are.

Billy, you're not on duty, you're home, so go put your dogs up.

Yes, ma'am.

Come help me get the casserole dish down.

I'm makin' your favorite, chicken tetrazzini.

Except I'm making it with turkey instead of chicken since you can't be here for Thanksgiving.

I figure turkey's just as good, right? Turkey's just as good, Mom.

And I have stocked the fridge full of Cokes, Dr Pepper, sweet tea, all your favorites.

Or we could slip out the back and have a beer.


Kathryn! Get in here and let your brother be!

Change, though.

You wear that to dinner, and I'm gonna wear my prom dress.

It's tempting.

Hey, you, little man. What's up?

You getting big and strong like your dad?

Where's Pete?

He's working a double shift. He sends his regards.


We've been praying for you, you know that?

We're all so proud of you.

...saw an opportunity and came here...

Him, too. ...overrunning the town and setting up headquarters at the police station. In his way.

Before dawn on Saturday, Captain Brown's men, together with Iraqi forces, some wearing masks, led an assault on the police station.


After searching 24 hours, the troops found nothing but a few guns.

Locals say the insurgents had already moved on.

No drink on game day?

No. No, Dan, I'm excited, too. Yes, I'm excited. Yes.

Talk to your client. I'll do my thing. Okay. Thanks. Bye.

Hey, guys. Good news. Hey.

We got interest... Hey, listen up.

Hey, we got interest from a major star.

Matt Damon?

No. DiCaprio.

No. Matt Damon?

I just said, "Matt Damon".

Hey. Hey, this may not be a name that comes readily to mind to you guys, but hear me out.

Hear me out. All right.

Hilary Swank.

Whoa. What?

She won an Oscar playing a guy in Boys Don't Cry.

Well, she played a girl pretending to be a guy.

We know who she is. Who she is. Why is she interested in us?

Because she wants to play him.

Oh, man!

I know this may not be the ideal choice, but let me tell you something, if she gets attached, other stars hear about it and they start sniffing around, and next thing you know, Mark Wahlberg.

Dirk Diggler. Hell, yeah. Yeah.

So, wait, wait, wait, wait. Is she playing him as a girl, or as a girl playing a guy?

If Hilary Swank gets on board, this movie gets made.

Which means you guys get paid. Yeah, how much?

Well, if we get a major star and I'm just guessing, so don't hold me to it, maybe 100 grand each.

Fuck you. We could make that much?

Means I got a lot of work getting it made, and then everybody get paid, but a lot of things got to happen.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Boys!

Hundred grand's a lot of money.

Sensible ideas on how to spend it?

I don't know. Probably help pay down my sister's medical bills.

Oh, yeah. Word up, yo.

That's true. Family comes first, man.

Like I told my moms, I'm gonna buy her a new car.

Fuck family. Yeah.

I'm getting myself a top-of-the-line Sauer 202, couple of vintage fly rods, spend the next three years up in Montana just huntin' and fishin'.

Hey, what the fuck, Sykes!

Get him down now. Sit down, boy! Park that...

Hey, hey, hey, everything okay back there?

It's all good, man. Yeah.

Yeah, we're good. Hey, Josh. Nice hair.

Yeah, man, you're looking all spiffy and crewed up.

Who's your stylist, Papi?

Hey, Josh, what can you tell us about the halftime, bro?

Yeah, when can I get my lap dance from Beyoncé?

Sykes, shut! Hey, Josh, do you know Norm, like, personally? You're full of shit, yo.

For God's sake. I'm just trying to find out, Josh, what's expected of us, bro.

Okay, well, there's no details yet, but knowing Mr. Oglesby, it's sure to be a real extravaganza.

Does this Hummer come with Advil?

No, I don't think so. I'm sorry. But...

But I'll be sure you get some when we arrive, okay?

A musical? Are you shittin' me? Larry...

Billy, what if you don't go back?

There are a ton of ways you could get shipped home.

Or at least out of active duty.

I mean, you're a decorated hero, Billy. You've done your part.

...about more than just blowing shit up.

Larry, Larry, my boys ship out in two days, and access becomes extremely problematic after that, unless your lawyers want to parachute into a war zone.

Well, come on, let's get this shit done.

Sarge, you want to stop here?

Yeah! Yeah!


Let me guess. Just fell off a truck?

Says a boy brought it, but doesn't know from where.

Mister! Mister!

Hello, my friend. You want big movie?

Which one you got here?

You want big movie? Mister!

Mister! Hello!

Hey, Crack, they got Finding Nemo.

I love this shit. Finding Nemo.

How much? Sykes!

Aren't you a little old for that, soldier?

No, Sarge, it's for... It's for my daughter.

Life during wartime.

Okay, guys, these are your seats right here.

Got you the best row in the house. This is Mr. Oglesby's reserved section.

Make yourself at home. You need anything, you let me know.

I think... I think she likes you.

Don't you fucking lie to me. Hey. Stand down now, or I'll have both of you running laps around the stadium.

Excuse me. Look at all these people.

What do you think they're thinking about?

Heavy stuff.

God. Philosophy.

The meaning of life.

There it is.

You look good.

You are a shit liar.

Thank you.

Hey, the doctor said, and I'm quoting here, my face is 87% healed.

And check it out.

It's two more operations, and that is goodbye, Miss Frankenstein.

How about you?

You gettin' any?

None of your business.

Yeah, well, that's a big fat no.

So you've killed for your country and you're still a virgin.

If that's not a sign of how fucked... So, how are things here?

Don't change the subject.

You better be out there gettin' some, boy.

Are you?


Some nights I'm like, whatever, maybe I'll just go cruise the high school boys and be like, "Hey, bubba, take a ride with me.

"Once you've had a girl with a scar on her face..."

So, how are things here?

I worry about you.

I can't stop worrying about you. I feel so responsible.

I'm all right.

Your bad. Thanks for getting me in this shit, Kat.

You know what I mean.

Billy, what the fuck are you doing?

Let's see what this bad boy can do.

I'm not getting an Article 15 because of you.

If they let us Texans all drive, there'd be no need for PT belts and safety briefs.

Just 'cause you were conceived in a truck doesn't mean you got to die in one. Watch this.

Oh, shit. It could save your life someday.

Fuck! Stop!

Oh, shit!

Private Lynn, you are one delinquent punk!

No excuse, Sergeant.

That is correct, Private Lynn. There is no excuse for your existence.

You got a long, glorious history of being a shit-bag, don't you?

We heard all about your criminal butt-fuckery in Texas.

But, Billy, you're no longer in Texas.

So speak up!

Sergeant Breem, Sergeant Dime, I'm just bustin' my ass tryin' to be a credit to my platoon.

What in the world led you to believe you could join the infantry?

You know, the Army needs flute players, too.

I want to defend my homeland, Sergeant.

Bullshit. Keep running.

Hunt down terrorists.

Well, let us know when you find them.

Bring democracy to Iraq.

Lynn, your stupidity is robbing this world of oxygen, and I won't stand for it!

Get to the pull-up bars.

Private, did I say recover?

I did it for my sister.

Okay, drop.

Your sister?

Continue, Private Lynn.

My sister Kathryn, sophomore year at college, was driving home from work.

Heavy rain.

Big Mercedes goes into a spin, broadsides her.

Car's totaled.

Fractured leg, pelvis.

A hundred and seventy stitches below the neck, 63 above.

Kat was this angel. You're creeping me out, Lynn.

I know how you Texas boys are about your sisters.

Stay on point, Private.

My sister came this close to death.

And then her pussy-boy fiancé dumps her?

In the hospital?

And what did you do?

I sort of went and fucked up his car.

Seems like Private Lynn has an issue with vehicles.

What kind of car?

Brand-new Saab convertible with graphite alloy rims.

And I chased after him with a tire iron.

Just... I just wanted to see him run.

My dad...

My dad was able to get him to drop the charges if I went to the recruiter's office the next day.

No regrets, Sergeant.

Hey, y'all. Look! It's you!

Ladies and gentlemen, America's sport proudly honors America's heroes.

Welcome, heroes of Al-Ansakar Canal. Beyoncé!

Put a lid on it, Sykes.

Staff Sergeant David Dime, Sergeant Antonio Holliday, Specialist William Lynn, Specialist Marcellino Montoya, Specialist Theodore Yang, Specialist Robert Earl Koch, Private Lodis Beckwith and Private Kenneth Sykes.


If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it could be due to inadequate blood flow...


Sergeant, request permission to switch seats.

Permission denied, Specialist Lynn.

You will take it for the team. Move out and draw fire.

Roger that.

Hi. I saw you on the TV.

It was just like a movie. I was just so proud.

You guys are the best. I'm right there with you.

No. Not with you in Iraq, but...

My cousin's girlfriend's brother is also serving in Iraq.

You remind of my dear late husband, Fred.

I wear a uniform, too, but...

I must have watched your video, like...

Then we could drop a big one on Fallujah.

But you boys, you're the real thing.

...your supreme sacrifice. ...keep you in my heart.

Just like it says in the 89th Psalm.

...gettin' 72 virgins in Heaven. Why 72?

Thank you. Yes, sir.

Good job. Good job.

Very cool.

Josh, man, I'm starving right now.

Can we please stop and get a slice of pizza, a hot dog, something? I'm sorry, man, we just...

We have to head to the end zone now for the video shoot.

What video shoot? They didn't tell you guys?

You're gonna be starring in the official team greeting.

Go America! Wait, what about...

What about halftime, Josh?

I am still waiting on intel from HQ.

"Intel"? "HQ"? That's, like, G.I. Joe talk, Josh.

Hey, but seriously, Josh, you're gonna look out for us, right?

We don't want to look like a bunch of morons on TV. Understand?

Of course. You are a soldier, Mango.

Just be prepared.

Yeah, but prepared for what, is what I'm trying to find out.

For whatever. Have you not learned this yet from being in Iraq?

You see, in Iraq, people just try to kill you, not make you look like a douche bag.

Oh, shit. Don't worry about that, bro.

You'll always be a douche bag in my book.

Okay, okay, guys, it's gonna be fine.

But sorry, one second. Where's Major McLaurin?


Lodis, Sykes, go find Major Mac. Bring him to the end zone.

Yes, Sarge. Josh?

Advil? Oh, shit, shit. Sorry.

I'm sorry. Sorry. Yes, yes.

I will definitely get that for you right away.

Okay. Okay, so you guys can just wait right here, and I will go tell them that we're ready.

Wait, there's Major Mac. Wonders never cease.

So, so let's get this straight. You say you want the shooting, you want stuff blowing up, but no swearing and no smoking?

That guy ever come up for air?

It's cool, man.

Man's closing our deal. Better be.

My mom's gonna be pissed if I don't get her that car, man.

Hey, Billy. Go long.

You got it!

Specialist Lynn comes through in the clutch!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's Steven. That's Steven. I gotta call you back.

It's Steven. He's calling. Okay, bye.

Hey! Let's go! Let's go! Ready, aim, fire!

Play football, Albert? I play a little bit.

Get off me! Get the hell off my field!

Get off now! Get off!

Mango, Mango, Mango! Hey, you! Get off!

I think we need to get off the field.

Go! Go! Let 'em play!

Get off! Get off! Dude!

Off! Let go of that ball! Get off the field! Get off...

Put him down! I'm taking this Viet Cong off your...

You boys better watch out.

That gentleman's pretty touchy about his field.

Hey, game's over, boys. Come on, rally up.

Let's go, guys, let's go.

Hey, the man don't care about our sacrifices, sir.

Keeping his ass safe from WMDs and stuff.

Well, to be fair, he does do a good job keeping up the grounds.

Hey, Mango.

Doesn't all that green make you just want to crank up that lawnmower and have a go at it? It's AstroTurf, you moron.

At ease, at ease, at ease.

My apologies, sir. That's just how we talk amongst ourselves.

I can appreciate good trash talk.

It's not the best I've heard, but still pretty good.

Why, thank you, sir. All I'm saying is, any beaner would love a...

Hey, show some respect. Lock it up. Mango, come on.

Eyes front, y'all.

High-value target, 11 o'clock, 20 meters. Goddamn!

Excuse me.

I see Mrs. Mango right there. Doesn't miss a thing, does he?

Come on. Hey.

On the whistle. Let's go.

Bad news?

No, sir. Are you...

That's right. And you must be Specialist William Lynn, right?

Specialist Lynn, I've been looking forward to meeting you.

It's an honor to meet you, sir. The honor's mine.

You're part of a famous tradition now.

Audie Murphy? You heard of him?

Heroes of the Alamo. I know you heard of them.

Everybody knows Texans make the best fighters.

I never thought of it that way, sir.

And modest, too. I like that.

You're from Stovall, correct? Yes, sir, I am.

I know it. Grew up near Sweetwater myself.

Started my first real estate company in the area.

Excuse me, Mr. Oglesby. Everything's ready for the videotaping, sir.

Okay, now hold your balls up like this.

Big smiles, girls! Everyone ready?

And action.

Bravo Squad would like to wish you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving.

And to our brother and sister soldiers in the field, Hajji don't surf!

Cut! That was not in the...

Bravo Squad would like to wish you and your family...

Cut! People, we...

Bravo Squad would like to wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.

Go team!

Dallas sucks horse cock!

Boo! You suck!

American soldiers strong and true, the best in the world at what they do.

Thanks for keeping us safe and strong...

Come on, Bravo.

...against all those who would do us harm.

Bravo, USA! Bravo, USA!


Now, if you want to talk about a group that knows how to suit up and show up, well, here they are.

The best our nation has to offer.

I have to say, I have never...

I have never been prouder to be an American than when I saw that footage of Bravo in action.

Now, it's my personal feeling that the War on Terror may be just about as pure a fight between good and evil as we're likely to ever see.

And would the world be a better place with Saddam Hussein in power?

I bet a grateful Mr. and Mrs. Mohammed Q Public in Baghdad would have a thing or two to tell the naysayers about that.

Now, I was visiting with the President recently, and he assured me we are winning this war, make no mistake.

As long as we keep our eye on the ball, we shall prevail.

Sir. Welcome to Texas.

So, what are your feelings as you look forward to the halftime show?

We weren't issued feelings, sir.

My men are ready for anything.

Just don't ask us to dance, and we'll be all right.


Any trouble sleeping or readjusting to life back home?

No, ma'am.

I sleep fine.

Yeah, I'm good.

Sir in the back.

What was your hardest mission?

When we lost Sergeant Breem.

Are we making a difference over there?

Absolutely, sir. America's out there producing dozens of suicidally pissed-off insurgents every day.

Are we making a difference over there?

I think we are, yes.

We are making a difference, definitely.

What do you do during your downtime? For fun.


Masturbate. Masturbate, just all over the place.

What do you do during your downtime? For fun.

Most days we're putting in 12 to 14 hours.

When we get a little kick-back time, though...


I like to lift weights.

I play video games.

I have a plethora of board games.

Yeah, my... My baby girl sent us her copy of Chutes and Ladders.

Keeps us battle-ready.

"I like to kill my enemies and listen to the lamentation of their women."

That's from Conan the Barbarian. I just always wanted to say that.

Sir in the back.

So, what inspired Bravo to do what it did that fateful day at AI-Ansakar?

Specialist Lynn was the first to recognize what was going on down there.

He was also the first one to react.

I think he's the appropriate one to answer your question.

To tell you the honest truth, sir, I don't remember all that much.

I saw Shroom, Sergeant Breem, being dragged away, so I wanted to get him back.

And I guess my training just kicked in.

According to your Silver Star citation, you were in hand-to-hand combat with one of the insurgents.

Is that right?

I mostly returned fire and rendered aid to Sergeant Breem.

Yeah, but you also got to engage the enemy up close.

I mean, not many soldiers are given that kind of experience.

"Given"? I mean, it's not what I wanted to do.

The... The guy just jumped me, and we...

What was it like? What was what like, sir?

Well, to be so close to the enemy.

It wasn't like we had that much time to get acquainted.

Look, it all happened real fast, okay? I just...

It's not something I'm real proud of, but...

You know, I did what I had to do.


Yeah, the Hindus were onto something, Billy.

Ours is what they called "the karma of action."

The way of the warrior.

Sorry fucking excuse for a warrior I'm turning out to be.

Only if you keep asking why.

Like, "Why must I always take point on patrol?"

Or, "Why must I kill?"

Always wanting answers? That's just desire, bro.

And that shit'll trap you inside of yourself.

And believe me, you don't want to be there, especially when you're out here.

Yeah. Well, what if I desire not to get killed?

Well, it's useless to worry about it.

If a bullet's gonna get you, it's already been fired.

Don't worry.

Any suggestions?

"Always perform with detachment any action you must do.

"And surrender all actions to me."

This is what Krishna tells the warrior Arjuna when he's hesitating the night before the great battle.

Krishna. That's the dude with the blue skin, right?

An avatar of Vishnu, the supreme deity.

Not in my part of Texas.

Look, Billy, it doesn't have to be about God or country.

Just find something bigger than yourself.

Some actually prefer to believe they're already dead.

Bob, I'm glad you asked me that question, because it gives me the opportunity to clear up a few misconceptions.


You okay?


I'm just a little beat.

Sounds like it's been a long tour.

Iraq or America? I guess both.

I'm Faison.

Say again? Faison.


And I know who you are, Billy Lynn from Stovall.

My great-grandmother was Miss Stovall, 1937.

How 'bout that?

Everyone said she had a shot at winning Miss Texas that year.

Really? And how'd she do?

Second runner-up.

Everybody said she should've won, but the fix was in.

You know how those pageant deals work.

Yeah, I do.

Actually, no, I don't.

I have no idea how those pageant deals work.

I don't know much about anything, really.

Could have fooled me.

I've gotten kind of used to telling people stuff they want to hear.

No. You put it right out there.

And that's strong. I mean...

Grappling with the enemy up close like that.

Your friend's death. You were right there with him.

Can't be easy talking to a roomful of strangers about those things.

It is sort of weird being honored for the worst day of your life.

It's like...

Never mind.

So, what's it like being a cheerleader?

You really want to know?

Yeah. I really do.


Well, it's great.

I mean, people see us on TV, and they think that's all there is to it.

You know, dancing and having fun, but community service is actually the main part of our job.

Visiting hospitals, working with underprivileged kids, stuff like that, you know?

To me, that's been the most satisfying thing about being a cheerleader, serving others. The spiritual aspect of it.


are you a Christian?

I'm searching.

Do you pray?

Not as much as I should.

I never got much from going to church, but then in Iraq, in the middle of all this shooting, my friend Shroom, Sergeant Breem, gets hit.

He's just, you know, lying there, bleeding out.

And when I go to him, suddenly, for the first time in my life, I feel close to something...

I don't know, bigger than myself.

And when Shroom died, I felt something passing through me, like...

Like his soul or...

I don't know.


Most of the time, that's how it works.

Life gets so dark, and we think all the light's gone out of us, but it's always there.

If we just open the door a crack, the light comes pouring in.

You know how we kept looking at each...

I think God wanted us to meet today.

We are all called to be his lights out in the world.

And I truly believe that we...

Look, if you couldn't deliver, why'd you tell the guys that number?

Now they think they're coming home to Jacuzzis and shit.

I told them a lot of things have to happen.

It's Thanksgiving in LA. I just need more time to deliver.

Yeah, we don't have time, Albert. I... I know.

Jesus, what happened to you? Nothing.

Why do you look like you just got laid?

Gather round, boys. Here's a little gift for you from the team.


Thank you. Now, these are actual game balls.

But they'll look better with a little ink on 'em, don't you think?

Hooah. Thank you.

There you go.

Thank you, sir.

Thanks. No problem.

Hey, listen.

What you carry out there?

Most of the time my weapon's the M4, standard semi-automatic assault rifle.

A few times I've been on the.50, what we carry on top of our Humvees.

That's a heavy machine gun, lays down 550 rounds a minute.

Incendiary rounds that could punch through an inch of steel.

The M4.

I mean, what does it do when it... When it hits somebody?

Fucks 'em up. But does it kill them?

I mean, stopping power's what I'm getting at.

Maybe not with a body shot. That's why we aim for the face.

The.50, I read about that sucker in Guns & Ammo.

Been in every single war since the 1920s. What's that one like?

Well, you hit someone with a.50, it takes 'em apart like...

Like a pink mist.

You ever kill somebody?

I mean, like...

Watch 'em die?


What's that feel like?

It doesn't feel like anything. Not while it's happening.

Come on, man.

You can tell us. Come on.

What's it feel like when you hit somebody? Like, really connect.

Look at the crap they use to protect themselves.

Do you guys have half this shit? Nope.

Grab an equipment bag and you can take some back.

Do it.

Hey, Billy, find where they're keeping the steroids?


You remember my wife, Nikki. Tiffany. Excuse me.

Hello. Thrilled you could come.

Come on in.

Thank you.

Now, normally, I like to give thanks to God before kickoff for the blessings we've received...

And the games we've won.

But this Thanksgiving, I want to honor my special guests.

A group of soldiers called Bravo.

Their presence here serves as a reminder that we must not only give thanks for our bounty, but we must also defend it.

And in times of grave threat, mount an aggressive offense if America is to hang on to that trophy of being the greatest nation on Earth.

Door left, door right!

Got door right. Sykes! Foo, get them up!

Get up! Get up! Get the fuck up!

Hurry up! Come on!

Don't fuckin' move!

Don't fuckin' move! You stay right there.

Okay. You stay!

Foo, check the back. Got it.

All clear. Room clear.

Check that kitchen. Do you have any weapons?

No. He doesn't have anything.

He says to tell you there's nothing here.

Are you working with the anti-coalition forces?

This is ridiculous. He is a simple man. He's taking care of his family.

He is not the enemy.

Are you hiding anyone or anything?

That's crazy. He's not... Look at this shit.

Come on. You just said you had no weapons.

It is a personal gun. For personal use to defend his family.

There's no government, no law.

You think I'm going to fight the Americans with a pistol?

Hey. And these papers?

He was a colonel in the military.

These are his personal things, his memories.

We got more houses to get to, Sergeant.

What's he saying?


Sorry, he's upset. He's not...

Hey, hey, hey, Sergeant, check this out.

Enough! Enough!

Zip them up and put them in the truck!

Do you not fear me?

I'm fuckin' serious... Get the fuck off!

Easy. Easy, man. Easy.

Go easy.

He says he knows once you take him he's not coming back.

Tell them we're just going to verify their identities.

Then they'll be brought back to their family.

So let's give 'em a big-as-all-hell Texas welcome.

Here you go. Thank you.

Hey, what'll you have? How about an OJ?


Thanks a lot, Joe.

My man. Hell, yeah.

Hey, it's all coming together. Just taking a little time.

Now, how you gonna finance this film?

We have a lot of interest in Hollywood.

That's a problem, Albert.

The way I see it, Bravo's here, and Hollywood is way the heck over there.

And frankly, I don't think these studio folks have the moral fortitude to grasp the true stakes of Bravo's story.

You have a point there, Norm. You have a point.

What do you mean you don't disagree? If you agree, then buy the thing.

If you disagree, then don't.

Because when you're telling me you don't disagree, what I hear is you don't have an opinion whatsoever.

Sorry, ma'am. Just keep your hands and feet away from their mouths and you won't get hurt.

That's what I'm saying, and you keep saying the same thing.

I mean, give me...

So, Billy, tell us about everything.

Dad, would you turn that shit off?

It's loud in here.

He doesn't need to be hearing all this propaganda...


They could cripple the economy, force widespread quarantines, and cause sickness and death.

So, how's it going?

It's weird.

I mean, we got rid of their dictator, and now they're fighting each other as well as us.

We're getting 'em sewer systems and building schools, and they don't even have textbooks.

We're soldiers. What do we know about stuff like that?

I'm sure y'all are doing the best you can.

Yeah, with an illegal war that we should've never started in the first place.

What about all those WMDs we keep hearing about?

You see any?

How about bringing democracy to the country, is that working out... Kathryn, no politics at the table.

We all know what that war is about. Yeah, right. The oil?

Like you know everything, Kat.

Like you're better than all the people in Washington?

Yeah, I think if they want a war so bad, they should fight it themselves.

It's not worth another American life, especially not my brother's.


Your son. That's enough!

What's the matter, Albert?

Don't like cake?

Everybody in LA is eating turkey.

This is the part I hate, waiting around.

Know what I do over there to kill time?

I'm afraid to ask.

I imagine my kid.

Up here. I imagine playing with him, man. It just levels me up.

What you do over there? What's... What's your specialty?


And I'm telling you, AI, when I get out, I could be like one of them IT guys up in some office, man.

You got a skill, man.

I need one of them.


How has Norm been treating you fellas?

Excellent, sir. Stadium cake's just out of this world.

Well, good. I just wanted to come over here and tell you all how much I appreciate you.

Oh, heck. I bet you boys have had just about your fill of compliments by now.

No. We thrive on them, sir. It's the compliments that keep us going.

You know, in the face of the enemy's fanatical hatred.

A sense of humor is a powerful weapon.

My name is Wayne Pfister.

Pfister Oil & Gas. 100% family-owned.

We are digging deep to find new sources of energy right here in Texas.

Extracting oil out of the Barnett Shale with a process called "hydraulic fracturing".

See, some of my friends' kids are servin' over there with y'all, so it's a personal thing for me, lessening our dependence on foreign oil.

I figure the better I do my job, the quicker we can bring you youngsters home.

Thank you, sir.

We certainly do appreciate your efforts.

From your own perspective, how do you think we're doing over there?

How are we doing?

Just from our own perspective?

Well, I'm far from qualified to speak to the big picture, sir.

All I can tell you with any confidence is that the exchange of force with intent to kill...

That is truly a mind-altering experience, sir.

I can only imagine how hard it is to face that level of violence.


We like going lethal.

I mean, isn't that what you're paying us for, sir?

Take the fight to America's enemies and send them straight to hell?

If we didn't enjoy killing people, what'd be the point?

Might as well send the Peace Corps in to fight the war.

Well, I... I guess you got me there.

Sir, you see these men?

I don't know how they were before the Army got them, but you give them a weapon system and a couple Red Bulls and they'll blast the hell out of anything that moves.

Ain't that right, Bravo? Yes, Sergeant!

See what I mean, sir? They're killers.

They're having the time of their lives.

So if your company wants to frack the living shit out of the Barnett Shale, that's fine, that's your prerogative, but don't go doing it on our account.

You got your business, sir, and we got ours.

You just keep on drillin', sir, and we'll keep on killin'.



I'm gonna go now.

Yo, Dave, after the Army, man, you... You really should consider acting.

Dime ain't no act. He just likes fucking with people.

What do you think acting is, man?

Damn it, Billy, why did I have to give that nice man such a hard time?

Hard to say, Sergeant.

Maybe I'm just an asshole?

Maybe you are, Sergeant.

Good man, Billy. Stay sharp.

Hey, Mango. Yeah, buddy?

I met somebody at the press conference.

A cheerleader. Don't be an idiot, Billy.

I'm telling you, this girl and I... We sort of connected.

Actually, we made out.

What? And then you banged her?

Man, this is serious.

I want to see her again, get to know her better.

I hate to tell you this, Billy, but you got to go for it right now, bro. Thanks for your service.

Thank you. 'Cause by the time we get back, she's gonna be fucking this big-ass linebacker.

Buddy, she's gonna be like, "Ay! Ay! Billy who? Ay!"

Fuck you, asshole. I'm just saying, give her a call, man.

You... You don't have her number, do you?

Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy.

Hey, what's up, vato?

Yeah, what's up, vato?

Chillin', chillin'. Yeah. My friend Billy here is feeling a little stress, you know? Girl troubles.

Hey, Billy. I'm Hector. I got just the thing for that.

Let's go outside. All right.

What is this place?

Nowhere, man. One of them place that don't exist.

Good for smoke breaks.

You think we should?

The hell are they gonna do, Billy, send us to Iraq?

What's that all about?

Norm's fancy-ass new stadium. It's huge.

This team hasn't made the playoffs in, like, years.

They suck. Doesn't matter.

Some folks pay tens of thousands of dollars.

For seats? Just to reserve the right to buy seats.


Rich people. I don't get 'em.

They don't get you, either, Billy.

Well... Thanks for sharing, my bro.

Appreciate it.

Hey, got to support the troops.


You know, I'm thinking of signing up.

For real? Yeah.

Well, I've got a kid and her mom, and I want to take care of them and all, but the way it is now, it just isn't working out.

Once I'm in the Army, won't have to worry about insurance.

Plus, they're offering an enlistment bonus. Six thousand dollars.


They got my brown ass for free, Billy.

They said, "Sign here, Mr. Montoya."

"Yes, of course. Here, take it."

I don't know why we're laughing.

That pretty much sucks. It definitely sucks.

Yeah? Yeah. All those days I was over there, I just kept thinking, "I am so done with this shit."

You know? But then I'm like...

Okay, so when my time's up...

What the hell's waiting for me here gonna be any better?

Like, working at Burger King, you know? Fuck that.

That's when I remember why I signed up in the first place, you know?


Yo, what I got out here sucks.

So, I might as well join.

What else is there? What else is there?

What else is there?

Proudly we hailed At the twilight's last gleaming Whose broad stripes and bright stars Through the perilous fight O'er the ramparts we watched Were so gallantly streaming And the rockets' red glare The bombs bursting in air Gave proof through the night That our flag Was still there O say does that Star-spangled Banner yet Wave

O'er the land of the Free

And the home Of the Brave

Order arms!

We were flying home with Shroom's body two weeks ago, and there were these civilian contractors in the front of the plane.

Bunch of chefs back from working in the Green Zone for the big brass.

These guys made a ton of money in Baghdad, and they're all celebrating.

Handing us drinks, and...

It's like champagne and cigars.

And then there's Shroom in the back, just...

Just lying there, in...

In his flag-covered box.

You know?

You doing okay?

We're there.

We just try to get through the day in one piece.

I've been seeing this shrink.

He used to work at the VA hospital, seeing a lot of soldiers... Kat. I'm fine.

You're "fine"?


Billy, what if you don't go back?

Like I have a choice.

You could.

There are a ton of ways you could get shipped home.

Or at least out of active duty.

I mean, you're a decorated hero, Billy.

You've done your part.

There's no shame in it.

I've done my research.

I made a commitment. To what?

We both know exactly why you signed up.

Okay, well, I'm going back, Kat.

If anything happens to you, I'm gonna kill myself.

Now, why would you do a thing like that?

'Cause you're, like, the last solid thing we have left in this family.

Come on, look at us.

That's pretty fucked up.

It is fucked up.

What do you say?

I'm going back, Kat.

I have to.

Hit him! Hit him!

Get that motherfucker! Get that motherfucker!

Go! Go, go, go, go!

Come on, D! Come on!

Come on, D! Come on! Come on!

D-line, you're getting blown back!

Johnson hasn't filled that gap in two seasons.

Foo, you haven't filled the gap in, like, three years. Shut up.

Losers, you suck!

Dude, can you show some respect?

I don't see you out there fighting for 'em.

Take a seat, killing machine. You got this.

Hello, Billy? Dr. Paul Schatten here.

Your sister Kathryn asked me...

Man, football is boring.

What are you talking about? Football kicks every other sports' ass.

There's, like, five seconds of game play for ten minutes of standing around checking in on each other. Hi. How you doin'?

You good? That's 'cause they're planning it out.

Do you know how much thought and effort goes into this shit?

How much thought...

Hi. We got cut off.

This is Dr. Paul Schatten.

I know you're listening.

Billy, your sister spoke to me.

She's very concerned about you.

I believe there's solid grounds for taking you out of active duty.

Now, Kathryn will drive you to the VA hospital right after the game.

And I can put in a request for a delay in your redeployment pending an honorable discharge hearing.

I know this isn't an easy decision, Billy, but there's no dishonor in it.

Many returning soldiers suffer from PTSD and are not diagnosed.

The more courageous individuals like you come forward, the more we can help others.


Please, think about it, okay?

Call me if you have any questions.

Goodbye, Billy.

Asian! There are no Asians or Latinos in football!

Well, just try to watch a little bit.

Okay, I'll watch. Okay. I'm sorry. You might learn a little thing or two.

I'm gonna go to the bathroom. I'll be back.

Come on!

And how are you enjoying your time here in sunny Iraq, Private Lynn?

That's quite a question. And what's your answer?

All right.

This place sucks.

People hate us.

Nothing makes sense.

I'd rather go home.

"Go home"?

Back in Texas, you were pretty much a wall-to-wall fuck-up.

Yeah, pretty much.

Look, I know this isn't the most pleasant place for you to be spending the flower of your youth, but I'm beginning to think you might have an aptitude for the soldiering business.

I've been watching you, Billy.

When the shit hits the fan, you're always on point.

And with this bunch of broke dicks, that's exactly what we need.

You belong here.

You know, Shroom would probably say some mumbo-jumbo horseshit about karma and everything happening as it's been preordained.

So, maybe there's a reason you're here.

Think about it, Billy.

Gentlemen, a little gift from my man Hector.


Hide that shit, hide that shit, hide that shit.

Hey, shitbirds, move over. All right, guys, get up.

Scoot one over for Albert. What's up, man?

What's up? What's up?

All right. So, where's that big check there, buddy?

What... What check?

I'm working on it.

Hey, Albert, man. Yo.

You know, we were wondering what's up with the movie project, man.

Seeing as we're about to head out to Iraq, to get shot at and all?

You got a studio yet, man? We do not. And Hilary's out.

But there's still tons of interest out there.

Gonna get a little crazy Just because I can, you know...

So, which one is she?

Third from left, down near the 20.

Till they throw me out...

Congratulations, Billy.

Lady is bangin'.

What's her name?

Faison. "Faison". Damn.

Depths and depths in young Billy. Who'd have thought?

Though how the hell you talked her into it...

I let her do most of the talking. Smart man.

I got a feeling you're gonna get laid a lot in life, Billy.

Thanks, Sergeant.

Thing is, I don't want to lose her.


Jesus Christ, Billy, lose what?

How long were you with her, ten minutes?

You're a hero. She was doing something nice for the troops.

And we're on post as of 2200 tonight, so I don't know when you think you're gonna see her again.

Do you have a problem? No, Sergeant.

We're going back to Iraq, Billy.

We're gonna be in the enemy's sights, and you're gonna be the first one to get smoked if you let your gun get in the way of your rifle.

Now, I want you to forget about those pom-poms, and I mean fast.

Every man's penis has the same IQ, Billy.

Be smarter than your penis. Do I make myself clear, Specialist Lynn? Hooah, Sergeant.


Push it through, Dallas!

Tell you what, why don't you get her e-mail?

That way y'all can e-fuck when we're back in Iraq.

Enjoy the game.

Albert, switch with me.

Classic Hollywood.


Old-time Hollywood films.

Movies about groups of men working together fine, like you all, until some woman comes in and messes it up. There's no woman.

There's always a woman. Without a love interest, there's no story. Yeah, well...

Dime set me right about that.

Well, listen, brotherly love is a great thing, but all these people in this stadium want to see you ride away into the sunset with the girl.

Without a woman, you ain't got shit, Billy.

That's why I got married.

Got to get your priorities straight. Listen, don't worry, we're gonna get this movie made right.

Fuck 'em.

Fuck who? The studios.

You guys keep protecting America, I'll keep pitching.

You guys are the real heroes, man.

You guys deserve to get this movie made.

I'm on... I'm on it. All good. Don't worry about it.

Everything is bigger and better in Texas, and our cheerleaders...

Hey, hey, sorry to interrupt. We need to get you guys ready for halftime. Everyone here?

Good. Okay. First off, what are y'all gonna wear?

What we're wearing, ma'am. These are our dress uniforms.

No way. I'm already drowning in dress uniforms.

I need you boys to really stand out, you know?

Give me some of that "bring it on" attitude.

You guys are gonna be right up there, on stage with Destiny's Child.

Excuse me, ma'am. Doing what?

We don't have anything prepared.

We'll go over it after you change.

Right now, we've got wardrobe issues.

What else you got? Just our DCUs.

That's our desert camouflage.

Did you say "camo"? That's perfect!

Josh, get these boys battle-ready for halftime ASAP.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

It's gonna be fine. "Battle-ready"?

Come on, it'll be great. It'll be great. Let's go.

Let's go, guys. Okay, time to shine.

Bravo 2-2. This is Bravo 2-6 Alpha.

Go ahead, Bravo 2-6.

We have a civil affairs unit in contact, vicinity Al-Ansakar village. Break.

Looks like they're trying to take hostages. Break.

Move immediately to the east entrance and cover until BG4 arrives. How copy? Over.

Roger that, Bravo 2-6. Over.

Stand by for follow-on tasking.

Stay sharp, 2-2. Bravo 2-6 out.

AI-Ansakar... We just built the school there.

That's why the teenagers keep shooting at us.

We don't know what's up there, so hold the trucks here.

We'll radio you after we assess.

LT wants us to secure that site for a medevac when BG4 arrives.

Against the wall.

Come on. Enemy?

I'm guessing the same militia shitheads that shot up Charlie company last week.

Sergeant, is this it?

All good. Stay focused.

Ladies, Hajji's gonna pop your cherry.

And he's not the kind of guy to take you to dinner first.

These men are fighters.

This is their house, and you respect a man in his house.

Now, warriors...

Embrace your fear and let your training guide you.

We ready?

All right.

Scan your rooftops and watch your corners.

I love you, Lynn.

Roger that, Sergeant.

I love you, Sykes.

Copy, Sergeant.

I love you, Lodis.

Word, Sergeant.

I love you, Crack. I love you.

I love you, Mango.

Yes, Sergeant.

I love you, Foo.

Love you, Sergeant.

Yeah, yeah. Let's go get a middle school named after us.

They're looking for hostages again.

Stay down!

Fuck. They're creeping up on the left side.

Get to that wall. Day, stay on the left.

Keep an eye on that two-story. Copy.

Dime, set security on the right. BG4's coming in that way.

Yeah, all right. I'll take the first shot.

Then get ready to move.

Come on.

Ten! Nine!

Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four...

Billy, I don't know about this. It's all good, Sykes.

We're on the field. The stadium.

Just follow me and do everything I do, okay?

Ladies and gentlemen, from Iraq, the heroes of the Battle of Al-Ansakar, the pride of the United States... Like lambs to the slaughter.

I fuckin' knew it, man.

The intrepid young soldiers of Bravo!


Hit me!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Kelly, Michelle and Beyoncé, the hit singing sensation, Destiny's Child!

Fuck! Fuck, man!

It's okay. Keep going! Come on.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey!

Get the fuck off me!

I'm sorry, man. Just trying to help.

It's just fireworks, dude! It's cool!

Hey, man, this is all kinds of fucked up.

Twelve o'clock, what do you see? Shadows...

Beyoncé. Destiny's fucking Child, dude, right in front of you.

Ignore all the other shit.

Keep your eyes focused on the good stuff, all right?

Let's go! Let's go!

Out of the way, please! Out of the way!

Come on.

What the hell is going on? Come on, let's stick together!

Sykes, are you all right? I'm fine, Sergeant.

There you are!

Okay, that was kind of hairy, but you guys made it.

Now, when this screen flies up, I want you guys to step out and march down the stairs.

And for you, you have an extra cue. You know "Soldier"?

The song Soldier.

In the first bridge where they sing, "They wanna spend that on me," that's your signal to move to your special mark downstage.

Now, here's the important part. Once y'all hit your marks, you have to stay absolutely still until the show's over no matter what is going on around you. Think you can manage?

All right, let's get you in a nice straight line.

Straight line. On your marks.

Come on, come on...

What the fuck did she just say?

I want a soldier

I want a soldier

If his status ain't hood I ain't checkin' for him Betta be street if he lookin' at me I need a soldier That ain't scared to stand up for me Gotta know to get dough And he betta be street I know some soldiers in here Where they at, where they at They wanna spend that on me Where they at I know some soldiers in here Where they at, where they at Wouldn't mind puttin' that on me Where they at If his status ain't hood I ain't checkin' for him Betta be street if he lookin' at me Fuck off.

That ain't scared to stand up for me Known to carry big things If you know what I mean If his status ain't hood I ain't checkin' for him Betta be street If he lookin' at me I need a soldier That ain't scared to stand up for me Gotta know to get dough and he betta be street I like them boys over there they looking strong tonight Strong tonight He the type that might change my life Change my life Every time he look at me my girls be like Girls be like That one may be the one tonight If his status ain't hood I ain't checkin' for him Betta be street if he lookin' at me I need a soldier That ain't scared to stand up for me Gotta know to get dough And he betta be street

Contact front! Get that gun in this fight!

Control your fire!

Down! Down! Control your fire!

Control your fire! Control your fire!

Control your fire! Cease fire!


Get down!

Fuck! Fuck!

Cease fire! Cease fire!

Cease fire! Call out targets!

Muzzle flashes, second floor!

He's coming out of the back!

Get some fuckin' fire on that building!

Get that second-story window!

Watch that stairway!

Fuck, yeah! I'm at reload!

We knocked 'em back! We need to move out!

Holliday, get the.50s up here to cover our movement!

Let's go! Bravo team, on me!

Put some smoke in their fuckin' faces!

Mango, Sykes, get their heads down!

Smoke out! Smoke out!

Let's get ready to move!

Okay, let's go!

Down to that rock pile and through the gate!

Alpha team, when we move, shift fire! Hooah!

Lynn, Foo, when we get to that pile, throw everything you got on that gate!

Dime, you and Crack start working your way to the wounded!

Mango! Hooah!

It's going down.


I'm going down.


Damn it, where the fuck did that come from?

Two o'clock in that building!

Foo, prep those AT4s.

Level that motherfucker! Roger that, Sarge!

Damn it, Sykes, get down!

He's down there! Fuck!

What the fuck?

Call out the building! Fuck.

Call out the building!

He's hit!

Shroom's been hit! Fire those motherfuckers now!

Get those fuckers in there!

Backblast area clear!

Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Backblast area clear!

Fuck, yeah!

Put that on my tab, motherfucker! Shut the fuck up!

Crack, get down!

Okay! Bravo, on me!

Let's push up, set security. Mango, Sykes, cover our movement. Get ready to move to Breem. On me.

Goddamn it, Lynn! Cover him!

Hang in there, Sergeant.



Hey, Billy.

Halftime show's over.

Dude, we finally saw Beyoncé.

Yeah, well, ain't we fuckin' special.

Sergeant, I feel bad. That was some kind of fucked-up shit.

Just another normal day in America, Billy.

We strike the set in nine minutes. You guys have to go.

Fuck off.

Hey. I told you get the hell off my stage.

Dude, don't touch me. Chill out, chill out.

Nobody told us where to go. Come on.

I don't give a fuck where you go. You can't stay here.

Second half starts in nine minutes.

All right, Rufus, I'll tell you what.

We'll go right after you're done sucking my dick.

How about...

What the fuck, man? Stand down!

Fuck off!

Hey, break it up! What the hell is going' on?

Fuckers didn't move when I asked them to.

We got fucking work to do!

I suggest you get back to it. Now.

Fuck is wrong with you? We're good.

I'm frankly astonished to see our military behaving...


Excuse me, sir.

That is so not the way we treat our guests.

These are American heroes, here at the personal invitation of Mr. Norman Oglesby.

We'll take charge now, thank you very much.

Come on, guys.

Nice work, dude. Hey, girl.

Hi. Sorry about that.

Hey, fellas. You're my best friend.

Hi, there. Hi.

I can't believe they just left y'all stranded there.

And what happened to your nice uniforms?

Stage manager said we should look more "battle-ready" for halftime.

Well, ready or not, you still look pretty darn cute.


And you looked great.

That trippy little step you were doing earlier.

Come on. What's wrong with him?

Sykes is kind of an emotional guy.

He just misses his wife and kids.

The sacrifices you guys make.

Sometimes I wonder if we really deserve what y'all are doing for us.

I mean, before I met you, I'd be worried about silly little stuff like my car's engine making a funny noise or my roommate's cat scratching up the sofa.

While you're on the other side of the world, getting shot at by folks who would just as soon blow us all up to Kingdom Come.

Well, ma'am, I guess that's just what we're trying to prevent.

Billy, to have you come into my life, it's just like...

Five minutes, ladies.

Shoot. Second half's starting.

Listen, why don't we stay in touch?

Yeah. I mean...


Yeah, I think, we should. Definitely yes.


Get out your phone, I'll give you my information.

Then you can call me and leave a message so I'll have yours.

'Cause, frankly, I do not want to lose you.

What's your last name? Zorn.

I know. Everyone thinks it's funny.

It means "anger" in German.

Roger that.

You got a call from Kathryn.

That's my sister.

Okay, there's you. "Zorn."

Always last on everyone's list.

I'll change you to "Anger," that way you'll be first.

Sweetie. Faison, come on.

I gotta go.

You guys, I'm so sorry. I totally apologize. That was 110% my fault.

I don't know what happened. I am so sorry.

We blew it. We just blew it because they were supposed to bring you up immediately, and then I was waiting for you for, like, 20 minutes, and I don't really know what happened.

Josh, you hear about the fight we just had?

With the roadies? Wait.

Wait a second. What do you mean, "fight"? Guys.

Joshy, Joshy, Joshy, it's good, man. Relax, okay?

Hey. Jesus, Billy. I've been trying you.

I know. I'm sorry.

You know me, banging all those cheerleaders.

Yeah, right.

Listen, I'm on the freeway, okay? I'm coming to get you.

Did Dr. Schatten arrange that appointment yet?

He left a message.

Look, Kat, you really think... No, I know. Trust me.

There's no way I'll let those fuckers take my brother away.

What are you laughing at? You.

I should just take you with me.

You'd kick Hajji's ass.

Listen, what you're about to do is the right thing.

Billy, it's the right thing.

Just tell me where I can find you after the game, and I'm there, okay?

All right.

Drive to the yellow loading area.

It's a black stretch Hummer. A stretch Hummer?

Oh, my God. Yeah, that's us.

But, Kat, I don't know.

It'll be hard to leave the guys.

Just hold tight, Billy, okay? I'll be right there.

Love you.

Raise it. And praise it.

We must let the world...

...that we will persevere.

Hallelujah! Losers.

Come on.

Dude, what the fuck happened to your eye?

Dude, what happened to your face?

Hey, Travis, man. Don't mess with these guys.

These guys are the Bravos.

The what-hos?

Yeah, I heard of you guys.

Goddamn. You're famous?

Tell me something, Bravos.

What do you think about gays in the military?

At least they got the balls to join.

I hear ya, dude, serving your country and all that, very cool, but guys blowing each other in foxholes?

That sounds kind of wack to me.

Like maybe it's got something to do with why we're getting our butts kicked in Iraq.

Shit, Billy, this guy seriously needs to shut the fuck up.

What? Yup.

I'll tell you what.

Why don't you join up?

Why don't you get in a foxhole with me and see what happens?

Hey, man, I'm just messing with you, all right?

"Don't Ask, Don't Tell," I'm totally down with that.

I don't give a shit if you guys are gay, bi, tranny.

You're the real American heroes.

No? Whatever, man. It's cool.

I still support the troops. Go, Dallas!

Let's go, guys. Yeah, Dallas!

So, how does that feel, baby? Okay.

Does that feel good? Yeah. That's funny, right?

Okay. Okay. All right.

Hey. Let go. This is one of the things we learn in basic training when we're not blowing each other.

Hey. That's right.

Relax, relax.

Hey, this is what happens when you cut off the blood flow to the brain.

Hey. Hey. Shut up. How's that feel?

He's fine. He's just joking.

That feel good, boy?

Hey, I'm just having a little fun here with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Do something. Arm down. Put your fucking arm down.

Sit down. Sit down. Come on. He can't breathe.

Crack. He's gay?

Fucking asshole.

Travis. Travis, hey.

Hey, Travis. Come on. Hey, Travis, wake up!

Would you wake up and give me a kiss, boy?

Wake up, Travis. Come on. Come back anytime, okay?

Yo, Travis, wake up. Travis, babe.

Travis, wake up. Stand up. Stand up. Come on.

Sergeants. Anytime.

Hey, shut your mouth.

Something I should know about? Guy was mouthing off.

Crack gave him some corrective training.

Okay, children, drink up.

Y'all gotta get sharp.


He's pretty wasted there, Sergeant.

He'll be fine once he's back on base.

It's the rest of us that I'm worried about. Look.

Push it through, Dallas!

Sergeant, if you had a choice, would you go back?

To Iraq, I mean.

I don't have a choice, do I?

So your question lacks relevance.

But if you did have a choice. But I don't.

But if you did. But I don't.

I'm just saying. Shut!

Do you wish we had a choice, is that what you're asking?


We don't, Sergeant.

That is correct, Specialist Lynn, we don't.

We're in the thick and deep and all we have is each other.

That's why we need to keep our shit high and tight, and watch out...

This better be good, Albert, because we are runnin' out of fuckin' time.


Are you available for a meeting?

Am I what?

Sure. When? Now, with Norm.

Albert says Norm wants to make our movie.

Holy shit. What?

Albert comes through in the clutch.

After all that bullshit, the man keeps his word, shit.

I just hope Hilary Swank thinks about playing Billy again. Shut up.

Come on, Billy. We're on our way.

Could you please tell Mr. Oglesby that they're here?

Thank you. I'll tell him. I'll tell him.


All right, guys, here's the deal.

I've been talking to Norm. He's inspired.

He's all over Bravo. He wants to make the picture.

Might as well. His team sure sucks.

He wants to do it right.

The only thing is, he has a little problem with the option price.

Hundred thousand for eight men.

That's a lot of cash. Hear that, Billy?

What's that, Sergeant?

That's the sound of us getting fucked.

Dave, have some faith, man.

Look, Norm ain't no... He ain't no Santa Claus.

We all know that. In fact, they floated around an idea of making you two the stars and forgetting about the others. No.

That's what I said. I said Bravo lives by the warrior code.

You guys don't leave anyone behind.

Show some goddamn respect, Albert.

I got nothing but, Dave. Nothing but.

I'm on your team, okay? Relax.

I am relaxed. Billy's relaxed, too.

Aren't you, Billy? Totally relaxed, Sergeant.

He's totally relaxed. Okay, hang with me.

Guys, I'm gonna get you there, okay?

So, right now what they're offering is, you'll be deferring monies up front against a net profit percentage on the back end.

How much?

It ain't a lot to start with.

$5,500 against the profits. Fifty-five fucking hundred?

You said 100,000 up front.

I said "possibly." You guys had major heat coming in.

But two weeks? That's like two years in Hollywood time.

It breaks my heart to say, man, but people move on.

"People move on."

People move on.

Everybody supports the troops.

Hell, yeah, "We're so fucking proud of our troops," but when it comes to actual money, then all of a sudden we're stuck in everybody's tight-ass budget.

Talk is cheap, I get that. Talk is cheap.

But money screams.

This is our country, guys, and I fear for it.

I think we should all fear for it.

I do, Dave. I truly do.

Yeah, right.

So you're saying this is the best offer we got?

I'm saying this is the only offer we got.

I got to call the men.


Will you ask the guys what they think of $5,500 apiece?

...fucking apiece, guys. What do you think?

Fuck that! He can kiss my fucking brown ass!

Your thoughts, Billy?

What do you think we should do?

I... Look, Dave...

If you think you can do better, you come talk to the man.

Come on.

Mr. Oglesby.

We got a goddamn hole in the fence!

What's he doing calling trips right 90 jet? Okay.

They were in Cover 2. We run 494 bingo.

That's what we do. Run 494 bingo. Screen pass...

Well, gentlemen, welcome to the War Room.

I apologize for today. Not our most stellar effort.

I hate to lose.

Rather cut off my little finger than lose.


Maybe we'll turn it around in the fourth.

So, Albert, you tell our friends about our plans for their film?

I sure did. Let's face it, a lot of people are discouraged about this war.

They forget that some things are actually worth fighting for.

Please sit down.

Now, I think Bravo's story will go a long way toward reinvigorating our commitment to this war.

Now, I'm not interested in making a good movie.

I want to make something great.

What makes you think you can?


Can you deliver, sir?

You want to buy our story for 5,500 bucks.

That sure sounds like chump change to me.

Hell, my granny could swing that deal with a trip to the ATM.

With all due respect, Mr. Oglesby, show us you're serious.

Show us you're a player.

Look around you, son.

Look around and think for a moment about everything you see.

Take a good, hard look...

And you tell me, am I a player?

Now, we need maximum flexibility to get this movie together.

But your risk won't be greater than it is for any other investor, myself included.

May I speak frankly, sir?

Why stop now?

We're soldiers, sir.

We feel like we've already got enough risk in our lives.

Now, I understand that 100,000 might have been an overly optimistic number, but after all they've been through, my men don't deserve to be stuck in somebody's bottom line.

Now, if you can just find it in your heart...

Sergeant Dime, my offer stands.

Now, it may not be as much as you fellas were hoping for, but from what I hear, it's the only offer you've got.

And I think most people agree something is better than nothing.

"Something" would be nice.

"Something" would be great.

But it's just...

I don't know, sir.

It's just so sad.

We thought you kind of liked us.

But I do.

I do like you.

I think the world of you fine young men.

See, Billy? He does like us.

He likes us so much he's gonna fuck us in the face.

Hey, hey. The sergeant and I need to have a little talk.

You don't have to go, Billy.

Let Sergeant Dime cool off a bit.

Could you excuse us for a moment?

Dime is direct. I appreciate that.

Even if his language is a bit salty for my taste.

So I'm gonna be straight with you, that okay?

It's a free country, sir.

That's right. Freest in the world.

And with that freedom comes responsibilities.

Now, what you did that day at AI-Ansakar Canal was caught on camera, Billy.

And for many folks, that's where the war became real.

But for us, the war's always been real, sir.

And we never needed cameras to tell us that. Of course.

You know, I was never tested like you've been, Billy.

Young man forged in the crucible of war.

I never did get to Vietnam.

You know things most of the rest of us will never know.

That kind of friendship, the taste of death in the back of your throat, your enemy going limp with a final twist of the knife.

Well, anyway, what I'm trying to say is, I can't begin to imagine what you went through personally.

Thank you for saying that, sir.

And being celebrated as a hero, that's got to weigh heavy on a young man's shoulders.

Makes me feel like I've got no say in things, sir.

I sympathize.

But your story, Billy...

You got to understand, it no longer belongs to you.

It's America's story now.

That's what this country's built on.

You take this great state of Texas, cattle, land, oil.

Those things made us rich.

But what made us Texas is the story of some local boys that made a valiant stand at the Alamo.

And so it is with this war, Billy.

It's all about ideas.

Your battle foreshadows America's triumph over the forces of terror.

Bravo is us.

And that's why you got to get your boys to accept my offer.

Glad to have you back, Sergeant Dime.

Billy and I have been having a little man-to-man.

He's wrong, Sergeant.

Who's wrong?

You are, Mr. Oglesby, sir.

What I did, what we did, isn't just some story or idea.

It's our lives.

You've got no clue what it means.

You just... You want to turn it into something it's not.

We wouldn't cut a deal with you even if you weren't such a tightwad.

I mean, Hajji has more respect for us than you do.

Sometimes nothing is better than something.

And about the Alamo?

Mexico kicked Texas' ass.

All due respect, sir.

Well, sir, Bravo's spoken.

Let's go, Billy.

I think our business is done here.

We'll form up in the loading area. I'll let the driver know.

Hey. Billy.

Thanks. Yeah.

Hey, Billy.

I thought a bathroom break was in order.

Give Norm a little space.

I got to say, though, Billy, the way you stood up to that arrogant prick in there, now, that, that's what we call in my world "a real movie moment".

I don't know, maybe I was just talking shit.

The truth is, for most of the guys, something is better than nothing.

No. You got to do what you know is right, and that sure in the hell wasn't right.

What you guys go through, Billy, it's real hard for us over here to get it, but we need to get it, and the country needs to get it.


Well, I'm sorry for wrecking your deal.

I know how hard you work for us.

No. Getting the offer is bad enough.

Hard part is making a decision, and that's on you.

We gonna get this done, and we gonna get it done right.

I just got to start thinking outside the box.

Hell, I'll go to China if I have to.

So you guys just take care over there, now.

We'll talk soon.

I'm on it. It's all good.

I'm sorry, guys. It's cool, man.

I know you've been looking out for us.

Taking one for the team.

Yeah, you the man, Billy Lynn.

You okay, Billy? Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.

Fuck it. Better this movie not get made, man.

Shit, with Bravo starring, people'll get so pumped up about the war, they'd keep redeploying our asses back to Iraq, you know?

Wait, Sergeant, nobody's seen Major Mac. He'll show.

There goes those fucking asswipe dickheads again.

Hey. Hey, hey, guys, guys, guys!

Hey, come on, now. Back down! Back down!

Come on. Come on. Back up, you guys.

Come on, guys. Get back to work.

Let's go. They're not worth it. Let's go. Let's go. You all right?

Get back to work. Everyone okay?

Hey, Josh, where's your kit?

What do you mean?

You're rolling with Bravo now, man.

Yeah, one of us, going to Iraq, man. Come on, I'm just gonna take you, 'cause I like you. No, no, no.

Boys, okay, that's my undercarriage.

Josh, man, you got to learn how to fight.

Hey. Where are you? Near the yellow loading area.

I'm almost there. Hang on.

I see you. I see you.

God, why do you have to go?

No sacrifice too great. Duty first.

Geez, I can't believe I just said that.

I need you, Billy Lynn.

Well, you can have me. Anytime.

I'd like that.

I'd like any minute I can get with you.


I'd just about run away with you.

"Run away"?

But y'all are getting redeployed.

You're a decorated hero.

Right. Of course.

I was just kidding.

Well, I still got a long walk ahead of me, so...

I guess I better get going.

I'll pray for you.

Shut up. Thought we lost you there, Billy.


Suck my dick, you bunch of shits!

I'll fucking kill you, you fucking shit!

Get off! Get off me!

I'm going down.


Fuck. Get the fuck off me!

Stand down. Stand the fuck down.

Fuck off.



Take them out!

Cover that fucking building.

Fuck! Lynn!

He's gone, Sergeant.

Fuck. Come on, buddy.

Come on, Shroom. Come on, buddy.

I knew it'd be you, man.

I fucking knew it'd be you.

I am so fuckin' proud of you.

Hey, Billy. You still with us?

Yes, Sergeant.

I'm not flaking on you.

Good. I'm gonna need you, Billy.

You got to help me keep these clowns alive, okay?

Come on.

All right, 2nd Squad, let's move on out.

Okay, boys, your duffels, and your footballs, are in the car already.

It's been a pleasure.

Real bad-ass, Josh...

Right back in time.

One minute.


Looking like I might die a virgin.

That's really fucking hilarious, Billy.

I'm going back, Kat.

Good. You go back.

Trashing another country's easy.

Standing up to your own...

That would take a real hero.

It's not fair, Kat.

It's not fair.

Nothing's fair.

I'm not a hero, Kat.

I'm a soldier.

That's what Shroom taught me.

That's where I belong.

I'm not saying it's right, but it's not wrong, either.

It just is.

I just wish there was some goddamn way I could make you proud of me.

I'm always proud of you.

I love you.

So, here you are, Billy.


I guess I always have been.

You know, I've been thinking these past two weeks that I know something.

Something that civilians don't know, but you know what?

They're the ones running this show.

I mean, I've lived the damn war, but it's still their war. Isn't it?

Their movie.

We're a nation of children, Billy.

We go somewhere else to grow up, sometimes die.

It's your time to step up.

Remember, the bullet's already been fired.


I'm ready, Sergeant.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you.

I love you, man.

I love you. I love you.

I love you. I love you.

What do you want me to say?

I love you, too.

We're good. Let's roll.

Hell, yeah. And get us the fuck out of here.

Yeah, before they kill us.

Take us someplace safe.

Take us back to the war.

Take us home.

Seat belts, ladies.